False Flag? Another ‘Suspicious Package’ – This One Was Sent To Debbie Wasserman-Schultz

by | Oct 24, 2018 | Headline News | 54 comments

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    Update #1:

    An observant Twitter user pointed out something interesting…


    Another suspicious package was sent – this time, to Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, the embattled former Democratic National Committee chairperson who worked to get Hillary Clinton the Democratic nomination for president over socialist Bernie Sanders.

    This news comes shortly after suspicious packages were addressed to Hillary Clinton, George Soros, the CNN headquarters, and former President Barack Obama. CNN, of course, had time to announce someone sent them a suspicious package before being forced to evacuate the New York Time Warner center.


    President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence both condemned the attempted bombings, with Pence saying these “despicable” acts have “no place in our country” and Trump adding that he agreed “wholeheartedly.”


    But others are already claiming this could be a false flag. After all, several powerful liberals and left-leaning CNN are getting suspicious packages in the days before the election, yet none of the bombs detonated.

    Zerohedge continues to monitor the situation and is currently posting updates as they receive them. Please click here to follow this news on the Zerohedge website.

    In the meantime, is it possible that this is a false flag? It isn’t like one has never happened before, and the timing is impeccable. Suddenly, no is talking about the massive caravan of Honduran illegal immigrants that was sinking the Democrats.


    But perhaps this is why Alex Jones continues to be censored on social media, as some speculate:


    The article below was written back in August by Mike Adams of Natural News.


    We are living under an Orwellian totalitarian regime beyond any horrific imagination. Google, Apple, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and other tech giants are engaged in the most criminal, malicious racketeering and tyranny imaginable. This is not sheer coincidence. They’ve all been ordered to censor the independent media in preparation for what’s coming next. As I explain in this video, the most likely false flag assault to be staged by the Left might be a “mass shooting” at CNN or another media giant, all staged with impressive theatrics to augment the real violence with a false narrative. -Mike Adams, Natural News

    The mainstream media is not reporting on the possibility of this being a false flag, but why would they? Instead, they are attempting to discredit anyone who has the guts to suggest that it could be. After all, it’s not like the U.S. has never stooped so low as to set up false flags

    How strange that Alex Jones is silenced and censored just before his prediction of an “October surprise” event occurs. Coincidence? Many think not.


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      1. Wow. What a shock. You think the elections have anything to do with that?

        • My first thought: “False Flag”.

          WHY ??? Because the Dems want to push this violent narrative for the next two weeks to the election. WHY ??? Because a Red Tsunami is about to crush the Dems, despite the phony “polls” that show they are winning. They know better. That strategy didn’t work in 2016 and it won’t work now.

          WHY ??? Why didn’t just ONE of the many “bombs” (more have been reported) not explode, injury SOMEONE if not the intended targets ??? 🙂

          • DK, agreed about it being a false-flag and for the reasons you just mentioned. We both hit that one out of the park.

          • Because it is an inside job and what they want can be had with
            out hurting people, Yet and so far.
            As the cia controls everything execpt for nut jobs the rest of the bad actors want to remain off the radar for now as the present destablization and infighting is more than they could
            hope for.
            The government has lost for ever any respect or trust or
            credability Globally, All that has been replaced with fear.
            The TV news media, all cia controlled, is the same as above.
            The real truth can be found on a few remaining web sites
            for the moment and even they must be cross checked.
            Hopefully all this will wake the people up and they will
            distrust and verify everything.
            We could never have acomplished this on our own, Thankfully
            The rotten corrupt system did it to itself may they continue
            to eat their own.
            There is a glimmer of hope that for the first time the people
            will control the government.
            If that can be done, The populations of the world must
            demand that the governments of the world must settle their
            problems without weapons for war. What say you ?

          • DK,
            I wish you were right about the red tsunami, even though I am libertarian (no one for me to vote for here)but I am just not seeing it here in the Denver area. One hour on Denver7 and 9News facebook posts and you’d see what I mean. We are screwed here.

          • Notice the stamps are not canceled, meaning they never went through the postal system. They were hand delivered around. Sloppy false flag.

            10/24/18 – Fake Bomb Day

        • I know, seriously. Its getting sooo predictable.

          And of course the leftist loons who have been calling for and executing violent acts against their political opposition are just AGAHAST and claiming its conservatives trying to kill them.

          I mean seriously, even the Reichstag fire was more believable than this fake bomb shit.

        • Say it’s not so, Joe…WTF has this country really come to folks? I am so disappointed and disgusted just beyond words.

          • “WTF has this country come to”

            We are witnessing what life is like in a dysfunctional society where core values and common sense are not practiced.
            Dysfunctional is the norm.

          • Think you’re disappointed now? Trump just promised to find out who did this. What a laugh. Who is Trump going to call? The FBI? The FBI works for the Clintons. The Department of Justice? The DOJ works for the Progressive Socialist Democrats. The CIA? The CIA works for George Soros. The NSA? The NSA works for Debbie Wasserman-Schultz. Trump is just a man out for a walk.

            • The Secret Service. They are on the team.
              They are not corrupted and are more powerful than any of the other agencies you mentioned.

        • BUT
          we have had to kill communists and muslims on every continent on this planet to live free and enjoy some semblance of liberty.

          Mark my words we will have to do the same right here on American soil in the not to distant future if we want to maintain the fractured, perverted freedom we have been served by the elites.

          maybe we get rid of the elites and we can live in real freedom and liberty like the CONSTITUTION PRESCRIBES

        • They were all sent by “Kerosene” Maxine Waters (Aunt Ester’s clone).

          • They were all sent by “Kerosene” Maxine Waters. (Aunt Ester’s clone).

      2. All of these incidents are definitely false-flag with a CAPITAL F. These incidents won’t solve any problems, period. It will be interesting to see who’s really behind them. Soros, Obama, Clinton? I wouldn’t put it past any of them. The left is losing everywhere and are really desperate now. They’ll stop at nothing to achieve their goals. Their true colors are really showing at this time. I’m headed to the BOL this weekend for a month. Can’t come soon enough.

        • yeap….

        • Who is being played here?

          The authorities can’t (or even won’t) say who is funding these caravans. How hard can it be?

          Same thing with these bombs. Think the authorities (the “powers that be,” the PTB), will actually find out who did this? Think they will tell the sheeple?

          The American people are being played. By both sides. Played.

        • Or just a looney idiot mailing bombs because he is a….looney idiot.

          • The Las Vegas shooter(s) strike(s) again.

        • I’m not surprised at any of this. But… I am ticked off like hell that I was just getting ready to go to dinner with a lady-friend and I thought, “what the heck, take a look @ shtfplan for anything new before I leave” and the first thing I see is Debbie Wasserman…. My appetite is ruined. That was a low blow and lousy timing editors, really a low blow.

      3. New opioid abuse law seems primarily-interested in the postal system, as terrorists meddle with the mail.

        Were you avoiding Black Friday. Has it been discussed that automation would lead to universal, basic income, and home delivery. Mail is becoming the universal means of commerce and subsistence.

        Recent developments prone toward the postal system (and, by extension, commerce) being micro managed.

      4. Ten years ago I could mail a large medium weight package across country for less than $10. Today that same package will cost over $30 to mail. Privitize the USPS and prices will double.

        • I’m already paying to subsidize your $30 package. UPS and FEDEX are cheaper anyway without taking my tax money

          ht tp:// fortune.com/2015/03/27/us-postal-service/

      5. Too bad it a false flag and someone doesn’t really kill off a bunch of these scum. I’d do a happy dance.

        • no way would the leftist brownshirts would send a lethal device to their idols, unless of course they expect it to blow up some low level disposable security mail sorter for the cause.

          • I wasn’t suggesting that at all. Of course their own minions wouldn’t hurt them as they are too busy kissing their asses. I was saying it would be good if someone did kill them all.

          • Some Clinton operative with a note is going to found dead. Suicide by Clinton strikes again.

      6. Menzo, the days of those scum are numbered and that number is getting smaller. Something’s definitely coming down the road.

        • No, their days are not numbered. What ever gave you that idea? Superman? Truth? Justice? The American Way? Nothing is coming down the road. Just that truck which is going to wipe you, your family, and your house, and everything you ever worked for, off the face of the earth.

          • Blame-e, you ask what gave me that idea? Sounds like you haven’t been paying attention to what’s going on. And nothing is taking out me or my family as long as we have the means to stop it.

            • Brave talk from sparky.

              • Blame-e, uh, I know you usually mean well, but what is this about?

                • I know you do too “Deplorable.” But we really don’t know what is going on. I am just going on the “American Experience” has been so far. And it doesn’t look good.

      7. THE BIG ONE IS COMING. And they will blame it on the Republicans, right-winders, deplorable nationalists, and Trump. The masses of useful idiots will buy it hook, line, and sinker.
        Just before the election, like around Halloween.
        The SHTF is right around the corner. Be prepared.!!!!

        • It’s okay we can finally start killing this trash then.

        • Promises. Promises. It’s like listening to Trump promise how those responsible will be found and prosecuted. Nobody will be found. Nobody will be prosecuted. And I will still be voting Republican across the board on November 6TH.

          • I think you are wrong but we shall see.
            It may be a patsy, but someone will be caught.

            • These Progressive Socialist Democrats would dig Lee Harvey Oswald up and try to pin it all on him (the election, the bombings, the boat people, the caravans, all of it), if they could. That has been tried that already. Except for the Constitution and the Bill of Rights the grave was empty.

      8. This is such an obvious false flag it is almost ludicrous to think otherwise.

        The Republicans obviously did it in a manner to make it look like the Democrats were responsible to boost the Republican vote which is looking like it will fail to stem the blue wave coming in November.

        I can’t believe so many people haven’t seen through this and are actually blaming the Democrats the way it was intended to make them think they were responsible.

      9. This will end up like the “russian collusion” scam, delayed indefinitely, certainly until the election is long over. Nobody will ever be found guilty.
        The bomb thing serves zero purpose for the republicans, and actually would hurt them, so it clearly is a demorat scheme!

        • And who gets the bill? The American people, as usual.

      10. Dear Hillary Clinton and George Soros. On November 6TH, I am still voting Republican across the board. Nice try though. What else do you got?

        • Hahaha. Right on the money man. They did it.

      11. Yikes..the Democrats are getting desperate.

      12. Mueller from the FBI will blame the Russians for colluding with the radical right.

      13. The very minute during the elections, when the democrats realize that they have no chance in gaining or maintaining seats in the mid-terms, a 9/11 style event will occur. Elections will be suspended and no results will be posted or confirmed.

      14. ho hummm…. yet MORE flase flags…so tiring… we’ve been enduring these since 911 (which was the only REAL episode) but, sadly, 98% of the moron American sheeple will swallow it whole as they always do ……

        • Yeah, the United States is not just any Banana Republic or Third World Country the Deep State can just mess with.

      15. Give me a break. This is a bunch of bunk. Wasserman should be in jail…not some goober sending her a bomb.

      16. IMHO…. Demoncraps need to cause a distraction from the
        invasion headed here……as it has gone sideways.
        They are buying anything…anyone…they can to drown
        out the fact that people LOVE TRUMP.
        The attemp to blame Trump supporters has failed.

        Look at Trumps crowds…. then look at the empty seats
        for the Demons. Trump supporters are not afraid of them
        or any of the invaders they are paying to crash our borders.
        This “child play” is so predictable…so typical …. so hateful.

        They whine and cry and kick their feet….so what’s new ??
        Trump only needs to know who in the FBI is legit and who is
        an Obumhole prop. He will sort out the scum.

        Trump has another army behind him if anyone tries
        to destroy him.
        He has the PHONE AND only needs ONE good PEN, NOW!!
        ( Doesn’t need a dog and pony show to do business. either. )
        We have a NEW SHERIFF IN TOWN, TODAY !!!

      17. I sure hope David Hogg survived , again , LMFAO , Again !

      18. George Soros is saying how “the hate is consuming us.” Yeah, George. Your hate for the country that took you in from Hungary, gave you (a foreigner), everything.

        It’s your hate that is consuming you, George. You are an enemy of the American people, George. You are an enemy of the state, George. You need to be tried for sedition and treason; your assets need to be confiscated; you need to be deported with the American people’s best wishes for your final years as a penniless, homelessness, vagrant — which is what you are already.

      19. It’s all a manufactured psyop by the NWO anti-American commie globalist deep state cabal establishment for the low info sheeple shitheads and useful idiots.

        Important elections are coming up and the globalist conmen and conwomen are manufacturing situations to make their political opponents (Team USA) look like the bad guys.

        Perhaps there is more to it than just what’s on the surface as there usually is.

        Same shit just a different day rinse and repeat.

      20. Phony fake bombs. All planted by the same people they were sent to to cause an uproar. Who are they kidding.

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