Following the Bodies: “We Are at the Precipice of Something So Big, It Will Shake the Financial World”

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    Editor’s Note: In the investigative report below, Douglas Hagmann of the Northeast Intelligence Network delves deep into a world that most only believe exists in the realm of cinematic thrillers. It’s one of intrigue, corruption and murder, and it involves some of the world’s most influential firms, business leaders and politicians. There are billions, if not trillions, of dollars on the line. When the nefarious agendas of these sycophants are threatened it’s not much of a stretch of the imagination to suggest that those involved will do whatever is necessary to protect their wealth, power and influence. For them, the only way to deal with the problem is to silence it – permanently.

    One can chalk off the recent string of banker suicides to coincidence, but what if there were more to it? What if, for example, 39 year old Vice President of JP Morgan Gabriel Magee, who emailed his girlfriend to tell her he was “leaving the office and would see her shortly,” didn’t actually throw himself off of a 33-story building in what police claim was a “non-suspicious” fatal fall? What if the circumstances surrounding many of the deaths of these bankers and a Wall Street Journal financial reporter were the result of, as one financial insider noted a week before the deaths unfolded, a “clean up” of people who knew too much and posed a threat to the overall agenda? Much of this may be difficult to stomach for some, but considering that the people responsible for collapsing the global economy five years ago not only never faced justice for their crimes, but were rewarded with billion dollar bank deals as a result, is it foolish to suggest that there’s much more going on here than the mainstream media and Justice department officials would have us believe?

    It all just seems… a bit too convenient.


    Exposing what lies beneath the bodies of dead bankers and what lies ahead for us
    By Douglas Hagmann

    I feel that this is one of the most important investigations I’ve ever done. If my findings are correct, each of us might soon experience a severe, if not crippling blow to our personal finances, the confiscation of any wealth some of us have been able to accumulate over our lifetimes, and the end of the financial world as we once knew it.  The evidence to support my findings exists in the trail of dead bodies of financial executives across the globe and a missing Wall Street Journal Reporter who was working at the Dow Jones news room at the time of his disappearance.

    If the bodies were dots on a piece of paper, connecting them results in a sinister picture being drawn that involves global criminal activity in the financial world the likes of which is almost without precedent.  It should serve as a warning that we are at the precipice of something so big, it will shake the financial world as we know it to its core. It seems to illustrate the complicity of big banks and governments, the intelligence community, and the media.

    Although the trail of mysterious and bizarre deaths detailed below begin in late January, 2014, there are others. Not only that, there will be more, according to sources within the financial world. Based on my findings, these are not mere random, tragic cases of suicide, but of the methodical silencing of individuals who had the ability to expose financial fraud at the highest levels, and the complicity of certain governmental agencies and individuals who are engaged in the greatest theft of wealth the world has ever seen.

    It is often said that life imitates art. In the case of the dead financial executives, perhaps death imitates theater, or more specifically, the movie The International, which was coincidentally released in U.S. theaters exactly five years ago today.

    We are told by the media that the untimely deaths of these young men and men in their prime are either suicides or tragic accidents. We are told what to believe by the captured and controlled media, regardless of how unusual or unlikely the circumstances, or how implausible the explanation. Such are the hallmarks of high level criminality and the involvement of a certain U.S. intelligence agency intent on keeping the lid on money laundering on a global scale.

    Obviously, it is important that this topic is approached with the utmost respect for the families of those who died, that they be allowed to grieve for the loss of their loved ones in private. However, it is extremely important that the truth about what is happening in the global financial arena is not kept from us, as we will also be victims of a different nature.

    The missing and the dead: a timeline

    The following is provided as a chronological list of those who have gone missing or been found dead under mysterious circumstances. It is important to note that this list consists of names of the most recent incidents. There are more that extend back through 2012 and beyond.

    January 11, 2014

    MISSING: David Bird, 55, long-time reporter for the Wall Street Journal working at the Dow Jones news room, went for a walk on Saturday, January 11, 2014 near his New Jersey home and disappeared without a trace. Mr. Bird was a reporter of the oil and commodity markets which happened to be under investigation by the U.S. Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations for price manipulation.

    January 26, 2014

    DECEASED: Tim Dickenson, a U.K.-based communications director at Swiss Re AG, was reportedly found dead under undisclosed circumstances.

    DECEASED: William Broeksmit, 58, former senior manager for Deutsche Bank, was found hanging in his home from an apparent suicide. It is important to note that Deutsche Bank is under investigation for reportedly hiding $12 billion in losses during the financial crisis and for potentially rigging the foreign exchange markets. The allegations are similar to the claims the institution settled in 2013 over involvement in rigging the Libor interest rates.

    January 27, 2014

    DECEASED:  Karl Slym, 51, Managing director of Tata Motors was found dead on the fourth floor of the Shangri-La hotel in Bangkok. Police said he “could” have committed suicide. He was staying on the 22nd floor with his wife, and was attending a board meeting in the Thai capital.

    January 28, 2014

    DECEASED:  Gabriel Magee, 39, a JP Morgan employee, died after reportedly “falling” from the roof of its European headquarters in London in the Canary Wharf area. Magee was vice president at JPMorgan Chase & Co’s (JPM) London headquarters.

    Gabriel Magee, a Vice President at JPMorgan in London, plunged to his death from the roof of the 33-story European headquarters of JPMorgan in Canary Wharf. Magee was involved in “Technical architecture oversight for planning, development, and operation of systems for fixed income securities and interest rate derivatives” based on his online Linkedin profile.

    It’s important to note that JPMorgan, like  Deutsche Bank, is under investigation for its potential involvement in rigging foreign exchange rates. JPMorgan is also reportedly under investigation by the same U.S. Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations for its alleged involvement in rigging the physical commodities markets in the U.S. and London.

    Regarding the initial reports of his death, journalist Pam Martens of Wall Street on Paradeastutely exposed the controlled, scripted details of the media accounts surrounding Magee’s death in an article written on February 9, 2014. Ms. Martens writes:

    “According to numerous sources close to the investigation of Gabriel Magee’s death, almost nothing thus far reported about his death has been accurate. This appears to stem from an initial poorly worded press release issued by the Metropolitan Police in London which may have been a result of bad communications between it and JPMorgan or something more deliberate on someone’s part.” [Emphasis added].

    Ms. Martens also notes:

    No solid evidence exists currently to suggest that the death was a suicide. In fact, there is a strong piece of evidence pointing in the opposite direction. Magee had emailed his girlfriend, Veronica, on the evening of January 27 to say that he was about to leave the office and would see her shortly. [Emphasis added].

    Based on information she developed, it appears likely that Magee did not meet his fate on the morning his body was discovered, but hours earlier. Considering the possibility that Magee might now have died in the manner publicized, Ms. Martens offers speculation, and notes it as such:

    If Magee became aware that incriminating emails, instant messages, or video teleconferences were not turned over in their entirety to Senate investigators or Justice Department prosecutors, that might be reason enough for his untimely death.

    Looking at the death of Magee in the context of a larger conspiracy, it is difficult not to suspect foul play and media manipulation.

    January 29, 2014

    DECEASED: Mike Dueker, 50, who had worked for Russell Investment for five years, was found dead close to the Tacoma Narrows Bridge in Washington State. Dueker was reported missing on January 29, 2014. Police stated that he “could have” jumped over a fence and fallen 15 meters to his death, and are treating the case as a suicide.

    Before joining Russell Investments, Dueker was an assistant vice president and research economist at the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis from 1991 to 2008. There he served as an associate editor of the Journal of Business and Economic Statistics and was editor ofMonetary Trends, a monthly publication of the St. Louis Federal Reserve.

    In November 2013, the New York Times reported that Russell Investments was one of several investment companies that were under subpoena from New York State regulators investigating potential “pay-to-play” schemes involving New York pension funds.

    February 3, 2014

    DECEASED: Ryan Henry Crane, 37, was the Executive Director in JPMorgan’s Global Equities Group. Of particular relevance is that Crane oversaw all of the trade platforms and had close working ties with the now deceased Gabriel Magee of JPMorgan’s London desk. The ties between Mr. Crane and Mr. Magee are undeniable and outright troublesome. The cause of death has not yet been determined, pending the results of a toxicology report.

    February 6, 2014

    DECEASED: Richard Talley, 57, was the founder and CEO of American Title, a company he founded in 2001. Talley and his company were under investigation by state insurance regulators at the time of his death. He was found in the garage of his Colorado home by a family member who called authorities. Talley reportedly died from seven or eight “self-inflicted” wounds from a nail gun fired into his torso and head.

    The enormity of the lie

    One must look back far enough to understand the enormity of the lie and the criminality of bankers and governments alike. We must understand the legal restraints that were severed during the Clinton years and the congress that changed the rules regarding financial institutions. We must understand that the criminal acts were bold and bipartisan, and were designed to consolidate wealth through the destruction of the middle class. All of this is part of a much larger plan to establish a one world economy by “killing” the U.S. dollar and consequently, eradicating the middle class by a cabal of globalists that existed and continue to exist within all sectors of our government. The results will be crippling to not just the United States, but the entire Western world.

    What began decades ago is now becoming more transparent under the Obama regime. Perhaps that’s the transparency Obama promised, for we’ve seen little else in terms of transparency with regard to the man known as Barack Hussein Obama. For those not locked into the captured corporate media, we’re starting to see the truth emerging. The truth is that we’ve been living under a giant Ponzi scheme and we, the American citizens, are the suckers. As illustrated by the list of dead bankers above, however, the power elite need a bit more time before the extent of their criminality is revealed. The need a bit more time to transfer the remaining wealth from middle-class America to their private coffers. Timing is everything, and a magic act only works when all props are in place before the illusion is performed. Only when their timing is right will the slumbering Americans realize the extent of the illusion by which they’ve been entranced, at which time they will be forced into submission to accept a financial reset that will ultimately subjugate them to a global economy. I contend that this is the reason for the recent spate of deaths, for those who met their tragic and untimely end had the ability to expose this nefarious agenda by what they knew or discovered, or what they would reveal under subpoena and the damage they could cause to the globalist financial agenda.

    It is an insult to the public intellect that the media so readily pushes the official line that the deaths were all suicides given the unusual circumstances surrounding nearly all of those listed. This itself should be ringing alarm bells with anyone of reasonable sensibilities, or at last those who are paying the slightest bit of attention to the larger picture. The media is either complicit or completely inept. While incompetence is evident in many areas, even the most inept journalist or media company cannot possible deny what exists directly in front of them. They can only withhold the truth.

    Connecting the dots

    To understand what is taking place, I contacted a financial source who has accurately predicted many events that we are now seeing taking place, including the deaths of certain financial people for an explanation. In fact, he actually predicted that we would see a “clean-up” of individuals who posed a serious threat to certain too-big-to-fail-or-jail banks and “banksters” a full week before the events began to unfold. Truth be told, I initially greeted his prediction with some skepticism, for such things don’t really happen in the real world, or so the obedient and well-managed media tells me.

    V, The Guerrilla Economist” as he is known in the alternative media, has provided numerous insider alerts for Steve Quayle‘s website and has appeared as a regular guest on The Hagmann & Hagmann Report. He has an undeniable track record for accuracy, which has earned my respect. However, I thought that he had taken temporary leave of his senses when he twice suggested that there will be some house cleaning done of anyone posing a threat to the agenda of certain banks and the globalist agenda on our broadcasts of November 20, 2013 and again on January 10, 2014. In a separate venue, he described what was about to take place by using the analogy of the movie The International. Several dead bodies and a missing journalist later, that analogy has been proven accurate.

    The fact is that we are seeing a clean-up where JPMorgan and Deutsche Bank seems to appear at the epicenter of it all. In January, JPMorgan admitted facilitating the Bernie Madoff Ponzi scheme by turning its head to his activities.  Despite this admission, the U.S. Department of Justice under Eric Holder declined to send anyone to jail under a deferred prosecution agreement. Yet this is only the proverbial tip of the iceberg.

    In March, 2013, the U.S. Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations released a heavily redacted 307-page report detailing the financial irregularities surrounding the actions of JPMorgan and the deliberate withholding of critical financial information by JPMorgan. Prominent in the mix are the actions of Bruno Iksil, who earned the nickname the “London Whale,” for his “casino bets” of others money that caused billions of dollars in losses. Yet, no cooperation was provided by Dimon’s foot soldiers as they failed to testify or otherwise cooperate with Senate investigators.

    Remember the damage control and the deliberate downplaying by Jamie Dimon, who maintained that there was nothing to see here with regard to the “London Whale” criminal activities? What was originally described as a loss of perhaps $2 billion ultimately turned into many more times that, yet the actual numbers are still hidden from the public. Such events occurred under the noses of numerous financial executives who had knowledge that went undisclosed.

    As we fast forward to today and the current spate of mysterious deaths, we begin to see that many of those who died existed on the periphery of events in the criminal actions of the financial industry. Moreover, it is reasonable to conclude that they possessed knowledge that if disclosed, could have interrupted the magic act taking place for the awestruck audience, captivated by the carefully crafted words of Yellen, her predecessors and the operatives within government who’s duty it is to regulate whatever is left of our current financial system.

    That regulation is now a thing of the past. What we have today is a system of facilitation and co-operation between the largest corporations and financial institutions and the U.S. and our intelligence agencies. We now have the “too-big-to-fails” operating with impunity as a result of an incestuous, if not outright unconstitutional relationship where the banks are acting as operational assets for the CIA, the NYPD, and other intelligence and police agencies.

    The JPMorgan-CIA-NYPD connection

    Perhaps one of the best kept secrets, at least from the majority of the American public, is the integration and overlap between the “too-big-to-fail-and-jail” banks and the most advanced system of surveillance in the U.S. Would it surprise you to learn that the very banks that brought the United States to the brink of financial collapse in 2008, who looted the American public and continue to engage in what most perceive as criminal behavior in the financial venue not only have ties to the CIA, but are actually partnered with the CIA and NYPD surveillance of all of lower Manhattan? That’s right, the big banks such as JPMorgan, Citigroup and others have their own desks and surveillance monitors at a facility known as the Lower Manhattan Security Coordination Center, located at 55 Broadway, deep in the center of New York’s financial district.

    The big banks—the very banks that have been the focus of fraud and corruption investigations have their own system of cameras, more than 2,000 in number, and operate them in tandem with NYPD surveillance cameras at a center that was funded with taxpayer money. Every square inch of lower Manhattan is under surveillance 24/7, not just by NYPD, but by JP Morgan and other members of the so-called “one percent.” Carefully consider the implications of this pact.

    JPMorgan Chase and others have had long and quite intimate ties with the CIA. Today, however, the line between the banks that control our financial present and future and police and intelligence agencies no longer exist. This relationship of mutual benefit permits the CIA to use the financial institutions to “handle the money” for their various global initiatives, while it provides the banks a stable of “professional assistants” to handle their “security,” whether such security issues arise in the U.S., London, or elsewhere. Highly trained and skilled CIA operatives now work within the system of interlocked financial institutions that have been at the epicenter of the most egregious crimes involving the theft from our bank accounts and retirement savings.

    Please stop and consider this for a moment. The very banks and their top executives who have not only brought the U.S. to the brink of financial collapse and Martial Law, engaged or facilitated in various criminal actions that resulted in fines (but no jail time) for the perpetrators, are working hand-in-hand with the CIA. Not only that, they are working in tandem with the NYPD at their surveillance centers, watching and videotaping every move made by anyone—including potential whistleblowers within their vast purview. By the way, this is no ordinary surveillance or surveillance cameras. You won’t find these cameras on the shelves of your local spy shop. These cameras can focus on the footnotes of a book you might be reading, or the words written on a piece of paper being held by an unwitting person. They employ facial recognition and other advanced visual and data aggregation capabilities, and the extent of their technological abilities is increasing every day.

    Additionally, the data is collected and maintained, and files are created of people and groups who are merely going about their daily lives. Equally important, files are created and maintained of problem children and groups, like the Occupy movement and others who lawfully exercise their constitutional rights to protest the actions of the one-percent. Consider this in the context of the Occupy Wall Street protests. where the protesters were not only under police surveillance, but surveillance by the banks and their corporate officers against whom they were protesting. And it was all done with the approval and assistance of the police, in this case the NYPD, and U.S. intelligence agencies.

    Now consider the plight of a whistleblower who wants to expose criminality within the ranks of a too-big-to-fail. The institution who is engaged in purported criminality based on the findings of the whistleblower can observe the whistleblower’s every move. Where they go, who they meet and what they are carrying to such a meeting. They can be tracked to a residence, a business, or even to their psychiatrist’s office, place of ill repute, or the residence of some significant other outside of their marriage, all of which would be invaluable for blackmail.

    Perhaps the potential whistleblower is clean and free from anything that might dissuade them from revealing what they know, their case could be turned over to the in-house security of former CIA agents for proper disposition. It makes the movie The Firm look like child’s play by comparison.

    This is not some fanciful delusion. There is proof of this that exists. The New York Civil Liberties Union (NYCLU) has documented the increasingly extensive surveillance being conducted in lower Manhattan and throughout the city. They have verified that  not only are our constitutional rights being violated every minute of every day, but the fruits of surveillance by police and corporate entities are shared between the police, the intelligence agencies and private financial institutions, without restraint on the distribution on such findings.

    Are you engaged in a protesting against the criminality of the one-percent? Well, they one-percent are watching you, and they are literally seated right next to the police. Are you a journalist following up on possible “bankster” corruption by meeting a potential whistleblower? You better understand that the bankster target of your investigation is watching you, in real-time, with the complete approval and cooperation of the police. As documented by the NYCLU, you are likely now “on file,” and all data compiled is maintained and accessible not just to law enforcement, but to the very target of your investigation—in real time.

    Such surveillance and integration between big banks, law enforcement and spy agencies is not just limited to lower Manhattan or even the United States. It is also most prevalent in London and other cities where international banking is conducted.

    Real-time surveillance and the close working relationship between the “one-percenters,” police and the intelligence agencies gives the targets of criminal probes the ability to be pro-active when necessary. It’s all being done under the pretext of national security when it would appear that the real objective is to insulate the banksters from potential problems that exposure of their criminal actions might cause.

    Oh, and don’t forget that  it is us who are paying for this.

    Perhaps we would be well advised to not only consider the capabilities of the surveillance apparatus that exists where the big banks and police are working at adjacent surveillance terminals at 55 Broadway and other locations, but the incestuous working relationship between the banks and the CIA when we read about banker suicides.

    Do not expect to see any exclusive report on this in the corporate media, for they, as requested have dutifully maintained their code of silence by not showing pictures of the brass name plates that identify the bankster terminals situated adjacent to the police terminals during photo shoots of this super-secret surveillance complex a few years ago. As detailed by the tenacious and indefatigable Pam Martens, journalist for Wall Street on Parade in this article, the captured media took a pass on revealing the whole truth about what’s really going on at 55 Broadway.

    What has been revealed here is merely the tip of the iceberg. The tentacles of the corporate elite, facilitated and empowered by the CIA, the NYPD top brass, and other agencies have now covertly and effectively succeeded in invading everything you do. The fruits of this operation are being used to advance their global financial agenda and silence the opposition.

    Knowing this, is it possible that the dead bodies that are increasing in number are the results of this joint surveillance operation? You will not find any answers in the mainstream media. The big banks have chosen to remain silent, even in the face of subpoenas, and have yet to face any legal consequences for their contempt. It’s not, however, merely contempt of congress or pseudo-investigative bodies. It’s their contempt of humanity, of you and me, and the victims that lie dead, leaving their families broken and wanting for the truth.

    This article has been reprinted with permission from the Northeast Intelligence Network.


    Please visit and for headlines, reports and updates on the growing threat to our financial future. Also, tune in the The Hagmann & Hagmann Report on Monday, February 17, 2014 from 8:00-11:00 PM ET as we welcome “V, The Guerrilla Economist” and Steve Quayle to discuss this topic in-depth.


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      1. TPTB and the media still think we’re stupid.

        • I have a feeling that it doesn’t matter if we, the populace as a whole, are stupid or not. The MSM will not report the truth anyway. If fifty percent of us raised a fuss, no one would ever know anyway, and most would be led to believe that the fifty percent was more like five.

          • There is more to the story above than can be believed, but we all know the truth…. Right?

            IF Obama would ever tell the truth, his address to the American people would have sounded like this :

            “The State of the Union has never been worse. 10 million fewer Americans are working, families are earning less, graduates can’t find jobs & poverty has reached record levels. When I leave office the federal debt will have doubled. Health insurance premiums are skyrocketing and I was untruthful in saying you’d keep your coverage & doctors. My administration was indeed involved in the Fast & Furious, Benghazi , DOJ, IRS & NSA scandals. My “leading from behind” foreign policy has seen the rapid growth of Al Qaeda, Iran is close to the bomb and Russia & China have gained massive geopolitical influence. I’ve ignored the Constitution repeatedly and will continue to do so by executive orders. I’ve pitted men vs. women, rich vs. poor and black vs. white, leaving Americans divided like never before. I blame everyone but myself, including Bush, Republicans, the Tea Party, Fox News & Rush Limbaugh. I can do this because the liberal media will never report the truth about my presidency. Thank you and good evening.”

            • Watch out for that broken rung at
              the top of the corporate ladder …..
              OOPS…..!! too late.

              • I’m just giddy all over that five of these fat-cat sons a bitches are dead by any means…..nice to know that the blue-blooded aristocracy bleeds and dies like the rest of us.

                I hope 50,000 more join them in hell….including a few choice political figures, liberal TV anchors, one sychophantic ex-general with critical zipper control whose name rhymes with “Betray-us”….and a whole bunch of Holly-weird so-called “actors”.

                • Pol pot started at the top too, working his way down to those lucky enough to have eye glasses. I think its best to have legal trials first.

                  • I made the assertion that the growing surveillance apparatus was not for “the little guy”, it was for everything stated in this well written article—I made my opinion public over 15 years ago. I was laughed at. Apparently, the thought of higher-ups being the REAL targets of the NSA, and the more public surveillance was just a distraction, was more than most people could believe.

                    Who is laughing now?

                  • Well said 6…control who and how they vote at the top and the rest become obsolete.

                    Many here still believe that the right will make it right…no damn chance.

                  • This article kept reminding me what I learned of the main methods used by the “Inner Circle” or Hidden hand of the top Soviet rulership…That being, it is ironicly similar to how the soviet inner circle every 5 yrs or so did a clean-up, and exterminated many of the up front publicly seen soviet goyim gentiles branch of soviet rulers.

                    I may be wrong, but it seems that every name listed as a death in this article sounds like a gentile name no?

                    With so huge a number, 90+% of top banksters haveing names like silverman-goldberg etc its ironic none of mentioned deaths share similar names eh.

                    Very similar to old russian soviet and inner circle cheka aka kgb operations, to rid soviet inner sanctums of those goyim gentiles who simply learned way too much info and had to be gotten rid of every 5 yrs or so.

                    One things we can be certain of…Is that under zero circumstances will the hidden hand inner top honchos kill off too many of their goyims. To do so will create a vast lack of publicly seen front faces for various msm news tv shows etc, as well as leave only the tribal leaders left to blame for all their evils…

                    Perhaps Darrel Issa will conduct another 3 yrs long, several hundrd million dollar blue ribbon committee “Probe” and investigation process….Then once completed, sweep all that is found under nearest old carpet, which has been the Per-usual Opp’s at the “peoples House” of esteemed public elected officials eh!

                    ATTEN: US Rep Issa, Pay ME $50-Million in Cash to go digging up Bones for said probe and investigations…I will even supply my Own new shovel! I will even change my full name to…Ken Star!

                  • Except…..we don’t have legal trials anymore. Need proof?

                    Fast and Furious
                    IRS scandal

                    We are no longer a nation of law….but a nation of men….who follow the laws that they choose.

                    All we need is rope, utility poles and willing participants.

                  • Good point about Pol Pot, but that particular strategy doesn’t seem to be the case here, in my view. Pol Pot was more about killing anyone in his way; he didn’t really have a clear vision for the political future of his country. He just liked killing people.

                    The pragmatic utility of the surveillance of Manhattan regards the preservation of the personal security of the people running the surveillance network. It is probably designed to give certain people on the inside, advance warning of a deteriorating situation, like riots or something, on the street, so that they can get out of Manhattan, before the fan blades of their helicopters are covered with the typical byproduct.

                    Some of our government employees are attempting to bring the bankers to justice and to reveal the extent of their financial criminality. With the bankers and all, it is certainly plausible that the less trustworthy operatives in their organizations could be being liquidated. The pragmatic utility here would be to make the job of moral governmental law enforcement that much more difficult.

                    Hakuna metata?

                  • For those who say its impossible to get fair trials…aren’t there already enough innocent being detained? I hate mob mentality. It reminds me of dumb hotheads with low IQ’s.

                • Sadly those that died may have died because they were possible whistleblowers, once they saw the magnitude of corruption their own morality may have prompted them to ask questions, do the right thing. We of course may never know, this in conjunction with many of our own politicians walking away paints a picture of rats being exterminated while some are just jumping ship.
                  The topic at hand is freighting if even half true, if completely true more death will follow and the house of cards will fall in the midst of a true event or a false flag.

                  I call October 2014, be ready I am.

                  • Obama and company will continue to rape, pillage, and squander the remaining wealth, and the masses won’t give a shit. They’re professional voters rounded up and trotted to the polls; the trip-lever that releases goodies into the trough with promise of more to come.

                  • Oh if I could just be a fictional character in my non-fictional world……….Jason Bourne I’d be. First target of annihilation would be 55 broadway

                • The banksters who wont play ball will start vanishing of course. This machine that was built, prints money from nothing without any repercussions from the masses.

                  In a country of 330 Million, I doubt there are 30 Million of us who knows whats going on and where we are headed.

                  All we gotta do is prepare. I’ve told you guys before that I’ve used a prepper/survivalist card game to get people around me on board about prepping without exposing my preparations. The company just came out with Deck#2.

                  If anyone is interested here is the website:


                  We all know where we are headed folks, all we can do is prepare and warn the people around us. Thanks Mac and Douglas for the article, these deaths cant be just coincidence.

                  • They have already been publicly purging the military of dissenters, who really thought that the financial system wouldn’t be purged as well?

                    They don’t care what we know, we can’t do much about it anyway.

                  • thank you, James, for the info about the game. It is exactly what our group needed to get out of the doldrums.

                • I wager that all of the clan are taking sponge baths now, hiring cabs or taking buses, not flying anywhere, skipping walks in the park, staying clear of their pools, cooking all their meals, letting someone else answer the door, and staying clear of windows.

                  • Anyone in the clan who develops a conscience is at risk.

                    The biblical parable about it being easier for a rich man to go through the eye of a needle than to enter the kingdom of heaven springs to mind. To join the one percent is truly to sell your soul, just as in the lower class mafia, any dissenters are ruthlessly weeded out. To be born into this class is not to be privileged, but to be cursed.

                    Many Brits feel Princess Diana fell foul of this code, as did Dr David Kelly. It is not just financial one percenters that dissent that are removed, politicians, scientists and anyone with access to real knowledge, influence or power is also at risk.

                    We have to remember that the top echelons are not incompetent or stupid, as they would like the media to portray but deadly, intelligent and psychopathic control freaks. Ruthless does not begin to describe the lengths the hidden hand will go to, in order to remain in charge.

                    This is why I actually think the best route forward for the common man is simply to opt out of the control system that has been created. To purchase from small local business, to be as self-sufficient as our circumstances allow, to switch off the TV. A game can only continue if both teams remain on the pitch in play. If we, the mass of humanity simply walk away the parasites are left with nothing to feed on.

                  • Lonelonmum: “Anyone in the clan who develops a conscience is at risk.”


                    The exact analogy is the gang ritual where a new member is supposed to demonstrate loyalty by killing someone, sometimes someone with no gang affiliations and no reason to kill.

                    The people at the top are neither ignorant nor willingly incompetent. To the extent that morality exists in that group, our country is safe. It gets less and less credible to see “those” people as being moral, however.


                • You don’t get it. The dead ones are the good guys. That’s why they’re dead. The dead ones aren’t the billionaire crooks.

                  • I read an article by I think it was, Devvy Kidd at newswithviews site, about Sen ted Cruz’s wife’s job.

                    Seems if that articles facts were accurate, Mrs. T.Cruz is also a Vice Pres at Either J.P Morgan, or Goldman sachs…I am leaning to Goldman sachs bankster bunch was the one shes employed at…Matters not much as Both are primary Top Swindlers orgs or corps eh.

                    I wonder how That job affects His, the sen cruz’s senate votes? so far all the other so called Tea party “Darlings” like Rubio-and that wisconsin guy who was romneys pick for VP last election, Ryan is it? and several others everybody thought was such swell patriots have all proven themselves swindlers, scammers, or just plain typical polititions who care Not for truth, america, or us folks.

                    Has Cruz joined that bunch as yet? Anybody know?

                    I do know one of them tea party senators is pushing Hard to increase Leagle immigrants into usa…Is that Cruz’s gig? I read something on him but cannot now recall what exactly, just recall its Not good if it gets done.

                    One certain issue now proven as fact is that…Both Leftist Occupy movnt, as well as right wing Tea Party orgs have ALL been way too easy to get infiltrated and vastly compromized….Which leaves us reg avg folks and voters types with zero alternatives left to consider doing.

                    By zero alternatives left I am meaning of the legit normal varity such as voting or organizing etc…There “May” be other alternatives still avilable? I shall leave that up to far more intelligent and experienced operators to devulge.

                  • Matthew 19:24 Matthew 19:24 (KJV) And again I say unto you, It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God.

                  • Ted Cruz wants to more than double the immigration quota, double the general worker visa and increase the skilled worker visa 500%.

                    In his own words, “Secondly, I believe we should expand legal immigration, reduce the barriers, reduce the waiting periods and I’ve introduced two amendments to significantly expand legal immigration, to double the caps on legal immigration from 675,000 to 1.3 million and to increase temporary high skilled workers by 500%.” – U. S. Senator Ted Cruz

                    More here:


                    Bottom line: We’re on our own.

                • You missed the whole point. They only murder those who oppose them. Dope.

                • The NWO can be eliminated overnight and at 500 yards. 100 million American gun owners hold the future of this nation in their hands. We are all Seal Team America.

                  Death to Traitors!!! 🙂

                • Risky, you seem to have missed the whole point. You are rejoicing at the death of the potential defectors – those who may have overloaded their own consciences and blown the whole thing wide open.

                • Thats the SAME way of thinking as the (blue-blooded aristocracy,political figures, liberal TV anchors Holly-weird so-called “actors”)your words! And you think your better? YOUR THE SAME AS THEM! Hate and the need to break the law and then convict all with out a trial.. Yup, your the same.

              • The Lego movie is awesome! The villain is basically obama and the hero’s are people who can think for themselves.

            • Eppe, that kind of speech is wishful thinking. all of these people have been “Vince Fostered”. Just keep prepping. I don’t like the way things are shaping up.

            • And, yes, I was behind the murder of the 3 gay lovers of Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s Trinity United Church of Christ.

              • For Eppe to add.

              • This was for Eppe to add.

                • Glad you said that JayJay. I was starting to think you had a double life somehow.

              • LOL… you weren’t behind that Jay Jay?

                Had a chuckle when you clarified… I read it as you were the one behind it.

                God Bless and thanks for the laugh,

            • eppe, you left out that juicy email that Snowden captured where Obama wrote, “We can do what we want, we are al Quaeda.”

            • Hey you didn’t blame anything on the Demo`s or was that suppost to be homos


            • Best comment ever.

            • What we need is an opposition candidate willing to believe and say these same words in a national forum in front of the U.S. Population. That sadly, will not happen.

            • How about adding the following:

              “How did this happen? Well, as whistleblower Russel Tice has explained, the NSA was tapping all of my communications and they discovered that my birth certificate is a fraud. The choice was suicide or do their bidding and become a millionaire. I chose the latter. We have weekly meetings where they tell me what to do. I am a puppet for the MSIC, Banking and Transnational interests. Remove me and I will be replaced by another puppet. So just get used to it.”

            • Tyrannical rigimes always feed on their own. Boner et al better stay on their toes. Too bad the banksters won’t go far enough.

              What do you call 1000 lawyers dumped into the ocean wearing concrete galoshes?
              A good start.

            • Close , but change Liberal Media to Jewish controlled Media !

            • Had you spoken like this when little bush was in office,obama never would have been elected.

              • AMEN!

            • A Saturday Night script with vice president in background picking his nose and scratching his you know whats

            • Best comment I’ve heard since Obama has been in office. You nailed it.

          • My apologies if anyone has already heard of this but I read several “alternative” sources of news and still only heard of this this past week:

            A beat up freighter with a N. Korean flag was caught last year trying to go through the Panama Canal. A five day fight then ensued trying to board the ship and when it finally was, the captain immediately tried to kill himself by slashing his throat, (apparently he lived).

            Under 200,000 bags of sugar, they found ballistic missile equipment, (news sources vary describing it from old and outdated to jet engines in perfect condition.) This occurred six months ago and this is the first I heard of it. They’ve since released those captured on board and Cuba, (that’s where the ship had sailed from) was fined around 700k.

            Here’s one of the links, but you can find many varied wordings just by querying “Iranian ship Panama Canal”.

            The attack on the electrical equipment in Monterey County, CA occurred last April and it just became public this week. Took them a month to fix the damage and it is also being called a dry run. A SEAL team trainer was said to have been brought in afterwards and said he was impressed with what was clearly a “professional job”.

            Feels like things are accelerating..

            • Remember the early days of the Gulf oil spill, when thw Russians were saying the Norks torpedoed the thing?

              • breasts shot a torpedo at the oil rig?

          • These are not the droids you’re looking for.

          • TPTB are so arrogant these days because they assume they control everything: our monetary system, elections, corporations,military, CIA,NSA,DHS and most important the mainstream media which they acquired over the last 100 years.

            But as in previous empires, this arrogance will spell their downfall. Because the one thing they don’t own is the Truth movement and the Patriots who stand by the Constitution. So let them weed out potential whistle blowers. We know what’s happening. See “Popsicle Man” at Amazon to learn the background of these parasites who have plundered our country.

        • Hope you all like this one….
          $7.00 SEX

          A DFW area couple, both well into their 80s or 90s, go to a Sex Therapist’s office.

          The doctor asks, ‘What can I do for you?’

          The man says, ‘Will you watch us have sexual intercourse?’

          The doctor raises both eyebrows, but he is so amazed that such an elderly couple is asking for sexual advice that he agrees.

          When the couple finishes, the doctor says, ‘There’s absolutely nothing wrong with the way you have intercourse..’
          He thanks them for coming, he wishes them good luck, he charges them $50 and he says good bye.

          The next week, the same couple returns and asks the sex therapist to watch again. The sex therapist is a bit puzzled, but agrees.

          This happens several weeks in a row. The couple makes an appointment, has intercourse with no problems, pays the doctor, then leave.

          Finally, after 3 months of this routine, the doctor says, ‘I’m sorry, but I have to ask. Just what are you trying to find out?’

          The man says, ‘We’re not trying to find out anything. She’s married; so we can’t go to her house. I’m married; and we can’t go to my house. The Holiday Inn charges $98. The Hilton charges $139. We do it here for $50, and best of all….

          Medicare pays $43 of it.

          • EPPE;
            LOL LOL, You did it again. Thanks. Please keep’m come’n
            S,T,S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.REB

          • Eppe, you have done it again. I spit out some water I was having. Man that one is priceless.

            • I guess from now on, if anyone reads my diatribe, do NOT be eating or drinking, do not want to be held responsible for any injuries… Lol… I try to keep you guys on your toes, because time IS running short…

              • You’d make a good morale officer, especially if you’ve got good aim…

              • eppe:
                Hell that’s half the fun! I’m not worried about my toes. I keep blowing pop out my nose. Damn that hurts!
                Thanks for everything.

                • Sarg sounds like you got the same disease Cuz Braveheart has. Least y’alls nostrils ought to be clean. You ain’t from North Georgia are you. You might be kin folk. We can all share Cuz Bravehearts supplies.

            • Cuz you sure do a lot of spitting and shooting stuff through your nose. Hope you get all of that straightened out before you come to your BOL over here in North Georgia.

              • Idiot, when I get there, I’m going to kick your dumb ass out.

                • Cuz I Love Ya Man! But I wish you wasn’t so violent, you treat me worse than a Stepcuzzin. Wish you would save all that hate for the Fed’s.

          • Great joke

          • eppe,

            it really makes my day!


          • Hey. At least everybody agrees that laughter is the bsst medicine! 160 thumbs up for the $7 sex joke!

        • We are stupid. The Masses believe in Economic Recovery and that banks are safe and that America would never fall. The Masses are clueless of the wars fought today. The Masses don’t even have 1 week supplies, let alone the 6 months I suggest. We The People are 320 million idiots walking around with ‘stupid genes’ located somewhere within the 46 chromosomes….

          • this is typical over(under)educated crap I ran across, I’m sure this is someone who will be crying about student debt in the near future, when their photoshop degree doesn’t provide them even a key to a job, much less a profession. this isn’t only clueless, this is down right retardation. I’ll be willing to bet, over the last 20 years of so called education, (we) have spent approx. 250k on this dumb piece of an excuse for a person. out of 320 million people, I would guess this is prob. about 70%. this is unreal

            • What a stupid cow! I’ve got an idea, immediately after he tells me that this video is going on the Internet, I’m going to spend a good ten seconds picking my nose. Un-fu(&ing-believable!

              • Where the hell was she when I was single.

            • What “typical over(under)educated crap I ran across” are you referring to?

              • @sixpack, check the youtube link above.

            • Makes my mind want to explode!

            • Checked out the first few seconds of that video. The woman has voluntarily given up her mind, and can no longer reason. Jack Sparrow’s compass is more moral than hers.

          • Just wait until we have an emp burst that somehow conveniently loses all records of bank records, transactions and private accounts. The NWO where debt is erased and savings disappeared.
            Thats what I figure were in for. A planned swipe of data thats brought to us by the CIA and its banker cohorts. Itll be the biggest international crime in history. It sure beats having to drag this downward collapse on for years.

            • ten thumbs up CAL .
              I have been thinkin the same thing .
              But first they have to pick a country to blame it on.
              Then start WW3 , just to cover it up and strip Americans of our bill of rights and constitution .

              • Hey hammerhead glad to see your paying attention and thinking beyond the walls of the box. Thumbs back to you friend.
                Everyone should be asking why theres been so much mediaspeak on EMPS and grid down worries. Plus the movements and chatter in Iran and NKorea. Here in the homeland the chatter is loud. Notice they like to toss a few warnings before they strike. Sometimes they give us a false flag. Cant trust the snakes especially a rattler shaking his tail tip.
                Wouldnt surprise me none if we got ourselves a paid for EMP strike w/ a big kickback to Iran or China. We see how Obama works with Iran not against. Wed never know about a kickback or treaty and there wouldnt be a money trail anywhere online w/ an EMP.
                An EMP would also disappear all of the inconveniant truths the govt and the bankers have in their computers. Think of the profit of the losses.
                Maybe thats some of the intel Snowden hasnt shared yet. Still is puzzling to me that Snowden aint been disappeared yet. They have a use for him still. Anyone else figure Snowdens a govt plant?

                hammerhead would we need a country to blame? The US wont have a WW3 unless we want one. Why go thru the aggrevation to make money off the war and slide more power around if we can do it w/ an EMP strike?
                The govt just has to get a few more bases hardened and theyll be ready to go. They got the supplies and the ammo to go around. Most of the officials claim a real EMP strike will kill 90% in 12 months or less. Thats convenient. Dead people dont need placating and the remainders only need food and basics. They wont be worried about whose to blame.
                Its almost like weve been watching the play and eating our popcorn waiting to see how it all turns out. Might be a while. Be sure to stock up on popcorn and the salt.

                • CAL , they wouldnt EMP the entire country , it would be one large city . why?
                  Because they need the rest to hand over our rights in the name of safety and security.
                  You wont see 90% die off because socialism needs serfs .
                  Serfs pay taxes and work hard for nothing, stand in line for handouts and love the power and security of a big central government.
                  Once the soverienty of the US gets handed to the UN after such an event , all bets are off .

                  • hammerhead, yeah you pointed these things out correctly for a regional plan Id say. The 90% die off was forecast by those who lay claim to the knowledge of EMPs, not my #s of course. Dr.Peter Vincent Pry has some experience w/ EMPs through the effects of nuclear testing out west. I read his book on kindle called Civil-Military Preparedness For An Electromagnetic Pulse Catastrophe so thats where the #s come from. A big die off would be for a centrally located EMP but if tptb wanted control of just a city or two, sure it could be a smaller detonation w/ less impact. I was gaming the scene for total control and collapse not regional because regional wouldnt destroy all records. Course an EMP over NY would destroy most of the cities on the east coast and it would wipe out the banker records. Gold would be disappeared too. Even though its disappeared already. We dont know that though, not yet.
                    Wouldnt take much to destroy our Constitution via the UN. One treaty would set the stage. We already got Obama hacking away at the Constitution and no one in Congress is stopping him.

                  • IRAN: Has a New Prez elected reently. So far hes opting for peacefull resolutions etc…Why is that not a good thing for a usa prez to seek peacefull results instead of constant wars in mid east?

                    Last I checked Iran has not invaded or attacked any nations for aprox 300 years now…And the ONLY nations leader I ever see on any tv station almost 24/7/365 screaming for more Wars! and constantly foaming at mouth like a Rabid wild Dog for more WARS!

                    Has always been Israel’s Nuttyyahoo doing that. And his Rabid war mongering state already Has 300 Nukes, plus those 1/2 dozen nuke capable subs courtesy of germanys merkle…She even had germany Pay for at least 75% total sub’s costs…

                    So Now besides that Samson-Threat to send nukes flying to every eu major city unless israel keeps getting All it demands of the world at large…Now with those nuke subs, israel can pose same samson option threats to the Entire world’s nations! Including the usa and canada!

                    I aint no fan of muslims nor irans leadership…But if they really do desire peacefull options, and just desire a return to more normal state status and overall world business etc?…What harm in allowing iran and its new prez to prove thats the real deal?

                    What if mid east moooooslins as enemy #1 no longer maintains its “MOJO” in the public’s eyes?

                    If every tv news/msm switched that boogyman to say, mexico, or brazil perhaps, with all types trumped up charges of this or that and 101 reasons usa citizens need now stop fearing mid east moooslims, and opt for new mexican or brazilian enemys, should we begin carpet bombings at once in those nations too?

                    What if Fox news tv tell’s us all that mexicans got it in for israel and are worlds greatest bunch of jew enemys next?…Send in the troops and carpet bomb back into stone age like last 12 yrs?

                    Iran wars started in past 300 yrs=ZERO

                    Israel started wars in past 65 yrs= More than you can count! Including an attack and attempted sinking of the U.S.S Liberty navel ship! with aprox 35 usa navel men deaths, and 170 More severly wounded!(1967-israel planned to Blame egypt so usa will start major war against them next! Ship refused to sink! LBJ-Covered it up rest is forgoten history eh)

                    But Irans the big problem? Because Hannity and rush says so right, along with that abject clown act, Beck.

                  • Hasn’t the US military already tested a drone that can do targeted EMP work?

            • They can erase the data all around the world if they want to—the NSA will always have a backup.

              • Yeah and the government is there to help you too.

                • Using the NSA backup after a data loss, will not protect any of US—it will make sure we have to pay every single cent we owed on paper. They won’t let a data loss keep them from what they’ve got coming…not one single penny of it.

                  Just don’t expect the NSA to fork over anything that might help US in any way.

                  • Thats right. Aint no govt coming to help or protect us pions.
                    NSA is the enemy. Even the left agrees with this, and more so than the typical republican.

                • SIXPACK: Wasn’t all the banksters info & paper trails already totally destroyed when the pentagon got hit? And also banksters records stashed safely at Building #7, on 22 or 23rd floor where entire floor of buildg #7 was really the secret Bunker to send NY mayor and other big-wigs into for safe keeping incase of a REAL attack…

                  Even though that entire floor was a solidified, bomb proofed, attack proofed secure bunker, it seems all it took to demolish all records stashed there by top 1/2 dozen banks cartels, were quickly done away with forever…By a simple small Roof fire that caused that buildg to also fully collapse into its Own footprint, same as a controled demolition Operation by that famous demolition expert family the Wazzoos or Yazzos or whatever there name is.

                  so it would seem that most if not every banks records along with every wall street swindlers records has all been wiped out close to a dozen yrs ago…

                  PS: As Per attacks on USA Const..Last few days every tv news, even RT tv news has been speaking Loudly of all the related Orgs, groups, citizen groups, etc that are clamoring big time for a State called const convention to happen ASAP!

                  I only could watch a few minits of a couple tv news shows on this issue…But…I did notice that it seems NONE are speaking of the bad side effects nor of the Potential pit falls if a state held convention is made reality.

                  These swindlers are Lying that nothing bad can occure as long as congress picks proper delegates, and tells them to Only deal with balanced budget issues period.!

                  Thats PURE 100%+ BS!…Once US Congress calls for a con-con, and also Appoints the states delagates, or approves whoever states send, and us congress IS who constitutionally Sets the con con Rules etc…Gee what can possibly go wrong eh?!!!

                  Whats hard to believe is that so Many so called Right wing folks like Mark Levin, are so promoting this con con…Whenever we see all sides right and leftist agree so quick for any so called solution to americas woes?

                  LOOK OUT FOLKS! Fire Up your Jewdar, radar, seek out hidden zios, and connect dots and follow Money trails!

                  Because You are about to get Shafted royally!

                  Just…Say..NO! to all calls for any Con-Con! If its allowed to proceed the current usa const WILL be shredded and replaced with that version waiting for such an opertunity at Georgetown Univ where it was pre-written at the cost of over $25 Million so far paid mostly by…Rockefeller Bros Orgs…..Thats Not good at all.

                  • At a Constitutional convention, everything from WE THE PEOPLE on down is on the table. Most Americans wouldn’t like how a ConCon turned out.

            • Calgacus
              Does that mean any debt that a person has will be wiped out too???and if it doesn’t who in hell will come collect it?????I know ,,,I know just jerking everyone`s chain a little,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


              • Snake
                Where have you been?
                wouldn’t it be great to get rid of all our debt?
                I know lets all become Zombies and Leaches. We would make more money just setting around doing nothing but eating and drinking.

        • Technically, most Americans are stupid. They believe everything the media says. They believe Republicans and democrats are different (while they serve the same people). They believe that the bogie men countries are out to get us. They believe he government will take care of them. But many people here are brainwashed too. When it comes to the government, people here don’t believe them. Except in cases, for example, when the government is anti-Muslim, that’s when people, especially people here, bow down and happily believe everything the government says that is against Muslims. But anything else, they don’t believe the government.

          That shows the mentality of people here and generally, in this nation. What is killing this nation is bias, bigotry, and divide and conquer. If everyone, including people here, were smart enough to see that, and instead of mocking everyone who doesn’t think like them, this nation would be better off. There would be a better understanding.

          Consevatives mocking liberals (and the other way around), Republicans blaming all 1.5 billion Muslims for the act of a small group of radicals, democrats labeling conservatives enemies, prepared mocking the unprepared. This all needs to stop. This is what is ruining this nation. You are part of the problem.

          I guarantee you that most people here (who are conservative) never talked a meaningful deep discussion with liberals or Muslims. And the same thing how most liberals never had a meaningful deep discussion with conservatives. There is no excuse. There is this an unnecessary enmity. This is all planned. The is all according to 1 percenter’s current plan.

          Just because you call yourself awake and you comment on shtf, doesn’t mean you are really awake or you are not a sheep. If you fall for any of their bs like total reliance on welfare, obamacare, wars, or “They hate us because of our freedoms” crap, than you are just like any other sheep.

          • muslims do carry the belief that if you don’t join them, according to the Koran, that they have the right to kill you (infidel) right? why interfuse religion and acceptance into the same paragraph, if they don’t congeal. acceptance of one another is one thing, but to expect the other to do so, with ‘term’ limits is another. to say we are sheep because (we) of our reliance on welfare and …. your talking to the wrong crowd.

            • No they don’t believe that they can kill you for that. Or else all Christians in the Middle East would be dead.

              Islam is something big in this nation. The government wants you to think Muslims are those people who want to kill everyone who doesn’t think like them. It’s not like that.

              There are always radicals in every religion. But because you see radicals on TV or the news doing something doesn’t mean that the religion allows it or the people of that religion accept it.

              I went to the Middle East before. They don’t hate Americans. They hate the government. Just like grouping you with the government won’t make sense because you and the government don’t think the same even though they so everything in the name of the American people.

              Same thing with Muslims. Don’t group Muslims and Islam with radicals just because radicals do something unacceptable in the name of Islam.

              That’s what I’m saying. Many here fear and hate Muslims for no reason. Why don’t they go and talk to a Muslim instead of mocking something that they have no knowledge of. Knowledge that is the key.

              Learn, learn, learn. That is what the government doesn’t want you to do.

              • Islam, from its establishment by Mohammed is a “political” religion determined to rule the world. There are many examples of this relentless enmity to all other faiths.
                The war being fought by “terrorists” is a war by fundamentalist Muslims against Christianity, Judaism, as well as Hinduism and Buddhism. It can most vividly been seen in the fate of Egypt’s fifteen million Copts. From fear of death, 1.5 million Copts have been forced to flee just this one Muslim nation.

                Islamic high-school textbooks state that killing a Muslim is punishable by death, but if a Muslim kills a non-Muslim he is not subject to capital punishment since the superior cannot be punished for killing the inferior (p. 146). It also states that compensation for manslaughter rates for a woman is half that for a man, but for a Christian or Jew it is one third (p. 187); and that there can be no stewardship (a boss) of a non-Muslim over a Muslim (p. 205).

                The Koran sanctions pillage, looting, ransom, and the rape of captive women as an incentive to join in jihad or “holy war.” The truth is that Islam rose through bloody conquest; it sanctions theft, deceit, lust and murder; it persecutes Christians, Jews, Hindus and other “infidels;” it treats women with cruelty; and it is committed to global conquest by any means necessary. The massacres by Muslims in India are unparalleled in history, bigger than the Holocaust.

                • The same views that you express is the same views portrayed by the mainstream media and people who are determined to launch more wars in the Middle East.

                  You can’t translate the Qur’an. You don’t even know Arabic. In Islam, people can’t steal from or rape people. When the Prophet Muhammad took over lands, Muslims left the village people as is. Muslims never looted, raped, pillage, etc. You get your information from biased and anti-Muslim sources.

                  You never studied Islam. I have. Muslims waged war and took over lands. So did christianity. You can’t be biased and act like christians never waged war or killed innocent people and looted villages. Did you forget all the Muslims who died in Spain after the christians conquered the land again. What about the crusaders? Don’t forget that. How many people died from that.

                  This war, which the United States started, is being fought to try to destroy Islam so the bankers and elites can take over the world and establish their monetary system. You are still falling for the same tricks that produced hatred and got this nation into unnecessary wars.

                  In Islam, women cover so only their husbands can look at their bodies. Women are treated with respect. The Qur’an orders Muslim men to treat women with great respect. The Qur’an also says that men and women have equal rights, but a man has more of a responsibility, which is to provide for the woman. You might disagree with this. But don’t say this is cruelty. I disagree in what the radicals do. But the vast majority of Muslims are moderate. In Islam, women are allowed to learn, have jobs, shop, go to school, etc.

                  Once again, you are grouping all Muslims with radicals. Second, massacres by Muslims? What massacres. Civil wars are a normal occurrence. But by your definition, you only blame the Muslim side. If anyone dies, you blame the Muslims. That is hypocrisy. What about in Myanmar, where the buddhists are massacring Muslims like chickens.

                  What about the millions of Iraqi refugees who fled Iraq? What about the hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqis who were killed because of a war lie? Why don’t you mention these?

                  Your information is totally biased and wrong. I guarantee that you get your information from someone who is anti-Muslim or from controlled media. You have no knowledge of Islam. The only way to learn about Islam is by talking to a Muslim. If you don’t want to talk to a Muslim. Instead, you get your information from whatever source you get it from as long as it’s anti-Muslim. That is biased and one-sided.

                  A non-Muslim boss? Where do you get these things man. I mean seriously. I am a religious Muslim. I worked under a christian. Where do you get this bs information from. It is laughable. Look man, don’t be biased. Get out and learn from an UNBIASED SOURCE. Everything you said is what the elites want you to think. It’s the view of the mainstream media. The fact that you said this make me believe that you made up everything you said.

                  On top of that. Page numbers are meaningless. I don’t even know if such a book that says all that even exists. You could have made all that information up.

                  • I read and speak Arabic. I have lived in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Iraq. I have known and talked with both Sunni and Shiite Muslims. I try hard to censor myself and just put down the facts, with no opinions.

                  • I should probably describe myself. I’m a 7th generation Texan. The Bushes ranch that produced all the oil was just below my great-grandfathers farm. They hated us. Guero is my actual nickname. It’s pronounced “weddo” and means “whitey”. I got it when I played soccer in the desert and everyone else noticed I never sunburned or tanned. The last job I had before I retired was as an analyst.

                  • Well, to me, the most important part of the Koran is the Sudra which states: “There is no compulsion in religion.”

            • And let’s not forget that we are in year 30ish of the jihad. The extreme Muslim world wants us gone. They are anti-Western world in every way. Just because suicide bombers aren’t active in America right now, doesn’t mean they aren’t here. And it would be naive to think the govt wouldn’t allow certain terrorist events to occur. What better way to accomplish the goal and get the backing of most Americans? I’ll never forget how united the US became right after 911. We were all ready to sign up for the military and kick some Arab ass. The sheep are easily distracted and will follow whichever shephard is willing to step up.

              • Why do you believe this stuff that “They want to kill us over here” and “They hate us because of the freedoms”. This is the same bullshit stuff the government said in 2001. Now, you all know that the wars were all lies. But….people still believe this stuff.

                I mean, come on. All this is already proven wrong. Of course Muslims would be angry because Iraq was invaded based on a lie. Hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqis were killed. I mean, Americans were rightly angry about 9/11, where 3,000 Americans died.

                How do you think Iraqis feel about hundreds of thousands of their people dieing for a lie that was made up? Or does it not count just because they are Muslim? People need to wake up. This is the same divide and conquering they are using between democrats and republicans.

                The Muslims do not want to come here to kill us. They are not a threat as long as their countries are not invaded anymore.

                Let me ask you this. The biggest nation with a Muslim population is Indonesia. Indonesia has a population of more than 200 million Muslims. If you say Muslims want to kill us because they hate us for being Americans. Why haven’t we seen an Indonesian suicide bomber come to America to attack us? Why aren’t Americans enemies with Indonesia?

                That’s because there are no enemies there. They is no oil. The government is playing with people’s minds by saying all this stuff about them hating us because of our freedoms. Come on. I thought people here knew better. On top of that, I don’t think an Iraqi ever attacked the United States before, even after their land was invaded.

                • so what where the ‘crusades’ fought for?

                  • Do some research. The crusades were launched in response to Muslim aggression. Islam has never been spread by any means other than the sword.

                • What are sources for your dramatically different information on Islam? Muslims want to rule the world. They hate us because we refuse to bow our knees to Allah. They also hate us because we support Israel and because America is the biggest producer of porn in the world. Any real Muslim is a jihadist.

                  • Who doesn’t want to rule the world? Muslims want to rule the world. The christians want to rule the rule. The atheists want to rule the world. The jews want to rule the world. Who doesn’t want to rule the world. Every nation or religion wants to rule the world.

                    My information is me. I studied Islam. I am a pretty religious Muslim myself. I read the Qur’an. I went to weekly Islamic lessons. In Islam, there is no such thing as legitimate suicide bombings, honor killings, killing of women, men, are children of Islam nor in any other religions whether Jewish or Christian.

                    But you know what. I hate porn. I hate the act itself. You can’t say that billions of people hate a whole nation because some people produce porn and think differently. Arab Muslims think different than Asian, Latin, or Russian Muslims. They all have different culture. I can’t blame you or any other Americans because someone is producing porn. That doesn’t make sense.

                    I don’t agree with giving money to Israel. I don’t agree with giving money to Iraq. I don’t agree with giving money to any corrupt nation. Because that money only goes to military, wars, and in corrupt government’s pockets. Whether it’s Iraq, Israel, European nations, or any other nations. I am not biased. I agree with helping other nations through humanitarian aid. That is just my opinion. But only through humanitarian.

                    The Qur’an is a book in which not everyone can just open the book and decipher the meaning. One word in Arabic can have 20 different meanings. Many people, including alqaeda, misinterpret that meaning and bend it towards their ideology. Many people who wish to spread misinformation about Islam to fuel the wars and hatred purposely misinterpret the Qur’an.

                    My family lives in a rural area. Much like many people here do. People their hated us at first. But time after time, they realized that Muslims aren’t those violent people that the media tells everyone. There was an U.S. vet who came from Iraq. The man killed Muslims. But no one cared for him when he got home. No one, not the government nor anyone else. Who gave him a place to live in? My uncle. He allowed the Iraqi vet, a man who went to kill Muslims, a place to live at our farm. You call that hate? I love Islam, my religion. If we hated the Iraqi vet so much, we wouldn’t have helped him. Most of the people my uncles hire are rural rednecks. You think we would hire them if we hated their guts?

                    Many people misunderstand Islam. I don’t agree with what you say. But I try to make people understand the true Islam. The Islam that forbids suicide bombings, forbids killing of innocent people, forbids lying, forbids killing unjustly. I studied Islam since I was a child. I pray 5 times a day. I am religious. I learned to treat people the way I want to be treated. I was discriminated against in my school. Many people hated me. Even my teacher told me to go play with a ball instead of building bombs. I was offended. But I don’t think that all Americans are like that.
                    Just like you shouldn’t think that all Muslims are represented by radicals. Just like you shouldn’t think that the Qur’an spreads injustice.

                    You have your views and I have mine. But just because we are different doesn’t mean we are enemies. I just want people to wake up to the fact that we Muslims aren’t violent. We aren’t those people that the media portrays as violent or full of hate. We love peace as much as you do.

                • sources I use, have read all of some and some of the rest

                  circa 2006: Imperial Hubris, MIchael Scheuer, formerly with the CIA’s “get bin Laden” detail. Also, “Through Our Enemies Eyes.” my paraphrase, what motivates the jihadi. what their grievances are.

                  I guarantee you not 1 person in 50 on this board has ever read. They hate our imperialism and the rape of their lands since about 1875, us and the Brits. Again, we’re the Redcoats. They’re the indigenous defending themselves.

                  Dore Gold, Hatred’s Kingdom, on Saudi Arabia. Daniel Pipes, Militant Islam Reaches America. Bernard Lewis, professor of near east studies at Princeton, The Crisis of islam. Lewis, The Middle East, a brief history of the last 2,000 years.

                  Richard W. Bulliet, Islam, the view from the edge. The Oxford History of Islam.

                  I concur with hmm. Most people on here who pontificate that Islam is this and Islam is that don’t know what the F they are talking about.

                  Those are BOOKS. No click-on instant wisdom. Takes a little time and effort. Sorry if that sounds elitist. Anyone can have an opinion. It takes sustained effort to have an INFORMED opinion.

                  • I also agree with some of Michael Scheuer’s views. He was the CIA man on investigating bin laden. When wars are launched in the Middle East, this fuels alqaeda. When there are no wars, alqaeda loses support. This is common sense. People in the Middle East don’t want bases and more invasions. Once there are no more bases or war. There will be fighting for power. But things will return to a balanced state and the violence will end.

                    Same thing like this economy. If quantitative easing and money printing stops, there will be chaos. But over time, things will return to a balance. And the chaos will end.

                • @ hmmm…I merely recapping what the extremist themselves have stated…a jihad. I am speaking about Muslim extremists…not all Muslim nations. You can disagree with me, that’s fine, but you might want to take some time to learn about what the Muslim extremist believes and why they have this belief. This isn’t some sort of spin…it is what it is.

                  • I know about extremists. I have debated one myself. I don’t agree with their radicals views. I am glad that you don’t group all Muslims together. Because the vast majority of Muslims truly want peace. Just like you want peace. More goes on in Mosques to battle extremists than you might think. But the media doesn’t want to report it.

                • Lets all Focus on that issue of “Muslims are in Year 30th of Jihad”…Well what about Talmudic Judaics?….They are in aprox Year 3500 of Their massive hatred of all goyim gentiles aka of all non jews. At least thats whats wrote in every second page of their 65 volume set of books called tha Talmud…

                  Then there that pesky issue talmudic have with an even More Rabid hatred of Jesus Christ, Christianity, Christians and especially those white members of christianity worldwide.

                  More innocents were mass killed in the 20th century as compared to ALL other recorded eras of history…None can dispute that Fact with any legit sources…

                  About 250 Million were mass murdered BY Jewdeo-Bolshevik-Kommie jews beginning in 1917-18 Russia revolt, then spread out to a dozen more eastern european nations, and the mass killings and forced starvations(holodomer you never hear of nor see any tv or hollywood movies on) Never stopped untill around 1990, when soviet ussr ended.

                  Folks that ridicule or sneer or name call at these documented Facts, are simply ignorant fools or just refuseniks where the real truth is at…Many have a vested intrest at disbelief even when such has been so well documented and verified by more sources private and govnts alike….And 99% of times Thats due to falsehoods taught by phony israel firster pastors, teaching many falshoods related to “End Times prophecy” based upon Their wrong interpretations of the biblical verses etc..

                  But…Once its imbedded into the minds of most christian church goers, its almost totally Impossible to ever convince such folks to at least Research alternate ifno’s that will prove these wrongs and falsehoods as false.

                  One would think that after past 40 yrs of so Many end times prophecy videos, public conferences, gatherings etc, and every single one has proven wrong. By pastors such as TV’s ministery of Hagee-Jack Van Impe-Pat Robertson, and the entire Brood of “experts”.

                  Just the very Fact that every named and unnamed pastors has had to copycat Hal Lindsey and RE-Do their end times scenario vids, Dozens of times now, due to “something didn’t go as thought it will”…only They claim “I never realized I missed this or That bible parts…UNTILL! The Lord told me the Rest of the story! So Now Pay me another $40 + shipping fees, to recieve my NEW Updated end times scenario version of…The same damn falshood crapola I prior sold to You fools!..Oh and also BUY all my Books too cause Rexella my wifey needs a new $10,000 Dress to wear on the Next TV show next week folks!!

                  Rexella Van Impe: “oh oh Oh!!! Jackkkkkk! Oh My my my! but aren’t you the worlds best expert on end times events!

                  Jack Van Impe: “well Yes thats truth Rexella, but never mind all that Praise for ME! I rather again alert tv viewers to This weeks special DEALS!…Just send ME $200 Plus shipping Fees, to recieve the Latest, greatest new version end times scenarios and projew pro israel zionists operatives versions as a…BOXED SET!” See ya all Next week…Remember folks jews can do NO wrongs cause jews gets a free pass and special Back door Key into Heaven! and Thats IN your bibles folks! Bye Bye folks!

                  NEXT up same TV station: the Pastor John Hagee zioboy extrodinare, pro israel jew-firster Master of “CUFI” org ceramonies!…here with huge Charts outlining all he was Taught by his Rabbi talmudic, Pastor-seminary school Teachers!…You can all trust whatever Talmudic taught Judiazers tells ya folks! Because they Loves all issues israel state! USA! USA! USA!!! MORE WARS For jews! Yeah kill off the entire world for jewish israel state!

                  What pure total Blasphemy, Heritics, and plain BUNKOLAS!

                  And as written above posting, Yes many Here has fallen Hard for such nonsense!..Good luck wakeing them.

                • OK, towelhead. Another adherent to the religion of peace.

              • What radicals say are different and what Islam represents is different. Just because people say something, it doesn’t make it true. I am a Sunni Muslim. Our ideology is vastly different from the shiite ideology.

                Anyways, you might be able to read and speak Arabic. So can I. Much better than you (not an insult). But even I could not translate the meaning of the Qur’an on my own. Someone must be skilled in Fus-ha, the true Arabic the was spoken long back than in the Arab nations. Most now speak the slang Arabic.

                A word in Arabic can have many different meanings. So it’s not that simple for someone to just open one of those english Qur’ans and start reading. I am not say that you do that. I am saying that do that doesn’t make sense. Numerous and numerous translations written in english versions are wrong.

                But let’s say people over there did say they want to take over the world. Many Americans had the same mentality. Which people do not want to take over the world. So you are telling me that when the British, Americans, Russians, Chinese, and the Germans wanted to take over the world, that’s okay if they wanted to do that, and they tried through war. But if Arabs say that, people act like it’s the end of the world.

                But anyways, my friend let me ask you this. If there weren’t any oil in the Middle East, do you think those hundreds of bases and all those wars would have still happened?

          • Muslim nations have not forgotten that usery is forbidden to the faithful – this puts the global central banking plan at risk. They have also not forgotten that the family is the bedrock of self-determination and society. (I bitterly disagree with many aspects of their doctrine, but I think it’s important that we do not forget why they and not us are seen as the elites greatest threat).

            If Christians would only also remember that Usery is also forbidden to us, then we would stand a small chance.

            Join your local credit union and avoid the big banks. Encourage your local credit union to add a bill paying facility to their service offering and you have hit one simple blow for freedom.

            Instead of falling for the divide and conquer rhetoric try being an adopted Grandpa for that those children down the road in a household headed by an ethnic single Mum. Give her boys a decent role model to follow other than that perverted monster in the Whitehouse. Counter the impact of state schooling by teaching those kids critical thinking.

            We can take back our freedoms one family, one small act at a time. This will only work if we stop fighting amongst ourselves, but allow the cumulative effect of millions of small acts of rebellion and rejection of the status quo to build up. Eventually the dam will burst behind all those acts of purchasing local goods and produce, gardens homeschools, community self-defence projects credit unions etc, etc.

            The elite NEED us to survive, we do not need them.

          • Actually, I had a deep discussion with a liberal lefty, tie-dye, silver pony-tail and all. There was absolutely no agreement on ANYTHING, not even the color of the sky.He won’t even look me in the eye now, much less risk speaking to me again.

            No great loss.

            • Than try again. We shouldn’t mock. We should try to learn. Just talking to them is learning experience.

              • Yes it is. I learned that you can’t reason with a rock.

                • I know some people can’t be helped. But debating is a learning experience too. I can enjoy sometimes. I mean, you have your reasons.

                  But what do I get from mocking? Nothing.

                  What do I get from debating? A better form of understanding.

                  It can be a headache. But hey, oh well.

              • Diaper head

                • Hey Pee-pee head! Who ya callin’ diaper head!

                  Ahhhh… Third grade. The best four years of my life.

                • Why mock me? I was having an intellectual conversation with others. That’s what I don’t like. But know this. Your hatred won’t help make things better. You know I said the truth. But any truth that doesn’t satisfy your hate is rejected by you and others.

        • 4 or 5 dead bankers well it’s a start

        • Because if you believe this crap,you are stupid.

          • NCJOE, F#$% YOU! You don’t have any business coming on here and calling people stupid. Go f#$% yourself!

            • Easy brother, just thumbs, just thumbs..

            • “This web site thrives because of its community. As such, we have implemented a comment rating system controlled by our users. The thumbs up or down flagging system will allow readers to determine if the post is or is not relevant to the conversation. User comments that are flagged with a thumbs down too many times in relation to thumbs up votes will be hidden from view (but still available for reading). While we support lively debates and understand that people get excited, frustrated or angry at times, we ask that the conversation remain civil if at all possible.”

            • Joe is correct and if it’s not evident by now then the name is fitting ……how many years are you going to fall for the same crap ??????

            • Careful Cuz, Mac may forget your his lapdog an ban you for a week. Then how would you rant?

        • For the most part they are right. The average American Citizen doesn’t know the Federal Reserve is a private member bank. For that matter most have never heard of the Federal Reserve!!

        • if you’re reading this crap, you must be, the stories get sillier everyday, only one out of five are worth reading, it’s the same thing yr after yr.

        • I just wanted to post this because I hadn’t thought about it till now. I haven’t seen anything mentioned about it as a prepping need.

          240 Volt extension cords

          I would need at least a 50 foot cord to go from my range to the garage where my generator is. I don’t have one, but I will soon.

          Just a thought


          • JEFF:
            I’m not an electician but, I would say that you could use welding leads for that type of drop cord. Plus it woud be more flexible than hard wire.
            If that is too heavy, I do know that you will need no.8 wire.
            Here is another thought move the stove to the garage closer to the generator. That is what I I’m planning on doing.
            Good luck my friend in the prepper world.
            S.T.S.TF.P. N.R. N.S. N.REB

            • Welder cable is quite flexible, but also quite expensive. For 50′, 8 AWG CU will probably work at 240 volts. Single conductors in free air can carry a large amperage load. NEC table in article 310 is for continuous loads (3 hours or more) with conductors in a cable or raceway. You probably won’t be doing that. You might be OK with 10 AWG. Your range is 40-50 amps with all burners and the oven going at once. Most of us don’t do that.

          • Jeff
            Get the heaviest one you can get,
            When you go to use your generator make sure your gas tank is full. You don’t want to run out of gas and it start pulsing on you that might screw up the range.

            • Won’t hurt the heating elements, maybe the electronic crap found on so many ranges these days. The cool electronic bells and whistles sell appliances. I’ve seen fridges with LCD displays that connect to the internet. I’m sure some people thought that was cool.

          • We had a pool. Needed those for water pump.
            Have 150 + 100.
            Nice for industrial jobs around the house.

          • Or….

            Move the range to the garage.
            That’s really where you belong anyway.
            Pizza and an oil change? Why not!

          • Check out your genny. You will probably have to buy your own cord ends and make your own cord. The plug on the genny should be marked as to voltage, amperage, etc. if you don’t have the manufacturer’s instructions. Look for markings like 30A 120/240V 1phase (sorry, I have no key for that) 3 wire or 4 wire. There should be a NEMA label molded into the plug on the genny. You may be able to find something already assembled at an RV supplier. I don’t RV, but somebody else on this site can probably help with that.

          • What is the generator output? Size it off of that. I have a 5000 watt generator and have sized everything accordingly. You may need a disconnect to be legal? 8 will work unless you have a 15000 watt generator.

            • I’ve thought about this for awhile, and feel in the long run, skip the generator. put your money into either wind, or solar power for electrical generation. sure a generator would be wise in a storm event, but longer than a few days, forget it. if you need to cook, use your furnace/fireplace. need hot water, again they have wood burning furnaces that can heat water. need water, better have a well, with mechanical pump bypass as option. another thing, in emergency situation, most people forget that they all have about 80 gallons of fresh water in their water heater.

              • No wind yet. Have enough solar to run lights and TV 24/7. The generator runs my 240v well and other heavy appliances. I don’t have a 240v inverter. It is high on the list. Natural Gas for heat, cooking, hot water. Been without power for 7 days because of tornado’s taking out miles of power lines, never ran out of natural gas. My shop is heated with wood and has it’s own solar system to run my power tools.

                Try functioning for 7 days without power. You will find all of your weak points. The weakness are easier to correct when all of the stores are open and everyone else isn’t looking for that same plug.

          • Wow!!!!! An actual prepping topic. I’m psyched!

            In any case, if you have a 5000 watt generator, all you will need is 10 Gauge 3-wire with ground as all you’ll be pushing out of the generator is about 20 – 30 amps.

            A bigger generator will require “8 Gauge wire”.

            You’ll also need two different male plugs. A Standard 240 volt male plug and a male Standard Range plug. A 50 ft solution probably will run around $110.00. (Plugs are 25.00 – 30.00 / each)

            Connecting to the range outlet isn’t a bad idea in a pinch. Just make sure you shut off the main switch before powering up the generator so you don’t generate feedback voltage and also so you don’t start a fire if the electricity comes back on with the generator running.

            In the above case, everything will have access to generator power so you have to pick things to run. i.e. you don’t want the refrigerator running while the furnace kicks on, etc.

            Also, make sure you get a 12 volt inverter and a car battery. While on generator power, charge the car battery with any old battery charger.

            Also have the inverter connected to the battery. That way, you can charge your electronics without harming them.

            Another suggested alternative would be to set up a generator transfer switch and run 10-wire from a receptacle outside the house into the generator transfer switch connected to your main power panel.

            Make a 10 ft 240 volt extension cord out of 10-wire and a male – male 240 volt plug and then use that to plug the generator into the receptacle (About $90.00 for plugs and wire).

            The only drawback to the above is that you have to pick which circuits you’d like to protect. This is what I have done at my house.

            • I always make my cords out of #8-3-G stranded just in case I upgrade generators. You also have less electrical loss using larger wire. You are right on about cost of making up a 50′ extension cord. If you have an electrician make it up will pay $175.00-$200.00.

              We use the generator in 1-2 hour intervals for pumping water, re-freezing freezers, and re-heating the house. Summer time we just open the windows. Then I switch to solar for running lights, TV, etc. It’s work, but sure beats burning 10-12 gallons of fuel running it 24/7 a day.

        • For all practical purposes, we are. The people responsible should be paying for their crimes but they aren’t. It should be dangerous for them to show their faces in public but it isn’t.

        • My question is who/whom is doing this investigation of all these different corps.????????sounds like the fox is putting blame on the hawk,,,,,,,Also what difference does it make if these people are dead who would believe them??????


          • SNAKE:
            Maybe Hillary is investigating????????
            S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.REB

        • From Daily Sheeple: “Obama making good on promise to eliminate free speech”… guess he didn’t lie about everything. ; (

          • ANON:
            THE END MUST BE NEAR!!!!!
            S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.REB


          ARCTIC DEATH SPIRAL & THE METHANE TIME BOMB (About 25 experts/doctors)

          EARTH EXTINCTION 2030- Guy McPherson at (video)

          Guy McPherson– part 1 “Our Environment by the Numbers” (short video).


          67 min – Nov 22, 2012 – Uploaded by BEcreativeVIDS

          Guy McPherson, creator of the blog Nature Bats Last, discusses our species’ ecological …

          Guy McPherson – Earth Extinction 2030 – YouTube

          Earth Extinction– 2030

          65 min – Nov 15, 2013 – Uploaded by LegaliseFreedom1

          Guy McPherson discusses his latest book Going Dark. We are the last … You need

        • I REALIZE MOST OF YOU PEOPLE JUST DON’T GET CLIMATE CHANGE– the only way I have been able to wake people up and get them to understand what is at stake here is to read this research paper submitted for doctorate degree titled, “Methane Extinctions in Earth’s distant past and near Future” (I believe that’s the full name).

          Basically, it comes down to this: there are methane clathrates underneath the ocean which are frozen. These clathrates contain millions of tons of methane. Thankfully, the methane is frozen because its 25X more powerful than CO2 as a greenhouse gas. In the distant past, most of the earth’s species disappeared when these clathrates melted and released methane. They have begun to melt (again) due to burning tons and tons of fossil fuels by the 7.5 billion humans on the earth.

          This is what keeps scientists up at nights. This is why climate scientists are peeing in their pants. This is why this one female scientist (after talking awhile about it) was almost in tears. (Her name is Natalia Shakhova– She is a very beautiful woman, for all you guys— just look her up. type in her name. She is of the International Arctic Research Center).

          • ANON:
            I get it. I cahngs back and forth 4 times a year. winter, spring , summer, fall.
            Also this winter is just like the same type of winters we had when I was a kid.
            So yes the climate cahnges, but who is to say what it supose to be like.
            Should it be really warmer than it is now like it was millions of years ago or colder than is now like it was during the ice age millions of years a go.
            Who rearly know for sure. There is only theory’s
            So please do not try to tell me that man is causing climate change by burning fossil fuels.
            We were not a round burning those fuels back when it was warmer or when the ice covered the earth.
            S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.REB

        • Curse those wicked Russians for trying to interfere with people’s God given right to butt**ck.

        • Curse those wicked Russians for trying to interfere with people’s God given right to butt**ck.

        • It is an insult to the public intellect that the media so readily pushes the official line that the deaths were all suicides given the unusual circumstances surrounding nearly all of those listed.

          There is no public intellect. TPTB don’t think the people of this geographic location are stupid, they know that they are stupid. The majority of people in the USA care more about Dancing with the stars and the Kardashians then they do about their freedom. As long as the food stamp and welfare checks keep rolling in they are content.

        • We have the power all the money is earned by us.
          So what will you do with your Money?

      2. Anarchists love chaos. Anything and anyone that can shed light on the truth will at best find a glass ceiling on their career. At worst……… Don’t ya long for the days when folks getting whacked and doing the whacking were mafioso. I live in Guam by the way.

        • Is Guam a paradise? Or a shithole? I’ve heard it both ways, but from people I don’t really trust.

          • They’re loading up with US military now.

            • Yep, I heard it may tip over.

              • Y99, long time no hear from. How’ve you been? Welcome back.

                • 1Braveheart

                  Good to be thought of, been laying low, counting ammo and focusing on preps. Lost my job a few months back, first time out of work in 42 years and been a bit to stir crazy.

                  Hope you’re well, like the added 1.

                  • Sorry to hear about you being out of work. the change to my internet name came about because of a problem I had one day getting my comments posted under my old name. mac said it had something to do with his servers. I made a change to the name and VOILA, the comments finally go through. So I’ve kept it that way ever since.

                  • Ya welcome back…sorry about the job…hope things are turning for the better!

          • Guam, WV?
            Nice folks there. Love that BBQ

          • Too many snakes on Guam.

        • Makin a joke about living in Guam. Mafia can’t live there. I was pokin’ at them. …

        • Anarchists do not “love chaos”. There are some black bloc factions that do cause chaos during protests, but the truth is, Anarchists hate government and oppression even worse than we do. They are far left, but still have the same opinion of govt, the police state and TBTF banks that we do.

          If it was up to a TRUE Anarchist, they’d wipe out the entire command structure, and live by individuals taking responsibility for their own actions and gor themselves without authoritarian interference.

          I studied Anarchism for years. You should study something besides govt propaganda for a change.

          My 2 cents worth.

          • “for their own actions and FOR themselves”

          • SIX
            Beg to differ

            Wiki:Anarchism does not offer a fixed body of doctrine from a single particular world view, instead fluxing and flowing as a philosophy.

            This above is the definition of chaos. Prolly hasn’t got a high possibility of success. People need structure and boundaries. Without we have chaos.

            • I didn’t even have to read beyond the word “WIKI”. Wiki means any joe blow can write pretty much anything he wants to. It’s “collective” crowd-sourced information. Don’t put too much stock into any “wiki”.

              Anarchists are known for their views of “SELF-DETERMINATION” and “self-responsibility”.

              They don’t believe anyone has the right to police anybody else—guess whose feathers that idea would ruffle?

              • Some of the people on this site have more in common with Anarchists views, than they are probably willing to admit. Thumb me down if you like, but truth is truth.

                • Six

                  Not gonna thumb you down. Your opinion is valid. Agree with you on the Wiki being a “community” definition.

                  My opinion:
                  Anarchism is pseudo-communism. If I’m too lazy to get my own insurance, I’ll get someone who’s working to pay for it. Free ride. Huge numbers of our “citizens” want to go in this direction. America is the proverbial Pot of Gold to the anarchist/communism folks. The benefits of this movement will be short lived. The social decay and economic destruction it causes will be long term.

                  So i have a decent job. Making decent money and i’m able to provide for my family. So now i get forced to pay for someone else’s insurance. Many thousands of dollars a year. Now my labor goes to support someone who is too lazy to work. I want my labor to support my family. The question i have to ask is where will this stop. Does this lazy **** want me to buy him a car and a house also. Will i be forced to do this. There is NO end. These types will always want more as long as they don’t have to work for it.

                  The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money.
                  Margaret Thatcher

                  “Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.” 
                  -Sir Winston Churchill

                  anarchism noun (Concise Encyclopedia)
                  Political theory holding all forms of government authority to be unnecessary and undesirable and advocating a society based on voluntary cooperation and free association of individuals and groups. The word was used only pejoratively until Pierre-Joseph Proudhon, now regarded as the founder of anarchism, adopted it in What is Property? (1840). The anarchist Mikhail Bakunin clashed with Karl Marx at the First International; when it was dissolved in 1872, Bakunin’s followers retained control of workers’ organizations in Latin countries such as Spain and Italy. Even anarchists who believed that the transition to a government-free society required violent revolution disagreed on the nature of the transition. Anarcho-syndicalism, which developed in the late 1880s, emphasized labour unions (syndicats) and called for general strikes to paralyze the state. In the 19th and 20th centuries, anarchism also inspired experimental communities, including New Lanark in Britain and Brook Farm in the U.S. During the early months of the Spanish Civil War, anarchist militias were in virtual control of much of eastern Spain, where they established hundreds of anarchist collectives. Suppressed as an organized movement by fascism in the 1930s, anarchism reemerged in the 1950s and ’60s through its influence on the civil rights movement and the student movements in the U.S. and Europe. The radical ecology movement in the 1970s also was inspired by anarchist ideas. Beginning in 1999, anarchist-led street demonstrations against the World Bank and International Monetary Fund received unprecedented publicity and inspired new anarchist groups, periodicals, and Internet sites. Anarchist themes are reflected in the work of many 20th-century artists, writers, and musicians, including Pablo Picasso, the American poets of the Beat movement, the Spanish Surrealist filmmaker Luis Buñuel, and the American composer John Cage.

                  That’s my .02.

                  • You can add a couple more details to Anarchism.

                    Anarchists have a strong belief in taking responsibility for ones own actions. Yes there is socialism involved, but it is VOLUNTARY, even utopic socialism. They don’t believe in forcing anyone to give anything up for someone else. Instead, it is PRESUMED that others will choose to be charitable if they can and everyone will have what they need.

                    But Anarchism rests on the idea that people are inherently good. It only works if people are willing to restrain their own actions and not trample on the rights of others. It only works if people are willing to TRY to take care of their own needs, and if people freely CHOOSE to assist those less fortunate.

                    You could say that Anarchism is a “unicorn-shitting, rainbow utopia” in it’s most basic form.

                    IMO, people in general have become too angry, too selfish and too greedy for that sort of society to actually work. Too bad.

                  • Would like to add: Lazy **** and too lazy to work refers to the professional welfare recipients.

                  • True anarchism begins with a willingness to take responsibility for one’s own actions and to consider the impact of those actions upon others.

                    How many of us here regularly bewail the lack of personal responsibility amongst the majority of the population today. How many of us reject outright the increasingly authoritarian regime we live under?

                    A wastrel entitled gimme dat brat is not an anarchist. Do not mistake the two.

                    I’m not saying you have to agree with some of the doctrines that have been declared to be beyond the pale by the social conditioning we have all been subjected to. I am saying that it’s worth investigating under the cover to find out WHY the elite dislike certain doctrines so much.

                    What is it about this particular approach/system/doctrine that tptb find threatening? This is a question we should ask ourselves more often. Often the answer is both simpler and more obvious than we think.

                  • One of the tenets of democracy, IMHO, is that you get out of it what you put into it. In other words the harder you work the more reward for that work. When a person works, they produce a product that is beneficial to others. The more produced, the more benefit and the greater the reward. If our theoretical worker is forced to share his reward, Obummercare being the latest example, the reward of work is lessened. As the night follows the day, the worker will not produce as much and the death spiral ensues.

                    America has provided a safety net for those less fortunate. In other words we have chosen to help the less fortunate. It’s the law of the land. EBT, Welfare, housing on and on. It has become an industry in and of itself. Ignorant people have gouged the system to the point where it will no longer function.

                    “One of the benefits for the entitlement bunch is that somebody else pays their way. “Why should I work when I can work the system and make a good living. It’s much easier to work my mouth than get out of bed and actually do real tangible labor. Something of substance.”

                    There is a point coming very soon where these folks will feel the wrath. They will know the err of their ways. What has supported their dead weight is going to collapse.

                    BTW, I give to charity. I do choose to help those less fortunate.

                  • With respect…It seems the framers/founders had a healthy slice of anarchy in them so even though the lines may overlap in places at least in some folks minds/belief…I personally see no kinship betwixt marxism and anarchy or chaos…in fact I have to say I see more of that connection betwixt democracy(mob rule) and chaos and socialism…witness the situation we find ourselves in today under the latter…I have to side with Jefferson and the others who believed people were capable of governing themselves without some power ruling over them(and for the record I do not believe most folks really understand what self rule means,especially some of these groups called anarchist today)… something I fervently believe in as a principle…just saying…thanks!

                  • Reb
                    I truly see what you are saying. Self rule would be an amazing thing to behold. The world is not ready for this. Our society has it’s share of corruption. It pales in comparison to other countries. Don’t see this going away for a while. I have no expectation that people who make their living off of others will suddenly do a 180 and they will come into compliance with what is required to make self rule work. Jus’ don’t see it. What i do see is criminal enterprise being given a whole new way to exploit society. Maybe in a few hundred years man will have advanced to the point where this would work. Look how far we’ve come in the past thousand years. The world was flat and now we’ve mapped the human genome.

                • SIX AND REDNEK;
                  Great debate, after reading it I guess I would have a little Anarchast in me.
                  MAN, do I like this web sight and the people on it even when I donot agree, it makes me thing.
                  S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.REB

                  • That is a little anarchist in me ,but more libertatian

                  • **That is a little anarchist in me ,but more libertarian**

                    And I thought I was all alone!!

                • Governments in general HATE anarchy, and always portray it as everybody preying upon each other. Wouldn’t want people to find out they don’t need centralized government, would we?

          • Nailed it.

          • Anarchists are stupid enough to believe that mankind can live without rules and if there was no government everyone would be free to do their own thing without interference from others. I guess they don’t know about how the cartels run Mexico.

            • Mexican cartels have rules and governance. We just find those rules and values utterly repugnant Barn Cat.

            • Mexican cartels have rules and governance. We just find those rules and values utterly repugnant Barn Cat.

              This game is global, so I keep my eye on what is happening elsewhere. The pro-abortion camp is winning, as in Belgium it’s just become legal until a child is 18 years old.


              Sick, sick, sick. It’s worth noting that Belgium is a headquarters for the EU cartel, (anyone who thinks the EU is democratic bathes in the koolaid)and that it has been the epicentre of several horrific peadophilic horrors in recent years.

              The elite always pilot their Satanic plans in one nation before rolling it out globally.

              • L-mum>

                Actually, in Amerika’s case, a retro-active abortion clause would likely go a long way in straightening out our political process/candidates…

            • Yessir. Let folks run amuck and that’s exactly what they’ll do.

          • six—

            “(Anarchists) are far left.”

            I am an anarcho-capitalist.

            Some anarchists are far left. Many are not. You can search several anarcho-capitalist websites.

            Lew Rockwell. Eric Peters. Larken Rose. Who have websites. And I. I don’t have a website.

            Some anarchists are anarcho-capitalists.

            There’s no such thing as being half free and half slave. If you don’t own the fruits of your honest labor you are a slave. You don’t own it if the government takes half of it, and is allowed to kill you if you resist.

            I don’t condone throwing a brick through a window. Or setting a police car on fire. But if you’re going to talk about violence, let’s get real.

            The government, ours or anyone’s, commits more violence in an hour than every living anarchist has in their lifetimes.

            It’s a bumper sticker slogan but think about it: Government… causing more violence than it has prevented for 10,000 years.

          • I consider myself an anarchist. I don’t believe in the federal government but I think local governments might be OK. the Federal government has no value; its just a parasite.

        • rednek,

          “Anarchists love chaos.” Oh do we? You don’t know jackshit about anarchy, or anarchists.

          What we love is liberty.

          There are species of anarchists just as there are species of dumbasses. Take an example of Lew Rockwell, or Eric Peters, or Larken Rose. Or myself.

          The first three names are searchable, and have web sites. Go there and learn something about liberty.

          Then get off your knees and join us.

          • John Allen, with all due respect sir…

            My God man how much liberty do you want. Liberty…I can do whatever the heck I want to do. Buy a house, buy a gun, buy a car, travel anywhere I want. I can curse the president without recourse. I can start a business. How much liberty do you want?
            IMHO the discontent in our country is due to not tending the things that make Democracy effective. Way to many dissenting voices stirring up malcontent. Their liberty is wrecking my liberty. So liberty can and does get out of hand. It’s all about self control.
            To me, liberty is something that’s been here all along. Some folks aren’t aware it’s there. It’s built into Democracy.

            Democracy, specifically how we do things in America, provides for more liberty than any other nation that has ever been. Democracy has formed this nation into arguably the most powerful nation that has ever existed. Anarchism is much closer to Communism than I’m comfortable with.

            As a people, we can pick and choose how to run our society. Pure Marxism, Communism, Anarchism and clear through to Democracy. Democracy, given the success we have seen in the US, is a pretty good way of running things.

            You have the floor sir!

            • redneck… the name says it all… dumber than bush.

            • How much liberty? Um… maybe the Constitution back? that would be a good place to start- you know, the right to protest without going to prison…you heard of that one, right? And maybe Obama not constantly threatening to steal our guns, which protect us from tyranny/police state. Lets see– the right to be left alone without the government spying on us– which all police states do… How about no extra military outside the citizens militia– like BLACKWATER. And MOST IMPORTATNLY, no more NDAA, which says the gov./military can pick us up and imprison us without trial or telling our family.. actually, there are a lot of “liberty” I would like back. For a REALLY GOOD LOOK AT THIS ISSUE, go to the video with Naomi Wolf– “the End of America”.

              • I 100% agree with you on getting the Constitution back into order. First of all I had no part in taking away any of the Constitution. My beliefs and actions fully support the Constitution, the American way of life.

                That being said…per propaganda we’ve hit the reset button. Sometimes, in order to fix a gigantic fubar, the best way to do it is to tear it down to the foundation. So i suspect in short order you will have ample opportunity to give input to the rebuilding of the country.

                Dumber than Bush…hardly.

                • On the NSA spying thing. The data mining their doing let’s them know who to focus on when SHTF. Dow drops by 500 points, internet gun sales go through the roof. What does that tell ya. Our working class still has too much money or that folks are really freaking out.
                  Unfortunately, new tech such as the internet provides criminals with the best media they’ve ever had to work their enterprises.
                  This too shall pass.

                  Dumber than Bush…C’mon.

            • “Democracy, specifically how we do things in America, provides for more liberty than any other nation that has ever been. ”

              Bullshit. You sir do not understand America. This isn’t a democracy. Never was, and never will be. It was a Constitutional Republic, and since the 1960s it has become the American Empire. And soon it will be a smoking pile of rubble.

              “A democracy is always temporary in nature; it simply cannot exist as a permanent form of government. A democracy will continue to exist up until the time that voters discover that they can vote themselves generous gifts from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates who promise the most benefits from the public treasury, with the result that every democracy will finally collapse due to loose fiscal policy, which is always followed by a dictatorship.

              The average age of the world’s greatest civilizations from the beginning of history has been about 200 years. During those 200 years, these nations always progressed through the following sequence: From bondage to spiritual faith; From spiritual faith to great courage; From courage to liberty; From liberty to abundance; From abundance to selfishness; From selfishness to complacency; From complacency to apathy; From apathy to dependence; From dependence back into bondage.” — Alexander Tytler

              “Remember, democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself. There never was a democracy yet that did not commit suicide.” — John Adams

              • ‘Jus name another nation that provides for more liberties than the US.

                Based on the rest of your post, looks like your giving up on the country. Either that or your trying to elicit some apathy in the masses. We’re getting a nice preview on the New America. NSA spying, wealth redistribution. You give up if you want. I’ll fight like hell to keep what we have.

            • rednek,

              With respect, sir …. Since Alexander Hamilton opened the door to the One Percenters of his day to begin the subversion of the American Republic by buying the bonds that paid for the War of Independence. To ambitious land speculators fomenting the land grab against Mexico (I like Texas, am glad they won, the Alamo etc but theft is theft). To Lincoln, who didn’t give a fig about the Black race but used Northern mercantilism as a lever to gut state sovereignty … to the banana republic wars in the late Nineteenth and Early 20th to make Nicaragua safe for United Fruit Amerikan History is one sorry tale after another of government perverting our liberty for the benefit of a very few.

              Government is formed and survives by coercion, theft and murder.

              Larken Rose, anarchist, writes an excellent blog … Government: The Most Dangerous Superstition. He went to federal prison for defying tax theft. Check him out.

              Wandered a bit up there ^^.

              Do you think we are free? Is taxation your gift to government or their theft from you? If someone “has the authority” to take half of your honest income, you are a slave.
              video reference: on YT, Philosophy of Liberty.

              anarchy in a nutshell ^^

              Invested three hours reading part of Peruta v. San Diego. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit got one right for a change. Held that the right of peaceful and sane citizens to carry outside the home shall not be infringed. Referenced Heller and City of Chicago and about 20 other precedents going back to 1822.

              Do you really think we are free? We are farm animals in a managed society. You cannot drive an automobile (a homonym of one”s right to reach your destination by walking) without jumping through sixteen govt hoops. It is almost never about safety. It is almost always about controlling and looting us.

              You cannot add to your home without getting the local government’s permission (they care so much for your safety, don’t cha know). The easier for them to loot you.

              Buy a house … be careful transferring more than $10,000 without government’s knowledge if not permission. Are you laundering that money, mister? Even if you have fee simple absolute, refuse to pay that RE tax and see for how much longer “your” home remains “yours.”

              Check out Eric Peter’s answer to the deputy sheriff who disagreed with his post on speed limits. About a month back, in his Archives.

              As for the economics of anarchy, I give you The von Mises Institute in Auburn, Alabama. Austrian economics. The world’s foremost free market economic think tank. Anyone who thinks anarcho-capitalism is socialist doesn’t know what they are talking about.

              • O Lord where to start.

                Sins of the past are what they are. I didn’t commit. We neither owe any people for these sins nor should we feel guilt. It is what it is.

                I pay 1/4 of my income to the government. I do so without complaint. I know the services the government provides, even with all flaws, are well worth the cost. The standing Army, Navy, Marines and Air Force. These provide for the security of the state and allow us to project authority if need be. Hell of a service for what I pay.

                So I read where the anarcho-capitalists wants to abolish the government. All services the gov provides will be pawned off on private firms. If so, given history of boone-doogles with this type of thing, how do we prevent the CEO of the military from just turning the guns on us and taking over everything. Or better yet, if we do have a war, whoops we’re way over budget, we need more money. This entire concept is fraught with flaws. I see such potential for all forms of fraud, graft and corruption. Way more than the current system.
                The simple fact of the matter is this, you have to pay for these services one way or the other. By paying taxes, i have a vested interest in the Fed. The Fed provides me security services for the pursuit of life liberty and justice. It’s a symbiotic relationship. Not gonna happen when I’m shoveling money to a corporation.

                Correct me if I’m wrong about the anarcho-capitalism getting rid of gov.

                • redneck
                  Very few of us want to completely abolish our government. Our military is absolutely necessary. Along with many other agencies. However, most agencies could disappear and our country be much better off. Dept. of Ed, Health and Human Services, Homeland Security (that’s what the military is for) EPA, etc. etc. etc.
                  Abolish all of the social services, and return those options to the states.

                  Our fed government needs to shrink dramatically and stop wasting billions in our tax dollars.

                  The private sector would do a much better job at many programs than the government. Look at our health care. It was fine before the government started sticking their nose in it.

              • There is no such thing as total freedom. There are only levels of freedom. Our founders provided a high level of freedom for us. Now that level of freedom is decreasing dramatically.

            • How much liberty do I want…ALL OF IT!…Ill grant you that IN THEORY we have the most liberty of any place on earth but the problem is its not a reality simply a theory…there is a difference.
              None of the things you list as libertys are yours to do outside of govt power and control and thats the problem…the founders intended you to be able to buy a house to truely own it and pass it to your heirs and not lose it to taxe sale…they intended for the 2nd amm to be honored as it was written,not to be regulated as it is now…look at the hoops you have to jump through to start a business,sell your property,anything you can think of…even your health care,rights to your own body ect…we gotta stop acting like some group of people has a right/duty to rule other groups of people…what I as an individual have no right to do,no group of people have any right to do,and no group has any right to bestow it on another group over me or you!…we either believe in liberty or we dont…

              Liberty and democracy are not symbiotic either…democracy(mob rule )will always water down and gut personal liberty…unless a person violates the person or the property of another he/she has committed no crime and others have no claim against them…we have as a society allowed TPTB to define the words and their definitions an we have bought into it,when TPTB fear a word or an idea my ears perk up…what they fear they will tell us by berating it…govt and society are two seperate things as are chaos and anarchy…lets start as freemen/women to define our own worlds and words based on reality and not on what TPTB want us to believe…I agree we all need self control and without it there can be no true freedom…thats the point of self government,self control… my liberty respects your liberty and is no danger at all to yours or anyone elses liberty and no,liberty never gets out of control,thats part of the problem someone thinks they have a right /need to control liberty,my liberty,I control me not others nor will I willingly agree to allow others to control me…consider me a dissenting voice opposed to anyone establishing/decreeing themselves to be in charge and over my personal liberty but the idea that that is a threat is hogwash…TPTB propaganda plain and simple…if Im out of control and true liberty is the law of the land then I will soon find myself “dealt” with by my fellow men/women who will exercise their personal liberty and fix my wagon…thats the way it should be,anything else is why we are in the mess we are in…”Live free or die tryin”

            • Redneck 101: “My God man, how much liberty do you want?”

              Well, a good bit more than what we have, but that’s just me.

              Still, you pretty much nailed it!

          • I know Jack Shit. Sir, you’re no Jack Shit.

        • Anarchists don’t “love chaos”… they simply want the old system gone…completely…and a new way of being. (no more oppression, domination, stealing of our rights!)

          • Just a quick observation. Seems you kinda support Anarchists. No more oppression, domination and stealing of your rights. You realize the people doing this to you are your next of kin the democrats don’t you? They’re left wing crackpots. Go towards the light…..There’ll be a nice conservative there to show you the way.

      3. More of the same, more to come. Interesting to see how things are in 18 months.

      4. Trust is no longer a word. Anti-trust has a better meaning. Bad times are coming. I don’t trust any of these people–none of them.

        • If you don’t have trust replace it with faith. Have faith that your fellow citizen will act in the best interest of both himself and you.

          • Quote… Have faith that your fellow citizen will act in the best interest of both himself and you.(end)…I agree wholeheartedly!

            Im really not trying to be difficult but faith and trust are twins joined at the heart…really no way I can see to have one without the other…if there is please enlighten me.

            1trust noun \ˈtrəst\
            : belief that someone or something is reliable, good, honest, effective, etc.

            faith (fāth)
            1. Confident belief in the truth, value, or trustworthiness of a person, idea, or thing.
            2. Belief that does not rest on logical proof or material evidence. See Synonyms at belief, trust.

            I believe most freemen will act in their own best interests and their neighbors if true liberty is the law of the land…natural law/rights and the exercise by freemen/women of it insures that if someone will not respect the rights of others that they will be dealt with by the natural law.2cents

      5. Time will tell.

      6. Too many questionable incidents (as in a clearinghouse).
        The TBTF are the fucktards of this mess.

        Folks, it will get worse from here. Watch for events to unfold quickly in the coming months. Don’t procrastinate… Just keep prepping and hoard PMs and get the hell out of the banks. Clear your 401Ks and pension funds even if you get taxed, at least to get something rather than nothing.

        • Watchdog-

          Level headed thoughts, indeed.

      7. Ok… I’m not trying to start a shit storm here but, I’ve noticed an interesting thing since the 1st of January this year and it is almost as if some sort of death switch was flipped somewhere at midnight 31 December, 2013. We get the local news paper and since I’m an old fart (late sixties) about the only thing I read in the news paper are the obituaries to see if anybody I know in the area has died. Usually, the obituary is one to two pages at most but normally about a page and a half, sometimes three or four on Sunday. Since the 1st of January however I have noticed that the daily obituaries are four, five and six pages long and on Sundays as many as eight or nine. Folks… that’s every day. My wife even commented on it recently and wondered what the hell is going on why are so many people dying suddenly. We almost went to town today but after looking at the obituaries decided against it because there were 47 funerals scheduled for today in the local area and I don’t care to drive around that many traffic jams. There appear to be a lot more people dying everywhere now, than in the past. I’m wondering if the chickens are coming home to roost, so to speak. Just saying.

        • Crabbe–what size city/town you live in???

          • Actually, I live in a rural unincorporated area but the nearest metro area (20 mi. away) is about 500,000 which, like all metro areas includes the main city of approx 230,000 and several (9-10) smaller incorporated cities/towns for a rough total of 500,000+.

            • Okay–large population

        • Millions of boomers are hitting their sixties and 10,000 a day are turning 65. That is actually not an unusual age for the mortality to start picking up. How many make it past seventy five? Not as many as we are led to believe. Just look around or better yet ask anyone over sixty how many prescriptions they take daily. It is rare to find anyone that age or older who does not take some drug daily. Just look at all the fat asses. Truly amazing the tonnage that Americans now carry around.

          • John W., I’m one of those rare people who is NOT taking any FDA-approved poisons for anything. I take 2 Vitamin D3 every morning to ward off flu, etc. and that’s it. I just quit smoking back in Dec. and I feel very good. I’m 56 going on 57 next month. Regardless of what happens, I will NEVER touch any FDA-approved poisons for ANY reason. I’ll take my chances.

            • I’m a diabetic so all those “FDA approved poisons” keep me alive.

            • @brave,
              nice job on the quitting smoking bit (part of your preps?) it also explains why you are so quick to lose it and jump down peoples throats.
              agree with you on the fda-approved poison as well, like everything else, for every action, equal opposite also plays a part.

              • db427, I only jump on trolls, NEVER on any good people. I stand up for the good people of this site. I just don’t have any use for trolls.

            • @1braveheart… Wife and I have prided ourselves over the years because neither of us are taking any FDA approved drugs for any condition and we don’t do vaccinations and (we will not take FDA approved drugs nor will we take our obligatory flu vaccination). I call it obligatory because all of our friends and acquaintances promote vaccinations and are appalled that either of us would dare challenge the experts. We take a few supplements like vitamin C and D3. We grow most of our own food bake our own bread and take home grown herbal medicine teas. By and large neither of us are afflicted with any of the horrible conditions that our friends and acquaintance are afflicted with (YET)(Heart disease, diabetes, cholesterol imbalances, high blood pressure, and a gazillion other conditions caused by all the artificial crap and additives/GMOs they eat). We don’t generally get colds and neither of us have ever had the flu that we can remember. Now, wife always tells me “don’t talk” (about how healthy we are), and chides me when I mention it to other people because, as she says, you never know what’s around the corner. Having said all that, about two weeks ago we went to the hospital to visit a friend who was admitted for a bronchial infection/ COPD etc… Well as it was, the hospital was filthy, the floor was sticky like it had not been cleaned in a week. The guy we visited claims he had some kind of pneumonia and was coughing (gurgling) flim etc… Well, we shook hands all around and visited for a while and left. As soon as we got to the truck we poured rubbing alcohol all over our hands and talked about how filthy the hospital was. (I started carrying a bottle of 91% rubbing Alcohol in my truck years ago for just such occasions as this). Now here’s what really pisses me off. A couple days later wife gets sick with a chest cold (no fever) and I tend to her needs here and there all the time smugly telling her not to worry about me, I don’t get sick. Two days after she was up and about I came down the same crap twice as bad as her and have been gurgle coughing my head off for the last several days (no fever), chest hurts, throat sore, nose stopped up with thick green shit. So, you see, be careful about talking about all the healthy stuff you take and eat because you never know what’s lurking around the corner and there are microbes out there that are like rogue government employees, they will test you every chance they get. We still didn’t go to the doctor and don’t intend to and will continue our regimen of fresh veggies and herbal teas etc… Wife’s cooking up some duck soup as I type. Just saying.

              • Crabbe, congratulations. sounds like you and your wife are really doing well.

              • @crabbe,
                next time do yourself a favor (wife too), pay your friend a visit on the phone.

              • Yes but you made it through without the help of the pharma/medical establishment so I say kudos to you and your wife…sounds like you live like I and my bride do and though theres always a risk out there Ill bet on this way of living everytime!

            • 1BREAVHEART:
              I’m 60 years young I take my vitamins every day and one asprin a day. Don’t smoke or drink except a little red wine now and then (maybe 2 drinks a month). I’m 5′ 11″ tall and 205 lbs. And for a Red Neck hill running Rebel I have all my teeth except one molar that I lost when I was 8 years old.
              Here I thought that 60’s was the new 40’s
              Please Jonh W. don’t tell me I only have 15 more years to raise he!! Say it ain’t so, I’m just getting a good start.
              S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.REB

          • I’m 63, and take no drugs. Not so much for Gene, my husband, though.
            My dad and mom smoked; died at age 76 and 77.

          • If my wife points out a member of the 400+ club, I whisper “Don’t spook it. I don’t own a rifle that’d bring that thing down”.

        • I have noticed something else. Two people I know, relatively healthy looking, went to the doctor and diagnosed with cancer opted for chemo. Both of them died within 3 days of the first treatment. Thinking it was a “kill” shot.

          • I seriously doubt it.

          • Nope, they never kill you off, till they have all your money.

            • Unless you are on Medicare…

          • Ive known several healthy people who went to a doc, got “diagnosed” got treatments and were dead in weeks…I think your correct.

        • Baby boomers are getting older. More and more are approaching end of life.

          • I hope you’re right…it does seem plausible…

          • DAISY:
            I’ll let every one here in on a little secret.!;-)
            From the day you are born you are getting older and you are approaching the end of life.
            S.T.S.FP. N.R. N.S. N.REB

        • You do realize the population is getting older. There are a high percentage of old farts out there. Since there are a large number of older people out there, it only makes sense that there will be more deaths since older people are more likely to die. But, please, like the rest of these sheeple, don’t let logic and reason cloud your thought processes.

          • NCJOE, I’m one “old fart” who is still in good enough condition to kick your ass if I ever meet you face-to-face. Now take your sorry trolling ass away rom here and yes, go f#$% yourself in the process!

            • 1BRAVEHEART:
              You are a young fart. YOU CAN’T SAY YOUR AND OLD FART UNTIL YOU HIT THE BIG “60”
              S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.REB

              • N.R.
                We can say we are OLD FARTS.
                Brave is a young turd (LOL), but we love him. He is our little brother!

        • Winters are hard on older folks like us.

      8. If you’re not in deep country yet……

      9. Something has to be done, and soon….

        This will MAKE you sick!
        The Cato Institute released a study showing that welfare benefits pay more
        than a minimum wage job in 33 states and the District of Columbia.
        Even worse, welfare pays more than $15 per hour in 13 states.

        According to the study, welfare benefits have increased faster than minimum
        wage. It’s now more profitable to sit at home than it is to earn an honest
        day’s pay.

        Hawaii is the biggest offender, where welfare recipients earn $29.13 per
        hour, or a $60,590 yearly salary, all for doing nothing.

        Here is the list of the states where the pre-tax equivalent “salary” that
        welfare recipients receive is higher than having a job:

        1. Hawaii : $60,590
        2. District of Columbia : $50,820
        3. Massachusetts : $50,540
        4. Connecticut : $44,370
        5. New York : $43,700
        6. New Jersey : $43,450
        7. Rhode Island : $43,330
        8. Vermont : $42,350
        9. New Hampshire : $39,750
        10. Maryland : $38,160
        11. California : $37,160
        12. Oregon : $34,300
        13. Wyoming : $32,620
        14. Nevada : $29,820
        15. Minnesota : $29,350
        16. Delaware : $29,220
        17. Washington : $28,840
        18. North Dakota : $28,830
        19. Pennsylvania : $28,670
        20. New Mexico : $27,900
        21. Montana : $26,930
        22. South Dakota : $26,610
        23. Kansas : $26,490
        24. Michigan : $26,430
        25. Alaska : $26,400
        26. Ohio : $26,200
        27. North Carolina : $25,760
        28. West Virginia : $24,900
        29. Alabama : $23,310
        30. Indiana : $22,900
        31. Missouri : $22,800
        32. Oklahoma : $22,480
        33. Louisiana : $22,250
        34. South Carolina : $21,910

        Now do you think we should reform welfare?

        • Yes, but the cost of living is high in HI.

          • And then people wonder why i am done with busting my ass to be sucessful

            • don’t give up just yet brother, success will be measured in a diff. spectrum.

              • No body said he/we have given up.

                We just figured it out…Remember, they made the rules.

            • Kula,
              You don’t work harder, you work smarter. Our future is not harder work, but smarter work. I am not working harder so I can give most of it away to the ‘freeloader’ or to USA’s overspending mess.

              On Giant Pumpkins. You need to prune early and get the vine supporting just one pumpkin. Then you will nail a 600+ pounder.

              • How many months?

                • I was able to raise 3 400-500 pounders under one vine in about 5 months. I started in May and then transplanted the plant around June 5 (pumpkins hate frost, it can freeze as late as June 23 here in eastern Idaho). I let them grow until we had a hard frost @September 20. Two of the pumpkins were about 450 lbs and we rolled them to the front yard so the neighbors could see. The other one was too heavy, so I had to smash it later in the garden.

                  The key is the right seed and also early pruning where you select your 1-3 pumpkins for growth, all other new pumpkins get pruned. You want the 1-3 pumpkins to grow as fast as possible. I know the Giant Pumpkin growers that consistently raise 1300+ pounders feed the vine pretty heavy with NPK fertilizer. Once the pumpkins are around 100 lb, they feed the vine as to keep the vine healthy as the pumpkins are growing fast.

                  If you want the big, big pumpkin then you must prune early and select that special one very early and nurture it throughout its growth until a frost hits, or it dies.

            • KULA:
              I WILL GIVE YOU A GIANT AAMMEENN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
              S.T.S.FP. N.R. N.S. N.REB

            • No.. we need to make what we deserve. Except, if we want to charge a (good) price for our product, we are considered “amoral”, but Im not complaining. I have been making over $1000 a head for my beef and it seems to be getting better.

          • Why reform it, just join it. Why ain’t Georgia on that list? At first I thought I would move in with my Cuz in Memphis but Tennesse ain’t on that list either. So I guess I’ll just stay here and live off his supplies.

            • Idiot, the family will shoot your ass if you try to break into that barn.

              • Cuz, what are you talking about breaking into that barn? That’s where I live! Me and your other Cuz sleep in the loft. He’s been eating on your supplies too.

          • An argument for the “safety net” being a fixed cash sum, regardless of location. Recipients would find the cheap places to live.

        • Know why Ky. isn’t on that list??
          I believe here you must sign up at the employment office to get unemployment benefits–and we know that ain’t happening for about 75%!! 🙂

        • @eppe,
          just for kicks, could you put an R or D for those states?

          • The ones in the top 20, except for Wyoming and North Dakota are blue. The farther down the list, the redder they get.

            WY and ND had a lot of revenue from oil and gas, so I guess they have lots of money to spare. Here in Wyoming, there is money for lots of things that other states don’t seem have, such as prisons (and long prison sentences), roads, schools, low property and sales taxes, no income taxes…

          • From my calculations, 22 of the 34 (65%) are Democrats and 12 of the 34 (35%) are Republican. But the top 12 are all Democrat (100% of tops). Idaho is not in the top 35, which is mostly R.

            FDR and LBJ have the Great Deal that is followed by Dems today, and that is where they get their votes…..

            • UGLY:
              You are 100% correct. Thanks for backing me up on that,or am I backing you up on that???
              S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.REB

            • Ugly,

              Check out Bert Folsom Jr., New Deal or Raw Deal. One of his chapters goes into detail about FDR’s shifting charity from personal and private to top-down government. FDR’s intent was to destroy Americans’ work ethic. He succeeded beyond his wildest dreams. Why do that? To make as many Amuricans dependent upon gubmint as possible. So they will vote for their benefactors.

        • Eppe,

          Before I retired, I worked for the US Census. One of the surveys I did was the only poverty survey, SIPP (Survey of Income and Program Participation). One of the things I discovered is that they don’t count welfare, etc. benefits when computing poverty. So a person could have food stamps, housing assistance, Medicaid, earned income credit, child care credit, free school lunches, etc. etc. etc. and they only count earned income, investment income, Social Security and the like when they compute poverty levels. We asked if people received those benefits, but never asked the amounts.

          Another thing I discovered was that most people receiving government assistance had big screen tv’s (and usually tv’s in every bedroom), computers, washers, dryers, central heat, air conditioning, refrigerators, cell phones for every member of the family, and on and on and on.

          When I was young, most of those things didn’t even exist or hardly anyone had them. We had no air conditioner, no central heat — just a coal stove in the living room. My attic bedroom got to over 100 degrees in the summer, and well below freezing in the winter. My mother washed clothes in a wringer washer and hung them on the clothesline to dry. We had an ice box, not a refrigerator, and the ice man delivered ice about 3 times per week. We got one pair of shoes per year — two sizes too big — and if we wore them out or outgrew them, we went barefoot all summer. I had two dresses for school, one to wear and one to wash. TV didn’t come to our town until I was in grade school, and we didn’t have one, even then. Yet we thought we were in the middle class.

          When interviewing a 90-year-old man one time, I mentioned all of the above. He said, “My mother used a washboard; we had an outhouse; and my mother made all my clothes — I never had any store bought clothes until I got into the army.”

          Poverty is relative. In response to your post — they should start counting ALL of the income and benefits people receive when calculating poverty. The government claims that X% of us live in poverty and people think that means children are starving. They picture children living in shacks, wearing rags, and having spindly legs and swollen stomachs.

          • daisyk , you are rifgt , poverty is relative to the way a person is raised .
            The gov. dont count entitlements and they keep raising the income level that determines poverty .
            This way they can get more people on entitlements.
            Soon someone making 100k will be eligible for a free phone and EBT card .
            Another big spoonful of socialism , yummy .

            • Hammerhead,

              Families making NEARLY 100k are already eligible for government subsidies — Health Insurance Subsidies.

              I recently found out that as a “family” of one, I would qualify for subsidized home heating. I would easily qualify because the income limit for a 1-person household is $19,999.00. If you qualify for heating help, your home also qualifies for weatherization help.

              When the SHTF, people will find out what REAL poverty is.

            • People in many countries all over the world would give their left nut to be able to be “poor” in USA.

          • DaisyK.

            That is why I have no desire to work harder and pay more taxes, just so folks can sponge off the system with so-called ‘earned-income?’ tax credits, Section-8 housing, food stamps, free education, free obanaphones, and the list goes on. We work and ‘they’ get.

            I am going to win by living a Primitive Lifestyle. When I go for a jog wearing Kakhi Shorts and the Oregon-Waffle shoes, I will tell ‘dude’ sorry, but I have decided to ‘screw-off’ today as well….

            I do not donate to food banks anymore. But what I will donate will be a map to the Employment Office and an Application for Employment. It will be tough-love….

        • “Now do you think we should reform welfare?”

          Maybe we should reform the high cost of living, and the huge job shortage problem. Maybe we should reform the “part time” nation into a full time nation of employed people.

          If we reformed those things, the welfare system would pretty much reform itself.

          You can’t make the world better by starving people out of their homes, you need to make it preferable for them to work again, like it used to be.

          • Sixpack,

            I recommend several steps to reforming welfare. Your ideas are good.

            But, here are some more:

            Put stronger fines/jail sentences for companies who hire illegal workers, including undocumented aliens, as well as underage workers. Double fines/sentences for employers who pay less than minimum wage or knowingly accept false ID’s and Social Security numbers.

            Enforce our borders and deport every illegal who breaks our laws (including identity theft.)

            Bring manufacturing back to the US. Get rid of the trade agreements that send jobs overseas.

            Stop ruining our currency with buget deficits.

            Enforce laws aimed at eliminating monopolies. (I forget what those are called.)

            Raise the minimum wage. (I am sure lots would disagree with that.)

            Get rid of Obamacare.

            Keystone pipeline, anyone?

            • Oh, and I keep forgetting the point I originally meant to make.

              They need to start counting one subsidy when considering eligibiligy for another. For example, if you get food stamps, that amount should be counted when applying for rent assistance, etc….

            • Great post Daisy! I just don’t believe in jerking the rug out from under ANYBODY, unless they’ve got something else to hold onto. Punishing people without leaving them any way to escape is wrong. It’s more like torture.

            • Raise the minimum wage will reduce jobs. How are you going to Bring Jobs back to the USA? be specific. I always hear this, but nobody knows how. I would cut back on the enviromental impact studies and other high cost permits. If you can get rid of the 30 million ILLEGALS, that would just about fix everything from high heathcare cost, some voter fraud, over populated prisons, crime, to high auto insurance. And Have workfare, not welfare, and ran by the counties not the Feds.

              • And get rid of corperate welfare….taking tax dollars and giving it to corperations for campain donations.

              • To Gun:

                My post was about reforming welfare — not creating jobs. Although we need jobs to get people off welfare, but when there is such a disparity between minimum wage and what you can get on welfare, there is little incentive to get off welfare.

                A two-pronged attack is necessary — more jobs, less reason to be on welfare.

              • No, you don’t need to get rid of the illegals to bring back jobs. You need to roll back all of new government regulations that were passed since Bush II was president. You need to make drastic cuts to taxes and government spending. But none of that would matter anyway because the dollar is dying due to all the money printing.

                • BC…and while we are at it let’s shitcan the US Census Bureau…it’s real existence is nothing more than collecting info on citizens for tax purposes.

                  The politically correct description of USCB is it is “responsible for producing data about the American people and economy.”

                  Just another $400 billion dollar a year rathole for commies, gub, corps and bankers to rob the productive.

                  • Maybe get rid of the census bureau, but a census every 10 years is constitutionally required.

                  • Louis…I agree…the organization has been exploited and every fucking politician there has ever been used it as a means to redistribute wealth to favored corps, businesses and constituents for one thing.


              • @gun heard a suggestion on the radio for jobs; start to upgrade our grid, build factories to make the parts and you create jobs for the next 50 years. use our own fossil fuels for the next 50-100 years while designing and developing more efficient solar/wind/alt energy to be ready for use within a 50 year window. how’s that for starters?

            • You left out one major detail/recommendation!

              Get rid of ‘affirmative-action’ hiring quotas…hiring and advancement to be based on MERIT ONLY!!!!

        • Eppe, that’s a very interesting chart. TN and GA were left out. The amounts for our 2 home states are probably not much different anyway.

        • CATO institute is a right-wing think tank and off course it is going to draw hostile attention towards the poor. U.S. welfare is non-existant compared to that of highly developed European countries. The enemies of the American people are the billionaires who have taken the economy hostage. Shame on Americans for not understanding this.

      10. Less than 10,000 bankers/(brokers) to go.

        • changes her own oil and spark plugs, how cool is that

      11. I do believe that if I was a banker with incriminating evidence, I would document it and make sure it became public if something happened to me.

        • Exactly what I was going to post.

          A message to you crooks. You are expendable. If TPTB think you are a risk, goodbye. Best to get some leverage and use it to protect yourselves.

          At the very least. You can get some revenge from beyond the grave by supplying the world with information to put your murderers in jail.

          • Pull off a Snowden?

            • exactly. The only reason Snowden hasn’t been offed is because they can’t be sure to contain the damage he might be able to cause. Mexican standoff.

              • To Sierra Dave, Eppe, and Six Pack – I recently read that Edward Snowden has given all his information to (I just recall this # when I read the article, 1,200 people/sources) These people are holding his information and just ‘sitting on it.’ Edward Snowden told these people that if he ‘Disappeared, or, was Killed’ to start releasing all the information he provided them.
                I wish I copied the link to the article. I just tried to find the link again, and there is a ton of E. Snowden
                links to wade through.

        • And how would you go about making it public? Stand on a street corner and hand out copies? Sent it to a newspaper that’s already on the same side as the banksters? Put on your website and let the government shut it down?

      12. I feel so badly for the families of these men. (I am assuming all are men.)

        Their deaths bring to mind the Lloyds of London study who in 1965 I think it was calculated the odds of all those witnessees to President Kennedy’s Assassination dying within 24-months of 11/22/63– the odds were astronomical!

        (Knowing the odds of winning one Powerball, imagine being able to win seven Powerball lotteries in a row.)

        It also brings to mind the deaths of so many fine scientists, many of them microbiologists, the last 2-7 years.

        I believe these Bankers are being assassinated because:
        – they can identify the true culprits of the coming complete financial collapse to which we are very near;
        – they are being killed because they can verbalize and articulate the who, what, when, and how of it;
        – and they are being killed so they can be conveniently be scapegoated, that is, assigned the blame for the dollar becoming totally worthless, and if you know anything about scapegoating, the people assigned the blame, especially when they are dead, are NOT the ones responsible for the evil doing.

        Let us pray, then, for their souls and for their family members.

        Let us also pray for their murderers and those who ordered their deaths because if they do not repent and turn back to God, they will be spending an Eternity in Hell. The devil really hates people who convert and turn away from evil.

        So except for keeping in a minimum to pay bills, get your money out of the bank.

        Convert it to worthwhile preps like water and nonperishable food but do so prudently because you may identify other needs such as winter clothing, small portable solar equipment to recharge batteries for your lights, and so forth and so on.

        It is going to happen fast, and whatever “it” is, “it” will consist of various different events happening simultaneously:
        – the aforementioned banking collapse;
        – pandemic virus capable of killing 1 of every 2 people;
        – power grid shutdowns;
        – food shortages;
        – patrolling foreign soldiers;
        – a HAARP-created earthquake on the New Madrid Fault line
        – a HAARP-created Tsunami

        We have already seen what they can do by aiming the HAARP machine at parts of the country that never get snow, sometimes get snow, and who get fair amounts of it. The result? Chaos and disruption.

        Defeat chaos and disruption by thinking ahead. You are your own Chess Master, in fact, you are your only Chess Master. Don’t let them capture your Queen, or King.

        Outthink, outflank, outhustle. Don’t get checkmated.

        And know when to step off the playing board.

        Yes, you will need at some point to step off the playing board because your opposition– those who want to see four-fifths of Americans die in death camps, stadiums, and zillions of our shopping malls who have contracts with the government– are mean, nasty, toxic, venomous people whose allegiance is not to the Constitution nor to the God you and I pray to.

        – the Lone Ranger

        “Violence is that which violates. Force is that which protects.” – the late Rev. Edward J. Brady, S.J.

        • @ Lone Ranger. You are a good person with good values, but HAARP is NOT responsible for the snow in the south. You say that there are places that have never gotten snow. I have a list of national weather records that say much different. It has snowed in Florida, it got -2 in Tallahassee on Feb.13, 1899. February snowstorms in the south are much more common that people realize. These are records long before any HAARP was functioning, including before man had anything in the sky but blimps and balloons.

          HAARP is NOT going to set off the New Madrid. The movement of the North America plate will eventually cause this and the influence from the other plates such as the Caribbean plate.

          HAARP is not going to generate a tsunami. The mere talk that anything set off the Japanese tsunami other than the geophysical aspect of this from the planet is something belonging in those gossip newspapers in which Elvis is secretly still singing at some bar in Memphis. The tsunami became so large because of dynamic overshoot from too much energy being released that it affected the shallow crust above it. This has happened with most earthquakes over about 8.9, including the 1960 Chile and 1964 Alaskan mega earthquakes.

          You are way too good of a person to put these misconceptions into your comments about HAARP or other fairy tales such as others still believe that a collapse of the Canary Islands can create a 300 foot tsunami on the east coast. Something that at 3500 miles away did not even happen with the dinosaur killer asteroid if the asteroid was about 6-8 miles in size.

          One of the subjects that schools don’t teach is size perception and volume in school. Then people like yourselves are very unfairly taken in by fools that don’t know what they are talking about or are purposely fudging the numbers to make it appear that something is real. It is not your fault, I blame these characters that print these articles that just sound good, but under scientific scrutiny are completely shown to be utter garbage.

          To get a sense of just how large a fault such as the New Madrid is in just length alone go out and long at the horizon. If you are 6 feet tall on a flat ground you can see about 3 miles before the horizon disappears. The formula for this is 1.22 times the square root of the heighth in feet you are viewing the horizon. You have to be up about 27000 feet to be able to see the horizon of 200 miles at which some of the New Madrid would break. Now factor in the width of the fault and the depth AND the plates that are holding this in place until it does snap and you can see just what enormous amount of energy it would take to generate an earthquake there.

          I have said this before. IF HAARP generates hurricanes then why has not one hurricane been created in cold or cool water such as off of california or even down in Peru? IF HAARP is some Star Trek or Star Wars miracle of science then WHY has this not broken records that defy basic science and basic physics? Why, because it is not happening.

          You have very good points about the Constitution and God and good and evil, and many others, I suggest that you don’t water down these with this about fantasy HAARP stories. Yes, it does and has snowed heavily in the deep south, especially in February. Weather records from more than 100 years show this. HAARP was not around back then.

          • BI: You are crazy smart and I love your posts…..but HAARP is real.


            • Hey Mac: Will you do a piece on HAARP?


              • PK, thanks for the comment… I have been following HAARP technology for as long as I can remember… since highschool and the old Jeff Rense web site … True I have not discussed in detail on this site, but if something pops up I will most certainly put something out there… We have a developer currently trying to get our forum finalized, and once done, I will be sure to include a forum for Science/Technology related posts — we can share all we want about HAARP in there!

                Thanks and have a good one!


                • I think HAARP is temporarily shut down.

                • Mac-

                  If nothing else, perhaps an expose’ of ‘SCALAR WEAPONRY’..
                  the two are intertwined.

            • No, it isn’t. The storms aren’t manmade. God controls everything. We’re going to see more and more extreme weather as we get closer to the Great Tribulation period.

              • Meh I figured the issues with the weather were caused by Fukushima. If a volcano can cause a long winter, can’t a nuclear oops? Seriously, the time window is 1.5-3 years for a nuclear disaster to cause issues with the weather including causing stall lines. When I hear Haarp I shrug. It makes more sense that this is related to the disaster than anything else. Didn’t we have a long winter a few after Mt. St. Helens?

                • ADM. Fukushima didn’t release the dust that would blocked out the Sun that a volcano that blows does. Think of Fukushima as one of those Hawaiian volcanoes that just bubbles over and over and over into the sea.

                • volcanoes vs. fukashima…last time I looked, volcanoes were part of the earth, created during the creation of the earth.

                  Two completely different things.

              • Spot on BC…I love it when people think that man actually has the intelligence/ability to control the earths forces. Although our gub has pissed away billions of hard-earned dollars in its attempt to control the weather.

                I’m not even going to get started on harp…thanks for the only right answer.

            • @ PKLauLau. Please check the message to Lone Ranger, it explains much about shear volume and mass and how something like HAARP just doesn’t have the energy to cause the New Madrid to break. It doesn’t even have the energy to cause a 4 pointer which has about only 60,000,000,000 joules of energy to it.

              • BI:

                Respectfully….please dig deeper…


            • HAARP–is very real.

              • So is Chocolate, real; but it does not cause earthquakes. Try digging a small hole with a shovel something only 6 ft on a side. Even a hole that tiny is a lot of effort, Then imagine a chunk of dirt 300 MILES long 100 wide and 5-6 thick. Several large buried H Bombs MIGHT get something to move that was going to move shortly anyway, but nothing smaller. The Earth is HEAVY!!!

              • HAARP from all I read is used to try to heat or cool the upper air and various atmospheric layers high above earth. Thats done to try to make it rain more or less depending on areas its pointed at etc..

                Regardless What it is or aint…I did see on LIVE TV CSPAN a us senate hearing once that had finestien get in a fast huff when some Other us senator asked the “wrong” questions about “Weather Modifications programs” or something like that.

                Soon as he asked of it, finestein jumped in and demanded the hearing be closed to public viewing, cspan went dark a moment or so, and the final words I heard finestien say was “We will continue these costs talks etc in Closed door session for the remainder of hearing”

                If I recall correct sen boxer discussed total years costs for weather mods us govnt funded research, and the guy at the table with answers said something like “we have been granted aprox $150-Million Last year but will need Much More for next budget Increases for weather modifications projects”

                Sooooo….Regardless what or what not Haarp is or aint…What are they doing that can posibly cost that much per year?…And Why are They trying to Play God in weather mods?

                And Yes if haarp is truely capable now or in future to change weather drasticaly…It could be used as a sort of weapon. Like cause extreme heat or cold, vast lack of needed water or too much and flood areas etc…

                One thing CERTAIN! Most anythung Fed govnt does, gets screwed up worse, costs way too much, and benifits Very FEW…Few as in Finestiens Husbands never ending list of New corps or companies invented two weeks before She is going to authorize vast hundreds of millions dollars expence of tax payer cash to fund another boondoggle..

                Finestiens latest swindle TO benifit her husbands corps was to Grant His company aprox $250 Million to repair roofs on several IRAQ “Former used” military housing unit buildings etc….That grant was just After another scam Finestien swindled so her Husbands OTHER companies got almost $275 Million dollars or so for yet another boondoggle…ps: those new roofs in iraq are on empty no longer used buildings!!!

                PLUS Finestien also made Certain her Husbands brand New aquisition of just Over 51% of all Stocks in some real estate co, so hes Now controlling stock Owner..

                Got yet another cushy grant of fed moneys and ability to have SOLE profits from All sales of current Freddi-mac etc owned foreclosed home mortgages!….His gaurenteed profit Minimum is like, 6% or 7% for every home resold!

                But Hes hired a 1/2 dozen other real estate co’s to do the actual selling of homes etc!

                What I raed says finestiens husband should CLEAR at LEAST $500 Million in a couple years from That deal alone!

                All he invested in the orig stocks to Own 51% and be main controler of said real estate co, was aprox $42 Million of His cash…But less than TWO weeks later when his wife sen finestien comitted fed govnt cash to Husbands real estate co in a NO/zero-Bids action, his $42 Mill stock buy went to Over $200 Million stock valuse in less than Two weeks! plus the ongoing profits by sales of several MILLION Foreclosed homes!

                Somebody Please make certain shes the first bitch strung UP!…She Has to be the absolute worst Kommie bitch next to hillery we ever had…Worse than bella Kuhn even since at least she finally confessed to congress the real truth about various bolshevik jewish run kommie stuff back in 1940’s or was it 1950’s(?)…For every ‘convert” like bella, we have several Hundred like finestien that will Never change for the better it seems eh.

          • Be Informed,

            First. thank you most kindly for your very gracious and respectful response! Wish we were neighbors. And I mean that sincerely.

            Second, your scientific knowledge is astounding. Wow.

            Third, I have a question for you. If this is not HAARP, then why did, earlier in the week, show documentation that it, in fact, IS Haarp?

            Fourth, you write that “HAARP is NOT going to set off the New Madrid.”

            How do you know that?

            How do you know they will not use that machine to focus its energy on that vulnerable fault line?

            Do you actually work with HAARP and know its true capabilities and what it is not capable of?

            How can you deny that these same people are the ones who give us organism-infested Chem Trails, Vaccines with crap in it that causes autism in young children, and food that has pesticide in the kernel of the seeds that produced it, aka, genetically modified food, which give us cancer? How can you believe (if you do) that the deaths of all these bankers is just a coincidence?

            In other words, could it be that the capabilities of HAARP are classified and that you are operating only from what is “known”?

            I think there is one difference between you and me and that is this: your base of knowledge (and it is a vast one!) is a deep treasure trove of scientific facts from what is known so far (you are so learned!), whereas my base of knowledge is the human heart and what it is capable of, such as deception, lies, destruction, etc.

            As you already know, our government is filled with deception and lies and it is wielding destruction on everyone through obamacare, protecting Monsanto, and I could go on and on.

            With respect, you are very factual. Incredibly learned. But facts are not enough.

            For example, it is a fact that Lee Harvey Oswald was arrested for killing President Kennedy but the truth is that the vast majority of scientific and other evidence show otherwise.

            The fact is that millions of people suffer from malnutrition and die from hunger but the truth is that we have more than enough land and food to feed everyone.

            The fact is that our cars run on gas produced from oil but the great inventor Nicola Tesla (who created that haarp machine but not for bad purposes) powered a car from electricity for free that he sucked in from the atmosphere.

            The fact is that we pay high utility bills but Tesla demonstrated the 100% free wireless transmission of electricity around the planet.

            Certainly, facts must serve the truth, but can never be solely identified AS the truth, the whole truth!

            If I am wrong about that, then all the articles that Mac posts here are simply poppycock, meaningless, and in no way connected to the (negative) capabilities of the human heart.

            Again, I wish we were neighbors! But we must connect the dots because failure to do so only serves to make us both vulnerable and victimized.

            – the Lone Ranger

            “Facts are the enemy of truth!” – Don Quixote (by Miguel de Cervantes)

            • @ Lone Ranger,
              BIN is a questionable source of info. Not always, but often.

            • @ Lone Ranger. Before its News also has posted on the number two story about the earthquake on the Georgia/ South Carolina border region as a 5.4. This is an utter lie because it registered on every seismic station I have seen as a 4.1 to a 4.4. Check out this false information that is being accepted by thousands of people as fact. 5.4 looks better than JUST a 4 pointer. Notice the plea from this article for financial aid.

              I have seen so many stories about garbage on Before it News that deceives people from THE TRUTH. There are some true stories on there that have value, many belong in those tabloid magazines.

              HAARP does not have the energy required to trigger or cause an earthquake from a fault not ready to go. Even the Hadron Collider is doubtful to cause an earthquake from a fault not ready to go. Triggering an earthquake is not just some narrow beam of energy that causes it to blow. It is millions of cubic miles of mass that determines when the New Madrid breaks. It is not just the fault, it is the plates that will finally let it loose. HAARP would have to have energy millions or more likely billions of times the energy to cause something like this.

              HAARP is however something that is a detection tool that can predict when an area of fault is ready to go. It can see the stress building and the government of course would not tell anyone about the New Madrid getting ready to go. It can see what is happening with the weather and what is occurring with fronts and pressure changes. Alterning the weather is something that has way more to do with the ocean temperatures than the air ciculations. I have yet to see one hurricane develop in cold water. IF HAARP can generate and create a hurricane out of the blue there is sure no record of this.

              Hurricane Sandy was a result of decades of no hurricane forming in the Atlantic basin, other than the one in 1938 and Hurricane Gloria in 1985. New York has been hit by five category 3 hurricanes in the past 100 years, so this is not rare. Massachusetts been hit by 2. Sandy followed a very similar path to Gloria. The underwater topography plays a huge role in the way hurricanes get their energy from the warm water. You can watch Sandy weaken over certain spots and then gain strength, this is all due to warm currents being channelled in a certain direction from the Gulf Stream. After Sandy this will change in the future like it did after 1938 and 1985.

              I of course don’t work with HAARP but I know a lot about mass and volume of energy. People don’t understand just how much energy is in earthquakes and hurricanes and what it keeps them going. HAARP has not produced any hurricane or sustained it in cold water. The Californian currect is cold upwelled water where the temperature seldoms gets above 72 degree off the coast any than during an El Nino. Which is exactly when tropical storms have hit California like on Set.25, 1939 and tropical depression Norman that hit California in 1978 and destroye the raisin crop. HAARP has not created any hurricane over the cold waters of Peru where the water is so cold that Peru is often covered in fog and 20 degrees below where it would be at the same latitude if the water was not so cold.

              I have seen absolutely NO evidence that would suggest that HAARP has done anything over the ordinary in earthquakes or the weather. Every single major earthquake has had a precursor foreshock before it happened. I can trace back every single weather related event and not one of them is out of the ballpark unusual. They may break records, but not by huge differences.

              They were talking about HAARP creating the snow in Egypt and Israel. Yet snow has fallen many decades ago before HAARP in areas further south than than this. If it snowed in Taipei, Taiwan today which is at 25 degrees north, just 100 miles north of the Tropic of Cancer HAARP would be blamed. Yet this city is rated as having at least one snow day each year on the average. This is because of the mass of super cold air in Siberia that sometimes filters down far south, just like the Canadian air that sometimes gets far south in the U.S. Back on Jan.19, 1977 it snowed in Tampa, Floria. If this happened today, it would have to be HAARP.

              There is 63,000,000,000,000,000 joules of energy from an 8.0 earthquake. The HAARP emits a 3.5 megawatt pulse and this is going to cause something in the petajoule range to blow? The energy of a 8.0 is equal to some of the largest hydrogen bombs ever detonated. 63,000,000,000,000,000 joules of energy released from 3.6 megawatts? Yeah right. These people are deceiving good people like you with fairy tales. This is what is so nice about math and figures, there is no conspiracy behind this. IF it “don’t” add up with raw math it is crap.

              Lone Ranger, please read on wikipedia about HAARP, especially the section under conspiracy therioes and see that HAARP doesn’t even equal the energy in lightnig flashes. I hope your Sunday is going well today. I do value the other issues you talk about, you have a lot of good things to talk about.

              • IF HAARP could cause a hurricane they would do it in Ca those liberals need rain to get tax money. People you need to understand SIZE of things. All the 10’S of thousands of huge windmills in the USA generate 60 Billion watts of power. As much as 60-80 Big Nuke plants. Far more than HAARP uses, and they don’t even slow down the wind. A class 3-5 hurricane has power to make them look like toys. A big earthquake moves mountains, not air.

                • @ Paranoid. Exactly. MAYBE HAARP “might” have some use as a weapon on human tissue. You look at one of those stun devices and how it can knock someone flat on their back with minimum power. Moving a mass of rock hundreds of miles long, dozens of miles wide and miles deep? Not on this world.

              • BI: Respectfully, Wikipedia is only about 50% correct, it is not the go to source. It is like that other left leaning site that often debunks the “truth”….dang, I can’t remember the name….husband and wife team….

                I ran across some articles and watched some videos a few years back, they had govt data, govt people talking (in secretly taped presentations) about weather modification, etc., with HAARP….they have patents for manufactured snow and other geo-engineering weather stuff…

                Go to dutchsinse on you tube. Read his articles, watch the HAARP and scalar stuff happen in realtime right before a giant storm hits (or creates one). Watch the pulses actually change the rotation of a hurricane and move it towards or away from something. He has amazing information and they keep trying to shut him down…..hummmmm….

                Go to and read the articles, try and watch the hour long presentation about chemtrails and weather modification, including HAARP….how and why….

                BI, there is too much credible information out there about HAARP….

                I’ll try to find some links and post….


              • Don’t bother reading BIN. It never actually becomes news, since it is mostly fantasy fear porn, that I can tell. That’s why it’s “before” news.

              • HAARP is using 100 Billion watts now….


                • @ PKLauLau. Just came back to check out previous posts. Even IF HAARP was using 100 billion watts, there is NO WAY this is going to cause the New Madrid to go off. The energy of this is still 600,000 times too tiny to equal the energy of a typical 8 pointer earthquake. Some weather modification such as using large planes to seed hurricanes, perhaps. To steer it, maybe. To create it out of nothing over cold waters, no. I watch hurricanes when they form and not one of them has formed over cold waters or even cool waters. IF HAARP is being used for anything with the weather, it would be steering an already established hurricane.

                  • BI: Okay….I guess we are not going to convince each other. Just don’t shut the door on this. All I ask is that you dig deeper. If you are still convinced of your position after your research on this, then I’ll concede the point.


          • BI is fullof it. I saw Elvis working a Burger King drive thru in Detroit.

            • Sadly that’s because he is white, nobody works is Motown any more. Try to get an employee.

        • Here’s some of the interesting data I’ve been collecting, about things that happened in 1984—

          At least 14 politicians died in 1984, cause of death for 11 of 14: “unspecified”. Frank Church died of cancer, Indira Gandhi was assassinated, Yuri Andropov died of kidney failure. I didn’t research what each dead politician was into, looking for links, but it might be interesting if someone decided to do it.

          Physicist Pyotr Kapitsa (Physicist) died of “unspecified” cause. He spent 1946 to 1955 under house arrest as punishment for his refusal to participate in atomic weapons research. It might be safe to assume by 1984, he still hadn’t decided to participate…

          Alfred Kastler (Physicist) died of “unspecified” causes. His optical pumping system helped lay the foundational principles of maser and laser. He also spoke out in support of the establishment of Israel, and publicly opposed the proliferation of nuclear weapons and America’s involvement in the Vietnam War. Any one of the three would have been enough to get him ‘disappeared’. You know Hoover had a file with his name on it.

      13. Dead men tell no tales! The FEAR has been installed into the financial institutions around the globe now; he who may talk will die. But, someone out there will TALK, and mark my word if it hasn’t collapsed before then, all hell will break loose. This just is the way I read the tea leaves. The SH-T sandwich is about to be served open faced.” May the force be with us.”

        • I bet the one killed with the nail gun told them everything they wanted to know before he was finished off. Suicide by nail gun. Reminds me of Clintons Arkancides where they shot themselves in the back of the head two or more times.

          • How many bankers have nail guns in the garage?
            Did he moonlight as a carpenter?
            And really 8 shots to suicide? He must have really hated himself.

            • Your right. Good comment.
              You nailed it.

        • Someone will eventually talk, but I just hope they don’t talk about it on the phone or put it in an email first…

      14. The Golden Jackass states that the suicided bankers had flipped during prosecution investigations, and were assassinated to prevent insider testimony of bank fraud from reaching the prosecution.



        • Could not agree more… derivitaves maybe?

        • Absolutely JayJay. When I rant about killing “the bankster”, those bankers that could come forward, are not who I’m referring to. I’m referring to the corrupt ones with they hand in the global takeover.

        • Bankers who are not as smart as Snowden.

        • Yes, but they were probably complicit at some point in their careers. I always wonder who is sick enough to carry out TPB and .guv orders.

      15. No kidding everyone on this site knows the SHTF is coming soon.
        It’s time to take a step back and count our blessings and PREP even harder.
        My GOD watch over us all and help us through this mess that the zombie mope hand out generation let our so call leaders by voting for them take the country down.
        And no thanks to some of the crooks in the banking industry and those politicians that have lined there pockets with our money.
        It will do them alot of good when everything goes to he!!
        and they can’t buy anything to eat because there money is NO GOOD.
        It’s time to get it over with the sooner the better. I don’t like it but I’m tired of waiting for it.
        I would like to see those Zombie Mopes and Crooked Bankers and Politician have to realy work.
        I mean get real dirt under their nails, bust the hide of thier nuckels, sweat until thier clothes are soaked and their backs hurt. Maybe then we will get a little justice.
        Then the Good Lord can have them. My God have mercy on their souls.
        S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.REB

      16. Before when government was corrupt, there was at least the hope that journalism would come and investigate and reveal the corruption, and then the corrupted would be prosecuted.

        Now that mainstream media is in bed with government and the bankers are in bed with the various government acronyms…there is NOTHING that is going to save this nation unless it is a good plague that shows no financial favoritism.

        • “… there is NOTHING that is going to save this nation …

          Quit looking to be “saved”. The answer is here:

          The “People” as the Militia of the several states ARE the LAWFUL defenders of ourselves, our families, property, counties, cities, states, and of our nation. So when a state’s Militia goes out to assist a family / city / county / state or the nation itself, the people as the “sovereigns” lawfully call themselves forth, as the ONLY governmental body that is LAWFULLY charged to carryout those duties.

          The Preamble to the US Constitution; starts with: “We the People of the United States do ordain and establish this Constitution”
          By those words it is saying that “We the People” are the source of any and all legal status of the state and federal governments. “We” created them for specific purposes, and it was NOT to destroy our lives, control us, spy on us, track us, or murder us. Basically all public officials – state and federal representatives, state and federal law enforcement, state and federal judges, the multitude of state and federal bureaucracies – are called “public servants” for a reason – they are literally our hirelings, and many are “temporary workers”.

          The US Constitution and all that is “in Pursuance thereof” it, as the supreme (highest) law of this land in the areas where it has jurisdiction says that “We” (as the Militia of the several states) are personally responsible for maintaining and protecting the US Constitution, each state’s Constitution, and seeing to their enforcement against ALL foes – domestic and foreign. “We” are the ones responsible for enforcing the laws of this land, and are charged with it’s defense plus the defense of our homes, neighborhoods, cities, counties, states, and country.

          Clause 15 requires of the congress: “To provide for calling forth the Militia to execute the Laws of the Union, suppress Insurrections and REPEL INVASIONS”.

          Clause 16: “To provide for organizing, ARMING, and disciplining, the Militia, and for governing such Part of them as may be employed in the Service of the United States, reserving to the States respectively, the Appointment of the Officers, and the Authority of training the Militia according to the discipline prescribed by Congress”.

          This clause is very straightforward also. The militia of each state is taxed with the defense of the USA and her people, not just with the defense of their state; and they are to be armed with weapons that can repel any invasions bearing modern weapons of war. Congress is required to provide those military grade weapons for the militias. The “suppress Insurrections” includes those who are our representatives who are working against the USA and her people. When the congress neglects its duty, then the states can call out the militia. When both are corrupted, then the People can call out the Militia themselves.

          When the founders created the US Constitution they realized that we would never be able to count on state and federal representatives or agencies to protect our lives, property, and freedom. They decided to continue with what the people here had already been using, and the one proven throughout history to have the best needs of the people themselves always put first, the Militia of the several states. Who are the Militia? All able-bodied citizens or those legally allowed to be here between the ages of 18 – 60.

          Each state’s Militia is made up of “We the People”. The Militia has as its constitutionally assigned duties to:

          Enforce the US Constitution and each state’s Constitution, Enforce and keep the “Laws of the Union” (which is constitutional laws ONLY),
          Protect the country against all enemies both domestic and foreign, and
          “to suppress Insurrections and repel Invasions”.

          The US Constitution guarantees to each state its own “Republican form of government”. It is every state’s Militia that is the ONLY Constitutionally assigned force to “counter Invasions” and “Domestic Violence” within our nation.

          You see, the “Hero” is YOU. You, and you, and you, we are all the militia unless you are a part of a governmental agency – they are not allowed.

          Clause 12 specifies that there shall be no military beyond that of two years. The Militia of each state is charged with our nations defense here within the USA until and unless the congress has declared war and a “standing” military is raised:

          “To raise and support Armies, but no Appropriation of Money to that Use shall be for a longer Term than two Years”.

          * NOTE: The money that the congress has illegally spent beyond the lawfully allowed time of two years for the support of a “standing military” was/and still is a misappropriation of funds (misappropriation n. the intentional, illegal use of the property or funds of another person for one’s own use or other unauthorized purpose, particularly by a public official…), a felony, a crime against the American people.

          “To raise and support Armies, but no Appropriation of Money to that Use shall be for a longer Term than two Years” is really straightforward, and no “misunderstanding” of the words can be used as an excuse for disobeying that lawfully required duty. The members of congress can be, and should be, held personally responsible for that breach of trust. That is correct, they must pay back the funds used unlawfully out of their personal accounts.
          There can lawfully be no (NO!) standing army except in times of war, and ONLY the congress can lawfully declare war under the contract they get their duties and powers from.

          *War must be declared by congress in order to be a lawful war that our US military are used to fight in, it must be in defense of our nation ONLY which is why so many lies were used as excuses to get us into wars. Since they were not, and are not, lawfully declared wars, ALL who died on all sides make that mass murder, etc that those who serve within our government had a hand in and MUST be fully prosecuted for.
          War cannot lawfully be “declared” against a tactic such as the “war against terror” or the “war against drugs”; both are not wars and not even the congress can declare a war against a tactic.

          *War defined: ‘Open and declared conflict between the armed forces of two or more states or nations’

          Oh, and “emergency powers” are about as lawful as “assassination powers” = First Degree murder; they are both NOT at all a power any of our governments – federal or state – were given.

          Judges ONLY get to remain in the courtroom as long as they are using “Good Behaviour” – keeping the oath and doing their constitutionally assigned duty. It is the People (as a jury) who decide the guilt of innocence, they also decide the law – is it a proper law. if not that laws is to be removed from the books. It is also the people who decide if a judge is using “Good Behaviour” within the courtrooms.

          • Your comments “amuse” me on multiple levels:

            1. You can’t even get your close friend or all of your family members to save a pound of rice or a tin of milk, and you hope to rouse the masses to save the Constitution.

            2. While you spout Rule of Law, Rule of Law, like monetary theories, ONLY counts if the majority follows said Rule of Law. Since they are NOT and have absolutely no intention of doing so, you are no more than a squirrel on a wheel running round and round unless you miraculously somehow pull a miracle out of your behind and compel or force them to wake up and care.

            3. This nation is a cancer victim in the throes of death. And while I appreciate your “judging” without knowing me (sarcasm, if you have trouble recognizing it), I might hold out a little more “HOPE” for the nation if it were not foretold that it would fall. Hence, my only “saving” need come from God, not man.

            4. The Devil is in the White House, and he is om control of its resources…and there is not anybody in Congress who can get enough testicles together to stand up for this nation.

            5. You are preaching to the choir.

          • Long post. Scroll wheel.

            • Page Down key is faster.

          • Correct…this is the answer…the rule of law even if others dont see it or accept it its still what was intended and what can be again if people will quit cursing the nation and its people into hell by refusing to stand up against the evil simply based on some crazy ideas that this nation has been damned to hell by God or some such thing…very sad when people get so depressed and defeated they think they gotta infect others with it too…good post Cal

      17. To much money involved for someone not to rig the game. No one seems to be content with what they have, always more, more,and more. You would think by now tptb would have enough and would leave the little guy alone. Hell is real and waiting for them.


      18. People the time to pursue life, liberty, and happiness is over. War is coming, it is all a matter of when the general public becomes tired of the status quo. As of right now the masses are slowly waking up to the fact that the people WE elect to represent US are not doing the job in which they were elected to do. That being said, there is a growing movement to resist, and to NOT COMPLY with the mandates that are UNCONSTITUTIONAL. This is why Our elected President has cast aside the illusion that he is accountable to the people. Unless we as a nation unite together to stand in the way of tyranny, our country will be ripped apart from within.


        • We? No way. So much election fraud it was a joke. One candidate getting over 101% of all registered voters in many precincts. The phrase “bring out your dead” has become synonomous with voting and election day.

          • Quoting Monty Python is so much fun….On of my favorites…

            • I started watching Monty Python as a teenager. Benny Hill was also one of my favorite.s

            • ‘little tiny rocks’

        • I wonder, does your pursuit of happiness include those who do see your religion for what it is, a collection of myths, fables and legends used by the weak minded to puff themselves up and dehumanize others? Doubtful. Does you pursuit of happiness include allowing consent adults to love whomever they choose? Doubtful. What you propose is nothing more than exchanging one form of tyranny for another, more nefarious form of tyranny.

          • NCJOE, my “pursuit of happiness” would be doing away with a sorry-ass troll like you, so go away.

            • Thumbs..

          • MY happiness and YOUR don’t need to include the same things. That’s what FREEDOM is.

            • oops—

              MY happiness and YOUR happiness don’t need to include the same things. That’s what FREEDOM is.

              • 6-pack-

                Nor are they mutually compatible!

          • At a minimum, for people like NC joe: Pascal’s wager, pal.

            About loving whom you would: If the universe runs on “rules,” why do you NOT think that God would NOT too? Did your father have rules? Did your mother? Why can’t you love and marry your dog? Your mail? Your tree in your yard? Your nose hairs?

            Do you REALLY believe that humans came out of primordial ooze? That is SUCH a stretch of the imagination as almost to be laughable, although it is almost as much of a stretch of an imagination to believe that God could love us: because, left to ourselves, humanity sucks.

            However, there comes a time when a person stops trying to help another “see the light,” so it is time to let nature take its course. You’ve heard the call, it’s solely on your head if you don’t heed it.

          • Joe, we’ve been listening to that moral relativity bullshit for decades. It’s a lie. A big lie, that has been repeated often enough to where sorry numbnuts like yourself believe it.

            Goebbels would be proud of you, and Lenin would call you a ‘useful fool’. Lenin got it half right.

          • If you believe the theory of evolution (most lefties do), homosexuality is an evolutionary dead end.

      19. The fine print here, is; The Vast Technological Net is almost permanently in place. You can run, but very soon, you won’t be able to hide.

        No matter who you are, where you are, or how you are. Nobody, I repeat, NOBODY will be immune, from their veritable kaleidoscope of probing, intrusive, destructive forms of electronic and biological; gadgets, sensors, killing devices.

        Fortunately, it’s all coming down to this…

        Armed Citizens and a Fascist Police State cannot coexist.

        And the verbal bravado (those who stammer like a broken record with “molon labe” and “semper fi”) will only be heard/read, after the dust settles, by those who have literally made it to the “other side”.

        • Yes…unfortunately you’re correct on all points…and it will be bloody…

          • quote: “Yes…unfortunately you’re correct on all points…and it will be bloody…”

            ..and most haven’t the foggiest idea how severe the blood-letting/slaughter will be!

            • I hope you and yours will be safe…

              Gone in the winds…
              The essence of existence…
              Silent they would have us as our Cassandra wails…

              For it has been told that many will fall…
              Yet many will smite… as numbers they will swell…
              This overwhelming from within…
              Not for us but for them to fear the coming of the winds…

              • Yes…in the last 30 minutes…entitled ?????????

        • molon labia

          • HA!

      20. I find that I am no longer shocked, surprised, or amazed at anything which occurs now….I feel that I know what is coming and am prepared for that event. In the meantime, I am also physically prepared as much as I NEED to be at this point. I guess what I am sharing is that I break down everything to the bare bones…and I have been connecting dots for a very long time…and I continue to arrive at the same destination…..good vs. evil…whatever, however, whenever, it WILL be this way…and those who are in the KNOW will Know what they need to do….
        If you are a person of Faith, allow that Faith to guide you and if you are unsure of Faith, let your instincts guide you…and if/when you do that, you will surely find your Faith…
        Be Well and Be Well Prepared for what evil comes our way

        Faith…Family…Freedom…Forever and Ever…Amen

        • I am no longer shocked, surprised, or amazed at anything which occurs now, but I AM DISGUSTED to the core.

        • It really is just that simple.
          The “shades of grey” are just a way to lie to yourself and justify or delay the judgment.
          I know I have many transgressions that I must stand judgment for, and I must hold myself responsible.
          Now, I must fight the Good Fight
          It’s all I can do.

          • McDave:
            AMEN BROTHER AMEN!!!!!
            S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.REB

      21. Agreed jayjay, it’s within a quadrillion percentile that anyone would off themselves with a nail gun 7/8 times in the head and torso. It reminds me of an old joke once told to me by an elderly Georgia man, a sheriff was present as the body of a black man was being brought out of the swamp. He was tied with rope at the feet and hands behind his back. Several wraps of steel chain were put around the body after that and padlocked. The sheriff simply exclaimed ” this is the most determined case of suicide I’ve ever seen.”

        I recall the case of Susan Macdougal, whose husband James was Billy bobs former partner in the Whitewater real estate scam. He was convicted and doing jail time when he mysteriously dies of a heart attack in prison. Then, when it’s Susan’s time to testify at the hearing, she suddenly realizes it’s the right thing to do is take a 2 year stretch in jail for contempt the testify against her good friend billy bob.

      22. ‘Comitted suicide by shooting himself in the head and chest with a nailgun, seven or eight times.”

        Would anybody be surprised if the nailgun was not recovered at the scene?

        • Or the nails.

        • Case solved by microstamping. Registered nail gun.

      23. Eppe, this is not Fox News, ya old basterd !!! Now go pull up some numbers for Corporate Welfare, please !!!!

        • Please, my parents have been married for 55 years, if you got to call me a rude name call me shithead, I might answer to that…lololol…

        • That’s YOUR job, JM3. Do you have any?

      24. Evil will have it’s day in Hell.

      25. In Chicago, a democratic precinct captain took a bunch of volunteers to the cemetary to register voters. They were copying names and dates of birth off the tombstones. When the precinct captain noticed a volunteer skipped one of the graves. He asked why? The volunteer said the weeds were too high. The precinct captain scolded him and said, that man has as much right to vote as anyone else here. Sign him up.

      26. mudder fudder bankers ;0p

        worse the mudder fudder lawyers ;0p

        ZOG AmeriKa truly is a PREDATOR NATION .



      27. I hope that everyone here knows that I joke alot here, just because we all need some laughs here and there. But the truth be said, we may FINALLY getting to end of the line. We do not know what the future brings, but we can do all we can to make our little world better for our group of survivors… I hope for the best, and prep for the worst…

      28. To all the suffering that so many bankers bring to the really hard working people of the world I have but one thing to say to them. Jump you bastards, jump, jump, jump, jump………….!!!!!!!!!!!

        • they are being pushed for turning.

      29. The NSA/CIA complex owns The Congress, The Supremes and The White House.
        No one will be held accountable until names and addresses of the lawbreakers are published.
        Thank You Mr. Snowden!

        • Yep!

      30. With all of the recent ‘suicides’ one has to wonder why the sudden uptick in them. Why now and all of a sudden?
        2 distinct theories have surfaced in my aging gray matter. I could be way off here and it wouldn’t be the first time.

        1. The banksters were indeed whistleblowers and were going to drop the dime on TPTB corruption and doings. With that said, I’m very surprised that no ‘In the untimely event of my death’ videos or recordings have surfaced yet. Very surprised, indeed.

        2. The banksters were rubbed out because they were going to blow the whistle on something much more sinister than old fashioned corruption and greed. They were going to blow the lid off of some global secret, like an ELE event or other upcoming disaster that would wipe out most of the known world. Same thing happened in the mega disaster movie 2012. The director of the Louvre was going to spill the beans and was subsequently car bombed in a tunnel. A lot of money and resources was funneled into the building of the giant ships that were to save the ‘elite’ that could afford the ticket. Everyone else…was expendable.

        Either scenario is plausible, but I’m not sure which one is more plausible.

        • Third is the simplest and something that happens a lot in the world of greed, they were on the verge of getting caught with their hands in the cookie jar. Illegal practices goes on all the time in the world of finance. People desperate to get that special house or just a lot of spending money can fall into these scams and they get nailed. Rather than spend some serious prison time they take headers into the pavement. This is just a third possibility and not necessarily the correct assumption. Just look at how many people are convicted each year of embezzlement. Temptation and the thrill of getting away with it can be the sole reason behind this. Could be.

          • **Third is the simplest and something that happens a lot in the world of greed, they were on the verge of getting caught with their hands in the cookie jar.**

            Damn, BI–their hands stay in the cookie jar. News?? Not so much. 🙂

        • I’m remembering the plot of Heinlein’s late novel “Friday”. Not the postulated Balkanized America, but the intramural warfare among the Corps. As the financial SHTF, every large bank is going to try to make the other guys take the bigger hit.

          • Your right, per the old axiom…there is no honor among thieves!

        • Hey Socrates…

          How about both? In the order you listed…

          • Or combo of Socrates and BI

            • ummmmmmm…yea…. I’ll concede that …as part of the whole picture…

              Hell…I even have staunch left/right paradigm family members… ASKING ME… (the crazy uncle in the attic), what’s going on. Believe me…that is a huge shift in force. Frankly, I would have thought some of you might have felt it…

              Scary stuff…

      31. Just an observation. I walked into a Walmart earlier today, I needed a gallon of touch up paint. Why were all of the employees obese and seemingly uneducated? The fat “child” that ran the paint counter screwed up the order, I refused to buy the gallon of paint she mixed because she couldn’t match the sample, after ruining three other gallons and wasting 20 minutes of my time!! Why were nearly all of the customers morbidly obese? I am in my fifties and carry a 25 BMI so I am not obese, I laughed out loud at all of these fat stupid people. So I went to HD and paid $2 more for the paint, but it was mixed by an old paint pro, the salesperson was not obese, and the paint was spot on !! Walmart must stop hiring anyone with a pulse and a huge belly.

        • The pulse is optional

      32. the article I read above, was one of the best I’ve read in a long time. and Doug, you better start watching your back as well. this is ‘like you say’ the tip of the iceberg, and there will be hell to pay. do I feel sorry for the fellows that have moved on, not really, for their families yes, them no.. they where the next on the list to do ‘thy bidding, they knew, and sometimes the gamble just doesn’t make sense. they will be replaced with another monkey that will listen’ a little better soon enough. that being said, I have noticed one thing here, and I don’t know if it’s because I’m new or what, but here it is. a lot of new people all of a sudden, granted I’m one of em’ but either their is an awakening, or something else I’m not sure. I wish all of you well, you all seem to be good people, very smart folk here. I have learned quite a few things from many of you, and I have to say ‘thanks’. but this shit is coming, and my magic 8 ball just can’t tell me when.

      33. Ugh!! I long for the nights, when I just went to bed, read a book, fell asleep!……..but noooo, here I am sucked into another article/conversation!! I’m awake, I’m scared, and I’m not ready. Sometimes I wonder if I’m going crazy, but my gut tells me I’m not!! The pervasive unease of the unknown is out there, and it’s coming our way.

        “What began decades ago is now becoming more transparent under the Obama regime. Perhaps that’s the transparency Obama promised, for we’ve seen little else in terms of transparency with regard to the man known as Barack Hussein Obama”. I would say that’s a pretty accurate statement.

        I thank you all for your input, advice, wisdom, and levity ( thanks Eppe)!! May God bless us all.

        • Hmmmm, never saw this coming, (stated very sarcastically). You can’t very well store nuclear waste underground, and not expect it to leak at some point.

          Officials Investigating “Possible Radiation Event” at WIPP Plant in New Mexico Posted: Feb 15, 2014 4:45 PM MST Updated: Feb 15, 2014 4:45 PM MST

          Staff Report NewsWest 9

          NEW MEXICO – Carlsbad officials are monitoring the presence of airborne radiation at the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant.
          The U.S. Department of Energy says personnel are on-site on what officials are calling a “possible radiological event.”
          According to the D.O.E., an air monitor detected radiation on the plant’s underground levels around 11:30 pm on Friday.
          They say no employees were working underground at the time and workers on the surface have been sheltered.
          Nobody has been found to be contaminated.
          We’ll bring you more information as it becomes

          • Lots of oil drilling activity in that area. Hope they didn’t poke a hole in on of those Tru-Pacs. It’s all “low level” stuff anyway.

      34. Can someone logically explain to me why anyone would want to collapse the system? If we have a complete economic collapse, Obama, the bankers and all the other “luminaries” will be in the same boat as the rest of us hoi polloi. Do they think we will cheerfully fuel their jets, serve their food, polish their knobs? If I was a dictator I would want my subjects happy not riled up. Applying Occam’s Razor, the only conclusion I can come to is rather nefarious, the person, thing, entity behind all this is satan.

        • Collapsing currencies is how Soros made a lot of his money. That enough?

        • Our current monetary system is of the Old World Order.
          The system that they are trying to bring is of the birth of The New World order brought to birth by President Bush in 1991.

          He accomplished what thousands had been tying to do for years.

          • The “New World Order” started with the bankers/Fed Reserce and then Johnson super-boosted it. Reason they brought out affirmative action was to get the blacks on board the NWO Express…the rest was a stroll in the park.

            Irony is once they achieve this, what’s left to accomplish? They still age and die…and that won’t change.

        • KK:

          People will do what they must to eat and survive. People with families will do even more.

          Narcissist control freaks care less about happy subjects than controlled, complaint ones. They mostly will take pains to block any and all chances of an uprising. Sometimes they use the carrot, sometimes the stick. You can run out of carrots, but there are always sticks. If there is an uprising, just look at Ukraine and Venezuela to see the inevitable reactions.

          You are logical. Narcissists are not. Evil is as evil does. They will double down each time they are proven wrong. Socialism carried to its extreme has finally brought the youth (and, from the videos, others) of Venezuela into revolt. There is no more money with which to buy them off. In the mind of the narcissist, anyone not happy and compliant is a terrorist. Evidently there is still enough cash left to buy the military and the National Police.Or at least, there is still one more loyal cadre that will eliminate even the regime’s security forces if the cash disappears. No one is fooled, but everyone reacts out of their own perceived best interest and the NP/military will kick in heads for food and shoot unarmed students to further prove their own loyalty to the strongman, hoping he will let them live.

          It is ever thus. It always ends in civil war and either there is an attempt at less harsh rule or the present regime simply clamps down harder than ever in a scorched earth policy. Even when the more moderate forces *win*, it is only for awhile. See Nicaragua. A few years pass, people forget, the former dictator undergoes a publicity makeover, the propaganda sings “Happy Happy”, a few goodies are promised, and so it begins all over again.

          Evil has always understood the human psyche.

          • That’s real close to what my dad used to say: “You can run out of carrots, but you can use the same stick over and over again…”

        • *Can someone logically explain to me why anyone would want to collapse the system?*

          It isn’t our leaders’ (lol) choice.
          It will be the world’s choice.

          • It’s all about power. Which psychos control the world.

        • @ King Krazy,

        • the only difference is the big fish will eat the little ones.

      35. Yawn !!!!!

      36. Uh….just a theory on some other straws in the wind…..but I present below from a precious metal supplier and commentator, bill holter,….what might be in the cards the US is playing….

        ” did you scratch your head just a little bit at how easy John Boehner rolled over and the debt ceiling got lifted by Congress? “Clarity” it was said, and the “uncertainty” of a debt limit was lifted so all should be OK for another year. No sequester, no cutting back, no nothing. That’s right, NO debt limit at all for a year so we (and the markets) should party like it’s 1999 all over again! Right?

        Let me tell you what I think happened and why this deal all of a sudden miraculously appeared pretty much out of nowhere. You do know that it has been recently reported that President Obama has added another stop to his planned European trip next month right? Yes, he plans to meet with King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia (betting on whether he genuflects this time upon meeting or not is up to the odds makers in Las Vegas, but I know how I’m betting) to mend fences. I would like to add that Egypt’s Al Sisi “meets top Russian officials today to negotiate a $2-billion arms deal that is meant to replace subsiding assistance from old ally Washington.”

        Do you really have to be a rocket scientist to put this one together? Egypt, one of our longest and few remaining allies in the Middle East, is cutting an arms deal with Russia because of our “waning support.” We have hung Israel out to blow in the wind over both Iran and Syria and our President is going to Saudi Arabia to mend fences? Uhmm, maybe Saudi Arabia has summoned our President? Had you considered before that maybe Saudi Arabia is not our oil supplier (like the guy who fills your tank to stay warm in the winter) but instead is (one of) our bankers? Did we maybe irritate our banker just a little when we did not stand up to Syria and force them into running a gas pipeline through their land?

        You do understand that this is exactly what last August and September were all about right? Do you remember? When all of a sudden Russian ships showed up out of nowhere to call Mr. Obama’s Syrian hand? I wrote about it at the time calling it a chess match and we mistakenly thought it was checkers. Do you see where this is going? Egypt is going to allow the port of Alexandria to the Russian navy along with a very big arms deal, and maybe Saudi Arabia is going to accept currency other than dollars for their oil (and maybe not send quite as much to the energy independent U.S.) while Israel, well, does whatever it is that Israel needs to do in her best interest.

        I’ve put out a whole bunch of information and speculation above. This is how I think these pieces are put together. Egypt is now a lost cause and no longer an ally. Neither is Saudi Arabia which is a much bigger deal. Israel? Well, like I said above, they will do whatever it is that they need to do and rightly so in their best interests. But what about Russia? Well, they currently have a few nagging problems in the Ukraine and in Kazakhstan. I don’t profess to understand the politics there but I have heard that they are claiming U.S. interference and the fanning of societal flames. Is this something that the U.S. might do or has done before in many different countries, on many different continents?

        Ok, so it’s time to connect the dots. Our President has changed his plans and has “decided” (I believed ‘summoned’ to be the better word) to meet with King Abdullah. Does Mr. Obama even have cards, much less a hand to negotiate anything? The Olympics will soon be over and the Russians will then be out in full force courting the U.S. disenchantment that is now the Middle East. I do not believe that they will stand for the violence in either Kazakhstan or the Ukraine and it doesn’t matter whether we are actually fanning the flames or not, what does matter is that THEY believe we are.

        This is all just my opinion but the pieces do fit nicely together don’t they? We also have something else just now happening; gold is telling us something is happening, could it be that it’s being moved higher in a foreign effort to discredit and or mortally wound us? Could it be that the East (and Russia along with our former allies) are calling our hand in what I’ve termed the final cash call? Have they seen how we are treating (mistreating) Germany over their gold? Gold has after nearly a full year gone through its 200 day moving average. It looks up finally on the charts that have been oh so painted. It is exactly BECAUSE the charts have been painted so beautifully that a breach of the 200 day moving average is very important and is telling us something! It tells me that they have again lost or are losing control and that MUCH higher prices are coming. Is gold a signal? Or is it a symptom? Yes.

        I think that all of the above is tied together and that some sort of deal was struck recently in Davos. In my opinion, we know about it which is why the debt limit was eliminated so that we can play internal ponzical chairs to fund the game. I believe that we will need to internally fund because the demand for dollars is about to collapse as the petro put that has supported it for so long is pulled. Much of the above is speculation but, much of it is simply putting the pieces of the puzzle together logically. Whatever it is, gold rising above its 200 day moving average is saying that something has changed. Maybe it’s financial or maybe it’s a military action… but whatever it is it’s probably not for the better. We shall see.””

        So….what do you think…? Is this another of the “something so big, it will shake the financial world” items that we are/should be preparing for…..?

        • “We have hung Israel out to blow in the wind over both Iran and Syria” We had no business in Iran or Syria, or Iraq for that matter. Get Israel’s hand out of our ass and let it fight it’s own battles.

          • As Christians we are called to protect Israel. I fear the day that America takes a back seat to helping them. We should ALL fear that day.

            • I don’t believe that. What Israel has become over the course of a couple of thousand years, isn’t worth dying for.

              • If that is your belief you could make an argument that the America that exists today is not worth dying for…but I would die for my country and I would die protecting God’s land…Israel.


            • As Christians you could say we’re called to protect the entire free world at large. This is what’s bankrupting America and causing all the international turmoil towards the US. Nobody can be the world cop/security guards forever, it’s time to pass that millstone on to somebody else or let every nation become responsible for their own battles. This is why you have separation of church and state, helping people out is one thing but these military alliances CANNOT be forever marriages or your courting certain disaster.

            • Best I can tell, the Israel of the Old Testament ceased to exist over 2,000 years ago. The tribes are still scattered far and wide. Only a relatively small number of people with Jewish names and little or no Jewish DNA live in a place that’s just called Israel. Israel in the Old Testament referred to a group of people, not a piece of land. The descendants of the Israelites are all over the world.

              Anyway, we were not called to protect Israel, just not curse Israel.

            • kynase-

              Its painfully obvious you lack the understanding, logical capacity to differentiate/comprehend the differences between the OLD TESTAMENT definition of the word ‘Israel’ in context..with its modern day synagogue of satan false reality.

              ..and you actually identify yourself as a Christian???

              FYI kynase..modern Israel is not a country, its a criminal enterprise..populated by greed driven racial-supremacist imposters, who are 85% secular(atheists)..who are hell bent upon fighting everyone they dislike…down to the last American soldier.

              You wanna protect Israel…then pack your ignorant ass up & move there!!!

              ..and good riddance to you!

              • @ Hunter-

                I’m not going to start spewing the hate you are throwing at me. I am well aware of the difference between the old and new testaments, but they are a part of the same book, the Bible. The interpretation of God’s will for Israel is pretty straight forward. God also doesn’t spew hate rather preaches love, and expects the same from us. As much as I enjoy this site, it is saddening to see how many people simply hate a certain group of people. You want to talk about satan at work…that is it.

                I would strongly encourage you to read “Four Blood Moons” by John Hagee, he is well versed in theology. It was quite an eye opener for me. If you still feel the same way after you read it, then so be it.

            • Christians have been duped. Jews are NOT God’s chosen people, they are the children of satan. Anyone who defends Israel has sided with satan.

          • God blesses those nations that help Israel. God curses those who don’t. President Truman believed that. He was a big supporter of Israel.

            (Gen 12:2-3 NIV) “I will make you into a great nation and I will bless you; I will make your name great, and you will be a blessing. {3} I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse; and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you.”

            Not only that, Israel is a big target. It’s better for Israel to fight them over there so we don’t have to fight them here.

            But even if America abandons Israel, God will not. In fact, the Ezekiel 38 and 39 prophesies should be fulfilled soon. They have to happen before the Great Tribulation starts.

            (Ezek 38:15-16 NIV) You will come from your place in the far north, you and many nations with you, all of them riding on horses, a great horde, a mighty army. {16} You will advance against my people Israel like a cloud that covers the land. In days to come, O Gog, I will bring you against my land, so that the nations may know me when I show myself holy through you before their eyes.

            (Ezek 38:21-23 NIV) I will summon a sword against Gog on all my mountains, declares the Sovereign LORD. Every man’s sword will be against his brother. {22} I will execute judgment upon him with plague and bloodshed; I will pour down torrents of rain, hailstones and burning sulfur on him and on his troops and on the many nations with him. {23} And so I will show my greatness and my holiness, and I will make myself known in the sight of many nations. Then they will know that I am the LORD.’

            • You stated it eloquently. Thank you.

              • Kynase & Barn Cat: this PROVES 100% YOU Two are wrong and Hunter and others are correct…You claim Hate? due to others know and write Fatcs and truths? Thats NOT hate…

                LOOK How YOU been swindled by “jews” and Hagee too!
                BELOW INFO NOTE: Its BY/FROM JEWISH persons and univ etc sources as of Dec 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                Because of DNA science, historians and anthropologists have been able to find missing links and to unravel the mysteries of race and ethnology.

                In 2001, Dr. Ariella Oppenheim, of Hebrew University, a biologist, published the first extensive study of DNA and the origin of the Jews. Her research found that virtually all the Jews came from Khazar blood. Not only that but Oppenheim discovered that the Palestinians—the very people whom the Jews had been persecuting and ejecting from Israel’s land since 1948—had more Israelite blood than did the Jews. In sum, the vast majority of the Jews were not Jews; some of the Palestinians were. Some of the Palestinians even had a DNA chromosome which established that they were “Cohens”—workers at the ancient Temple and synagogues of the Jews.

                The Definitive DNA Study
                Now comes the ultimate, definitive DNA study, by Dr. Eran Elhaik and associates at the McKusick-Nathans Institute of Genetic Medicine, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. Entitled, The Missing Link of Jewish European Ancestry: Contrasting the Rhineland and the Khazarian Hypotheses, and published by the Oxford Journal on behalf of the Society for Molecular Biology and Evolution, the study confirms Oppenheim’s research and the many scholarly books.

                Dr. Elhaik and the prestigious Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine conclude in their report: “The Khazarian Hypothesis suggests that Eastern European Jews descended from the Khazars, an amalgam of Turkic clans that settled the Caucasus in the early centuries CE and Converted to Judaism in the eighth century…Following the collapse of their empire, the Judeo-Khazars fled to Eastern Europe. The rise of European Jewry is therefore explained by the contribution of the Judeo-Khazars.”

                Who Can Argue With DNA Science?
                So DNA science has proven that the findings of many historians and anthropologists is correct. The “Jews” of Israel are not Abraham’s descendants but, instead, come from the subjects of King Bulan of Khazaria.

                The newest DNA science finding is from Dr. Eran Elhaik (“a Jew”) and associates at the McKusick-Nathans Institute of Genetic Medicine, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. In research accepted December 5, 2012 and published by the Oxford University Press on behalf of the Society of Molecular Biology and Evolution, it was found that the “Khazarian Hypothesis” is scientifically correct.

                What exactly is the “Khazarian Hypothesis?” Simply stated, it holds that the Jewry genome is a mosaic of ancestries which rise primarily out of the Khazars.

                Jews are Khazars, not Israelites.

                The “Jews” of America, Europe, and Israel are descendants not of Father Abraham but of King Bulan and the people of ancient Khazaria. Khazaria was an amalgam of Turkic clans who once lived in the Caucasus (Southern Russia) in the early centuries CE. These Turkic peoples were pagans who converted to Judaism in the eighth century. As converts, they called themselves “Jews,” but none of their blood comes from Israel.

                Later, the “Jews” (Khazars) emigrated, settling in Russia, Hungary, Poland, Germany, and elsewhere in Europe. As “Jews,” the Khazars then left the European nations in 1948 and settled the fledgling, new nation of Israel.

                The people of Israel are not the seed, nor the ancestors, of Abraham. They call themselves “Jews,” but in fact, DNA science shows them to be Khazars. They say they are “Jew,” but they are not.

                “There are no blood or family connections among the Jews,” said Dr. Elhaik in an interview with Haaretz, Israel’s daily newspaper. “The various groups of Jews in the world today do not share a common genetic origin. Their genome is largely Khazar.”

                Thus, when Prime Minister Netanyahu says, “God gave this land to our Israelite forefathers,” he is absolutely wrong. There are no Israelite forefathers of today’s “Jews.” When today’s “Jews” say they should possess the land because they are Israelites and are the seed of Abraham, they are mistaken.

                The “Jews” are in Israel for one reason and one reason only: Because the United States, in 1948, recognized the nation of “Israel” and has since funded and protected it. God’s Word has nothing to do with it.

                God’s Word, the Holy Bible, prophesied that in the last days imposters would erroneously and falsely claim to be “Jews.” These imposters would, the Bible told us, persecute their enemies and especially the Christians. But God would have his revenge:

                I ask my evangelical Christian friends: What will you do now? Will you heed what God said, in Revelation 2 and 3, about “them which say they are Jews and are not?” Will you accept modern DNA science as legitimate and valuable in proving the truth of God’s Word?

                Or will you, dear Christian friend, walk right on by, dismissing what both God and science have informed you?

                God said that the seed of Abraham would inherit the land. Therefore, we must—absolutely must—in light of the DNA evidence, ask ourselves: Where, and who are the seed of Abraham?

                We know that Netanyahu and the people who now inhabit Israel have no claim to the land. They are interlopers, false pretenders. But there is a true and legitimate Chosen People of God.

                In fact, the scriptures had it right all along. The answer is found in Galatians 3:29. Read it for yourself:

                “And if ye be Christ’s, then are ye Abraham’s seed and heirs according to the promise.”

                So, if you belong to Jesus our Lord, you are “Abraham’s seed,” regardless of your physical race. You are overcomers, and Revelation 21:7 promises, “He that overcometh shall inherit all things.” This is the great secret that every true Christian knows.

                God is not a racist. The Great Commission extends to every race and ethnicity. We who love Jesus are His Chosen People, and we have the promise first given to Abraham way back in Genesis

                There you Go! More than anything Else, Christ told us/You to: “KNOW THE TRUTH”!

                Well Now that you know truth that at LEAST 98% of Todays “Jews” are KHAZRAS! have ZERO israelite DNA, and ARE Frauds Jesus Warns of in REV 2:9, JOHN 8:44

                Do You Fools really still believe God’s gonna Bless you or america for obeying Flashoods? Or support of FAKE Jews?

                RE-READ that Galatians verse “If You Be Christs then YOU are Of Abrahams “SEED” Jesus IS/Was the Seed spoken of in Genisis fools…Paul in Gal. says so…Is he too a jew hater fools? Toss Hagees entire books-vids-falsehoods into the closest trash Bin! Better yet BURN hagees crap!

                ALL of the Above DNA and jew infos are FROM and BY jewish scientists who Live IN Israel, and worked closely With HEBREW Univ and John Hpokins Hosp…Are they ALL antisemitenaziswhowanttokillsixmillionmorejewsracists too?

                Now Please use YOUR own Mind and stop allowing phony preachers to Invade it with zionist-jewish talmudic bolshevik kommie crapolas…TRY the NEW testement Covenant of Christianity In Christ…That old covenant was done away with 2000 yrs ago…FACT proven BY New testement entirely!

                “I’d even Die for gods land israel”!!! Delusionaly Duped Beyond compare eh….Israel was Jacobs NEW name, those who harms israel god will curse means who harms JACOB the MAN…What do You Two not yet…GET?!

                • FURTHERMORE: Turkic Clans mentioned as to where KHAZARS(fake jews) DNA originated from, is who the old testement references to EDOM-Edomite of Esau!(jacobs brother who Sold birthright for bowel red bean soup etc) BIBLE Lists esuas decendants as TURKS!…Khazar jews ARE turkic Esua edom! Edom= Mortal forever enemys of 12 israel tribes!

                  READ whats written of How and why Edom aka esuas edomites aka TURKIC Clans(Khazar jews) are going to Decieve, Lie to, Rob Blind, Mass Murder etc the True decendants of the 12 israel tribes in the last days era!

                  READ what God tells the prophet book writers He is going to finally Do To Esuas edomites clans! God will Utterally Destroy every last one off face of earth for all they have done to attempt to Rob Jacobs TRUE decendants of their blessings, and how esaus edmoites have Allied with other enemys Againts Jacobs true decendants etc…

                  THEN: Consider Khazars is whos edomites from Esau today. Posing as “jewish” as per DNA proof above!

                  Consider, is that why jews have earned that Nation Wrecker nickname over the past 3000 yrs perhaps?(yes without a doubt!)..

                  WHO: has royally destroyed all that America and the white race was/used to be?…Also same for european nations of white christianity etc…

                  I will Tell You who!

                  It’s Them Khazars aka fraud fake “jews” thats who!

                  Today in usa and every euro white nation aka the western world nations Khazar fraud jews aka EDOMITES of esau turkic clans have gained control of ALL that Matters in every societal sector of all of Our nations..

                  AND along with that Rabid war mongering Blood Thirty Vampiric state israel, these esau turk Khazars aka Imposter-jews, have robbed-stolen-swindled-destroyed all our nations beyond repair…Just as is written will happen due to esaus edomites creations of it all!

                  YOU jew and israel firsters are foolishly defending and supporting Esuas Turkic edmomite Clans of todays Khazars, aka christianitys-whitefolks-the WORLD’s, Main destroyers!


                • You posted quite a bit of information. Thanks…I will look into this study.

                  First we must state that science can prove nothing. So if this individual claims proof for genomic lineage, then this person is NOT a real scientist, because science cannot prove, merely provide evidence to support or reject.

                  Even so, we humans are 98% identical to chimps, does that mean we are of the lineage of poo-flinging ape? No. I think that for geneticists to make claims about lineage from over 2000+ years ago is pretty damn bold, considering the DNA is extremely degraded of their samples and arguably their sample size is quite small as well. I could probably poke 100 holes in the research that was performed.

                  Regardless, I encourage you to read some additional theology and research, which is what I do when I am forming an opinion. You are obviously very upset about Hagee…have you read his material? I read from multiple sources who are experts in their fields in order to prevent bias.

                  I find it odd how very upset people are getting with my simple post about Israel. You are allowed to disagree with me, but I wonder where the anger comes from. There is so much anger and hate in these posts coming from people I can’t help but wonder what is really at work. Interesting.

      37. Dead men tell no tales..simple enough.

        Hell it’s been 51 years since JFK was snuffed and still no evidence to the contrary ..
        It’s been 13 years since 911 and no evidence to the contrary..

        We are force fed fairy tales on a daily basis…official reports..blah blah blah..These bastards are just as corrupt and more so than organized crime…

        Those who threaten the power structure are eliminated quite decisively..then the “cleaners” come in and make it all nice and tidy..with full cooperation of the fourth estate aka media.

        There will most likely be more of this “apparent suicide” scenario amongst the financial landscape and will soon be always.

        The official story is always lies and manipulation.



        • I’ve referred to this sort of thing as “getting suicided”. Their deaths can’t be “accidents” or “robberies gone bad” because those will be heavily investigated and evidence of tampering or something linking to the killer will eventually turn up.

          An apparent suicide? This is the real world, not CSI, NCIS, etc. and cops will just close the books on that.

        • Which is why you have any real knowledge the powers hate,get it out on the net and mirrored,that way you get smoked at least it is out there.I would also do the same with say,a great energy device/cancer cure/ultimate battery ect.,corps would kill you if you try and sell/patent,on net is now too late and if someone gave a simple cure for cancer freely instead of trying to patent and was effective millions would still give that person at least small donations,they would be rewarded but more importantly slipped by the powers good things for the future.

        • Google the list of the 103 potential witnesses who died after the JFK assassination. There were all dead by February, 1967.

      38. The most shocking thing to the survivors of the coming nuclear attack on the USA will not be that it actually happened. No!

        Astonishingly, the most shocking thing to survivors will be how many people believed the lies of the Criminal Media until the very end and were needlessly incinerated.

        There will be ample warning. Who is to blame will be clear to all.

        America won’t be a better place afterwards but the millions who are struggling and living day to day in poverty will barely notice the difference.

      39. If the dollar crashes at least I’ll have enough to keep me in toilet paper for awhile! Anybody need a roll?

        • J I V
          TP will worth more that a US dollar. (LMAO)

      40. Let me tell you about my situation. My husband is 64 and I am 61. Two years ago, I was earning 70k and he was earning 100k. Construction, our industry, collaspes and cut backs included the oldest, being us. Our employers provided our insurance. Now Cobra has run out, and most of our savings. I checked out obamacare. My husband and I signed up with very good policy for $19 a month based on his social security as our only income. This was a safety net until we can get employed again. I almost landed a job making 35k. If I had been hired, I would have brought home about $1800 per month, but my insurance under obamacare would have increased to $1750 per month. How could I afford to pay for the gas to get to work? I feel like one of the moochers now but stuck in a very bad situation. No insurance company outside obamacare will sell us insurance due to high blood pressure.

        • Let me tell you about my situation.
          We get .15% of what this lady and husband were getting.
          YES! 15%!!! 🙁
          We’re doing fine, have savings, and are stocked with supplies for years.
          I guess she couldn’t pay her yacht fees, huh.

          • We have a mortgage, a 10 year old Tribute, a 16 year old Ranger.
            That’s it, folks. NO blings at all.

            • When I went for my physical, the doctor asked, “Do you have any known allergies?”

              “Formaldehyde,” I replied. “I’m highly allergic to formaldehyde in my bloodstream.”

              • I went to the doctor, he gave me 6 months to live. I told him I couldn’t pay the bill. He gave me a year.

                • One of Rush’s funny audios has one guy telling the other, “Yo mama’s so fat, she got a flesh-eating disease, and the doctor gave her 87 years to live.”

        • Not enough savings to hold you for 2 years? Id say your finances suck and your retirement plans are what gives the boomer generation a black eye. Even if you both lost your jobs youd have gotten unemployment to offset the cobra payments. Again, your finances suck.
          No pity from ole Cal here, just some more head shaking at another couple who lived high and didnt plan for the worst. Hell, you didnt even plan for a normal retirement. Or do you have a nice pension waiting for year 65?
          Folks like you are naive, living too high, and mooching when you cant make it anymore.

        • So making $170,000 a year and not one cent put away? My wife and I never made even a third of that, and we’re retired and doing okay. I retired when I was 50, and my wife when she was 53. I work some when I want to, and so does my wife, but not as much.

          If we had made that kind of money, we’d be in the middle of 1,000 acres of prepper paradise.

      41. This whole thing smells to high heaven. I can’t make up my mind on weather they are being murdered or it is just a fluke.

        I leaning toword murder. They knew something that would bring down Obullshit. I believe that they know or have proof that he has destroyed the economy on purpose.
        I do feel sorry for their families for two reasons. #1 loss of a loved one, #2 They are now targets.

        “OR” History is repeating itself. 1928-29 A bunch of guys killed them self, or maybe the were murdered? Dosen’t matter they are dead and the economy and the stock market crashed.

        The difference is that 80%+ lived on the farm and produced food. Now 80%+ live in the city and just eat food.

        Prepare for the attack of the Zombies and Leaches. It might be hear sooner than we we think.


        • It is here, not hear.
          It s whether, not weather.
          Your abysmal commend of the English language confirms that this site is populated by a large number of people with questionable critical thinking skills.

          • …..abysmal ‘commend’ of the English language…..

            The pot calling the kettle black, dork.

          • NC I had 2 hours of sleep when I wrote this and I didn’t proof read it.
            Thanks for the corrections.

          • NC
            If this is all you can find wrong with this. I guess I’m doing OK.

          • NCJOE, are you an English teacher? go f#$% yourself!

            • Brave & DB
              Thanks for the back up. Just seams like I can’t please everybody.
              Thats OK I don’t care I just want to touch the folks that wants to learn. I don’t care and really look forward toward a debate with people.
              It does kinda piss me off when some one just want to criticize & not add anything to the conversation.

              • Howdy, Sarge. On occasion I’ll misspell a word or two myself, but I still don’t have any use for trolls like ncjoe. he never has anything worth adding to our conversations.

              • Sgt would you relax? As I said There is no point in arguing with a fart, It just is, what it is; makes noise and stinks. There are several; posters on this site that that’s about all they do. Take a little warm cider, some nutmeg, and cinnamon; spiced rum, if you like and relax.

                • P

            • Chill out bravechoad !

          • nc, if you read what he said, instead of proof reading all the time, you might actually learn something.

          • NC, you made two errors while pointing out two errors. Pitiful.

          • Joe, you are hoist by your own petard. Learn to spell, redneck.

          • …and per yourself(Joe)..questionable integrity/honor!

          • NC joe shades of Eisencrew!Hope I did’nt miss spell anything. What is sad is that we traded Eisencrew for Them Guys and Hunter. Now Cuz Braveheart has to attack a new foe on a daily basis, we don’t know who will be next. He’s even turned renegade on his own family. Me and his other Cuz Marcel thinks maybe Memphis might be getting to him, if he goes to far over the edge they may take Bertha away from him. You know Big Brother does watch this site and Cuz seems to be getting a little unstable.

        • Sgt. Dale

          Obama and these guys getting bumped off are no more
          than crows sitting on the same fence, as was JFK.

          Our cutthroat leader only signs the orders coming
          from above, the middle tier bankers doing the same.

          All is well as long they are willing to play ball
          with the really big league and don’t deviate from
          the original game plan with it’s fixed set of rules.

          If any one of them decide to piss in the wheaties
          of the real powers that be, they get to take a
          one-way courtesy flight off a hi-rise without the
          benefit of any accumulated sky miles.

          • I heard it is not the fall that kills you, it’s that sudden stop…

            • Deceleration Trauma, or Concrete Poisoning.

          • O.W.
            I was taking to a member of our group today and he said just about the same thing (GREAT MINDS THINK ALIKE).
            He believes that they where going to spill the beans on the Obullshit economy, showing it was about crash and they are trying to keep them quiet.
            Its always that sudden stop, that hurts.

            • Concrete Poisining

        • This s just early spring cleaning. The big boys know who may end up testifying about something in court that may cost the banks some money. They weigh the risk:benefit ratio and make a financial decision based on that. Simple as that. Fred might wind up causing a problem, Fred gets nail-gunned. You guys are reading too much into this. These guys were no going to open the gates for the NWO. They only MAY have been a liability to whichever banks bottom line. The banks take the necessary actions needed.

        • @ Satori. Exactly what I have been talking about, a strike slip triggering many other thrust faults or other strike slips in the area. Just like the 8.6/8.7 mega quake west of Indonesia did to many faults around the Pacific last year. They even talk about the break from the Salton Sea to Parfield being about a 8.2, like what I have been saying it being a 8.1 to 8.4. There is some real accurate facts in this article. Thank you for posting it, I personally enjoyed reading it.

      42. Oops, it is command, not commend.

        • Sometimes when people are writing they are so engrossed with that the next thought that they don’t check their spelling. The mind sometimes is more interested in the next chain of thinking that the words typed are not spelled like they should be. This is in no way an assessment of someone’s intelligence. It is extremely petty and nickel and diming to ever even mention this. Of course many BO lovers are more concerned with pettiness than true substance of what is going on and taking down the country and people.

          Just keep extending the debt ceiling all the way to 100 trillion and beyond. To anyone that knows about e to the x and expontential growth, the debt chart is almost perfectly matching the e to the x chart and this idiotic debt ceiling rise is a result of this. E to the x means a debt that reaches eventually almost a 90 degree out of control super hyperinflation hell. Let’s just all be happy that BO got his way and concentrate on little spelling mistakes that all of us make when we are more concerned about the substance of what we write.

          • Be informed– small minds, petty grievances

            • O W
              I agree with you I’m sorry I hit the wrong button. 1+ thumbs Up.

          • BI, good morning, and once again I have to agree. I noticed our old friend ncjoe has been on here 5 times already and of course I had to challenge him.

            • braveheart, you did not have to respond.
              you’re goin’ to get high blood pressure and have to go on
              Garlic supplements. If your heart.starts bothering you
              Take Hawthorne Berry and potassium.
              Now, take care and don’t stress yourself out.
              just ignore him and he will just go away!

              Keep preppin’

              • Cookin’ Mom, good to hear from you. Welcome back. I’ll be fine. How have you been?

            • Brave:
              You know that we love ya man.
              Please don’t get stress out over a slug like n.c.
              He is not worth it.

            • Breaking news!!

              Oprah arrested for drug smuggling!
              She was interviewing DEA agents, when one of them lifted her skirt and exposed 100# of crack!!

      43. money bread crumb trail

        just follow the money bread crumb trail … which ultimately leads you to the Vatican roman catholic black jesuit pope , English freemasons , fake inbred brit royals and murderous genocidal banker family Rothschild … those are the folks who ultimately control OWN zog amerika .


        the only way to survive whats coming is to get out of it’s way , insulate yourselves with real wealth and be prepared to just stay exist under the radar for the next 40 years .

        this is a long term multi-generational globalist nwo ONE WORLD BANKER CONTROLLED GOVERNMENT plan till 2050 !!!

        the only true way to win this game is DON’T PLAY IT .


        N.O. ;0p

      44. I see perhaps a cover up of deadly nature also.In the end,short of a planet killing comet or a nuke war whatever brings things down whether man made or natural really doesn’t matter.This is why folks prepare a bit,no matter how ready one is will be a shock and will also need a bit o luck to survive,but prepping puts the odds in your favor were that little bit o luck might be the extra that gets you through.

      45. Freedom Of The Press

        Press one to view this comment in English.
        Marque dos para Espanol.
        Press three for Russian.
        Press four for Hindi, Arabic or any other upside-down, swirly looking language.
        Press five if your monitor has no four button.
        Press six if you meant to press three twice, but forgot.
        Press seven if you’re headed to Vegas and superstitious.(hey, you never know…)
        Press eight if that’s your favorite number, or if you just like pressing eight.
        Press nine to be redirected to another site that won’t ask you a bunch of questions about numbers.
        Press ten if your viewing device has that capability. Do not press a one and a zero and expect the same result. It ain’t the same thing! We mean a TEN, dammit!
        Press eleven if you are handicapped and need help pressing numbers.
        Press twelve to be telepathically transported to a universe where recordings like this do not exist.
        Press thirteen if today is your birthday, and you’re feeling kinda down because everybody seems to have forgotten you, and they didn’t even call, and you don’t ask for much but dammit a little recognition once in a while would be nice and why is everybody in the whole freakin’ world against you and you just can’t take it anymore….
        Press fourteen if you’ve stuck it out long enough to reach this option.
        Press fifteen to take a brief survey, in exchange for which, you will receive a coupon good for one free taco (with purchase of $15 or more) good on your next visit.
        Press sixteen to see how many people have pressed sixteen…..

        • Press seventeen for your local suicide hotline….

          Good thing we work off a base ten setup…

          Good one Okie….

          • Hey, eppe! Hope you’re doing well. And, thanks for the daffynitions yesterday! 🙂

            • Surviving as best as possible. How’s the burrito trucking buisness, we got to have Mexican food, you know.
              Finally going full time where I am, with the Comcast\TWC potential merger, it will be nonstop for years. Designing the “last mile” for businesses. You have seen the commercials I presume? In the cable biz, it is “feast or famine”, thank goodness it is feast for years to come, hopefully…

        • 12,12,12, of course 12 is out of order… sigh

        • tony, this is vintage Jesse.

          The *underground city* is Springfield (MO) Underground. They rent space to anyone who can afford it. It has been there for years, if not decades. It is temp controlled/atmospheric controlled storage. Lots of servers. I think I read that 10% of the US processed food is stored here. There are similar storage facilities in similar caves somewhere on the East coast. None are secret. I bet most big rig drivers know about it. The military uses it, too. I’m sure we must have some former logistics officers here who can tell us more.

          Sure, it would be a great place to survive *something*. But that is secondary to its purpose. And it is privately owned.

          As for the Huff house, that is interesting, for sure. So is the proliferation of banks in the little town. But, here’s a question: if the world ends, what good is money? And why have banks if you have 72k sq feet of fortification as well as caves? You could stockpile a lot of food and fuel and PMs w/o needing a bank.

          A relative’s late uncle was a 32nd degree Mason. He died over 20 years ago. The family was not exactly movers and shakers, though they did have money, mostly from a Golden Age medical practice. The last surviving members are elderly, are in assisted living and their estate will go to the Boy Scouts and the Lutheran Church. NOT Illuminati, by any means.

          I think Huff is a wealthy prepper. That estate will house an extended family and maybe hopes to become a barony in a SHTF situation. I wouldn’t feel that secure in a caving area with lots of savvy locals. You could cut through those bars on the entrances in an hour or less. The locals aren’t wimps.

          Jesse is an attention whore.

      46. 1965- Granny and Grandpa’s back yard.
        Grandpa: “Here, boy. Wanna shoot my new BB pistol?”
        Me: Sure, Grandpa!
        Grandpa: “Okie dokie. Now, since yer only five I’ll have to give ya some gun safety lessons. First, don’t never point that thang at yer Grandma. Second….hmm… well, I recon that about covers it. Now, aim it at that locust bug up yonder in the tree. See him? Now, aim careful…”
        Me: (squinting eyes and pulling the trigger) Did I get him Grandpa!? Did I get him!?
        Grandpa: “You got him sonny! (carefully takes pistol from me) You’re a regular Davy Crockett. Nice shootin!”

        Thus began my love affair with firearms. And, thanks to Gramps and his extensive safety training course- here it is a half century later and not a single mishap, EVER, with a weapon. No ‘accidental’ discharges. No robberies. No homicides. Nothing but a few dead animals (which are quite tasty if properly prepared) and lots of missed shots.
        I’ve known since kindergarten that a gun is just a tool. And, like knives, bows, whiskey glasses, grand pianos and salad forks, they are very safe when handled rightly. Of course, if handled recklessly they can be deadly. Just ask the piano player who fell off his stool while reaching for
        a shot glass- landed on a salad fork and stabbed himself to death.
        See? It’s all in how you use it.
        Now, about those Iranians and the nuclear bombs. Those are just for peaceful purposes, right?

        • Sure miss my Pawpaw too. He worked for the railroad, one day at lunch, 3 black guys were going to take his peach sandwich away from him. He promptly put all three in the hospital. Shame we cannot do that now days. He was like “The Duke”, did not take ‘dung’ from anyone…

          • eppe they probably thanked him, cause if three guys would attack a man over a peach sandwich they probably didn’t have anywhere to stay and they probably got feed in there. Trekker Out.

      47. Well I guess most of the sheep got their twerk fix last night,all I can say is what a piece of crap this once nice kid has turned into at 21 years of age, makes me sick !!!


        next time you go to the grocery store you might want to be wearing a lead apron rad shield


        those California fruit berries nuts tuna salmon shellfish you are eating are proven documented radioactive now so is that cali wine and fruit drinks .

        i encourage you all to seek foods from the Mediterranean , North Atlantic and Northern Europe as i do now .

        it is more expensive at first but once you develop a organized monthly food purchase schedule you actually save money and have a better quality of foods to choose from .

        you will also notice immediately that the food from there is quality and rich . the olive oil is awesome very raw thick and pure . the tuna is real white chunky tuna . the chocolate from germany is to die for . etc etc . its worth the effort and patience .

        i buy directly from companies and amazon . because i buy in bulk i get free shipping so its actually cheaper and healthier for me to eat every month .

        And i live in the remote rocky mtns .

        just food for thought folks .

        your choice healthier RAW CLEAN FOOD VS diseased RADIATED DEAD FOOD .

        N.O. ;0p

        • The clean salmon is Delish, and we make our own wine.!

      49. Bankers are not dying at a higher rate. People tend to off themselves rather than lose all their money, go to prison, be embarrassed etc. if the government was killing bankers why not also kill all preppers? You think the gov is watching you and they are Very worried. Why not just kill you? Why is snowden still alive? You are a crazy and non of your FEARs have become reality. You all need to get a life. Quit being hysterical little girls.

        • You don’t understand or you didn’t read the article. WHISTLEBLOWERS ARE BEING MURDERED. The billionaire banksters and their criminal accomplices are not being killed.

        • **if the government was killing bankers why not also kill all preppers?**
          I’m lost here. You are comparing multi-million dollar and some multi-billion dollar bankers to preppers with full pantries??
          LOL..LOL..LOL..LOL..LOL… 🙂

      50. I’m so sick and tired of all this shit I could scream—no suicidal thoughts included, just in case I happen to trip on my belt loops and hang myself in the shower…

        • Same here. I read for the news. I cant stand it anymore.

      51. I refer to myself as a casual prepper, not a hardcore prepper. I am prepared to survive most anything for a while. I don’t prep for the end of the world scenarios because, hey, it’s the end of the world. I don’t let prepping take over my life. I enjoy what I can in my modest little way. Financially, it’s the same thing. All bets are off when the SHTF.

        • I’m prepared for a total economic collapse that lasts one year. That includes food, water, guns, ammo. Ways to heat our home and cook our food. Don’t have a garden. Our soil is too rocky. We have most of our savings in gold and silver. An economic collapse is a 100% certainty so it would be dumb to do it halfway.

          • couple strategically placed sticks of tnt will ease the rocky soil problem

          • a garden can be grown any place. I had problems with mole,s and very poor sterile red clay soil so I leveled off a spot 50ft x 100ft and covered it with old metal roofing. stacked crossties two high around the premeter. Inside its filled with loam soil compost, manure, sawdust, leaves, rotted hay, wood chips ect. Hauled it in a wheelbarrow at a time. and I am countinually adding more organic material. Its much better than trying to build up the red clay soil that we have. As I type this my wife is cooking tame rabbit, sweet potatoes& beans all grown and processed by us. No middle men or parasitic taxes on tonites meal.

          • BarnCat
            Did you ever think of a raised garden. Look it up on you tube you will find that you can grown just about everything.

          • BARN CAT:
            Sounds like you are doing very well with everything but your garden.
            I have a cousin that lives in Tennessee they use those real big flower pot that must be 24 to 30 inches in diameter. They must have about 20 or more and they plant everything but sweet corn in them.
            They put a layer of rocks at the bottom then they put in a layer of black dirt and a layer of potting soil. They have the potting soil about 4 inches from the top.
            This idea might help you raise a few veggies.
            Keep prepping and I hope this helps you out.
            S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.REB

          • Do like the old folks did. Pick out the rocks and build walls or other things.

            There is a church in Person County, NC called Allensville Methodist Church. Over 100 years ago, people wanted to build a church. Someone donated property, but the people didn’t have enough money to buy a lot of building materials. Then someone noticed all the rocks. So they hired an architect and built a church made of stone.

            Here’s a photo [replace (dot) with .]:

            www (dot) findagrave (dot) com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=pis&PIcrid=1587468&PIpi=30302323&PIMode=cemetery

            The famous Cardinal and Yankee baseball player, Enos Slaughter, is buried there.

      52. Diffusing The Situation (an unbelievable, yet truly fictitious story)

        About six months ago, my wife briefly rode on the truck with me. Against my advice, she brought along an umbrella. I didn’t even know she owned one, but the woman packs like she’s taking a world tour, no matter how short the trip. Then she forgot and left it in the truck.
        Now, fast forward to last week. I was in a truck stop in southern Arizona. At the fuel islands, they have a water hose for washing the windshield. The hoses, however are very short, so the drivers have to sort of arc the water over to the far side of their truck. Occasionally, a slight overspray will send a few drops of water into the next fuel island. Usually no big deal.
        Parked in the two lanes next to me, one guy was spraying his windshield and a few drops of water hit the guy next to him. He didn’t even know he’d done it, but the guy who got sprinkled glared over at him, then grabbed the hose on his own fuel lane. He cranked the valve and sent a huge gush of water directly back at guy #1.
        Now, guy #1 is furioous and sends a torrent back at him. They started cussing each other. That’s when I grabbed the umbrella and hopped out of my truck. I popped it open and casually walked by them. They stopped cursing long enough to glance.
        I said, (in my best okified British accent) “Lovely day, chaps, but I believe the forcaster is off the mark again. He said it would be sunny! Cheerio!”
        They both stared at me… then back at each other. Their faces lost the anger, then turned into big grins. Then they started to laugh. At me. At themselves. At the whole situation. They were really bustin’ a gut!
        I walked on into the truck stop, discreetly folding the umbrella and leaving it outside the door. (I was hoping it’d be gone when I returned, but no such luck) When I finished my business and went back outside, they were still there. Soaked to the skin, laughing like school girls and sending sprays of water at each other.
        As I got in my truck, one of them hollered at me, “Cheerio, old chap!”

        • That may have stopped the start of WW3, you know butterfly wings flapping deal….

      53. There is a follow up post for your viewing pleasure over at Hagmann’s site.

        It looks as though their show on Monday night is gonna be interesting. Hope they have the capacity to handle the traffic.

      54. Hoo boy ,,, the anonymous “highly placed expert” strikes again.

        My wealth is not where it can be stolen. So I don’t care what happens to our beloved financial system. It can collapse tomorrow for all I care.

        To the bogeymen lurking in the shadows: F you. You know where I am. If you want what I’ve got come and take it. It will be the last thing you ever do.

        Am I aware this site is monitored? Yes. Molon Labe cowards.

        • When the financial system collapses, the banks will go under. They will close and take their depositor’s money with them. Every person, company, organization, and non-profit will suddenly be broke. They will be unable to pay their bills, their vendors and their workers. So if you have a job you WILL be affect by it.

          • Barn Cat,

            I have all of $14 in a federal credit union. That I add to as needed to use their bill payer. Am retired. Home, etc free and clear. I don’t care if the ( currency ) crashes … the sooner the better. I have various media of exchange … skills, logistics, and things that over history have been widely accepted as money.

            ( Currency is what the Government says is legal tender. ) [ Money is what the free market, you and I, accept as media of exchange and storehouse of value. ] Since time began, money has always existed, and pre-dates currency.

            Most of my purchases are small and discretionary. I don’t have suppliers or workers.

            My suggestion to you, if you are still actively in the economy, is figure out how to pay your creditors, employees etc. in cash. Give your customers, clients an incentive to pay you in cash. Go cash only. Get out of the banking system.

            Keep two sets of books … one for you and one for the tax thieves.

            When the tax guy says he’s gonna garnish your wages, or seize your bank account… give him the Bronx raspberry and invite him to bring it.

      55. Sorry to break the news to you, but we are at war and have been since 2001. All the laws were adjusted to war footing and that is why the government behaves the way it does. In wartime, the government can do whatever it wants to preserve itself.

        And that means the state can kill anyone it thinks threatens national security, and that includes the economy. Perfectly legal and has been the way states act throughout history.

        Have a thought for all the muscrement we have dispatched over the past decade (dark flights to special places) – the system is in place to deal with dissent and it works.

        Notice how extremists went quiet of late? Wonder why?

        • “Notice how extremists went quiet of late? Wonder why?”

          I don’t know…maybe some whiners sent some e-mails and the “extremists” got hit by a ban hammer.

      56. OLD FART PRIDE
        I’m passing this on as I did not want to be the only old fart receiving it.
        Actually, it’s not a bad thing to be called, as you will see.

        + Old Farts are easy to spot at sporting events; during the playing of the National Anthem. Old Farts remove their caps and stand at attention and sing without embarrassment. They know the words and believe in them.

        + Old Farts remember World War II, Pearl Harbor, Guadalcanal , Normandy and Hitler. They remember the Atomic Age, the Korean War, The Cold War, the Jet Age and the Moon Landing. They remember the 50 plus Peacekeeping Missions from 1945 to 2005, not to mention Vietnam . . .

        + If you bump into an Old Fart on the sidewalk he will apologize. If you pass an Old Fart on the street, he will nod or tip his cap to a lady.
        Old Farts trust strangers and are courtly to women.

        + Old Farts hold the door for the next person and always, when walking, make certain the lady is on the inside for protection.

        + Old Farts get embarrassed if someone curses in front of women and children and they don’t like any filth or dirty language on TV or in movies.

        + Old Farts have moral courage and personal integrity. They seldom brag unless it’s about their children or grandchildren.

        + It’s the Old Farts who know our great country is protected, not by politicians, but by the young men and women in the military serving their country.

        + This country needs Old Farts with their work ethic, sense of responsibility, pride in their country and decent values. We need them now more than ever.

        Thank God for Old Farts!

        Y’all Beware! Keep Smilin’

        • Proud to be an Old Fart!
          (Really can’t believe I lasted this long)

        • Y’All
          From one Old fart to another God Bless!!!

          • We’re just entry level old.

      57. Public-privater merger or government-banking merger, it’s just not apparent or official yet, but it already exists similarly government-agricultural merger is established just not official as well as the government-medical merger isn’t official. TPP passes, and we have government-corporate merger established but unofficial. If the living wage/set wage is established, the government-labor merger is established but not official.
        Recall, public-private mergers are advocacy of national socialism; it’s their position of the power-structure’s hierarchy to effectively determine Communism, Communitarianism, and Fascism. That’s the only paradigm of left-center-right that actually exists, liberty supporters are their only mutual enemy.
        What else is new, infighting tends to occur for the power-structure positions. Secessionist movements should be wary as if all else fails; hijacking secessionist movements tends to be the ousted elite’s go to.
        If you look carefully, the Republican arm of the Bismarkianists are clearly positioning for secession hijacking; this is why their concentration is on States rather than the central government.
        It’s going to cloud that front for liberty supporters that’s for sure.

      58. Not to insinuate anything here, but I’ll bet one NYC banker who will never be “suicided” is the lucky British/American guy who last June married a certain European princess. I think “papa kungen”, who’s had his own morals questioned lately, just might try to protect his son-in-law if the need arises, especially with the princess’s first baby (a girl) due sometime this week in NYC. As they say, birds of a feather flock together. On the other hand, you usually don’t marry into the higher ranks of a royal family if you’re on the up-and-up – just sayin’.

      59. I remember that generation but they are mostly gone now. We have the ‘boomers’ in charge – “I did not have sex with that wooooomaaan” – and after them will come my generation, Generation X. After them comes Generation Y (greedy, selfish, know only boom times), and, then God help us, the mummy and daddy basement dwellers, the Millennials.

        While the military still has the best people, unfortunately, the majority of society are not in the military. The rest of the civ pop is a scumbag’s assortment of politically correct princesses, ‘dat is racis’ braindead cast-offs of the ghettos, lost white men, the Allah-Blama boys of the growing muslim population, welfare-check chasers, chubby chasers, the obese, the GMO-laden, the anti-depressent poppers – it goes on.

        From that we are to face the perils and challenges of the 21st century. All I can say is ‘good luck’ – you are f-ing going to need it.

        • Whenever there is trouble brewing somewhere
          in the world, the jet aircraft from the
          National Guard use my area as a route for
          their low flying practice runs, and they
          were out in force today. Something up?

          • O.W.
            Please keep us informed if they keep doing their fly overs.

            • Sgt. Dale

              Some times when they are on high alert
              the situation defuses itself, but none
              the less, if there may be something going
              hot it’s usually the only time they use
              my area for their maneuvers.
              This has been happening since the Viet Nam
              era like clockwork.

          • We’ve also noticed quite an uptick of small private jets in the air. We are near a military hanger, and haven’t seen much of them recently. But the Lears? All over the place, and at night on a weekend….highly irregular.

      60. You watch…they will steal the 401k. Keep stacking silver. Gold will be nationalized again. We’ve all heard the term.. “Hoarding gold”. We’ll the banks run on it.

        So you’d better have silver.

        Besides…it has lower price point.
        Break a gold coin for a new pair of shoes…you get change back….crap paper.
        Silver…more barterable.

        I’m planning to divorce my fat wife and will use my silver stash to outfit my man cave.

        Yeah… divorcing the fat pig is a prep.
        What was my hot wife….decades later turned into “Bubba!”

        To the younger guys.. Never marry…
        The desk is stacked against ya.

        Thank God I listened to a friend who had me insist on a prenupt.
        Basically in big letters it says… FUCK OFF, YOU FAT, LARD ASS, LAZY GOOD FOR NOTHING BITCH.

        Next up…. Buy a little house… nice, small, no livins.
        Pimp out the place as a prepper castle.
        Then shag all the lonely middle aged ladies. ha.

        With the economy collapsing…beware of ladies wanting to move in.
        As a prep… no livins.

        I’m sure when the currency crashes…there will be more hookers who will take silver for “apple bobbing”. ha.

        Sorry right wing christian bible thumpers….not all of us are all down with your values.
        but when you daughter is free…send her over. ha.

        Just don’t forget your rubbers…another prep.

        • Uhhhh….
          Little worried ’bout ya, Balls
          Not soundin’ too good there pal

        • I wouldn’t dump her just because she’s fat.

          I’d dump her because she takes my entire paycheck, lights it the fuck on fire, continually bitches at me, and sleeps with three other guys behind my back.

          LALALA nooo that never happened to MEEE… 9_9

      61. The real enemy of a free America and it’s people is covered up from the masses, that being the Pope, the Jesuits and the Catholic church. They control all governments of the world and set all policy. The tens of millions of illegal Mexican’s will be part of the upcoming war on white people, along with the black against white war in the not distant future. Their aim is to kill all Christian’s. The attempt to disarm America will precede these race wars. The fact is that the Catholic’s created the Muslim faith and the prophet Mohammed back around 300a.d., and want all Protestants arising after the Reformation dead. Read and hear about their plans on and Eric Phelps on Youtube. The Catholic church and it’s evil minions are directing our nation’s downfall.

        • Yep…you DO MEAN those same evil Catholics that are firmly against abortion? Against sodomites and same sex marriage? That believe Jesus is the way, the truth and the light of the world?

          You are an idiot.

          However, Pope Francis (a Jesuit) is an imposter. I’ll give you that. The TRUE Catholic religion has been infiltrated by the commies in the sixties.

      62. I just may be missing it or it’s not talked about much as for items to put back. That being extra; eye glasses and/or frames, repair kits etc. Some of us old farts may need these.

        mint leaves – lemon balm leaves – bergamot leaves – comfrey leaves – 3 cinnamon sticks, broken into pieces – 4 pods coriander seeds – 1 crushed nutmeg – 6 whole cloves – 8-10 crushed rose hips – hot water – 1 sliced orange – 1 sliced lemon
        On a sunny day fill a wide mouth gallon jar with leaves, cinnamon sticks, seeds, nutmeg, cloves and rose hips. Cover with water. Allow to sit in full sun 3 hours. During last hour, add orange and lemon slices. Finally strain liquid. Return fruit slices to it and refrigerate until serving time. – Yields about 1 gallon of drink. I grow the mint, lemon, comfrey, rose hips in my gardens. Purchase the other items from the herbal store.

        I noticed that the cayenne in hot sauce started relieving my angina pains, started making my heart beat on a more regular basis – and beat slower. I WASN’T noticing that at all from the healthfood store stuff; cayenne capsules. I talked to the man who owned the Chinese restaurant. I asked him where he got his hot sauce and how he made it. He showed me the chilies he was using. The chilies he was using were supposedly the same variety sold by the big herb companies. He wasn’t using any real exotic chilies; they were just fresh cayenne peppers at 40,000 heat units. They were the same thing that I was supposedly taking in the capsules, but again, the capsules were powdered. His cayennes were fresh. And that was the reason I was starting to get cured.
        The chilies from the restaurant still had their Vitamin A and their Vitamin C and the enzymes and the flavonoids, and all of the other known and unknown things that get destroyed when you heat something up.
        But when the herb companies over-grind and overheat cayenne into powder for encapsulation, they wreck it. If you are not careful when you powder herbs, you can cook them by accident. Do not cook them. Dry them, then powder them.

        • As always, useful info.

      64. I also think they kill these men to send a message to others that may want to expose the criminals. Jamie Dimon and Blythe Masters are total psychopaths.

      65. Dudes,

        The Economic Recovery is long gone. The Rich will get richer, and the poor will need much more help. The Middle Class can only pay so much more and then they are gone too.

        Soon, we will have an $8T budget needs with only about $4T collected in taxes. To those of us educated in America that means in equation ($4T collected – $8T needs) = -$4T deficit

        Who will be more pissed?
        A. The Rich because they are only earning 150% instead of 300%?
        B. The poor because ‘freebies’ reduced by 5%?
        C. The Middle Class because they got confiscated?
        D. Pedro, because no more jobs?
        E. Yeng, because house he bought didn’t have free WiFi?
        F. None of above?
        G. All of Above?

      66. Sounds like any one who asks, why?
        Why is the system so corrupt?
        Why do the big shots at the top ALWAYS win, everything they want? Why do I have to continue this cover up?
        And just maybe they know it’s all an illegal Ponzi scheme and it’s about to crash. Maybe.
        If it were one or two bankers dead it would not matter but a dozen and more? And now reporters?
        If it were in the middle of the crash I could see it but NOT BEFORE.
        Sounds like a super secret BLACK ops event.

      67. None of the above because they are ALL FUCKING ASLEEP!

      68. …I have suggested that we build a new National Monument at Ground Zero 911…built from thermite tainted steel from the imploded WTC Buildings…and perhaps some of the materials derived from our legal destruction of the NSA Buildings around the world…so we build the National Gallows for American Values…with red-hot steel flowing through the site and steam rising from the Monument 24/7 eternally…so then we start charging and convicting these people of treason…the Bush/Clinton /Bush/Clinton/Cheney/Rumsfeld/Rove…War Crimes Family…along with all of these “Finance” people …anyone cabinet level of above…the heads of the DEA, CIA,DHS,TSA…etc, etc…convict all of them and then start hanging them….

        RJ O’Guillory
        Webster Groves – The Life of an Insane Family

      69. So nobamma wants to raise the nations minimum wage to 15$+
        Yall do realize that if it gets raised to that level everything you buy will be jacked up by more than double, a wage of 15$ also has about 30% or more on top of it in fees and taxes and such to the employer, how many people you know gonna pay 16$ for a big mac meal? Or a 40$ pizza? Can you pay your unskilled, un educated manual labor employees 25$ an hour in wages and fees? No? Guess that business will close down, so if the high school dropout is making 15$ the how much is the 30 yr plus carpenter going to be making? Oh??? They dont get a raise too? How many of them ya think will still show up at the jobsite when the punk laborer all of a sudden is making twice as much as they were the day before? Either that or ALL those laborers will get cut loose, thats right, those jobs will disappear, contractors already having trouble bidding jobs and making money,,
        New government contracts for cleaners etc,,, guess what, nobammy just stuck his fingers deeper into your pockets because no contractor will absorb those wage increases. Its starting to unwind,,,

        • Why raise the wage??
          I am here to vow that 75% that can’t make it on $10 an hour will do no better on $15..
          the extra will be spent on useless crap.

        • Kula–just one more sporadic decision made by Psychobama and his idiots to destroy this nation.

        • Kulafarmer,
          Total wages are figured on a percentage of gross retail sales in my small business. I used to have 5 full time employees. I now have 3 part time employees. If the minimum wage goes up, I would have to cut the hours that my store are open and cut employees hours. We are already pretty much in limbo here—how low can you go?

          • So far the only business’ that i have seen not downsizing or actually trying to expand are those who either are able to exploit cheap labor through immigrant worker loopholes or who are left leaning or hard left coolaid drinkers,,
            A bunch of the ones doing the exploiting are also far left,,,
            Yea, one side of their mouth spouting about benefits to society and the other talking to the labor recruiter who brings in Thai or Philipino immigrants for farm work and they are somehow exempt from the labor laws that would apply to any resident workers,
            Disgusting in my mind,,,
            It will catch up to them,
            I firmly believe in karma even though i believe in God,

            • Minimum Wage hike is really a gift to Unions as they base their rates off the Fed. min. wage…..
              So they will all get a raise, and frankly so will I when I do work for their members. Check the bumper stickers and yard signs, then charge accordingly.

      70. Another earthquake in Edgefield, S.C. 3.2 shallow.

      71. @ Maudy Frickett. Aftershock. You can expect this for a little while. The USGS map is getting “busy”. There should be a 6.5+ by March 2 in one of the locations mentioned two days ago in the Government seizing 401k’s article. The earthquake(s) should be larger this time from 6.8 to 7.7 or so. Northern Philippines just had a moderate one, 5.8, a half a hour ago.

      72. Huh

        This is a cleanup, either are You with us or not, and to be certain that the operandus modi is made as safe as possible for the great corps, because anyone with a stil partly fuctional braincell, knows the shtf a long time ago.

        We are only now beginning on the end game, and somewho, fear is been pimpe in all channals, and lett me be frank, a nuclbomb going of or several, inside the uSSa isnt the wurst thing that could happened, a nucl bomb is just that, a bigg f…. bomb and burns moust of its fission products when ignited, and the range of isotops created is minuscule, why I write this, is that Fukushima is far beyound regading the capacity to maim and destroy, than some bombs will ever have.
        Fukushima dwarfs even a fullblown nuclear war, the range of isotops are not even close, to the range already producd by the 3-5 methrues by the Fukushima Daiici, and by the way, what about Fukushima Daiini, the second fasility where methrues ocured.
        Stuxnet is the answer.

        The second is the end game, right now, the nett is flooded with drivel, Google/Youtube both zionist controlled and utterly corrupted and thereby useless is what we have as our greates enemys of knowledge to day.
        This is the sole reason for the Rothchilds/Zukerberg byings of this companys, controll the present, and you controll the past, and can make the future as they like it.
        The lies and forgeys goes thure it all, scienc to foodsec. There isnt a single verifyable science of somewhere close to the truth this days, where they lie about everything, all the time.

        This is even described in the ancient Kalevalla, the everlasting war against the forces of darkness and evil.
        This is the final batle, either the old first race, the white rises up or we will simply die of.
        This is indeed a race war, always have been and They force us to finaly retaliate.
        This is indeed a war aganist the european people, there have never been an out of Africa, there have always been people in europa, europa is Our world, the white race world.
        They fear onlu us, the day the old europeans people finaly awakens to the enthinc cleansing and erazing of our past and history, all done with the colebration of the MSM and so on, do notise.
        I can even prove it all, the facts are rock solid, even our History is perverted to be nothing, wile we roamed the earth there was peace.
        To regain peace, after a half millenium under the evil regins of Forces of darkness, and their blind faith in materialism and destruction, a banking system that finaly have driven everything out the cliff.

        I dont like this reasent events at all, I know its the final moments will arive.
        The europeans, must awaken.
        WE have beaten them before, no matter how invincible and powerfull they have apeared, we have crushed them.
        This time, there will be an allout war.
        This time, I svear, you wil be hunted down even to the end of time, this time we all see you, you can runn, but you cant hide forewer.

        And belive me, its the same issue, its the same problem, and scale of it in time, to the Black race, the second core race, we are infact closer to the Blak race than anyone else, in mind and knowledge. The roblem is the same in essence, in Africa, the Blackman/woman must regain them selfs, first and formoust, and dont blame it on someone else this time, this times, are Your challange blackman.
        ARE we all up to it, to regain our earth, the mother of it all.
        Or die and be humiliated forever as slaves.

        wake up


      73. So we’re at the precipice of global financial event?

        How about the global events occurring now?

        Argentina Venezuela Brazil Spain Portugal Italy Greece Ukraine Thailand Africa for starters

        All these economies are in financial freefall today..unemployment is massive..inflation..huge demonstrations..all unreported by our media..

        Instead we are glorified with the Olympics , Hollywood scandals,multi million dollar lotteries, as millions continue to lose their jobs here at home..

        As written many years ago..

        They were born, they grew up in the gutters, they went to work at twelve, they passed through a brief blossoming period of beauty and sexual desire, they married at twenty, they were middle-aged at thirty, they died, for the most part, at sixty. Heavy physical work, the care of home and children, petty quarrels with neighbors, films, football, beer, and, above all, gambling filled up the horizon of their minds.

        Orwell 1949..


      74. 15 Reasons Why Your Food Bill Is Going To Start SOARING

        “#10 According to an expert interviewed by National Geographic, the current drought in the state of California could potentially last for 200 years or more as some mega-droughts in the region have done in the past…

        California is experiencing its worst drought since record-keeping began in the mid 19th century, and scientists say this may be just the beginning. B. Lynn Ingram, a paleoclimatologist at the University of California at Berkeley, thinks that California needs to brace itself for a megadrought—one that could last for 200 years or more.”

        • @ Satori. This is an example of BO government lies about the actual TRUE cost of food going up. BO government SAYS 6%, yet the real food most people eat is more like 15-25%. Lies about inflation, all the while jacking up the debt on course with e to x expontential explosion of debt owed. Government lies and slewing the numbers.

      75. You can only expand your money supply so far before impacting other currencies at the foreign exchange table. The buying power of your currency relative to another’s sets your relevance in political power. To make the expansion without hurting the economy within your boundaries, you would have to require that other currencies of interest expand their supply or negotiate a fixed exchange rate. Fixing an exchange rate is artificial, it’s unnatural, and would have to done thru controlled agreements (i.e. I redeem treasury bills in gold if you keep your currency at this price, or I can redeem it in farmland or other tangibles). If you want to expand your money supply and maintain its purchasing power, you would have to manipulate international prices on commodities (precious metals, staple goods). The expansion of US currency and manipulation of currency values is a premeditated cooperation of banks, corporations, and politicians – this is the currency war in the world. The impact to developing or dependent nations is that their currency drops to nothing – toilet paper. When this happens, third world people justifiably throw rocks. What’s the long term objective for this premeditated plan? Unlimited wealth and power for a few?

        • jpl — good post!

      76. This recently out to the masses (link at bottom)…It’s good to also stay informed on what the general population are being indoctrinated with.

        Everything in this is about the future this and the future that, it’ll all be fine in the future…how the millions of unemployed and retiring won’t suck up every $ this government has or ever will have…

        I just cannot see how people will continue to be fed this bullsh*t and still think it tastes like a T-bone and a cold one on a Saturday night.

        The “economy” isn’t the money that I earned sitting in the bank (in name only); that is my money which I may choose to use in the economy, that is not money that the government can/should be considering as their reserve funds to “bail-in” their exorbitant unfunded liabilities bill. With all of our resources and supposed re-shoring of manufacturing jobs, IMHO the economy seems to be a prime indicator as to the level of mental illness and corruption abcessing in our nation’s Capitol–joel-kurtzman-181728603.html

      77. My fellow American’s and patriot’s who love liberty and truth …. Watch on youtube, The Jesuits, Priesthood of Absolute Evil Exposed.

      78. Venezuela is on the brink…

        “Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro called supporters to take to the street tomorrow, hours after an opposition politician sought by police urged his allies to march with him on the same day.”


      79. Why do some of you STILL think this is all about democrats and republicans? They’re all owned by the same corporations, special interests, foreign governments and crazy billionaires.

      80. Circumstances are becoming increasingly difficult for the culprits, and only a MIRACLE will save them from the ever-suspicious populace. And so…they are going to MANUFACTURE a MIRACLE.

        Just imagine what can be done with a clone, an assassin’s bullet, and a stage with a trap door behind a podium.

        Fake resurrection, anyone?

      81. The same thing happened to A LOT of eyewitnesses (who were about to testify before Congress) to the JFK Assassination, like Chicago Mobster, Johnny Roselli.

      82. The sky has been falling for a long time…nobody knows when its gonna hit.

      83. George Soros, I have to chuckle, has pissed off his Brazilian firecracker girlfriend and she is tearing his butt out right now, ha ha ha ha. He is asking the judge to make secret all testimony that she may produce about his “secret financial info, personal info, and details about his new wife”. He could just get himself killed too, if the Brazilian firecracker doesn’t kill him first. You know she already slugged him in the head in court and slapped around his lawyer too, knocked his glasses off his head. I just love it… and he is a 1% percenter that could be hung out to dry by the banksters, just like these other deaths. That Brazilian girl knows a lot of “stuff” for sure but he can’t kill her because he will get convicted. Isn’t love grand!!

        I read that the Greeks are already under the strict control of a govt gone bad and have been bled out, lost their wealth, by their banks and govt. They say they are surviving by being friends and networking their friendships to get what they need to live, like food and water. They are counting on each other, not any authority. They support each other in their time of hardship and are managing to get by so far, apparently without starving and without too much rioting and looting of each other.

        You know, sooner or later,”they” will shut off the internet and cell phone networks. We need long and short wave radio networks organized to keep track of what is going on.
        We need walkie-talkies for short distance communications, expensive radios for longer communications and repeater stations, and short wave ham operators pitching in so we can know what is happening or what may be coming. Maybe some military surplus radio gear too. Some police band monitoring equipment would help. So much for the American dream. Beautiful dream. Too bad the *omos and the banksters had to *uck it up for everyone.

        It’s nice to think that we would march to Washington and clean all this up. But most likely we would be blown up and gunned down to the last man. Even if we are armed to the teeth. They bought 2 billion rounds hollow nose bullets, 140,000 rounds of sniper bullets, armored personnel carriers.. do you really think we have a chance? I am a hot head, and I think if we march we will die early. Better to stay with the ones you love and avoid confrontations. Who needs television anyway and movies when there is a whole life waiting to be lived with those you love. Maybe in 50 years the 1% will die out and we can start over.

        Move most of your cash out of banks. They will find ways to loot credit unions too. Buy gold or silver coins for money, small denominations. Never use banks again for any reason. Don’t borrow except from individuals on a personal basis.

        I hear that Goldman Sachs is the root of all this and if they can be tossed out of politics we would stand a chance to save our constitution and country. Also everyone in the government in main positions are members of the Bilderbergs, Trilateral Commission, and Council of Foreign Relations. It is simple to see who is behind all this, but gonna be really hard to do anything about it as they have been putting all this in place since they killed JFK.

      84. Hey america, could you PLEASE take a tip from Ukraine and hit the streets? This small country in eastern Europe that you surely look down upon has MORE BALLS THAN YOU DO. Ukrainians are no longer taking the bullshit of their government/1% and are doing something about it. They have taken to the streets and ARE DYING for for what they believe in. Meanwhile americans have ‘sich billig verkauft’ as we say in german (sold yourselves cheaply?). Americans have been bought off by shitty cheeseburgers, SUVs, and flatscreen-reality-TV, the pacifiers in the baby’s mouth. Meanwhile you dont notice (or care?) about the jail that is being built around you. Ukraine – land of the free, american – land of the fat. 😉 BD

      85. If the majority of these financial managers are jewish, they aren’t dead, they’re in freakin Israel. The hoaxes they perform on the public is enormous since they never, ever tell the truth anyway. The jewish media and publishers are all in complicit in the lying daily. So, believe nothing of what you are reading in the main news as it has been twisted, perverted and convulted to suit their agendas! The jews are not know for suicides so I highly doubt these stories. They are probably hiding before the hammer falls on their thieving and manipulating criminal financial thefts!

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