Flash Points Grow in Numbers & Increase Threats of Attack on U.S.

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    In a decision bound to have far-reaching effects, President Trump announced that the United States would be recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Furthermore, he also stated his intentions of placing an American embassy in the city. The Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has already weighed in on this, and said that such a move by President Trump would not be tolerated.

    It is difficult to address such an issue in a non-didactic manner that blends theological implications, but there is more at stake here than this being a theological debate, or simply a conflict between Christianity, Muslims, or Judaism, or an “end of days” issue.

    Politics is statecraft and stagecraft, and this decision has infuriated the Iranians and will potentially provoke them into activity: the invasion of Iran has been desired for three administrations.

    Obama intended to overthrow Assad in Syria for many reasons: to ingratiate himself to the House of Saud (as the Saudi Arabians hate Assad), to control Northwestern Syria and run a natural gas pipeline through it from Qatar to Europe, and to secure a foothold with which to invade Iran. The Russians have had other plans: Gazprom was the target regarding the Qatar natural gas pipeline, and the Russians reacted by bombing ISIS (an Obama creation) and securing Syria for Assad.

    The Iranians have plans of moving their fleet into the Atlantic and eventually operating (sometime next year) near Cuba, and in South America in support of Venezuela and Bolivia (led by Maduro and Morales respectively). The Iranians have been working with North Korea for years on missile technology exchange. Iran has several projects that have commenced with Russia and China as partners regarding development of their nuclear power facilities.  Iran is a “flash point,” simply for the fact that the United States has been their stated enemy for decades, and tensions will rise with this decision of the President’s regarding Jerusalem.

    In the meantime, Venezuela has been accused over the past several months of human rights violations against its citizens by the U.S. and other nations. Venezuela has responded by placing an embargo on the acceptance of dollars for its oil. This is significant, as Venezuela is the 11th largest producer in the world. Obama in March of 2015 signed an order declaring Venezuela a threat and a violator of human rights.

    Interestingly, the Venezuelan government gave $500,000 to President Trump for his inauguration on 1/20/17, yet President Trump on 8/11/17 declared he was “not going to rule out a military option” in opposition to Maduro’s government and the Venezuelan crisis it was causing, as reported in the Washington Post on 8/11/17. Venezuela has close ties with Iran, Cuba, and Russia.

    North Korea has been the primary focus for some time, now, and the crisis is worsening because North Korea will not back down nor relinquish its nuclear weapons. There is a point I wish to mention that has not really been considered fully, nor has it been mentioned. The Koreans are a tough and tenacious people, and they fought hard against the United States the first time around (a war that never officially ended). Why are people under the assumption that they’re just going to lay down and throw up their hands when the hostilities start?

    These countries mentioned have been revolving their defensive/offensive doctrines around low-cost systems with high return in terms of effectiveness. As you can research by pulling up reports from the (now disbanded and defunct) Commission to Assess the EMP Threat Against the U.S., written by Dr. Pry and Dr. Graham, the central focus of North Korea and Iran’s nuclear missile programs revolves around an EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) strike against the U.S.

    In true “David-Goliath” fashion, there are plenty of instances throughout modern history where the lightweight has danced around the heavyweight and brought him to the canvas. The Soviet Union ended partially because of their involvement in Afghanistan, where they lost. We did not learn the lesson and are still enmired in Afghanistan. The French lost to the Viet Minh, and withdrew. The U.S. took up the reins and fought the Viet Cong and the NVA regular. We ignored what we could have learned from the French, and ended up withdrawing from Vietnam as they did.

    Force projection and the promulgation of imperialism can work, but only for a time. Eventually all great empires have fallen: they rotted from within, and the rot was “augmented” by attacks from without simultaneously that rang their death knells. We are no different than these great empires of the past: long past our peak, we have been in steady decline for decades. The Lilliputians, meanwhile, are awaiting their moment to tie Gulliver down. Each one of those countries represents a flash point that can set off a much greater chain of explosions, leading to a world war.

    Jeremiah Johnson is the Nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne).  Mr. Johnson is also a Gunsmith, a Certified Master Herbalist, a Montana Master Food Preserver, and a graduate of the U.S. Army’s SERE school (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape).  He lives in a cabin in the mountains of Western Montana with his wife and three cats. You can follow Jeremiah’s regular writings at SHTFplan.com or contact him here.

    This article may be republished or excerpted with proper attribution to the author and a link to www.SHTFplan.com.


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      1. “If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy” – James Madison

        • The foreign enemy has already been brought in and given sanctuary plus immunity to US law.

          • Not Cowboy Law…

            • Amen and pass the .44 mag

          • I hope the muslim trash show their asses here. It’ll be the excuse we need to begin wiping them from our land. Burn their evil mosques to the fucking ground with them in them.

            • …anyone defending the islamic savages will be wasted as well.

              • trump might be a lizard people

              • Menzo, that time is getting closer. I can feel it.

              • Sounds good. When we start?

                • Not too soon nor too late friend.

            • In the U.S. burn gathered

              • Here’s a fun trick to play on holiday package snatchers! Take a box you received and carefully cut the tape on the bottom to open it. Take out the contents and refill it with dog shit (or your own) and tape it back up to look like it was not opened. Set it out where it will be a good target for thieves. Ha ha ha, payback is a beech lol 😛

                • You can also giftwrap some poo and leave it in your car unlocked lol. Tis the season for giving ya know ha ha ha.

                  • I have a ton of dog shit in the yard hmmmmm. IMMA DO IT!

        • if tyranny and oppression cum to this land it will be in the guise of taxes to help the poor- gandhi.

      2. Venezuelan government gave $500,000 to President Trump for his inauguration on 1/20/17, yet President Trump on 8/11/17 declared he was “not going to rule out a military option”

        Statements like this intended to rattle North Korea.

        This is all a calculated narrative, even threats to Venezuela, to force North Korea to capitulate.

        Remember when Trump dropped the MAOB bomb in Afghanistan? The only president in history to drop such a large bomb. Did he do it to kill of terrorists? No. He did it to show North Korea that he has no problem dropping a “yuuuge” bomb and won’t have a problem with bombing North Korea.

        • I like Trump but it was his General that made the call to drop the moab. And they dropped that big bastard in the middle of no were. Wasnt shit out there but a few goats and a few tunnels.

      3. Hopefully they will level the entire city and take as many Jews out as they can. I only hope jewvanka and her husband are there when it happens. The world would be a far better place without jerusalum.

        • Uh oh, you said the J-word. Mac doesn’t like that.

      4. OMG, Palistinians actually need a reason for violence, I never suspected.

        They might attack the Olympics, or blow up a barracks full of UN peace keepers, or assassinate the leading US candidate for president, attack cruise ships, airlines…..

        Someone please tell the idiot liberals that they can’t buy peace with these people.

        When Clinton had Abbas in the US for peace talks, Clinton offered to meet every demand he had, upon hearing this Abbas ran for the door. Peace talks with these people will never result in peace.

        • PTPO, the Palestinians don’t want peace. They want to eliminate Israel. The only way to deal with Arabs is eliminate them.

          • Genetic studies of the people that call themselves Palestinians reveals their majority line is Cypriot. They aren’t Arabs they are from Cyprus, their DNA includes Persian, Greek, Arab and every other group that ever conquered Cyprus.

            Arabs in general don’t accept them as Arab, they are in fact reviled by Arabs. The only thing Arabs like about Palestinians is if they are armed they will attack Israel with or without provocation.

            • Nobodies are from everywhere.

        • If you look at the map of isrealhell in the beginning and look at it now, it is plain as day why they deserve an ass whooping. I would be pissed too! Fook isrealhell and the Limeys the slid in on!

          • To align yourself against God is foolhearty, it has been spoken from prophets for thousands of years. If you understood, i would hope you would have reverence, and a healthy fear of the Creator. Bashing Gods chosen, Israel
            Litterally the Prince of Elohim, is just plain stupid, and all too oftwn a montra here on shtf website, i would hope that Mac might ban such crap, but even with a request, i only saw a breif admonishment from him. Look at yourself bro, you have the hatred of hitler in you, follow someone, you end up where they are going….. murder in your heart much? Hatred is a precurser to murder, careful.
            This might play against you as a hate crime if you decide to act on the intentions in your heart……

        • They have been fighting eachother like crabs in a barrel for thousands of years,,,,

          • hubby says, “since Moses drug them across the desert”

            • Yep, i listened to a speech correlating what is going on in the ME to what was written in the bible, it was quite interesting to gain a deeper understanding of the origins and lineage. The meddling of foreign powers aside i doubt anything can ever be done to quell the unrest, its always been there, boiling under the surface.

      5. “The Iranians have plans of moving their fleet”

        Something about Iran and Fleet in the same sentence doesn’t quite fit. Regardless the problem is that the US is involved in their affairs and its always for the ostensible reason of doing good when most often chaos is the result. When an action is repeated with the same result regardless how often the opposite is stated the result obtained is the result desired. The goal is to destroy the functioning governments of nations with resources and leave them with fragmented infected government.

        The threat isn’t upon the US but from the US.

        Its a bitter pill to swallow.

        • Ineffective not infected

        • “The threat isn’t upon the US but from the US.

          Its a bitter pill to swallow.”

          Actually Kevin2 … it shouldn’t be … that statement actually makes complete sense. It’s unfortunate many will not understand it.

          The majority of our countries problems come from within – it should be blatantly fk’n obvious to many people by now.

          It’s unfortunate, but too many people rather play that charade game called VOTING. Hearing slogans like “hope and fk’n change” & “make america fk’n great again” keeps them very optimistic for the future, hoping that politicians are working for their best fk’n interest.


          • As best as I can see the US government has been hijacked by globalist forces. The citizenry have virtually insignificant input in policy. As long as their stomachs are kept full and there are sufficient intoxicants and circus they’re placated and go along with anything as long as its not effecting these three. The purpose of the US is to be the global enforcer for TPTB.

            • “Flash Points Grow in Numbers & Increase Threats of Attack on U.S.”

              Does that mean if I overheat my still and it blows up I am increasing the possibility of attack by ATF agents?

              • Bingo!

            • Kevin2, and a cell phone. Don’t forget they are intoxicated too by that device.

      6. In a decision bound to have far-reaching effects, President Trump announced that the United States would be recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Furthermore, he also stated his intentions of placing an American embassy in the city. The Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has already weighed in on this, and said that such a move by President Trump would not be tolerated.

        This is one of the most prophetic events to occur in my life time and perhaps yours.

        Not since the Israelis captured “The Old City” East Jerusalem (City Of David)in 1967, has there been such an event. https://www.bibleplaces.com/areag/

        In 1947-48 when Israel was reestablished as a Nation, Five Arab Nations attacked her. The neighboring Arabs told the ones who were living in “Palestine”, a name given by a Roman Emperor to erase the name of Israel from existence: They were told to leave and once the Jews had been exterminated, they could move back, occupy their homes and lands.

        They left. The Arabs lost. Israel denied right of return. Thus begin the Palestinian Refugee problem which as been used as a ransom by The Arab/Muslim Nations and as pawns for land and money.

        Getting back to the subject.

        It is the Temple Mountain in East Jerusalem that the explosive point: http://www.templemount.org/

        Somewhere on This plot of Land that has been destroyed and rebuilt for over 3000 years, stood Solomans Temple(1st) and Herod’s Temple(2nd). Herods Temple.

        The Jews have been planning for over 1500 years to rebuilt their temple and restart priestly ceremonies. It will be in The rebuilt Temple that many believe The Anti Christ will eventually enter and will sit in The Holy of Holies and declare Himself god.

        Our world has changed and will never go back as it was before this announcement.

        Would significantly increase prepping and praying.

        Some would ponder and sneer why should I/me be concerned about these problem?

        God has ordained it and in the near future, it will be the center of the world’s attention and here it comes.

        This has caught many by surprise.

        I would research this and get an understanding.

        • exactly. nicely explained.

          see also ht tps://www.templeinstitute.org/

        • I firmly believe there are powers far greater than our grasp that are at work here, might be wrong, but there is too much coincidence to writings to ignore.

      7. Let’s start a count of the hot-spots, shall we? North Korea, the entire Middle East, the Southeast Asians …. Pakistan, Indonesia et.al, Russia and the Crimea and Ukraine, Venezuela and the rest of that region impoverished and without any real rule of law, China and the Spratly Islands and the man-made ones, a darned good part of North Africa that’s gone Muslim, West Africa and the breeding/testing ground for all sorts of real cool bio-weapons, the invasion of Europe by “freedom-seeking” refugees……. c’mon, add on. It’s like wearing tap-shoes in a black powder storage room where a barrel has been spilled. Spark!!!

        • worrisome, isn’t it?

      8. “The real rulers in Washington are invisible and exercise power from behind the scenes.” — Felix Frankfurter, Justice of the Supreme Court (1939-1962)

      9. The foreign policy of the US is devised within TPTB sanctioned organizations, the Fed. gov’t merely takes their orders and implements their policies. When you see an action of foreign relations carried out it was formulated months if not years ago, and of course always in the strictest secrecy because it is not about what’s good for the Amer. people, but what TPTB wants. We only supply the manpower (which they consider disposable), the financial means, infrastructure, and any other resources necessary. In effect, the tax-paying citizen is subsidizing a secret agenda with goals we neither know about or benefit from, and may actually be hostile to our society.
        Foreign policy is just one area where national policy is decided and controlled by a few. You may include fiscal policy in the Fed. Res., secret law making within the House and Senate (which merely puts bills on the floor that have been written by persons and groups unknown to the public), and it appears absolutely no one who is supposed to be responsible for fiscal policy has an understanding what is happening with the debt and deficit (Professor Mark Skidmore of Mich. State Univ. says the Fed. gov. is missing about 21 trillion dollars, Catherine Austin Fitts states there is 40 trillion that cannot be accounted for). The gov’t no longer represents the people because it cannot, it is merely a tool wielded by TPTB for their interests.
        You can bet you will never see the persons who are really in control speak publically about their goals, the persons who speak publically for them are their minions, and even then you will only hear what they want you to hear. Pres. Reagan’s intelligence director said he considered his job a success when everything the Amer. public believed was not true. It is therefore obvious we are actively being both dumbed-down and propagandized. How’s that for good gov’t? Voting for preferred candidates has shown not to have any affect towards improving anything since they ultimately answer to the same masters. We are not only being used, but you can see they have only contempt for the people.
        A great deal more can be written including lots of examples to prove the points being made but the informed readers and independent thinkers already knows and sees what’s up for themselves. You can bet every institution of gov’t has been corrupted, it’s too late to fix it all.

        • Got that right on it being too late to fix, some bone heads think theres still a chance, what a laugh

      10. As I understand it, the final battle of Armageddon will be fought in Israel.

        Trump recognizes, as do some of us (including this poster) that this is THE end time.

        For example, I don’t need to repeat the numerous signs we have all witnessed the past five years which include the groanings of the physical earth, the matrices of geopolitical tensions throughout the world threatening it with both chaos and nuclear annihilation, and the concerted effort made to destroy the United States of America FROM WITHIN OUR VERY BORDERS by the union of the Bush Cabal, the Clinton Cabal, the Globalists, and the Council on Foreign Relations.

        That’s why the U.N. troops (including Russian and Chinese soldiers) are here within our own borders– soldiers that Bush and Obama let into our country (and are in hiding) until power grids are attacked or insurrection occurs or other Soros-related disruptions go down.

        Moreover, by Trump putting our Embassy in Israel, it reinforces to our enemies (foreign and domestic) that an attack on Israel is an attack on the sovereign interests of the United States.

        Of course, those who hate the U.S. don’t like that, because NOW they KNOW the Full FORCE and POWER of the U.S. will be given on behalf of our little brother nation, Israel.

        We must remember two things: one, that initially the Jews were Yahweh’s Chosen People because they were the most oppressed in Old Testament times and it was through Jesus, who was a Jew, that God the Father extended to Jew and Gentile (non-Jew) alike the Message of Salvation.

        God will not abandon the Jewish people, nor will he abandon any Gentile! His requirement or prerequisite for His protection is that each person inhabiting this Earth obey His Ten Commandments. It was made clear from the time they were given to Moses that the Ten Commandments are not negotiable.

        One last thing. Please do NOT let yourself get distracted by all the sexual harassment scandals. There may be nothing fake about them, but those who want us destroyed will milk them for all they are worth to keep you OFF your center and your focus OFF of all evil around us.

        This is not a time to take your head off that swivel.

        Heed the Commandments 24/7. Your very life, and soul may depend on that free will choice.

        God bless you all!

        – the Lone Ranger

      11. If Israel says Jerusalem is their capitol, Then it’s their capital ! And if president Ass Rouhani can’t tolerate the truth he can just FO

      12. Poor Palestinians. Boo whoo. If you can’t beat them , join them !

        • Scarecrow, welcome and I agree. All Muslims can go FO!

      13. At least President Trump has the guts to call a thing for what it really is. Jerusalem is now the declared capital — not just the international city — of an occupying nation (Israel).

        See, this is what you get when you elect a citizen instead of these professional politicians: a little, good old-fashioned, calling a thing for what it really is: honesty.

        F*ck yeah, man.

        • I find it humorous how the establishment political class are all up in arms over Trump, DJT doesnt give a rats ass about the right/left or any of it, and its pretty funny to watch i gotta say. He wasnt elected because he was the best, he was elected because he was the biggest handful of sand into the gearbox

      14. Twice….

      15. I stopped reading after “Obama intended to overthrow Assad in Syria for many reasons: to ingratiate himself to the House of Saud (as the Saudi Arabians hate Assad), to control Northwestern Syria and run a natural gas pipeline through it from Qatar to Europe, and to secure a foothold with which to invade Iran.”

        Obama invade Iran!?!?! Are you fucking kidding me?

        • Muslims have divisions amongst them that are almost as deep as their hate of Judeans and Christians.

      16. DMONIC, I have to agree about Iran regardless of who’s in the WH. They don’t have the troops to do it, even if they withdrew our forces from the rest of the world. A ground invasion of iran is a suicide mission. Best bet would be to take out as much of their nuke program as possible.

      17. Patriots are tired of kneeling and acquiescing to the desires of the political philosophy called Islam. Americans place our embassies in the capitols of the foreign nations we recognize. Anyone that doesn’t like it can pack sand (you know where). No caliphate will dictate to us how we should govern ourselves.

      18. Sun Tzu say “In battle numbers alone do not ensure victory.” We must have clear objectives to stop an an enemy. Conquering North Vietnam would have been one.
        What was our objective in Afghanistan? Fight them there so we wouldn’t have to fight them here? How is that going to work when we let them claim “refugee” status and with funding establish terrorist cells here.
        Want to fight them here that is what the Militia is for they are the true home land security.

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