Five Predictions For The Trump Presidency That Should Keep You Awake At Night

by | Dec 31, 2016 | Headline News | 222 comments

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    This article was originally published by M.D. Creekmore at The Survivalist Blog.


    We can all agree that as president-elect Donald J Trump will have a lot to deal with when he takes over the office, and  we hope that he does well and does everything that he can to bring the country back to where it needs to be, unfortunately,  I think it is too far past the tipping point to be brought back to center.

    The best that we can hope for is that president Trump will be able to cause a slow down of what’s coming thus giving us more time to prepare for what is the ineludible outcome that we will have to deal with and that is economic collapse, major terrorist attacks on U.S. soil, and eventual nuclear war with Russia…

    Below are my top five predictions for the next four years of the Trump Presidency…

    1. A Huge Increase In Well Organized Terrorist Attacks On U.S. Soil 

    During the coming Donald J Trump presidency, I look for a HUGE increase in terror attacks on U.S. soil by ISIS as well as from the domestic far left (such as BLM). As we know the U.S. Government acting under the Obama regime has been funding, arming and supporting ISIS in Syria and in other parts of the middle east. Under Obama, we have also had an open border policy and this policy has allowed hundreds of ISIS members and their supporters into the U.S. were they have been freely able to organize, plan and train.

    This is why we have not seen any major attacks (like 9/11) on U.S. soil since Obama took office because the Obama regime has been supporting ISIS and their efforts in the Middle East.

    When Trump takes office, the funding will stop and the support will stop. President Trump will go after their training camps in the U.S. and safe havens and they will retaliate via large-scale attacks here in the U.S. via mass shooting, bombing, and other tactics that will result in hundreds if not thousands of Americans being murdered. I also look for far-left domestic terrorists to plan and perpetrate similar attacks but on a smaller scale.

    2. Trump Will Flip-Flop And Call For And Or Support “Assault Rifle” And Full Capacity Magazine Bans  After Another Mass Shooting

    I’m sure that this prediction will ruffle a lot of feathers and I hope that I’m wrong, after all, I did vote for Donald J Trump, but I only did so for one reason and that is that I knew he had to be a better choice than Hillary Rodham Clinton.

    A turnip would have been a better choice than Hillary Rodham Clinton.

    Okay, here it goes… I predict that if there is another mass shooting with the shooter using a semi-auto “assault rifle” with a 30 round magazine that Donald J Trump will turn on the Second Amendment, the NRA, and his voters by calling for more gun control in the form of semi-auto bans and limited magazine capacity.

    Yea, I know… he said he was pro-gun and a firm supporter of the Second Amendment while he was running for office and wanting your vote… but he wasn’t always a supporter and in the past has openly called for semi-auto bans and for limiting magazine capacity.

    In his book “The America We Deserve” Donald J Trump wrote: “I generally oppose gun control, but I support the ban on assault weapons and I support a slightly longer waiting period to purchase a gun.”

    I know a lot of folks will argue that he has changed his views on gun control and an “assault weapons” ban… well folks, he has changed his stance on a number of key issues over the years and who can guarantee that he won’t change it back again when the body count goes up after another mass shooting…

    I hope that I’m wrong, I really pray that I am on this one, but I think that if put under pressure by perceived public and media outcry on the issue such as would be the case after another major mass shooting that he will flip-flop again on the gun control/ban issue and call for more gun laws and or complete bans on certain firearms and limiting magazine capacity.

    3. Another Cold War That Could Turn Hot

    We were told by the mainstream media that Trump is a puppet for Putin and the Russians and that Russia hacked the election which resulted in a Donald J Trump victory – all nonsense and government propaganda coming for the Obama regime and the controlled media of course, but that doesn’t stop the sheeple from believing such B.S. because unfortunately, they believe everything they are told on the nightly fake news broadcasts coming from the mainstream media.

    The election of Donald J Trump did postponed war with Russia comparative to the election of Hilary Clinton who would have had us at war with Russia in weeks if she had been election/appointed.  However, the threat is still there and I predict a further breakdown in relations with Russia under Trump during his term.

    I think that President Trump will be extra stern and un-wilding toward Putin and Russia to prove the mainstream media wrong in regard to their claims of him being a puppet for Putin and the Russians.

    Also, both Trump and Putin are hard headed egotistical personalities and both want the best for their country and both countries want to be the main dominating world superpower and will do what it takes to reach that point of power and influence.

    Heck, it looks like a new nuclear arms race is already underway and Trump hasn’t even been sworn in yet… Trump, Putin both seek to boost their nuclear capability.

    4. No Decrease Of Illegal Domestic Spying On U.S. Citizens And Most Likely An Increase Instead

    I don’t see any decrease or roll back of any of illegal domestic spying on U.S. citizens under a Trump presidency and most likely we will see an increase and of course, just like under Obama it will be deemed as necessary for our “protection” from the “terrorists” the same terrorists that the government should be watching, arresting and or exporting back to whatever craphole they crawled out of.

    Trump has already called for “closing off parts of the internet to limit militant Islamist propaganda” whatever that means and urged a boycott of Apple products over the company’s refusal to help the FBI unlock an iPhone associated with last year’s San Bernardino, Calif. shootings.

    And let’s not forget that he supports the unconstitutional stop and frisk policy and a mandatory death penalty for anyone that kills any law enforcement officer. The later is very dangerous and naive because such cases should be judged on a case by case by basis… i.e. what if the police officer was trying to kill you because his wife left him for another man and the officer thinks that you’re him during a traffic stop and just wants to end you for it and you have to defend yourself with deadly force against the law-enforcement officer – should you get the death penalty for defending yourself just because your attacker wears a badge… No, you shouldn’t – each case should be tried on an individual basis…

    “I imagine (Trump) is going to be a guy who is probably going to mandate backdoors,” said Hank Thomas, chief operating officer at Strategic Cyber Ventures and a veteran of the National Security Agency. “I don’t think he’s ultimately going to be a friend to privacy, and the fearful side of me says he will get intelligence agencies more involved in domestic law enforcement.”


    5. A Major Long-Lasting And Far Reaching Economic Collapse

    Right now, even before Trump has taken office the stock market is up and there have been reports of companies who are planning to move back to the U.S. from abroad and of others who are postponing company moves since Donald J Trump was elected and I think that if not for the agenda of TPTB that Trump might be able to postpone the coming economic collapse. However, TPTB and the far political left want Trump and the “Trump movement” to fail and they will do everything in their power to see that that happens even if that means collapsing the economy (or starting a nuclear war with Russia).

    The powers that be (TPTB) do not want a strong, United States of America because a strong U.S.A. will stand in the way their plans for a one world government. The U.S. and world economic system are set up to crash and those holding the strings can crash it at any point in time that they see fit and what better time than during the Trump presidency…

    And in the words of Michael Snyder from the economic collapse blog “The truth, of course, is that the result of the election did not somehow magically alter the outlook for the U.S. economy” and that my friends is the fact no matter how hard to swallow. We are still nineteen plus trillion dollars in debt and that debt figures out to be more than 110% of total US GDP.

    The statement below from sums up the current economic situation and eventual outcome realistically…

    “Trumphoria,” a phenomena describing people who were once preparing for the impending global collapse, but have somehow been duped into believing that a Trump presidency can turn around decades of poor monetary policy. Those people are sorely mistaken! That’s not a knock on Trump’s ability either. The simple fact is that our nation has accumulated the largest mountain of debt the world has ever seen, and as Dr. Willie explains, our status as the World Reserve Currency is almost at an end.

    The best outcome President Trump could hope for, would be to prolong this debt bubble for as long as possible, but that would make the ultimate outcome even worse. On the other hand, he could try to deal with the crisis right away, but that would mean an extraordinary amount of pain for the whole country, something he’s not likely willing to do for political reasons, regardless of how much it would help in the long term.

    I predict that the economy will collapse during Donald J Trump’s term as president – whether by design and on purpose by TPTB or under the massive amount of debt that just keeps growing, the economy is going to crash and it will do so while Donald J Trump is in office.

    The U.S. economy will crash under Donald J Trump, not because of him or his policies but because it’s already crashing. We have already passed the point of no return and there isn’t anything President Trump or anyone else can do to stop it (slow it down maybe, but not stop it) and combine that with the fact that TPTB aka the Globalists want Trump to fail and we have nearly a 100% probability that the economy will collapse under Trump.

    Okay, agree or disagree those are my top five predictions for the Trump presidency. Please leave your thoughts and comments below…

    This article has been generously contributed by M.D. Creekmore and The Survivalist Blog.

    M.D. is the author of several books including The Prepper’s Guide to Surviving the End of the World, as We Know It: Gear, Skills, and Related Know-How and The Dirt Cheap Survival Retreat


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      1. 1,2,3….nope

        4 — Yep, presidents no longer have much control over the spy crowd.

        5 — High probability….I think this is why he was allowed to win.

        • He was allowed to win for #3… IMHO. BTW, Anything based on Brandon Smith’s logic needs to be trashed urgently.

          • Why do you say that about B.S.?

            • Why ??? Here are two good reasons off the top of my head:

              1. Because Brandon believes, and he has stated here that TRUMP is a “Trojan Horse” and the potus the PTB wanted all along.

              Sheer insanity. Anyone who believes that with all of the evidence to the contrary has a screw loose somewhere.

              2. Because Brandon believes, and has stated here repeatedly that SDRS will be the new global currency after the death of the dollar.

              Buy some SDRS and stash them in number ten cans if you believe that. Well, TRY to buy some anyway. And hey! good luck with that. 🙂

              • 1. “Huge Increase In Well Organized Terrorist Attacks On U.S. Soil”

                Yes in the near term. Longer term TRUMP’S crackdown on ILLEGALS, MUSLIMS, and REFUGEES will mitigate the threat.

                2. TRUMP will NOT flip flop on gun control.

                3. No way. A very significant improvement in US Russia relations will occur; with the US and Russia growing much, much closer.

                It’s time for Europe to defend itself.

                4. Yes domestic spying will increase … on Muslims, ILLEGALS, Refugees, and Democrats who will be indicted, convicted, and incarcerated for their crimes.

                5. “A Major Long-Lasting And Far Reaching Economic Collapse.” This would have occurred under Clinton as the globalist’s plane for OWG. There is a new Sheriff In Town now who means what he says and says what he means, and has a different perspective and plan.

                Everyone should put “Economic Collapse” on hold.

                TRUMP has shrewdly aligned the military and the police behind his Administration, and enlisted the business titans to the cause (America First) if they want to make money.

                Do they want to make money ??? Yes.

                Global economic collapse is more likely to begin in Europe and China, and that likelihood is much higher now than when I first suggested it here years ago; based upon the systemic weaknesses of their respective financial infrastructures, which I noted at that time.

                A business collapse is coming in the USA (to American Industry located offshore), as it always does periodically. Because American production (70,000 factories) were offshored under Bush & Obola, imports will decline dramatically and those products imported from China will face tariffs.

                Under TRUMP’S Economic Plan, American Factories will be rebuilt in America with increased robotics making national products more competitive than international products.

                With a strong dollar, raw materials can be purchased for a song from the Emerging Markets who THEMSELVES will have experienced economic collapse due to weak currencies, corruption, and just bad policies that exploit their populations.

                An American Renaissance will emerge from the implementation of TRUMPS Policies after a sharp, but short Recession. Economic Collapse only comes with MASSIVE Earth Changes and this may be localized to some extent.

                Keep prepping. We are in the Last Days for however long they last. 🙂

                • In an Istambul nightclub New Years Eave celebration tonight, a Jihadist dressed as Santa shot the place up killing 30, wounding 40.

                  With the global crackdown on fake news, expect reports of Islamic Terrorism to be suppressed.

                  It’s more common than is reported. It is more vile than is reported, more insidious, dangerous. The UN and international treaty, the shift in Internet control.

                  The Beast that was delt a fatal blow in the head, is come back to life.

                  • DK,

                    I hope you are right!

                    DT has allied himself with several powerful blocs but it is going to be a tough struggle against the NWO, MSM, the Unions, the Demoncrats, the Jihadists, other rogue governments, etc., etc. He has made a lot of enemies along the way including members of his own party. A famous man once said, “A divided house cannot stand”.

                    Louisiana Eagle

                    • laeagle: I too hope DK is right, otherwise our voting was in vain. Sooner or later the truth will come out what Trump stands for. We need to ditch the UN.

                    • “He has made a lot of enemies along the way …”

                      His enemies are OUR enemies and they were there before he heeded the call of the Spirit of America to renew the land our forefathers bequeathed to US.

                      Only a rich, strong, Patriot without fear could accept the dangerous task and “Make America Great Again”. Thank you Lord !!! 🙂

                    • WOW, Sunday NT, Jan 1st, Silver Market just opened up .52 cents, 3.25% up and now at $16.46. Here we go Folks, What we’ve been looing for. An Yugggggge Bull PM Run about to unfold.


                    • LA: Our vote was not in vain. He has not taken the oath of office yet and significant changes have already occurred with respect to the plans of the multinationals; and the Globalists TREMBLE at the prospects that await them after TRUMP has consolidated power.

                      Praise God from WHOM all blessings flow !!! 🙂

                    • LA,

                      You can’t imagine the relief I felt when Hillary lost the election. But now it appears they are very sore losers and are not going to go quietly. The Republicans have never been good at fighting scorched earth battles except for General Sherman when he fought the South. I hope DT will find his Sherman in his fight against the Establishment and the great D.C. Swamp that desperately needs to be drained if we are to survive as a nation. The US Constitution and Bill of Rights are on the balance and the only piece of paper that will help preserve our freedoms and the sovereignty of this nation.

                      Best wishes to All for a Happy New Year!

                      Louisiana Eagle

                  • Maybe Santa determined that they had been bad boys and girls. He shows up once a year to judge. Why would anyone trust him?

                • Bingo DK…

                • you make good sense, islam should be driven out of america along with much of the illegals

                • Thanks, DK. I hope, and suspect, you are right on most of these items you commented on. Of course, there are always imponderables, and concessions that are beyond one’s control. I think Trump, who was not my first or second choice, is looking increasingly better and better.

                  In particular, I am heartened by most – no all – of his cabinet picks. Pruitt at the EPA is particularly important, as the EPA is one of the thin edges of the wedge (the other is the fascist gay Nazi sturm troopers) and their push to erode our freedoms thru the faux global warming gambit, which is an utter fabrication. As Reed Bryson, THE most quoted meteorologist in the world said, if global temps are a 100 story building, man’s impact is the equivalent of the linoleum on the first floor.

                  Or as Dr. Richard Lindzen, prof. of atmospheric science, Dr. Wm Gray, the #1 hurricane forecaster in the world, or John Coleman, who co-founded the Weather Channel (go to YouTube and search for John Coleman + global warming) all called anthropogenic global warming, a (and I quote ipsissima verba) “SCAM.”

              • Hmmm 96% of people did not pass the how many squares ad above lol. Thats pretty shitty and whats sad is, I believe it 🙁

                • So are you just now figuring out many Americans are fat, dumb, lazy, spoiled, apathetic and cowardly ?

                  I did not make it up, it is just the way it is. I am simply saying it where most will not.

                  • 80% (+) of the American people are selfish sellouts.

                    How many would risk losing their job due to being a whistleblower?

                    I dare say that most turn a blind eye when personal stakes are at risk.

                    • Hitler was asked why the Christians and Christian ministers and priests did not object to the Nazis knowing the crimes against humanity the Nazis were committing. Hitler said that the priests and ministers were too concerned keeping there menial jobs than risk loosing them speaking out against the Nazis.

                      The same attitudes are in place now. People are afraid to speak out.

                      Every news article I read now is about the “shock and outrage” over something someone said.

                      Nobody could even post a complementary article about Carrie Fisher without being called sexists.

                      This causes a chilling effect on speaking out and allows tyrants to take control with no objection.

                    • SemperFraud is a friggin Troll.

                      What to expect in 2017? More Fake news like this.

                      More Bullsh*t Fake News from Washington Post
                      Posted by MishMoments | December 31, 2016 12:05:56 | Economics

                      I was laughing the moment I saw the Washington Post headline story Russian hackers penetrated U.S.electricity grid through a utility in Vermont.

                      I did not touch the story because I thought it was BS. And it was.

                      Glen Greenwald at the Intercept has the details in Russia Hysteria Infects WashPost Again: False Story About Hacking U.S. Electric Grid.

                      The media reactions, as Alex Pfeiffer documents, were exactly what one would expect: hysterical, alarmist proclamations of Putin’s menacing evil.

                      The Post’s story also predictably and very rapidly infected other large media outlets. Reuters thus told its readers around the world: “A malware code associated with Russian hackers has reportedly been detected within the system of a Vermont electric utility.”

                      What’s the problem here? It did not happen.

                      There was no “penetration of the U.S. electricity grid.” The truth was undramatic and banal. Burlington Electric, after receiving a Homeland Security notice sent to all U.S. utility companies about the malware code found in the DNC system, searched all their computers and found the code in a single laptop that was not connected to the electric grid.

                      Apparently, the Post did not even bother to contact the company before running its wildly sensationalistic claims, so they had to issue their own statement to the Burlington Free Press which debunked the Post’s central claim.

                      So the key scary claim of the Post story – that Russian hackers had penetrated the U.S. electric grid – was false. All the alarmist tough-guy statements issued by political officials who believed the Post’s claim were based on fiction.

                      Even worse, there is zero evidence that Russian hackers were responsible even for the implanting of this malware on this single laptop. The fact that malware is “Russian-made” does not mean that only Russians can use it; indeed, like a lot of malware, it can purchased (as Jeffrey Carr has pointed out in the DNC hacking context, assuming that Russian-made malware must have been used by Russians is as irrational as finding a Russian-made Kalishnikov AKM rifle at a crime scene and assuming the killer must be Russian).”

                      ***So yeah, expect more Fake News from the MSM Shills, because we all know (((who))) owns these media companies.

              • Like Durango kiddy has any credibility. Did you pay Mac the $100 you owe me from your last Bet you lost because you were sooo incorrect, as I stated with massive proof with various article links, that China is moving to back the Yuan with Gold.

                I would trust economic analysis from Brandon Smith 1000 times more than from the rants of DKiddy who is clueless when it comes to economics. Been proving that over and over now for years on this board. Yeah dickhead check the archives. You know it, I know it, and every body on this board knows it. But your ego won’t let you admit it. And anybody stuffing cash into cans for safe keeping, thinking it is somehow going to expand their future wealth is a dreamer. It keeps on depreciating daily, and soon to be confetti. Buy Physical Gold and Silver ASAP on the cheap before it goes up in value and before the Dollar fully collapses, as it is now only worth about .02 cents on the dollar from its original value. Buy Low sell high in PM’s, You will never be disappointed.

                BTW/ Happy NY everybody.

                • Post this shit!!!

          • Genius, Happy New Year, and I agree with your analysis.

          • Jay in UK, I’ll take Brandon Smith over M.D. Creekmoore ANYTIME. Creekmoore has ZERO credibility.

            • Braveheart, Brandon is a Patriot, and I respect him for that but he doesn’t have the formal education, experience in the industry, or practical expertise in Finance and Economics and its SHOWS to those of US who do.

              He means well, but he is IGNORANT of the most basic elements of economic and financial reality, as I have pointed out ….. again.

              And, sadly, this is what is most troubling about his Commentary. Different analysts can have different opinions about the same set of data; unfortunately, Brandon is NOT USING the same set of BASIC DATA.

              Try to buy an SDR.

              And SDRS, specifically identified within the IMF Charter as NOT a currency, is going to become THE OWC supplanting the dollar when the USA has veto power over all IMF activities ???

              With a manchurian potus like Obola in the Oval Office it could happen (though not likely as it is not in the banksters interest or plans), but with TRUMP ???

              NOT GONNA HAPPEN !!! 🙂

              • DK, some of his articles in the past I have questioned myself. It’s true that Brandon is not perfect. I just know for a fact that MD Creekmoore is as bogus as the day is long. I’m hoping for the best from Trump like a lot of people here but I’m also keeping all my options on the table and my powder dry.

                • What I don’t like about Creekmore is how he constantly asks for donations to keep his site running.
                  Starts off his posts thanking individual givers then asks for more and saying us sending him money so he can buy more stuff and test it for us, helping all of us out.
                  Fine if you want a site on the web but stop asking for money. Web hosting isn’t that expensive.

              • Too Funny.. Durango Kiddy- May have some industry experience but he still doesn’t get basic economics. When he comes on here and tries to BS everybody by saying he Yuan is pegged to the Dollar, but completely ignores daily foreign exchange values changing from day to day, from the Yuan vs. Dollar. well then,…..

                Let me repeat his line for you all: He (DKiddy) means well, but he is IGNORANT of the most basic elements of economic and financial reality, as I have pointed out ….. again. Yep check the archives.

                And oh, DK, will you finally admit the Treasury Debt is tied to variable rates as Brandon Smith clearly pointed out on here, and as I clearly backed up his comment and pointed out on here, with a link and full proof. Or in your uninformed warped mind, do you think the Treasury debt is tied to some fixed rate as in your comment, and incompetent mind? You were wrong there too, Yep check the archives. Wanna know why he (DK) wears a Mask? Hiding his embarrassment from being wrong over and over.

                • The Yuan is NOT governed by market forces. Period. It is SET (pegged) and reset (re-pegged) by Chinese authorities.

                  A VERY SMALL percentage of treasury bonds have a variable rate tied to CPI. Very small. These are special purpose bonds which were issued when the FED anticipated FALLING RATES over the long haul. The vast majority of bond issues are FIXED at the initial FED sale.

                  Bond PRICES move with the bond market and are variable from day to day as investors buy and sell those bonds on the secondary market according to their liquidity needs or evolving investment strategy.

                  Talk about not understanding the basic financial realities …. and there you are !!! Still LMFAO !!! 🙂

                  • You keep changing the subject DK, to try to make yourself look correct. Why do you do that DK? Just Be a Man and admit you fucked up again as you are ignorant of the facts. Sheesh. I gave you an entire spread sheet with a Link, of all the Treasury Debts and what they are paying which all fluxuates from time to time and year to year as they are variable rates. Just admit you are ignorant. And pay MAC the $100 you owe me for being wrong.

                  • NOTE: The yields will change for bonds from a particular issue based upon the price investors will pay for any of those bonds on the Secondary Market, but the COUPON (interest rate) paid by the FED remains FIXED for most issues.

                    Educate yourself. You don’t know squat !!! 🙂

            • Correct analysis BH1776 on Brandon and this crockpot MD Creekmoore. You changed your name again? You did not like being a deplorable? lol Happy NY to you sir.

              • Zeus, thanks and happy new year to you as well. The name change is only temporary because I was getting moderated really heavy. I think Creekmore could be getting money under the table from an MSM source. The bastard will censor you just like any of them.

            • I like Brandon Smith okay as a patriot writer, but I just think he’s not well enough informed on long term globalist goals to have a full appreciation of what’s going on. And he has become over confident because he called Brexit and Trump’s presidency. Well, I called the latter correctly too, long before he did if I remember aright.

              I believe the Deep State is real, it controls whoever is president through “ownership” or coercion, and its plain, undeniable, longstanding aim has been and remains the provocation of Russia into starting WW3. So I interpret Trump’s ascent to power from that starting point.

              In other words, why would the hellbent-on-war Deep State want Trump rather than Hillary to become president? Because Trump holds populist appeal and can rally patriots and the very kind of conservative demographic needed to carry a war through.

              And yes, I agree with Brandon Smith that TPTB plan to pin the blame on Trump and all his supporters for the economic collapse that is inevitable. But Smith’s view is a limited hangout; he doesn’t see that the Deep State now has an opportunity to kill many birds with one stone here if it can synthesise WW3 during Trump’s tenure. WW3 can thus:

              1. Traumatise and thereby prime the surviving population into accepting revolutionary changes to politics, policy and way of life;

              2. Provide a blame matrix comprised of everything the Deep State has longed to destroy for so long: freedom of speech, organised religion (more on this point below), homeschooling, gun rights, cash, freedom of movement, patriotism and so on.

              On the religion front, the narrative is already being built. “Religion causes wars” is all you hear from atheist mouthpieces these days (who seem unaware of Stalin’s and Mao’s outrages); and the Islamic invasion of Europe must be considered in this light also, i.e., it’s being done so that it will cause turmoil, terror events and unrest so that (a) it will reveal to the data-gathering machine who is a liberal go-along-to-get-along-er and who retains conservative views and (b) it can be later cited as a contributing causative for WW3. But the real aim in banning religion per se post WW3 is not the destruction of the useful idiocy of Islam. No, no, no. The real aim of any coming ban on religion in the post WW3 world is the removal of biblical Christianity from the face of the earth, because Old Nick knows the time is coming when the Lord’s Kingdom will grow to fill the earth (Daniel Ch2).

              And I also think this is covered in Revelation 17, in which the western power bloc (the multi-headed beast) makes war both with the Lamb (v 14) and with the Whore (v16), the Lamb being represented by His people and the Whore symbolising false religion, especially that Babylonian (Mother and child goddess worship) variant based in the seven-hilled city.

              • UKJay disparages Brandon Smith for his economics but then claims Revelations from the Bible is some economic forecast. Stupid is. You have ZERO credibility just like your 2nd Handle DKiddy.

                • And you think the book is called “Revelations”… and then lecture me on credibility.

          • the Donald won by a LANDslide so many votes the dead voters and illegals and fixed voting machines didn’t have a chance. btw looking forward to a REAL man and a LADY in our whitehouse to replace the first homosexual couple. what an obamanation for such trash to desecrate most important office in the land. Hoping incoming prez knows to fumigate the premises before moving in,theywill need todo exorcisms too.

            • My mother said the same thing about fumigation back in 2008.

              We took her to vote early. She was going to vote against Obama, if it killed her. We had to take a folding chair with us so she could sit down in the line.

              If she were still alive, she would have voted Trump.

              • Can imagine after the chimps have occupied the White House for 8 years how bad it smells now. Must be like the primate cage at the zoo. Not sure fumigating is enough, might need to raze and rebuild.

                • I heard some of the cleaning staff is glad to see them leaving, they had to pick up after them. One gal said it like having teenagers, nothing made it to a wastebasket, it was left for the staff to deal with.

            • “Real Man” …

              like those men who were friends with Epstein?

              why did trump stay so far away from anything related to sex in the campaign?

              he is a PERVERT and that is a fact.

              • Semper Moron. Most Men who are Real Men think about women and sex. Unless you are some faggot or homo. That’s a Fact. What cracks are you wackjobs crawling out of here lately? Get a life.

            • Deplorable Infidel, welcome, and damn right about the fumigation. The Trumps are loaded with class, you have to give them that. The chimps should be given a one-way ticket to Africa with NO return trip, period.

          • So we are supposed to cow-tow to them like the Democrats so they won’t strike? I smell controlled “alternative” media.

          • Brandon Smith presents facts supporting his analyses and opinions (something you just failed to do in your drive-by trash talk). His reasoning is very sound. His critical thinking skills are exceptional.

        • Hey, ‘politically-challenged’ dip-stick, Trump wasn’t ‘allowed to win’. “We, the people…” had enough of the lying cheating criminal elements in both parties, mostly Obama. We won this with a tsunami of votes. Move the f**k home to reality. (smh)

          • Tell it like it is,,,,,

            • Drudge Report is back up and running.

              • Has been up since about a hour down for some folks Thursday night.

        • #1- Should read. The Scumbag Zionist Losers in this last election will try to destroy America with more of their False Fags hatchet Jobs like 911 and the Boston Marathon Bombing, most likely using the Terror Cell planted illegal ISIS members they brought in under Obama. #1 Has nothing to do with Trump, and Americans need to be well armed, and shoot every mutherfucking Zionist we see Johnny on the spot trying to pull some shit. Shoot first ask question later. Plant their drivers licenses in their get away vehicle filled with pipebombs.

          #2- Trump is NOT flipping on the 2nd Amendment, as he would never get elected to a 2nd Term if he flips. So dream on. we are 100% safe on the 2nd Amendment for at least the next 4 years.


          #4- Trump knows damn well Americans are not the enemy, but the shill Zionist that occupy every segment of our society destroying our culture and morals, that needs to get the boot out of America, or Dumped in Gitmo and be cell mates with the Muslims who can turn all of them Js into their bitches. That includes all Dual Citizens that need to kicked out as well. If you cant decide where you loyalty is yet, then get the hell out of America. Trump will peal back and restore privacy again more than you think.

          #5- Economic Collapse. Never know, Trump may pull a few Rabbits out of his hat, and keep the economy stable. I do see Trump getting rid of the US Zionist Fiat Currency that destroyed America economically. He may flip to a Bitcoin type of system, and a paper currency backed by Silver.

          So none of that will keep me awake at night. I will have my AR-15’s, shotguns and pistols by my bed with my US Stars ad Stripes Flag, and Don’t Tread on Me Flag. And will sleep like a New Years baby tonight. HELP PROTECT AMERICA FROM THE TRAITORS ALREADY ON OUR SOIL. We already know who they are.

          • Agree with your projections and observations. As for #5, all he needs to do is declare a “jubilee” and allow ALL debt/usury to be totally written off. By utilizing the old Biblical practice he could prove that he knows his Bible, and it would put the Zionist banksters out of business immediately! I get tired of hearing about all the debt and how unREpayable it is. Doesn’t anyone ever ask to “whom” it is supposedly owed and “why” and based on “what”? He need not succumb to their ponzi scheme by allowing the entire nation to crumble under the weight of debt created by a corporation unconstitutionally issuing and controlling the flow of money backed by absolutely nothing which only serves to enslave every citizen resulting in the ultra rich and the hopelessly poor. Time indeed for a JUBILEE!

            • I agree Season. Trump can audit the Fed, declare it all fraud and wipe the debt off the books in a pen stroke. But first before he declares the Fed IOU trash paper null and void, he needs to have another currency in place, for smooth transition, unlike in India. Trump could also wipe out all public and private debts owed to the bankster predators as well, who are crushing Americans. Iceland did that by wiping about $25K off the books per personal property mortgages owed to the banks in Iceland. So as I suggested here, go max out all your credit cards. Then, Pooof gone no more debt as Trump declares it predator lending, and why I suggested go buy $10K in food and gun preps on your credit cards now. That will be a gift from the Trumpster paid for by the criminal banks.

          • i use to read this site for years but now about 90% of you are loud mouth god haten dick heads im done with this kind of crap!!!

            • Bayou, don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

          • Zeus, I hope you are correct, but I have my doubts. Remember, POTUS is always a mere puppet, no matter what promises he made to get the votes. Once he is in office, they above him will be pulling the strings. And if he doesn’t play by their rules, they will JFK him or remind him who’s boss like they did with Reagan.

            Time will tell… Keep prepping and don’t let your guard down no matter how rosy they make it seem to be.

          • “#2- Trump is NOT flipping on the 2nd Amendment, as he would never get elected to a 2nd Term if he flips. So dream on. we are 100% safe on the 2nd Amendment for at least the next 4 years”

            You clearly have absolutely NO CLUE what is coming and what the psychopaths have in store for you and this collapsing Police State hell on earth…NO CLUE whatsoever!!!!

            • Uh last I checked Ron the Moron, Trump is going to be President. Your liberal gun hating freaks are taking a back seat to Trumps agenda. We own both houses of Congress and the Courts. So what trivial agenda is it you think some Zionist will declare Guns illegal and it be valid? Are you really that ignorant? Where do you morons come from? You been watching way too much TV MSM.

        • AGREED! However, I will give Trump the chance to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! And then decide!

        • We must remember that an “Economic Collapse” is years in the making. The economy is like a very large ship it takes a very long time for it to turn. Remember the housing bubble started in 1997 and broke in 2008 eleven years later. The dot-com bubble started in 1995 and broke six years later.

        • How about we put Killery clinton in power , or Lets all just run and hide, get a grip you gutless fool

        • Unfortunately this article is so poorly written that the contents cannot be taken seriously either. Pity.

      2. This the only reason Clinton can be happy she lost because the collapse would have happened on her watch. I bet she is stacking gold overseas somewhere and laughing all the way to the bank.

        • ——————————————————
          I trust in God. No one else.
          I trust in Jesus. He paid a price that I could not.

          Pray to God of Jesus Christ. Only one you can Trust.
          May the New Year 2017 bring YOU Peace, Good Health, Good Cheer.

          Happy New Year 2017.

          PS-A case of food and box of ammo a week adds up to a nice safety margin. I sold all guns to get more ammo for the two keepers. Just in case of the storm clouds gathering comes to fruition. You might want to Look up StormCloudsGathering on

          Pray for President Trump to have good Judgement, make good decisions, and to come to Jesus Christ.

          Jesus is your only hope. Not Trump or any other politician.

          • Yeah God and Jesus did a Bang up job so far on America. Get your head out of your book of fables you sheep, and read some real history.

            • This Sheep is prepared for the wolves with insatiable appetite and big teeth.
              Armed Sheep are good deterrent when the four Wolves and one Sheep are deciding what’s for supper.

              BTW: This Black Sheep is still here. There are fewer wolves. This Sheep was “Not” for supper.

              -Happy 2017 New Year-

              What are your New Year Resolutions?
              1. My New Year resolution is to spend more Range/Drill time.
              2. Get into combat good physical condition.
              3. Less time reading posts from those here, that do nothing but continuos post. Those that add Little to No value to anything tangible.

              • Good plan,

            • Happy New Year Zeus. In all sincerity, I want you to know I’m praying for you to come to know the Word of God:

              His Living Word, the Holy Bible


              His Living Word, the Lord Jesus

              • grandee, thanks, and I already read it for years back when, and came to the conclusion its all a hoax, designed to dupe sheep. It doesn’t add up. You have to really be out there, and have to deny all other factual sciences etc, to be a true believer. Let me know when you find some person who get ever lasting life. Until then, keep it to yourself. Good luck with that hoax. Maybe you are not praying hard enough. lol

          • Is jesus gonna buy me some more food? Drill me a well? Defend me from intruders? What exactly is he gonna do?

            • He’s going to keep a lot of people praying, While I’m at the hardware store. For which I will thank him.

              • lol 😉

                • Keep laughing.
                  Your days are numbered. All of our days are short.
                  America’s days are numbered as an economic power.
                  Collapse is something you will see in your life time.

                  We all will die one day, maybe soon.
                  Empires ALL collapse. Usually from the moral decay/rot from within.
                  When a nation turns from God. That nation will perish.
                  America is no longer a nation under a Christian God.

                  My Testimony:
                  God got me through combat and twice prisoner of war.
                  “An Angel came upon me and gave me comfort and peace.”
                  I was calm. I did not break. Not because of me being tough. God was there.
                  For Seven days I had no food. For four days no water.
                  Tortured and abused. Men dying around me that I could not help.
                  Dead bodies were rolled out of the holding cells.
                  The one man pleaded for his medication. He was denied and died.

                  One day Soon you too will cry out for God’s mercy.
                  If he helped me then I’m sure he will help you.
                  When you call upon him. Call the name of Jesus Christ.

                  God is often all you have, when all your options are gone.
                  God and the thought of those you Love and who Love you, can pull you through.
                  Also have a sense of humor and laugh at your situation.
                  Positive mental outlook. No matter the challenge.

                  Death, Destruction, Hopelessness, are eased by God of Jesus Christ.
                  So witty banter away.

                  • They have been promised “riches and greatness”, so the cowardly fools, who gave their children over to the psychopaths long ago, are once again being led to their own destruction by the Great Deceiver!!!

              • Praying is for Lazy Procrastinators. That’s why they are hooked on scriptures, instead of taking personal responsibility for themselves or their families. They would rather put all their faith in some 2000 YO hoax.

                If God was so smart and powerful, and can somehow move heaven and earth in just a few days; don’t you think he would invent his own money printing machine, instead of begging for all of yours every Sunday? Stupid is.

                The church promise you every lasting life, then in their next breath, requests that you donate your entire estate to the church upon your death. Connect the dot folks, its all a fraud to fleece stupid sheep.

                • “In God We Trust” See how well that worked out for the US Dollar? lol Stupid is.

              • I think I’m going to build a church. There’s a lot of dumb people out there with money in their pockets to fill my donation plates every Sunday. I’ll never need to work again, just read some bullshit from a fantasy book once a weekend, seems pretty easy to me. And all tax-free. Religion… biggest legal scam in history.

                • Yeah collect 10% of their weekely earning to read some fable parables out of hoax book and sing a few chant songe to make them feel good about themselves.

                  Of everybody from the Top..

                  Jesus loves me this I know,
                  For the BuyBull tells me so.
                  Little ones dumb as sheep,
                  You are a weak POS, and he is strong.

                  Now pass the plate and empty your pockets. See ya’ll next Sunday.

                  And I get to keep all the money for myself and not have to pay any taxes. Only in America.

          • Jesus is my savior too. He also plainly states in the Bible that it is justified to defend yourself. People that deny this are liars. People that deny Him will be extremely sorry they did.

            • Seriously, you need some book to tell you its OK to defend yourself? What about Killing? Thou shall not kill? Sounds like you got one hell of a contradictory dilemma Menzo. Maybe God says its OK to just wound them. lol

            • Its plenty High Time we Ban “Fake Religion.” Fraud at the highest levels. Remove all 501(c)3 Tax exempt status on all Religions. Because they are all run like a business to fleece the crap out of sheep.

              Also Ban all Charities Tax Exempt status that don’t return at least 50% of the income they take in. Otherwise it is just Fraud against the donors and those who they claim they support. So many charities CEO’s making big 6 figure numbers when they only give back 5% maybe. Clinton Foundation is a prime example of outright Fraud to enrich its founders. Like how does Chelsea Clinton worth $15 Million and live in a $6 Million Dollar Apartment when she has not worked a day in her life. She is just on the high paying payroll of the CF. Its all Fraud, and the Evil Clintons all need to be sitting in prison right now.

          • To Happy New Year Cheer – Yep. God is in charge. He does want us to pray for assistance and the thank you prayer and the I am sorry prayer for all goofs made today and in the past. Happy New Year!

        • Jim in Va,
          the Clinton foundation did move 1.8 billion dollars to a foreign country BEFORE the election!!

      3. I agree: Get ready, stay ready, it’s coming, and right soon.

      4. I agree with everything except the bans on guns and limitations on magazines. Otherwise you can take this to the bank (While they’re still open!)

        • Ummm laws only apply to those who obey them.

          • Can I correct you Genius? Laws only apply to those, who can enforce them. lol

        • To be honest; who cares? There are so many gusn and mags/ammo that nothing matters. IF I were the Mag makers I’d make several million Butt plates (Because they have let them finish those mags started) and just make enough for the next 30 years.

      5. Print our own money without the Federal Reserve.

        What exactly would happen, besides assassination?? We don’t want another Kennedy. If we could hold the gun to the bankers head, and force them to back off or die, themselves. We, America, could and would, as a “free and independent” Country, resolve our financial problems. Which would also solve many of our social problems as well.


      6. Have you seen the YouTube videos of the Bates Method for correcting vision problems. In a SHTF senario eyeglasses may break. Perfect vision can be created without surgery. This method has been around a long time. Don’t expect your doctor to tell you about it. If he knows, he isn’t talking. If there was something that would destroy your business but help mankind, wouldn’t you sacrifice your own self interest for the sake of your fellow man?? That is why you are broke and your banker and ophthamologist are not.

        _. Happy New Year sucker ???

      7. While I imagine I will be the only person to reply here that totally disagrees with this article, I will try and keep an open mind. President Trump WAS NOT allowed to win the presidency as was stated, he won it fair and square because the American people decide to take their heads out of the sand long enough to see the edge of he cliff that we were on the very edge of. I will greatly appreciate not being called a bunch of stupid names for my opinion if you all don’t mind. After all I have a right to hold out hope for our once great country. If you don’t want to that’s your prerogative also. Happy New Year and may God Bless the USA and President Trump!!

        • Fear porn is a major industry, like race baiting, some folks make their reputations and even a living at it.

          We elected Trump, no one else did.

          If the Democrats couldn’t get a renewed gun ban through the system when they controlled both Congress, the White House, and the Supreme Court, the Republicans aren’t going to magically be able to do it, either.

          Look for some real action on deportations, immigration being cut off from certain countries, and proactive surveillance of the ones we should be looking at.

          I’d much rather have a businessman in the White House and his cabinet than a community organizer, in the event of a financial meltdown.

          • Smokey:


            Happy New Year.


            • It’s going to be interesting, according to the old Irish curse about living in interesting times !

              2017 will be a banner year for this country, I believe. Some big changes are in the works.

            • amen make America great again, pray for Trump and leaders to make right decisions. better to have a decent man in office when hard times are coming. America bless God again

        • Russell:

          I concur and, Happy New Year.


      8. Yes, we have “passed the point of no return”. Economic collapse is inevitable. What then? Trump will be blamed by the yapping elite owned media lapdogs. Another establishment toady will replace Trump in four years – unless he’s assassinated and Pence takes over. Pence would then do as he’s told by TPTB. But their policies will likely finish off the economy and bring about the death of the political institution known as The United States of America.

        Where this article goes off the rails is in predicting a Trump presidency may cause another cold war to go hot because both Russia and the US “want to be the main dominating world superpower”. That is certainly true of the US – but where is the evidence that Russia seeks the same? Russia, unlike the US, doesn’t have the globe encircled with over 150 military bases. Aside from Syria, where Russia was invited in, unlike the US, Russia is not militarily involved with other nations. The US, meanwhile, has wars going on throughout the Mid-East and is threatening China. It is, along with NATO, threatening Russia with its belligerence along its Russia’s border. It never ceases to prop up dictators around the world.

        That said, a cold war could turn hot due to Trump’s idiotic unilateral support of the Israeli government’s ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people. Even the demented Obama administration finally got something right and refused to support Israel’s continual land theft. But Trump defies the entire world in his support of Israel proving he too is but another US lackey of that evil Zionist regime. As Israel wants to topple Syria and then Iran – which are friends with Russia – what happens to Trump’s “I can get along with Putin” when Israel and Russia’s foreign policy objectives clash? Trump will side with Israel and if the situation grows in severity, it could prompt the nuclear war with Russia so many of us feared would happen with the evil witch Hillary at he helm.

        • Yep he does have his mouth full of juden protrusions. We’ll see what happens soon enough.

          • I hope Trump is just playing Israel, and Pulling the wool over their eyes. Trump is a chess player. He needs to methodically plot their demise. We have been played by Israael now for 50-60 years, and that can not all unwind in a few weeks or even a few years or more. It will take some time to soften up the battlefield. Trump needs to set the chessboard up, and tackle the problem. Trump has said that those who we protect, need to start paying their fair share. I would tell Israel they need to cough up $10 Billion a year to the US, if they want our protection instead of the other way around. We have been getting ripped off for decades. If they say no, then start dismantling their nuke program and iron dome. Watch Israel beg and beg for protection. Every time Israel says no to peace, take a few more Nukes away from them. They will see the light. Not a single Nation in the world likes Israel. Just look at how the UN Votes for proof.

            We just happen to have a lot of these parasites on US Soil yet, that can disrupt America in so many ways so Trump is playing them until the right moment. Get rid of them first out of America to keep us safe, then let them hang themselves. That’s how I see it.

            • Zeus, don’t forget this is the same UN that hates the US as well. Instead of the WTC being attacked on 9/11 they should’ve hit the UN building. Reminds me of an old saying; “get the US out of the UN and the UN out of the US.”

        • MM,
          You are a typical closet liberal coward just like all those that decry Israel and promote the False Palestinian Program.
          You should look at a map and read a little world history (not the BS they spout today to back their false claims) If you did take the time to do that then you would realize that you are a Idiot !
          Have a Happy New Year !

      9. Printing these types of fear-mongering articles only serves to bring you down to the dark and depressing level of those we intend to absorb in LOVE!!! This negative mindset must and will change in spite of all efforts to the contrary. Thought creates matter, so let us envision a world full of loving, conscious people who strive to bring their light to our beautiful realm! Love unites, but this garbage only serves to confuse and divide the masses. As much as this site has educated us in the past about what is ‘wrong’ with our world, the ideas in this article only indoctrinate the reader to be afraid, be very afraid. That is exactly what ‘they’ want us to feel! In case you didn’t know of this Universal Law, now you do. Just saying. It is apparent to most by now that our current economic system is beyond one-sided and broken. Seeing a positive change in that arena would be welcomed, not to be feared, and may serve as a sign that true and positive changes ARE manifesting. So much is happening behind the scenes and that most of us have no idea about, and millions of good and awakened Souls are working towards a positive outcome for all.

        • Whatever kinda drugs your on are excellent, scary, but really create a good delusion

          • Nailbanger, I’ll agree except I still say M.D. Creekmoore is full of shit. I’ll take a Brandon Smith article anyday.

          • It is educational in the fact that it lets you know what they are up too. What you do with the info whether it be fear or awareness or whatever is up to you. If your a paranoid schytso you might go a lil off the deep end but I would rather know whats going on and be forewarned how to deal with it. Maybe in your rainbow world it will all go away because you love them to death? Please give your unicorn a nice pat on the head for me k?

            • Wonder if the unicorn blows bubbles out its ass as it squirts love out the other side

        • Todd
          The vibe you are laying down is harmonious with my inner most Id.
          But one trip to Walmart and its back to square one.

          • Ha ha ha ha ha, true!

          • I remember an acid trip with these kind of futile hopes, along with stuff moving around a lot.

            • Yep, those were the days. 2 bux a hit, 7 a gram for shrooms, rainbows and unicorns abound lol.

              • “White Rabbit”

                One pill makes you larger
                And one pill makes you small
                And the ones that mother gives you
                Don’t do anything at all
                Go ask Alice
                When she’s ten feet tall

                And if you go chasing rabbits
                And you know you’re going to fall
                Tell ’em a hookah-smoking caterpillar
                Has given you the call
                Call Alice
                When she was just small

                When the men on the chessboard
                Get up and tell you where to go
                And you’ve just had some kind of mushroom
                And your mind is moving low
                Go ask Alice
                I think she’ll know

                When logic and proportion
                Have fallen sloppy dead
                And the White Knight is talking backwards
                And the Red Queen’s off with her head
                Remember what the dormouse said
                Feed your head
                Feed your head

                • They say if you can remember the 60’s, you weren’t really taking part !

                  • Psycadelic things such as shrooms and lsd and hawaskka (however you spell it) do in fact connect you to a higher being. Those people who are in a fragile state of mind should NEVER do these things! It has 2 outcomes, one is it expands your perception of reality, and two it will horrify the ignorant idiots that have a small reality conception. So if you are happy and comforatable, DO IT! If you are a paranoid self hating freak then by all means steer clear! I have had some most EXCELLENT experiences on shrooms, I see the fibernacia sequence in all life forms and it is waaaayyy cool. Life and energy are everywhere you just don’t see it in our realm. This planet is energized like you can’t believe but the humans are killing it. I would 100% reccommend that people who are awake take at least 1 shroom trip. Make sure to go into it with the intent of seeing and learning. You will be amazed!

                    • I have done this many times I finally learned that the trick is to tune your self into nature. Let the energy of the earth talk to you. Go for a short walk. See what is around you. Feel it’s life energy. Think about what is going on with humans. The rest comes naturally. The buybull tells you some bullshit stories about who and what to believe…. shrooms leaves it up to you and proves it’s points! Once you connect with the universal power, you cannot be lied to again!

                  • Hell, i dont even remember the 70s or 80s, had fun though, that i know

        • Stick with it Todd … I think it’s starting to work

          ht tps://

        • Todd:

          I totally understand what you are saying about creating reality with thoughts. And, I am not on anything.

          This is not new. Jesus spoke about it, saying that a man commits adultery simply by thinking of it. There are many true thinkers who urge us to be aware how powerful our thoughts are.

          But the greatest evil is not confronting evil. You see, thoughts are so powerful that one can alter an existing reality, if it be evil, simply by knowing. But, if you put a veil over your eyes (like some little Sweedish girl inviting refugees into your land, then get beaten and raped, as they are; that is not good. Is it?)

          You are well intentioned, I hope. So, Happy New Year. Wish for the best. Prepare for the worst.

          Maybe your pacifist attitude might work for you, but generally, people who fail to confront evil, go apeshit crazy, and start massacring when they get jolted out of denial by some unbearable insult to their being, that shatters their euphoric denial of true objective reality.

          __and Genius is 100% correct. How you react to information is your responsibility. Don’t be afraid. Be aware.


          • Once the Religious Folk catch on and realize that NOBODY gets into that magical Illusion called Heaven, it pretty much unravels the rest of their buybull hoax. “Religion is like War, What is it good for?” Absolutely Nothing. And as we know, most wars are based on Religion and Fraud. All the same ol’ same ol’.

        • all true. spoken words are powerful to attract good with positive words or negative outcome with negative words

          • All about attitude,,,

      10. 1 75% will happen because Obullshit and his turds have let too FRIGGING many Slimes into the country. There will be attacks and there will be retaliation. “I predict that Families of some of the victims will strike back”. Every time there is an attack there will be retaliation.

        2 95% wont happen. If it does he will be a one term Prez. This could also start Civil unrest.

        3 95% wont happen with Russia, but might happen with China (50%) Trump understands Putin and Putin understands Trump. This what I believe.

        4 95% that this will happen, Remember they don’t tell the Prez. everything.

        5 This is already in place. The Fed wouldn’t touch the interest rate while Obullshit was in office, but Trump gets elected and the raise it .25% Talk is that they are going to raise it again before Trump take over. The scum incharge of this will do anything to F#$K Trump. Trump needs to drain the SWAMP known as the FED!.

        Suggestion, how about getting our predictions for 2017.
        Just an Idea.


        • Happy New Year All!!!!!!


          • Happy new year sarge, I predict we will have more B.S. in 2017 lol. Stay safe and warm!

            • Oh and here’s some funny new years news… I heard Nevada passed some crap requiring background checks for private gun sales. Well it turns out that the feds say they can’t and won’t do it lol. So now the bill that was voted in got thrown in the trash ha ha ha. I’m sure you can find it if you search it. The communists ain’t havin’ a very good new year it seems’ Bwaaaahahahahahah 🙂

              • Another point, States with a big city are usually run by that city. For instance, Nevada is run by Las Vegas, every county voted against the gun thing except clark (vegas) and it passed. Salt Lake City runs Utah because of the population, Pheonix runs arizona, Boise runs Idaho. They need an electoral college at the state level! 1 county= 1 vote PERIOD! Rural people get the shit stomped out of them by big city communists!

                • The commies in Arizona are sequestered in Flagstaff and Tucson. The population is the rest of the State are Patriots. 🙂

            • Thats all theres been for years, years and years of crazy shit,,,, bat crap crazy shit period,,,,,,
              Sorta makes you wonder what the hell is wrong with the world

      11. What trump should do first:

        First swear in on the bible the oath of presidency including to protect and defend the Constitution of the united states
        Do no other swearing in ceremonies
        That all he needs

        Take command as commander in chief of the armed forces of America
        Direct the pentagon to arrest and detain the entire Obama administration, the Justice department, about 95% of present and former members of congress and charge them with violations of the constitution of the United States, for sedition, misrepresentation, criminal activities (which includes the illegal spying on the American people), treason, embezzlement, pedophilia, conspiracy, war crimes, material and armed support of terrorism, air support to terrorists, wrongful imprisonment of reporters, and non-combatants, genocide, financial fraud, lying to the American people, contempt of court, collusion, human trafficking ……. (and many more)

        while he is at it, he should round up the clinton and bush administrations along with the rest, and the bilderberg attendees, the CFR, the CIA, the FBI, the NSA, all the corruption mongering CEOS THE bqanksters and the governors and so on and so forth bla bla bla buggers etc…
        that would in my belief, GET SOME ATTENTION!!!

        and Pardon all whistleblowers too

        the wrong people are in power and the wrong people are incarcerated

        and fire brian williams darnit!!!

        wish in one hand and crap in the other and see which one fills up first
        hint… its the one you crapped in

        do i believe trump will do this?
        not even a little bit
        but i don’t feel like crapping in my hand
        and i dont expect to see my wishes come true either

        good luck trump
        I hope you do better than the ones that came before you

        the Watcher

        • Good post, never going to happen, but still a good post

        • He would have a bad “accident” if he even atemted said things. But yes, we can still dream until they institute the dream police…

        • Trump will do what TPTB tell him to do, or they will give him a Reagan lesson, or JFK him.

      12. Sgt Dale

        I concur with your analysis.

      13. The last election was always about who would preside over the fall. The people chose a person knowledgeable in financial bankruptcy not moral bankruptcy. Yet bankrupt we are nonetheless. The inevitable exponential curve of fiat currency is upon us as the investment bankers tip toe past the gallows to fill theirs vaults. The legacy of Slick Willie. Didn’t take long did it. The corrosive effect of greed and corruption on unrestrained investment banking. Fix that first and reinstate a repeal. But I fear that chance is fat even though the empirical evidence is clear. We need to address why we cannot reinstate a repeal when that repeal now threatens our very existence. The question of who really controls who is upon us. We are heady from the election, do not let it blind us. Hold their feet to the fire, let them dance awhile. The people tire of their tune. We demand the Glass Steagall Act, the encore performance.

        • HAPPY NEW YEAR TO EVERYONE HERE! Except for libturds, trolls, etc.

          • Happy new year to you too. Drinkin sum goodies in yer honor lol 😛

            • Genius, if I was still a drinker I would join you. I used to throw on some good ones in my younger days but I don’t dare touch it now. I ‘m having a Sprite as I type this so I raise that in salute to you. Happy New Year and stay strong. I think 2017 will really be rough.

      14. How come we’re not talkin’ about the attempted Vermont power grid hack by Russia? This Morning.

        Is it not as bad has I thought it was????

        • Zerohedge

          ht tp://

          • Probably malware you can buy off the street beings its outdated. Could of come from Obammy’s henchmen.

        • It’s even less than ‘not as bad as they thought it was’, it’s a fabrication.

          The malware was found on ONE laptop used by a utility employee, and was not connected to the utility control system, nor could it have been used to do so.

          The hack we should be talking about it the one on election night. Remember the Georgia voting? The networks waited TEN HOURS to finally call Georgia for Trump, even though the numbers at the beginning of the wait clearly showed him leading and the probable winner. During the ten hours, the DHS was attempting to hack into the Georgia voting system. The hack failed, but the IT people in Georgia spend hours fending it off.

          Then, suddenly, Georgia was called for Trump.

          I’m certain the administration had some rogue in DHS trying to flip the state of Georgia for Hillary.

          • Forgot to add, the networks seem to have been in on this, because they waited for the hack to end before making the election call.

            The election was rigged, but it wasn’t the Russians.

          • Here is the results from a search. I reported this here a few weeks back about this:

            Did DHS hack the election 3 or more states – YouTube☑



            BREAKING: GA, KY, WV Confirm They Suspect Obama’s DHS Hacked …☑

            BREAKING: GA, KY, WV Confirm They Suspect Obama’s DHS Hacked Their Election … after the election? Georgia’s secretary of … a governor’s mansion seeing if …


            Georgia says it’s traced an attempted voter hack to DHS☑

            Georgia says it’s traced an attempted voter hack to the Department of Homeland Security An IP address from the agency was the source of an attempted breach …

            More results

            Georgia Confirms Homeland Security Attempted To Hack Election …☑

            … originating from a Department of Homeland Security IP … over their election systems and … hacked DHS then tried to hack Georgia …


            Georgia says it’s traced an attempted voter hack to DHS …☑

            Georgia says it’s traced an attempted voter hack to DHS An IP address from the Department of Homeland Security was the source of an attempted breach of the state’s …


            BREAKING: Multiple States Now CONFIRM Obama’s DHS Hacked Into …☑

            … DHS Hacked Into Their Election … systems were hacked by the Department of Homeland Security … Georgia had also reported that their systems …


          • They’ll probably blame the Russians for hacking Mariah Carry’s performance.

      15. Non-MD Creekmore is an idiot. His opinion holds no water with me.

      16. Mac, I love what you do for us, but an article from M.D. CREEKMOORE? Really? I got banned from his blog 2 years ago because I questioned an article he wrote, not necessarily disagreeing with him. If you’re not singing his praises or licking his boots, he ‘gives you the boot’ from his website. To me he’s just like the MSM and has no credibility. I call BS on any and all articles by Creekmore.

        • Also any articles from the likes of mikey savage, hannity, limpbaugh, beck, and ALL the other neocon so called conservative radio hosts. EVERY ONE OF THEM WILL HANG UP ON YOU AND BAN YOU if you ask the wrong questions. What does that tell you? It’s called “controlled opposition” look it up.

          • Genius, spot on. They’re no better than the libturds I used to deal with in my pre-shtfplan days. When I first found this site, I knew I found the right place to be. And now they’re trying to shut down all alternative media. Let the turds bring it. I’ve fought them before and will fight them again.

        • Brave- Take it as a Badge of Honor. Michael Snyder banned me from his EC Blog site as well, because I also told him he was full of shhhhit with all his off the wall articles based on nothing but his opinions. I can say it here, because Mac respects the truth Good or bad. If we cannot express the Truth with Proof with links or facts, then it is all just Phony scare porn propaganda.

          • Zeus, it is a badge of honor and also tells me someone is bogus when they ban me from their site. On your post about DHS, I’ve had the same suspicions all along about the hacking. DHS is bogus and I never follow anything they say. Jan. 20 can’t get here soon enough.

        • So “Braveheart you’re still pouting because M.D. banned you from trolling his blog with your comments? He keeps the comments on his blog clean and on point, it’s his blog and he has every right to allow what he wants or not to be posted. You didn’t meet his guidelines so you got a boot in the ass…

          • Ken, no pouting on my part at all. When I get the boot from someone’s website, it’s a badge of honor for me. It also tells the one giving me the boot is a bogus POS.

      17. In regard to #4
        Trump publicly stated (post San Bernardino) while on the campaign trail that he was in favor of more surveillance.
        One can only imagine (post WikiLeaks) what Hillary would do.
        But I can garan-dam-tee it wouldn’t be good.

        • Hillary would certainly put conservatives under surveillance, and let the muslims slide.

          Trump is going to put the muslims under surveillance, at least he’s going to get it right.

          • I am surveilling them too, with a 20x SS rifle scope lol. 😛

            • 26×56

              • Now thats some optics! Whay is the adjustment if you don’t mind me asking? 1/4 moa or maybe 1/10 milrad?

                • Custom turret based on ballistics, other one is 1/10 4.5 low 27 high reticle graduated same ebr1c

      18. Happy New Year Everyone.

        Be Safe.

      19. To everyone have a good NEW YEAR
        To all you FEDS that keep a eye on us and this site
        Happy NEW YEAR to you all too.

      20. My prediction: Only 20 days left for 0bummer to do a false flag and blame it on the Russians. Marshall law and no Donald. Look at the bright side its still better than the demonic anal wart Hillary.

        Happy New Year

      21. I think this article is pure fantasy, and that Trump will keep his word. Thing is, We, the People need to support this man, and help him with straightening out our Republic, and destroying those traitors to our country, and to our Constitution. I behooves us all to know and understand our own Constitution, so we can properly defend it !!

        • Hear, hear Doc, a proper prognosis. We wandered and have fallen yet wonder why. I too believe that Trump can roll with the punches, left jabs and right hooks so to speak. His effect will depend upon our support, but will he listen to our directions? We would not be in this mess if we had stayed true to the values expressed in our Constitution. The restraints contained therein have proven their need. Yet the gimmeedats and the manipulators are now well entrenched and I fear that the discipline required is not present and will not be forth coming. Reality has caught up with us. We took the wrong turn at that fork in the road in 1913. That Constitutional sound money, Central Bank fiat fork jammed down our throats. Alas, a long way to return to correct. Maybe too far. But this much is for sure. No one alive today knows what a true Constitutional Republic is capable of. Our fortune is that we are at that same fork again now that fiat has run its inevitable course. I can live with the constraints inherent in our Constitution, call it austerity or whatever you want, and am willing to go all in on a Constitutional Republic as expressed by our Founders. Yet I feel lonely and overwhelmed, with an urge to throw tea into water all while seeking a long lost path…We need more pathfinders Doc, sorry for the rant, you are absolutely correct.

        • Doc, the author of the article lives in a fantasy world.

      22. Beyond the tipping point is correct. No matter even if Trump was to receive anything he wanted from congress and implemented all of his plans. It still wouldn’t restore the republic. Because all government spending is a tax on the making producers. the borrowed unfunded government spending is a tax of the futures making producers. The government funded parasite takers no matter how justified or necessary some think they are. They are far too many and are far too well compensated. The Few making productive are far too under paid and compensated to be able to even pay the interest on the debt let alone the bloated government parasite enployees salarys. The current situation is not lone term sustainable. There never will be a viable ballot box or political solution. Eventually Shit will hit the fan.

      23. I’m still awake, but not because of this article.

        • I went to bed about 8pm NY eve, and woke up about 12:45AM. Like as if it was going to make any difference staying up past Midnight to say WhooooHooo. I heard various announcements on the radio today, Not to shoot up in the air at Midnight, because those projectiles will come down eventually. It was quiet out here, or I was dead asleep? lol Maybe everybody is keeping their powder dry this New years for the upcoming Civil war battle. I may rip a few rounds off tomorrow. Caught 3 more Specks, (Crappie) fishing at sunset tonight from my lake, cleaned them and threw them in the freezer for later. While fishing, saw turtles, a 3 Ft Gator, a small otter, cute little guy as he was curious of me, and swam within about 10 yards of me, and a handful of birds eating on the shoreline. Anybody still living in the Cities???, Get out and enjoy life in the Country, its healthier, peaceful and lots of freedom. Peace out ya’ll!!

          • Zues,awful advice!The last thing folks in the country need is a invasion of city folks raising property values/taxes and thus crowding nice areas,along with their we know better way of doing things,they happy in the city,great,let em stay there!

      24. 2017 and all is well


      25. What would you do if you found out Trump deceived everyone and continued the same agenda ? I am not a fan of Hillary.
        I dont trust any of em.

        • Im with you on that, dont trust ANY of these self absorbed jerks

        • I’ll third that. Of course the proof will be in the results and deeds of ‘Donald the duck’. Hopefully we won’t be calling him “Daffy duck” or O’trump.

      26. 1. I think he is right . 2. I don’t see this happening, just too much push back. I don’t see Trump alienating both sides of country, the left will hate him whatever he does so where is the political payoff for alienating his base. 3. A lot will depend on China, if they decide to play hard ball with Trump it will put Russia in a precarious position. I personally think China will eventually act in a pragmatic manner( as they almost always do) and decide to do business with Trump. 4. Nobody in power including Trump has any interest in curbing the surveillance state so I think he is right here. 5. Who the hell knows, there is still a lot of money for Wall Street and the government to steal (401 Ks and retirement funds anyone) so they might drag the rotting corpse of our economy across the line for 4 more years until they can figure a way to steal it. Will it eventually collapse, sure, but anyone who can say when with any degree of certainty is a liar. My biggest concern is 6, an unforeseen world event that sends the house of cards tumbling down in spite of the machinations of the PTB. Example, Indias economy collapsing precipitating a war with Pakistan, vey possible, and just one of dozens of land mines that could be tripped.

      27. Did no this site predict the following from Obama:
        1) He’s gonna grab our guns!
        2) He’s gonna declare martial law!
        3) He’s gonna put my special ass in a FEMA camp because I am so special he thinks about me 24/7!
        4) He’s gonna postpone/cancel the election so he can reign supreme!
        5) The economy is gonna collapse in 2012, no 2013, no 2014, no 2015, no 2016. Whatever, it’s gonna collapse, so buy my overpriced but useless crap so when the collapse comes, you can no only survive, but thrive.

        One would think that with all the missed prognostications that that the prognosticators were full of male bovine feces. Yet, the mindless sheeple keep buying into this crap. As the Donald would say, Sad.

        • Sad you cannot see Corporatist Fascist America is already in Martial Law with Militarized Police and Stasi Fascist Fusion Centers( How about you give me a brief synopsis of an American Fusion Center, so I can have a better understanding of what a cowardly fool you truly are), sad you cannot see America is already a Police State hell on earth with NO CONSTITUTION, sad you cannot see your economy has already collapsed and is being propped up by lies from Corporate Media like treasonous Fox News, lies like the ALWAYS TOUTED 4.5% unemployment rate, and a manipulated stock market controlled completely by psychopaths, sad you cannot see the INCREMENTAL destruction of the 2nd Amendment and the entire US Constitution by the Globalist Corporatist Fascist psychopaths who are well on their way to complete disarmament of boot licking cowards like you, it is sad cowards like you cannot open your eyes and your ears to see and hear the psychopath controlled “totalitarian tip toe” happening RIGHT NOW, while cowards like you are getting drunk, getting laid, getting paid, jerking off to your favorite porn and being a cowardly ignorant boot licking fool, who could care less about your children’s health, freedoms, and future!!!!!!

          • 100% correct Ron. As always…

        • Love that one,,,
          “Male bovine feces”
          Good one

        • Can’t stand bs, it’s worse than sad that a troll like you still comes on here. Move along, sonny.

      28. I think war with Russia is highly unlikely. The US needs Russia to help resist Islam now that Europe is mostly a lost cause. We have two strong leaders who respect each other. Nothing wrong in that.

        • RobynDS

          The US is using Islam to attack Russian interests by arming, funding them. Here is US Congressman Tulsi Gabbard, a US Army Major and Iraq war vet explaining it.

          Tulsi Gabbard | Stop Arming Terrorists Act, End Regime Change And War In Syria

      29. Very informative article. My comments are…
        1. Yes. The same way bush opened the door wide for someone like obama to become president, even so obama has opened the door wide for mass attacks INSIDE our borders.
        2. Leaning towards Yes. Only because I have seen Trump flip-flop on so many of his promises after he won the election.
        3. Yes
        4. Yes. I might add, it is sad that Trump supports mandatory death penalty for anyone that kills a law-enforcement officer.
        Fact is…a criminal is a criminal because of a personality disorder–not because they wear a black hat. A personality disorder is lifelong–from birth to death. A criminal lives to victimize others. Criminals choose various professions in life just like others. Since a cop can have a criminal personality disorder before becoming a cop, they will also have that same disorder after becoming a cop. And they will abuse their office and power. Same as with a criminal judge, district attorney, representatives, senators, even president. And these people in high offices can cover up their crimes much more easily thus being spared prosecution.
        5. Yes. No doubt about it.

      30. Happy New Year!

        We survived the hail of fireworks and gunfire of the celebrations. Lots more aerial gunfire. Did not hear one fire or ambulance siren so things must of went safely. Heard the banging of pots and pans and I have not heard that since I was a child. Before fireworks became the dominant noise maker.
        Going to have some sausage, eggs and grits, toast and coffee for breakfast. A nice sunny cool day. Very quiet as of now.

      31. Happy New Year everyone.
        If we can make it to the 20th, Michael or whoever Michele is, I have HOPE. Its not going to be easy for a few years but we will make it.

      32. “both countries want to be the main dominating world superpower”…

        couldn’t disagree more. Putin does not want to dominate the world like the USSA is trying to do. they mostly want to get along with their neighbors and undertake mutually beneficial trade and security deals. Russia is primarily white christian and the last frontier for the lucifarian globalists to attack…

      33. Compare Clinton vs. Trump
        1 Attack will come with either as the build up of cells has gone on for years. The difference? Trump will respond, Hillary will apologize.
        2 Trump may give in under pressure to second amendment from pressure, Hillary would confiscate. Nuf said?
        3 War is in the cards regardless, but Trump will fight to win and the other would fight to lose. IMHO no war is justifiable in the current environment and will be started by the deep state.
        4 As terrorism attacks increase in the US,so will the surveillance state.
        5 The economy was DOA from 2008 and will crash and not even Trump will be able to stop it. The question is, have Americans become so pampered that when it does, will they (we) be able to survive?

        • NOT justifiable edit

      34. Only Time will tell, we just to wait to see what happens.I believe what ever is planned or what ever is coming will take place around 11:00-12 am during the week, in the form or a grid take down, or EMP, they will do it at that time since the husbands are separated from the wife’s and children, troops will immediately rain down on neighbourhoods, take over schools, etc, and for is when the war starts. For now what I am saying is just fiction.. fiction could become reality.. If Trump gets in and calls for gun bands, then we have been lied to, Fooled, and it means that he is in on it with the globalist and that’s the case, it now means the second revolutionary war will be enevitable..i hope I am wrong about this. That he is a good person and is for the people. I do not trust him or any politician and I voted for him hoping that he is a real person that on our sides but I am also may be a case of the same, more of the same l, re-branded under Trump, to look better and once he gets in, the trouble starts..I simply don’t know if this is the case..People at his level will have access to DUMBS for emergencies..raw scientist keeps telling me, that the environment is the most worrisome, that we need to prep, he is prepped up to max, has alternative energy, etc..he says that we will be facing a mass extinction between 2016-2020.. now we are in 2017..this is the year when the average American will face war on his own soil..?.. or is my scientist friend just over paranoid? Who knows maybe things will get better, or does the 12 th planets passing erupt into caos in planet earth.?


      35. All of those things may or may not happen but what has happened is a completely new kind of president has been elected. The founding fathers probably thought that elected officials would go back to their farms and businesses when their terms were finished. This is the first time in a very long time that someone outside of the beltway has made it to POTUS. Also Creekmore needs an editor the spelling and grammar are atrocious.

        • Somebody who understands,,,,,
          Happy New Year

      36. I believe you are incorrect on points 1 & 2. There will be an increase in terrorism but that was regardless of whom I sin the White House. Terrorism is not about religion (although that is what is being used to subvert the weak minded and divide people) and is all about power. the “terrorist” want power and to have their way, just Hitler. History repeats. Jews were blamed then and now Muslims. Same BS different day. On #2, Trump is a deal maker, he may give some to get what he wants but I do not believe he wants the backlash of an all out 2A fight. On #3, Trump and Putin are both very type A males and will try to see which one has the bigger set of balls but will eventually decide that working together is better for both. Russia won WWII not the US. They bore the brunt of the war. Even Stalin could be a “trusted” ally when the chips were down. I see China being more of a problem. They have been screwing us behind our backs for years. Worst hackers in the world. Have been putting money in Democratic pockets for years. The Russian threat is cold war bullshit, it was political BS then and is BS now. China is the greater threat. Let Russia start making the cheap junk we now get from China. China is the enemy, not Russia.

        As to #4, agreed. Information is power and power corrupts. The spying is out of control and little will stop them now short of complete collapse. The need to “protect” us is bullshit, it is about power.

        #5, Our debt is so great and the American people so selfish and lazy and self centered that I doubt that anyone can stop hard economic times. These happen on a regular basis regardless of who is in office. I do see a slow return to the we instead of me mindset. The greater good must prevail, the good of the many must exceed the good of the few. I hope the social programs are stopped and that those fooled into becoming economic slaves are forced to get up and become a productive part of society instead of a burden. Lyndon Johnson said that after his Great Society program that he would have the n—ers voting Democratic for 200 years. From physical slavery to economic slavery. Johnson hated blacks, he just wanted to buy their votes and keep them down. Hard times will come, we just need to remember the phrase, We The People.

      37. The next nineteen days are ones of the most dangerous times this country has ever faced. A president, by his own actions, hell bent on preserving a twisted, corrupt legacy at the expense of the well being of the nation. As he strives to inhibit a smooth transition of power in the White House. While all Our Nation has felt the effects of a despotic leader who disregards our Constitution and embraces executive orders and privilege to further his agenda. We as a country will, on the 20th of January, will still have a country divided. The difference being, that we know what has been done to us. We only have promises for a better future. If more than 60% of the people thought that the country was headed in the wrong direction and the election was about 50% split. Then Trump, against all odds may soften the hard landing we expect in his term. Provided Trump maintains his course and the Left doesn’t do something stupid.

      38. You can tell the dumbed down programmed indoctrinated boot licking Trumpbot toxic dump COWARD PUSSIES all day long what the Corporatist fascist psychopath Orange Satan and his Military Junta Death Squad are going to do to the American people, and the Trumpbot boot licking coward pussies will not listen, they will only want the Police State hell on earth released on you.

        As I easily predicted based on history, experience, and wisdom: Orange Satan now has a loyal army of angry fascist boot licking toxic dump dumbed down coward pussies, who are committed to their hero God, who promised the coward pussy toxic dumps they will be “rich and great again”. Pride and ego will NEVER allow the toxic dump Trumpbot cowards to understand Orange Satan was a Trojan Horse, who was placed in office by the psychopaths for one purpose, and ONE PURPOSE ONLY only…..TO COMPLETE THE CORPORATIST FASCIST POLICE STATE HELL ON EARTH PSYCHOPATH CONTROLLED ENSLAVEMENT OF THE NOW DUMBED DOWN, DISEASE RIDDEN, DEPRESSED, INDEBTED, DYING ENGINEERED AMERICAN BOOT LICKING COWARDS!!!!!

      39. smokey–I’ve been thinking this since the night of election…
        If not Russia, then who??
        For a woman to not campaign for months, lease a 13 story building for an acceptance speech?? Some faction was responsible for altering the returns.
        She was too assured of her win.

        • Yup, the Dems had rigged the primaries, the media was in bed with them 100%, the administration was working with them, and the polling being performed was fabricated to conform with the chosen candidate. They believed their own lies, drank their own Kool-Aid, and even had DHS personnel attempt to hack the Georgia returns. Probably other states, or precincts, as well.

          Ballot boxes were stuffed, ballot totals inflated, and underneath it all lie millions of dead, fictive, and cross-state registered voters, and millions more registrants who are illegal aliens.

          The Russians didn’t need to hack anything, the Dems had already done it for them.

          Just ask the old questions. Who benefits? Follow the money. Follow the power. The answer leads right to the Democratic Party, and nowhere else.

        • Jay Jay

          “Some faction was responsible for altering the returns.”
          There was no altering. Hillary lost pure and simple. I was hard pressed to see a single Hillary yard sign anywhere while Trump yard signs were everywhere.

          “She was too assured of her win.”
          Hillary was only assured a win by her circle that was completely out of touch with the body politic.

          Trump won the middle class with his anti NAFTA / Free Trade stance. I know a significant amount of UAW workers, some union officials that for the first time in their life voted for Trump. They despise Bill clinton for NAFTA. It was payback time. My own father, 95 years old, a stone Democrat, who thinks every President is FDR and voted for Obama twice, for the first time in his life voted Republican for Trump.

          “If not Russia, then who??”
          That list is long as Hillary had oodles of enemies within feet of her as she is one nasty woman. Think a Sanders supporter wouldn’t sabotage her after they sabotaged him?

      40. Hoppin’ John and cornbread for lunch soon.

      41. I want to start the new year hope and optimism. Happy New Year to all here.

        • If your looking for hope and optimism you’ve come to the wrong site. And did you hear the latest, Trump’s uncle’s cousin’s brother was just seen walking on the same side of the road as George Soros’s great nephew. We’re doomed!

      42. Oh bloody hell!it’s another New Year already?!

      43. My New Years resolution:

        ••• Eat More Dates •••


        • Blondes or brunettes?

          • you forgot red heads.

            • Rellik,do not believe he forgot!He realizes that gingers are evil incarnate and to be avoided at all costs!

              • I love them whispy red curls!

                • ?

                  • Cool! We can emote!

        • GAK. Lol!

      44. An illegal alien with a fake birth certificate did this to us and gets a lifetime pension for it. So what makes you think your vote counts ? They are feeding us more BS and Hillary should have been arrested.

        Barack H. Obama is George Washington’s 9th cousin 6 times removed

        George W. Bush is George Washington’s fourth cousin 10 times removed

        William J. Clinton is George Washington’s third cousin 6 times removed’s husband

      45. I am commenting on the lack of basic English skills of which this ‘Author’, and I use the term loosely, is sadly lacking. If you want anyone to listen to your opinions on things, you should show a higher level of education and competency when putting forth your ideas into a written format. Since you have a very poor understanding, and command of, the English language, why would any educated person even consider your opinions as having worth? Pick up a 4th grade English primer and study for a year before wasting peoples’ time.

      46. Did not finish one day into the new Year and we are back to the Religious Wars.

        I am not an atheist either just tired of the preaching.

        • Thats why i hate religion, not faith, but religion, just another means of control,

      47. If you believe in evolution. Why do scientists say we only use a small part of our brains. So many things they can’t explain . Like why the earth wobbles or why the cells in our bodies stay together . These are basic things. Why can’t they figure out even the basics. And . How many things were ounce believed impossible ? Just when they are saying peace and security sudden ruin will come in one hour. Thinking about the parable of the ten virgins. And how the door will be shut for the ones who didn’t prepare. Why? They were believers They just didn’t prepare. Why is prepping so important ? And to say I do not know you. Just because you didn’t prep? There must be things we don’t understand? Obviously.

      48. I’m sure the author of this article would love to prove the nonsense written in it, cement his place in the naysayers doom and gloom hall of fame.

      49. Any world leader who puts what is best for the world ahead of what is best for his nation is an idiot. He/she is also alone. National leaders may talk about this but don’t do it! Intelligence people want access to all information and they want you to trust them to not misuse. Experience teaches us not to trust them. Once information if collected it is disseminated more widely than was forseen and it is misused. The AR in AR-15 is not for “assault rifle” but are the first two letters of the company that makes them. Also, what about pressure cookers? Which one of the pressure cookers are of assault rifle status? Do we need serial numbers, registration, and background checks? I admit to having them and to using them for canning my garden produce. Does the Government need to know how much garden produce I grow? It is pathetically small but it is organic. It cost me six dollars per tomato, cucumber, etc. Are they planning to steal it if there is a crisis? My neighbors will probably steal first but the Government won’t believe that in a crisis! Does the Government know about my garden? Are they going to tax it as income? Maybe they intend to outlaw it entirely for “health reasons”. I collect rainwater. Will that be illegal? For the sake of this little garden and the pathetic amount of produce that I get, I could incur the interest of FEMA, Homeland Security, IRS, EPA, and others. How many agencies know that I do this? I feel like screaming but they are probably tracking that! So I’ll just laugh at how ridiculous this is getting! (Do you think they are tracking this?)


        As you can see from this article below and the chart comparing Life Expectancy to expenditure on healthcare for numerous nations, the collapsing genocidal Police State hell on earth of psychopath controlled America will continue the American Holocaust and CULLING of the disease ridden, dumbed down, depressed indebted dying early coward boot licking American victims in 2017 and beyond.

      51. 1)Lone Wolf attacks are the new norm. The days of the big affairs are not over, but few and far between.
        2)Trump was anti “assault rifle (their words)” years ago, and expect him to be again.
        5) An economic disaster has been in the making for a decade now. There is no stopping it.

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