First Pictures Emerge Of Vegas Shooter’s Weapons, Hotel Room

by | Oct 3, 2017 | Headline News | 32 comments

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    This report was originally published by Tyler Durden at Zero Hedge


    Somehow, Boston 25 News has obtained exclusive photos from what they describe as “police sources” purportedly showing the guns used during Sunday night’s massacre in Las Vegas, where a 64-year-old shooter with a room full of weapons fired on a country music festival from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay casino and resort, killing 59 people and injuring more than 500.

    Boston 25’s Jacqui Henrich obtained the photos early Tuesday morning, and they clearly show the gun on the floor of the Mandalay Bay hotel room, along with many rounds of ammunition.

    A hammer that was presumably used to break the windows of the room, which was on the 32nd floor, can be seen beside the gun. The bipod used to stand the weapon on as the shooter sprayed the crowd with bullets is also in view.

    Las Vegas police said the shooter, Stephen Paddock of Mesquite Nevada, had 23 guns inside his hotel room, including semiautomatic rifles. An additional 19 guns were discovered in his home in Mesquite, along with thousands of rounds of ammunition. Meanwhile, explosives were found in his car, suggesting he may have been planning something even worse than the worst mass shooting in modern American history.

    Paddock killed himself as police entered his hotel room, Boston 25 reported.

    * * *

    In a development that only deepens the mystery surrounding Paddock’s motives, NBC news is reporting that the man who will go down in history as the Mandalay Bay shooter lost a slip-and-fall lawsuit against a Nevada casino in 2014. He reportedly still owed $270 in court fees at the time of his attack.

    Security video from the Cosmopolitan Hotel shows Paddock slipping and falling on Oct. 30, 2011, as he walked from a hotel shop towards a high-stakes area in the casino. Paddock said he had slipped in a puddle of liquid and sued the hotel in 2012, initially asking for $100,000, according to an attorney for the hotel.

    Footage showing Paddock slipping and falling…

    The lawyer met Paddock when he testified in a deposition for the lawsuit. Paddock enjoyed a special high-roller status with perks at at least one Vegas casino, the lawyer said, but he was unkempt in his appearance, looking slovenly and “bizarre” during the deposition.

    However, the lawyer said there was “nothing about Paddock that would ever indicate someone who was unstable.”

    “This is not a guy that I would have looked at and thought, ‘He’s going to commit a crime one day.”

    Paddock’s suit ended up in arbitration in 2014. According to the decision, Paddock reported incurring more than in $32,000 in medical bills, and also wanted to be paid for pain and suffering. Security video shows him getting medical attention and then being stretchered out of the casino.

    “As a result of the fall,” said the document, “Mr. Paddock allegedly sustained a tear to his hamstring as well as a sprain/strain injury to his wrist” and elevated blood pressure. The hotel maintained that Paddock had failed to prove negligence because “there was no actual or constructive notice of any liquid in the area of the sundry shop.”

    The arbitrator confirmed that the video does show Paddock slipping and falling, but also noted a custodian can be seen passing the same spot about a minute before Paddock’s accident, followed by about 20 hotel customers, and none of them “appear to have noticed anything on the floor [or] tried to avoid a wet area.”

    According to Paddock’s brother Eric, Paddock was a millionaire thanks in part to real estate holdings in California. Caesar’s Entertainment had granted him a “Seven Stars” designation as a frequent gambler “with status” at its casino properties, according to a source familiar with the investigation. Seven Stars is the highest level that a high roller can achieve and is only granted by invitation.

    In the weeks prior to his death, according to multiple senior law enforcement officials and a casino executive, Paddock had gambled large sums of money at Vegas casinos. Currency transaction reports show that Paddock had recently gambled more than $10,000 a day.


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      1. Ok….I see one gun. Where is the stash of 10 guns? Not even five? This picture was staged. That door was not blown off. What gives here? Crime tape…..but no crime scene?

        • Its all a set up. The Alleged shooter’s neighbor said he did not do it. Yes he was probably there and is the patsy, just like Oswald, and just before a Congressional Member Vote in legalizing Suppressors for Weapons under the protective hearing bill.

          The shooting has a pattern where a shooter was suicide just like Sandy Hook False Flag kid, so Obama could push for a Ban on AR15 type weapons. I got to give the shooter credit, he was packing surefire Magazines. I have a few myself and they are flawless. About $85 to 135 per 60 Round Magazine. And about $175 for a 100 rounder. Youtube, PLR16 Bump fires 100 rounds in 8 seconds. Yes,I have that AR Pistol as well. Badass!!

          This has all the earmarks of the lefty CIA, JFK, Sandy Hook, Orlando Nightclub fingerprints. Keep packing and carrying daily. The lefties are on the loose trying to create chaos. BLM, Back lives matter, Antifa, False flag massacres, assassinations. Funny how the Lefties never seem to get shot at, but try to Ban Guns. Connect the dots. Some of these lefty politicians may be behind this also. Or AIPAC who wants to ban guns. So their freaking Cabal of Shills can fully enslave us.

          Don’t take the bait!!

      2. I see a slide fire on one if the guns

      3. I just saw a video of the second shooter:

        ht tps://

        at about 0:30 in on about the 4th or 5th floor.

        Forensic analysis of the wounds on any victim who can be confirmed to have been standing up when hit could help.

        From about 400 yards the 32nd floor shot would show an entry angle of about 27 degrees while the 4th floor would be about 3 degrees both on a vertical target.

        Maybe the forensic pathologists can even do more complicated angle analysis, but mine is the simplest case.

        If you had several injuries at the low angle it might help confirm. Although witnesses reported a lot of ricochets, I would imagine those wounds and bullet deformation would be different.


        • bb here’s another one.
          ht tps://

      4. This whole thing smells. As an avid shooter I can’t see this as possible for one man. Not even sure a professional sniper could get these numbers. Let alone a 64 year old man at 400 yards.
        its like the start of a Bracken novel.

        • I really don’t know why it’s so hard to imagine this guy killing this many people.

          It was several seconds and he had already fired off a number of rounds before people even comprehended that there were gun shots. People were jammed together shoulder to shoulder. It would be hard to shoot into a group of people like that and NOT hit someone.

          It’s also possible that some of the rounds went through one person and then struck another.

          I’m amazed that there weren’t MORE fatalities. Charles Whitman killed or wounded some 42 persons using a bolt action rifle…..and the victims were more spread out over a wider area.

          Listening to the shots in the videos, at least one of the rifles used had a lower cyclical rate than an AR-15.

          Also….for those who think shots were coming from the 4th or 5th floor……..why aren’t the windows broken out?

          There is always the possibility that this was a false flag….I don’t trust the deep state any more than the rest of you. But it’s also possible that this was just a very evil man committing a very evil deed. This guy may simply have been mad at the world….without purpose and hating everyone…..a real misanthrope…..who simply decided that he wanted to inflict as much pain on the rest of us as he could. People like that DO exist. His father was evidently a psychopathic personality as well. Is it it too hard to imagine that apple not falling far from the tree?

          I’m also wondering where his live-in girlfriend figures into all of this. I find it interesting that she is evidently out of the country. Did something happen between the two of them?

          In my opinion, it is still way to early to come to any kind of definitive conclusions about this. This guy does not fit the standard profile of a mass murderer/shooter. I find it interesting that there is so little known about him. It appears that his family doesn’t even know him that well. It sounds like he was a very private….almost reclusive individual….who spent an inordinate amount of time pursuing a hobby that involved almost no interpersonal relationship with other human beings (online poker).

          According to what we heard, he had not definitive religious or political connections. I wonder if that is really true, or was he perhaps just not vocal about his beliefs.

          I am open to the possibility of just about anything with this guy……but I don’t think we know enough yet.

        • +1. Agreed. Something doesn’t add up.

        • 400 yards isn’t particularly difficult.

          Especially when shooting with what amounts to a machine gun with a 60 round magazine at something the size of a football field.

          He wasn’t exactly trying to hit specific people, just the crowd itself, and it was more like from a few hundred yards from a position above it shooting down.

        • I remain unconvinced that this man did it.

          I believe he was a patsy, or kidnapped and used, then killed.

          There seemed to be plenty of time from the end of shots fired to “breach, breach, breach” for someone to exit the scene.

          He could easily have been marked during his gambling time and suckered into conversation and then just taken.

          Also hearing from the lips of the sheriff that he couldn’t have imagined this happening blows my mind. A complete breakdown of imagination!

          I donno, maybe I’ve seen too many movies. Read too many books.

          just my 2cents from my comfy seat in front of the news.

          • like twitter, this don’t make no sense neither….

      5. 100 round Surefire Mag

      6. Fucking millionaires. They get bored with all that money then they have to use people for
        target practice.

      7. All the facts and pics you need to see and know. We better get this made public before people start asking questions. The event all wrapped up and near finalized. Suing the casino for a slip and fall, that’s a good one. All of the gambling and losing spoken of, frequent 10, 20 and 30 thousand dollar losses, a recent 40 thousand dollar jackpot winner. Slovenly appearing. What! A bum millionaire with a gambling addiction. Case closed, next.



        • They sure did Sgt, and the target is semi-auto rifles. MSN is saying over and over it was the bump fire or some other attachment that he used on the semi-auto to kill these people. I’ve heard full auto fire and fire from a bump fire. This was full auto fire I have no doubt. I feel bad for the dead and the wounded. This was a government killing of innocents no matter how they slice it and no matter who did the shooting because I;m not completely convinced this guy did it. All we know is that his corpse was there.

          • Do a few YouTube searches and find the ones showing bumpfire and binary triggers compared to fully automatic AR’s.

            The cyclic rate of the automatic M4 (current version) runs 700 to 950.

            The fire rate of that shooter is more like 500 to (maybe) 650 which is at the lower end of automatic fire. That is achievable with slidefire stocks and easily achievable with binary and other enhanced triggers with a little practice.

            At the least, I’m expecting these devices to be outlawed soon so better get yours now if you’re planning on carrying out you own personal mass murder sometime in the future. They just became the new standard for mass shooters.

            • Traitors I will shoot. I’ll stick to my semiautos. I don’t waste ammo.

              • That was no 5.56 I heard in the videos. At least 7.62×51

          • What was heard in the Las Vegas shooting audio was not just full-auto but heavy mm-ammo fire, like the 7.62 x 39 mm ammo from an AK-47.

            An AK doesn’t sound anything like an AR. The rate of fire is faster for the AK (30-40 rounds per minute), than the AR (12-15 rounds per minute). The action is smoother in the AR-47, hence the rapid fire “whishing” sound of the AK.

            If you listen to the audio this guy must have been using the extra-long banana clips that are common with the AK. The AK-47 even comes with a drum.

            • What you said doesn’t make a lick of sense.

              • I agree, the post you are responding to is complete nonsense.

      9. And notice the timing, right before the hearings on Suppressors in clown ass Congress, very interesting timing folks and knowing it would get all the anti gun and gun control assholes all fired up…I call bullshit.

      10. BS!

      11. This is ridiculous. One person can only shoot one gun at a time.

        “Oh! WOW! Twenty-three (23) guns! A thousand rounds of ammo!”

        Just one of those rigs with the magazines, scopes, all the add-ons can run almost $15,000. Now multiply that by twenty-three (23) and all the ammo. You are looking at over $300,000.

        What gun crazy spends that kind of dough on that much technology? Oh, wait. Our very own gun crazy. The U.S. government. The biggest gun crazy out there. If anybody is in desperate need of some gun control, it’s those guys.

        • An AR-15 plus optic, bipod, bump fire stock, and mags cost $15,000?
          Are you serious?
          Where do you live?

      12. I will ask this again. Where did Paddock (or whomever) get the machine gun(s) from? This guy was a retired under-employed accountant. A civilian.

        Machine guns became illegal for civilians to own since Sears was selling the Thompson Sub-Machine Gun out of its catalog in 1937. Today, you have to obtain a Class IV license to even own a machine gun. And you are vetted. Heavily vetted. And there are only a limited number of machine guns loose for civilian consumption. The price tag just to get the permit is like $15,000.

        The gun dealers take one thing very seriously: You don’t mess with the FBI. The FBI takes a very dim view of a civilian owning an un-licensed machine gun that they don’t know about. You go to jail. And you do time. Serious time.

        Some guy was knocking down a wall in Chicago and uncovered a perfectly preserved Thompson (case and all) inside the wall, wrapped-up nicely in meat-packing paper. He called his attorney and he and his lawyer took the Thompson down to the FBI office. Even then, they were practically blinded by paperwork.

      13. I see 2 ARs why not the others?

      14. Sorry, can’t swallow the 32 floor shooting story bit in its entirety.

        I am sorry and apologize to every one here, but as I keyboard this, I am having flashbacks to The JFK shooting. I was in the 3rd grade at the time and still can reflect on the look on my teacher when when it was announced.

        As in The JFK situation more than one shooter. As in this case, more than more than one shooter.

        My opinion.

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