Food Chain Catastrophe: Emergency Shut Down Of West Coast Fisheries: “Populations Have Crashed 91 Percent”

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    ocean-die-offEarlier this week Michael Snyder warned that the bottom of our food chain is going through a catastrophic collapse with sea creatures dying in absolutely massive numbers. The cause of the problem is a mystery to scientists who claim that they can’t pinpoint how or why it’s happening.

    What’s worse, the collapse of sea life in the Pacific Ocean isn’t something that will affect us several decades into the future. The implications are being seen right now, as evidenced by an emergency closure of fisheries along the West coast this week.

    On Wednesday federal regulators announced the early closure of sardine fisheries in California, Oregon and Washington. According to the most recent data, the sardine populations has been wiped out with populations seeing a decline of 91% in just the last eight years.

    Meeting outside Santa Rosa, California, the Pacific Fishery Management Council voted to direct NOAA Fisheries Service to halt the current season as early as possible, affecting about 100 fishing boats with sardine permits…

    The action was taken based on revised estimates of sardine populations, which found the fish were declining in numbers faster than earlier believed…

    The council did not take Wednesday’s decision lightly and understood the pain the closure would impose on the fishing industry, said council member Michele Culver, representing the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife. She added that it was necessary because a new assessment of sardine stocks showed they were much lower than estimated last year, when harvest quotas were set.

    Source: New York Times via Steve Quayle / ENEnews

    Sardines, like honey bees, don’t seem important to the casual observer. But just like honey bees, which are experiencing their own colony collapse, they are critical to the propagation of the global food chain. The immediate effects can be seen on the creatures next in line:

    90 percent of this year’s class of sea lion pups were starving for lack of sardines to eat.

    The sardine populations have crashed 91 percent since 2007,” he said after the vote. “We would have liked to see this happen much sooner, but now we can start to rebuild this sardine population that is so important to the health of the ocean.”

    ocean-food-web(Courtesy: The Seattle Times)

    But even closing of commercial fisheries may not be the solution. As Snyder points out in the aforementioned report, there are some unexplained phenomena occurring in the Pacific ocean and either scientists don’t have a clue what is happening, or someone is keeping a gag order on researchers.

    According to two University of Washington scientific research papers that were recently released, a 1,000 mile stretch of the Pacific Ocean has warmed up by several degrees, and nobody seems to know why this is happening.  This giant “blob” of warm water was first observed in late 2013, and it is playing havoc with our climate.  And since this giant “blob” first showed up, fish and other sea creatures have been dying in absolutely massive numbers.

    The issue could potentially be one of climate change – but not the kind of climate change we hear from politicians who just want to put carbon tax credits in their pocket. Rather, we could be talking about cyclical climate shifts that have occurred regularly throughout the course of earth’s history. And with those shifts come massive migrations and species die-offs.

    Or, as one contributor at suggested, the answer to why this is happening should be obvious:

    We have three cores melted out of their reactor buildings, lost in the mudrock and sandstone, which we have failed to locate and mitigate.

    We have an underground river running under the ruins, which we have failed to divert around the reactors.

    We have three empty reactors, containing nothing but corium splatter left when they blew up and melted out.

    We have the Pacific Ocean Ecosystem, which we have stressed beyond endurance, through ocean dumping, over fishing, agricultural runoff, and now unrestricted radiation.

    We have the sudden collapse of the Pacific Ocean Ecosystem, with a threatened collapse of the biosphere.

    We continue to allow corporate and governmental inaction.

    What in hell did you think was going to happen?

    Something is wrong with world’s food chain and one Harvard Professor suggested last year that recent signs, namely with the die-off of honey bee populations, are a prelude of things to come:

    But he now warns that a pollinator drop could be the least our worries at this point.

    That it may be a sign of things to come – bees acting as the canary in the coalmine. That not only are we connected to bees through our food supply, but that the plight that so afflicts them may very well soon be our own.

    Could it be that the collapse of honey bee colonies, mass sea life die-offs, and changing climates in once lush growing regions are all the result of the same underlying phenomena?

    If so, then we can soon expect not just higher food prices, but a breakdown in the food chain itself.

    And though none of us can truly prepare for a decades’ long (or longer) food disaster and the complexities that would come along with it (like mass migrations and resource wars), we can take steps to make ourselves as self sustainable as possible, while also preparing emergency plans to respond to the initial brunt of the force should it hit.


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      1. As humans, we seem too screw up way too much.
        Maybe the Guidestones are correct…

        • Mr. Eppe,

          The Georgia Guidestones were not ever correct and will never be so because they are founded on the lies Satan espouses (through those who believe them) and the worldwide culture of death.

          If we humans screw up, as you put it, it is because it seems to me the vast majority of Americans fail to think and engage in critical analysis: they seem to believe without question the LIES told to them by multinational corporations and elected leaders.

          Satan HATES man and thus evil is that which destroys.

          But there is Someone Greater than Satan the fallen angel who attacks each and everyone of us everyday. Keep your eyes on THAT Someone, keep your eyes on the prize for a life lived compassionately, justly, and lovingly: Heaven.

          God bless you all.

          – the Lone Ranger

          “Truth never damages a cause that is just.” – Gandhi

          “It is no secret that evil is the word live spelled backwards.” – Dr. M. Scott Peck, M.D.

          • Lone, it was sarcasm, funny how the other 9 commandments ring true, just the first one kills off 13 out of 14 humans on this Earth.
            Been there 2 times, eerie feeling to know they are talking about us.
            Bless all here…
            And thank Mac, for a place to vent…

            • Eppe, the stones are most likely correct. See my other post here and think about it.

              • In several decades of sportfishing the Pacific and the Sea of Cortez, first with my parents and now with our kids, the quality, diversity, and quantity of fish for the table has collapsed.

                Initially we saw Japanese trawlers destroying the ocean bed, then their longliners wasting “by catch,” then a tripling of the recreational fishing fleet…. and finally Fukushima.

                Twenty years ago even though a big bull dorado was fun to catch, it was still considered a “nuisance” because it wasn’t a tuna or a billfish, but last year baitfish were so scarce that people were proud to catch a tiny juvenile dorado.

                Look at the sky, look at the water—it is all you need to realize that the Culture of Death is in the lead.

                • Sadly, as many of the comments below are evidence, there is a “I’m gonna git me mine” ignorant and entitled attitude that is the cause of why our home, the planet earth is in shit storm of trouble. We are in a massive extinction event brought about by our species and there are selfish ignorant people here that care only about getting their fuc&^%g tuna on sale before all the fish are dead and gone.
                  The lack common sense and empathy by these stupid people that we tolerate, will eventually bring about our demise, and at this rate sooner than later. One can hope that maybe the planet will sprout new life many ages after we are gone and have taken all life with us. Maybe cockroaches will survive?

              • In several decades of sportfishing the Pacific and the Sea of Cortez, first with my parents and now with our own kids, the quality, diversity, and quantity of fish for the table has collapsed.

                Initially we saw Japanese trawlers destroying the ocean bed, then their longliners wasting “by catch,” then a tripling of the recreational fishing fleet…. and finally Fukushima.

                Twenty years ago even though a big bull dorado was fun to catch, it was still considered a “nuisance” because it wasn’t a tuna or a billfish, but last year baitfish were so scarce that people were proud to catch a tiny juvenile dorado.

                Look at the sky, look at the water—it is all you need to realize that the Culture of Death is in the lead.

                • so for those of us who include tuna, salmon, and sardines in our preps the time to buy more is now before the price increase or complete unavailability of these fish happens.

                  • My local Florida supermarket was selling a 4 pack of Bumble Bee prime fillet for under $6. I bought (12) 4 packs. Should have bought more. It’s the best canned tuna for the money. It’s the way it used to taste 30-40 years ago when I was a kid and not like today where it smells like cat food.

                    Back on topic. This article confirms many things scientist have been warning about. 1)overfishing, 2)ocean acidification, 3)pollution, 4)warming waters.

                    It’s only going to get much worse as time moves forward.

                    • I buy the cheap tuna expressly for cat food. !. the cat prefers it to cat food, 2. In an emergency, I’d rather make myself a tuna sandwich than a cat food sandwich.

                  • “…those of us who include tuna, salmon, and sardines in our preps …”

                    Yes, meatless Fridays still for practicing Catholics 🙂

                    Stock up!

                    • The fish populations are collapsing and all you think about is stocking up as much as possible. No wonder the oceans lose their biodiversity..

                    • As if I have to justify our family’s diet to you, Comrade Inspector?

                      …and most meat and vegetables come from where? agribusiness that has depleted the aquifers growing feed corn, other mono crops, GMOs, etc.?

                      We catch almost all the fish we eat. We do it selectively and without waste. Yeah, we have some cases of rod-and-reel-caught tuna and salmon for the hard times ahead, yep, even some sardines and mackerel. So what?

                      We eat very little meat and that meat is free range organic. We just came through Lent during which we had almost no meat… or fish (since we love to eat fish, there isn’t much penance for us in fish meals)… mostly soy and other veggies. So what?

                      If you see me trawling up the sea bed, killing fish wantonly, running a fleet of sport fishers, or dumping metric tons of radioactive waste into the oceans, please do speak up. Otherwise, row your own boat.

                  • i can’t believe you are suggesting stock piling…when will you all wake up andstop eating fish…stop creating the market that has killed our ocean life….

                    • Yeah overfishing is collapsing the sardine population?? Unlikely.

                    • As if present meat and vegetable production is more “sustainable” than our family fishing (plus some cases of canned fish)??? I am “creating the market”??? Go figure.

                      What percentage of preppers can feed their families 100% from sustainable sources???

                      Fewer than 1% of self-identified USA Catholics actually observe the traditional meatless Fridays. Yeah, we need to sock up for meatless Fridays, some of it fish. So what?

                      Most of us do need recourse to sub-optimal sources to PREP TO SURVIVE. MRE’s anyone? So what? Want to burn us out, Comrade Inspector?

                      As I said, if you see me trawling up the sea bed, killing fish wantonly, running a fleet of sport fishers, or dumping metric tons of radioactive waste into the oceans, please do speak up. Otherwise, row your own boat.

                    • roslyn, There are very few fish products in long term survival food. Look at food sites and count how many even have fish! I have 2 cans of pre fukashima salmon in mine and that aint much.

            • Oh yeah, biblical times, yes, that is what is happening. Anybody heard of any other country banning any type of fishing? Your answer should be no but I am sure some one will have a story to tell. Nothing but big government once again throwing it’s weight around, again!

              Let’s cut down on our emissions from our coal burning electrical generators. Huh, the rest of the world wont do it but we have to. Blah ba blah blah. Our economy is crashing, I know let see what we can do to make it worse. I’ll bet the Greeks wish they had our problems.

              Wake the fuck up people. We are being manipulated for the sake of control by our government using whako’s like Green Peace and the Sierra Club. Very small and inconsequential percentage of people who are nothing but the governments lap dogs. I was just over on Pacific Coast where they had the largest migration of whales since who knows when yet the poor Japs go hungry.

              You know why there is a drought here in California? Because it hasn’t rained for shit that’s why. We have always gone through a cycle of 7 years too much rain, 7 years of just right and 7 years of to little. Problem now is, once again, he whaco’s at the Sierra Club threw a fit when we tried to build dam’s and let people migrate here where we do not have the infrastructure in any form to support them.

              Hey, I know what to do. Send the illegals back home, stop building new homes and shopping centers till we have the infrastructures in place. But no we can’t do that because no building means no fee’s and permits and that means less money in the governments coffers.

              Oh wait, why not stop growing almonds which use more water than any other top ten crops put together, oh that’s right the industry has paid too much into the politicians pockets. There is no sanity left in this world!


              • You are correct Big B, in fact my husband who was born and raised in Ca was talking about this last night. About how many years back the environmentalists stopped water resvoirs from being built.. cause the enviros said it would be bad for the land and here they are.

                My husband also recalls a long drought he went through while growing up.

              • Great post BigB

              • Think you have some good things to say, Big B. However, there are some issues we need to address as well.

                I live in Alaska in a fishing community, this part of the state depends on it. But one thing that (I’m convinced) is killing our fisheries is the issue of by-catch. Literally millions of pounds of edible fish go through a grinder and out into the water each year because they are not the species of fish the boat is catching (in season). What a waste!!!

                The matter of not building dams in CA and along the west coast (late 70’s and 80’s) because of deep pocketed ‘greenies’ going to court again and again has caused many states to be out of water when they might have had SOME water (not an excess mind you) yet remaining to provide cities and farms.

                The issue of illegal aliens is a serious drain – yes, even on water usage. If you were to take the 15 – 16 million scattered throughout the US, and the 4 – 6 million throughout CA and the SW US, and send them back – you would have nearly enough water for our use now – even with the drought.

                Yep, we are messed up, and have some real problems with the present and past administrations who have allowed their bureaucracies to run (ruin) the world in which we live.

                Blessings to all,

                Son of Liberty

                • There you go! I don’t believe they put flouride in Alaskan water so critical thinking is “the norm” Get RID of the 30 million un-lawfull parasites !!! & the 452 Bankster Bag Likkers in DC & we have turned this mess around! We just need to put the tranny in reverse & leave it there until we get to say… 1903 ? in our minds & hearts again. keep it simple, grow your own, no cities over 200,000!!!, corp.s “RUN NOTHING !!!!” They will drive us into the grave if we let-um.

              • None of the things you listed are the actual cause of drought in CA and there is NOTHING natural about it. Look up in the sky, see those large white stripes? Those aren’t contrails, airliners don’t make those any more. This is geoengineering and I’ve watched and seen them almost everyday for 5 yrs now. Since 5 yrs ago, the eastern half of the country has been inundated with so much water that our woods are dying, while in CA woods are dying from drought. That’s because they push the storms to the east where it rains, so that CA doesn’t get any water. This is all man-made and contrived. Don’t blame the environmentalists for trying to save our ecosystems – we need our environment, without it we have no food!!! They try to divide us against each other with sham lies. These evil monsters are intent on destroying our world and depopulating the planet.

              • you are correct, I maintain the weather has all changed in the past few yrs, its called Geo Weather Engineering, been doing it since the 70s controlling weather in the world. Govt creates all the weather, my Skies are filled daily w the Chemtrails. I don’t get how people can be so evil, the NWO, Monsanto, I have decided they are of Satan because they cant be of the Lord.

          • Sorry, “Lone Ranger”, but “heaven” is NOWHERE IN SCRIPTURE described as the destination of the righteous. That distinction belongs to “the Kingdom of God/heaven” ON THE EARTH, to be RE-established by the Lord Yeshua at his glorious return, at the END of the 7 years of the Tribulation. And living one’s life “compassionately, justly and lovingly” will not get anyone there, either. THAT depends ENTIRELY on one’s keeping of ALL OF THE COMMANDMENTS of BOTH Father YHVH Elohim and Son, NOT unto salvation, but in simple OBEDIENCE, as befits one whose salvation (Yeshuah, Strong’s H3442) was bought and paid for by the only begotten Son of God, THE MAN Yeshua HaMashiach. PROOFS at TorahKingdomLiving dt com.

            • “Heaven” is where God’s will is being done. Earth is where God’s plan is being followed, even as most are in rebellion. These two places are becoming one.

            • That “Noahide” nonsense is deadly… beheading for Christians.

              abplefebvreforums.proboards dot com/thread/4030/orthodox-beheading

              Believe Jesus or believe the rabbis—your choice.

          • Love the way the Lone Ranger blames this all on Americans. Has heseen China’s air lately?

          • Well, when you think about what is happening in Japan– the nuclear shit going into the ocean since the tsunami a few years ago… obviously, it will result in the death of the creatures in the oceans!

            And then there is climate change, (from burning fossil fuels… which scientists are advocating a carbon tax for– which they suggest go into OUR pockets!!) which, of course, as predicted, will kill off the little sea creatures eventually– but that shouldn’t happen for awhile yet.

            And there is the corporate fisheries, which scoop tons and tons of fish at one setting (all good for money in the old pocket!!) WHICH IS MAKING CREATURES IN THE OCEANS BECOME EXTINCT– not that corporations give a crap! all anyone cares about is money! (Except for me and some Indians– who don’t give a crap about money!!)

          • Wish I could give +10 points to your post.

            Store up some food, have a personal security plan, if you have spare cash, convert it to gold or silver.

        • If you and I know what is culminating
          in the demise of the planet, why are the
          vaunted scientists having such a hard
          time pulling their heads out of their
          asses trying to figure it out what we
          already know?

        • at first they started admitting that it was the radiation and then it went quiet and now they say they don’t know, BULL Crap it all started after the japan incident, the rads in the US spike all over the place and the fish tested were all hot!! so it is NOT rocket science to figure out what happened.

          • For those of you who may miss this from the other article>>

            One thing was clear from the start – there had been a tremendous increase in the accuracy of barrel brought about by the deep freeze alone.
            Geza Nagy
            I test fired one of my XP-100’s – the average group size was 1.370″ at 200 yards. I removed this barrel and sent it to you for stress relief. I am very pleased to report the average group size is now .786″. This is a reduction of .584″! I am very happy with the results.
            Frank Glenn, President
            The first thing noticed was that cleaning was much easier after the deep freeze…and very exciting to me was a 52% DECREASE in group size.
            LTC Ellis, Sr.
            Master Marksman
            I’ve now had six barrels treated…and every confounded one of them has shot better after the treatment. What the treatment did to a couple of previously ho-hum barrels was amazing.
            Merrill Martin


            • Way off topic but thanks .

          • Correct, and the day when the information gets spread wide open. Mainstream Media will report the reasoning for the devastation in the Ocean is because of Global Warming. They will neglect Science and the true nature, and blame people like you and I for the cause of Global Warming and so we’ll need to be the good servants and open up our wallets and pay for the damage.

            Funny how they want to dip into our pocket books and grab more money from us, yet they never mention a plan or a solution to resolve their “global Warming” theater.

            Sorry, but this is one thing that money can not fix!

            • almighty whitey is not mighty smart; that is for sure!
              ~~an Indian

        • I am studying for my Amateur Extra ticket. It’s very difficult material. Another rung in my ladder of self-improvement. Body and mind. Every day. Most people are too dumb to fathom this stuff. With effort and time, I’ll get this rating. What are you people doing to improve yourselves?

          • Like lipstick on a pig?

          • Acid, there’s no way you could be improved upon. You’re too dumb to fathom anything we say.

          • It is great that you are obtaining your Amateur Extra radio licensing. You will be granted all privileges on all US amateur bands. That is definitely a plus if anything catastrophic should happen! Congrats.

          • None of your business, Acid-face! (You need MUCH MORE IMPROVEMENT!! WORK HARDER; TIME IS NOT ON YOUR SIDE!!!) ;(

        • Well if all the tax payers die off who will the cops and banksters feed on ?

          • I noticed the last couple years that canned sardines were not as good of quality and there was less fish in the can. Now i know why. I am going to walmart and buy all the sardines:)

            • Do you really want glow in the dark sardines?
              The time to buy canned seafood is Waaaayyyyy past!

        • This food and water shit is really heating up. I used to say when I lived in the city you can be a prepper and not have a garden and livestock and shit. I might have changed my mind. I think we all need to make it a goal to have a self-sustaining source of clean food and water in our BOLs, if not our usual residences.

          At least we should all learn about agriculture.

          • Acid, sometimes you do make a decent post I can agree with. Do that more often and there just might be hope for you yet.

        • Google the great Pacific trash gyre.

          Test the fucking sardines for radioactive particles. How hard is that?

          Nobody has a gag order on researchers. College doesn’t function like a business. A dean cant tell a professor to do or not do a fucking thing. Every professor is like an independent contractor. Nobody can control what they publish. It’s called academic freedom.

          • “Nobody can control what they publish.”

            True, but then again dead people can’t tell their story and share their research with everyone. To most, they probably think this is something not worth dieing for, because eventually a catastrophic event like this will expose itself sooner, rather than later to the mass’s.

            • exactly.. they dont want to push themselves into having a fatal one car accident

          • The elephant in the room(or maybe better, the whale in the paddling pool) is that Fukushina is steadily spewing highly radiocative water into the Pacific at the rate of millions of gallons a week since 2011. Obviously this is devastating the Pacific ecosystem. The propaganda and overt cover-up of this fact is criminal.

          • Wish it still existed. Not no more in ‘Merican higher ed.



            If your reading skills ain’t up to par, the takeway from both sources is that the Fukushima radioactvity at the USA west coast is so low that it’s barely even detectable.

            “Even if the levels were twice as high, you could still swim in the ocean for six hours every day for a year and receive a dose more than a thousand times less than a single dental X-ray,” Buesseler said. “While that’s not zero, that’s a very low risk.”

            BTW the New England cod fishery collapsed many years ago, due to overfishing by foreign factory ships. What’s happening on the west coast is nothing new to older folks in Gloucester or New Bedford.

            • Search “Fukushima Israel” and weigh what little evidence is available. I think there is too little evidence to have a firm opinion.

          • wow you obviously don’t have any relatives in academia or research science. the government refunds all science, either directly or indirectly, if you rock the boat(endanger anyones profits, even if it is for the overall good)you will be looking for a new profession. since budget year 2009 people would crap their pants if they knew about the money that has gone into research for corporate profit and the washington connected

          • Actually, as a professor at University of Georgia, Johns Hopkins, and Carnegie Mellon, I experienced very strong forces controlling research and publication. True my dean never came to me with a directive. However, research funding and editorial approval definitely ‘focus’ research.

        • The Guidestones are correct about population–but no need to kill off a bunch of people. Just sterilize each woman after they have one child. 2.1 kids are needed to sustain a population, but sterilizing women after 1 child, the population drops over time. Problem solved and no need for mass murder.

          • the PAB dont have the patience for that

          • @Luke Warm….

            Your solution was contemplated at the Wannsee Conference in Berlin in 1942. At that time however, they were going to limit it to one race. But I see you are advocating a much broader application.

            You see, the Nazis of had a problem with too many people for too few resources as well.

            Of course, at the Wannsee Conference, they ultimately decided that forced sterilization was not going to solve their “Jewish problem”. So it became obvious that they would have to be a little more “proactive” and shift the focus to “evacuations” of their surplus Jewish population. Of course “surplus” means ALL.

            They were very nearly successful.

            So…..who should we start with next time?

            • FO

            • Big problem—lots of claims and one fraudulent document, but no evidence of Wannsee’s “final solution.”

              • @John Q…..

                And the Holocaust never happened.

                Never mind the corroborative testimony of surviving Jews (and others) with the tattoos on their arms who witnessed the atrocities of the Nazis firsthand. And I suppose our own men who liberated some of the camps and others who saw the piles of dead bodies were liars as well.

                Prior to 1939, there were some 3 million Jews in Poland. After the Holocaust, some 45,000 remained. I suppose the rest were beamed up to somewhere in space. Or perhaps they were just “evacuated” (It might be worthwhile to learn exactly what the Nazis meant when they used that term).

                For you racist Jew haters, no evidence will ever convince you. You are so blinded by your hatred that you have to construct your own “truth”. Hitler and Goebbels would be so proud. I guess if you repeat a lie long enough, it becomes the truth.

                • Yeah, eyewitnesses… the eyewitnesses have been caught in so many foolish lies even under oath that they are a laughing stock.

                  Scroll down to the eyewitness exposés here:
                  abplefebvreforums.proboards dot com/thread/3773/holocaust

                  Soap, lampshades, shrunken heads, different colored crematoria smoke for different ethnicities, “gas chambers” with windows built after the war, “6 million,” so may frauds… and all those “survivors.”

                  Bottom line: Judeo-Communism killed 60 MILLION in the USSR alone, not including the revolutions that Jews started in BAVARIA, Hungary, Poland, and Romania. World Jewry declared war on Germany in 1933, yes, 1933!!! Another 50 to 60 million PEOPLE died in the war that the ‘JEWS’ started and we are supposed to be surprised that some of them ended up dead or in jail???

                  • If you start revolutions and wars, you should expect a world of hurt!

                    amazon dot com/The-Jewish-Revolutionary-Spirit-History/dp/0929891074

                    Then there is the matter of their economic crimes against humanity.

                    amazon dot com/Barren-Metal-History-Capitalism-Conflict/dp/0929891147

                    • @John Q. Public

                      “Today I will once more be a prophet: If the international Jewish financiers in and outside Europe should succeed in plunging the nations once more into a world war, then the result will not be the bolshevization of the earth, and thus the victory of Jewry, but the annihilation of the Jewish race in Europe!” –Adolph Hitler–

                      You and Hitler sound a lot alike.

                      Aren’t you proud?

                    • I’ll bet you didn’t watch the video, did you?

                    • Anon3,

                      john q pubic hair is nothing more than a shill for white supremacist sites. He masquerades under the guise of being a good catholic, but the consensus is he’s an old white geezer with a 2 inch penis and an extremely large inferiority complex. Basically a helpless, teething infant.

                    • I watched enough to confirm that I had seen it before (not worth a second hour-and-a-half viewing). Also, I have previously read the Wiki and BBC sources. I have been reviewing the evidence for almost 20 years. Before that, I was (and still am) subjected to the usual propaganda.

                      If you want to the believe he propaganda, be my guest. I reject the baloney.

                      Having thoroughly reviewed the evidence, the “bottom line” is as I called it. The “eyewitnesses,” shrunken heads, soap, lampshades, “6 million,” gas chambers with windows and wooden doors built after the war, different colored crematoria smoke for different ethnicities, Wansee, etc. etc. etc. —ALL DEBUNKED.

                      50 to 60 million people died in World War 2, a war that World Jewry started in 1933.

                      Especially in view of the 60 million that died in the war AND the millions more who died in the late 19th and early 20th century revolutions started by Judeo-Communism, are we surprised that some Jews were incarcerated and died?

            • Well, my preference would be spokesmen for the National Ass of Realtors first, Bankers second. Everyone inside the DC beltway that doesn’t work for the Park Service, or the Library of Congress,third. All of NYNY forth

          • We could put a dent in overpopulation by not paying welfare queens for more children than they originally signed up with. No more welfare for all the extra kids they have while on welfare.

            To further diminish the population crisis, do away with ALL anchor babies.

            Childbirth rate would drop drastically in this country.

          • Close the borders and take care of that now for the most part!

            • I totally agree with you Sixpack.

            • Agreed!

        • Just sitting here waiting for someone to post that this is all the Jew’s fault.

          • Huh huuuh, There’s no flippin’ end to it. ZOG! ZOG! ZOG! Roll eyes, deep sigh.

            • No One sees you roll your eyes when they are closed.
              If you aren’t awake now, you never will be.

          • No doubt the hasbara folks are paying you well for your sitting and waiting.

        • We are not’just screwing up too much’
          Humanity is literally ‘Screwing too much’
          In 1900 the world’s population was 1.6 billion people,in 2015 the population is almost 4x bigger at 7 billion.
          That’s a lot of extra wear & tear on our global food resources!

        • Eppe they are correct, when people wake up to the fact that our skies have not been right for 20 years, fluffy clouds, airplane contrails, which is short for condensation trails now stay in the sky all day instead of clearing in a maximum of 2 minutes like they always used too. The reason is they are dropping nano particles of Barium, Aluminium, Strontium and Cadmium plus radioactive chemicals to name just a few. Flocks of birds falling dead from the sky, Whales dying at a massive rate, it stays in the sky and is extremely toxic for ALL life on earth. Time to wake up folks.

        • FU KA SHIM A OK!!!

        • fukushima

        • If the Georgia guidestones are correct in your mind then you go first. The guidestones need to be blown up and destroyed because no sane rational human race should put up with eugenics. Now between the geo-engineering and Fukushima the planet and humanity have been given the death blow. Enjoy what’s left of this planet and humanity because in the bigger picture it will all be gone in the blink of an eye. Live every day like it’s your last.

        • I just came back from Malibu beach by ‘The Colony.’ There are no fish, crabs or creatures of any kind in the tide pools. There are no small birds, no Seagulls. I saw some Pelicans flying northbound. A lot of Pelicans flying northbound but none of them on the ground or near the Sea. Last year when I was in the same spot, I saw creatures in the tide pools and crabs on the sand.
          People get ready for mass extinction.

      2. While I believe that food chains have ups and down naturally with fukashima/pesticides/ocean dumping/overuse of water a lot of the food chains being disrupted in a large way by us.Best you can do is try and grow your own/support local farmers and personally try and limit if not outright not use pesticides/petroleum products for lawn but find good alternatives that do not negatively affect environment.We as a species will negatively affect environment but we can certainly cut down on the damage by getting any way we can off the grid energy/food wise to a degree,can’t hurt to try and probably save you a few bucks and perhaps land permitting the satisfaction(and frustration)of growing your own food.

        • Imagine if oil didn’t exist. No mass transport structure. No mass food distribution. None of the crap that allows the population to explode. We would be in BALANCE with natural laws. The population is TOO BIG! The oil age has fooked the planet and the people on it. Think about it!

          • And our lifespan would be about 37 with families needing to have a dozen children to make sure that six of them live long enough to be able to do the work necessary for them to be able to stay alive for that lifespan.

            If you’re around old cemeteries, particularly ones in the West if you’re limited to the United States, give yourself a history lesson by reading the epitaphs on the old (pre oil) tombstones or just pay attention to very common things like a woman being buried at 16 or 17 through her early 20’s with a 2 or 3 day old infant buried beside her and draw a few obvious conclusions.

            Oil has been a blessing on mankind and there are not too many of us. FWIW, our behavior towards one another and the world around us is the same now as before oil so most of what you may blame on oil is really just human nature on a larger scale, if anything we’ve probably become better for the larger part.

            • Right Genius. Right Sharon. I am in a slow prep for my descendents. Oil boon will bust. Plan accordingly. We might have 5 years. We might have 50. Maybe fission or fusion will come online but fission has limited supply also I suspect. Plus the quiescent period of just right temperatures for humans will not last forever either. In the short term, Japs are over-fishing the whole planet…a greedy people with no love for anyone else; but they are not unique. Humans are living in a wasteful, not sustainable way. Even our children have no idea where food comes from! Few people in this world would survive a collapse. Fewer still would thrive. Stelco’s story certainly is foreseeable for large USA cities. Gangs rather than builders.

          • If the population is too big maybe you should throw yourself in front of a bus.

            • You could get the same effect by simply standing behind a bus for a while. The exhaust will eventually kill you, without all the paperwork and mess to clean up…

          • Do us and yourself a favor Genius and give things a start by killing yourself. As the US and the world turns into a majority third world and primitive demographic majority mass starvation and chaos are coming sooner than most realize. You might very well wish you were dead.

            • john w., I’ll second that motion.

          • Hey Genius…you should link up with the bunch that wants to reduce the world’s population to 500 million.

            But who knows? Maybe you already have….one of those that so many of the articles on this site expose.

            • Great words from those who think you can just keep growing the population without consequenses. The math is simple, you just don’t want to look into it.

              • It is estimated that humanity occupies approximately 2% of total available land mass. The population is not to big, it’s how we live. There is plenty of space for all of us, but we cannot continue consumerism. We MUST seek balance around us, put back what we take and remove ourselves from the “gotta have it all” mentality. We need to quit keeping up with the Jones’ and start establishing simple needs. Best thing for us bite would be to get rid of advertising media. In my experience, people often don’t know what toys they want(“or whether they really want then at all) until some glamarous commercial tells them they want it.

                • Yeah, right. These are the same people advocating for us all to live in TINY HOUSES and apartments with less than 300 sq ft. They want us all to walk or ride a bike. They say we don’t NEED a dining table, when we can use the coffee table for dual purposes and save space.


          • I also kind of blame electricity. But really when you look at it and think about the “progress” just in the last 150 years, compared to the last 1000. And I put progress in quotations because although we may have newer neater stuff, when I look around and at the state of things, I don’t consider it to be better, it’s just more. But anyways my point, my feeling is that with all the change and population growth just in the last 150 years, it almost seems like humanities climactic last gasp. Like the big finale at a fireworks show. It goes real big real fast for the last couple minutes and then boom nothing. This kind of “progress” can’t go on forever. And with all the modern corporate farming, genetically modified food, antibiotics, death of honey bees, etc. etc., We are setting ourselves up for possibly the worst plague/famines in human history. As much as we want to try, we can not outsmart mother nature, she will catch up to us eventually and when she does I fear it will be like nothing we’ve ever seen before. She will remind us how small we really are.

          • Ya we had that once, die at 40 or the first time you need an operation, no new joints, just be a cripple, no eyeglasses, antibiotics etc, yup you can have it. Didn’t know genius meant STUPID

            • I never said oil was bad just that it enabled a huge population explosion, YOU are the one who is stupid and trying to put words in my mouth. The world needs a cleansing of bullshitting morons like you who cannot think things through or read very well. How about a nice big cup of SHUT THE FUCK UP, think before you say something stupid 🙂

      3. Maybe the big one is coming and the fish left. The short of jobs and short of food will be a problem for all the people coming over the borders.

        • grandma

          You know that’s not a very scientific explanation, but I tell you what it sure could be just as likely. If you see all the animals in the forest running in one direction, you probably better run with em 🙂

          • Yep.

      4. Humans are the Invasive Species on this planet. Should we be at all surprised by what we have left in our wake?

        • That might require a bit of explanation.

          An invasive species is one that came from somewhere else, is that what you’re suggesting people are? and if so from whence do they come?

        • @European American…

          Whether you realize it or not, your premise is what the elites use to justify their plans to murder most of the population of this planet.

        • Humans are vastly outnumbered in both number and mass by beetles and ants. What you see as a problem won’t even be a blip for ants and beetles.

          If you try and look at it from a world domination/most successful species view you will see humans aren’t even close. The ants that invade your pantry could care less about humans and barely notice our existence.

      5. “u.s.d.a./ f.d.a. approved nuclear radiated ‘fukushima sushi’ anyone!”

        “it’s yum yum for your tum tum!”

        * 9 out of 10 zionist jews approve of this ad and the israeli mossad executed fukushima japan nuclear reactors false-flag attack on 3/11/2011.

          • I like the super imposed “Star Of Satan” that is pinned on the “Self-Chosenite” leaders like Feinsteen and Schumer.
            If The Jews were required to wear those Stars a trip to the US Capitol , Banks, Media Networks and Courthouses would be like a trip to the Synagogue. I would want them to wear the Six Pointed Stars of Allegiance to Satan just as I would want any other Gang member to wear their “Colors” so they can be easily Identified.

            • @Chaos…

              What a brilliant idea!

              Oh…wait a minute…that’s already been done! I think some strutting little tyrant came up with that idea!

              Well done!

              • Bless you a3.

              • Yes, and it worked…for a short while.

      6. This is not good.

        Reminds me of this quote…

        “So goes the oceans, so goes the planet.”

        • Dont worry, the other countries will keep fishing for sardines. Just americans will be fined and arrested. We are cowards:)

      7. Honey bees are not native to the usa. The avorra mite is what killed the honeybees. Other insects will take over for the lack of honeybees. The protection of fish eating birds and mammals has led to a overpopulation of them. they consume their food and eventually nature causes a die of to reduce their numbers. closing the fishing for humans will only let the fish eating birds and mammals increase their numbers. it solves nothing.

        • Alarmist nonsense!, let’s see proper citations. Some people will believe anything.

          • Which is probably why some people will say anything.

            The average person today actually does seem incapable of analytical thought, possibly because most information is now being fed to us by visual sources which can implant ideas directly in our thinking and bypass cognitive analysis to first understand the information and give it meaning before it becomes part of our thinking and behavioral memory. Written or spoken information requires analytical thought to become part of our thinking since it has no meaning before that is done.

            Something recognized in the old saying “Monkey see, monkey do”.

            A simple example of this is showing you a picture of a pink elephant puts the idea directly into your thinking without any cognitive thought processes involved while reading or hearing the term makes you consider the concepts of “pink” and “elephant” and the relationship of those two concepts to each other in the phrase (think about it as you read this and you’ll understand).

            • Sharon there is a lot of evidence here that some posters still watch FOX – CNN News and buy into the propaganda hook line and sinker. Though they are for the most part fully awake of what is happening. It’s programming like this that keeps their minds in a hazy fog and keeps them in bewilderment of what is fictional and what is not.

              Some here actually believe that we have good Politicians, and if that is so. Why hasn’t one of them stated the obvious of the takeover of our country? Why hasn’t anyone gone up against the treasonous activities that have been perpetrated?

              Sure, there has been some talk on an issue here and there, but that is all that it is. Nothing gets done or resolved, and it eventually goes away as if nothing has happened.
              Nothing but Political Theater for the typical Americans to enjoy, business as usual in America. All Politicians are guilty for going along – to get along routine.

              • Don’t forget Hannity, Rush, Beck, etc. Distraction mouthpieces to keep people from looking at the root of the problem. Look over here, it’s the democrats fault. While the real issues are ignored and called conspiracy whacko shit. Attacking branches of the tree instead of the root. I call them branch managers.

              • There’s plenty of evidence lots here still watch television in general. Don’t think that if you watch tv shows you’re being brainwashed any less than if you watch the news.

                Kula, I have a new 1 bullet strategy: put it in your TV.

        • ummm… just a suggestion, you might look into MONSANTO ROUND-UP before blaming a mite; for the honey bee’s and monarch butterfly well documented massive die off across the north amerika continent.

        • We have fed too many banksters.

        • I would rather the birds eat than you eat, old man:)

          • I’ll just eat the birds, then.

            • old coach, why are you over here instead of responding and reading the info I posted for you on the ammo thread? Did you give up? I know, don’t let the facts get in the way of your bullshit story lol. As usual, you have nothing of any use to say and what you do say is uninformed and ignorant as hell. Do you think ignorance is bliss? I think you do 🙂

              • Hey grandpa, why don’t you go play the freeway at rush hour for a while? Go flap your ” genius” lips to somebody who really gives a fuck what you think.

                • Hey douche bag why don’t you mind your own business.

                  • I’m making YOU my business. I’m tired of listening to you spew your depends mouthed stupidity 20 times per thread. Get used to it.

              • I just love it when you get angry! You remind me of the old troll who lived under a bridge, and gave everybody who came by a piece of his mind. Until he didn’t have any left.

        • If the Honeybee were not Native to the USA (correction: North America) then how did the Natural pollination of North American Plants, Flowers and Trees happen for all this time?

          How did they get artificially transplanted from another Continent? and which Continent are you claiming as their Native Continent?

          I don’t see any evidence to support your Theory that honeybees were not Native to North america.

          • he’s probably thinking of the killer swarming africanized honey bee’s which have invaded most of Southern America via South America after a colony of African Killer Bee’s escaped from a research center in South America and crossbreed with American honey bee’s.

            • probably.

              • Hill,
                I was asking questions, not spouting anything without a source. Thanks for your link you provided.

          • Im not sure on the topic of native or non native with the bees,
            But heres an interesting fact,
            Moths are pollinators as well, there are also varieties of fruit flies that are pollinators,
            Have found this to be true with a few different veggies i grow,

            • Kulafarmer,
              I, like many gardeners, have noticed the disappearance of the Honeybee. I have noticed Bumblebees, wasps and some types of Flies and Beetles doing some pollinating as well. You are Right, I see Moths and Butterflies helping the process too.

          • The bees we refer to as american honey bees originally came here from Italy.

        • According to your logic (and I use that word loosely for you, since you got your info from Yahoo Answers), honey bees in other parts of the world should be doing fine but they are disappearing too. 70% of crops are pollinated by bees so without bees farmers are screwed–unless you and they are willing to go out and pollinate by hand, using a tiny brush on every plant and tree, like they have to do in some parts of China.

          I wish you ignoramuses who have computers would use them to actually learn something instead of repeating crap.

      8. Another die off…

        From what I have read, there has never been a bat decline of this magnitude on record. This die off is widespread and has spread to 25 states and 5 Canadian provinces.

        Most people don’t realize bats eat lots of mosquitos and other insects.

        White-nose Syndrome in Bats
        “The disease has caused the death of an estimated 5.7 – 6.7 million bats across eastern North America with estimates of mortality often exceeding 90% in caves that have experienced multiple years of infection.”

        “Indiana reported an 80 percent decline in little brown bat populations last year.”

        “Some bat populations across Kentucky have fallen by up to 90 percent.”

        • Yes, I have been caving recently and TPTB wont even you wear your own clothing in the caves for fear of the spread of bat-killing diseases. You must wear what they provide for you.

          • Leotards and Spandex is not caving/climbing apparel Acid, what is it to this that you do not understand?

            • AW, damn good one! He should have stayed in the cave.

              • When Acid speaks of “caving”, he means prowling around in his mommy’s basement.

        • I heard that 150 species disappear every day, thanks to humans, pollution, etc. It’s just a matter of time before a lot of us are on that list too.

          • Yet, you will find no list of those species.

            Which leads one to wonder how they know they are gone, or were here in the first place.

            • Probably much the same way we know that dinosaurs once roamed the earth…

        • KY Mom,
          Thanks for those Links. Scientists need to do more studies on the subject, but I think the GMO engineering by Monsanto is at the core of some of these “Die Offs”… Honeybees, Bats, Birds.
          The studies that have been done don’t paint GMOs in any favorable light. Lab Rats develop Massive Cancer Tumors from an exclusive GMO corn diet.
          China, Love them or Hate them, is a smart Country and they have destroyed massive shipments of GMO corn at the docks. They don’t even want that POISON to enter in to their Nation. This coming from the most Enviromentally reckless country on Earth. I think that says a lot.

      9. Well between this and the drought in California food prices are going to go way up. I was organizing my pantry and was very happy with the amount of food we have. We always need more but I put a smile on my face.

        • Diverts our attention from QE. Food prices have already gone through the roof. And it isn’t because of water and sardines

      10. I don’t think its the round up that’s killing the honey bees. My reason is they have been using pesticides for years but since all these new GMO crops came out and they are so small it affects them more in my opinion and might have something to do with it. And also with the reactor in Japan as well. Im surprised your not hearing reports out of Japan or Good people traveling to Japan to report on it or even how about Hawaii.

        • @clinthospo

          you are right.

          the monsanto patented gmo’s plants excrete their very own monsanto designed gmo insecticide so it’s pollen is gmo poison to the bee’s and butterflies.

          which weakens their immune systems , causes genetic mutations and makes them more susceptible to disease and mites.

          • MONSANTO MUST DIE!

            • AMEN.

            • Agreed.

            • I’ll drink to that.

          • Solus Lupus,
            Bingo. You hit the Nail on the head!
            Additionally, Monsanto is protected by the Supreme Court Prostitutes on their Patent of GMOs (Living Organism…never before Patented).
            Monsanto is a Huge, Evil, ZOG Corporation that is using Chemical and Biological Terrorism against the average people of the world.
            Thanks Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Stephen Breyer and Elena Kagen (self Chosenite Ju$tice$)!
            Does anyone ever wonder why 33% of the Supreme court are Jewish when Jews make up 5% of the Amerikan Population?
            Oh well…go back to sleep Goyim.

            • Jews are only 1.5% of the US poulation. 5% would be more than the total Jew population of the whole world.

          • With regards to corn.
            They claim that bees dont pollinate the corn so are unaffected
            The bees dont pollenate the corn but the do collect the pollen from the tassle.
            They then take the pollen back to the hive where it gets turned into honey.
            The bees larval stage is basicly a grub, so when the grub ingests the pollen from the BT corn it kills it off just as it would any other grub.
            Common sense shit,
            I tried to talk to the UH entomologist about this link and got shut down and now they wont even return my calls, ( then people wonder why i think UH should lose public funding)
            Were fucked,
            When even scientist refuse to look at reality and the damage some of these compounds cause we are plain and simple screwed,,,

      11. Chem trails to cause the drought in Cali.are causing other problems too,how can spraying aluminium in the air be good for anything but causing a crisis for a government solution to fix. This government and I mean the NWO which controls the so called us federal govt. wants to control everything including the weather, all you have to do is can look up and see it everyday.

        • And when the ice advances out of the mountain cirques there will be SUV’s for everyone. There is no sense when greed is driving. There is no vision in a stampede of theft. We will be what the corporations leave us. A shriveled up quivering radiated mass. “What is that? Gee, I don’t know, looks pretty knarly though. Better go around it, don’t touch it”.

      12. Well’ let’s look at this way !!! A revelation wakeup, it should come as no Surprise to believers.Just a reminder!!! and old time preacher said (god is in control)The only thing we can do as believer’s in Christ,is to proclaim that.
        the holy spirit will do the the rest…..
        Kaynine out.

        • There ya go, just kick back and let the invisible man do his thing lol. I got news for you. Jesus aint going to save you from shit! Wake up!

          • Wrong again.

          • genius

            Those of us that do believe, it is not because we believe Jesus is GOING to save us. It is because he HAS on so many occasions, we have seen it first hand, we have experienced mercy or miracles and it is undeniable. Non believers tend to ridicule and make light of our Faith, and I’m not trying to preach to you but instead just explain that it is not just believing in something we were told and yet have never seen. I assure you I have been saved by him many times, I have seen miracles in my life, no not parting seas or turning water to wine, but no less miracles. God’s presence is undeniable to me, it is more than just believing, it is Knowing.

      13. Uh, im trying to watch tv and wonder why bruce jenner is now wanting to be called brucetta, i like most Americans cant be bothered with radiation, no bees, no sardines, banks 30% bigger since 2008, 20 % unemployment rate,massive Chinese and Russia military expansion, Obama turning countries against us, the lack of a usa border with huge sub par immigration and illegals, isis at our borders, terrorist camps all over the country, govt just waiting to take our retirement and bank accounts to cover next bank failure, low wages, etc. Obama will take care of us.

        • Chad,
          It’s all the many parts of their plan coming together.
          Much of it is explained by the Disputed “Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion”
          World Jewry disputes the authenticity of the Protocols but the Eureka moment is that the Protocols actually mirror what is happening in the world.
          The Demoralizing force also uses the third world Immigration Flood to help bring about their Marxist policies.
          Their are a lot of Non Jew Zionists with their hands in the Elitist Bankster Corporations that are part of the Industrial Military complex. An organization who are “The Lords of War” and profit off of two sides killing each other.

      14. And they figure at least 50 years of Fukusizzle before they develop technology to even find the coriums. Bet you didn’t think you would have front row seats to a guaranteed extinction level event. Not that phony doomsday carbon shit. But a full blown triple meltdown right into the ocean. Uncontained nuclear fission and what do we do? Recalibrate instruments to read higher. They will blame the death of the Pacific on secondary causes and never reveal the root cause. Disease, parasites everything that comes as a result of a weakened immune system and overwhelming infertility. Of course there will be warm ocean water somewhere in the prognosis. The nuclear legacy always feared is upon us. War only hastens it now but both with the same half lives. The lie only keeps us from doing the best that we can to deal with this life altering event. We truly are on our own.

        • I hearby adopt you as my living grandpa. You are so correct. It looks like intelligence runs in the family 🙂

        • Please get real people. First issue: The Jap reactors have nothing to do with ocean warming. There is less heat coming into the Ocean with them as they are, than if they were running normally, (A lot less, reactors are only about 40% efficient or less, so most of the energy went into the ocean when they were running and far far less heat is being generated now.) Second, 3-4 thousand years of tree ring data shows Ca has these kind of weather problems as a “Normal” part of life.
          I honestly don’t know about human caused global warming, but the Glaciers have been retreating for 10,000 years so yes the place is warming up. Yes also a lot of global warming data has been created out of thin air, and the scum Scientists that have done it have ruined their credibility to the point I don’t know what to think. I do know their is no point to most of the discussion. If we put our people out of work to not burn coal,China will burn it and take the money.

          • I agree and yet the ocean dies, that is real. Ask yourself when has a heart ever attacked anyone? We have to tell things as they are. Heat isn’t killing this ocean.

          • You know, there is more than one kind of “heat”. There is radiant heat like the radiator in our cars, there is biological heat like the decay of organic material and then there is chemical reactions such as iodine and red phosphorus.

            Fukushima is probably causing all three, directly or indirectly.

            • Sorry but there is only one kind of heat. You can produce it lots of ways. FU is a trivial producer of heat. Look at this way, the sun gives us about a Watt of energy per sq inch. that’s about 150 Watts per sq ft. With 25 million sq ft per sq mile. the energy the sun gives us in a few miles of area makes any Nuke plant look trivial.

              • Okay, I don’t care to play semantics.

              • I love answers that involve math. They usually shorten the thread.

      15. You can filter out uranium, cesium and other radioactive isotopes from water to drink ( to some extent, but you CANNOT filter our tritium ( radioactive hydrogen ) It is part of the water.

        Even if you don’t eat the fish from the sea, what about the fertilizers made from the fish, shell fish and seaweed already contaminated and used or on the shelf and what of the tritium rich water now in the water cycle?

        Something about a third of the creatures in the sea dying…

        As for this hot spot in the ocean, It has to be HAARP, a super volcano rising magma chamber or an oceanic current has changed and is now carrying warm water under the sea surface and is surfacing in the area. Nothing else I can think of would be capable of such a stable localization of increase in temperature.

        Be well. Make your peace. Always be ready for the fight.

        • think freshwater fish 😉

          • Hmmm…,Goldfish,a freshwater fish yet lightly salted,package does not make clear their origin,might need a rad detector!

        • Anyone can buy a very sensitive Geiger counter and measure these radiation levels, but no one ever seems to do that, or at least they never post the results. The gadgets aren’t even that expensive anymore.

          I do recall Alex Jones going to the coast and measuring levels fully expecting to get glow in the dark readings but failing to detect anything out of normal variations within normal ranges.

          FWIW, sea food has a high selenium content and selenium tends to reduce levels of heavy metals in our system by aiding in eliminating them (which is, I think, one reason it aids in prevention and treatment of arthritis but I know of no study indicating that is the reason it does).

          • ht tp://
            It is a Canadian source but Fukushima is truly beyond borders. I know people in New Zealand who have swept their house with a geiger counter, cleaned it and now sweep everything before it comes into the house. They find things irradiated like a new plastic pail for example. I remember the look on the water salesmans face in the movie Mad Max when Max swept his geiger counter over the mans water. Obama has that same smirky smile.

          • You are right on about the selenium in fish.

        • Forget the Tritium, As it combines with Oxygen, the heavy water is nearly identical to regular water and therefor has almost no tendency for Biologic or other concentration. It’s also a normal part of nature and is in small amounts in all seawater. Combined with it’s relatively short half life The Jap contribution to the world’s normal quantity won’t be a problem. An expensive Glow in the Dark watch has a lot more in it than you are going to see from Japan. If there was a significant amount in the seawater the Japs would be extracting it. The stuff s quite valuable.

          • Paranoid, Water is water yes and even a heavy form of water is water yes, BUT.

            Tritium as water and radioactive (very weak energy) washing over and throughout vital processes POINT BLANK and has a 12year half life. Short half life?

            Biological function can create or destroy water to make or destroy other molecules ( fat storage / burning ). Tritium can be stored for its natural decay course in a single body and reprocessed multiple times through out life and never leaving the body.

            Water in and pee out is not the strict truth for any one water molecule or any other in the body.


      16. Any more questions why im not too keen on sticking around?
        Some shit you just cant fix!

        • Kula, Just a little advice my friend. You need to detox for a while. A week away from SHTFplan would do you wonders. You would probably be back in fighting -trim in no time. Trekker Out. Never Give Up!

      17. Some of you who can’t get guns should look into a KATANA SWORD for home defense and keep it sharpened!

        Man Defends Wife from Home Invaders with a KATANA! (Argentina)

        An elderly man and his wife were resting at home around 3:30pm in Cordoba Province Argentina. Several men broke into their home through a window, where they violently beat them. The situation escalated quickly to the point where the home invaders began to separate the husband and wife – they were taking her to a different room.

        The husband began to panic and he reached for a decorative Japanese katana sword that was hanging on their wall, and started slashing the robbers in self defense. The horrified and bleeding robbers fled to a car where an accomplice was waiting and they sped away. Shortly thereafter the getaway driver lost control of the vehicle and crashed into a pole on the side of the road. Finally when the police showed up, they discovered the crashed car and followed the trail of blood to where the home invaders were hiding and eventually arrested them.

        A fourth person was arrested when they showed up at a hospital for treatment for cuts to the forearms, and that a woman was also arrested (perhaps as an accomplice).

        The Homeowners have been married and living together for over 40 years.


      18. Lost 10 honey bee hives of my 10 hives this winter. Things are not good. Total loss. Need now to start over.

        • Fukusanto. My condolences, this is bad news. Maybe a handful of DARPA bee clones. Their honey tastes a little metallic though. Sorry, I jest when I find myself overwhelmed. My neighbor is having good luck with his Russian bees, no BS. He just needs an electric fence to keep the bears out, not a proxy army.

          • on the Bear issue.. thats what a 44 is for

            good eatin’.. less threat to life and limb too

      19. I’m actually quite concerned about the salmon population. I live on the West coast and have been feeling the effects of the drought conditions. This year will mark the 4th year in a row that they have officially declared a drought in our area.

        No snow pack means low water levels in the rivers during the spawning season which, in my opinion, is contributing to a decline in the salmon population.

        We’re feeling the effects of climate change and so are the fish. We could debate for months on whether this climate change is man caused or a natural cycle that the planet is going though.

        The one thing that isn’t debatable is that we are seeing a decline in fish populations and that is scary.

      20. I am a fan of the katana and Kendo,was lucky enuff a few decades back to watch a master sword smith from Japan make one,was doing a month workshop @ bostons MFA,a true sword.The price of a quality katana would allow one to buy a few decent firearms,even in a country with restrictive laws.That said,would say the katana a great weapon,but a real quality one best be very careful when using especially without training/practice,might just cut off one of your own limbs!

      21. You anti nuke guys make me laugh. You ever heard of the Kola-peninsula? Why isn’t the North Atlantic dead?
        Submarine fuel is much more enriched than Nuke plant fuel.
        That is how they make sub reactors more powerful, smaller, and last for 30+ years. That peninsula is full of leaking reactors, that make Chernobyl look clean.
        You want to pick on man? Over fishing is a problem, but it is easily fixed. Natural variations in populations isn’t so easy to fix, or understand. If you think GMO’s or roundup is the problem, knock yourself out. Maybe Round-up killed the dinosaurs? Or was it man caused climate change? Don’t push your irrational, emotional, non-data based ideas on the rest of the world. Keep it to yourself. I deal on facts and data. I could care less about fear and feelings. I’m going to go mix up some Roundup so I can spray some fireweed tomorrow.

        • Yep, a little roundup makes life a LOT easier,

          • Hi Kula,
            I actually like steam to kill weeds. A portable steam cleaner is amazing for patios and areas close to the house… Better than a weedeater.
            No chemicals, no poison in the ground. We let our chickens run free, and I like knowing that I’m not eating chemically treated eggs 🙂

            • I like my weed burner,
              Stale seed bed, then burn down when plants are 8-12 “

              • Kulafarmer,
                I’m confused …you said that “Roundup makes life ALOT easier” and then you stated that you like your weed Burning method.
                Which do you prefer? One is so drastically different than the other.
                One Poisons the soil and Water table killing everything …the other produces ash which acts like a good fertilizer and helps enrich the soil.

                I say: “RoundUp makes DEATH A Lot Easier!”

                or “RoudUp has made CANCER a common theme in my soon to be short Life…Thanks Monsanto!”

                • One thing i know for sure,,,
                  Propaganda is manipulation of emotions for furtherence of a goal,
                  The so called “green” folks are just as bad as the chemical companies.
                  Propaganda is propaganda
                  Propaganda = BULLSHIT!

                  • Ok, Propaganda comes from many sources.
                    Your comment is a form of Propaganda and so is mine.
                    so we should own our Propaganda.
                    Your Propaganda can be Bullshit (by your own admission).
                    My Propaganda is Not.

                    So if “Green” Folks who use “Green” thinking are bad , then why do you recommend Burning Weeds down which seems like a “Green” technique?
                    The Weed Burning Technique seems effective and safe…That Propaganda of yours is OK.(and NOT Bullshit in my opinion)
                    The “RoundUP making Life ALOT easier” Propaganda IS BULLSHIT. I can agree with you there.
                    Life is never equated with Poison.
                    I don’t support all Green Organizations, but I can identify a Poison when I see one. So Can the makers of “RoundUp” (Monsanto)… They are required by Law to Label their product with Warning and Safety Information. Read a RoundUp Label, you will see that it is a Poison and it can contaminate Drinking water supplies (wells or aquifers)

              • That’ll work great in my corn patch….oh. wait, it’ll burn the corn, too…..

            • I’ve seen where the big fields of Lavender plants that they grow for their oil , they use a machine that kills the weeds by steam .. works just fine

            • Hammer’s Thor,
              Now that’s a great idea.
              Being Green or Organic Minded doesn’t mean that you are pushing your ideas on someone else.
              Personally, I don’t want to poison myself, my family or my animals with that RoundUp Toxic Garbage.
              I will try your method as opposed to my back breaking method of pulling weeds.

            • I take a teakettle of boiling water to the weeds my sidewalk or driveway crevices. The water goes deep and kills the root. There isn’t any returning growth from deep-rooted weeds.:D

        • Er, Fukushima has a power output of 4.5 gigawatts, and a nuclear sub typically has 145 to 165 megawatts. So, by my estimate, Fukushima’s power output is (or was) about 30 times that of a nuclear sub.
          I think that there was no measurable radiation leakage from the kola peninsula collision, and both sub’s were back in service after minor damage was fixed.
          If you deal in facts and data, I would be curious about your sources. So far I’m not impressed.
          Also not impressed with your suggestion we keep our ideas to ourselves. Guess you aren’t a fan of free speech. Probably hate guns too.
          Go mix up your round up. Knock yourself out. Maybe enjoy a shot or two for yourself as well. Probably won’t hurt you.
          I’ll continue to grow organic food, keep my bees as far away from your toxic concoctions, and grow my freshwater fish.
          Methinks you work for Monsanto…

          • That area is where the Russians used to dump all their old subs.
            It was and still is filthy with radioactive material. It is being cleaned up, but 50 years of leakage from nearly one hundred subs has not destroyed the ocean as everyone is claiming a few years of Fukushima has done.
            I don’t mind people’s ideas, but when they become political, I resist using “feelings” to dictate how the world will function. I could go on for hours on touchy-feely laws that turned out to be based on pure BS.
            DDT ban is one.
            As for guns I invite everyone who wants to to disarm, to go ahead and do so, but leave me alone to acquire whatever I think I need to protect my family from bad people and government thugs.

        • Rellik,
          you wrote : ” Don’t push your irrational, emotional, non-data based ideas on the rest of the world.”
          You should learn to Read.
          The Label on Round up contains warnings because it is a Poison.
          Most Man Made Weed Killers are.

          Monsanto lists a Warning on a RoundUp label.”Enviromental Hazards: Do Not Apply Directly to Water. Do Not Contaminate Water when cleaning equipment or disposing of equipment washwaters.

          Some smart people hold their own scientific study on GMO corn.

          Rellik, Make sure you spray some RoundUp around your well or mix it with your drinking water, since you are such a Data Based practical person. You have such faith in Roundup you should drink the shit like Koolaid. A good cleaning tip for you is to mix Chlorine Bleach and Ammonia for cleaning the Kitchen and Bath. It’s all safe and don’t worry about anyone’s irrational, emotional, (non Data based…yeah right) Facts that contradict your wrong Opinion.

          • Chaos, mix up a big old heaping jug of the same for you and your family to guzzle down also. Later, you can toast a glass with hitler about how the zogs ” got” all of you for being ” truth” tellers and the country was stabbed in the back MEIN FURHER!

            • Granny,
              That Jew Manufactured Poison ain’t for me …BUT I will fix a RoundUp IV for you, after I show you some ZOG education techniques they use on Palestinian Grannies.
              It seems you are already Drinking the ZOG Koolaid, which explains why you are so Retarded.
              Why would you Hate on my family? you don’t even know them, they don’t comment here, maybe they are as Liberal Zionist Marxist as you. You Anti-Hate Haters are such Fecking jokes. You can Hate on me all you want HYPOCRITE!. While you are worm food (which is coming shortly) the people you Hate (like Me) will be living on because we refuse to Lie Down the way your Weak Ass Generation has.

              • You want to know WHY we ” hate” on you chaos? It’s because you and your religion are nothing but LIES! You’ve been working for hundreds of years spreading your lies and hatred turning humanity against itself. So don’t worry about you and your family drinking up ice cold glasses of Roundup, we’ll say it never happened and post nutjob links as ” proof”, LOL!

                • I now why you Hate on me…Turds like you Hate the Truth, Freedom of speech, Freedom of Religion. Therefore you Hate the Constitution. Tell me about the other Freedoms you Hate so much Commie! By the way …What is my religion? How the fuck would you know what my Religion is? When I finally tell you my Religion, will you write your Zionist Senator to have my religion Abolished?…You Fucking Hypocrite! I know you Hate me you Dumbfuck ,I asked your Dumbass why you would Hate on someone who didn’t post opposing views to your Libtard Marxist Garbage. You ignore the question because you are a HATER . ..nothing else…YOU ARE A BITTER OLD PIECE OF SHIT. Thanks for implying that I am older than your wrinkled Ass by claiming that I have been working for Hundreds of years spreading lies (actually TRUTHS) and turning Humanity against itself. Wow , your meds have you dreaming up some crazy shit!
                  So Humanity to you is best represented by Killing Men , Women and Children? So Be proud of Israel’s massacre of Palestinians. Schools, Hospitals and UN safe zones are free game for missile strikes in your ZOG Utopia. Be proud of Israel firing Missiles into Syria killing civilians. You Love Aggression, War and MURDER. More proof that you are a Hypocrite.
                  You must be severely RETARDED to think that Jew Manufactured RoundUp is good for the Enviroment , so ..OK… I have fixed up a RoundUp IV for your Medicaid Nightime Cocktail. Hey you love it so much , you can OD on that crap.
                  All of your statements prove that you are a Hypocrite or severely Brain Damaged. How many strokes have you had? maybe that explains why you are such a dumb Fucktard.
                  Time to change your “Depends” Diaper Granny.

                  • Chaos, what the fuck are you still doing here? Didn’t I tell you to serve up that Roundup to your clan? You know, if you’re EVER going to be a GOOD Nazi, you MUST learn to OBEY OREDERS,YAH! Now go and do as you are told before word of defiance gets back to the FURHER,MEIN GOTT!

                    • Granny,
                      Your still alive? You must show us all that your Jew Manufactured RoundUp is safe to drink. Please include a video of you doing the Jim Jones Koolaid party with your Fellow Zionists. but first I have some Israeli Re-education scheduled for you…the same way they treat Palestinian Grannies….it’s the IDF “Boot Party”.
                      Follow your ZOG masters’ orders… and line up for the slaughter Goyim!
                      Don’t Worry, Your Furher , Bibi Netanyahu, won’t hear of my defiance, his has bigger fish to fry, people to Kill….Mein Gott!

                      Life is really boring in Death’s waiting room for old, wrinkled, feeble, useless turd Grannies like yourself. Come on back any time and make a complete Ass of yourself …It’s comical ! Ha Ha Ha

                    • Let us share a laugh together, HA,HA, HA,HAHA. By the way chaos, did you celebrate the furhers birthday yesterday? It’s not too late to serve your family a special batch of Magda Goebbels chocolates for the occasion you know, enjoy!

        • There were 100 tons of fuel in each reactor and about 1200 tons in the cooling pools.
          How much fuel does a sub have on board?

      22. The so called experts do not know how many fish are in the sea. I like how they claim to know this. The only science I believe is the kind that has been proven. I don’t buy into theories because they can be biased and made up to support an agenda such as the green movement. It’s all dreamed up to create $ for someone else. Don’t get me wrong I don’t think we should leave litter and dump contaminants Into the environment. But shutting Down refineries and coal electric plants is extreme to me. If we can come up with better ways then work towards them. The fish in the sea thing don’t fly with me it’s just another way to make $ on seafood by saying they have less places to catch fish the price goes up. This hippy green stuff has gotten way out of control. I eat monsantos corn sure there is better but the cost is high. To eat the best food it would cost me double. It’s worth it if you can afford it. I do my garden so I don’t buy the dank produce at the store just in the winter sometimes. On the east coast the seafood is good. I feel it’s safe. Out on the west coast forget it. I don’t think I’d eat seafood out there.

        • Ass hat,
          Some of us eat GMOs and we are not notified through correct accurate labels. I personally don’t want to eat that poison , and most of us have to eat it because we are making less money every year thanks to ZOG Amerika. I grow my own and try to buy organic veggies from local farmers. The ZOG lawmakers could require GMO products to be accurately labeled as such for public safety but that will cut their profits at Monsanto.

          Not enough studies are done and it is too early to tell but give it some time and we will see a major increase in Cancer from Humans consuming these GMO poisons.

          Lab Rats fed Monsanto GMO grains develop massive tumors.

          When given the option of Organic corn OR GMO corn (according to this Farmer’s unofficial scientific study) Rats and mice choose organic and don’t even touch the Poisoned Abomination Corn.

          • I just got a new source for organic farm-fresh eggs. I’m tickled pink…now I’m looking for farm-direct veggies and meats. Where I live, I can’t grow my own, even if I wasn’t disabled. I’m happy just to get into “the club” here.

            And it is a club. These guys don’t sell to just everybody.

            • sixpack,
              That’s good.
              Improvise, Overcome and Adapt.
              I raise so much produce that I give fresh veggies to friends, and Family.
              When I do Canning ( I call It “Jarring” Ha ha ..Mason Jars ..not Cans) I give that out too. Mainly because my food stores are well stocked, so I can afford to help out some folks.
              My “Jarred” (Canned) Tomato Sauce, Salsa, Saurkraut, Pickles, Beets, Pickled Eggs, Beans, Onions, etc. are all Organic.
              Oh HEAVEN FORBID …I said ORGANIC!
              (Some People commenting on here are Hating on Organic veggies. and Loving that RoundUp and GMO POISON.)

              I Love gardening , as It keeps me from Killing people. Ha Ha Ha.

              • Jah! Vee MUST have da sauerkrauten because it’s de furher’s FAVORITE!

                • Yes. I put the Saurkraut right next to the Lampshades and Soap made from your Beloved “Self Chosen-Ites” . So many “Camp Survivors” like yourself were systematically turned into Lampshades. LMAO!
                  This Goyim doesn’t buy your Holohoax LIES!
                  Granny, you are a perfect example of Zionist Marxist Scum. The world is waking up to your Tribe’s EVIL and that bothers TURDS like you. HA HA HA HA HA!
                  While you are pushing up the Daisies (which will be soon) the Ideas you Hate and Fear so much will gain momentum and will always be here to stay. You can’t Kill TRUTH or FREEDOM.

                  • The world is waking up to MY evil, HA HA HA HA HA! Yes chaos, you sound like the voice of reason allright!

                    • Granny Dumbfuck,
                      you wouldn’t know reason if it were a piano that fell on your head…but Visualizing it would be funny as hell.

                      You will never stop the TRUTH or REASON. Truth is to Zionist Jews as is the Daylight to Vampires.

                      The Self Chosenites are parasites that anger every society that they infiltrate. Way to go being “The Chosen Ones”. Why would a “Chosen People” (which translates into Jewish Supremacy) commit WAR CRIMES and murder thousands of Palestinians (Semetic people) and constantly cry about war crimes 70 plus years ago?
                      If your Peeps were so innocent, why the Hundreds of Dead Palestinian Children? Oh… I forgot …to you Jewish Supremacists…there is no Palestine….just a Warsaw …I mean a Gaza Strip Ghetto.
                      (Cue in Granny shouting…Hail Netanyahu!)

                    • Granny,
                      I have some Zyklon B saurkraut for you and some “camp survivor” Lampshades , made from authentic Jew Rat hide. The Auschwitz Soap is wrapped in paper made from 6 Million Jew Tears.
                      I know it’s a late Chanukah present, but I figured you don’t have much time left so it’s here whenever you want to pick it up.

                    • Danke mein furher, vee must have a banquet with all of your family present to partake of your gifts, I know they’ll all want to share. HA HA HA HA!

                    • Granny you are about as smart as a lampshade or a bar of soap lol.

                    • and genius, it goes without saying you’re the biggest story telling liar on this thread geeze boy.

      23. Too many people for the earth to sustain in the long run and the corporations will twist this to make a profit as we start to losse a lot of weight.

        Mankind has become like a plauge of locusts on the land and i hear the argument about if we do X,Y,Z then the population could go much higher but the facts are that we won’t and our food and energy consumption will continue to rise until something gives.

        Too many sperms in the race and thay are not all needed me thinks

      24. Conspiracy Theorists, Bloggers Compared To ISIS During Congressional Hearing

        ht tp://…sional-hearing

        question the official narrative on anything ?
        if so your a threat to the government apparently

      25. Like. I said, we are screwed. When you have 3 billion people eating 50% of the fish population consistently added with fukushima, we are calapse and ocean calapse. Add the ocean volcanic vents acting up, spilling lava into the oceans changing the chemistry of the planet added with economic shtf, we are not going to survive, it’s not looking scientists friend is right that I mentioned him a kazillian times, sure you guys are getting tired of me taking about the shtf endgame but this very thing with the fish problem is literally extinction in the making for planet earth. Like my friend told me. You destroy the ocean on a planet, you destroy the entire planet. Now the planets food chain has calapsed..we are really screwed. He told me that most of the earth’s oxygen comes from the plankton, and that if the plankton dies out we will not be able to breathe..I am meeting up with my friend soon to get more shtf intel.

        • Your friend is correct. photoplankton account for more than a third of the earths o2 production. THe photoplankton are being starved out by PLASTIC in the ocean. The problem is the plastic and other TOXIC chemicals not CO2. Anyone that really thinks CO2 is the cause is an idiot. Photoplankton NEED CO2 to survive, it is how they make O2 for us to breath. TBTB keep us fighting with ourselves on a gas that is critical for life while they soak our food and oceans with toxic byproducts of the war machine.

          • “TBTB keep us fighting with ourselves on a gas that is critical for life while they soak our food and oceans with toxic byproducts of the war machine.”

            Absolutely perfect single-sentence summation. Thanks.

      26. Plenty of bumblebees and beneficial wasps pollinated my gardens last year….there were literally hundreds at peak flowering time..

        I’ve read numerous articles and theories concerning the honey bee die off and they run the gambit from a virus,bacteria,pesticides,chemtrails.,Gods punishment,etc etc etc..

        As far as the oceans heating up in some areas..the same applies..nuclear waste,festering underwater volcanoes,haarp etc etc etc.

        Same applies to the phenom of fish die offs worldwide..

        Problem is , we all have our opinions and and cite so called prophesies,conspiracies, and so called scientific studies…which still remains the obvious…something is occurring….

        Either man made,natural, or otherwise..

        Prepare accordingly


        • yeah, that’s my opinion too. The “bee dieoff” is corporate farm speak for bailout. Where I live in the south there are always enough bumblebees, butterflies, and bugs everywhere. I’d be very suspect of anyone saying there is a shortage in nature, but not be surprised if there was a shortage of portable bee hives for pollinating mega factory farms.
          Similarly for mega-fishing… probably not enough for 100 vessels to be profitable. If they shut it down then the gobblement probably cuts them all a check. I had one relative who was paid to not grow tobacco. Another of a relative who was paid to not grow watermelons. Instead of looking at fundamentals, we need to look at gobblement. Oil didn’t drop in 1/2 because of fundamentals. Same for all markets. What will become of a goverment controlled economy? More and more concentration of wealth and less and less productivity. Welcome to Amerika.

      27. the scientist are liars or fools one, the die off of the food chain is due to the radiation from japan, and its just beginning.

      28. If you do not want to believe it THE END TIMES ARE HERE!!! Own up folks take the warnings and the signs we are living in the end times. Make peace with your creator and live out your life free of worry. There is absolutely nothing we can do to change what is happening, nothing at all. Very tough times are ahead so except it and move on with your lives. All IMHO.

      29. Isn’t it funny(NOT) that the smarter humans supposely get, the more we seem to screw things up.

        Oh well, I suppose the important thing is, Wall St. and Big corporations are still making money, right down to the last fish, the last drop of water, and the last drop of oil.

        Last one alive gets to turn off the lights.

      30. Aerial Footage: Reporters Investigate ISIS Bases in Mexico

        “While flying in Cessna, reporters uncover strange events on U.S./Mexico border”

        “Infowars reporters Joe Biggs and Josh Owens take to the skies in search of the reported ISIS base hidden among cartel compounds just across the U.S. border in Anapra, Mexico.”

        Infowars dot com

      31. Many ancient civilizations perished, leaving little written record of their times. As we switch to electronic books, electronic music, electronic videos, electronic encyclopedias, etc — will a future civilization be able to find any written records of our time on earth?

      32. Earth is constantly changing without humans. How can global warming be proven in this case not buying into this. If a wildfire burns a large forested area due to natural causes how is it due to people being on the earth. It’s due to favorable conditions. No rain for extended time and hot dry conditions. California has these problems. It doesn’t mean the rest of the planet does. The weather in my area are pretty much the same all the time. We had a big flood a few years back they said it was the 100 year flood it was like nothing I’ve ever seen around here. Probably never happen again in my lifetime either. If I was a fruit cake I could say see this stuff never happens it’s gotta be global warming. This is a knee jerk reaction to disasters.

      33. and if you think this bitch is going to make any of this better , you’ve lost your mind

        Free Speech: How is Hillary Clinton appealing to an ever-more-radical Democratic base? By talking up changing the First Amendment. What better way, after all, to end the political power of anti-Big Government forces?
        ‘We need to fix our dysfunctional political system and get unaccountable money out of it once and for all, even if that takes a constitutional amendment,” Clinton said Tuesday at an Iowa community college.
        Look up “unaccountable money” in the encyclopedia — it says “see Clinton Foundation.”
        Beyond that, it’s chilling that the Party of Jefferson’s establishment candidate had to appeal to its envelope stuffers not just by featuring a lesbian couple in her TV ad — but also by calling for restricting the Bill of Rights.
        As IBD’s indispensable Andrew Malcolm pointed out on Wednesday, there is little chance of getting three-quarters of the states to agree to amend the First Amendment. Still, one could imagine such a class warfare-based movement being launched, if just to raise money.
        Consider the Supreme Court’s 2009 Citizens United ruling, abrogating the McCain-Feingold campaign finance “reform” — a decision that centered on a film critical of Clinton, “Hillary: The Movie.”
        In that case, the court declared, “The government may not suppress political speech on the basis of the speaker’s corporate identity.” For-profit companies, unions, charities seeking no profit — it doesn’t matter.
        And, of course, curtailing corporate political speech means that the political power of liberal-dominated “television networks and major newspapers owned by media corporations,” as the Supreme Court described them, becomes impossible to thwart.
        Citizens United also noted, “When word concerning the plot of the movie ‘Mr. Smith Goes to Washington’ reached the circles of government, some officials sought, by persuasion, to discourage its distribution.” So even Jimmy Stewart’s 1939 love letter to the U.S. Senate wasn’t sufficiently worshipful for some politicians.
        But who needs amendments when you can take over the courts and rewrite the Constitution through activist judges? That is the real danger of a President Hillary Clinton: a permanent stacking of our courts with Elena Kagan-Sonia Sotomayor clones who will dismantle everything in the Constitution that holds back the ongoing expansion of government power.

        Read More At Investor’s Business Daily:

        • Watch, she will be the next president,
          Evolution of the country,
          You, me, many others get it how the ideologies of the far left are like cancer, always kills the host,
          But there are tens of millions who think she and that ideology is great,,,
          Im just going to pop some popcorn and keep my 1911 with one bullet handy
          Watch the freakshow that has become the Country formerly known as the USA unfold,,,
          Theres no voting this right, and blood will be just blood, unless the country splits and two separate new countries form there is no going back to what we knew and were taught as kids,

          • I hear ya Boss, loud and clear

          • I hate that b* tch. I have to repent constantly for my raging, foam at the mouth hatred of her. She is vile and evil and will kill off every last one of our rights if she can. I cannot imagine any male could stomach her foul ass.

            No moar Clintons or Bushs in the W.H.

      34. Fukushima= E.L.E.

      35. I wonder if this is an exaggerated hoax like man made global warming. Maybe it isn’t as bad as they report. Federal Fisheries is a government entity of Obummer and his Sierra Club and extreme environmentalists cronies. The government claims “thousands” of sardines found dead in Californicate are NOT hundreds of thousands or millions. Any time the government reports anything I always look at it with a cynical eye, especially this administration and the way they lie to the public every day. They also create crisis out of thin air all the time.

        Also the government reporting the wiping out of honey bees a couple years ago should have send honey prices soaring–It never did! Crops still got pollinated and food production still increased. I can still get a 12 oz bottle of pure honey for $3 because I just bought some.

        I am not saying there weren’t dead sardines found along the California coast, but a few thousand sardines can fill 5 buckets. I would wait for an independent study to find the truth.

      36. Gosh. You mean to tell me these scientists can’t figure out this “mysterious” reason as to why our sea creatures are dying off? Maybe it’s because Japan has been dumping tons upon tons of radioactive water into the Pacific ocean?

        Nahhh… it’s just a “mystery”.. which is code word for… they know what it is but they will never admit to it.

        If the sea creatures are dying… what happens to humans?

        Oh and by the way, my sister in law who lives on the west coast was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in 2014. She knows one other person who was diagnosed with throat cancer. The oncologist tried to tell my sister in law that despite no one on her side of the family having cancer, she just got the luck of the draw. BS. We can guarantee that many more will be coming down with cancer, and when it really gets going the medical statistics are going to be withheld from us.

        • Mountain,
          Prolonged Radiation Exposure will affect the Thyroid first a majority of the time.
          Your suspicions are based on fact.

        • The real lottery you win is when the radionuclide passing through your body misses all your chromosomes. I would like to draw some things on that oncologist. You are correct, this catastrophe began because of hidden truth. Its consequences and empirical evidence will also be hidden to protect corporate profits and any liability. I wonder what the avoided cost of the Pacific ocean is? Never mind, setting a cost assumes you can replace it. May you fare well and live long Mountain man. Give you sister in law a hug for me.

      37. Global warming and Fukushima is the difference between a prediction and a for sure prediction. It is no wonder many are confused. Woogie, Fukushima is not exaggerated. Quite the opposite. What I was told and taught in the sixties about radiation is not found or delivered today. Then they took milk off the shelves for a couple of months until the Cesium decayed in the grass. Now they add it to the ingredient list and raise the safe level for ingestion. Synergy in a world where cancer and war are major industries.

      38. After pondering the imponderable, the Prophet is prepared to pontificate. We’re fucked.

      39. and government caught lying AGAIN

        HEAD of the FBI’s Anthrax Investigation Says the Whole Thing Was a SHAM

        ht tp://…38/38/Y/M.html

        and in other Breaking News

        water is wet

      40. I dreamed I went to Walmart to buy a can of Sardines and they cost me $37.98 (for one small can). Then the clerk told me IF I like Sardines I needed to buy them as there next shipment (due any day) the price would double.
        When I turned the can over I saw a radiation sign and it said to: “EAT AT YOUR OWN RISK”

      41. Brownells has high cap 9mm AR-15 mags. Fit your Colt or Rock River arms.

      42. No. It is about driving motor vehicles and flying. Those are the culprits. But, as the Right-wingers say “drill, baby, drill!” It’s true that the Left-wingers want to use it as their “crisis that shouldn’t go to waste”–an opportunity for them to slap more tyranny over the people. It’s the people’s individual fear of independence and demand for conformity, coupled with laziness and the perception of expedience, that keeps them slavishly driving and flying (to their often-times quick individual doom and, as we see, towards everyone’s coming apocalypse).

      43. “…And the third part of the creatures which were in the sea, and had life, died;…” (Revelation 8:9) Though, that , more catastrophic die-off will be from the necessity of God Himself “pouring out the vial” of such limitation on the earth and sea–to counter man’s much more destructive notions of how to make his own paradise.

      44. are you paying attention, Christian founded nation?

        Italy’s migration crisis took on a deadly new twist Thursday as police in Sicily reported that Muslim migrants had thrown 12 Christians overboard during a recent crossing from Libya, and an aid group said another 41 were feared drowned in a separate incident.

        Migrants ‘thrown overboard’ in religious row as toll climbs AFP
        EU faces fury after new migrant shipwreck tragedy AFP
        At least nine dead after migrant boat sinks off Libya AFP
        400 migrants die in shipwreck off Libya, survivors say Reuters
        Italian Navy Recaptures Fishing Boat Seized Near Libya Huffington Post
        Palermo police said they had detained 15 people suspected in the high seas assault, which they learned of while interviewing tearful survivors from Nigeria and Ghana who had arrived in Palermo Wednesday morning after being rescued at sea by the ship Ellensborg.

        The 15 were accused of multiple homicide aggravated by religious hatred, police said in a statement.

        • While potentially as many as 15 Muslims (illegal aliens) were murdering the 12 Christians, on their way to a mostly Christian country to be rescued, what were the rest of the illegal Muslim aliens doing? Guess they weren’t helping, or showing a little gratitude up front to their soon to be benefactors were they? Keep it up Europe, soon it will be too late for you, almost is now. What do they say as they step off the boat? “Please help us, btw, we killed almost everyone of your faith on the way here”

          WTFU..wake the fuck up!

          • Being fair, the only reason they weren’t helping is because they were too busy cheering.

            Ya’ gotta keep things in perspective.

      45. wonder if the tefflon queeen can get past this?

        “You ever hear ’em ask Hillary Clinton, this money she’s getting, whether it influences her decisions?” said Paul, referring to media questions about donors to the Clinton family’s charitable organizations. “There’s going to be stuff coming out about the Clinton Foundation and their donations from different companies that get special approval from the Secretary of State. Coming out in the next couple of weeks.”

        “She’s in charge of approving business deals as secretary of state,” Paul said of Clinton. “They’re called CFIAs, anything that relates to our security. There’s going to be something coming out in the next few weeks about companies that she approved deals for.”

        “Significant amounts, over $100 million being given to her foundation coming out in the next two weeks,” said Paul.

        Now dont get too excited , im in no way supporting Paul , he’s no better then Billary the Hitleress

        and we all know that If her supporters pay enough to “Get her in” we will all be dealing with her failed policies, and ignorance to the constitution,, hell shes already trying to work over the First Amendment before she’s even selected , already attacking our Founding Papers ..yeah nice start

      46. There’s not one explanation but several beginning with atmospheric nuclear bomb testing in the 1950’s & 60’s which began killing CO2-absorbing phytoplankton, the beginning of the marine food chain (now down 40%), that provides half our oxygen plus the effects of pollution & plastic and Chernobyl culminating with Fukushima’s aerial fall-out in 2011 and radioactive ocean currents now reaching the West coast. They know, but they want to keep us in the dark to prevent panic since there’s nowhere on earth to escape.

      47. EOTS

        Can’t save the country and you sure as hell can not save the world. I am voting for Billary cause I want her followers to choke on their own shit. Yeah I will be going down too but I’m going to give them a fight. I thought there might be a chance things could turn around but I do not believe it anymore. You can watch people do lots of bad things and then Defend Their Actions by some Crazy Idea they are right. Twisted reasoning. The way to cure this is total chaos where it brings people back to reality. Who cares if they crash the system as long as you can lock and load.

        Really, how many of you would care if a hundred cities were set on fire in one night. Not me.

      48. Relax…live your life….stop the fear, stop the worry. It’s out of your hands. Let the ‘blank’ fall where it may… Your immune system is at stake here…and fear impacts that immune system. Allow the events to unfold…and you will feel much better. Hold your children, tell your friends and family that you love them. BE HERE NOW…until there is no more NOW…

        • While your hugging it out on the tracks, I’ll yell “train” a little quieter.

          • @ tandalayo – good one!
            I expect there’ll be many bending over to kiss their behinds good-bye.
            Good riddance!

      49. This drought is nothing like we (man) have seen before. This is normal for this region in historical perspectives. Who knows, another freak 300 years of water might happen again-NOT. 2k to 10k year droughts are normal here. No trees at low elevations is a dead giveaway.

        Dr. Geo

      50. It would seem that the toilet flushed in Fukashima has come home to rest? I have no hard data; could be a false flag.

      51. Oh yeah here we go with the “great mystery” bullshit again. I’m going to say it loud: FUKUSHIMA.


        It is NOT A FUCKING MYSTERY because that gigantic radioactive crater in Japan has been and is still pumping gallons of radioactive shit into the ocean. Our neutered “scientists” and gagged “media” refuse to call a glowing green radioactive spade a GLOWING GREEN RADIOACTIVE SPADE.

      52. There are unfortunately some people who confuse Identifying POISONS like Monsanto’s “RoundUp” with endorsing the bogus Global Warming Marxist Ideology.
        They are two entirely different things.
        I am pointing out a Dangerous Poison and NOT endorsing another ZOG HOAX.
        Here is a link to an Infowars article on Monsanto’s “RoundUp”

        This same company is producing GMO Grains that have been proven to cause tumors in Lab Rats in Controlled Experiments.
        Monsanto is EVIL. when you realize this , then do your own investigation into who owns Monsanto and who invests Millions into Monsanto.

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