Food Banks See 10% Increase in Client Base

by | Jan 3, 2011 | Headline News | 33 comments

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    The government, mainstream media and even your neighbors may be optimistic about an economic recovery, but there’s a large segment of our population that is falling further into poverty, even though the government may not classify them as poor:

    “We’re seeing a large number of families that have never needed food assistance before,” reports Traore [CEO of the Food Bank of South Jersey]. How many? So far, for 2010 FBSJ has witnessed a 10% increase in their client base of approximately 100,000 people. Here’s the surprise: a large portion of the people needing food assistance today are working, and especially among FBSJ’s new clients, many are earning incomes nearly twice the poverty line of $22,055 per year for a family of four (up to 185% of poverty).

    Who are the hungry and why can’t they afford to feed themselves and their families? Increasingly, the shocking answer is this: If you are not financially independent, the odds are good that someday you could be waiting in line to feed yourself and your family.

    source: Alternet

    These aren’t the food lines of decades past, where the majority of those seeking assistance were homeless or from poverty-stricken neighborhoods. Modern day food lines, it seems, include people from all walks of life, including those who are gainfully employed and making upwards of $40,000 per year.

    In Burlington County, NJ the Browns Mills’ Hope Mobile drops off food regularly and lines stretch hundreds of feet with those seeking help. Contrary to what many may believe is a low-income area where food assistance is commonplace, Burlington County is home to some 450,000 residents who have an annual household income over $70,000 per year – the county is 77% white, 17% black and 6% Hispanic.

    With the heavy burden of rising energy and food costs, as well as the government’s attempts to “stabilize” home prices and rents at unreasonably high peak bubble levels, it is becoming much harder for those making a traditionally sufficient household income to put food on the table.

    And this isn’t just one anecdotal story we’re using as evidence that there’s a serious a serious problem.

    There are over 40 million people on food stamps in America right now.

    The State of Ohio’s Department of Job and Family Services reports that food assistance has doubled since 2002. From 2007 to 2010 Ohio has seen a 55% increase in those added to food assistance programs.

    That’s a big number and the scary thing is that the trend is only getting stronger.

    Though the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics reports that job availability is increasing, millions of people remain on unemployment rolls, thousands of them reach the 99 week limit every month.

    That means we will continue to see an increase in food stamp participation, government health care programs, school lunch programs, utility bill assistance and food bank lines over coming months and years.

    Driving through your local Target or Walmart parking lot on Black Friday or during Christmas shopping week you wouldn’t think things are that bad.

    The reality is they are – for well over 40 million people – and it’s only going to get worse.

    Many will call it fear mongering, others will simply not believe it: We’re smack dab in the middle of the next Great Depression.

    For those with the means, we recommend, as we’ve done in the past, to think ahead and plan for the worst. While you may have a job today, it could be gone a month from now. Perhaps you’ll be lucky enough to keep that job, but if the Federal Reserve continues to print money uncontrollably, prices will be so high in the future that all of your monthly income will be used up just trying stay fed, air conditioned and sheltered.


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      1. Yep and its gonna get worse than we can imagine.

        There is no fix. If one existed, why haven’t they deployed it?

        The problem most forget. All our consumeables are transported by truck. As fuel costs rise, fewer truckers can stay in business. Consumeables rot on the docks. Farmers don’t get paid. Has anyone actually read the loan/grant paperwork from FSA? Just who actually owns this crop?

        Debt is a form of slavery. Got seeds?

        So many people setting aside tools and such. Folks, these are durables and there will be plenty of surplus shovels, saws and hammers to last for years. The dead and relocated won’t need them. Get what you won’t be able to get after the SHTF. Knowledge is power and imagination is more than a survival technique, but rather that imagination can make survival quite pleasant. With imagination, you can see almost everything re-purposed.

        We all grew up with the stupid proclamation of : “Anything worth doing was worth doing well.” This is utter crap.  Anything worth doing is worth doing just good enough. Any efforts beyond that level are wasted expenditures of energy and time.

      2. Related tangent – Just recently I found out that a few of the employees at a high-end grocery store here in Scottsdale receive food stamps and/or a stipend or something from either the state and/or the Feds.

        I would guess they make c. $10/hour…and I realize that isn’t very much…but still, I was very, very surprised to hear about this…

      3. This is one good site for solutions through discussion. So many sites offer only information. First off, I wish to say thanks, to every one! You got that right, overtheedge. I have good luck with potato and turnips. Easy to plant and maintain. I’m looking forward to planting time in 2011!!!
        Thanks again Mac & Company.

      4. these food banks and all free food programs should be immediately closed. it’s a proven fact that many people won’t work if they’re given free food. these free food banks are a national disgrace.

        next thing you know that socialistic communist obama will open free money banks where they give money to all those folks that refuse to get out of bed and go to work. instead of having to go get their free money it will be delivered to their bedsides along with their free food. no-one should get free food  -  not even our soldiers who should pay for all their meals including all those freeloaders in combat.

        if people can’t get free food then they will have to find a job or starve along with their children.   this is the way a capitalistic country should work. no workee no foodee…

        another national disgrace is this new free government medicare preventive medicine program where medicare recipients don’t have to pay their 20% copay for these screening test for things including breast cancer, prostate cancer, colon cancer and so on. THIS IS AN OUTRAGE! ! ! why should those people work when they get free food and free medical screening tests for cancer ? ? ?


      6. Overtheedge said ”

        We all grew up with the stupid proclamation of : “Anything worth doing was worth doing well.” This is utter crap.  Anything worth doing is worth doing just good enough. Any efforts beyond that level are wasted expenditures of energy and time.”
        Well, the problem with that line of thinking is this:
        You get shoddy goods, like cars that start rusting in 3-4 years, or you get shoddy services ( ‘close enough for govt work’ ) like doctors that kill more people than guns, and so on.
        I tend to overbuild things, like a deck.  Yes, I could use 4×4’s for the support posts, most do, but I’ll use a 6×6 instead.  Then years later, I’ll drive by those other decks and see the post crooked, cracked and ready to fall, and mine standing straight and tall, like the day I left it.  Was it wasted expense ? Maybe, but not to the owner that doesn’t have to replace it in 10 years.
        It’s a throwaway society we live in, and mostly due to cheap energy.  Once that changes, the throwaway will slow WAY up.
        Mac:  On being right in the middle of a depression ?  Nope,  I think we’re barely into it……time will tell, but I suspect after another 10-20 years of it, you’ll come to see I was right.

      7. TnAndy..

        I tend to agree, this is just the beginning.  The S hasn’t H the F yet at all.

        There are still food stamps

        There is still unemployment compensation

        These mask the true situation.  Too many depend on government handouts, and we’ve allowed our jobs to be shipped overseas.

        So until tariffs are imposed to make our manufacturing able to compete with slave-wage laborers overseas, unemployment will not improve.

        We need to get back to a “real” economy, based on production.  Most everyone can contribute something to it.  Right now, I see many people who are content to live in a shelter, take unemployment money, food stamps, whatever…

        Because we’ve allowed the family unit to be destroyed as the basic unit of society, morals and decent behavior have deteriorated severely, and we see the “Black Friday” for the truly dark omen of what America has become/is becoming.

        Yes, this is the beginning of the Great Correction.  Some say it’s the “end of days”…maybe it is…

      8. Mushroom–the two biggest employers in this community closed and laid off thousands of people, over 70% of the town are laid off. A large percentage of those laid off are both parents in the household. They now have no insurance, and are sinking fast.Do you honestly think that there are enough jobs out there for everyone on food stamps or unemployed?  You are a joke and you make me sick with your comments. You are a mushroom who produces s**t  instead of being covered in it.

      9. Those on the dole who are ablebody should be made to do community service or build homes for habitate for humanity, etc.  Food banks will either close or cut back, as food prices go up, less donate. Mushroom:  I just can’t wait for the new hundred dollar bills, so I can collect some!  My boxes of tens and twenties are stuffed!!

      10. I’ve got a year of food & non-food supplies plus water & water filter system (with a river near by).  Got plenty of firewood & lamp oil/candles but we do need some kerosene & a kerosene stove & heater. 

        I am proud of myself but I keep thinking we need more.  I can’t stand the uncertainty!

      11. It’s getting scary! We are stocking up on food storage. My friend works for a company and got us started. Check out ShelfRelianceSanAntonio Dot Com. The food is fantastic and the prices low (… for now)

      12. THE REAL DISGRACE???

        In 2002 our ex son-in-law, a captain in the US Army, was stationed at Ft. Hood, Texas. One day, around the middle of the month, one of his fellow officers drove him over to a local food bank.

        Many of the folks there were dressed in BDUs; members of the US Army. Most of the others were either spouses or dependent children of active duty military personel.

        His fellow officer informed my son-in-law; “This is where they come around the middle of the month after they have exhausted their food-stamp benefits.”

        Our military are paid so poorly that they qualify for food stamps? Let’s hurry up and send some more money that we don’t have, in the form of foreign aid,  away to strangers in foreign lands who really don’t like us or our country in the first place.

      13. Comments….MadMarkie you are soooooo right.  We need to stop supporting the world on $ we have borrowed from China.  We cann’t even take care of our own people, for crying out loud.

        This maddness had to stop or we will be bowled over like the tsunamie in Tailand a couple of years back.

        We, as American Citizens, need to shape up and get out of the house and start acting like responsible adults.

        We may not have much $, but we should have pride.  We should feel good about justifying our existance through the efforts we make every day to create a better life for our families, friends or strangers.  

        Stop bemoaning the fact that the world is just not fair.  Learn to work with the cards you got dealt.

        Get on our knees and thank God for the life he has given you.  Then rise each morning with a smile on your face and a positive feeling will blossom in your soul and out into your world.

      14. The sad part is, most of these people never thought it could happen to them. Don’t wait until it’s too late.

        Join the Revolution!
        Read “Common Sense 3.1” at ( )

        We don’t have to live like this anymore “Spread the News”

      15. @mushroom

        You’re either a spy or a plant. No one is that heartless. Not even the tin man. But if you, then good. Your turn will come…

      16. Comments…..yep, um hmmm…mushroom-i did tell you that you are full of dookie..but i am telling you again..mushroom, you are full of shit!!!  take your “comedy act” somewhere else if you can find someone that will have your ass around.   the military fights everyday for your liberty and liberties..most of the military make below the poverty line. their food, their uniforms and their shelter is not free…they work for it and in many cases they give their lives to see that you (yes you) and everyone else does not live in a dictatorship, in slavery, etc.. i am so angry right at this moment that i double dare you to walk up to an active duty military or a military veteran and say the ugly, nasty things that you have to say. chances are they will turn the other cheek, but the chance that you get your ass nailed to a wall are pretty good too.

      17. Ignore Mushroom.  He sits in his diapers in his mom’s basement… he posts to annoy wishing he had a friend.

      18. Mushroom – I’ll be your friend!  Everyone needs a friend.

        Has anyone ever used “Fire gel”?   I saw it on sale at Menards for 2 bucks a can.  I guess it’s a good fire starter/stove.  Thought I’d ask around before I bought a case.

      19. Mushroom – I’ll be your friend!  Everyone needs a friend.Has anyone ever used “Fire gel”?   I saw it on sale at Menards for 2 bucks a can.  I guess it’s a good fire starter/stove.  Thought I’d ask around before I bought a case.

      20. Oh boy.  A double.

        GA Mom
        January 3rd, 2011 at 5:08 pm
        I’m about where you are–we got a Coleman one burner camper cooker..I have 6 cans of Coleman fuel ..need more–however, I do plan on cooking in a dug hole with wood  TSHTF as the weather permits.

        GA Mom
        January 3rd, 2011 at 5:08 pm
        I’m about where you are–we got a Coleman one burner camper cooker..I have 6 cans of Coleman fuel ..need more–however, I do plan on cooking in a dug hole with wood if TSHTF as the weather permits.
        Lots of Ramen noodles…lots…and rice.


        Yes. Madmarkie—Beck did a great show about Congress pay vs. military…


      23. It’s the Road…coming soon to a city near you.  Hey, you can always eat the old people.

      24. Ive also noticed the disparity in pay(percieved value) of different professions like what we pay a soldier and what a govt employee makes in a big office job.
        Ever noticed we pay people(farmers) a pittance; but pay some fella whos only ability in life is chasing a ball around; big bucks?Seems we value the ball player and get angry when someone questions “our” teams star player being worth that much but then we buy some food and get angry at the hick farmer for charging “that” much for food.
        Im sure there are all kinds of similar scenarios out there…makes me realize alot of peoples priorities are really screwed up!

      25. Mushhead,  “no-one should get free food  -  not even our soldiers who should pay for all their meals including all those freeloaders in combat.” How dare you worthless piece of $hlt!  Have you ever served, you are lucky buster, I know 10,000 infantry men that would kick the $hlt out of you for a comment like that!  Have you ever been in combat…you have no idea.

      26. Laura M; Check SHTF America: Illegal Immigration and you will find personal stories by the author about how Illegals are using  Habitat for Humanity to scam the system.

        A lot of negatives here about the poor, the homeless, and the hungry. granted there is a small percentage of folks who are content to get by and get over, but would you want their lives? Count your blessings.

        People have to eat, shit, live, and start that process over every day, like it or not.  They also need shelter from the elements. There are honest people with medical problems that need help. Fortunately I am healthy as a bull but I see those that need care.

        With all the money that we give away to other countries to whom we transfer our wealth, or for all the money 700 billion that we spend on the military industrial complex, or the more than 300 billion that we spend on illegals every year, it seems to me that we should be able to care for our own, who are genuinely in need of help.

        Walk a mile in their shoes to get the feel of it. I don’t think most of you would want to have to live as many do. Granted, many of their problems stem from their arrested mental development, bad personal decisions, and the environment in which they grew up; but they still must eat. Its a basic human need and if it is not met chaos will ensue.

        Give thanks for the grace of God in your life. I do. And let us remember who the real enenmy is, and vent our frustration and displeasure in THAT direction.

      27. Well said DK.

      28. huh i don’t understand

      29. Folks: It’s pretty obvious that mushroom is being sarcastic. Not that I like or dislike what he has to say. Why don’t we just pretend that he’s not here if we don’t enjoy his semi-dry humor, instead of reacting with emotion and thus wasting our personal “energy”, and probably sinking to an even lower intellect than the Shit Nibbler himself.

      30. Durango:  The federal government spends over 1 trillion on all forms of welfare and the states spend a similar amount as well.  To claim we don’t ” care for our own” is simply wrong.  The major problem is that welfare is too easy to get and is exploited by those who choose not to work.  The second biggest problem is we give them the wrong kind of help.  Instead of teaching them how to take care of themselves we take care of them.  You wouldn’t do this to your own children why do it to others. 

      31. GWTW:  First of all, don’t quote me out of context and change my meaning. I didn’t say, we “don’t take care of our own”; I said; “we should be able to take care of our own”. There’s a big difference and that difference is how much taxpayer money is wasted and misused.

        Some truth to what you say, but the energy companies get a one trillion dollar subsidy from the American taxpayetr every year too.
        With oil at $92 a barrel do ya think they need that?

        As usual, you are still; Clueless in Atlanta! 😮

      32. It is NOT the government’s job to “take care of our own”!  In fact it is unconstitutional. 

        I doubt you believe energy companies get a trillion dollar subsidy and I doubt you can show any subsidy except for the so-called “alternative energy”.

        We do indeed waste a lot of money.  If we spent zero on welfare then we could cut waste and save over a trillion dollars.

      33. GWTW: Its always my pleasure to correct you. 🙂 First, I didn’t say that it was the governments job to “take care of our own” so please don’t ascribe that solution to me. I do believe that as a wealthy nation misspending taxpayer dollars by the trillions every year, “we should be able to be able to take care of our own”.

        I do know that the masses of poor must eat. They are not going to voluntarily starve to death, so it increases crime and violence. We see this with Illegals in Arizona on a grand scale. Its cheaper and easier to feed them, hoping that they will respect the laws. It doesn’t work because they are outsiders trying to survive and get ahead as best they can and know how. Unfortunately that puts the rest of US in the line of fire.

        The sick, the lame, the lazy, and the homeless also need our help. Many of these are veterans who have served this country with courage and dignity and deserve better for that service, than fate and their own bad judgement has allocated.

        I am not prepared to suggest an alternative to the present system as I don’t spend a lot of time meditating on the problems of the poor, sick, lame, and lazy. Maybe I should, but I have my own concerns. I do help when and where I can to those in need.

        The American energy industry does indeed receive a trillion dollar subsidy every year from the American taxpayer. Thats a fact. No charge for the education. Its a pleasure to enlighten you. Pass it on.
        All of America needs to understand that. I am not talking about alternative energy sources, or nuclear power plants. So …..

        you are still Clueless in Atlanta. 🙂 Have a great day. I will.

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