Your Children Will Be Communists

by | Aug 29, 2011 | Headline News | 117 comments

Do you LOVE America?


    The following campaign clips from the 1964 Presidential election were as timely then as they are today.

    Goldwater warned that America was being heavily influenced by socialism and communism.

    What has changed?

    Fifty years ago we still had a chance to stop it. Today, we have a Congress plagued by socialists (from both sides of the aisle), and a President who, by all accounts, is an avowed socialist as evidenced by his rhetoric, actions and mentors throughout his university studies, and perhaps as his father was, a committed communist.

    We failed to heed Goldwater’s warnings for half a century:

    That’s the great trouble with big, inflationary government. It takes more and more of your earnings. It slowly but surely destroys individual initiative and responsibility. Government must draw its strength from the people, and as it drains away their strength it must inevitably undermine the foundations of self government.

    I ask you to join me in  helping to restore the individual freedoms and initiatives this nation once knew. To make government more the servant and not the master of us all. In this free nation, we do not choose to be ruled. We elect to be governed.

    We see violence in the streets in our cities and suburbs. Graft and corruption in the highest public offices to which we look for leadership. When scandal in local and national government has become so commonplace that many begin to consider it a way of life, then I say that we as a nation are not far from the kind of moral decay that has brought on the fall of other nations and people.

    The philosophy of something for nothing, the cult individual and government irresponsibility is an insidious cancer that will destroy us as a people unless we recognize it and root it out now.

    In a speech circa 1959 Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev said:

    We will bury you. Your children will be communists.

    And, followed up later:

    No, you won’t accept Communism outright; but we’ll keep feeding you small doses of Socialism until you will finally wake up and find that you already have Communism. We won’t have to fight you.

    Khrushchev wasn’t exactly right. We buried ourselves, and destroyed our own economy because of, as Goldwater warned, our philosophy of something for nothing and our lack of responsibility as a nation and individuals.

    Look around. Socialism is here, and a large portion – perhaps a majority – of the American people willingly accept it.

    By accepting socialism, whether voluntarily or involuntarily, we may have very well sealed our fate.

    Communism is a stone’s throw away.

    Hat tip John Rolls, Patriots Network


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      1. This article is quite timely. I was watching Fox News this morning and they trotted out govt official after govt official and all sorts of elected trolls. All of them were so in awe with themselves over their “power” to “help” during the hurricane crisis. It almost seems as though they were enjoying it. Enjoying the power they have.

        They know full well that in a crisis or emergency, the sheeple turn to the government. It’s exactly how they want it and how it was designed.

        Is socialism here? Heck yes it is! And I hate it. I believe the 2012 election will slow it down or send it into hyper-drive.

        • You should have flipped over to CNN if you “really” wanted to get sick.

        • Forget the SUBJECTIVE relativity of “liberal” and “conservative.” There are OBJECTIVE measures of good and evil.

        • The politicians know that to get elected they must present a centrist appearance but once in office they work to promote the socialist agenda. And the general public don’t really want to do any work before voteing. It has been in our schools for a couple of decades now. Go and talk to high school students and listen to what they say. They have been trained to think like socialists and many will tell you that there is nothing wrong with socialism.
          But there is very little difference between socialism and communism. Look at the governments who call themselves socialist vs communist. The level of governmental control of the people is the same but the public apperance is the only difference.

      2. Someone please clone his remains so we can have an American in the White House once again.

        • They’ve already cloned his brain – it’s in Ron Paul’s head.

          • HEAR HEAR!

      3. May as well let Canada take us over. At least they know how to do it right. No crime, well educated populace, clean, modern, sophisticated, and down-to-earth with health-care for everyone. Economy is booming and their dollar is appreciating and worth more than ours. What is so wrong with all that? The problem with America comes down to the Constitution not being adhered to and no one has the balls to challenge the plutocracy. America is the home of the Coward and the land of the Sheep! It has the Titanic Syndrome, believing all the crap that we have been fed about how great we are… Yeah right!

        • You’d think by now people would be getting tired of rearranging all those deck chairs…

        • You are simple. Maybe you should move there.

          • Anonymous, Anon makes a good point which I understand could be misread by some. He’s saying that if we’re going to be socialists at least do it right, Canada is better than Russia, and at least for now, before the third-world immigrants get a hold of Toronto and Vancouver, it’s population is educated and not inclined to petty or brutal crime like the third-worlders here in America.

            As of now, I agree with his analogy about the Land of the Sheep and the Home of the Coward. It’s true, no one now has the balls to show them how it’s done.

            As for Mr. Blutarsky, I agree come November 2012 and January 2013 the red tide will either be slowed with the election of Ron Paul or thrown into warp drive by continuation of the Obama regime or, failing that some other Bush-like-Israel-loving-Globalist-Police-State Republican.

            • Most people outside the US, view the country with distain. Not the people as such, because we know so many there are suffering and hurting. America comes across as a bad taste joke now days. Led by fools, it’s like watching amateur circus entertainers do bad comedy. There aren’t many left who have respect for America or Americans. You guys really f……ked up!! and ruined your own country. Can’t blame communists, third world refugees, bankers or politicians. You have yourselves to blame.
              At the end of the day, it’ll only get worse for you all. Pigs in shit, stay covered in shit, if they keep rolling in shit!!! Isn’t it about time you Yanks got off your arses and sorted out your selves and your country? Or do you guys like smelling like shit?
              You clowns are bullshit!!

        • Anon says, “…May as well let Canada take us over. At least they know how to do it right. No crime, well educated populace, clean, modern, sophisticated, and down-to-earth with health-care for everyone.”

          No crime?
          A first in world history, or a rabbit pulled out of a hat?


          CMA boss decries ‘once proud’ health system

          “Canada’s health system – once considered among the best in the world – “now ranks below Slovenia’s in terms of effectiveness,”

          “…the system is failing to put the needs of patients first, especially the most vulnerable, including the young, the elderly, the homeless, the addicted, aboriginal peoples . . . “and, most fundamentally, the poor…”

          • Calgary is full of American capitalists. Why wouldn’t they put the spin on single payer health care? Hey, wasn’t The Calgary Herald owned by Conrad Black? You know, the really nice, really rich nice guy who’s cleaning shitters in prison right now for his illustrious business deals, screwing all his other capitalist friends. Yeah. Nothing like a capitalist decrying something.. must mean it’s a success for the people and not for the stockholder. The stockholder.. ask Mr. Black what a stockholder provides.

        • Canada is succeeding now because they elected a conservative government that reduced spending and regulation. On another note, they’re abandoning their crazy long gun registration scheme as well.

          • Canada’s success relies on the lies you’ll believe. Flaherty said a few weeks ago that Canada has a strong economy, now he’s sucking air. Conservatives like to suck air. It gives them something to blow out their ass.

        • You almost sold me there, but then I remembered that I loathe hockey.

        • Hear! Hear!

      4. The Communist Plans for America – 45 Declared Goals

        Congress discovered these plans in 1963. It is frightening how many “goals” have been already been achieved.

        • Thanks, KYmom, for the link. Goals 25 & 26 hit me like a ton of bricks – CLICK ON THE ABOVE LINK, EVERYONE – the sewer of immorality and pornography that the Commies predicted is flowing unobstructed into all levels of society. Each week our local newspaper contains more out-of-wedlock birth announcements than married. My sister has a difficult time finding “decent” clothing for her 9-year-old daughter – everything too short, too tight, too revealing, too glitzy. Go to the mall – pretty teenage girls throwing the F word around like it’s nothing. A young policeman in a neighboring town was recently arrested for seducing a 14-year-old girl. And a man came up to me last week and used such horrible language, if my husband had been there, man would have needed a beefsteak for his left eye. This 50-something wants her country back!!!

          • Preach it sister! We Want OUR Country BACK!!!

      5. Finally, a topic more important than every other. The only good communist is a dead communist. Do you hear that, SPLC? Most Americans don’t have a clue about what their government has become (both parties). The entire Black Congressional Caucus are members of the Democratic Socialists of America (Communists). Other members of congress are also members. The best known one is Dennis Kucinich. The government is set to dedicate a huge monument to one of the most vile Marxists to have ever lived in the USA, MLK. Civil Rights were designed by communists to eliminate Individual Rights. If you look closely, you will notice every Civil Right is in direct conflict with an Individual Right. It was planned that way. Globalism and Communism go hand in hand. That is one of the reasons we lost any semblance of representation in Congress. Republicans are not real conservatives, they are Globalists. Democrats are both Marxists and Globalist. Neither party represents us. It’s too late for voting. Time has run out for the West. Turn your TV off. Better yet, take it to the range and give it what it deserves.

        • Hubby says take that statue with you as well…

        • I don’t think Alan West is a member of the DSA, but he is a member of the BCC… although he had to force them to allow him to join..

          • Alan West is the exception to the rule. That’s why they wouldn’t let him in. The qualifications are black skin AND communist. West only qualifies for half of that.

            • I liked Allen West until he started voting. Ron Paul’s our one shot at getting the Federal Government out of our lives.

            • Also was an Allen West fan until he started to vote….now not so much. I’d agree that RP is just about our only hope and that is a long shot and fleeting at best.

        • Don’t kid yourselves. Predatory Capitalism is just as wicked as Marxism and is owned by the same anti-Christ tribe. Usury, manipulated money, unjust prices, and unjust wages enslave you and attack your body and soul no less than Marxist collectivism. Be advised—traditional Catholicism, not to be confused with the post-Vatican 2 Novus Ordo (yep, “New Order”), opposes both socialism and Predatory Capitalism and that is why the ADL and SPLC targeted a few of our best people as “the Dirty Dozen” :

        • WELL SAID !

        • you need to do some serious history reading….MLK DESPISED communism/socialism

      6. I was thinking, about the Fed meeting in Jackson Hole recently and about what Jewnakne keeps saying he “Can do” to “help” the economy.

        Well, we all know the best thing that that rat bastard can do is nothing. Absolutely Nothing.

        However, if Bernanke chooses this time to do nothing and the economy improves then he loses the power to ever do not nothing, aka anything, ever again.

        ….So, he won’t, he’ll do something and that something is to make your dollars less and less valuable, and as far as I’m concerned that’s something awful.

        • The old fruit cake is already baking and the people want cake. Fannie & Freddie will be selling homes for pennies on the dollar and only BIG business can buy them. Good news, you’re getting new neighbors, and they are renting! PBR on the roller coaster.

          • What’s funny is I can’t even buy foreclosures from the banks for cash. That’s how I know something’s F’ed up. For some reason only businessmen are allowed and they’re not to live in, they’re to rent out to section 8’ers.

            I’m sick of how, since age 14 I’ve saved 50% of every paycheck, done everything right by the book, and now more than a decade later am getting fucked by the PTB because the majority of America, and indeed the banks, were too irresponsible to buy/lend within their means.

            Can’t even get a reasonable loan for the rest of it for anything other than a rowhouse in Baltimore (aka city with the 3rd highest murder rate in the US) which I could buy up anyway. Farmland is out of reach and even a modest house on the edges of the burbs would be impossible without destroying my investments. The PTB have determined I don’t “make enough” when clearly I’ve been doing just fine of half, and most of what I get is untracable. Sad and F’ed up.

            But of course if I had several illegitimate children, or came across the border illegally, or had darker skin and/or no employment skills I’d be given a place for free.

            Sucks to be a WM in this country.

      7. My child is not indoctrinated in the public school system. We homeschool him. Hopefully he will be one to fight this.

        • Good for you! The school where I used to teach now has Dr. Seuss Day, Wildlife Week, etc. How about math problems, science projects and diagramming sentences? They sing songs about One World, We Are All Family, etc. What happened to America the Beautiful and the Star-Spangled Banner? If I hadn’t retired the school board prob. would have fired me for making the children sit up straight, hold a pencil properly and open doors for their elders. Infringing on their rights, you know…

          • I know so many teachers who are against the current system but unable to fight it. I think if enough of the good ones shuck the BS presented to them from above (together, en mass) our children in Public Schools might have a future.

            • i also know alot of teachers who don’t care for what is happening to this world, and the current public education being offered today..sadly, they suck it up and keep on teaching what they are “told ” to teach instead of leaving it behind them. in my mind, that makes them just as bad as the “enemy”, and just as guilty of indoctrinating. and the real pisser is these teachers will defend what they are doing with their dying breath…afterall, it is just a job.

            • There’s a couple who don’t. One, a family friend, who was a teacher then guidance counselor (now retired) didn’t bend over backward. I’m talking about a man who saw it coming decades ago and said “F the curriculum” and who had enough clout to keep the vultures off his back.

              If you’re a teacher, trust, there’s those out there who do not subscribe to what’s being taught today. Send out feelers, subtle hints, as to what could be and you’ll find there are others who share your sentiment.

      8. Communism is nothing more than Capitalism with thugs running the show while hiding behind the police and the army, with a few elite holding all the wealth and power. Seems to me that we are already there.

        • True. Hard-core socialists/communists are ALWAYS fabulously wealthy. “From each according to his ability, to each according to his need” is for the commoner, NOT for US!

      9. My kids will not be communists……….we homeschooled……….

      10. Communism will never take over the US. Why? Because the patriotic veterans,gunowners,conservatives,libertarians,and Constitutionalists will wage civil war before that happens. Last I check the commies do not own guns,the majority of the military are either conservative or libertarian and take their oath seriously.If communism comes it will face a harsh backlash ie civil war.

        If there was ever a communist uprising or revolution it will lead to a bloody civil war. The unfortunate thing is that many communist groups(Communist Party USA,Progressives,Brown Berets,Black Panthers) want a civil war. If it ever came to that it will be like the Colombian Conflict and the Spanish Civil War. The US military will never allow commies to take complete full power in government. The commies now have no power and want now a violent war with us to seize power. These asswipes better be careful what they wish for.

        Nonetheless Communism will never be accepted in the US. We just had a 50 year Cold War with communism which ended not too long ago. The fear of communism is still here and it will never take power in the US. And if they did the military will do a coup or we true patriots will have to form paramilitary militias to fight them back. Never underestimate the power we have. We have a bunch of support in the country and in the military.

        • Communism will never be accepted in the USA? Really? We already have much of it already. The commies don’t need a revolution. They are the government. WE need a revolution to get rid of the commies. The tax code, the open borders, forced integration, forced bussing, affirmative action, quotas, hate crime laws (thought crimes), redistribution of the wealth, overseas wars to install “socialist democracy”, forced homosexual agenda, they’re working to legalize pedophiles, anti-gun laws, laws on top of laws, diversity laws, so called equal rights laws, and on and on. Communism will never be accepted here? Really? What is this that we have? And yes the commies do have guns.

          • You are correct! The time to act…….is NOW!

          • There is one institution that we have left. That is the military. Our military are filled with patriotic men and women. We have a bunch of support from them. We have MILLIONS of veterans and tens of millions of gun owners who will rise up in revolt! I am an optimist. I am a black male that goes to college and I see the communist dribble they try to push. However they will fail. There is more of us then of them. And just I have said the military will STOP the commies if they go to far. The progressives/communist have not controlled the military. In my English class two years ago there was a former marine in my class. We talked about military affairs,guns,cars,sports and women. One day we talked about politics before class. He was from Harrisburg,Pennsylvania. He was disgusted at Washington and disgusted they way the nation was going. He even told me many guys in the corp fell the same way. I asked him would he support gun confiscation. He said “Hell NO!,” he went on to say that he would not follow that order. That gave me hope and made me realize we have alot of support in high places. The military never talks politics but many hate the rhinos,the liberals and support the Liberty Movement.
            The military is too strong,too conservative,too loyal to the Constitution for the commies to control. They have tried and fail to do so.

            It will veterans,gunonwers,soldiers who will save this nation. However it will be a bloody fight,however in the end we will win. Most Americans despise Communism. We saw what happened to the USSR. It failed,so why would we want to emulate a failed system. The average American male may love football but he is a patriot and will fight communism and socialism. Yes the progressives have made headway but they really underestimate the power of our movement. An armed revolution will have to change things but it will be bloody and messy. Remember it will not be like 1776,it will be like the Spanish Civil war. We will win but it will be long and bloody.

        • The US population “ignored” the the warning signs of communism and socialism in BHO. A few media outlets tried to point out the connections to his dad’s ideology, to the church his “parents” raised him in, and his mentors in Hawaii. The public didn’t care. I mean the man’s first political engagement was reportedly in the living room of a known US terrorist – again no one cared.

          God, Guns and Gold will help individuals avoid communism, and I do hope for a political revival against it, but hope is diminishing.

      11. Guns, God, and Gold…..thsoe three little things keep us from being communist….but they (the left) are working on them!

        • +1 Jim.

        • As if “the right” isn’t working to take your God, guns, and gold from you? Get the memo—the left-right paradigm is just an old trick of the rabbis redux. 16th century Rabbi Isaac Luria explained the ancient oral tradition of slowly moving the “pillar of severity” and the “pillar of mercy” so that the “middle pillar” eventually lands you exactly where they want you—”footstools.” Relentless and effective. How else do you think the synagogue of Satan (Apocalypse 3:9, “Revelation 3:9” to you Protestants) continues to collude with their Father of Lies (John 8:44) to plow the ground for the anti-Christ? “Left-Right” and “Capitalism-Communism” are the tools that move you to ever-shifting “middle” that “the adversaries of all men” (1 Thess 2:15) define. Ever since the tribe’s private central banks gained influence, then control, what have we had? Perpetual war, genocide, usury, wage slavery, pornography, perversion, and the fragmentation (dividing and conquering) of Christianity and Christendom. Leave H✡llyw✡✡d and turn off your talmudvision.

          • Leave Hollywood??? I did—and you should see the looks I got from my old church members when I said such.

            I left them.

            • Us, too. We cancelled our “expanded” cable and now pay $15/mo. for basic service – several local stations, the Weather Channel, Retro TV, EWTN and PBS, which is fine with us. I mentioned this to a friend who exclaimed, “You mean you don’t get CNN? Or Lifetime? Or etc. etc. etc.?” I told her we’re not crazy – we’re just fed up.

            • Since Mother Angelica handed over authority at EWTN, it has been seriously compromised. If you want the sickening details:

      12. Every political system has good points.

        Communists & Socialists want to help the commoners.
        Facists want to protect us all.
        Liberals want to try new things.
        Conservatives want to keep to the old ways.
        Libertarians want us all to be free.
        Capitalists just want a chance at owning everything.

        Nazi’s were just the National Socialist Party!

        It’s the leaders that float to the top that bollux everything, every time. They instictively know how to take a thing that looks good on paper and bend it and shape it into something awful that does horrible harm to everyone before it’s done.

        • I disagree. The smallest government possible is the best for freedom. Freedom is the goal. Some government is neccessary. The bigger the government the smaller the freedom.

          • I disagree. Freedom is not a goal in itself. Getting to Heaven is the goal. Freedom is only a tool to help you get there.

        • Hoot Owl
          I would like to gently point out that Communism, Socialism, Fascism, and Capitalism are not political systems, they are economic systems. Communism and Fascism are not interested in helping or protecting anyone other than those in the positions of power. They are interested in control and domination of all means of wealth production. Socialism is as close as one can get to “wanting” to “help” the commoners, but the system is highly susceptible to corruption by Communism and Fascism. It is also highly insulting to anyone who has it in their mind to make it on their own, implying that only a centralized control organization, such as a strong central government, can fairly and equitably produce the desired results. Capitalism, in todays world, has become synonomous with greed and big business wanting to take over the world. That’s unfortunate, in that capitalists are what built this country into the economic powerhouse it became. Government – in particular the Federal government – bastardized capitalism with its passion for regulatory control of industry, hence, fascist tendencies, working hard for the end zone.

          Liberals, under your definition, were the Founding Fathers and Conservatives were the Tories of the revolutionary period. Libertarians are committed to pure freedom and liberty for everyone, and with few exceptions, are exemplars of the design and dream of the Founding Fathers when they created the Constitutional Republic.

          Politics and lust for power and control over everyone’s life is what has ruined their concept and the American dream. Career politicians (liars, con artists, etc.) have corrupted what was once the greatest society the world has ever seen. That destruction began with the flagrant disregard for the Constitution and State’s rights under that Constitution back in 1861 and has snowballed from that point. The Civil War, War Between the States, War of Northern Aggression, or whatever you want to call it, was fought over money and business interests, not over slavery. Slavery was a by-product and a rallying call to gain sympathy and support for the Federal government, whose members were leaned on by northern industrialists to prevent southern cotton growers from sending their raw cotton to England or France for processing at a much cheaper rate than those being charged by the northern businesses.

          Every war in history has been based and fought on one of two things: economics, ie. money, and religion. I would challenge anyone to find me a war fought strictly over the politics of the nations involved.

          • Absolutely true. All wars were fought for money and power. The South was paying 75% of all federal revenues even though they were smaller than the North. The straw that broke the camels back was called the Merrill Tariff, to be placed only on southern ports. Slavery had only been discussed once or twice in congress and that was about slavery in new territories. The governments use ideology to get the sheeple to fight for the politicians money and power.

        • Pure communism WOULD be great. Too bad it will NEVER be practiced by human beings.

          Never has. Never will.

      13. Anon sez….

        “May as well let Canada take us over. At least they know how to do it right. No crime, well educated populace, clean, modern, sophisticated, and down-to-earth with health-care for everyone. Economy is booming and their dollar is appreciating and worth more than ours. What is so wrong with all that?”

        Well for one Canada has its own ‘little’ housing bubble that it’ll have to deal with soon enough. Besides that as so goes the U.S. consumption economy so goes Canada’s export economy. Canada’s bow is tied to the U.S.’ stern as it were and where it goes so goes the entire Canadian ship.

        I wouldn’t be smug if I were Canadian.


      14. So I guess all you homeschool parents will not be sending your kids to a public university either. That is where the REAL indoctrination comes into play.

        My kids went to private school part of the time (based on where we lived) and public school part of the time. They too will not be communists. If you talk to them continually at home you can counter-balance the BS they hear.

        However…once they leave you and go to college they are subject to all sorts of crap. For example, a local University here in my state recently had terrorist and communist Bill Ayers come and speak. The professors in the history dept (who sponsored him) forced their students to come watch him (assigned some mandatory paper based on it).

        The assault on our youth continues…….

        • MR B: The Socialists at ASU in the Humanities Dept many years ago, brought in a “Lefty” speaker to criticize the evils of nuclear energy. And of course, if we went and did a paper on the talk we would get extra credit, too.

          Sound familar?

          Actually, once in attendence his rant was against America’s Nuclear Deterent suggesting that peace would never come as long as the US was a nuclear power! 🙂

          Public funds paid for this dribble and then, later, I noticed how the Department Head for Humanities was going to be attending a “conference” at the school the “Lefty” came from and presenting a paper; for which he too of course, would receive a fee. Paid for by California public funds of course.

          But the biggest crock of shit I ever saw was from a college professor (a woman active in democratic politics).

          In class she had the nerve to point out that Eisenhower had promised during his presidential run that he would go personally to Korea to assess the situation; suggesting that Ike was merely copying the actions of Harry Truman, some years before.

          I pointed out to her that Ike was a five star General, former Commander of All Allied Forces in Europe, and had successly executed the Normandy invasion. She didn’t like that much. 🙂

          Then she had the gall to ask all of us to write a paper on Nixon’s overature to China. She instructed US to be sure that we detailed our papers with footnotes and that they had better be right.

          I entitled my paper: The Nixon Doctrine: Ping Pong Diplomacy.

          Guess who spoke to the Elks Lodge later that semester and received a fee for her lecture? And her speeech?

          The Nixon Doctrine: Ping Pong Diplomacy

          Education is a good thing and the more you have of it the better off you, are but there are slimballs everywhere who will rip you off and pick your pocket if you are not paying attention.

          Your ideas, your money, your liberties; or all of them if they can, they will.

          • Wow.


      16. Kindergarten was invented by a German socialist named Froebel. Public schools were established for the purpose of indoctrination by an American socialist (Dewey?). The Pledge of Allegiance was written by an American socialist. The words “under God” were added later to accommodate the Christians and get them to recite it. Pre-school was designed to get kids away from their parents at an even earlier age. Communism will never take over here? Really? In the mid 1800’s this country was flooded with socialists from Ireland, Sweden and Germany. They would be used to fight for the North in the Civil War. General Shermans’ staff was comprised almost entirely of German socialists. We have been attacked for over 150 years. I’m surprised we lasted this long.

        • You are correct, in fact many appointees and high-ranking officers in the Union Army were Marxists from the failed 1848 Revolution, Lincoln had no problem if they did not take the Oath to uphold the Constitution since Linclon himself and the Radical Republicans hated the Constitution and sought to destroy the Constitutional Republic of Free, Sovereign and Independent State Republics! Lincoln was lauded by Marx himself and later idolized by Marxists, Leninists, Communists and even by Hitler! Just read Lincoln’s writings, they are filled with the Socialistic Ideals of a strong centralized and consolidated government!

      17. I firmly believe that voting in 2012 is a waste of my time. I believe all voting is now rigged and it doesn’t matter what the People vote for! The Marxist agenda will be followed no matter the vote! New World Order…….
        my a$$.

        • I was listening to Glenn Beck earlier and he was saying that the “establishment” is picking a candidate for the Republican party and to not let them!

          I wish he’d never left Fox.

          • Beck left Fox???

          • alex jones said that 5 years ago, glenn beck is for mentally challenged individuals.

          • and you would rather have FOX pick the candidate which is what they’re doing or trying to do along with the “establishment”, Ron Paul got his first fair shake from FOX on last Sunday with Chris Wallace because he wouldn’r let Wallace interupt him, It was supposed to be a gotcha show but Ron was ready and Wallace lost.

        • Vote for Ron Paul or Libertarian or write in. Even if they don’t have a real chance in the blue vs red election, they still get counted. If more people vote for a real alternative even if they know it is ‘throwing away’ their vote, instead of trying to pick the winning team neither of which represents you, then the future candidates will be more willing to run on those platforms or in that party.

          As you know, the elections are not just for president, there’s also the assorted congress critters, local yokels, and sneaky tax referenDUMBs. Might be worth your time and gas. Plus you get a little ‘I voted’ sticker.

      18. Corporate America is embracing the Marxist crap. I worked for American Airlines. Some of us there called our employer “anti-American Airlines”. They had a program there that they called Employee Resource Groups. Many corporations do this. These are diversity groups. They have African-American, Asian-American, Gay, Lesbian, Trans-Gender, Muslim, Jewish, Christian, Women, etc. and etc. However, you cnanot have any group that is in disagreement with Marxist Diversity. So only groups benefitting from diversity can join. Groups suffering from the effects of diversity are not permitted. No white groups were permitted as white groups. If you had whites for the end of whites, you could join. We will never become communists?

        • Hey Big you should try to start a “militia” group ha ha…..

          • They used to post Marxist slogans on the wall in our building like diversity is our strength. I thought customer service was our strength.

            • The school where I used to teach did the same thing several years ago – very unsettling…

        • KY mom: Saw this also this morning on Drudge, some of the fathers need to get busy and put the trash near the curb, sickening!

      19. I said it once, and will say again…until we remove the dual-citizens in all offices, from small cities to Senate and federal, our nation is being run by foreigners.

      20. Update to previous: My wife stayed home from work today, we had watched a program called prepping for armageddon on Tlc last night. Today while shopping she bought a pair of ripstop camo BDUs, woo hoo isn’t take a step in the right direction?tion?

      21. everybody should get a copy of ‘Reinventing Collapse’ by Dimitry Orlov if you want to know what it was like when a superpower communist state (The U.S.S.R.) collapsed under the weight of its own insolvency…..and how it might compare to a U.S. collapse.

        Bottom like is that as mere peasants in a world where major corporations have replaced us as recognizable citizens we cannot prevent it….but we can individually prepare to survive it.

        Just remember that the least independent and the most subsidized of America’s classes will take the clooapse the hardest and it is them who will be the most dangerous to you and your loved ones.

      22. Dang! I was all worked up and ready to write some pathetic sarcastic drivel on the hurricane and Mac went and posted this. Now I have to turn on the other 3/4 of my brain and respond with (more or less) something serious.
        First- Hoot Owl, I have to respectfully disagree on a couple of your points. Commies and socialists don’t want to help anybody. That’s just what the theory says and it’s never been applied that way. Never will be. For socialism to truly work, as the theory promises, all aspects of the darker side of human nature would have to be overcome. That aint happening til Jesus returns, and he’s no socialist either. Besides, if we could perfect human nature, then capitalism would lose it’s only flaw (human greed) and we’d have our utopia. I’m not holding my breath for people, myself included, to behave in a totally selfless manner. I realize you weren’t promoting socialism, just stating an opinion about it.
        Mr Big has it right. The smallest government is the best. And his comments about education are correct, too. Kindergarten and pre school are just ways to get the spawn of the sheeple into the indoctrination system at the earliest stage. The little snot-nosed tykes are VERY programmable at that age. And Dewey (may he rot in hell) did more damage to America than most people realize.
        Socialism, communism, globalism, NWO and the rest are just sublte nuances of the same thing. The goal is to have total control of all people and all resources everywhere. The tyrants don’t yet have it all, but they have been making steady progress, including in America, for decades. Any nation that has trillions of dollars in debt, and that has tens of thousands of pages of laws on the books can hardly be called ‘free.’ And a nation that can not, or will not, sustain it’s own borders can not be considered ‘sovereign.’
        So, what do we do about all this? Is it even possible that we could return to freedom, and the level of personal responsibility that goes with it? I believe the answer is yes, we could be free again. But getting there won’t be easy, and we’d have to accept the fact that millions of our countrymen don’t want that. This includes some of our own friends and relatives. They know nothing about true freedom, and if they were to learn (highly unlikely) they’d be so scared of the part about personal responsibility that they would embrace, no they’d DEMAND, slavery instead.
        As far as the actual plan to save America- for now, I’ll leave that to my intellectual superiors here. I still have a bit of learning to do before I spring the Okie Manifest on you all!

        • Well, crap. That should be ‘Okie Manifesto’
          I hate it when that happens…

          • Mr. Big is right. I couldn’t agree with you more. Hee, Hee. The challenge to rid ourselves of this government is daunting. We used to get conventions of intellectuals together and discuss this very topic. We concluded that the politicians have to make a big mistake and pretty much do themselves in. Or hurt themselves enough to let us finish them off. I think we are getting real close to that moment in history. I’m not an intellectual, they just let me hang around.

      23. I’ll bet TD #12 is going to be a doozie too!

        • Shut yer mouth.. it’s currently pointing at ME… 🙁

      24. Sadly I see the US deep into fascism and has been for many, many years…….business controlled by the state but allowed to profit at the direction of the state vs. communism which is the state directly provides the means of production. Both dems and repubs are deep into this and at this point, without a wholesale change in our governmental structure there isn’t a way out.

      25. The Math formula is so very simple even a child can grasp the basic concept:

        Trickle down then everyone’s happy,

        No trickle down… then everyone wants socialism

      26. Granite prepper- you hit the nail on the head! “…without a wholesale change in our governmental structure there isn’t a way out.”
        All our nations problems have come about in small steps and most people didn’t notice or care. Now, we are past the point of ‘fixing’ anything.
        Reminds me of looking at Bubba’s wifes mini van(’85 Dodge Caravan) the other day. It’s leaking oil, antifreeze and tranny fluid. Engine has a rod knocking and sounds just like the Bee Gees ‘Jive Talking’ in low gear. It picks up to the tempo of “Nights On Broadway” at highway speed. A/C don’t work. One wiper blades is missing(drivers side of course). Windshield is cracked and two side windows covered with a duct-taped-on hefty bag. She has to park it uphill and roll to get going(starter’s been broke for 6 months). No radio. Headliner is falling down and partly held up with thumb tacks. It’s never had a rear bumper. Front bumper is one me and Bubba made from a 2X4 and some shelf brackets. With 5 kids and regular happy meals you can imagine what the interior is like.(I’ve found corpses in leaky cellars that smelled better)
        Bubba and I were looking at it the other day and we agreed…Spinner rims and a fresh coat of krylon gray primer is what the thing needs most! Don’t tell Mrs. Bubba though, that’s her anniversary present and he wants to surprise her!

        • Lol. That was pure brilliance.

        • HAHA! Classic!

        • Rain-X

        • Add a few cans of red oxide primer and you have a two-tone paint job.

      27. from a retired Lt. General:

        Marxism in America
        In this video entitled “Marxism in America” General Jerry Boykin discusses his background and training in understanding Marxist insurgencies and how current government actions parallel Marxist tactics.

      28. Nope, sorry, in order to have communism they MUST confiscate our guns.
        ‘Aint gonna happen!

        • I agree with the premise Dave. Gun confiscation is certainly a must, so we’re not there just yet.

        • There are just too many blog owners and contributors saying things like, I’m doing more than writing/ expressing the disgust of the citizens…blah–blah…I just wish they’d tell us what!!
          Heck, we may wish to join.

          • And buy more ammo–oh, heck, that just got me on another damn list.

      29. i invite each and every one of you to reject your social security checks and medicare!!!

        if you fail to do so, but still complain about socialism, then you are a hypocrite.

        • Hell, no—that’s buying my preps!!

          • And I gotta long way to go to catch up to MS. PISSLOSI’S jet expenses.

        • Green eggs & ham!

        • When the feds give me back my contributions, adjusted for inflation, with interest. Also return my employers contributions under the same guidelines.

      30. This includes a very good article by Kitty Werthmann who describes the spread of Socialism in Austria in the late 1930’s. She describes how “the noose tightened around education, religion, healthcare, etc.”

        “Once a socialist/communist dictator gets into power, like terminal cancer he and his administration smother and take control of every aspect of the economy, educational system, health care system and military. They shred and control media, entertainment and religion.”

        • this is definitely a must-read and I’d also recommend searching out her interviews on Youtube. This lady saw it all go down and is a wealth of information. Thx KY Mom!

      31. sorry…wrong link given above.

        A warning from someone who lived through it.

        “Don’t Let Freedom Slip Away!” by Kitty Werthmann

        “I lived in Austria under Adolf Hitler’s regime for seven years. Dictatorship did not happen overnight. It was a gradual process starting with national identification cards, which we had to carry with us at all times…. Gun registration followed, with a lot of talk about gun safety and hunting accidents…. Freedom of speech was the next target…. With a large network of informers, people were afraid to say anything political, even in their own homes.” Kitty Werthmann

        • Excellent article – thanks.

      32. Yee Haa! Little sam is back!
        sammy, I invite you to turn on your brain and think. You do have one, don’t you? I’ll leave mine off, just to make it fair.
        To call someone a hypocrite for accepting medicare or a ss check is the epitome of faulty logic. We didn’t get to this point of dependancy overnight. And most didn’t do it willingly. Your comment makes about as much sense as telling somebody to stop breathing to prove they don’t support air pollution. Which reminds me, do YOU support air pollution? Prove it!

      33. Look at the 10 Communist planks, then compare where we are. You will find we are at least 70% Communist already.

      34. arent the kids already communists? under a fascist system for the rich, a socialist one for the rest, disguised as democracy, that has usurped the REPUBLIC…

      35. Barry Goldwater…the ORIGINAL Ron Paul

      36. LOL I love communists. Now push off you right wing gunnuts!

        • Good for you Randy….you would probably be one of the first ones sent to a re-education center or put out of your misery in a communistically human manner, of course!

      37. You are generally conned – falling for a twisted media view of the world. The US is as far from Socialism as you can get.

        The US is being ruled by the ‘elites’ for the elites in terms of changing laws to favor the rich, reducing taxes to favor the rich – the US state and its political system has been hijacked for the benefits of a greed narrow elite. Americans fall for this con every time. The US is more a ‘Statist’ country ruled by a kleptocracy/Plutocracy – take your pic and is rapidly becoming a Fascist country.

        Kleptocracy – a government or state in which those in power exploit national resources and steal; rule by a thief or thieves.

        Plutocracy – a class or group ruling, or exercising power or influence, by virtue of its wealth.

        • fascism is a form of socialism.

      38. Hello Mac,

        this article has incorrect information. I do speak russian and I can tell you that the translation of Nikita Khrushchev’s speech is inaccurate in this video, which shows that mr. B.Goldwater used false information, fear mongering for his presidential campaign. (I am not surprised)

        I can give you the translation of what Nikita said.
        First line, video translation: “We will bury you”
        Actual translation: “…be happy that we didn’t beat you at Stalingrad,Ukraine and Belarus…”

        Second line, video translation: “Your children will be communists”.

        Actual translation: “…[if you will go] against us and plan an attack again, we will show you…”

        This is just a translation of an excerpt, it is difficult to say who the speech was directed at, the full content of the speech and what caused such words, but you can see how misleading this video is. if you know someone who can speak russian, you can verify my translation.


      39. Sorry….you’ve got it wrong.

        What we are really looking at in our future is another form of socialism. It’s called fascism or corporatism. We are practically there. Who runs the country?


        That’s fascism.

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