Florida Congressional Candidate Dies After Receiving 2 Pfizer Shots

by | Nov 9, 2021 | Headline News | 22 comments

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    The image below is not of Richard Rowe. It is a stock image. Richard Rowe’s image can be seen in this article, however.

    An angry former congressional candidate in Florida has died after being downright vicious toward “anti-vaxxers”. Richard Rowe, a truck driver who ran for Congress in Florida and lost, “passed away unexpectedly,” his family reported, not long after he received his injections from Pfizer-BioNTech.

    Mr. Richard “Ricky” Rowe, who was only 41-years-old, was already (before the COVID hoax began), for lack of a better term, an unpleasant personality based on his Facebook and Twitter archives, according to the COVID BLOG. The injections exacerbated his anger and hatred, providing more evidence that these shots can change people’s personalities and psychological states of mind.

    Since his death, his Facebook account has been scrubbed, but things can still be found on the internet.

    His hatred and vitriol towards non-vaccinated people date back to early 2021.

    Mr. Rowe received his first Pfizer mRNA injection on August 12, according to his Facebook page. It’s unclear when he received the second injection. But Mr. Rowe was very loyal to the vaccine and all things surrounding it. Thus Mr. Rowe likely followed Centers for Disease Control instructions and got the second shot sometime between September 5 and 12. He would have had to in order to maintain his self-described “smug sense of moral and intellectual superiority.”

    He wasted no time in calling all non-vaxxed people “Darwin’d” the day of his first injection, apparently meaning to say they are unevolved.

    Mr. Rowe mocked non-vaxxed nurses and supported firing them for not getting the shots.

    And the most horrific of all posts was the one declaring what we already know: government is slavery and the master can boss the slaves around and dictate whatever they want and brutally punish those who disobey.

    Not long after that slave system supporting piece of absolute immorality was posted, his niece posted an update on his Facebook on November 2, confirming Mr. Rowe “passed away unexpectedly last week.”

    Now, what could have possibly led to the “unexpected” death of Mr. Rowe not long after being fully “vaccinated” with Pfizer’s shot?

    H/T [Natural News]


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      1. youtube.com/watch?v=IoyvvEWHodk&ab_channel=AnilVitaliSekharNaik


        Poor guy never even got a chance to be triggered by 5G, to live in the Metaverse, or see the Day of Wonders…

      2. Looks like he was Darwin’d like a boss. I always wonder if their last thoughts are anything along the lines of, “oh shit, I was wrong”, then gasp their last. I am guessing this genius was way too narcissistic for that though. Denial until death was his creed.

      3. This is good. Satan took him home to where he will not tell any more lies on earth.

      4. As you very accurately
        What could have possibly led to the “unexpected” death of Mr. Rowe not long after being fully “vaccinated” with Pfizer’s shot?
        This of course will be added
        to the list of lifes mysteries
        because as we’ve been told
        time and time again – the
        “vaccine” could not possibly
        have had anything whatsoever to do with it.?

      5. This is something we should see widely covered on national news.

        • youtube.com/watch?v=4644RVI9Fd8&ab_channel=SimonHarris


      6. Well, it may have been unexpected for him and others like him, but not at all for me!! Oopsie there, Mr. Raging steroids!! Better luck next time around!!
        If someone had told him that his skull was bullet proof and he would be able to withstand the impact of a Colt .45 bullet, he probably would have believed them and tried it!!


      7. Good! Only 100 million more to go!

      8. I’ve been reading the obituaries in my local area and surrounding counties,people are kicking the bucket something fierce. Especially 18 to 50 year olds,and early to mid 60’s. Ye olde kill shot is doing what it’s supposed to do. Pretty soon when it kicks into high gear the stench of death will be the smell of money to all the undertakers, talk about filthy lucre. You would think the fools would realize whats been done to them(the vaxxed). Must be the fluoride or all the big pharma pills so many people pop everyday. It’s a crying shame but we all will reap what we have sowed.

      9. Karma is a bitch!

      10. What goes around comes around.

      11. Doctors have warned about hyper-immune reactions of you had covid and then get the jab. Having covid gives you better immunity and the shot will over stimulate your immune system putting you at great risk. The government knows this, but still wants people that had covid mandated to get the shot. It sure seems the government’s intention here is evil and they are hoping you don’t survive.

      12. Wait a minute, if he said that the unwaxed were Darwin’d meaning they were not evolved, then he must have known that the (bio-weapon) shot created by Moderna was created as a post Extinction Level Event DNA altering gene therapy to jump start human evolution again. As describe below.

      13. I’m not an antivaxer or vaxer I’m just for free choice. I’m not getting the shot from everything I’ve read. I support Aaron Rogers. I’m taking plenty of supplements. I really don’t think we will know the full extent if things until years down the road and it will be obviously too late. I don’t take the flu shot either..

      14. This is a Communist pattern.
        They always murder part of the population.
        Expect a planned starvation. Ten million in Ukraine died of hunger when there was plenty of food but it was taken from the farmers and exported. The Ukrainian man-made famine was called holodomor. There were two famines, one in 1922 and one in 1932. Ukraine is part of Russia and holodomor is part of the Russian revolution.

        The Germans knew all about it. National Socialism and Hitler were responding to hyperinflation, hunger and unemployment in Germany. And sexual deviance, prostitution, homosexuality and pedophiles and cultural subversion by aliens within Germany. Hitler is called the most evil man. But Hitler fought Stalin. Hitler fought Communism.

        If Hitler won that fight, and he came very close to winning, there would be no Communism around the world. There would be no reset. There would be no new normal. There would be a 1950s type United States of America, without migrants, without lies.

        Some people would hate that America just like they hated Hitler and Hitler s Germany. Yes, some people hated 1950s America and they set out to destroy it. It was all planned.

        This deadly Jab is poison. It is killing us. And that is its purpose. I predict that future death from the jab will be blamed on Covid and on famine, a planned man made famine just like the holodomor.

        • Interesting point of view.

      15. My initial objection to the vaccine was mostly medical as I haven’t taken any vaccines in over 59 years and I didn’t really see any benefit from it for myself since I just don’t catch anything worse than an occasional mild cold.

        But that has now passed and my objection has now become religious. Every day it becomes more in alignment with the Mark of the Beast, demanding my highest allegiance be to the government and banning me from society and the economic system if I don’t comply.

        No matter what the left may want or demand, I will not violate my religious beliefs no matter the penalty placed on my exercise of them.

      16. 90 percent of dummyTards will get the Vax.
        Wow loyal to the party of death at all cost.
        People and sheep are the only animals that will line up to be slaughtered and not fight back.
        After this is over hopefully critical thinking and common sense skills will make a come back. Personally I think my idle Mr. Carlin said it best when he said “ I have one rule I live by and that is, I don’t believe a single word my government tells me”. RIP George!


      18. God help us all.

      19. It really is a small club.

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