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    This evening the U.S. House of Representatives passed, with overwhelming support, the National Defense Authorization Act in a 283-to-136 vote.

    You’ll note that at the time the legislation was being debated Pressident Obama assured Americans that he would never sign the bill if it came to his desk.

    The bill, which allows for the indefinite detainment of those, including American citizens, suspected of engaging in or supporting terrorist activity has not changed in any meaningful way over the last few weeks. This, of course, leaves inquiring minds questioning why the President would have so abruptly reversed his position:

    Less than a month after he threatened to veto terrifying legislation that would cease constitutional rights as we know it, Obama has revoked his warning and plans to authorize a bill allowing indefinite detention and torture of Americans.

    After passing in the House of Representatives earlier this year, the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2012 went before the US Senate last week, where it was met with overwhelming approval. In the days before, the Obama administration issued a policy statement on November 17 saying explicitly that the president would veto the bill, as it would challenge “the president’s critical authorities to collect intelligence incapacitate dangerous terrorists and protect the nation.”

    Opposition from the White House seemed all but rampant until RT revealed earlier this week that Senator Carl Levin told lawmakers that the legislation was altered because “the administration asked us to remove the language which says that US citizens and lawful residents would not be subject to this section.”

    On Wednesday, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said that those last minute changes yielded legislation that would “not challenge the president’s ability to collect intelligence, incapacitate dangerous terrorists and protect the American people,” and thereforethe president’s senior advisers will not recommend a veto.

    Originally the White House said that the administration objected to matters in the bill that applied to detainees. Under the act, Americans could be arrested and held indefinitely in military-run prisons and tortured without charges ever being brought forth, essentially making Guantanamo Bay a threat for every American citizen.

    Source: RT

    On December 5th, ahead of Congressional voting, Senator Rand Paul warned that the new legislation would allow the government to detain American citizens under terrorism laws without evidence, charge or trial. Specifically, Paul cited the government’s own broad definitions and characterizations for domestic terrorism or suspicious activity as involving those who, among other things, own guns, ammunition or store food.

    Bill Cosponsor John McCain (under questioning from Rand Paul) argues that detention (as defined by the National Defense Authorization Act) of anyone who is deemed a threat to the national security of the United States of America is appropriate:

    The very fact that this bill was ever penned and allowed to get as far as it has gotten in our Constitutional Republic is cause for concern. A glimmer of hope existed for a few weeks when the President claimed he would veto it if it came to his desk. As has been the case throughout this administration’s term, however, our hope was for naught. Someone, somewhere needs this legislation to pass. To what end we can only speculate.


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      1. Treason.

        • An AP article I read yesterday said that there is an exemption for American citizens. If it’s a lie, the AP told it.

        • Treason, indeed; and, to include any that do not sponsor impeachment if it is signed.

        • And Rush Limbaugh can’t understand where Ron Paul’s support is coming from?

      2. par for the course

      3. How many laws have been passed by these morons since the constitution was enacted? 627 thousand? Makes me wanna puke.

      4. “The (self-proclaimed) enemy of my enemy is NOT my friend.” -Okiestotle, Oklahoma philosopher from 780BC

        Just proves once again that we, the people, have no advocate with any influence in the district of criminals. One Ron Paul among a den of vipers isn’t enough.

      5. I served 10 years believing in the Constitution and its guaranties for the people of the U.S. I am really concerned about the days ahead. Their motivation will be to nullify any preps you and I have made. Put all of us in a situation that makes those preps irrelevant. Camps? I’m not sure but they know we are armed and ready yet they persist. Their motivation and tenacity is unyielding to common sense. I have tried to prepare for any contingency yet I feel totally unprepared.

        • Preps are worthless. All they have to do if you live in the vicinity of a nuclear plant is declare that a leak has occurred and order a mandatory evacuation. Just one of the ways they will move everyone out of their homes. Most likely never to go back as some more deserving illegal alien will soon be living in them. They know who has guns and it will be quite easy to simply grab you at work or have CPS take your kids until you give up your weapons and preps. They have this all figured out and when the time is right we will never know what hit us. Kiss the life we have known goodbye.

          • Aren’t YOU just a ray of sunshine!?!

          • If they take my kids, they’ll get my guns alright… You guessed it… Bullets first!

      6. Its the end of the world as we know it! My new theme song! Job security at Cabelas

        • Thanks, Surfer Dude…was wondering which of my State’s congresscritters voted yay or nay on this. Glad to note 2 of 5 voted NAY (my rep included!), both D’s…go figure!

      7. THEY are laying their foundation but mine is already established. King James trumps King Obama.

        • Amen!

        • Roger CT, There are no atheists in foxholes.

        • Praise the Load, and pass the ammo!

        • King Obama can’t be a very secure king, he has 3X the secret service around him than any other pres.
          Then former POW McCain, what a traitor. You would think his time spent as a POW would give him a better appreciation of freedom and be more deligent in protecting the freedom of his fellow citizens.
          Crazy Talk; when I think of these sick and evil people in DC, I am always reminded of 2 verses of scripture.
          1-there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth.
          2-every knee shall bow and tongue confess, Jesus as Lord.

          • John McCain was broken by the torture inflicted on him. He will not recover from it, he will stay broken.

            • Jim, good point.

            • Someone else posted that McCain kissed butt when he was a POW and got special treatment. After the way he’s turned on America with this Act, I can well believe he was a turncoat then too.

          • @DRD: every knee WILL bow. some will from respect for Gods love. others will from acknowledgement of His wrath. but every knee will bow

      8. Obama merely objected to some of the terms and conditions – guess he got what he wanted and now he enjoys total control.

        Except for that 90 million gun owners don’t much care for being detained initially let alone indefinitely.

        • 90 million gun owners will not mean squat. Who are you going to shoot? The cops? People who have been law abiding and respected the authority their whole lives are suddenly going to shoot cops or the military? Will never happen. The average American neither knows or cares what is happening. Just as long as they get their govt. checks and can buy drugs all is well.

      9. Habeas corpus is one of the fundamental tenants of law in a democracy.
        Without it we have tyranny.

        • You’re thinking of a Republic when it comes to a government run by laws. With a Democracy we will have tyranny, hence no mention of “Democracy” in the Constitution.

          • Democracy is a fancy term for mob rule.

      10. Would it be correct to assume that from now on, the sweet and heart warming comments we post here, directed at those politicians who voted in this new law, could be sufficient evidence for a one way ticket to Guantanamo?

        • Or gun ownership.

          Or downloading anything.

          Or growing your own food.

          Or (insert whatever random thing the Government now wishes to yank out of its ass and implement retroactively).

          • Don’t forget the terrorist activity of home schooling.

            • Hell, that Ron Paul 2012 sticker on your car will get you locked up and the key melted down.

        • This bill is probably connected with Obama’s plan to close Guantanemo i.e. move those terrorists to internment camps on the mainland.

          • you are one dumb fuck!

        • It reminds me of a line from Beyond Rangoon, when Patricia Arquette asked her tour guide “Isn’t that illegal?” To which he responded “In Burma, everything is illegal.

          • Patricia (in her prime) dragging her soaked (head to toe) body out of the river. My oh my.

            Great underrated movie, aside from that.

        • @EA: I wouldnt worry about Guantanamo, no, the camps we have heard about over the years, and recently activated, are indeed the detain and re-education facilities there have had planned long ago. Choice number 1, do you fall in line and accept the Beast, number 2 Do you fight with all your heart, mind, soul, and body? Be not worried with those that can destroy the body, but that which can destroy the soul. In the end, eternity, it is our destination, since birth we have all fought to survive this life, from the the demonic powers that awaits our waking moments to decieve, and manipulate us. Take the fight to those who wish to enslave.

      11. It is official. As soon as the ink has hit the paper, we no longer have the protection of our god-given rights and I think this is absolutely unconstitutional. Remeber the constitution? It was created to LIMIT and RESTRICT the government.

        It is my opinion this legislation gives the government gestapo control. We are now in the same position the German people were when Hitler got the Enabling Act passed. I think the only difference is Hitler did it all at once, our government has taken a few years.

        • Yes you do, we all still do. It starts and ends with the second amendment, always has, the founders knew this…..if you are willing.

        • The Government knows that the people are waking up, expect things too speed up at a rapid pace, Look how much is being implemented. Yes it is happening here. Prepare your hearts and minds, if you believe in our Constitution, if you believe our rights come from God, then choose sides now, if it has too be, then it begins with me. There is no use in saying well i am just going to lay low, i am just gonna blend in, it is too late. Now to you Government Scabs who monitor this site, I want you to know, in the end, you will fail, miserably! Come and get me when you desire, but remember, it will hurt, alot! Youll not censor me, intimidate me, nor harm my family, so help me GOD!

        • “As soon as the ink has hit the paper, we no longer have the protection of our god-given rights and I think this is absolutely unconstitutional.”

          The government has not served as a protector of rights for a long time now. You have lost nothing from this bill.

          It is now, and always has been YOUR job to protect your God given rights.

          The government was established to provide you with a tool of lawful force you could use while doing that. That tool has been hijacked and turned into a destroyer of rights rather than a protector. It has become the enemy of your rights and claims authority to use excessive force, as well as the right to remove any threat of force you may hold or represent.

          I do not acknowledge corp officers as having authority to pass laws. I do not contact them, and ignore them when they attempt to contact me.

          As far as I am concerned, there is no new law being discussed. Only a corp. Public Policy of lawlessness and brutality against the People.

          I will always fight to the degree necessary to be let alone. “Laws” like this just make it all the more possible that I may have to resort to deadly force to survive. I will likely die that day, far away from the nearest FEMA camp.

          • The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.
            Thomas Jefferson –

        • Ron Paul didn’t even bother to vote 🙁

          • I believe RP is busy campaigning. I would be worried if he did vote!

            Ron Paul 2012!

      12. I have been to Guantanamo. You can’t beat the snorkeling.

        • You will need the snorkel when the water boarding starts

      13. Please speculate.

      14. If I go to prison, I hope my cellmate is Judge Napalatano. He is at least talking about this issue every night.

        When will the Patriot movement rise up?

        • just think about this, now the president can get poed at anyone like Judge Napotitano who says anything about him and declare them a terroist, send a couple agents after him and no one will ever hear from again, that’s how serious this bill is.

        • At least he’s prettier than Janet. BTW, I understand she was the idea behind the movie “SHREK”.

          • That’s just being mean to Shrek.

      15. McCain is one man who Uncle Ho should have tortured to death. And he condemned the very people who imprisoned and tortured him. What a sick twisted little man.

        • He is a dirty traitor of the worst ilk…..now it makes me wonder how he survived….did he give up the American people then too? He makes me ill…He is EVIL.

          • @Daisy: The reverse of Evil is Live, free, it is still our choice!

      16. All in all, it’s just another brick in the wall. 15 years ago we were laughed at for even THINKING the good ole US of A would do this to our citizens, now it is law. Who’s laughing now? Not you and not me.

      17. most will wake up on their knees inside fema camps…the rest of us will die on our feet and not on our knees…come and get it…it awaits thee….

        • No bastard ever won a war by dying for his country. He won it by making the other poor dumb bastard die for his country. – George Patton

          @Dan – Please heed the good general’s advice


        • @dan: That is correct, there is no other choice, no political party, two headed snake, what a new political party? Bullshit, havent peole seen enough of politics. I am not advocating violence, ITS CALLED SELF DEFENSE! Oh pleaes mr. politician can i start another political party maybe write you a few letters asking you to address our greviances, waste more time with BLAH, BLAH, BLAH. We are men, we are not you, this country was fought for by MEN IN UNIFORMS, not suits hiding behind a desk, for what dammit, so you turn your war machine on us, GOOD LUCK!

        • Amen, Brutha

      18. If we can just get a majority Republican Congress elected then they’ll save us and the country from Obama. oh wait a sec….


        How much has spending gone up with the Repubs in control of the purse strings? And look at the horse shit bills these cunts pass. They are all the same. ALL of them.

        Keep voting. It’ll do you about as much good as a cow learning to speak and asking the butcher not to butcher them.

        But on the bright side, maybe we can have a SHTFPlan reunion in the camps. Think they’ll let us?

        • You mean Newt won’t save us?

          • Unless we all are clinging to his asscheeks, I highly doubt it.

        • @DoubleTap: Yes, every last one of them, get it into your hearts and minds now!

      19. Well, well, looks like the round-ups are about to begin. The sheeple have been prepped by the propaganda machine. Certain Manchurian military forces have been properly conditioned for the task. The rendition centers are fully staffed and open for business. This great new legislation has been passed and with the mighty stroke of Barry’s pen, will be signed into Unconstitutional law.

        Targets will include anyone fitting the classifications listed in the MIAC report, or further details of “Threats to National Security” can be found on the FBI web site. With terms so broad, having a full pantry and a missing finger from a circular saw accident on the construction site can get your ass kidnapped by the military, tossed in the back of a black van, flown to Morocco for some special rendition techniques and when they’re done having fun with your abused carcass, dumped into a mass grave with everyone else that thought they had God given rights protected by the Constitution.

        That’s right folks, the fucking rug has just been officially pulled out from under your feet the moment Barry finishes using 20 pens to sign off on this treasonous rag. Yes, Mao, Hitler, Stalin and all the rest of the tyrants would be as pleased as a Cheshire cat.

        The question remains; How many times can some asshole jam his finger in your chest before you grab that dick skinning phalanges and break it the fuck off his hand?

          • Those are some disturbing ads to say the least. It looks like they are either running a fear psi-op for predictive programming purposes, or someone on the inside is actually trying to warn people. Seeing as how this comes from MTV, I’m very skeptical of their motives and would have to place my bets on a psi-op.

            Thanks for sharing that.

          • I wonder what the deal is with these ads as they depict a very good example of just how state/government endorsed gestapos may operate. It’s interessting that MTV put these videos out. I need to mull this one over for a while…

      20. OK, folks you seem to be confused as to why they passed this bill so here’s the reason. Catching terrorists is tricky business. They buy innocuous things like acetone and sulfur, travel to places like Pakistan, and frequent Internet cafes. All of these are completely legal but at some point they add up to no good. If the Feds notice creepy behavior, they place the suspects under surveillance which is extremely labor intensive and risky. Soon the shreds of clues pile up to a mountain of evidence clearly pointing to planned terrorist activity, but the Feds have a weird dilemma on their hands. To get a conviction in civil court they have to catch the crooks in the act. If the Feds move in too early, clever lawyers will get the suspects sprung (because they didn’t actually commit a crime). If the Feds wait too long, the next 9/11 just happened which is unacceptable to everyone.

        The NDAA is an attempt to lower the threshold of evidence needed to convict true terrorists so it makes it easier and less risky to legally implicate some really bad dudes. If you saw the movie Minority Report, the NDAA allows the Feds to use profiling to predict who is a threat and treat them as if they had committed an act of terrorism.

        The trouble is the NDAA is a slippery slope. Will people who buy ammo and stockpile food for legitimate, non-violent purposes be erroneously profiled as terrorists? Every senator will say no, but we all know that tyranny has a way of creeping in if you’re not careful. And if they pass bogus, idiotic “anti-hoarding laws” that puts preppers in danger of getting on the wrong side of the law for crazy, illogical reasons.

        So is NDAA good or bad? It’s good if used to catch legitimate terrorists before they strike but extremely bad if they expand the definition of suspicious activity to include wise, ordinary, prudent prepping.

        • You’re a total fucking idiot. Your dumbass still believes the charitable all-loving nanny state gov. wants to protect you and keep you safe from some toothless goat herders on the other side of the planet? Go drown yourself in your toilet you clueless ignorant fool.

          • DoubleTap, maybe an explanation is in order. Two weeks ago I watched on the National Geographic Channel a 2 hour documentary called Stopping the Second 9-11. It depicted the 2006 plot to blow up 7 US airliners travelling from London to various cities in the US, and how Scotland Yard discovered and foiled the plot. A major theme repeated throughout the documentary was the extreme difficulty in selecting the right moment to apprehend the criminal because if you’re too early the convictions won’t stick and if you’re too late we all know what happens.

            What I was trying to explain (obviously unsuccessfully) is the rationale behind NDAA. I’m not saying I agree with it (in fact, I strongly disagree with it). Everyone on SHTFplan who cares to comment seems to be of the mind 93 Senators have openly declared war on ordinary American citizens who happen to voice their criticism.

            That’s your opinion but I have a different opinion. I think the vast majority of Senators have good intentions. Sometimes good intentions pave the road to hell and it’s painfully obvious the government has made some incredibly bad choices over the years, but at the outset I think they were trying to do the right thing.

            All I was trying to do in my earlier post is to point out there’s a yin and yang to everything. Sure, NDAA could lead to some very bad things but it could also prevent some horrific terrorist activity. Please watch the documentary to gain insight on this question.

            Those of you who call me names, give me a thumbs down, or accuse me of being a government shill, I’m a big boy. I can take it. By the way, L-B, I can assure you the third accusation is totally false. I’m just an ordinary guy expressing my opinion. And to Daisy who wondered why I call myself Prepper, if you saw my stash of food, water treatment, first aid supplies, etc, you would have no question the description is accurate.

            Bring on the flame war. I’m ready.

            • you just can’t fix stupid, not at this level

        • My son-in-law is a criminal defense attorney, and yes, he usually votes with the dems. However, even he is getting worried. He says the 4th amendment is history and the 6th amendment is on its way out t he door(two items vital to his profession). We all knnow how they are chipping away at the 1st and 4th amendments. Why do we elect the same idiots every 2 to 4 years??? Oh, I know. Its because they arel all idiots and corrupt. McCain was a different person in 2000, but I guess getting his ass kicked by Bush changed him. Does anyone considered him a patriot anymore? We need patriots, not politicians in DC.

        • I was looking for the flush handle, but could only find the thumbs down. Sorry prepper but your reasoning is askew

          • Maybe you are just not bright enough to undersatnd what he is trying to say. In short the road to hell is paved with good intentions. This would not be the first time the law of unintended consequences trumped any feel good bill. Not to mention many senators are dumb as fence posts and are manipulated by the smarter ones into voting for slimey laws. They don’t even read most of what they vote on.

        • I would love to think that post was dripping with irony, but sadly…………….

          THUMBS DOWN.

          (And you call yourself “Prepper”????)

        • @Prepper:

          You’re so right. The government has NEVER passed a bill and then warped it and expanded it to the point where it no longer reflects its original intent.

          Never happened. Nope. Never.


          Hope you ‘heard’ the sarcasm. 🙂


          • Loud and clear, Mal, baby! 😉

        • Dear Prepper, there is NO war on terror. To the federal government, anyone who disagrees with their globalist agenda is a terrorist.

          You, myself and every ordinary US citizen is a statutory enemy of the federal government, per the Trading With the Enemy Act of October, 1917, as amended March 9, 1933. You are their enemy by law.

        • I smell something of the federal variety. Been sent here to try to show us how crazy we are.

        • @PREPPER: IF this was the freaking case then the borders would be closed, Do you freaking undestand, IT IS FOR THE AMERICAN PEOPLE, WHO WILL NOT GO ALONG WITH THEIR NEW WORLD ORDER, WAKE UP!

      21. We are all terrorists. Wear the title proudly. Think Thomas Paine.


        • Oh man, I realy liked this one!!!
          “We are all terrorists. Wear the title proudly!”
          Mate, this is probably the best phrase to come out of internet’s abyss! I will treasure it!

      22. game over. hope you’re prepped up and can live off grid cause the game is over and they won. check mate.

        • And hope that they don’t have thermographic sattelites?

          Pulling a Unabomber (minus the bombs part) ain’t gonna help you now.

        • I understand your sentiments cowboy, but the game ain’t over. No way in hell is it over! Oh, they may eventually round up a lot of us, and we might end up in camps, or who knows where. But IT AIN”T OVER! If it takes a hundred years, and it’s my great great grandson, with my rusty old .50 cal black powder rifle and improvised ammunition, standing on the bloody carcass of the great-grandsons of these bastards, THEN AND ONLY THEN, can the fat lady sing…

          • Ya’ll misunderstood my meaning. my bad. i wasn’t very clear. i ain’t goin no where. game over check mate i mean teotwawki. and off grid i mean don’t make yourself an easier target than we Already have. cocked locked and loaded.

        • ks cowboy, you go ahead if you want, take your toys and head home, thats fine. I’m gonna wait for the smoke to clear AND reload as I do.

          • Whew! thanks for the explanation, you had me worried.

        • Dear ks, the fat lady may be clearing her throat, but she ain’t singing just yet.

          • @Scoutmotto: Singing and setting a new jumping jacks record, now thats talent!

        • @KS COWBOY: Change your thinking, they haven won nothing!

      23. Get over the idea that contacting your reps will change anything, it won’t.
        This government is on autopilot to tyranny and there are very powerful and wealthy people who want us to shed our way of life and liberties.
        It used to be that discussions regarding the second amendment were theoretical, it looks like that is going to change.

      24. Unfortunately it will end up with us exercising our 2nd amendment rights on those who will take them away.
        It may not be un troops though, the Chinese fleet just sailed with orders to prepare for war last week or so.

      25. When will people finally act to end this crap, as they are being marched/trained off to ” FEMA safety” death camps or their fellow citizens start getting mowed down in the streets by police and military? I believe it should start anytime, now even. However the fall of the economy will be the kicker I believe, for when the lights go out and the tv’s fall dark and the mass programming “and I mean literally” comes to an end, then and only then will people wake the Hell up, maybe. Lock and load folks, it’s gonna’ be a wild ride.

      26. I guess you will not be able to throw your shoes on Obama because you will be automatically detained indefinitely.

        • Now that would certainly put you on the terrorist list! Insulting the POTUS in such a vulgar way LOL.

      27. Each time I tell my friends,”it can’t get any worse”, government finds a way to make me out a liar! We have, in the last couple of decades, been betrayed by all three branches of government. Even if Ron Paul were elected, it’s over! I live in a rural area near a small town in western Pennsylvania . The day before yesterday, I observed a drone taking off from our small airport. I have read reports of these drones being used by law enforcement, but foolishly thought they would be employed near large urban areas. Wrong once again! These people are gearing up for war against their own people. The signs are legion and unmistakable. The only thing missing is a “heads-up” of when they will strike. Soon me thinks! Gonna get ugly. Not the situation; I mean me.

        • The riots this Summer will give the rational for cracking down on everyone. The recent protests were just a warm up and a chance to study tactics. As the election nears and the economy gets worse things will be guided to a desired end. Wondering how many Tea Party people will end up disappeared with the new law.

      28. “I, AM NOT A THIEF”. Alot out there in our country believed that comment. How ’bout this one, “NO NEW TAXES”! C’mon you all believed it each and everytime….you know you did…..fess up……AHHHHAHAHAHA. I’m laughing through the tears…..

      29. Hi Ho , Hi Ho , OFF TO THE FEMA CAMPS , YOU “ALL” shtfplan preppers WILL GO!

        ;0p – psssssssZZZZZZZZZZZtt!

        told ya all about this 2 years ago!

        ya bunch of “GOYIM , TAXED DEBT SLAVES!” ;0) your all born Amerikan SUCKERS!

        All “Heil” zionist jew owned , cia illegal alien sock-puppet oreo prez barry soetoro a.k.a. barack obama!

        He now “OWNS” YOU ALL!

        note: 28% of all poled usmc marines said they would SHOOT americans if ordered too! meaning an actual 60% will gun you down!

        hahahahahahaha… ;0) snicker snicker… Barry Obama wants you all too know he is doing this cause he “Loves” you all SO MUCH! And it HURTS HIM! MORE! Than it’ll hurt you!

        your all gonna need to buy some more VASELINE … cause your about to be screwed by the BIG GREEN USMC WEINIE , now bend over and grab your ankles… this might hurt a lil’ BIT! ;0P SSSSSSSSslurp!


        • ^Ninakareoke starring in: “The Many faces of Eve”

        • I’d like to think that there are a LOT of Marines (and soldiers in general) that will not be automatons, raping and pillaging and plundering their own people.

          I just hope the ones that feel that way are the majority and in leadership positions.

        • “USMC marines are Whopper Junior’s Zionist jew Owned soldier Slaves! says:
          December 15, 2011 at 6:20 am
          Hi Ho , Hi Ho , OFF TO THE FEMA CAMPS , YOU “ALL” shtfplan preppers WILL GO!

          ;0p – psssssssZZZZZZZZZZZtt!

          told ya all about this 2 years ago!

          ya bunch of “GOYIM , TAXED DEBT SLAVES!” ;0) your all born Amerikan SUCKERS!

          All “Heil” zionist jew owned , cia illegal alien sock-puppet oreo prez barry soetoro a.k.a. barack obama!

          He now “OWNS” YOU ALL!

          note: 28% of all poled usmc marines said they would SHOOT americans if ordered too! meaning an actual 60% will gun you down!

          hahahahahahaha… ;0) snicker snicker… Barry Obama wants you all too know he is doing this cause he “Loves” you all SO MUCH! And it HURTS HIM! MORE! Than it’ll hurt you!

          your all gonna need to buy some more VASELINE … cause your about to be screwed by the BIG GREEN USMC WEINIE , now bend over and grab your ankles… this might hurt a lil’ BIT! ;0P SSSSSSSSslurp!


          …. I take your wife left you for a Marine! 🙂

          It’s all good man…

          “Son, someday you will make a girl
          very happy. for a short period of time.
          Then she’ll leave you and be with new
          men who are ten times better than you
          could ever hope to be. These men
          are called – Grunt Marines.”

          Semper Fi

          • @bloodyfellow … ;0P sniff sniff , it wasn’t my gurlfriend ya silly boy … twas’ my “marine grunt boytoy” from oceanslime cali … he left me for a philipinoe “BillyBoy!” ;0( sniff … all you marines are such teases! wearing your tight butt huggin’ pt gear … oh @bloodyfellow , will You be my Foxhole Battle Buddy?

            I promise to be as gentle as your D.I. was to you in bootcamp! ;0P pssssszzzzt – JOG ON!


            • The Facts speak for themselves! 200,000 active duty marines and not one USMC Officer has the balls to stop the NWO take over of America! Not one had the balls like usmc gen. smedley butler to stand up , stop the 9/11 murders and fight em’ back as he did! Your all puss’s! And until a u.s. marine officer finds his balls and challenges the nwo takeover of america with the support of his fellow grunt 200,000 u.s. marines! your all gonna continue to be puss’s in my book, anyone can kill, it’s easy to be a ignorant coward and just keep pulling the trigger killing innocent men women and children cause their born brown in a foreign land! marines are cowards and bullies! who use words like honor, courage and integrity to justify and terrorize those weaker than them around the world and commit MURDER for their Banker Masters!

              Your pretty uniforms and a flag , wont hide what you all are – your robbers and murderers of other peoples propety land and lives… so keep waving your flags, chanting your semper fidelous homoerotic blood and gore chants… and just know some of us who were once there with you , know the truth of what you all are really!

              and plan to fight you all nwo grunt u.s. marines where the meat meets the blade in lead words backed by a firm violent resolve even you jar-head grunts will understand!

              it takes more than a uniform to make a man… and so far I just see a bunch of bloody murderers wearing pretty ribbons and talking street creds trash about killing innocent men women and children who are only defending their homes and families from YOU the foreign invaders!

              In my REAL WORLD BOOK that makes them the PATRIOTS and You U>S> MARINES the shit on my combat boot i ground into the grass… USMC MARINES always there too help THE NWO ZIONIST BANKER JEWS , ENSLAVE THE WORLD!”

        • Nina, where the heck have you been? We were afraid you were bogarting the campfire in a FEMA camp!

          • HI @mamabear, ;0) muchas grassy-ass, for the thoughts! I was actually and still am under constant dns attacks… someone doesn’t wuv me ;0(! As for ever even entering a fema camp… ;0) never gonna happen… i’ll take atleast one fed with me before i go down with my bowie or 10mm in hand! ;0) i’m checking out with my constitutionalist OATHKEEPER boots on!

            I Hope you and ms. daisy and your fams all have safe fun filled holidays!

            • Hey – can I assume that the door is now locked? Contact me!

      30. This is an absolutely disgusting turn of events. I’m appalled that this has gotten through the house after even the mainstream media brought to light the fact that these people are putting themselves above the Constitution.

        1.) John McCain is the ENEMY. For someone who has actually been detained and tortured to do this boggles the mind. It’s like the abused child that becomes a bully……or a serial killer.

        2.) The government has spat in the face of the voters with this bill. The people in office, with a very few notable exceptions, have proven that their position has nothing to do with their constituency.

        3.) Obama is full of hot air as always. Someone must have dumbed this down and explained how it would be to his benefit.

        The government has now declared war on the people who elected them.

        • Daisy

          They have carefully and patiently enacted every law in the book to “LEGALLY’ shut us down..lock free speech.spy on us..arrest us..detain us..shut down the internet..they all know what’s coming and instead of just “doing it” aka Stalin/Hitler/Pol Pot/Mao etc..they now have the ‘legal’ means of doing whatever they want..period!

          These drones they’ve enacted are for”rural” folks who can’t be reached in a timely fashion..so God help all the patriots hunkered down in the homeland areas far from the cities..

          Where’s Sarah Conner?

          • Be advised, all the totalitarians you referenced acted largely according to the laws of their countries. The fig leaf of legitimacy makes enacting otherwise unpopular policies easier.

        • If I could snap my fingers and make it happen, I would put one AR-15, 10 magazines, 2,000 rounds of 5.56 “green tip” ammo, and a few hours of hands on instruction in the hands of each and every American for their own self defense. In fact, I would make it mandatory.

          The rules have now radically changed. We are staring at 1939 Germany all over again. Millions of people across the world died defeating Nazism during WWII, and now we are faced with its specter all over again on our own soil. History is repeating itself in horrific detail. We are now faced with becoming willing participants to our own demise at the hands of our own government. The time to ask what will we do when the front door is kicked in at 2 am is now academic hyperbole.

          The phrase, “It’s not paranoia if they’re really out to get you”, doesn’t seem so funny anymore.

      31. Sing it
        You better shut up
        You better not cry
        Better not protest
        I’m telling you why
        Indefinite Detention is coming to town!

        They’re making a list
        They’re checking it twice
        They’re gonna tell you
        If you’re a terrorist or nice
        Indefinite Detention is coming to town!

        They know if you are sleeping
        They know if you’re awake
        They know if you’re a sheep or not
        So be a sheep for your own sake!

        You better shut up
        You better not cry
        Better not protest
        I’m telling you why
        Indefinite Detention is coming to town!
        Indefinite Detention is coming to town!

        • ¡Brillante! All hail the chief!

      32. This is absolutely terrifying to think this can occur on American soil. Especially knowing that some poor soul out there will be the “first” to be detained. Soon common conversations will sound like: “Hey, did you hear about so and so?” “They took him.” “They broke down his door at 2 am and took him!”
        Scary, and the writing is on the wall. Hang on tight folks, we’re sailing into the untimate storm.

        Also, thanks to everyone for posting useful prepping tips.

      33. in my uneducated, humble opinion, this qualifies as “high crime” against the People and, if signed into law, should bring the indicated response: impeachment of all involved in it’s creation and passing…

        • There is only one way to impeach these devils now, and it aint with paper bullets.

      34. What did they Patriot Act say to the National Defense Authorization Act? ………………You complete me!

        • You couldn’t be more right Charile. All of the things they didn’t get into the Patriot Act are now in the National Defense Authorization Act.

          • I believe my joke falls into the category that they refer to as “gallows humor.”

            I don’t know how else to deal with it, I suppose. It’s not easy to witness the death of your own country. I’m feeling some pretty heavy emotions thinking about what’s happened since 911.

      35. Again, why does the mass public not actually read anything before getting all up in arms??


        Click on “Bill Text”

        Jump to page 430

        “…the requirement to detain a person in military custody …does not extend to citizens of the United States.”

        It’s amazing what a little reading of the bill actually accomplishes. Gotta love mass media and fear mongering.

      36. The Line in the Sand, People! Time to sit down and delineate the exact terms of that line? What will you take? The right of first night, quartering without consent, confiscation of your sons, forced inoculations? Write it down and share it with your family, a personal declaration of intent and desire for peace.

        Keep an eye on JD’s postings, be vigilant and orderly. Sorry about the barking, I am terrified about the coming days, but ready as can be…

      37. ya’ll better enjoy your xmass and new year this year… it’s your last one for awhile… for a cold Cold nwo bank of england goldmansachs imf bilderboybugger zionistjew banker wind is blowing towards amerika from europe… an your amerikan tax debt slave living hell is about to freeze over!

        buy ammo for xmass… they “da’nwo feds” , will control you “da’american patriot preppers” , thru rising hyper-inflation prices for – ammo , federalized privatized water , energy , fuel and food!

        beware the shots – protect your children from the federal poison eugenics shots!

        An Remember , when lil’ johney nwo fbi fed’s comes too your door with the local steroid jacked swat team with reserve USMC snipers support for your guns and mre’s , ask yourself…

        “What Would Jeeeezus DO!” ;0P

        And then “LOCK an LOAD” your AR15 and “SMILE”, cause it’s all “DOWNHILL” from! Heeeerrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!


        • Welcome back. 🙂

          • Says you.

          • @Daisy , Hello Pretty shtfplan Lady ;0), I’m under constant DNS attacks now … so I’m forced to use proxy servers in europe to access SHTFPLAN.com from here in america! Someone with BIG I.T. GUNS an a very smart BLACKHAT I.T. Assassin doesn’t like @ninaorket very much! I’m only passing through for now on ghosting off alternative proxies and moving on to other Patriot Friendly websites … SHTFPLAN is too nwo FED NSA ZionistJew BlackOps spy HOT!

            ;0P psssszzt da’ZionistJew NSA!

            @daisy I will send you info on alternative web browsing later, so you can protect yourself… later ya “lil’ Ruff Tuff , can’t get enough fighten’ patriotic prepper puff!” ;0P

            • OMG! Its the same story that Bill Paxton used on Jamie Lee Curtis in the movie “True Lies”. Dayumm boy, you need to come on up out of Mommas basement and take in some sunlight. If not, you just might end up pissing yourself.

            • I was getting worried about you – contact me, NinaO!

      38. There is no way I will ALLOW myself to be arrested without a fight, not now. They don’t have to charge me with a crime, they can hold me indefinitely, they can refuse my request to legal counsel, suspend my right to a trial, and send me to Yemen for “enhanced interrogation” for undeclared offenses. I don’t know about anyone else but my Yemeni is terrible. The rules have changed. I will not be a willing participant to my own torture. Enough said, and I hope “they” are reading this.

      39. …just when you thought your life SUCKed cause wallmart raised the prices on their chinese plastic crap… check out this story of how the Chinks in Asia heat their homes… if your a prepper and wanna survive in da’winter in a shtf scenario read this story and learn something of REAL HARDSHIP! Ya’ bunch of prepper wussies! ;0P

        “Coal is fuel for rich people only,” says Eshmurod-Aka, a resident of Uzbekistan’s Qashqadaryo province. “Animal manure is the only fuel we use now.”



      40. Hello All,
        The “British are coming”, the “British are coming”….. No wait “DHS is coming”, “DHS is coming”. Why we are not forming up in full battle dress to march on the District of Criminals is beyond me! This is the final nail in the proverbial casket, to even imagine such a treasonous bill could become law slaps in the face of our God given rights! From one veteran to another I say this, John McCain, you should be arrested,charged and executed for treason against those you took an oath to protect, you sicken me you villainous bastard!!! Have no illusions this is DEFCON 4 for our Republic! And Lindsey Graham know this, when your door is kicked in and your worthless ass is drug out into the street by a Free man and you scream for a lawyer you will be told “Shut up, you don’t get a lawyer you get 230 grains of lead justice thru your skull”. For all the government trolls that monitor this site, “FUCK YOU” this is called free speech and the right to dissent, all given to us by our creator not you Nazi pricks!! Prepare yourselves my Brothers and Sisters we will be called again to defend our freedoms from the enemy within!

        Semper Fi,
        USMC 2111

        • John McCain and all of the other “elected officials” that voted for this along with anyone who voted yes for the Patriot Act. I mean, lets give credit to ALL of those who deserve it.

          • McCain CO-AUTHORED the fucking thing!

            Back in ’08 when I held my nose and voted for Obama it was pretty much because this is what I knew McCain was. 100% chance. I was hoping there was only about a 70% chance that this is what Obama was too.

            Pretty much figured out my odds failed to come through when he didn’t do shit about the Patriot Act.

            • He co-sponsored it, not co-authored it. Not defending him, but just bringing up the fact that we don’t actually know who wrote it. I, for one, would like to know this. I’m betting that we’ll never find out.

        • I’m with you brother!!!!

      41. Because Americans are so well-armed, I’m going to assume that is why the need for all of these “acts” to pass. They are trying to stick it to us gently so we don’t realize it until it’s too late. This is unlike other hostile takeovers of countries in the past where they just rode in and kiboshed any kind of revolt with quick and deadly force.

        This is the time that we must all be ringing the alarm bell. This is the time that Washington DC needs to be “Occupied” ….as does the Capitol lawn of each state.

        Spread the word on this because freedom in the United States is on the way to hell on a greasy slide.

        See something, say something!

        • By doing it this way, it will be VERY easy for them to justify why they are rounding us up, because it is all “legal.” It would be different if they started doing this without all of this in place because it would have been frowned upon by the world in general. However, with this soon to be passed bill, they can point to it and say, “See?? We did it legally!! It says so right here!!!” We are a law-abiding country, right???

          *sarcasm* ONLY if it does not apply to them…

          • Being “legal” will help soothe the consciences of the grunts who will carry out the atrocities. Talk to most cops..their outlook on such matters will be shocking.

            • Mr. Dover,
              I have talked to some of my local law enforcement officers, their knowledge on the Constitution and any history of this country is atrocious. I’m sure most would do what ever they’re ordered to do, they’re like robots. I have met a couple who are doing their own prepping, and say they’ll most likely quit the force rather than carry out unconstitutional orders, they’re both ex-military.
              On a positive note: Our local Sheriff declared over a year ago in the local paper, that he would not nor his deputies go door to door confiscating weapons, and he’d fight the FBI from obtaining any “lists”. Of course he could be blowing smoke, I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

      42. ‘kay, one last thing before I go to work…..

        I doubt that it is coincidence that today marks the official “end of the war” in Iraq.

        Does anyone else suspect they are bringing our troops home as this idiotic law passes to now declare war on us?

        • Good point Daisy. Two thumbs up.

      43. We are surrounded by evil. Today it is muslim terrorists, tomorrow it could be you…..

      44. Fear? It is only what you feel, feel freedom, its effects are powerful, your gonna need that positive energy. Oh but i dont want to be on any list, Get over it, you already are.

      45. @ fed up

        got your short list ready…yet

        all should have one for their area

        • Short list, bucket list, shit list, wish list, last wish.

          Yep, got them all in order. 🙂

      46. Maybe it is time to “detain” a few politicians, 535 to start with!!!!!!

      47. Substitute the word “Citizen” with the word “Jew” and you have 1930s Germany!

      48. I’ve been on the no fly list since it was created because of my US government training, so being on a list is nothing new for me.

        New definition of irony… Me and the ACLU agree that this is an unconstitutional bill. Good luck all, its about to get real ugly.

      49. The timing of this piece of crap — er, “legislation” — is very significant. I believe it is a harbinger of a world war shortly to come, and they are merely putting the final preparations in place to crush any and all domestic opposition to this war, which will be initiated for reasons PLAINLY not in Amerikan interests.

        This is already apparent to those who know that “our” government in DC is the representative of Wall Street and Israel, not the Representative of Amerika (Google “Jewish members of congress” for a list of all the Israeli dual-citizens making life and death decisions in YOUR government about YOUR future).

        The targets in this coming war are:

        1) Syria/Iran, which will lead directly to the closing of the Strait of Hormuz and the interdiction of Persian Gulf oil shipments to the rest of the world. This will lead to a collapse of the world economy and rationing and severe hardship in Amerika. Israel is using up what’s left of the Amerikans and is going for end game against the last of its “enemies” (read: anybody with land and resources they want to steal) in the ME. This will inevitably lead to a confrontation with…

        2) Russia, which is THE biggest prize of all. The Zionist oligarchs of Wall Street and DC want to return Russia to the clutches of the “Russian” (actually, Zionist Jewish) oligarchs, so they can resume the LOOTING of that country that went on as a free for all during the reign of the permanently drunken Boris Yeltsin. Ironically, as BOLSHEVIKS, the grandfathers of these rapacious and newly minted plutocrats turned Russia into a charnel house following the Communist Revolution of 1917, when they were represented all out of proportion to their percentage of population in the Red Army, Soviet government and the CheKa/GPU/NKVD. Tens of millions of RUSSIAN peasants, intellectuals, clergy, military officers, aristocrats, businessmen, teachers and others were ENTHUSIASTICALLY slaughtered by these creatures, who hated Russia.

        What is significant is that the “Russian” oligarchs’ rape-fest of the 90’s was brought to a crashing stop by none other than Vladimir Putin, whose life was actually threatened in Congress by the late Rep. Tom Lantos (formerly Likud-CA, now Likud-Hell) after Putin recaptured Yukos Oil, a major Russian national resource, from Lantos’ fellow Zionist Khodorkovsky (who bought it for Chump Change and lived fat while Russians starved).

        The Russian financial system and Russia’s national resources have been used by Putin to improve Russian living standards, which have been rising for the last decade while Amerikan ones have been plummeting. Personal freedom in Russia is in many ways actually greater than it is in Amerika and Western Europe. None of this is in Wall Street’s interests.

        Russia, which has totally cast off COMMUNISM and returned to its Slavonic and Orthodox roots, does not threaten Zionist Amerika, let alone the REAL, submerged America. Nevertheless, it has powerful and accurate nukes, and any attempt by the Amerikan regime to destroy the churches and palaces of Moscow and St. Petersburg and turn the Russian land into a replica of Amerika strip mall heaven of Wall Marts and McDonalds that swarm with obese idiots, will lead to the IMMOLATION of Amerika itself. The missile “shield” our Zionist-neocon Pentagon has been positioning around Russia in OBVIOUS preparation for this war for YEARS will NOT work.

        So prepare for war. Amerikans! Let’s all give a big “HOO RAH”. Anyone in Amerika who is not enthusiastic about attacking and helping to rob Israel’s and Wall Street’s intended victims will be fair game for “our heroes” (read: robotic, buzz cut, high fructose corn syrup swilling, “end times evangelical” Amerikan psychopaths and sadists in uniform). Gitmo awaits you!

        Now bring on those END TIMES! HALLELUYA!

        • Oh you Jew haters are soooo boring.

          • So talk of US foreign policy by US Citizens is off limits if it offends Jews? Your boys LIEberman and Levin feel the same way — that’s why they pushed that Amendment to S-1867 with the help of that snorting bitch-hog John McCain. You may want to keep the Amerikan sheeple stupid and uniformed, but your kind will NOT stifle the truth about what that shitty and little pesthole in the ME is about to foist on the world.

      50. Well, actually the Anointed One did not flip-flop at all. His statement to veto was actually a “threat” to veto if it didn’t better meet his “criteria”. Clearly enough minor changes were made that he was happy that his goal of Empire would thus be incremented at an acceptable level so he signed it. Consistent from start to finish.

        • In actuality, the threat to veto the bill was made when the original language still existed in it, which stated specifically that such detainment did not apply to citizens or legal residents of the United States. It was only after the Administration insisted that the wording be changed to include said people that the bill to fund the military was ensured Obama’s signature. Carl Levin, one of the authors of the bill, stated this on the Senate floor just the other day. Obama (I refuse to refer to him as President) believes that all he needs to do is snap his fingers and the military will jump to his command. He disregards or disdains the fact that most of the military are real Americans whose first priority is defense of the Constitution and protection of the people of this country, not blind puppets who can be relied upon to follow orders regardless of their legality or Constitutionality. I am of the firm belief that our Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines are merely biding their time and simply tolerating the regime until they believe the time to take action is upon them. Then we’ll see how tough that loser living in the White House is as he and his cronies run from justice and an angry, had-it-up-to-here military and civilian population.

      51. I tell you guys, I am getting scared here. Mac, have you seen that they are voting on the internet pirate law soon. That will destroy any lines of communication we patriots have. Be safe all, I think the roller coaster is about ready to jump the tracks and send us plumetting off the high point to go screaming into the abyss. God Bless everyone, for He is our last line of defense. When the darkness has engulfed us, He is the light that will lead us to salvation.

        • Fifty million babiesn have been aborted in the US in the last forty years. Why would God give a crap about us? Why should he?

      52. Looks to me like the watering of the Tree of Liberty is long over due, I just hope it is not with the blood of patriots.

      53. Next up on the price is right? Will be the internet security ACT. Already being advertised as a bill to end all the illegal pirate activity on the web, that takes away {American jobs).WHAT AMERICAN WOULD SAY NO TO THAT!!!!What a great IDEA!!!!,Sign me up,Lets get all those bad guys on the web.ONCE ACTIVATED!!! (skynet) WILL TAKE COMPLETE CONTROL OF YOUR RIGHT TO ASSEMBLE!!! CENSORSHIP OF ALL WEBSITES WITH CONTENT OR LANGUAGE BY PERSONS HOSTING,VISITING,OR SUPPORTING THESE SITES WILL BE DEEMED AS HOSTILE TO THE STATE,AND SUBJECT TO REEDUCATION CAMPS OR TERMINATED.And thats all i have to say about that.

      54. Merry Christmas to us…

        Be ready… physically, finacially, mentally and MOST importantly spiritually.

        We are facing times that have seldom been known in this country..

        I weep for my Nation that ….. was…

      55. The sheeple are brain dead and will be herded like pigs to the slaughter house.You can’t make idiots believe so let them sit with the rose colored glasses on until its too late,they’ve been warned for far too long.


      57. As I see this…..most of congress and the senate (on behalf of the moneyed interests who own them)have declared war on the American people and wiped their asses with the U.S. Constitution.

        It’s their move now….all I can say is that if we sit idly by and allow the fed’s “men in black” to forcibly disappear our friends and neighbors without drawing the line and putting up a fight….then we all deserve to wake up in a Stalin-esque nightmare where our own children will rat us out like in Orwell’s 1984.

      58. carry heavy….be ready….consider not paying your taxes especially if it becomes evident that the fed is forcibly moving against the people with this democracy-killing legislation.

      59. For ten years, since that day in September, we have all not only seen, but in many cases displayed, expressions in one form or another of “support for our troops”. For ten years, we have grieved over the body bags of fallen soldiers, airmen, and seamen. We’ve expressed outrage at the barbarians who have wantonly ripped these lives from our midst, and we have stalwartly stuck by our armed forces, revering them more often than not as “heroes” for the courage and dedication they have displayed over the past decade. Now we get this Act, and intentionally inserted into this Act is a section giving the military what we are interpreting as tyrannical powers over our lives. By a simple majority vote and subsequently the stroke of a pen along with the simple wording of a minute section of a 2000 page Act, the bulk of which deals with the funding and training of our military forces, an illegal occupant of the White House, together with a treasonous and hence, illegal Congress, the traitors in Washington D.C. believe they can instantly transform our military people, hailed as heroes yesterday, into our enemy, and they are wrong. We are blessed with the best, most faithful, most dedicated military forces the world has ever seen, and it would take much more than the scribbling of a pen by an imposter posing as their commander in chief to make them into an enemy of the people. They’re too smart for that crap, and the vast majority of them took their oath very seriously. I spent 22 years as one of them, and each time I repeated that oath, I literally felt a lump in my throat when it came to the part about preserving and defending the Constitution of the United States. The “obey the orders of the President and the officers appointed over me” part was taken with a grain of salt. Mark my words when I say that our concerns over this should not be directed toward the military as a whole, but toward the body of people whose aim is to subjugate us as a people and lord it over us as an elite class. I’m just glad we have men and women in uniform who will stand up and tell those people, when the time comes, that they need to go through them first, and that will be a very unpleasant experience.

        Do not allow the governmental elites to con you into viewing your GIs as the enemy. That is the goal, and if it’s fallen for, the enemy – the real one – has accomplished its objective.

        In the mind of

        • I have respect for all of the men and women who took an oath and followed through on it. I have respect for LEOs who have to deal with the idiot politics of those above them and then go out and deal with the public. I am not going to vilify any man or woman based on the fear-mongering of TPTB or judge an entire group of people based on the abuse of power by a few in their profession.

          I will, however, continue to think critically about events as they unfold and make choices about what and who will infringe upon the rights my creator endowed me with. If that threat is someone in the employ of the government “just following orders” or a zombie horde, I will do what is needed to protect my rights.

        • Excalibur,

          I very much respect what you said and especially how well you said it.


          How did things get so far off track if the military is truly going to stand up for the Constitution? Has it snuck up on all of us to this point that we are at today?

          I believe 100% that there are some who will defy orders to fire on the people or to sieze their weapons unconstitutionally, but as we saw during Katrina, there are also those who will follow orders and disarm the people. Maybe they will be convinced that what they are doing is in our best interests, but we must take each situation as it comes, and assess it.

          I fervently hope that you are correct.

        • Amen. I have been holding my hand up and reciting the oath for 10 years now. I also feel un-easy about the “officers appointed over me” part, but everyone else must remember that failing to obey an order that is un-lawful or un-just is also the duty of a service member.

      60. If you see something, say something + Detention Bill = FEMA Camp

      61. All “awake” people should not be surprised by this.

        All ya gotta do is go back to the FALSE FLAG of 9/11. Granted we all fell for the NWO trick of bringing down the towers and blaming it on the Muslims. However, as many of us “awaken” ones found out that “9/11 was an Inside Job”, we also found out that we could barely wake up a handful of people on that statement alone.

        If it wasn’t for the false flag of 9/11, there would be no Patriot Act, no NDAA, and, probably, no wars in the Middle East.

        Yes, there is a shadow government that did the 9/11 attacks, along with the OKC attack. When you have an evil so vile and disgusting that is infecting your government in that it can kill 3000 of our own citizens, to justify wars that have killed millions of innocent Middle Easterners, then you know you are in BIG TROUBLE!

        I blame the freakin’ SHEEPLE for all of this!

        I might have so f-ing military or police at my door because I stood up for the truth about false flags, Bilderberg, chemtrails, the Fed Reserve, and the New World Order. And this is all because the SHEEPLE sat on their fat asses, watched a bunch of crap on TV, and accused me of being a conspiracy theorists.

        Now, great men like Alex Jones and Gerald Celante might get capped, tortured, and even worse. Plus, some of us who did the right thing might have the same fate.


        This is such bullshit.

        There will be a day when there will be another false flag that will be blamed on conspiracy theorists.

        That day will be worse than December 14, 2011.

      62. Mac,

        Your statement “Someone, somewhere needs this legislation to pass. To what end we can only speculate” is a bit baffling. This bill is an outright declaration of war against the American people by our own government! They have trampled on the U.S. Constitution and have now flushed it down the toilet! We must take this as nothing short of a declaration of war.

        “To what end we can only speculate,” you say? How about this: They have a military coup, or another, bigger false flag event (a nuclear bomb goes off in a big city)than 9-11, and declare martial law. Any students, professors,journalists or citizens who dissent and speak out go straight to detention camps – indefinitely, with no charges, and no legal recourse. They will be branded “enemies of the state.”

        Shame on these traitors in the Senate and Congress who voted for this bill! They are traitors to America and Americans! They must have been threatened or bribed to vote for this bill! This is their coup to take control of our government and usher in the tyrannical New World Order.

        We must bring back morals, religion, and must reject the Lamestream Media and Public (Non) Education, which is really indoctrination and the dumbing down of America’s children.

        Save America. Pray for America and for the entire world. Pray for peace. We must elect Ron Paul as our President in 2012. All the rest are traitors! Our own government has become our enemy. Our own government is the fire breathing dragon of the New World Order.

      63. You forgot contractors required for running the non-existing FEMA camps.

        • A “FEMA camp’ can be something as simple as an empty building that can be quickly repurposed for detention. I think the general MO with governments is to use the early prisoners to erect the fences, etc.

          Just as in most cases in the past, we are not facing imminent roundups, but the Feds will start with actual bad actors, then petty criminals most people would like to see locked up anyway, and build from there. For the people actually commiting the atrocities, once you start walking down brutality lane, every new step gets easier. Look at present police tactics. A lot of groudwork has been laid.

          Fear of retaliation against one’s family is a powerful motivator, ask any dictator (ours is busy at the moment, so don’t bother him).

      64. I’m thinking the military used all that time in the middle east to practice the urban warfare they will be using on us in our neighborhoods. Was a dry run that our taxes paid for!

      65. I feel sick, disgusted beyond comprehension, low and depressed……..literally!

      66. will someone PLEASE explain what I am missing?

        Here is the bill..click PCS
        Scroll down to Section 1032 subsection (b)

        (b) Applicability to United States Citizens and Lawful Resident Aliens-

        (1) UNITED STATES CITIZENS- The requirement to detain a person in military custody under this section does not extend to citizens of the United States.

        (2) LAWFUL RESIDENT ALIENS- The requirement to detain a person in military custody under this section does not extend to a lawful resident alien of the United States on the basis of conduct taking place within the United States, except to the extent permitted by the Constitution of the United States.


      67. Sad, I send a note DISPROVING this yesterday..They won’t print it. Section 1032 subsection (b) exempts Americans. Look it up yourself.

        • key word,

          key word. [REQUIREMENT} ummmm how could the wording of this be turned around? THINK……..

      68. Wrong from beginning to end. The president’s veto threat took the worst language out of the bill. Now all it does is codify the status quo. To change the status quo, you’ll need a new Congress. Because it’s a POS bill (no one’s denying that) but it passed with a veto-overriding 86 Senators. THAT is the problem in Washington. No president has the power to change that.

        What’s missing from all these whiny blog posts (besides a rudimentary understanding of basic civics) is any appreciation for the consequences of vetoing NDAA. The Department of Defense would literally shut down until at least January. Soldiers abroad right now would be getting worried phone calls from families that aren’t getting paychecks and can’t pay their mortgages. Tell me how that would be “principled” again?

      69. anonymous attacking creators of detention bill.. RT.COM

        this is interesting..

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