Florida Proposes Using Ballparks and Stadiums as Homeless Shelters

by | Jan 26, 2012 | Headline News | 263 comments

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    As more Americans than ever before join the ranks of the unemployed, and with insurance benefits starting to dry up for many who have exceeded the 99 week maximum, homelessness across the country is quickly becoming an issue that can no longer be glazed over by politicians.

    There are over 3.5 million people officially listed as homeless in America, and with tent cities popping up all over the country as a result of foreclosures or inability to pay rent, the trend, like the rising number of food stamp participants (48.5 Million) and those living on the edge of poverty (100 million), is not abating. In fact, as the economic health of the United States further degrades, we can expect to see homelessness rise at a record pace. Most Americans are just a paycheck away from disaster, and once that income stops coming, there is no alternative except to join the millions already living on the streets.

    There is, however, some light at the end of the tunnel, at least for those living in Florida, where legislators may have come up with novel solution for sheltering those without homes:

    Back in 1988, Florida legislators passed a law that would allow sports stadiums to collect about $2 million per year from the government to build new shiny stadiums that would increase economic investment and improve the quality of life.

    Tucked into the statutes is an obscure homeless shelter provision, which has mostly been ignored for 23 years, and could be a $300 million “Oops” for stadiums, arenas and spring training facilities across the state.

    The law states that sports teams that accept taxpayer dollars to build facilities must house the homeless on off-nights, and lawmakers have brought it back from the dead in a pair of bills gaining steam this legislative session.

    Senate Bill 816, which would make teams and stadium owners return millions of taxpayer dollars if they can’t prove that they’ve been operating as a haven for the homeless on non-event nights,  passed its first committee in the Senate on Monday with a unanimous vote.

    There was some charged language aimed at taxpayer-supported sports franchises during the hearing:

    “We have spent over $300 million supporting teams that can afford to pay a guy $7, $8, $10 million a year to throw a baseball 90 feet. I think they can pay for their own stadium,”  said Sen. Michael Bennett, R-Bradenton, who is sponsoring the bill.  “I can not believe that we’re going to cut money out of Medicaid and take it away from the homeless and take it away from the poor and impoverished, and we’re continuing to support people who are billionaires.”

    Source: Miami Herald

    Florida reports that there are over 60,000 people living on the streets or in shelters, not counting an additional 50,000 school-age children who also don’t have homes. While it may not work well for the owners of those stadiums, since the taxpayers are the ones who paid for them it begs to reason that they can decide how to use those facilities in the 270 or so off nights per year. Given their size, it’s reasonable to suggest that the state may be able to fully house, at least for those nights that their home teams aren’t playing, the majority of those who have nowhere to go when the sun goes down.

    It’s a controversial issue, yes, but with States and cities running out of money, new and innovative solutions for these growing problems will need to be considered.

    We’ve got trillions of dollars to bail out bankers and citizens of other countries, perhaps we could kick a little support over to those who don’t have food to eat or a place to sleep.

    We’ll see how team owners respond to the new idea, but according to ‘Duk of Yahoo Sports, we shouldn’t hold our breaths:

    With this being an election year, it’s not too much of a surprise that state lawmakers might find a headline-grabbing way to show that they’re concerned about the rights of the little people. And what better target than professional sports, where exorbitant salaries and construction costs are printed in the newspaper every day?

    I don’t suspect that this bill will pass, though. The rich folk behind the ballparks have way too much lobbying power. The homeless advocacy does not. It’s simple math.

    Hat tip Scott


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      1. Can anyone say FEMA CAMPS!

      2. ;0P pssszzt first suckers

        • i can gaurantee this wont happen unless it’s fema enforced as what happened in katrina … and as i recall it , alot of women and children were hurt and injured at the new orleans super dome by gangs of thugs… this is not a good idea… maybe let em park in the parking lot… but thats not gonna help but temporarily… there needs to be proper homeless facilities with proper parking proper storage and a properly trained staff so everyone is safe, with a seperate wing for males so children and women are protected from preditors… this is a bad idea… period!


          • test

          • in other words, make it a police patrolled camp with big brother watching every move.

            • IN OTHER WORDS .. DONT!

          • Hard to escape the Colosseum…excellent.Release the dogs Smithers.Yes Sir!

        • i can gaurantee this wont happen unless it’s fema enforced as what happened in katrina … and as i recall it , alot of women and children were hurt and injured at the new orleans super dome by gangs of thugs… this is not a good idea… maybe let em park in the parking lot… but thats not gonna help but temporarily… there needs to be proper homeless facilities with proper parking proper storage and a properly trained staff so everyone is safe, with a seperate wing for males so children and women are protected from preditors… this is a bad idea… period!

          • Johney Patriot ~

            The Superdome was a temporary shelter flung together without any planning whatsoever. Hopefully if these arenas are used to house the needy it will be organized in a way that people can be safe. As well, I’d hope that lessons were learned from the Superdome fiasco.

            • at least that’s what they told us…think about what happened using the facts that are available…you may want to reconsider.

            • Daisy, were will this end? You provide them with a “space” to crash. Then they ask you to feed them. Give them water. Give them access to the toilets. What about police protection? And, medical assistance? Maybe beds and sheets. So, I ask again, where does this end?

              It’s a lot more complicated than to merely say “give them the stadium for shelter.” Also, there are “unintended consequences” that come with responsibility and accountability.

            • Where was the mayor? Where was the governor? Where were the busses? Where was the state help within? The Coast Guard was there in the air and getting shot at the next day. SAR wet crewman were getting shot at and chased in the streets. Where were the pre-plans? How many days was hurricane warnings issued before it hit?

      3. Plenty of room on White House lawn, pitch your tent there.

        • You’d be hard pressed to find a spot where you don’t step in some bullshit.

        • brrr

        • I think the WW1 Veterans tried that once and MacCarther turned the troops on them.

          • That’s because they didn’t get paid and they were drafted.

          • Uleashed the calvery didn’t he? I forgot!

          • If the veterans had a true leader and a few more machine guns, they would have destroyed MacArthur and the few thousand ‘troops’ he commanded.

        • @ Richard in Denver –

          You keep referring to “THEM” in your post. I have a serious hunch that a lot of “THEM” used to be “US” in the not too distant past. These aren’t your average uneducated, addicted and mentally ill type of homeless that folks were accustomed to in the past. Many of these new homeless used to be your neighbors. First they lost their jobs. Then they lost their homes. They can’t find another job and now they and their families are homeless and living on the edge. A large number of these newly homeless have degrees and serious professional experience.

          There Richard, but for the grace of God, go you and I.

          If my government is going to continue to create/borrow money in my name in order to provide humanitarian aid anywhere in the world, then yes; I want them to spend it right here in the United States and help our own citizens in need out long before they spend it it some foreign country.

          So yes Richard, I do feel that we should be helping “THEM” out if we possibly can. If for no other reason, then for the good of our own souls.

          • I agree with you – “we should be helping THEM.” However, I believe the “we” should be “the people” not “the government”!

            And, you bring up good points that I find to be valid. However, let me point out three things which I hold firmly onto.

            One is that the national unemployment rate is 9.8% but the unemployment rate for people who have, at a minimum, a bachelor’s degree is 5.1%, a number that is much lower than the national rate of 9.8%. So, the educated are fairing much better than the “average Joe” regarding employment.

            Second of all, the few neighbors and friends I personally know who have lost their jobs and their homes are not homeless. They have family, friends, and even neighbors who provide money and even a place to live until they get their feet back on the ground. Also, there are many existing shelters that take in the homeless. I know I’m speaking of people that I personally know; however, surely most educated and intelligent people do, in fact, have family, friends, neighbors, and even a church or other charitable organizations that can and will help them. I simply don’t believe the educated and the intelligent are homeless; unless, they choose to be so.

            In fact, if you research who is the homeless, you will find that most are people who don’t want to stay in one of the existing shelters. The common reasons are (1) they don’t like the “rules” that are imposed upon them or (2) they like to do drugs or (3) they like to booze it up or (4) they want to stay “off the grid” – just to name a few reasons that many refuse to go to one of the many existing shelters for the homeless.

            Third, our federal government wasn’t set up by our founding fathers to provide entitlement programs for people. Our founding fathers believed, as I do, that charity toward the “less than fortunate” belongs in the church and in the people, not in the government. The founding fathers knew that a government that gets involved in entitlement programs manages to waste most of the money either through mismanagement, incompetence, or by bribery and even outright theft. Entitlement programs didn’t start until about 1933 (I’m not counting the Federal Reserve of 1913 which I consider to be an entitlement program for bankers). So, for about 147 years (September 17, 1787 to around 1933) the federal government operated closely to what our founding fathers designed (excluding the 1913 Fed Reserve, of course but that’s another story).

            MadMarkie, the above is merely my opinion based on personal experience and research. Take care, my friend.

            • I understand and agree with points one and three. What “research” are you quoting for point two? Who provided these common reasons? Are you speaking of one particular group of homeless?

            • Have you ever actually been to a homeless shelter? Maybe even talked to a homeless person? I’m not a betting man, but I’d put nearly every penny I have to bet you’ve never just sat down and talked to somebody who was/is homeless.

              Well, you are now.

              Shelters are great places to get your stuff stolen, get lice, and be treated like an animal rather then a human being. And even IF your so degraded you’ll become a willing inmate for a night, most get filled up fairly quickly. So, those two hours you could have spent finding a place to crash were wasted standing in line for something you weren’t going to get anyway. When I was homeless I much preferred to take my chances on the street.

              “charity toward the “less than fortunate” belongs in the church and in the people, not in the government.”
              Well, I’m not a Christian. So, wouldn’t it be kinda wrong for me to take christian “charity” reserved for christians? And as for the people, there are far too many people such as yourself who see every homeless person as an addict or madman.

              Go ahead and look up the numbers on Iraq War Vets now rendered homeless. Now visit one and tell him the founding fathers wouldn’t want the government to help help him and that he should walk on down to the nearest church, sit through an hour or two of preaching, and hope he gets anything. I’m sure you wouldn’t leave walking.

              It puzzles me that German auto-workers can get paid ten more dollars an hour then ours AND have free national healthcare, but such a thing “just wouldn’t work” here. In France women get a year of paid maternity leave. Things like that aren’t valued here I guess. Far better to spend all our tax dollars on bullets, missiles, tanks, grenades, rockets, drones, biological weapon research, sniper rifles, mortars, bombers, fighters, aircraft carriers, submarines, LRAD, microwave weapons, teargas, rubber bullets, pepper spray, flash bangs, machine guns, and other military items.

              Odd. A nation supposedly founded on “christian principles” deems it more fitting to spend the majority of its money on killing people then helping it’s less fortunate.

              Ah yes, Jefferson BE PROUD! Gaze upon your children: the veterans eating out of dumpsters, the uninsured dying of cancer, entire families kicked out of homes by banks, corporations existing as people! Yes, give us your hungry, your downtrodden, and then tell them to fend for themselves!

            • simple observation,

              Point two had no statistical numbers associated with it – I was merely listing support groups.

              did you mean point three? If so, here is one stat – according to the National Health Care for the Homeless Council, among surveyed homeless people 38% have an alcohol problem and 26% report problems with other drugs – those two problems alone (alcohol and other drugs) account for 64% of the homeless.

            • He He He,

              I not only have been to a homeless shelter but am a major financial contributor to one.

              And yes, I have spent time with homeless people. And, I’m sorry you experienced such bad things at a shelter. I don’t know which one you where at but I’m sure, just as there are good people and bad ones, there are good and bad shelters. The Dallas Life Center is one that’s very good and that’s one of the reasons that I (and my wife) support it.

              Also, I don’t understand how you can make assumptions (false ones, I might add) about me from reading four or so paragraphs of mine. How can you accuse me as seeing every homeless person as an addict or madman when all I did was use information from the Internet? As I previously stated, I support a homeless shelter and talk with homeless people. My “personal” opinion of these people will not be shared on this site; since, based on the few things I have already said, has been the subject of criticism.

              You stated that you’re not a Christian and expressed an opinion that it would be wrong to take “christian ‘charity’” which, in your opinion is reserved for Christians. I’m not sure who you have been talking to but a “real” Christian (a true Believer) would NEVER provide help only to other Christians. Such a person would be a hypocrite and certainly not a true Believer.

              You mentioned “free national healthcare” in Germany. That is a false statement and too often misused. There is no such thing as free healthcare. The doctors, hospitals, lab technicians, EMTs, etc., all get paid and that money has to come from somewhere and is, in fact, funded by taxing wage earners! In Germany, the highest income tax rate is 45%. And, on top of this tax, there is the so-called solidarity surcharge of 5.5% for a total tax rate of 50.5% – compare that to the US highest tax rate of 35%. And, we get to deduct a whole lot of more things than the Germans can. I don’t know about you (and I’ve visited Germany twice) but I would rather live in the USA than Germany!

              You mentioned how tax dollars are spent by the government but failed to mention spending that goes to the retired, the elderly, the disabled, people living at the poverty level (child care, food stamps, federal housing subsidies, to name a few), and healthcare (Medicare and Medicaid) — collectively, about 54 million people benefit. And, let’s not forget roads and bridges. As far as the ammo and guns and such that you mentioned, well these things go to our military forces who protect our God given rights with their lives on the line.

              Also, you state, “A nation supposedly founded on “christian principles” deems it more fitting to spend the majority of its money on killing people then helping it’s less fortunate” – this statement, I believe, is more of an emotional opinion based on your personal “not-so-good” experiences rather than actual facts.

              He He He, after reading your comments for the third time, it sounds like you’re a very unhappy person. I’m sorry you feel that way and I wish I could do something to help; but, since I don’t know who you are, that’s quite impossible.

          • you make some good points. sometimes an issue is so big, that the politics of it becomes a moot point. we are basically there with the homeless problem. it has become the 800 pound gorrila in the room. No matter whether you consider the homeless, “those” people, or ‘them”, it really makes no difference.
            The facts are staring all states in the face. the new homeless population runs the entire social strata. And yes, there are a lot of homeless children. This problem isn’t going to go away. it’s deal with it now, or later.
            I have read of some communities constructing tent cities, with proper toilet and shower facilities. In some cities, there is plenty of abandoned city and municipal property that would be suited for this purpose. To me, it’s better than having the homeless sleep on the streets. There are certainly no easy answers.
            But it doesn’t take to much imagination to figure out that the government will eventually house the homeless in some type of “camp” setting. I would call this a FEMA camp myself. They wouldn’t be building these if they didn’t intend to use them.
            As you can probably deduce for yourself, none of this is going to turn out good.

            • greaseman,

              I agree with you, the FEMA camps were built because they know a lot more people will be joining the ranks of the homeless and when the number of homeless get big enough to become a “security” concern to the federal government, most of the homeless will be placed into these FEMA camps. Of course, Homeland Security will say it’s for our protection!

          • My older brother, a concrete finisher, construction worker, and truck driver for decades has lived for the past several years in his car or in hotels. Divorced, medical problems, failed business, bankruptcy, and almost died in a cement truck accident because of the company’s faulty equipment with no help under the law.

            I’ve helped him as long as I could. I worry about him daily. I’m not sure what happens to those of us who pay taxes our whole lives, work hard, and when it all goes to hell, end up on the street other than fading away in despair. The food pantries are begging for help because they can’t keep enough food (linkage at the bottom of this post http://tinyurl.com/6v4b7xh ) I do not think that, if the libertarian ideal of donations to individuals by individuals were the only support offered, it would be any better than it is now.

            I am not sure of the answer. My brother works seasonal work and for John Deere in IL when the assembly line is in production in their peak period, but once you get down in the hole it’s very difficult to get out. Sadly I no longer can keep giving to save him. When I think of all the foreign aid that could be given to our citizens in need it is very frustrating. At what point does the collective “we” wash our hands? These are not easy questions.

            I’m not a Christian (preacher’s kid though), but a lot of folks here are. I’ll leave you with this quote: “If there is a poor man among your brothers in any of the towns of the land that the LORD your God is giving you, do not be hardhearted or tightfisted toward your poor brother.” Deuteronomy 15:7

      4. I can see the rich ball park owners winning this contest and leaving the poor out on the streets.

        These stadiums have all the facilities to help out the homeless; you have a roof over their head, water, bathrooms, showers and kitchens to help feed the homeless.

        Possibly some of the homeless has helped pay for these stadiums, so.. why cant the owners give and help back?

        • Really, you see what happened to the Super Drum in New Orleans when they opened it up to the homeless? They tore it up. You can’t keep giving to these people without an expectation of them giving something back for the roof over their heads. If they are willing to work in the stadium while they are staying there, I might agree short term, but just letting a bunch of “I deserve better” people a place to live is not going to help the long term problem. The tax payers will be paying to fix all the problems the homeless will cause to the ball parks. And guess what? That’s people like me who want to give my charity dollars to organizations that teach people self respect, a good work ethic, and living within your means.

          • LPD,

            WOW! Are you really going to compare this with calamity with Katrina? Are you stereotyping all homeless as ” I DESERVE BETTER? ” There is many more types of people here involved then the ones you believe deserve better.

            There millions of good hard working people out there with out jobs, possibly living in tents or shelters, PLUS there is 50,000 school age children who don’t have homes.

            Did you read the article ?

            Are just going to generalize the situation?

            I apologize for having a heart.

            I am a big believer in teaching a person to fish, so they can eat forever.

            Have a good morning.., LPD

        • eagledove, daisy and nina
          “so.. why cant the owners give and help back?”
          Because they own it…. and if you listen to ron paul we must get back to respecting property rights. guys, you cant believe in socialism and freedom… they just dont mix.. they are polar opposites.

          • hold on there eeder, they ALWAYS take taxpayer money to build those things..

            And that is the whole point of the law that was passed, they took taxpayer money to help build it, the taxpayers should get some use out of it as well for the community.

            I’ve seen what happened to the super dome for katrina, and other facilities around south louisiana from housing evacuee’s, costed millions of dollars to repair (guess who was sent the bill)?

            The taxpayers (via FEMA and local governments) paid for the repairs..

            It probably won’t happen, but if it does, rest assured, if there are any expenses incurred due to this experiment, the taxpayers will be footing more bills..

            I’m sure there are some honest/hardworking/downtrodden/out of work people trying to survive, but, the dregs of society overwhelm them and destroy the trust of assisting, in a charitable situation.

          • Hello eeder..,

            Respectfully: I am far from being a socialist, but guilty of being a caring person.

            I do believe in property rights, but in the article above there was a homeless shelter provision, so do we just throw that out if the owners don’t want it?

            Have a good morning eeder. 🙂

            • eagledove
              as a libertarian, i do care as well… i think there is a place for some social democrats in a libertarian world… but we must get back to common snese and decency as acts of kindness and not acts of making fiat money. yes these stadiums were built with public money and it should never have been done, however we can not keep using this as an excuse to EXPAND GOVERNMENT ENDLESSLY. there is no easy way to unwind this, and in fact it may be impossible….however we must try…. i dont have all the answers, i just know that more communism is not going to make it better.

            • EAGLEDOVE, there are pro’s and con’s galore in using the stadiums. I agree to help and assist the needy. Yet, where are the churches that could open their doors to the homeless? There are more church buildings than arenas.
              The real issue is to prevent the continual growth of the homeless and work to reverse it. We all agree, right? I fear that the homeless rate will only worsen over a longer period of time.
              It is a shame that we have come to this in the USA.

            • Eeder;

              I agree, we should have no need to expand government endlessly.
              I believe in responsibility by a individual, with out them relying on help from the masses , but there are special cases though. Example: mental or physical problems and ect…

              Rugged individualism !!!! 🙂 , which hopefully we all could follow.

              I have considered myself a moderate who leans toward Republican and I do stand by the Constitution. But my posts must look like a bleeding heart socialist. 😉

              Thanks eeder.

            • DDR5508;

              Agreed.. you are preaching to the choir.

              Thumbs up!

        • Who pays TAXES on these stadiums? Who pays the maintenance? Can the stadium really be an Obamaville six days a week and look like a pro sports stadium Sunday for the game?

          • It just might do them that got,
            a bit of good
            to at least smell
            them with naught
            once a week.

        • And they will surely get trashed. A lot of the homeless act like animals. They are not all good people by any stretch of the imagination, however much you and Daisy want to pretend.

      5. trying to epxpect compassion from a republican is worse than fighting over a penny on the sidewalk with a jew.Rich republicans only care for theirselves and how much more money they can hoard,loot, or steal.Yeah,what about some of those homeless that weren’t and paying taxes at the time the stadiums were built will government money?

        • txinjun-I think you are proof that the public school system is failing…

          • simple observation,

            hahaha – I love it – you said it so well and with such few words.

        • Yea txinjus,

          The democraps kill the babies but save the trees. The republicans save the babies and plant the trees. I am a proud conservative republican.

          Republicans spend their own money while democraps spend everyone elses money.

          • Justice100,

            I’m with you!

      6. WOW

        Someone is actually thinking. Public funds being used for the pubic good. What a novel idea.

        • How about not extracting money from private citizens by veiled threats of force in order to give that same money to some wealthy team owner so he can charge you more money to watch a jackass chase a ball? Everyone is looking at this from the wrong paradigm; everything would be cheaper if there were less taxes and homeless would be able to afford a cheap flophouse to stay in if there was less regulation, zoning, and building codes.

        • kevin2
          how about private funds for public good if an individual so chooses , which they will if we make our society less vile and violent against anything that moves?

          • Anyone else just wish eeder would find a different site to grace with his charm or what ever you want to call it?

            • rascle
              charm this fucknut….go to hell, go fuck yourself.. piece of shit.

            • fucken stupid faggot, piss off.

            • eeder-chill man, switch to d-caf. Shouting down people does not help. The truth always prevails with time and discussion!! Look what the printing press did to help liberty in the 1750’s-1760’s. If common sense just called everyone an a$$hole, the awakening then would not have happened. The matrix is expanding right now, that is the enemy, any gov trolls with an average iq and higher, like in e germany with the stazi, will eventually get it, in time.

      7. Great – another entitlement program funded by taxpayers! Will this “give my money away” stupidity ever end? I guess only when they’ve taken all my money!!!

        • Good to see the spirit of kindness is alive and well in you, Richard.

          *shakes head*

          • Daisy- you gotta have wiplash, from all that head shaking you do around here!

            • It’s just too bad there are so many reasons to shake my head, Kevin.

              With the unemployment issues in the United States, I’d think that people would want resources to be used to keep families and children from sleeping in cardboard boxes.

              Anytime the conversation turns to poverty I’m amazed at the callousness that some people display.

            • Daisy-Extended families, churches and charity is what should be keeping families and children from sleeping in cardboard boxes, not “resources” from the government. Femenism and the policies of the state(and the commies)has destroyed the family unit over the last 40 years, many are fractured. Churches seem to be more worried about keeping their tax exempt status and adding solar panels, so most are useless. Most of the charities are around just to make money, In some states, they can keep 77% of the money they collect. Ever wonder why jerries kids telethon is always in nevada? 77%, thats why. Bottom line, the government has destroyed the 3 natural things that help homeless people. The answer is not big government, and tax payer resources, the answer is to repair what government has broken.

            • Thank you, Kevin — well said – big government is not the answer, it is the problem. Charity belongs with the people, not the government. I don’t understand why many people don’t understand this. Government only knows how to misuse and waste our tax dollars.

              I’m surprised that Daisy misunderstood what I meant.

          • Daisy, it’s always a good thing if people can give to help others. There’s two problems with having the government do it:

            1. No accountability of how the funds are spent. They could take those donations and get some perks for themselves unrelated to helping others.
            2. They always take and take and take without our say-so. People are tired of having money exacted from them in various forms of tribute only to be told they need to “give” more.

            Income and property taxes are taken from the people under threat, duress and cooercion, only to be told the schools “need” more money, or more is needed for other social programs already drowining in the red ink of irresponsibility. I understand Richard’s frustration. Colorado’s government recently found a way around the state law by simply inventing a couple new taxes. Such deceit and theft does not exactly foster generosity in their citizenry, but rather resentment.

            • If you ask a public school employee how much money they need, they always answer MORE!

          • my employment often takes me into HUD housing, it is amazing how many low income familes can afford XBox, flat screens, etc. Where do they get the money, oh ya, I seem to walk funny every payday from something being pulled out sideways from my rear…

          • Daisy, it sounds like you’re a very generous person and the world needs more generous people in it. However, kindness can sometimes have it’s price especially during an economic crisis.

            I would much prefer that society teach the homeless how to be self sufficient instead of simply giving them a handout. Handouts have failed disastrously in places like Haiti and will not work here in the US. Able-bodied homeless must have some “skin in the game” if they are ever going to get back on their feet. They must be willing to learn a skill that allows them to provide for at least some of their daily existence.

            We as a society must make self-sufficiency, self-reliance, and independence a symbol of pride and success, and it has to be made more appealing than free handouts. Today, there is little or no stigma attached to public assistance as there was when I was growing up in the 1970’s. I would change that if I could. Take care.

            • Anonymous – very well said and spoken elegantly (you should run for a public office). I’ve always believed (as the Bible says) if you give a fish to someone, it feeds them for one day. But, if you teach them to fish, they will feed themselves. [I’m paraphrasing]

            • @Richard in Denver, thank you! I’ve read your posts on this thread and I’m in 100% agreement with your points. As for running for a public office, in today’s current social climate where the majority feels that their daily existence is the responsibility of someone else, I would probably get very few votes. Unfortunately I don’t see that trend improving anytime soon. It usually takes a cataclysmic event that threatens the entire population to get people to see the errors of their ways and even then the change is usually temporary at best.

            • See how many takers you have if they know upfront that they will be required to actually work at least 6 hours daily cleaning toilets, etc to earn their keep.

              Didn’t we try government-owned housing for decades, only to see it quickly and repeatedly trashed? Now we give people section 8 vouchers so they drag down my neighborhood instead of just their own.

              I’m sure plenty of good people are hurting right now, but the bulk of the homeless cannot turn to relatives for a good reason. That reason being that they have already used and abused the relatives.

            • Richard, FYI, that “old saying” re teaching someone to fish/feed them for a lifetime, is not a scripture & is not in the Bible, & never was.

              (Maybe one of the “famous quotes” sites would show where it originated, since you like to be accurate with your documentation, source material, & references… which I like, btw.)

          • DING!

          • i actually believe there is a place for social democrats as i belive their heart is in the right place and they have something to contribute… what i have a problem with as a libertarian is REPUBLICANS AND DEMOCRATS (BLIND!)essentially you are fascists and outright communists… and your eveil communist agenda must be stricken from earth as well as all of lucifers teaching s to the depths of hell.

            • You were “starting” to have me in the first part of the first sentence……………………………

            • ya tom thats the problem… tell ya what pal, you may as well vote for barack obama….you fucking vile commie piece of rat turd.

        • RID: Taxpayers money built the parks for the multimillionaire owners, probably at a steep discount to them. The “giveaways” are going to business owners everyday.

          I remember when the stadium was built in downtown Phoenix with taxpayer money and guarantees. The return to the taxpayer on the deal: 1%.

          Just a littttttile bit below market wouldn’t you say? The truth is, billionaires are getting richer using taxpayer money and leverage for bonds, investments, and as venture capital every day in America.

          When the S really HTF in America and OUR survival as a nation is at stake, you might be one of those who need a seat at Bronco stadium in Denver.

          WE are in the Last Days, for however long they last. Buckle up.

          • I’m confused. DK, I thought you said, “no collapse” in earlier posts, but here it sounds like you think there might be. I’m scratching my head again.

            I know, I know, but technicaly last days would bring a collapse I’m sure.

            I do agree, we are in the last days.

            • HSB: I do not believe in “financial collapse”, a “dollar collapse”, or an “economic collapse” as touted on many blogs, this website, and in the many comments here.

              Don’t be confused.

              WE had financial collapse. We are trying to recover from that collapse. Events in Europe are not helping, but that crisis is as contrived as OUR crisis and is intended to consolidate money and power into the hands of the few and fewer; just as OURS did.

              The Global Central Banker GB want an all powerful ECB, like the FED, for Europe before its over. That is what the EU crisis is really about. Don’t be distracted by the symptoms. I suspect they will get it or get closer to it.

              The dissolution of the EU Monetary Union in any form is not collapse to my mind either. It is transformation. Transformation is change; change produces conflict; conflicts can get ugly. But it is not teotwawki unless you live in a PIG nation; and that condition need only last for a few years as Ireland examples.

              My view of a true “collapse” where society disentegrates, is a Mad Max type of collapse
              that results from an EMP, nuclear war, heaven body, or pole shift. Anything less than that is a great depression.

          • DK,

            You’re right, I may be in trouble one day but I will never, ever expect the government to help me. I am capable of helping myself and if I am unable (say I had a terrible accident) I have family and friends who will help.

            We should never expect the government to take care of us as that makes us a dependent of the state and eventually we will wind up being a slave to those who control the state.

            • Yea, but when those family and friends turn out not to be who or what you think, then what? Just a question, because I have been homeless and had no one at all to help. Just myself. I did not get any form of government help and was able to get back on my feet, but I would have taken and could have used some help at the time.

            • RID: I appreciate your rugged individualism. But not everyone has family and friends and some of those find themselves facing hardship without support.

              many of the homeless are Veterans who have served this country well.

              Should you find yourself in crisis for no fault of your own, you will discover that “friendships”, even “family relationships” have limitations.

              Everyone in this world has a right to live. For those of US here, life requires taking a shit now and then, if not every day.

              I think America is a “BIG” enough country, and a generous enough country, that WE can provide another human being and one of OUR own, a place to sit (crash) and a toilet.

              Less than that and WE lose OUR humanity all together.

          • durango kidd,

            I agree that the wealth is funneling into the hands of fewer and fewer people. We are upside down and there seems no way to correct it. I remember when the Astro dome was built (a long time ago) – it was paid for with taxpayers’ money and leased out to the owner of the Astro’s baseball team (I can’t remember his name) for one dollar a year. I can’t begin to guess how much money he made off the back of taxpayers.

            Jerry Jones (owner of the Dallas cowboys) was the only one who paid for a stadium using his own money. However recently (in his older wiser age), he built a second stadium using taxpayers’ money. Greed – as Donald Trump once said, “it’s never enough!”

            Regarding my need for a seat in a stadium, I hear you but I hope I can avoid such a thing by preparing for the worse situation (and hoping for the best). I never want to be a burden to my family nor do I want to be dependent upon the government – uck.

            • If you enter one of these shelters, prepare to be stripped of anything of any value.

          • durango kidd,

            Except for maybe a very small number of individuals, I find it very difficult to believe that most people in this country don’t have some family and a few friends.

            I know Douga was alone but he has to in the minority. And, my hat off to him because he alone raised above being homeless and friendless. He has a very strong character showing courage and tenacity with the will to make a “come-back.”

            • I’ve gone down into, and emerged, from the dark valley of homelessness, and I can tell you, being “excommunicated” by family and friends is a common experience. This is for normal, working, regular, people. Family, friends, forget it. You have to rely on yourself, on your own ability to find new “family” and friends. Interpersonal and salesmanship skills count for a lot, and are probably why I’m not on the street now. Your family and friends’ heads would likely explode if they assumed you became homeless because of just plain bad luck, bad economy, etc because if they accept that, then it could happen to THEM. So they assume you “want” to be homeless, have a secret drug habit, or something.

              You have to find people who meet you and know you as “the homeless guy who seems decent and maybe deserves a chance”, and build up from there. Your new friends will see you on the upslope, not the downslope, and will be on your side. It just amazed me that my new friends were flabbergasted when they found out I knew about a bunch of stuff, that I’m utterly honest, hard-working, etc. In business you have to be utterly reliable, honest, etc., but they hadn’t seen my previous life and to them I was some kind of lower-working-class guy with a heart of gold.

              TL:DR – When you’re down and out, family/friends will pull away from you drastically. Make new friends and find new ways to work and climb back up.

        • Richard in Denver

          The money has already been given away to those that had no need for it. Our money helped to build a sports arena for private gain. No complaints heard about pubic funds up until it’s used on the public.

          There are several choices.

          1. Provide a shelter such as this.
          2. Have them sleep on the streets.
          3. Put them in jail.
          4. Change the trade policies of the US so that they could re-obtain the gainful employment they previously had.
          5. Execute them.

          • Kevin2, surely you can come up with better choices than that? Come on, think about it. And, you’re missing my point. Think about it.

            • Richard in Denver

              The opportunities are done. Kiss them good by when Uncle Sam signed the trade agreements. There is not room for the amount of unemployed labor in minimum wage jobs.

              OBTW the trade agreements that eviscerated the middle class were opposite of the “Mission Statement” (Preamble) of the US Constitution with the words “Promote the General Welfare”. Now Uncle Sam is faced with the five choices above.

              “I am capable of helping myself and if I am unable (say I had a terrible accident) I have family and friends who will help.”

              You realize when industries fled entire families, communities were put in the same sinking boat? If this was 1960 I would agree with you, “Hay buddy, get a job”. This is 2012. Before this is over and it ain’t over the US standard of living will fall by 50% easy. Because we borrow 1.2 trillion and take in 2.4 trillion yearly. That standard of living might just drop by 66% 2/3.

              Spare me the conservative line that has endless funds for bank bail outs that far exceed things like this.

              “surely you can come up with better choices than that?”

              My focus is on real jobs. That oil pipeline from Canada that was shot down costing boo-coo US jobs that will go to China instead is a prime example of government working against the US and for globalization. In the absence of real jobs in the short term I’m unwilling to see former hard working tax paying Americans homeless and hungry.

              I’m not a communist,I’m a realist. You have any idea what happens to a country when it’s citizens are so desperate? King Louie wondered the same thing. Hitler capitalized on it as the catalyst that put him in power as did Lenin.

              As I said this ain’t 1960.

            • Kevin2 (regarding your post of January 27, 2012 at 7:57 am)

              Very good points and I totally agree with what you said. Good job, Kevin!

          • Haha I read too fast and got “sweep the streets”, there’s a “Streets Team” in the county just north of me and I thought it would be dandy to get a job with them, they have homeless people wear bright-colored t-shirts and literally sweep the sidewalks. But since it was just over the county line from where I was couch-surfing and signed up with the job-training program, it was out for me. I really thought sweeping the sidewalk would be a noble thing to do, good honest work and everyone appreciates cleanliness.

            A month or so ago I was downtown in my nearest large city and a Black lady with a broom was sweeping the sidewalk, and when she came near to me, asked me for a donation, I didn’t give one because she seemed awfully cracked-out and not really sweeping, more like stirring the dust around, but she has the basic idea. If you find yourself homeless, try something like this, you may have to put in more hours than you’d have to straight-out panhandling to make your daily “nut” but you’ll stave off corrosion of the soul.

        • Most of the homeless in the Augustine area are mentally ill,pedophiles,common crooks,crackheads,bonafide misfits,,not women and children.The homeless live in the vacant lots and woods in the city,all the woods are trashed with moldy sleeping bags,plastic,beer and liquor bottles,etc.Ya have to keep your eye on them,,they,ll pee and poop anywhere and harrass,panhandle and commit crimes,mostly property crimes,,sometimes assualt female joggers and even murder.I have zero compassion for the males,mostly white and threatening,,,,,perhaps we should liberate them to Cuba,sort of a payback to Castro.

          • Most of the tourist towns in Florida are like that, because they rely on the pity from the tourist to pay for their next fix. It’s a shame, that’s was a nice town.

            • It’s the same way in Myrtle beach SC. The homeless and prostitutes are everywhere. It isn’t safe to walk the beach in many areas. Some now call it Murder beach.

            • WOW! Sad news from florida. I have worked and vacationed there, beutiful state, and lovely ladies!!

            • highspeed-WOW!!! I have friends that live there, that statement concerns me!! The gloom and doom is thick the last couple of days, and now hearing about these places WOW!! I am seriously debating to drown myself in a bottle of whiskey today!!!

          • Your right St. Augustine, but it seems like there are a lot more of them now. Panhandlers are everywhere and there are no vacancies under the bridges.

            I’m also seeing a lot more seniors and women out there now. The new ones are not mentally ill or druggies they are up early and begging at every intersection on 206.

          • The obviously, visably, homeless are the tip of the iceberg. You’d be amazed how many ordinary looking people are actually homeless.

            I learned this during a brief hard spot in 08, when I was spare-changing. I was the politest spare-changer in town, and since it involved brief interactions with non-homeless-looking people, my little social surveys excluded the obviously down and out. The result was that I learned how many really nice people there are out there (not judged based on how much $ they gave me, some had no cash to give, but they were nice) and also how many there are on the street who you’d never guess are homeless, but actually were.

            Those who lose everything and hit bottom for a while, generally are on the bottom for a few months or a year, and then find a way to climb back up; find some niche for themselves. Even in my area, one of the more expensive in the US, you can find rooms for rent for $300 a month, that’s $10 a day, a half-hour’s spare-changing or a couple hours’ casual work, maybe 2-3 hours playing music on the street. Those who can manage their money well enough to pay the rent on a room or half a room, keep a car legal enough to live in, etc., will find a way to keep bathed, keep fairly clean and not homeless-looking. Those who just can’t get along with others, who can’t manage their money at all, who have serious problems, are the ones sh!tting in the bushes (us clean types would at least bury it) being rude to others, trashing up the place and in general being obnoxious. Bonafide misfits indeed.

            But don’t think all homeless people are like this. Most are in the “transition time” from being part of the regular economy to being in the “grey” economy, and are temporarily homeless. In the space of time somewhere between 6 months and a year, they’ll find some niche for themselves, learn to live on a few hundred $ a month, and basically get back on their feet – where getting back on your feet in the New Economy means you’re Safe, Warm, Dry, and have Food and Water, everything else is a luxury. Most are fundamentally middle-class in beliefs and attitude, they are the ex-middle-class.

            • There are going to be a whole lot more newly homeless in the near future. If you are interested in being interviewed about your experience, contact me at http://www.HomelessMovie.org

            • DT, very well said. I am a chaplin(on the weekends mostly) and I interact with a lot of homeless and stuck travelers, here at the truck stop. There is a big difference between the true panhandlers, scam artists and those trully down on their luck. They are all called homeless. Having been at the trk stop for over 8 years, I have encoutered 1,000s of people. The panhandler takes it one day at a time for his fix(beer, cigs, scratch offs, etc..). The scam artists go from truck stop to trk stop or wherever there are people they’ll most likely never see again (grocery stores, highway gas stations/trk stps, etc..); and they usually use the same lines ” I lost my wallet/stolen from me” or “my girl/boy friend left me”. The people down on their luck, usually have someone else with them, a car, and their ID’s.
              I have been trully honored(my wife and I) to have put many on a bus heading to their destinations. Filled up many gas tanks, fed many families as well as individuals, and talked with them at length. Put up some in hotels. Seen many tears of gratitude. The one that always gets me is when I ask them if they’ll take a shower (trk stops have shower stalls), they accept and the employees here, at the trk stop, will pay the $10.00 themselves about 50% of the time. When you help people (homeless as an example) others around will want to share in the blessings.
              Point: no gov’t envolvement, just people doing the right thing.

        • Wow, Richard–I’m glad you weren’t on this site when I questioned churches across the land empty 6 of 7 days; even suggesting housing the homeless.

          • I dunno how a church would be able to provide sleeping space, but the last church I belonged to fed about 20-25 people a day out of its’ kitchen. Will that do for you ?

          • The buildings always get trashed.

        • Richard, look at it in a positive way, they’re providing you a place to go when you do go belly up.

      8. Three words: “New Orleans Superdome”

        • I just can not see how you would compare this to the N.O. Superdome , when there was the huge hurricane that hit…, many other personality types involved and they were almost like stuck on a little island by themselves with out any law enforcement. That was a SHTF moment for those unfortunate souls.

          With that being said; law enforcement will have a present and the owners of the stadiums will have a big say in this.

          Respect your opinion, have a good evening. 🙂

          • EAGLEDOVE, you’re right and I probably wasn’t clear with my previous concise statement but my point was that the city, state, and federal governments failed to help the people who were holed-up in the N.O. Superdome. They left the people with a shelter but no food, water and sanitation means beyond what the stadium had stored at the time.

            Also, they could have sent law enforcement and supplies but chose not to. In fact, CNN was the first one there (not government officials), landing in a helicopter. People ran up to them and asked if they had any water.

            It’s easy to say, let them camp at the stadium but it’s more complicated than that. For example, what is the responsibilities of the owners and the government with respect to helping these people? Will they have to feed the people? What about medical needs? What about police protection? How about sanitation needs? Maybe the government should also throw in beds and clean sheets. My point is, it’s easy to merely say “let them camp out at the stadium” but it’s not that simple.

            I believe too many people expect the government to help them when the people should actually help themselves. There is a growing reliance and expectation that the government should help them — this breeds a dependance on the government to help out in most every situation.

            And, I discovered a long time ago that whatever you give away freely will only make the recipients want more and more and more.

            EAGLEDOVE, I hope this clears things up a bit. Have a great evening (what’s left of it), my friend.

            • New orleans is a prime example of how much government will help in a disaster/collapse. Gun confiscations,police scattering and going rougue, Violence(I heard they had snipers shooting people trying to leave over a bridge),supplies were there but not getting to the people in need, and overall uselessness. It is also a prime example of how people will react, I hope you all took notes. A little story if I could. I was down in houston for ike, and after power was restored I was watching the tube, and they were showing video of some people in a hummer 2 driving up to a emergency distribution point to get a case of mre’s and a case of water, and the driver was having a good old time. I don’t know why I think of that a-hole in the hummer, maybe to show you can’t buy smart. Me and the people I was visiting got all squared away 5 days before(and sent the women and children packing) and would have been cool for 2 months. P.S. An eye of a hurricane at night, with all the stars, and the peacefulness at that time is amazing!

            • Richard in Denver ;

              Gave you a thumbs up! I agree with everything in your last post.

              Have a wonderful morning! 🙂

            • EAGLEDOVE,

              Thanks for the thumbs-up! I’m perplexed why two people gave your comment of January 26, 2012 at 8:37 pm a thumbs-down because you made good points and merely gave your opinion. No one should get a thumbs-down for expressing their opinions unless they’re being offensive or abusive with their comments, which you didn’t do.

              Take care, my friend.

      9. Couldn’t the gov’t just send the homeless,(which includes the mental ill,criminals,crackheads,etc.),to Iraq or Afganistan or anywhere the US military has killed considerable numbers of the local population and houses by the drove are uninhabited.My tax money would at least provide some relief from my having to suffer panhandling,urine stench and trash,pilfering and the occasional murder inflicted on society by these so called victims!Yes I live in Florida where a bum on every corner gives a bleeding heart liberal something to live for. jmho

      10. I’ve Always thought that your local mall would make a Great FEMA camp.

        Think about it.
        air conditioned
        food court

        Move out all the crap and put in a few thousand cots

        • cool, the fema camps are going to have airconditioning, Porciline toilets, good food and comfie cots. I want to go to the fema camp NOW!

        • Dibs on the sporting goods store…

      11. I cant imagine living in a stadium…never been in one but packed full of people they cant be very pleasent.
        Years ago when I was without a roof I lived in the woods under a sheet of plastic covered with leaves and such…it was warm and dry(that year it snowed alot) and most of all it was isolated/quiet…way better than a stadium.

        • That’s the way to do it REB. Homeless shelters are full of the worst of the worst, far better to make your own hidden place …. better keep it well HIDDEN though because middl-class kids will kill you in your sleep for fun and their parents will increase their allowance for “beautifying the neighborhood” remember once you wake up from The Matrix you’re now an enemy.

          • I hear ya,good advice for anyone who ends up under a tree…better safe than sorry.
            I was a 17 year old kid living under that hut out in these woods…questioning everything…especially the govticorp/matrix making $3hr buying the ground my hut was hid on and you know what?…whether I was on a mountainside in Alaska or Montana or down in the Smokies…the thrill of freedom I felt sitting in the snow by that campfire in front of that platic hut has yet to be outdone…I was free,as free as I could be at the time…now 30 some years later Im still learning new ways to make this farmstead supply me as much as humanly possible…to learn new skills and to live free…ya life can be tough but we still get to decide how we live it…if we just decide its ours to decide and refuse to cede responsibility to anyone or anything(especially govt) but,thats just me.Thanks! 🙂

            • An 18th century definition of ‘Liberty’ was:

              “The feeling one gets sitting under a tree in the wilderness”
              Silas Downer, the forgotten Son of Liberty in Rhode Island, 1766

      12. I think this is a great idea. My company used to have a sky box at Turner Field where the Braves play in Atlanta. They have kitchens and bathrooms and you can lay on the couch and watch the game on the closed-circuit TV. I think Backpack Bob would really enjoy it.

      13. In the spirit of corporate naming rights for stadiums, I submit the following:

        Salvation Army Field At Mile High
        Ramen Noodles FieldHouse
        Responsibility Dodger Stadium
        Will Work For Food BallPark
        Homeless Veterans Of Endless War Memorial Stadium
        Candlestick In The Wind Park
        The SunDevil Made Me Do It Stadium
        Three Rivers And A Cot Stadium
        ‘Living-Off-Wild-Edibles-In-The’ Field

        and my favorite–
        The-System-Let-Me-Down-It-Aint-My-Fault-And-What-The-Hell-Do-You-Mean-8-Dollars-For-Nachos Memorial Park

        somebody wake me in time for the seventh inning stretch

      14. not picking on black people this is a honest question but how do these black folks get section 8 homes and money and all these perks for nothing but these people dont have section 8 homes to live in. how does one get section 8 or not able to?

        • The waiting list for section 8 housing in our area is hundreds of names long. The people already in section 8 housing do everything possible to hang onto it which keeps others from getting a chance.

        • Eric, seriously?!

      15. The homeless should move to the affluent neighborhoods setup tents there it would be safer the schools are better and there kids can claim the clothing that’s left behind from the lost and found they have tons of cloths those kids don’t want and the food that’s thrown out by the stores, restaurants is much better than most places, it would also be much safer when the riots breakout, if the homeless did this the wealthy folks would be screaming to open the stadiums, buildings not being occupied just to get these poor folks out of there, that’s where I’d be if I were homeless

        • Some people might call that the OWS

      16. that would be a huge step up from what stadiums and ballparks are used for now.

        i’d rather see homeless people sheltered than watch a fat sack of shit walking around in spandex, snorting and gacking, scratching his nuts, spitting tobacco, playing an adolescent game.

        do the same thing with golf courses. take the golf courses away from the plaid knicker-wearing snobs.

        • citizen ron, sounds like you have a fondness for spandex. you’re not wearing high heels right now are you?

        • Only the English call them knickers. Are you sure you’re a citizen? What color is your passport? Papers please. NEXT!

      17. this looks like the start of fema camps.

      18. Before this is over those abandoned shopping malls will be used in a similar fashion.

        • There is a mall in Westminster Colorado that would a make a great place to start with. It’s a dead mall at this point.

        • All the old abandoned walmarts will be used too. Many homeless are already there, at least they look homeless. I shouldn’t say that, the homeless dress better in some cases.

      19. This is so disheartening. On tv our supposed representatives fight over having the largest piece of the pie while millions just want the chance to lick the pan.

      20. We should never have given our tax money to build these places for the rich sports teams.

        How are they any different than any other business. If I wanted to open up a bakery I think the goverment should give me a free building, since everyone needs bread right???

        I would rather have the poor get helped, but it seems ever poor person has a big screen TV and cell phone.

        Seems the tax payers are getting taken advantage of all the time.

      21. I see this turning into an OWS type thing. Once backpacker bob and all the rest are warm, showered and dry, you won’t be able to kick them out for game day. Not to mention the clean up needed to get the stadium ready for game day.

        I don’t know what to do about the homeless problem in this country. But this might just put stadiums out of buisness.

        • there would be case law in short order reading that the homeless could not be forced to leave without a court ordered eviction. If police were called to foribly remove the homeless, then there would be more videos posted here talking about the police state stomping on the homeless. If the police did nothing, then there would be postings talking about how police want the homeless in these FEMA camps.

        • If Obama stays in office he will use them to persecute the christians.

        • Personally I have no use for these Circus Maximus of the 21st century of a dying empire of lies.

      22. I saved this from an article..can’t remember who is speaking, but:

        ‘We talk to many people on Capitol Hill who do believe poverty is important and is a blight on our nation, but we are also up against a general recognition that poor people don’t vote in great numbers.
        And they certainly aren’t going to be making campaign contributions.
        That definitely puts them behind many other people and interests when decisions are being made around here.’

        • ‘Nuff said, huh.

          • That’s pretty clear.

        • Whaddayamean they don’t vote in great numbers? Just hang around a polling station in Chicago/Detroit/Philadelphia/ on election day !

      23. This is stupid. While I’ve only been to a few stadiums in Florida, the largest flat surface is the field and I haven’t been to any that were covered. Oh by the way most of the stadiums are private property. I’m a firm believer in private property rights. I wouldn’t want homeless people camped in my back yard, would you?

        The PTB want to keep everything hidden in plain sight and hiding the homeless in the stadium won’t draw attention to the problem. I see this as a disaster so why don’t they use the FEMA Camps after all it’s public property and they should have proper facilities. Oh wait a minute FEMA Camps don’t really exist, do they?

        • While ‘private property rights’ are okay to deal with on a ‘basic needs’ scale, the subject to private property here is about mostly useless estate. Sure you don’t want anyone in your back yard, yet if it’s so large as a sports stadium, one might question your interpretation of private property rights and rightfully tell you to step back your boundaries for ’em to get a plot to breathe on.

          • And you sir are part of the problem. It’s private property, do you understand private property rights? Who defends me when the homeless or the city decides to sue me because I choose not to let them use my property? What about all the liability issues? What about the property damage? What about my insurance company cancelling me because of the homeless on my property?

            • Well, if your ‘property’ comprises your housing and whatever area you need to stay alive you’re right to raise the tone. You are mixing things when you consider the subject here the same as a basic needs property. Sounds too much like communism yet I am on the same side as you if people came roaming in telling me to give them what they want.

              I never took any side saying the homeless are all the same or saying they are entitled to get anything, it is simply a matter of having the right perspective about it. A multimillion estate ain’t no basic needs property, nor a sports stadium ever was and never will be if it is used by a single person or family. Now saying who deserves it is like asking to get the bat let’s not delve into this.

              Either way if the world population doesn’t shrink down a lot there will be concessions to make from everyone since there ain’t enough space or resources to let everyone live their ‘big house’ dream, ambition ain’t always good.

              P.-S. I don’t think I’m part of your problem since I don’t even live in the US, I harvest or make the most I can and I don’t ask for anything from anyone but myself. Did I mention I’m in the most heavily taxed province of Canada ? I know what it means to have the govt nose up every move you make. Try not to make misinformed comments for the sake of communication, leave babylon to itself.

            • Patriot One,

              X sounds like a commie to me. You are right, he and people like him are part of the problem facing America today. To me, as a conservative, their mentality, attitude, and beliefs are scary as hell.

          • X,

            And, who determines the size of a property where it is so large that they must give part of it to the homeless? One of my sons has 10 acres in a rural area. He paid for the land, he’s maintaining it, and he’s paying the taxes on it. I don’t believe anyone in this country should have the power and authority to decide that he has to give part of his land up for the homeless.

            Another question is — who pays the property taxes on the portion that has been designated for the homeless? Clearly, the homeless can’t pay the taxes. Should the state, county, city, and school district take less in tax revenues? Or. should the legal property owner who has lost a part of his/her land pay the taxes on the portion taken away?

            Also, were will the homeless get their drinking water from? How about bathroom facilities? Do you think they should have a “right” to go into the house of the property owner and use his/her facilities? What about the food in the pantry, perhaps the homeless should have the right to help themselves to some of the food?

            X, I’m not picking on your comment and I’m not picking a fight with you. I’m trying to get people to think through such things before “throwing down” solutions that will not work or are too expensive to justify the benefits. For example, one of the problems with our government is that they “react” without giving thought to any unintended consequences – like the ethanol f**k up!

            • Well said Richard. It doesn’t matter whether I own 1 acre or a million acres, it’s still private property… If they are so worried about the homeless move them to city, county, state and national parks or abandon military based. And what about those FEMA camps?

              You know why they won’t move them to the parks? Because they will complain about the quality of the facilities and the park service will be forced to update the facilities and they will for the homeless. Funny they won’t do it for paying customers!!!

              X doesn’t have a clue, but our government will listen to someone like X. God forbid our government listen to common sense!!

      24. “Private” property built with vast subsidies from tax receipts, and somebody had the foresight to include a clause in the contract. More power to ’em. Big Sports has been ripping off cities for decades. Let the cities get some of their own back, I say.

      25. Sometimes there just aren’t enough stadiums – Forest Gump

      26. Here’s where churches can roll up their sleeves and truly help. Congregations of all denominations can run facilities funded by donations. It has been a traditional roll for the church to help people in need and I think that it can be made to work out.

        • traditional role? bullshit. churches are salvation brokerage houses where spirituality is sold by the share for a flat-rate transaction fee of 10%. churches don’t wanna help. they want clean congregants with fat wallets.

          • I think it depends on the church. I can see some of the
            Mega Churches being that way, but there’s some smaller one’s in poor towns that don’t make much, just enough to pay the light bill. Let God judge them.

        • Hey Transmutant

          They are taxing the church properties now in NE Fl. So for your information Government just took $20k out of our churches pocket.

          And it was money we didn’t have budgeted. The government just changed the tax code and now we are in financial trouble and can’t help anyone!! What worked out well didn’t it?

          On Fiday’s we have 15 to 30 FAMILIES lined up for food and that doesn’t include our own members in need.

          The Government needs to do less. The government has taken a safety net and turned it into a hammock.


          • of course they should be taxed!!! render unto caesar, etc.

            churches are for-profit ventures. just look at the pastor’s flashy suits and cadillacs.

            • ferndale,

              I believe you are being overly harsh.

              Only a few have the flashy suits and cars. Most are middle class and some are even fairly poor. Didn’t you know that ALL professions have a few “bad apples”?

              And no, they shouldn’t be taxed. Caesar issues 501(c) tax exemptions to non-profit organizations which (rightfully) includes churches.

          • Patriot One,

            It grieves me to hear that your church now has financial problems caused by a bunch of jurisdictional taxing authorities.

            I’m on the board of directors of a Christian ministry. A few years ago the IRS took away our 501(c)tax-exemption without due cause. We had to sue them in tax court and we won with a judgement summary. However, we had to spend over $25,000 in legal and accounting fees for that win. I feel your pain!

            • Yeah Richard we did the same exercise in futility and won too, but it cost us dearly. The only ones that benefited were the lawyers. Over $40k was spent by the parties and it was all pointless. The citizens lost and we lost. More unintended consequences of bad government regulation.

              Do wou know how many taxes we pay that actually cost more to administer and collect then they actually bring in? What’s the point, just to have more government?

      27. I’m not big on hand outs for anybody. Whether its bankers, car industry or so on. I believe people should work if they can but there are millions of vacant homes throughout the country and even thousands of homes being demolished everyday. Why can’t the banker fat cats house some of these people? Hell I’m sure the government is dumb enough to pay them pre 2008 prices for the homes. Why not put some FAMILIES in some of these homes. The homeless that are not capable of caring for themselves much less a home should go to shelters were there are people to help care for them. But if a family is willing to up keep some of these houses that the banks cannot let them move in and call it home. Just pay the utilities? Just a thought. I’m sure there are tons of reasons this would not work. Mostly people taking advantage. As in people who can afford to pay trying to get a free ride. Too bad everyone doesn’t want to just pull there own weight and we wouldnt be in this hole. Anyway….

        • We all know that in most cases, the property will be destroyed. Ship them to Daisy’s house.

          • MEOW!

      28. If any place paid for by tax payer money is fair game let them pitch a tent on the white house lawn. There goes the neighborhood!

      29. I was going to stir the $hit, and say that all these homeless problems we are having are because of the baby boomers! For some reason the boomers get all crazy and hateful, and defensive really quick around here. Denial perhaps???

        • Kevin,how many years have you been paying into social security? I do not believe that the bay boomers were allowed to opt out of paying taxes. Are the baby boomers a large segment of the homelss population? Were the baby boomers the ones buying houses that they couldn’t afford? IF you have some facts to provide, please educate me. And no, I am not a baby boomer.

          • You don’t give a man a fish, you teach him to fish. *kevin yells* “I caught one, hook,line and sinker”!!!!!

            • it was just a nibble. not a keeper!

      30. WHETHER YA’LL LIKE IT OR NOT this is happening (the nwo.zionist.cfr.bilderboybugger) economic destruction of the usa – u.n. agenda 21 is here now) no matter what all you selfish s.o.b.’s say… AND THE HOMELESS PROBLEM ACROSS THE USA IS GONNA GET WORSE, MEANING MORE ROBBERIES, MORE CHILDREN HURT PREYED UPON, MORE WOMEN BEATEN AND ABUSED… MORE child and women VICTIMS of the SEX SLAVE TRADE! more retirees forced onto the street to be preyed upon, abused… and more pissed off homeless veterans who will prey upon the others… i’ve seen it personally!

        so you all had better come up with something soon… IT JUST GETS WORSE FROM HERE!


      31. Several questions
        1.Who will decide which homeless get to stay, what criteria will be used, will it be open to just deserving families with children, the long term bums,addicts,drunks,mental ill who won’t work or cannot or both ?

        2.Who will provide security,intoxication,fights and even more violent crime is possible, i know i stayed in a Salvation army shelter one night in Texas and the next morning someone did not wake up with a slit throat, along with the empty bottles being thrown around during the night i did not find a great desire to stay in a shelter after that,i slept on roofs, found it safer and away from the fire ants.

        3. Who will be cleaning the place.

        4.Who is liable for injuries,damage to the building or when something else goes wrong?

        5.Who will make money from it? What do you think the State or Politicians would do something nice for a change because they care?

        Just a couple thoughts…

      32. Personally ,i think ,homeless could be broken down in two catagories, the homeless that prefer to live that way.Secondly, the ones that are forced to live that way.The first catagorie kinda deserve what they get, trying to buck the system,Bums,Wino,s etc.
        The second group needs some help ..Try putting yourself in their shoes.

        • Clark, there are more catagorys of homeless then just your two. But lets stay with your two.

          Those that are homeless out of choice. These are American citizens. They have the right to their homeless state as you do to your rignt to have a home.

          I live in a valley with more then a few homeless Viet Namn Vets. They are homeless out of choice. During the warmer months they dissapear into the surounding mountains. During the colder months they get closer to town and participate in community life for what ever shelfter they can get.

          Just because they are homeless, they do not expect instant and unconditional acceptance to anyones property. But they have made friends and do odd jobs around homesteads where they are welcomed and given shelter.

          Yes some of them have drug/alcohol problems, but they do make contributions that our community finds it needs. They are Americans.

          Homeless familys are scattered across our American landscape. Most of the homeless familys have been fortunate to have friends/family members that they can go to for help, shelter and sustanence.

          My Mother had 8 siblings. I can remember one summer living in an isolated campground by a river in Washington state. My uncle and his family lived in that same campground.

          Mom made a bed for us 4 kids out of pine boughs and framed it in with large limbs. We spent the whole summer there while Dad and Uncle worked on the surrounding farms.

          It was a fun summer. But I often wonder why they didn’t go to a family member for help.What ever their reasoning, they didn’t ask for assistance.

          My father was an alcoholic. He lost many jobs throughout his life due to alcoholism. It made for a difficult childhood for use 7 kids.

          I have never been homeless, but I have 3 brothers who have experienced homelessness many times during their lives.

          2 of them have trouble with drugs and the 3rd went through a devorce. They all would come to family when they needed help, but if they could get by on their own, they would. They didn’t have their children with them when they suffered through their homelessness.

          I now few familys that are without a home. There are many in our valley that have pulled a few travel trailers to their property for extended family members to use.

          The econmy is the talk of the town. Everyone is preparing for what is to come. We all know that it is not going to be good and we need to have a strong community to get through iGod bless all you you and keep on prepping.

          • Mona,

            Thank you for sharing this with us – it came from your heart and I appreciate that very much.

            You mentioned that you often wondered why they didn’t go to a family member for help. It is possible that they didn’t want to be a financial and an emotional burden to those they loved. If that was the case, it was a noble reason and an act of unselfish love.

      33. … what am i saying … when martial law is called by our illustrious nwo.illegal.zionist.cia.puppet.prez osama barack obama/ aka barry soetoro … homelessness is gonna be the least of All you sheeple goyim.debt.slave suckers worries … ;0P pssszzt

        Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa… don’t be a sheep… people eat sheep!

        arm up stock up prepare for martial law and the CIVIL WAR!

        CAMP FEMA awaits you all otherwise… tick tock, tick tock, tick tock… time is almost up for you folks.

        • Nina why did you change your name?

          Anyway we love you girl….

          • cause n name is being censored… look up top and you can see my test… jp isn’t being censored yet.

        • JohnyPatriot-Have you done any reading on the jewish calender? Is there a relationship betweeen what we call a fiscal year is and what the jewish date was on the day in 1913 when the fed was established?

          • kevin,

            You’ve made me curious. What do you know about the Jewish calendar, the Federal Reserve, and 1913?

            • One can not show you the matrix, you must see it for yourself!! Curiosity stimulates thought, but sometimes it also kills the cat!!

      34. hey JP, sounds like time for you to move to Idaho to be with your kin folk. Are you one of those fat guys running around in fatigues pretending to be spec ops? “Hey Daryl, I have 3000 rounds of .223 and MRE’s in the bed of my camo truck…”
        JP, the Turner Diaries are fiction…

        • naw… @simple observation… i’ve some unfinished business… you know that… and you know why… i suggest you buy some more ammo!
          And get yourself a bigger gun!

        • simple observation,

          hahaha, love your comment. Great sense of humor and quick wit.

      35. Everybodys got to hang out somewhere.

        • No matter where you go, there you are.

      36. I do not think it is wise to use the homeless to get back at the rich. It is demeaning to have one group of people use you to get something from another group of people.

        Homelessness is a big problem in America and it is only going to get BIGGER!

        Throwing money at the problem of homelessness will not fix it either. If it did, then Haitti would have new homes filled with new furniture and lots of good food. I don’t see that happening in Haitti since the earthquake. Do You?

        If FEMA could take care of the homeless, they would have done a whole lot better job then they did in New Orleans after Katrina. Don’t you think that is true?

        There is vacant land that is owned by cities and countys through out the United States. Right?

        Well if your cities/countys can get community gardens going and offer land and water, why can’t one or two homeless familys be allowed a tent site at these gardens as night time guards? They would have a permanent home and be elligable for food stamps and welfare checks. Then they would be able to get back on their feet and move into a home. Thus leaving a space for another homeless family.

        There are tent cities all over America. We, citizens, need to stand together and give these tent cities an address and allowing the homeless to qualify for food stamps and assistance to where they can move on and up.

        I admit that I live in a small (very small town) We have homeless. Most of them are addicts to drugs or alcohol. There is a soup kitchen that opperates twice a week. There is food and clothing made available for those in need. Those homeless who want a job have the opportunity to work for different churches, businesses and farms for a place to stay and a little money.

        But what I have found quite common in the homeless population in our area, is that most of them are homeless and do not want a home. They like/want their vagabon life style.

        But for those that do want the help, want to get a job and raise up from where they have fallen, we have to stop ignoring the homeless. We have to recognize them and hold out our hand.

        The homeless are a part of our society. Lets give them back their pride and let them become a part of America again.

      37. It get’s back to big goverment and fiat money. In 1963 my mom and pops made 8,000$ per year combined. A silver dollar was worth “shocker” 1$. Now a silver dollar is worth around 30$! They had bought a house,2 cars and took care of 4 kids and my grandma. That 8,000$ was worth 240,000$ in todays fiat money! No wonder we wanted for nothing. Although there were alot less toys back then. Oh well, in the in we’re just bugdoody anyway.

        • bugdoody,

          I hear you. The kids today have I-Phones, I-Pads, and Game-Boys and buy fancy $5 drinks at Starbucks. And that’s only the elementary school age kids. When they get to junior high and high school, their parents buy them cars. Then, everyone wonders why the younger generation has a colossal “sense of entitlement” mentality!

          • It still shocks me seeing anyone under the age of 18 drinking coffee.

      38. That was supposed to say “in the end “. It’s 1:50 am and I’m waiting for my pain med’s to kick in.

        • Better get off them if the SHTF or you will be in BIG “bugdoody”

      39. Mona
        I agree with you in the fact that there has got to be some sort of screening for these folks.They’re not all bad people. Look at the economy . The question is ,would the Feds throw everyone in the same incampment or not? Talk to me.

      40. Wait just a minute ,i said FOLKS , I’ve been listening to Buck Ofamma way too much .I hope you will excuse me.

      41. There are alot of Folks out there .{No Shit} That are depending on us folks ,to be sure that our kindfolks are taking care of …… Let me make this perfectly clear (did not Trickem and Dickem make that same statement}, . GIMIMME GOT HIS NECK BROKE FUCKING WITH HIS KINFOLK

      42. Corporate names? How about the “Mercedes Benz” Super Dome…its new name. They just renovated the place…new exterior paint, new roof, new seating in the destroyed areas. I can tell you, they will NOT be having the homeless in there after what happened in 2005.

        And Katrina? The people in the dome were Animals…Thieves, crackheads, rapists (it happened), and mostly by those with “entitlement” beliefs – The welfare lifers. Horrible conditions with crap and piss overflowing in all the stopped up toilets. I wouldn’t wish this on a half dead dog.

        And as far as churches; there were plenty that held relief workers, other church members from around the globe, The Mennonites, etc…and they stayed for months, to even years, literally…on cots. They would keep, say 12 at a time for a while, then they’d switch out another 12 to take their places. It worked for them, but I don’t know how it would work for homeless.

        Lastly, Fema trailers. There were thousands that came in on trains. Some people still living in them after 4 or 5 years. Acres of land held thousands that were not even used…just sat there and rotted away. They could have been used, or could be used, for the homeless…but, they were neglected away. One major problem did occur, however; Poisonous glue was used in certain trailers and people got sick…maybe even permanently sick. So, those would have to be weeded out.

        There are answers…but, I wouldn’t want to be around where they keep them. The brutal conditions would cause lethal results to them and to those not homeless. The generations of uneducated welfare lifers are not human…they just breath valuable air and procreate for more money.

        I believe there is a difference between the unintentional homeless and the animals described above. But, are they all lumped into one category?

        • I’m a Yankee who always say “The South was right!”

      43. Why can’t Mr. {there’s alot of folks out there) Sign the fucking bill to tax the Elite Wealthy.He has a plan for the election PLANE AS THE ..NOSE ON YOUR FACE.3and a half years this POS has been talking B.S.<<PUT IT IN EFFECT OR YOUR TALKING OUT YOUR ASS BUCK OFAMMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Well superman you sound just like our glorious leader…..TAX the rich it’s their fault! Sounds like class envy to me….And what do you suppose the gumbmint does with that tax money? The only jobs they create are gov. jobs to think up more ways to take your freedom and and control you while ramming you in the ASS with an unlubed baseball bat.

          Case in point. I’ve been dealing with these cocksuckers from the census demanding me fill out the ACS. Do you know what that stands for? It’s called the American communist survey. This thing has nazi Germany, George Orwell and NWO written all over it. It’s like a jar of Prego,it’s in there! It’s a marxist, socilaist wet dream survey to line you up for future extermination camps.

          So when you want more tax money to go to these ass wipes this is the kind of cancer you get. An overreaching gobmint that knows what’s best for you, which will invoke class warfare to keep their power and money coming. I suggest you rethink your attitude about getting even with them rich FOLKS.

        • Because when the government gets any money they don’t spend it on the needy, they spend it on the rich or the stupid grant ideas.

      44. Quit flipping your KOOL butts across the border as you drive by out of the hood. You won’t throw your smack for voting for bo again? RICH99 and Grandma were right in more ways than one. They will never have purple curtains in the white house. Stay up there. ‘shakin head’

      45. The homeless problem will only get much worse.I blame big gov corp for this.We have always had homeless people. We used to call them hobos.They mostly travelled around on the trains etc.Can’t do that now or you get pinched for Federal trespass.Many are alcoholics or drug addicts that used to be mostly inner city.In the 70’s many people I knew were heroin addicts and also alcoholics. Every one of them held good jobs as steel mill workers,etc. Now with drug tests you can’t do that.Keep sending our young people off to these worthless endless wars. Many come back with problems like PTSD and no jobs. Many also wind up homeless. After WWII there were many that became homeless with the same thing but it was called”shell shock” back then.The housing bubble also forced many into the streets.With the coming crash of fiat there will be an explosion of homeless families that no stadium can hold.Better get ready while you can and keep your family close.

      46. If anyone has ever traveled and spent anytime in a third world country, as I have, you can say as I am, THAT AMERICA HAS NO HOMELESS PROBLEM!

        That is compared to what I saw on the streets of Manila, or Bangkok, or Mumbai…..

        What will happen to us and AMERICA is what we see elsewhere. Like stated above.

        We put far too much importance on things, activitys and the people that do them. For example:
        1. I do not support professional Athletics or events in any way. Football, baseball, hockey, basketball, NASCAR….anything….because I see the emphathis on this being of the moral decay in our society. The Movie stars, Celebrity’s….I say, America, get off your ass, take care of yourself and loved ones, prep as a way of life…you want to focus on something focus on a hobby that benefits you and your family…

        I know I’ll probably not make any friends but I see the Sports emphathis as part of the problem….not part of the solution…when I guy can get paid tens of millions for throwing a ball this way, or passing it that way…and everybody LOVES HIM…this is pure DEE BS.

        Let’s focus on our family, our spirituality, our own physical fitness, our health, our community…not paying for someone else to live a LAVISH lifestyle, whether they are a POLITICIAN, ATHLETE, CELEBRITY…go, be your own celebrity…

        Let the homeless live in a stadium, it is a better use for it.

        Sorry peeps, but that is how I see it…

        • You made one friend. I agree with you 100%. Sports should remain in junior high school along with zits and immaturity. The whole purpose of continuing sports past junior high is to keep the male population adolescent and irresponsible. Think of all the money each week that these organizations exploit from us through tickets sales, merchandise, endorsements. It’s rediculous! Much good could be done with that money. Look at all the money lost on betting, another irresponsible activity.
          Once you reach adulthood, there are many more important things to undertake and make right than wasting our time watching millionaires chase a ball around a field or court. There are many great men who wear those sport uniforms who could make a big difference in our society instead of helping to dumb us down. But if that is what they are getting paid insane money to do, then they are definately earning their paychecks…along with the actors in movies and sitcoms.
          Our society needs to graduate from junior high and leave all the nonsense in the locker rooms and “playing” fields behind.

      47. Imagine the seucirty in those things when the SHTF. Can you say Silverdome?

        • Who run Silverdome? Masterblaster

      48. It’s a trap……….

      49. Most Politicians have short memories, or maybe that should say All of them have short memories.
        This Idea would blow up into something that could become an epidemic

        you cant group up humans that close, thaqt many in structure Add questionable health issues, that is a recipe for death desease and the possibility of it flourishing out into the general population.

        I would call that the Death bowl

      50. It’s time for people to occupy foreclosed homes.There are plenty of houses for everyone and they do not belong to the banks.The banks have been bailed out and payed by the taxpayer so they don’t own those houses,period.
        Not to mention they just create money out of thin air, 9$ for every 1$ deposited with the use of fractional reserve banking.

      51. As my pastor says “It’s not a sin to be poor, it’s a sin to stay that way. If all you can do is dig a ditch then dig it better than anyone else and you won’t be digging ditches for long.”
        I think it’s harder on women because most of the time there’s kids to take care of.

        • Trust me its hard on both genders..lets not make this a male , female thing

        • I take care of my kids too. What’s that got to do with anything?

      52. Hi all,

        Little time to enter shtf, less time to read and reply.
        Things are decaying rapidly here, and it’s interesting to experience such a times.

        My comment to Florida’s use of stadiums etc is one.

        Elliminate the reasons which lead all those people to become homeless.
        To create a ghetto of homeless and unemployed, doesn’t solve a thing.
        Create jobs, take the houses from the banksters, and help the fellow human beings.

        Be safe everybody. My thoughts and prayers are with you my friends.

        • Spot On!




        If you don’t understand the issues, this is the most informative video yet…

        Archives of the trial coming soon..at the article 2 link.

      54. http://news.goldseek.com/GoldenJackass/1327611600.php If you read nothing else today, this is a MUST READ! Jim willie- Tail Events,Isolation, New normal. This commentary by jim w. explains the dollar isolation that is happening in front of our eyes, in laymen terms WOW!!!! THE DOLLAR IS DOOMED.

      55. If you are a prepper,as most of you claim,then you must know it’s the destitute homeless that will be seeking your supplies and kicking your door down.Some on this board want to create another entitlement program,,,really!!!Entitlement IS the problem,,the hell with resposibility,the hell with pulling ones own weight,GIMMIE,GIMMIE is the mantra today.This attitude rolls downhill from the banker and corp. bailout to the homeless we now discuss.
        In FL. if I feel my life is in danger I can use deadly force,,,that’s not entitlement, it’s empowerment.Yes individual empowerment,,,Love is a warm gun,Beatles,,,,,so true in any respect you want to take it.

        • st augistine
          yes if you live in a town or city

        • Happiness is a warm gun while my guitar gently weeps as lady madonna tries to help sgt pepper get back on the long and winding road to where you once belonged…lucy in the sky with cubic zirconium. my neighbor eleanor rigby died, couldn’t make it to the funeral. only father mckenzie was there

          R I P
          1960- 2012

          • I’ll have a dog & two (2) beers. When does the game start?

        • @St Augustine

          I’m in SA to, but it won’t be the homeless kicking in the door it will be everyone who is not prepared. A roof over your head will be the least of their problems it will be food and water.

          My guess is in a financial collapse most will be trying to take from others within 96 hours..


      57. Finally, someone with common sense. VRF wins it hands down. Sorry folks, not going to happen unless it’s an emergency. And believe me, I know what a crowd is.

      58. BARNEY FRANK IS GETTING MARRIED!!! hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah!!!!! OUR COUNTRY IS A JOKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • YES kevin.. it has become a joke… just not a funny one… a very serious very dangerous one… but not funny.


        • Quick-link goes to error page.

          • BILL C-68 (PATRIOT ACT)

            BILL C-10
            BILL C-11

            THEY WILL NEVER PASS C-19



        • Eeder,

          You’re talking/preaching to the wrong crowd here at SHTF. We (the average Joe American) have the same problems as you. Voice your concerns by contacting Obama, the U.S. Congress, or filing a petition with the U.S. Supreme Court.

          As for my personal drone, I only fly it over my neighbor’s pool when his lovely wife is skinny dipping.

          • Hopefully it’s a helo or airship blimp.

            • hahaha, all it needs is a digital video-cam.

            • Anonymous, i enjoyed your bout with eeder. You really got him going (I’m referring to his post dated 1-27-2012; 11:23 am). Two points to you and zero to him (sorry eeder, maybe next time).


        • Keep looking up.


            • Smile. Come on eeder, that wasn’t funny. That was damn funny!

            • i aint fucking laughing man…. give it up.. ive got nothing agianst anonymous really if that s what your name means, however I dont believe in socialist communist fuckwad father knows best, do as i say , not as i do, shitwad , fudkwad globalist bullshit garbage. it is not acceptable.. we must respect freedom, basic rights, and living within reality and not some horseshit fuckshit bullshit that is produced by any government… IT DOES NT FUCKING WORK! the fight against this shit will never end…. if we are somehow sucessful in battling off the tyrants this time, they will come back… in 50 years.. 100 years… 500 years??? but they will come back and the fight will be on again….you can only hope to achieve moving back to the center of an orgone equilibreum…
              REGARDLESS…. the fucking drones must land and stop this fucking assault against the people of the world…. good grief, enough is enough.

      61. i dont make threats unless as a last resort… these are not treats , they are requests. when the time comes to threaten i will not.. i will defend… i will not waste useless words to threaten a bloody tyrant.. however i will defend against it through any means available…. our oil and water is our oil and water.. it is not americas… we willnot leave those resources for you either if we are attacked by you people.. and the zionist , luciferian state of israel… mac, i request you stop implementing SOPA for the govt…. guys the time has come to be very serious about what side we stand on…. i do not stand with the zionists… PERIOD!


      63. People are people, whether they have a home or not. Your own humanity will be measured by how you deal with less fortunate people.

        There is plenty of land for the homeless to occupy, and plenty of water for fishing.

        The corp would benefit from the stadium arrangement because the “homeless” would assemble themselves voluntarily for collection and relocation.

        Those in the countryside living in the woods are undocumented (free) and beyond the control of the corp.

        The discussion about the law is not because Florida cares about the homeless. It is more of a test so they can figure out how to get the maximum number of voluntary registrations before they roll it out nationwide (if the resistance is not strong).

        It’s all about getting the homeless and “unproductive” in one place for easy disposal and/or control.

        • Godsc-shouldn’t they be refered to as THE BANKRUPTED CORP, not just “the corp”?

      64. When johny comes marching home again hura! hura!

      65. Scarlett: Rhett, Rhett… Rhett, if you go, where shall I go? What shall I do?
        Rhett Butler: Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn.

      66. it’s simple class warfare , they the NWO.ZIONIST.CFR.OLIGARCHY.BANKER.BILDERBOYBUGGERS .001 % VS./ against THE REST OF us 99.999 % … the .001 % globalists THE WORLD OVER are now fighting over the carcass , fighting with each other for the scraps of the dead rotten carcass known as FIAT CURRENCY!

        this is real… it is intentional… it is planned… and you all are the sheep grazing on the grass covered mountain hillside, oblivious your being hunted by a pack of merciless NWO.ZIONIST.CFR dire wolves looking for easy kills.

        open your eye’s folks… this is reality, you and your kids VERY REAL reality. it’s really happening!

        arm up stock up prepare for martial law then CIVIL WAR!

        • YES NINA
          we all must be ready for it…. i doubt it can be stopped at htis point.

          • @eeder ;0) mornin’ wild man… just want ya too know @eeder your paasion is awesome… keep it up bro! love your posts!

        • JohnyPatriot- Read that willie link from golden jackass! Dollar toast!

      67. Why not liquor stores and drug houses then the homeless wouldn’t even have to walk far to get their fix.

      68. I shutter at the thought of the USD loosing reserve currency status and fear the reaction of the US to maintain it.

        • kev2- We are in deep doodoo. We can read about the suffering of the 1930’s in 10 minutes, unfortunatly, it looks like we are going to have to LIVE 10 years of hell, none of us can even start to IMAGINE how much of a change it will be, that is unless we blow ourselves up that is. The “corp”(as some people call them around here) I fear will do ANYTHING to keep the ponzi going!! The world is tired of us and the dollar, looks like they are moving on.

        • you all should honestly plan now, NOW! on your own fiat dollar losing 40% of it’s worth … and everything of course that you would buy with that said fiat dollar will jump 40% in price… this is real and it is really coming!

          nwo.zionist.bilderboybuggers = 40% negative loss of fiat wealth

          coming soon to main street usa…

          • johnypatriot- They still have not stolen the publics phyzzz, I believe we still have some time, although according to harvey organ the cartell has 100.51% of registered gold spoken for! I agree, it it comming

      69. Well folks, it is friday, make sure you have your gas tank topped off, and coin and cash out of the bank.

      70. This will be the initial step. There will be several others that will proceed it. The final one will involve the use of a bulldozer in the everglades.

      71. There’s no way this would ever work. The main issues would be crime, parasites (lots of homeless people have parasites) and lack of bathroom facilities or showering. Would easily turn into major death trap.

      72. I live approximately 40 minutes from one of the stadiums in Florida in the middle of this conflict (Orlando). The area around it is DANGEROUS. Even in broad daylight. The same applies to Tampa stadium, The one in Miami and Jax also. Every single one of them is in some of the worst crime – ridden areas of Florida. All I can see coming out of this, IF it is approved, is another hotbed of drugs, crime and panhandlers that do not take no for an answer. Another Katrina if you ask me. These crooks kill each other routinely for anything at all: money drugs x-boxes, you name it.In Florida, transients are routinely given one way bus tickets to other Florida cities, essentially being shuffled from part of the state to another. The most recent of note :Daytona officials rounded up the beach street crew and sent them to Deland. Were they now run amok downtown and across the University campus. Were they end up after the races are over, who knows? most likely Orlando again.Unfortunately, the homeless I see here are too busy robbing hotel rooms, prowling the beaches day and night looking for drugs and/or money and lounging in the public restrooms and parks all day long until the shelter opens for feedings, instead of looking for work .

      73. Next step Solent Green Euthanasia Centers, grab those Green Saltines while you can!

      74. With a record number of empty houses in all cities across the country, banksters preying on the American family and booting them onto the streets, government not doing a thing about it all!?!?!?! As a matter of fact, government officials taking part in the rape of the American Dream, jeez, I wonder what is there left to do!?!?!?

      75. @gonewiththewind

        Glad you didn’t say take them to the biggest whorehouse too, Congress is full already.

      76. You ALL make GOOD point’s, but here it is in your FACE… Our loving GOVT has just about been caught with there hand’s in every COOKIE JAR… What THERE plan is is to DEPOPULATE this country.. With a mass GENOCIDE??? The GEORGIA STONES… This is how it will BEGIN you will se them take them here to take them off to be killed… The RICH don’t like the needy… I my know a little more then some..but I’m not military either. The REAL TRUTH IS THERE just go look for it. NWO,Chem trails,NDAA,RFID chips, and on and on. So have fun at those protest’s don’t get arrested may never here from you agin… Think about everything going on RIGHT NOW… It is a cleansing going to happen… Peace out…

      77. Oh well, that’s what you get for spending trillions and trillions on bogus wars, instead of looking after your people and educating them. You guys shouldn’t cry about how bad you have it. You got what you paid for and demanded! So suck it up cry babies.

      78. The lobbyist whores who fight to defeat this kind of bills should be punished first.

        Whenever you want to get the ride, you shoot the mount first. Same lesson was taken by the towelheads in Iraq .. if you want to kill a GI , take out the APC first.-

        • The person who gave me thumbs down must be a lobbyist’s son or daughter.

      79. What gets me is people who consistently throw out some propaganda about our vets being homeless and blah fucking blah.

        I am a vet and personally know there are loads of options out there for them. There is no fucking way a recent vet has come home from war and has to result to living on the streets.

        Immediately after being discharged, vets are entitled to unemployment benefits. There are transition programs to assist them, they get vet preferences in numerous job areas, they get 36 months of GI bill entitlement which at a state university or community college is enough to pay for classes and live on, if done frugally.

        Every vet can use the VA for healthcare. Disabled vets get compensated(although poorly) for injuries. The VA offers homeless veteran assistance programs. I could rant on this shit for an hour. People need to drop that argument when crying about the homeless population.

        I personally tried giving a homeless guy (approx 22yo) a job at the store I managed and no shit, he made up 50 fucking reasons he couldnt do it. Im sure there are plenty of homeless people who would love a job and that situation doesnt apply to everyone, but I bet that not one who truly (and I mean truly) applied themselves to finding a job, stays homeless long.

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