Florida Health Officials: First “Brain Swelling” Viral Death From Mosquito Bite Reported

by | Jul 29, 2019 | Headline News | 7 comments

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    The first death from a mosquito-borne virus has occurred in Florida.  Health officials say that the viral infection causes brain swelling and was reported in Orange County.

    The EEE virus (Eastern equine encephalitis) has killed one human being in Florida. Just last week, SHTFPlan reported that EEEV has been detected in mosquitoes in New York and Massachusetts. Now, the virus has claimed it’s first victim.


    The potentially deadly infection spreads through a mosquito bite. Once infected, the symptoms can take 4 to 10 days to show up in a person.

    According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the EEE virus can cause a rare brain infection called encephalitis. Around 30 percent of individuals who catch the virus die. Those that survive can suffer mild to severe brain damage.

    Each year, between 5 to 10 cases are reported the CDC states. These mostly occur during the late spring to fall in subtropical areas, such as the Gulf States. The insects lay their eggs in or around water, so EEE-carrying mosquitoes most often lurk in swampy areas. –Newsweek

    EEE is more common in Atlantic and Gulf Coast states, though the CDC said some cases have been reported in the Great Lakes area. It’s rare; only 5 to 10 cases are reported each year in the U.S, but the virus is fatal in one-third of those infected. Even though it is rare to contract the disease, those who do and survive it are often left with mild to moderate brain damage.

    To prevent EEEV, it is best to prevent mosquito bites.  Wear bug spray and use mosquito traps or candles.  If you have a lot of mosquitoes in your area, measures should be taken to help prevent the reproduction of the bugs. This advice also helps reduce infections from mosquitoes carrying West Nile Virus and Zika. You should dispose of used tires; drill holes in recycling containers left outdoors and ensure your roof gutters are draining properly.

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      1. This has been used as an excuse for inspectors to intrude upon private property, (who can’t drain the lakes) and spray weird crap all over the public. (Side effects can be blamed on mosquito-born illness.)

        In real life, I hear real life baby boomer memes, complaining when the police are called on them, while saying how all their neighbors and acquaintances should be ticketed and binge watching lying police shows. What if you spent all that same effort, looking after your own personal business and gentrifying white civilization out of decay.

        It would be nice, if people were universally healthy, showed self-discipline, trapped and poisoned vermin, harmlessly, on their own property. Can you be clean, without a public service announcement. And, myob.

        If we have to be taxed and have a govt, absolutely can’t do with those — why couldn’t wealth redistribution and civil servants be used on these traps for bugs and not for people.

        • One Person Dies? Suspicious FALSE FLAG BS, to scam FL tax payers to a big dose of Genocidal chemical spraying, and many of these spray products have clearly listed on the label this statement:

          We cannot disclose the full contents of this pesticide concoction, due to “protection of our trade secrets.”

          Which is Total BS!! The Pubic has every RIGHT TO KNOW laws, what we are exposed to, and this nuclear genocidal full assault on every living organism on this plant is subjected to this mass chemical bombardment from the air, the sea, the land the drinking water and in the foods. They want to kill us all with friendly poisons, and kill many sectors of our food chain and beneficial insect pollinators who need clean healthy habitat to survive. Butterfly and bee populations are disappearing at an alarming rate die to scam spray programs like Mosquito Spraying. This is like Vaccine for the total environment. Chemical poisoning of our people and lands and nature. Operation Agenda 21 and Agenda 31 in the works to achieve a 90% die off.

          So scare the heck out of people with a new Mosquito terrorist boogieman false flag scam. and it comes with a lot of Federal Funding. Notice how all of these scam mosquito scams come out of Miami area, Little Cuba,,

          • Zika symptoms were associated with the pesticides, used to control Zika, fwiw. DDT has been used to stop malaria, over entire landmasses, but what were the side effects of that. (Like the long, foldout warnings list on prescription meds.) My region had afterhours spraying, to take care of Medflies, and the news was telling people all kinds of precautions, not to be made sick by the pesticide, sprayed by an airplane onto toys, fruit, cars, and sidewalks.

            If you have a bunch of odds and ends, collecting water, pick the place up. I’m not looking over your fences and calling police, for what is part of nature for 100mi.

            Also, traps need not be put on private property, in secret.

            I was quietly working, outside, and see one of these sneaky people, in an easement, who doesn’t know whether it is owned, or who is the owner.

            They will tell you what they’re doing, if you chat them up, nicely, but they usually don’t like to be caught.

            They will lurk around and report on stuff they don’t like.

      2. Now, to take some of my own advice.

      3. The Zika panic fizzled out.

        • That’s cause the “cure” was more dangerous than the disease.

      4. To Jefferson Airplane tune —
        One bug makes brains larger
        And one bug makes brains small

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