Financial Trend Analyst Warns: “This Suicide Move Will Implode The Whole Thing”

by | Nov 16, 2015 | Headline News | 87 comments

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    Job losses across America continue to mount, housing is topping and recent reports from some of the nation’s leading retailers show that there has been no real, sustainable recovery since the crash of 2008. This, according to trend analyst Daniel Ameduri of Future Money Trends, is why nothing the Federal Reserve does with interest rates in December will make any difference for our overall long-term prospects.

    But, as Ameduri notes in a recent interview with Kerry Lutz of the Financial Survival Network, there is one particular move that would amount to nothing short of economic suicide and a rapid destabilization of the system:

    I just don’t see rates going up (meaningfully) until way into the 2020’s or even the 2030’s. The biggest thing to point out to people who think that rates are going up is because that is a suicide move.

    Watch the full video to learn more about the shadow statistics the government refuses to share, what to expect as these trends come to pass and how to prepare for an unprecedented financial collapse:

    (Watch at Youtube)

    With interest rates so low and almost into negative territory (wherein you’ll actually have to pay your bank to allow you to deposit money) any upward adjustment by the Federal Reserve will have immediate and widespread consequences.

    You raise these rates just a few percentage points and all of a sudden you’re paying $600-$700 billion in interest. The important thing to point out the U.S. government generates just $2.3 trillion dollars in revenue. And if your debt interest is $700 billion, maybe even a trillion dollars in interest, that’s when the whole thing implodes.

    Consider what would happen to any U.S. household that saw its monthly debt payments jump from 15% of their monthly income to 30% or more.

    The financial collapse would be nearly instant.

    This is exactly what we can expect should the Federal Reserve raise interest rates.

    For Daniel Ameduri’s latest strategies designed to protect, preserve and grow wealth click here to visit Future Money Trends.


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      1. The writing is on the wall as the cool kids say – of course there has been no recovery! They don’t jus want you broke, they want you DEAD!!!!!

        Keep stacking and keep your head on that proverbial swivel

        • Muslims do nothing by coincidence. On Sep. 11, 1682, the Ottoman Turks were defeated by the Polish in Vienna. On November 13, 1918 the Ottoman Empire was conquered and Allied troops occupied Constantinople, the capital of the Ottoman Empire. The Ottoman Empire was the Caliphate, the Islamic State of its day.

          • Acid~thank you for the history lesson.

            I looked it up and enjoyed reading of their defeat.

            Bravo 🙂

            • While ISIS (America’s CIA + British MI6 + Israel’s Mossad + France’s DGSE) was very busy carrying out the false flag operation in Paris on 11/13, that same day the IMF ─International Monetary Fund and not “Impossible Missions Force,” since the gullible and ignorant masses in America are totally unaware about the existence of this institution─ announced that the fund’s executive board will decide on November 30th whether to add the Chinese currency (the Renminbi, commonly known as the Yuan) to the Special Drawing Rights basket.

              IMF head Christine Lagarde said that she personally supported that move. Yuan joining basket of currencies comprising IMF’s lending instrument likely to boost demand for Chinese assets and the effects of this tectonic shift in the financial world will be felt in the pockets of ordinary Americans in the months to come (the loss of purchasing power using US Dollars).


          • Of course I knew that. And many slaves walked the trail of tears. For a time their offspring where considered tribe members. Then the tribes out in Oklahoma got casinos and every tribe member gets a cut. So they did DNA test and kicked a whole lot out.












        • New ISIS video– says they will strike Washington, DC… 🙂

      2. still have faith in the system I will participate while we have a system when it fails I will be on my own. Other folks need the system more than me. I’ve always been self reliant.

          • Sent this to my cousin in Germany–he’s lived there all his adult life.

            He says, “Germany in gone.”

            • Funny thing Grandee…my brother-in-law is an A & P technician in Germany (yep, I’m married to a German gal).

              ..anyhow, he’s related in several conversations recently that, roughly 1-in-4 Germans are armed w/ firearms(mostly illegal ones, btw)..and that their country is but a hairs-breath away from ‘civil war’ now!!!

              ..the (alleged) smuggling conduit of said weaponry & ammo(for real Germans) is run out of Serbia & to a lessor extent Croatia.

              In the end, I believe the ‘average kraut’ is gonna put a stop to the talmudic disease of diversity worship & its inherent Moslem immigration madness.

              ..sadly, the body-count is gonna be horrific.

              We’ll see soon enough, I guess!!!

        • I’ve been doing the math; if interest rates on my debt go up 5% from here; I’ll owe exactly Nothing more per month than I do now. I think I can manage it.

      3. CC, I agree.

        One’s goal should be to move as far away from being connected, or should I say – relying – on the societal norms as possible. Not saying become a hermit but if this ‘normal’ life goes poof! you should be able to carry on with only somewhat minor changes.

        And if at this point you aren’t stacking gold, food and lead to some degree (and you’re reading this), just delete this site from your fav’s as you’ll never get it.

        I’m waiting for Ag to move a bit higher so I can sell some and convert to Au. My gut says Au is going to be far more helpful than Ag. Keep your Au in 1/10th and 1/4 oz sizes and only what is VERY mainstream. Don’t want to have to convince someone that your sparkly Au coin from ButtPhuck Banana Republic is a real coin.

        Then again, guys like me are nuts, right? Ignore me, sure. But come time, I will ignore the ignorant.

        Crazy rant… OFF. (For now.. 🙂 )

        • Didnt sound like a rant, nor did it sound crazy, just sounded like good sense and the truth.

        • Don’t convert yet. Wait till the GSR gets below 50%.

      4. Gold and silver are good…if you can spare the funds. Hell, at this point, even long term storage food and toilet paper is a better wealth investment than a 401K or money market fund.

        • Agreed. Nothing is going to be cheaper in 12 months. Any useful hard good is an excellent investment compared to anything your financial analyst is peddling, especially short term vehicles.

          • I buy a lot of packaged foods such as instant lasagna dinners and in the last year ive noticed prices have doubled and quantities have shrunk.
            I compared ragu which I bought just over a year ago from wallmart in 36 oz jars for $1 per jar are now 26 oz for $1.50
            That has more than doubled.
            A month ago we made a lot of lasagna for a party.
            We bought tomatoes and cheese from the store and made our own noodles. We made 20 tins and it cost about $1.5 per tin. A tin would feed 3 people.
            On the other hand hamburger helper and a lb of beef in about $6. 4 times the cost of making it from scratch and much worse quality. Something aint right here.

            • Ed – I know what you’re saying. My grocery bill has doubled in the past 18 months and I only shop around the perimeter of the store; fresh produce, organic meats and chicken, and so on. I don’t go into the junk food aisles and buy snacks, yet my bill has doubled. I even make homemade soup 2x per week and freeze leftovers and also make my own fresh juice (either fruit or veggie) 1x per day and drink that and distilled water throughout the day — no packaged juices, soda, sugary drinks, snack/junk foods and no boxed cereals, except for steel-cut oatmeal, yet it still doubled in the past year and a half. Hard to believe.

            • Several years ago Beneful reduced it’s big bags of dog food by around 9 pounds. I called Nestle Purina and asked what was up with ripping off the dog food like that. The customer service dude admitted the big downsizing but said atleast the price stayed the same. End of buying from a company that wants to starve animals out. Not surprised as the CEO of Nestle SAID water isn’t a human right.

        • All that and TOOLS. We’ve made sure we have well made American tools (shovels, hoes, rakes, etc) to work the land with. Also have learned how to fix and sharpen them.

          Tools + skills = a far better chance than the ghetto rats (white or black) that are scattered EVERYWHERE from the cities to the woods.

          • I take exception to being called a white ghetto rat.

        • Last year, I put together a 5 year supply of all the papaer/plastic products we use. Now evry 6 months I just replenish what we use.

          • Holy crap!

            5 years??? Have you got a spare house or something?

      5. It’s true that anything you use up and buy anyway is a better investment than just about anything right now, and that includes toilet paper. Coffee in cans is also up there in the “can’t stock too much” category.
        I agree with the poster above who prefers silver to gold in a trading situation. Gold may be TOO valuable to use for anyrhing other than large transactions which are governed by contracts now, like car purchases or real estate. WROL, all assurances that the deal is done are off. If a can if soup is worth a piece of gold, then- that’s a really big problem. Silver, for trade in rounds and coins will have the psychological value of being recognizable as “money” currently used, which makes for less of a learning curve when it comes to value which requires a consensus of people in a geographic region. I already know for example, a #10 can of lasagna is worth 2-3 silver eagles right now in today’s prices. I couldn’t mentally do that same transaction with gold probably, in a time of stress.
        Although I have a few bars stacked, I do think coins and rounds will be more accepted in the advent of a worthless paper dollar. Bolivars, anyone?

        • I think junk silver coins are better because they are in smaller sizes and are more recognizable to more people. A good bit of my silver was obtained at face value. When I was working in stores, I would trade out every silver coin that came in. I still find a silver dime in my change occasionally.


        Governors of Michigan, Alabama reject resettlement of Syrian refugees in their states

        Drudge Report

        • Won’t happen, the people are too well armed there.

          At least the criminal part of them, maybe ISIS will be smart enough to avoid that part and go after the law abiding half who are unarmed.

          • I agree Anonymous – they will target areas that are both densely populated AND where gun ownership (of course except for LE) is illegal, where the people are unarmed, especially the coasts, like CA & NJ for two examples. The majority aren’t armed and there are many densely populated areas in both states, just to name two.

        • Well some positive ISIS news for once. 🙂

        • What they dont tell you is Michigan already took in quite a few refugees.. have been for a while

          also How does a States Governor tell the feds to “suck it”?

          me thinks the local government is going to get a Federal wake up call of whom ever they want to dump on them, and the sate gov wont be able to do shit about stopping it

          so you better put your head on a swivel and a hi-cap pistol on your hip

          • The Feds did that with a crapload of Mexican refugees last year when they relocated them to TN. The governor was pissed that he found out about it via the news like everyone else but was unable to do anything about it.

        • so..our government creates the problem,, and than tries to create the solution.. than in time will come the degradation of our liberties .. its coming, hell its here , this shit will just stick the fork in it

          stay armed and frosty, and tell a Fed to kiss your ass

          • The old Marxist tactic:

            – Create a Problem
            – Propose the Solution
            – Synthesize Among the Masses

        • Bout Time!

      7. “Consider what would happen to any U.S. household that saw its monthly debt payments jump from 15% of their monthly income to 30% or more.”

        I got news for you, 30% is not an unusual amount.

        Maybe more specific types of debt need to be considered, most households pay well above 30% for just their mortgage and car payments.

        • I wonder who will win out in the battle over the interest/cost of money when there is full out war, and the Industrialized War Machine needs to borrow for their mass restocking of commodities for the building of the components of war?

          Will the World banks lend to them at “pennies per hundreds” borrowed?

          Ah, hell, I forgot. It doesn’t matter because they are both one and the same.

        • Heck I draw $1070 per month in social security. No debts. My light and phone bills average $200 per month.

      8. Lies, all lies. The FED would have to raise the rate several points to get this to happen. If they raise it at all it will be by 1/4 or .25% of a point. This is blatant fear mongering and nothing more. Feeble attempt to sell your advertisements, feeble indeed.

        • CYBER ATTACKS????

          Oh darn, what are they going to do, screw up

          Here’s an idea that works, start a “flash mob” (sting operation) right where there’s a huge deployment of cops and National Guardsmen, then screw up Twitter service so it’s down for a few hours once the ball gets rolling.

      9. OFF TOPIC

        Black Lives Matter spokesman said over the weekend, “We need a revolution to end the U.S. Constitution and replace it with a “Pro-Black” Constitution”.

        If the Government does not do this, he called for,
        “Violence like Paris”.

        At Yale the Black Students are calling for “MANDATORY” black studies classes for all non-black students.

        • Want it be funny when the muzzies get here and we see the “clash of the titans” in the streets, with the black lives matter crowd against the ‘muzzies lives matter crowd’?

          On the side lines will be the hispanic lives matter crowds waiting to see which crowd they will have to battle for minority superiority.

      10. The unemployed are being subsidised by working members of their family , ergo those working have less disposable income .

        • You got that right.

      11. Yes a rise in interest rates will seriously effect businesses and our government, but, there is a simple solution to the rise in interest for families. Don’t have debt. Live within your means. The only debt you should have is a mortgage and it should be a fixed rate. Most people are their own worse enemies when it comes to finances.

        • SO TRUE !

          I can not fathom credit card debt in the tens of thousands.
          Some in my own family. (shaking head)

          • Well, Grandee, can you fathom this. My niece currently has $90,000 in student loan debt and $10,000 in credit card debt… has to own Gucci bags/shoes,etc., spends $300 per month on her hair, and so on.

            She does earn a decent salary now (especially for someone her age) because of her degrees, and she is paying down the debt, but realistically, how do you get out of $100K debt at age 28. Mind-boggling if you ask me.

            Nothing like creating the illusion of wealth, while living a reality of poverty…(eye-roll)

            • No worries, she can go for the Mrs Degree.

              Bonus points if she pops out a few kids, then divorces and re-marries. That sound you hear is a flood of money (most likely going right into her handbags and hair… again… 9_9)

      12. The Fed won’t raise interest rates over 0.25% or so. That will strengthen the US $. Those foreign-currency folks who took loans in dollars will have to pay more to buy dollars to make interest payments. That will cause many problems, up to and including bankruptcy for them. In turn, in this inter-connected world, we’ll see some domino effect, with blowback onto US industries (fewer exports) and banks (worthless paper).

        • True. Maybe a little show. Rates are going negative barring war outbreak.
          I don’t see how Russia can avoid war with their financial condition. Perhaps they have exercised restraint/hope.
          Things suddenly are getting bad now that the Muslims are showing their true nature.

      13. I have a well-known dept store credit card that I use in order to get good discounts. I only charge exactly what I need and buy on sale (and around here they are known to have some really good sales) and also get the 20% discount on top of the sale price for using my card. When the bill arrives I pay it off in 3 payments, otherwise it defeats the purpose of the sale. I have never sent a late payment, have no late charges, and always pay more than the minimum…. for almost 4 decades.

        Two months ago they bumped my interest rate up to 19%!

        I called and complained and was told “That’s what it is – it’s calculated by our computer” lame answer. So next month I will pay off the remaining balance and then I am done with them. I’ll have to find another store that carries the USA-made clothing brand I buy and like. I have had the card for 39 years… that’s how long I’ve been a loyal customer, not that they give a rat’s ass.

        • Speaking of the well-known department stores…

          This past weekend, my husband and I went to several well-known department stores at the Mall and TJ Maxx. I was looking for leather gloves. (I have had my current gloves for many years.) I couldn’t find any women’s leather gloves.

          Several of the well-known department stores seem to have started the Christmas discounts early this year.

          One store in particular (Belk) had MANY 50% off sales, men’s pants for buy 1, get 2 free and some other good sales throughout the store.

          Many stores must be very concerned about sales this year.

          Have others noticed this in their area?

          • Belk is expensive, but they have really good sales on quality clothing. I’m still wearing a windbreaker I bought there 15 or 20 years ago.

          • Yes KY Mom have seen similar trend here. Lots og catalog sales with big discounts as well.

        • Common Cents:

          Costco/American Express. After years of on time payments (many years) they offered a zero interest to pay off the card. I thought that was really good. I like the quality at Costco and they pay their employees well. I am not affiliated with Costco in any way other than I have shopped there for a long time. You pay approximately a hundred bucks a year. But if you shop, the savings make it worth it. Fourteen per cent over wholesale. That may have changed. Basically they supply local restaurants and smart shoppers. We had a mobile kitchen business and bought supplies there. Lots of organic which we prefer. at Xmas, I will give practical presents. Food such as Honey and socks (cotton, wool, Alpaca). Also winter coats. I wish they sold ski-suits. Ski pants are like overalls and keep you dry and warm. Gloves and ski-hats too. Winter warm.

      14. They’ll do anything to force us to part with our money. Even if they don’t need our money, they still don’t want us to have it — they continuously create situations where we end up parting with our money.

        • You are absolutely correct. The theft of everything is full on, including gold. They really, really want the gold.

          • Yeah they do-

      15. More Off Topic

        Last night in Minneapolis MN a White Cop shot/killed a Black guy who was assaulting the EMT’s who were treating some dude the Black guy had tried to kill earlier in the night.

        The Head of the Minneapolis NAACP said, “Minneapolis was one bullet away from becoming another Ferguson, last night THAT bullet was fired”.

        Is Minneapolis the next Ferguson/Baltimore?

        • Lots of Blacks/Muzzie Savages/ and Leftist Collage students in that city. Makes for a perfect “Obama Storm”.

      16. I’ve noticed car dealership commercials have a sense of desperation to them. They are promoting insider prices, friends and family prices and you can even buy a car with your pre income tax money.

        • You want to see desperation, wait until next week when the Christmas sales start. Retailers are already concerned that it is going to be a slow season.

        • Anonymous:

          Good deals on cars, yes. Let’s not drive away jobs. Buy American.

          • No plans to buy a new car ever. Last new car was in the 80s. My car is a 2001 with no GPS tracking.

            • That’s what a guy who murdered his wife last year thought. He’s now behind bars for life. He drove her corpse hours away from their home thinking that his car didn’t have GPS tracking since it’s a 2001 and they would never find her body. SURPRISE. That’s actually how they found her grave, a few hundred miles away from his home.

              He didn’t request GPS when he bought the car in 2001 and was told there was none installed. Apparently it was installed without his knowledge when he bought the car brand new, because he was a credit risk. If it weren’t for the GPS they would not have found her body…just saying.

          • B from CA,
            Exactly what was your point of that comment. I don’t need you to tell me to buy American nor am I responsible for American job loss. In my book a new car is a total waste of money.

      17. Before I get trolled by any self-entitled RINO’s —
        I am a legal employer, not in debt, or on public assistance of any kind.

        The ‘job growth’ or ‘job creation’, described in this presentation, would have occurred, whereever there is a grant or subsidy, for quota cases, most likely an old-age quota or migrant, receiving federal assistance.

        I see advertisers, too-big-to-fails, etc, making jokes about young, white men, but without believing that hard labor is a real job, or merits a subsistence-level of existence.

        afaic, you expect something for nothing, are willing to ruin lives, so deserve to be jailed.

        Demographic displacement, even by ‘soft’ means, is formally considered to be genocide, under international law, so would hopefully, eventually result in Nuremberg trials; it is considered to be offensive, even by secular, social utilitarians.




      18. CIVIL WAR is on the horizon no matter witch way you look,360 degree. To many fuses to list that could start it. It is going to happen and when it does the gates will open for a invasion to start, this is what TPTB want. Make no mistake about it, it’s is coming quickly and there are no stopping it. PREPARE.

      19. I think economic collapse, civil unrest, race war and ethnic cleansing are all possible in the near future. Too many takers and too few makers isn’t sustainable. Now everyone needs to get a mini or pot belly pig. they are very smart & can be trained to do anything a dog does. and will keep a moose limb at bay. and they are good to eat.

      20. I worked security for years . And I would have gladly wiped out their hole family if a window of opertunity opened . I bet most bodyguards feel the same . They can’t wait to do their employers. Arrogant greedy rats. We are all waiting for that window to open . Get stocked up it might be a long road.

      21. Proof once again that if someone posts a story people want to believe, it doesn’t matter whether it’s based on things like facts. Maybe the real irony is that people leaving comments demand that “Sheeple have to wake up” without realizing they are just sheep of a different flock.




        Nothing new, just a recap of the same gut renching bad news.

        Now that i commmented on the trolls, i have to let you know that i met with my scientist buddy yesterday. Since i am busy working, workout, practicing SI Lat, etc. I am busy, and never too busy to meet up with him. What did he tell me as i ask him if he is 100% sure that its coming down. He says nothing has changed, that the environment is going to calapse, Cali will go to sh… with earth quakes, the economy will go down, and anyone not prepped will stand no chance in hell of surviving. There will lots of storms, hurricanes, tornados, mud slides, covering up subdivions, land under water at wea will ris out permanantely, while other lands sink to the bottom. He said that it has nothing to do with Haarp or the cabal, that its the earths natural cycles that are going to take place weather we want it to or not.

        Everybody that you see around in all the major cities will be dead and gone in less than 3 years, once the big one hits. Needless to say i am tired today, because i dont sleep well after i meet with him. He even told us that we need to start watching out for lots of suicides all over the major cities, that people will start jumping off buildings, and killing themselves, shooting them selves, and other crap, and each other, lots of more armed robberies from people running out of food, that food transports will be cut off from grocery stores, because of bad weather and other financial related issued, literrally forcing people to scavinge off people, and that we will notice tempers boiling over in public places, violent out burst all over the country, and other serious crap that according to him will be the pre-curser what lays ahead, and ofcourse he brings up the EMP situation, that after the event which according to his sources inside, its a done deal and will be hitting us when we lease expect it and that people will be going ape sh…t because of being seperated from loved ones, and are stuck in the streets miles away and that this is when the fun starts. And that we in Texas are in a much safer environment than other states, and he mentioned that places like NY, that if you there, that its over, you have a 0% chance of long term survival, and that your already dead, California, same thing, Texas more indepence to survive. He said that the survival in Texas will be higher that all states because of food resourse, in comparison to other places like NY, or Cali, where you stand no chance of survival and might as well kiss your ass good by. Women are a thing of the past beyong 3 years because their wont be anymore anywhere, unless they are with you in your breakaway colonies, but will be extinct in all the major city areas, that they all perished from violence, lack of food resources, medicine, and protection from gangs, and dred lock attacks, soldiers, since according to him, everybody targets them post shtf, gangs, dred lock, soldiers, preppers, etc. That the air in the major cities will be unbreathable from the constant decaying and rotting stikinng corpes and bodies of people and dead animals forcing the city preppers to have to bail only to come under attack during exist only to get killed and their prepps taken, that we need to GTFOUT, get the f…k out of town while we still can, or stay and try to survive the civil war. he even said something interesting, he mentioned Hurricane Rita, when everyone tried to leave Houston, and got trapped on the freeways, that, that was the biggest mistake you can every make is to travel with people and then calapse hits in the middle of the streets, that you are stuck there , that you are better off fighting in your homes and subdivions, because it least you have preps and guns.

        Then to make things even more interesting, last week, i ordered some more sirvival provisions, and the delivery driver told me that over 75% of his delivery to business and residences is coming from surivial stores, that he taught it was bulsh…t and decided its time for him to prep, because his buddies who work for the company told him the same, then guess what he does next, he goes,come here, lets go inside the truck, i jumped in and saw it myself. People in my area are stocking up through the ass Bigtime. He also said by July of 2016, that the entire country will be unrecognizable and that America is gone and will be totally destroyed by the environemal calapse, the economic calapse, and the violence and starvation, etc.



        Yep, we are as dead as phuck. I hope my info helps, get ready folks, its coming.

        • HCKS – Thanks for sharing. Even if the delivery trucks are still rolling it will be way too dangerous to deliver to some areas that are like ground-zero war zones. They won’t be able to get in, let alone leave, and will not take the risk of being hi-jacked… or truck-jacked, whatever.

      23. I am “cutting the cable” early next year. I’ve had a minimal satellite dish account, but even that costs too much since we only watch a couple of channels besides the networks.

        There is a company called Mohu that sells the Leaf flat indoor antenna which seems to be great according to reviews and Youtube videos. So I’m going to get one of those for over the air TV. Over the air TV is not compressed as much as cable or satellite, so you get a better picture.

        I’m also going to get a USB tuner for the computer, so I can record shows and watch them later without having to sit through commercials.

        The next thing I’m getting is a Roku for the TV. It allows you to stream from your computer and see any of your saved videos, photos, music and watch Netflix, Hulu, etc. It plugs into the HDMI on your TV. The Roku will be on sale for half price starting Thanksgiving Day for just $25. There are tons of things to watch online for free, such as, a free site with a lot of channels they have created.

        Between having over the air TV and internet TV shows, I will be able to watch all I want for free. I just found out that our local TV even has QVC and HSN on a couple of their subchannels.

        So the little bit of TV I watch will now be free.

        • I think all that technology requires a “smart tv”. Just be careful when you play with momma on the couch in front of the TV, the NSA, and local cop peeping toms might be watching you two playing tiddly winks. lol.

          • It doesn’t require a “smart TV.” All it requires is a TV with an HDMI port.

            I have an old CRT TV which doesn’t even have a built-in HDTV tuner, although the TV is HD. I have an old converter box to get the off the air channels.

            I won’t be getting a “smart TV” as long as the old one works and dumb video monitors are available. If I ever have to get a new “smart TV,” I will immediately disable the microphone and permanently cover the camera, both very easy to do.

        • Free TV is awesome in these troubled times, and cable is a rip off. If anyone is compromised financially by the crap Obama has done in these troubled times, cable is the first thing you should cut.

          There is a really cool easy to build, DIY, digital TV antenna design in the public domain called a “Gray Hoverman”. It has been perfected to amazing levels through modern antenna design software. I built several for friends and family for under $20 each.

          There’s a guy that published DIY versions on Craig’s List fix it forum as well as several other sites on the Internet. Just search on “Gray Hoverman Antenna” in Google or in CL fix it and electronics forums.

          Even without a secondary reflector or amplifier, I can hang mine in my family room window and pick up a couple dozen channels from over 35 miles away. (You need line of sight for digital TV).

          They also work well for FM radio. Every prepper should print out a good how to article on this antenna and put it in their prepper notebook.

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