“F**K Freedom of Speech”: Crazed Leftist Steals MAGA Hat, Claims Speech Is Genocide And that Trump Supporters Need To Be Gotten Rid Of

by | Sep 29, 2017 | Headline News | 45 comments

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    leftist crazy

    A Trump supporter attending the University of California, Riverside had his “Make America Great Again” (MAGA) hat stolen from him by a crazed leftist who then went on a psychotic rant that attacked everything from the very idea of free speech to the existence of too many white people in the country.

    The shocking video, first released by Campus Reform, began with Trump supporter Matthew Vitale desperately trying to get his property back from the thief who was so lost (see crazy?) that she apparently believed that going to the school’s Student Life Department would help her cause, as if they were going to openly support her obvious crime.

    After entering the department the student proceded to act like she was in the right, complaining that, “This guy thought it would be a good idea to go into a conference wearing this f***ing hat.”

    “Look at the kind of sh*t he’s wearing. You know what that represents? This represents genocide of a bunch of people,” she ludicrously continued.

    That’s right, in the new leftist orthodoxy, literally wearing a hat about making the country great again after years of globalist shenanigans is now openly labeled as support for genocide.

    After threatening to burn the hat, the women goes on a disgusting rant against a variety of issues that most Americans cherish.

    “F**K freedom of speech, it’s killing people,” she yelled as Vitale tried to explain that he simply wanted his property back and that he was only using his first amendment rights to wear it in the first place.

    The so far unidentified women then continued her obvious Marxist screed, claiming that America was never great and that she has always hated the country itself.

    “I f**king hate this country because we need to get rid of all ya all,” she continued.

    It is unclear whether she meant get rid of all Trump supporters or all whites in general but either way these are some truly sickening, over the top comments that no one in the establishment media seems to even remotely care about.

    An update to the original report by Campus Reform included a new statement from the university.

    “The unfortunate incident that was recorded and shared on social media does not conform to UCR’s Principles of Community,” Director of News and Information JD Warren told Campus Reform. “Federal privacy laws prevent the university from commenting on student conduct matters but UC Riverside stands by its deep commitment to freedom of expression, civil discourse, and respectful interactions within our community.”

    What the vague statement actually means remains to be seen but if the school administration did end up standing up for the Trump supporters rights you can almost guarantee that the leftist horde will soon be descending on the school.

    The above exchange between an innocent student simply wearing the hat of his choosing and a crazed hyper leftist demanding censorship of ideas she disagrees with is sadly simply another example of the insanity gripping college campuses throughout the country. These universities are slowly but surely putting in different unilaterally passed “rules” that could eventually lead to the labeling of all conservative ideas as racist hate speech.


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      1. The peaceful transition of power. It was a mutual kind of thing and for good reason. Another hard fought lesson it seems that is in for some recurrent training.

        • The days of peaceful transition of power, are over. The United States is infested to the core with marxist parasites, and their tools. They have 2 over-riding goals:

          1) Global Communism
          2) White Genocide

          White people had better face reality about this. We are now at stage 5, of the 8 stages of genocide. If you think it “cannot happen here”, you are mistaken.

          • The eight stages of genocide are:


            • Genocide is about to happen in Puerto Rico. Unfortunately it’s not fake news.

              It’s really a shame since they are only 1,000 miles off the coast of Florida and no bigger than the state of Connecticut with only 3.5 million people, mostly all U.S. Citizens, and you’d think they would have gotten the help they NEEDED. Instead they have been left to die. Genocide.

              • You’re a friggin moron !
                they’re not even a State, we’re broke, just had two hurricanes elsewhere, your Daddy Barak Hussein Obummer drove us into both a Social and Economic National crisis – besides, ya imbecilic jackass, Trump sent ships, national Guard, revoked the Jones Rule, everyones stepping up including corporations – the ships are stuck in the Harbors because there’s no infrastructure to get the supplies out, meanwhile, ships keep coming and it’s all getting backed up.
                So, ya little communist f*** wad, why don’t you just eat s*** and die !

                • Kingscairn, AMEN. People ARE going all out to help Puerto Rico even with people in TX and FL needing help. Anonymous is on a crackpipe.

          • They have 2 over-riding goals:

            1) Global jewish hegemony
            2) White Genocide

            “communism” means jew control/destruction of everything

      2. So, tell me how this gets better! Seriously! The election of Trump shows America just how far gone it is! You slept and slept! The liberals, and rinos, have gone insane in washington, and on the streets next to you! It is Biblical!

        You say we just need to come together and get along, but we are diametrically opposed!

        They are sodom and gomorrah! It wasn’t just about lgbt! They were pure evil! It wasn’t enough for them to be content with themselves, they had to have everyone else as well! This is what we see now!

      3. She looks like a less angry Rosie O’Donnell

        • Fallout, she sounded like she’s related to Rosie, LOL!

          • looks like she may be going to jail for her little escapade:

            ht tp://www.foxnews.com/us/2017/10/06/uc-student-who-stole-maga-hat-in-viral-video-could-face-felony-charges.html

      4. This is what invades your country! Quiet. Speak softly. We don’t want to wake them. Sleep. Sleep. Sleep. The cowardly American needs their booty sleep!

        Did you think “turn the other cheek” means let evil mow you over? Seems to be the case.

        • Dave, I KNOW ‘turn the other cheek’ means submitting to evil. People ‘turn the other cheek’ at their own peril. No ‘turning the other cheek’ on my part. Not even part of my vocabulary.

      5. Book burnings by the left start next week sharply at 8

      6. Do it. Please do it. It would be so entertaining.

        … pathetic 15 minute fight…

      7. If that commie bitch had touched me she would’ve been laying on the ground needing medical attention. No libturd ever tells me what to do, period. If they want to fight they can bring it on. They’ll get more than they bargained for.

        • You never been in a fight in your life you sound like a pussy probably press charges and call the cops you fraud

          • Black Guy, how would you know without even meeting me? Bring it on, BOY! Do you belong to Black CRIMINAL Lives Matter?

            • Well the BOY never responded to me so that shows he’s full of shit.

        • In some places she’d been a pin cushion, but they don’t pull that crap in those places.

      8. Typical leftist attitudes…their way or the highway. They love free speech until they disagree with it. It will only get worse. The guy should have known that he would run into a nut eventually looking for a fight.

      9. Wow, is it weird that my initial reaction was to just laugh. The sheer ignorance of this pathetic woman! Man, if she had tried to pull that on me, that hat wouldn’t be in her possession for very long and she would be on the ground. But then again, I’m a woman, so I could probably get away with beating her senseless to get my property back…

      10. Perfect example of the brown plague? When the window of opportunity opens the Tares must be burnt? Pick and choose and it will just start up again later?

      11. The foreigners invade and think they own the place. Reminds me of the muslims pouring into Europe and the governments basically letting them have their way. I blame this government allowing these intruders in and then giving them everything, schooling, housing etc. Ungrateful, no humility, just spoiled brats. Dump them where they snuck in. Good luck don’t come back. A strong slap to the face might help.

        • I agree with you 100% I am so sick and tired of all of the filthy, rude, mother fucking foreigners and nigger muslims, etc, etc. They should all be shown an over sized oven!! Wake the fuck up you stupid pussy ass whites!!!!

      12. Last weekend i finished my 25 hours of community service mandated by the court system for beating up 3 liberal kids who broke the window on my truck and threw paint on my new make america great again t shirt and ruining the interior of my truck also. they thought that i would be an easy target because of my cane so they tried to beat me up. funny how these people have no idea how to fight or how to win. several peolpe witnessd this and not one helped but they did take cel phone movies. they took me to court but i was sentenced to community service and they were to pay to fix my truck plus community service. they will never do either and i have done mine without a whimper. this country has gone to hell when 3 thirty something stupid asses can’t even beat up a 75 year old man who just had knee surgery two days before.these are the same scum who are causing problems in america. god bless

        • Those pathetic coward witnesses need to have their cell phone cameras shoved up their faggot asses.

        • Deplorable, welcome and I’m sorry to hear about your situation. I would’ve told the liberal judge to stuff the community service. No one should ever be penalized for self-defense.

        • And I bet you have a criminal record now. I’m a grandmother and I guarantee I would have stepped in and if they got in my face it would be game on. The name of the game is to slap a criminal charge on anyone they can. Generated revenue is another plus. Your story should absolutely go viral.

          • Anonymous/Granny, if anyone should get a criminal record it should be the attacker, NOT the person engaging in self-defense. Self-defense is a right, not a privilege.

      13. This is the standard representation of a “college” qualified candidate in the state of CA. This state rings true as the example of what excessive liberalism and the lowering IQ due to mass immigration brings about in a populace. Slowly people wake, but too slowly. I never had to be immersed in it to understand this, for too many because they were in middle America they simply didnt understand or refused to understand that this is what comes about. Only now; when mass immigration of this ilk has invaded their small towns of middle America have they final snapped to attention. These dunces will never be American, could never understand the concepts of the Constitution and will thereby by a progressive (pun) threat to the freedoms that accompany it. You have a small percentage in the masses that dont follow this, but on too wide a scope does it prove to be valid. This mass migration comes (not because they were intelligent enough to get a job in their own country) because they were too stupid to fend for themselves and have some to take of the freebies that the middle class here has been forced by way of the gun to provide. IT would be good to take note of this vid…and remember this is the rule, not the exception.

      14. This sounds more like a social blackops-project. I wonder what this phase called?

        twitch, twinge, whine, tantrum……………………..

        could use acronyms



        This is a grass is greener project.

        What must be decide by test subjects is.

        the grass greener

        is there a other side

        is subjects function sustainable lifestyle workable if they destroy the supply

        ((((((( remember in control group “a” coll and uni campus” are control subject “a” this include profess and staff ))))

        Opinion, nothing like giving the kids monopoly money to play with.

      15. The poster “girl” of why we want to restrict immigration to those who understand the understanding of Liberty and Rule of Law. She feels her “rights” are to steal a person’s property and destroy all who do not agree with her point of view. All these people fleeing countries that are “oppressive” and come to this country with the same mind-set and behavior that made their own country oppressive. They will only drag this country down to the level of the country they came from.

      16. I have to admire her use of the English language. Nothing says ‘well-educated’ like the liberal (pardon the pun) use of profanity to make one’s point. Like in all things Democrat, I hope she is given the same freedom/treatment as she recommends – no freedom of speech for her. Tit-for-tat would be justice equally applied. A simple STFU would do just fine.

        • Heartless, anyone who tries to have her would have to be really desperate and will end up catching something.

      17. They must eventually be dealt with.

        • Decisively!

      18. WOW…. I am NOT a violent person, and have not been in a fight since grade school, more than 40 years ago… But when that piece-of-crap liberal commie b*tch said “F*ck your freedom of speech”, I wanted to reach right thru my computer monitor and punch her lights out!!

        Not to mention she’s got to be about the biggest idiot I’ve seen in a long time… “Wearing the hat is killing people!!”

        God save us all.

      19. Perfect example of why people need to CC.

      20. This snowflake has let the cat out of the bag. These subversives that want to destroy our nation have been content to hide in the background. A couple of decades ago reference to AZATLAN (a reuniting of Mexico with certain parts of the USA) slipped out of the secret society that wants to destroy our nation. Wake up Americans (Hispanic loyalists included) before these subversives have there way. You saw the hate in the video.

      21. Wouldn’t you just like to shoot that bitch in the head in that video?

      22. Of course they said it was unfortunate. It was recorded.

      23. Four words BIOCTH.
        FUCK YOU, BRING IT!!!

      24. Founding member of FTCA. Future Toilet Cleaners of America.

      25. Downloading her pic and placing it on a target would be in order. She is an example of the clowns that have filled Leftifornia .

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