Food, Guns, Gold: “The Record is Rather Clear On the Side of Commodity Money”

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    If you’ve been watching U.S. financial markets the last few weeks you may have come to the conclusion that something is amiss and that there exists a major disconnect between what’s happening on Wall Street and what average Americans are experiencing on Main Street.

    While analysts and experts point to the stock market as a sign of economic stability, today’s massive downswing should make it clear that the system is anything but stable.

    The economy, the financial markets, and the U.S. monetary system are in uncharted waters, and as was noted yesterday after the Fed’s FOMC announcement, there is no way out of this mess.

    The Federal Reserve and the US Treasury have taken it upon themselves to save us, but their plan seems to be disintegrating right before our eyes.

    According to former Congressman Ron Paul, it could get much worse with far reaching ramifications across the whole of the U.S. and global economies. At this rate, if we continue on our current trajectory of monetary expansion, it is only a matter of time before the US dollar buckles. And when it does, it’s going to create widespread disturbances in pricing and valuation models across the entire sphere of investments, goods and services.

    The long-term is something you can get  a handle on.

    The short-term… I was never very good on short-term, whether it’s the stock market or what government will do. It’s just all over the place.

    I think if you look at the record of the value of the dollar since the Fed’s been in existence, we have about a 2 cent dollar. You know, gold used to be $20 an ounce, so I would say the record is rather clear on the side of commodity money.

    History is on our side… 6,000 years of history shows that it maintains value and paper always self destructs.

    I would say, long-term, as long as we have excessive spending and excessive computerized money, you’re going to see gold go up… and it [gold] could go to infinity because the dollar could collapse totally.

    Video from The Daily Sheeple via Infowars:

    To be clear, Ron Paul isn’t just talking about the price of gold going to infinity.

    In the event of a collapse of the U.S. dollar we’re going to see the price of all commodities go to infinity. Any physical asset of actual value is going to go to ‘infinity’ as it relates to the US dollar. Zimbabwe is a recent example, where the price of a loaf of bread literally reached over a trillion ‘dollars,’ when just a few years before it cost a couple Zimbabwe bucks.

    When the system collapses, commodities become money. It’s as simple as that.

    This is why precious metals have been in such high demand lately. This is why emergency food distributors ran out of food recently. And this is why the price of ammunition and rifles has gone through the roof.

    It is an issue of confidence.

    Confidence in the fair functioning of financial markets. Confidence in our central bank’s directives to maintain a stable currency. Confidence that our political system will operate within the rule of law.

    It should be obvious by recent market gyrations and panic buying of certain commodity goods that confidence among the American public is being lost.

    Once it takes hold, and disruptions to our system of commerce become evident to the general public, we will witness a never before seen panic from sea to shining sea as Americans fight for anything worth something.

    It’s coming, whether you believe it or not. And it’s better to be a year, month or day early, then a minute late.



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      1. “What’s Next?”: Simon Johnson Explains The Doomsday Cycle

        “The lesson from all these troubles is clear: the relatively recent rise of the institutions of complex financial markets, around the world, has permitted the growth of large, unsustainable finance.

        We rely on our political systems to check these dangers, but instead the politicians naturally develop symbiotic relationships that encourage irresponsible growth.”

        “The nature of ‘irresponsible growth’ is different in each country and region – but it is similarly unsustainable and it is still growing. There are more crises to come and they are likely to be worse than the last one.”

        • ‘What’s next?’ is a question that few have definitive answers to.
          ‘What now?’ is the question we should all be asking ourselves.
          What is the next step YOU need to take to secure you and your families safety.
          I believe there are 3 first steps to take, each just as important, and after that priorities vary with individuals. Core steps are universal, however.
          Step 1:
          Food. If you are stocked up- stock more. If you haven’t started- START NOW! Every can of soup, package of pasta, and bottle of water counts! For every 1 day supply you stock, that is 1 less day of hardship, hunger, and stress about feeding your family! At this point, there is no excuse! Skip a meal out at a restaraunt and take that $30-40 you saved, and buy a week or 2 of dry provisions. Even 1 trip to a food pantry can provide you the extra provisions you need to live for a week. I recommend that last bit only for those that have ZERO excess cash for supplies. And don’t forget WATER- it’s free from your tap! Clean plastic containers will hold water indefinately!
          Step 2:
          Shelter. Bug in/bug out- it’s your call. But have a place and a plan. Get your loved ones on the same page. If you have a super secret bug out plan, but your family doesnt know, come SHTF day, you may have chaos. A simple family meeting can ensure everyone knows the plan. No time? Skip the next tv show or night at the movies and have a family sit-down! Have contingency plans for your plans! Things change, roads get blocked, wife is on the opposite side of town- WHAT DO YOU DO? Pre-planned is 1 step closer to a successful rendezvous.
          Make sure your shelter is ready! Food preps are only part of the solution. Sleeping, clothing, hygiene needs- are you prepared? Skip a Sunday ballgame and DO IT! And don’t forget the toilet paper! The only paper currency that will hold its value indefinately! Can’t afford to by an extra val-pack to squirrel away? Simple! Take 1 roll out of the pack each time you buy one and stash it. It adds up, and you’ll never miss it!
          Step 3:
          Safety. Defense! Protect your family, and protect your ‘stuff’. Your biggest threat is the person that knows you are well supplied. That neighbor you advised to prep for a disaster and didn’t? Threat. That coworker you bragged to about your year supply of beans and bandaids? Threat! That FedEx guy that delivered your pallet of food stores to your front door? Threat!
          How do you defend your family and ‘stuff’?
          OPSEC is paramount for preventing threats. Keep your mouth shut unless you trust-REALLY TRUST- the person you are talking to. Family, friend, or stranger- if they aren’t on the same page, and prepping for themselves, then guess where they’ll be headed when TSHTF? To YOUR doorstep! Can you feed and extra 4-6 people along with your family (because your neighbor will demand you feed his family too)? Having a pallet of preps delivered? Get it delivered to an empty storage unit, or do a will-call pickup from the FedEx depot. KEEP THEM AWAY FROM YOUR HOUSE! I know a few of these delivery company guys. They really do keep notes on who had the Costco 1 year food supply pallets delivered. They were each bold enough to tell me that their list of local homes WAS their preps! Scared me to death that the forethought was there to go after someone elses preps instead of getting their own. My stuff has always gone to an empty storage unit and I transport it all from there. No tracks.
          Home security. Can you keep your house airtight, water tight, and warm? Get some extra 2×4’s, plywood, and some tar roofing mastic. Stick it in the shed or garage. Those are just basic needs for doors, windows, and a roof. Home Depot has misfit boards and wood for pennies. Stock up.
          After OPSEC and home security comes the lead and brass part of the defense plan. Theres a different plan for everyone, so for brevitys sake: PISTOL, SHOTGUN, RIFLE- and learn how to use them BEFORE the SHTF.
          So ‘what’s next?’- if you get these 3 steps out of the way, you will know- the next step can be ‘Wait and see.’

          And by the way, once your preps are under control- check out silver. It’s on sale right now.

          • Could not have said any better myself, SS. See ya on the other side.

          • Silver if your house is air tight you die and if your biggest threat is the fed x guy God bless

            • You may need to severely restrict the flow of outside air coming into your home for either a chemical attack or as a radiation mitigation measure. Most residential buildings can never be made truly “air tight” and it would take quite a while to use up enough oxygen to die, even if it could be done…actually, it’s pretty damn hard to do, but your life might depend on keeping airborne threats out of your house as much as is possible.

          • Most of the world cleans their butt wuth water. If you have access to a small quantity that can be used for this, a squirt bottle bidet can be bought for under $15 at Amazon, or you can easily make your own from an old squirt bottle and a short piece of hose. Metal wall kiddy pools (Dollar store or TJ Maxx)can be picked up cheaply, store in a small space, and will hold close to 300 gallons of water. Cheap plastic pump discharge hose rolls up flat and can be used to divert your downspouts into the pool.

      2. Whole wheat berries!!

        Keep preppin’

        • This is going to make an EF-5 tornado
          look like a dust devil in a cornfield!
          Hang on to your britches.

          • Say, WHO was the masked man who said last fall, that gold could go as low $1200 before it rebounds?

            Your mama, was it you? LMAO! 🙂

            • Gold will go below $1000. Plan on it. Anything else is wishful thinking by Gold bugs.

              • I’m a bug & I hope it goes to $200.

                • Yep..we just buy more of it.

                  I bought in at $935…about $33k of it.
                  The rest in dollar cost avg.

                  The rules have changes.

                  Bad times are in our path.

                  Ever go winter camping…Used to have a tent with a wood stove.
                  Sucks when you run out of wood in the dead of winters. NOT.
                  I always planned ahead and the stove would be humming cherry red while we walked around in the tent practically naked.

                  So it does with any shtf.. like firewood…you plan ahead.

                  If things collapse… better plan a bug out location for your preps.. you know you’ll get a visit from the boys who monitored your order of a years supply of grains.

                  Ha.. save the buckets and fill them with rocks.

                  Boner Apa tit! tee hee.

                  Worst case.. I’d resort to cannibalism. ha

                  Just put out a big fucking sign that says.. FREE LUNCH AT NOON.
                  Then watch your meal tickets come walking in.. big fat corn fed.
                  You all know I’m joking here…but a funny though.

                  Time for bed.

                  Sleep is a prep…get plenty of it and drink plenty of water.


              • Its one thing to call gold under $1,000 when it is sitting at $1200+ and the market is depressed. Its another thing to call gold $1200 nine months in advance when the price is around $1800 and mania is sweeping the nation.

                Got MINE. Get yours! 🙂

              • That is when to really worry is when gold takes a big dive. The markets are controlled and the ones controlling it will bring the markets up and drive gold down so they can purchase as much precious metals as possible.

          • Food is ALWAYS money, real money. When you have a mass of food even during good times, you have what you need even if times are going bad for you. There are far more personal SHTF events than major regional, nationwide, or global. When you can get what you need with food and other ncessities and not have to go to the market, especially if you have no money, you will be so thankful you have something there. There is a key word here, something. Many people never start preparing and get going because they feel that there have to have a year’s worth of food. Even a couple of weeks can save someone’s life for light to maybe medium range disasters.

            I would highly encourage AMYONE and EVERYONE to just get started that has not. It may seem like nothing, but someone that goes and starts out with a couple of few extra cans of food has taken that first step, and this is so important. Just like when someone takes an empty jar and throws in the first chump change in there, eventually that jar gets quite heavy. Start and be consistant with supplies, just keep adding what you can to them.

            I know that most people here that comment are quite well off when it comes to “real” money, the type that with give you 3 square meals a day for awhile. I direct this to the people that have not started, and those people that are preppers that are grinding their teeth trying to get a relative and/or friend to finally put away for the true emergency coming. It is coming from one or more angles, and those that have started now or not too far yesterday will be very thankful they have WHEN this happens, or IF they go through a personal SHTF chain of events. Real money is what you can feed yourself with.

            Precious metals are fantastic IF there is someone there to trade it for what you need. In a pandemic precious metals are something that will sit in with you rather than expose yourself. Food and other necessities are right there for you ready to use, 24 hours a day just like an ATM that does not break down and only requires you to open a door to get what you need. “Food” for thought.

            • Right on BI! I’m sick today and was so glad the spouse left extra rice in the pot. I added water and let it cook while I did other things- came back and added a miso soup packet. Easy-peasy Japanese “zosui” and it was good. All of those ingredients store well and aren’t big expenditures of themselves and you don’t have to be a great cook to use them. I plan to add more of those soup packets to my preps.

              We discussed investments in a time of need last night. Canning jars might be something you can get cheap this summer- they’re shrink wrapped and fairly clean. Imagine what a whole pack might trade for a year or two into TEOTWAWKI. Salt, sugar, citric acid, pectin and yeast are also cheap items that might be of great barer value later.

              • Many folks are wisely buying canning jars, but the weakness in this plan is they may not be buying enough lids. If no more lids are available, the jars becomes much less useful. One might consider looking at “Tattler-brand” canning lids as they are reusable. I would have a good supply of these on hand, and use the regular ones while they are available, and save the Tattler lids for backup…might be good to have some for barter as well…

            • Be informed

              I wish I was quite well off with some “real” money like
              many of our commentators.
              But then again, maybe I have a leg up on hitting the
              bottom before the other preppers even know it’s here.


            • I’ve been at it for a little over a year… my wife thinks I’m crazy, so I have to do it slowly. We’ve got a decent amount stored up. Hopefully enough to get us through the worst of it, and on to the other side when things calm down. I’m not confident of that though.

              I found a 6 acre piece of land for sale, has some buildings and a fenced in pasture. Needs a new house though, which takes 4-5 months. Not sure we have that long. My wife loves the land, but thinks it’s too far from town. The nearest neighbor is a mile away. There are several ponds nearby, and hunting ground, and tons of firewood available, if needed. It’s 5 miles to the nearest town, which only a couple hundred people. 10 miles from the nearest town of 1000+. It even has a great underground potato cellar.

              I’m still trying to convince her to buy it. Been trying for months. She’s close to going for it, but I’m worried we’ve run out of time. I may either buy it without telling her, or just be squatters there if tSHTF. ha.

              • Friendprep

                Good for you, go or it. My husband is an eternal optimist…goes to work, comes home wonders why I store food!!!(he is actually intelligent…just not bright if you get me) I tell him bulk buying saves us a fortune, which it does and I carry on prepping and he carries on thinking he’s going to ave a nice comfortable old age.

                Sad that he’s still a bit woolly but that’s the way it is.keep prepping.

                Take care

        • Speaking of whole wheat berries, it is the beginning of wheat harvest. If you know a farmer that is growing wheat, ask if you can buy wheat strait from him. I did this with all of my wheat that I have stored and I only paid the current market price for a bushel. Most farmers would be happy to oblige and you will probably save a significant amount of money.
          Also, I stopped by my local lumber store a couple weeks ago and the summer building season is in full swing. This means that lumber yards will have piles or stacks of warped or damaged lumber that you can buy on the super cheap. I picked up 23 treated 2X4’s that were 14 feet long and paid 25 bucks for the whole stack. Last summer I picked up all sorts of different stuff for a fraction of the regular price and most of it really wasn’t that warped. Most of the time they’ll make you a great deal on that stuff just to get it out of their way. Good luck all and keep preppin!

          • Shoot–just look around.
            I found 3″X 1/2″ X 8′ for 1.30 each–made picket fence edging for my porch with dog ears(cute!! :-)).
            Found 1″ X 1″ X 8′ for 95 cents–made picket fence edging for my shed( cute! :-)).
            Cheap is out there if you just look.
            And today from the scraps, I made a matching picket fence shelf for my porch (very cute :-)).

        • Cooking Mom keep preppin I see to many articles and talk about buying gold for hard times and times ahead the good refers to these people who stock pile gold and what
          it will do to them Also preppers should be careful about
          what they talk about what they already have there will
          will still be well armed gangs when all hell breaks loose
          preppers really need to be silent about what they have we are preppers we are not in advertisement
          keep preppin

        • Wheat berries, any advice from anyone in buying a couple hundred lbs of wheat from the grain mill VS wheat berries.

          I know it was advised to set up a screen and a fan on low to blow the non wheat particles as you pour it to clean it.

          Pro’s and con’s?

          • Well, what’s your budget? How much help do you have? How’s
            Your back …….how much energy do you have??
            Do whatever you feel like, storing up food in any
            Form is good.

          • Late last summer, my husband and I responded to an ad re wheat straw bales. We needed some bedding for animal sheds. I asked the farmer what type of wheat he grew. He seemed pleased that we were interested and proceeded to take me to his large barn where the machinery was kept. He gave me a 5 gallon bucket of his white hard wheat. Also some garlic that he had grown. I took the wheat home and in the afternoons here on the high desert, the winds comes up pretty strong. I poured it into another container – back and forth. As I did so, the wind blew some of it into my flower bed. This spring I had white wheat coming up. Keeping an eye on it and hope to deliberately plant some next year. As for growing garlic…I separate the cloves, put them in real wet sand until they root, then plant in dirt. They need to be planted in the fall, as they need the cold temperatures to make them develop properly.

          • The Mormons now say flour will keep for up to 10 years.

        • Yep, whole wheat berries. 🙂

          I have not been posting for the last couple of weeks because I have been preparing for this day and the ones to follow. Busy as a bee you might say.

          As of last Friday I divested myself of 75% of my PM’s. I have taken those monies and placed them into farming tools and what ammo I can obtain here in Northern California.

          I will be transfering my primary residence down to the N/W corner of AZ onto a piece of property I purchased about three months ago on the advice of Durango Kid who I thank very much for his advice. Have an immense amount of work to do before that.

          If you are not ready to be self sufficient it is going to be hard but I think you have time in which to do so but it is going to be very expensive from here on out.

          Many thanks to all on this board who have given me ideas and the guts to act on them in the last couple of years. If it were not for you folks I would not have been very succesfull in convincing my wife and children.

          Most of all, thank you Mac for this forum which when found made me realize I was not alone in my fears. Getting to know a couple of you on a persnal basis also made me realize that preppers are not a bunch of crazies. Well some of you are. 🙂

          Keep on prepping for the worst and hope for the best.

          Guess JOG is off the grid now as have not heard from him in a week or two. But last time I did it was from a free wifi in a fast food parking lot. I will check in from here on out when I can.

          Best of Luck to all!


          • Super congrats BigB!!!!! We move to our BOL soon to be BIL in a week!!!! What a great feeling!!!

        • Eat what you store and store what you eat. Don’t plan on whole-wheat for survival if you aren’t eating it now; it can really effect your guts badly if you do. Same goes for forage- try it now or at least up your daily fiber intake over time this summer. Plan for and store enough variety. Also, try out your recipes now. I tried making tofu one day and had the unpleasant surprise that the tetra-pak milk I’d stored was sweet. Couldn’t use it in the savory dish I’d planned so I used it for sweet dumplings. Another experiement 9yogurt)revealed that the recipe I tried wasn’t as effective as another. I’m glad I know which recipe is better for my needs. Have fun with it and make sure to make joy part of your journey.

      3. Anyone that didn’t see this coming, was trying to not see it coming!

        Standing by in SC out!

      4. What doesn’t make sense is the price of gold and silver getting monkey hammered 7-8% while everything else is down 2-3%. Yeah,I know it’s the paper contract price but Christ Jesus, this shit got old a long time ago.

        • My personal opinion; TPTB have artifically lowered the price of Gold and Silver so they can hoard as much as they can collectively before the total implosion of the world’s financial markets. Then; Gold and Silver will literally skyrocket; and those greedy; corrupt bastards will be sitting on a pile of metals.

          • I suspect they’ll also try to bankrupt the mining companies, then scoop up those assets for pennies.
            In the end they want not only the current stocks of metal, they want the means of production as well.
            These are pirates, nothing more.

            • Hah! They probably already own the mining companies. They are evil, but not stupid.

          • Not going to happen anytime soon. Maybe in 10 years. Deflation is the word. The govt isnt going to collapse. Its going to own us before the rebellion. Once that starts, what good is gold then? The new gold is ammo.

        • @ Hedge,

          You’ve probably been hearing for some time that in Europe there is no longer any ‘Good Collateral’ to serve as the basis for all the financial chicanery going on….same thing NOW applies Globally.

          Everything has been hypothecated, rehypothecated… collateralized and re-collateralized so much that there is simply nothing left which those doing the loaning-out ARE willing to take in exchange for thier MONEY, nothing of ‘Value’ is left.

          The PHYSICAL metals are – by definition – ‘good collateral’, you either have them…or you do not. So, when the ‘financial Whiz-kids’ who conceived of this POS-mess are strung-out with obligations all over the place and something drastic happens in the markets WHAT do they use to fund thier continuing exploits?

          Answer: They use the ONLY thing available to them which has a broadly recognized ‘value’…thier PM’s. IF they don’t, then thier margin calls will will force them to forfeit entire ‘positions’ with thier brokers and so the loss is catastrophic…TOTAL. Ever heard the phrase, “In for a Penny…in for a Pound.”? They are SUNK in the game so far they can’t back out…there are no open avenues to exit when the market is crumbling around them…no one WANTS to buy what they’d LIKE to sell.

          So, then suddenly there is a whole lot of PM’s ‘appearing’ in the market which wouldn’t otherwise be there day-to-day…read as a transient ‘GLUT’ which by the laws of Supply and Demand forces the price down temporarily…

          Stay the course…DO NOT SELL unless your LIFE depends on it! For those here who yet have additional wherewithall which is not REQUIRED for the ‘tangibles’ – which ARE the basis of all value and LIFE itself – that they SHOULD by now have, a last, FINAL buying opportunity is NEAR….watch for Monday’s action. Monday will tell the tale…not tomorrow, tomorrow will be ‘bottom-feeder day’ in the markets, when the weekend comes THEN they’ll sit back to do the ‘body-count’….and that’s when those that got BADLY hurt will be COMPELLED to extend themelves over the Abyss fully, to cover the loses that they are incurring NOW.

          The GREED of those who are now subject to the market swinga is fast approaching the ‘Final Trump’, it WILL be thier destruction. Think of the old adage of “Having a Tiger by the Tail”…it’s struggling too hard to hold onto…but IF your grip slips, then it turns and EATS you; Can’t Hold-on, CAN’T let go. Done by THEMSELVES, To THEMSELVES….

          This will be the Final, most PERFECT example of ‘Poetic Justice’ ever seen in the history of Humankind when the dust clears….FINISH YOUR PREPS, NOW.

          • He told us what he planned to do…

            Obama: My Plan Makes Electricity Rates Skyrocket

            Barack Obama: “Under my plan of a cap and trade system, electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket.” (January 2008)

            Youtube dot com

            Say Goodbye to the Coal Industry

            “Obama’s EPA set to lay down emission rules for existing power plants.”

            “Unfortunately, if you work in the coal industry, you now have something else to worry about; your job.

            And if you live in an area where electrical power is generated by a coal-fired power plant, you best be prepared to worry how you’re going to PAY YOUR ELECTRIC BILL.

            The Obama administration is readying a set of rules to govern carbon dioxide emission from existing power plants. There is likely to be a phase-in period but that’s of precious little use when you consider the conversion costs. It’s estimated that we will lose about 40 gigawatts of electricity as about 10% of all coal fired plants in the US shut down.

            It’s already impossible to build a new coal fired plant thanks to EPA rules governing emissions for new power plants. With new rules governing existing plants, the coal industry will cease to exist as we know it.”

            “The new rules will be challenged in court, but given that SCOTUS has specifically granted the federal government the authority to treat CO2 as pollution, there doesn’t appear to be anything standing in the way of this power grab.”

            American Thinker dot com

            • It was almost dark tonight as my wife and I finished up installing array #5, 10 solar panels of 255w ea. We’ve been putting in one a year for the last 5 years, and with this one, will be at 11Kw. This will also put us over the top of what we use, so no more electric bills forever.

              That’s our plan.

              • Who is your favorite manufacturer of PV panels? Solar World?

                • Solar World is a good panel…American made….we used them on most of our system. This last set, I couldn’t get them in the size I wanted, and went with an LG (Korean) panel….so we’ll see how they compare production wise.

          • @Maybeso

            Agreed,and I just read why it happened. The CME hiked the margin rate on gold contracts 25% right after the market closed today. Another coincidental occurrence that allowed JPM to replenish their dwindling gold inventory and bargain basement prices.

      5. 100% out of market earlier today. locked in 30-35% gains over last 4 years. will be sitting on sidelines a while. ordering more PMs. also more food preps.this snowball is gaining speed.

        • I’m sure I got down thumbed because I’m not emptying my 401k, but can’t do that without dear hubby’s signature. All tax deferred retirement accounts require beneficiary to ok withdrawal. Doing the best I can.

          • All you can do is your best. I’d like to encourage you to keep talking to you hubby and pray. I’ve been amazed at how my spouse has come around recently.

          • Many 401k’s will have a ‘cash’ fund that you can shift your money into. Yes you’ll be losing money due to inflation but you’ll avoid the ass whipping that’s coming due to falling stock prices.

            • Most of those cash funds are in money market accounts. Those accounts are invested in bonds. I’m watching market closely. Have some funds in the aftershock investor mutual fund. Designed to preserve your wealth and ultimately profit from all this economic crap. Gradually moving funds there. But I don’t want eggs in one basket. Hubby won’t let me empty retirement accounts.

      6. Well i guess its just another day in paradise.
        Just keep on prepping. Your money will loose value but your supplies never well. They will always be worth something.

      7. Isn’t just amazing how quick the heavy hitters in the market react when they start losing OPM (other people’s money) to play with and may, just maybe have to use theirs. Wall Street is one of the biggest scams in history, in my thinking. Unless you have 100 thousand shares or more you don’t have anything. Like the old saying; GO BIG OR STAY HOME. Like it is and has been said, WATER, FOOD, PM’S, DEFENSE and a MARKETABLE SKILL are what it is all about. This is my thinking.

        Keep the FAITH

      8. Don’t worry; Hilary’s planning to fix it all for us.

        • How is she going to fix something that she had a part in starting??

          • That was all just an accident. Trust her.

            • Buy the book. It’ll explain everything.

          • She doesn’t remember!!!

      9. Precious Metals will definitally be good. But the question is, at what price to jump in! Just like guns, mags and ammo. Everyday is not the day to buy. Just like these items, many people bought when they were ridiculous and everyone was in a panic, don’t let this happen on PMs. Anyone buy Gold at $1600 an oz. or higher, now look at the Price. I know the feeling. Be cautious! Trekker Out. Freedom At Any Cost!

        • I suppose if you are wrong on the timing, you would not have to wait more than 600 years for it to be worth more than you paid as it appears that is the longest any civilization has been a barter society.

          I feel sorry for anyone who bought 22 months ago at $1900/oz. Lets just hope we don’t see the $939.50 level that Martin Armstrong is eyeing.

          • Anon, I don’t have a crystal ball, but I made a comment just a couple of months ago on one of these articles about gold going down to $900 and it wouldn’t surprise me a bit to see that in the next month or so. There will be a buying opportunity some time soon, just don’t know when. Didn’t get in at 1900 but did buy some much higher than the current price. Trekker Out.

            • I also have a little that was bought at higher than the current price but that was just to help out a friend who needed a little cash in a hurry. (I essentially stopped buying at about $1000/oz)

              I considered selling some at $1900/oz but I had doubts that I would be able to find inventory again if the price did drop. (I certainly cannot find anyone who will will sell me coins today at $1290(+5%)/oz. Anyone willing to trade wants more and then also wants about 9 weeks to deliver.)

              The “spot” price is only relevant to /GC contracts. Anyone looking for physical troy ounces will quickly learn that the spot price is BS.

          • I hope we DO see under $1000—I’ll buy all I can and sit on it until it climbs back up! That’s the only way some of us will ever be able to hold gold.

        • Gold is pretty volatile right now. $50-100 swings. However….
          If you buy silver bullion- right now the most you could lose due to the paper market dropping is $19.75…. But you can rest assured knowing that silver has never been worth $0.00!
          Plus- look at the simple math:
          Gold- $1290; Silver- $19.75
          You can buy over 60 ounces of silver vs. 1 ounce of gold!

      10. A little perspective – a TRILLION dollars of wealth was lost today


        stocks Nosedive

        • Wasn’t lost unless you sold. Same with gold/silver.

          The question is which one is more likely to go to zero and STAY THERE.

        • A trillion dollars, unthinkable! Maybe now the wife will listen and cash out her 401k, I did two years ago.

      11. Let me share my preps for the week. Made a 40 gallon can of nice hardwood charcoal. Collected and sifted out two 6 gallon buckets of nice fine hardwood ash. Made a double batch of tomato/vegetable juice. Here’s how to double your batch of tomato/vegetable juice from the ingredients for a regular 7 quart batch for canned tomatoes. (7 quarts is the capacity of most large pressure and water bath canners) I’ll cook up another batch next week. A regular 7 quart batch of tomatoes takes approximately 20-22 pounds of fresh ripe tomatoes, so I used that as my starting point and ended up with the recipe below. To can tomatoes you have to blanch and peel the tomatoes but for juice you do not need to peel them, only cut out the rough stem section. I used a stainless steel food mill because it removes the skins and seeds which food processors and blenders don’t do. Besides, food processors, blenders and juicers are cumbersome and a pain to clean. I grew everything except the celery.
        Canned Tomato and vegetable juice (How to make 14 quarts out of a 7 quart batch)
        20 pounds fresh ripe tomatoes.
        2 cups chopped onions (One very large onion or two medium onions)
        2 cups chopped celery
        2 cups chopped bell peppers (or 2 – 3 large bell peppers)
        2 cups finely chopped or julienned carrots (or 8 – 10 medium large carrots)
        4 cloves garlic minced
        3-4 large jalapeño peppers seeded and minced. (keep a few seeds if you like it spicy, the food mill will remove them later)
        2 teaspoons salt
        — Prepare jars by washing and boiling as you would for any canning project.
        — Wash and quarter tomatoes. Finely chop all other vegetables.
        — Put all the ingredients in a large stainless steel pot. (Start the cooking process while cutting / chopping vegetables.) Bring them to a simmer while simultaneously mashing with a potato masher and cook, uncovered, for about 25-30 minutes. Stir.
        — Press mixture through a food mill. (If you don’t have a food mill… BUY ONE ) — Return juice to pot and bring to a boil. Keep the skins and residue to use later.
        — Add 2 tablespoons lemon juice to each jar.(Or 1/2 teaspoon citric acid) Add 1 tablespoon sea salt to each quart. Ladle hot juice into hot sterilized quart jars, leaving 1/2 inch head space. Adjust caps. Process for 40 – 45 minutes in hot water bath.
        Boiling water canner: — Process quarts in boiling water bath for 40-45 minutes. Pints 35 – 40 minutes.
        Pressure cooker: — Process quarts or pints for 15 minutes at 10 pounds. (below 1000 ft)
        This recipe will make approximately 9 1 /2 quarts of juice. (Sip the 1 /2 quart and save 2 quarts to use later… see below
        How to make a second batch with the same ingredients. (Juice or nice vegetable stock)
        1. Place all of the previously pressed skins into a large pot with six quarts of water and about a heaping tablespoon of sea salt.
        2. Bring pot to a boil… turn heat down and simmer covered for 3 hours. Stir occasionally to avoid sticking.
        3. After three hours, add the 2 quarts of juice previously held back and simmer uncovered for another hour (or 2 if you like). Stir occasionally.
        4. Run all of this back through a food mill to separate juice from skins. Return juice to the pot (feed skins/residue to your chickens)
        5. Bring juice to a boil and pour into hot sterilized quart jars.
        6. Add 2 tablespoons of lemon juice to each quart. Add salt if you desire but not required at this point.
        7. Process in a hot water bath for 45 minutes. Voila!! Seven more quarts of nice vegetable juice or stock. It’s not quite as thick as the first batch but just as tasty and actually thicker than store bought juice. Tomatoes are looking good this year!!

        • I was getting excited, I thought I found a new recipe……fruit juice………

          Standing by in SC! out

        • @CrabbeNebulae
          Stupid question, how do you get the charcoal from the ash I have access to lots of hardwood ash I use charcoal in a few things and always have to buy it.
          Thanks RW

          • Until CN can get back to you maybe this will help…

            Charcoal is produced by PARTIALLY burning wood…once fully burned you have nothing but ash left over. Typically, if someone is making charcoal they will start a HOT fire in a large amount of wood in a pit and then bury that – while it’s burning – and leave it set for upwards of a week…or more. Burying it keeps the air away from it – so it will only burn just ‘so much’. When you let it go all the way until only ash left it’s all done and over…used up, but any hardwood ash is exactly what you need for making lye soap…so even the ash is not entirely ‘useless’.

            • MayBeSo
              Thanks that was what I wanted to know. I wasn’t sure if you could use the ash for charcoal or needed the wood. I have been studying how to make lye from it as I already make all my soap.

          • @Rancherswife: I start with a very large stack of medium to large cured tree limbs cut into 6-8 foot lengths, log blocks and short logs along with cut up firewood. Fire it up in the early morning and manicure it throughout the day with a shovel and front end loader to push it together. The following morning I will have a pile of what looks like white ash about 3-4 feet high and 10-15 feet in diameter. The ash layer is really only about 3 or 4 inches thick which I will scrape off the ash and place it in a metal bucket. When it cools, I sift it with a regular kitchen sieve and repeat the process as many times as I want. Underneath the ash are several layers of burned, unburned, charcoalized and partially charcoalized chunks of wood. I shovel out as much charcoal as I can put in a metal 15 gallon foot tub and place a lid on the tub. When it cools I remove the charcoal and make another harvest. If my first harvest is early in the morning, I can make another one late in the evening and continue doing this for several days. If it doesn’t rain, the pile will smoulder for a couple weeks. I haven’t bought charcoal in over a decade. I use both the charcoal and wood ashes for a number of different things. I have the materials to build a closed retort with a couple steel barrels but am just too lazy. Hope this helps.

            • CN
              Thanks this does help The ash I have acess too comes from a large boiler, that they scoop out the ashes from I will have to get some and see if any charcoal remains.

      12. I have been saying it for a couple years now.
        FOOD IS MONEY. And when a loaf of bread cost you $20,000 one week and $50,000 the next, the bread becomes the money. Be smart, buy food, water, water filters and all other survival related stuff but the emphasis is on FOOD, WATER, WATER FILTERS if you have those in abundance, in the future (YOU) will be the billionaire.
        Remember you can’t eat Gold,
        you can’t drink silver
        and diamonds will not keep you warm.

        • While it is true that you cannot eat gold nor drink silver it is equally true that throughout human history these things have been a store of wealth because they can be traded for these things. If Joseph’s family had not had silver, they could have not traveled to Egypt to purchase grain and the entire nation of Israel would have ceased to exist.

          A few years ago I added a couple Emergency Essential One-Year Food Supplies to my food storage which I purchased from a friend moving to Mexico. Despite the fact they were only a few years old, every #10 can containing wheat had swelled and had to be thrown out. Unlike PMs, food eventually becomes worthless.

          Some areas will recover faster than others and the difference between being stuck in pestilence and relocating to prosperity won’t be found in canning jars, but in those things that one can easily carry that do not expire. Certainly have several years food supply and the means to replenish it, but putting all our eggs in those baskets ensures our descendents will be serfs under new feudalism.

          • In Jacobs day there was no world reserve currency either. I think people that hold alot of gold are in for a big surprise especially once it goes below $1000.00. Theres almost nothing but hype proping it up. Certainly not inflation or fear of govt collapse.

        • And a can of coffee goes for $80.00 on the black market in Venezuala










        NINAO ;0p

        • post#02

          America has lost the War in Afghanistan




        • I am a former Marine and have heard enough of your Jew bashing. I prefer Jews to camel jockeys-less likely to target my kids. Muslims are cowards. I ought to know. I fought them. What have you done for the US besides whine?

          • really …

            you just showed how ignorant you are jug-head

            “military men are dumb stupid animals!” ~ henry kissinger

            (do you even know who henry kissinger is jug-head ???)

            the NUCLEAR ARMED israeli jews (who orchestrated ATTACKED once free ZOG AmeriKa on 9/11 wtc twin towers , bldg 7 ) poises a larger PROVEN VERY REAL threat to your children and you than a illiterate ‘muslim towel head farmer’ living in a straw-mud huts and caves do in afghanistan iraq syria lebanon somalia libya etc etc

            and i did my time eatin’ dirt … I will say REPORT THE TRUTH about YOU and the CRIMINAL ZOG GESTAPO MAFIA THUG BABY KILLING RAPING THIEVING U.S. MARINES as I desire !

            the u.s. marines are nothing but global murderous fascist banker cartel mafia thugs wearing pretty uniforms and is rotten diseased to the core .

            your move “Whopper Junior Jug-Head” .

            N.O. ;0p

            • USMC A Few Bad Men

              ” Marines are suppose to Protect the Meek Weak Defenseless people of the World , Fight for FREEDOM , Fight for People who can’t Fight for themselves against Tyranny and Dicktators ~ NOT FIGHT FOR ZOG AMERIKAN GLOBAL BANKER DICKTATOR TYRANNY !”


              N.O. ;0p

              • Whoa Dude. Put the crackpipe down, back away from the computer, shitcan your copy of Mein Kampf and the Turner Diaries step out of the trailer get some fresh air. You may have learned that anti semetic, anti freemason dicktator BS in prison but bro chill out. You need some new ahte . To quote Dave Chapelle, ” Got hate in your heart ? Let it out”.

            • What’s your dog in that fight? Never mind I think I can guess…of course I know who Kissinger is. I also know who Smedley Butler was. He said that war is a racket, among other things. I pay more attention to what a two time CMH winner has to say than one of Carters failed apparatchiks. But I am sure you don’t know what a CMH is do you?

              • United States Marine Corps Medal of Honor

                • No…that would be Congressional Medal of Honor…

                  I must admit that I am surprised. Your ignorance may exceed your arrogance after all…

            • It’s not “jughead” its “jarhead…I can understand your willingness to believe something other than Arabs carried out the 9/11 attacks despite the evidence to the contrary.

              You seem to be a real victim like those poor, poor Palestinians. Again, what is your dog in that fight?

              • ” whatsa matter @J. Roy ???”


                That it represents 237 years of Millions of Crimes against the World , Crimes against Humanity Women and Children , Murder Rape and Theft of those weaker than FASCIST ZOG AMERIKA !

                All in the name of Freemason Zionist Jesuit Global Banker Fascism and Control !

                AmeriKa and the U.S. Marine Corps are Lies !

                I’m done here .

                N.O. ;0p

                  • Thought you were done here? I was getting excited. Tired of hearing about the awful Jews of the world.

                • This is news because it is extraordinary when Marines go bad. No one is surprised when Arab Muslims rape children, murder, torture it is expected because they are held to a much lower standard and rightfully so.

                  No one is surprised when Arabs act like animals. Why is that do you suppose?

                  Arabs have a tremendous inferiority complex and they ought to. If it weren’t for the enormous oil deposits in the region no one in the western world would be able to find the Arab nations on a map because of their irrelevance

                  Muslims in general, and Arabs in particular embrace a culture that reduces women and children to property status, routinely engage in actions that would be considered criminal and abominable in any other part of the world while trumpeting their piety for “the religion of peace.”

                  What innovations have come of the Arab nations in the last hundred years? The last thousand? Go on, I’ll wait.

                  They are the garbage of the world and they know it and hate it.

                • You seem to expend considerable energy railing against the things you oppose, but don’t seem to support anything but the “plight” of the poor, poor Palestinians.

                  Care to elaborate?

                • This MASON is shaking his head. You are one sick puppy! Ignorance runs rampant in your house. You know nothing…you wouldn’t know the truth if it hit you in the face. Get rid of the crack pipe and maybe the dilusions will abate!

              • Jughead was Archie’s buddy. I always had the hots for Veronica (Ronnie).

              • I’m no Jew hater but the evidence of 911 clearly shows that the Mossad was responsible for the destruction of the WTC.

                Mossad knew about the plan, didn’t tell US, shadowed the hijackers, and jumped up and down in Jersey as they watched the towers fall. Towers they had packed with nano explosives.

                Why do you think the records of the investigation were sealed? If the truth were known, America would have to eliminate Haifa, Jericho, and Tele Vive.

                • There goes ever shred of credibility you ever had, DK.

            • I believe you mean Jar head. That would be Mr. Jar head to you.

              • is that what you say to your weaker helpless victims as you beat and rape them …

                ” THAT’S MISTER JUG-HEAD TO YOU !”



                • “The Story Of A Marine Rape”

                  In 2010 our friend was raped/sexually assaulted by a U.S. Marine she was dating and had just come back from deployment to Camp Pendleton. She didn’t go to the police immediately because this Marine used a tactic he was taught by the Marines to premeditate and get out of being reported. And this was by their own admission.

                  We knew something was wrong when she came back from the trip because she wasn’t acting like herself and was having trouble being out with friends immediately. She also told us the sex was scary. We didn’t know about the rape/sexual assault until she knew she had to contact the base after continued threats and erratic and unstable behavior, she told us she was going to have to tell them what he did to her. It took months for us to learn the details, and lots of crying and alcohol. We knew she had been concerned about his mental health during deployment from things she had started to witness before he deployed. He had started to use drugs again, his behavior was slightly erratic and she wasn’t sure if it was fear or his mental health. He was saying how they would tell them women would cheat and break up with them during deployment all the time, and things like his facebook page saying his political view was “killing bodies.” (Click Here)

                  But before we go into the story know that this Marine had a criminal record for drugs before he enlisted. (click here) He told our friend this month’s after they started dating and had said he was clean. However this Marine continued to do them along with several other Marines while they served our country under the guise of hero’s.

                  Our friend flew out to San Diego to see who we will refer to as Cpl. Cookie. He barely acknowledged her while they were with his fellow Marines, but once in the car and out of sight of the barracks the sexual assault started, without her consent and her begging him to stop, but he wouldn’t. Because it was uncharacteristic and she didn’t know what to do since he was drunk, she was forced into a situation she never thought she would be in. Fearful for herself and others on the road she was forced to engage in sexual acts at a rest stop, because he refused to stop and told her he wouldn’t wait.

                  The Marine’s behavior the rest of the night was completely mentally unstable, after his first sexual assault he then told her he had to play hard to get, then assaulted her again in many ways, which included: forcing alcohol down her throat several times against her will, violent behavior and attempts at sodomy and other details we will not go into.


                  N.O. ;0p

                  • the U.S.R.C. – THE UNITED STATES RAPE CORPS

                    the criminal , the druggies , the alchi’s , the rapist’s

                  • How The ‘DisHonorable’ USMC U.S. Marines Hide The Truth of Assault Aggravated Rape within it’s Ranks , with a WALL OF SILENCE .

                    … they ‘Prosecute and Discharge’ the Rape ‘Victims’ .

                    ~ N.O. ;0p

                    Carri Leigh Goodwin, United States Marine Corps
                    Posted on January 21, 2011

                    by Melissa Obrien as said by Carri’s father; Gary Noling

                    Carri Leigh Goodwin, USMC – a Female U.S. Marine

                    August of 2007 at the age of 18 Carri Leigh Goodwin of Ohio enlisted in the United States Marine Corps to make her father, Gary Noling, a former Marine proud. During her time in the Marine Corps Carri reported a rape. Instead of being supported and having her allegations being taken seriously she felt that the Marine Corps did not do enough to help her. Similar to what many survivors reported, the blame of the rape was put on the survivor instead of the perpetrator. She was bullied by her command for reporting a rape and was eventually forced out of the Marine Corps for reasons of Personality Disorder. According to an external investigation the alleged rapist was accused of another rape in 2006 at Camp Pendleton but was able to continue serving. The alleged rapist did receive an NJP for the rape of Carri Goodwin but that was all. He is still in the Marine Corps.

                    The day she was discharged from service, her father Gary Noling along with her sister Misty and brother Lukas picked her up from the bus station happy that she was back home-safe. Five days later at the age of 20 Carri drank herself to death. To make matters worse, her sister was eventually charged with involuntary manslaughter and furnishing alcohol to an

                    Carri with her father Gary

                    underage person. Because of the affects of Military Sexual Trauma an entire family has been turned upside down, with losing a daughter due to the military lack of resources to help a survivor in need.

                    According to a journal that she left behind she confessed that the pain of the rape and even more so, the ill response from the Marine Corps were unbearable to her. Carri had an alcohol blood content of .46, six time the legal limit. In combination with medication given to her by the Marine Corps, including zoloft it stopped the alcohol from going through her liver and went straight to her blood. She has signed up with wishes to be deployed, go to combat and defend her country. Instead she was raped, blamed for being raped and betrayed by her command.

                    She left behind three journals. Below is a picture of one of the drawings found in the journal.

                    (shows drawing of her slashing her wrists open)

                    Taken from Carri’s journal. A picture she left behind showing her how the rape affected her.


                    NinaO ;0p

                • You don’t like answer questions very much do you? I wonder why.

                  I don’t defend the actions of those who have forsaken theirs oaths and chosen to become criminals.

                  You have not answered my questions, except with name calling, and that silence is deafening.

                  • Unfortunately the rape in the military is true.

                    There have been many reported but not tried cases of rape. ( also as we all know unless we are willfully ignorant, rape is under reported. ) Of our OWN military women by our OWN military males. A few cases of it being the other way around also have been reported and yet again No action taken besides the court marshall of the victim.

                    There is a plague in our military of rape, and sexual assault. If you think not then there are more sheeple on this site then we all think.

                    A quick IE:
                    In December 2005, for instance, Kori Cioca was serving in the US Coast Guard, and was raped by a commanding officer. In the assault, her jaw was broken. When she sought to move forward with her case, her own commanding officer told her that if she pursued the issue, she would face court martial for lying; her assailant, who admitted to the assault while denying that rape was part of it, was “punished” by being restricted to the base for 30 days and docked some pay.

                    Last year, there were 3,158 cases of sexual assault reported within the military. The Service Women’s Action Network notes that rape is always under-reported, and that a military context offers additional hurdles to rape victims: the Department of Defense, they point out, estimates that these numbers are misleading because fewer than 14% of survivors report an assault. The DoD estimates that in 2010 alone, over 19,000 sexual assaults occurred in the military.

                    ANd this is American on American rape. A fellow countryman and soldier who you are supposed to trust your life to. Keep sleeping.

                    Even when I was in the military when you went to certain bases here in the US they warned you of certain places on the bases to stay clear of at night.

                    IE: Ft Gordon GA. ( comms training base ) My first day there we were warned by the DS that it was not safe to cross the exercise fields at night. A few months before there were three rapes at night there, one victim was left there unconscious half naked. The fields lay between the barracks and the en and nco clubs.

            • henry kissinger is most likely on someone’s bucket list. So that does not make him the most popular guy now, does it?

          • Eh who do you think changed the immigration laws to the 3rd world? Jewish politicians, literally in every single white-majority country including Australia, Sweden, UK, France. Research it. To a T, they’re nearly 100% responsible for this, and their reason is to prevent any possibility of a Nazi uprising against them again. WW2 was too close. Now it’s Africa for Africans, Asia for Asians, Israel for Jews, and White countries for everyone. Even back in the 1920s, they were the only group powerful enough to lobby to change the immigration policy from favoring European immigrants (to preserve the 90% white population) to today’s 90% nonwhite. Why do you think they are coming here to crash into our buildings and terrorize us? Blowback from US military actions on behalf of Israel in the middle east, according to Michael Scheur, former head of the CIA’s Bin Laden Unit.

        • Why I might dislike your statements and opinions, I would fight to the death for you to have the right to express them.

      14. Brace for impact!
        According to what Dr. Paul said “the dollar is only worth two cents of it’s original worth form 1913” Once the public understands this,it will be too late! I personally can feel the tension in the air, with regards to the global economy!Something big and bad is about to happen!I pray for peace, and be safe!

      15. it doesn’t matter what price you buy pm’s at …

        they are real and their real estimated physical value at this time is gold $4500. Silver $350. an ounce

        fiat zog amerika (privately owned bank) federal reserve dollars are not real and worthless

        an individual can sell their pm’s anywhere in the world and buy real products and property at anytime

        you can’t do that luxury with worthless amerika zog fiat dollars

        its been proven again and again throughout history the typical life cycle of fiat paper money is 200-250 years

        the zog amerika fiat dollar life cycle ended in 2008 ‘5 years’ ago

        which would you rather hold as the amerika zog fiat dollar dies and losses its global purchasing power

        NinaO ;0p

        • its been proven again and again throughout history the typical life cycle of fiat paper money is 200-250 years

          the zog amerika fiat dollar life cycle ended in 2008 ’5 years’ ago

          As you like to say, I think you just proved how stupid you are. Apparently you aren’t aware that the FRN is nowhere near 200 years old.

        • “its been proven again and again throughout history the typical life cycle of fiat paper money is 200-250 years …”

          Really ?

          Can you name ONE fiat paper that has lasted 200 years ?

          Maybe the original Chinese ( the guys that invented it ) version did, I don’t know right off…..but certainly no modern version has…..every single one of them is a fairly recent ‘experiment’ in stupidity. You could still trade a paper buck in for silver at the Treasury until 1967. We didn’t cut our ties with gold until 1972.

          Your ignorance is appalling…..really….

      16. I deal with the general public most don’t have a clue of what’s going on I feel for those persons when it hits.

        • Gonzo–it only requires looking at your neighbors lifestyle and priorities to understand they don’t get it!!
          One neighbor of 10 gets it in my neighborhood–only 18% if you count me.

      17. The days of ‘A 3 quarts of barley for a days wage, but save the oil and wine’ are coming. And it is not too far away.

        What do we do? Don’t really know. Yes, buy the PM, food, and defense stuff. But that only goes so far when you calculate the number of hungry and angry folks that did not see this coming.

        I think we know why the DHS and others have bought well over 2 billion rounds of ammo. I think they know the type of civil unrest that is heading in America’s way. It could get pretty ugly.

        All you can do is just get ready–mentally, spiritually, financially, and thru preps stuff such as a food-system.

        The rider on the white horse is here. He is followed by a red horse and a pale horse.

        • Ugly, I’ve wondered if the greater value of oil and wine in that passage will come about because of the mass bee-deaths we’re seeing these days. Fruit crops are greatly impacted by a loss of pollinators.

          Part of prepping physically and spiritually is fasting. Get used to the feeling of hunger and knowing what you can and cannot do with out eating is important. You may need to fast on and off so as to hide the fact that you have food from those who would kill you for it.

          Ultimately, however, we come to Rev. 13:10- death comes to us all and our job is to be faithful and persevere.

        • Ugly,
          I will let you in on a secret that 2 billion rounds only exists on paper there are no stock piles of ammo at DHS we have to scrounge for training ammo , the higher pay grades put in for the ammo due to the escalating price of copper and components to lock the price in this was only a bidding document! They wanted a 10 years supply at current cost, metal prices are going through the roof. Almost all agencies of the FED GOV have had there budgets severely cut including Personell , I should know as I am living it , the problems lie with the political appointed directors put in office by Obamma . They current ammo shortage is due to the fact that gun ownership has sky rocketed since this ass clown was re- elected , a lot more people are getting into the shooting sports which is a good thing. If you don’t believe me the information is out there look into it you self. The FED GOV is tetering on insolvency.

          Prep , Prepare , train with your preps.

          Semper Fi 8541

      18. The only things I invest in that I know will keep me alive are storable food, water, water purification items, guns, ammo, medical supplies, camping equipment, heavy-duty clothing, etc. The only PMs I can afford are lead and brass and that’s when I can find them in stock somewhere. I’m still investing in more of the same and hope everyone else is also. braveheart

        • Braveheart

          I might add; Keep your mind in a defcon 1 mode.
          My cousin was at ground zero in Nam and he said
          that even from a sound sleep he awoke with both
          eyes wide open, like he had never slept at all.

          I guess what I’m saying is, when one goes down
          the off-ramp to the expressway, they damned well
          better be doing 70 when they hit the traffic!

        • That fact you are acknowledging that PMs are beyond your budget and not rationalizing shows me you have wisdom which is also a valuable asset. I bought PMs only after my grub, guns, and ground were at comfortable level.

          A few tips: I got pressure cookers, canning jars, and building supplies free from My 50 gallon food-grade plastic barrels were $15 each on Craigslist. Monolithic water filter kits are available online for around $30 each.

          • Diversification is key. Don’t count on any one kind of prep and keep in mind what might cost little now and be of great value later.

          • I went to and tried to post. My request wasn’t sufficiently supporting “green” enough and they DENIED ME MY POST. They seem more interested in controlling the flow of trade, than they do ‘free’ trade.

            You can offer/request what THEY allow you to. I cancelled my account, but STILL get the posts in emails—which I designate as SPAM.

   isn’t what you might think it is, most of the time. You got lucky and I’m glad, but I won’t be wasting any more time there, myself.

        • But paste and condoms are the shit to stock up on BH !It will be in high demand !

      19. Ha how many people are losing their ass by investing in gold Food, Guns, yes Ammo better than gold
        sell your gold buy silver none of it will matter if you live in a city!

        Move now while you have time cities equals all bad things riots, crime, poverty, crazy people, governments and the lackeys who work for them When the SHTF and you still are in the city you will be cooked!
        all you city survivalist better get your shit out of town now! Stop using your lousy job as an excuse not to move, it could be the death of you!

        From the air conditioned house to air conditioned car to climate controlled office, MY why is it so hot outside!!!!!

        • “Hot, Hot, Hot.”

          By Buster Poindexter. Ole’

          Heat gonna do a lot of people in. Heat stroke and exhaustion are bad scenes.

        • They’ve got a rational man as Governor up there. Opposed by all the Boston liberals and sodomites that have moved into Portland of course, but the outlying Mainiacs seem to have the upper hand at the moment.

      20. For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?

      21. Like Budweiser says: “Here we go…”

      22. I’m just happy this site is here .
        Hat tip to Mac for running it .
        And a BIG HAT TIP to all for teaching me so much .

        Bad times are here for sure .
        Whether shtf in one blink of an eye or continues to happen one drip at a time,
        being prepared for what might happen is a good thing .

        Made many candles from the wax I found in a dumpster .
        Used glass jars I had saved by tying old metal screws and nuts to cotton wicking .
        And used some in tuna cans filled with cardboard .
        And made some firestarter sticks by dipping several sheets of old newspaper in the melted wax and rolling it into a stick about six inches long .And been getting a couple of good messes of mixed greens from my window boxes .
        God bless you one and all .
        And God bless our Republic .
        take care

      23. anyone here finding their computer on when you’re pretty sure you shut it off? That’s happened a couple of times recently, and today i come home (i did leave it on today) find my kaspersky and firewall disabled with weird alerts from kaspersky.

        • I wouldn’t have Kaspersky or Norton or any other antivirus software on my computer. Antivirus software slows down your computer. I think it’s a racket anyway. They come up with new threats and then updates to take care of the new threats. I do not have any of that crapware on my computer. Never have. Never will. Only one problem since 1982. And it was easily fixable after a little internet searching. If you practice safe computing and backup everything, you should never have to worry about viruses.

          • I’m calling BS on not having any computer protection. I’m bulit and serviced computers and you need to have something because rogue malware is nasty. Remember; you only know you have a virus when 2 virus’ are battling each other. A perfect virus runs in the backgroung doing its job.

            Kapersky and Zone alarm are 2 good anit virus software companies. You need something especially if you download torrents.

          • Double that. Although I’ve been on McAfee for years. All you need to do is look at one day’s worth of the ping log to see how many times Chinese hackers and/or US Government hackers have tried to enter your computer and you’ll change your mind. Without a firewall you’ll not only never know, but they’ll get in, to do whatever dirty deeds they want to do.

            • Another thing to be running is the Firefox add-in called Ghostery. It will show you how many “agent” programs which will report your searches and Heaven knows what else are trying to download to your confuser every time you hit a site. Liberal news sites like CNN and the WaPo are the worst, more than twenty of them try to enter. (To Mac’s credit, there’s only five that try to get in from this site. Two, however are from Google.)

              Know what else? Quit looking at YouTube. Since I started using a little program the routes all calls to Google through a proxy server, YouTube won’t run for me. Why? Because Google is recording everything you watch on YT, and if you block them from doing it, they block you from seeing any of the video. Tough. I can read, I don’t need video. They hate my program. On Drudge they’ve found a way to turn it off, but I can and do turn it right back on.

        • There’s a system setting on windows computers that allow your modem to “wake” you computer. It can be exploited to turn your computer on remotely, and likely your virus software may have caught on to the invasion. I’d unplug your modem when not in uses (or disconnect it from your computer) and see if it happens again. If it does, the software is probably on your computer hard drive. I used to be an expert poster on “”. Go there and you can get massive one-on-one assistance with problems like this. Check out geekstogo—you will be pleasantly surprised.

        • I unplug the power supply every time I use my computer for this purpose. The wife wanted an xbox connect and that also gets unplugged since its a camera.

          Ever notice how android phones keep apps running in the background like youtube and ebay? Thats because your info is being returned to them all the time.

          Watch you six!

      24. Gold and Silver made of human hands.. Stocks and bonds – same way..

        It’s all a lie…

        • Gold and silver were made by acts of nature, but you’re right about the stocks and bonds.

      25. Outwest, thanks for the tip. My mind has already been there for quite some time. BI, once again you hit the nail on the head. Ever since my younger days, I’ve kept a good supply of food in stock, whether it was canned goods or whatever else. In each and every SHTF event I’ve ever been through, I ALWAYS HAD FOOD AVAILABLE. I DID NOT GO HUNGRY. I SURVIVED BECAUSE I HAD THE FORESIGHT TO PLAN AHEAD AND PREPARE. I was a prepper before the word was even invented. As long as you have what really counts to stay alive, all other things are secondary. braveheart

      26. I sit here shaking my head in Amazement

        I post video proof that the US GOVERNMENT and US MARINES are supporting directly with money fuel drugs weapons AMERICAN LIVES … PEDOPHILES RAPISTS KILLERS OF CHILD BOYS , CHILDREN , RIGHT IN THEIR OWN U.S. MARINE AFGHAN CAMPS and you ZOG AmeriKan Tax Debt Slave Morons … DEFEND IT !!!




        NINAO ;0p

        • No one is censoring you. Your ideas and “poor me” self-appointed victim status make your arguments weak and childish.

          A wise man once said, “It is better to keep silent and be thought a fool than to speak and prove it”, but I guess you never learned that, did you?



        NINAO ;0p

      28. Just reading over everything again. Didn’t want to give the wrong impression yesterday. First of all upon close inventory of myself I enjoy the challenge and long for the freedom of living far out. If I was single again was doing as I wished I would be in Alaska or somewhere down in South America. However I had friends who moved to Costa Rica and said every time they flew back to the states to get supplies everything was vandelized and stolen. Nothing wrong with doing what you enjoy. My only suggestion from my own experience is all this negativity poisons you. Evil truly abounds today. The media is as bad as it is in Korea here. The internet will soon be censered completely. We have all become slaves. However Phil 4:8 says Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things. This will keep you going. I remember that abortion doctor that fought so hard against abortion that he finally just went in there and shot that doctor. He still didn’t win. Just a thought, look for the good. That doesn’t mean we don’t pay attention to what is going on because we are told to be watchmen and tell people what is coming. However if all we do is focus on this we shrivel up. We feed into the fear. God tells up to Joshua 1:9 – Have not I commanded thee? Be strong and of a good courage; be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed: for the LORD thy God [is] with thee whithersoever thou goest. No matter how grim the future seems we will have victory but not by our power.

        • Mordacai,

          I just want to thank-you for reminding me that memorizing scripture should be my #1 prep.


          Ps 83.13-18

      29. The fact is you cant eat PM,s. And trying to use them to buy something is gonna be a dangerious undertaking. it will be almost the same as playing russian roulette. Why not just aquire whatever you are planning to use the PM to purchase now? lawlessness and immorality will be prevalent. If those you want to trade with want whatever you have they likely will just take it from you. You better be able to hide for 60 days. after 60 days most of the non preppers will have starved or died from disease or killed each other for food. The problem I see with many prepper sites is they are trying to sell you their product. The King World News is nothing more than a advertizment for gold. Learn Know How & Self Reliance You need to be able to survive with what little you can carry on your person.

        • The PMs are not for buying things during the coming times of trouble. They are for preserving any excess wealth you have now so that when things settle down and get to some semblance of normal, you will have your wealth to convert into land or invest in business, etc.

          This information has been repeated on this site and everywhere else for years, but people still keep coming up with this “you can’t eat gold” stuff.

          • When the dust settles there wont never be any semblance of normal. technology will dissapear just the same as achient egypt,s did. It takes mega farms factories & infrastructure to feed the world in the manner its done today. Most will starve. those who survive will probably wish that theywhere dead. the lifestyle will rocket back to the 1880,s or maby even more primitive.Its vey likley you will never have electricity, drive a car or fly a plane ever again. Most who tout gold. Are thinking of only short term a monetery collapse. Not so all of society will collapse. goverment wont exist. laws will not be obeyed. The strong will prey on the weak. When a clatyclismic event occurs there wont be any outside help forthcoming. there wont be a goverment respose. Nobody to come rescue folks. Nodody to put out the fire. Nobody to arrest and inprision the bad guy,s. your well being will depend etirely on your Know How. You better be good at a variety of self reliant skills.Think back to North America Before white Men. The majority of Indians never collected gold. It was just laying around in the black hills. It wasnt good for anything except to look at. a rock chipped away and made into a knife,spear or arrow head was much more valuable. look at the younger generations who have grown up with all the modern anemites we have. Fat to obese. Cant live a minute without a cell phone. Must have air conditioning and every luxury. those winy crybaby ingrates are who will be the ones to rebuild society. Those folks and a pile of gold are pretty shaky vessels o put much faith in. Picture every big city in the world as being a Detroit. Now picture Detroit without the goverment checks and food stamps. Picture detroit without any grocery stores or electricity. Picture detroit without water sewer and any law enforcement. It will be much worse than mose could ever imagine.And honestly I hope Im completely wrong. I hope its just a hiccup andeverything gets back to normal and the gold hoarders turn out to be the smart ones. But I think not.

            • Well that is exactly what is gonna happen in Detroit, and all other big cities as well. Nature will finish the stupid and lazy who have been supported for their entire lives by the works of the productive.

          • yep….eat me.

        • If nothing else, putting your extra cash in PMs helps keep you from being tempted to spend it NOW, while allowing you to keep something that can be turned into cash in a real emergency…best of all, the bank can’t haircut you by surprise. Make any sense?

        • Thank you for being you. I needed a laugh today!

      30. “I don’t make jokes. I just watch the government and report the facts.” – Will Rogers

      31. Terrorism is defined as:

        The use of violence and threats to intimidate or coerce, especially for political purposes.


        N.O. ;0p

      32. The local mental ward is looking for enemy of the state. He missed his meds again! diaper needs changing and found talking to himself.

      33. Hey Hedge and all you disgruntled pm owners.
        THE BIG PLAYERS are watching YOU!
        They are trying to wear you down as they manipulate the paper prices.
        They want you to sell!! So they can buy it!! Because it’s CHEAP right now!
        Don’t forget this. Hang in there!

      34. I did a big grocery shopping trip today, I cannot see the price of food going down. Diaper wipes are on sale here in middle Tennessee at Kroger for .99¢ a box. Free mac and cheese digital coupon is going to be available tomorrow. Gold is out of my price range but silver is so low I bought some, husband agrees we should buy more. It’s savings, something I can trade or something cool we can leave for the kids.

      35. You can’t eat gold, shoot it or have cover your back in a tight spot, can’t use it for medical Purposes like silver, and any object no matter how valuable in this economy is only valuable when some one sees value in that object.
        For ppl to say gold will hold its value is like saying we will just go back to living off the land, and honestly how many ppl really can live off the land?… None, we have forgotten how in this fast food go to Wal mart or go to a Dr. For headaches, not very many ppl have ever 100% lived off the land in the past 60yrs. We are in new Territory my friends in this generation of “google it” weres my car and “work? what work? The only real thing you should really invest you money in is knowledge, food/seeds Sustainable equipment weapons that can be trusted easy to find and calibers that are well known and used a lot(in the USA), and ppl that are on the same page as you, ppl you can count on and trust.
        In a world gone mad, ppl claiming they want to trade is risky at the lest and if they want what you got what says they’re not casing what you look like I.e. well fed, what your packing and if they could take you, it’s a dangers world out their and I would much rather not be the guy having to triad for food with my stock piles of gold then a guy that never hast to take a risk like that, because I learned a trade that can still be used post collapse to help my self, Paid for a EMT Course bought a gun and paid for courses on how to use it in posable danger, bought ammo for it and parts, researchers how to grow food and bought books on it, and bought silver… Not to trade but for Medicinal use and sterilization and for a Preservative.
        Yep so spend all your money on what you will but if it become nothing you only have your self to blame, all the things I pointed out cost money but are priceless because a man/woman that is usefull is worth their wight in gold… Enough said.

        • Don’t confuse wealth and money. A circulating medium is important so that economic activity can remain buoyant to some degree. We cannot stop producing and unless one thinks about having something that they will part with for the sake of trade, there is a risk that one’s thinking can collapse in on itself. The necessities like food are far too easy to hoard while production (and trade) grind to a halt.

      36. NSA Secret Warrantless Spying Rules Revealed

        Judge’s one-paragraph order governs mass collection.

        “One such warrant seen by the Guardian shows that they do not contain detailed legal rulings or explanation. Instead, the one-paragraph order, signed by a Fisa court judge in 2010, declares that the procedures submitted by the attorney general on behalf of the NSA are consistent with US law and the fourth amendment.”

        Zero Hedge dot com

      37. >> History is on our side… 6,000 years of history shows that it maintains value and paper always self destructs. <<

        Not to be a prick, but paper ("fiat") money have less than a thousand years of history, not to speak of 6,000. And they actually worked in the past – but only for as long as the sovereigns guarded against rampant credit creation. Paper money is not the problem here, leverage is.

        • Paper (debt) money is the problem, Max. It will always fail in time. The only variable is when. The good news is that the USD was NOT created to ultimately be a currency at all. It was created so that it could eventually float and be a real-time measure for gold-as-money as we have today. We don’t have a systemic design problem in the face of this new marriage between the measure and the weight. We simply have a marketing challenge. Old habits die hard.

        • The Romans didn’t have paper money, but Diocletian debased their metal money just as if it were paper. And he wasn’t the only one. Think that through.

          • he took the silver out of coins. like we did.


        WORKS WELL.

        LASTS 2 YEARS.

        ps. I think if a shtf hit I’d open an underground bar.

      39. They will throw their silver into the streets, and their gold will be an unclean thing. Their silver and gold will not be able to save them in the day of the LORD’s wrath. They will not satisfy their hunger or fill their stomachs with it, for it has made them stumble into sin.

        In the mean time they will continue to manipulate the price and try to hoard it.

      40. This article is predicated on a week long downturn? So profit taking and reaction to the fed speech has nothing to do with the decline? So the same arguement is true when the market went up? Everything is great or horrible based on short swings?

      41. The last official act of any Government is to loot it’s own treasury.

      42. Hi!, Patrons Of Et Al:

        We are in a big mess economically speaking in a big way, because we advocated the creation of money beyound the bounds of Article 1; Section 10 of OUR US Constitution which calls for gold and silver coins only as OUR money. We left the objective ball park of conformity to union with the demands of OUR Constitition and instead eletcted to follow add hock subjective pronouncements and actions of so called professional politicians and their mentors the FED. and its’ associate regional banks located throughout OUR country. Now we find ourselves without objective economic moorings by which to sail OUR ship of STATE and listing about uncharted waters of unanimous fear as to where OUR economic dislocations like the National Debt and high unemployment are taking US instead of we the people taking these events in hand and eliminating them as we should propose we do under normal economic condtions we cast aside long ago and handed over to the many multinational corporations who ended up fighting the US tax structures by moving themselves and their employment overseas to economic environments favoring their profit motives and can we really blame them for being honest with themselves and exiting the good ole US? Finally, people are begining to adapt to the idea that precious metals etc. may help them build a way out of this mess objectively thinking but the far reaching implication remains that the poor and the unemployed have little to no funds to purchase precious metals and so the beat goes on towards greater and greater subjectively determined inflation rates which further destroys/erodes OUR economic stability per say without a true blue object way out which means we are cornered now by the marketplaces of the world geared to punish US all for OUR collective economic misdeeds. People living on fixed income such as Social Security for instance are helpless to help themselves, as they await bailouts from year to year by their governments COLA increases which have been failing increasing their incomes of late. When those livng on fixed incomes such as Social Security and those who are unemployed combine their forces of poverty, how can they be expected to spend into the economy towards the creation of an economic recovery folks? All they can legitimatly accomplish is the spreading of their poverty condtions to others with whom they otherwise would transact within the economy but only if they had had the funds to do so through an increase of their COLA pay or working at jobs that not only pay them a wage but also collectively cause them to pay their income taxes which would have helped OUR National Economy pay its’ way from one physical year to another. How many real jobs has either the FED or president Obama actually created sense Obama became OUR president? In conclution here folks Dr. Roberts I think is attempting to help US all initiate a self help outlook and plan for our and our loved ones survival, because the European and American economies look to be headed towards tanking taking all hopes of true blue prosperity out of the combined pictures of worldwide economic recovery. The old Boy Scout Motto comes to mind: “Be Prepared!”

        RUSS SMITH, CA. (One Of Our Broke Fiat Money States)
        [email protected]

      43. There’s a way out of this mess, contrary to what this article states, early on. It requires a little twist in one’s thinking on the basis that we tend to default to top-down processes when we think of monetary policies. What the economy needs is a bottom-up monetization of PM’s . The stage is set now that PM’s trade in real-time. The severing of the bullion-dollar peg was an inevitable requirement if gold was ever to make for a good liquid currency since liquidity is the product of (weight x trade value) where either can be increased in order to create better liquidity and economic stimulus. The circulation of asset money purges debt while holding up the economy. The process must be market driven and bottom-up, however. All the elite can do in real-time is ‘carry the stick”.

      44. Mac Slavo: “And it’s better to be a year, month or day early, then a minute late.”

        this would be true if you were non-USA citizen. the more time this world reserve dollar stays intact, the more foreign natural resources(including humans) make their way to USA, for free.

        relax, try and do your best, to prolong it.

      45. I wonder what else is going to happen to us for the next couple of years to come. I hope that there will be a financial stability and that our government and our market will be in a safe and good state. I hope crisis will end.

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