First School Installs $100K Shooting Detection System: “Alerts of Gunfire Within 1 Second, Near Zero False Alerts”

by | Nov 15, 2014 | Headline News | 132 comments

Do you LOVE America?


    Introducing: the first school installation of a Shooting Detection System, brought to you by DARPA (the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) and its affiliated contractors.

    This $100,000 detection system alerts authorities automatically to gunfire with the aim of cutting response time, but it can’t stop bullets or save lives – at least not in any direct sense:

    Authorities fired tester blanks Tuesday in the Methuen, Mass. school, which authorities did not name for security reasons, to demonstrate the Guardian Active Shooter Detection System, which alerts police of gunfire within one second, according to Reuters. Police officers and Democratic congresswoman Niki Tsongas attended the demonstration, but students were not present, as schools were closed for Veteran’s Day.

    The technology, which boasts “near zero false alerts,” was developed by Massachusetts-based Shooter Detection Systems, in partnership with Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), a U.S. government’s military technology development arm. The company also worked with a major defense contractor that has deployed thousands of similar gunshot detection systems to war zones. Source


    Shooter Detection Systems’ CEO Christian Connors said the system was the first of its kind in the country, and that the company was talking to the federal government about its wider use. The system costs $50,000 to $100,000 for a school of Methuen’s size, Connors said.

    The system consists of an outdoor acoustic system and 50 to 60 smoke-detector-size sensors installed in hallways and classrooms, he said. It also uses infrared cameras to detect muzzle flashes, he said.

    First in the nation, the Methuen, Massachusetts school that tested the DARPA detection system is essentially demonstrating it for other schools across the country to buy it, too. But the biggest factor is not a rise in school shootings, but the fear surrounding the high profile cases.

    There were about 45 school-associated violent deaths (not just by guns) at elementary and secondary schools each year between the 1992 and 2010 school years, according to the report. In other words, Fox said, the number of gun deaths documented by Everytown over the past year and a half are not out of the ordinary. [Emphasis added. Source.]

    Fear (not truth) is a big, big seller.

    And fear’s best answer now goes for $100k. The media has sold the idea that schools are more dangerous and shootings more common, but it just isn’t true. Techdirt makes the case clear:

    Congratulations, America. A defense contractor tried to sell you on the idea that our schools are war zones and you bit like a musky on a minnow. The manufacturer’s website, along with most of the accompanying news articles, are filled with statistics all about how school and mass shootings are on the rise.

    Obviously this serves as evidence that such shooter detection systems are needed. That way, the $100k per school systems can alert authorities when these increasingly common shootings occur. The most common figure you’ll hear from these contractors and in the news is the same one authorities used in buying this detection system: there have been 88 school shootings in America since the Sandy Hook tragedy in 2012.

    The claim comes from, an organization dedicated to gun control and safety. And if that statistic sounds shocking to you, there’s a very good reason for that: it’s complete bullshit.

    Ultimately, the system does have the power to, well, alert authorities, but so does the ordinary telephone, the cell phone, text device and etc.

    While it’s definitely true that every second counts for anyone under attack, reporting time from bystanders in school shootings has not been the major debilitating factor; by the numbers, police and SWAT response time has been. The simple truth is that the authorities CAN’T be relied upon to save you.

    Delayed response time accounts for a big part of the problem, even with the best intentions. Here are just two examples of why response, not reporting, has caused more loss of life:

    • In the 1999 Columbine Massacre shooting, SWAT teams arrived on scene a reported 1 hour and 15 minutes after the first report, with the mass media arriving before SWAT did. It took another 4 hours before police officially found the two dead suspects, who reportedly took their own lives.

    • In the 2007 Virginia Tech shooting, both the university and police authorities were heavily criticized, even through official channels. Lawsuits were filed over the delayed response in both informing students/faculty of the emergency situation and in stopping the shooter. The morning began with the murder of two people in a dormitory at 7:15 am, police response by 7:24 am; university officials weren’t alerted until 7:57 am, and no action was taken by university officials until the conclusion of an 8:25 am meeting discussing how to alert students. Ultimately, an email – criticized as “vague” – was sent to students and faculty at 9:26 am, about 15 minutes before the killer began his mass murder spree in a university hall. Police reportedly responded to this second shooting within 3 minutes, but took another 5 to enter the building, which was obstructed by a chained door, allowing the killer to take more victims.

    Also at issue is the fact that the widely-used statistics on school shootings – which claim that 74 school shootings have occurred since Sandy Hook in December 2012 – are bogus and deceptive.

    Issued by Everytown for Gun Safety, the gun control group founded by billionaire former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, the statistic starts with the 10 or so school shootings (the intentional mass murder Columbine/Sandy Hook kind) that have occurred in the timeframe which fit the popular notion, where a shooter enters a school and takes out targets.

    Then, that statistic deceptively piles on other crimes and incidents which fit – at best – only by technicality:

    • 39 incidents of common crime, including robberies, that occurred on/near schools (one example was an early-morning robbery that occurred on a street that cuts through a university’s property)
    • 16 cases that happened outside of school hours with individuals completely unaffiliated with the schools (i.e. not teachers, students, facility, parents or employees)
    • 6 suicides (one, for example, took place after hours in a vehicle in a school parking lot)
    • 3 accidental discharges

    While all of these are tragedies, and all of these crimes are undesirable in society, it is intellectually dishonest to classify them as school shootings, yet that is deliberately what has been done by the gun control crowd to stoke fear and anger over the issue of firearms. Techdirt argues:

    Look, that’s 10 too many, of course, and every instance of gun-related death at a school is a tragedy in its own right, but that stupid, wrong, idiotic 74 shootings statistic (before it was 88 school shootings) was pitched to concerned parents, school officials, and politicians by both a company that has insane amounts of money to gain and a complicit, sensationalistic and lazy mass media and nobody is bothering to tell people that these are lies. If the company is pitching an increase in school shootings as a primary reason for spending six figures per school on their product, what happens when I show you that school shootings are not on the rise?


    At the end of the day, many people are well aware of the absurdity in schools. Gun free zones have disarmed the very figures within schools (be it a principal, teacher, coach, school officer or even janitor) who could be responsibly packing heat and in position to respond on scene to these worst case scenarios.

    But given the insanity of gun free zones, there are a few things to know and be prepared for should a shooting or other disaster strike:

    Self defense training: is essential for anyone interested in their own safety and freedom. Weapons handling and concealed carry is only one component of it. Martial arts training would be a potentially game changing factor, but situational training experience in dealing with a survival crisis of any kind would also be helpful.

    Situational awareness & mental preparedness: As Daisy Luther pointed out, in a crisis situation, denial can be deadly.” The psychological reaction to a potentially deadly situation cycles through phases of denial, delay, diagnosis, acceptance, consideration and (finally) action.

    Your job is cut to the chase as quickly as possible, size up the situation and hopefully apply previous training when taking swift action. Creative and spontaneous answers are perfectly fine; the elements surprise and distraction can aid basic fight or flight response.

    • Alternative Self Defense Tools: If guns are forbidden by law, it may not be wise or practical to break that law. But you may still be able to carry (depending on the location and its applicable regulations) other forms of self defense, including several identified by

    Pepper Spray, stun guns, or tasers
    Tactical Handcuffs(if an assailant can be confined or detained by surprise, the killing will stop)
    Tactical Flashlights
    Tactical Pen (Easily Concealed)
    Self-Defense Keychain

    Most of these require some serious training to be effective, and many of these may still fall short of the threat of a trained gunman. However, if flight is not an option, you may have little alternative but to try. Use your best judgement in any situation.



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      1. still better than a minimum wage middle aged man who may not be able to shoot straight. there still have to be some better solutions to these issues…

        • BS Waste and Fleecing of Tax payer money. Leta see what happens when we light odf a simple fire cracker in a hallway.. More MICM Military Indusrrial Complex Mafia scam bill of over priced goods for false sense of security. Oh and I am sure there is a 20 year maintenence contract to keep the piggies fed fat n happy. Same shit different day.

            • This system won’t save any lives. Hire and install a combat vet at every school and solve two problems with one solution. That will really shorten response time.

              USA!!! USA!!! USA!!! Catch the spirit!!! 🙂

              • Audio sensors respond to sharp reports (the “crack”) emitted by a gun’s muzzle. If these become more widely installed, I will bet a Silver American Eagle there will be false alarms as mischievous students use their iPhones to loudly play a WAV file of a muzzle crack. That, or simply slap a ruler hard against a tabletop.

                • When I was in Montana this past Summer, I downloaded an Elk wave file, connected two Bluetooth speakers and played that as loud as I could for about 20 minutes until I heard a return call from other Elk. The sound carried FOREVER….

                  • Where did you go?

                    We were in the Yaak area in May and June

                    • Towards the end of July, I drove my family up to Big Sky where we rented a house for 10 days. It overlooked the older part of the city at about 8,500 feet. The sound carried all over the valley. Beautiful area…..

                    • Yes, I understand… was hard as hell to leave.

                • Right on Guesty,

                  Any kid that wants to take the rest of the day off, or avoid a test, will just play a wave file on their IPhone, and they are out of there.

                  And the system will never detect “Maxwell’s Silver Hammer”.

                  Had a kid pull a knife on me in the cafeteria when I was in high school. Will it detects knives? His big mistake, he chose the cafeteria, I started throwing chairs. There are soooo many chairs in a cafeteria. Does it detect chairs?

                  This is so stupid, and still they don’t address the psychotropic drugs that seem to be present in every killers blood stream. These deaths are an acceptable side affect statistic to the drug companies, especially when they can blame the deaths on guns?

              • Give a Vet a job! Absolutely….

              • The manufacturer of this system doesn’t give a flip about saving lives. To them it’s all about profiteering off the backs of the taxpayers. Each one of these installed systems buys them a new Mercedes, makes their mansion payments, and brings caviar, Dom Perignon, and Gurkha cigars to the party.

        • Well here’s a way…ARMED THE TEACHERS!
          What a uber uber waste of tax payer money…the cops will still be minutes away when seconds count. Another feel good false premise that liberals will ultimately conclude when it doesn’t work…”well…at least we tried”…”but hey…thanks for the tax payer money…stupid Americans”.

          Live Free or Die…Rosebud

          • NO NO NO.

            NO NO No

            Make up a bunch of stickers and post them around the building telling people that it’s against the rules to carry weapons. And make everyone in the school sign a paper that says they have been told that. WHY IS IT THAT THIS SEEMS SO STUPID! BUT AS I GO INTO MY BANK THEY HAVE A NO GUN SIGN? Why don’t they just have a sign that says “Don’t rob this Bank or shoot the employees”? Is there an Ebola epidemic of stupidity?

            • At paranoid. My bank allows open and conceiled carry. the post office doesnt.. Who robs a post office?

              • The mailmen. 🙁

              • To be truthful the two banks I use it Wyo let you carry, the one in Ohio has the sign.

                • Good Article Mac! These are the articles that keep me coming back. Now if the fear mongering can stop this site would be excellent!

                  On a side note, whatever happened to Be Informed, with the superstorm happening up north and the earthquake clusters forming, he has been an interesting voice to listen too.


                  • Realtime Prep;
                    BI seems to have gone dark a couple of months ago, no explanation. I hope he is ok.


        • Google:

          School Safety Expert Threatened for Questioning Sandy Hook

          Wolfgang Halbig ~ Sandy Hook Staged Government Community Capstone Exercise False Flag

          Sandy Hook – ‘Sources . .very close to this admiistration. . all say it was a FALSE FLAG’

          [link to]

          US citizen tax funded NSA needs to be pried open.

          NSA has all the IRS emails, phone calls and texts, time to demand the data from US taxpayer funded NSA.

          NSA has the communications prior to Sandy Hook

          NSA has communications prior to Boston Bombing



          “… The FBI revealed no murders occurred in Newtown, Connecticut in 2012, suggesting the Sandy Hook massacre was an elaborate hoax”.

 won’t address building 7 and seems to provide cover for TPTB as in Newtown, etc. These ‘folks at snopes’ need to be exposed.

          And US tax funded NSA is a tool for only a select few.

          This is too much power in too few hands and is very dangerous.

      2. First we pay a confiscatory tax rate of at least 55% of every property tax dollar to the screwel youth indoctrination systems

        Now their wasting even more of our money..?

        Go figure..

        And to top it all off..

        majority of graduates are basically illiterate in math,reading, and basic cognitive thought..

        never mind history and the rest..

        The entire system is an epic fail across the board..

        and awaiting some reset or real change?



        • Big Fucking Deal (BFD)!!
          It’s still an after-the-fact crackpot idea.
          By the time the pigmobiles get there the
          place is already shot to pieces.
          Then there will be more antigun legislation
          because even their hi-tec scheme didn’t put
          a stop to it. I smell a government skunk.

          • Money would be spent better if they put in Kommie detectors. But I guess it would be just one continuous sirene.

            • @SMOOTH CRIMINAL

              This is in regards to your question the other day. This is a video with louie Giglio. My wife and I watched it with out home church group a few years back on New Years Eve. This is a way cool video with lots of facts and science….trust me, you will like it.


              • Crud, sorry Smooth Criminal….that was the wrong video, I actually have never seen that video I posted above until now. Here is Louie Giglio’s video that we first seen on New Years a few years back.


                • BJ, Excellent video. Makes one wonder.
                  No wonder Jesus said he has folds that we do not know.
                  Thank you…

                  • 🙂

                    • BJ:

                      Watching that video makes me warm all over to know that I am just a speck in the overall picture; yet I am a child of the Father who created that beautiful universe.

                      “Ask and it will be given. Seek and you shall find”.

                    • “Knock and the door will be opened unto you.”

                      Just saying, a PERSONAL relationship is available to US for those with the desire, patience, and gonads to know our Creator face to face.

                      Its our most basic human right. 🙂

                • BJ, I just finished watching the video you posted, me turned me on to it. It is amazing how we are the fart of an ameoba, on a flea, on a dog, on the Earth, on the Milky Way. Which is a blip on the radar of the whole universe.
                  Makes one feel so insignifigant in the grand scheme of the universe as we know it.
                  For all you posters who have no faith in a higher power, you need to take 49 minutes to watch this, maybe it will move you to look beyond our little world, and believe in something you cannot feel, see or taste, which could turn your life around.
                  Thanks, BJ, THAT WAS GREAT……….

                  • POG and Eppe,

                    I got a lettle misty eyed today when I watched the one I had never seen before (the first one)

                    It really puts things into perspective.

            • They could be Commie/Idiot detectors.

              I’d suggest installing them in DC too.

              • Uh Walt? Exactly what would that tell us that we don’t already know?

                • Nothing….but that never stopped government before. Complicating the simple, and obfuscating the obvious is what government does.

                  • Great response Walt. Made me smile. 🙂

            • Just when we were moving towards population control. A chink in the rollout armour. Preserving Americas future tax payer slaves.

            • How about we place “Lie BS Detectors” on every podium that Politicians speak at.

              OK the Nuke plants are shy a few wrench sets so the Government Rolls out a New Multi-Billion Dollar fleecing Upgrade program for Nuke Plants. That’s a Fricken waste. We need to Stop Rewarding Failure with more money. If these Facilities Fail their inspection, tear the sucka’s down.

          • Methuan is already a war zone. It’s full of brown and black gangs fighting each other and amongst themselves. Of coarse, like Shitcago, when they kill each other it doesn’t make the news because no one cares when it brown on brown or black on black crime.

            • The only time anyone “cares” is when it’s white on black.

              • Unfortunately I have to agree. The world is getting FUBAR. What’s right is wrong and what’s up is down. Need to put God back in the schools, hold people accountable and expect the church and families to take care of people not some government welfare system.

              • Or when anyone brings harm to one of the almighty cops….then the world stops and all resources are brought down to find and apprehend the alleged criminal at our expense.

                Eric Frien cost $11 Million of our dollars.

                • BJ:

                  Your comment on Biblestudysite info on the Talmud not being easy reading is an understatement. Actually it is most distressing if you are being made aware of what it contains for the first time.

                  A reply to your post above was blocked so I answered here.

                  Have you read any of Goggins explanations of Revelation yet? I think his interpretation is the best I have come across yet. Because I believe we are living the beginning of that time I was very interested in what he had to say.

                  • I have just been going through the Q&A’s and he touched on Revelation on one to the guy who had a screwed up life and had been taught wrong by a cult. I think I have read his response to three Q&A’s so far and I am trying to dive in to the “Come & Hear” expose on the Talmud. It is hard reading for both the reason you give and also…it is just hard to read. I may have too much going on too with 5 blessings running around, last weekend for the Nascar season, this site, the leaves needing tending to with snow coming……etc. etc..

                    • BJ:

                      Nascar is my favorite also. Guess I will root for Hamlin since my favorite Kyle Busch didn’t make the finals. There is always next year….maybe.

                    • I have been a fan of Nascar since 1985, fell in love with Earnhardt at the same time. Been watching and rooting for Jr since 1998 in the Busch series. I had high hopes for Jr and Letarte to do it this year before Stevie leaves 🙁

                      I have liked Kezelowski since he first began in the 88 for Jr in the Natiowide series, but since he just won in 2012, ere was rooting for Kevin Harvick……wife and I have liked him since he stepped in Earnhards car after that sad day in February 2001.


                      I don’t know that I can ever root for him after he displayed thee biggest chicken shit, unprofessional and immature thing I have ever seen in Nascar in 30 years with his antics after the race in Texas with the shove in the back to Kez to instigate another into a melee and then slip off into hiding and out of the way of the fists flying.

                      So….. I don’t like anyone in the race to win the trophy today. I don’t think two of them even really have a deserving season to be there. But since I think Brain France is a crack smoking idiot……I’d love to see them all finish 40-43 with No Neck Newman winning it, so most fans will bitch about the emphasis being put on winning, yet leaving a loophole to have a driver there for the trophy without a win all season.

      3. Those who plot harm have seen our soft underbelly. Weapons free zones mean nothing to those who would perpetrate harm.

        • Egggggg – actly

          But I am sure the liberals running this school will sleep better knowing this pissed away $100,000 of other peoples tax money.

        • Egggggg – actly

          But I am sure the liberals running this school will sleep better knowing they pissed away $100,000 of other peoples tax money.

      4. NEXT from DARPA


        NO video feed ,, sounds great ,, I guess it will also alert the morgue,, and the media pigs ,, but still wont stop shit ,, BUT hey if it makes you FEELLLL better go for it ,,

      5. Figures it all started in masshole achusetts..methuen?

        Yeah, my home state..

        Then again..this is the birthplace of romney/obummer care

        and its architect gruber as well

        and mit,harvard, and all the rest of the schools of higher ivy league learning producing the now, and future, well heeled assholes who run the entire show from technology,business, finance, and government..

        perhaps they should install darpa systems around the bankers house..err.mean.. the white house..

        start there and get back to me..

        fools all

        fuck em all

        rather “engage” them in an entirely different matter at this juncture

        this nation is done..lost..over..

        everywhere is one flew over the cuckoos nest meets the twilight zone..

        and that’s a polite version of it..


        • Posses,
          Right on the money , the expected life of a liberal , college professor ( but I repeat myself ) in a combat zone is NON – EXISTENT , one redeeming fact about those type of people and their addled followers , they will be the first to know why their ideology failed up close and personal .

          Welcome to the Hunger Games
          May the odds be always in your favor.

          “slaves do not own rifles , freemen do ”


          Semper Fi 8541

          • 18 trillion thumbs up

        • Must destroy the place where the idea of freedom and liberty all began brother.

          I concur, “fuckem all”…hard. We’ll get the chance, we must continue to be patient.

          “don’t go down without one helluva fight”

        • The second rider (Red) of the apocalypse is when everyone starts killing everyone. It will be here right after the white horseman ‘Conquest.’

          Do not run out of ammo my friends.

          • We need to do the math, then get busy:

            about 500K g-men
            about 15 million illegals

          • Nlightened2…the most interesting patriot in the Republic…
            Keep it loaded my friends…and keep it Free

            Death to the New World Order

          • Here is the Blacks only Role Model “Bill Cosby” – APRIL 20–Attorneys for the woman suing Bill Cosby for sexual assault claim that at least ten other women are prepared to testify about “prior similar sexual assaults and/or drugging incidents” perpetrated by the comedian

            the former Temple University employee who charged in a March lawsuit that the 67-year-old performer drugged and sexually assaulted her during a January 2004 visit to Cosby’s Pennsylvania home.

            Of the ten alleged victims, nine are not named in Constand’s court papers, referred to instead as “Jane Doe witnesses” (these women are said to currently reside in California, New Mexico, Florida, Nevada, Colorado, Ohio, and Arizona). A tenth woman, lawyer Tamara Green, publicly accused Cosby of abuse after Constand’s allegations surfaced earlier this year.


            Cosby’s upcoming scheduled appearance has been cancelled on the David Letterman show.

            • I see he is worth $100 Mil. Bet the ladies and their mouthpieces are salivating over that…..

      6. For 100k , I will sit in the hallway and be able to see a knife as well .
        These people are either misinformed , misguided or just plain stupid .
        Does common sence or logic ever enter the equation anymore ? or are we all driven by political correctness and theatre ?

        • Nobody in Massachusetts (or New Jersey) has any common sense whatsoever.

          • Nobamo ,
            Their about to institute a 25 cent tax per gallon on gasoline here on NJ where the politicians think we are to stupid to pump our own gas .
            In this state common sense is not so common .
            Land of the EBT and home of the Free Sh*t Army

            Semper Fi 8541

        • Can it detect biological poisoning?. How about a truck through a wall. How about a machette, baseball bats, hammers chains, stink bombs, fire, smoke, what a waste. AS USUAL A COSTLY SOLUTION LOOKING FOR A PROBLEM.

          • It’s a costly solution for which their is no problem. Every person involved in the decision to purchase and install this system at the cost of the taxpayers should be fired and required to reimburse the taxpayers for every penny plus interest. Then shot.

      7. hammerhead

        delete common sense and logic and equation

        there’s your answer


        • POSSE , Yer right
          The problem is ME , tryin to apply common sence and logic.
          What was i thinkin ?

          • common sense meets government?

            “never the twain shall meet”

            enjoy the day

            (despite it all)


      8. A bit off topic; New York police confiscating the hand guns of deceased owners that had registered their hand guns according to the law. REGISTRATION LEADS TO CONFISCATION.

      9. Waitaminit. Near zero false alerts, but it can’t tell the difference between a ‘tester blank’ round’ and the real thing? Am I missin’ something?

        • How about a book slammed on the floor?
          I think there is another point to be made here. This thing is from DAARPA and M.I.T. I think it will do a lot more than hear a noise and call the cop’s.
          Is it tied into the school’s automatic door system? can it emit a jamming signal to block cell phones?
          There are many things that could be designed into this thing.
          Just supposing.

          • Maybe it can be re-programmed to order a pizza instead. $100,000 automated pizza-ordering system, initiated simply by firing a shot in the air. Now there’s innovation.

      10. Further evidence of the decay and downward spiral of our society.

        This is embarrassing, that a country such as ours has to resort to this.

        Just my opinion

        • There are idiots selling fake knockoff bullet proof vests at gun shows. That don’t stop any bullets. Selling BP Vests under the name “Point Blank” beware and don’t buy that Brand name. Or call the real manufacture to vetify if they are legit. Lots of scams out there right now.

          • On the funny side there are also legitimate doctors still selling fake breasts and stores still selling fake Christmas trees too…..

      11. @ possee,
        Ya gotta love our state. Howie Carr calls Methuen ” Lawrence with trees”. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the area, Lawrence is the next town over from Methuen. It is a third world shithole thanks to 50 years of Bolshevik rule here in Mass. They actually advertise in San Juan P.R. , touting our state’s excessive welfare benefits. I’m glad I’m 70 miles away from that dump. Still, I’ve gotta get the family out of here. Love my little town, hate my state.

      12. Next we will hear that these “systems” cause cancer, the risk is worth the cause. Why don’t we just pay someone to pack and patroll the halls with a radio? At least then we wouldn’t be waiting for the cops to arrive, it would also work in a power outage. We could cut that cost in half easily. I know common sense is not popular thses days.

      13. The gunshots you hear are gunshots. Outstanding system and good us of money.

      14. 1) Put “Our Teachers are Armed” signs everywhere.

        2) Allow teachers to carry

        Problem solved.

        Cost of signs: $100 (for really cool signs)
        My consulting fee: $900

        Total savings to the taxpayer: $99,000


        • Agreed. Let my 17 yo read this article. He’s highly suspicious some folks he know carry despite regs. Maybe maybe not. But I believe that’s the way to,go.

      15. Hey Mac, I used to call my teacher’s “teach” too. 🙂

      16. I think it’s wonderful that we now have the school SHOOTER problem eliminated with the latest and greatest tech bullshit. Now, if we could just do something about that darned gasoline, a la Molotov Mikey. It is almost silent, will pass through a metal detector, and is more explosive that gun powder. It can be purchased by almost anyone without showing an ID, without a background check, and paying for it with cash sounds NO alarms. We should rise up and pressure our masters to ban it everywhere. We must get it “off the street.” Perhaps an urgent appeal to my favorite public safety group,DAMM (Drunks Against Mad Mothers), might start the ball rolling, DAMM’s inability to identify even one person who actually died at Sandy Hook notwithstanding.

      17. How about detecting a small caliber .22 with a silencer? My neighbor uses one when he target practices, and it cuts the noise down to be like a door shutting close and less than a book hitting the floor on it’s flat side.

        Even if it cuts time for notifying the police, it may be a false alarm, or the perp would have either shot all he could, or an armed security/teacher would have already taken him down before the police enter the building…that is if they are still allowed to carry arms and this alarm doe not replace real security.

        If it replaces real security (armed school personel) I feel sorry for the kids. This would be a common liberal attempt of symbolism over substance and a liberal policy of failure.

        • How about smacking a metal trash can with the flat side of a large book? Don’t want to take that test? Set off the alarms!

      18. The really dumb thing about this whole thing, is that with most of these “active shooter” situations, by the time the police get there, the shooter….as well as his victims…..are already dead.

        Most of these guys kill as many as they can, and then off themselves before the cops ever show up. Or….someone on the scene either produced a gun themselves and dealt with the shooter…or otherwise overpowered and disarmed them.

        People need to understand the role of police in our society today.

        1. Show up at the scene of a crime AFTER it has been committed, pickup the pieces and make an arrest (if possible).

        2. Violate the 4th and 5th amendments to the Constitution.

        3. Arrest or cite otherwise law abiding citizens for violating
        any one of a huge number of BS laws that have been put in
        place by the idiots in elected office.

        • Walt,
          I think your just a little off with #1.

          The way I understand history is that the original role of police was to show up after a crime is committed and then solve it. In today’s time, they are everywhere citing (albeit illegally and unconstitutionally) people and arresting people before a crime (not true law) is committed. I think your #2 & 3 apply all over the place though.

          • Well…see…that’s #3.

            #1 applies to the adage, “When seconds count, isn’t it nice to know that the police are only minutes away?”

      19. I wonder who owns this company, and who they know in govt? Think how many schools they could sell to in this USA? It would be cheaper to outfit every teacher with a .22, and lessons.
        Why is everything backwards?
        I know, dumb question…. Capt. Obvious.

        • Dunno, but I can tell you that 30 years ago when I was still in MA an awful lot of DARPA research was being done at MIT and along Rt. 128, (the Boston inner beltway). I always got a kick out of how MA seemed to be in the forefront of anti-war advocacy, and at the same time had the highest percentage of the economy in military stuff of any state in the Union. Right in Concord was a shop that machined depleted uranium penetrators!

        • eppe…that’s the first thing I thought when I read this article…

          Cui Bono?

        • Okay, you BAD JOKE for the day…

          I decided to join the Thankgiving Day celebrations by thanking the Americans for something they had given us.

          I soon realised it was a little bit more difficult than it first looked as I pondered the options: Obesity, loud clothes, loud people, The Kardeshians, advice on trade deficit, school shootings, Ruby Fucking Wax, Jerry Springer type shows, The Price is Right and the Apprentice.

          As the list was growing the anticipated thanks was diminishing and as I was just about to give up, it suddenly came to me.

          On this proud day I would like to take this opportunity to join in the Thanksgiving Day celebrations by saying, from the bottom of my heart, to all Americans.

          Thanks For Nothing

        • A .22? lol You want to stop the shooter, not piss him off.

      20. I think the idea sounds great!

        Seems to me that if it is good enough for our schools, then let’s first test it out in the White House. Install the system there, and get rid of the poor performing secret service. Oblow can be secured with a system that informs the police in less than a second, who could ask for more?

      21. One kid with a few firecrackers could have fun, and everyone gets to go home…

        • Yup, and today’s leftist, fascist dystopia, the kid would be be doing 30 to life in Leavenworth, for what 20 years ago would just give a kid a dentention. Welcome to leftist, fascist America

      22. This is another Zionist pigs owned corporation to use fear to make money. Michael Chertoff and the rest of species are making a killing with all of tribe made fears. Don’t be surprised if Gruber told them, just come up with some BS machine since Americans are stupid and will pay for it with there tax $.

      23. I would prefer a “Common Core Alert” – which will notify parents within nanoseconds the first time even one word of Kommon Kore Krap is uttered in a classroom. A lot more useful

      24. I can see kids setting off firecrackers to spoof the thing so that they can get out of school early.

      25. Detectors at the airport that haven’t found anything. Sound detectors that result in notifying the police after the shooting. They wanted to sell us anti-missile systems for our civilian aircraft after they staged a phony attack on one of their own planes in Kenya. Who? The Israelis. Can you believe that after all the school shootings, most schools don’t have armed guards, or off duty cops, or armed teachers?

      26. The competing systems have not shown up yet. Install two mini-drones with cameras and a 12GA slug derringer on each side of the school. Link them wirelessly to the local cop shop or patrol cars. They could then fly them remotely to the attacker and dispatch him quickly. Kamikaze Shooter Prevention System if you like. under 30K$. Send me the savings and we’ll call it even.

      27. I guess I am not welcome here ,, post deleted ,,, rename this place shtfNSAplan ,,

        well i did like this place


      28. SO, nothing at all to do with this post.

        But on Oct 16th when the mass hysteria was flying about Ebola, and I said it won’t amount to diddly (feel free to go back and look it up)….there won’t be a handful of cases in the US….and got ‘thumbed down’ to the point my post didn’t show….and some twit says “well, SEE IF YOU CAN SAY THAT IN A MONTH”…

        OK….TWIT….it’s been a month, and the crisis of the day has been forgotten, because, just like I said, it was nothing to start with.

        • I too also stated that Ebola would be a fizzle. I stated I would start worring about Ebola when I heard of ten,s of thousands dying in overcrowded unsanitary places like Calcutta India- Mexico ect. And I was also thumbed down. It seems folks are gullible no matter what their opinion of the government.

        • ebola is here, your just not hearing about it. News blackout was ordered.
          Got a case in GA, got a case flying in today to Nebraska. Duncan died from ebola. Nurses never had it, it was a drill and they were cured in 13 days and 14 days w/ no signs of illness at all, perfectly normal looking young women w/ full weight and color. Same as Dr Spencer. He was cured in 20 days. Govt miracles.
          Stay tuned, eyes open, Obama has the red carpet out for ebola. Cant make biowar on the people w/out the germs.

      29. I would think m80’s and cherrybombs will be making a comback soon.

      30. When will they wake up and realize the root of the problem is not the guns, it is the toxic antidepressants and other pharmaceuticals that are among the primary causes of mental illness in this country.

        • The schools should hold a drill too, and fire a gun off just to see how kong it takes the cops to actually get to the school. Start timing them. Otherwise the system is fruitless. Just watched a gun video that shoots and empties a 100 (hundred round drum) in 8 seconds. See if the cops can get to the school quicker than 8 seconds flat.

      31. Americans are mathematically challenged. Percentages, ratios and the probability of occurrences based off them are overridden by fear and emotion; logic be dammed. I pointed out to many that less than 400 people are murdered per year with a rifle of any type and the assault rifle accounts for a sub percentage of that on the order of a 100 or less. Putting that in perspective with a population of 320 million makes it about as likely as being hit and killed by lightening.

        Regardless of lopsided trade agreements and unsustainable spending policy’s how can a nation possible maintain apex status when the voting citizens are egg heads? I just read that 26% of Americans don’t know that the earth revolves around the sun not the other way around.

        we’re doomed.

        • Kevin2. Our Gubberment has never quite mastered the economic formula for “The Point of Diminishing Return”

      32. This chain letter does work!!

        I never send chain letters, but this one truly is quite successful. It’s incredible!

        Send: “OBAMA LOVES YOU” to ten friends, and you will see that at least 9 will reply telling you to go fuck yourself!

        Amazing, how it works!

      33. Internet control coming your way. Obama to use his pen to patrol the internet.

        Wonder how many survival sites will survive when all you will be allowed to see is:

        “Yes, Joe, I bought extra rice and beans, and stocked up on my ammo…..”.

        No controversy, wont be able to even verbally protest our own demise, and for damned sure you will not be able to point a finger at the culprits that have ruined this country.

        No way to alert anyone to what is happening even in your own backyard. See how much info you will getting from MSM when Ferguson blows up. Finding what was happening at the Bundy Ranch fiasco was nearly impossible, sketchy at best.

        Information readily available on the internet to check out the liars version of history is top priority for Obamas handlers. They must get it shut down. Too many people are awakening from their slumber.

        Hope posters near Ferguson will keep us up on the truth of what is happening there.

        • POG, it will be interesting which way it goes. Being in the telecommunications world since 79, I worry about the implications it could impose.
          Btw, Putin is leaving the G20 summit, says that he is not getting a fair shake. I would not want to piss him off, but it seems to be what TPTB want to do to stir up shit.
          Would it NOT be great if the whole world could get along, no wars, strife, hunger, disease, animosity, etc….
          I know I am dreaming….

          • epee, we have two groups: 1- Freedom lovers who wants to live life, be self providers and most importantly to be left alone. 2- Those who wants to take it all from #1.

            Advise: when #1 runs into #2 don’t hesitate to destroy them since #2 won’t.

          • Eppe:

            Checking the net, some say he is leaving, Huffington Post says Putin advisor says it aint so.

            Don’t believe anything coming from the Huff Post; but damn don’t believe anything coming from the other news services either.

            Keep on dreaming Eppe, cause when you wake up it will be to a nightmare.

            • POG, it is getting to where it is hard to believe anything from anywhere…
              Pissing off Putin is not the best idea, but maybe that is what TPTB want?
              At least my money nightmare is over, nice to be debt free, everything paid off, girls almost to the age to move on, just wish I could retire early. Sure, I am dreaming again, but is that what we all do to one extent or another???

            • If only somebody would drop a Nuke on the G20 band of Psychopaths. That would solve most of the worlds problems right there.

              • WWTI:

                It would sure make a HUGE DENT!

        • POG: How right you are!!!


      34. If they release the report this week and the grand jury doesn’t charge the cop. The Ferguson riot will be a fizzle. Its ball frosting cold in St Louis. The Jungle bunny,s cant take the cold. Any unruly crowd could easily be sprayed with a light mist of water from water cannons on fire trucks. Cold & wet folks don’t riot.

        • A couple of buildings on fire will keep them warm enough. Not to mention, booze.

          • Hot lead will warm them up also.

        • Ferguson just got a whole uglier!

        • Hey Old Guy…why don’t you save your racist slurs for your KKK meetings where their true intellectual value can be appreciated. Maybe you can use those words when you have your spelling contests.

          • Walt
            Read the constitution as there are no laws against being a racist. This too is a Free Speech Forum. Any good Pollock jokes out there? Btw I have a sliver of Polish in me. And I could care less if any body has a good Pollock joke-ski.

            • What WWTI said Walt. Quit complaining. Nobody likes a whiner!

      35. Hate to disappoint y’all. All prepping on hold for rest of Afternoon. My No 1 ranked 9-0 MS state playing 4th ranked 8-1 AL roll tide. GO DAWGS!

        You can go back to your regular programming now.

      36. We know what the problem is and its not the law abiding person.

        It the HIGHER Ups THAT do not have the (BALLS) to say this is the problem, and this is what we are going to do.




        Last time I looked guns contribute to only 3% of deaths in AMERICA.

        Most of them are DRUG RELATED !!!!

        People have the right to protect themselves, and not expect to have someone else do it for them……..


        But all you want to do is put up signs and say like LITTLE BITCHES saying DO NOT DO THAT……….

        And throw MORE PILLS AT IT.

        Again you all know what the PROBLEM IS……

        SPINE UP AMERICA, SPINE UP !!!!!!!!!!!

      37. Its a fact crime is down like 4% as more guns means less crime victims.

      38. Got a new prep item! A singer treadle machine, I know, I know, it doesn’t make big loud bangy noises, but in my world it’s awsome to know without power I can fix and make clothes and quilts if needed. Sorry to be off topic for a second, got over happy for a second. Back to the topic, I’m a big fan of armed teachers and homeschooling! If a few faculty members were trained in every school and armed it’d be a hell of a lot more practical imho. Homeschool if possible.

        • MommaD:

          Actually your treadle machine is one of the smartest preps around. Being able to stitch without no electricity is darned high on my prep list. Congrats on your purchase.

          • Thanks POG

      39. Why do I get the feeling that children are going to start setting off fireworks at school just to laugh at the over zealous police response?

        • Hopefully kids will lose interest in drugs as they gain interest in firecrackers in school, just like the good old days decades ago. I remember so many cherry bombs and M-80s in my school, but no meth. Ahh, there’s nothing like the smell of flashpowder during recess.

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