Financial Strategist: “They Don’t Realize That They’re In a Bubble Yet… Until It Pops”

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    By all accounts, the mainstream media and corporate leaders would have us believe that the world is in a new bull market. They’ll point us to the stock market as evidence of their claims that the economy is growing and life for the average citizen is returning to normal. Few will discuss the fundamental issues facing financial markets, the least of which is continued unemployment and less consumer spending. Even fewer are willing to, or even capable of, explaining the monetary machinations that have pumped up stock markets and left trillion dollar deficits in their wake.

    There are, however, analysts like Doug Casey and Marin Katusa of Casey Research who understand what’s really going on behind the scenes, where it will eventually lead, and how to thrive in a world of uncertainty where the only things of value when the illusion is exposed for what it really is, are hard assets.

    Marin Katusa outlines some key strategies to consider for diversifying yourself ahead of another massive financial meltdown.

    From the main markets, because we are in a currency crisis, the major markets… look at Apple, look at Samsung, look at Amazon… they are in a raging bull market. The major media, the big funds, the pension funds… they’re focusing on the bull market that they are in.

    A bubble is invisible when you’re inside the bubble.

    They don’t realize that they’re in a bubble yet… until it pops. 

    …I don’t think this is a negative for gold at all. Gold’s held quite well during all of this. People have shied away from the resource sector. There have been nationalizations of resources globally.

    And yet, gold is still holding because there is a true value to gold. It is the true currency globally. 

    And its time will come.

    Watch as Casey Research strategist Marin Katusa discuss how to Thrive in Today’s Economy via Future Money Trends:

    (Watch this interview at Youtube)

    Every one of us has a different outlook and ability, and thus your strategy should focus on your specific needs.

    It depends what type of investor you are.

    I believe that if you want serious, significant leverage to the price of gold, you don’t invest necessarily into gold for the appreciation in gold, you buy actual gold as an insurance policy for the rest of your portfolio…

    That’s how Doug Casey and Rick Rule have built their fortunes. Not by necessarily investing in gold. They have exposure to gold as an insurance hedge, but where they’ve made their fortune is due to the successful leverage by exposure to the junior gold exploration companies.

    I can mention one [company] that Rick Rule, Doug Casey and myself are large shareholders and have exposure to and it’s done quite well in this market because of the  management, the exploration that they’ve done and the asset they’ve accumulated… It’s run by a very successful young entrepreneur who’s on our NexTen list, his name is Amir Adnani and the company is called Brazil Resources.

    …the smart money follows the smart people. Any investor listening to you has to look at the management teams, and that is the most important thing…

    However you position yourself, as Katusa notes, will depend on the type of investor you are – and no matter what asset(s) you choose to buy with your hard-earned money, you should consider yourself an investor.

    For some, that may include owning hard assets exclusively – things like precious metals, or commodities like grains. For others, who may have twenty years of accumulated savings with major exposure to traditionally safe investments like bonds and popular stocks, owning shares of well managed firms in the international resource sector may provide the diversification and wealth preservation you require should broader stock markets slip back into oblivion or your government moves to ‘tax’ your domestic personal wealth.

    Bubbles abound – in global stock markets, currencies, and society’s blissful outlook on it all.

    They will invariably pop.

    You have options – consider them all, do your research and act accordingly.

    Also see: Future Money Trends


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      1. Couldn’t agree more with Marin, buy physical for insurance and the mining companies for INSANE profits. Amazing how successful this guy is.

        • I know I keep harping on it and I have mentioned it numerous times over the last few years, but when Roosevelt seized gold (bullion) in the 30’s the gold producers were untouched. As the Dow went critical, few companies fared well. One of them was Homestake Mining, which rose something like 500% while everything else tanked.

          Right now, gold and stocks seem to be coupled (moving in the same direction as eachother) — But we need look no further than Greece in 2010 when signs of how bad things really were started popping up. Gold’s global spot was $1200, but Greeks in the streets were willing to pay $1700 for it.

          similarily, in Argentina within the last 2 weeks, where their government is now taking over industries, freezing prices, and destroying their currency (26% inflation right now!), people concerned about the value of their money are trying to get their hands on gold (which is now hard to come by).

          There will come a day when our consumer economy and economic growth is exposed for what it is — a sham. When that happens people will flock, as in Greece and Argentina, to gold and I think we are going to see a very rapid rise in price across physical bullion, as well as leading gold mining companies.

          Following the 2008 crash I had a good deal of success in junior mining companies… The profit potential, often with dividends, is pretty amazing.

          Again, I wouldn’t put 100% of my money into ANY single investment, but if you’ve got funds in 401K or other funds that have zero exposure to resources, especially gold producers, then you are playing with fire. A little diversification into this particular sector can literally mean the difference between being broke or having the ability to preserve at least some of your wealth.

          • Many senior mining companies are now paying dividends (around 2%), well above anything you can earn in a money market account or CD’s of less than 18 months.
            PAAS, Pan American Silver recently raised their dividend and it yields 3%.
            For diversification the GDX ETF provides a basket of senior producers and last year paid a distribution as well.
            You can also write options on GDX and most mining stocks to further hedge and bring in income.

            • This was an old post from almost two years ago by a reader of SHTF. I just thought it was interesting by comparison. …………………………………..Comment ID: 103605
              April 28, 2011 at 4:30 am The dollar is breathing its last. The Federal Reserve is purchasing some 83% of all U.S. Treasury Bills right now. China quit buying them and Japan is offloading them. It’s only a matter of time before that hits the money supply along with all the other digital and physical money printing. The money is losing its value steadily and the real inflation rate is already up over 10%.

              If your money is “in paper”, as in a pension fund or 401K invested in the stock market, you will lose it… period. This could happen as early as this fall. If you take your money out of the stock market and put it in the bank, you will preserve the number of dollars but not the value. The only way to preserve the value of your money is to buy precious metals. After the SHTF and the dust has settled, you can take the metals to your dealer and trade them in for the coin of the realm at whatever rate it is at that point, and then you can go shopping.

              Personally, I just don’t see how the govt could possibly think of trying to hunt people down and confiscate their metals. Too much trouble for too little metal. Easier to nationalize the mines.

              • Mines could be nationalized, that’s certainly possible.
                I like a balanced approach, with some mining stocks and physical bullion.
                The problem with physical bullion is that it pays no interest and you can’t earn option income from it.
                Bernanke and his band of merry thieves have seen to it that you can’t earn any interest on savings, which pushes people into more risk in order to keep pace with the inflation that Bernanke claims doesn’t exist.
                I wouldn’t be as pro-mining shares if my lifetime of savings could earn some interest, but that’s never going to happen now.
                Just about every furniture store ad I see says you can buy now and enjoy 0% interest until 2018.
                This nonsense is here to stay unless the bond market throws up all over Bernanke for some reason.

              • Don’t Tread: You’re correct. The govt. knows that it would be too much effort and that we won’t comply in the first place. As for nationalizing the mines that’s fine for those here in the U.S. but many of them are overseas in south America, Australia, and Africa. It’s also prudent to have some silver mining stock of which many are also out of reach for nationalization. Silver is important too because it will climb faster than gold WTSHTF becasue the artifical ratio, created by the COMEX and govt. collusion, between the two metals will evaporate.

              • The government won’t have to hunt down anyone. All it will need to do is offer a reward for turning in those horrible, awful gold/gun/whatever owners. It might take as little as an extra slice of bread or two at FEMA chow line.

                In Germany they inculcated the children to turn in their parents for un-Nazi-like behavior. History is replete with examples like that.

                The government is like a drowning man. It will cling on to whatever it can to survive. It will do whatever it has to do. Once you accept that you can plan for it.

                Consider making a few sacrificial stashes. Get a few cheap coins/guns/whatever and be ready to turn on the fake tears and anguish when you “surrender” them.

                Also, I have a few cheap “brother” guns. When my clueless brothers come knocking I’ll be able to give them something. Yeah, I know but my brothers have families they need to protect. Check out Highpoint and Phoenix Arms. PA makes a nice like 22lr pistol for $150. There’s a website, Black Market Arm, that usually carries both. I am not affiliated with them in any way.

                The wise man sees trouble and hides while the foolish man continues on a suffers.

                All of us that visit this site and others like it are extremely fortunate. We have all had time to prepare mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Think of all the emotional turmoil you’ve had to deal with, all the time you’ve spent thinking and planning, all the times you went to the stores and stocked up and the prayers you prayed. What a blessing to have time to prepare. When the change comes (like in Cyprus) most people will probably be caught completely unaware. How many will be able to make the transition from their old lives to their new reality in just a few days?

                • Ugh: You’re assuming that folks even know what you have in the first place: That’s where OPSEC comes in. Never, ever, tell anyone what you have, how much you have, or where it is. The point is: Keep your mouth shut, pay cash for your preps, and have mulitple location of small amounts of everything in case you are found out or have to relocate. Local gangs will be more a threat than the crumbling governemnt.

              • I dont care how many investment “experts” tell everyone, invest in gold, invest in euros, in this or that, invest in my way or the highway. When everything is said and done, “THE” only thing that will matter is if you can feed yourself and have “special skills”, you all know what I’m talking about. If I have food will I trade it for gold? If I have skills will I trade them for silver? Please who’s stupid here? I’d only trade for those if I was making bullits to kill werewolves. The wealth will evaporate. Your skills your know how, being able to shoot straight, know tactics, know how to fix things. Thats more valuable than all the gold that King Midas had.

            • Mac what is confusing is you listen to like Alex Jones which I like for the most part, its what pertains to me and many of you I believe, Fox is ok but now it sucks since it only shows what they want and the news play catchup with each other, what are they posting we have to do the same as CNN and etc. Cnn sucks and MSNBC can put a bullet in each other heads. they blow.
              I get confused since it says to buy gold/silver once markets do bad gold/silver goes up or supposed to. Next it says once a currency collapse I hear it can do both up or down. Gets confusing. But today I was listening to alex jones and some caller said he was talking to a guy in europe and the new currency will be backed by gold which would drive the price up. I know this for a fact, when the EURO sinks gold gets cheaper When it goes up gold is more expensive. that is eazy to understand comparing pesos to dollars, its worth more.
              I’m not finanical expert but have a lot of common sense and semi book smart but writing. My point here is I think I will wait till we have a bubble and gold drops if cheap enough to buy I will jump on the chance. Same for silver. That is my only investment now is sliver. about 120 ounces and 1 1/10 ounce of gold. I dont care it could be anywhere so not scared to post or I might of sold it which I did for the record.
              I think this for a fact is Cyprus fuckers alreay made up their minds and are going to nail the people with a deposit charge/withdraw. They are probably trying to pay off the mobsters somehow since they know if they screw them they will lose their lifes. I do believe this is all BS what is in the news, a deal has been reached and it has not been reached(which is it news!!) I hope many of you will not be effected by a 401k or online investments when I say this, I hope the banks lose a lot of money over this deal. Europe people will start taking their money out of the banks since they know whats comming and don’t want a 10 percent theft. That will hit the stock markets and hopefully enough people will do the same here in the USA. Get it all out but to pay bills. They have been screwing us for so long its their turn!! I hope the markets dive bigtime here in the USA. They have more to lose than us! We have our families and take care of ourselves. They are all about greed and money so it will hit them harder than us. The only other bad thing is usually all this insider trading, all the bigwigs will know and warn their buddies so they small investor gets screwed and dont want that to happen. I don’t want honest large companies or people to fail, I want these corrupt assholes to deal with losing all the money they are used to making and have to try and bribe their way to survive while we are accostumed to lower profits and living within reason and many of us are very hard workers and they will have to kiss ass to get food or throw large amounts of money and fight for power with each other in a large collapse while all us preppers just stay with families or friends or ourselves and live like real people.

              • Zero hedge is reporting that a deal has been reached. WE’RE ALL SAVED! Small exception for uninsured deposits (> 100K Euros), in which case please sit still for your 100% haircut.

                Translation: Some banksters and politicians just committed suicide. They just don’t know it. Knock Knock! Telegram from a Mr. Boris Slaughterov! Your disfiguration operation has been scheduled!

                • They just set the standard for confiscation of private money. This same system will be used next in Italy and Spain. Then it will be used in the rest of Europe. Then it will be used here. Criminals run the world. They are not our protectors. We will have to punish all of them, eventually.

                • ~~~Some banksters and politicians just committed suicide.~~~

                  Bankers, maybe, but maybe not.
                  Politicians will remain seated–no one challenges them; therefore, we are stuck with immoral, unethical, greedy, arrogant, gated-community elitists.

                  • Water, electricity, landlines and other services must be fed to those gated communities somewhere. There are some communities that are so wealthy that their services are within the compound, but that isn’t the norm right now. My point is, the outside world does touch them more than they like to think.

                  • Good point sixpack..a little cash here, a little cash there, their supplies can be compromised???

          • In regards to stocks, they survived WW1, WW2, depression, gold confiscation, end of gold standard, high inflation of 70’s, and more. In the end, people need to realize you are buying a business, if the business can make money, you will too.

            Kind Regards,

            Dan Ameduri

            • Greetings Everyone!
              To Dan says,
              While it’s true that a stock market has continued to exist for sometime thru “thick and thin”.Many listed companies in the 1929-1930’s crash FAILED and their shareholders money with them.Given that our feckless Supreme Court has now allowed it to be LEGAL for CEO’s to lie to shareholders about the health of their companies,things don’t look so good overall.It’s gonna take a VERY savvy and astute “small investor”(I.E. someone who has their own wealth invested into Wall Street)to be able to avoid the many “man-traps” being laid these days.Most institutional investors already how the game is rigged.Having said that,I’m NOT saying to avoid stocks completely(bank savings with .02% suck worse!),but the last Great Depression started with Argentina’s defaulting on their bonds.It looks like they’re about to be at it again…But on the bright side(if there is one in all this!)
              If your not married,you might score a seriously fine lady from Argentina(and they really KNOW how to dance down there!).
              No sexism intended,just acknowledging the realities…
              Best to All
              Hope you can keep warm till spring!

            • You stock guys just won’t give up. You need investors to make money for yourself. Imo, you are no better than the bankers.

              We have two our of own businesses that we have full control over…at least to a point.

              We will survive without the whole dishonest, corrupt deal that wall st./stocks/banks have become.

              don’t go away mad…just go away.

            • Of the companies that made up the Dow industrials in the 20s only one company still exists(GE) Stocks have survived but a lot of companies haven’t.

          • Does anyone have any suggestions as to good places to go through for investing in mining stocks?

            • If you are looking for a way to buy stocks on an exchanges ouside the US you can still utilize online platforms like Ameritrade, etrade, scottrade, etc. to purchase stocks in companies listed on international exchanges. The fees vary (defnitely check ahead of time with the online brokerage firm and do our own comparisons based on what you are looking to do)… there are also international brokerage firms similar to those we have in the US – with these you would have your funds in a non-US based account…

              There are also full service firms that offer financial services, etc., but commissions are often pretty high for basic purchases.

              Hope that helps somewhat.

          • Mac

            What transpired in the 30’s under Roosevelt could barely touch the power,and actions, that the central banks/feds have now worldwide.

            They..THE ECB have crossed way over the red line and usurped even Parliamentary authority in Cyprus..

            Take what is occurring in Cyprus this morning..Monday.

            Bloomberg reports, The deal reportedly will avoid the necessity for any vote by the Greek Parliament, and is far, far, far worse for Cypriot citizens and depositors than the one the Cypriot legislature voted down on Thursday, as the ECB will reportedly be handing out 40% haircuts for depositors with over €100,000 on deposit in the Bank of Cyprus, and deposits over €100,000 at Cyprus Popular bank will be WIPED OUT!!!

            I could be wrong but, to me, this gives all the central banks the go ahead to plunder and loot at will..

            Nothing is safe anymore ,in my humble opinion,and once this global ponzi scheme unravels…even prior “safe havens” will be red meat for these criminals and not a law in the land will stop them..not even our so called regulators or the FDIC..


            • Possee: I agree and if you watched the various “offers” that the ECB gave to Cypress each one got worse. The message from them to other nations is “Take our first offer fast or suffer the consequences!”

        • buy toilet paper!
          when there isn’t any…how much would you pay?

          • Depends…………… unless you are a muzzie.

          • I stocked up a closet full of t/p and paper towels a year ago. Also got a bunch of plastic bags.

          • Wouldn’t pay a pre-64 dime, that’s for sure. Toilet paper has not always been here, and it will not always be here. Look for mullein: nature’s Charmin. It grows back, and it’s better than double-ply.

          • thanks for posting the link. story on the drudge earlier today is now also missing.

            hey BI here’s another pandemic for your list…

            • now where did i leave that copy of “The Stand”?!?

              • Well played Kim

                • thanks. amazing how a little crown-n-7 can free your mind…

              • @ kimintn. More like the movie “12 Monkeys”. What Merree says it being 30% fatal is the same as basically smallpox. It is rated on biosafety level from 1-4, with 4 being the worst, a 4. It is an arenavirus like Lassa fever. I would say this is a bad risk if some terrorist decided to get some chicken eggs and tried to grow it for some much larger bioattack. In a confined area this could be awful. Maybe Merree could decribe further if it holds well in oxygen, regular air, and how resistant it is to temperature change and sunlight.

                • All of the hemorrhagic fevers are bad news. All viral hemorrhagic fevers (VHF) are considered Class A bioterrorism agents (the highest class) but I think the government worries more about the filoviruses like Ebola than the arena viruses like guaranito.

                  The problem is- these fevers present with generalized symptoms that could also be influenza or a variety of other illnesses. Most doctors would miss the diagnosis entirely especially if the patient has a mild case and recovers. The tests that would allow diagnosis are only available through specialized labs and would not be done unless there was a high suspicion of the diagnosis.

                  If there were an out break the patients would need to be treated in negative airflow rooms to prevent the disease from spreading to other parts of the hospital and I do not think there are enough of these rooms in most regions to handle a very large outbreak. However, I think the military might have some portable negative airflow units for emergency use. The CDC probably does too. Many of these viruses can be killed with household bleach so decontaminating surfaces should be easy.

                  I think it would be relatively easy to aerolize one of these viruses. The problem would be growing them. The terrorist would need to find a way to grow the organism while also avoiding being infected since these is no vaccine. I think that would be challenging.

                  What I wonder about is the breach of protocol in the Texas laboratory. It is my understanding that all labs that contain high risk organisms have chain of custody type protocols for their contents. Everything is labeled and they have to be checked and noted anytime anything is done. This creates a trail of who handled the vial and where the vial was located at every moment of every day. For the vial to be missing means that this protocol was violated and it makes me wonder about the procedures and security measures at this lab. Of course, they will probably never reveal the details to the public.

                  • I might add a worse case scenario. Patient with hemorrhagic fever goes to hospital for treatment and the diagnosis is not recognized for four or five days. The patient’s breath travels throught the air flow system. Ask the engineers here but it is my understanding that the air is recirculated through buildings with minimal cleaning/filtering. I think this is even true for hospitals.

                    The circulating air then infects staff members, visitors, and other patients. The infection has escalated before the the incubation runs out (possibly even before the patient is diagnosed) and the newly infected patients begin falling ill.

                    This scenario has happened in the past with smallpox and most recently with SARS. It is another reason why it makes sense to stay as far away from the health care system as possible most of the time.

                  • we laughed at virus “only” being spread by indiginous mice. right, like mice never find their way onto cargo ships. was thinking maybe this virus would be grown out and mutated. am going to do more reading in the phyto-botonal to see what may fight this. at least we here know to check for things other than just influenza a or b.

                  • @ Merree. “Stay away from health care systems”, true wisdom spoken. I have a sceince background, but one of my minors is not in biology, but I do have an understanding of it. With the filoviruses are they not more of a type of eruption of the blood vessels in an effort of the virus spreading to another host. While the arena viruses are trying to spread via-an aerosol type of transmission, breathing it in. Therefore would not an arena virus be far worse from patient to patient transmission than a filo virus?

                    I know the Soviets used Marburg far more in their bio-bombs than Ebola, because Ebola was like Rabies, very susceptible to air and sunlight. Still the Marburg virus was a weapon of a type of one time use not meant to continue to spread from host to host. Of course the evil USSR tried to splice Marburg with smallpox and other viruses to make them even more effective killer devices. Probably the very worst bio-weapon of known agents would be a total antibiotic resistant strain of pneumonic plague. This is very contagious as you know from outbreaks in India and Pakistan and without antibiotics it is near 100% fatal.

                    I think what you said is so wise to avoid health care anything if a bio-attack ever happened. If a nation or terrorist group wanted to cause mass deaths they would spread 3 or more pathogens. When a sick public went to a health care facility they would cross infect everyone and make those that could recover too sick from the other illnesses that they would surely catch. Now I have depressed myself the rest of the night.

                  • maybe a stupid question ,i got vacinated for small pox about 50 years ago ,is that still good?

                  • Be Informed,
                    You have a lot of good points. I think the reason that there is more concern over the the filoviruses like Ebola is the high mortality rate. I think there has been more research done on these and more is known about how they spread. But you’re right, they do not easily spread by aerosol.

                    Antibiotic resistance is also a scary thing and it doesn’t need terrorists to occur. We have adjusted to Methcillin Resistant Stap Aureus (MRSA) but we are starting to see resistant enterococcus (a natural inhabitant of the human bowel) and resistant tuberculosis. Enterococcus can even transmit its resistance to other types of bacteria.

                    I have already had one incident where I had a patient with a resistant infection and only one antibiotic would treat it. That antibiotic was in short supply all across the country. The nurse called several pharmacies but none of them had any in stock. I finally gave one of the pharmacists a sob story about how much my patient needed the drug and about an hour later he called back with enough for a full treatment. That patient was very lucky.

                    Incidentally, many people who think they have a spider bite really have a MRSA infection. MRSA can enter the skin through a tiny break and it looks just like a brown recluse bite. So far this will respond to Bactrim or doxycycline (for you folks stocking up on antibiotics).
                    I treat most skin infections with one of these drugs because of the high incidence of MRSA in the community.

                  • >>The terrorist would need to find a way to grow the organism while also avoiding being infected since these is no vaccine.<<

                    Yeah, it probably depends on the group who got it, but my guess is most likely they wouldn't be all that worried about being infected themselves.

                  • “””The terrorist would need to find a way to grow the organism while also avoiding being infected since these is no vaccine. I think that would be challenging.”””

                    You still seem to have difficulty identifying the enemy. There are no terrorists. The enemies are in control of the corp, and the lab.

                    They have no protocol.

                  • They also never reveal how much they COMBINE these viruses in their labs for maximum impact on the populace. THAT is another thing we NEED TO KNOW.

          • Guanarito or Venezuelan hemorrhagic fever was discovered in Venezuela in 1989. It is spread by contact with a cane mouse or a cotton rat (both native to Venezuela)but there have been several cases that may have been spread by aerosol contact with an infected victim. The military considers it a potential bioterrorism virus but it has a low to moderate potential for use as an agent.

            Symptoms are flu like symptoms with cough, fever, headache, and malaise. People can also have nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. It can cause bleeding and hemorrhage into internal organs espcially the gastrointestinal tract. The mortality rate is 30% but this is the rate in Venezuela. Most of the victims have been male agricutural workers in the 15 to 50 age group who had occupational exposure.

            There are no vaccines. Treatment is antivirals and supportive measures. The laboratory in Texas believes that the vial containing the virus was destroyed during routine maintainance and they do not believe there has been any security breach.

            • Merree,

              Thank you for your posts, it’s great to have a medical SME on the board. The “sexy” SHTF scenarios get all the press, but of the various SHTF scenarios, it seems healthcare is one where we are in a slow and inevitable death march.

              *Big pharma is not researching needed (currently unprofitable) medicines
              *The state of private insurance/Obamacare get worse with each year
              *Supply/demand disequilibrium (especially with the number of doctors leaving the field and fewer people concerned about staying healthy)
              * etc. 🙂

              We don’t even need a bio-terrorist event for the above, although it seems it would be attractive (i.e., cheap and easy based on the scope and impact it could have).

              Would love to see more articles on this and have marked your posts to follow.

              • I don’t know that fewer people are concerned with being healthy, perhaps fewer people are confident in allopathic medicine and are seeking other options. THAT might just be our ‘saving grace’.

              • Thanks for the nice words.
                I agree with you about the problems that could arise in health care. From what I can see, there are so many ways that major problems could arise. If the supply chain goes down, for example, millions would probably die from lack of needed medications. This could happen through a large earthquake or through a trucker strike or lack of gas and oil supplies.

                lower 40
                The smallpox vaccines that some of us older folks received is likely to be worthless if smallpox makes a comeback. It might provide a slight increase in resistance but the immune system usually relies on repetitive exposure to maintain means to attack a disease. Our systems have been too long without having to fight smallpox to be of much benefit.

                • thank you

            • Merree
              Doxy is on back order
              You have to get it compounded 🙁

            • merree,
              doesn’t silver kill bacteria on contact and won’t collodial silver be an effective weapon against all bacteria?

          • Captain Tripps. That’s great man. That’s just really freaking great.

            • We’re in some perty shit now man!

        • I love this site

      2. Great video, I needed this.


      3. Is there a problem? All the banks have been stress tested at least 3 times and found to be rock solid, what’s the problem? After all: “If you can’t trust your banker, who can you trust?” Gag Barf.

        • Is there anyone else here that’s really, really tired of being lied to? Why do they bother? Anyone that still believes them is to stupid to care anyway.

        • They did a stress test on Cyprus 18 months ago. They said it’s peachy keen! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA GIVE US YOUR MONEY GOYIM!

      4. Why is it assumed everyone can be an investor?
        I’m still trying to cough up last month’s rent

        • It takes time.

          • Time? No, it takes money.

        • Sorry to tell you this; But You may have noticed, NOBODY cares about the little guy trying to make it. We are on our own. Only advantage is we won’t lose much, just everything.

        • OutWest, thanks for your feedback here.

          With that statement I meant that essentially everything you buy IS an investment. Since 2006 through now I have been purchasing tools and food and other “investments.” We were buying rice and beans and other food just a few years ago for almost half of what it costs now. That bucket of Soup Mix in our pantry has made ‘significant gains.’

          while I may not be able to leverage my 5 gallon bucket of beans for 5,000 gallons using stock market options, I still consider this an investment.

          If you’re a prepper, in my view, you are investing. And so far, you’re probably seeing your investments pay off.

          On top of that, you have physical possession of the majority of your assets, something that a Wall Street trader can never say about their wheat or corn options.

          That’s more or less where I was going with the “investor” comment.

          I will say, however, that this particular article is focused more on those folks who are sitting on existing portfolios that they may hold in their 401k’s, IRA’s, money markets, etc etc…. I often get email inquiries about how one can go about protecting their large portfolios because spending tens of thousands of dollars on food and off-grid gear is not a feasible way to preserve wealth for most. Personally, I think the folks at Casey Research know what they are talking about, and I think those who do have large savings and are looking to diversify out of existing investments could benefit from what Marin Katusa, Doug Casey, and Rick Rule have to say.

          I’ve been a proponent of the resource sector throughout this crisis and I still think this is an excellent way to help protect wealth going forward. Jim Rogers, George Soros, et. al. made their millions in these sectors in the 1970’s and I think we’ll see similar positive gains (resulting from inflation, shortages, panic, etc.) during this crisis.

          Whether you are buying the physical “assets” to store in your pantry, or investing into companies that mine or grow those assets, I think you come out ahead over the next 5 – 10 years.

          • I have made tremendous gains on peanut butter that I bought last year. Also on canned corn.

            • Arch, I lost a small fortune. Price of hogs went up, and I did’nt have any. Trekker Out.

          • @mac Slavo
            When the Dow was 700 in the 70s, I took my meager savings and invested in Homestake, Campbell Redlake, and Union Oil. Eventually quadrupled my $ , just to have my first wife grab half of it when I divorced her for her unfaithful ways.

            Today my very lovely bride of 28 years and I have invested over the years in physical PMs and selected mining equities. No regrets there. Escaped the tech bubble, and for the most part, the 2008 crash, which was a great buying opportunity. As the grandson of hard hit depression era farmers who also worked as school teachers for a $20 gold piece every six months before gold confiscation, I was also taught at an early age to maintain a stocked larder, seeds and ammo. So indeed we have invested in preps for many years. One of my sons, a CPA and certified financial planner, is gung-ho on conventional equities and thinks we’re crazy, but then again he believes all is well with the banking system and the PTB would never let a collapse happen. No worries, I have prepped for him too. At least he will still eat and have a roof over his head, even if he can’t buy gas for his Ferrari.

            I was in Greece all last week on business, as the Cyprus crisis unfolded. Some of my Greek friends were not so worried, one even thinking a Greek bank would step in and buy out one of the Cyprus banks, not thinking that Greek banks are just about as insolvent. So how is Greece today? Traffic was very light most places, restaurants empty, many shops closed for good, and more street beggars than ever. But while many are suffering, the folks I do business with are prospering. Simply, these old time businessmen did not make the mistake of heavy leveraging themselves in the boom times. Instead of speculating and going deep in debt, they quietly saved their cash, sat back, and waited for things to go bust, as they knew it would. They are older guys like myself, who also learned from their parents, who suffered through the Depression, not to mention the Nazi occupation.

            Bottom line, real, tangible assets are all that matter. Fast money comes and goes. Greedy speculation may see great gains in the short term, but greed kicks in and brains are switched off. Few ever learn about economic cycles.

            Today the world financial structure is wholly insolvent. Cyprus is but a small example of what is wrong everywhere. As desperation grows, bankers and politicians will do desperate things in efforts to keep the scheme going as long as possible. In the 1930s they confiscated gold. This time around, they’ll go after 401Ks and a slice of your savings. Doug Casey, Peter Schiff, Gerald Celente et al are right. With the paper suppression scheme nearing its end, and PM prices as low as they will likely ever be, it is a great time to invest. Of course, of paramount importance is investment in food, water, and all tools of self sufficiency, guns and ammo included. I am hoping for the best. But fact is, with the banking system a truly global one today, unlike times past, and a banking system with less than two percent reserves, with most of the $ counted on he positive side not so positives worthless, toxic assets, the hubris of these modern financiers is about to catch up – no escape. It is simply a matter of time. Still, I think most of the world will be taken by surprise, still strongly in the grip of the normality bias. Wish I could whisk all my fellow Americans away to Europe for a few weeks, not to stay I tourist hotels, but to live among regular working folks. Think you have it tough in the USA? I wonder how most Americans can be so clueless ……

            Going to be interesting to see how our brain dead financial media reacts. Addiction – in this case, one of massive debt, is always characterized by denial. Too bad the world will have to crash and burn to realize what has happened.

        • @OW:

          …yeah, I hear ya –turn your head and cough –ouch…


        • Great point. Everyone’s talking about gold – great investment if you can make it through the SHTF scenario, but what about the time in between SHTF and the time that the US government (or whatever it will be called) is re-established, order is re-established, and a new financial system/currency. In the meantime, I see some value of silver as a barter item….small coins, 1 oz max. You gonna walk around town with gold, when the police go on hiatus, or worse they become the local gangsters?

          • I agree about the silver being practical for everyday things like food. What I think about, too, though is what if my wife needs surgery or I want to buy some property? An ounce or so of gold might go a long way.

            Also, silver takes up a lot of space and weighs a lot. The equivalent of a couple years’ income can fit in your pocket in gold form. It is also easier to conceal.

            Both have their place.

            The local metals shops both tell me they have more of both metals going out in sales than coming in from the steets. That tells me they are underpriced at current levels.

            If Comex trades say 100 times more in contracts than is available in physical, I’m thinking metals are undervalued by roughly that multiple. Once entities start demanding physical delivery gold/silver will find their true value in fiat terms. By that time we will have about as much luck buying metals as we have of picking up a couple bricks of .22 ammo.

            I don’t know what I’m talking about. DYOR.

            • OA excellent comment!
              Hit most of my interest points and easy to understand.
              My issue is much of my net worth is in my pension and I won’t have any control of it until I retire. Sadly that is likely a dream but I still can hope. I am better prepared each day and I’m working my debt down but. Have silver, want gold, lots of brass.

        • Amen brother ,im not really thinking of how to get rich ,im jsut trying to make sure i got enough food and lead to make it through the fire

      5. Why is Africa so stricken with poverty, sickness, and corruption? Africa was once very wealthy, and still has many natural resources. Europe became the superior civilization because Africa lost all three of the Punic Wars (c. 250 BC) to Rome. Why did they lose? When Rome conquered a city in Italy, they left the defenses intact and only demanded tribute. When Carthage (African empire) conquered an African city, they destroyed all the fortifications and disarmed the people. Therefore, when Rome invaded Carthage they walked right up to the city walls, as there was no one armed for battle with them. When Carthage invaded Rome, they had to fight every step of the way, and ultimately had to bug out in defeat.

        The first gun control laws in America were set to prevent Indians and blacks from acquiring weapons.

        2000 years later the stupid fucking blacks still haven’t learned anything. Jewberg is now spending 12M on ads to brainwash the goyim against guns.

        • the more they say disarm…the more we get armed.

          Don’t sell the American people short.

          • 400,000,000 firearms owned by pissed off Americans. Standby Colorado, strong tea a brewing.

      6. I was speaking to one of the Obama Sheeple yesterday, and he told me I was wrong, we are in a recovery because the stock market is doing great and that Obama has reduced the budget deficit to 800 billion or whatever it is now. I laughed and asked if he thought that was something to be proud of. Then I asked him what interest rates were. I also asked what the deficit is, and if interest rates were even at a reasonable rate, say 3 percent, how much more would that add to the budget. Then I told him how many people were on welfare, how low the working force actually was, and how much the deficit had increased under Obama. I started to tell him how many vacations had been taken by Obama and what they were costing us. I got called some bad names and he stalked away, calling me a racist pig. Some people cant handle the truth, they want to be led like the sheep they are. GRIN!!!

        • Jim
          It’s hard to soar like an Eagle when you fly with Turkeys

          • Or is it easier to fly like a turkey when ur surrounded by eagles? See the weak minded and hearted are turkeys. You my fellow Patriots are Eagles. U made the poor lib feel like a sack of shit thus he turned to ur a racist card. It don’t matter that obummer is a jig. See the weak minded lib took the easy route when pressed with TRUTH … KNOWLEDGE…. FACTS. And flew away like a shitty turkey. You my friend ARE the EAGLE.

            • I just had to kill a Tom Turkey. It attacked the neighbor kids. A Turkey is just like a 30 pound Rooster, they’ll jump off the ground and rake you with the spurs on their talons…stitches can easily be the result, especially for young kids.

              Being disabled, I figured I wouldn’t be able to get between them in time, so I made use of the crossbow I just got (it worked very well at about 20 yards).

              The neighbor is gonna dress Tom out for a potluck next weekend…waste not ,want not, and I’ve got one notch in my stock.

        • When people throw the race card that generally means they are holding a weak hand.

        • We have a few people like that in our neighborhood, most are old and a couple told me im off for thinking anything can go wrong, was thinking i would be willing to help them out if SHTF, but now,,, nope, sorry, dont care that there are looters trying to take your stuff, maybe obama or the democrats can help ya out, my house will get covered with that pile of metal roffing i have outside so it wont burn and sandbagged inside, call me when its over……

          • I’d help with looters long before I’d invite that neighbor into my pantry.

        • Jim (another Jim): Lefties by and large are emotionally imature and therefore subject to fits of anger when confronted with inconvienent facts that disrupt their delusional thinking. They invariably fall back to name calling when they have no logical way of refuting you. I enjoy telling them not to go away mad but just to go away. It’s cheap and easy entertainment.

      7. All right Mac, I really need to ask about one of your sponsors. The one that always says the power companies hate this. Every time I see it, there is a different type of whacky looking device that is supposed to generate electricity. I want to click on it, but I am scared to

        • Jim, thanks for your feedback. They are a long-time sponsor of this web site, so you don’t need to worry about any kind of crazy virus being dropped on your computer or anything. Also, please note that we hold all sponsors of this web site to their claims and guarantees. If you purchase any product advertised here by a third-party and are not satisfied with what you receive, each of them have guarantees that you can take advantage of.

          We’ve never had a complaint from a reader claiming they weren’t refunded if they weren’t happy with what they received.

          Also, as a general note, all major credit card issuers, as well as PayPal, follow strict guidelines on customer guarantees. Thus, no matter what you buy on the internet or where you buy it from, your shopping experience and the legitimacy of any product you buy is assured by your credit card issuer. So, if a particular merchant (again, any merchant, not just advertisers on this site) doesn’t provide the service as described, they MUST return funds to the purchaser, otherwise the purchaser can dispute the said transaction directly with their card issuer — this is something most internet merchants try to avoid at all costs, as too many ‘disputes’ (whether right or wrong) can often lead to the merchant being dropped by their credit card processing company.

          I actually feel more comfortable buying something on the internet most of the time than I do in brick and mortar stores because of these dispute guidelines from Visa, Mastercard, Amex, etc.

          Hope that helps a bit.

          Thanks Jim!


          • I’ve made many purchases from advertisers on this site and I have always been very happy with the product and service.

            That said, the one in question ( the Power Companies Hate this ) really, REALLY needs to get another ad. The one they run is laughable and sorry, just plain ignorant. Let’s find the stupidest looking object, take a picture of it and try to bait someone into clicking our ad and watching our video.. and by the way, I DETEST ads that when you click and start a video, then decide, nah, I have no interest.. their site tries to not let you navigate away by putting bringing up a pop up.. I wouldn’t make a purchase from any company that uses such annoying tactics. Just sayin….

            • Yea i know what you mean. I have did a little digging on something connected to these same people (THE Power COs Hate us) and found it to be a hoax. I’m not saying this one is, cause I haven’t clicked on it.

              What I am saying is; It doesn’t matter who is paying for add space, as long as they pay and that helps Mac keep the site going stronger and bigger. I would, personally, stay away from any advertisers that go against God or His commandments, but that is just me.

              i do have a question for Mac though. Out of curiosity, does the “Read by ??? people” counter, on your site; count each time a person clicks on the “title” in order to read it, or does it only count the “new persons” clicking on it?

              • it is my understanding that ‘read by’ counts every pageview, as opposed to unique pageviews… it’s not 100% accurate though, as we see slightly different numbers from our analytics application because the site uses page caching to keep load times manageable. Because of the caching, the ‘live’ read by count may be about 15% or so lower than the actual..

                • Thanks Mac. Another question while I’m at it. Just out of curiosity, was the number of comments (938) on the article heading of”Confiscation” on March 16th the highest number ever? i can’t remember ever seeing any number over a thousand, on a single topic.

                • Make sure you use a Credit Card rather than a debit card. There are legal differences between them and Credit Cards offer the best protection.

                  Just saying.

                  • Debit cards ran as credit are SUPPOSED to have the same protections as credit cards, but they already have taken your money from your checking account. Possession=90%. Best of luck getting your money back.

                    You are correct on this.

                  • DK
                    SPOT ON: Credit card you can dispute it for 60 days after use. Debit: its gone, fight to get it back. NO DEBIT CARD HERE.

                  • use cash.

              • Don’t tread: what commandments are you talking about?

              • This is the hojo motor scam…You go to their site and it won’t let you leave until you click leave. Same old window dressing.

                • @M2245TH Lets talk in 5 years about it and you can tell us all how much of a scam it is than. The blinders have already been taken off. It just seems you do not know yet.

          • Mac, I hope you don’t think I was questioning you or this website. I appreciate all you do, I stop by here 2 or 3 times a day. You are awesome. Please keep up the good work.

        • 1 Mac has no control over those. 2 You are very wise to avoid those things. 3 Would you be interested in any large bridges?

        • Jim(another Jim),
          I believe they are Natural Gas powered electrical generators. $4000-$5000. Very popular with the guys that actually control the delivery of natural gas, because the electricity generated is cheaper than provided by the power company (due to current low cost of Natural Gas). Seems a little too technical to me, though.

      8. How much longer can this ponzi scheme of all ponzi schemes keep going? When you have at estimate between $600 T to $1500 Q in Bad Derivatives flowing around the world in a cyclone matter. Who, what, where, and when will this sunami come crashing full force in the markets?

        I’m finding it easier though to get my points across to those that believe everything is A Okay. I find when it starts hitting those that do not believe in the pocketbook, then they start to clear their minds from all that BS being shoveled day in and day out from the draconian government.

        I’m sure by the end of next week the U.N. gun treaty plan will be signed by the usurper and thief, if it hasn’t already?

        Come Monday morning will Russia get a new naval port in Cyprus? Could such a little country, become the undoing of the fascist EU?

        The company I work for is already doing one week shut downs. They have already made bad derivatives, because they believe everything is going to pick up full blow in sales. Making a bet on something that has yet to happen is as easy a way to tell someone what a derivative is. the world is swamp in this form of betting, which will be the undoing of the to big to fail, which America has at a given 4 of them.

        For those that still believe in happy endings, sorry for your thinking. The economy has to crash, because there is no saving what cannot be saved.
        I know, if I woke tomorrow and everything came to a halt, I would not be surprised, because I have known and conditioned myself to the truth of what will come as I am sure many others have done the same.

        Stay vigilant citizens of Mother Earth and always,
        B Aware, B Awake, B Alive
        GodBless Freedom

        • I think you will discover that it can go on for quite some time.

          • Absolutely true kid. until the moment it does not. Lasts longer, falls quicker, always the way

      9. Inflation? Everything is A-Okay. Right.
        Went to the Ohio Gun Collectors Yesterday and a brick of 22’s going for $65.00. Anybody ever think there would come a day when you would see prices like these. I didn’t have to buy because I have already invested in all the 22’s I need. 9mm-35.00 a box. Anybody that thinks that everything is fine, I have a bridge to sell ya. Things are going down the crapper faster than I thought, but thank God I had the insight to plan ahead. Plenty of beans, bullets and bandaids. It is coming and coming fast. About all I can say about the Obamabots is that the herds will be thinning soon.

        • I’m not sure where, as in location, you went, but the Mom and Pop shops in Lake Loramie and New Knoxville are selling 9 mm for $16 a box. Same price as Oklahoma, and Oklahoma is a sensible state. Neither proprietor can get 22 cal at all and who would have thought this workhorse of the gun world would be so hard to get?

          • i found 9mm at walmart here in SWFL wendsday night (midnight) for $13.60 @ box limit 3 bx ,i got 3 and my son got 3 ,havent seen .22 lr for over 4 months

          • Vicky: Not as impossible as it may seem with .22 ammo. Everyone starts out with a .22 rifle, and or pistol, when learning to shoot because it’s cheaper and easier than anything else to use. It’s also a great varmit and smallgame gun. In a pinch (crisis) you could hunt larger game too. I’ve never done it but some have claimed to. So .22 ammo is the alternate coin of the day, so to speak. I’m not at all surprised that it’s still hard to come by. I can still get some at the hardware store, or my range, but not much, so I have to be frugal when I go practice.

        • I am so thankful last year when I decided my ruger 10/22 with 25 round clips was going to be my SHTF rifle of choice because I just couldn’t afford an AR15 and I invested some money to make sure I was set up so. I know a lot of people use to scoff at me when I said this, but I think I made a good choice and am happy I didn’t wait to stock up. 65 for a brick. OUCH. I remember catching them on sale at 15 bucks.

          • Over rated and over priced is an understatement, the AR15 is a POS.

            Get a single shot 12 guage if you’re short of cash. Cast your own 00 buck from scrap lead and reload the hulls.

        • Say When,

          Its not that the ammo has gone up whats happening is people are buying it up and doubling the prices. Its happening around here to. This ammo shortage will not last and I’m like you I invested in 22lr along time ago at 17.00 a brick. Also the best investment so far has been reloading equipment and supplies. Keep prepping brother.


      10. IF the civilization stays intact to any degree, precious will at least retain their value, and that means a lot. However if times really go to the graveyard, then very few people left are going to trade anything shiny. Everyday needs are going to take the ONLY desired barter. Those everyday needs can be anything that someone just must have. Clean water is so important and being able to provide this to people could be as valuable as food. Addictions to alcohol, cigarettes, etc. are strong emotions and can be highly bartered with.

        IF the world remains you just cannot go wrong with silver and gold, you just can’t as long as you can hold that in your hands. Too many people buy commodities in the form of a piece of paper that says you own a certain amount of a precious metal, this means NOTHING as those are nothing but notes that have ONLY value if someone is willing to pay on it. What I think will become quite popular is silver in fraction of ounces like they are selling gold right now. In a mall for example you could probably make a lot more money selling silver in 1/8, 1/6 and 1/4 ounce pieces than selling the ounce type for $30-$35. People are more willing to spend a $5 or $10 bill for a piece of a precious metal than $35. This could be a way of someone making some nice income in the right location.

        Mac, by the way have you had any success in putting that long article I sent to you together? I think people would enjoy reading it in the future.

      11. Life goes on..

        > We only have the perception that what is going on around the world will happen here.. But we Do Not Know If or when it will happen do we?

        I deeply feel that we are living in strange and challenging times.. But we can’t all just sit around and talk ans dream about what we would do if the SHTF.. We don’t Cleary know what we would do until it actually happens!!

        Until then..
        Go see a good movie.. Share a meal with good friends .. Make a bon-fire on the beach if you live close to the coast.. Life if too damn short to be worrying about all the what if’s.. Because you can fall in the shower and bust your neck tomorrow morning ..

        • So true. Just had buddy slip fall and die. Getting ready for work in his room. Wtf . Can’t obsess with prepping. Do what needs to be done but smell the roses every once in a while.

          If you have one foot in the past and one foot in the future… Your going to shit all over today.

      12. I would rather have the product that come from the mines then the stock in the mines. It is of my opinion that alot of these mines will more than likely become Nationalized if world wide schumer is flung through the fan. I wouldn’t want to have any of my money in them when it did.

        • My thoughts, too. If the dollar tanked and payments were demanded in metals I can see the feds nationalizing the mines. They’ve gotta be in control one way or another.

        • Save all metals, particularly lead. Stack ’em high.


      14. Gay marriage finally goes before the Supreme Court. Now maybe homosexuals can finally have the freedom denied to them by the mobocracy for thousands of years. The people have no right to have an opinion on gay marriage. America is not a democracy. If you don’t support gays you don’t belong in the liberty movement.

        • Dumbass, it’s not about rights to be queer or not to be queer. It’s about the money. The law suit that brought about the Supreme Court case is about the partner that was married in a legal civil union state, not having to pay the “federal” taxes from her deceased partner.

          It doesn’t matter how many laws are passed or not passed about the government; state or federal, accepting the rights of queers/gays/lesbians being together, they are gonna be what they are anyway.

          Yea, it “is” my right, my God given right, to not support gays with my money. It is our right as a government, by and for the people, to not support gays with our tax dollars also.

          It is their/queers rights to act as they so choose. It is God’s right to destroy them for doing so, also. They are still God’s to do with as He sees fit.

          You want to take your chances, have at it. Just don’t try to force your faggot psychology upon one of my grandchildren. if i catch you, or anyone monkeying around with one of them; you’ll find out what a “gourd thumping” is all about.

        • American adults have an unalienable right to express their sexuality with other consenting adults as they choose. Individuals also have an unalienable right to contract between themselves (civil unions).

          A society, a nation, has a right to define marriage as an institution within its prescribed confines of acceptable behavior for the development of that society at large and the well being of its citizens.

          The Pew Organization says that g&l constitute 4% of America society. They are a small but vocal minority seeking to impose their view and their values upon a much, much, larger population that does not adhere to those views and values.

          If you do not adhere to the value of society at large you are free to exercise your liberty to find a society that accepts your perversion and allows you to “marry”.

          America is tolerant of this aberrant behavior. Move to Iran or Saudi Arabia and see how long you keep your head for giving head. 🙂

          • YOU’RE A SOCIALIST IDIOT. Society has no right whatsoever to impose your pissant views on the individual. This kind of crap is the reason I hope your generation dies off, but soon. You’re a disgrace to this country.

            • Do you even know what a socialist is, dbag?

              ‘Society has no right to impose your pissant views..’ good luck with that. So, society has no right to make child sex laws? Society has no right to make laws that ‘promote the common good’?

              Society does have the right and it will impose its views. The rub is in keeping those impositions to maintain maximum freedom. You would be correct if society was stoning, beheading or making the homos wear scarlet letters. But alas, that ain’t happening now is it.

          • With 6 red thumbs VS 41 thumbs up in agreement, it would appear that the percentage of faggots is higher in America than they thought.

            OWTH! 🙂

        • I have accepted gays. Moved on pedi files. After that, I’m thinking beastiality.

          • There is no correlation whatsoever between homosexuals, beastiality, and pedophilia. That is a truly disgusting, offensive comment. It shows you for the rube that you are.

            • The rights and protection of young children far outweigh the rights of homosexuals having that right to gain any advantage over being able to molest an innocent child. IF granting homosexuals the right to marriage puts any child at risk from the many pedophiles that are homosexuals, then I say children first. Civil unions fine. Not all homosexuals are pedophiles, but many are, and that means we as a society NEVER should even consider putting one child at risk from this sexual abearration. WE cannot accept children being exposed and endangered by this, and this must be considered when anyone thinks about granting homosexual marriage.

              • Homosexuals are in no way pedophiles. You’re an ignorant redneck.

                • @ Eisenkreuz. Watch these shows that capture predator pedophiles and see just how many of them are homosexuals. Not all homosexuals are pedophiles, but many of them are, and innocent children should NEVER be put at risk to this.

                • You mean there really is no such thing as NAMBLA?

                  Since you’re retarded, that means Natl Man Boy Love Association and they advocate allowing faggot to rape little boys. It is the worst kind of leftist faggot rapist group there is.

              • TPTB push homosexuality has part of population control.If everyone “turned gay”.There would be no more useless eaters.

              • Since, by the statistics, most pedophiles are straight, maybe we should just stop marriage altogether? Certainly we should stop marriage in Appalachia where children are abused regularly by straight family members (ugh, (i) yes I grew up there, (ii) no not me, but wow the examples I could give).

                BI, being a man of science, I would hope you would use better evidence as there is not a correlation like that. And certainly I wouldn’t think that anyone wanting to marry and have a family would be high risk. There are much, MUCH easier ways to abuse children than that.

                I’m also confused why, if the title of a piece of paper is different (Civil U — which you’re OK with — vs “marriage”) that would suddenly change someone from a productive, upstanding member of society (leaving aside the gay thing for a moment) to a raving pedophile? Are there any words someone could type on a piece of paper that would change you so completely?

                • @ Another Comment. I believe like most libertarians that the government needs to stay out of people’s lives, and also that each citizen of this country deserves protection under the rule of law and the constitution. Homosexuals of both sexes deserve the legal protection of a civil union, however it is up to society to decide what constitututes marriage. What offends me so deeply is that the homosexual movement is in your face and we all have to automatically accept them. This takes away my freedom, your freedom, and others’ freedom to accept what they want to. Marriage is this acceptance, civil union is legal protection granted to everyone under the founding father’s guarantee of basic rights.

                  What worries me the most is this get in your face of most homosexuals, that after obtaining marriage status it will be perfectly acceptable for young children to be put into situations with potential pedophiles, or that this homosexual INDOCTRINATION that so many of them shove down the throats of so many people. Young children don’t need to hear about how all right it is to be a sexual deviate from someone that they look up to. Young children deserve to not have to deal with this crap, they should be children first. Grant marriage to homosexuals and you set up legal garbage in the future in which parents could be sited for discrimination for not allowing their children around someone that is potentially dangerous to their children.

                  I sometimes watch South Park because those two writers of the show truly deal with modern issues. They had two weidroes showing how they insert gerbils up their rears and the different sexual positions, sicko crap. The children then tried to tell their parents that these two sickos were really perverted and the parents called them intolerant of homosexuals. Instead of trying to protect the children from possibly being molested or witnessing this perversion, they were sent off to tolerance camp. This is of course satire, but it is a dangerous trend that is real and putting children at risk from dangerous pedophiles or from having this shoved down their throats.

                  IF would be so different if homosexuals kept to themselves and simply wanted to be together and have equal rights. This is not the case, many of them, if most of them get into your face because they want to be accepted so desperately by society. Children are at risk of this brainwashing, and the more society allows children to be forced to be around this, the more danger they are in. There are many homosexuals that would never harm a child, but there are many that have and will.

                  Children are very impressionable, and the issue of why their parents are man and women, and why man and man and woman and woman is going to be asked by children. A homosexual then is very likely to explain how right it is for this, and some of the time, not always, you will get this brainwashing of a yound mind. Young kids don’t need this.

                  From a science point of view, homosexuality is not part of nature unless it is to thin the population. A person borned as a homosexual has a genetic flaw to nature that depending on the choice of the person can or cannot be corrected. This is of course choice. Nature wise, homosexuality is what is called in biology a dead end of a species. Reproduction is not meant to be with homosexuals unless they somehow become asexual like some plant or they achieve immorality. This is the problem with science, homosexuality is that dead end of the human species.

                  Eisenkreuz brought this up, and I was happy looking at earthquakes and what is coming with this. I decided like others to put my 2 cents in because I feel strongly about protecting children. I would not want to be in a child in a locker room with the locker room attendant being a homosexual staring and smile like some Cheshire at gawking at everyone. This though is in the making because the homosexual will claim job discrimination if they are denied the job. However if some guy was to apply for the same job in a girl’s or women’s locker room they would never get the job. Double standard here, it is okay for the homo to work in a locker room, but not okay for some straight person to work in a locker room with the opposite sex. See the problems with all of this? Of course most guys would work for free or pay to be a locker room attendent in a women’s locker room. Why should the homo have the right to work in such a setting that they can get their jollies over? The whole legal system is screwed up and common sense of humanity, and civilization is going down fast in flames.

                  • Our God-given right to protect ourselves and our loved ones trumps all, IMO. It trumps paedophiles molesting children, rapists raping our women (and men), it trumps robbers, muggers and thieves, including thieving banksters and corporations and over-bearing fascist government regimes.

                    THAT is our SECOND AMENDMENT in action.

                • “Since, by the statistics, most pedophiles are straight, maybe we should just stop marriage altogether?”

                  Wrong on every front of that argument! Try again clown.

            • As BI says below, sexual abberation. Now desire or need to discriminate. Allow civil unions. I predict, and it’s coming true, that through the schools, tptb are teaching our children this is actually the “more Noble” situation. The new normal, if you will.

              These folks, through no fault of their own, ( but sometimes I believe through manipulation) are driven to this situation. My contention is it is not ” normal”. It CAN’T be. It is natural, just like cancer, other forms of mental illness, etc. You try to cure these other sicknesses though. I have just gotten to the point, because I understand I am a social pariah for my beliefs, where I say ” okay, what about pedi files? Can they help how they feel? They are just born that way. Why not, instead of condemning them, give them orphans to raise?

              I just get dumbfounded looks, and “it’s not the same”. Explain to me why one sexual abberation is ok, but another one is not. And if it has to do with kids, I say just give it time. Maybe we are just closed minded at this point in time. Future, more enlightened societies will perhaps let Jerry Sandusky run a daycare.

              And as a final, parting thought. Society ” subsidises” those values which make us all more successful. Such as a family, with a mom and dad, raising children. Ergo, marriage, as an institution, defined as a union between one man and one woman. Everything else, is something else. P/s, And notice, nothing to do about religion. Not from my pov. To me, religion has served a valuable service providing a social framework and moral norms.

              Rube? Please.

              • >> Explain to me why one sexual abberation is ok, but another one is not. <<

                Informed, consenting parties. That’s the difference. Minors cannot consent. Animals cannot consent.

                I have no idea if pedophiles can help what they feel. But certainly I don’t want one anywhere near my children (or any other children) as there is no WAY a child can consent or defend themselves. BUT, two adult women who want to get married … very different thing to me. I don’t care what they do, they both have a choice. And what they do on their own is none of my business.

          • @ Don’t tread, durango kidd, and Rick, It is one of those Sundays when my entire basketball brackets has gone to the toilet, so I would like a chance to weigh in about homosexuals and what is happening to the world. First of all I have always wondered why certain people cannot even begin to even have a single thought about being with anybody but the opposite sex and why there are certain “others” that can ONLY think about being with the same sex. To me this has something to do with brain and body chemistry from a scientific point of view. Why is it that no matter what you can’t force someone to find another appealing?

            So here it is, IF they were born that way, both homosexuals and lesbians should be treated as HANDICAPPED and a cure needs to be found the same as someone that is born with a genetic problem. Then when a cure is found it becomes an absolute choice to remain the way they are. Someone whom is handicap you don’t condemn, but in the same token you don’t allow that to be forced down other people’s throats and given all sorts of freedoms to allow them to practice being some pedophile to young innocent children. You don’t trust some mongoloid that is violent to be around some child. You don’t trust someone with sexual aberrations to be around some potential young victims.

            To me the real issue is children. Heterosexuals of course have molested kids, but there are far more homosexuals that have committed this hideous act than any others. One just has to look into the Catholic Church for this one. There is a loss of what is called “sexual morality” with many homosexuals of both sexes, as in many of their minds everything goes when it comes to sex. The real issue is that allowing marriage is not what is wrong between two homosexuals or two lesbians, it is the perceived acceptance that this is okay and thus okay to think that children are safe with these individuals. Kids are what are at stake here.

            I am all for civil unions as this is called freedom, but with marriage you are saying that it is okay for certain people to be around kids that have a much higher chance of committing a crime or just trying to shovel down their perverted views into young minds that don’t understand what it means yet. If there is a genetic flaw with homosexuals of both sexes then you open the door of allowing widepsread acceptance of flawed sexual behavior, and possible many more innocent children to become victims that think it is okay to become part of this. Kids look up to adults and mimic them.

            In retrospect to money it all goes down IF they pay the SAME taxes as eveybody else, then any benefits should come to the same two people as two other people. What is fair is fair. Making some special advantage to two people that have no physical or mental disadvantage in their ability to work is absolutely not right. Everybody deserves the same rights and no special priviledges, and this is what is bothering so many people about homosexuals is that many are pushing for special advantages because they feel that for thousands of years they have been persecuted.

            This is a huge problem right now and a sure sign of the dying of basic freedoms, our right to accept or not accept something. When society tries to ram a concept down our throats, whether it be that we have to accept that homosexuals are all perfectly safe around children or that we don’t need firearms for protection let the police handle it, we are in bad trouble.

            When a parent has to be scared to death that their son or daughter is in danger of being attacked by some sexual deviant because society has forced others through whacked out laws that it is discrimination to not have that choice to keep your child away from certain individuals, society has died.

            When people have the basic right to defend themselves against being attacked away from them because the laws have deemed all firearms unsuited for anyone other than law enforcement and military, that society IS DEAD. When that country is invaded, it is easily conquered.

            This is the core issue of everything that is killing basic freedoms. It is not whether a couple of homosexuals or lesbians want to be together with the same rights as other couples, it is the social acceptance and the political correctness that is being forced down upon everyone. IT IS THEIR WAY OR NO WAY. We are all suppose to listen to big brother because big brother knows best. We are being demanded that we ALL follow the herd and ALL think the same. Sameness equals conformity which equals political correctness. Those of us that stick to logic and reasoning and trying to think outside the box are looked upon as insurrectionists.

            This is the real issue here, that we are being forced to accept what is wrong no matter what and being forced to not look for solutions. If we do, such as trying to find a genetic cure to someone that is sick, we are viewed as rotten monsters for not just accepting someone with warped sexual minds as just that is the way they are. We have to accept cancer, neurological diseases and others because this is the way they were born. Fix the problem has been become socially wrong. Find a cure and someone still chooses to be a homosexual, then this is freedom of choice. It is also then freedom of choice of people not to accept someone that chooses not to cure themselves.

            As more and more issues that we are faced with, more and more we all are going to be faced with this political correctness and society acceptance. Just look at the percentages of the masses that want to outlaw firearms because it is becoming no longer socially accepted to defend ourselves because the criminal has rights not to be hurt and remain safe everywhere. Just look at how unless it is politically correct we cannot express our first amendment rights like we could decades ago. This is really the problem, we are gradually losing our rights to think, speak, and act outside the herd.

            • Your post is disgusting beyond words.

            • BI, I totally agree. I should not have to accept homosexuality, I think it’s wrong. It’s being shoved down my throat and I’m supposed to be wrong because I’m against it.
              Homosexuality is detestable to God. I don’t hate gay people, I fine it disgusting what they do.

              • /sarc I should not have to accept your right to own guns. I think it’s wrong.

                • Luckily for real constitutionalists and libertarians, you dont get to decide that one sparky.

              • Start Gay Scouts of America, featuring openly gay scoutmasters or denmothers, and see how many people sign up their kids.

                • Thumbs up times 1000!

        • Well then….you can get married now, Eisenkrap.

        • Whats the so called supreme court got to do with it?…they arnt supreme and theyve gotten it wrong on alot of barrycare? Dont need em and dont give a care what they rule!

          • Thousands of years of human history have defined what marriage is. The supremes can’t change that with another silly decision. They pretty much lost my respect with Obamacare.

            • @ Obtuseangler. BO care is going to be a disaster as this is a first step, because you are forcing people to pay through the nose for insurance and then one day it will be a requirement for you to be treated against your free will, which you will pay even more so. Our freedom to choose what we do is being eaten away daily. We are being forced to live under big brother and do, think, say, and live our lives ONLY what big brother says is okay.

              The supreme court has yet to throw a monkey wrench into the 2nd Amendment, but this is coming. Just have another massacre, even worse than Sandy Hook, and you can’t bet the supreme court is going to be at least highly pressured to prohibit peoples’ rights to defend themselves, the writing is on the wall.

              • Stalinist commies everywhere, supported by all courts, lawyers and .govs, however, there are 400,000,000 firearms in the arms of liberty and it’s going to be one hell of a show.

            • Agreed!

        • Stop calling them Gay, Somebody is always offended by some title or another. I am offended by them using the title Gay, my Mother’s middle name is Gay, and that means happy or cheerful. So keep calling them Queer, or Odd or Perverted because that is what they are. There is nothing normal about Queers! Even if you refuse to believe in GOD, you can surely look at nature and tell this is mentally sick. And we don’t typically allow mentally sick people to always have their way.Trekker Out.

          • Good, informative piece BI. I feel like you do Mountain Trekker.

            If people don’t wake up and see how they have been
            “duped” into believing the political correctness crap about acception of queers/lezzies as a part of modern society; they will pay a heavy price for that way of thinking. That PC crap has wormed it’s way into modern religion and has self proclaimed christians making exceptions and justifications for them to be accepted as normal. There is nothing normal about it.

            As i have said before; if two women find they have a mutual attraction and have been abused by men, or have an abundance of masculine genes and can’t help themselves, I see this as somewhat different than two men openly/publicly acting upon their lusts. Not that God sees it that way, it’s just how i see it. I don’t approve, but I don’t put the women into the same boat with faggots, as long as they stay private and keep their private life, private, and don’t make a gay pushing agenda out of it. Especially, when it comes to children and education.

            I will say one more thing and then I’m done. When the queer thing took over in Sodom & Gomorrah as well as many other cities in the region, it wasn’t just men; the women were in on the whole hedonistic lifestyle. So, for anyone to try and say it is somehow linked to genetics, as a general justification, is wrong. It is about becoming lovers of self and self gratification over the love of God and his laws. It will not go unpunished.

            The women, not all, were in on the whole thing in Sodom. They allowed their children to be used as sex objects, and some of the women were participants in these acts. Incest was rampant as well. People, especially church people, should understand God’s word here:

            Gen 18:20 And the LORD said, Because the cry of Sodom and Gomorrah is great, and because their sin is very grievous;
            Gen 18:21 I will go down now, and see whether they have done altogether according to the cry of it, which is come unto me; and if not, I will know.

            These were “not” the crys of adults that was being heard by God. Well maybe some, a few of the women that were trapped and couldn’t escape the evil men. But, most were the crys of the children. The little children were used as sex slaves. God had enough. He will have enough again. It is coming.

            I am watching for the downfall and collapse of Spain. It has become one of the most hedonistic societies of our time. The queers, and the acception/glorification of them has become rampant. Madrid holds one of the largest Gay Parades in the world with over a million participants. They are one of four countries that have a national policy of giving homosexuals every legal right possible including marriage. There are areas where hedonism is openly marketed. Their daily schedules are centered around having parties and night-clubing until 4:00 am, especially around the larger cities. Then a siesta in the afternoon to gear up for the next night. Overall, a sinful,dark society. God is watching them and He is watching America. Wake up people, or it will soon be too late.

            I apologize, to Mac and others for ranting off topic, but Eisen started this. I’m done.

            • ‘If God doesn’t punish America, He’ll have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah.’……Billy Graham

            • No more PC Kool-Aid.

      15. Preppers,

        I will not disagree with the fact that gold and silver has been a form of money for thousands of years. I have read history… But common sense needs to be applied here.

        If I HAD $1700 to spend right now, it wouldn’t be 1 little oz of gold, it would go for food / water supply, weapons, medicine and health care, automobile upgrades etc…

        Since only the two percent have this kind of money laying around, my bets are that I can trade some fresh water or food for a gold coin if things go really south. Or I could probably find some wealthily couple wanting to trade some gold for toilet paper cause their little butthole are raw from using whatever they had laying around.

        In closing, how many of you believe that we wouldn’t experience a VAT Tax like most of the world if our government and currency starts to collapse? There seems to be so few PM shops now days where I live. If the feds wanted to close down the gold and silver shop, I wouldn’t take but a day or two. The FEDS I believe would require or create a system that would make the banks the only place you could get cash for your gold… Of course there would be a fee for this as well.

        Silver is a better bet due to its multiplier to gold ratio.


        • Example

          Your darling little boy or girl is in need of some medicine or is dying of thirst. You have 5 gold coins word got around and you went up to them and offer a trade. You will give them a 24-pack of 16oz water bottles for just one gold coin. If I had 5 coins I would give one up to save my child.

          point is, gold is just a piece of metal when shtf!!!

          PUFF PUFF PASS

          • If you got the money, buy it. But you better make sure you have food, water, and something to protect it with before you buy gold. Priorities, my good man, priorities

        • Your right – you should be buying the necessities of life first.

          If your just waking up to SHTF – It makes no sense to buy gold or silver till you’ve purchased the necessities.

          Gold and silver is for excess FRN’s once life sustaining preps are complete.

          • Exactly — gold and silver are for exchanging into whatever is “money” AFTER the societal reset real preps are what gets you there. But make no mistake, IF you have substantial paper wealth remaining beyond making your thorough physical preps, gold and silver are preps too.

            For anyone wrestling with this concept, I recommend “Wealth, War and Wisdom” by Barton Biggs, a study of how folks in occupied countries during WWII rode out societal collapse (the short answer — the most successful had rural farms with well-stocked root cellars, weaponry, and any excess wealth stashed as gold & silver (including jewelry, candlesticks & silverware, etc) and rare artwork.) Fascinating read for any prepper, and unlike any other look at WWII out there. In the last chapter, Biggs recommends a similar playbook be employed in our current circumstances.


      16. I like you people. Shame what the government is putting you through. No answers to fix anything at this point. The die is cast. All you can do is prepare.

      17. Gold’s been the object of value in every civilization and in every century for at least eight thousand years. But hey, what does history mean?

      18. Call out the Hypocrites, everytime you see them
        Jim Carey hypocrite

        Mike Bloomberg..hypocrite

        The mayor also takes along a police detail when he travels, flying two officers on his private plane and paying as much as $400 a night to put them up at a hotel near his house; the city pays their wages while they are there, as it does whether Mr. Bloomberg is New York or not. Guns are largely forbidden in Bermuda — even most police officers do not use them — but the mayor’s guards have special permission to carry weapons.

        • I’m sure the Mayor of Bermuda is busy working on his plans to let all the Bermudans eat cake though…

      19. Food, water, guns and ammo for them, are things important to have in shtf, but basic use of hand tools, and a forge, will be priceless.

        The most important skills are mental and emotional. The ability to remain calm in crisis and creatively solve problems as they arise are what will save our families.

        • 4 year prepper says:

          @ kyratheyl says:

          My husband is a jack of all trades which includes owner of a cabinet shop, plumbing, electrical, boiler inspection, welding and many other things and LP gas.
          He is also the owner of calmness while I run around like a chicken little because I think the sky is falling. He comes second for strength in my life. Jesus is first in my live above all things.
          My husband is the master of many things and I am so proud to know him.
          NOW! If I could just get him to be a prepper of other things. In his eyes I am 2 sandwiches short of a picnic.

          4 year prepper

      20. The opportunity in the Junior mining sector belongs to those who own the resource and the management team who dilute YOUR shares as an independent investor, while giving themselves an insane amount of warrants and options.

        That is how these guys made their money: at your expense.

        It can cost tens of millions of dollars and eight years to bring a “mine” into production. Juniors require repeating levels of funding to bring the mine to production. Every time that management gets more funding to continue development, YOUR shares are diluted. In a true SHTF scenario, your shares in a Junior miner are worthless.

        If you invest in a junior miner, invest in one that is small, but PRODUCING bullion and generating cash flow with the potential for increasing production; otherwise you are buying shares on the “bigger fool theory”; and chances are that YOU are the bigger fool.

        Just saying. If you don’t hold it, you don’t own it.

      21. I am reading all the comments today and they are so diverst and if this is representative of a portion of our society, I do not think many are going to make it thru any type of major crisis. Yet there is a question to come from it all.
        What makes you think you are going to make it?
        Now I don’t want a reponse here. Just think about it.

        Do you have the financials and investments in place.
        A second valuable skill. Means to defend oneself. A place to live. Enough food and water. Do you have the WILL to survive and do those around you.Do you have the stomach for it.

        • I could write a book on the answers to those questions, and the crowd goes, “pullleeessse, not another long story by dt.” OK, don’t strip a gear. I’m done with the long stories for a few days. The last long one, on the previous topic will hold you for sometime. lol.

          I can sum it all up, by answering your first question, there slingshot. What makes me think I am going to make it?

          I can face anything and everything because I have lost the fear of dying. How many can truthfully say that? I, in fact, welcome it. God is still in control and those i leave behind are in His hands or under His feet. My future ain’t in this dimension.

          In the words of an old american Indian chief; “It is a good day to die”.

          • @ Don’t Tread

            You would indeed be a most formidable adversary.

            Sounds like, Sitting Bull

            • Sitting Bull was a pussey. Crazy Horse and Gall did work.

          • Not a bad quote: But I like: It’s a good day to attend the funeral of an enemy

          • @don’t Tread
            A very significant point about losing the fear of dying, probably lost on many here.

            I made my peace with God many decades ago. I also have believed in following a No Fear philosophy. As a consequence, I have taken risks in business, in love, in life. Won some, lost some. But at least I won’ t die with regrets. Have lived a very independent life, always worked for myself, have always made every effort to live under God’s rules, although not always successfully. When the collapse occurs, at least I have done my all making sure my family is safe.

            Fact is, none of us will survive long term. We are all food for the worms. Funny how most people ignore this fact. But I do have an ongoing, minute by minute, day by day relationship with my Maker. Earth will always be earth, full of sin and troubles. I simply try to make my temporary stay here reasonably comfortable for the people I love, meanwhile trying to grow and learn in this earthly classroom. I have been prepping all of my life for the day I meet God, so it is also easy for me to prep for an economic collapse as well. I am okay either way.

            This is a great blog, full of like minded folks. But as we are still in the world, the haters nonetheless chip in with their racist rants, full of themselves and their false histories. Many years ago read a book by Eric Hoffer entitled True Believer. Still a good read regarding why we have so many haters among us. Fact is, ego always gets us into trouble, and it is ego that always separates us from God – a reason I have always steered clear of people who are 100 percent positive they have “The Answer”.

            No point in getting into a pissing match with toxic people. In so doing, toxicity will contaminate. As Ben Franklin said, “a fool convinced against his will, will be of the same opinion still”

            So I go on this blog simply to learn. Also good to know there are some folks here of like mind, which, in turn, tells me I m not crazy, or perhaps tells me that at least there are other people out there as crazy as I am.

            • I’m with ya Ralphieboy, a little crazy is ok. It keeps us from going insane.

          • @Don’t Tread…..EXACTLY! When one does not fear death, one thinks more clearly….and their thoughts go to helping others….in any way that they possible can (especially in these days)….I WILL make it as long as I am meant to make it, helping as many people as I possibly can. I often feel frustrated and helpless but, yet, I am positive that I WILL make a difference to someone, somewhere….somehow and in some way….
            May God Bless US

            • *possibly..sorry for mistype

        • slingshot–Good Thoughts…..
          Gonna give you a response anyway.
          Folks that respond on SHTF are only giving us sound-bites
          of what their Prepping is all about.
          Due to the importance of OPSEC, I don’t believe anyone
          here is going to lay out a dossier of their prepper life
          for all the world to see. Nor should they…..

          BTW, I’m a big admirer of your posts. Green Thumbs.

          • Old West.

            Thanks. I want to have people do a gut check every once and awhile. Maybe fill in the blanks as they pop up.
            Like we know there are 50 million gun owners but not all 50 million prep. Likewise there are plenty of preppers and not all have guns. Can apply to most things. What we like to depend on may not be there to depend on. Never going to know for sure till we get there.

            • Sorry.


              Longing for the past.

            • Bloomberterd is the next George Soros

            • slingshot,

              You are aware that you just answered to all the questions you ask above? Never going to know for sure till we get there. Wise words, keep the faith buddy.


            • I meet waaaay more people who acknowlege that things are going to turn shitty than ones who are actually trying to mitigate the aforementioned shittyness.

        • “Do you have the stomach for it?”

          one has to get past that one to survive…

      22. I think there is a big bubble in retirement savings. Those people have been conditioned to ignore bubbles. In fact, they “buy the dips” on any corrections – it has worked as Congress has taken citizen money repeatedly and propped up the market (housing, banks, QE’s, flash crash reversals, etc) I think SHTF is very probable for those with stacked retirement accounts and with the leveraged investment houses behind them. You have to look at reality, gobblement is borrowI think those under 50 don’t have any (just my guess); and those over 50 are trying to ride the bubble. Since they have never experienced a crash which was allowed to complete, they figure it will always go something like >$2T/year to keep the hype afloat. That can’t go on forever. I’d say the stock market is priced for perfection. But, hey, I don’t own any stocks individually and have sent in my request to take my remaining $5K from my 401-K’s. I know I’m premature on doing this but need the money and can’t afford to lose it. Might be another good month or even 5 months or more in this bubble. I don’t know if EOTWAWKI is in store or just SHTF. My feeling about America is its definitely End of American as We Know It. The country has been fractured into a class of elites with absolutely no morals other than self-worship, a class of free loaders, now classes of allowed drug dealers, and other classes. The Americans who believe in the Constitution and are proud of the service of our legacy of military are a minority. American children never pledge allegiance to one nation under God, and the American public is simply being dragged along on a reckless course by the high finance and their subservient Congress. That said, I agree Gold may be one absolute in a nation of relativism.

      23. Did you’ll read where old bloomterd plans to spend millions on ads for gun control?

        Also, was wondering if anyone knows anything about the “D.C. Clothesline” post about the armed peace march in July?

        • Yes he going to spend millions like McDonalds has sold hamburgers.
          Can I get a large order of fries too.

          Next week he will try to legislate the removal of sour creme on Taco Supremes.

          • NOMI!

            • DK,

              Right on brother. NOMI Bloomberg and CATIYMF.


        • Grasshopper
          12 Mil. is his projected outlay..sincerly hope its a huge waste of his money..I hope like hell its his money and not ours..can someone look into where the 12 mil will come from?, would be nice to know whos footing the bill for this, and shut down the flow before it gets too far into it

          • Bloomberg is a billionaire, with more rolling in constantly. $12M isn’t a drop in the bucket to him — he recently spent over $2.2M in Chicago to get his preferred anti-gun candidate elected to criminal Jesse Jackson, Jr.’s seat. Bloomberg’s got at least one super-PAC going, Independence USA, to support anti-gun Democrats nationwide, and this brings even more money to bear.

            During all elections, from local to state to national, follow the money — try to find out who is behind all the PACs and super-PACs. As in the case with “Independence” USA, which is run by one of the most statist and anti-independence men in America, the name of the PAC doesn’t always tell the truth of its origins and intentions.

      24. I am selling what we do not need and “investing” in food and Lead!

      25. I personally believe that it has started in earnest now with the TPTB, they will not turn back. We are broke, no w-h tours, no air traffic control towers, no USDA meat inspectors and the list goes on and on.

        Yet we have the money to give the Palestinians 100 million and again this list goes on and on. I do not about all of you, but I’m sick and tired of all the B-LL- -SH-T. Let the Party begin soon very soon.

        Perhaps today is a good day to die! MOLON LABE

        Keep the FAITH

        • George Patton said let the other guy die for his country. If I have to go I will, but I’d like company leading the way.

          • @Paranoid: If my death means that you will have it a little easyer, then so be. You can bet on that I’ll take as many as I can with me. (I’m already dead was killed in southeast asia a long time ago by my own government) MOLON LABE

            Keep the FAITH

      26. If you buy gold somebody get’s a commission.This story looks like a a “SHAM WOW” commercial.

        OBTW. I think Gold is last on Prepping. but what do i know

        stay safe

        • I’m assuming that’s because you do not have more wealth than your prepping consumes… that is what gold is for.


        The age of thieves and it’s time to think and do for yourselves.

        This summer’s project.
        A massive 4 season heated “cold” frame from windows off of craigslist. Double pane.
        I will seek to provide my own veggies. Another from a long list of preps.

        I guestimate that USD will decline by 2016 to 2024.

        Get ready…they are destroying the globe’s currency to bring in their one world government.

        Counsel on Foreign Relations
        World bank

        You just know these guys are sitting around trying to engineer a mass culling of humanity… It won’t be by WW3. It will be by engineered virus.

        They will make the foods less nutritious…think Codex Alementarius.
        GMO foods to trash your liver.

        Better have a real good sustainable plan for your food supply
        and be ready to shelter in place if this goes down.

        Funny… Do you think the Jews that got out of Germany were paranoid back in Hitlers day when they saw the hand writing on the wall?

        • better hurry, i don’t think that you have the time that your thinking.

      28. Bubbles, what bubbles?

        One bubble that should be obvious is the bond market. When interest rates are artificially low, a condition the Federal Reserve Bank has engineered, then bond values are in a bubble. In some cases today, interest rates after deducting inflation, are actually negative. How long the Federal Reserve Bank can keep interest rates low is a subject of debate, but sooner or later, bond values will fall and interest rates will rise; this bubble will burst. Once interest rates finally start to move up, the market value of the loans and bonds held by banks will be decimated. This has the potential to collapse the banking system since it makes the already insolvent banks even more insolvent. So there is the potential for a huge deflationary impact from a bursting of the bond market bubble.

        Another bubble is the US dollar where it is significantly overvalued relative to other currencies (gold and silver being currencies too). At one time international trade was settled in dollars, creating artificial demand. Now there is a movement to end the dollar as the reserve currency as some nations are moving to settling trade with their own currencies. Gold and silver prices relative to the US dollar have been capped through naked shorting of gold and silver by the central banks and their partners, but this eventually will end, too.

        It is interesting that the supply of dollars is growing faster than demand, and imports to the US will become expensive for US consumers unless the dollar can be supported with higher interest rates. The only real way to support the value of the dollar is to let interest rates in the US increase, but this pops the bond bubble.

        And of course the economy already is in the tank. We are using half the gasoline we did back in 1997 when economic conditions were much more favorable, and that is after adjusting for improved gas mileage on newer cars. How is it possible we are using half the gasoline if the economy has not already contracted significantly? One of the reasons the interest rates are being held so low is to stimulate borrowing and spending of the borrowed new money, but businesses and individuals have been paying back loans wherever possible (de-leveraging) and new lending has been anemic, going mostly to the wasteful federal government. But at the direction of the Federal Reserve Bank, financial institutions have been feeding a good bit of what new money is being created into the stock market. This has supported stock prices.

        This is what I think will happen in 2013, as wild and unconventional as it might sound:

        The stock market will continue to rise, perhaps even explode up to 2.5 times present values by year end; all this will be artificial, driven by easy FED money that has nowhere else to go. But the stock market will give up all of the 2013 gains during 2014 and be back where we are today by early 2015.

        Given little choice, the FED will allow interest rates to move up in an ineffective effort to control the stock market blowoff, but the rate movement will lag the stock market movement by a few months as the FED tracks and then reacts to the stock market movement. Essentially rates will increase, possibly up to near 10%, and then decrease following the pattern of movement in the stock market.

        The movement upward in interest rates will support the US dollar and drive down gold and silver prices to 2014 lows that are unimaginable by most players today.

        The real economy cannot improve much no matter what the Federal Reserve Bank or the US government does. The industrial base in the US is gone, exported to places where labor costs are lower and regulations don’t destroy the ability of companies to function. What jobs do Obama and Bernanke think there are anyway? Europe is even worse. If the dollar does not maintain its value, and import prices increase, then there will be even less economic activity at these higher prices.

        And the culprit, in addition to the FED and the federal government, is energy acquisition cost. Oil for example, took the expenditure of 1 barrel of oil to bet back 100 in 1930. Today it takes the expenditure of 11 barrels to get back 100. It is following a 3% compound growth curve which means that in another 23.3 years it will take the expenditure of 22 barrels of oil to get back 100. Every time the cost increases, less oil energy is left to fuel the economy. This is a cost curve that will terminate the industrial age. Up until a few years ago, total worldwide oil production was increasing, so the loss for increased cost was disguised, but now total production is stagnating simply because we have not discovered enough new oil to out run depletion of existing fields. Nobody really noticed the cost increases because at first they were small (1 was doubled to 2, 2 to 4, 4 to 8, and now we are working on the moving from 8 to 16 barrels of cost). This is what it means when oil executives say the cheap oil is gone. So energy constraints are leading to a new paradigm of perpetual economic contraction, which in turn makes the fraudulent monetary system no longer sustainable. All sources of fossil fuels are experiencing compound growth in cost to acquire.

        My personal strategy is to be long the stock market for the rest of 2013, out of gold and silver, and out of bonds. By the end of the year I will be looking to increase my holdings of low tech farm land. By early 2015 I will be loading up on all the gold and silver coins I can find (I was heavy in silver from 2001 to 2011, but sold it all a month before the peak in 2011. And of course my standard survival preps continue.

        Don’t know if it all will work, but I am taking what I consider my best shot.

        • You put a lot of thought into this. A couple things to consider:

          The Fed cannot allow interest rates to rise to traditional levels because the cost of servicing current debt would swamp the federal budget.

          Metal values used to move inversely to the stock market. With the increase in ETF’s they have started moving together over the past few years. I wouldn’t assume physical metal prices would tank with stock prices.

          IMHO, timing the stock market is only for people who have inside information that they probably shouldn’t have. They make money selling stocks to folks like us who are on the outside. I don’t buy stocks for the same reason I don’t take grocery money to the casino. On the other hand, if you have the money to risk more power to you.

          Very well written post.

        • ballsy move Sid…i have no faith whatsoever in anything paper…I’m all in tangible and structural. (structural meaning building things to survive without the grid)

          “don’t go down without one helluva fight.”

        • Great info Sid…EROEI is the approaching light in the tunnel.

          • Isn’t it amazing how long the US has gone along it’s merry way by propping, smiling, optimism, laughing little media show, and in general bullshitting it’s way along. It truly amazes me each morning to watch the rosy little asswipes on TV jingling along. Worrying about Celebrity Apprentice and the NFL draft. Boy, what we have in store when the veil is lifted. We all know its coming.

      29. The North Star….

        I went for a walk tonite and saw the North Star. It is two stars from handle of Little Dipper. It does not move.

        It was a typical Idahoan night where all stars were visible. I could see most planets and even many of the satellites passing by. I even saw the Big Bastard, the Beltegues in Orions Belt, shining like no other. Jupiter was there, and so was Saturn. Neptune hiding and Venus moving.

        I wondered why was I here. Ugly in the flesh. Don’t know.

        Life has its value. A precious stone like no other.

        Homo Sapien and 46 chromosomes, yet a genetic code of history and hate. A code that should be decoded and looked at. Rewired? The Lord did good, we did not.

        It was a cold night, but an enjoyable walk. I am Ugly, and I am somebody. I will make a difference. I want to help my fellow man.

        If I ever get lost, I know the North Star. It is there and can guide me in troubled days when lost. With the North Star, I know ‘true’ East and West. I know where to go and hike to. It is a guiding light.

        We know our days are short. Be a true friend to others, whether family, friends, or even kooks. Be a light to them so that you will never have to tell them sorry.

        • Nothin’ ugly about you, Ugly! That was beautiful and important on many levels. Thanks!


        • I’ll be heading out for my evening walk in a few minutes myself ugly…just north of you in big sky country…

          Orion is situated in the sw sky right now and will disappear in about a month until late Sept…

          Near full moon will light the sky pretty well tonight.

          Dipper is to the north of me. (guess that is a good thing!)

          I want to help my fellow man also…the earth is an incredible place…thank you God.

          • @lastman….enjoy your walk. Montana is Big Sky! Beautiful area. As you know Pocatello is about 4 hours to Butte, and only around 2 hours to Spencer and Dillon.

            Evil Knievel rules!

            Wish the Vandals would have stayed in the Big Sky. UM and MSU were great rivalries back in those days.

            Did you see the Stones in Missoula?

            Enjoy your walk in Montana!!!!

            • Never been a stones fan…now that I understand the real meaning of many of their lyrics and who they stand with, I won’t support anything related to the underworld.

              I only support local business.

          • Thanks guys. i’m looking up as always. It’s kinda like a strange connection, knowing other people 2000 miles away are looking at the same star at the same time.

            It’s a big world, but seems a little more “cozy” with like minded friends.

            Speaking of friends, I have a couple of good friends that live in Augusta (Sun River), south of Great Falls. Visited there and hunted a few times in Scapegoat. Felt like home. love it.

      30. there is a story on the daily sheeple (link on left column) discussing an urgent memo from the russian ministry to its embassies advising both personnel and businesses to pull thier money fron western banks, namely eu and us. while the story neither links nor cites the source spilling the beans on these memos, if true it could be a huge domino in the monetary collapse game.

        btw, the president of china was just in russia, but he prob just stopped byfor some borscht. and the imf just pissed of the russian mafia so prob isnt any kind of retaliation, either. on the other hand, maybe russia is in on the bank-busting game with imf so cyprus was a set up from the get go.

        damn, headache already and i’m out of reynolds wrap. no matter how much i’d like to know the sausage making behind this mess the fact is things are so convoluted we may never know the truth. the truth can let us know who to be pissed at, but won’t change the outcome. guess i’ll just go back to prepping for the outcome.

        • KiminTN,

          I’m not sure about this warning but I have mentioned this several times over the last few years and would like some imput from the money men on this site.. If china and russia decide to anounce to the world that they are no longer using the petro dollar for oil,would this not be the fall of the USD? And isn’t this the reason for the US to go to war aginst Iraq and the Liybia?


          • @DPS….It is as you say. Yes, the USD is strong from its standpoint as a petro-dollar and world reserve holdings.

            Those have been slipping very fast.

            BRICS Nations, Russia, China, Iran, and others, are leaving the dollar. Only the Americans are clueless to this and it will destroy our status when they cash in and our so-called ‘bills’ are due.

            Our answer to this delima are wars and printings.

            Watch the dollar. Its rating is only 82, use to be above 100. As we lose the World’s Reserve status, we then are toasted. We are toasted anyway.

            America use to be the World’s Leaders in Technology and Production. Our dollar was very, very strong. The dollar stood by itself.

            Now we are a consumer nation. We consume more than we produce, thus debt. Our economy relies on consumer spending. We rely on debt.

            We are in meltdown, much like an icecube. At first, the icecube is solid. Then it starts to melt. Pretty soon some solid and some liquid. Then mostly liquid and not too much solid. Then all liquid and no solid. Thus, gone.

            This will happen in next 2-10 years. Nobody is fixing this. It will happen.

            • I like your ice cube analogy. It seems that the public are only monitoring the water/ice temperature and not how much ice remains. As such, they won’t get an alert until all the ice is gone.

          • If any country openly bids for gold, it will all be over for the USD.

            The US “liberated” Iraq and Libya because of their oil but I believe a bigger reason, their central banks that weren’t tied into the western system. Iran is another one… It’s only a matter of time for them, although I do believe they have some crazy assholes. I may be a crazy asshole too if I had big brother controlling things that wasn’t their business…

        • @ kimintn. When I start to see them pulling people out of Moscow and other Russian cities, then I would say it is time to find a nice cave somewhere to hide in. This Russian move could be the first before something a lot more serious begins in the Middle East. All the U.S. dollar is tied to oil and basically the only real tangible asset that the dollar has to back it. Loss of oil reserves because of war would mean serious problems for the dollar, especially if OPEC nations decide to dump the dollar because of war, to possibly increase their profits from using only precious metals to purchase what oil is left.

          The past few days the Mid Atlantic Ridge has been very active, this means likely to New Madrid will flare up within about 3 weeks to a month. You living in Tennessee live very close to this potential upheaval. I haven’t seen any strong indication of an imminent threat of something huge, but you can expect some movement from these areas being hit, especially all the earthquakes at between 54-60 degrees north on the Mid Atlantic Ridge. Start seeing movement between 14-20 degrees north and the New Madrid could let off a moderate quake. See a strong earthquake, mid to high 6 or larger at 14-20, and/or 54-60 degrees north, and that sucker could be getting ready to blow. You can see the latitudes on the USGS site. I will try to keep updated on this.

          • WOW- thanks so much for the update BI. this is the kind i check for daily and am always relieved NOT to find.

            but am also in a strange way quite relieved to find your warning. will move the crockpot from off top of the fridge 🙂

            • hey braveheart, keep the truck gassed up!

            • @ kimintn. One item I was told by earthquake disaster planners in california on top of having a special wrench to turn off the gas, was to protect the hot water heater. Many fires have occurred in even moderate quakes from the hot water heater falling over. You can purchase special straps that you connect to studs in the wall, or you can bolt the water heater to the floor. If you are not home when a strong enough quake knocks this over, a fire can happen and destroy all your emergency supplies in your home. That would be awful.

              • @be informed. With all that is going on. How do you prepare your kids. With their hope of going out on their own, going to college, all of that fun. Yet as parents we are prepping, making a plan b to leave everything and friends behind. We try to keep the details from our youngest daughter but our 2 teenagers are struggling with faith, the reality of what is going on and their loss of what they used to consider “normal”. My heart breaks knowing they will not grow up in the america I did or the one i tbought was it was. Sometimes I ask my husband if we can just go back to sleep. I’m thankful we are awake I wish it had been sooner. But right now the emotion of it is hitting me hard.

                • @ Concerned Mom.

                  Get out of Debt. Stay out of Debt. Put something away for a rainy day. Teach them how to invest to get ahead by not following the hype. Find the things that have substance. Tell the truth and no sugar coating.
                  Then hope for the best your wisdom is not fouled by the herd mentality.

              • 4yearprepper says:

                @Be informed says:

                Do like my husband and I did. Our water heater was in a bedroom closet in a corner very hard to reach.

                We had a tankless water heater installed outside our home that runs on gas since we heat with LP and have a 320 LP gas tank. With this method you never run out of hot water as long as you have gas. It comes with a wall thermostat that you can set your own temp. They are called RINNAI and come in electric also but need to be installed inside the home.
                On the downside when the current is off so is the hot water
                My son had one installed when he built his new home and we followed suit. Ours ran in the tune of $2,000.00 (installed price)and we have had it a couple years.
                We live in a hurricane area too in the south, so anything I purchase is to help those “off the grid” times more tolerable.
                In my younger days I would camp out in a tent with 2 small children, cook over a camp fire and just plain old “rough it”. I am not sure how my older bones can tolerate “roughing” today. My preps are for bugging in.
                We live in the country on 2 acres and have approx ten famililies living within eyesight that we know by first name and are great friends. I prefer the familiar as opposed to running into the unfamiliar.

                4 year prepper

      31. Mac:Just a short note…
        I wondered about some of the “stuff” advertised here.
        Might we get a “review/test drive” of what it all does?Especially something that promises “free energy”
        for low costs.
        I’m inclined to respect/trust what’s written here more than most.

        • GFG, Basically, for our prt, we do not own the websites or products/services advertised, and thus are unable to provide discounts as everything is owner/operated by third parties. In the near future, when the forum goes live there willbea soet of Prepper Services and Products area where people can openly discuss these… hopefully, it will also open communication between users and advertisers as well.

          • Mac…Im not tech savvy what do you mean “goes live”?I mean isnt it live now? What will the changes be?

          • Mac:
            Perhaps I wasn’t clear….
            What I was seeking was a “first look” at the products adv. here.I’m sure many of them are useful and worthwhile.Be it gold sellers,energy products,etc,etc…
            Even a you-tube video showing what they do and what you can do with them would be most helpful(a revenue enhancement item for the site as well perhaps?One of the hottest revenue generators for a web site is one or more of these,according to Bloomberg News.What ever else can be said about them,when it comes to business enhancement they’re first-class!).A you-tube video was of great use when I needed to replace a Moen basin faucet fixture(seems impossible if you DON’T know how it’s setup).Jus’ thinking aloud…

            • GfG, thanks for the clarification.. we *may* do something like this in the future with select products.i have chatted with some of our advertisers about products that i find to be very helpful, so it’s definitely a possibility. Even having other users post videos if they have tried a product would be of benefit, i think.



      32. Jim[another Jim], I also have a Ruger 10/22 and swear by it. It’s also my primary SHTF weapon. I started stockpiling .22LR ammo last summer and bought 2 .22LR pistols along the way. I’ve also invested heavily in all of the other essentials needed for survival. It’s only a matter of time before our economy dies. I think we only have weeks at most before “Cyprusitis” comes to our shores. I see everything blowing up in the spring, then we have a LONG, HOT SUMMER! I’m prepping all the way to the last minute and even beyond if possible. braveheart

        • braveheart

          The central banks/politburos can now overstep a sovereign parliament without a shot being fired..witness Cyprus this morning..

          This could very well be the second”shot heard round the world” without a standing army involved..

          We know all to well that the fed is heavily vested in banking worldwide…and probably gave the “papal blessing’ from pope Bernanke for the “haircut” just imposed today..

          This is most likely a litmus test to see how it plays out.

          I couldn’t agree more..”Cyprusitis”!!!

          Well done..


          • Go to silverdoctors latest post..they are all over this Cyprus deal..

            Monday 630 am


            • SD is a joke, they are reporting 40%, most other sights say 20%. Most of their commentary is very dramatic.

      33. Just a bit of interesting history here that one does not hear about often. From THE PANIC OF 1819

        In 1819, the impressive post-War of 1812 economic expansion ended. Banks throughout the country failed; mortgages were foreclosed, forcing people out of their homes and off their farms. Falling prices impaired agriculture and manufacturing, triggering widespread unemployment. All regions of the country were impacted and prosperity did not return until 1824.

        The primary cause of the misery seems to have been a change toward more conservative credit policies by the Second Bank of the United States (rechartered in 1816). The wary directors viewed with scorn the unconventional practices of many western banks. The B.U.S. called in its loans, forcing the state banks to do likewise. State loans had been made to land speculators who were unable to repay; banks failed and depositors were wiped out. Conditions were exacerbated by the influx of large quantities of foreign goods into the American market and the slumping cotton market in the South.

        James Flint, a traveler from Scotland, wrote a letter from Jefferson, Indiana, on May 4, 1820, in which he commented on the panic:

        Merchants in Cincinnati, as elsewhere, have got into debt by buying property or by building houses, but are now secure in the possession. Such people, notwithstanding, complain of the badness of the times, finding that the trade of buying without paying cannot be continued. Those who have not already secured an independence for life may soon be willing to have trade and fair dealing as formerly. Property laws deprive creditors of the debts now due to them; but they cannot force them to give credit as they were wont to do.
        Reaction to the Panic depended upon where one lived. Northern manufacturers thought future economic downturns could be avoided by enacting high tariffs that would protect them from foreign competition. Southerners, however, resented the higher prices they had to pay for imports because of the tariff and began a long campaign against those duties, hoping that freer trade would revive the cotton economy. Westerners, taking a still different approach, blamed the bankers and speculators.

      34. Alot of insightful posts today, some very interesting.

        The recent visit by China to the Russians spells trouble I’m afraid. Both China and Russia know that the US is in dire straits and they both have the most to gain from it.

        Ex: WWIII and China stops all exports to the US. That pretty much wipes out 95% of US goods and stores would fall over easier than baseball card houses. The petro dollar finally disapears in a wisp of smoke and poof! It’s gone. America no longer has the massive mfg or factories like they did in WWII, so they cannot even hope to win a ‘conventional’ or protracted war.

        This is where it gets nasty. Either we nuke them or they nuke us at some point till one side or the other cries uncle. There are of course scalar weapons and unconventional means to use as well, but don’t think for one minute that one side or both is going to be playing for all the marbles. America is an overripe piece of low hanging fruit…about to be plucked. I could be wrong (and hope I am)…but I doubt it. Remember a dis-armed America is an easy America to invade. Keep your powder dry… you know the rest.

      35. Euro going down…

        Central banks stocking gold.

        Google: “Global Currency Reset”

        Oil to rise in place.
        Elite stocking gold and silver.

        This is why the big push for disarming the people.
        The elite are worried about the masses with pitch forks, rope and shot guns.
        They are scared of us… nowhere for these guys to hide and we all know who they are.
        That’s just my guess and I do NOT advocate violence.

        Instead…pay off all your debts.
        Live debt free and make sure your kids are NOT debt slaves.
        That is their new goal.

        My new prep… A gardening 4 season hot bedf for a salad garden.
        More self sufficiency.
        Zero eating out.
        Zero credit card use.
        Pay down all debts and don’t even open new debt offers… write on them “REFUSE” and send back.

        Great time to keep your mouth shut about your preps. NO BRAGGING.
        Stop trying to educate everyone. If they don’t get it by now…then they never will.
        If someone ask…then ok…but keep it on the quiet.
        Be smart.

        • @Federal…..I grow sprouts for salads…many different varieties and grow indoors with minimal effort, but taste great and nutritious. I, myself, enjoy a combination of alfalfa and broccoli….and bean sprouts. Seeds can be found online or in health food stores…very inexpensive.


        I think this is one’s last chance to buy silver before the big revaluation.

        Trust God…not man.

        God made silver
        Man made paper. print, print print

        Paper money are just “ticket”…think of it that way.
        3 tickets to ride the ride… next week 5 ticket..then 7, then 12, then 25…you get the idea.


        “And tonight we are told Bank of Cyprus uninsured ‘savers’ will face 40% haircuts and Laiki uninsured ‘savers’ as much as 100% (or total wipeout). It seems the lessons of Juncker are well studied in all the European Nations.”

        40-100% ???

        WOW !!!

        time to start hanging bankers and corrupt government officials from the nearest lampposts

        • BWAHAHAHAHA This is so awesome! Remember, preppers are crazzyyyyy for buying gold.

        • Are banks burning?

        • Thanks. Good thing this one was directed somewhere else in space!

          2003: The Ultra-Powerful Halloween Sun Storm

          On Oct. 28, 2003, the sun unleashed a whopper of a solar flare. The intense sun storm was so strong it overwhelmed the spacecraft sensor measuring it. The sensor topped out at X28, already a massive flare), but later analysis found that the flare reached a peak strength of about X45, NASA has said.

        • yes, it likely will be Spain next, if I were to bet. These are the results I was looking for. It appears it may actually happen. *fingers crossed*

          • @durango kid, Any thought on how your beloved “wealthy” will respond to confiscation of fiat funds with no where to hide? I am curious as to your thoughts on this. Or do you think they will keep the faith?

        • Hey, a lot of times the numbers use notional value instead of instrument value. E.g. you could pay $5M for a group of 10 year bonds with a yield of $5.1M. Now, the bonds themselves may be for $500M. Is the “exposure” $500M or “5M”? I don’t know from most websites what they are saying. Yes, you would have a total exposure of $500M if the bonds paid nothing. I don’t know the least bonds ever pay but think you would at least get something.
          Now, you could hold the bond position and the yield and sell off some interest rate performance component such as saying, I paid $5M and will earn %5.1M so I’ll sell XYZ the 0.1M component. Obviously, XYZ would want to pay you less than 0.1M. Now, do the websites then claim XYZ has an exposure of $500M or just of $0.1M? Really, if TSHT in this investment, XYZ will lose no more than what he/she paid.
          For sure, its a stacking problem. I think this was the argument made to create trillions and provide it to the big investment banks: to prevent any blocks from falling from the stack. The “exposure” risk is because everything is pyramidded on top of itself. If ever again any major derivative pops then the whole bubble will pop: I don’t see any way TPTB could print up another $20T. I guess they could. Maybe they are printing $T’s every year to keep the bubble alive.

        • Everyone should read this article.
          Thanks Walt.

        • Walt,

          Read about this a few months back, hard to believe what the get away with. Remember the old Pace Hot sauce commercial. (Get A Rope)


      38. Cyprus gets its haircut. On Drudge.

      39. Dollar UP. Gold and silver down.

      40. I come here and read the same stuff over and over. And still nothing has happened……

        • But if you look over the past two years then lots of things have happened. Over the last ten years, a huge amount of things. Over the last 30 years, USA has turned socialist. Probably need a history/timeline of what is happening.

        • @hutsy.
          I would say we have been pretty lucky so far. I agree we do rehash things over time and time again with a twist to the subject matter. Helps the Newbies catch up.
          I do believe we are sitting on a powder keg. Too many variables for it not to blow up. Go to YouTube and type in any major city’s name with slum added and see what you get. Many are saying there will be a Pump and Dump in the stock market. High unemployment either full time, part time or those who just gave up. The homeless and crime figures continue to rise. More taxes and fees. What is happening overseas may visit us soon enough.
          So as our Politicians and Bankers dine on the finest food and drink and you have soda and bologna sandwiches, how long is that going to last? When things start to change it will happen quickly.

      41. These ammo manufaturers better wake up to who supported them thru the good times, and who will remember this forever.

        Gun owners have a very very long memory, and will not forget these traitorist acts.
        Same goes for all these “out door stores” gouging in the prices for what they do have to sell.

        I have made a pact that if i see a store gouging on thier prices, I will not buy a dam thing from them, period. And it needs to hurt thier bottom line.Please get on board with this and send the message.

        Also ..Funny how the Government has left all these police departments neutered without adequate supplies of ammo, they have left THEIR first line of defense with no way to thug their way around, and invade and userp OUR Coppers..whos side are you on now?..seems your government has turned its back on you as they have its Citizen tax(wadge) payers…welcome to the party pal’s.

        Time to wake the F up thin blue line. Aint it nice getting screwed by your own?..pick a side, ’cause its coming hard and fast..yes I know my smugness isnt going to be liked, but its not my fault who you chose to serve.

        Remember the Constitution and your Oath..and remember how your jackboots have stomped upon it, most of us will remember how you position yourselfs from this time forward.
        choice is wise

      42. Just read this article about a retired army captain claiming that DHS acquisitions are a “bold threat of war”.

        I may not know much, but if it walks like a duck and it quacks like a duck then it must be duck season.

        I believe in liberty and in America and though I may never have served in the military I would die for the real red, white and blue. May God keep us safe and help us see through the lies in the days to come.


      44. Some words that the EU investers did not want to hear.

        “Cyprus a Template For EU”


        Source Drudge Report

        • Dijsselbloem shocker is U.S.’s template, too.
          Source Market Watch

          Looks to be a wild spring.


        • If Cyprus is indeed a template for the EU and perhaps even America and the world, I would be very concerned if I was someone who held large amounts of “wealth” in ANY financial institutions in the world. The Canadian government in the last couple of days has made rumblings about going after rich people who are offshoring money. It appears that the governments of the world have gotten so scared and so desperate that they may actually be about to do the unthinkable. They may actually go after the rich and corporations that they prop up and essentially strip them of their wealth. Stay tuned.

      45. DHS To Buy 360,000 More Rounds of Hollow Point Ammo

        Drudge Report

        • Here is the delivery address

          “The bullets are to be delivered to the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in Artesia, New Mexico, the same destination for 240,000 hollow point rounds which were purchased only last month.”

      46. Welcome our group The Bunker Brothers…We are 2 brothers who are looking to creating a group for like minded individuals to share opinions, ideas, recipes, and plans for the future of their family and loved ones. No matter what your belief for future of our country, this group is here to meet others and share ideas for the preparation and discovery tools for essentials of survivability in all situations.

      47. Same shit Hitler pulled..

        “N.Y. State has established a toll-free tip line — 1-855-GUNSNYS (1-855- 486-7697) to encourage residents to report illegal firearm possession,” The Record posted yesterday on its Facebook page. “The tip line also allows for information to be submitted via text — individuals can text GUNTIP and their message to CRIMES (274637).

        “The New York State Police staff the tip line 24 hours a day,” the post continues. “Upon receiving a call, troopers will solicit as much information as possible regarding a firearm tip then contact the appropriate police agency with the lead to initiate an investigation.

        “If the information leads to an arrest for the illegal possession of a firearm, the ‘tipster’ will be awarded $500,” the post concludes.

        I have a cure for this…Flood the line with bogus calls, report Bloomburg, cops, politicians, Bankers, keep em buisy with thier own. sit back and watch the party

      48. Ask the Native American tribes how much you can trust the Gov. of the United States.

        I posted this a few days ago, Cyprus is tiny, not even 1/10 of the EU’s economy. It effects the Euro very little. The only ones to starve will be “The Little Guy” just like in Greece.

        So ask yourself, “Am I a Big Guy or a Little Guy?”. “Is it worth while for the U.S. Government to keep me/ my family alive and solvent, or allow some rat bastard to steal all that I/we have?”.

        Once you’ve got an answer, prep accordingly.

      49. Hundreds of Topics, thousands of posts, but have we done anything to offset the “Normalcy Bias” that is so entrenched.

        A Jack In The Box, for sure.

      50. Unbelievable…American citizens (even children) get molested by the TSA before they can board an airplane. But, Saudi citizens traveling here now get “special treatment” and can “skip the normal passport controls”…

        DHS questioned over decision to let Saudi passengers skip normal passport controls

        “Sources voiced concern about the decision to the Investigative Project on Terrorism, which issued a report Wednesday on the under-the-radar announcement – which was first made by Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano after meeting in January with her Saudi counterpart.

        According to the IPT, this would be the first time the Saudi government has been given such a direct role in fast-tracking people for entry into the United States…

        Only an exclusive handful of countries enjoy inclusion in the Global Entry program — Canada, Mexico, South Korea and the Netherlands. According to the IPT, some officials are questioning why Saudi Arabia gets to reap the benefits of the program, when key U.S. allies like Germany and France are not enrolled; Israel has reached a deal with the U.S., but that partnership has not yet been implemented.”

        “Any Saudi travelers cleared through the program will be able to bypass the normal customs line after providing passports and fingerprints. The status lasts for five years.”

        Fox News

      51. Two more months of food storrage for my family completed this weekend..what did you do with your weekend?

        • Cut the grass.

          • Holy shizzle. We got buried in about 4-6 inches of snow. I’m a little jealous that you have cutable lawn.

        • got yet another dog, and taught the grandkid to golf.

          next weekend teaching the dog to fetch golf balls 🙂

        • Plowed snow…fixed cages…worked on a hoopshed…planted more lettuce in the hoophouse…visited SHTF Plan….ate too much(a coupla times 🙂 ….and other mundane things too numerous to recall…Oh,I called obama nasty names about a hundred times… 😉

          • Bought baby chicks, hubby building a coop, dehydrated some more fruit, and made my coupon saving rounds to add to my stockpile.

      52. Blonde,

        My weekend starting with happy hour friday. Then shifted to getting all my raised beds ready to plant with the seeds I started 2 weeks ago indoors, it was followed up by cutting my asparagus before the snow moved in on saturday night. Sunday was cold and slow so I posted some here while I reloaded some more shells. Today has been slow so in between posting here and read the news I have built 2 new cold frames for my seedlings to go in during the next few weeks.


      53. Blondie and KY Mom’s posts just prove– the enemy is us (in their eye’s).

      54. I prefer to put what monies I can afford toward tangible goods….perhaps that may mean that I, like many others in the same financial boat as I, will become the “new general merchandise stores” in the future….:)

      55. On a lighter note…
        If the israelies just weren’t so totally “Jews Only Allowed” to those who want to be citizens I’d have to rethink my usa citizenship based on these girls…
        Given their looks King Solomon must have lost his eyesight and sense of touch when he decided to marry “foreign wives”(i.E. full-blown pagans.)over lovelies like these.

      56. Greeting Everyone!
        I wonder if our current CIC isn’t planning “something nasty” with TPTB here and abroad.He be able to claim a “Temporary State of Emergency” and as long as he stays a “made man”.He becomes Prez-man for Life”(ours,not his).Can you say “Hail Emperor” real fast 3 times for a crust of bread?
        A distant friend wrote me that her local USPS office sent her a letter to watch her carrier and report any other neighborhood “suspicious activity”.I guess they didn’t notice her background of west coast Asian.Some of her older family were part of those that “lost” their farms to government-mandated seizures and interred “for their own protection”.I’ll let you guess what was said about letter….

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