Firearms-Related Accident Deaths Plunge 41% From 1999, but the Media Won’t Report the Facts

by | Dec 28, 2018 | Headline News | 22 comments

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    While recent headlines might lead you to believe that accidental deaths from firearms are at an all-time high, the fact is they are at their lowest in decades — but unfortunately, the so-called “mainstream” media won’t report the truth.

    As noted by the National Shooting Sports Foundation in a blog post on the group’s website, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is claiming that gun-related deaths in 2017 reached their highest level in the U.S. in 40 years.

    As reported by Fox News:

    In 2017, nearly 40,000 people were killed from gun-related incidents in the U.S., according to the data. By contrast, gun-related incidents accounted for less than 29,000 deaths in 1999.

    The report went on to list some of the higher-profile shootings last year, such as the terrorist attack (because that’s what it really was) on 22,000 concert-goers in October 2017 in Las Vegas, which killed 58 people, and the following month when a former Air Force member killed 25 people at a Texas church. 

    Of the 40,000-odd recorded gun deaths, the CDC said half were due to suicides and just over one-third were homicides — and while any gun deaths are tragic, those figures are still very low proportionately in a country of some 320 million people and 90 million gun owners.

    Also, according to the NSSF, “thankfully, the CDC breaks down the data by unintentional fatalities, homicides, and suicides,” thereby making “a careful review of the data possible.”

    “And such a review is revealing,” the Second Amendment-supporting group notes.

    Since 1999, the year referenced by the CDC, the agency’s own data show that the overall number of gun-related accidents are actually down more than 41 percent, though tens of millions more firearms have been purchased. 

    The CDC can and does manipulate gun data

    The NSSF noted further:

    Likewise, it’s understandably confusing when recent news articles proclaim that “guns killed more people than car crashes in 2017.” While this kind of clickbait is sure to get views, it is a deliberately misleading comparison of different data. In this article for example, the authors take the full sum of all firearms-related deaths, suicides, homicides and accidents, and compares it to car accidents. Why not compare firearms accidents to car accidents? Well that would show that car accidents occur at far higher rates (11.9 for cars compared to 0.1 for firearms). 

    There are more anomalies in the CDC data. For instance, the agency’s numbers show that the homicide rate is flat, but other research data show that the homicide rate in the U.S. has been on a downward trend — also a good thing.

    The CDC data does reflect the fact that most gun-related deaths are suicides, and that’s been the case now for years. And in fact, gun-caused suicides are actually up in nearly every state, the NSSF notes. 

    “While even anti-gun extremists would have a hard time arguing that gun control laws would prevent these unfortunate but intentional acts, some will point to discredited studies that attempt to draw a link between gun control laws and suicide rates,” the NSSF noted. “The fact is that there is no evidence showing a causal relationship between gun control laws and decreased suicide rates.”

    There’s more as it relates to gun-related homicide rates. According to the Crime Prevention Research Center, gun homicides are concentrated in a very few U.S. counties. 

    The center reported in April 2017 that 54 percent of counties in 2014 had zero murders, while just 2 percent of counties had more than half — 51 percent — of all gun-related murders that year.

    Meanwhile, 69 percent of counties had no more than a single gun-related murder. The worst one percent of counties held 19 percent of the country’s population and featured 37 percent of all gun-related homicides, the center found.

    See factual reporting about guns and crime at

    Sources include:


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      1. If the Media did report this to any significant degree you can (probably) bet they would be attributing it to increasing gun control regulations and laws since then.

        I’m more inclined to believe it is do mainly to other factors, among them increased portrayal of gun handling by actors from pressure being put on Hollywood by gun owners that have (at least unconsciously) increased safe use and handling knowledge among the public by seeing the safe practices shown on screen even if they don’t have or want a gun. (an example: watch how many actors in American movies and TV shows now keep their fingers off the trigger when not firing and do safety checks of the magazine and chamber when they pick them up. Compare that to older film and foreign movies and shows that usually ignore such things.)

        • In other news ……. here is information that will not be posted on SHTFPLAN because it reveals the truth about what is really happening to the Chinese economy based upon the initial imposition of TRUMP TARIFFS:

          If China is OFFICIALLY reporting a “contraction” to its economy, you can bet your ass the numbers are much worse than those reported ….. falling in line with the expectations of the true results of the TRUMP TARIFFS on the Chinese economy.

          And this is just the beginning if Xi fails to dramatically reverse Chinese export policies and reform internal economic financial structures.

          TRUMP may be too eager to cut a deal to in order to claim another VICTORY which greatly improves the unbalanced trading relationship between the USA & China …. but fails to reverse the relationship to where it would be completely fair.

          Something is not better than nothing in this case. It would just extend a slow economic death for the USA. 🙁

        • The Plunge in Accident Related Gun Deaths are due to the COPS now Re-Classifying their own Gun Death Accidents as Justified because their shooting victim was resisting or not following orders or thought he had a gun excuse, which 99.9% are cell phones in the hand not a gun.

          Remember Cops kill more people in America annually than Terrorists.

          • Guns don’t kill people, Bullets do.

      2. That screen pic of the guy in the video, he’s sitting in front of a green screen.

        • Also works with the monkey cage at the zoo.

      3. Accidents caused by soy and recycling —
        “…some industrial food waste or recycled waste materials generate heat as a result of fermentation and oxidation, which leads to an increase in temperature during storage and transport, ultimately resulting in spontaneous ignition.”

        • You never asked these questions(above), because you thought it was a wholesome, godgiven right.

      4. Boy this guy hit right on the head. Took Wallace down a peg or two.

        I teach hunters safety in Illinois. You can see by the amount of adults and kids that come to these classes that they want to know about more and better safety ideas.

        You know MSM won’t report on this because all they ant to do is spread FEAR PORN B.S. I’ll bet they won’t report on the huge up tick of Illegal murders done by these scum bags.


        • Sarge, agreed. Just like the MSM won’t report on how many lives saved and how many crimes are prevented by GOOD people with guns every year. Last time I checked that was about 2 million a year, maybe more than that by now.

          • If you go on jury “duty”, they ask those people still working in this fake economy, how many are related to law enforcement. 75% or better raise their hands, in case you were wondering whether this country makes anything, anymore.

            I haven’t exposed anyone, publicly, but their communities of interest all know who are the revenuers and gaterapists.

            I felt that the cloak-and-dagger stuff was a kind of daredevil job for confirmed bachelors, that parents and people with families shouldn’t do — like if you were an experimental test subject or crash test pilot with no friends.

      5. Something I learned in twenty years of engineering. To a majority of people perception is far more important than facts and data.
        My best example of this is cost overruns on virtually every government run project, if the people were really told of the real costs up front, a good many projects would have never been funded.
        If the real failure of gun control were revealed, the population would never accept the costs of the violations of their rights.

      6. The MSM is not really the media at all. It’s just a spin cycle of commie bankster globalist propaganda as most of the entertainment world is agitprop for the sheeple and useful idiots.

        So of course they’re not going to report on something that is completely counter to their NWO operation of fraud, crime, corruption and abuse against the American people and this republic.

      7. As far as the ability to keep arms, Forget it, its on the way to being lost, think of the last cowboy on his horse riding out of town heading back to the “freedom” of the plains, that he figured will always be there, really, so how well did that work out? Too many people would simply fold to keep from being turned into an instant felon. While those already one for one reason or another have already lost their “right” and since taking 3 candy bars is a felony its not hard to end up one.

        It may well be in my life time that the same thing will end up with our worthless “permit”. And why do you even need a so called “permit” when we have this thing called the Bill of Rights? hmmm, cause people have allowed the usual suspects Fed/State/local government, and all the “private Business’s” and even public business’s to just come up with any feel good law to prevent you from exercising your 2nd “right”, and have all the fire power to “enforce” what ever law they consider fit to come up with in the name of “Safety”. Safety for whom?? the children..??? To want to protect yourself is instinctive, yet even that act turns normal people into criminals.

        And lets not forget this amazing former “D” governor that on his way out the door to skip to the Senate, decided to sign off on a bill to allow “retired” LEO to carry their personal firearm “with or without” a permit,”ANY WHERE ANY TIME” and I assume drink and drive with it as well, while we the “thank you for your service” retired are as usual left out of the loop but get to pay our VA taxes. How many more damned background checks do I need to go through that would be more detailed than what I already have been through, is the one the new recruit going to the police academy for a few months more intrusive…..????.

        While I was renewing my “permit” I said what exactly was the purpose of this again?.

      8. Not a single NJ resident has turned in their high capacity magazines since the moronic ban went into effect on December 11. This also includes every off duty LEO who cannot legally have them for home defense.

        • Mara, The deadline before fines are issued and license renewal becomes impossible is March 31 2019.

      9. I see lots of public safety ads on tv for automobiles.
        Click it or ticket…dont drink and drive blah blah blah.
        Why no gun safety ads?

      10. I was at the range today.

        Sometimes I need to walk out to the 200 yard target after taking one or 2 shots, while I’m mid-magazine.

        One option is to flip the safety. I’m not sure if that provides genuine protection or just the illusion of protection.

        The bullet is still in the chamber, one mis-timed jab of the firing pin away from Trouble.

        The other option is to remove the magazine and any chambered round. That is the right way to do it, and it can seem like a hassle.

        Long story short, sweating the details is totally worth it, around firearms.

      11. I know that I am old and slow but the article says that in 1999 there were less than 29,000, then in 2017, 18 years later, there were nearly 40,000 and some how this is 40% less!
        If the figures themselves are wrong then it behoves the writer to provide the correct numbers and prove FOX – CNN et al wrong, not just make some unfounded claim.
        Lazy journalism and rubbish editors.

      12. ? how long does it take for a post to show up now?

      13. Most of those deaths were more than likely in Detroit, Chicago, and DC. Most liberal, gun hating places in the USA. But that doesn’t stop the criminals. Dems can’t seem to get that.

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