Overpopulation? Economic Ripple Effect From Fewer Babies: “Market Is Not Going to Grow”

by | May 11, 2016 | Commodities, Headline News | 63 comments

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    How severe has the economic recession since 2007 been? How thin the recovery?

    Enough that the birth rate, which partially reflects financial stability vs. stress, has fallen off more dramatically than at any other time in American history, and much more than experts even expected.

    In fact, the nation has fallen sharply below replacement rate since the time of the 2008 crisis.

    The conundrum is that it is a growing population that corresponds with economic growth, and decline inhibits the social signals that encourage more births (like feeling secure enough to afford the extra expenses and effort of a child).

    Though a slight rebound shows up in the numbers, experts see no sign of things turning around in the long term… and that will continue to significantly impact our financial future.

    via the Wall Street Journal:

    The U.S. is experiencing a baby lull that looks set to last for years… a sharp drop in child bearing that started with the onset of the recession in 2007 […] more-worrisome signs that the U.S. may not soon return to its pre-recession average of about two babies for every adult woman. Some demographers have pared their forecasts for future births because an expected post-recession baby boom has been smaller than anticipated.

    The leveling-off in births is weighing on sales at children’s stores, prompting hospitals to rework their birth wards and putting pressure on builders of single-family homes, executives and economists say.


    “Everything is slower than we expected,” said Sam Sturgeon… he predicts that the total fertility rate won’t go above 1.9 babies per woman for the next five years or longer. An ideal birth rate is around 2.1 babies per woman, demographers say, since that’s the rate that’s needed to replace the current levels of population.

    With so much propaganda about over-population and the need for fewer people on the planet, it is no wonder that the upcoming generations share a different attitude about having children anyway, despite the mixed message for the economy.

    The same millenials who are having trouble finding a job, paying student loans and moving out of their parents’ basement are the same 20- and 30- somethings who are putting off having children, or choosing not to have them at all.

    As the Wall Street Journal points out, this is having “ripple effects” in the economy, and becoming a serious drag on growth:

    Sales of single-family homes are being weighed down by what Robert Dietz, chief economist at the National Association of Home Builders, calls “the great delay,” the trend of millennials postponing milestones like marriage and having kids. Other ripple effects take years to show up, such as the drag of having fewer young workers paying into Social Security and Medicare, said Mr. Mather of the Population Reference Bureau.

    At Babies “R” Us, part of the Toys “R” Us national chain of children’s stores, “the assumption that we’ll make is that the market is not going to grow” as a result of near-term changes in the fertility rate, said Reg McLay, senior vice president at Babies “R” Us.

    “A part of that is the biological clock, but part of it is if you’ve reached a certain lifestyle by the time you’re 35, having a child may be more disruptive than it was if you were 25,” said Nan Marie Astone, a senior fellow at the Urban Institute.

    Given the current state of affairs, which includes unaccountable government spending and generations worth of debt, American life resembles one big Ponzi scheme.

    With fewer people than expected in the younger generations, there will be less hands on deck to pay for the exploding financial costs of aging Baby Boomers, and more and more pressure on those who are already struggling to make it.

    Economically, they are keeping the ball rolling in part by shifting responsibility and payment due always to the next generation in line…. so it should come as no surprise that things get pretty screwed up when people start exiting the line and there’s no one left to hold the bag.

    Worse, it seems those at the top may have done this on purpose to meet their long term agenda. Just check out the words of David Rockefeller:

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      1. Don’t worry. the “immigrants” (muslims and mexicans) will gladly fill that void for o’bama and the other DC puppets to TAX

        • Don’t they mean fewer Caucasian babies?

        • That’s a nice way of saying scum illegals and islamic trash.

        • and they are bringing their own kids with them!

      2. Intelligent people will hold off having kids, but the stupid will breed like rats, you see it everywhere,

        • Once again proving how Mike Judge’s work of satirical fiction, “Idiocracy” was more prophetic than anyone realizes.

        • Idiocracy on the way! Excellent movie to watch by the way!

        • Exactly Kula. And we reward the Dumb Rats with welfare, food stamps and single Momma Babby Bitches for breeding more losers. We are in a Commie Race to the bottom. Cut off all that Freebee commie crap and we will empty the prisons in a few decades. The Rats wil stop breeding. Make them get their tubes cut, if they want food stamps.


        • glad to see the readers here understand the problem. The population growth is all at the wrong end. The people who will need help from others. So we will have fewer future contributors to the US society and more takers from the society.

          Just look at Detroit and Chicago to see the longer term future. Everybody wants something but there is nobody to pay.

      3. Kula
        You are 100% correct.
        The rats are breeding. They don’t have a job or anything else to do. They don’t have to work Obullshit is giving them everything they want.

        As Stevor Said muslims and Mexican will fill the gap, because the muslime Obullshit is giving it to them.

        White Christian Man/woman look out our days are numbered!!!!!!

        • Makes me glad im getting old, aside from my hobbies theres not much worth sticking around for, sad but true, pretty much just marking time stayin in one place while remaining in motion. The worst part has been the realization that we really arent all that free and that most around us are in a fog of denial. Its just mental.

          • Not too much to worry about when you are over 60.

          • Besides an occasional RV trip, we are just hangin out till the time comes…


            I am doing all the things I always wanted to do in my own back yard: experimenting with an heirloom garden, raising chickens, finding fruit bushes and getting them going, planting fruit trees, teaching grandson how to plant a garden, rescuing American Eskimo dogs (EskieRescuersUnited dot org).

            Canning everything except neighbor cats, trying dehydrating for the first time, saving my sister from certain doom, planting a “tea” garden.

            Sewing to my heart’s content when I can’t play outside.

            And I don’t care if the house is dusty.

            • Grandee
              I agree, I am doing things I always wanted to do. I sure don’t count my life over and waiting for death. I found a bigger pressure canner at the thrift store, am pleased about that, just the right size and price. I am building shelves sized for my bigger stuff, made from scrap wood and inserted into a poorly used closet. Visited with the neighbor today, I am pretty sure she is a nut case at 67, but what can you do?
              I am expanding my garden and studying herbs. Looked up how to make charcoal and want a 55 gallon barrel for that.
              Rockefeller is a fool. We already know he wants us to die. It is always to make regular people at fault, we have too many children, we back down, then they whine about
              economic growth requiring population growth, then whine about 8 billion human beings again. How about they learn to live without trillions?

      4. I did my duty. Now this old dog’s gonna enjoy his porch time. I told my two children that they don’t need to have any on my account.

        • I did my duty too. Told them they didn’t need to have kids for me or anyone else and considering how invasive the government is these days, they may be better off without them.

      5. The population growth is mostly in an economic group which does not have enough disposable income to invest. So, regardless of their growth in numbers, the economy cannot grow. Less actual savings; less money for investment in business.

        • If that is actually the case, how did we get to the point where we are now? This country did not start out being rich. Most countries did not. They were all poor at some point. They found a nitch and started to thrive.
          If we get back to basics, what this country was about a long time ago (minus the slavery part). Learn from the past and come together as a people, as a race, the human race, we can make it.

        • The Cost of ObamaCare for a Big Family will bankrupt ya. Then the Government Give all your hard work and labor profit in the form of taxes we pay, and give it to the Do-Nothings. F-em, let them cockroaches starve into the ibis.


      6. Having children… the greatest sign of hope, greatest prep for difficult, and the greatest way to change the world.

        It might be difficult for your children in the future but they will literally inheret the earth.

      7. I believe that all of the developed nations, once reaching that status, dramatically have less children. Its not just the US as its happening in Europe and Japan and I assume if not now but soon South Korea. Its kind of logically backwards from a math perspective as those that can afford more children choose to have less, and conversely those that can’t have more. I assume that a relatively high quality life with disposable income may fuel some selfishness. To a lesser degree the correlation may be that the higher developed nations have instituted greater collective control over children / families. The potential parents may decide to have less or even no children under that circumstance.

        • Wait until Aknod finds out that if you ruthlessly beat your children in the US you go to jail. In his mind, “What is the sense of having kids if I can’t abuse them”? On that thought, “I’m not allowed to beat my wife either”? “What kind of crazy place is this”? “What’s next”? “I can’t eat dogs”?

          • K2—-I truly enjoyed that.

        • @Kevin2 – I offer you a different perspective. In many countries, your children are not only your legacy, but they take care of you once you get older. in developed countries, people are throwing the parents in homes and not keeping the family together like the use to. Family isn’t what it use to be. As mentioned in the article, a couple may decide to not have children so they can maintain the lifestyle the have as a two earner couple than having to spend more on diapers and daycare. More than half of my income is spent on my children. That’s more than $4,000/mo. There are a lot of people who will look at that and say they would rather not spend that on children and have all the responsibilities that come with parent. That’s their choice. I neither applaud nor boo them for that. I just wish them the best on their journey.

          My message here is just because a society makes a different choice doesn’t make them bad. Just different. I don’t think you are bashing anyone. Just providing your perspective. I am only providing a alternative view.

          • “More than half of my income is spent on my children. That’s more than $4,000/mo.”

            Jazz what could you possibly be spending $4000 a month on for your kids?

            • Hello RJ. $963/mo for child support for my older children (3 teenagers). $2000/mo for a nanny for my younger children (3 toddlers). $210/mo for gymnastics. $100/wk to get them out on a weekely trip to enrich their minds. School supplies, cloths, shoes, we eat out a few times a week because I’m a single father who doesn’t cook well. And other items because they are kids. Just under $4k/mo.

          • I think our views are close as in the highly developed world, disposable income people start to desire to spend the money on themselves rather than the $4,000 month you quoted. Four kids, $500 k on college or a $500 k summer home? Not an option for those with a hand to mouth existence.

            “In many countries, your children are not only your legacy, but they take care of you once you get older.”

            Very true and as society’s have highly developed that has become less common and less necessary.

      8. @Kulafarmer – Really? Holding off on having children is a sign of intelligence? If you honestly believe that, maybe your parents should not have had you. We are here to procreate and improve the human race with each successive generation. The FACT that that is not taking place is not because of the poor people who continue to have children. It’s because they are not provided equal opportunity to add to the success of our race (the human race is the only race) so that someone (white) can line their pockets and live a “better” life than everyone else.
        It is not the fault of the oppressed that they are oppressed. And for those who believe it is, you are part of the problem. I’m not asking you to advocate for “illegals”. I’m saying you should help put the right people in office who will fight for the rights of your everyday citizen. All of us. The rich, the middle class and the poor. But keep in mind that the rich are not the good, we the middle class are not the bad and the poor are not the ugly. We are all just trying to keep our families going on whatever level we happen to be on.

        • NightlyJazz

          If you got three kids under age of eight, and you make 12 bucks an hour, you should not be having any more kids.

          Eating breeders breeding more eating breeders.

          It might not be the fault of the oppressed that they are oppressed, but it IS their fault that they can’t keep it in their pants.

          • Ben Raines
            Just a thought folks. It is natural and healthy to have children and create families. Natural. Healthy.
            Characterizing people as Useless Eaters, Lazy, Worthless, etc. plays right to TPTB that take 99 cents off the dollar and encourage the 99 folks left to hate each other and fight over that penny. Unnatural. Mentally Ill.
            Play the suck up to the 62 game and keep licking that chocolate off their buttinskis… mm mm mm good. Die of e. coli.

            • Excuse me, Rebecca.

              I am in tune with NO agenda, except freedom.

              I do not disagree with you thought on the natural and healthy aspect of child rearing.

              However, I did NOT mention useless, lazy, worthless, etc.

              In fact, one could infer that the $12 an hour income family breadwinner, I mentioned in my response, was working a job.

              I respect your right to post your opinion.

              I do not respect how you projected assumptions, and told me to eat chit and die.

              I simply believe that SOME people have no business procreating.

              Same as MANY households have no business getting a dog. Many do not realize the expenses involved.

              Perhaps instead of insulting others, or stating that they should never have been conceived, you and NightlyJazz could provide an argument for people in poverty to keep pushing out more offspring when they can barely afford to live as a single person.

              • Ben
                it is irrational to expect the 99 percent to quit living because the 0.1 percent own everything through collusion with the government and their armies. They are tellingus to eat chocolate and die and you agree with them… uuntil itgets down to you and yours. You are repeating the mantra of the 0.1 percent whether you realize it or not. You are telling people if they are not the 0.1 percent they should be sterile and die out. What’s the difference, sugar bear? Get mad at me all you want, I know your rhetoric was begotten by the 0.1 percent and it facilitates their global genocide. You are their right hand boy. You have plenty of commpany. What I said is rational.

                Projections are that 40 percent of new babies will soon be Africans because they have used their funds on the HIV epidemic and diverted money from population control. Give them free birth control, itIis cheap and enough will use it to reduce their population willingly. Give free birth control worldwide because it is the humane way to lower population. I only had one child. So will many of them if they have access to birth control. Yammer about economic growth following population increase is retarded BS designed to blame people who had no fault for the currant crash. Blaming the victims of the elites for having children plays right in to their sickness.
                I also say free birth control globally because every race has lowered their birth rate and the US, Europe, and Japan are below replacement numbers.

              • Ben… eating breeders making more eating breeders… honestly?

              • Well said Ben. You are a true gentleman.

          • My mother was in that boat. She had 8 children by the time she was 28 all in the span of 10yrs. At 70 yrs old, she makes $65/hr. Almost as much as I do. She worked hard and taught us to work hard. It’s not the “breeder” that’s the issue. It’s the lack of opportunity in the community that is. Closely followed by home training. Look at all the rich people who have one or two children who are total assholes. They may have the money to feed themselves but what do they add to society?

            If the person who makes $12/hr works hard and teaches their children to do something with their lives and not just sit on the azz, more power to them. These are the type of people we need in this world.

            Consider this. In many places, $12/hr will feed a village. That doesn’t mean people should move to those places. It means we should think about why things cost what the cost here.

        • I would modify your statement. If you can’t afford kids, help your brother or sister with theirs. Raise a good kid or two that can afford to raise good kids in the next generation. Emphasise independence until all family members can afford their own families.

      9. “Holding off on having children is a sign of intelligence? If you honestly believe that, maybe your parents should not have had you.”

        That’s really a moot point Jazz as Kula did not ask to be born. None of us did. We are here because of our parents response to their sex drive.

        In the olden days people had lots of kids because:

        1. They needed help on the farm or with the family business.

        2. Religion encouraged breeding and many uneducated did what they were told.

        3. Some kids just did not make it past a certain age. Dying because of accidents or sickness.

        Today people really don’t need kids to work the family business and with helicopter parents the chances of your kid dying because of a household accident are greatly reduced. Not to mention access to health care, etc. Not to mention with increased education people choose not to have kids or have only 1 – unless you’re a duggar :-).

        • That was pretty funny. And true. But the arguement is for the other end of the spectrum. Those who decide (or are not responsible enough to do the right thing) to have children even when they cannot financiall afford them.

          Not all people think in a manner of what they can afford. Money is not the most important thing in the world. I and do not believe it’s the most important thing when it comes to having children.

          When my first born was conceived, I made $15/hr. At the height of my career I made $135/hr. But it meant being away from home for months at a time. I hated it. My son asked me one day why I did not just get a job close to home. That question broke my heart and I quite a week later.

          Harry Chapin’s “Cats in the Craddle” is the saddest song I’ve ever heard. Now imagine that song being your life. It became my life.

          I would rather be poor and on welfare and see my children every day than be the richest person in the world and not see them. Some may say the solution is to not have children to which my answer is the most important thing I can do in the world is raise a child to be a better human being than I am. That doesn’t mean I’m a great person, I’m not. But if my child is better, we move forward as a race. All of us.

      10. Anyone who claims the world is in danger of de-population is clearly smoking something. Africa’s population is growing exponentially, Muslims are also flourishing.

        The world’s problem is the quality of the people who are multiplying. Poor families are unable to put the time and money into their kids to ensure they have a good education and start to life. This has a knock-on effect, bringing on a new generation of low achievers and mal-adjusted losers (think the corner boys and drug dealers, street thugs and Europe’s welfare classes). Another problem is the rise of Islam: this ignorant faith shackles its youth even before they try to enter the job market. Who would hire an all-hands, sex pest Muslim in a workplace full of women? Or somebody who thinking their colleagues are ‘dhimini’ and deserving of death?

        The only option for the US is devaluation and a restructuring to being a third world economy. This will be the only way the pension and other obligations can be afforded. It is not plausible a growing Africa/Mexican/Muslim population is going to out-smart and out-compete China and Asia in the future.

      11. I use to believe all that propaganda, that the only race is the human race. Not any more. It is killing off the true multi-Culturalism that the diverse races with their very different cultures offer. Humanity as one homogenous mesh is the dream come true of Communism/Zionism. How else will the ruling elite maintain order from slaves which is the goal, a strict Master-Slave relationship between those at the top of each pyramid. White Germany was too smart. That was their sin. Look at the history of Communism in Russia. Superman, the man of steal, is a euphemism for “Stalin” which is a name change and literally means “steel man” or “man of steel”.
        The first actor who played Superman was shot, the other big star to play Superman of course was thrown from a horse and crippled and later died. Stalin murdered Trotskey. Stalin was most likely murdered but this is harder to prove. In any case, Communism is the biggest murdering system of control freak maniacs. That is what has led to the reduction of whites through a series of events planned by communists to remove the last hope for freedom. We know about plastics that reduce fertility. Flouride that reduces fertility. Women’s rights to abortion and contraception as well as the seduction of money and the power of working outside the home, the autism, and the deliberate destruction of education, destruction of morals and end to the family. All these things are part of the Communist Agenda. Like it or not, Caucasians of European ancestry are more likely to be capable of understanding the threats to liberty because more of them are really really brilliant than any other race except perhaps Japanese and some other Asians. That means that we must find a way to get intelligent Caucasians to start reproducing, and quickly, or mankind will be doomed to live as slaves. That’s all folks.

        • That was some funny sh!t and I actually laughed out loud at my desk. My coworkers are looking like I wonder what he just read/saw.

          Me thinks it was the “intelligent caucasians” who caused this problem. And you want more of them?

          What would you classify yourself as? One of the intelligent ones? Midlevel manager maybe. How about a field hand? You are not one of them but you think they will fix your problems? Our problems?

      12. I’m glad my two daughters (ages 29 and 35) don’t want children. I’d rather see them have fun in life, travel, have plenty of spending money, etc.

      13. This I a good sign, we need 3 billion less, to sustain a healthly planet. problem as mentioned above, is caucasion babies are the loss, and muslim up. the beginning of the end I figure, for us white people anyhow.

      14. I never had any kids either, not necessarily by choice but that’s just the way it turned out. That did not stop my nieces and nephews from always hitting me up for one thing or another.

      15. White people that complain but don’t have children are selfish and do not care about their race. Fucking do your part dammit. White children are the future of your race if it’s so important have children. Waiting till later in life is a bad choice. The chances of birth defects increase. Your gonna start having a family at 45. Your gonna be an old man or woman with kids. Bottom line if you want kids as soon as you in a stable relationship do it. It’s gonna be hardship no matter what. I love my kids they are pains in the ass. They will break everything you own. It used to really piss me off but now I don’t give a shit too much about the little stuff. They get better with time. I got a 3 and 4 year old. Believe me you don’t wann be an old man with teens. My oldest is 11. He’s lazy working on breaking him of that. you will deal with a lot of childish crap and it will wear on you. I hate when people look at me cause my kid is bugging out over something stupid. They look at you like you cannot control your kid. I’d love to see them deal with it. It’s not easy when your sick the kids push your buttons. You never get a break. Good luck it’s not for pussies.

        • Asshat
          My 9 year old granddaughter just clogged the kitchen sink with melted wax as an experiment… hunh? My son spent part of his day off unplugging it. She was in trouble, but I reminded him that he plugged up our toilet 3 times flushing his knit caps when he was 6. I never felt I had a duty to pop out white babies to further the white race for a bunch of old white men who never helped me support the one I had! I sure love the one I got and glad I have 2 grandkids. Plugged up plumbing and all.

        • Thank you for sharing.

      16. A few weeks ago I saw a 20-something yr-old couple, with three children, all under the age of six, on one of those ‘Tiny Houses’ shows buying a 250 sq ft tiny house to live in so they could get out of their one bdrm apartment. They said they were just trying to live within their means.

        If they were really trying to live within their means they wouldn’t have had any children. 250 sq ft is no place to raise 3 little children – 5 people, including an infant, in 250 sq ft, and with no bathtub, only a shower. And, they are near Tornado Alley, with no basement, no less.

        Stupid people having kids that they can’t afford are also too stupid to realize they can’t afford kids. And then more and more of those who can afford kids know bringing a child into the world in these uncertain times is a huge risk that they aren’t willing to take.

        • Sometimes you have to choose between living well and having kids. So many people today live extravagant single lives and one could say they are selfish. Having a kids and living a reduced lifestyle can be rich and fulfilling. I would encourage you to keep your opinions to yourself regarding that family, you don’t know them and some people enjoy something other than a McMansion. I think the tiny house movement is awesome. Also, you have to look at kids like an investment. When you get to the end of your life, what is more fulfilling? Having a big family around you to send you off or knowing that you had more money to play with? A rich family with poor principles can produce a worse experience for a child than this family living small and within their means.

          • Thank you.

      17. What I really like is the fact that the more liberal the mindset the less children they have.

        A survivor understands procreation and its effect on family survival. If you want to live forever have lots of kids and teach hem that they need to also.

        I’ve met several people who chose not to have children, the scary ones are the ones that do it out of greed. They know how expensive kids can be and they want all their money for themselves.

      18. Bizarre enough, in a few years 40 percent of all babies will be born in Africa. The money for birth control was spent on HIV. The heck with that… free global birth control will bring overpopulation down.

        • Rebecca it is a myth that women in Africa just want to keep popping out babies. In fact the reason many keep getting pregnant is more than likely due to rape than a consensual mating. Plus many men in Africa believe that raping a virgin will cure them of HIV.

          • RJ

            I hear ya. Except for the Duggars, how many women of any nationality want to pop endless babies? Africa has huge ignorance problems and I was surprised to read that about the babies. HIV is taking a huge toll in Africa. I don’t believe rape will decrease until women themselves put a stop to it… there are ways. I have read that the fastest growing HIV group in the US is the over 55 group. I am glad I am focused on my 5 acres and prepping! Keeps me out of a lot of mischief.

      19. No matter how you cut it, the poor and illiterate will keep making babies while the “caring and educated” will buy the over population agenda and have fewer or none. How many people do you see going after those who are in the third world having babies they cannot afford? Nope, those are our future refugees. We can’t win.

      20. Misleading title; buying power was lost already when incomes went down eight years ago.

        • So true.

      21. What Rockefeller is doing with his no economic growth without population growth is to blame the 99 percent for a global economic crash.

        You think shadow man Rockefeller made that speech for any other reason than to put blame on others? He sees pitchforks and is playing divide and conquer.

        Just like the banksters crashed with the derivatives market on mortgage loans blamed homeowners for the crash… when they were gambling on foreclosures and made 4.1 million illegal foreclosures when it did not happen… to cover their fraud. Most of this country believes that bs.

        • It’s always the middle class’s fault.

          • Whatever Works

            Exactly… don’t you know we broke the system! Couldn’t be the Rockefeller et al. That old boy Rockefeller doesn’t want you to forget it!

      22. I fit alot of what this article is talking about. I’m the only one of three girls on my side of the family having any kids and I’m done after #2 in July. I’ve only replaced my husband and I. While my parents replaced themselves+1, neither of my sisters will be having kids, so their replacement was just me. Technically, with this second child, some people here would say we shouldn’t be having kids because we can’t afford them. Once this baby is out, we qualify for SNAP and will be getting $4000 per child back in child credit from taxes. Now we aren’t stupid. I have a BA and my husband has two years of college(left to get a job in the field he would have gotten a degree in). The problem is that his company hasn’t given him a raise in 3.5 years, all the while telling him them know he deserves it. There are only 2 other people at this company who have been there longer than him and he is coming up on 9 years at this company. Yet they can’t pay him a family wage. I’m not looking forward to applying for SNAP, however my hope is that when we bring in the paperwork for his boss to sign, it might shame them into paying him what he is worth.

      23. heh. I’ve been saying this since the ’80’s. “you’ll never collect social security, the women aren’t having any children.” “sexisssss!” and here we are ….

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