Flashback Video: In 1998 Maxine Waters Called Impeachment A “Coup D’etat” And An “Unapologetic Disregard For The Voice Of The People”

by | May 18, 2017 | Headline News | 33 comments

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    Leading democrat representative Maxine Waters has been gunning for President Trump since before he took office. In March, the oft aloof and confused politician tweeted that America should prepare for the impeachment of Trump:

    My, how times have changed.

    Back in 1998, as Congress prepared to impeach President Bill Clinton for perjury and obstruction of justice, the shoe was on the other foot.

    Today we are here in the peoples’ house debating the partisan impeachment of the President of the United States of America…

    …This is indeed a Republican coup d’etat.

    Mr. Speaker and members, Americans all, the Republicans will couch this extremist, radical anarchy in pious language which distorts the Constitution and the rule of law.

    The rule of law has been violated in denying the president notice of charges, by the abuse of power in the collecting of so-called “evidence” and the denial of the presumption of innocence.

    I am greatly disappointed in the raw, unmasked, unbridled hatred and meanness that drives this impeachment coups d’etat, this unapologetic disregard for the voice of the people.

    Full transcript

    Video via PJ Media:

    And if you can stomach it, it’s clear that Maxine Waters is not the brightest tool in the shed and often says the dumbest things:


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      1. Ain’t I been saying it

        • Maxine is Nasty Ol’ dirty Ape, Go crawl back in your Commie Hole and bury yourself you POS. A lot of these crap politicians need to face a firing squad. Sooner the better.

      2. This bitch is proof…

        • Maxipad Waters, total hypocrite.

          Why to the Dems pick morons like Waters and Pelosi to “lead” them? That’s saying something about the Dems to have total clueless morons as their leaders.

          • Dems don’t have a choice, look at the republican trash like Rand Paul and McCain we are saddled with.

            • Gandhi, I agree McCain is trash but NOT Rand Paul, so watch it there.

            • Really? You lump in Rand Paul with John McCain? Come on …. grow a brain dude. Maybe in a parallel universe. Rand Paul may have his problems (and they are minor compared to 99% of the “others”) but to put him in the same category as John McStain is absolutely the dumbest thing i’ve heard all week…..

          • Waters makes Pelosi look sensible.

        • Maxine’s Ghetto Sub-human Ape IQ Mentality – maybe 30 MAX.

      3. Maxine is a racist communist

      4. The only coup that matters was the final one in 1963 when the psychopaths took over the treasonous CIA and murdered the last real president New Babylon had, and the “greatest generation”of cowards there ever were in New Babylon did NOTHING.

        • Ron, you understand correctly. Then that filthy NRA and Charlton Heston treasoned us out with 1968 act.

          • Yep, and again with the 1986 NFA, fully supported by NRA.

      5. OWWWWWW—I feeeeeeeeeel good..!

      6. he he—-old wore out dishrag and shitzzzz

      7. In the end the progressive communists with ignorance or collusion are doing the bidding of the globalist deep state fascists. Its Marx “useful idiots” turned 180 degrees.

        • Can anyone actually support “Maxine the mentally ill?”

        • Orwell’s dystopian classic 1984 describes the memory hole where into which everything the government dislikes is thrown. He was close, but it is a black hole.

          • 1984 was meant to be a futuristic novel but has become a templet for global society. Does art imitate life or does life imitate art? Regardless its too close to reality to be coincidental. As my immigrant Italian Grandfather said about women using the phone he would point to his head and say, “They getta ideas”!

        • They went from useful idiots and then transgendered into useless idiots?

      8. No one on the left believes in anything other than getting their way, and saying whatever promotes that at the time is a part of it.

        Waters is just a highly public example of this, all the others are the same to varying degrees of intensity and public visibility.

        The right needs to get used to this and quit pretending the left is playing by the same rules they are.

      9. we are dealing with hypocrites ,,this should be expected

        not condoned or tolerated mind you, but this comes as no surprise to me

        • Trump is just running the new political “Gong Show”

          • In some far off Amazon or African Jungle they are missing a “Howler Monkey”.

            • PO’d Patriot, there’s a ghetto missing its stupid jezebel.

      10. Okay ya’ll – whatcha all thinkin’ of doin’? Trump’s about to get his tail kicked out of the White House and Pence will step right on in. Maybe he’ll be all nicey-nice and pull Ryan in as V.P., huh? That’ll delight the likes of McCain and company.
        The swamp ain’t never goin’ ta git drained unless ‘We the People’ pull the plug. Seriously folks. Talk and voting just won’t do ‘er. It’s about time, it’s just ’bout time. Hell, what we goin’ to do with all this lead and stuff anyway? Look at it from our coffins or as they lead us all off to the re-edjewahmakayshun camps?

        • Heartless, you’re dreaming. It ain’t over til’ it’s over.

      11. I thought James Brown was dead!

      12. This woman is a farce, she is actually quite stupid, she is puffed up with a warped entitled sense of smugness and self importance because she believes she plays a vital role in government and has the right to interfere in or control people’s lives. In reality, she is a tool for the Demcratic leadership; she only repeats what she has heard. Look how vacuous her eyes and facial expression is when she speaks. She is a useful idiot used for her populism in her district to bring in more mindless idiots. To the Democrats only one thing is important and that is numbers of people. The more people they can get people to vote for them and serve the goals of the party, the easier it is for party to use government to dictate to the masses. Regardless of Waters position she is not a leader, she is a foot soldier. No matter how ardent she is she will never actually be in the cadre who really call the shots. She only appeals to those poor irrational souls who are easily influenced by her wild raving manner who mistake passion and emotionalism for rational argument, the very kind of people the Democrats want.

      13. Maxine Waters is the poster child for retarded, low-IQ affirmative action people. Back when he was alive, radio host Ken Hamblin [THE BLACK AVENGER] used to call her Maxine ‘THE MOUTH’ Waters. She’s got one of the stupidest mouths of anyone and never knows what she’s talking about. She’s the worst in that whole Congressional Black Criminal Caucus.

      14. Who you callin ugly, sucka?

      15. These people can’t be reasoned with they can’t be bargained with , they don’t feel pity or remorse and they absolutely will not stop . Until we are dead. They are terminators.? Brainwashed robots? What are our alternatives?

      16. Gandi the troll is posting better now.. nice try buddy..You are 100% nsa troll.. I highly recommend ignoring his comments.. bashing the people you work for wont get you established in the shtf community..


        Phucking trolls.

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