FEMA Is Preparing For A Solar Storm That Would Take Out The Grid

by | Jun 22, 2017 | Emergency Preparedness, Forecasting, Headline News | 95 comments

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    FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Administration) is planning for a massive solar storm that would be so strong, it would take down the power grid. Noting that the rare, yet “high-consequence” scenario has “the potential for catastrophic impact on our nation and FEMA’s ability to respond.”

    According to unpublished FEMA documents obtained by Government Attic, a FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) database and non-profit organization, the Department of Homeland Security agency once mapped out a disaster plan for the occurrence of another geomagnetic “super storm” like the one the occurred in 1859.

    Back then, the sun flung a giant plume of magnetized plasma out into space. The coronal mass ejection (CME), the sibling of a massive solar flare, traveled the 93 million miles between the Sun and Earth in only 17.6 hours. Today, it’s known as the Carrington Event and is remembered by the largest geomagnetic storm in the history of recorded space weather.

    No other storm has matched it in speed or magnitude. When the shock wave of accelerated particles arrived on September 1, 1859, the disturbances to Earth’s magnetosphere were so great that telegraph communications across Europe and North America went on the fritz. Sparks leaped from the telegraph infrastructure, and machinery was so inundated with electric currents that operators were able to transmit messages while disconnected from battery power. Compasses even wiggled, and brilliant auroras were reportedly seen as far south as the Caribbean.

    But that doesn’t mean the ill-equipped government isn’t preparing for the inevitability, in fact, they are. Despite our superior ability to predict these events, the stakes are exponentially higher in a modern, hyper-connected world.  FEMA predicts that a geomagnetic storm of this intensity would be “a catastrophe in slow motion.” Space weather events happen all the time, and many are harmless. For example, an event causing radio blackouts, solar radiation storms, and geomagnetic storms would be abnormal, yet the ripple effects on the power grid and communications would severely limit FEMA’s ability to respond to a nationwide crisis.

    Within 20 minutes of the CME’s occurrence, FEMA estimates that 15 percent of the satellite fleet would be lost due to solar panel damage. Solar radiation from the incoming storm would add “3-5 years worth of exposure” to the panels, degrading older satellites to the point of inoperability. Low orbiting satellites, such as Iridium and Globalstar, may be less affected. Cellular service would be disrupted, and a loss of GPS capabilities could complicate FEMA operations. –Motherboard

    Should a storm of this magnitude hit, there wouldn’t be much the government can do. And of course, this would be the perfect opportunity to round up the masses for a trip to a FEMA camp. Individuals would need to band together to help get things back online, but it would all take time.  Those in heavily populated regions would be hit the hardest and evacuation of over 100 million people would be impossible, and even if it was, there would be no unaffected region to send the evacuees – other than the FEMA camps.

    Prepare yourself, because the mere fact that this government document exists could mean that there is something we don’t know.


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      1. Well like its been said many, many times……that’s why we here @ shtf, prepare. Been looking real hard at the Ruger 10/22 takedown in stainless. I’ve got a standard 10/22 now with a folding stock on it but that takedown with the threaded barrel sure does shine. Anyone here have a takedown 10/22?

        • fema scum better stay away from us because in my mind they are no better than traitors, islamic savages or scum illegals and will be treated just the same when the world completely goes to hell.

          • The article said nothing about what kinds of preparations FEMA is making. I don’t believe for one minute that they’re preparing for a solar event. I think TPTB plan on turning off the lights very soon and that’s why FEMA is preparing. They’re saying bout a solar event 1) so people won’t panic. 2) so the average joe thinks FEMA is the good guy. Stash your shit and stay on the move.

            Stay quiet Be smart

            • POP,

              For hunting purposes, SS is too shiney and not natural in the woods. Animals pick up on it very quickly with the slightest movement. Just a thought.

              Louisiana Eagle

              • I still have an old Winchester 290, shoots as good now as it did droppin tree rats in Campti, La. as a kid.
                You may want to check out those 80lb mini crossbows, silent, and will plant a critters package in tha dirt.

            • I do like the 22LR very much. A well placed shot is very effective and does not ruin the meat much around the entrance wound. The rounds are lighter to carry. I really like the Ruger revolver long barrel with the option for changing cylinders so you can shoot magnum rounds. That is a survival weapon that I cherish and gives you more options. Personally, I prefer HVPP rounds but RN may be better at penetrating deeper if it hits bones.

              Louisiana Eagle

              • FEMA; that is within the DHS prepared buy buying 2.3 Billion Hollow Point Bullets meant for killing. Any other questions?

        • Ruger 10/22 take down in SS is a very nice asset
          You won’t be disappointed

          • I second that. Redundancy and parts availability. Not to mention a great little, reliable small game, cheap ammo gun.

        • @PO’d Patriot….

          I’ve got the takedown 10-22 in stainless.

          It’s a fine rifle. Functions just like a regular 10-22.

          It seems a little sensitive as regarding the collar tension. If that’s not correct it can affect accuracy if you have a receiver mounted scope. I’m not sure if accuracy would be affected if you just use the open sights since the rear sight is mounted on the barrel.

          It’s a neat little package. I bought 4 of the 25rd Ruger magazines for it. And I have both a scope and a red dot scope with quick detach mounts that I keep in the carry bag that comes with the rifle.

          I go back and forth when it comes to .22LR as my only survival rifle in a bug-out situation. On the one hand, it would be very easy to have a rifle like the takedown Ruger in your backpack with 1,000 rounds of ammo. Not that much weight. On the other hand, I’d much prefer my Sig 516 if the situation got really nasty. But even a 200 round loadout would be a lot to have to hump….and 200 rounds just wouldn’t last that long.

          Any kind of firearm is preferable to none. And a rifle with no ammo is just a very unwieldy club.

          My rifle also has the threaded barrel…..which makes it sound suppressor ready. That could be very useful as well. A suppressed .22LR could be a real asset in a SHTF situation, as it makes it more difficult to determine exactly where a shot is coming from, especially when combined with the fact that there would be little to no muzzle flash.

          Some folks trash talk the .22LR as a defensive weapon. But a well placed shot will be deadly and they are still deadly at 400 yards. It may not take down an adversary immediately, but it can sure take the fight out of all but the most determined.

          • 22LR will put some ouch in the ass to say the least. I reall like the CCI stinger, if you can still find them. I bought a boatload a couple years ago but they were costly. 8 bucks for 50. But whatever you got is better than nothing, even the lead round nose.

          • Jacknife, you use the right brand. CCI is my favorite brand and I snatch up all I can whenever I find it available. I’ve used it for years and never had any feeding issues or any other problems.

          • Anonymous5, I’ve looked at the takedown previously but not sure about getting one. But I damn sure agree about .22LR being a deadly round. A .22LR is better than nothing if it’s all you have. I’ve always heard it said that more people have been shot with a .22LR than any other caliber. I’d like to see a study on that. A .22LR round can travel up to 1.5 miles without hitting any obstructions. .22s were used for ASSASSINATIONS in Vietnam.

        • A take down would be best for indiscreet situations or small scale events. I’m under the impression that many situations will involve some form of initial calm due to confusion, where a visibly armed person or a slung rifle is poor timing for triggering others. In which case, you would not be viewed as a patriot, but something else.

          • Faux Liberte’, I agree. Too many of us prepare for the ‘complete collapse/anarchy in the streets’ scenario where we all run around with AK’s and katanas (lol). The Grey Man aesthetic isn’t out of vogue yet.

        • PO’d Patriot, I also have a standard 10/22 in stainless and the original wood stock I bought back in 2000 and never had any trouble with it. I bought a 10/22 Ranger at the last gun show in my area and it’s also a winner. I don’t really know about the takedown but I do know it costs more than the standard 10/22. I’m looking at one of those polymer stocks for 10/22 myself. Also have a shitload of 25-round mags for them.

        • I think the Ruger 10-22 take down is an awesome prepper rifle. By military balistic standards a 22LR is a deadly weapon out to 400 yards and that limitation is because it becomes too inaccurate to be useful.

          I got it in stainless with the plastic stock.

          Aftermarket upgrades are insane you can spend more on just a trigger set than the rifle costs. I didn’t waste my money.

          I did however upgrade the trigger from plastic to metal cut from billet aluminum for about $15, I also found an upgrade stainless steel pin set to replace the “trigger set” pins (factory are steel and may rust). This aftermarket pin set is also made to high end of tolerances so they fit very snug and eliminate nearly all play – about $12.

          There are lots of YouTube videos on how to install these parts including ones that shows how to mod the bolt lock so the bolt can be released by pulling on the bolt handle, instead of being a two hand operation. You can also buy aftermarket bolt latches that provide this function without having to cut or file the original. If you had a warranty issue you could reinstall the original, changing parts may void the warranty if the factory sees modifications.

          There is a 1/4 inch diam metal pin that is the bolt buffer. When the bolt flies back, this is what it hits. I had a 1/8 inch hardened chrome plated stem from a worn out Dremel bit that I cut to the same length as the buffer pin, I slid an 1/8 inch ID piece of Tygon fuel line from Home Depot or a hobby shop over it. The OD of the tubing is the same as the original buffer. It was a perfect fit and completely eliminated the vibration from the bolt impacting the buffer. Follow up shots were suddenly faster and much more accurate. I have several thousand rounds on my buffer with no visible wear. YouTube will show other similar solutions like using 1/4″ nylon bolts among others. I tried the nylon bolt idea, it’s a real improvement, but my solution is better. That yellow Tygon tubing is a really good shock absorber and is immune to nearly all solvents.

          Trigger job for the more adventurous, I used a fine Arkansas stone to hone the sear locking surfaces. I kept the factory angle exactly. But the super polished surface did reduce trigger pull. I’m still well inside factory trigger pull specs, but it in the middle of the lower half, and really smooth. Again there are YouTubes on this, but take care and test the trigger assembly after such a mod 30 to 50 times for 100% proper lock up by manually pulling the hammer back and releasing it off a thumbnail, it should always catch on the sear, with zero accidental releases. Only then test at a range.

          Out of the box, this is an excellent rifle, I added no more than $30 in extras plus a scope on raised mounts that still allow the factory iron sights to be used, and mine is done. Through the mods, I thoroughly learned to completely disassemble and reassemble the rifle. Mine is very tight and accurate. By changing the last of the steel parts, mine should be completely immune to water damage.

          This is a compact rifle, which makes it perfect for teens and for smaller framed adults. It’s not so compact as to be hard for even above average framed adults. Lock the bolt, back slide the latch and twist the barrel and it breaks down into two pieces. It comes with its own backpack carrier.

          I give this rifle ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

          • PTPO, I’ve got a complete parts kit for my 10/22 and will get an extra parts kit for the Ranger. I’ve got red dot scopes on both of mine. I lost my front sight from the stainless some years back and never got around to replacing it; I use the scope anyway. In my mind there’s not a better .22LR semiauto rifle anywhere.

            • TDB,
              I’m with you on the spare parts. I bagged and tagged all parts from my upgrade along with a set of extra springs and an extractor.

              That covers the common 10-22 parts that break, or far more likely, get lost during total disassembly.

              It’s a remarkably reliable rifle, breakage is nearly unheard of, though the ejector takes a beating if someone tries to take it apart without locking the bolt back. That would fall under abuse.

          • Nearly forgot my last upgrade to my Ruger 10-22 TD.

            Reviews ding the Ruger 10-22 rifles for excess trigger travel after it fires.

            There is a spring loaded plastic plunger that pushes the trigger foreword. There are several complicated to just expensive options that provide a positive trigger stop. Go to Home Depot or Lowe’s and buy the smallest o’ring they sell in the plumbing dept. It fits perfectly over the plunger and provides a soft landing stop for the trigger as well as shortening the travel. It doesn’t interfere with operation. This upgrade cost $1.99.

            Unofficial reports from law enforcement report that the only thing bad guys hate more than being shot, is being shot a lot of times. So buy extra magazines for your 10-22 that hold the maximum allowed by law in your state.

        • Yeah had my eye on that 10/22 also. Its a good one and pick up some 20 round Ruger magazines.

          This report link is a good one and packed with info get to page 20 Food Shortages, No refrigeration, Supply disruptions. Chaos, Killing and mayhem. Get your Battle rifles and dozens of magazines ready. To defend your lives and preps. Have that extra roll of barbed wire. Some defense is better than no defense. Sand bag bunkers with a lookout view over your property will be critical.

        • I’ve got a buddy who likes his, but have had a couple of gun shop owners say the takedown model won’t hold zero when re-assembled.

        • I have had one for a couple of years. VERY nice gun and versatile. Good accuracy, trigger is fair but not as good as I like, ergo is very good. Best improvement was putting on a set of fiber optic sights. Good value for the money. No worries. Pray for peace. Prepare for war.

        • I own one and love it. It is my get home truck gun. Maintains accuracy when reassembled. Typical Ruger reliability and accuracy. I’m prejudice as I am a 22 freak. You can always resale if you don’t like it,and modify to meet your needs. Burlap draped over barrel to cut shine. Water ballon over muzzle to quiet one shot, etc.

        • I have a Henry Youth 22 and a Henry US Survival Takedown 22 that I just love to plink with

        • How is fema gonna round up people? Wouldn’t the EMP disable their trucks? And what about food? Do they already have food stocked up? Why would they care about rounding up and saving people? Wouldn’t they want the people to stay in the cities to die?

      2. And they know that the sun is going into a period of inactivity, in which the earth has experienced its most deadly and costly earthquakes.

        Also, during the time of inactivity from the sun, the earth went through a cooling period. A mini ice age.

        Maunder Minimum conditions —Google that term

        http://www.bbc.com Is our sun falling apart?

        Many are prepping for civil disturbances, nuclear matters and other issues and are ignoring that bright light in the sky.

        Many of you have heard people say that if an EMP was to occur, that perhaps 90 per cent of Americans would be dead within a year.

        I believe that this event, would be the significant event that would cause that.

        People freezing to death, starving.

        We have entered that period according to scientists who are just as baffled.

        Something to consider.

        • This is my greatest fear an EMP attack from the sun or other. I think it will kill even preppers as no one has enough food to last a yr or more…and how much food can one store for the pets?

      3. I hope they would inform the public so that we could at least stay in doors so as not to burn. For those in the immediate area, death will be sudden. Those further away will get sunburn. By having basic preps food, water, first aid; maybe, we can avoid a FEMA Camp.

        But honestly, more people slip in the bathtub and wind up dead. You should probably put in a guard rail to hold on to, and put in a mat, or ruff up the tub floor. It is also good to wait a few minutes after a shower or bath before stepping out. Face it, life is dangerous. You are going to die no matter what you do.


        • No one gets out of life alive

          • Yes, Reb. And we you – and I – are going to be dead a LOT longer than we are alive. Hence, the need to deal with the reality of Christ, and in particular His resurrection.

            I realize a lot of the atheists on this site will chime in. But one simple question: Napoleon is *reported* to have said: “I know men, and I tell you that Jesus is not a man. … I know men; and I tell you that Jesus Christ is no mere man. … Jesus Christ founded His empire upon love; and at this hour millions of men would die for him.” This statement is true, regardless if you want to debate its authenticity.

            My question: For those here who will nay-say this, **precisely WHAT amount of due diligence have you done re. the resurrection of Christ to support your denial? If you have done zero, on what is arguably the most important event in the life of history’s most important person, then may I respectfully suggest you are not being intellectually honest? There are a number of former atheists who DID do that due diligence, and ended up Christians. Lee Strobel (JD, Yale) is one; my favourite ex. is Simon Greenleaf, Harvard prof who in the 1800s was the main person setting for this nation what constitutes valid evidence in a court of law. He was, as the name implies, Jewish. Someone challenged him to examine the evidence for the resurrection… and a bit after that he did, and became a Christian based on the evidence he found.

            So, atheists, have at it. But if you have NOT done your due diligence, I respectfully submit you have no right to comment. Certainly I have read VAST reams of atheist/agnostic writings during my own eight years at university/two graduate degrees (Univ. of Illinois, Univ. of British Columbia).

            All I ask is that people show intellectual honesty. Lee Strobel is a start. CS Lewis is great. Ravi Zacharias from India is brilliant. Gary Habermas a true academic. But don’t tell me Christ was just a great man. As Lewis wrote: “”I am trying here to prevent anyone saying the really foolish thing that people often say about Him: ‘I’m ready to accept Jesus as a great moral teacher, but I don’t accept His claim to be God.’ That is the one thing we must not say. A man who was merely a man and said the sort of things Jesus said would not be a great moral teacher. He would either be a lunatic – on a level with the man who says he is a poached egg ‑ or else he would be the Devil of Hell. You must make your choice. Either this man was, and is, the son of God: or else a madman or something worse.”

            • That makes no sense…You are asking non-believers to do research in order to believe? Why not present the evidence yourself. If there was some manner of irrefutable proof of a Creator don’t you think that would be a pretty compelling argument? Of course, but instead you put the onus on the non-believer to “believe” which is why your post is nothing but bad logic and hyperbole.

              • Lord Snow. Of course it makes sense. First, you expect me to present a systematic defense here, on this site? How much space, exactly, do you think Mac would allow me?

                You have misunderstood the premise of my argument, which is simply that most believe Christ to have been a good man. I am not asking someone to research something they don’t want to believe, but rather to inquire into something that is of just a wee bit of historical significance, don’t you think?

                The ad hominem invective is not necessary, and the one item that might possibly be construed as hyperbole is a quote from someone else, but would more properly be construed as a trope.

                Relative to my ability to reason and utilize logic, your comments would come as a surprise to the professors who passed me for eight years of university work.

                But I do understand. People often choose not to explore – which is all my post suggested people do – what is arguably the most important person to have walked the earth. If that is you, then that is certainly a choice you have made. I understand.

              • Lord Snow,

                The Master was in their midst and yet many chose to ignore Him! You must reach out, ask, knock, seek if you want to touch, receive, have a door opened, or find a lost item. It is not good to have eyes that cannot see, and ears that cannot hear. Usually it is because the owner of those eyes and ears refuse to see or listen! Look around you and listen. He is there and He is not silent!

                Louisiana Eagle

              • God still can’t make his own money, so he begs for yours every Sunday. So at what point, do you realize you have been duped?

                • CSS. Your comment is utterly incorrect. Most Christians give WILLINGLY. Duped? My wife and I basically adopted (not legally, but practically) a late teens young man, half black, half Mexican – who was VERY smart and motivated – whose parents had been murdered. Neither side wanted him as a “half breed.” We took him under our wing, and put him thru his Certified Nursing Asst programme with “God’s money.” Another program we support with our “duped” money is a very large church programme that takes care of mentally retarded kids – including a home that was built especially for some of them. A year ago, they took a bunch of these kids on a singing tour of Europe (yeah, they sing… and pretty well). People in Europe were in tears.

                  If you think I am being “duped” by willingly giving my money to God for purposes like that, well and fine. That is your prerogative. However, as Jim Elliot once said, “He is no fool who gives up that which he cannot keep, to gain that which he cannot lose.”

                  I’m assuming you the former Zeus? Fact is, in simple logic, you cannot prove a negative, so to say there is no God is not something you can affirm. You may be an agnostic, a Buddhist, or follow the Hamaval (which I have read in full, BTW; I haven’t seen you take the name Thor, Odin or perhaps Loki yet!)… I don’t really know. But I DO know that I gladly give my money every Sunday to see LIFE restored to people like that young half black/half Mexican man, or for those mentally handicapped singers. If you think redeeming life with the money that is being “duped,” well and fine; that is your free choice. My free choice – and that of others on this site – is planning on being “duped” this Sunday, and for the rest of my life.

                • Reminds me of the story of 3 clerics discussing how they tithe: Cleric #1 says, they draw a circle and toss the money into the air and they give God everything that falls into the circle; Cleric #2 says, they do something similar but give back to God everything that falls outside of the circle, keeping that which falls into the circle; Cleric #3 says, “We do the same thing but we skip the circles, we throw the money into the air and let God keep all the money that He wants and we keep all the money that falls back down to the ground!”

                  Kidding aside, God does not need to beg for your money. The cattle on a 1,000 hills belong to God. He is the Master of the Universe! All things belong to God, He created them, even you my friend! We are merely stewards of the things with which He has entrusted us. I hate to disillusion you, but, try as you may, you can’t take anything with you when you die!

                  Louisiana Eagle

              • Addendum: if there were “irrefutable” proof, it would just be intellectual assent. But there is enough proof that critics who have fully examined the evidence over the years – as noted above, people like CS Lewis, a former atheist, who was called the smartest man at Cambridge when alive, John Newton (he of gravity fame), the aforementioned Simon Greenleaf, or John Lennox, professor of math today at Oxford (website at http://www.johnlennox.org ), or J. Warner Wallace, a former cold case detective and atheist, who wrote Cold Case Christianity, after examining the merits of the Christian claim from the perspective of a cold case detective) certainly fully believe. Even the famed philosopher Anthony Flew (I wonder how many accusing me of illogic here have even HEARD of him?) whom I had to study while at university, came to believe in God before his recent death.

                I don’t understand the refusal to simply examine a proposition, nor why the disparaging remarks have to fly in response. THAT, it seems to me, it illogical stance.

                • sorry, should read “is an illogical stance.”

              • Most scientists believe in the big bang theory. But there are several issues with it.

                First, someone or something had to take all the matter and energy of the entire universe and super-compress it into a tiny ball, perhaps as small as a marble.

                Second, all that matter and energy had to be created out of nothing by someone or something.

                Third, someone or something caused that ball of compressed matter and energy to explode, and to explode with precisely the amount of force necessary to create our universe.

                Scientists say that if that force had been just a tiny percent too much, then by this time since the beginning, all the particles would have blown so far apart as to not even be visible to each other, and there would be no galaxies, stars, planets, etc.

                On the other hand, if that force had been just a tiny bit too little, then by this time, all the exploded bits would have slowed down, gravity would have started pulling it all back together again, and it would all have collapsed back down into a lump or hot mess.

                What tips things in favor of a “someone” instead of a “something” is the creation of life.

                The very first thing that could be called alive had a string of DNA. That DNA contained digitally encoded instructions for the creation of a duplicate creature, complete with instructions on how to create proteins, etc.

                All educated people agree that information is only created by intelligence.

                Therefore, life and the universe were created by an intelligence.

                We choose to call that God.

                If you are a thinking person, that’s all the evidence you need.

            • Well said Test!

              The bible clearly teaches the Earth in the end will be destroyed in fire, sounds to me like the sun will burp!

              I’ve argued with some Christians that the rapture will be reserved for that final destruction of the earth by fire, and will not occur in or around the return of Jesus Christ. My opinion.

              I believe we are in the great tribulation and have been since Islam first overran Jerusalem. The world has since experience repeated ferocious plagues, wars and famines. Christianity has never been attacked by any force more brutal and persistent than Islam. We are nearly done though! Islam will restore their Caliphate under a single ruler, who will make war with the whole world. At the final battle, Christ will return. Yes, I believe Islam is the beast that follows the false prophet. Things are moving very fast now. Islam’s factions are being trained for war and armed with some of the worlds most advanced and destructive weapons. Once all the factions are well armed, expect a new leader to emerge and unify them. Then we are so screwed. I think Americans will be shocked at how well armed and ready America’s peaceful Muslims will be, when they are called to action.

              • Hi PTPO – Lord Snow wanted me to present an apologia for the sum of Christian faith (rather than some well-regarded texts on the subject, which I did). To even to 0.01% justice to that, Mac would permanently ban me from the site! So… if we now get into eschatology, we’ll be here for weeks! 🙂 Interestingly, the author of the famed Halley’s Bible Handbook presents a similar idea about Islam that you postulate. If you don’t own a copy, it is a great companion study source.

          • As long as it wipes out all EBT cards, I’m good with it.

        • Uhmmmmmmm…..I don’t think a Carrington Event type CME will be in danger of burning up.

          Now……a gamma ray burst from some distant star could be another matter altogether. Even that would not likely burn things up….but it could definitely affect the earth’s atmosphere to such a degree that it could be an extinction level event.

          • That is true, Anon5, and good point of clarification. Carrington Event might kill 90% (who knows!?) of the population, but wouldn’t burn anything. Your gamma ray comment is also spot on. The earth will eventually be engulfed when the sun goes into a supernova, of course.

            Re. the comments from our dear atheist friend above, my point is a simple syllogism: IF it is true that the person of Christ is the most, or even one of the most, important people to ever have walked the earth, and there are easily accessible, critically acclaimed works on the issue, would it not make sense to do one’s due diligence on the matter? If not, why?

            Ad hominem responses are not needed, as seen above.

          • It won’t burn us, but it will surely burn up all the large transformers and pretty much anything at all that’s plugged into the electric system. If you happen to be standing too close to a vulnerable device, you might get burned as well.

            CMEs won’t affect battery-powered devices, except that they will be useless. That’s because the cell towers, satellites, radio stations, etc. will be dead.

        • Unless you are an android that’s not how things work…

        • Yep more people fall in the tub is true! I do have a bar to hold onto and i am very careful. Scary taking a shower these days…..

      4. sounds like the govt. is setting us up!

      5. Why worry about an EMP by the NORKS when the govt. can do it with our own tax money.

        • Jim in VA –

          That is precisely what I got out of that Headline as well.

          Headline I saw said this …

          FEMA Is Preparing For A Government EMP That Would Take Out The Grid

          It appears to be a logical and accurate scenario to me.

      6. Another Carrington Event: Would cause only 2% of the damage the fascist left has done to this country.


      7. I would never got to a damn FEMA camp. I will swallow my own pistol before going to the Walmart Prison, no thank you folks. I will care for myself. It’s important to be prepared guys, food, water, guns, ammo, etc, etc.

        • Take the Hollywood out of it. Common sense suggests that the masses, already dependent upon others to provide their basic needs, will gladly walk right in. In fact, it will be riots at the gates and fighting to climb aboard the transports at the promise of a hot meal, shower and a warm cot.

          Others will be simply told to stay in their homes, for their own safety and wait for help to arrive. Most will comply and in fact, many will complain of long waits. Even more so, despite watching their neighbor’s treatment, will do nothing out of complete shock and disbelief.

        • True i would rather die than go to their camps., but can we last a year or more? I doubt it.

      8. Chaos would be the general status of everything if this event ever happens. Folks can’t even find the corner store without GPS nowdays. Planes falling out of the sky, water and sewer stop working, people on life support would be gone. Nuclear plants would start popping off. Millions freaking out, and some would off themselves, unable to cope with a lifestyle without power. Not a good scenario any way you look at it.

        • Logicrazy, I know some people who get lost WITH a GPS, LOL.

          • I know of people, using their gps, in their vehicle, who ended up, in remote areas, nowhere near, to where they were going.
            Something to think about?

        • It would literally, be like living in the movie, ‘The Matrix”

        • This is getting scary…i mean my dreams. Thirty yrs ago i took a nap and fell asleep. I had a dream where airplanes were falling out of the sky, and my girlfriends little boy was sick and she couldn’t get medicine for him. I forgot most of the dream and never wrote it down. I have had many psychic dreams in my life that have come true so thinking about this now is scary. Thirty yrs ago i never even HEARD the word EMP and never knew it existed. When i had that dream i couldn’t figure out WHY the planes were falling out of the sky. Not accidents, they were just “falling”. Now i see and understand. So that could mean that it could happen in my lifetime. I am older now late 60’s….

      9. Big deal.

        If there is actually a solar storm that takes out electrical grids in the USA for over a week, so many unprepared will die off that it’ll have surpluses.

      10. I have never seen a solar storm do shit.

        I think this is all BS.

        More hype for nothing.

        A good thunderstorm does more damage than any solar storm.

        • Canada had a major outage caused by a solar event a number of years ago.

          Just because you weren’t in Canada to see the darkness in person doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.

          Read something. Do a little research. Knowledge isn’t just going to come creeping into your head on its own.


          Are you sure you aren’t a “reporter” for CNN?

          • No, it was a moose dry humping the power transmission line, just the fake news make it out to be a solar storm because of global warming.

            • Solar storms have nothing to do with global warming, troll.

            • Global warming has nothing to do with solar storms, troll.

        • What is scary too is that people who are on medicine only get a 30 day supply. These people will die without their medicine. I am taking a blood pressure pill, but i am taking half and saving the other half. I fill the script every 30 days. My blood pressure is normal with half, but still i worry how long i can last. I am also taking some herbs and vitamins that lower the blood pressure like Arginine, Nattokinase, Cardiotone, Vasotensin and others, and when the shtf i won’t be able to get this stuff anymore. I can’t afford to stock up on them.

      11. That’s good and we should be doing the same!!!!
        Or is this a False Flag??????


      12. The one thing not usually mentioned in these articles is the statistical probability that a solar event will specifically hit the Earth. The sun doesn’t automatically target the Earth. Imagine spinning in place, with a blindfold on, and trying to hit a moving target with a nerf gun and not even knowing which direction the gun is pointing. The chances of an actual direct hit are probably insanely low. Your chances of winning the lottery are probably vastly higher. Even if you don’t play.

        • Yeah, I’d say you are mostly correct with that analogy. Except replace “nerf gun” with “short burst flamethrower” and I would wholeheartedly agree.

      13. FALSE FLAG

        I have a fema contact, fema is full of shit, we do not have a solar storm that will take out the grid, the grid will be taken out by a false flag EVENT, war, Kim Jung yang, or some other fictiscous bullshit false flag event.

        It all pre conditioning to guage us to see how we react to the lie, and bullshit articles. Just saw one the other day, that any day now and asteroid will hit us and take out the grids globally. The michu kaku just warned just today that yellow stone will wipe out America off the map. I believe that, since all the nuclear plants were built in yellow stone intentionally to maximize the kill off. The problem that they are having with us on here at shtf, is assholes like me who keep telling the truth, and the fact that most of us are totally awake to the bullshit. Every move and every lie they tell, we are on to it. October 2017 is the deadline to start ww3. They just shot down a syrian fighter, this is the second jet that was shot down. Its getting close. From what I am told the false flag take down will happen around 11:00 am when all the boyfriends and husbands, wifes and kids are separated. False flags from I have learned will not happen on Saturday night, while husbands, boyfriends are at home with his AR, and mags next to him right in his house. That is a disaster when the soldiers come into the area. Americans do not sit around and let soldiers come into our neighbourhoods, to gang rape your wife, kids and daughter, while they shoot us men. So I have a message to the Canadian general. Keep dreaming general. You think this is natzi soldiers entering a country with unarmed citizens. You and your chi-com jihadist buddies, Russians, etc, if you ever try that shit in my state, your FUCKING ASSES WILL BE SHOT THE FUCK UP AND SHREDDED. Good luck when you get here. You soldiers will smell the stench of rotting decaying and stinking dead bodies all over the cities, good luck breathing the air.

        A car could run over my ass right, now or I could have heart attack and die, and suddenly disappear, and it wont matter, because the pissed off 1,000,000 cops, veterans, patriots and newly awakened piss off populous with the excessive armament, they will finish off your invading armies. The only way you cabalist fucks are wining this one is to nuke us or drop a virus.

        Like one cop told me I met at academy, back in 2013 when he walked to the shelf asking me where all the knives are. Sold out I told him. Poor officer cant even find a pocket knife to buy off the shelf in Houston. Cop told me that it looks like a lot of chopping, cutting, stabbing and grinding is coming when the shit hits the fan. Looks like I just increased my threat matrix.


        Molon labe, come and take it. Get you ass shot the fuck up.

        • Hcks, So when are the Chicoms lined on the Mexican Border going to Invade Houston? You warned us like 50 times on here. Fill us in what going on with that? lol

          • Not only that … but what about an update on Nibiru?
            If Nibiru/Planet X is really an actual event (not) … then his Russian/Chi-Com invasion is pretty much nil & void – right?

            Why would any foreign country want to invade America, when they themselves know Nibiru is real? – – – they wouldn’t bother and they would be more concerned about their own well-being.

            Don’t get hooked on “fear porn master – Dave Hodges” – He’s a predator and preys on the weak and confused.

            • lol

          • Some times I wonder why the heck I read HCKS comments. I know it is unlikely that they will ever contain actionable information but I can’t help myself. I am glad he posts up from time to time and it is usually and interesting read for a number of reasons. Best wishes always HCKS, from a fellow Houston prepper. Pray for peace. Prepare for war.

      14. Also: It took 17 hrs for the Carrington event to hit the earth. The speed of light from the sun to the earth is about 8 minutes. Meaning, once we see the Solar ejection with our space cameras (like SOHO)…we would have 17 hrs (give or take) to take the grid off-line, disconnect the main substations (and transformers) from the grid, open all protective circuit breakers and relays connected to the grid, and have all the SCADA control systems for our infractructures on a temporary hold…..a minor inconvenience for a couple days at worst. This would NOT be a catastrophic event. This article is nothing more than doom and gloom. No story here….move on.! And yes, I am an electrical power distribution engineer.
        Now and EMP.? That is a different matter altogether. Why? NOT ENOUGH ADVANCED WARNING FOR TEMP GRID DISCONNECTION AS NOTED ABOVE. One word then: Armageddon.!!!!

        • But, would they do all that? Would they even tell the general public about what they saw?

          That would take a lot of manpower to get to all the substations and disconnect every single long wire from everything else.

          They would also have to do the same thing will all the phone lines, cable TV lines, and any internet cables that happen to still be copper (such as mine).

      15. Solar events do happen and hit earth like with the 1859 Carrington Event. They are rare. The EMPs caused by nuclear detonation are more dangerous. Both would take down the grid but the nuclear bombs are much more likely to destroy electronics. People have been busy improving the design of a nuclear bomb detonated to create an EMP event to take out the electronics. If a country were to launch a preemptive strike, it would probably launch such a bomb first. People would be unable to evacuate the cities for the mountains.

      16. What we really need is a solar storm to take out FEMA.

        • FEMA is completely dependent on the Internet.

          The Internet is how they plan to direct operations and communicate with the public.

          In the big storm that hit where I live, we had no power for ten days, no internet, no phone, no cell, no cable TV or Internet.

          I had a generator and Dish for TV. Most local radio was off the air or operating at such low power levels as to be useless. On TV all they did was tell people to go to emergency management web sites. What a joke. None of it worked, and they have since just doubled down on this failed plan.

          FEMA won’t be doing anything in a Carrington type event. I’ve seen their people during a FEMA drill. They are mostly 80 average IQ minority land whales, hired under affirmative action policies, who themselves will need rescuing.

          • The main thing you need is a scanner and a way to power it. That way you can keep up with what the authorities are doing. Check with local hams to find out “all” the frequencies, not just the ones the Radio Shack scanner book would print.

      17. A Cyberattack ‘the World Isn’t Ready For’

        “with all eyes on the WannaCry destruction, few seemed to be paying attention to the attack on IDT’s systems — and most likely others around the world.”

        “the ransom demand was just a smoke screen for a far more invasive attack that stole employee credentials. With those credentials in hand, hackers could have run free through the company’s computer network, taking confidential information or destroying machines.

        Worse, the assault, which has never been reported before, was not spotted by some of the nation’s leading cybersecurity products, the top security engineers at its biggest tech companies, government intelligence analysts or the F.B.I., which remains consumed with the WannaCry attack.

        Were it not for a digital black box that recorded everything on IDT’s network, … the attack might have gone unnoticed.”

        “Scans for the two hacking tools used against IDT indicate that the company is not alone. In fact, tens of thousands of computer systems all over the world have been “backdoored” by the same N.S.A. weapons.”

        “It is happening right under our noses.”

        ht tps://www.nytimes.com/2017/06/22/technology/ransomware-attack-nsa-cyberweapons.html

      18. I’ve been running across these “doomsday is just around the corner” stories since I first went online 22 years ago. I’ve seen em all. Planet-X, Y2K, Nesara, Fema Camp roundups, EMP to take out US Power Grid, “End of South-East US” from Deepwater Horizon, Yellowstone about to erupt, New Madrid quake to cause US to split in two, and on and on….. More fear porn than you can shake a stick at…. But they do all have one thing in common; NONE have ever come to pass!

        • But many have happened in the past and are guaranteed to happen again if the world stands long enough.

          We have had solar EMP, Yellowstone has erupted in the past, the earth has been hit by countless asteroids, and there have been countless huge earthquakes.

          Look at the photos of the trees blown down by the Tunguska event in Russia. Read about the Carrington event. Read about Krakatoa. Read about the year without a summer in 1816. Read about the previous New Madrid earthquake.

          In short, disasters have happened in the past and will definitely happen in the future. Most could happen any second, so we need to be prepared for them as much as we can.

          Sticking a bogus threat, such as Planet X, in the list does not invalidate the rest of the threats. That is not logical.

        • yes indeed Steve None has ever come to pass. And for the last two thousand years true believer bible thumping Christians have all believed that they where indeed living in the final days mentioned in revelations. And so far they have all been wrong. talk about long running doom porn that takes the cake.

      19. And lets not forget; ELE Asteroids and Comets, Alien Invasions, Russia and China surprise Nuke attacks…. feel free to add what I might have left out!

        • Takeover by the FSA ! Free Shit Army lol

      20. It is not on preparation for a solar storm. They are hiding an EMP attack under the guise of a solar storm.

        An EMP or CME is truly a worst case scenario

      21. No one can predict what side of the earth is facing the sun when it farts. Imagine it affecting one rival that encourages the other to “strike while the iron is hot”.

      22. Interesting in what is not said. When the grid is down and nuclear plants exhaust their (max 7 days) supply of emergency fuel (for generators), think zombie apocalypse.

      23. Could someone among you give me information or links specifically on the matter of preparedness for hard disks’ data wipeout during such an event? Very, very appreciated in advance, thank you.

      24. How will I know if a CME,or EMP attack has occurred. Can I get you to send me a text or email afterwards so I’ll know? Thanks

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