Final Warnings Report – Economic Precipice Near *Video*

by | Jan 10, 2011 | Forecasting, Headline News | 106 comments

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    The latest video from SGTbull07 follows up on our recent post Confirmed: We’re Literally On the Brink of Catastrophic Collapse.

    Regardless of what we’re told by our government officials and Federal Reserve Chairman in media soundbites, or what a large portion of our fellow Americans want to believe after they’re done smoking or injecting their daily dose of hopium, the reality is that the world, especially the United States, is about to enter a time unlike anything we’ve ever seen before.

    Those who can read the writing on the wall are preparing for the worst.

    Now is the time to start thinking about what assets will retain value.

    Got silver? Got bulk food? How about brass? You don’t have to go all in, but if you’re not looking ahead at the possibility of a completely worthless US dollar and an unprecedented economic meltdown, then we’re not exactly sure what additional evidence you need in order to be convinced that a storm is coming.

    You can be a week, a month or even several years early. But you most certainly don’t want to be a day late on this one.

    More videos from SGTbull07

    Read Tim Geithner’s January 6, 2011 letter to Harry Reid / Congress

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        Excellent video & I appreciate the “on the street” review regarding the local coin show information! Another insightful & some-what frightening reality is from John Embry. He heads up the new Sprott Physical Silver Fund. He describes in the link how much trouble they are having finding Real Silver for this Fund. This guy is an old pro and that ought to help stir up from our slumber.
        Keep the helpful info coming, Michael

        • You don’t have to go all in, but if you’re not looking ahead at the possibility of a completely worthless US dollar and an unprecedented economic meltdown, then we’re not exactly sure what additional evidence you need in order to be convinced that a storm is coming.

      2. quit scaring me like that!!!

        It’s not nice to scare people like that.

        What’s wrong with you guys?

        But seriously, I have given up trying to get people off their asses and do something positive to protect themselves.  I have lost many friends, they do not return my calls or emails any more because I am such a “doomer” but when this happens, I will be doing “okay” … for a while at least – “FINANCIALLY” and “food-wise” and “bandaids and the like”…

        Forget the coming ice age and potential pole shift (oh, never mind, they had to re-do the runway signs at the airport because compasses don’t work right anymore…duh)

        People won’t even put six months of food away.  Buy silver?  You must be joking.  “Normalcy bias” or whatever you want to call it…

        I am fond of saying…

        My friends who appear to have taken the red pill (believe things are not as they seem) washed it down with kool-aid (they still do nothing to save themselves)…


        Schlepping Sheep Sleeping People…

      3. I must admit I am a victim/practitioner of “normalcy bias” as well, I guess it’s ingrained – I am making “business” plans that are not necessarily based on the collapse.  However one of my plans is to market security door & window products for homeowners who want to harden their homes’ exteriors due to the coming crime wave that will happen due to the millions who will soon have no other option but stealing to survive…

        That’s my new “normal”…

        Just the when – it sounds like it could be any day…but I suspect that the govt is going to come up with some way to kick the can down the road (further into Mirkwood)…

      4. Absolutely on target Mac.  Charlie McGrath said that turbo Timmy was trying to pull a Paulson and escalate the fear factor to manipulate the sheep (and the congresscritters) to raise the debt ceiling again.  It is a pretty good analysis, you might find it informative:


        • GMAFB, thanks for the video. Charlie is great, as always.

          Michelle, I will give that one a look-see. Much appreciated.

          Thanks for the informative comments all!


      5. “in OUR history, congress has never…………” notice latter he says “united states” seems to me, he wants US to borrow money from OUR!  

      6. And for those who arent perhaps aware CNN Internationational had a foot note that mentioned “California public schools are facing fiscal emergency”.  A crisis looms folks.  Prepare!  Wake up America while there is still time.  Great Post. 

      7. in the dictionary us will sometimes mean united states, the dictionary never says OUR means united states. He must really be concerned about  united states?

      8. Silver is still out there for purchase but I must say that a couple of years ago I would bid on coins on Ebay and MAYBE had one or two other people bidding against me but NOW there are 10-12 different people placing multiple bids driving prices much higher then spot plus premium. I am lucky that I started a couple of years ago and got it around 15.00 oz. Now….Everyone wants in.    

      9. Michelle,

        To make you laugh a bit, do you remember the Home Alone movie and how the little kid defended his home?
        It is still my favorite and now my daughter is laughing with it too.
        To get serious, it’s not necessary to face gloom and doom things in order to be prepared. Just look at us in Europe. We are going down with a rapid pace, and crime is increasing. In Greece every day we hear about burglaries where the homeowners slept deep due to some spray that the burglars used. Afterwards the house was emptied to the tiles. I still wonder how these spray bottles enter through the country’s customs. Unless some bigger plan is on the way (which includes permanent green card for those “poor immigrants” as the leftist parties like to call them).
        So trying to make something related to home safety, means that you are in the right direction.
        As for your friends, i would try not to make uncomfortable conversations with people that cannot handle it. You face the danger to be considered as a “toxic” person and lose your friends.
        Just continue your preparations silently.


      10. Heard a couple of guys in a store talking…
        “We should reinstitute slavery to help pay off the debt…start with Obama.”
        Scary talk…sounding like Nazis Germany out there.

      11. I’m well prepared for a *total* financial collapse.  But due to some problems in the past year, I’m not very well prepared for a partial one.  My one hope, is that the foreclosure courts will be so tied up that they won’t get around to me for several months, due to the number of people much worse off than me.

        If so, I’ve got food, clothing, shelter, heat, and water covered.

      12. Comments…..  During 2010, the economic can was kicked down the road till now.   Unfortunately, as many municipalities, and  stae governments are finding out, there is literally no more money to be had to run things.  All those fantastic union contracts for county services, all those great pension benefits, they will soon be worthless.  Government entities simply can’t understand that there isn’t any bailouts coming for them.
            I read more and more, of local cities laying off  employess, one after the other, and simply telling them that they can’t afford their services.    What part of “we ain’t got no money” don’t people understand?  I still think local governemnts are waiting for the bailout fairy to drop off some money in a gold pot. 
            Now, with the new year, the brick wall is right in  front of local leaders.   I predict that local governments will declare bankruptcy, force new union contracts and pension benefits, and tell people, “take it or else”.  There is no other alternative.
             I think very soon, some web site will start a municipality bankruptcy tote board, as many will begin to fall, just like a row of dominos.  Things are going to get dicey real fast.   Enjoy the show.

      13. Can anyone provide a link to where the Treasury Secretary said “unless we get a trillion dollars by March”?  It doesn’t seem to say that in the letter, at least not that I can see.  I keep hearing that he said it but where and when? 


      14. Here’s the order…
        Stock the house with food……about a years worth.
        Secure your house while you wait for the order.
        Get a shotgun and ammo for civil unrest.
        Stock gasoline
        Create your bugout bags…if you have to bug out.
        Have a family plan.
        Have the camping stuff ready to hit the woods if you don’t have a second bugout location.
        Silver up. or some other source…forget the price..just keep buying.  The common man is just waking up now.
        Do research on what went down in Weimar Germany in 1923.
        Ignore the NWO media..It’s all Lies!
        Ignore all who call you a doom and gloomer…better to be ready.
        Observe video of folks doing a black friday shopping trip…folks, these people were just going to buy some toys…imagine when they have no food… or cannot afford it. 
        Be aware this was a planned collpase by the elite..think Bilderberg group…they want to suck us into a global govt.  then they will enslave us financially and into their warped view of food.
        Get some marlar bags, oxygen absorbers and a sealing machine…mason jars are good too…pack some beans, rice and emergency foods.
        Good luck….
        ps.  United States is collpasing.  Face facts…all is NOT well.
        Also…stock a little extra ammo for if China and Russia invade…they will kick us when we are down.  THANK GOD FOR NUCLEAR WEAPONS!!!

      15. Thanks for the video. My husband and I have been preparing for over 2 years. We have a small handful of family members who have listened to us. NONE of our friends have heeded our advice. I no longer talk to anyone about what is coming down the pike. They prefer to keep their heads firmly planted in the sand. Good luck to them. Don’t come knocking at our door.

      16. Excellent video and thank you for making the letter from Geithner available. It is shocking how many people are completely in denial about the financial situation. I myself have started to invest in silver 2 years ago and I assume that we will see the final meltdown somewhere in 2011 or 2012.

      17. Great post! I updated my little grandma blog this morning with this information, along with links to some sites that are not necessarily hard-core prepper sites, but are still helpful. I really can’t recall if I found this site here (things are getting a little blurry, I’ve read so much in so many places…), but here it is for newbies –

      18. I don’t know if it is just me, but I have been noticing an uptick in people stating or alluding to taking on more debt/defaulting on purpose in the name of prepping.  Isn’t that a bit irresponsible?  I understand that it is well intentioned, however debt got us into this mess, debt on the individual, local, state, and federal levels got us into this mess.  With all of the manipulation going on, no one can say when the S will finally HTF.  I would hate for people to get into such a tizzy to prep and default on their debts now, when the collapse may not happen for years to come.  Just sayin’, be careful people. 

      19. @Riseandriseagain- I agree with you.  Anybody who thinks they will be able to just *default on debt* in the comming economic collapse hasn’t read the rewrite of the bankruptcy laws- in which if “average income” in your state goes to hell in a handbasket, you’ll owe EVERYTHING and your family down to the third generation will become INDENTURED SLAVES to your debt.

        That is why I’m so worried- because I was forced to go back into unsecured debt (mainly medical, but a few thousand in consumer as well).  If the average wage falls to minimum wage, as it likely will in an economic collapse, then suddenly anybody earning above a minimum wage will no longer have the option of default.  AT ALL.

      20. Johny5, it is difficult to find a specific answer regarding what the debt ceiling would be raised to. Democrats seem to want to raise it without any consideration about spending cuts, while republicans seem to be fighting for a spending cut bill along with raising the debt ceiling. I have read numbers from several hundred billion to above a trillion.

        To give you an idea, in February of 2010 Congress passed a bill raising the then debt ceiling from $12.4 trillion to $14.2 trillion. As of yet, no bill has been introduced that specifically gives us a number on what it would be raised to. (Link:

        Also, consider that when they were working to pass the 2010 debt ceiling legislation, the CBO estimated that the US government would take on an additional $9 trillion in debt over the course of this decade, which would likely require a significant limit increase from here. (link: )

        Currently, we are about $300 billion under the ceiling of $14.2 trillion, but will we exceed this by March 31, 2011 according to Treasury Secy. Tim Geithner. So, unless we want to be voting on another debt ceiling bill later this year then if they are going to raise it, it is likely going to be in the area of a trillion dollars – even if the republicans end up getting nominal spending cuts into the bill.

        We’ll know more, of course, once the new bill is introduced, but for now, it doesn’t seem like anyone in Congress wants to give specifics.

      21. The compass is working correctly, it’s just the mag var is changing with the lines of flux. The airport authority at Tampa had the numbers changed to reflect the correct number to make it safer. Charts are updated along with pubs all the time. East is least, West is best!
        Nice video Mac!

      22. Actually, I’m not at all sure that the US is in a Weimar situation- more of a Weimar mixed with Bananna Republic situation, in which there is enough currency to create hyperinflation among the rich on Wall Street, but due to hoarding Main Street is quickly on it’s way to such a currency shortage as to create deflation with a barter market!

      23. @manos – thanks for the reply and information -  I want to find out about what this “spray” is, too.

        As for the friends.  I don’t want stupid schleople  friends who will be a liability in the crisis.  I would just as soon have them far away from me and if they know they didn’t heed my warnings perhaps they will be too “sheepish” to come begging for food – but I doubt it.

        So I have some extra boxes of white rice for them.  They ain’t gettin’ my tuna fish though.

      24. Mac – I assume you mean the pole shift stuff.

        You can go to and see the articles about the coming ice age, and the author has also written a much scarier book about the magnetic reversal and there are links to his magnetic reversal site, too.

        Patrick Geryl has written several books on this, and this series of videos was food for thought as well:

      25. Thanks Mac, agreed 100%.  I just thought it sounded very ominous that the comment of “we need $1T by March” came from Tim G.  Either way, to raise or not, it doesn’t look good.

      26. So the economy fails, we have no jobs, we live in our houses that we can’t afford and then go into foreclosure? Who is going to come take my house I haven’t paid for? The mortgage company? The government? Then what do I do with all the food, ammo and water that I have stored?

        If the dollar isn’t worth anything and you do actually have a job, are we getting paid in silver and/or gold? We supposed to pay our mortgage with silver? If we are making minimum wage but our mortgage is still $3000.00 a month kind of seems like we are stuck in a “f*cked if you do, f*cked if you don’t” situation.

        I see in my head storing food, ammo, water and as much other supplies as necessary and living in my house. But still so many scenarios and questions that run through my head.

      27. Here’s more viewing pleasure for you childrens…


        Michelle, when the white rice is gone, they will be back.


        Michelle, there are one hundred people on my street, most of them morbidly obese.  One lady has the ambulance come and get her every week.  The fireman said she has broken the bottom out of it, since she is above the weight limit.  They will not go qiuetly….

      30. @TheAllMightyMe

        I think a foreclosure or a mortgage company sending someone to you door after a SHTF senario will not happen..
        or at least the first few that think its a bright idea will be met with the business end of something cold and blued, and it might become one of the most dangerous jobs.
        If its a total country wide SHTF..i think “those” people will be too busy to deal with the homes that are not paid off.
        as far as what to do with the stored food..its yours , and as far as the ammo..well maybe it might need to be used to keep you closer to your stash.
        This is only in the case of a complete shut down, SHTF..nation wide anarchy.
        stand your ground, lock up and secure your place so no one can get in, and lock and load..
        any bank would be a fool to play russian roulette at that  time in the game

        I could be completely wrong, as it is ..when have we had a total melt down to deal with..right?

        oh and BTW..everyone..
        if your living in a home..remember your hot water tank holds its capacity in clean water, and same with the pipes in your home, so if the water system goes down , at that time you still have some back up water supply thats not some cases this could be well over 50 to 70 gallons.

        but dont rely only on water too..
        but if it gets to where your out looking for water..this is a good place in an abandoned home to look for clean water, at least for a while

      31. “You don’t have to go all in…”

        Its too late for that. I’m not just all in, I’m all in and then some. Prepare for the worst? At my level, the worst better prepare for me.

        While food, ammo and fuel stocks are important, whats more important is dealing with it. Look at it as a challenge, an adventure. Hate your boring little life? In a rut? Not for much longer, it appears. Made mistakes in your life? Won’t matter soon. Cowboy (and cowgirl up). Its almost time. If things don’t calm down, I think 2011 is SHTF Year… I’m ready for this bad boy to bust and get the recovery going. What has infected our government will not get fixed any other way. 

      32. There are companies who hire free-lance agents to knock on the doors of people who are behind on their mortgages and see if they are still there, etc. They have a VERY difficult time finding help, since agents have routinely been verbally and physically assaulted, some of them fatally. It is a VERY dangerous job as of last year – I can’t imagine anyone being so foolish as to take a job like that now, and I think they pay some low fee per job – $25 per assignment or something like that.  Crazy.

      33. great video…. I want to add though… buy seed, and guns, learn to farm and maybe buy a diesel and learn how to make bio.

      34. Comments…..I started getting prettty edgey in early ’08.
        I wasn’t able to stockpile but I new that the economic crisis was
        going to get pretty bad.   Lost job in Dec of that year, House went in the spring.  Bought an old MH and took off.  Spent the last couple years scoping out places to hold up.  I have met a lot of people that just don’t get how bad things are going to get.  Am I
        a “doomer”  yeh probably, however the wife and I have started to prepare and sock up.  Bening in a MH can’t carry to much but
        will have dirt and seeds and firearms.  We will get by. 

        I think the thing that pisses me off the most with mainstream media and the current admin, is the UI figures that are so grossely under-reported.  That and the fact our current Admin
        won’t actually come out and tell the American public just how
        dire things are.  But then I guess they don’t want a mass revolt.

      35. “You don’t have to go all in…”
        Its too late for that. I’m not just all in, I’m all in and then some.  Net Ranger.

        Ditto that.

        Manos, Michelle:  That “spray” is probably starter fluid that comes in spray cans.  Used to help start diesel/gas engines. Found at any decent auto parts store.   Main ingredient is ether…….one of the first anesthetics.

      36. The Debt Limit – Dammed if we do, Dammed if we don’t
        Buying Silver and gold is non-sense. You can’t eat or wipe your behind with Silver and Gold. There will be no liquid markets to trade in people. The new gold and silver will be simple things that allow you to survive.  Buy things you need to survive –
        Food and Bullets. At least the guy on the video is honest when he says he doesn’t know what else to do.
        Then try this:
        “Join the Revolution” – Don’t give up on America Dammit. The party aint over until we (“the American people”) say so.
        Read “Common Sense 3.1” at ( ) – Don’t Be Distracted.
        We have a choice. Sitting around talking about our demise while we do nothing to stop it is NoT AmericaN or SanE…

      37. Good advise….best not to let your mouth set you up for failure!
        Tell no one about your supplies except “NEED TO KNOW” persons,like a child or close family member…and only if they can be trusted to keep their yap shut!  Be honest with yourself about this one!
        I cant tell you how many times people tell me things I really dont want to know,(like where they hid the guns and ammo)alot of people will (inadvertently)tell you the combination to their safe by just not knowing when to shut up…I see it alot!
        Folks,you have to understand that if people even SUSPECT you MAY have supplies they will kill you for them…blunt? yep,but honest!
        Anyone with any sense of history/human behavior will know that even good people can be driven to do awful things if their family or themselves are in jepordy….sad but true…watching a child or loved one starve or die because they need food or meds and they suspect/know you have some can get you killed!
        Im not trying to belabor the point its just that its so crucial that people get it! 
        Trust God BUT keep people at arms length when it comes to private matters as important as surviving! Thanks!

      38. Is the next bubble student loans? or just to add to the many owed to the banksters
        just something that popped into my head.
        Ive heard a ton of grads that cant find enough work to keep their heads above water..and looming debt of anywhere from 50 grand to 250K. or more..

      39. Comments…..  @ netranger,
         I think you made an important point about our economy.  it’s not going to change except with a reset.  It has to hit rock bottom, and start over.  I’m also ready for things to progress to thenext stage.  not looking foward to it–just ready to get the real change going. 
               if the US had taken a reset in 2008, we would already be 2 years into better times.  I fear the reset will be as bad as I have imagined it could be.  I just try and look at any time I have before things get dicey, as more prep time.
          Good luck.

      40. Old proverb when caught on water in storm
        Pray like hell but row to shore.
        You have to plan for both A & B
        Might think about land that can be farmed without diesal & irrigation.
        The food Will get you all the gold, silver and brass you need.


      41. I have a question..
        I hear some saying..” I have this, or that to Barter with”..
        maybe it being silver, or food, or ammo…what ever it may be..

        In my minds eye of a total SHTF wont be able to trust almost who are you going to be able to trust to bater with? or even have enough trust in them to buy or barter with ammo (that could be used against you) or silver,or food when they may storm your place to take it from you with excessive force..
        or is the barter days only long after the distrust of all comes to an end , and that could be a decade or longer..?

        Because to me, in a total shtf type senario, the only one you can trust is yourself, and there might even be those days when your not even sure of that.
        Me thinks opening yourself up to a barter like sticking your .45 into your mouth and pulling the trigger.

        Im open to any view points on this..its all about being smart and prepaired..right?

      42. would it be wise to join the air force reserves with this impending collapse coming up? Just need a way to pay for college

      43. I saw some comments about municipalities going broke.

        I live about 15 miles from a city of 65,000 (a county of about 100,000). Last fall, they didn’t do leaf pickup. Strange, I thought. Now, after there is snow and ice, they are doing leaf pickups. Strange. A friend and I think they ran out of money and are doing last year’s leaf collection on this year’s budget. That doesn’t seem smart. I think there are big changes coming. I for one, think its about time. In many ways it will be nice when government can no longer afford to pay their agents to intrude into your life.


        Yes. I think it is a very important point. The USA has become a corruptoholic so it could cure its crediholism. Now, its just broke but there is enough money around for the elites to try and go after. They won’t leave until we’re flat broke.

        Your 401Ks and pensions are next. If that happens (and I think we might be 6 months from it) then all hell will break loose. First, they’ll lock them down so you can’t get to them, then, they’ll take them.  Then, the real shooting will start. They know they have to be careful. They know we are armed and they know why we are armed. …its for the very reason: to scare the corruption out. 2011 could be the most interesting year yet!


      44. Don’t be distracted folks. The threat to the American economy is NOT a higher debt ceiling or QE2. Neither is it the repatriation of offshore profits at discounted tax rates. Whether that is fait or not is another matter.

        These are just symptoms folks. Treat the disease!

        The real threat is the transfer of the American means of production offshore, like the transfer of 42,000 factories during the Bush Administration. The other real threat is the invasion of 30 million latinos into the USA that compete with US citizens for their jobs; while being subsidized by the American taxpayer to be here.

        These are the true threats to your economy, family, and sovereignty.

      45. The problem is that some of us have been preparing for years- and now some of those food stocks are expiring etc.  
        The warning is appreciated but not that helpful without concrete dates (which I realize is not doable)
        We have been HEARING THIS FOR YEARS!  But sustaining this level of amped up readiness is well nigh impossible indefinitely.   If things really get that bad- even the coins wont do ya!  Food may be all, and a remote locale.   Unless one flees the USA physically tho, I would say consider yourself unprotectable and a dead man walking.  PS: the drones we’ve tested out in Iraq and Afghan are for use on us!

      46. @VRF

        Good reminder on water supply, I recently picked up a 55 gallon drum from craigslist for 20 dollars, mine held soda syrup so I know it is of good food grade quality. If anything my stored water will have the after taste of soda 🙂

      47. Comments…..Hi all

        I have been reading everything that is going on in the US, Europe and Asia and appreciate everyone’s comments and suggestions.  I too have started prepping and building my supplies.  I sat down with my wife on Saturday and had a huge heart to heart and explained everything that is happening in the world and what it is we need to do to protect ourselves.  After getting off the floor(she had no idea things were so bad) we immediately starting setting up our plan…..bought silver..check(and will continue to do so as much as possible)……buy shelving….check……..make a list of food and water needed….check….go buy….check(and will continue this as well. 

        My important question is……In all your honest opinions when the SHTF in the States what overall impact will it have on us Canadians.  Now I am not naive and I know there will be huge ramifications here as well but just how bad compared to the States will it get here?  Thank you everyone for your honest answers and sharing openly.

      48. I read a lot of the comments here. My take is that too many people are in the near panic mode when they should remain calm and steady. Panic doesn’t do anything productive for you. It will get you injured or killed. Do all you can, within your power, to be prepared for unexpected problems and emergencies. Things that are FAR more likely to happen–as opposed to a near instant societal collapse– are things like having the car break down, losing a home, unexpected health problems, job loss, divorce, etc.. We simply can’t cover everything into the future. Sometimes all you can do is take it one day at a time. In war, that’s how the mind works. Get through the moment, get through the day (or night) don’t be daydreaming or sweating about the future–takes away your edge and you can screw up. One day at a time. Don’t overworry about what’s coming next week, next month, next year. Okay? How do you think people get by who live in poor, nasty countries. They find a way, they adjust.

        Another point that keeps coming up, “Don’t trust anyone”. Yep, there’s definitely a time and place for not trusting others (That old WW2 poster, “Loose Lips Sink Ships” was a serious warning). HOWEVER–to use war experience again–you must work together for mutual protection and support. Folks in the military (at war) learn to trust their lives to each other. It’s just necessary. See how many nights you can sit up and keep watch by yourself. We all need help. There’s some folks who will stand by you through anything–never enough of them–but there are folks like that who will show up when needed. That’s a fact. Hone the skill of discernment. Learn to “read” people. Stay near the good ones and shy away from the “iffy” ones. That’s valuable.
        1) Don’t overworry things and don’t panic. One day at a time! 
        2) You CAN trust some folks, even with your life.

      49. “Just because you do not take an interest in politics doesn’t mean politics won’t take an interest in you.” – Attributed to Pericles, ca 430 BC

      50. Durango Kidd, what did Bush do to cause 42,000 factories to close?
        In fact, 42,000 factories were closed under Bill Clinton according to Glenn Beck. 

        Durango said: “The real threat is the transfer of the American means of production offshore, like the transfer of 42,000 factories during the Bush Administration. ”

        Bush and the Republican party are known for their no tax or low tax policies.  Bush relied on business staying open, so they can earn income and contribute to their party. 

        Bill Clinton and the Democratic party are known to TAX, SPEND and TAX AGAIN.  That’s why businesses were closing or moving overseas

      51. durango talks a good game but he will be proven wrong, over confident know it alls always are

      52. Schaef,
        I don’t mean to be rude BUT that long interview with Lindsey Williams provided little that an observant individual couldn’t discover or know. A lot of words promising insider enlightenment but providing no meat, leading nowhere except to his website and some book and video sales. Real ministers are servants, not hucksters. Hooks are meant for fish–not people. Just my humble observation.

      53. Jane: Businesses were, have, and are moving overseas because Chinese workers (except in Beijing) make 40 cents an hour. This started under the direction of George Bush Sr. our NWO President, and has continued under Clinton, Bush jr. and Obama, with a stamp of approval from both houses of Congress for more than twenty years.

        It is a deliberate policy that both parties follow under direction from the bankster gangsters to gut the American economy and subdue the middle class.

        Treason from our own duly elected officials. Don’t be fooled by a “republican” label. I think you are smarter than that. Don’t prove me wrong. When you see a “republican” or “democrat” label, read:

        NWO, One World Government.

      54. yes, well then they get more rice…or else I have to shoot them!!


      55. CanadianPrepper: If the SHTF in America, when the SHTF in America, every nation will be affected; individuals more or less depending on the event that generates SHTF, where they are and what their personal situation looks like. Consider yours, plan for the worse, and pray for the best.

        Major cities will be danger zones, including Toronto. I personally do not expect the currency collapse that others do; expect and act of god or war to create SHTF and not for some time yet.

        Most of the folks here believe chaos is imminent from what I read; but I haven’t heard a persuasive argument for that yet.

      56. Durango,


      57. “There are a lot of ways to ruin an economy. Argentina has experimented with most of them. It has devalued its currency, and revalued it. It has pegged it, and then knocked down the peg. It has regulated, controlled, inspected, taxed and confiscated. Following the 2001 crisis, earnings fell by 30% – with half the nation slipping below the official poverty line. What is remarkable is that the Argentine economy has survived at all.” - Bill Bonner

      58. Durango,
        You and the media are constantly after the Bush boys even after they left office.  You twisted the facts and can’t prove Bush Jr. caused 42, 000 factories to close.  But you lied and said Bush did.  I watched Glenn Beck program and he wrote on his board “42,000 factories were closed under Bill Clinton.”  Which was long BEFORE Bush was in office.
        The Democrat Party and Bill Clinton are the ones that as YOU said, “ follow under direction from the bankster gangster to gut the American economy and subdue the middle class.”  By “Taxation, Spending, Regulation, Lawsuits, and More Taxation.” …. OMG! Come to think of it, it does fit with their socialist programs and high taxes, doesn’t it???
        No company wants to take the risk of moving their company overseas, especially to a communist country like China (and also to the socialist country of India) unless they want to take a chance of going out of business.  Right or wrong, I respect your opinion and no hard feelings.


      60. Good luck in your life, Jane.

      61. ANON: I don’t consider myself a “no-it-all”. There is much I don’t know because I have not been interested in learning about some other things. I am sure there are many here that know and love those other things.

        I do know about banking, finance, and the economy because that was my life for twenty years. Frankly, I never considered myself an “expert”, but compared to the obvious and pathetic lack of knowledge of many here about those issues, yet expound at great length without a knowledge of the basics, I suppose I am.

        I am just as sure that someone here is a great mechanic. Another, expert in sprouting, gardening, canning, and farming. We can learn from these people about those topics.

        If anyone here has a better understanding of how our financial system and economy really works because of my explanations, or what the serious threats are to our economy, I consider my time well spent.

        If the American people knew the truth as I have explained it, Washington DC would be on fire.

      62. Jane: I agree totally that Congress has been complicit in the transfer of American jobs offshore.

      63. Jane: Look again. China is no longer communist. They are unfettered capitalists, IE global fascists.

      64. @Cynical Optimist, Thanks for the video. A pretty funny and attention-grabbing way to explain the dreadful history and situation that we are all in.  Its tough to swallow just how perverted our government has become, and it has been so, on that trajectory for almost 100 years!  it will be coming to a boiling point sometime soon, no doubt.

      65. Two choice bits from a recent interview:

        Daily Bell: Will there be hyperinflation?

        Peter Schiff: I hope not, but there is going to be high inflation because of what the Fed has done. Hyperinflation will depend on whether the Fed continues to do what it is doing – pumping more paper money into the economy – or whether it ultimately admits it’s errors and changes policy. The longer it takes, the worse it will be.

        Daily Bell: Should the world go back on a gold standard?

        Peter Schiff: Absolutely. It will anyway. The question is whether the governments adopt the gold standard voluntarily or whether the public forces them into it. It definitely would be better if the government would do it on their own rather than waiting for crisis but you know how it goes.

      66. Sound Navigation Requires Sound Measurement

        “The present financial crisis is far from over. In fact, it is getting worse. It can be described as a debt crisis, but its true nature is a monetary crisis. At its roots, it is a belated gold crisis. It is a punishment for discarding the honest unit measuring value: gold.

        The landmark year was 1971, when the United States defaulted on its international gold obligations under the Bretton Woods Agreement. There have been many defaults in history, but the one forty years ago was unique in that it exiled gold internationally and without recourse to the Courts from the monetary system; thereby gold has been prevented from discharging its natural function as the ultimate extinguisher of debt ever since.

        There is a direct cause and effect relationship between that decision in 1971 and the present global financial crisis. We are about to pay the price for our collective delusion as participants in this insane monetary experiment. Our monetary system today did not grow naturally, nor was it the result of careful study and planning by competent scientists. As we have just seen, it has no accurate and reliable unit of measure. In fact, it was imposed through bribe and blackmail on the people.”

        The Trouble With ‘Cracking Down on Immigration’

        “Regardless of one’s stand on immigration per se, it is clear that the central state simply wants to further manage and rule our lives, and is using the borders as just another excuse…

        Until we get anywhere near the real solutions of slashing the welfare state, restoring freedom of association, privatizing the socialized realms of society and decentralizing decision-making regarding the use of property, we have to think about what we have now. Under the current regime, we should not cheer on the federal government to “close the borders,” harass employers, or further nationalize law enforcement in the name of immigration control.

        If the problem with immigration originates with the state, there is a paradox and danger in calling on the state to fix the problem it has caused. There is no knowing what the state will do in order to fix it…”

        We’re all Illegal Aliens Now

        “The U.S. can’t close its borders. Sorry — way too big. All the soldiers, minutemen, licensing laws, and electronic sensors in the world will not do that job. You are dreamin’ — and dreamin’ of an even worse police state — if you think the U.S. can block up all its entrances or root out every “illegal” that squeezes in.”

        The ‘Illegal Immigration’ Issue Is Giving Me a Headache

        “In just over 200 years, the love of freedom has transformed into the love of the State (or “government”). And Americans have lost their sense of self-preservation, allowing those who do not value freedom to take over the country…”

        Marc Faber says QE2 will not work precisely because excessive monetary growth caused the crisis

        The cause of the crisis is excessive monetary growth leading to excessive debt growth, to the Nasdaq bubble, to the housing bubble that then led to overconsumption in the US and a symptom of over consumption in the country is always growth in trade deficit that then shifts production overseas because one trade deficit in one country is offset by trade surplus somewhere else. And to simplify matters lets say it was China,” Faber said.

        Asked if the global criticism of Mr Bernanke and the central bank following the announcement last week that the Fed will buy an additional US$600 billion of Treasuries through June,  in a bid to reduce unemployment and avert deflation, Faber said foreign leaders ought to be thanking the Fed for its weak-dollar policies.

        Actually, the US monetary policies have been very good for Asia, specifically for China because it fostered industrial production growth in China, employment growth, wage increases, domestic consumption, increased demand for raw materials, that then lifted commodity prices,” he said

        “For that actually the developing world, the emerging economies including China, India , Vietnam, Brazil and so forth should all send a thank you note to Bernanke, Faber added…”

      67. I place economy among the first and most important virtues and public debt as the great danger to be feared. To preserve our independence, we must not let our leaders load us with perpetual debt. We must make our choice between economy and liberty or profusion and servitude.” Thomas Jefferson.

      68. VRF……
        I hear some saying..” I have this, or that to Barter with”..maybe it being silver, or food, or ammo…what ever it may be..
        In my minds eye of a total SHTF wont be able to trust almost who are you going to be able to trust to bater with? or even have enough trust in them to buy or barter with ammo (that could be used against you) or silver,or food when they may storm your place to take it from you with excessive force..or is the barter days only long after the distrust of all comes to an end , and that could be a decade or longer..?
        Because to me, in a total shtf type senario, the only one you can trust is yourself, and there might even be those days when your not even sure of that. Me thinks opening yourself up to a barter like sticking your .45 into your mouth and pulling the trigger.
        Im open to any view points on this..its all about being smart and prepaired..right?

        Keep in mind that the govt will highly REWARD your neighbor for turning you in….for trying to “barter without a licence”, or for owning gold and silver. Your hungry neighbor will do anything to eat…..some will just do it for a trill just because you have turned them away. Expect a knock on your door in the middle of the night!!

      69. @Tina


      70. we have a number of issues that are about to converge at once. Economic is just one of those issues. We also have the effects of the BP oil spill, the prolonged solar min, and the collapse of the dollar. These issues will all come together to trigger the a collapse unlike anything the USA has ever seen before.

        when the people realize that BP has totally screwed up the weather, the sun is not going into a solar max which warm the planet and liars and crooks have stolen the USA and sold it down the river….then we have a titanic collapse.

        I give it 1-3 years depending on how fast the mini ice age sets in.

      71. Government Motors has contol over your 2009 and newer GM vehicles..
        If you own a 2009 or newer GM can be shut down thru the on star system.
        And ,any post 1995 GM vehicle has a black box in it that records in a 30 minuet loop..or maybe more, that we may not know exactly the length of the systems real time loop.

        Government control?
        just an FYI…if your interested do your research.
        I have seen where there have been a stolen GM vehicle shut down while the cops are in persuit.
        if they can do this in a legal matter, they can do it when ever they dam sure feel like it.
        just more information to those that may not be aware.

        Each day, we have more and more discussions about what’s coming, and when it’s coming, and I have seen  some newcomers expressing doubt about the severity of the days to come.  I have seen familiar themes of a normalcy bias, saying, show me the proof, what are your reasons for thinking things will get as bad as you say they are going to, and so on.  To any of these doubting Thomases, I say, just look at history.
            The situation we are in has been played out a thousand times, including many times in US history.  History repeats itself over and over, and that normalcy bias is strong—“it hasn’t happened in my lifetime, so I don’t think it can happen now”.   The scary thing now, is that the whole world is involved.  There are no borders when it comes to world finances.  What happens in Europe willl happen here, and vice versa.   You don’t see a lot of the riots going on in Europe, on TV do you?  That’s because the powers that be don’t want you to see it, and get any ideas.  But disatifaction with the ruling powers, and riots is a universal trait among humans, and we just haven’t got there yet—but it’s coming.
             So, when someone wants proof of what’s coming, tell them to turn off the TV, get their head out of their ass, and do some research into history,  They will find all the proof they need.  When I’m questioned about why I believe something about what’s coming, and I express my opinion, I tell people to not believe a thing I tell them, go do your own research, and get your own answers.  I really don’t care what they believe. I’ve done my homework, and there can be no ther answer but the obvious.  Sooner or later, some version of a collapse is going to play out–it’s that simple.

      73. More info..fod for thought…this came off On-Stars site
        Use as surveillance device
        It is theoretically possible for OnStar to be remotely activated by malicious third parties or under government order. This would enable third parties to track the location of the car, along with the ability to listen to the contents of any conversations carried on by the occupants within the car without their consent or knowledge

      74. Keep in mind that the govt will highly REWARD your neighbor for turning you in….for trying to “barter without a licence”, or for owning gold and silver. Your hungry neighbor will do anything to eat…..some will just do it for a trill just because you have turned them away. Expect a knock on your door in the middle of the night!!

        And remember who you can trust today will differ from who you may trust a year or two from now.

        Have you ever told someone a “secret” and then regreted it because you knew they would not be able to keep that “secret”

        Don’t tell anyone except people living in your house….and they are to be sworn to secrecy. Their life depends on it.

        Ready for the SHTF now says:
        Get some marlar bags, oxygen absorbers and a sealing machine…mason jars are good too…pack some beans, rice and emergency foods.
        Good luck….

        Lowe’s 5 gallon buckets are $3.54…
        rice @ Aldi’s @ 4.49 for a 10 lb. bag..,bucket holds 30 lbs..that’s about 300 servings, folks for $15,oo…
        Beans, Bullets, and Bandaids.

      76. Oh..and Ford is now a player in this technology with their system called SYNC.

        Ivasion of privacy much?
        definety against our founding constitutional rights, if used against us as a tool to supress, control..or gain private information.
        dont plan on bugging out in your new Ford or GM product.
        and watch how you drive and what you say when in them on your daily routine, it can and will be used against you in a court of law.
        you say one thing, your cars computer says another…guess what wins?
        like in the case of an accident..even if you think you have your story straight..guess again.

        January 10th, 2011 at 4:53 pm
        ~~~Michelle, when the white rice is gone, they will be back.~~~

        And you just started a long line to your door.
        This is one of those dilemnas christians will have to work out with their conscience, esp. if they have children of their own.
        they didn’t do leaf pickup.  Now, after there is snow and ice, they are doing leaf pickups.  A friend and I think they ran out of money and are doing last year’s leaf collection on this year’s budget
        ~~~Just another great example of why we’re in this mess…stupid people running our govt, whether it’s local or federal..
        Saving in any way should be the new ‘norm’, ya think??  Leaf pick-up…wow, vs. stocking at the food bank!!!

      78. Sorry, I’ve been hearing about the imminent collapse for about 16 years now.
        I can no longer get excited about these titles.

      79. This stuff makes me tired.  I don’t want to survive SHTF just to live in the aftermath. I just pray the end for me and my loved ones, and our Lord’s return, will come quickly once it starts. 

      80. POINT 1:  Political posturing: the Republicans are threatening to use the debt ceiling as leverage to get Congress to cut spending.   Not the first time this has been done.   The US is not going to directly default on its obligations.  We don’t have to – we can print money at will.

        But there is a catch.  To print money the Fed and Treasury must be able to exchange Treasury notes for the cash.  Treasury cannot provide the notes without the debt ceiling being raised.   Keep in mind that when the Fed prints money and gets the note in exchange, money is created on the spot.

        Geithner is doing his own grand-standing here with the letter.  He is correct that getting ahead of the game is important, as it will help tamp down speculation on Treasuries.  Typically speculation translates to higher interest rates.  Higher rates are not in the best interest of us or the US government.

        POINT 2:  You can presently get silver.  The US mint is producing millions of Silver Eagles per month.  You can order them online via Monex or a host of other companies.  Shipped in the “mint” containers right to your door, insured.  You don’t necessarily need to go to a coin shop.

        POINT 3:  There is some indication that delivery of silver has been a challenge.  I don’t know if this translates into a supply shortage, but many have inferred it does.   BUY ON DIPS.  But if you do not have any and feel Silver will be used to curb inflation and/or be a tradable commodity (unlikely to replace dollars even under hyperinflation, but can be used to ‘spice up’ a trade for supplies you might need in a SHTF circumstances.  The technical charts are showing low volume on gold and a sideways trading pattern.  Could well be that a correction is coming.  Keep an eye on it.

        POINT 4:  You should be mightily concerned about the country’s debt.  At some point the bond market will refuse to buy Treasury debt – at least at this interest rate.  Watch the Portuguese and Spanish issuances on Weds (1/12) and Thurs (1/13).  How these go will offer some clues.  If they don’t sell well, their interest rates will go up.  The ECB is intervening to help prevent this.  We’ll see!

        POINT 5:  If you are not prepared, I’d keep taking steps to get prepared, and keep at it steadily until you are at a point where you feel you are OK.   Definitely stock up the pantry.   You can’t eat silver or gold…

        POINT 6:  If we get a 2008-style market collapse, silver and gold dropped like a rock.  This is because a lot of players have to unwind their paper positions, and this event could occur again.  Keep an eye out – you can use it as a buying opportunity.    IF hyper-inflation kicks in and metals go up – such that mania sets in, see if you can use the dollars you can obtain to buy things with tangible value (like a bit of land for a garden); maybe some solar panels, etc., depending on what you need.   DO NOTE: the latin american countries continued to use paper currency despite rampant inflation.  There was not enough substitute currency to use anything else (unless you were wealthy and could hold US dollars at that time).  So always keep some cash on hand in case the plastic is suspended.

        POINT 7:  Do not put all your eggs in one basket.  Keep funds in more than one bank.  FDIC, in a crisis, may issue you an IOU if they can’t solve the bank’s problem immediately.  To-date FDIC has always, immediately, taken over the banks and kept them running and open for business, as closing them causes economic mayhem (Roosevelt did a bank holiday and consequently wiped a bunch of them out).

        POINT 8:  do not panic.  This announcement is not the end of world, its part of the process government goes through.

        POINT 9:  When the inevitable Stock market sell-off occurs, get out of your stocks and stay liquid.  Let it crash.  Then go in and buy great companies for cheap.  Stocks are bumpy during high inflation periods but are more liquid and in the past have more or kept up with inflation.  But having the right companies is really important and you need to invest for the longer haul.  DO NOT buys stocks on the way down!

        January 11th, 2011 at 8:57 am

        Exactly… and please tell Tina and VRF the last thing on the govts’ mind (when this all comes to a head) will be how much Ramen noodles are in my pantry..LOL
        Now, how much ammo we have is another issue!!

      82. Comments…..   one quick comment about illegal immigration, and not being able to stop it. that’s a bunch of crap.  All you have top do is make the penalty for hiring undocumented workers so high, that no company would risk hiring them..problem solved.  No work available, most would go back where they came from.  others would tough it out.   I’m FOR legal immigration, so don’t flame me.
           have a good day.

      83. JJ haha i know you were just pokin fun..
        but i dont remember saying much a bout noodles..
        I know exactly what they are concerned with, never been a doubt in my mind

      84. I know exactly what they are concerned about too but do not think for a minute that they won’t come down on you for “Possession with intent to DISTRIBUTE” …..Food that is…..LOL

      85. Tom in Seattle: I understand your concern about the DEBT, but in and of itself, it is not a problem. It doesn’t matter how much a borrower owes as long as their debt to income ratio is sufficient to meet repayment.

        Most of all, a banker or investor looks at the capacity of the borrower to repay. For a consumer that capacity is measured by income, job, length of employment, etc. For a nation it is measured in GDP, which reflects its manufacturing base.

        When the American means of production is methodically dismantled and transferred offshore the ability of the nation to repay its debt is first limited and diminished, and then eventually destroyed. This is the danger to US.

        Washington DC should be burning for facilitating this transfer of American wealth to occur to the detriment of its electorate and taxpayers.

      86. Greaseman:  You are absolutely right about illegal immigration and not being able to stop it, as being crap. It would be easy to stop if our government wanted to stop it. They don’t want to stop it. 

        The retards want the Mexicans and other Latinos to overwhelm the labor supply to suppress wages. The dumocrats want these people become “new Americans” to vote in a referendum to dissolve the US Constitution into the North American Union, as a prelude to the NWO.

        We must insist that illegal immigration be stopped AND reversed!

      87. “…An IMF study of the U.S. finances found that it would have to double taxes to close its fiscal gap. This is an impossibility. It would destroy the struggling economy.”

        “The inflationary participation by the Fed, which postpones the inevitable fiscal decisions of the government, harms all holders of fixed-dollar assets and all those whose receipts of dollars are fixed and lag behind the Fed’s production of new dollars. In addition and more importantly, the inflation sets in motion another boom-bust cycle.”

        “Since the insolvency of the U.S. is a fact and a fact that implies hard times ahead for anyone who depends on government, it is prudent to take measures to make oneself as independent of government as one possibly can.”

      88. greaseman said, “one quick comment about illegal immigration, and not being able to stop it. that’s a bunch of crap.”

        Tell me you at least read the links I provided before you came to the conclusion that you support an intensification of the police state upon your fellow Americans.

      89. Clark: Another FUNDAMENTAL error on your part. You can cut and paste until your heart is content, but illegal immigrants are NOT our fellow Americans.

        They are invaders!

      90. Comments…..  @clark
         let me make something clear about how I feel about legal immigration.  I don’t have a problem with that.  It’s illegal  immigration I have a problem with.
             I don’t support any intensification of police action on our fellow americans , BUT, I support a police intensifacation on illegal aliens.  You got that???  I want authorities to do their job, and enforce the laws that are already on the books.  it’s that simple.
          I would rather use my tax dollars to support the needs of Americans who were born here, and naturalized citizens who came here LEGALLY, than milliions of illegals, who suck up millions of dollars of benifits, and basically pay no taxes, other than sales tax.  It’s all basically free for them, and the rest of the nation pays their way.  The old logic about them doing jobs Americans won’t do, and they providing more benefit to the labor force than what they cost, is a bunch of lies.  The facts speak differently.
              The only positive thing I have seen lately in the illegal immigration area, is that the economy is so bad, many illegals are going back to thier country of origin, because they can’t find enough work here in the states.  This time, maybe they’ll stay where they came from.
            I think I’ve said enough, and I hope we can’t leave this subject, and move on to the doom and gloom at hand.

      91. durrango, you have a feww good comments mixed in with a lot fo crap. unfettered capitalismis what we wish we had,state/fettered capitalism is fascism

      92. greaseman, I’ll take that as a no.

        Too many people fail to see how their political support encourages an intensification of the police state upon your fellow Americans, yes, your fellow Americans. Please, if you would, read the links.

        “History is littered with foreign and domestic crises that became pretexts for the expansion of government power, and the present instance appears to be no exception…

        Americans are taught a great deal of civics-book nonsense about the nature of the state, the benefits it confers, and the unbearable difficulties we would face without its careful custodianship of society. In reality, Americans are ruled by a patchwork of self-perpetuating fiefdoms, which beneath a veneer of public-interest rhetoric seek to pursue their own power and resources.
        There is, one would think, another way for human beings to live than this. Ironically, it is government itself that is about to teach that very lesson. When its grandiose schemes and promises inevitably unravel, all that will be left is civil society managing its own affairs, the very thing we have been taught to believe is impossible.” – Thomas E. Woods, Jr.

      93. Comments….. Tina, I’ve been rethinking the bartering as well.  As things get rockier, there’s no doubt in my mind that your neighbor will turn you in.  It wouldn’t surprise me if TPTB would offer a reward to the snitch for turning you in.  Heck, Big Sis wants everyone who goes to WalMart, to keep their eyes open for anyone who looks suspicious.

        Why would I want to barter anything anyways, I might need the stuff down the road.

      94. I officially have shunned Walmart since the snitch program…I didn’t go often before because of trying to buy American, but that was the last straw.  If enough of you do it too we can get them to say no to these dimestore dictators running the country.

      95. Goldenfoxx & Anonymous….what are you talking about Big Sis at Walmart…..I haven’t heard about this.

      96. This is for you, Tina, We’re all Illegal Aliens Now :

        Attention, Walmart Shoppers: Big Sis Wants You to Spy on One Another

        “Hi, I’m Janet Napolitano, Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security. Homeland security begins with hometown security and that is why I’m pleased that Walmart is helping to make our communities more safe and secure. If you SEE something suspicious in the parking lot or in the store, SAY something immediately. Report suspicious activity to your local police or sheriff. If you need help, ask a Walmart manager for assistance. Thank you for doing your part to help keep our hometowns safe.” ~ Department of Homeland Security PSA

        The government seems to delight in peddling paranoia, especially since 9/11. However, with this latest campaign to turn Walmart shoppers into domestic spies, their tactics have taken a sinister turn.

        It all started in early 2009…

        Moreover, as a result of the ultimate collusion between the corporate elite and DHS, not only will Americans be persuaded to spy on each other but corporate employees will be pressed to act as the eyes and ears of the government. In fact, the government has even provided stores with training videos for their clerks as to what they should monitor and report about you when you are shopping in their stores.

        In addition to Walmart, DHS is partnering with federal, state, local and private sector entities, as well as the Mall of America, the American Hotel & Lodging Association, Amtrak, the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority, sports and general aviation industries and state and local fusion centers across the country…

      97. We have (some of us) until Dec. 21, 2012!

        No amount of gold, silver, bullets or dried food and water will SAVE anyone from the coming calamity. Even if it did, you wouldn’t want to live in the world to come!

        The best you can do is ensure your personal SALVATION – and you DON’T have a heckuvalot of time left! Better get CRACKING! 😮

        • I would try not to make uncomfortable conversations with people that cannot handle it. You face the danger to be considered as a “toxic” person and lose your friends.

      98. DO IT NOW!

      99. Did you hear that?

        It sounded like Geronimo, Sitting Bull, and Crazy Horse laughing.

        Keep the gold and cosmic guilt, it won’t be spent before justice is spilt, can’t really, get away with murder for profit, by national anthems and allegiances can you?

        What flag, in it’s right mind, would ever accept the allegiance of such a bunch of blood soaked hypocrites as us?

        LOL – That was Red Horse, not me! LOL

      100. It’s just about time, to pay our national karmic bill folks. You’ll wish Geronimo could get you though the hills you’ll be running for….

      101. It is still my favorite and now my daughter is laughing with it too.To get serious, it’s not necessary to face gloom and doom things in order to be prepared. Just look at us in Europe.

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