Financial Strategist Warns: “Eventually Someone’s Going to Get Stuck Holding This Massive Bomb on Their Hands”

by | May 3, 2014 | Headline News | 263 comments

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    Given the state of affairs around the globe it’s no surprise that many people are looking for ways to diversify their wealth into crisis investments. Navigating through the oft manipulated economic and financial numbers can be a daunting task, especially because the world’s geo-political climate is a powder keg that’s primed to explode at any time.

    What we know is that time is not on our side. What we don’t know is when the pin will finally get pulled and exactly how events will unfold once it happens.

    In an effort to help us guide our outlook and understand the various levels upon which the global chess game is being played we often turn to Marin Katusa, Chief Financial Strategist at the well known research and advisory firm of Casey Research. As Marin notes, there is a lot of risk out there right now, and most people don’t see it.

    History is replete with examples of people who ignored the early warning signs and bought into the hype, only to be left holding the bag when those on the inside track exited ahead of the collapse. Today is no different and there is no shortage of fools waiting to be parted from their money. Don’t be one of them.

    Doug and I are firm believers that you’re either a contrarian or you’re a victim… it’s important to understand your own risks and your own time frame of investment… so that’s the first thing.

    Don’t miss the following interview from Future Money Trends, where Marin explores a wide range of strategies designed to protect your wealth and well being.

    (Watch at FMT)

    Right now there are millions of people looking at their stock portfolios, 401k’s, and IRA’s with a huge smile on their faces. The Dow Jones is at all time highs, after all.

    What they don’t realize is that they are likely invested in companies that are priced 100 or 500 times their actual earnings. It’s a huge risk that has backfired more times than we care to count.

    Look at the evaluations, utilities for example. We just published a report in our Energy Report saying what stocks to stay away from. Where a railway is getting 100 times earnings, a railway. That makes absolutely no sense, but it pays a 4% yield, it’s pretty safe. So people are over-paying by five times, I would argue even six times, for a 4% yield.

    That’s how desperate investors are for yield.

    But eventually someone’s going to get stuck holding this massive bomb on their hands.

    So I have to urge all viewers, as I’ve been doing to my subscribers, to be very careful, have trailing stops, and we’ve had an unbelievable market here…

    The key is to take profits, reduce your risks, mitigate your risks.

    Whether your personal approach to preparing for the coming calamity involves structuring your investments in a well diversified global stock portfolio or focuses more on a ‘preparedness pantry’ portfolio, the information Marin shares is key to understanding what investments to avoid, how to find the diamonds in the rough, and ways to insulate yourself against any number of worst-case scenarios.

    The important thing is, as Marin notes, to mitigate your risk. That means watching and understanding the complexities of the global economy, financial markets and investment capital flows, all of which are an essential aspect of the geo-political climate.

    If, for example, Russia and China stop investing in America’s debt then we may see the dollar collapse. They may simultaneously implement trade restrictions and hold on to their natural resources like oil, gas, uranium and gold. The obvious effect would be a massive spike in not only those resources, but other commodities like food which will skyrocket in tandem.

    It is for this reason that trend strategists like Marin Katusa and Doug Casey are accumulating crisis investments such Brazil Resources, precious metals, productive land, and a host of other assets being ignored by the majority of investors who find their “tips” via their favorite mainstream TV channel.

    The way to invest in these “crisis assets” depends on your means, capabilities and current portfolio. For some, especially those who have existing stock investments tied to retirement accounts, your choices are limited to either withdrawing your money with heavy penalties or positioning your holdings in advance in such a way that they will benefit when everything else goes under. For others, who shy away from stocks, bonds and currencies, looking to physical assets in these same sectors – food, energy, precious metals – will have similar results.

    The strategy to implement now is to avoid what’s hot at the company water cooler and invest in assets that will be worth something after this economic bomb detonates.


    It Took 22 Years to Get to This Point

    Gold has been the right asset with which to save your funds in this millennium that began 23 years ago.

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      1. there will be much wailing and gnashing of teeth.

        • Well here we go again! Either I can worry more or plan a boating day with my wife in our new to us /older used boat. I still have the preps and not getting any younger so I think the boat is the plan. Will have plenty of fuel to get home. That is all I worry about for now.
          Can not worry so much, bad for health! God Bless, James

          • “Either, or.” James.

            I’ve heard that ultimatums are bad.
            No reason you can’t do both.

            ‘Er, what I mean is, no reason you can’t go boating and also be mindful of things.
            “Worrying” is Not equal to being ‘mindful’.

            It seems like you were using the meaning of the word ‘blissful’ in place of the word ‘worrying’.

            • I expect both the Chinese and Russians to both pull the pin in concert. They see what the US has done in Ukraine and they both realize that the US will not stop until they are both too financially and militarily weak to respond. So I think they will reapond first by unloading ALL their dollars.

              So far the Chinese have been more concerned by stocking up on gold but at some point they will have to pull the trigger. IIRC, Jim Rickards whos an insider said that he believes both the Russians and Chinese had a hand in trying to crash the US markets during 9-11.

              At some point it will probably go full financial war first but no doubt the global economy is in danger of collapsing.

              • I believe those involved in finance, stocks or banking KNOW next correction is coming soon.

                Top Market-timer DeMark: The next correction is about to begin
                -The Crux

                “U.S. stocks will fall 11 percent starting as soon as next week should some price patterns come true, according to Tom DeMark, the creator of indicators to show turning points in securities.”
                *Stocks Overvalued
                *Probably Unravel

                -Bloomberg dot com

                After 20 years with this bank, our bank sent out notices to all account holders, detailing new banking terms and conditions are coming.

                It starts out…
                “This is a notice of changes in the terms and conditions of your account…After 30 days, continued use of your account constitutes receipt of these terms and agreement to these new conditions….”

                • Any way you would be willing to tell us more details, or the bank’s name if it one of the TBTF banks?

                  • If you had taken just $2,000.00 and invested in Bitcoin on Feb 5th 2014 and sold it on Feb 7th 2014, you would of taken that 2K investment and netted a return of $1,826,000.00.

                    I hope the market drops the 15-20% they keep saying it will and create a panic…..that’s sounds like a good time to start trading and looking for the new up and comers. 🙂

                  • BJ says:

                    “If you had taken just $2,000.00 and invested in Bitcoin on Feb 5th 2014 and sold it on Feb 7th 2014, you would of taken that 2K investment and netted a return of $1,826,000.00.”

                    That is a LIE!!!


                  • Folks The NWO Bansters and the Fed will Guarantee that nobody in their Clan will beholding the Financial Grenade as you see they will Dump all of these Trillions of Junk Status Derivatives on the US Tax Payers in National Debt as they are buying up all the Junk Mortgages from banks and bail them all out so they can run free and clear from their crimes. The Fed already did this, and why the US Tax Payers will be the last in line to be debt slaves for the Governments Financial Criminality.

                  • Wilson,

                    Our bank is a local one and has been doing business in this area for a very long time.

                • Please change you handle to Kentucky Mom, every time I see you post I think of KY jelly.

                  • But… but… but….

                  • Well I didn’t, but now I will…dang it! Lol

                  • Well I didn’t, but now I will…dang it! Lol

                  • Sure a Prick would think like that!

                  • Not being a prick, but KY jelly is the first thing I see also. Must the good marketing over the years but the product manufacturer. No harm meant by it.

              • Well, I guess theres a silver lining… if it DOES go belly up, all debts go away LOL

                • Nope, governments and their Bankster buddies will revalue your loan to a much higher inflated price. If you owe $15K on your car loan and the SHTF. Then that same car loan will get priced at a much higher value to offset the devalued currency.

                  • How much is it worth if i light it on fire and leave it on the side of the road?

                  • So get out of debt by the end of 2014. That is the message.

                  • Rodster: Legally binding car loans require the agreement and execution of a contract by both parties. These cannot be changed after the fact by either party.

                    Another reason why GB’s want a measured rate of inflation, but not double digit or hyperinflation. How can five fools and you be so ill informed? 🙂

                  • No fucking way that they get away with that.

                    NO fucking way.

                    Even the idiots will wake up then and the game will be on.

                    “don’t go down without one helluva fight”

                  • Rodster what school did you graduate from? your wrong, they CANNOT revalue your loan. It is a contract and the price agreed is had to be legally honored. If they revalue the currency then everything else goes up in price but your loan amount stays the same. Root for hyperinflation right after jacking up every credit card and buying the best car money can buy.

                  • @Miky

                    If you have a currency collapse and a new currency is issued then all your loans will reflect the devaluation of the new currency. So yes you will have to pay more.

                    And if the govt and Banksters decide to give everyone a giant FU they can do a property seize and makeup some bullshit on how you were in default. Back in FDR’s days gold was confiscated then revalued higher to reflect the devaluation of the US Dollar.

                    You are thinking too much that the people that got us into this mess are nice and honest people. They are not. The BLM, Clive Bundy incident should be a wake up call to everyone.


                  • Rodster: ” … new currency is issued then all your loans will reflect the devaluation of the new currency”.

                    Not true. Old debts will still be denominated in the old currency and at the old cost. No one can unilaterally change the terms and conditions or method of payment of a prior contract, once agreed upon and executed by both parties.

                    A contract is a formal agreement of the meeting of the minds between two people or entities. Either party can breech the terms and conditions of that contract and be in default; (think Rancher Bundy failing to pay his grazing fees) but neither party can impose new rules, regulations, or conditions upon the other party to the contract, for the duration of the contract.

                    In Rancher Bundy’s Case, the lease was required to be renewed every year, by law, thus changes could be made to the number of cows allowed to graze from year to year depending upon forage conditions; which conditions were by natural law, subject to new rain. Think Texas cattlemen slaughtering their herds due to drought. Same thing, but different.

                    Reason enough for GB’s to avoid hyperinflation because it destroys the value of a currency and would crush the financial assets of the Uber Rich. The multinationals have $1.2 TRILLION in cash. Hyperinflation is not gonna happen.

                    Having said that, don’t think these shysters would not ask you to come in and sign a new contract denominated in the new currency. 🙁

                  • That would be interfering in a legal contract and would likely be unconstitutional. that means they will probably try it.

              • A year from now the world as WE have known it will have changed, and changed dramatically; and there will be much weeping and gnashing of teeth in America in the interim.
                But the Chinese are FULL NWO Partners with the US in world domination.

                Full Partners.

                While the Chinese will likely provoke a shooting war with Japan over the islands in dispute in the East China Sea, and if for no other reason than to give their military live fire training, the Chinese will have many economic problems at home to keep them occupied.

                Russia, rather Siberia, is the prize offered by the West for Chinese co-operation and collaboration. There is NOTHING for the Chinese to gain from global conflict with the West. NOTHING. Everything the Chinese want and need for the next 100 years is located in Siberia. EVERYTHING.

                ANYTHING else they can buy with American dollars. 🙁

                So all of these pundits who predict a China-Russia alliance against the West are just not looking at the reality on the ground, our interlocking economies, and are probably trying to sell you SOMETHING.

                Russia approached China about trying to crash American markets and the Chinese refused the offer. Why? Simply because it is not in China’s strategic interest to do so if it could, and that attempt likely would have FAILED and caused massive protests and disruption on the streets of China as its economy tanked.

                Let US remember that Russia once approached the USA about unleashing a surprise nuclear attack on China. Two against one is Russian fun, but no one else is buying that line of thought.

                The Chinese people have had the “good life” for twenty years. Wealth is glorious and any CCP policies or actions that would interfere in the Americanization of the Chinese consumer would be met with serious, massive civil unrest; perhaps even revolution. Not the sort of thing you want when you are in power and skimming BILLIONS of dollars off of the top of the economy and stashing it offshore.

                When push comes to shove, Russia will find itself isolated except for the friendship of a few Rogue states like iran and NK. Right or wrong, this is reality in the Great Game. The NWO PTB understand this, created this, and have worked tirelessly to position the players on the Board EXACTLY as they are currently positioned.

                Bottom line, Russia brings nothing to the table except the natural resources of Siberia, and in Obama’s America, Siberia is FREE for the taking. 🙂

                • DK: 40 years of falsehood Preachers promoting that the bible book of Danial in ALL its chapters or close to all are about the Future events or end time events has created these Myths. When in reality other than a small portion of Danial was to be “sealed up untill the end times long into the future from his perspective and era”

                  Was pimarily All prophecy For Danials People at His day and time. IE: Judah and jeruselem taken captive BY king Nebucadnezer etc events. And the several ongoing Wars between kings of north VS kings of south etc.

                  That and this wrong headed notion that every single word in the bible IS as spoken BY God is an absurdity when one comprehends how many translations and changes were made to Old testement by the sneeky scammer jewdeo writers aka scribes and pharisee.

                  Example: Just because a bible verse says words like Shall remain desolate for evermore…Don’t mean it actually Has to remain uninhabited for ever till end of the age etc…

                  Such words or terms also can mean simply a Very LONG time frame or era…Or how the writers wrote “Thousands of Thousands” because the Word “MILLION” was Not yet invented. OR where many zeros are and end of a number designating time or numbers of soldiers etc…Many zeros simply told folks back Then that its a real Huge amount.

                  Like Really Really Large sized.

                  Henery Ford, automaker guy once was quoted to say “if someone could round up and jail or contain the 50 top jewish banksters of the world, there will be no more Wars”

                  Henery should have also stated “If somebody can round up every phony pastor and contain or jail them awhile,,,,The reg folks will be able to do their OWN bible research, and Learn the Proper meanings etc, and the usa and world will be a Far better place for all involved”.

                  • Wow your spelling’s bad. It’s about on par with your reasoning abilities.

                  • I’m guessing you and Jethro were “graduates” of the same sixth grade class?

                  • “If your theology doesn’t lead you to love people more, then you should question your theology.”

                  • To all non-believers who read “ThemGuys” words –
                    He doesn’t represent what the heart of Christ is all about, which is love, grace, mercy and forgiveness – not hate and condemnation.
                    Every Christian child knows that you can’t quote one passage of the Bible, then turn around and deny it in another place like “ThemGuys”. The book of James calls this “double-minded”. Jesus himself had no patience with hypocrites.

                  • Them Guys, I dont see a thing wrong with your post except it might not take rounding up 50 of the damnable Tares to put a stop to the world wide theft, it would probably only take 15 or 20 to knock a big dent in their plans. It is the same rotten bunch that Jesus beat with a whip and ran out of the temple that are creating worldwide misery.
                    You are right about the phony “JewDeo” preachers who insist that the Edomite Khazars are Israel and ignore all the indicators in the bible that show that European whites are true israel. Keep spreading the truth, those that have eyes to see and ears to hear will respond, the others will plod blindly along supporting the enemies of God.

                • DK stands for Dumb K**t…..
                  “Barack Obama’s America” is BROKE, BROKE, BROKE.
                  Moreover… is BROKEN.
                  WHEN you’re broke and broken, NOTHING IS FREE.
                  Wake up, grow up, you fool.
                  Your idiotic geopolitical views on this site are laughable.DK stands for Dumb K**t…..
                  “Barack Obama’s America” is BROKE, BROKE, BROKE.
                  Moreover… is BROKEN.
                  WHEN you’re broke and broken, NOTHING IS FREE.
                  Wake up, grow up, you fool.
                  Your idiotic geopolitical views on this site are laughable.

                  • AMBS: YOU might be broke and the American economy broken, but I have cash. Think of it as ten dollar bills in number ten cans. I have gold, silver, platinum, palladium, and ALL the other precious metals. Copper, chromium and aluminum too!

                    All part of a massive sulfide extrusion.

                    I have preps, I have ammo, and I have an excellent education. None of it was FREE. I earned it all with sacrifice, the sweat of my brow working two shit jobs a day for most of my young adult life, and then with the application of my mind as a professional working 60-70 hours a week before an early retirement.

                    And you?

                    Not so much I think, because you sound really, really bitter. A little foresight and a lot of hard work goes a long, long way. Shall I tell you a story about the Ant & The Grasshopper, grasshopper?

                    “Fortune is like a great address, success an orator.” Good luck! (You sound like you will need it.) 🙂

              • You don’t have the slightest idea of what you’re talking about.

                The Chinese have been stocking up on gold because they can see that their economy is going down the tubes big time, and their currency is collapsing.

                Russia’s economy is in big trouble as well, and has entered a “recession,” which probably means it’s in a depression in all areas of the economy other than oil.

                • RUSSIA: Last Week, Parliment passed, and Putin signed into law nationwide in russia ALL non criminal citizens now have the right to choose to Join with Police as citizen assistants to help enforce laws etc…OR…

                  Citizens of russia can Now choose to Join/Form regional, or city/village/towns/ MILITIAS! ARMED Militias state sponsored. And State suppplied if need be with weaponery, ammos, uniforms/clothings, BP-Vests etc etc…NOTE: it does NOT make mandatory for citizens to choose either choice…It is up to individual citizens to choose cop helpers or armed militias or neither of the two…

                  RT Tv news reported it last week when Law was signed by putin. Its Now official russian nationwide policy to have citizen militias since, as russian reps and senators(or whatever they call em there) agreed that with so large of a land mass as russia is and with so many smaller or rural sections in most regions it simply takes Far too long for cops to arrive when dangers at the door.

                  The other main reason mentioned is that russian folks can be the First responders should any War or Invasion type situation arrise, and can assist the nation best by being Armed, Trained, Ready to Defend their regions, ciies or the entire nation if such outsiders attacks ever occures in any sections of the country.

                  So while I am still watching and wondering just how sincere Putins christianity is. And am still basically considering putin as innocent till found guilty or some real and solid proofs of insincereness or falseness on his part arrises….I at this point find it laughable at best when so many folks keep claiming russia of Today is no different as 1918 soviet bolshevik kommie russia Was back then.

                  I agree all that, wall fell down, russia soviet fell apart etc etc “May” be a smoke screen…However I do Not recall reading in Any era historically where a True Dictator or Tyrant has allowed Armed Citizens let alone armed Militias citizenery eh.

                  Compared to the USA Now…Russia will Soon have many armed citizen militias with state policy that resembles exactly word for word what americas actual US Const Militia Clauses pertain to and Demand exist here in america…Yet…Do Not be so here in the usa america…Hmmmmm…

                  • Your claim of Russia having established citizen militias to assist their police cannot be verified anywhere.

                    If you cannot provide a verifiable source for your statements which is accessible via internet search engine, then you are full of it.

                    Go back to playing solitaire and staring at ninja dolls all day in your mother’s windowless basement.

                  • And I’m wondering if your Christianity is even as sincere as Putin’s.

                  • No evidence of it, from what I’ve seen.

                  • Well, how ’bout it? Got a source?

                    Cough it up or shut up.

          • Can’t we all just get along ?

            • The TWO assholes: I wrote that russian Militais as REPORTED by RT TV news last week…maybe last TWO weeks is possible…RT HAS archives of all rt tv news shows listed under every show reporters name…I do not recall Now reporter name?…So maybe You can do your Own homework and look it up. Otherwise piss off. I wont be answering any of your other childish remarks or attacks its not worth my time. Your minds made up so do Not confuce it with Facts right?…Typical.

              • Them Guys, seems like you have the zionists panties in a tight wad! 🙂

          • James,
            I hope you had a great day on the boat.
            When I first looked at the photo of today’s featured video and
            noticed the picture of Marin Katusa , I wondered how many seconds
            would lapse before I was given a sales pitch about how wonderful his
            company Brazil Resource is.
            — Do you homework before investing –
            Although I do not think this is a scam company , I do believe the article should
            have labeled the video as ” Advertising ”
            Take Care,
            — Miss Dee Dee

          • Yup, going to sign up for unemployment this week and spend the summer in my boat on the river catching pike minnows for cash and forget about life for awhile. Hell weed is going to become legal in June as well.. might just get stoned off my ass.

            • .02 you are so PC…pike minnow.

              There’s a dive bar I play guitar at from time to time, outside, patrons will smoke weed and the odor will drift in, smells like road kill. I’m thinking of writing a song with road kill in it.

              Our annual shrimping trip to Washington state is coming up. With Washington state having legalized road kill, I’m going to have keep my catch locked up from the road kill scavengers when they get the munchies. 🙂

              • If anyone has some good lines for a song with “Smells Like Road Kill” in it. Post it up, I’m not a wordsmith or poet and can use all the help I can get.

                • Hey there, RickInOregon! I’ll give it a shot…

                  I hit a raccoon on the interstate
                  I was goin’ to fast to swerve
                  Didn’t think the rascal would jump out like that
                  The critter sure had some nerve

                  Those ringtails got the most dexterity
                  Little fingers they can move around
                  I swear this one was flippin’ me the bird
                  As the front bumper mowed him down

                  Well, the blood and the guts and the ripped up fur
                  They’re all stuck to the underside
                  And that danged ole coon left a legacy
                  There’s a stench now about my ride

                  And it smells like road kill ’round my truck
                  To lose that stink I’d pay a thousand bucks
                  I’ve worn out every car wash in this town
                  And it still smells like road kill when I’m around

                  • You’re just too creative for your own good, Smokin’. Good to read you again.

                  • We missed you okie!! Where have you been??

                  • Welcome Back
                    — Miss Dee Dee

                  • SmokinOkie, it’s about time you came back. Eppe has done a good job with humor while you were away, but glad to see you back. How you been?

                  • So happy to see you here Smokin Okie!! Been missing your humor and insight!! 🙂

                  • Glad you’re back Smokin’-Oh…!!!

                  • SmokinOkie,

                    Welcome back! I have missed your posts.

                    Hope this finds all ok with you and your family.

                    Take care!
                    KY Mom

                  • Okie, Good to see you back. What’s new on the road these days?


                • When you open the lid on your trash, and your nose gets a rash, it smells like road kill…..

                  When your drivin down a back road, and that odor just wont go, it smells like road kill…….

                  When you let one loose in a bar, and people start fleeing to there car, it smells like road kill……….

                  When she lifts her skirt up high, and it brings tears to your eyes, it smells like road kill…

                  lol……I need another drink.

                • Came in from the road,
                  Smelled like roadkill,
                  Waiters pants were below his butt,
                  Smelled like road kill,
                  Slackers tokin on the patio,
                  Smelled like road kill,
                  Reckon I’ll eat in my my truck,
                  Sober and sane,
                  Smell the roadkill yourself,
                  Rot your own brain.

                  Btw, everybody – even us- knows its a ponzi scheme. Gobblement swallowed the housing ponzi to keep banksters rich, and does same today. Yet, some real economy exists. Always markets fir needed products. How long the ponzi “tax” will keep sapping our wealth is an open question. Can you or I find the exit?

                • Came in from the road,
                  Smelled like roadkill,
                  Waiters pants were below his butt,
                  Smelled like road kill,
                  Slackers tokin on the patio,
                  Smelled like road kill,
                  Reckon I’ll eat in my my truck,
                  Sober and sane,
                  Smell the roadkill yourself,
                  Rot your own brain.

                  Btw, everybody – even us- knows its a ponzi scheme. Gobblement swallowed the housing ponzi to keep banksters rich, and does same today. Yet, some real economy exists. Always markets fir needed products. How long the ponzi “tax” will keep sapping our wealth is an open question. Can you or I find the exit?

              • i don’t smoke, so I gona eat some cookies.

                • i just LOOOOVE hot popcorn, with butter melted all over it!

            • just another bottom feeder milking the system

        • Hi .02:

          I know you have been MIA at SHTF but there is a post I know you would not want to miss.

          Posted by Hunter
          Comment 3054912 in response to a post by BeInformed.

          Under SHTF subject:

          The reason why there will be a second Ameerican Civil War:

          American Citizens are Soon to be an Endangered Species

          Please look back, Hunters post is an education all in itself.

          • Wow that post (3054912) by Hunter is so true. I still cant figure out why anyone would defend a group of people that is directly responsible for the mess this country and world is facing. I think they are figuring on ruling the scorched earth from their bunkers. They are really that crazy.

      2. Time to ‘short the market’???

        • Subject: FW: Women who read
          > > >A couple go on vacation to a fishing resort in northern Minnesota. The
          >husband likes to fish at the crack of dawn. The wife likes to read.
          >One morning the husband returns after several hours of fishing
          >and decides to take a nap. Although not familiar with the lake, the wife
          >decides to take the boat out. She motors out a short distance,anchors, and
          >continues to read her book.
          > > >
          > > > >
          > > >
          >Along comes a law enforcement officer in his boat. He pulls up alongside the
          >woman and says, “Good morning, Ma’am. What are you doing?
          > > >
          > > >
          >”Reading a book,” she replies, (thinking “isn’t it obvious?”)
          > > >
          >”You’re in a restricted fishing area,” he informs her.
          > > >
          >”I’m sorry officer, but I’m not fishing, I’m reading.”
          > > >
          >”Yes, but you have all the equipment. I’ll have to take you in and write you
          > > >
          >”If you do that, I’ll have to charge you with sexual assault,” says the
          >”But I haven’t even touched you,” says the officer.”
          > > >
          > > > >
          > “That’s true, but you have all the equipment.”
          > > >
          > > > >
          > > >
          > > > > The officer says, “Have a nice day!”
          > > >
          > > >
          > > > >MORAL: Never argue with a woman who reads.
          > > >It’s likely she can also
          > > >think.

          • eppe,
            Thank you. I needed a laugh after my rant below.

            • Eppe, keep them coming.

          • Read that one to my wife…

            She told me the punch before I got to it.

            “don’t go down without one helluva fight”

        • Does that mean we use a short rope & a long drop?

        • eppe, i lost enough money to burn moby dick in the water, trying to short the market…..DON’T TRY IT!!!

      3. It is not a grenade, it is a nuclear trigger. Wars continue and they won’t stop until people learn to be fair to one another and stop this monkey domainace over each other. Until people and countries learn to leave others alone, people and countries will fight just like all of human history. The difference is this time it is with nuclear weapons.

        • So well all need to have our Geiger counters. Check. For all the doom and gloom, I honestly dont think a nuclear war will be the end of humanity. Remember: Life always finds a way.

      4. ooooooo k

        we have a rigged – manipulated market based on HFT that all of this benefits a “very” select few & this is a good thing ?

        really ?

        WTF wake up people

        they did this in 1929 & they are doing it


        wake up people our politicians are bought & paid for by the banksters

        they are part of a ‘special ‘ club & you aint in it

        get out of the market

        there is a a physics test coming

        gravity will win

        & you will loose

      5. I know not of what weapons ww3 will be fought with, but ww4 will be fought with sticks and stones.

        • Cap

          Albert Einstein said, “If World War Three is fought with nuclear weapons World War Four will be fought with sticks and stones”.

          He also said, “An empty stomach is not a good political barometer”.

          He was a pretty smart guy. You would think he would be listened to very carefully. They listened to the E=Mc squared part real well.

      6. No 401k here, and I must say that it has taken years for the trickle down effect to hit me with regards to the economy. Thankfully I was ready(as I could be) for it. People don’t use common sense when it comes to investing, anyone seen the Wolf of Wallstreet?
        The stupidity of society amazes me.

        • Right.
          We all got burned in the .com era.

          Now… All I buy is metals.


          It will all end very badlly for millions.

        • No secret when it comes to being a broker right now.

          Put your people in the corps that are closest to the qe$.

          • I invested thru a broker. The person that became broker was me….

            • I should have said “a smart broker”…me, I a tangible sort.

              On a brighter note, I did some fine tuning to my fruit tree’s today. My pears are in bloom (2 weeks late) which is good. Several varieties of apple have their bloom buds. Planted some onion starts and a couple blueberry bushes while prepping the rest of the garden.

              Tonight’s dinner is free range yard bird on a bed of freshly picked arugula, spinach and thinned radish greens.

              I’m not leaving this planet anytime soon brother…hope you are well.

              • Sounds like you are doing good. Been working in the Driggs thru Alpine area for past two weeks. Did get my reds and yellows (potatoes) planted. Also planted some more herbs. Peas are finally up. I buy beef from a buddy and store in freezer in October. Still have some, but will run out in June. We still have some frozen sweet corn, but that will be gone in June too. Our orchard is blooming too. We will see how it goes. Good luck neighbor pal. Someday we will have one of those Big Sky Brewskies, such as Moose Drool….we will invite Aussie and start with a Foster.

                • So many brew’s…so little time.

                  All I know is that most Americans have absolutely no appreciation for what they have and no care as to how they get it.

      7. Da Yooper,

        You are right!

        I was running a trading desk when a lot of these letter writers like Casey were in diapers.

        It makes my blood boil to see them touting their book and preying on people here. Let ’em all fly off to Paraguay in their GulfStreams. Good Riddance!

        Get out of paper people. The casino is completely rigged.
        Get into hard assets. If you have anything left after you are completely prepped up, THEN you might consider precious mrtals.

        Let the devil take all these self-proclaimed financial gurus.

        We will be a lot better off.

        • Dear, New Ordnance,

          You seem confused.

          You chastise Casey, yet you give the same advise they do.

          You’re an odd one.
          So too are the thirteen Thumbs Up ya got.
          Or maybe you just confused them?

          Except, I wonder about this: “Get into hard assets. If you have anything left after you are completely prepped up”

          Hmm, is that because those hard assets are easy to transport? Like gold is?

      8. The Truth About Food, Health, & Exercise

        Q: I’ve heard that cardiovascular exercise can prolong life. Is
        this true?
        A: Your heart is only good for so many beats, and that’s it.
        Everything wears out eventually. Speeding up your heart will not
        make you live longer; that’s like saying you can extend the life
        of your car by driving it faster. Want to live longer? Take a

        Q: Should I cut down on meat and eat more fruits and vegetables?
        A: You must grasp logistical efficiencies. What does a cow eat?
        Hay and corn. And what are these? Vegetables. So a steak is
        nothing more than an efficient mechanism of delivering
        vegetables to your system. Need grain? Eat chicken. Beef is also
        a good source of field grass (green leafy vegetable). And a pork
        chop can give you 100% of your recommended daily allowance of
        vegetable slop.

        Q: Is beer or wine bad for me?
        A: Look, it goes to the earlier point about fruits and
        vegetables. As we all know, scientists divide everything in the
        world into three categories: animal, mineral, and vegetable. We
        all know that beer and wine are not animal, and they are not on
        the periodic table of elements, so that only leaves one thing,
        right? My advice: Have a burger and a beer and enjoy your liquid

        Q: At the gym, a guy asked me to “spot” for him while he did the
        benchpress. What did he mean?
        A: “Spotting” for someone means you stand over him while he
        blows air up your shorts. It’s an accepted practice at health
        clubs; though if you find that it becomes the ONLY reason why
        you’re going in, you probably ought to reevaluate your exercise

        Q: What are some of the advantages of participating in a regular
        exercise program?
        A: Can’t think of a single one, sorry. My philosophy is: No Pain
        – Good.

        Q: If I stop smoking, will I live longer?
        A: Nope. Smoking is a sign of individual expression and peace of
        mind. If you stop, you’ll probably stress yourself to death in
        record time.

        Q: Aren’t fried foods bad for you?
        A: You’re not listening. Foods are fried these days in vegetable
        oil. In fact, they’re permeated in it. How could getting more
        vegetables be bad for you?

        Q: What’s the secret to healthy eating?
        A: Thicker gravy.

        Q: Will sit-ups help prevent me from getting a little soft
        around the middle?
        A: Definitely not! When you exercise a muscle, it gets bigger.
        You should only be doing sit-ups if you want a bigger stomach.

        • eppe, once again, keep them coming.

        • the funny thing eppe, is some of the things you have written are actually true. Some, not so much.

        • Eppe,
          All your examples of a healthy lifestyle are excellent.
          The biggest , best and most reliable and efficient piece of equipment in
          my house is my refrigerator.
          That is why I strive every day to look like it.
          Take Care !
          — Miss Dee Dee

          • Hahahahah! Miss DD, you are striving every day to look like it, as in to look like your refrigerator? You must really be built.

        • “Thicker gravy”… it’s hard to argue with the proven philosophical wisdom of the ages. 🙂

          • Lol the first time my wife tried make gravy it was thicker than the mashed potatoes. The thicker gravy thing only goes so far.

      9. Time bomb? More like the illustration above with the grenade…except the pin has already been pulled.

        A lot of things are ramping up and in just in time for WWIII and the coming global crash.

        For starters:

        -The stock market has NO basis whatsoever…total speculation and no real fundamentals to support the insane growth…or ridiculous valuations.
        (just like in 1928-1929)

        -Unemployment numbers are ramping up fast, not just in the U.S. either. There is a growing void between the haves and have nots.
        (just like in 1928-1929)

        -The government and industry insiders see the writing on the wall…and they are (and have been)preparing.
        (just like in 1928-1929)

        -The spectre of world war is at it’s highest in years and right in line with the 80 year schedule.
        (just like in 1928-1929)

        -Banks and financial companies are ‘too big’ to crash.
        (just like in 1928-1929)

        The United States is already starting to ‘reel in’ what little cash is left out there prior to the crash. The FACTA act of 2010 (Title V of HR bill#2847) takes effect this July 1st, 2014. This is the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act and it will hit U.S. companies and individuals like a freight train with the throttle stuck wide open.

        Take a good look at the top 15 companies with overseas profits and tell me this won’t affect the stock market when they have pay up taxes?
        (from ZeroHedge site)

        These Are The 15 US Companies With The Most Offshore Profits

        In the aftermath of several recent events such as i) the issuance of new mega batch of $12 billion in bonds by a suddenly domestic-cash strapped Apple, ii) the repatriation of $9 billion in offshore profits (and payment of $3 billion in taxes) by eBay, iii) the flurry of pharma M&A deals and reverse mergers in which US companies are redomiciled offshore (in low corporate tax hosts like Ireland) to avoid paying US taxes, and iv) the outright use of offshore funds to buy offshore companies such as the GE-Alstom deal which bypasses the US treasury entirely, two questions emerge: who has the most offshore cash, and who is most likely to be the next US corporation to engage in one or all of the above listed transactions which merely seek to optimize a company’s offshore cash holdings.

        The answer is shown on the chart below: this is the list of the top 15 US companies that have the bulk of accumulated offshore profits, amounting to roughly $1 trillion in cash, which is never subjet to US taxation, and which financial engineers try to generate the highest shareholder returns on.

        h t tp://

        • @Socrates….THANK YOU for the link. Sadly I have been working as an engineer for one of the listed company for the past 15 years. During the past 5 years around December time frame we get a HR SVP communication stating due to the tough operating condition and bal bla, no one will get a bonus based on performance along with a typical salary increase while the Sr. levels and the CEO enjoy a fat profit sharing lump sums. We lost many of out American engineers through layoffs while their jobs moved to the “LAND OF THE TANGO” and the unfortunate ones including myself were told 60 hrs work per week is a norm now and any bypass that and closer to 70-80 hrs per week.

          Capitalism is gone in USA. It rather is is a pure Corporate fascism and RESET is justified. By reset I mean the SOB’s on top of the chain to pay for their corporate crimes.

          • 60 hours a week is the “norm” now. Yeah. I’m getting the same BS where I work.

            Heh can I get 20 hours a week more pay then? Of course not. Silly cog.

          • ANON: Most folks in usa have been brainwashed to think its all okay that for 100 years american wealth and vast oil etc resources have been owned and profited by a very small “Few”. Whats really happened is a massive multi generational Rape and Pillage of america and its peoples.

            Under a guise of “Free enterprize” and capitolisim. BS!

            Whe only a small .01% of the people has even remotly enough cash reserves or ability to Get such massive cash financings thru ownership of banks or pals with banksters, to Buy mass land grabs that contains all said oil and other valuable resources without handing over one single cent to the people of america or at least The state its located in….Thats NOT simply capitolist freedom and enterprize in action….FACISIM is more like it combined with a huge dose of communist policy.

            And TV news persons like Beck and Hannity et al always brainwash the masses to believe its all a good thing, all ok, all so pro american. Its Not any such crap.

            Not when every such super rich person got that way due to his or her massive Bribes to control polititions, create fed land grab zones off limits to reg avg folks attempts at also getting rich or even abllity to make do and live Normal….Its facist Greed and money/power Lust. Its all works of Satan the Devil bar none and that Includes all them becks and hannitys et al who so defend its practices.

            WE all should recieve Royalties like they do in alaska for oil cash….NO huge billionaires nor millionaires has yet gone belly up broke due to alaska policy eh…None will ever either simply for a shareing of what We All Equally Own…IE: We ALL equally OWN America which includes whats IN or Under it!

            Hope I live to See the day all these swindlers and satanic devils get Forced to Re-Pay back every damn Cent of all they now own to we the people. If they really “Earned” it proper like?…Ok…But Most have Not done so. Every swindler and their bribed polititions Must be held acountable and Forced to comply/Obey period….

            Then…Hang the Guilty of Treason ones, Jail the rest!

            Americas blessings and vast wealth is so enormous that there is simply zero reasons most every family and homeowner nationwide cannot do very well and prosper like God intended us to prosper…And a Good start to creating such propserity is to force that less than 1% who Own 98% of worlds wealth to give it up whatever portions were Ill gotten gains. If Beck or hannity whines or crys like a stuck swine pig if they read my post?…Fuck em all. There enough Rope to go around MSM land too.

            • As always right on target Them guys. Then we have idiots like Barncat who actually enjoyed being raped by the tribe members through their criminal currency manipulation via Federal Reserve and blood sucking foreign policy by AIPAC dual citizens who simply have no loyalty to the US. Such useful idiots are so brainwashed that not only question the criminal rapists but rather ask to be raped again.

              God Bless You with your truthful comments.

              • Thank You Anonymous, and May the Good Lord also greatly Bless and prosper you too. Also remember there are a couple bible verses that state Gods promices to at some point in time…”All thats spoken in whispers in closets, and All thats been/being done in secret behind closed doors, the Lord Sees it and Hears it all…And therefore all such done or spoken which has been evils and wrongs WILL be revealed to All….And..Will be Shouted from the Rooftops!”(paraphrased verses)…

                I honestly do believe that We are the generation and peoples that are seeing this promice of God being fullfilled before our very eyes…those with eyes to see and ears to hear most certainly will agree I think.

                And its obviously the Internet abilities for the general public folk globally that this promiced revealings and shouted from rooftops has made it all possible.

                Never before in all history has average type persons regardless where on earth located had such an ablity to fullfill that, Shouted from the Rooftops, been remotely possible. Today as you drive down any steet usa, or EU or mid east etc..You can see a cop pull over another driver, stop your car for less then 30 seconds or drive slowly past and Film it as it happens Live action…30 seconds more and it is available online at yutube for the entire worlds peoples to view it as it occures less then two minits ago!

                Thats about as close as Revealed and shouted from the rooftops for All to learn and know of as it can get I’d say…I just wonder how many other folks have noted that Promice in the bible and how it now relates to the internet while being fullfilled as we type and breath?

                And no matter What is done to attempt a halt of such online ability etc…Wont matter at all…Whatever “They” do is going to fast be countered by some brilliant computer whiz guy or even some 10-12 yr old kid with a laptop countering whatever govnt or others may do to stop this promiced revealings from continuing.

                Cannot wait for Phase Two! When various unlikly and unexpected folks will be empowered or “called” to do another service for the Lord…Which my estimates tells me should be the grand Punishments so overdue to all evil doers conected with every evil satanic wrong we have seen or been affected by..Karma some folks calls it. And nobody escapes it forever.

                • Amen Then Guys. Simply AMEN.

              • So you call me an idiot and then say “God Bless You” to other people??? I’ll just back away and let God deal with you.

                • Barn Cat, Perhaps, you God differs from the True Believers. However I truly pray that God to show the right direction to the misguided ones.

          • Anonymous and Them Guys: So now the 99% versus the 1% don’t look so foolish anymore do they, at least not according to your complaints. There’s been an oligarchy ruling this country for more than a century and a half, and they put in their “best” control measure and called it the Federal Reserve back in 1913. No one runs for federal of state office unless they get the blessing of our rich rulers who control things. They’ve turned this country into a economic graveyard for their profit and amusement.

            • S.Alinsky: Nobody gets elected in usa unles they FIRST prove Loyalty to jewis and israel period…And the actual show of such loyalty Proof is by candadits doing a mandatory trip to that jew wailer wall(none can Wail like a jew eh) Don a jewish skull cap, bang forehead against wall while Thrusting Pelivis at wall as if screwing the wall….Then they all MUST disapear behind closed doors with a dozen Pharisee rabbis, a dozen state israel top officials, and answer every question asked before USA MSM TV will give positive reports and sessions with that persons run for election.

              I imagain the ONLY proper right answer they can give to every question posed is something akin to

              Rabbi asks: “So Vat Iz Yu Ideasz Ov foriegn policyz Mr candadit of usa politics?

              political Hopefull such as RAND PAUL(recent yutube shows His head bang crap took his little small son to wear a jew cap also! Rands super duper jew Loyal eh!)…

              Answers: “is it Good for Jews? Good for Israel”…Thats MY basic foriegn policy…And statewide usa policy, and us const issue policys, and ALL I can ever think of is “is it good for jews and israel?”…BINGO! He won!

              Next stop compaign trail is NEVADA! Las Vegas! where super Billionaire jew Shelodn adelson agrees to give new guy $100 Million like sheldon gave Newt Gingrich to run for prez last time!

              so when saying Who runs usa, wall street all that matters to america and american people…Its the Jews/Israel…Stupid! Make great bumper stickers eh.

        • Can’t we all just get along ?

          • Rodney King: In answer to your question of “can’t we all get along”?…Indeed perhaps we can! For I have a foolproof Plan!….We can work together to acomplish this feat by getting the main owners of “Love Boat Cruise Lines” ocean going ships in on the plan also.

            All You need do for Your part is this:…Entice the huge portion of Your peoples, african blacks, which create and cause so many of the problems daily dealt with by My peoples the, Whiteys…To Join with You in Boarding every huge love boat cruise ship in the global fleet.

            Then while the ships Return You and Your’s to where it all began, Africa(One way tickets ONLY!) at their usual Slow pace across the Vast oceans…You can also teach all of the aprox 2/3rds of your african hoards who cannot read and write, to actually learn to Do so!

            And Then Our combined “we all get along Plan” come’s together so swell!….For by arrival time to Africa(one way Only!No ticket refunds and NO returns!) if You do Your job correctly and most if not all of Your black african folk actually are able to read and write even one half as well as you can….Then….

            We who remain here stateside in america can All become Pen-Pals with all of Your african black pals!

            We can all get along far better at a very Long distance pen pal relationship as a whole eh.

            PS: if Love Boat cruise lines by chance gives Us any difficulties in obtaining temporarily their Entire Fleet of ships?….Perhaps You can use some of Your inside connections to hook up with americans greatest african black swindler extrordinaire, Jesse Jackson!…Who’s ability to scam, swindle and basically Threaten with use of that “Race Card” attack he does so well, can fully convince the fleet ships owners as to Why they Should go along with Our wonderfull “We All get Along” Plans eh!

            I also promice to gather the largest crowd of Happy Whiteys the worlds ever seen assembled at one place, in order to Wave BYE BYE! to You and All of Your’s as the massive fleet of ships LEAVE americas Coastlines forevermore…..Please let me know what else we can add if anything…Thanks in advance, Them Guys

            • Funny that you criticize others for not being able to read/write, when you do so at about a third-grade level.
              I guess your brain’s too busy hating to learn elementary school-level facts.

              • Cam:

                Do you just change your screen name periodically to make SHTF posters think you are not the same old paid Israelie talkbacker.

                Seems your education is lacking. Posting two of the same paragraphs, over and over, and you are done.

                Take the time to disprove what Themguys post or shut the f%@# up.

            • Them Guys

              The First nations of the America’s would probable be extremely happy if the White man, Jews, Spaniards, Blacks, Orientals etc all buggered off tomorrow from whence they came and left them in peace to repopulate their own continent and heal the damage done to their lands,peoples and cultures.

              May I suggest you think your last statement through and then consider getting on the same leaky boat for a return atlantic trip as Piers Morgan as we don’t want him back on British soil either!

              Or if that doesn’t appeal think about just how effectively divide and conquer is being used as a tool to control you by the elite? There is only one group of inbred pyschopathic parasites all humans across the globe have as a common enemy. Eliminate them, & their stooges and then everyone else would soon settle down to live in harmony.

            • Them Guys

              The First nations of the America’s would probable be extremely happy if the White man, Jews, Spaniards, Blacks, Orientals etc all buggered off tomorrow from whence they came and left them in peace to repopulate their own continent and heal the damage done to their lands,peoples and cultures.

              May I suggest you think your last statement through and then consider getting on the same leaky boat for a return atlantic trip as Piers Morgan as we don’t want him back on British soil either!

              Or if that doesn’t appeal think about just how effectively divide and conquer is being used as a tool to control you by the elite? There is only one group of inbred pyschopathic parasites all humans across the globe have as a common enemy. Eliminate them, & their stooges and then everyone else would soon settle down to live in harmony.

              • EVERY Problem america ever had is due to Brits Lonly Mum. its brits that back with cromwell era screwed up royally by allowing that ONE Paratical bunch you speak of but yet you dare not Name them eh…you mean JEWS right Mum?

                of which you HAD a good King who first made laws to forbid lying swindleing jews to sit on a jury, hold political or teaching positions etc…When That failed to work the good same king next BOOTED em all OUT…England enjoyed over 300 yrs peace and prosperity…made fantastic comeback eh.

                Then came cromwell and his Orange King was it? Whos first or close to fisrt Act was to again let jews Back into england…And the Brits, world and america aint been right ever since.

                To This DAY USA troubes originate in Rothschild city of LONDON Ol Mum….So if You prefer that fuzzy touchy feely emotional based ideals you seem to promote always?…Go for it but I shall never accept such folishness.

                Foolishness proven to be determental to whites and america as a nation for far too long.

                I rather reside with MY white peoples…I do NOT like very many blacks and less jews even do I like…

                It has zero to do with hate and everything to do with actual experience and observation based on facts and truths…..I refuse to cast away facts or truth when it dont suit a false fuzzy touchy feely way of life…

                I am tired of negroes and worse whiteys asking us all to just get along!….When lib fuzy feely Libs Plus negroes creates vast bulk of troubles in america and for whites.

                Thanks but NO thanks we already Had enough interferences with British fools Mum….Maybe YOU need correct vast Mistakes made by YOUR british Hero guy Mr. “Balfour” whos asinine pro jew mental madness IS what started all of Todays MID east regions evils and wrong policies etc eh…

                Its NO great Mystery to me as to why george Washington and the founder men so hated brits king george and hated red coats armys etc…Even after we kicked their (your ) asses once! stupid Brits again attacked america with WAR in 1812 to try force JEW banksters down Our throats!.

                if any nations needs advice from lib minded women…Maybe its YOUR nation Mum aka Britian!..

                PS be sure to let Us here All know how swell Your lets get along as ONE plans function when you get a Brit handle on them vicious arab Muslims and hoards of African muslims now destroying all it means to be english and white in good Ol england!….Good luck with That plan..

                PSS be certain to copy US marines whos called “LEATHER NECKS” due to when Prez Tommy Jefferson sent marines to Fight filthy muslim black africans for kidnapping americans and euro citizen WHITES for Slavery of whiteys, the marines wore Thick Collars made of Leather to twhart beheadings attampts by crazed monky black muslim africans…Becuase by looks of England Today you too many need such protections Mum.

              • PS MUM: Define First Nations indians? If You mean or refer to Indians that arrived here FROM Elsewheres?

                Or Their kids Born in america lands?…if its the former?..They are no more rightfull america owners than You are! unless you too believe first indians here fell out of the sky landed here in usa soil?…Cause they Came here from Somewheres Else Mum…Likly Asia lands since facial features and lack of facial Hair aka beards so resembles various japs or chinks type eh.

                Far as “NATIVE American” goes?…I AM as 100% Native born american as ANY/ALL indians no matter if they were born prior to or after 1950’s era i was Born in…So MY Birth RIGHT IS america same as any indians claims are as a “native” american…Hope this somewhat clears up any fuzzy ideas any may have on what natice born means eh.

                Vitalle’s(sp?) Laws and Laws of nations aka internationaly accepted global nations Laws standards still used Today same as our founders used when wrote us const etc fully defines what native Born means Mum…

                so foget your american ‘first boarns nations” strawman as it wont fly at all.

      10. No paper investments for braveheart, EVER! For braveheart, it’s always been storable foods, water, water purification items, medical supplies, camping equipment, extra clothing that is durable and serviceable, especially for winter, insulated boots, extra socks, underwear, guns, ammo, guncleaning supplies, etc. The kinds of things that guarantee braveheart’s survival. Those investments pay me a “dividend” of peace of mind knowing I take responsibility for my own well-being and not depending on anyone else. My prepping is continuing and I hope everyone else’s is also. if you’re not prepping, you’re inepting.

        • Can’t we all just get along ?

          • No.

      11. Sometimes I feel like I’m the only literate person on a bus filled with people – driving past a ‘Bridge Out’ sign, and nobody else on the bus will believe I can read.

        • Sheet, it’s The Short Bus, AC.

        • Off Topic: THINKER! I think I’ve Found the Answer to Your question to Me and POG. RE: Thinker Asked Us Both if either of Us knew the reason that the jewish run MSM has so attacked a fellow jew aka Sport Team Owner guy Racist attacks etc.

          Just found this tid bit at incogman dot net website Thinker!

          Here’s the TAPED Parts TV News has NOT told You about!

          FROM: www topconservativenews dot com aka council of conservative citizens website…..

          DS: It’s the world! You go to Israel, the blacks are just treated like dogs.
          V: So do you have to treat them like that too?
          DS: The white Jews, there’s white Jews and black Jews, do you understand?
          V: And are the black Jews less than the white Jews?
          DS: A hundred percent, fifty, a hundred percent.
          V: And is that right?
          DS: It isn’t a question—we don’t evaluate what’s right and wrong, we live in a society. We live in a culture. We have to live within that culture.
          V: But shouldn’t we take a stand for what’s wrong? And be the change and the difference?
          DS: I don’t want to change the culture, because I can’t. It’s too big and too [unknown].
          V: But you can change yourself.
          DS: I don’t want to change. If my girl can’t do what I want, I don’t want the girl. I’ll find a girl that will do what I want! Believe me. I thought you were that girl—because I tried to do what you want. But you’re not that girl.

          You have to step out of the box here a minute to see the bigger picture going on — even beyond the hidden reality of Jewish racism.

          And what’s that? It’s the control the US media has in protecting Jewry over-all. Sure, this guy is being castigated left and right for his comments on the “poor, oppressed” blacks, but have they reported about his comments on Israel’s racism, or mentioned his real birth name?

          FROM: www dot incogman dot net website where THIS info is found with large Photo of guy & mulatto girlfriend in question.

          Donald’s Sterling’s real last name is Tokowitz, but you can take one look at him and tell he’s a big fat Jew. That’s his ex mulatto honey, V. Stiviano on the left, who started all the brouhaha by selling her supposed secretly recorded tape to Jew-owned TMZ. Sterling is technically still married to his first Jew wife, so I guess the woman felt the rich creep deserved some comeuppance and herself a little fast Jew media cash.

          The Jewish owner of the LA Clippers basketball team is now getting a lot of attention from the PC police and media for his supposedly “racist” comments about blacks. But one part they didn’t tell you about is how blacks are treated in sacred Israel, or even the fact he has a changed name (Jews do this all the time).

          All you libtards out there have to understand one HUGE THING: Jews are absolutely the biggest bunch of racists on the planet (they hate all goyim). Jews have long gotten away with it, since they control the media narrative, plus have a never-ending psyop gig against the White race called the “holocaust.” The only reason you’re hearing about Sterling-Tokowitz, is because of PC (to a certain extent, even the oh-so-special Jews can’t get away from the monster they created).

          Also understand that the media can edit both video and audio down to the millisecond, taking out anything they don’t want the goy to know. Actually, they’ve been doing this ever since the beginning and even bring Zionist Jews into the now digital editing suites to look at the work long before broadcasting to the foolish masses. Click continue for what they won’t report Sterling-Tokowitz said. LINK to AUDIO of It(at incogman website).

          So Thinker There Ya Goes eh! As I prior stated…Its always A-OK for all jewish folk to swindle and lie to and even Kill Goyims with zero crime nor any Sin’s attached to it all…UNLESS!! A jew like this sport’s team owner guy Ever goes against or speaks out against ANYTHING…Jewish or State of Rabid Aparthied Racist Israel…Which seems to be the Exact reason you are seeing jewish run major TV news of usa(and the world entirely) So attack this jewish guy…

          And to sum up here…What he stated as to zero desire to Change his jewish attitudes etc…Also proves the Real reason why all of the so called “Good jews”, we Keep hearing of, always also go along to get along with whatever the Top Honcho Bad jews and zionists demands of jews…Because jews are afforded a vast number of Perks, Benifits, etc just for being jewish. As long as they Go along with whatever is demanded of them, be it Talmudic based, cultural destruction of White societies, scam cover-ups and in general full total support of All issues Israel and jewish period.

          So I do NOT agree that folks who remain Silent in face of Evils and Wrongs commited, are somehow “Good Members”.

          And that goes for not only jews, but also for blacks, whites, mestizos, hispanics, arabs, amer indians, hindus, buddahs, christians, etc ET AL…

          Evil flourishes when Good men, women too, Say and Do…NOTHING!

          So if as some state all those who remain silent are the “good ones”?…I say WRONG! And if they Now go along to get along no matter how evil or wrong it is?

          Then when they comes for YOU and YOUR’S…Those same “good ones” are going to stick to the same policy of…Remaining Silent in face of Evils and Wrongs! So good luck with that “Most are good” ideal eh..

          All My Decades research proves that only ONE main group or Race has a Majority that does speak out and that is My people the Whites…The Only group Proven to contain Mostly “Good Ones”.

          Hope this assists in answers for you, Thinker, Them Guys

          • The usual satanic nazi muslim garbage. Go ahead. Hate the Jews. Show your godlessness to the world.

            • Get back to your barn and ST@UP.

            • Barncat: sometimes I don’t agree with your posts but want to apologize for when someone suggested that you go back to the barn and do something. I once posted I agree. I meant go back to barn. I don’t want to say unkind things and it looked like I did. I am so sorry.

              • OK

            • Barn Cat: What the fucks wrong with you anyways? Seriously! Have you even READ what I posted?…That back and forth recorded words were what was spoken BY that jew sport team owner now msm calls racist VS His mulatto ex-girlfriend…Barn cat did you READ where it was HIM aka the jew guy that says how Badly Mistreated Negroe JEWS are treated IN ISRAEL as in State of Israel?

              Which also Beggs the question of: “IF” as many jews claim a jew is a seperate distinct RACE?…How do they have african BLACK jews within their mostly white appearing group of jews?…Perhaps to be jewish is JUST a religion not a Race per se eh…BINGO! another massive delusion exposed by…Them Guys!

              Yet You have the fuckin nerve to lable me a jew hater? Yet give that jew guy a free pass 100% when its HIS own words!!!

              Barn Cat you truely are so fuckin brainwashed by preachers the likes of TBN TV scamer swindlers and self apointed Popes-Prophecy Experts-Biblical experts etc etc.

              You sound like a Wind Up Parrot toy thats pre programed to Parrot all pro jew, pro israel fraudulent crap as taught By Pastor John Hagee and his minions and rabbis pals most always at hagges side while hagees fat assed phony chants, gobly gook babbelings of AIPAC-CUFI-Israel talmudic Judiac Judiazerings, can be seen bouncing across his huge Stage like some fat assed Pastor-Rock star in Lunatic land…

              Why don’t You barn cat try for once to Read the bible without such fraudulent phony preacher or talmudic jewish influences eh….you toss that word hate out faster than al sharpton can spew his Race Cards!

              And it has the exact Same effects as sharptons crap spew does…ZERO!..Stop your Madness and delusional nonsense barn cat, and please…WAKE the fuck UP already! try to Act like a white man for a change…As well as a True christian instead of constantly going against the very words spoken and things taught By Jesus Christ Himself regards jews etc…What do You not yet get?

              Truth is NOT antisemitic!…FACTS are NOT racist!

              And at least 98% of Todays folks that call selves Jews are NOT! what they are and DNA I Posted prior Proves it they ARE Khazars…And acording to the Old test bible barn cat which you are so ensnared by it seems…

              Noahs Three Sons re populated earth after the great flood…Most all jews today are “ASHKANAZI” jews…Look up bible verses that tells You that Noahs son “JAPHET” is who was askanaz’s Ancestor barn cat…Do You get what That means fool?

              If Noahs son Japhet was the grand daddy or great grand daddy OF ASHKANAZ, Then its ABSURED to call askanazi Jews a “SEMITE” since semites decended FROM Noahs other son “SHEM” Barn Cat do You get that yet? Why Not?

              Because regardless what facts, truth, Biblical evidence, DNA evidence etc etc is provided to You…You rather remain in a jew deluded state of abject DENIAL of Truth.

              Which so goes against what Christ taught and commanded of christians one has to ponder if barn cats really christian at all?….Maybe barn cat should inquire of that issues personally to self eh. let us all know the verdict ok…I will Pray for the Lord to Snap You out of that huge delusion you have so Fallen for barn cat…but You Must be willing to accept Truth also or even Christ cannot assist in DE-Deluding barn cat.

          • Very, very interesting post, Them Guys.

            • Braveheart:

              America was Gods gift to his people, Christians. When we allowed TPTB (g-d) to begin to erase him and his son Jesus Christ from the face of America; that has led to our demise.

              Now my God does not care what color you are, he cares about your heart, but he also demands that you accept Jesus Christ as your savior. ANY religion that DOES NOT is anti-Christ; and it is written what becomes of them when the Lord has HAS ENOUGH.

              Would Themguys post have been more palatable to most posters here had he loaded up ALL non-Christians on that boat he referenced? That is REALLY what should happen.

              It is to our peril that we allow non-Christians to be in the forefront of the decisions being made in this once great land. We have reached a point in America where I think my God is going to have to sift it out.

              All because we have turned our back on HIM.

          • Them Guys: Thanks for that thought out reply!And as usual very thorough and concise.I just returned from the bol as soon to be the place to be,when it comes down around our ears.My little bit of heaven on earth amongst the hell!
            While I was getting the garden ready i watched the Robins look for worms,the Meadow larks making song and the doves for love! and my beehives working diligently at what they do best making honey they are such an amazing insect!.Seems to me that we have been indoctrinated against the natural way of things,that soon will lead to our own peril and demise.We no longer produce most are just parasitical consumers.Sometimes we need to step away from the reality and get back to the natural way of things to realize what is important! Do we live “for the sake of others”? How dare I challenge these morals!Please forgive me,you who”live for the sake of” i do not want to infringe on your values. I am simply trying to sort things out.Why is it that those who”live for the sake of”are so unhappy?Why do they woefully lament the ingratitude of the people whom they live “for the sake of? “Do no good and you shall receive no evil in return”.I love them all but they don’t love me and for that i hate them!
            I hope you can follow what i am trying to say if not i hope you will find your own Peace!

            • Agreed Anonymous –

              My son has been far more entranced watching the antics of his first ever bantam chicks than any form of modern gadget could ever have managed these last few days. I’ve not seen my 9 year old so genuinely happy in a long time. As a parent seeing that look of pure wonder and joy on a child’s face is what you live for.

              Stepping back from modern madness to observe the wonders of nature from time to time feeds the soul like nothing else can.

              (He’s done a chicken husbandry course at the local community farm he attends for a day a week, so he knows all about poop, making manure compost for the garden etc.)

              • Good for you & you son, L-mum.

        • yea… then on top of it they act like your nuckin futs when you try to open the door and jump they grab you and pull you back in.

      12. Whoa, I just realized that comment can be taken the wrong way.
        I’ll leave it up to you to decide what I meant.

        • FROM: A FARMER in South Africa, where White’s have been under a Constant, never ending, attempted total Extermination of ALL Whites living Anywheres in Africa. And Soon to Come to a Farmer, Rancher, or neighborhood Near YOU!…Heres his Comment listed as “Quote of the Week”, at incogman dot net website.


          “My family has gone through two farm attacks in June 2012 and December 2012. One member in the first attack was killed and his vehicle was stolen and written off whilst fleeing the scene. The second member was shot with his own guns which was stolen from them just a week before the attack. He had lost a part of his hand and has experienced extreme trauma as his wife and little girls were in the same room where the shooting had taken place. I want nothing more than this to stop. I fear for my and my family’s life since my whole family is farmers. Save the Boer and you’ll save the country.”

          — Cornelia from South Africa

          NOTE: Anybody who is still in the Dark of how Zionist run Africa, with help from Other Zionist run nations such as Britian and USA etc, have Engineered this Ongoing…Blacks attacks on Whites to Exterminate the White Race, which IS the Largest Major main Hinderence to their NWO rulership global world Run entirely by Jewish and Zionist’s folks….

          Need only to take a few hours time and READ from the Vast numbers of Postings and Replies BY South African Whites at many other wesbites. They have been for Some time now Warning and Pleading with American Whites to Take HEED!

          Because the Same zionist jewish created attacks there will SOON be comming HERE to America, and with zero lack of enough Militant, Trained African Blacks in the USA ready for action against Whiteys…Well its just a matter of time…before We in usa experience the Same Fate as those Farmers and Ranchers and every day regular avg White South African folks have dealt with for DECADES now!…African Blacks IN africa have Vowed to exterminate whiteys untill every single one is Dead and Gone Period.

          So far they have been acomplishing their Goal as efficiently as a Swiss Watch runs!

          • Can’t we all just get along ?

          • Them Guys,
            During a discussion with a co-worker I asked him what he thought about the administration’s new powers of returning this country back to legalized slavery. He said that was absurd. I responded that it is now law that the government can round up Blacks without formal charges. Incarcerate them without a trial. Deny them a lawyer or access to family or loved ones. Force labor requirements upon them for an unlimited timespan on work details under strick supervision and production quotas. He responded that our fearless leader would never do that because it would mean that he is a Racist. I replied that he is not a Racist. He included White people in his newly passed law also.
            Sometimes it is best to explain something to someone in a method that may be a bit round about but gets the point across.
            — Miss Dee Dee

            • Miss DEE DEE: Hopefully that guy you tried to wake up will do the research reading etc and allow what you told hom to sink in. Yes I agree it depends on what type folks you speak with as to the type method used to awaken them.

              However at some point, due to every week it gets worse not better, you may need to adopt a more Firm method in such dealings. IE: I for one have had it up to Here…And there too!….I no longer am willing to waste time on folks that need to be Coddled or are too sensitive and I must beware to never offend their soft emotional based mentality. NO more fuzzy feely touchy kinda awakenings from me. If at this late date point in americas demise any fools desire to remain in such a mindset and are unable to handle Raw Facts, Raw truths like I usually speak then Oh Well I rekon…I got no problem acting very Nice to others and always try to do so.

              But if dealing with utterally Ignorant, stupid masses who still are unaware of how all that multicultic diverse fuzzy feely touchy crap has been used against said folks?…Perhaps they too shall fall into the catagory certain to exist some calls the…LOST.

              And as far as ANY type or form of “PC”?…Forget that noise!…I Flat out Reject it and refuse to make use of it whenever I confront be it an individual or a group of them with truth and facts…Too long now too many have stayed with PC methods in never nameing the true culprits etc…Look how swell Thats worked for us eh!

              but overall what you did was good to hear of Miss DEE DEE!!…Bravo! wakeing others is always a good thing eh.

              Beware though! It may, most probobly will, Lose for you every Family member and friend you ever had…Kinda akin to that Maytag repairman TV ad…”The Loneliest Man in Town”!….

              PS: Heres a Proof I am correct TEST You can perform easy too.

              Next time You have or are AT a house party etc…Wait for a quiet Lull in the crowd…Then casually but Loudly enough to be heard by all or most there, ask this question or one similar to it.

              “Gee Has Anybody Else yet noticed how many Jews are in the Fed Govnt and TV news shows etc”?

              I Guarentee you Miss Dee Dee…You can Set your wrist watch based on How Fast everybody present will do this and do so all in Two minits Flat!

              #1= All persons present will collectivly take a Very DEEP Breath and HOLD it as long as possible!

              #2= While group holds deep breath for what seems like eternity, all of Their Eyes will be Darting from side to side looking for…Anybody, Somebody even a single person to…make the First Move as all folks will be Frozen like a statue in place but for their ever darting Eyes moveing side to side in sheer desperation at what their Ears just Heard You ask!

              #3= Whoever amoung the “group” be it small or very large that is the Bravest one, or had more drinks, will make first move and ask You or party Host “Say where did ya put our coats cause its geting late we got to leave now”

              #4= All party goers will quickly chime in after exhaleing held deep breath, and also inquire of where coats are so they too can leave asap!.

              #5= This all takes place within Two or less minits flat, and house will empty out faster than if house was on Fire with visable thick smoke erupting from kitchen area!

              Therefore one can set their watch by this method and see if watch second hand operates timly. 120 sec or less!

              • Next time I have a house party I’ll use your advice when it is time to tell everyone it’s time to leave.
                — Miss Dee Dee

                • Am Still working on How to get leaving in a rush guests to do some vacuming and dusting on the way out! Will advise further once i solve That delema!

            • Wise means of presentation, indeed.

              **(note to self)** -never underestimate Miss Dee Dee-

              ^^^ to ya!

      13. Michigan Bans Animals On Small Farms:
        Many Michigan residents will lose their right to keep livestock on their own property due to a new ruling from the state’s Commission of Agriculture and Rural Development.
        The Commission ruled April 28 that local governments have the right to ban livestock from any area zoned residential in the state.
        The action will “effectively remove Right to Farm Act protection for many urban and suburban backyard farmers raising small numbers of animals,” Gail Philbin of the Michigan Sierra Club told Michigan Live. The Right to Farm Act is a state law designed to protect farmers from nuisance lawsuits and zoning regulations. The Commission ruled that the Right to Farm (RTF) Act does not apply to homeowners who keep small numbers of livestock.
        Daniel Jennings
        (GARDENS ARE NEXT? You make the call!)

        • I read that article, I pondered the list of ‘Criminal’ things I am doing or could be doing just by doing what I’ve done all my life as a law abiding Citizen. As the article states I’ll be doing several more. More and more Bunkerville’s across the Nation are getting lined out. More fires the better for us I suppose. Just don’t give in!

          • Re: Michigan to criminalize small family farms with chickens, goats, honey bees and more.

            Food prices continue to rise. Yet, unbelievably Michigan is taking steps to RESTRICT ones right to raise their own food.

            I believe attacks on small local farms are also attacks on America’s food security.

            “If you control the oil you control the country; if you control food, you control the population.”
            -Henry Kissinger

        • Yeh, River Rat
          a person I work with is from Michigan and she was telling me about her parents in the UP area , they have as all hooby farm on the outskirts of town. The recieved by certified mail a notice of non compliance for keeping a few chickens and 1 goat . Seems the town quietly re-zoned their area as rural residential after the local zoning hearing which was rather boisterous against the ruling . They have 30 days to comply or face fines etc. this is happening all over .

          If I did not know better it appears they are trying to control the production of food stuff and distribution.

          There can only be one reason for this , if when the time comes for a reset they will remove the ability for the people to support an insurgency . Control the food ,control the people the Ultimate goal may be for you to have to go to a government distribution center to obtain supplies , of course this will be a very check pointed and controlled area , with the NSA profiles on everyone they can effectively round up and detain POTENTIAL and indentified opposition to the regime.
          Expect identity cards to be issued ( they will probably call them something Orwellian like “Freedom Cards” (FCARD) for future purchases to track what you are buying and the amounts , rationing of items to keep them from going to insurgent elements. Everyone in the .gov employ has something call a PIV ( Personal Identity Verification ) card that contains bio-metric information stored on a chip , it would not be a leap in the imagination to see this implemented everywhere. Some even contain RFID capability for use in restricted facilities.

          This way they do not have to go door to door eventually supplies will run out , many will be forced in this scenario lack of fuel will prevent travel to out lying areas , anyone attempting to evade check points or EXFIL around them will most likely be treated as hostile . No worrys about FEMA camps they are going to turn the ENTIRE country into one, they will encourage loyalist to inform or others for extra rations expect reprisals of entire neighborhoods with the click of a mouse cards can be turned off . No need for prisons except to detain enemy combatants or suspected combatants . In time their entire system will collapse because NO ONE will be willing to produce items for the regime each time a ratchet up occurs less will be produced , in time there will be nothing to distribute and the system will collapse most likely in the first 18 months .

          The wild card will be the US military some will remain loyal ( political oppointed officers) some will go FREEFOR . Instability can and will be used to FREEFOR’s advantage , the regime cannot keep all the highways open for convoys , they cannot patrol and protect all Critical infrastructure.
          Time will be the regimes enemy when they run out of other peoples things to redistribute. They will turn on themselves .it will be self correcting . The collectivist progressive model is unstable and immoral it will not prevail.

          There have been a lot of post apocalyptic TV shows lately and movies ( The Hunger Games)
          Nothing happens by chance ,



          May the odds be always in your favor


          Semper Fi 8541

          • I think the “wild card” is folks like us.

            If we quit, there is NO fucking chance for anyone else.

            The underdog is the most dangerous of creatures…it has nothing left to lose.

            We are nearly there.

            RESIST NO MATTER WHAT (I like that)and the odds got to be in our favor…the earth is about to repel these bastards.

            “don’t go down without one helluva fight”

          • This is occurring in many states….I know of one where you are not allowed to water your garden …vegies or flowers…with your well water….hmmm…so if you choose to grow anything, you cannot utilize your well water to keep your garden alive….along with that, in this rather tiny town, you are not allowed to have pets (dogs) who are on THEIR list….which includes German Shepards????
            Whatever has happened to Freedom to do as you want with the Property YOU BOUGHT AND PAID FOR…??? More to come our way, I am sure….

        • River-Rat…

          ‘Tis yet another step by govt advancing the anti-freedom dogma of…Agenda-21.

          Good post sir & thanks for the link.

      14. Just another deluded fool who thinks there’s going to be a market after the crash. The Western world is going deeper in debt with less people working. When the fiat currencies crash. Modern society with it’s distribution channels will fail.

        Better be growing your own food or have stacks to last over a year.

        • Growing your own food & being self reliant is a wise choice no matter what happens. If the Economy tanks or rebounds & flourishes. Those who can produce and take care of themselves are still better off. I cant find any negative results connected with doing for yourself. living within your means and being debt free.

          • Old Guy – sadly what’s being done to prevent people growing food in Michigan will be rolled out to YOUR area at some point in time.

            Cut through the politically correct language and agriculture is being collectivized, and food will be used for both mass genocide and control just as Stalin defeated the Ukrainians by driving out small farmers.

            Per acre the humble small time family smallholder using simple crop rotation makes much productive use of the land than a large collective whether that be Stalin’s communist party or modern Western agri-corp with it’s frankencrops.

            If you are in Michigan then it’s time to move your chickens to an indoor shed or switch to Quail which which perhaps might be more easily hidden in your garage. There are tales from all over the world of people keeping chickens under the kitchen table during tough times, but I never imagined American citizens would have to resort to this a few years back!

            The noose is tightening and whether you are a home owner using independent solar power in Spain or want to keep some chickens in your backyard, in Michigan these bastards are doing all they can to STOP us being able to exit stage left from their system.

            • It might Be rolled to my area at some point in time? The thing is Ill cross that bridge when I come to it. In not a denialist and know anyone who tries to be self reliant and tries to beat the system are viewed negatively by those goverment who must have tax revenue to fund their parasite jobs. When you grow make or produce & consume your own no taxes & middle men who have ought not to do with it are benefitted. They view folks like me as not paying our fair share. A poster boy example of their arrogant opinion was Obamas Statement that if you have a business or anything tangible ( you didn’t build that). Having said that ill still stick by my statement that growing your own and being self reliant is a wise choice and constructive use of your time & energy no matter what happens with the economy.

        • I’ve often wondered about that very concern myself. It would seem logical ‘We’ so heavily in debt to so many, the two players out there are hoarding real wealth, getting stronger. It would seem ‘right’ if I was owed a great sum of money I as every other ‘Bill Collector’ eventually comes to your address or sends ‘Associates’ Think Armed Forces here to ‘Collect’ The ‘Collection’ is the land itself. Just thinking….

        • Sierra Dave,
          Growing your own food and raising your own livestock is surely the right thing to do for many reasons. Then we get comments such as the one above from
          Comment No. 3053797
          Along with all the other articles I have viewed here on this site about home farms and gardening restrictions I can only feel shame for the zoning boards across the countryside that take payment from Big-Ag even if we cannot see the graft. It must be there.
          Take Care,
          — Miss Dee Dee

          • Ok Miss DD. You speak of shame of zoning boards. That is true. its a prime example of how the local elected officials are at many time,s worse than the federal government. If we did not have the federal government and judicial process in place state and local government would be unbearable in many places. Its disheartening. I don’t have much optismisim. there isn’t any viable ballot box or political solution. The government at the request of the UN & NWO had declared war on the property owning producing so called middle class. And a the very same time endorsing & encouraging the illegals and being fiscally irresponsible. Funding & fighting other nations wars has absoultly nothing with protecting the rights 7 freedoms of the US citizens. Those misled young folks who believe some lying recuters bull crap are nothing but cannon fodder for the NWO. Its going to become much worse before it gets even marginally better.

            • I agree
              — Miss dee Dee

        • Night Breaker: Just described in full details, the 21st century updated version of 1918 Russia…

          The New term for such blatant kommizim is a …

          “High-Tech…Jewdeo-Bolshevizim Event” aka Mission Goal code word= “Exterminate All White Folk”

          The Grandkids Of the Original 1918 Russian jewish bolshevik Communist Soviet’s….Now are Here inside of America. (begin research with Trotsky’s great grandson, David Axelrod former klinton and Obamma Top whitehouse Aide, then go from there for more proofs).

          Where over the Past 100 yrs, especially the latter 1/2 of, or 50+ yrs since 1960’s era….Have infiltrated themselves quite quietly and under most radars into Every Possible societal, cultural, Governmental, media’s of all forms including the internet, universities, public schools K-12, Wall Street & Major Banking, Hollywood, TV(Talmudvision), Unions, Political Parties(BOTH) as well as far too many Lesser political and societal and cultural entities to name or list here.

          This major yet subdued and quiet infiltration which began at the 1900 turn of the century, has since then Morphed into complete and Total Ownership’s, of every main Corp which controls said entities, with a greatly Disproportionate number, when compared to their Less than 2% of overall total Population nationwide, of Top Key Power positions of.

          Influence, Control, Ownership, Elected AND Appointed Key top Positions within most if not Every major Fed Govnt and State govnt’s various “Alphabet-letter-Agencies” across the proverbial Board.

          And they have issued to Themselves a Vast array of an almost incomprehensible and indeciferable number of New fed USC Law’s, with which they are able to create a system of governance Over the common folk’s, the regular average Middle class backbone of America. While at the same time, all such fed us code laws Empower their agencies, agendas, and themselves to be and do most anything they desire to do AGAINST the general population that they envision as “Under-Themselves greatly”, Or the “Goyim” for short.

          For those delusional and Unawakened still amoung Us, this system, their self created powers etc, ALL of it is Totally UN-Constitutional at best…And Abject Criminality Felonies most likley.

          While these person’s that occupy all of the aforementioned key, top, control position’s be they elected, appointed to, Bought by Bribes, created with nepotisim to hire family and friends of these culprits or in any wise other. Continue to, RAPE & DESTROY, America.

          Remember that No amount of protesting, pleading, threats, or any other thing will ever change nor alter in the least what final real goal’s these pervassive tactics and the insidious nefarious people who run it all and also profit from it all have by design planned.

          Because we are faced with dealing with the Exact Same Ideals, mentality, Religious beliefs and Practices, and overall…”Master Race” mindset with this modern day current crop of sadistic, evil, satanic minded folks that are hell bent with every intention to Out do all of the prior evils, mass murder extermination’s, violence, Torture’s, and especially their insane Hatred for all persons Goyim, aka, Non-jewish. That Their grandparents have done to Russia and a dozen other eastern european nations sorrounding Russia, and the vast multi Millions of White and Christian folks that inhabited those nations prior to being likewise Mass exterminated and in the most horrid and Vile ways of Torture’s and mass killings ever devised….The Orig soviet jewdeo bolshevik commies could have Taught the american Apache Indians a thing or Two on horrid evil Tortures and causes of Death, that usa tv medias have suppressed and hidden from Your view.

          Indeed this will draw several comment replies that state something like “But Not All are that way” or “it is Just a small few that are that way” etc etc…

          Which will Matter Not a Whit for when the smoke clears afterwards…You will be able to count on ONE hand’s fingers just how many so called “Good” ones have spoken out let alone came to Your rescue when such speaking or rescue attempts will mean that tribe member will be rejected and ousted from the “group” as a whole and ousted, rejected for ALL times.

          They are Kept in that state of mental bondage as well as physical bondage to the Tribe with Group-Think(communist which They invented), and threat’s of great Loss to every, and it is Many, benifit’s and perk’s enjoyed by tribe members internationally. That loss for a tribe member acting like a decent civilized and careing human being, is far to great for them to contemplate let alone actually take action in the Positve towards any people of the, Goyims.

          The recent, last week, Taped words spoken by that Sport’s Team jewish owner man, the words NOT allowed to be reported in ANY TV news etc for Your consumption, proves what I write here and in spades!

          His…”Its a culture, a way of life NO we Never question things…NO I can’t help change it at all, NO I have NO desire for me to change” on and on etc etc…And Why would or should he desire any “Changes”?…When just due to being born to a jewish mother or haveing Converted to Talmudic judaisim affords him vasy arrays of Perks, Protections, especially media and fed govnt protections,(Unless he speaks Out against Israel or jews, which IS what he really did that TV has NOT told You of, but I have posted his exact recorded words to that effect in My other post above near top comments).

          America IS and probobly sooner rather than later, Going to face a series of dasterdly, evil corrupt consequences that are going to litterally Shake this nation to it’s Very CORE!…And NONE shall be so shaken, destroyed, Killed off as badly as this nations majority White population will be.

          The Only true Hope for Halting it all Must consist of a vast huge majority of said white folks, be nice and real good to see as many Blacks also join with whites in wakeing up, but not too likely, to the Fact’s and realities that we are dealing with Psyco’s and Religious Fanatics, and an overall group of sadistic minded people who’s control freek attitude and Lust for Power and Money has been exceeded by NO other group, Race,or religion.

          A religion belief as well as a secular teaching from Birth-Day one, that creates a mindset of Their Tribe IS THE MASTER RACE of Real Humans, and ALL non tribe non jewish folks globally worldwide are and always Have been meere “Animals” withOUT a Soul like tribal members have. They have a God issued Human Soul…And YOU if a Goyim do NOT have, as an actual Human like Animal that God allows to speak languages only for the reason that it causes the Goyim gentile animals to be better able to “SERVE” their master race Jew’s. Also known of as Slavery and Slave Masters in some circles.(SEE usa southern states for more).

          As long as Goyim’s, especially the White Varity continue to reject and refuse to wake up to these fact’s and understand the mentality and Reasons for what is going on Today and Has been since most reading this were Born if not Prior to their birth…..There will be NO “Fix”, No “Re-Set” at least none favorable to whites and goyims in general.

          Psychotic, Satanic, Evilness of the sort which Has infiltrated and taken hold of America by the short hairs of its Head, will Never be fully understood by any non-tribe member. Nor by Any “Normal” human persons…

          But! Thats quite okay! one need not understand the deep and complex ways of the Satanicly inspired methods their tribe has used and perfected for over 3500+ years now, in order to Defeat such a nationwide calamity and total destruction. Once one understands that such overboard Psychotic mentalities, actions, are indeed a fact and cannot be changed in those it affects. Then one can determine themselves to Fight this insidious evil most have called…”Communisim” or “Soviets”(soviet is russian word for…Council).

          And this is Why folks everywheres are just spinning their wheels, wasting precious time and money or other resources in what they believe is a good thing, a good way to stop this madness, that being fuzzy feel good slogans like “Can’t we All just get along”?. While constantlt promoting Diversity and a multicultic racial “come together moment” etc etc…It has NOT worked at ALL folks!

          And it will NEVER work that way when dealing with Satanicly inspired evils as we see and will only worsen with time. The Tribal Global master race control aka NWO Plan has existed in their minds, talmudic teachings, beliefs, methods, ways, culture, and ideals for far longer than this American nation has!…35-Centuries at least! And Never have they let it slip nor fade away.

          Psychos Never do quit their main quest. Thats why its a waste in every way to even consider trying such “changes” as we have seen done again and again…IE: How Many “Million Man Marches” have we seen or been bantered about in the last 40 years now?…More than You can List or count!…of which How Many have actually worked?

          NONE!…ZERO…ZIP…NADA…have worked and never will.

          There are only TWO choices for the Goyim gentiles…Thwart or Submit to tribal Master Race NWO which should really be re-labled to JWO. Or JZWO.

          They prefer NWO so they can use it, per the usual, Hide behind it unseen.(SEE wizard of OZ movie, Curtain scene).

      15. I really don’t care how is holding I just hope it is Obullshit!
        We all know that it is going to go BOOM, but WHEN!!!!!
        Most of us have done all that we could to help our self to survive this thing.
        Just keep prepping. and get some Gold (if you can afford it) and Silver.
        And my God watch over you and yours.

        • Ah, the big question, along with WHERE? As I take vitamins to prepare for the long garden planting season, I wonder if we’ll live to see a crop or be able to eat it if it matures. No money for gold, but we have some silver. We’ve about decided to retire while we’re still able to get around. Taxes are eating up much of what we make together, so maybe it’s time to collect on our Social Security “Entitlement” while there’s still a few dollars in the account. I have the feeling welfare and food stamps will be the next to the last to go, just before the payoff to Congress is cut. Read more about the number of unemployed in the country and how Jay Carney or OButtFace can stand there and say everything is improving is just staggering. We’re working hard to build up our medical supplies, but have accepted that if a heart attack or stroke hits, it’s over and we will tenderly bury whichever spouse goes first and Thank God for all the good years. Blessings!

          • If I were Jay Carney I would spit at myself and scream ” Liar ” every time I looked myself in the mirror.
            — Miss Dee Dee

            • Miss Dee Dee-

              What a gem! Must remember that one!

      16. Regardless what is said and done.

        There is a crash coming and whether you are in the market or not
        you and I will be adversely effected by it.

        It is a planned crash, no doubt.

        Everyone of you see what is happening, don’t you?

        Development of a one world government, a one world religion, one world economy to include a new currency.

        The one world system will be a disaster.

        Remember the tower of “Babble” “Babel”– same principle. Man’s attempt to self rule without God. Thumbing his nose at God.
        Same principle as when Satan rebelled against God and took 1/3 of the angels in heaven with him.

        In the transitional period when the old system crash and burn and the establishment, implementation of the new system, there will be mass chaos, disorder, civil unrest, mass suicides.

        Also, the article fails and would not mention the earth changes that are upon us and will be another challenge as any market/economic crash.

        There is a point where a person has to become content with what
        they have assessed to live thru some of the times that are coming. I believe that no one has enough prepps to what the world is facing.

        I am not concerned about any economic crash and it could happen Monday. I have done what I think I need to do for the family and myself because when it happens it will shake everything.

        What I need to do, is to adjust to it and keep the faith in a higher power.

        That is my opinion…..

      17. World’s longest fuse on this bomb

      18. Just had a 6.8 major earthquake in Fiji. The precursor earthquakes forecasted this on the Australian plate. The Pacific Northwest from Alaska to California and Mexico still reamin dangerous for another 2 weeks. New precursor earthquakes should show where the next major earthquake is coming, but right now it is lookin more and more like the eastern Pacific plate is the top pick for this.

      19. I don’t believe in any stock whatsoever. ETF’s probably don’t have any gold. Gold mining companies could be nationalized or have their output seized by their governments or they could go bankrupt when fiat currencies become worthless.

        I’m a firm believer in having a year’s supply of food and water. Having ways to cook your food and heat your home. Having guns and ammo to protect yourself. Whatever savings you have should include gold and silver.

        No, I can’t eat gold or silver but I already have enough food. I can use my gold and silver to buy whatever I need during hyperinflation before the collapse. And I’ll have money once the collapse is over.

      20. So millions of Americans are able to invest in this fixed and manipulated gambling operation known as the stock market. That would be the top earners, the cream of the crop at the top of money grubbers. The other hundreds of millions of American’s only stock might be found in their soup pot, while the majorities idea of taking a financial risk involves buying a scratch off lottery ticket.

        • aljamo,
          Once again I had the winning powerball number in my head.
          It’s a shame that once again I didn’t have a spare two dollars in
          my purse to play again.
          — Miss Dee Dee

      21. Just another sales pitch…….

      22. This is just the “lull before the storm”. Jesus said, “Will worry add a single day to your life?” I think it’s good to be concerned about what’s going on but we can’t allow it to control our very being.

        Corrie Ten Boom author of “The Hiding Place” was once asked how she handled life in a concentration camp, she stated; “You could look at what’s going on around you and be distressed, you could look at what’s going on inside of you and be depressed, or you could keep your eye’s on Jesus and be at rest.” I say we focus on Jesus.

      23. I was in rural Texas 3 weeks ago and was impressed by the way the neighbors looked after each other. There was a genuine concern for the needs of the community. It was good to see in this day. By now most of us have done what we can to insure the best chances to survive the train wreck that will come. I hope that we can finally prosecute those responsible and start working for a better world. To many times we have been indifferent when we should have acted. I think that we will pay for that soon.

        • I live in rural Texas, Swinging Richard. Good people and good neighbors make it a nice place to live-for now.

          • We were in the Kilgore area. I can see how you could long for that lifestyle. Hard work, but the greatest freedom I have felt in a long time. We live in Western North Carolina and it is nice, but the difference was noted and appreciated. I liked the rancher lifestyle.

            • SR-You might not even think the Kilgore area and West Texas where I live where the same country, let alone the same state. Could not be more different since East of I-35 in the blackland prairie/pine forests and west of I-35 is mostly flat and treeless-and dry for the last 4 years.
              But the ranchers keep on ranching with the cattle they can support and we pray for rain a lot!

      24. It’s all only words and figures. Words and figures only have the meaning and value those speaking or “figgerin” give to them. Lawyers speak “legalese”. Gold hawkers speak of scarcity and “future value”.

        When things don’t go right and the other leaves the ring on the table, try getting back anything close to the price you paid from the jeweler, despite how much you were told “this is a great value for the money”.

        Shiny baubles and fancy words.

        Invest in food and land.

        • Oh…and stay off my fuckin grass…

      25. Any one else paying any attention the coming increase in the price of Coffee.

        Estimate to go up by 30% by fall?

        That’s a real tragic occurrence!

        Locked and loaded.

        • Christian Man.

          Gonna need more sandbags.

        • Expect every food item to go up a lot between now and then. Ever notice how cereal boxes keep getting smaller and smaller?

          • Barn Cat

            Same as my wallet.

      26. Hell yeah, I think it’s all ready to pop goes the weasels at the top. How much more of this aw shucks it’s just business folks can the American people take? From shock and awe to aw shit.

      27. @ Satori. Roberts is correct, the likely outcome is nuclear war. Like what was said in “The Day After” movie; Do you think it will just stop with one bomb?”.

        I think this is something that most people just don’t want to believe, that nuclear war is not only possible, it is probable.

        Russia continues to improve and make their nuclear missiles as maneuverable and able to dodge anti-missile batteries as much as possible. They contioue to spend a lot of money for one reason, to use them one day.

        Unlike China, Russia CANNOT likely win a conventional war with the U.S. China will surpass the U.S. in GDP this year and the amount they spend on their military hardware also surpasses the U.S. The U.S. military dollars, much of it goes into salaries. Russia can however WIN a nuclear war with the U.S.

        The U.S. ONLY has so many nuclear weapons, and a huge amount of Russia infrastructure, like China, has been moved underground. Nuclear weapons are devastating above ground, but below it is another story. You can only blast through so much dirt. Nuclear bunker busters are actually only effective with underground facilities NOT built into mountains. Rock is even more difficult to blast through as one can see when underground nuclear tests do little to anything above the ground. Russia, China, and North Korea have all tunnelled out large areas of solid rock to hide and protect vital interests.

        Of course much of above ground will be annihilated in a nuclear war. The U.S. is extremely vulnerable to such attacks from nuclear weapons, and there is virtually no civil defense at all. Russia knows that it a nuclear strike will end the U.S. as a country and a threat. It really is ONLY whether they feel that Russia can survive a counter nuclear strike against them.

        The Russians will not have the U.S. and NATO push to their borders and lose the war before any shot against them. They will attack, and their best option for survival is to use their nuclear weapons and take out the U.S. infrastructure and most of the military as quickly as possible. That is the stark reality.

        • @BI
          Great assessment as always.

          Many here may not know that even during the so-called ‘collapse’ of the Soviet Union much work and money was spent on areas like Mount Yamantau in the Ural Mountains area of Russia. While Americans (and others) were busy gloating and cheering the ‘fall’, Russian worker ants were (and are) still busy preparing for Americas defeat.

          More on the not-so-secret anymore complex here:

          h t tp://

          • @ Socrates. You, Satori, and KY Mom have posted so many fantastic links to much very valuable information. Thank you again to all of you for this.

        • 1) United States United States $640.0 bn 3.8% GDP 36.6% of world total
          2) China People’s Republic of China $188.0 bn 2.0% GDP 10.8% of world total
          3) Russia Russia $87.8 bn 4.1% GDP 5.0% world total

          • @ fifth_disciple. U.S. spends 500 dollars for the same rifle that Russia or China can manufacture for 1/10 or less cost, this shows a ballooned amount of money spent on the military. Like BO’s illusion of the unemployment numbers, the money spent of the military is GROSSLY distorted. You pay a conscript 1/10 or 1/20 that of a U.S. solider, there goes the money trail and the skewed figures south. 640 billion can equal less that of China because China gets their money’s worth. U.S. illusion of what is, and what AIN’T.

            • I would suggest you go to globalfirepower dot com and compare the arsenals of the U.S. and China. The ground forces of the two are roughly equal. But the U.S. far outstrips China in naval and airpower with some 13,000+ aircraft to their 2,800 and 10 aircraft carriers to their 1.

              It will take decades for them to overcome this deficit. Even if they do it is no guarantee they will be superior in performance. The Russian MIG-22 was the most technically advanced fighter of it’s time but frequently succumbed to the F15 in the hands of a superior pilot.

              I believe they are trying to close the gap by pirating our technology which would explain the constant hacking of our networks. They will still lack in training.

      28. For anyone who might be interested here is a quick tutorial on investing.

        In general there are four areas in which one would invest.
        1) The Stock Market
        2) The Bond Market
        3) Real Estate
        4) Precious Metals

        The two most favored by institutional investors are the sock market and bonds. Bonds are more secure but offer a lower return. Stocks are more volatile but offer a greater return. Real Estate has historically stable but much like bonds offer a smaller return and is more difficult to liquidate. Precious metals has historically been a hedge investment used to insulate you from a volatile market.

        In our present economy the Fed is printing money at a historically high rate. In turn they must loan this money to banks to get it into the money supply. The banks in turn must either loan this money out or invest it. Initially these loans were made at 0%. The current Fed rate is .75%. Yes, that’s 3/4 of 1 percent.

        At this time there isn’t a great deal of demand for business or consumer loans (look at the real estate market) and the bond market is at an all time low so the banks are investing in the stock market. This is why the market is at an all time high. Understand the banks aren’t making money on the earnings of these stocks but on the growth in the stock price. This is also why most CEO’s are earning record bonuses, their bonus is largely based on the increase in the price of their companies stock. The Fed is on record saying they will be raising their interest rate in the near future.

        As the Fed increases the interest rate the banks will need to sell their investments. Once that sell off starts there will be a headlong rush by each bank to sell off their investments before the others do and the bubble will burst. As has been said here the best investments are hard assets. These are real estate, precious metals and any tools that can be used to make a living. I’ve never considered food an investment but it would be wise to have at least a years supply on hand.

        • Thus, 5th, the Fed will never raise rates. Well, on paper they may but there will be some back-door compensation so mathematically the banks don’t get squeezed. E.g. lowering the deposit requirement. Something like that.
          So, I’m in the ‘continue as you were” camp which says we won’t see a crash, we’ll just see more and more and more devaluation. It works great for the banksters. The more they print, the more they have – and the less retirees have!

          BTW, rents on Commercial RE in my city are probably 2x to 4x over-valued based on earning potential for strip mall businesses. That said, there are fools willing to blow their life savings in many of these units. But one mall in a great location went bankrupt and was just demolished. And a strip mall near me which was brand new 5 years ago has set empty except for one tenant in an outparcel. Of course, it was some mortgage scam at 18M which last county tax appraisal put at 9M. Yet, the fact nobody is showing up to rent at 18k/month/1200sqft and in one of the fastest growing areas in the country tells you a lot (probably fastest growing area in city which is in top 10 fastest growing in nation).
          It is truly a house of financial cards. But everybody who matters has their own deck in their pocket.

      29. May 4th 1970 Kent State, Ohio.Four Americans murdered by “our” military for exercising their God given rights.It will happen again.

        • May also has that mexican day of stinko demayo day.

          Not certain but i Think its the once per year day when mexicans everywheres check for too old jars of Mayo in the fridge and toss it out before it begins to rot or smell bad eh.

        • Un armed Americans,,,
          Keep your guns folks.

      30. I have a theory for why Americans are so worried, angry, stressed out and depressed. It’s this: More technology leads to Less entertainment.
        I’ve been hanging out at the truck stop in Stoney Ridge. I remember a few years ago when this was Party Central for northern Ohio truckers. Now… not so much. And it’s the same all over America.
        The cafes, clubs and dance halls with truck parking, not to mention the real truck stops, have been replaced with Flying J’s, Pilots, and Loves. Cookie cutter establishments with as much personality as a 1950s suburban tract house.
        We used to have real truck stops, with real restaurants. Mom & Pop cafes with names like Woody’s, Ted’s Bull Pen, and The Stage Stop. Those were greasy spoons back when greasy was a good thing. It meant home-made biscuits, meatloaf made with actual meat, and regional variations from chorizo to scrapple.
        Today we have fast food outlets jammed inside a convenience store. And they have the nerve to call it a ‘truck stop.’ Spare me. I know what a REAL truck stop is… or was.
        Instead of house bands, cute gals and karaoke night (a place where a guy could honestly make a fool of himself but not care), now we have wifi, satellite radio, smart phones and flat screens to watch the weather channel. Whoopty-freakin-do. More technology…. less entertainment.
        Give me an oil-soaked gravel lot. A guy named Earl or Don or Bud, with his name proudly embroidered on his work shirt. A guy cracking hoods, pumping diesel and checking oil… all while smoking a cigarette and swapping jokes with the drivers. And a local forecast way more reliable than the tv weather vixens.
        Today Earl is nowhere to be found. You swipe a card, tap a keypad and pump your own fuel. And not so much as a stale bar joke scrolling across the touch screen. No entertainment value at all.
        It’s no wonder I’ve begun to take my entertainment with me wherever I go. I pull into the fuel islands, roll the windows down and sing along with George Jones while fueling the rig. (he sings better, but I’m louder)
        I take my stand-up routine into the store for when I’m waiting in line to pay $2 for a coke and $7 for a pack of Marlboros. It eases the pain of inflation. But, most days, it’s a tough crowd. Nobody removes their ear buds or turns down the blue tooth long enough to hear a punch line.
        And the one about the 9 foot tall midget with the wooden leg would’ve brought the house down. But nobody heard it. They were too busy multi-tasking, texting, tweeting or smart phoning. More technology… less entertainment.
        And it’s a damned shame… ’cause the one about the flaming chickens is funny, I don’t care who you are.

        • We really were beginning to worry about you. Been in the dog house?? 🙂

          • Howdy JayJay. I’m glad to be back. Been hectic lately. Busted computer, chaos at the company (because I work for insane idiots) and lately- a sick grandson. He’s improving now. We’ve already had one miracle (tumor shrinking, he’s breathing on his own) and I’m hopeful for another. Don’t want to bog down the site with emotional stuff, but if y’all want to pray for him, his name is Miles. He’s 4 yrs old…. leukemia. Family’s holding up pretty well, considering. We just do what we can, get the best docs, and leave the rest in God’s hands.

            • Prayers on the way….from many

              • Ditto per FOB’s line, Smokin’.

                ..prayers on the way!

                GOD bless you & yours!

            • SmokinOkie,
              I see many more miracles with childhood Leukemia these present days than when I first entered the medical field many years ago. There is hope and ,Yes, I am praying for your loved one Miles.
              Keep the Faith
              — Miss Dee Dee

            • Okie; you, your grandson and family will be in my thoughts and prayers.


        • Smokin’….I currently work in such a place called Woodys and my Mom, back in the day, worked in a restaurant called the Stage Stop…..where I got my first job at 14 as a busgirl…and dishwasher….yes, times have most certainly changed, and not for the better….

          • Feisty,
            That wouldn’t have been the Boise Stage Stop in Idaho would it? That one’s still there, and a dandy truck stop at that. Just aren’t many of the old independents left.
            30 yrs ago I worked in a greasy spoon cafe called Woody’s out in Tijeras canyon near Albquerque. The food was lousy (at least when I was cookin it), the place was a bit dingy, but it sure had character!
            And thanks for your prayers. On behalf of the whole okie family, we appreciate every one of them. Miles is back home and doing better each day.

            • SO VERY HAPPY that Miles is improving! 🙂 The “Stage Stop” was in Silver Springs Fla….and the Woody’s is a wood-fire pizza place….good stuff!
              Plz tell Mrs. Okie she has a winner with you…and YOU have a winner with her 🙂

        • Smart phones = stupid people.

      31. SmokinOkie

        I may be a yank by birth but please don’t hold it against me..I hear you loud and clear!

        We’re surrounded by the techno freaks everywhere..glued to their devices unaware of the wondrous world around them and folks to converse with and share a joke or 2..
        The art of conversation is about dead amongst this generation…No one watches the sunsets and beautiful days,or says hello and strikes a chat with neighbors..Everyone rushes home to watch the tube of nonsense and are mesmerized by their technology in their hands.

        I watch everyday while doing errands on the way home from or to work..nearly all are looking down tweeting,texting,talking, or checking messages on their beloved devices..

        We are but old dinosaurs nowadays..and I’ll gladly be one of em..

        Thanks for the post..

        Always enjoyed..


        • Good evening, possee. have you heard from NinaO? I sent him an email to see if he’s OK. No updates on his site since March 23.

          • Braveheart,
            Heres a good video for you since i know you are partial to shotgun
            Add the appropriate prefix


      32. digging the bunker…digging the bunker!

      33. Count me in as a Dinosaur.

      34. Just pull the pin and get it over with.

      35. Way off topic, but I need some input please….I find that my animals ….dog and cat….no longer wish to eat the food that they have been eating for quite some time…made in the USA…my dog doesn’t have any signs of illness, and my cat (came to me after she was dumped in a Churchyard near to my home and on my walking route to work last fall) not only refuses the food, but acts like it is her litterbox….she makes the signs that she is burying it….??? My Shepard is almost 4 years old and I have never had this problem with her eating before….anyone know of anything within our pet food supply which may cause this? Out of desperation, I fed them both cooked and well drained ground beef, which they ate right up….Any suggestions? Thank You in advance…

        • My wife and I are involved in dog rescue. The food we feed is donated so we never know what we’re going to get. So far they eat anything we put down. Several years ago there were some issues with pet food manufactured in China so we only feed U.S. product. You might try changing their food. We prefer Nutro Ultra but I’ll warn you it’s more expensive than Purina.

          • @ fifth_Disciple. One of the best dog foods on the market is Candiae. Also an excellent canned dog is Halo. When you have a pet people should treat them like family and try to give them good food. Just like people when dogs eat better, there are less trips to the vet that in the long run far outcost the price of the better dog food.

            • You’re preaching to the choir brother. We don’t sell dogs we adopt them out. We do home visits to make sure it’s a good place for the dog and our contract states if the family ever needs to get rid of them they have too bring them back to us. Some of the angriest people I’ve ever seen are those we had to tell that they weren’t a good fit for the dog. I have to explain to them it’s not about them, it’s about the dog.
              Part of our process is making sure they understand which foods are best. I’ll take a look at Candiae and Halo. Thanks.

              • My last dog died in his sleep at 18, despite being aquired as a 3 year old rescue in the most horrible state (broken hips,didn’t recognise dog food or chicken, tail bitten off etc, etc) and our current one touch wood has had no health problems to date. Again she came to us as a rescue, but not as a cruelty case this time round.

                Annual check up with a decent vet to advise on parasites (different locales have different tick, lungworm, mange etc risks). A good vet will advise on vaccines and parasitic controls according to the age and lifestyle of the dog – not just tell all who walk through their doors to use the exact same products for the sales commission. Mine told me to plant some thyme for my cat last visit to keep his urinary tract running smooth now he’s getting middle-aged, rather than got prescription silly. A good vet will tell you how to adapt your pets diet to suit YOUR animal, not some sales quota.

                They will also be aware of local disease risks (eg has their been a distemper outbreak this year?)and in the event of an emergency be willing to open the surgery out of hours. So if your dog breaks his leg on a Saturday night it’s not left to go septic till Monday morning.

                Word of mouth is only the way to find a GOOD vet, as they do not need to advertise. They should also have a wide breed knowledge eg with a sight hound we needed one who won’t rush to use the standard doggy anesthetics at standard weight rec’s.

              • @fifth disciple…
                You state that some of the angriest people are those whom you have said “no” to”. How arrogant are you?
                My own experience with do-gooder like yourself is this, to make a long story short…I’ve always had dogs, cats,and an assortment of small animals through the years, all of them treated like family and all except one was a “reject” of some one else. I could provide lists upon lists of referals from family and vets that would give any animal to me for care and companionship. She wanted to visit my house to see if my house met with “her approval”. I wouldn’t even let the census lady in to ask personal questions. You seem to ride up high on your horse that you know better than others on how to care for an animal. I got news for you, if you or that witch that wanted to “inspect” me and my house dug a little further, you would see that I have time and lots of money to spend on specialized vet care. The dogs I wanted to adopt had heartworm, treatable still at that point. I told her to fuck-off too, just like I’m sure people have done with you. You see, with that money I was going to spend to care for and rehabilitate those sick, older dogs with, I went ahead and bought two pedigree, championship line, Shephards. They have been trained and are now service dogs. They get lots of walks and love when we are in the city and gets lots of playtime off-leash in the country.
                I despise people like you who think you know better than everyone else on how to care for a pet. Your self-absorbness and smugness does nothing for the betterment of the dog…it only benefits your ego.

                • Now that you mention it we check vet references as well. If all that you say about yourself is true I would adopt to you as well. But you have to understand that not every one is so noble and the dog doesn’t have the ability to negotiate for themselves. If it offends you that I ask you to prove you suitability I’m sorry. I’d rather offend you than condemn a dog to a lifetime of neglect.

          • Thank you Sheepdog! Their food is on a recall for salmonella! Cannot believe it…think I may be researching how to make their food myself….again, thank you!

        • mix up some gravy train with warm gravy and that dog, hell.. I WILL even eat it.

        • @Feisty… Try “Wellness complete health”. It comes in a blue and yellow bag and is quite expensive. That’s what we finally settled on to feed our Australian Shepherd because it is the only one that doesn’t cause allergic reactions. We got her as a puppy thirteen years ago. We also feed her most of the same things we eat which by and large are all home grown or home made vegetables, eggs, crackers and whole grains. She loves cooked vegetables collards, mustard greens, carrots and cooked brown rice, barley and oat mixtures etc… Never had a problem with any of it. Hope this helps

      36. FOB.

        I have two dogs about 60 lbs. each and are 13 years old. They eat everything. Only once I have seen them turn away and that is when I changed their dry dog food.
        I would consider that it may be the smell of the food besides the taste. Age can make a difference as their digestive track can not handle the products ingredients anymore. Your dog and cat are eating something and that is good news. Both dog and cat quit eating. Did you clean and get something in both their food dishes that gave them a bad taste. If you feed them outside, might some other animal ate from their dish.

        • I do not spare expense with my animals food….which is why I find this sudden change so odd….My shepard eats outdoors and my cat indoors….so, of the two, my dog would have other animals, most likely birds, eating her food…but my cat has no other animal access to her food….I am really puzzled by this SUDDEN change….my dog has been eating the same food for over 3 years and my cat for about 8 months, as long as we have had her….have had dogs and cats all my adult life, and have never seen them turn their noses up and REFUSE to eat the food given them…..

      37. This video was made only a day ago, Titled “Ukraine, USA will lose World War 3”. Controlling Ukraine is important for the world banks because of the energy hub it is for one thing. The U.S. is backing this whole country into annihilation for a few banksters, really nothing more.

        • Ukraine is one of the most fertile agricultural areas in the world as well concerning arable land. This has to play a role in Russia’s considerations as well. They control energy and food to a large degree = much power. Possibly they will supply some foods to China, I don’t know, but this area seems quite significant on many fronts.

      38. Heads up.

        If the people who put food on our table change the ingredients in our food, they may do it to our pets food ingredients.

        Substitution for lower grade cuts. More lower costs to produce. Maintain profit levels. Pets die.

      39. I found out today that I can’t prep for everything. I have food, water, ammo, stomp pack…I almost lost my 2 yr boy today. There is nothing in my stomp pack that would have saved him. He almost stopped breathing with his lips turned purple. Paramedics were on scene in less than 5 minutes but it felt like 30. I almost lost my hunting and fishing buddy not because I’m not prepared but just a freak virus that hit him hard and fast. All prayers are welcome and needed. His name is GRANT by the way.

        • My heart and prayers go out to you Tony.

          You really realise what exactly it is you live for when something like that happens. The world stops and you wanna get off. I’ll pray for you, simply because there’s not a lot else I can do from this side of the pond.

          It really is all about the children.

        • Tony in CO,
          Best wishes for your boy. I can almost be sure that one of the reason he will recover is because you are not the only person in that relationship that never wants to loose his hunting and fishing buddy. You both are so fortunate to have each other.
          God Bless,
          I am praying
          — Miss Dee Dee

        • Tony, God hears our prayers. He answers them in His own time and own way. But he definitely hears. Keep trusting that God really does love us and, even when we don’t understand it all, He has our best interest in mind. I definitely will pray for you and your little buddy Grant.

          To the non-believers here:
          I don’t intend to focus every post on every article on religion. It’s just a big part of the shared experience we all have. No different than exchanging ideas about gardening, guns or anything else.(though, admittedly, we bible thumpers place faith higher on the list of importance)
          If you have a different belief, or even no recognition of a divine being at all, we still have much in common. We see a need to be informed and prepared for the changing world we see around us. In that regard, our beliefs (even when contradictory) don’t have to stand in the way of exchanging ideas of practical importance to us all.

        • Tony; you and your son will be my prayers.

      40. @ fifth_disciple. Global firepower, this is a site I often visit. There is much that this site and others DON’T tell you. The Chinese have invested massive amounts of money and resources into what they call “assassin’s mace”. In a nutsheel this is missile and special take down forces such as cyber and electronic warfare. Their anti-ship, and especially anti-carrier missiles are the best in the world. Putting the Russian Sunburst even to shame. Carriers are only of any use if they are not sunk. It would only take a few hours for the Russians or Chinese to overcome this deficit with the U.S. Navy at the bottom of the Pacific.

        Chinese ICBM forces are very mobile and extremely underestimated by the world as planned. Old Chinese saying: When strong be silent, when weak boast about our strength. We just don’t know how much money Chinese are spending on their military. 188 billion could be 300 or 400 billion or more. They may be a little behind, but like the GDP they are rapidly catching up.

        I know this is science fiction, but if you watch the way the cylons sent a malware virus into all the 12 colonies’ defense and paralyzed them in the pilot episode of the second Battlestar Galactica TV series, you could see this happening with U.S. forces. Something the Chinese are expending enormous efforts in doing. Electronic warfare is something the U.S. should be terrified of. The best most advanced fighter can be brought down and made useless instantly.

        The real issue is that the U.S. spends more on the military, but NOTHING in comparison to the grossly exaggerated totals that these very misleading dollar amounts leads people to think. The U.S. has build up much over the decades. On a yearly level now, the Chinese likely are out producing them. Like I said, much of this 600+ billion is in inflated HIGH costs of salaries and very similar military hardware that has a much higher cost ratio to it. There is some very high tech weapons, but most of this cost is in regular military machines that are quite basic, and of course in people cost.

      41. Russian aerospace defense troops get five advanced radar stations this year:

        Five advanced radar stations called “All-Altitude Detector” were brought into service of the radio-technical regiments of the Russian Aerospace Defense Troops which are on combat duty for air Defense of Russia’s capital, Moscow, and the central industrial district from the start of this year, Defense Ministry’s spokesman for Aerospace Defense Troops Col Aleksey Zolotukhin told Itar-Tass on Sunday.
        New radar stations can detect simultaneously more than 100 targets, including airplanes, helicopters, remote-controlled aircrafts and missiles at a distance of up to 400 kilometres at low, middle and high altitudes of up to 100 kilometres, he noted.
        “Radar station called “All-Altitude Detector” is designed to survey detection zones, for autoacquisition, selection of targets to give target indication to air Defense systems and detect state belongingness of targets,” the colonel added.
        As autonomic target marking systems new radar stations are also integrated in air Defense missile systems S-400 Triumf which air Defense regiments of the Aerospace Defense Troops are armed with, Zolotukhin noted.
        “More than ten new radar systems of different modifications will be delivered to radio-technical units and formations of the Aerospace Defense Troops this year, including radar stations and systems Gamma-S, Nebo-U, Podlet-K and radar station titled ‘All-Altitude Detector’,” the colonel said.
        Upgraded radar systems Desna, Kasta will also come into service of radio-technical detachments of the Aerospace Defense Troops this year, Zolotukhin added.
        Read more:

        • Sounds like they intend to protect themselves.

          • Do you blame them?

      42. Praying for you Tony and your child Grant….saturday a virus also has it my younger nephew, he’s eight yrs old,,, temp of 104 almost,,, went to ER,,,, came home, got informed he got worse, back to ER docs don’t know what it is, we thought flu, but no one is sure, they live in arizona,,,,

        • loulou,
          I am praying for the recovery of your nephew.
          — Hail Mary, full of grace.
          — Our Lord is with thee.
          — Blessed art thou among women,
          and blessed is the fruit oy thy womb,Jesus.
          — Holy Mary, Mother of God,
          pray for us sinners,
          now and at the hour of our death.
          — AMEN.
          — Miss Dee Dee

      43. YAWN !!!!

      44. … Speaking of ‘getting stuck with the bill’

        more lies and BS regarding Oblama doesn’t care.
        Looks like someone is projected to save lots of money(hint: it isn’t we the people)

        Report: O-Care to save large corporations hundreds of billions

        The Affordable Care Act could save some of America’s largest corporations hundreds of billions of dollars over the next decade, according to a market analyst group.

        According to a report by S&P Capital IQ released Thursday, S&P 500 companies will likely move their employees from employer-provided health insurance plans to the healthcare exchanges under the Affordable Care Act, saving employers nearly $700 billion through the year 2025. If current healthcare inflation stays constant, those savings could be greater than $800 billion, researchers found.

        Corporations are expected to start out by dropping low-wage and part-time workers from their employer insurance plans since they are able to reap the benefits of government tax subsidies under ObamaCare, leading them to pick up new plans under the healthcare law. Eventually, the burden of healthcare coverage will shift from employers to employees.

        “Neither lawmakers nor the White House originally anticipated the idea that the ACA could provide corporations with an enormous subsidy to earnings,” say authors of the report. “However, once a few notable companies start to depart from their traditional approach to health care benefits, it’s likely that a substantial number of firms could quickly follow suit.”

        As some Republicans have softened their tone on repealing the new healthcare law before the November elections, authors of the report say the political battle may shift to try fix it by making it more market-oriented, increasing coverage options and updating federal regulations.

        The report compares ObamaCare to the Employee Retirement Security Act of 1974, which led to the creation of Individual Retirement Accounts. The result was employees took ownership of their pension funds, leading employers to stop using their corporate pension structures and instead become contributors to the employees’ pension plans.

        ObamaCare is also expected to be beneficial to employees as they gain ownership of health insurance plans that aren’t based on their place of employment. The report says as more people join, cost of coverage should come down while access to benefits improve. However, it warns premium costs for some people who do not qualify for government subsidies will likely rise.

        “At the moment, any drastic changes to employer-provided health care benefits would likely be frowned upon by employees and the voting public at large,” warns the report. “Neither lawmakers nor the White House originally anticipated the idea that the ACA could provide corporations with an enormous subsidy to earnings.”

      45. Islamic nut job in Nigeria is now saying that he is going to sell 200+ girls on the market because allah told him to do so. Sickening beyond words as typical muslim is going to whore off a crowd of children to be raped. This is so islamic, as these towel heads have absolutely no respect for women, children, or animals. Sharia law says this, women are to be treated like slaves. This shows just how rotten islam is. It doesn’t have to be some huge politcal scheme of things affected countries and the world. Islam is pure evil on the individual level from this terrible event of hundreds of children to the family that the father beats the wife and daughters into submission. Then tortures the family dog because allah says this is okay. All there in the Quran, devil’s handbook to islamic life.

        This story makes anyone sick to their stomach:

        • BI.

          Coming to an America near you.

          Being Politically Correct is not what you think. It is others thinking for you. France and the U.K. come to mind.

        • Main Stream Media leads their story about the missing girls in that it is being perpertrated because the Muslims don’t want equal education of the sexes. What another load of crap being fed to the shepple.
          — Miss Dee Dee

          • My Godfather is a Nigerian Muslim – after my father died that man did everything in his power to ensure that my sister’s and I could complete our education to University level and beyond. My sisters and I owe that man so, so much.

            Our experience is NOT a rare phenomenon but rather a typical thing as women have traditionally had a much more important economic role to play in public life than was common in the West until very recently.

            The MSM does not give the West an accurate version of Nigerian culture at all. This is another attempt at destabilizing a nation that is resisting the NWO by foreign, satanic forces. Do not fall for the MSM propaganda.

            • Lonelonemum:

              Your post states what needs to be said over and over. MSM (CNN included) have been given the job of demonizing Muslims to get their final war game plans finalized.

              Foreign satanic forces are at work in America also with their propoganda and Americans have bought the “its the mooslums” koolaid.

              Do not get me wrong, I do not support any genocide from any tribe of human and non human beings. We do not seem to be able to wrap our heads around the FOREIGN,SATANIC OUTSIDE FORCES that are stirring the pot for world war three. And, man are they ever stirring the pot in America, and covering their tracks well.

              Hell, most Americans cant even tell who their real enemies are. Thanks you false teachers and preachers here in America and around the world. You have done your “job” extremely well. You have sided with our real enemies.

              It is WRITTEN there is a special place coming to you and I hope you are comfortable being hot.

              • Nigeria, like the US is composed of a group of states united under one federal government that is subject to a formal constitution. It is a federal republic in structure. It varies from the US in that the various states are created from the individual nations that existed before colonial times and as such have different religious, cultural, ethnic and religious traditions. The Geography in the North is one of desert, while in the South there are jungles, so even the climate and natural resources vary hugely between states.

                Individual states have more juristiction over their own state laws than the US states do, to reflect the different cultural backgrounds from which the majority in each state derive. What this means in practice is that if you are a devout Christian (Catholic masses in Lagos typically have 5,000 in their congregations)you live where the state laws align with your faith. Sharia law is applicable in some Northern states – but there is no restriction of movement. In practice this means people vote with their feet, and gravitate to where they can feel comfortable according to their faith.

                Most of us on this board would feel quite at home amongst the peoples of the Southern, Western or Eastern states, where in all regions the standard of English is excellent. However some states where the majority still practice the very ancient pre-Christian faith of ju ju, or the far North where Sharia is practiced would not suit us at all!

                Biafra was a terrible civil war which demonstrated to all citizens the terrible consequences of allowing the divisions between the states to become too entrenched. In the years since the Civil war this has meant that ordinary Nigerians have tolerated a greater degree of government corruption than would otherwise be the case as noone wants to see the horrors of the Biafran wars unleashed for the sake of a bit of money ever again. Biafra was linked to the petro-dollar, a thorn in the side of national unity.(Google the story of Ken Saro Wira for that of a true hero in the struggle against the NWO).

                This latest crime is as abhorrent to ordinary Nigerian’s of ALL religions, creeds,cultures and states, who are ALL cursed with a leader who makes Obama look intelligent (& to my great suprise) whose wife has managed to really upset the mothers of these missing girls by illegally arresting the representative they sent to talk to her. It’s not easy to out do Moochelle for “making it all about me, me, me” but this woman has achieved the seemingly impossible! The level of offence she has caused even in the Southern states is immense. (where normally they have no time at all usually for the ethnic group from which these girls came)

                Quite understandably the mothers of the missing girls are out trying to hunt down their children themselves! I’m sure all us women here would agree we’d be arming up and doing the damn same thing in their shoes – not waiting for government troops to get off their arses!

                The bit the MSM is NOT saying is that these mothers are being aided in their quest by Muslims, Christians, Druise and probably the odd atheist or two (noone ever admits to that in Nigeria lol!). They are also NOT saying that an entire nation of over 270 million is on tenderhooks listening to every piece of news and praying hard.

                Nigerians are totally united in being very, very ANGRY at this crime. When caught, and eventually they will be, the perpetrators will be shown no mercy. “If a dog is mad or rabid, you put it down. Under no circumstances do you permit such sickness to spread”.

                Boko Haram is an organisation that like Al CIA duh! finds it origins, chief support and official funding coming from same Saudi Arabian sources that Al CIA Duh! did. i.e Not only is it not indigenous to the country, Nigerians KNOW that it came from outside!

                I’m following West African events very, very closely as my eldest sibling lives in Nigeria.

              • Nigeria, like the US is composed of a group of states united under one federal government that is subject to a formal constitution. It is a federal republic in structure. It varies from the US in that the various states are created from the individual nations that existed before colonial times and as such have different religious, cultural, ethnic and religious traditions. The Geography in the North is one of desert, while in the South there are jungles, so even the climate and natural resources vary hugely between states.

                Individual states have more juristiction over their own state laws than the US states do, to reflect the different cultural backgrounds from which the majority in each state derive. What this means in practice is that if you are a devout Christian (Catholic masses in Lagos typically have 5,000 in their congregations)you live where the state laws align with your faith. Sharia law is applicable in some Northern states – but there is no restriction of movement. In practice this means people vote with their feet, and gravitate to where they can feel comfortable according to their faith.

                Most of us on this board would feel quite at home amongst the peoples of the Southern, Western or Eastern states, where in all regions the standard of English is excellent. However some states where the majority still practice the very ancient pre-Christian faith of ju ju, or the far North where Sharia is practiced would not suit us at all!

                Biafra was a terrible civil war which demonstrated to all citizens the terrible consequences of allowing the divisions between the states to become too entrenched. In the years since the Civil war this has meant that ordinary Nigerians have tolerated a greater degree of government corruption than would otherwise be the case as noone wants to see the horrors of the Biafran wars unleashed for the sake of a bit of money ever again. Biafra was linked to the petro-dollar, a thorn in the side of national unity.(Google the story of Ken Saro Wira for that of a true hero in the struggle against the NWO).

                This latest crime is as abhorrent to ordinary Nigerian’s of ALL religions, creeds,cultures and states, who are ALL cursed with a leader who makes Obama look intelligent (& to my great suprise) whose wife has managed to really upset the mothers of these missing girls by illegally arresting the representative they sent to talk to her. It’s not easy to out do Moochelle for “making it all about me, me, me” but this woman has achieved the seemingly impossible! The level of offence she has caused even in the Southern states is immense. (where normally they have no time at all usually for the ethnic group from which these girls came)

                Quite understandably the mothers of the missing girls are out trying to hunt down their children themselves! I’m sure all us women here would agree we’d be arming up and doing the damn same thing in their shoes – not waiting for government troops to get off their arses!

                The bit the MSM is NOT saying is that these mothers are being aided in their quest by Muslims, Christians, Druise and probably the odd atheist or two (noone ever admits to that in Nigeria lol!). They are also NOT saying that an entire nation of over 270 million is on tenderhooks listening to every piece of news and praying hard.

                Nigerians are totally united in being very, very ANGRY at this crime. When caught, and eventually they will be, the perpetrators will be shown no mercy. “If a dog is mad or rabid, you put it down. Under no circumstances do you permit such sickness to spread”.

                Boko Haram is an organisation that like Al CIA duh! finds it origins, chief support and official funding coming from same Saudi Arabian sources that Al CIA Duh! did. i.e Not only is it not indigenous to the country, Nigerians KNOW that it came from outside!

                I’m following West African events very, very closely as my eldest sibling lives in Nigeria.

        • Human garbage, no respect for life. This is why people are trying to get away from these shitholes at any cost.

        • Most of us do NOT swallow what CNN (Communist News Network) puts out.

          • not even for long enough to puke it back out…

        • This absolutely NOT Islamic in any way shape or form, it is just pure Satanic – lets be accurate!!!!!!

          I believe in calling a spade a spade and anyone who calls this behavior as being anything other than the work of a true disciple of SATAN is calling it wrong.

          Nigerians as a group of people’s are stronger than these foreign invaders of the Satanist sect and will prevail against such evil, and overcome. Of this I am sure.

          • I hope your right,
            I really feel for the families, they know the best way to give their kids a chance in life is to get educated so they have a fighting chance to escape the utter poverty most of them live in, then these evil dirtballs come along and take their kids,,, just plain evil,

            • Makes you wonder where the “world police” are on this. Why isn’t the U.S. all over this…probably because half of them already have their order put in for one of the little girls…business at the CPS (child protective services) must be slow right now.

            • Yep and if they stay where their at. some sicko with the AIDS is likely to rape them. they actually believe raping a virgin will cure AIDS. The whole lot of them are sub human.

        • My wifes great grandfather received a land grant in northern Arkansas for his service in the war of 1812. Women where scarce. When the US army marched the native americans Via the trail of tears through his part of the country. He traded a horse for a young chocktaw girl and a rifle for a young creek girl. bartered them away from their fathers. paid off the soldiers with wiskey and some cash. He stopped by the preachers on the way home and his sons married them. one was 14 years old and the other 15 years. From what I have heard they made good wives and they had good husbands. probably lived a much better life than if they had went to the reservation?

      46. The Russians are playing a dangerous game. It is very easy to portray them as a white supremacist, nazi-style country and to then get beefed up non-white American soldiers to unleash a can of ‘whup-ass’ on them. Just show a few Hollywood films where the eastern European white guy is the bad guy and let them go. Once the Russians are cornered in this cartoonish stereotype, the West can do anything it wants to them and kill as many as is necessary. That is sad but it is the play book for war that the US has used with success in the past (think ‘Japs’ and ‘Tojo’, ‘Nips’etc.).

        • The only way to prevent this war, is to stop shouting “USA, USA, USA” and see the truth for what it really is…

          I know, we’re doomed…

          • six pack is only naming the truth. The red thumbs must be from those who don’t like or agree with the message so all they can do is try and attack or blame the messenger.

      47. Neither Russia or China export gold, and China is a big importer of food. But, like iron filings around a magnet, countries will line themselves up closer to one sided or the other. Few will be totally neutral.

      48. Thank you Miss Dee Dee 🙂 hoping Tonys son Grant is doing a lot better

      49. Just last week a illegal from south of the border went on a shooting rampage at Jonesboro ar. shooting adults @ children and killing several. he then killed himself. We watched the local news. And it burned me up that the news anchor used the term UNDOUCUMENTED instead of ILLEGAL? This political correctness bull has gone too far.

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