Flashback: Analyst Says Break-Up of USA Will Be Triggered By Economic and Moral Degradation

by | Nov 15, 2012 | Forecasting, Headline News | 388 comments

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    Amid hundreds of thousands of signatures calling for secession of individual states from the United States of America, one can’t help but consider the past warnings of former KGB analyst and Russia’s head of the Foreign Ministry for Diplomats, Igor Panarin, who in 1998 theorized that the United States could potentially break up into six autonomous regions.

    In brief, according to the Washington Post, Panarin says that mass immigration, economic decline, and moral degradation will trigger a civil war and the collapse of the dollar.

    Over a decade after he made his controversial predictions, many who ignored his warnings are now taking note. With U.S. economic growth in an unabated decline, and ethnic and political groups polarized like never before, Panarin’s prescient theories may soon become reality.

    I emphasized [in 1998] the three main reasons which, in my opinion, could lead to the collapse of the U.S.

    The first one is the moral and psychological factor and the stress of the American population.

    The second one is the financial and economic problems.

    And the third one is the increase of anti-Americanism in the world.

    It would fall into six parts, and I back this up with several factors. First of all there are the ethnic, economical and geographic factors… totally different ethnic groups and ethnic interests.

    Texas and the Gulf of Mexico coast are the fuel and energy complex. California is Silicon Valley and high tech. Considering New York, Washington and the Atlantic coast, they’re all financial centers first of all. And the northern states of the U.S. are basically the depressive states of the U.S., close to Canada in their mentality and economic development. This is how I divide these parts.

    No [the United States] won’t [be able to save itself]. Obama won’t save America. Obama is an American Gorbachev. He is the one that will lead the United States to disintegration, because he lacks experience.

    Panarin’s analysis led him to develop a map of what the United States as we know it today may look like in the future:

    While controversial and completely unfathomable for most Americans, the U.S. government certainly looks to be taking Panarin’s warnings to heart. They have been actively preparing law enforcement and military personnel for large-scale economic breakdown and civil unrest, with urban training exercises that include tanks and infantry taking place across metropolitan areas as recently as last summer.

    With the Presidential election behind us and Barack Obama having been re-elected for a second term, nearly a million Americans across all 50 states have given their approval for their respective state governments to move forward with seceding from the Federal government. While the so-called secession movement currently exists solely as a petition by the people for a redress of grievances, any such secession, were it to come to pass, would essentially yield a breakup of the United States of America. Governors and state congressional representatives have distanced themselves from the movement thus far, but that’s not to say it won’t build momentum over time.

    With the federal government stocking over a billion rounds of ammunition, riot gear and armored personnel carriers for domestic use, it seems as if officials overseeing domestic security operations understand the risk, especially with tens of millions of Americans arming themselves at unprecedented rates over the last few years.

    Panarin’s predictions, made in 1998, may not have come to pass in 2010 as he originally suggested, but events are unfolding in such a way that his message cannot be ignored.

    Should the US economy continue to deteriorate, it would have the effect of causing desperation and anger throughout the populace. Blame and finger pointing come next, and that could very quickly descend into violent uprisings and what essentially amounts to civil war between ethnic and political factions.

    It’s happened before in the United States, albeit over a century ago.

    Could we once again be facing a crisis of our Union so serious that the north, south, east and west will one day meet on the battlefield?


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      1. People don’t thinks states like being together now, just wait until individual states start getting bailed out at everyone’s expense.  I don’t see anywhere in the Southeast being too happy to bail out Illinois when all there unpaid pensions come due and there’s no cash left in their moneypots…

        • remember i told you about my friend that called me and they normally use email. well they are on the move.

          • FP:  Would you clarify by what you mean “on the move” for those of us who arent “in the know?”

            You know what this reminds me of?  On one side, America has got a cheatin’, lying, backstabbing, spendthrift spouse (a/k/a Obama) who goes behind her back double-dealing her with her enemies…and America WANTS A DIVORCE!!!

            • Statement goes from a earlier one.  While back I received a call from a friend. I could tell he was far away. (sound of call) We just talk like we do in our emails. We normally do not use phone. To difficult to do. Time zones and all. I was concerned with his tone. Nothing bad was said just the tone.

              I have now been told our emails will be delay due to he will not be near any como gear that allows “personal” talk. Meaning no telephone center. Not magic shoes. He has for fun contacted me though his high teck cell phone before. With pic that just are so cool showing off cool gear that wasnt around when I was. I hate the bastard for that.

              No magic code we have has been given. Its just the way it is being said. It like telling your family while your are deployed that all is all right and the wife goes what that noise and you go it just the motor pool. As you are trying to put your armor on and trying to say good bye and it just a bad connnection type of talk.

              • Do you have anything pertinent to add to this discussion?

            • And the bastard took out all money from checking and closed the account!!!

              • That was to Insanity.

                • I thought it was me. Like the I told REV Ike I took my own advice and emptied everything I legally could.

          • Those lines roughly follow the FEMA regions plan.

        • I could not agree more!

          please sign this petition, so it can be publicly searched

          We the people of the collective States of the Union, respectfully request to exercise the right of Nullification.

          Nullification is our duty and right to correct the path of government in a legal and peaceful manner. The States by agreement alone created the Federal government and allow it to exercise the powers that are specifically defined in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. This has been usurped in an unlawful manner through the exercise of unconstitutional agencies and legislation.

          • United WE are invincible. So much energy to petition OUR government to secede from the UNION when so little energy was  used to muster a change that could severe the grasp of the Globalists on the nation.

            The article is repeating the pure propaganda of a Russian General and is not worthy of OUR time and consideration. This is at least the third time that Mac has given this guy space.

            I call BULLSHIT!

            100 million gun owners in America hold the future of America in their hands. Communicate, organize, volunteer, donate, and vote.

            Just a cursory examination of the voting results show that a small percentage of gun owners could have swayed this election. 16 million white male voters were either absent from the polls or their votes were destroyed.

            The future of America is described in Washington’s Vision. You can read his account of OUR future at SHTF Patriots:

            One nation under God, INDIVISIBLE, with liberty and justice for all.

            • Agreed – this is Bravo Sierra of the first order.   Just look at his map.  What possible affinity is there between Massachusetts and Kentucky?

              This wasn’t worth posting in SHTFPlan,  IMHO.


              • True. True.  He might be right about a breakup.  But he’s smokin’ crack if he thinks his map is realistic.

                • The depressive Northern states? Like the dakotas which are the only solvent states in the country. The guy is full of shit.

                • tennessee is NOT going “yankee”….there’s some devisive for you….

                • John W – I took the “Depressive Northern states” as a good sign since my plan is get the hell out of CA and move to SD.

              • That was my first thought last time I saw this commie pipe dream…..Tennessee/SC siding up with Mass instead of Alabama and Georgia? that boy dont understand some things that are real basic in the American pyche…..didnt Charley Daniels have some choice words for the russians if they got involved between us fightin?

                • We will be waging our own civil war here in NC, just so we can stay in the south.

                • don’t forget about NC

              • Old Coach: You ask a very good question; “what does Massachusetts and Kentucky have in common”. The answer is that they have at least as  many differences as they have things in common.  Countries, states, and even counties are all arbitrary constucts created to fit the needs of  politicians who are run by large business interests.  I currently live in north Florida where we are culturely more like the rest of the Old South/Gulf States whereas the bottom half of the state has more of a Latin American/Carribean outlook. Our crash has been in effect for decades and we will continue to experience some sharp bumps and dips due to the ongoing financial misdeeds of our “government” (big business).  The breakup will most likely be  peaceful as the federal government continually fails to  meet its financial obligations,  folks (states & regions) will just pull away in order to take care of themselves and not be pulled under with the rest of the folks who wish to continue with the delusion of “one nation from sea to shining sea”.   As for the the Russian gentleman and his prediction, I call him on plagerism.   His idea is very clsoe to that of the 1982 book entitled “The Nine Nations of North America”.   Our’s is but a  chapter in the history book of the world.  No story, no movie, no book last forever.  Turn the page.

            • for crying out loud…..stop drinking the damn koolaid, it’s poisoned your brain

            • @Durango———- Cmon…you think this is just propaganda? It’s not. This RUSSIAN Jack off has our best interests at heart. They always have. Didnt you know that? This site has become not muc more than a joke, and a place to stop and see what INSANITY is written TODAY.

              • Not anymore Haven’t you notice since the election is over Many handles are gone and most other are back to using only one.

                • The breakup of the US, yes.  To become part of unions like the EU, or affiliate with countries like Japan, which are all dying a similar painful death…no chance.  The break up will occur with possible connections to Canada or Mexico maybe, but I also think it’ll be more than just six pieces.  Much more.


                  Gold Leader standing by.

            • Agreed DK, where were all the gun owners November 6th?

              • They had better reach down and check their family jewels and figure out where they are by 2014. If Obama controls both the Senate and the House after November 2014, America as WE know and love it is gone!

                NOW is the time for all good men (and women) to come to the aid of their country. If not US, who? If not now, when?

                Engage my peeps, engage!

                • They are falling asleep to.

                  Remember what happen here in Washington. Because no one noticed the tax man in time. We are down 50% plus all private sale have gone underground. And the big show is no more. More than half of our club is not renewing in 2013.

                • Durango –

                  “will be gone”? It already is. Just wait until Ass N Ears amnesties all the illegals here. We will never see another POTUS with an “r” behind their name again. We will live under a Democratic dictatorship for years to come.

                • Nunjo: I don’t see it your way. That is the attitude of someone who has given up. Hell, WE have not yet begun to fight …. to coin a phrase. It has taken a long time for Americans to awaken to the threats to the Republic.

                  It will take a long time for Patriots to reverse the trend. Add your voice, your vote, and your energy to their efforts or get the fuck out of the way.

                  America IS awake. America IS aware. They voted for O’Bummer because Bush allowed 42,400 factories and 60 million jobs to offshore; while he spread wars of phony crony capitalism to advance Globalism, and bankrupted the nation.

                  Americans always vote their pocketbook. They need real hope and a true vehicle to channel their aspirations. Neither the Retards or The Demturds represent that vehicle.

                • DK,

                  It no longer matters if you vote, it only matters who counts the votes. It no longer matters if you speak up and raise your voice, it only matters if the media is listening and doesn’t distort the message. It no longer matters to organize  in protest, you’ll be marginalized. The Republic has seen it opportunity to survival and her people said they want none of it.



              • You know what?  I know of at least one gun owner who voted for Obama.

                I frequent another website where virtually 100% of the members are gun owners.  And you know what?  There are folks there who are Obama voters.

                I didn’t say they were smart.  I said they were Obama voters.

                Some voted for him because they have always been Democrats and always WILL be Democrats.  And they would have voted for Obama if he admitted to being a gay pedophile.

                Others voted for Obama because he promised them “stuff”.

                And others voted for him because of white guilt.  They didn’t want to be considered racist.  And besides….Obama is cool.  He’s rock star and guys like Mitt Romney and Ron Paul are old white guys and aren’t cool.

                That’s just how it is.

                And that’s why this country is doomed.

                • I was at the VFW and there was a group of Vets talking about how happy that their guy won. You never know who is who anymore.

                • White guilt?  Black slavery in America ended 150 years ago – SEVEN GENERATIONS AGO…thousands of them were sold into slavery by their own people and how many African nations still practice slavery to this day.  I read of an African tribe who to this day actually puts sand into the babies’ mouth, which, of course, kills them, because of superstition.  I refuse to ever be guilty because of what somebody else did.

                • That’s a helluva high price for “cool”.  (said in best Dirty Harry voice)

              • Voting with their sense of integrity, truth and wisdom, ie for Ron Paul-

                Not for the NWO shill Obamney or Oshithead, two heads of the monster globalist banksters.

              • I have a friend that is a retired secret service agent. He has told me since the 1980″s to quit wasting my time voting. He told me the secret government picks the presidents. Our vote is a joke at the best. The elites want us to think we elect the presidents so they let us vote on paperless machines.

            • Does anyone else notice how both the left and right seem to be pushing this.  I think they want this.  This is in their plans.

              THEY WANT US DIVIDED.

              I DONT.

              • They don’t have to WANT us to be divided.

                We ARE divided.

                Sorry….but the left/right paradigm is very real and very legitimate.  The left wants bigger government, collectivism (i.e. Marxism) etc.

                The right (the real right that is) wants freedom.

                Never the twain shall meet.  They are what water is to oil.

                (and by the way….the neocons are just leftists who like war)

              • polarization and nationalism always occur before great genocidal wars

            • DK,

              I do not always agree with you, but do respect your position.

              Before the “election”, you pointed out that 80 million gun owners could change things. Even if they had all gotten up off thier fat lazt @$$es to go and vote, they could not have changed anything. Maybe helped to get mittens installed, instead of obummer, but changed nothing in the long run. The fix is in, and another facade “election” will change nothing.

              Today, we are on the edge of marxist tyranny, there are few options left.


              • JustMe: Romney wasn’t the answer to OUR prayers, but he is at least an honorable man. Some pandering is necessary to become President, but once elected, the character of a man is magnified by the office, much like the Powerball Lottery magnifies the character of the winner.

                Need I cite an “example” here?

                I understand that Mitt’s election would not have “changed” anything, but it would have stopped “hope and change”. The value of the succession movement is that it is unprecedented since the Civil War. It clearly destroys the notion that O’Bummer has a “mandate” to do anything as some liberal rags have suggested.

                Illegal Immigration must be resisted at all costs.  It is as threatening to America as Free Trade. Maybe more so.  Engage!

                • DK: In all honesty should we not try to stop the FED also?

                • And does anyone here understand the lease that the FED has.

                • DK,

                  I cannot address mitten’s morality; he professes religion, so maybe he actually believes doing the parasites’ bidding is a good thing. But, he would only have provided the party-faithful with the illusion that he was going to “save America”. The end result would still be the same, just stalling it for 4 years.

                  As for obummer’s supposed “mandate”, it was only built on lies, and another controlled facade that we call “elections”.

                  “It is enough to say there was an election. Those who cast the ballots decide nothing. Those who count the ballots decide evrything.”- Joesph Stalin

                  And realistically, we all know who counts the “ballots”. As for illegal immigration, which is in reality an invasion, what most people in this country don’t want to face, is quite by design. And, likely more illegals showed up to “vote”, than White gun owners…


                • Copperhead: If you had a nickel for every time I have posted “Kill the FED” on this website over the past three years, you would be well on your way to a comfortable retirement.

                  Kill the FED!!! 🙂


                • Just Me: Four extra years might be all the time that true Patriots need to get their head and ass wired together.  Romney would not go after OUR guns. And unlike O’Bummer, he understands banking, finance, and economics.

                  Romney may have spent a lifetime doing LBO’s and cutting the fat from the businesses he buys, but he also knows how to tun them. O’Bummer couldn’t run a lemonade stand.

                  I did an LBO myself; a small one many years ago, and had both Chase Manhattan and Citibank ready to fund it, but the seller wanted me to explain to him how two major money center banks were willing to give me 100% of the purchase price, before the sale could close.

                  I ‘m easy, but I am not cheap! Or stupid.  🙂

                  If your problems are economic you do not look to a door to door salesman to fix them. You hire an expert. Romney was that expert WE should have hired.


                • DK,

                  I know you understand money. But what is at stake is gretaer than money. What is at stake cannot be bought with money. The illusion of QE-forever would have continued under mittens, and given people the illusion that everything is OK.

                  All the money in the Universe will not buy our Freedom back, once it is gone. It is unlikely that mitten’s installation as figurehead would have inspired anuone to prepare for anything, likely the opposite; if people have not at least prepared thier minds for what is coming, another 4 years would not have helped them at all.

                  If real Americans are not awake now, they never will be.

                • JustMe: “The illusion of QE-forever would have continued under mittens, ”

                  Maybe, maybe not. That’s hard to say. He would have had to devise a “solution” to the problem. The “solution” to the banking crisis is the elimination of the FED, the confiscation of the equity in the banking industry, the resale of that equity to new investors, and the separation of retail and investment banking: for a start.

                  There is no likelihood that Mitt would institute those changes.

                  All of that SHOULD have occurred in 2008-2009 but the only “real” financial experience that O’Bummer had was a book deal. Notwithstanding those changes, the bad debt still has to be dealt with and the “derivatives” unwound.

                  But these actions, if they are ever to be instituted, require a POTUS who truly understands the ramifications of those processes if they are ever to be accomplished without another crash.

                  No, none of those actions would “bring OUR freedom back”, but they would be a good start. OUR freedoms have been eroded, but they have not been lost. WE know where they are and all it requires is that Americans demand them on the same same and with the same magnitude that the Egyptians, Libyans, and Syrians demanded their’s.

                  The ball is in OUR court. As long as WE allow OUR employees to make serfs of US, nothing will Change. Change must come from US. We must engage OUR employees with MASSIVE civil disobedience in the face of unconstitutional rules, regulations, and laws.

                  It’s that simple.

                • “The end result would still be the same, just stalling it for 4 years.”OMG!  Doesn’t anyone else understand the incredible value of 4 additional years of prep time?  I sure as hell hope so.

              • Well at least with Romney being a mormon he would know the value of prepping.


                • +1 on that Harley.

            • Really?  This in not the first time I have seen this idea presented. I saw it years ago from a different source.  Why can’t the States secede?  There is nothing to prevent it.

              What aid?  The Feds are broke.  Have you noticed the events in the EU?  We are Greece.  The dollar is worth 4 cents and shrinking every day. The whole economy is going to blow up in a few years at best. Then there will not even be money to pay the police or firemen or you.

              Radical you say?  How radical is drones circling over your house because some pissed off neighbor told the DHS that they thought you were acting strangely?  A military platoon showing up at YOUR door and dragging you away in the night after breaking it down. No explanation, no warrant, no lawyers, just disappear into the night? Cannot happen?  Yep!  Obama signed the Executive order that gives them the right and takes yours away.

              Secede?  Millions are already doing that with passports and relocation of themselves, their families and their resources to safer countries where true freedom still exists. So, the USA breaking up is not impossible, but is likely in the not too distant future.

              BTW:  My family came to North America in 1734.  I’m NOT a foreigner.

              • The first Patriot that shoots down a drone should have a statue of them put up in the town square.

            • @durango

              Nullification is not Secession. Take the time to research the argument before you blindside your self with ignorance. Nullification is the power of the States to Nullify any Unconstitutional Laws or regulations. The States can declare the Alphabet soup agencies Nullified.

              Nullification can take care of Obamacare. Nullification is the power of States either together or individually declare it Nullified with out the need for Secession.

              Then… The Federal government must respond or be Nullified.

              in the immortal words of JFK:
              “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”

              Please consider signing the petition:

              • Highest Salute: I wasn’t speaking about “nullification”. I was speaking about the secessionist movement; the division of the USA by the Russian General uppermost in my mind.

                Whose the dumb shit here?  🙂

            • DK, that’s some good stuff.

            • I voted absent. I cannot in good conscience vote for evil, lesser or otherwise. Not voting is not, as is popular in conservative mind sets, a vote for Obama. Not voting is my way, really the only way, of making a statement that I do not approve of either hand picked sycophant that has been presented to me as my only choiLesser voting lesser of two evils is like choosing which of your kids will be sacrificed to the altar of governaccept would you accept that as a legitimate choice? Of course not, so why would you think of presidential elections where two whores spend billions to lie in order to sway you was somehow legitimate? Side note, our political systems seeks to narrow the range of thought, so that they can make their case within a narrow space, like deciding which rich guy “cares”. Really, that is how things get decided? Not in my world, not in yours, so why do politicians get away with it? Why do you let them? One contributing factor to the continued charade is that people still cast ballots when the candidates offerred wouldn’t be trusted to feed your dog when out of town.

              Besides, if you think about this logically, rather than parroting the propaganda you’ve been fed by the two parties, you would quickly realize that the results have been the same year over year, decade over decade, president over president: rising debts, increased spending on programs such as welfare/ss/Medicade/17 other programs that do the same things. More wars. Less liberty. Devalued dollars. More chemicals in pur environment. Restrictions on business. Now, you can try and blame various presidents for certain aspects, and yes, Obama has accelerated things a bit, but republicans have largely gone along or remained silent recently, aka same thing. To think mittens would be any better is laughable.  Really, the best we can hope for with these political whores is a stalemate that stalls their continued march towards fascism (that’s rights boys and girls, not socialism). 

            • Pananin accurately predicted the collapse of the Soviet Union, but he was also closer to what was happening there.  He doesn’t fully understand our culture and regional differences.  I see a breakup coming also, but believe all the south except Virginia will stick together.  Virginia will align with the Atlantic states and remain part of corporate America under Obama and could well align with the EU Globalist States.   I hope most of the US will secede successfully from corporate USA and stay together under the Constitution.  But the West coast may well go to China and New Mexico and Arizona may go back to Mexico.   These may happen in a Peace Treaty to end our civil war and foreign invasions.

            • We have removed God…. we are no longer indivisible! and we are without Justice! Liberty will be the last to fall!

          • I think states wanting to break off from the country is a bad move. That makes us so weak! Look, when people tell the politicians, “We don’t like what you are doing, so WE want to leave”, you don’t even deserve to be a citizen! What they should be telling them is, “We don’t like what you are doing, so YOU have to leave!” Come on people, no one has any balls anymore. Our founding fathers, would die on the spot to have the government they wanted to form. WE let the government get away with all their lies and BS. Everyone is afraid to lose their 401K, big screen TV, Internet, nice car, and friends and family. It won’t be long, and all that will be gone anyway!! Myself, I would rather die going down with the ship than to live the way the government wants us to.

          • Answer me this, Paul Revere: since when do a people seeking to secure the blessings of liberty “respectfully request” permission to do an act that is their natural right?

            That is why all these petitions are incredibly stupid.

            “If you’re going to shoot, shoot, don’t talk.” – Tuco


        • It’s better to get this over with as soon as possible.

          Individuals are sovereign.  I am sovereign.  Governments are not.  Anyone who tells you otherwise is either a collectivist or a liar.

          It is inevitable.  Sovereign individuals have the manifest destiny to SUCCEED TO SECEDE.

          Adults don’t need a bureaucrat to tell them how to mange their lives.

          When people start to pay for security out of their own pockets, they will realize the incentive of being able to cooperate productively.  They will realize how much their hard earned funds matter, and how they should not be wasted in dissension and war.

          Just become productive, provide a service, make something, and do some good.

          Don’t worry about some alphabet soup bureaucratic nightmarish monster from here or another prison state tells you.  They are all deceitful liars.

          Only thing that matters is being in charge of your own destiny.  And if they don’t get of your way, then what choice is there except to SECEDE from the VOLUNTARY union?

          Everything else is futile to argue.  KGB, CIA (and groupie whores), NSA, DOD, FBI, NYPD, DC – Fuck you all!  Fuck your collectivist groupthink!

        • That is a large part of what is happening–flat broke states like Ill and Cali are in the processing of stealing the wealth of the less broke states.  Eventually, the folks whose wealth is being stolen are going to stop it, one way or another.


        • The individual who thought of this break up on the lines he envisioned is completely ignorant of the people in the southeastern states.  The idea that any of the southeastern states would allow themselves to be subject to Mexican rule is fantasy or the people from Tennessee or Kentucky would bow to Europeans is foolish

        •  almost exact to the UN / NAFTA map of planned borders/ divisions…we are all autonomous in our own vessels, regardless of maps.

          • Maritime admiralty law-  We are vessels and/or corporations, not soverign beings or agents thereof.  Want proof?  Your wallet.  Pull out drivers license, medi-cards, visa/mc cards, fire arm purchase permits, etc.. Notice your names on all documents considered “legal identification”.  Your entire name is in capitals.  Know why?  Strawman illusion.  You are not recognized as a person under U.S. laws.  You are a corporation.

            • Read some Eustis Mullins. Your SSN is nothing but an account # for the Fed.

      2. Did not take a rocket scientist to figure that one out….

        • copperhead did you get a letter asking if you were heathly enough to return to active duty to assist in training.

          • FP: Not YET!

            • I did. They say if I will take a trainers postion. He can then be deployed. Supposelly it will have a guarentee I will be kept in Conus no matter what. Check with a few that did accept and the bottom of the contract still had the need of the service statement at the bottom. Just like when I sign.

              The way it looks is Charlies, Deltas and Echos age doesn’t seem to matter. Just heath. Sounds like a shortage to me. Or they truly need trainers. We know how the Pentagon never lies to us.

              I like to do it. But that last sentence could put me in a shit hole again and I don’t know if I could walk that far again. My body makes to many noise when it moves now.  And I think this time around my family I made is going to be higher than my family of brothers.

              • FBP: If I did and excepted, they would retire me in short order just like         the generals. I couldn’t play their games.

                PS: Do they still have PRC(Prick) 25 anymore?

                • Crap you are that old.

                • Just messing.

          • You don’t need a letter of recommendation to join the militia.

            • You are already in the militia, unorganized, one each. Lock and Load.

        • The difference is now is that it is crystal clear to anyone willing to see it.  I don’t agree with the borders though.  Colorado would likely be more connected to california than to Wyoming for example.  I could see the 2012 electoral vote being more of an indication of what the break-up will look like.

          • I’ve only ever visited parts of the US for work, never lived there – but I cannot see Idaho & California together like this, nor Montana accepting rule from Michigan, nor Tennesee & KY & NY being closer than they are today.  I have to call BS on the borders this guy describes. IF America splits the new map will not be drawn up like this imho.

            Do remember that some Russians still have a vested interest in seeing the US fall & that Nigeria manages to stay together as a federal nation, comprised of individual states with much greater cultural, linguistic, economic and ethnic differences than even the US.

            What I hope is that individual states will take another look at your constitution and become more autonomous and take more individual responsibility. It’s far easier to roll back the federal government than it is to go to the trouble of another bitterly fought civil war.  (Apart from NYer’s none of the Americans I met on my travels seemed insane, denied access to decent news about the world due to your media but not daft iyswim).

          • Colorado is full of commies. Stay sharp.

      3. Not without a good fight in my state.  On February 23, approximately 1,500 Mexican troops marched into San Antonio de Béxar as the first step in a campaign to re-take Texas. 100 Texas patriots fought to the death and held them off for 12 days. BIG MISTAKE. come and take it!!

        • another history lesson,

          April 25, 1846 – February 2, 1848

          Texas/california troops (13,000+ dead)

          Mexico (nearly 17,000)

          Might be hard for a country that cant feed it’s own people or ones who did not grow up owning and shooting guns to walk in and take over. Now as far as getting legal status via anchor baby,  and free medical care with your tax dollars, we have long since lost that occupation…..

          • You have to remember that it’s not the normal Mexican citizen that would be doing the fighting. The Mexican Government has allied themselves with the Russians and also the Chinese and the Germans. If you don’t believe this just do a little google search and you’ll here about the many different soldiers that are down there and have been training. They have a huge KGB office in Mexico City. You can google that too! I believe the number of dead would be in the millions on both sides. With the kind of firepower that they would unleash on us. Us on them too. We here in America have a huge senior citizenship. The rest are really young and inexperienced, you can google that too! Our military is spread out all over the world and has been dwindling, this too was done with purpose. They have been planning for this a long time, this was the agenda. That Americans are buying rifles and handguns means nothing, when real people are shooting real bullets at you, everything that you have ever thought you trained for becomes as nothing. You have to feel the fear behind your throat and the fear inside your chest and you have to fight the urge to fall to the ground and hide and or run away, and by then it might be too late. I’m not trying to burst your bubble, I just want you to know what we are really facing. This is not the End of America, we died a long time ago, when they  took away God and the Commandments that he gave us to live under from our public buildings and our schools. When our daughters began to abort their babies. When our young men became effeminate. When our daughters slept with each other. When we stopped attending church services. When we thought it okay to have pornography in our homes. When we let certain people use media to manipulate our thinking. And so on and on. Nothing good comes this way to us, it can’t. Worship God first and repent of your sins without that you will be powder and nothing before the hordes of enemies that have gathered around us.  God help you!


            • Olden: Having the ten commandments in public buildings and prayer in school won’t make anyone more moral, you either are or you’re not. It’s not the government’s jobs to teach or promote morality, it’s the parent’s job to do that, and if your kids are having sex, doing drugs, etc. it’s on you mom and dad, so don’t go looking to blame others for your failure to properly raise your children. Take some responsibility for once in your life.  

            • Olden: Having the ten commandments on public buildings and prayer in school never made anyone  moral; you’re either  moral or you’re not. It’s the parents responsibility, not the government and its schools to teach morality to the young. If your kids are having sex, doing drugs, etc, it’s on you mom and dad.  Stop blaming others for your failures.

        • Right! Did he just say we would be part of Mexico? LMAO.

          • Mexican whores are a hell of a lot more useful than stupid prissy white women.

            • Huh

            • Only if you like 400+lb size women,  with a Better Moustache than Yours.

              What do you call a mexican 3 1/2 ft tall midget prostitute?


        • @TrotterOtter…

          Yep…you are 100% right.

      4. things are gonna have to get a WHOLE LOT WORSE

        before there is any sort of rebellion in this country

        the bread and circuses and doing exactly what they were intended to do

        and thats keep the proles submissive

        extended unemployment,food stamps etc etc are keeping the pot from boiling over

      5. The secession petitions are circulating here, but as of 2005 my state received $1.76 in federal dollars for every $1 we paid in federal taxes.  Imagine having to cover that shortfall plus maintain a standing army protecting an area 2 1/2 times the size of Israel.  All these elderly people who would no longer receive social security benefits aren’t going to feed themselves.

        I’m not saying it couldn’t happen, but only after a violent transition with lots of casualties following a collapse of the welfare state.


        • The answer isnt seccession….Rather it is 10th amendt state rights to NULIFY whatever Fed gov and EVERY Non constutional fed agencys “rules” as if actual laws are done.

          An woman Ex cosnt, lawer with articles at newswithviews web site has a great article about this stuf. She shows actual Federalist papers writings by the Founders and Proves That, federalist papers IS the number One main thing us supremes are to abide by when need to determine actual intentions of the folks who WROTE the documents.

          By Publius Huldah August 28, 2012 NewsWithViews.com

          You can Go to main web site page, scroll down not quite 1/2 down page. Look for her article called.

          How do we get rid of ObamaCare? Nullify It!

          What she outlines Will also work to Nulify EVERYthing unconst ever done if desired to do so…..She includes actual founder quotes From Federalist papers with issue numbers for research etc. One Very intelligent patroit retired lawyer lady.  Check her name! “Publius Huldah” never before heard of any such name as Publius eh…..Learn something new each day I rekon.

          Go READ her article. Learn Alot!

          • This is a Web Link to her article….I posted it here incase other post would be delayed .


            Go Read it, it aint very long to read and will educate most folks here very swell. Very xallant article on hobammy care and all other Ails we face today.

        • Everyone keeps talking about fed dollars to the states.

          Think about this one. If we didnt pay fed income tax anymore and paid a lower rate to our state, but higher rate than we pay to the states presently, they would have plenty of cash to balance the budget at state level and fix roads, etc.  Then whatever union we form with other states (republic) each state could pay a per capita amount to them for defense, etc. We could easily handle it.

          Will it happen? NO. The petitions are a form of open protest. And I agree with them being signed. We should have millions of sigs by now.

          Besides, we cant secede, because we are still an occupied country. The union invaded and defeated the CSA in the 1860s. At tthat time America was two legally seperated countries. There was never a surrender by the Government of the CSA. Therefore, legally, the CSA is an occupied country. Remember, the victor writes history the way they want to.

          GOOGLE “did the Confederate States of America ever surrender”.  The CSA is still a legal country. germany invaded France in the 40s. Did france cease to be a country??????

          • Very good point!!! General Robert E Lee surrendered his Military command at Appomattox. He wasn’t empowered to surrender the Confederacy!! In fact President Davis, was STILL President AFTER the Appomattox surrender and still running the Confederate Government. The Confederate government didn’t surrender anything at all. So technically the war never officially ended!!? So anyone in the South could raise an Army today and continue the fight WITHOUT declaring war …..because the last Civil War still hasn’t been signed off.

            Dang it! Roberta!!! Break out the Reb Flag ….. Strike that Yankee rag and raise the old Battle Flag of Northern Virginia!!! Wars still on!!

            • Yessir ole Mr lincoln thought we surrendered…..nosir we just took a breather….got our second wind now….funny how the enemy is still DC and this guy in office calls hisself ….the second lincoln…cant have a second lincoln without a second round now can we boys….only thing is this fight aint betwixt the north and the south or the slave and the free its between the slave masters in DC and the potential slaves from sea to shining sea….as Mr Davis said the time will come when “our cause” will be taken up by another generation ……you ready for the second round Mr, 2nd lincoln? 🙂  “Live free or die tryin”

              • hey Reb

                My grandfather and great grand father have been telling me the same thing since I was knee high. I think the next generation is here time for the secound round

            • Bobby Lee didn’t tell his boys to go home and form 14 man guerrilla groups; strike the yankee in his lair, or we’d be singing Dixie now.

        • Kick out the freeloaders, moochers, and your covered.  :_)

        • Your $1.76 per dollar is pretty close to the ration of taxes collected to the deficit.  We are going to have to learn to live on the buck and forgo the .76 pretty soon anyway and just think of how great it would be not to have to live with the bull the federal government has become.

      6. A Civil War in our future is a logical course.  And ironically, a second Civil War would also be tied to racism, although that would not be the actual reason. A second Civil War would be caused by the eroding roots of our Nation — based upon the problems created by religion and morality (or the lack thereof). Other factors would be contributory but the root cause would be God versus Godlessness and how these issues have destroyed our belief and adherence in our Founding documents, thus our Nation.

        I have to disagree with the map of divisions– the projected divisions are illogical, therefore unbelievable. For one, there isn’t a chance that Idaho would be joined in with the Left Coast as they switch to speaking Mandarin. LOL

        Much more logical are the regions outlined in Revolution which distinguish the Monroe Republic, Georgia Federation, Wasteland, Texas, Plains Nations, and California Commonwealth, although I’d dispute the southern border between the Monroe Republic and Georgia Federation.

        • For one, there isn’t a chance that Idaho would be joined in with the Left Coast as they switch to speaking Mandarin. LOL


          Right on, we in Idaho aren’t likely to be controlled or influenced by Canada either.  >:[

          • Same here in Wyoming.

          • Depends on where the money and energy comes from. Oil from Canada may seem important in January in northern Idaho or Wyoming..lol.  You don’t have enough forests to burn wood all  year round. And Idaho will go where Utah goes. Tied at the Mormon hip.

            Maybe the lines are not exact, but the idea is firm. The reasoning is also right on. And the starvation/war days are not that far ahead.  Maybe 2 years or less. Are you prepared?


            • And Idaho will go where Utah goes. Tied at the Mormon hip.

              Southern Idaho maybe, but us up here in the panhandle will probably connect to eastern Washington and western Montana. The Mormon influence in Idaho is in Boise and surrounding areas.


          • Roger,

            You’ve been controlled and influenced by J.R Simplot for years. You would just be trading one knucklehead for another.

        • Please read  Civil War 2 , by Thomas Chittum. Do a google, you will find it free in PDF format. It is a very stark, realistic projection fo how it will occur, and what borders will likely result, and why. Thomas Chittum’s analysis is very astute, reccomended reading. It is an especially good wakeup call for those who do not want to face some of the hard realities of “why” it’s coming.

          Also, back in the late 1980’s there was an article in a national magazine projecting the evntual breakup of the US, done by a “thinktank”. I did a search, and could not find it. It was a pretty good projection, and the timing is close to what the article stated. This could be the article that the KGB analyst originally referenced.

          The coming unpleasantness will not be like the last one, but will be a sort-of free-for-all, until the borders settle. Whether there is a seccession, or breakup of some sort, or not, America has been usurped from within.

          The parasites and thier marxist lackies are about to turn America into a 3rd world communist hell. Then, America will only exist on paper, and at the leisure of the parasites, unitl they have erased the memories af the people who were once the backbone of this nation.



          • Have you heard of LameCherry.blogspot.com?  Offers a very compelling view of the usurpation by dual citizen Obama and encourages a quicker system failure, rather than a slower, more painful one.

            He recommends that we overload the entitlement programs…do it legally…ahem…like the parasites have done.  I imagine; however, that most people who have lost their jobs qualify for these programs regardless.  Food stamps, for example, has a 5K resource limit…exemptions:  home, 1 car per adult, farm equipment, 5K in liquid assets, and retirement accounts.  Medicaid has even more lenient resource limits.  Now you can see how many are able to qualify … Obama recently released the requirement that you “look for work.”  Since he’s destroyed jobs, that was nice of him, eh?


        • Zoltanne:

          A civil war is illogical as we would be killing ourselves.

          A revolutionary war is logical as we would be killing our enemies.

          “A house divided cannot stand” – Jesus Christ


          • Communism is the final logic of the dehumanization of man.”- Fulton J. Sheen


          • Iowa, there are enemies living among us.

            • I know Iowa farmers grow a lot of corn, Zoltanne.   But, based on their eagerness to betray their own White brothers and sisters, may I ask if those farmers also grow a lot of watermelons and could it be that they sense the racial takeover of our nation by a competitor might translate into substantial agricultural related profits?



              • Steve, I think you misunderstood my comment. The reference of “Iowa” was to the above commenter who’s ID is “Iowa”.

                But now the state of Iowa has chosen Obama both times, so whether it’s watermelon or b.s., they have a big pile of sum’thin’ there, don’t they?


          • Killing ourselves?   No, I disagree.

            I am White Southerner and a White Nationalist, and I feel no brotherhood or sense of kinship whatsoever with any of these elitist, avaricious, materialistic, greedy cockroaches with ‘white skin’ like mine who have been running the GOP and helping our mortal enemies in the Communist Democrat camp to flood this nation with millions of non-whites from every third world backwater failed nation on this planet, who, like Ann Coulter said today – arrive in in a state of desperation, have no first world skills to offer, and don’t have the IQ capacity to learn any productive skills, even if they wanted to.   These millions of non-European invaders pose a existential threat to the survival of White European people who’s ancestors created this nation.    They are instant Democrats for life, because they are parasites – and even if, they might wind up running some local convenience store and gas station – they will still vote Democrat and they will still grab as many freebies as they can and try their best to scam the system and they will all be given Affirmative Action preferences over White males like myself.

            So, no, we wouldn’t be actually killing ourselves.   We would be engaging in a long overdue purge of the most defective and biggest race traitors among our own tribe, and believe me, that would be a good thing.




            • AMEN to this entire post, we have been over-run by the ‘free-shit-army” for far too long. Time for them to get busy or get gone……….

            • Best description I have read about our present plight. Lock and Load.

            • Right on! I hate liberal even more than illegals. They both suck.

        • ” For one, there isn’t a chance that Idaho would be joined in with the Left Coast as they switch to speaking Mandarin. LOL”


          You’re absolutely right.  The Idaho Governor didn’t actually create some quasi sovereign Chinese city/area thats approx 50 sq miles in Idaho.


          • OMG! Didn’t know that. What happened to Idaho??!

            • Zoltane…Idahos Repub govnr leased a 99 yr lease deal to China to build a complete 50 sq mile sized City. With housing and industry etc to House ONLY Kommie chinese folks.

              And they do Not have to obey any fed or state laws nor the us const as they are fully exempt. Kinda like a foriegn embasey is!

              ZERO us citizens will be allowed access unless the chinks allow it.

              And there are a grand total of 257 such sites already listed at a website complete with State personal that has address-phone-email contacts info to lease Their “Enterprize Zones”….I can’t recall the full name or title of what zones are called?….Something like “Economic Enterprize Zones”.

              I Think what I read about a year ago on that site says Zero fed or state taxes will be paid. And whatever them china kommie workers and Residents make can and will be exported to sell in china and other nations.

              And All 100% Tax Free and zero tarifs etc.

              Two Hundred and Fifty Seven sites in all 50 usa states “zones”.

              This was a big deal in idaho and got many there upset with repub govner, Butch Otter is it?……He sold idaho citizens Out to kommie chinks. 50 square mile “kommie zone City”!!…..How many chinese kommies can fit into 50 sq miles city?……How many will really be Armed Kommie china Military, posing as ‘workers” and “residents”?……Hmmmm…..Now Multiply that by 257 zone citys!

              Begining to sound like where the bible says “isreal” surrounded by Every Nation(nation=ethnos=Races) is really Us in the usa eh?

              White americans are the Most hated and despised and envied and by litterally every other Race on the planet.

              And when 99% of the time bible speaks of “Isreal” anytime AFTER the Northern 10 tribes Seceeded from the Southern Judah/benjamin TWO tribes(called the southern kingdom of judah always after they split into Two seperate nations),it means the 10 Northern tribe nation.

              Perhaps that NEW Land God says he will bring “Isreal” to(the 10 Northern tribes) without walls for security etc. A Nation of Many cattle and Fields to Grow on etc…..Thats NOT speaking of Mid east isreal….It cannot be since everything written of or mentioned don’t fit what mideast isreal today has to offer.

              But the ONE nation that Does fit it all better than any other areas is….America. Perhaps them who say america is where the Lost 10 tribes ended up was correct eh.

              We already Are surrouned by Enemys from every “nation”(nation=Race of people aka ethnos in greek) right?….Hate whitey! Blame Whiteys! Kill whiteys!

              Mid east isreal aint got but One main race or group against it…Arabs.

              Americas whites has Every race and even some White Traitors against us no?…..Looking more every day like America IS who got the blessings passed down to Jacob to Manesah etc.

              “And I will bless Your decendants, and every nation And every family on earth will Also be blessed by and from it”

              QUESTION:? Who or what OTHER peoples or Nation or country has been Most blessed?…(America) Which people of entire world Has been blessed so much that even All other nations shared in it etc?(Whites in america). (those who today call selves jews, never got any blessings, Nor has they Ever blessed anybody else or any other nations Nor has they ever “Numbered like sands of the seas or stars of sky aka jews=aprox 13.5 million total worldwide only) Compare to white=Billions worldwide.

              Who can posibly be modern day decendants of the Ten Northern tribes who Jacob said “And You boys and All Your seed(decendants) for 1000 generations Will KEEP My(jacob) name of Isreal, And be KNOWN forever worldwide as “Isreal” ?

              Jacob never spoke those blessings to anyone else but Josephs Twin sons…Ephraim and Manessah…Jacob(who God changed his name to isreal) Grandsons. So where today Are jacobs Ten tribed decendants?

              They sure as hell Aint in isreal in mideast today!!!

              Americas whitefolks perhaps?….Nobody else has been so blessed nor any other country or nation in all history right….

              And the Paraistes(khazers kommies) are trying to keep us in dark to Steal all OUR blessings and entire country!…..Wake Up whiteys!

      7. I find it unlikely that the Carolinas would side with New England.

        • You got that right.. I left New England for the Carolinas to get the hell AWAY from those self righteous pricks

          • I agree SoS, but with the division in our state we would have our own war to decide which states we align with I think.

            • Yup, NC is not a clear red state. The Triangle certainly would side with the North, not sure about Charlotte.  Both very big populations.  Not like South Carolina which would easily side with Georgia et al.

        • Ur damn skippy!  What friggin’ European Union!  They are closer to collapse than we are.

          Carolinians will be their own people if us mountaineers have anything to do with it.



          • wncmountainboy, i live in bethel, you? if were close, we need to talk!

            • Tim i live in lagrange which is close to bethel you can email me at [email protected]

            • I’m in Fletcher…north end of Henderson county.  I get to Bethel regularly with my work doing repairs at a large long term care facility.

              Ever since the Rudolph incident the Feds have their eyes peeled closely on WNC. During that incident the FBI office here was tripled in size and they brought in DEA.  They are still here ten years later.  Not comfortable with one on one communiques.  When it goes down you and I and many other Appalachians will know what to do…we will coalesce and do what mountain people have always done…take care of each other.

              Keep your powder dry and go out and harvest some venison next week!

          • Damn skippity!   I’m with you mtn.boy.  The grit and determination of us “true” tarheelers which were raised by their mountain ancestors, aren’t gonna take any shit from the europeans,asians,russians and especially the mexicans.  Our people fought for freedom from the monarchy,the northern elites,and the freakin’ commies; and we ain’t gonna stop fightin’ for that God given freedom just because of the NWO crowd running the economy and the educational system into the ground.

             The pantiywaist educated  liberal idiots may bend over for them while offering up the KY jelly at the same time, but us mtn. folk are proud of our heritage and will die before handing everything we own over to the NWO commies, especially our guns and Bibles.

            • Hey there don’t tread,

              I may be a four eyed computer nerd form up north, but remember, I moved here for a reason: to get the hell away from those ObamaNazi assholes and their bluestate gulag.

              Who fights harder: some one “born and raised” orsomeone who made a conscious decision as an adult to break from their past and “join up”? Personally, I think the answer is BOTH

              • OK SOS you are no longer a “damn yankee”.  I’ll be glad to fight beside you and Uncle Ted.  (Nugent that is).

                • @ Don’t Tread.


                  SOS, has to eat Grits. ;0)

                • would be best ot take the capitol from more than one direction.

              • @SonOfSam,

                “Bravo…Bravo,  Weasome to the ‘club’.” 🙂

                • I HAVE mentioned my keyboard difficulties previously, Yes? It and myself will be taking a short ‘trip’ tomorrow to the skeet range. I’m afraid it’s going to have a ‘fatal’ accident there after being launched from the throw-arm to the accompanying sound of “PULL’.  Clearly;

                  “Bravo…Bravo, Welcome to the Club” 🙂

          • I used to think to myself… “Am I the only one field stripping my rifle and eating freeze dried strawberries on a portaledge?”

        • That’s fer damn sure.

      8. People will make their threats  (petitions to secede), but nothing will ever come of it… until AFTER  the big kaboom.  Kind of like what happened to the Tea Party.

        People have been  lulled into too much  passivity by the current government handouts to do anything this drastic.

      9. Me thinks Igor needs to go back and take a remedial course in American history and learn about the Mason Dixon Line. Then he can sharpen his pencil and instead of redrawing the map of the US, stick it (the pencil) up his former KGB ass.

        Y’all Beware!

        • Your’e all focusing too much on his map. The split WILL happen, and the new national boundaries will look nothing like you all think. “Ethnic cleansing” al a Yugoslavia, will occur. Be ready to emmigrate to a region that suits you/you suit.

      10. Not sure if any country  ever feel apart because of peace prosperity…..

      11. What will happen to Australia? Who will out sychophantic leaders look to then?

        • One day, Australia will be occupied in total, or in part- as she can’t possibly hold together through her own people and defence resources.  Australia like most of the so called old ‘white’ nation states has been subjected to decades of mass immigration and multiculturalisim;- that destroys kinship, reduces social cohesion, offers little charitable donation.  Probably by a growing spreading China.  (I’d NOT wish to be Japanese – China -doesn’t forget old scores, her offoical ‘mil’ website has anti Japanese song you can download in MP3).

          Who should AUS (and NZ) look too in the meantime?  The US (till, or if it breaks up), and GB/Germany-EU (One day Germany *will* be a superpower in her own right, though ruled by law this time).  India will be a long term ally, with some 350 years plus of British administration behind her, she is developing fast, speaks english and teaches her women, and is westernised in valueship despite islamofascist next door.  India is well aware of China’s military growth, and responds accordingly.  I doubt, for now – the Indonesian ‘threat’, she is focussed on China, and India would make her nervous.  I’d expect Indonesia to remain on friendly terms.

          • Why the hell did you stupid morons outlaw guns? How could anyone possibly be that stupid? What the hell is wrong with you? The formerly mighty British Empire became a bunch of lilly-livered sissies.

            • Sadly, The Australian Constitution does not have a Second, but it permits much of anything (implied), UNLESS our federal parliament, in conjunction with the state parliaments – decide to pass a prohibition, such as the gun laws passed by out then conservative Prime Minister, following the so called Port Arthur massacre back in 96.  Since then we have had numerous gun amnesties – where you hand in (to police) unwanted and old ‘guns’.  New gun lawssince require us to ‘shoot more often’ and keep our guns in ‘gun safes’ (police do the inspections at your home).  Etc.  So – we are in theory better shooters:-)  I myself an not a shooter, but learn’t as a kid to shoot in Papua New Guinea.  NZ does not have Austrian gun laws.  Gun crime in AUS is typically criminal-gang using stolen or illegally imported weapons.  (Tasers et al are illegal for public use, archery is policed too – but we can join a club and so on).  Some periodic talk in AUS about a new Constitution and to replace our monarchy in favour of a republic.  One day maybe – but those who love to push this agenda are generally uber left-whingers/academics, and you’d NEVER EVER get a ‘right to bear arm’s against tyranical government via that path, even if you included mental health checks as a prerequisit, and a term of confiscation following domestic voilence.  Once upon a time in AUS (50’s), you take your ‘gun’ on your annual holidays – these days you cause modern police and do-gooders to pass out in terror.  So, I’m a non shooter in strong favour of a right to bear arms, and for the states to create militia.  BTW Australia’s Constitution allows for the creation of *NEW STATES*, though being subject to the Commonwealth Constitution (our States also have older Constitutions – the preambles of some – referenced a right for some groups to be armed – catholics and protestants).  Australia will feel a financial crash badly, but not as bad I fear those of you in the US will bear.

          • Well, fear not – you never will be Japanese.   No-one who is not Japanese by blood can be Japanese.  They won’t allow anyone with Korean ancestry to become a citizen, even if the family has been living in Japan for generations.

            • Never feared being Japanese since world war 2.  I have no problem with Japan remaining primarily a mono cultural nation on this earth.  Why some might feel a need to utterly eliminate or ‘reduce’ a particular race  and culture (through agenda) I have no idea.  Japan is and remains an ally, but I fear that if ever occupied by an ‘angry ultranationalist’ China, that her populace will suffer terribly.  That said, the JDF of today – aren’t muppets.

          • Rabid Cat

            Invasion and occupation is old school thinking. Buying up the nations resources and industries and then having them work for you (I use the word you loosely because it does not represent people or a government but rather the power elite).

            You disarm the citizens so the established order is not threatened. The established order comes from a global corporate rule not independent governments. Furthermore let the international exchange rates be frozen and create one issuing authority (As in the Federal Reserve) and regardless what pretty pictures are on the currency of “your” nations choice and regardless of the writing and denominations issued you have a one world currency. We’re much closer to this than most can see. 

        • If history repeats itself; Australia will return to occupation by the british monarchy.  They already gave up their right to own firearms like the Brits.

           It could go back to be the worlds largest system of prisons /concentration camps to hold all the worlds/EU’s  misfits and criminals.  That’s what G Britain started it with. It’s prisoners.

          • GB exported its prisoners, and guards to the new world certainly.  But it seems to me that modern GB faces growing internal struggle, putting aside the Scot and Welsh engineered push for independence.  Cameron has at least looked at removing multiculturalisim.  The damage done may well be too late though.  Germany stopped the practice in 2010 with Merkel referencing it as ‘having failed utterly’ after 65 years.  France considers removing it.  Sweden loses its ‘Europen-Swede ethnic majority in 2015 according to some sources.  We’ll see.

            • The UK’s current centralised leadership is scary in it’s engineered incompetence at every level. 

              I don’t think the regions want to formally secede as such, more just keep Westminster’s lunacy at arms length from being able to interfere in EVERY aspect of day to day life.  The regional demands for more autonomy seem to come from a desire for smaller, more accountable government, rather than any deep rooted dislike of the other parts of the UK iyswim. It just seems the easiest quickest way to achieve this goal for some right now.  

              All people really want is a  severe reduction in red tape for small business, & the right to pop whatever the hell you like in your own child’s school lunch box.

              No central politician is able to explain why immigration is so out of control on what is after all, an Island! (hint: they don’t swim the channel to get here!). In contrast a desire to exit the EU seems almost Universal amongst the British people. 

               Also the high levels of immigration mean that generally the UK public is more aware of what’s happening across the globe than in the US.

              Unlike the US we are unarmed  subjects not citizens and tptb have had centuries longer to get our population properly “tamed”.  OPSEC is by necessity far more discreete in an overpopulated land with camera’s installed on every street corner and where the supermarkets record every transaction via “loyalty cards”.

      12. how long have you people been scaremongering a collapse? You need to stop all this stupid prepping and do something constructive. Every month you people say “it’s happening” but it never does.


        Donate that food to someone who needs it. You are selfish people who secretly wish that anarchy breaks out so you can murder people. I hope NDAA finds each and every one of you. Thats what it’s here for, our protection.


        Obama 2016 and 2020!

        • You know what you can do with your NDAA, sockpuppet.

        • finx, you have a self-righteous attitude. how much food have YOU donated? What have YOU done to help others?

          In case you haven’t noticed, the Dow Jones has dropped 800 points since YOUR president was re-selected.

          And don’t count on Obama 2020. Presidents are limited to two terms, or did your government-schooled mind forget this?


          • Or Obama 2016 for that matter.

          • Scout M.:  Too many people like finx is why this country is trashed.  Welfare leeches, open border advocates, more layoffs from Obamacare,  work hours cut, trashed economy, agenda 21, and more fascism.    America is without hope as older patriots  die off and most retirees  today  are stuck in stupid, for example AARP members pushing for Obamacare, etc.

            • Wait till those retirees get what they have been clamoring for. They’ll need a new Depends when they find out that they REALLY WILL be pushed off into a corner to die.

        •  Good try Finx; please come down from your high chair scooter and join us at the adult table..
          You are just provoking.                                                                     🙂
          dev·il’s ad·vo·cate

          A person who expresses a contentious opinion in order to provoke debate or test the strength of the opposing arguments.

        • Spinxter, you smell like a libtard-government troll. Go thumb your meat somewhere else you scrote. There’s a roadside ditch on a deserted dirt road callin’ your fuckin’ name.

        • Fink, you are so ignorant that I’m thinking your Obamaphone must be scrambling your brain.  Most preppers are very generous with food donations as they rotate their stock, I would not be surprised if we give a thousand times more than non-preppers.  We are planners, not idiots, thus we plan ahead for the bad times.   If you spent less time trolling forums and more time focusing on the here and now, you might learn how fragile our system really is, and how unsustainable the world that we have created really is.   There are many legitimate reasons to put away for hard times, even a tiny squirrel brain realizes that!

        • Well, I’m old enough to remember Eisenhower, so I can tell you from personal experience that it IS happening.  Been there,  seen that,  quit work and bugged-out to avoid the shrapnel.

          You children who think that Jimmah Cahtah is ancient history need to get a clue.

          • I remember Billy Beer! Nasty $#!t…


        • finx,

          Obama can only have 2 terms.

          2016 and 2020 are out of the question. Unless of course he becomes a dictator.


          • I’ll support him if he does. He’s the savior we need. Kicking your republican ass!

            • me thinx finx stinx

            • finx.


              I have more conviction than you. I hope to find you in the trenches and remember my name as I will yours and we will see whose ass gets kick.

              “Old age and treachery will overcome skill and youth”.

        • Be nice everyone. If my translation is correct that is lib-tard for hello.

      13. The states should not have to split up all we need to do is put a few committee heads of congress, the heads of the federal reserve and and several international bankers on trial for their crimes and abetting of crimes and if convicted take their assets like you would any drug dealer. Then use these assets to pay down the national debt and then get on with our business and never let any one bank in this country have more than 10 billion or less in assets or no more than 5000 employees per bank, and absolutly no government backing for and type of investment bank.
        Austerity is as good for banks as it is for people

        • AMEN!!!!!!!!!

        • Good luck tbone.

      14. It will take more pain on the public before they really push for such a movement. We could see history made in the US shortly.

        An upside is that we do have precedent for secession in the US, circa 1776. Only the British considered it a bad thing. With the passing of the Federal Reserve Act in 1913, we went right back under the British Crown by stealth. Secession from the federal government is a new secession from Brtain.


      15. the divide in this country is getting bigger everyday. the right versus left was fake a few years ago. but now it is alive and well. if only everyone could learn to respect other people view points. but they don’t respect them they belittle them. it has gotten so bad where i can almost taste the tension in the air. i  believe that you don’t have to like other people choices to respect there choices.

        but on brighter news i have found another prepper where i work at. but he is far better prepared than i am.


        • How and Why should we respect “Their” choices when They choose to Disarm us all?….Or Force Faggots and Dykes at us? Or Force us to accept UN mandates we do Not agree with. Especially anyone with 1/2 of a brain can tell We is whos Right on All these issues.

          Theres zero debating when they are 100% Wrong as can be on 99% of everything they spew. At some point white flight will become stand ground to Fight. There are no other choices. No debates neither. Libs are Kommies…WE are Americans. FREE americans…Kommie libs equals Zero freedoms period. Unless Our side stops lib kommies Dead in their tracks.

          Its one thing to “Think” as they desire….But when Think comes to Force it upon us?…..No!  And debates wont work properly on folks like libs who has Mental derangment malfunctions such as Kommie on the brainitis.

          How can you debate when They refuse to EVER admit they  ARE wrong?

          Debate My M1A-.308!!!!!

          • i respect everyone choices. but i do not agree with everyone choices. the freedom of choice, speech is one of the best things about this country. now respecting their choice and allowing them to do whatever they want is two different things. if two guys want to screw each other i can honestly care less, as long as they DON’T try to screw me or put it in my face. if they do they will run into a problem. if liberals want to disarm themselves then they can go right ahead and do so. i don’t care. if they try to disarm me without a damn good reason then yes i will give it to them. one bullet at a time.

            i debate people all of the time. use facts to destroy there argument. leave them nothing to stand on. they might not admit that they are wrong but they will respect you.


            • The left are conditioned to believe they own the truth, and only they may have freedom of speech. You can debate them, crush thier arguments with blunt facts, and they will still deny you are right. They will simply start calling you names.

              Recall before the “election”, the left made numerous threats to murder mittens, riot, burn the country to the ground, and then leave, if obummer had not been installed as figurehead. Now, they demand that obummer write an executive order, stripping the citizenship of anyone who signed the seccession petitions. Only they are allowed to have freedom of speech, you are only allowed to have “responsible speech”.

              They do not respect anything you will ever say, they will simply rat you out to those who make lists of “resisters”. Trying to reason with people on the left, is like trying to covert a religious fanatic. They are brainwashed, and braindead.


          • A debate presumes a shared interest in trying to arrive at the truth through logical discussion bound by rules. The ObamaNazi scum infecting this country aren’t interested in the truth and they don’t consider themselves bound by any rules, logic or decency.

            I myself favor nullification not secession… why the fuck should these pigs get to put their filthy claws on MY flag, MY country, MY land or MY money? Who the fuck are THEY? Just a bunch of tax fattened parasites. What are they good for? Nothing…. just look at that jug eared fucker soiling the White House. First, he was a student… on whose money we’ll never know. Then, he was a “community organizer”, whatever the hell that means. Then, he was a scumbag lawyer for ACORN, a pack of Marxist assholes allergic to soap, logic and common sense. Then, he was a politician, first in Illinois, then in Washington. After all his posturing and all his speeches, he has never done anything, never produced anything, and he doesn’t mean anything, except to promote the whale sized sense of entitlement among the banksters, the illegals and the gimme girls.

            America must be cleansed of this filth, down to the very last speck of shit they are

            • Now that’s the truth, SonOfSam.

               It’s hard to carry on with any intelligent conversation with any liberals these days.  They can’t win on the sensitive issues such as abortion or homosexuality being non-acceptable by God, so they try to petty boggle every conversation.

               I for one, will not waste my time and energy trying to get a liberal idiot to see the truth. The hard left has taken the inch that the compromising right have given them and ran a proverbial mile with it.  With the whole length of it they have tried to strip us of our God given rights every inch of the way.

               Sad to say, but even the “church goers”, (not all) are being driven by the underlying enemy and his evil spirit.  The division has begun, and it will continue until the final dividing takes place.  Christ will start the finale by dividing the sheep from the goats when the Second Advent takes place.  The separation of the “wheat and the tares” will be the other dividing, and the Lake of Fire will be the Grand Finale at the end of the Millenium to rid the world of all that is evil.

               A lot of people are on the ole chopping block right now and had better start doing some “soul searching”, cause things are starting to heat up.  I say let the separating begin.  Those that aren’t for us, are those that are against us.  Be a soldier for Christ.  Be strong!  This is war.

          • Commies everywhere. Good to see one who ain’t.

        • I’m NOT in a good mood lately…lots of reasons, but what the hell does learning to respect ‘my’ view points have to do with bastards stealing my social security benefits and giving it to sleeze bags not ever working a day in their lives to pay for beer, pizza, cigarettes and cell minutes??  🙂


            • thanks for that, slingshot.

              Truth is painful sometimes.

        • @OmegaGrayKnight

          You’re exactly right. People are de-friending people on Facebook over their political views – it’s ridiculous. (I don’t spend much time on Facebook, it’s just a necessary evil to keep up with people nowdays.) I posted a link about catching rainwater on your own property being illegal in some places and my cousin came out of nowhere and blew a gasket. He tried to make it about politics and said that website was not non-partisan (So what? I didn’t say it was!) and we shouldn’t be so divisive, we should come together as a people, blah blah.

      16. Concerning Ohio; we saw the division in this state during the elections.. I speculate that if Ohio goes to any region., it will possibly splinter into 3 parts;

        Cleveland Ohio will go East..

        Columbus Ohio will go either East or West..  and

        Cincinnati  Ohio will go South.


        • Secession in the United States is an interesting idea for these times we are in.., but ., it might be more Bravado, then actually pushing forward to do this.

          • Indeed, many may see it as simply their chance to vent their frustration towards the feds.

            • Agreed;  hopefully this is all it is.., to go into a secession would put us into a lifestyle of strife , but how will the ending of this story be like. (?)  Not sure that I really want to know.

              I would be mixed emotionally if this event would occur.   HHmmmmmm.

              • So, eagledove, let us leave all as is and it should all come out rainbows and lollipops??


                • Maybe free cable TV, junk food, beer, and Unicorns too…



                • 🙂  That’s funny! 🙂

                  Thanks JayJay @ JustMe for that warm and fuzzy feeling. 🙂

      17. Mac, this coming perfect storm is your reason for being and you offering this site has been an enlitenment. It is the reason I come and I thank you and commend you on your bravery and concern. The thing we are witnessing is the covert conspiracy theory predicted here becoming an overt conspiracy.  There have been a few more mentioned on this site that have not yet come to pass. Your accuracy has become to have more than a little fear associated with it. Good work. It will be remembered. (just in case your accuracy improves). I just wish we all would realize that it is not the people…people

      18. Ahhh, Ummm. I would like to make a correction to the color map of the theoretical, future grouping of states.  No way in HELL will the citizens of West Virginia, Virginia and those mid-atlantic states south of the Virginias agree to go with those states north of the Virginias.

        I will admit that Virginia would benefit from slicing off  Northern Virginia around the beltway and about 50 klicks south & west as that zone has become the “State of Insanity”,  NOT the state of Virginia.

        Just my opinion.

        • 9’rxray. Glad you’ve confirmed what I have felt for some time. Spent many of my childhood summers in Front Royal with grandmaw. I live in the PROMD. I grew up on an island. My childhood was a Huck Finn-Tom Sawyer adventure to say the least. Trapped muskrat, fox, otter, coon and anything else that would pay a dollar. Bought and paid for my first car when I was fifteen with pelt money. Now in the Governor’s office we got a apple polishing ,boot licking mick (O’malley), “Slick Mick” is what I call him, that has his nose right in between O’shitheads twin loaves. I’ll be damned if I gonna become part of the european union without a fight. If this happens I can guarantee that if the almighty steadies my hand that I’ll be able to pile the bodies high like cordwood before I go down. That folks is all that I hope for……

          • PO’s P –  Agreed, this ole Viet-Nam vet not going to agree to some candy-ass EuroUnion either.  Fact I am beginning to disagree with the “Union” we call the Fed “gub-mint”.

            Some call the Wash. DC area “Sherwood Forest” . Take what is not  theirs to give to what will not earn their own. All this is just destined to get out of hand.


          @Niner X-Ray….

          It would appear that Virginia did exactly that in this past election.  They voted with the states in the N.E.

          I do understand your point.  But according to the election map, there were a lot of states that went for Obama where MOST of the votes for him were in the urban areas.

          There seems to be a common thread with these areas….Urban, minority, strong union influence. and high immigrant population.  (essentially, folks with a looter mentality)

        • Niner, my family’s been in old Virginia since the 1730s — original settlers. Some were killed in Indian massacres, many were Patriots in the American Revolution. Old family land to the south, west, and north — all of it nearby. But I can’t stay now. I don’t know the Commonwealth of Virginia anymore. After the election, I realized it was a contagion and we need to get out. What a shame that our old State has been destroyed from within…..


          • Z – Same in our family. With earlier members captured and most killed during the French & Indian War and First Rev War . I too am banging my head against the wall as to how far done the drain Virginia has gone.

            No doubt Jefferson, Madison, Washington, they are all kicking out their caskets over what has been allowed to happen.

            • Niner, how interesting! Had a grandmother who was captured as a young girl and she was released about 10 years later. The Fort Seybert massacre took a grandfather and uncle from many generations back. Many in my family also fought in the Am Rev, some rose to become officers.If you’re interested in genealogy, an excellent resource is a 3 vol series by Lyman Chalkey entitled “Chronicles of the Scotch-Irish Settlement in Virginia”. They contain original court records from 1745-1800 of Augusta County which was a large county back then. Lots of info there for the region.Yes, the things that early Americans fought for, and died for, have mostly been forgotten or looked upon as ‘primitive’. If we reminded ourselves of the many hardships and battles that early settlers faced, we would see that some of the possible problems we will deal with in our future are not nearly as enormous.

        • West Virginia seceeded from Virginia during the war of northern aggression. A successful secession, as Churchill explained it.

      19. What a crock.  Far easier to throw DC out of the Union, Declare war on them and hang them all

        • Cut off the head of the snake, D.C. and its tail, Wall Street

          • and its asshole, Hollywood.


            DC — Wall Street — Hollywood : the REAL “axis of Evil”

        • Hear, Hear!!!!!



        • As Ive said here before…next time we dont make Lees mistake(although Im not blamin him mind you) we dont march around DC and go to the north we march straight into DC after surrounding and sealing it…..then we hang them political polecats on every lamp post and doorway in the freakin city…fumigate the place and seal it off forever so whatevers in the soil stays there!  🙂

          • An exallane place for hangins would be that NINTY ONE Foot Tall Minorah erected every Hannuka on the whitehouse front lawn. It is massive huge and will hold probobly at least 50+ tyranical traitors at a time!

      20. Civil war? Between what two factions? I would much rather see the  citizens vs. the globalist oligarchy, but I simply do not have enough faith in joe sixpack kardashian grasping this issue.

      21. if anything there will be some regional spliting but since the EU will fall as well…I don’t see his prediction coming true.

      22. Total land are of Europe – 3.93 million square miles.

        Total nations in Europe (UN Recognized) – 50

        Total land are of Contiguous United States – 3.11 million square miles.

        Total States in Contiguous United States – 48

        It isn’t that far fetched.

      23. Another trip to the proctologist… That Will last the next four years!!

        The dummies have spoken.. Obama will save the 8 hour Non-workday for all of them!!

        Makes me Sick..

      24. I doubt the NE will join the European Union, the EU will most likely collapse before or because of a US collapse. Maine and NH will not wish to be dominated by NY and VT is full of displaced Californians who could not survive without Govt. assistance.  It will be interesting to watch it play out.

      25. I understand all the succession talk and whether it happens or not, or how soon, is anyones guess. What I do not get is, why do all the regions have to “belong” to some other part of the world?  I’m pretty sure if succession gains traction the last thing successionists will want to do is hop in bed with another corrupt Government. Why wouldn’t any succeeding states form soverign unions of thier own?

        • That is the point, john..read the language in the petitions.

          “to withdraw from the United States of America and create its own NEW government.”

          “in order to form a new and independent sovereign state”

          I guess you haven’t been interested enough to go to the site??


      26. Idaho, Utah, Arizona would never have any part of  California and the left coast.

        • Nevada wouldn’t either!

          • That’s not what Harry Reid says.

            • Harry can’t really say much, with his head up his ass!!!

      27. Cut government spending!!!! There are too my people spending money on shit! Cut salaries, do away with pointless jobs. Commonsense things , these idiots have become self-important they have no idea what’s really going on. The checks and balance system no longer works .
        The federal government will bring the U.N. In before it allows civil war. After the U.S. Implodes then the country will break up. Oh and Arizona would join Mexico before China. California has no chance of defending themselves. The lines drawn are interesting,but we know it will not be that easy.
        Prepare for……. (fill in the blank for yourself)

      28. Too bad the feds don’t move to immediately close military bases in these secessionsist states.  I bet that wold stop the movement in a hurry.  Too bad these secessionist states do not anounce they will not honor military retiree benefits.  Too bad these secessionist states do not announce that any citizen receiveing social security and medicare benefits will lose those benefits upon secession, be cause upon secession, all those things will have to happen. States are not going to pick up the tab for those expenditures.  And I am sure all those recipients will gladly give up those benefits.

        • JoeinNC.

          I would like to ask you if you believe we are past the point of no return in the financial sector? That an  Impending Financial Collapse of  the country awaits us?  That it is a  mathematical certainty that can not be turned back.

          My position is, there will be a financial collapse. There will be no retirements/pensions, no social security, no medicare. The military bases may be the FEMA camps. The movement is only a show of frustration. If all 50 states want to secede it is because they want to escape the tyranny of the Federal Government.

          Why are you so vehemently against secession?


          • ‘NC’ stands for ‘No Clue’.  He actually thinks the government is the source of money.  He has no clue that government can never give anything that they don’t first take away.  Unfortunately for him, he’s going to receive a real-world education very soon…and his new alma mater, the school of hard nocks, will charge him a very high tuition.

        • Since all 50 states have petitoned for seccession, where do you suppose all the mil bases will go? To dc? LOL…

          Even though a breakup is unlikely, it would end like the former Soviet Union, with each area keeping thier hardware.

          “America as we know it will cease to exist”-Strob Talbot (one of bill clinton’s parasitic handlers, in the late 1990’s)

          So, as long as the left says America is toast, it’s OK, right? If anyone else makes the observation, they are bad people…

          All things come to an end. Civilizations rise, and they fall. In this case, America has been usurped from within, by marxists, long ago, with the express intent of bringing it down.

          Perhaps, the parasites would even like to see America break up, since they have used this nation’s blood, sweat, and tears, to muscle thier way into most other countries in the world. Can’t have a free and strong America, that actually protects Liberty, instead of being the nwo’s enforcement arm.



          • One way usa gets screwed royally at the UN is due to, even though all of our 50 seperate states were and STILL are each a seperate govnt entity of itself.

            And orig. created the Fed gov to act on behalf of all combined  states and ONLY as enumerated or listed in the us const etc…

            When we go to vote as a nation at UN functions, the usa gets ONE single vote not 50 votes.

            But Britian even though has broken up their former hold as an “empire” and gave all former colinies indepeneence etc, the brits still maintain signed docs from each indemendemt country(like canada etc).

            All them former empire colonies had to agree to REMAIN loyal to the Queen(or king if there is one) when the queen says so. As in if say queen says its a matter of importantce or emergency actions etc.

            So when britian desires it to be so, they can force all 50 (Or is it 55?) now indep, countries to Vote at the UN as the brits demand.

            So that gives britian as well as South america Many more votes than the usa which gets One lone vote on all matters. Even though We the usa Pays almost 1/2 of UN costs and WE is who sends largest contingencys of militarys every time the UN says Jump!

            Between england and mexico-S.america-Central americas nations combined they can join votes to out number usa by margin of USA=1 vote per Them totals aprox 85-90 total votes.

            And each on their own can out vote usa every time(except mexico I guess).

            The 50 states at very minimum should each get a single UN vote like all them other nations and combos of nations. 50 total votes at UN is way more fair eh.

            Perhaps they tptb rather keep us as we now exist to remain one un vote total?…..Aint got no special info on it, just wondering is all. Seems kinda fishy though we got One un vote compared to all the others with combined many votes no?

            Maybe this too was planned all along prior to league of nations(1920 era) and later when morphed into united nations(exact same globalist Kommie bunch as league was, just a new name and new location to NY).

        • Wouldnt a big part of secceding be just that? to get away from a system that supports all kinds of “programs”…no one said itd be pleasant or easy…Im sure theres others like myself who would gladly give up SS and pensions for the chance to live truly free and see my kids and grandbabies grow up in freedom…besides I wont be retiring as that usually meand dying shortly thereafter!

      29. No Russia, you can’t have Alaska.





        • Russia may still dream of owning Alaska again, but it is only a big pipe dream. If they get custody of Alaska, it won’t last for long. They will not even own the Siberian lands north of China much longer. There are already Chinese squatters moving into those areas, taking over by demographic, for now. Only Russia’s nuclear weapons keep China from just moving in, and taking all of Siberia. That, and for the forseeable future, China still has uses for it’s relationship with Russia…


      30. The people along the New England and eastern seaboard and California/Pacific Northwest think of all states in between those two points and insignificant fly-over states not worthy of notice or thought.  The coasts, which voted heavily Obama, have already mentally segregated themselves from anyone not living along those right or left coast geographic locations, and often snide remarks are posted about the lack of tolerance and mental acuity of those “red state” red necks.  Funny, for people screaming for tolerance, they are pretty intolerant of others.

        • Not all of us, just because I live in Maine doesn’t mean I think or act like a “blue stater.”

          • MX… You have same delema like blacks has…Its Always the Bad 98% that makes the GOOD 2%(like MX!) look so bad!

            One more reason we need states or areas of states where we can keep a 100% Good majority and Keep it like that.  OR, Boot all kommies OUT and entire usa will again be normal and 100% rightous.

      31. Signing the secession petition is like pissing in dark pants, you’ll get a warm feeling that nobody will notice. Ok some will notice, such as the pervs that like to look at piss stained dark pants.


        Most of Oregon will not go with California. Just the major cities along the I5 corridor. Same thing for Washington State. Must be something that comes out of the tail pipe that people breath in that gives them  brain damaged. The original Chem trail.

      32. Personally I see the “secession” nonsense about as likely as Alec Baldwin leaving the country when a Republican wins. It never happens.

        Hypothetically playing this out…if the US splits up it would be the equivalent of a meteor hitting the planet for the world economy. The EU would instantly collapse…it would not be able to exert “influence” over anything, and would most likely descend into a Balkan War level of violence.

        Russia, Mexico, and South America are already either collapsed or close too it. They won’t exert any influence.

        The collapse in oil revenues would destroy the Middle East turning the entire region into Syria, and probably collapsing them to the level of Afghanistan today.

        Canada would split in two.

        China probably comes out the winner seizing Japan, Korea, Siberia, and Alaska militarily and controlling the Pacific coast states economically.

        Texas is the other winner, as US producer and natural resources states and Northern Mexico  join the Texas Republic.




        • As much as I don’t like the US being “The Cop” of the world let the “Officer” not be on his beat and watch the global sparks fly. As bad of a master that we may be the previous nations, England, Spain, France, NAZI Germany, Imperial Japan and Soviet Union that vied for domination were far less benevolent.

          Very quickly the world would get very ugly.

          • The idea that the US has to police the world, is a facade. The US is only used as the strong arm of the nwo-crowd.

            The US has bled enough to protect the parasite’s intrests. The US has bled enough to prop up dictatorships they like against those they don’t. The US has thrown away the lives of our people around the world, for the last century. For what? To be hated, and used some more?

            Let the world police it’s self.


          • You know what?  Let the rest of the world devour one another.

            • The rest of the world would do just that. Unfortunately in the process one way or another we would catch the fallout.

      33. finx,

        Here is an offer to you to see how really good you are. You can use all of your friends  (extras) and see if you can come up with the answers to the following abbreviations that are used here, post your answers to the abbreviation, included in a sentence within two hours of this post and we will see your results and how good you think you are, so here you go:

        BTW, IMHO, YCKMA as YASW. We are TSOTE and GFC    and prefer TBLA from PTASSSAY. It is an easy little test and yes you get a trophy for participating.

        Y’all Beware! GPUAR.

        • I think the one he/she would be the most familiar with would be NAMBLA!!!

      34. Washington does not have the moral   courage to bring this country back together. They are addicted to power and blind or by intent to the economic reality that we are broke. What happens when the goverment becomes the enemy of the common people?  Revalution. I do not advicate revalution because  of the terrible consequences.  I fear for my country, God have mercy on us.  Patriots,pray for our country.

      35. Matthew 7:15 &16

        Jesus said, “Beware of false prophets who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves. You will know them by their fruits”.

      36. Matthew 10: 21-23

        Jesus said, ” Now brother will deliver brother to death and a father his child, and children will rise up against parents and cause them to be put to death.  Any you will be hated by all for My sake. Be he who endures to the end will be saved. When they persecute you in this city, flee to another. For assuredly I say to you, you will not have gone through the cities of Israel before the Son of Man comes.

        • Holy crap, I have the original copy of that book from way back in the late 70s…. gotta wonder, is that author still alive?

      37. The current national debt would require just over $218,000 per person to pay off.  Got your checkbook handy?

        I see a divided America.  Just started working on a new flag for my new country.

        • I have a small folded 48-star US flag which was included in a book I picked up at a yard sale. Other being faded and creased, it’s mostly in good shape. I wonder if it will come back in vogue soon.

          • @ Scout Motto

             If Pueto Rico has their way, the flag will be adding another star; not deleting any.  They heard that the USA is raising taxes in 2013 and Obamy is giving away billions of it, if he can get a cut under the table, so they are pushing hard for their share.

      38. To pay off the national debt would require just over $218,000 per person.  Got your checkbook handy?

        I see a day when North America is many countries.  In fact I’ve already started on my new country’s flag.

        • If they will let me off this train I will write that check and be done with it.

      39. I have said it before and will say it again.  We are just repeating what happened to Russia when they left Afganastan.

      40. Now that all those who thoughtfully provided their information to the Whitehouse, the DHS (KGB) will be able to easily round up “those pesky dissidents.”

        • True, but the founders boldly signed the Declaration even though they knew the redcoats would hunt them down. Id rather die than lose freedom of speech.

          • The Brits didn’t have the internet or DHS. Grampa always used to tell me, “Don’t telegraph yer shots.”

      41. Previous post was sarcasm.

      42. Anybody that thinks the United States is going to “break up” is seriously deluded.  This is another Slavo article intended to stir up discontent.

        • I tend to agree. But once the financial collapse hits, the Federal Govt. will be the primary loser…with little or no revenue to spread to the states to keep them in line, the states will claw back powers.You are already seeing this today with various state pot initiatives or immigration initiatives directly challenging the Federals from both the left and the right.

          So the the union remains but power decentralizes as the money the Feds use to keep the states in line goes away.

          At the end of the day, when the Fed has to print money to buy 75% of the long term debt issued by the Federal government, the end is near.


      43. The talk of secession & division is the talk of our enemies – the russians, chinese, mexicans & jihadis. Don’t be fooled. These things they say are to make us feel weak & helpless.  Our country has survived until now only because of the US Constitution which outlines our boundries as a people.  The people can have different beliefs but must respect each other in order to have a good life.  This is not possible in most other places including russia, china, mexico & jihadi  land. I am getting old & weak but this is my word.


        • The Constitution is nothing to TPTB in Washington but something to trot out once in a while to appease the masses, while they secretly take it to the bathroom, where it serves another purpose altogether.

          This nation was founded on secession.  The thirteen original colonies seceded from the British Empire.

          The Constitution was the document upon which the Republic was founded.

          It (the Constitution) has been abandoned by a hijacked, illegitimate cabal in Washington D.C. bought and paid for by the global banksters.

          The ONLY hope for this country is that it return to the Constitutional principles that it has abandoned.  If it doesn’t…..a breakup is inevitable.  It cannot and will not be avoided.

        • We still have a constitution?????  Doesn’t seem it to me.

      44. No chance So Car goes with the NE.  Chalk them and possibly NC and TN in with the rest of the South.

        • I could see Tennessee and S. Carolina.

          Not so sure about N. Carolina.  N. Carolina is loaded with Obamazombies.

      45. Screenshot below — Last 14 days of 5.0M and greater earthquakes — Western Hemisphere as of Nov. 14, 2012


      46. Sorry about the last post it didn’t go through.

        • @ copperhead,

          Spoke with Mac day before yesterday about the imaging thing…it’s not quite ready for prime time yet I take it. I was asking in the context of some of the solar stuff I fool with….Confucious say, “picture worth ‘tousand word’. In getting the server ready to split across the cloud while still retaining control locally he’s GOT his hands full…might be a delayed a bit.

          Mac you can CHIME in here any time….but I know you’re busy! While I’m directing at you, the ‘Thumbs’ thing has lost it’s mind again; I gave JayJay a single thumb earlier and it registered a change from 6 to 13, one for BI went from 2 to 8….but it’s NOT regulat, others get a regular single thumb when clicked!?


          • It’s just that a few more people gave a thumbs up/down between the time you last loaded the page, and when you hit the thumb up/down button.  No problems here.

      47. Nahh never happen.

      48. If we’re correcting his map, I’d like to add that the proposed nation of Cascadia won’t be under Chinese or Russian influence:

        “The nation would consist of British Columbia, Canada, along with Oregon, Washington and portions of other states from the United States. At its maximum extent Cascadia would extend from coastal Southeast Alaska to the north, extending into Northern California in the south, and inland to include parts of the Yukon, Idaho, Wyoming and Western Montana…Cascadia would be home to slightly more than 15 million people, and would have an economy generating more than $675 billion worth of goods and services annually.”


        15 million Liberals! Kinda makes you think, eh? LOL

      49. I don’t think we have reached the point of secession. Beware what you may ask for.

        Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed.

        • We are well past “light and transient causes” in my opinion.  Even if we ONLY go on the tax rate, do you realize colonists were taxed what amounted to about $200/year in today’s money?  They weren’t so concerned with the rates as they were the lack of representation for where those taxes went AND the fact that the King was manipulating the market.  For example, the tea party came about from an understanding that the crown was taxing “their” products at a different rate than “his” goods.  This was creating a monopoly because the market was rigged to prevent competition.  The colonists realized that if the crown could do this to tea they could do it to ALL products, so they revolted.  Fast forward to today, where we are overtaxed, under represented, the government chooses “winners”, and they are trying to monopolize markets (Obamacare, bailouts, etc.).  The question the Founders would like have is not whether we should revolt, but why it has taken us this long to do it.  Thomas Jefferson had a great grasp on things:

          “What country before ever existed a century & a half without a rebellion? & what country can preserve it’s liberties if their rulers are not warned from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance? Let them take arms. The remedy is to set them right as to facts, pardon & pacify them. What signify a few lives lost in a century or two? The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots & tyrants.”

          Esse Quam Videri

          • Awesome post Southpaw.

          • USA has representation without taxation. We have so many things ass-backwards that breakup is inevitable.

          • Best post I’ve read in a LOOOOOOOOONG time!!!  Great job.

        • @Kevin2

          Always loved that turn of phrase…(sigh)…they just don’t make em like that anymore do they? I’ve always thought that outside of anything claiming ‘divine’ origin that the Declaration of Independence – as it is written – is as close as mankind has ever gotten to creating something approximating  ‘Holy’. I hope that such thought does not vanish from the Earth…..

          Hey Mac, per previous suggestion…maybe it’s time to reprise Mr Jefferson’s finest prose here…possibly?  Maybe even there are some here who’ve either not seen it in a long, long time or maybe never even.  Just a thought.

          • @ annononmiis,

            Possible, given the hour of the day I was ‘Thumbing’,  though Mac and I were just having a conversation about this very thing…and there are, by his reckoning, some irregularities lately. Anywho, Tank’s!

      50. It’s time for small buisinesses to have a work Holiday and show how much they provide for the economy and to the workers who demand more goodies for doing nothing. Maybe shut down all sm. companies for a week and see how long it takes for the politicians to beg them to reopen.

      51. This may be the dumbest story I have ever read on this blog.You guys may be drowning some day and need your breath wasted commenting about this ridiculous story.

      52. Here is an article about the New Madrid that talks about the 1812 shakers that they said could have even been the 9 range. When the Caribbean fault goes it will affect the New Madrid, as 1812 was the year that the New Madrid went, the Caribbean fault in Venezuela, and the San Andreas. I thin people are waking up to this triple threat on top of the Cascadia fault that is teetering on the brink.


        • Be informed

          As always the harbinger of the foretold..

          I only hope your calculations are 100% incorrect..that being stated..let’s see what shakes out in the near future..and no pun intended..Given the recent events unfolded and unfolding I believe that we are at the crossroads of a major shift at any moment now.Never before in my lifetime has so much occurred ,and occurring minute by minute day by day, as we see now in every aspect we can comprehend and process.It is akin to an episode of the twilight zone never written yet we are all experiencing it in real time..

          Truly the shtf is unfolding as never before.

          Stay well keep us informed on your perspectives as you and others are so diligently every day..Time to get all our preparations in order.





          and spiritually..





          • @ Possee.  The only event I am waiting for now is some more polar activity to better correlate where the energy is coming from.  Right now the Cascadia and the eastern portion of the Caribbean fault are like a car trying to keep going with a major near broken axle, everytime there is a bump in the road, every turn, and it weakens.  Those two areas were both hit with very large earthquakes.  To put it into comparison, the Cascadia fault went over a 2 foot deep pothole, and the Caribbean went over three, foot and a half deep potholes.  Rock can only take so much before giving way.  The New Madrid has not had anything, YET, to really help fracture it further to the point of breaking.  The San Andreas is under 312 years of build up strain in the south, and 155 years worth in the central portion, and has had some earthquakes to its south that has added tension to it.

            I am actually really quite confident of this as faults just cannot take such hits as what has happened this year to both of them.  The time frame is difficult to predict until more action shows up.  Like I said the other night, I would look for anything south of the Caribbean fault along an axis that runs down into Chile and Argentina area of 7+ to trigger this.  The Cascadia fault only needs a little more time to trigger it or another earthquake of decent size nearby.  Until November 24, that precursor earthquake down in the South Sandwich islands, it is still on for more 6.5+ earthquakes, which already have occurred in Mynamar, Costa Rica, and  eastern Alaska as this one registered 6.4 and 6.5 on many seismic sites.

            Keep watching the situation in Israel, the moon is still dark enough for Israel to go after Iran until Sunday.  I am waiting for the next breaking news, perhaps a really strange black swan event(s).

      53. Greetings Everyone!

        Interesting discussion.

        Given that many states aren’t going to be able to afford to make good on their pensions(North AND South alike,due in no small part to the false promises of Wall Street) we may see something not unlike a collapse in a slow-motion,train-wreak fashion.We are already seeing how pitiful the “man behind the curtain” is .Bush and his Ilk are greatly to blame for part of the problem(massive “war” debts for example),Obama looks like he’s become enamored with keeping “Wall-Street” and the Big Bankers afloat.The guy promised to end “foreign adventures” and fix Wall-Street.Instead, he’s using people and spending  almost as fast as Bush’s “wars” and “banker aid” did.And STILL spending far too much on countries elsewhere..AfricaComm? WTH?It’s egregious actions like these  like that which causes great prosperous nations to fail.Happened to Pax Romana.Happened to Russia twice.Remember the British Empire?

        So where to we go from here?The secession petitions are a “tea party” backlash run by Koch brothers,Inc.It has turned into a mouthpiece for such men.

        There will be “THE CHANGE” coming though,just not what “Rich and greedy old buggers” are drooling for.Do YOU really want to live in a place like today’s “Formerly known as the USSR” type of mafia run country?Money or not,if they don’t like you, you’ll have EVERYTHING seized on a whim.Then you’ll most likely disappear from sight!When the economy is bad enough,the States won’t have to request to separate from the federal center.It will cut loose most of them to preserve what remains of it’s power.Old people without families will starve,many will die from sickness they can’t afford to cure,the list continues.I see coming soon near you many of these “moochers” who get SSI benefits for “disabilities” suddenly  cut-off.Many states depend upon Federal $$$ to help pay for free education for EVERYONE’S children.That will go away fast as well.The “Rich” would no doubt cheer.After all, THEIR children should be  the only ones who should get an education because “survival of the fittest” theory says so.These so-called “right to work” states will get the chance to prove how good they actually are at running things w\o the Feds $$$ coming in.Quite a few of the locals around here(in the “mid-south) are lazy,corrupt(boss hog types,quite an apt term for them!) and most unwilling to listen to the needs of the people,unless they personally get a “cut”.  Do be most careful what you ask for and want,God is listening to you and may give you what he knows what you actually need.

        Just my thoughts,


        P.S. watched the sky today as about 6 planes  at extremely high altitude  spread those “Chem-trails” across they sky in a narrow 30* arc in a criss-cross pattern “cover” the area.What now?Are they planning to cure the country of it’s people problem?The stuff stays up there for hours.

        We may not have to worry about these things much longer!


        • GFG.

          Two things.  Remember those who have done wrong.  Only laws keep most, from becoming savages.  Don’t make sense now. But it will later.

        • “spending  almost as fast as Bush’s “wars” and “banker aid” ???

          Really, 0bama has spent more in 3 years than Bush did in 8!!!!!!

      54. For anyone interested in the range of missiles going into Israel. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-middle-east-20343180

        As you can see Tel Aviv is well within the range of Fajr-5 missiles. Also is Jerusalem, but this city probably won’t be targeted because of the higher arab population that live here. The Dimona nuclear power plant in Israel is not on this map for some strange reason, but it would be at about where the “L” in the word ISRAEL is on this map. That is also within the range of these rockets.

      55. The vote is history. My gut tells me, a MBR, SIDEARM, and web gear for all family members of age. Younger ones and ladies should at least be taught how to load magazines. Top of the list is extra magazines and AMMO lots of both.

        Still get WATER, FOOD and things above. Get home defense planned and ready to set.

        YES I know he’s just another RAMBO, but we are in the SHTF now. Things are going to happen real fast from now on.

        The MID EAST is going to explode. Price of oil will go through the roof, and an earthquake is at the door step, no matter what goes down WE WILL BE ON OUR OWN FOR QUITE A WHILE.  JUST USE COMMON SENSE IN WHAT YOU DO.

        May GOD be with US!

        • C P I think Brent crude should be watched as the trigger more than US crude.

          And I agree we are to the point that a weapon may just needs to be first if you are new.   And put to the top if you have not gotten to it yet. Get a dam shotgun at least people or you are just stupid and the zombies (SNAPers) will be feeding on your flesh. ANd without the weapon you will be serving it without a fight. I sure they will save you for last as they dine on your family.

          • FP:  Also keep an eye on the Mississippi River — they are looking to lessen the water flow from the Missouri beginning Nov 23 and that may even stop the traffic on the Mississippi because of the drought — that will definitely mess things up.  Also, pay attention to the south american harvest … not to mention America’s winter wheat is failing…not looking good anyway you slice it.

            • Totally agree. Since Brent is the primary base for the Europe and most of north east areas. I starting to think if things explode in ME that they will be affected way way worst now that the two oil are out of whack. We are bringing supplies on line. Just not getting them to market. That is an argument in itself. USA can survive a ME oil $ disaster not sure about the rest. The $ will still go crazy but we can survie.

              So in the end we will need to stick together.

        • What are the chances of emp strike in the near future?  Relatively easy to accomplish and would certainly have a horrific impact especially during the winter months…..


          • Hi Fiesty,


            I CAN speak to this directly…

            The republicans – via Mr Gingrich – were previously mountng a serious effort to convince everyone that a bunch of Iranian’s could ‘sneak one in on us’ as it were. A lot of that was fear-mongering by the GOP.

            Don’t get me wrong…it could be done but it requires far more than a Hiroshima-sized ATOM bomb to do so. The US first became aware of the effects of EMP after beginning testing of the original ‘H-Bombs’ in the South Pacific during either the latest 50’s or earliest 60’s – it esacapes me now – in any event it’s open history, one can do a bit of reseacrh on the web and get to most of this stuff.

            At one point, if my memory serves here, the US tested an 8 megaton Thermonuclear device – not an ATOM bomb, an ‘H-Bomb” at some remove from Hawaii (several hundred miles therefrom ), well the net effect was to blow most of the overloads on the island of Hawaii milliseconds after the detonation.  Please understand, almost anyone can produce an atom bomb…it’s simply not that difficult IF you have the fissile material in the first place….BUT ‘Dat Ain’t EASY EIDER’!

            But there is a catch with Atom bombs…. as you try to build them larger and larger they just don’t produce anymore ‘boom’ after a certain point….no matter how much extra ‘oomph’ you give them. That’s NOT the case with ‘H-bombs’. Here’s catch number 2; ‘hydrogen bombs’ are a ‘tinker’s nightmare’ the precision with which the device HAS to be constructed is, well, ‘extraordinary’ That implies a massive development program is the tens of billions of dollars and a lot of time, LOTS. Even a relatively sophisticated A-bomb raised up to a height of say 125 miles or so would not likely be able to EMP’ the whole of the country from coast-to-coast…just a specific area centered under the blast. The worry would be if someone big, like the Chinese or the Russians had the intent, then yes it could happen.

            However, they also live with EXACTLY the same threat being applied to them in the event of by virtue of the US fleet of submarine ICBM launched missles. Yep, it’s a Mexican Stand-off.

            The other way, of course, that some such could happen is through solar activity. The sun is fully capable of delivering an EMP large enough to send mankind back to the stone-age…permanently, if a strong enough flare occurred while the spot from which it was produced was Earth-facing and of sufficient magnitude. Today, what we are seeing from the sun is curiously mild relative to ‘being on approach to solar maximum’…very subdued relative to what we have been expecting. Be Informed and I go round this stuff somewhat in previous postings you might look at if the answer here is less than you were seeking.

            Lastly, returning to the ‘A-bomb’ thing…it’s possible that a rogue country could slip a vessel into one of our ports, launch a missle from same and effectively disable everything within a circle some 300 miles wide or so….but they would do so knowing FULL well that the retaliation on out part – at having ANYONE detonate such on, or over,  American soil would effectively be self-anihilatory.

            Hope this answers your question, if not ‘pipe-up’…we’re usually happy to ‘jabber’  here. 🙂

            • @just…..so sorry to down your theory but we are not speaking of Abombs here…. I am speaking of low-level radiation which could and would bring down our electric grid……wanna “jabber” some more?   Methinks you are going far beyond your ken here…..

              • Hi Fiesty,   Not sure what you mean by ‘low-level radiation’ in this context. The only thing that effects the electrical grid is Ultra-high level ionizing radiation. which produces an’electrical ‘shock-wave’ …nothing else has one bit of of effect on generator’s, trnasformers or transmission lines whatsoever. 🙂 Finally, I LUV to ‘jabber’…bring it on sweetie.

          • @ Feisty Old Broad.  It really is not that easy to cause an EMP.  Getting the missile to do it IS, getting the hydrogen bomb to detonate it is another story.  As I understand it, an atomic bomb is not strong enough to cause a widespread EMP.  You need a pretty decent size H-bomb to truly cause an EMP powerful enough to cause most electronics to fail.  An A-bomb would do do something, but not enough.  Back in the 1950’s a test in the high atmosphere close enough to Hawaii did cause power outages, but nothing like a very large nuclear explosion would do.  H-bombs are not too easy for a terrorist to obtain and probabaly way beyond their ability to construct themselves.

            I would be more concerned over the sun and an EMP.  Here is something that is seldom remembered.  Solar cycles go in 11 year ups and downs.  The last super EMP was back in September of 1859, the Carrington event.  This is 153 years ago this year, yet is 154 years next year.  154 divided by 14 cycles since then is 11 years.  Next year the sun will be within that high period of solar activity and right within that 11 year cycle just like back in 1859.  In other words if the sun is going to shoot off a super flare, it is likely going to happen next year, or in 2024 when the next cycle comes.

            JustOneGuy could give you far more information about the solar cycles than I can.  I would be quite concerned about the sun next year as this is what can nail the planet in an ugly way.  This is what happened the last solar cycle when an X-28-X40 size erupted and it was not earth facing.  Had it been, times would be a lot different now from this.

            • Hi Bi,

              Wassup’ tonight in the land of seismicity? I was last over at USGS a couple of hours ago noting what had happened through the day, thinking, of course, “I wonder what BI’s take is here?”  Just answered Firsty above…seems we’re here at the same time for a change. 🙂

            • BI,

              5.3  Pacific-Antarctic Ridge, 06:25:42 UTC

              • @ JustOneGuy.  On it, this will take awhile to see what this quake means, I suspect it has to do with the Cascaida fault more than anything.  I will have to search this out though so I can say one way or the other.

            • Sorry….I am so ignorant as to the workings of bombs…..but having read Lights Out I was of the opinion that an emp would be a relatively simple task for those with the knowledge……

              • S’Ok Fiesty,

                    It’s HARD to pick out the ‘wheat from the chaff’ given that everything nowadays comes with a big scoop of ‘literary licennse’. We here LUV everyone who comes bringing both themselves and ANY knowledge they themselves have…we’re gonna need it ALL at some point….maybe soon. Be Welcome here…and ‘Well-met’ Friend!

        • @copperhead….my sister found a book and swears it was written by you…..truth or fiction?


          • FOB: Fiction that I know of. I nerver have written a book, that I can remember.

            • So sorry …..the book referenced has been read by our family and we each have a copy….very good book….sorry for My  mistake….


        • Copperhead

          Dead on!

          Those of us in tune to the reality of it all can sense it in the air,intuition, gut feeling..what ever you might call it..damn it is so close to something so largess I can not express at all..

          Prepared and ready though..have been for quite some time.

          Perhaps the Mayans were correct..a great re set is in motion.

          Only future events and scenarios will tell for sure..


          • In regards to ammo availability

            here’s some posts from our largest dealer in Mass…

            Ammunition availability is starting to tighten up due to the current high demand. We are doing everything we can to keep the flow of shipments arriving.

            Out of stock. Sign up for the newsletter to be notified when the next shipment arrives.

            SOLD OUT. MORE ON ORDER.



        • copperhead

          the time is at hand good luck to you and yours as for me ammo ammo ammo and a few more airrows and broad heads and them more ammo. 2 or 3 more months maybe I dont think any longer than that. God Bless and stay strong

      56. I can see the possibility of a break up of the nation.  We are probably as divided as we have ever been.  I see the division along the lines of those who produce, and those who loot.  The looter states are defined by those who went for Obama in this election.

        Looking at the map as drawn by Panarin, I have some disagreement in the way that he draws it.  For instance, I don’t see Idaho or Utah as being part of the west coast states.

        I can see a coalition comprised of the states, Idaho, Montana, Utah, Wyoming, N. Dakota, S. Dakota and maybe Nebraska.  I’d probably move there if I could.  I don’t see Colorado as part of this.  Colorado may very well be the

        And I don’t see the southern states as either being dominated or even heavily influenced by Mexico.  That just ain’t gonna happen.  Too many rednecks with guns.  (of which I are one)  And I don’t see these states exchanging one form of corruption in D.C. for another in Mexico City.  Besides…..there was this little civil disturbance in Tejas back in the 1830’s that kind of let the Mexicans know how Texians felt about ’em.  And I wouldn’t put a long lifespan rating on anyone looking to fly a Mexican flag here should the southern states split off.   I could see New Mexico going to Mexico though…and maybe Arizona…simply because it would be too isolated to stand on its own.  But Arizona might hook up with the west coast states as well.

        I could see some kind of California, Oregon, Washington, Nevada coalition…and as I said, maybe Arizona.  California is going to become third-world…technology or not.  In fact…..I’d look for tech..and virtually every other industry to abandon California completely.

        I would see Alaska going to Canada before it went to Russia.  I’m sure the Canadians would not be too thrilled about having the Ruskies at their back door.  If the western Provinces of Canada decided to break away, I could see them linking Alaska to the northwestern states. (Idaho, Montana, etc.)

        • Failed to complete the though on Colorado….

          I see Colorado as Washington D.C. west.  Far too liberal and dependent on the collectivist mindset.

          • Many folks may not know it but, Nixon when he was prez did an exec order and he created TEN seperate Regions. And TEN Prez apointed Regional Govners. All 10 regional govners are appointed to serve for 15 yrs.

            Once apointed they cant be removed even by a new prez.(if I recall right).

            I do believe them 10 govners guys are like fed judges and only if they retire or die can a new prez replace them. Unless they quit prior to full term of 15 yrs service etc.

            Each of the 10 regions and regional govners has FULL control AND Full compliance agreements with their respective several states they control.

            Some govs has 5 states, and one or two has 6 states in their absolute control. ONLY the sitting prez is who each regional govner answers to.

            This has gone on semi-hidden from view(never spoken of in MSM etc) ever sicnce NIXON was Prez!!

            Every state elected govner agrees(they have no choice) to abide by their regional govners decisions. Stuf such as dispersal of fema cash for multistate disasters etc is often whats delt with.

            BUT Far greater “Hidden” agendas never spoken to the public is done too. We can only guess what exact stuf they are, or were doing all along since 1960’s nixon era!!! (Denver Co is one, as is Atlanta GA, and Chicago ILL too, can’t recall the others)

            This is kinda erie or ironic if you consider how in REV theres a Beast rises from the SEA with TEN heads which later are said to be Ten Kings etc!

            When you consider how america is the Newset major nation to come into existence, compared to all other nations like european etc.

            And the fact that america is almost surrounded by the SEAS or waters.

            And we have TEN regional govners who for all intents are very like Kings with all their powers over the several states they control.

            AND we Know without any doubt that it IS america that for at least last 100 yrs has been the number one main nation that is been used to Pay for and Arm and use of Military might to create the globalist NWO eliets, NWO.

            It sure seems to me that america fits alot more of them prophetic things than any other nation or group of nations anywheres on earth.

            Personally I dont buy into most pastors theorys that the EU is the “revived rome” etc they speak of as if Fact. I dont even recall if any mention is made to a “Revived Rome”. Its is what pastors has labled it.

            So far most of todays pastors have been woefully wrong about way more they said,  than correct on.

            If you read them parts of REV book, and consider what we seen and Know of regarding americas roll the past 100 yrs, and all the scams or lies we been led to believe in etc. It sure fits alot of whats written.

            And Thats not good probobly…..

            Sure like to hear more of what them 10 regional govners have been up to lately?…..Any here know of anything regards it?

        • Does Mexico have heavyn artillery?

          Dad was a brick/block mason.

          I can see a 5 ft thick with 16″ concrete block, about 20 feet tall wall stopping a lot of illegals coming in the southern states.

          Hey job stimulation when ‘constitutional restoration’ happens under Ron Paul. 🙂

          • jayjay….I can also see aprox. 10 million of various calibres riflemen stopping them what your Wall don’t halt!!

        • NO Arizona will NOT go with Kalifornia , we will most likely go with Texas , and if NM gets nippy about crossing over , they will be invaded by both sides and poped like a zit .

      57. His general premise is plausible, but his map sucks. Kentucky is not going to choose to be in the same country with New York and Massachusetts. A lot of other unrealistic groupings besides that one.

        • Oh, that was my FIRST comment to self, when viewing that map.

      58. if you go to the petition site you can sign up for the one requesting a response from the administration to all of Ron Pauls questions, this should get interesting.

      59. I’m glad I live in Canada.

        • Hi Daisy,

          For some strange reason – lately – I kind’a wish I did too. By the way, been to Alaska twice, both times DROVE it full length from the midwest all the way to Fairbanks….beautifuul country y’all Canuck’s have up there (deep sigh… much longing) 🙂 Just out of curiousity, how’s winter treating you up there so far. The reason I ask is that the polar imaging over the summer indicated a nearly ice-free arctic pole and STRANGELY enough the folks who evaluate such indicate that that implies a tougher than normal winter…just curious.


          • J1G –


            Well, I didn’t make that comment, first of all. I would have loved to have been able to move back home to the US, but due to custody issues, have never been able to do so.

            So far it’s cold but not really colder than usual. When I look at the comparisons between this year and previous years, there have been no records set. We’ve not yet had enough snow to completely cover the ground either.  So far, just a normal winter in the North. 🙂


            ~ D

            • Hmmm, seems we have a ‘Daisy’ identity crisis here! I don’t suppose it’s impossible for multiple people to accidentally end up with the same ‘moniker’, however we might have to watch this a bit to ‘see’ if this is actually happening?

              In any event, T’ank’s Daisy…just curious. Perchance as the season wears on a bit you might let us know what you’re seeing ‘up there’…if it does anything out of the ordinary. BI and I have been watching a LARGE number of different things lately attempting to ‘get underneath’ some of the oddities we’ve all been noticing…..said things ranging from solar to geomagnetic to tectonic to GRB’s, ad infinitum, ad nauseum. We here represent  such a pool of observers, such a wonderful resource for everyone! 🙂

              • J1G ~

                Sure will – I’m quite happy to report on that.  This is my first winter so far north, so I can only compare to information I look up regarding how this might differ from previous winters.  🙂

                As for the name issue, there are a few people here who are horribly offended by the fact that an American living in Canada dares venture an opinion.  This happens from time to time, but mostly they just make up a totally different name to say something offensive.  Rather silly, since we’re all in this mess together, no matter where our pin on the map is located.

                ~ D

                • Daisy,

                  “…all in this mess together…”, THE sole salient here :

        • Daisy why are you commenting on a succession story. You all ready did.

          • That wasn’t me!  I didn’t make that comment.


        • jayjay! You are getting top notch info if its from Edwin Vieiera!!!!!

          Everybody Here should go read his extensive many part article(12+ parts) on True Meaning and a HOW TO on Constitutional Militias etc!!!

          He has Two phd’s and two or three masters degrees, and is probobly the nations most knowledgable person regarding militias and MONEY issues.

          Hes fought aprox.25+ us supremes ct cases and Won at least 14+ cases.

          His entire many part article on Militias as well as monetary stuf and more is located at newswithviews website. He is a regular writer there for the last 10 yrs or so.

          His militia article is the most fasinating comprenhensive I have ever read or seen or heard of!…….Not sure if he has videos of it?…..Its way too complicated probobly for a youtube video……Read and Learn from the Best expert in america!!!


        A chilling report from the Foreign Military Intelligence Directorate (GRU) prepared for Prime Minister Putin warns today that United States President Barack Obama has had served on 14 US Governors National Security Letters (NSLs) warning that if their actions in attempting to form what are called State Defense Forces are not halted they will face “immediate” arrest for the crime of treason.

        The two US Governors spearheading this rebellion against Obama, this report states, are the Republican opposition party Governors of Minnesota, Tim Pawlenty and Texas, Rick Perry; both of whom have a deep fear their President is destroying their Nation.

        Governor Pawlenty’s fear of Obama is that since he took office he has appeased America’s enemies while at the same time shunning some of America’s most stalwart allies, especially Israel.

        Link below.

        • Not true, this is a  Sorcha Faal hoax

        • OMG..it just hit me reading my post..this POS illegal alien from who knows where threatens arrest for 14 governors for treason for protecting their constituents from danger??

          This POS that watched 4 Americans being killed and then went to bed thinking of his campaign trip to Vegas threatens 14 governors for treason??

          What irony!!!


          • We cant’ expect anything more from an egomaniac.

        • If true….perhaps these governors should call Obama’s bluff and tell him that any Federal agent sent to effect the arrest will be met with resistance….armed if necessary.

        • sorcha faal source?

          100% b.s…sorry jay jay

          I too used to read the posts from this totally false disinfo source and quickly avoided after one or two visits..

          there are way too many charlatans and snake oil charmers on the web

          stick with verifiable facts..and then  check again and again..





          • Oh, thanks.  I got this from email.  I have heard of that blogsite..Sorcha faal person.

            Thanks; and I do feel better now–satire– that’s good.



      61. Obama’s Ten Commandments for Radicals
        Thou shalt have no other false Gods before me, such as freedom, financial independence and the worship of Jesus Christ
        As it is written in the holy scriptures of Obamacare, honor thy “real” father and thy mother until they need to be sacrificed by my exalted death panels
        Thou shalt not possess unto thee any graven images and this shall include copies of my fake long-form birth certificate
        Remember to keep the tax day holy, April 15th, for it is written, that he that has enough to eat shall be taxed into oblivion.
        Thou shalt not kill, unless operating under the authority of the NDAA, seeking to abort a helpless baby, or unless the victims name is Chris Stevens and he runs guns for the CIA, to al-Qaeda, into Libya and Syria.
        Thou shalt not commit adultery unless you are a senior member of my cabinet, then, anything that possesses breath is fair game for thy personal pleasure.
        Thou shalt not discriminate against thy fellow citizens unless they are Caucasian, Christian, or believes in the Constitution
        Thou shalt not steal, unless you are a recipient of QE3, own a megabank or are a community organizer. Only then is it acceptable to take money from middle class Americans and give it to illegal immigrants and your campaign contributors at the Federal Reserve and on Wall Street.
        Thou Shalt not make unto thee any graven image unless it is the hammer and sickle.
        Thou shalt consume GMO’s, fluoride and partake in vaccines.

        • EA:  This was wickedly clever of you!!  Well done!!!!

          • Would a poster sized full color picture of his MammyKoon Sheeboon wife , complete with a backside view of her Enormous Clydsdale Horses sized Ass cheecks be considered a Graven Image?

            Directions to get to 1600 Penn Ave in DC…..Just follow all them Pidgions!!

        • Whoever gave this a thumbs down is a complete idiot and should immediately “off” themself.

          • Yes exactly, and 100 thumbs down for the liberal thumb downers.Nicely done EA…;)

      62. Basically, what will be will be..far too late to turn the tide….some things have been in the planning for many, many years…..what good does it do to attempt to understand it now?  It is what it is….and people need to do what they need to in order to survive…..whether it be a natural disaster or one that is man-made……make sure you have what you need to get you through the winter and spring and plan on growing your own crops soon…..and may GOD BLESS this Nation…..We need all the help we can get


      63. Something that I have noticed and am curious about……I have not made many comments here, but I have made a few.   Why is it that I can make a comment utilizing my “name” without including my email addy and it is always under review but when I comment and include my email addy it posts immediately?  And, in this posting…my comment without my email has been deleted…..why is that?  Am rather new to this site so wondering if I am at fault somehow?

        • Hi Fiesty,

          Can’t speak to ‘what’s normal’ around here but per some E-mail’s traded back and forth with Mac (over the last several days)- Who is SERIOUSLY revamping how the site is served (the server itself) there’s a LOT going on…and some of it’s chasnging day-to-day. I’m sure that some of the others here can be more explicit about just ‘what is normal’ here routinely. Be that as it may, ‘Be Welcome here’. 🙂

      64. I’ve been reading this site for years.  The reality…we’re all too fat, old, lazy and been comfortable too long to have any sort of revolt.

        It will never go down…further the NDAA, drones over your house and all the electronic and data mining…    we’ll just turn into a third world country.

        Just a bunch of hippies singing Kumbya with a peace sign and an NRA sticker in the window.

        The US is finished.   There’s nothing  you can do about it.

        I just hope it all stays together until I check out.


        • @ Yeah Right,

          ” Been along time since I rocked and rolled”, Led Zeppelin.

          Don’t let the fat, old and lazy, fool you. I don’t think I will be running around with a 50 lb. pack on my back. All we need is a shove and things will engage. I put myself in that category. Being a long time prepper I suffer from ,”Prepper’s Fatigue”.  So much shit at the ready. Just sitting there.

          To say we are finished is premature for we do not know for sure the outcome of what we face. Our braindead half of the country is soon to face reality and if you have ever been lied to, some not all, will have a change of heart. It is what we do, when they come to us and ask “What can I do?”.  Do we increase our numbers or turn them away.  After saying that, all I get are images of people wearing designer clothes and asking  to charge thier iPods.   I wish I can be like the physcopaths. No human emotion. Or like a wild animal. I just refuse to be like them.  There a more people who read this site than post. They are learning from us and that’s a good thing.

          • Hi Slingshot,


            The military knows ALL about this…remaining aleart and at heightened awareness levels for protracted periods of time, ‘Combat Fatigue’;  it does at times just seem to go on and on and on… 🙂

          • Or they could be brushing off this site as Right Wing Conspiracy nut cases further contributing to our downfall instead of waking up.  🙁

      65. Sorry I’m late for joining in on this one.   I don’t see secession as the answer.  Considering the conditions and culture in today’s society,  I don’t see secession as having a chance.   I see nullification as being more practical and and a more realistic  tactic for what we need to do to save America.   I’m ready to stand with everyone else here  and fight for freedom.  I’m not giving up anything I have without a fight.   Picked up some more .30 ammo for my M1Carbine earlier this evening.  picking up some more ammo for my .40 and some other supplies over the weekend.  Stay safe and keep prepping   Braveheart

      66. I cant see hawaii going to japan or china, i do see us reverting to the soverign nation of Hawaii, in fact the hawaiian nation is recognized by the UN as having been invaded by the us government


        • Is the precious UN that commited to a “two state solution” in 1949?  If the arabs had done anything with their part, they wouldn’t be living in refugee camps, where generations have been born and died.

      67. when the British ruled half of the world, the main strategy they used is “Divide & Rule”. In every country they divide people by race, economical status, culture & make each other enemy & blame each other for the sufferings, so they fight between them & the british can rule less than 1% of number of soldiers to rule the mass.

        this happened in india, burma, malaysia, everywhere…

        for the elite, divide & rule is the easy strategy to rule & loot, otherwise all 99% will just throw that 1% into atlantic. they know that.

        as all mass media is owned by 1%, we can’t stop this, as most of the 99% are just sheeps, fools.

        only thing we can do is save yourself & your near & dear.

        • The British also got arrogant and abusive = they lost almost every colony they ever had ,  now they are a 2nd rate nation .

      68. This country is not going to break up, we will have great tribulation, but emerge better and stronger.  Do not let anyone talk you into self-destructive beliefs.  Stand up for your country, the Constitution, and liberty.

        We’re all in this together.


        • CONFEDERATE  Constitution .

          • Amen,NO MORE CENTRALIZED GOVERNMENTS OR MONEY.This is how they get you.The Articles of Confederation with a few tweaks is looking better all the time…What is better than that is to implement, no representatives, because no man can ‘represent’ you, power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.It doesn’t matter if it is secession or nullification, the Union is breaking down, it is becoming balkanized between the producers and moochers, while the producers are being killed. There soon will be nothing left if the trend is not stopped. No more Twinkies? A Travesty of epic proportions that shows the level of decline, caused by the Looters.Don’t fight it, use it. 

      69. Comment ID: 850374
        November 15, 2012 at 8:39 pm

        Ya’ll might want to check out this video.  Ron Paul is being asked to lead this ‘constitutional restoration’ movement.
        I’m a follower.  Oh, hell yeah–BRING IT 🙂

      70. finx,

        I thought so – you and your comrades have failed. Here are the results of your test.

        Here is an offer to you to see how really good you are. You can use all of your friends  (extras) and see if you can come up with the answers to the following abbreviations that are used here, post your answers to the abbreviation, included in a sentence within two hours of this post and we will see your results and how good you think you are, so here you go:

        By The Way, In My Humble Opinion, You Can Kiss My Ass as You Are So Wrong. We are The Salt Of The Earth and God Fearing Christians and prefer To Be Left Alone from People That Are So Sexually Starved As You.

        It is an easy little test and NO you do not get a trophy as you did not participate.

        Y’all Beware! Go Piss Up A Rope.

      71. One of the reasons that I say the SHTF is because TPTB have shone their hand and they can not stop now because to many of the masses are waking up.

      72. Anyone thought of voting in masse in the political primaries and put in non “party picks” throughout Congress and Senate?

        If you had a fly in your home would you reach for a rolled up newspaper or a sledge hammer as your choice of tools? We’re in this position not because the structural framework of government is flawed but rather the voter is too lazy to research beyond sound bites from the MSM just what has been actually going on. That’s what must be changed.  What kind of government would these voters back if the present system dissolved? Why would someone assume that the “worshippers of the sphere” would get it right and put forward non corruptible leadership?

        Most often the successive government is far worse than the previous. Nut cases often rise to power in the wake of a political vacuum.

      73. I just want to make it perfectly clear: The map is wrong. If the USA does break up, we liberty loving people in Tennessee are NOT hanging with the DC whack-jobs. Agenda 21 has been shot down in this state. IntraState regulation by the Feds is NOT welcome. They can suck it. We’ll hang our hat with Texas, thank you very much!

      74. The writer is ignorant. The US isn’t breaking up into different parts. This isn’t Yugoslavia or the Soviet Union. We’re not a country made up of peoples with different languages.

        The US also isn’t breaking up do to immorality. That’s just stupid.


        • Not of dofferent languages?….Huh!??? Why them does SF kalif print voter ballots in at least 114 different languages?

          I seen some san fran lib femanazi bitch on tv a year or so ago, she was Bragging how wonderfull friscos and all of kalif’s Multicutural society truely is!

          She was Gusshing proud to say they had at least 114 different languages spoken just in her city of SF…..No wonder them assholes aint got a fuckin clue one whats truth and what the real deal is!!

          None can understand what the rest are saying!…..A bunch of idiotic multicultic Morons who think so many seperate spoken languages somehow adds to their “Strength from Multicult Divercity and Tolerance”!!!!

          100% Pure fuckin Kommie fool idiots, and number one reason usa is in such sad shape.

          The number Two reason is due to so many Patriots types too scared to begin whacking them assholes once and for all.

          Thats why Leaderless resistance aint gonna work at all. No where in past history has anyone ever done anything truely swell(like create a nation etc) without a good leader person(like George Washington for xample).

          But if one such type shall arise in america?…..Look Out all youse kommies! Game Over!

          The kommies and radical african blacks and radical mexicans “Think” just because so far white folks aint done nothing radical or defensive Yet, that that means whites never will.

          Every time whites don’t act, them others think they got a “win” against whites.

          Thats NOT true. What Is true is that white folks are way Smarter than them inferior radical clowns and monkys. Whiteys Will do defense at some point. And when that point arives……Game over for all types of “Them”.

          Ifin you aint For us……Then you Are agin us…That makes them enemys. That gives us the Right to proper defense from “Them”

          They will have two choices left, since They refused choice number One (stop their madness and fix what They fucked up etc)….Now its Two left.

          Get OUT! or get ready for Battle!……Whats worse we can face?….Death in battle?……Theres things alot Worser than death.  Kommies for one comes to mind.

          They made a huge mistake in waiting for us boomers to get old, thinking once we got old we can’t fight etc!

          What they failed to realize is…We got lots less to lose now than we did at age 20 or 30 yrs old……Every day that we wait, is one day less we got to live anyways…..Soon Millions will be so much older, I wont be shocked if we see many going lone wolfe and dealing with that evil 1% types…..Should be very interesting for them 1% then eh.

          And even if they exit stage Leftist to go to europe or???…..WE are EVERYWHERES there is land. Wont envy them when that day arives eh!

          It is comming allright….Oh it is comming….Just you wait and see. Truth and Rightousness will win out every time.

          Bad Moon rising…..For evil bastards…..Run thru the Jungle Golden sachs idiots……Biggest Bull Run ever seen! wall st gets hammered. One evil bastard at a time.

          Watch how much cash or gold they offer You to Hide or protect their sorry asses then eh!…….Don’t accept their offer or You too be a Traitor.

      75. Alaska goes to Russia??   Not unless Russian Army goes in full force, Don’t think so.

        California and all the other Western States Go to China??  They have enough problems with SE Asia Taiwan and her own economy hitting a wall.  Texas hands itself over to Mexico????  Don’t tell Texas that.  As for the NE going to the EU.  The Eu will be be long gone before that happens

      76. This exercise doesn’t take properly into account the racial factor already occupying the partitions.  Personnally I see three or four possible divisions, no more.



        • Alaska may well decide not to join anybody . Its out in the back 40 , and thats the way they like it .

          • Alaska is way too cold for most people’s liking except for people like me who is hardy har har. 

      77. Ok look. I am more worried than ever and most people I know are brain dead dumb asses, so I really want to meet up with like minded people that are in close proximity. I live in NC right along the Virginia state line near Winston Salem. My alternate email is [email protected]. Please drop me a line if you are anywhere near. So far I have  25 ACRE plot to bug out to that is only 2 miles from where i actually live. i have a structure on my property that has solar and enough food to feed 10 people for at least 3.5 years and plans, resources, and skills to feed us well after that. I have no weapons at all though. I keep a real low profile and no one who knows me personally not even my children know anything about what my plans are or what I have been doing to get ready. honestly i trust no one that is why I use borrowed wifi from a more than clean laptop to surf the internet and use the gmail account was just setup for the purpose of meeting people who I can learn trust. Too many rats are among us I am afraid, and everyone knows there is only one kind of good rat right???


      78. I’m a Mainer, and as long as they let us keep our guns, I sure wouldn’t mind becoming part of Canada to get away from liberal scumbag politicians.  Sounds like they may have quite a few of them up there though….

      79. I highly, highly, highly doubt Idaho and Utah will side with China. Same thing with Texas and Mexico. Same thing with Any part of the US going Mexican.  I do think there will be an eventual break up but it won’t look exactly like this.


        I don’t think there will be a European union for part of the country to join by the time this happens either.

      80. American icon culture the twinkie was killed off by a bunch of socialist union bone heads.

        I’m sure the recent crop failures and commodity price spikes killed their margins, then the striking unions.

        If I was on of those bakers..  I’d start making my own.

        Funny how Obama will give all these govt. grants to some scam solar crap but then just ignore 18,500 workers.

        Blame Michelle and her fitness agenda…a commie NWO plot.  ha.

        I have a new perversion watching all the economic doom news go down.

        It’s going to get real bad soon as all companies shut down because they resent being slaves to the employee healthcare socialist system.



        • And not a shot fired.

      81. I may not comment a lot here, but I sure do learn alot! thank you all for sharing.iI learn new and valueable things everyday earthquake info and a zeer pot fridge.
        what a wonderful site this is..bless you all for sharing what you know

      82. I went to Chinamart.

        The hostess area in the bakery was cleared out.

        By chance I found a misplaced box of zingers.

        Twinkies red headed step child.

        I bought the last box.

        Will sell for $999.95….(per zinger)   ha

        I blame the Obamas for destroying the American junk food landscape.

        I’m off to look up the twinkie recipe…as now pot seems to be legal soon…and with Junkfood Nazis Michelle back as first lady….  there will be a premium markup on unhealthy things.  ha

        Shame an American icon like the Hostess factories will be shutting down.

        It’s the end of the world and America…the Mayans were right…  NO MORE TWINKIES!!!   NO MORE DEEP FRIED TWINKIES.

        I’m SO depressed.!!!

        I did not vote for the guy.

        I bet the healthcare costs will drive many ventures out.

        Nice Obama!

        Next we’ll see an Executive order from King Obama…that he can confiscate the last box of Hostess Twinkies, Ding Dongs, Snowballs ….wait I hate them.  He can have those.

        Chicken flavored twinkies anyone?  How about bean and rice.

        Seems America is changing too fast for me.  ha

        Press 2 for spanish….and to order boot leg twinkies from mexico.

      83. Can the US of A be saved? I doubted it. North America (Canada included) has been dumbed down to the point of no return. Just walk around your town/city streets and observe how many people have/are tuned out, totally oblivious to their surroundings, ear buds/head phones and I-pods. Ask anyone about the FED, the Dollar, or the reasons for the current economic you get “big eyes – no answers”. You all should have listened to Mr. Ron Paul and his message and voted accordingly.

        •  Read about Montalk.net     http://montalk.net/notes/    This is his *light* version as a lot of it gets into physics and quantum physics with equations well beyond my level of understanding currently.  LOL    I learned about his childhood and he knew right away things were not right in the education system and started exploring on his own by reading and expanding his awareness. About your post!  I think he is specifically on to something when mentioning STS (Service To Self) higher or should I say hyper 5D  beings controlling most of the human population where they are nothing but empty shells which many humans are having their soul be replaced with artificial parts.    I like his answer here that talks about what bothers me the most.     http://montalk.net/notes/where-are-the-good-guys I see it all the time and I feel very alone and I sometimes want to kill myself in order to escape to somewhere better where we don’t depend on material technology for our needs.    🙂   We have grown for a need well beyond that and are being held back and a major spiritual revolution is at hand.      All we are waiting for is the other shoe to drop.  His main site has interesting Email FAQs which I think he wrote himself posing as *visitors* but still very insightful as to what’ shappening behind the scenes. 

        • I hope I didn’t violate anything by posting links to another site since the site isn’t naughty.

      84. http://www.thenewamerican.com/reviews/opinion/item/13669-no-more-twinkies-unions-and-the-death-of-hostess

        Obama, thanks for the doubling of gas and commodity prices.  The inflation was killing he twinkie workers…not their strike killed the twinkie.

        A commie plot!!!

        Destroy the dollar…ok…but the twinkie…never!  Not that!  One of life’s little pleasures.

        I just bought the last box of zingers in my town.  Zingers…twinkie’s little cousin, but you have to rip off the excess frosting as it’s too sweet…the dog likes it.

        This is serious stuff…  First all the churches are for sale in my town…then the greatest generation is dying out….now the silent generation are starting to cash it in.  Now the twinkie, zingers, ding dongs and so on.

        I knew the world was going to end.

        America is going down hill….from the young folks with their asses hanging out to America wanting to legalize pot…to all the folks on food stamps.

        It’s over.  Don’t wave the flag in my face anymore.  I’m done.

        I’m going to check out Canada…at least I can get some great beer and a lap dance.

        See ya America.   It was great to see the golden age.

        But I knew something was wrong when the middle managers started driving foreign cars and buying McMansions while their kids live on credit cards.

        I pray for a fast collapse.

        Imagine the 18,500 bakery and transport workers who will not be having Xmas this year.  Somewhere in America…someone is going to get the last box of Twinkies for Xmas and the opener will be damn glad.  Maybe I’ll trade some of that silver I stacked for a $500 box of twinkies.

        Feels like Zombieland and there’s no twinkies to be found.

        This a national issue that needs to be addressed.

        Who cares about Israel …  WE CARE ABOUT TWINKIES!!!

        • Funny thing is that when Pot is legalized these young people don’t realize cities will enforce local restrictions such as banning them from lighting up in public like being drunk in public and rack up the money from violators for every-excuse-under-the-sun.  Plus the government will tax the freaking hell out of it and make any excuse they can to ticket violators for violating any local ordinance against lighting up that pipe.     See?   Free dope is impossible to happen without a big fight to deal with.

      85. If we get the worst case scenario then the Battle Of Secession will likely take place at the Mississippi river with Pro Secessions on one side and Anti Secessions on the other both armed and for a long time neither side willing to fire the first shot.  The US Government will try to negotiate something as I seriously doubt they will just rush in and fire everything they’ve got but they still have to train their combat soldiers just in case negotiations flush down the toilet to Mexico. Speaking of Mexico. While this is going on they may try to pull a stupid move and re-take Texas/Arizona (It’s not like they aren’t already doing that which anytime someone tries to control immigration the Democrats whine and throw a tantrum about it) and other southern states and the US Government will have to decide to either break up the Battle of Secessions or fight The Mexican Movement sneaking up the Rio Grande. Not only that but we have Occupy This and Occupy That groups which are similar to the French Revolution where they stood up for good causes but fell apart to mob rule hanging people without trial.     They already block businesses and harass people.

      86. I bet whatever starts off the secession will start in China.  I feel it in my bones Jesus is on China’s side as everything in the bible points to Jesus being a communist but doesn’t believe in big government as he never forced governments to change that  I know of.  I believe Jesus is being more active in China gaining people more rights because people in China are more in tune with spiritual matters then those who are brain-dead here in America because of the 5D Hyper Beings controlling the country from behind the scenes.They know they are losing the Communist Dictatorship Battle in China and find it easier to control others here so they are trying to distract us from the big picture.      THEY ARE DESPERATE FOR CONTROL OVER YOU!!! 

      87. American states are rebelling against their Federal government in DC, not against each other.  Does separation from a self-serving, compromised governing body in Washington DC make us no longer Americans?  Folks, that pure crap!  Is central power the only thing that holds America together?  The above map of divided regions is nonsense, and patriotism is not dead simply because we choose to think for ourselves and MIGHT reject a central government that has become dysfunctional and unconstitutional.  I urge you to think critically.

      88.  American states are rebelling against their Federal government in DC, not against each other.  Does separation from a self-serving, compromised governing body in Washington DC make us no longer Americans?  Folks, that pure crap!  Is central power the only thing that holds America together?  The above map of divided regions is nonsense, and patriotism is not dead simply because we choose to think for ourselves and reject a central government that has become dysfunctional and unconstitutional.

      89. Or, we could get back to the constitution, and fire all those crooks in DC.

      90. I am looking at the last election. Secession could follow those lines.  If only we could drag Washington, D.C. out into the ocean or make it a country of its own. I believe this nation has been weighed in the balance and found wanting.  The scales of righteousness have tipped and I believe there is going to be an acceleration of judgements.  In Isaiah 9:10-21 the pattern of progressive judgement is described and potentially it includes internal war.  Further, i believe that we may have seen the Lord remove the ancient and honorable (elder and statesmen). This is described in Isaiah 9:14-15.  At the end of Feb. 2012 there was the taking home of one of God’s greatest generals (in the faith) from Washington, D.C.  You will probably never had heard of him and it sure wasn’t a televangelist.

          A second man has retired from Congress, (Ron Paul, this past week.  Ron Paul was certainly a canary in the coal mine.  There is much more drama to be revealed and potentially a great and glorious uplifting for those who have spiritually prepared.  Consider that when scales are tipped, one end goes down, the other is lifted up.  I believe there also may very well be a visitation on the nation like that which occurred in Isaiah 6.  However, consider that what followed that great visitation was the destruction of the nation. Get ready, you who are wicked for dummy action.  Will you be fuel for a great fire?  You who are righteous for service. Peace. Dr B

      91. as for me and my family in arizona, we want to go with the south.  not the commie west coast. i’ve seen this comming my whole life couldn’t get out of california fast enough.

      92. washington, oregon, bc and alaska could become fabulously wealthy together in union.  a new norway.

      93. I live in Utah but spend much time in Idaho and Wyoming.  The people of Utah are to much like people in Idaho and Wyoming to be lumped with the west coas.t

      94. @ maczmo.  Assuming that the election was not rigged, you can look at the red states and blue states and see exactly where the social borders will be for a possible future break up.  I was looking at the percentages of the election and you see TOTAL polarization.  Normally when you see one candidate getting 20-30% the other in as many states as you have, the election in the popular vote is an absolute landslide, like Reagan and Mondale.  With this election you had 26 states blue and 24 red and a 51-48% difference.  Only those states that were considered battleground were close. 

        I looked at the 1976 election between Carter and Ford, and this was truly a close election in most states that also relfected the overall popular vote.  In other words people had a difficult choice to choose from and it was close, but people simply were divided amoungst whom would be better to run the country.  Now the stark differences are that one candidate is absolutely hated in one state or the other and this hate translates to those that lose into more hate and more distancing those of the other side from each other, like succession.  Can you imagine what would happened if the results were reversed. 

        When you look at these numbers, again IF the election was fair, and you see an extreme preference and deep passion for one or the other, not one for the betterment of the country, EVERY state.  This is how break ups occur of nations by the root core of the population being against each other, and this is very apparent from the radical levels of differences for each state outside the battleground states.  For the final state totals of 26-24, you think the state by state totals would be 51-49% to 54-46% for most states.  Instead you had totals of 61-38%, 63-35%, 59-38%, and so on for BOTH sides of the coin on MOST states.  This shows a country totally divided in a very bad way. 

      95. has anyone read defensive racism by a well known american lawyer edgar steele who happens to be in jail for the attempted murder of his wife who states he is innocent wakey wakey he visualises the breakup of the states and his borders are a must see.Nothing in life just happens it is planned years ahead but the planners are always silly beauraucrats and not very bright pray the military are your friends

      96. your leaders sold the farm. The collateral for that enormous debt is going to be used to pay off the ‘unpayable debt.” The country belongs to the highest bidder. It’s globalization. Same is happening in Canada. Selling resources/land is part of the plan. Predatory lending at its finest. Have a funeral for your country, apologize to the founding fathers for taking what they sacrificed their lives for (google “what happened to the men who signed the Declaration of Independence) and tell your kids you never thought it would come to this.

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