FEMA Insider: A Large Number of Truck Drivers Have Vanished While Delivering Weapons, Grenades, Ammo *Video*

by | Jul 29, 2013 | Headline News | 271 comments

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    fema-truckIt’s no secret that the U.S. government has been domestically stockpiling unimaginable amounts of ammunition and weapons. So much ammunition, in fact, that it surpasses even what the military uses on a yearly basis in the mid east theaters of war.

    All of these arms and ammunition are being transported within the borders of the United States by third-party truck drivers contracted by the Department of Homeland Security, and some of these drivers are reportedly foreign born originating from countries like Russia and Poland.

    In a recent radio interview on World News with Dave Vose, a caller relays a shocking story from a FEMA insider that is apparently well known within the FEMA/DHS transportation community, and it has some U.S. drivers spooked.

    According to the report, truckers have been hauling large volumes of weapons-related supplies, some of which have been carried by Russian and Polish drivers, to destinations like military bases and DHS supply depots all over the country. But about 30% of the loads operated by Russian and Polish drivers have vanished en route to their destinations, and the drivers are never heard from again.

    It’s a story that has appeared nowhere in the mainstream media, and will likely never be validated by the Department of Homeland Security.

    But given reports of foreign troops on the ground in the United States, treaties signed by President Obama authorizing the deployment of Russian security experts on American soil, and recent revelations that the U.S. Army is stockpiling foreign made ammunition and supplies, one can’t help but consider there may be a connection.

    Vose: This is a person that you’ve been talking to that’s a truck driver, he’s a private contractor for FEMA, and he transports things for them all over the United States and Canada.

    Insider: Yes… He said to me on the phone that he’s been driving stuff to military bases. He’s been carrying crates of these bullets and delivering them to the military bases and he’s carrying  sixteen crates at a time. He said they’re very heavy. They’re two feet high by eight feed wide. The other thing he told me is he’s been carrying truck loads of stun grenades. 

    …There has been also… he said that in the Mojave desert they are having military drops. They are dropping stuff – big equipment, military equipment – in the Mojave desert. 

    …The other thing that he said to me which  was really interesting, is he said to me that all the truck drivers are all talking about it… about Russian and Polish truck drivers in Canada that have disappeared in the United States. 30% of them. Thirty percent of the Russians and Polish, he said in particular, truck drivers… that their trucks and their drivers have disappeared.

    What the means I don’t know.

    …Everybody’s aware of it, or the truckers at least.

    He’s saying he’s going to give it three more weeks and then he’s getting out of there.

    That truck drivers have been robbed of their loads would be nothing new. But given that they are of eastern European origination, are working for FEMA, have reportedly vanished during their deliveries, and were carrying weapons and ammunition, is it possible they are somehow tied to the foreign troops reportedly operating on U.S. soil?

    This is no doubt a ‘conspiracy theory’, and a grand one at that. But given the scores of other ‘theories’ that have proven to be fact recently, can we completely discount this as a possibility?


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      1. Any of them need a spot to drop off a load, my basement is available

        • I call it bogus, All anyone has to do is drop off a few chips in a truck, or in a load, and it can be found anywhere on earth in a few seconds. Even FEMA isn’t that stupid. Or how about, it’s sealing them from itself? How would anyone know they are missing? Hell my brother has his dog chipped.

          • Wasnt that in the A-Team movie with Liam Neeson? RFID chipped weapons shipments? Come on…..

            • Take my advice people, Keep on VOTING.

              Voting can fix all of our problems.

              If we VOTE the RIGHT people into office, everything will turn out just fine!

              Engage the system!… Be Happy!

              And remember, the Government loves you… Loves you to death.

              • Your Mama: Great advice! Glad to see you have come over from the “Dark Side”.

                The only hope WE have is to organize, communicate, donate, and vote; while adding our voice, vote, and support to those who are opposing the NWO every day in the Media, in Congress, and at the local level when they fight against the propaganda been spoon fed to OUR kids by the schools.

                We must question their agenda, expose it, and collectivize against it. Engage!!!! 🙂

                • if you actually believe that voting will change ANYTHING>

                  then you are well past naïve.. nicest word I can find, I have others, old descriptions of levels on the IQ scale..

                  whomever GETS ELECTED, GETS a FEW VISITS!!

                  why do you think TPTB make damn sure an elected person has family?!?

                  • If voting doesn’t work, then what is it the PTB are scared of from the people at this point? No one is plotting a coup, no one is organizing military action. If voting doesn’t work, why are they working so hard to keep the “Voting Rights Act”, to bind up TX in it’s web, to undermine the TP groups with weaopized bureaucracy? Just because they got away with provable massive fraud in swing states in the last election doesn’t mean they are ever-confident that it will work again. If history shows us anything they don’t play this every time there is an election. The Left and the RINOs are treating the run up to 2014 as if voting will matter and playing serious hardball toward the goal of stamping out conservativsm at the polls. Until they stop such actions, I’ll believe that they fear votes and that voting matters.

                  • I think yourmother was being sartic.

                  • Why does this site keep cutting out?

                • DK, etc: Patriots for the most part, don’t communicate much, isolate themselves with friends (small group cells)and only organize to drink coffee/sodas and eat donuts or cake and maybe swap web site info. Any true patriot would never get elected, only cowardly puppet politicians on all levels of gov. thus,voting is a crock. Donate?? what a crock of horse manure! Most of us can only afford to pay bills and spend money on family preps. Most patriot group leaders produce nil,(JBS, AFA, Eagle forum, etc;) line their pockets, and live higher than the average person, and many of them are gov infiltrators (see article on 7/25)America is over folks; get a small trusted group together, hold home mtgs for bartering and protection. Stay low key with under ten in the group.

                • @durango kidd:

                  Sarcasm ~ The use of irony to mock or convey contempt.

              • Unfortunately, 98% of the people are still stuck within the left-right paradigm and those people do not read this blog. Voting will not work. It is a sham. And even if otherwise, the media would conspire with the corporations and politicians to fix the vote anyway. There’s only one way to remove the cancer that has covered this nation, and I don’t see that happening either (because of what Frank Church said in 1975). The alternative is, find yourself a plot far away from the city, get off the grid, grow your own food, chickens, goats, whatever, and really live like we’re supposed to in however many years you have left.

                • If voting could really challenge election outcomes, the gov’t would make it illegal.

              • I hope that’s sarcasm. If not, this point of view is why they have already won. The belief that you NEED a ruling class is just what the elite want you to believe. ‘Be Happy’ yes, ‘engage the system’ no. The system is corrupt from the foundation and can’t be saved. Start creating a new way is my point. Stop choosing the lessor evils of THEIR choices and create you OWN choices.

              • The only catch is, you can’t vote for anyone that’s a politician. Otherwise you’re merely contributing to the problem.

              • to yourmotherwaswrong, you are still deceived in that regard. Voting changes nothing. The criminals in office put their cronies in office with them. End of story….well not end of story. A degenerate God hating society will have a degenerate God hating leadership, so once again, voting changes nothing.

                • even if voting means nothing(which I agree it’s all riggid) the point is -it’s our right & no matter how riggid the system,we must always exercise our rights or we lose them.I use to believe in the quote from the Wire-“the game is riggid but you can not lose if you do not play”…but now I realise were born into this game & really have no choice but to play…we quit we lose

              • As Stalin said: ” It’s not who votes that counts, it’s who counts the votes.” There has not been a legitimate election in this country in years. The candidate with the most money and bankster promises made wins, period. Wake Up!

            • The question is not, Do you have an RFID but do you have a FOID. How come no Article on the Sheriff Dept. in Illinois being after people who have Guns and Ammo but have let their FOID expire. I guess Ill. is like many of these other Liberal States, not worth mentioning. Just remember, People Have The Form Of Government They Deserve. Trekker Out. What Kind Do We Deserve?

            • Three people can keep a secret if the other two are dead.

            • Movies are often themed to what is coming, almost like a warning to the masses. I’ve mentioned to people how the first line in the Bond theme song Skyfall (the sky is falling) is “This is the end”. A movie probably still in theaters is called, you guessed it, “This is the End”. A line said by Superman’s mother in the beginning of ‘The Man of Steel’ is, yep, “This is The End”.

              • I was watching a movie last night, it came out several years ago, I don’t know the name. It starts Nicholas Cage, where aliens are coming down from space to take the children and only the children, because earth is about to end. After they take the child that is supposed to be Nicholas Cage’s son, then the destruction ensues and the earth is burned with fire, it is completely decimated and everything burns and nothing that was before seems to exist anymore. Kind of like what it says in an old book called the bible?

                • The movie is “Knowing” and the time is coming soon when the people of this nation need to stand up and take it back. Enough is enough!!

          • I am calling the story bogus, not you, Paranoid!

            • Heres Another Bogus “Story” it seems. The Greatest Robbery of ALL Time Perhaps!!

              Norman G. Finkelstein of the City University of New York says:

              “The Holocaust has proven to be an indispensable ideological weapon. Through its deployment, one of the world’s most formidable military powers, with a horrendous human rights record, has cast itself as a ‘victim’ state, and the most successful ethnic group in the United States has likewise acquired victim status. Considerable benefits accrue to this specious victimhood – in particular, immunity to criticism, however justified” (Finkelstein, The Holocaust Industry (2000) published by Verso, p. 3).

              In other words, Finkelstein exposes the HYPOCRISY.

              Some further quotes:

              “In an authoritative study, Leonard Dinnerstein reported: Sixty thousand Jews . . . walked out of the concentration camps. Within a week more than 20,000 of them had died.” But ‘As it entered into negotiations with Germany [just two years ago, in 1999], the Holocaust industry demanded compensation for 135,000 still living former (camp inmates).’

              On page 83 he notes that ‘The Israeli Prime Minister’s office recently put the number of “living Holocaust survivors” at nearly a million.’ Finkelstein exposes the LIES.

              On page 127 he further notes ‘If 135,000 former Jewish slave laborers are still alive today, some 600,000 must have survived the war. That’s at least a half-million more than standard estimates. . . If Jews only constituted 20% of the surviving camp population and, as the Holocaust industry implies, 600,000 Jewish inmates survived the war, then fully 3 million inmates in total must have survived. By the Holocaust industry’s reckoning, concentration camp conditions couldn’t have been that harsh at all; in fact, one must suppose a remarkably high fertility and remarkably low mortality rate. . . If, as the Holocaust industry suggests, many hundreds of thousands of Jews survived, the Final Solution couldn’t have been so efficient after all – exactly what Holocaust deniers argue” (pp. 127-8).

              “Both my father and my mother were survivors of the Warsaw ghetto and the Nazi concentration camps. . . One of my father’s lifelong friends was a former inmate with him in Auschwitz, a seemingly incorruptible left-wing idealist who on principle refused German compensation after the war. Eventually he became a director of the Israeli Holocaust museum, Yad Vashem. Reluctantly and with genuine disappointment, my father finally admitted that even this man had been corrupted by the Holocaust industry, tailoring his beliefs for power and profit. As the rendering of the Holocaust assumed ever more absurd forms, my mother liked to quote (with intentional irony) Henry Ford: “History is bunk.” (ibid. p. 7).

              “The Holocaust proved to be the perfect weapon for deflecting criticism of Israel” (ibid p. 30).

              “Much of the literature on Hitler’s Final Solution is worthless as scholarship. Indeed, the field of Holocaust studies is replete with nonsense, if not sheer fraud.” (p. 55). ^^^^^^^^^^^^^!!!^^^^^!!!^^^^^^^

              “Given the nonsense that is turned out daily by the Holocaust industry, the wonder is that there are so few skeptics”. (p. 68).<<<<

              "Annual Days of Remembrance of the Holocaust are a national event. All 50 states sponsor commemorations, often in state legislative chambers. . . Seven major Holocaust museums dot the American landscape. The centerpiece of this memorialization is the United States Holocaust museum in Washington. . . [This] museum’s annual budget is $50 million, of which $30 million is federally subsidized." (p. 72). (This is in spite of the fact that, as he points out on page 32, per capita Jewish income in the US is almost double that of non-Jews).

              "With a reelection campaign looming, Jimmy Carter initiated the [US Holocaust Museum] project to placate Jewish contributors and voters, galled by the president’s recognition of the "legitimate rights" of Palestinians.’ (p. 73).

              Finkelstein exposes the SWINDLE, a word formerly most often associated with Jews.

              "The Holocaust" is an ideological representation of the Nazi holocaust. Like most ideologies, it bears a connection, if tenuous, with reality. The Holocaust is not an arbitrary, but rather an internally coherent construct. Its central dogmas sustain significant political and class interests." (p. 3). And:

              "The Holocaust may yet turn out to be the "greatest robbery in the history of mankind". . . The Holocaust industry has clearly gone berserk." (p. 138-9).

              Read the Entire article at:


              • MEIN FUHREHR!!!

                I CAN WALK!!!

                • At the risk of being more unpopular than ever…

                  Look I know a lot of what I’m about to say is propagandized over hyped BS. Nevertheless, there’s a large grain of truth in the over-magnified official version.


                  These guys. These guys in the middle east… you know what? They don’t exactly like us. Shock of shocks.

                  Ya think feeding them Israel’s gonna appease them?


                  Maybe Israel’s got the right idea, ever think of that?

                  • You will only be attacked by the few Jew hating posters.

                    The reading thumb crew seem to have more smarts.

                    Nothing will appease them even if they controlled everything. Then all they would have is each other to hate and kill.

                  • Shock of Shocks 99.9% of the middle east have no problem with 99.9% of the US or western civilizations population. What they do have a problem with is foreign occupation, and the bull shit coming out of your governments mouth. The other issue that Muslims have is not with Judaism, its with Zionism & that’s the difference that’s not spoken about enough in your media.
                    To me your listening to the propaganda of your media, in the middle east we like everything American apart from occupation and Zionism.

              • Them Guys: I guess you got their attention with Finkelstein. The saddest thought to me is this: The preachers and the priest; Catholic and Protestant in Germany were for the most part BLIND DUMB DOGS WHO CANNOT BARK AND WARN THE PEOPLE THAT THE MURDERER HAS ENTERED THE BUILDING! But guess what it is the VERY SAME REPEATING HERE IN THE USA. The asshole ministers of Germany and the USA are dumb dogs! Instead of teaching their flock they are shearing them getting them ready for slaughter at the cattle yard. And the 54 red thumbs proves that there are more dumb dogs around than enlightened human beings with the Truth coming from their mouth…what an indictment of how history repeats itself and there is nothing new under the sun. Dumbass is a dumbass does!

            • Charley Waite

              That truck shipment was being monitored from port to port. If it stopped they knew where and for how long.

              I agree with you bogus.

              • I wouldn’t rely on the belief that because it was tracked, that it couldn’t be hijacked. for about $200 (or even as little as $40), you can get a jammer that will jam GPS both here and in the EU, as well as WiFi, Bluetooth,3G/4G etc. I know- I own one, and it’s not just handy if the need ever arises, but can be quite entertaining as well. This story may be dubious for other reasons- but I wouldn’t let what you think hinge on the fact that just because they’re tracking these rigs- that they can’t be gotten too. Ever think it’s DHS/FEMA who is doing the disappearing of these supposed rigs? Easier to make a foreign national disappear in the U.S than a citizen who’s been tracked/branded/monitored and probed since birth. Not saying I’m decided on the veracity of this (I tend to dismiss/distrust “anonymous” “leaks”), but I’m just saying it IS technically feasible.

          • How about a chip on every pallet,every case on the pallet and every box in every case on said pallet+++Gps tracking of said truck and smartphone tracking of the foreign driver.IT’s BOGUS,as bogus gets.IMHO

            • Yeah, if the trucks, drivers and cargo were indeed jacked, you can bet your ass DHS KNOWS about it. It was part of a plan to disappear the loads and probably send the drivers back to their countries to keep it all quiet.

              If that was the case, the info isn’t as much bogus as it is highly secretive…why would we expect anything different from our government?

              Maybe the supplies were meant for the elite in their hidden bunkers…no trail to follow.

              • How would russian and polish truck drivers get a CDL here in the US unless they got it in Canada. Then the loads would have to originate or be subd out through a canadian shipper. Fear Porn. Besides, we already know they have the ammo.

                • As an x truck driver, these tracking devices can be easily disabled.

                  • As for the CDL, if you can read and speak english you can pass the test and get a CDL. Also for years Ill. was selling CDL’s and got busted for it. For a TWIC card (transportation workers identification card ) you had to pass a background check. I have met many foreigners with a TWIC and this clears you for unescorted access to restricted areas of ports and other sencitive aeras.
                    Sorry for the spelling.

          • yea I would have to agree, these trucks are defenitly lowjacked to some caliber or another. and if you where trying to steal weapons it wouldn’t be ammo and firearms. what about the hundreds of disarmed nukes heading to a disposal site in texas, all of which are on trucks. guns and ammo are easy to get( my neighbor use to make ammo in his garage.) and wouldn’t do much as far as invading.

            • LISTEN you clowns,YOUR COUNTRY IS BEING INVADED,the days coming and when you go to sleep,the next day there will be foreign troops everywhere,they are hiding in tunnels all over america,ask your military children,they’ll tell you,YOU BETTER SPEND EVERY MINUTE of your time getten ready,YOUR OUT OF TIME,the LORD says this WARS going to last 1 year/3months,thats a long time without rest from war,and most of your supplies will be gone too,so stop screwing around and WAKEUP,this is going to be serious as a heart attack,as a matter of fact its going to be a real RED DAWN,so be getten ready and wakeup.and DON’T TAKE THE MARK OF THE BEAST if they capture you….

              • yep, Obuma has made a pact with the Chinese government as well as the Russians. It’s no longer a matter of my country versus another country. Its a matter of the upper 1% elitists versus the rest of us humans. CLASS WAR FARE!!

                • …just because they’re upper class, doesn’t mean they have any class.

              • Its not a matter of “the Russians are coming!” This is a planned demolition by the Banksters.

                They (the Banksters, Rockerfellers, Filthy Rich Elite, Fossil Fuel Industry, etc.) have purposely shipped off middle class jobs to poor foreigners who work for pennies, then put half of our country on welfare, food stamps, disability payments, etc… and next they plan to reduce those benefits and starve us to death, little by little and if we object, they will bring in the military and carry us off to their FEMA camps (yes, the FEMA camps are real– I researched them!).

                On AOL news today, they said food stamp recipients will have reduced benefits this November. Also, in the news they have talked about raising taxes for the majority of workers. AUSTERITY measures… when we already can barely afford to eat!

                This is not about the Russians or other foreign invaders. Its about the people at the top versus the rest of us. They have used the method of “divide and Conquer” to conquer us. While we squabble over little things like difference in religion or differences of political affiliation, or difference in appearance (color/ethnicity) they have conquered us.

                The only thing we can do is to detach from the system, Love one another, come together and kick their asses out!

                • Forrest—Aren’t flea markets great?
                  No tax and no record of purchase!!
                  A truckload (no pun intended 🙂 ) of socks and a shelf of dish cloths–those thin kind I like.

                  • “It fell off the back of a truck”

                    Tony Soprano

              • You are absolutely correct. People need to wake up and get their heads out of the sand. Stop acting like sheep.

              • Need a CDL? I know a guy who can print just about anything.

                • He had better be able to print the fancy dancy bar code on the back of a CDL, because the LEO can use it for verification and it is far more complicated than the ones on store purchases.

                  • Pretty sure these guys can fake anything they need to.

                    Probably just add it to the system.

                    You’re thinking along the lines of people acting alone.

                    These guys would have all the support they need to fake whatever.

              • Arizona, what do your western eyes see that the men of the east do not?

          • I think you miss the point. These drivers have been disappearing with the help of the government. They haven’t been stealing the stuff.

          • The shipments do not need to be chipped, the trucks are already chipped as the trucking companies monitor there trucks and drivers and have been for years. They can tell you where there truck is anytime and where it is moving and or running. what needs to be known is the ones missing are they private ? that would make more sense as they are not chipped and monitored. i would say there is something strange here and should be looked into !

            • Gee Whiz 54,,if only the trucks were chipped you’d only have to change trucks.How about chips for inventory,ya know modern business and military sop’s require up to the nano second inventory control,even clothing stores have rfids in those removable clips at check out.And drivers missing,whoa nelly now thats serious,,so freakin serious the news would be all over the internet.Them Poles and Russians like easy American women and just went AWOL for a spell.

          • They could be disappearing on purpose. Perfect plausible denial.

          • @ Paranoid –

            Like you, while I may have been born at night; it for damn sure wasn’t last night!!!!

            You for damn sure don’t ‘loose’ 53′ trailers and their tractors in this day and age. ALL the tractors out there are hooked-up to a central terminal via a sitcom communications system that tells the central station the trucks exact location 24/7. Customers can log on and monitor the exact temperature inside the reefers carrying “their” load of produce. If its what they call a high-value or sensitive cargo, then you can bet that there are tracking transmitters within the cargo itself and at other locations on the truck or trailer.

            And if its a certain type of military cargo? They won’t tell you what you’re hauling, but they will tell you that you will be accompanied to your destination by a ‘chase’ vehicle. Your entire trip will be planned out; routes, fuel stop locations, driver change points, etc.

            Let’s don’t even get into Ivan or Igor pulling into a scale-house and attempting ‘schmooze’ the “dot-man” with a thick obviously Slavic accent:

            “Why don’t you go ahead and pull this vehicle around to the parking area in the back for me Sir?” “It looks to me like you’re overdue for a random safety inspection, and ……. I really do want to have a much closer look at your license, vehicle paperwork and log book.”

          • Hes not saying FEMA is looking for these people. Hes saying that FEMA is DISAPPEARING these truck drivers.

            Get it.

          • Hit the nail on the head P-noid. These trucks have traking devices well beyond what most of us would tolerate in our cars. I was driving over the road in Ga. in 96 when a t-load of smokes got jacked. Road blocks, copters, the whole nine. You think arms/ammo would slip by? NOT!

          • Anyone…who works for the govt. deserves anything that they get.

            Get a set of balls and walk away.

          • CHIPPED? tracked?

            and I guess there is no simple made microwave guns that can fry that stuff?

            yes there is. unsure if story true or not. sensational though huh?

            All I am saying is that it is easier for trained networks to “disappear” cargo than you think

            PIRACY of all sorts has NEVER been BIGGER than NOW.

          • RFID chips cannot be read from a distance of more than a few feet. The energy to activate the chip comes from the radio waves emitted by the reader. Inverse square law anyone?

          • Maybe it’s FEMA who is behind it? It would make sense.

          • I came here(shtfplan.com)looking for information, and instead I found a site selling doomsday advertising, aimed at idiots. I’m just thankful that I am not a member of their target audience.

            30% of shipments disappearing?

            This website has absolutely no credibility.

        • IF this is true, then the United States of America has been officially INVADED. This is a call to arms for everyone because the ONLY people that are hauling United States arms are Americans. NO foreign entity ever needs to be carrying these weapons on U.S. soil to be likely used against American citizens. I mean not someone from Canada, England, Israel, France, ANYONE.

          I don’t know about everyone out there, but I say when a foreigner is a hold of firearms and/or other high yield explosives within the borders of the U.S. they are either an invader or a terrorist.

          • Conspiracy theory or not, I would put nothing past the neo-Nazi element running this country.
            If we can imagine it, they’re capable of it. Believe it.

            • NEO-NAZI???!! See My above Comment by Norman Finklestien and Jewish Professor on nazis and holocaust issues.

              Its Not neo nazis runnig usa!! Neo Bolshevik Kommies is more accurate.

              • Call em what you like
                A jackal is still a jackal by any other name

                • Outwest: its not about call em what ya like. Words DO have meanings, nazia vs bolshevik kommies is two seperate entities. Kinda like Out WEST is way diferent then IN East. or out North eh. We all should call em what they Really Are so folks Knows who and What the true enemys are otherwise nobody can fight an unnamed or unknown enemy. TPTB or Eliets is just as fake and PC. Who are the tptb? and eliets? Men wearing suits and ties? OR Certain individuals. Thats what I was getting at.

              • People who drone on about “the nazis” are either clueless, or pumping disinformation…

                About the article, if any of it is true, 30% of a group of people don’t “just disappear”. If Russian and Polish drivers are in fact going of the radar, they can only be getting ready for one thing…

              • Hey, be consistent at least, They (TPTB) can’t be Neo-nazi and Stinking Commies at the same time.

                One or the other please. And please don’t let Actual facts get in your way.

                What a pile of stink this whole article is!

                The modern equipment that is used to keep track of 18 wheelers, and such are actually tuned through the monitoring equipment for maximum efficiency and highest mileage. All this while the driver is driving down the road. They know when to tune the vehicles for the Rockies, and when to re-tune them for the great Plains.

                This equipment has been used since the late 1990’s. Ask a truck driver, all diesel engines Cat and Cummings have been tuned and been kept track of in this way for many years.

                • Amen I have the programs on my laptop for cat Cummins and Detroit

            • OUTWEST,THE LORD says their so afraid they are going to lose,THEY ARE GOING TO BOMB THE HELL OUT OF AMERICA,get out of the cities now,and away from any coast,500 miles,and REMEMBER THE RUSSIAS ARE EVERY WHERE IN THE MOUNTAINS,I won’t say more about that,we’ve seen them,they been setting fires everywhere to kill the wildlife and takeaway the cover,IF by chance you run into any foreign troops,REMEMBER THE POLICE GANGS ARE IN BED WITH THEM,you’ll have to fight the police gangs and the invading NATO troops,DON’T forget you were warned..we know this for a fact…be careful…..IF YOUR EX-MILITARY,they will be coming for you,make sure your in a house with a back door…you’ll be glad you did..and I ain’t kidding,the ARMY RANGER IN ARIZONA,got eighty bullets in him,and never got off a shot..as soon as they kicked his door in,they opened fire on him……..

              • Blasphemy! The “lord” never said Any such crap arizona. Maybe you drink too much beer and hear “voices” perhaps?

                The Lord aint telling nonsense like you are posting about to anybody at all so why say such. Same goes for them posts of warning by some chick called “Maria” or whatever shes called. He aint speaking to her neither. He already Has spoken to us ALL thru His bible book. aka the “WORD” aka “Christ=the Word Made Flesh”…..Read some it may tune you in. same for that Maria chick at some website a poster is promoting. Beware False Prophets…For if the devil satan can go in disguise as an angel of Light…So can he send out His Ministers of evil and falshoods…False Preachermen and Prophet men speaking Falsly as to Decieve the Elect(Us true believers).

              • Arizona: you sure as hell should have some documentation for the outlandish statements and predictions you are making. I suggest you get your head out of the clouds and come back down to earth. Your drinking the cool aid from some hoped up, self appointed, dispensational, star gazing Christian deluded prophet; your prophesying out of your own understanding. How long have we been hearing about the Great Lakes rift, the submariners moving inland, nuking the cities, Russians and Chinese under every rock…but none of this ever pans out and God surely would confirm any of the sensational bullshit you are saying…HE has not! So stop being a pillow prophet and start reading your scripture and sober up before you loose it completely and go off into never never land. You sure do no have a sound mind and what you have written does not have the Holy Spirit in it. You can feel the Truth and understand it when it is spoken or written, if you belong to Jesus Christ who has bought you for a price and has given the earnest down payment for our worthless butts.

          • Come on BI, the Israelis have been armed on American soil many times.

        • How can I get one of these trucking jobs for my ex?

          • I hear ya , but she probably wouldn’t take it anyways, why? after all she has you for alimony , child care ransom, that probably amounts to more than a third of your pay, forced by the court even if shes living under another providers roof. and probably what ever the state will throw at her from us tax payers..

            she wouldn’t lift a finger if shes anything like my X

            • Hey VRF – how do ya know Mclovin’s not the ‘she’….?

              I’m a ‘she ex’ and I’m more then happy to ‘lift a finger’ (always was) and I’m the one who was (is) the “paranoid prepper” by his standards anyway. He still thinks that life is grand and always will be, I hope the govt takes care of him as well as he expects them too, But I won’t be holding my breath on that one!!!

              • We know We just Know.

              • I can tell just by how he said it

          • Mc…get over her.

            you are a good man…stick and move.

            been there, done that.


        • Go to the likes of Haggman,Quayle,prophetic seer and the like for
          this pure unadulterated bullshit Mac..

          Even Alex Jones has had some credibility ,some of the time,
          with docs and facts over the years..although I rarely tune him in any more over the last few years..due to articles like this from him and others too many times..

          With the actual hard evidence upon us all from the feds..we here are due true facts and documentation at the very least!

          Am I wrong in asking for facts?

          We deserve better!


          • Actually, I prefer to get the suggestions from media, THEN GO FIND THE FACTS FOR MYSELF.

        • I thought that they were dumping it in the ocean? They could just bring the stuff to my roadside produce stand. Then everyone could stop by here and pick up what they need. Food, Ammo, and a good time.

        • Oh, don’t worry, they’ll be dropping a load on your house all right.

        • Oh, don’t worry, they’ll be dropping a load on your house all right.

        • ok this is a full of BS story all the shipments involving army items are tracked and followed by unmarked vehicles and there all set on specific routes that the truckers can not deviate from. the truck drivers have to pass a huge background check before there even let into a base to haul loads second drivers are never told what there hauling those same truck drivers do not have to obey the truckers Hours of service rules either. if the trucker event thinks about deviating from the specified routes the truck can be automaticly shut down via computer chip installed into the rig.

          • There’s ways around all of that if black ops is involved.

            Amazing how naive people are in this day and age.

      2. It’s a wonder the feds can find anyone to help with their dirty work, even during a wonderful recovery like we are experiencing. I can’t feel bad for these drivers though. You deal with the feds, you have to expect the worst, right? Hopefully though, some of these shipments have landed in the hands of patriots. Doubtful but still hopeful!

        • Considering how the U.S. treats people who do their dirty work (think Saddam Hussein, Bin Laden, Gaddhafi,the Seal Team who got Bin Laden then took the helo-dive, etc…) one might be edgy working for the elite, knowing they might pull YOUR card at any minute, if they no longer need your services.

          You’d think those foreigners would learn to look that “gift horse” in the mouth when it has ‘USDA’ stamped on it’s ass.

      3. Cuz Obama gots to gets rid of da evidence.

        Dead menz don’t tell tales; ask Larry Sinclair.

        • Kalif Resident: This May Intrest You perhaps.

          Who was the First Jew?
          John Standring

          We know that Saul was the first king of Israel and that John was the first man called Baptist, but who was the first Jew? Neither Adam, Seth or Noah are called Jew. Nor were Abraham, Isaac or Jacob. Moses was not called a Jew and neither were Saul, David or Solomon called Jew. In fact you will not find the word Jew in the first eleven books of the Bible. The first time Jews are mentioned in the Bible, is in II Kings 16:6 (and then only in translations revised in the eighteenth century) where we find Israel was at war with the Jews and drave the Jews from Elath. Isn’t it interesting that we can read over five hundred pages of the Bible before we find a Jew anywhere, yet those who call themselves Jew today claim the first five books of the bible and call it their Torah. Do you not find it rather strange that those who claim to have written the first five books of the Bible and call themselves Jew, can’t find the word Jew written anywhere in the book they call their own bible, and claim to have written? Jesus Christ tells John in Revelation 2:9 “I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews and are not, but are the SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN”. We know that God changed the name of Abram to Abraham in Genesis 17:5, and that He changed the name of Jacob to Israel in Genesis 32:28, but nowhere in the Bible do we find where God changed the name of Israel to Jew! There is therefore no authority by which those who say they are Jews can claim to be Israel!

          By the time of Jesus the word Edom or Edomite had been translated by Greek and Latin into Ioudaios and Iudaeus meaning a Judean or person living in Judea. The original King James version of the Bible, 1611, translated Idumaean-Judean into Iewes. It wasn’t until the revised editions of the King James Bible, that the word Jew appeared. The word Jew does not mean Israel or Israelite! We must conclude therefore that the first “Jews” were Canaanite-Edomite-Hittite. It is certain, according to the Bible, that Jews are not Israel.

          THe LINK to this and the Entire Article on Why Jesus was NOT a “jew” can be Read at the Link I Posted at my Prior post comment above This post. Very Informative Info as is that other Post I posted above.(Info on Holocaust etc BY a jewish Man from City University New York, Norman Finklestien).

          • First a bullshit article and now more Jew bashing.If people are ever to take this site seriously the Klan propoganda has to stop. Jesus Christ ! Pick on the spooks or the Fags if you really want to be viewed as apeshit crazy. Spewing hate on these sites diminishes the validity of anything positive said. One more anti Jew rant here and I’m canceling my subscription to the Aryan Brotherhood weekly !

            • Thank you Justice… My thoughts exacly…

              • Seems we have a few severly affected White Guilt types here who are so delusioned they rather defend and support without question the Very tribe of folks who invented communisim and used it to Murder a few Hundrd Million Whites and Christians in the last, 20th century era.

                Appears if in fact soon the usa folks must take sides and either defend whiteys against the evil fed govnt run by zionists bolshevik jewsih folks same as russia 1918 was…OR Choose to Side and defend that Very evil Govnt entity aka communist run usa fed govnt. Some here very likley will go Against Patroits if they have to choose Us or the bolshevik Kommie jews and zios eh…Thanks for Warning us all!!

            • apparently, you haven’t done any homework.

              facts are facts…wffu.

              • The First article I posted was FACTS From and BY a JEWISH guy Professor in NY univ. All I did was Post what HE said about the HOLYHOAX. Is he an antisemitic jew hater also? since HES who orig wrote His Book on this issue.

                This 2nd post You call BS, is Quoteing actual Biblical Verses that Show the FACT that the very word “JEW” Is NOT found in the first 500 Pages of the Old testement which pastors and jews claim jews wrote those books of “Moses” Ironic jews never mentioned the very word Jew if its about them eh?…I guess you think Biblical verses taken from verses as written in the bible are “Bullshit” huh?

                Thats your choice of what to believe. How you can so Deny all the factual and even Jew written truth of the Hoax called the holocaust, that Yes it happened…Just that aprox 98% of it NOT as reported by wild Tales jews invented to gain sympthy as “Victims” like them Negores does alot of. Finkelstien, jew, Himself admits to this!

                Some folks Just cannot handle the Truth I guess eh. Easier to Bash others than to Research facts and Learn truth eh. Typical…Just…Typical.

                • I was commenting to Justice.

                  Learn how to use the site.

                  Want some more conspiracy? Maybe Akmadinijahad was right in saying that the holocaust never happened.

                  Frankly, there is more than enough evidence around the web to suggest that the bad jews murdered millions of good jews to keep the game rolling and take the attention away from them…Isn’t it strange that Isreal came about after all of this took place.

                  This would be more of a purge than anything else.

                  Do I need to list who purged there own people and what type of govt murdered their own people?

                  • I too meant my reply was to “Justice”post. Forgot to mention his name.

            • Justice

              i seriously doubt them guys and the other whack jobs on here that spread the hate the jews BS are smart enough to be able to get into the KKK.

              having known a few KKK members from the pacific north west and Idaho even they had standards and Them Guys and Nina O are far Far Below the Bar they had set.

              NinaO is just a frustrated Cross dressing little freak
              and i suspect Them Guys is just her Fem slave. must be hell for Ninao to think he or she has all the answers but actually know nothing but Black hate filled garbage and vile trash mouth.

              the members i have known at least knew when to call the BS off when it was obvious they were not reaching there target audience. and contrary to popular belief there not all uneducated back woods slobs and red neck /white trash. i actually knew of two Law enforcement officers and a small town judge who were members.and unless you actually knew them well you would never think they had black friends and Jewish friends. there KKK side was well hidden.

              NIna O claims to be past LEO or Govt trained but i figure its all in his or Her unfertilized little pea brain.

              Troll killer

              • Troll: you little co## suc###, riddle me this you perverted S*B. Suck on this article and choke on it you pri*#.

                Read it if you dare ds. The KKK was instigated and promoted by Jews and the ADL…piss on you! You cross-eyed piece of sh#%. Keep sucking on that cow-pie.

                Dam it, you left me off you hit parade!


                If you do not post this I understand and will re-post with the kinder and gently me.

            • Justice: you got the snake by the tail bud! Your a blind man groping about in the dark trying to find its head…opps…too late he already tagged you. The first casualty of war is truth…once truth is gone your snake-bit bozo and only the great physician can save your sorry ass.

          • You will like this story,

            Over the weekend my on demand cable wasn’t working. Called Time Warner and they said a tech will need to come out. Everytime you call them try to get you to add home phone. I told them I didn’t trust Time Warner enough to let them do my phone service. They asked why. I said because they are a jewish company that is hostile to Americans. I also told him the Time Warner logo is 666 and they are NWO player. I tried to educate that guy but it probably didn’t help.

            So then I get a call from some 800 number 20 mins later they don’t say anything for like 10 mins and I keep saying I’m not afraid of the NSA and NWO but dont hang up. Then after the 10 mins it says its a time warner survey. I press 1 to do the survey and it hangs up. So later in the evening I sit down to watch TV and the entire cable and internet went out. I guess I pissed them off. I called again and they said a tech would need to come by. Got up on Sunday and everything worked fine.


            FYI I don’t hate Jews but realize there are Jewish companies that dislike Americans

        • Ask seal Team 6……

          • amen.

            • HogsHead: in order to ask the seal team 6, would’nt be better for us to ask the Israeli Mossad since seal team six are all dead now after the fake bin laden death caper, and its very likly Mossad who did it or set it up etc?

      4. They’ve probably been kidnaped by Aliens! Take your pick Illegal or Space. Trekker Out.

        • Actually Treck, I’d put my money on the readers of this site, if anyone. So ok guys; how much for a few cases of LC 223 & 308?

          • what you offering?

          • Sure Paranoid, we might take the trucks, but what we do with the drivers.We don’t want have to feed them. Trekker Out

            • For a truckload of 223 I’d develop a Bulg axcent

        • Trekker,

          That was a funny post!!

      5. We have been sold out by our corrupt govt and its not a Left and Right thing THey are all traitors and Should be Hung

        • They are both wings on the same corrupt bird !

      6. Show me the money, in other words, I am not that easily fed. “Everybody’s aware of it, or the truckers at least.” Sounds pretty amateur and childish. Need some substantial proof to get my attention. A guy who knows a guy said so, what is the guys name, where is the proof, do they think we are that gullible and stupid? Feed it to the Kool-Aid crowd.

        • Believe me, they could run a skunk under
          our noses and we would never smell it.
          We deny their cunning at our own peril.

          • OutWest,

            Actually, the more I read and see what the dear leader does on a daily basis, the more I am convinced that he is nothing but an idiot who would rather play golf than take the job of president seriously. We probably give them more credit than they deserve, they are morons who answer to a few elites. The ones running this country are behind the scenes, I believe the dear leaders wife has more clout than he does. Valerie Jarrett is nothing but a snake who hates white America, did you know that she was a slum lord in Chicago?

            The socialist regime is doing everything that they promised they would do. It is up to us to push back and expose the truth but you first must have proof and if it is real then the proof is there to be found.

            Sure, they are always looking for ways to sabotage a free America but as for me, I would definitely know if they ran a skunk under my nose.

            • The ones running the show are the media. 10 minutes of negative exposure of Obama on the rounds of late night TV shows and he would be impeached. No question about it. It is the propaganda arm of whoever they like and right now they like Obama. Sacred Cow that he is. We Americans are disgusting pussies to put it mildly. We are being run over to the nth degree and we deserve all the fun that is coming our way. Hell, every night we are shown what dumbass pushovers we really are just by watching the daily goings on in our Capitol by our elected leaders. We watch and listen and yet do nothing about it. We are the joke and soon no one will be laughing. I am ashamed of myself these days. Looking out for just me and my family is all I know to do, but it seems that there should be more that we can do. Voting Republican is not the answer, example McCain, Twinkies (aka Christie), Rubio, Boner, the NSA funding vote, and many others. Both sides are corrupt to the core. One big game of good cop/bad cop and the good and bad switch sides depending on who you are and what your perspective is. Rant over.

              • Do NOT be ashamed of yourself.

                This mess could have ended 50+ years ago, thank the WW2 generation.

                • @ Just Me – TPTB are hoping the Baby Boomers die off, and
                  real soon. Why? They are the only, original generation
                  that has not been lied to, or dumbed down, by the educational
                  system as they grew up. They had to study the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and the Real Hx. of the United States.
                  Now it is all watered down Bullsh*t, deceit, lies,
                  smoke and mirrors. Most Baby Boomers ‘know exactly what is
                  going on current event wise,’ and putting their words out there to be heard. They may be ignored but their words and
                  thoughts will not be silenced.
                  Explain yourself – how could the ‘mess’ have ended 50+ years
                  ago, thanking the WW2 generation??????????

                  • The WW2 generation knew exactly what was going on, many WW2 vets said so themselves, after they had been dragged through a contived depression, and an instigated war, they saw very planily who was really in power. But, the majority of that generation chose to look the other way.

                    On the one hand, it is understandable after all they went through, but, as many of that generation very publicly stated, they knew the fix was in. The ones who did stand up were ostricized, marginalized, some even murdered. But, that generation could have stopped what they knew was coming.

                    Sound familiar?

                  • JustMe

                    The pacifier for the WW2 generation were good jobs in abundance. The majority were blindly patriotic as could be seen when they supported their sons going to Vietnam.

                    The “Greatest Generation” suffered but they had significant flaws.They worked hard but blind obedience coupled with a general unwillingness to question authority was pretty much the hallmark of their generation. They sat by after JFK was assassinated and most smelled a rat but did nothing. Conformity was the social pressure of their generation with all too simple excuses and explanations for social problems chief being, “they’re all on dope”. I vividly remember the civil rights and anti war protests with my parents saying, “People have too much freedom today”.

                    “None are so blind as those that will not see”.

                • They had it hard so they tried to make it easy for their children. It backfired.

                  And then the next Gen wanted it even easier for the children. It backfired.

                  Now the children expect it to be easy. And that is backfiring more.

                  • Exactly.

                  • JustMe: is Correct, Christopher. Go back One article to the “Hornady Ammo cut backs” story. Look for a Post by Me, it has Links to the Actual newspapers headlines from 1919 and 1920 era Two Decades Before WWII era. Headlines Our WWII Gen Parents HAD to know about as They Lived that era!

                    Those headlines in NY times and most Every usa and european newspaper back then were complaints of six million jews dead due to Holocausts!…I found newspapers headlines back from 1895 stateing such! Just How many times did Six Million jews get holocausted? I found six different eras saying that exact claim from 1895 to 1945…Obviously WWII generation Had to Know of such crap swindles to get usa into another Phony War for israel and jews intrests…They knew alright. But PC worked its wonders on them too it seems. Fear of speaking out and saying the Truth. It may “offend” a racial group!!

                    To that may Offend some racial group or another I say SCREW that crap. If they got Nuthin ta hide whats to be offended about? Thats what They tell Us always right?

                    Go find MY posts and LInks Look at that info and newspapers headlines see for Yourself of the swindles and Hoaxes…..If You cant find the Link just ask I will Re Post for you ok. Hope that helps your understandings a bit.

              • Gone to Long: your wrestling with the snakes body and could not find the head. Who owns all the propaganda outlets in the world…who gave them the money to dominate this media and what is their real agenda and crimes against the world. Why do men look the other way? These questions demand answers but for some reason they ‘look the other way’ why? For some reason men do not think critical thinking and reasoning are as important to life and maybe more so than….???prep…could be.

          • Well done OutWest!!

        • Has anybody thought tuning in and monitoring the local CB trucker’s channels in your areas? Maybe catching some real-time chatter might prove to be informative. I’m right on a long-haul route and that’s what I’m gonna do.

        • Swinging on a Star: I agree. Did anyone here ever see that History chanel tv show about Same type truck Driver guys who Haul Old Nuke materials-Depleted or old ammo supplies-and many various Other types of ammos etc? They truck it ti Disposal factories etc.

          That tv show was 2hr long documentary and said NO drivers get Hired unless have a Minimum 20 yrs experience with proof they drove at least 2 MIllion miles in 20 yrs, and a spotless driving record, must Pass stringent background clerance to recieve security clearance ID’s..

          And EVERY Truck Cab and trailer has Qual-Com, GPS 24/7 constant surveiled. Trucks have qual com keyboard computer with One Button Energency notification alert incase drive is screwed with. Chase Car with 2-3 men fully armed with AR’s and 12ga pumps and Pistols follow truck every INCH of Travel.

          Truck Must take and Remain Glued to exact Pre determined routs NO unannounced unplanned stops at all. Any deviations and HQ Hits a computer key and Halts engine to stop truck pronto!…..There is NO such thing as “Lost drivers and or trucks!”…No way no how. Another steve Quale “I see Invisible space cadets aliens” phony fake “Mystery” story.(files in: 3ft tall-Big black eyes-Lizard skin martians)

          It is Truly amazeing how so many folks can give credit to these type swindle scams, yet Bash non stop Solid Linked info that documents the true troubles we face and Will soon be faceing in the usa when that infos posted by several of us here. Then these same folks claim they are searching for truth and facts?

          I agree its probobly good and swell to learn recipe’s for 10,000 ways to make Tomato juice so you can stash and store up 50,000 Galons of tomato juice from your 89 acres of tomato plants….But isn’t it also a good idea after you store a 890 yr supply of juice, to then move to Other issues even more pressing? Such as facts that come into Play on todays problems and whos causeing it and whats their most Likely future plan secnarios for patroits they so Hate?….Just a suggestion is all, kinda like an FYI.

          • Them Guys: thanks for the laugh…those big black eyed lizards drink a lot of tomato juice as I understand from those who are dialed in to woo woo land.

      7. It’s a good insurance scam too. The tuck and load gets stolen. The feds claim it on their insurance and don’t have to pay for the items. The truck of course is found, somewhere close to person of interest.

        • The Feds are self-insured. Maybe the contract carrier has a policy, but not the Feds.

      8. chough bullshit..um chough

      9. I would need more details such as what US roads/routes are they being spotted at. Are these trucks with logos on them? Was there any actual witnesses to the contents of the trucks being unloaded and are they unloaded only at military bases? If not, where else? And…what cities are these trucks routed from?

        • We’ll probably never get most of that info, looks like insider info is about our best shot at the moment.

      10. where you at Smokin Okie..? whats yer take on this?

        • You finished getting that load of pineapples to HI Okie… Dust off that vector victor. Check box on page 13 release statement/GPS tin foil cover.

        • Okie, we need your expertise. Sounds phony to me.

        • VRF some of this could be true US TROOPS have reported seeing RUSSIAN TROOPS training in Colorado when they asked about it they were told you didn’t see anything
          so be careful and be prepared something may be coming
          good luck

        • Smokin?

          Oh, SMOKIN?

          No smokin… oh no… THEY GOT HIM…

        • Smokin O is currently on a secret mission deep inside area 51…hes checkin on why the aliens are stealing truckloads of ammo and pineapples…a perverted alien fetish of some kind perhaps?…he’ll surface shortly if he can find his truck…okie don’t forget to contact using your coded signal ring to let us know youre okay… 🙂

      11. If there’s any cases of .22LR, .40 S&W, and .30 Carbine, I’ll gladly take them. braveheart

        • Ad in todays paper. from gunshop 223, 308 etc truckload sale, no limit. They are high, but ammo is starting to show up at places I like better.

      12. BULLSHIT

        • JUST FOR FUN

          8x8x8 Connex Same as all that were bury for civil defence in the 50 60

          When the last time you checked your local HS OR Libraries basement.

          Why are all these not needed to schools and library with all the high teck building materials and lot of extra digging being built.

          Why the rush to fix all the main roads and forget about intercity ones. (Main evac routes and military movement routes.

          Just an idea. Maybe they do know something and they are making sure there is shiot scatter everywhere. For a rebuild or for a fight.

          And 15 K foreign soldiers doesn’t even make a good police force for a city anymore.

          I do not trust our government one little bit.

          In a small % of my brain I am starting to think there is something going on that none of us could ever imagine.

          Look how Obama turn around on so many things once he was President and was allowed to see the papers we can or even a Pres elect cant.

          JUST A THOUGHT

        • Ah, Rich, you’re back. We missed you sooooo much…

          ..you’re back…..how about that…..hm………….

        • @Rich 99, exquisite articulation…and you may very well be exactly right. Time will tell. BTW, I am one of the “green thumbs”. I’m not sure if that should “scare you more than me”…or vice-versa! ;)!

      13. All of those trucks have GPS which is mandated by federal law for the trucking industry. those loads can be found unless someone has tampered with the GPS. don’t expect DHS to admit to anything, though. braveheart

        • Definitely something “fishy” and for reasons braveheart has eluded to. That said, BIGGER FISH have been “unaccounted for” in the past.

          How about the missing nukes from Minot? Depending on the source of your research, 2 – 4 NUKES just “went missing”!

          Apparently, anything is possible if the right/wrong persons are involved. It will be interesting to see how “the story” develops…if it even does.

            • Yental, at least those nukes were recovered and accounted for. How many people here remember the old Soviet “suitcase nukes” that supposedly went missing after the USSR went out of existence? They were supposedly built during the 80s and under KGB control. After USSR went bye-bye, so did the suitcase nukes. HMMMMMMMMMMMMM! Maybe it’s time for a new tinfoil hat? braveheart

          • Yental: Missing Nukes? Check for them in: TELAVIV Israel 9 stories Under ground at Dimona area. If not still there? Check NetanYaHoos Basement next to his Furnace system.

      14. This stuff makes my blood boil.

        I remember sending a “care package” our soldiers in http://www.americansnipers.org over 4 years ago….over $ 3,700 of good stuff:

        Shipped to the Wisconsin address, and the box was pilfered by a UPS guy who signed his name as “Neil” and “delivered” the package to the wrong address. Gone. Never heard from again.

        There was a letter on http://www.survivalblog.com several months ago about how employees of these delivery systems set up “spotters” who work in the company and coordinate dump offs to unspecified locations, and how to package contents so they are less likely to be stolen.

        My sincere condolences to the serviceman(men) who might have benefited from the contents, which included illuminated reticle Mark IV 8.5-24 x 50mm scope, mounts and rings, Leupold spotting scope and tripod, Leica range finder, Kestrel Wind meter, Otis cleaning kit, Surefire flashlight, 123 Surefire batteries with containers, Garmin GPS, 3 day Black Hawk assault pack with Camelback, etc. but never will I donate or volunteer again. It’s all crooked and corrupt, and the government is better at it than anyone.

      15. Mumbo Jumbo

        • Be Informed,

          I believe the USA is sinking along with the rest of the world. I too am surprised at this time the mainstream media isn’t covering this 24/7.

          The American dream has turned into a nightmare for many.

          However, this was posted on AP. Maybe things have progressed to the point where they can’t just totally ignore it.

          Stay strong! Keep praying and prepping!
          KY Mom

          Title: Signs of Declining Economic Security

          “4 out of 5 U.S. adults (that is HUGE….80%) struggle with joblessness, near-poverty or reliance on welfare for at least parts of their lives, a sign of deteriorating economic security and an elusive American dream.”

          The gauge defines “economic insecurity” as experiencing unemployment at some point in their working lives, or a year or more of reliance on government aid such as food stamps or income below 150 percent of the poverty line. Measured across all races, the risk of economic insecurity rises to 79 percent.

          “Economic insecurity among whites also is more pervasive than is shown in the government’s poverty data, engulfing more than 76 percent of white adults by the time they turn 60…”

          AP dot org

          • Maybe we could get one person who could bring it all together and get the whole world to work together peacefully. Yea… maybe some European guy…. He would need help from some big church leader…… I read this some ware…

      16. Please document with facts,paper,invoices, anything!

        Cripes any one can fabricate a story nowadays..

        How about cell phone cameras anyone?

        Another rabbit hole..


        • Facts Documented: What did really happen?

          Martin Gilbert, indefatigable Jewish campaigner on behalf of the ‘Holocaust’ and biographer of Winston Churchill, adds to the rich flavour and makes his own numerical claims, certainly not without chutzpah:

          In his book Auschwitz and the Allies (1981) he states:

          “The deliberate attempt to destroy systematically all of Europe’s Jews was unsuspected in the spring and early summer of 1942: the very period during which it was at its most intense, and during which hundreds of thousands of Jews were being gassed every day at Belzec, Chelmo, Sobibor and Treblinka.” (p. 26).

          If we assume a minimum figure of 200,000 per day, this amounts to say one million over a five-day working week, or 6 million in six weeks, and this does not include the truly awe-inspiring claims for Auschwitz put forward by Hart and Lengyel with Gilbert’s blessing.

          A detailed forensic examination of the site of the wartime Treblinka camp, using sophisticated electronic ground penetrating radar, has found no evidence of mass graves there.

          For six days in October 1999, an Australian team headed by Richard Krege, a qualified electronics engineer, carried out an examination of the soil at the site of the former Treblinka II camp in Poland, where, Holocaust historians say, more than half a million Jews were put to death in gas chambers and then buried in mass graves.

          According to the Encyclopedia of the Holocaust (1997), for example, “a total of 870,000 people” were killed and buried at Treblinka between July 1942 and April 1943. Then, between April and July 1943, the hundreds of thousands of corpses were allegedly dug up and burned in batches of 2,000 or 2,500 on large grids made of railway ties.

          Krege’s team used an $80,000 Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) device, which sends out vertical radar signals that are visible on a computer monitor. GPR detects any large-scale disturbances in the soil structure to a normal effective depth of four or five meters, and sometimes up to ten meters. (GPR devices are routinely used around the world by geologists, archeologists, and police.) In its Treblinka investigation, Krege’s team also carried out visual soil inspections, and used an auger to take numerous soil core samples.

          The team carefully examined the entire Treblinka II site, especially the alleged “mass graves” portion, and carried out control examinations of the surrounding area. They found no soil disturbance consistent with the burial of hundreds of thousands of bodies, or even evidence that the ground had ever been disturbed. In addition, Krege and his team found no evidence of individual graves, bone remains, human ashes, or wood ashes.<<<<<!!!!!! NONE!

          "From these scans we could clearly identify the largely undisturbed horizontal stratigraphic layering, better known as horizons, of the soil under the camp site," says the 30-year old Krege, who lives in Canberra. "We know from scans of grave sites, and other sites with known soil disturbances, such as quarries, when this natural layering is massively disrupted or missing altogether." Because normal geological processes are very slow acting, disruption of the soil structure would have been detectable even after 60 years, Krege noted.

          While his initial investigation suggests that there were never any mass graves at the Treblinka camp site, Krege believes that further work is still called for.(Yes like he needs go on Fox TV shows to Tell folks of this!)

          "Historians say that the bodies were exhumed and cremated toward the end of the Treblinka camp's use in 1943, but we found no indication that any mass graves ever existed," he says. "Personally, I don't think there was a mass extermination camp there at all."

          Krege prepared a detailed report on his Treblinka investigation. He says that he would welcome the formation, possibly under United Nations auspices, of an international team of neutral, qualified specialists, to carry out similar investigations at the sites of all the wartime German camps.

          (Sources: "'Vernichtungslager' Treblinka: archaelogisch betrachtet," by Ing. Richard Krege, in Vierteljarhreshefte für freie Geschichtsforschung, June 2000 [4. Jg., Heft 1], pp. 62-64; "'No Jewish mass grave' in Poland," The Canberra Times, January 24, 2000, p. 6; "Poland's Jews 'not buried at Treblinka'," The Examiner [Australia], Jan. 24, 2000. Information provided by Richard Krege; M. Weber and A. Allen, "Treblinka," The Journal of Historical Review, Summer 1992, pp. 133-158; Y. Arad, "Treblinka," in I. Gutman, ed., Encyclopedia of the Holocaust [New York: 1997], pp. 1481-1488.)

          Lengyel says:

          "After June, 1943, the gas chamber was reserved exclusively for Jews and Gypsies. . . Three hundred and sixty corpses every half-hour, which was all the time it took to reduce human flesh to ashes, made 720 per hour, or 17,280 corpses per twenty-four hour shift. And the ovens, with murderous efficiency, functioned day and night. However, one must also reckon the death pits, which could destroy another 8,000 cadavers a day. In round numbers, about 24,000 corpses were handled each day.

          An admirable production record, one that speaks well for German industry." (Paperback edition, pp. 80-81). [No trace of any remains of or in ‘death pits’ has been found.]

          You Must believe that while TODAYS Modern NatGas fired, computer assisted Crematoriums Ovens takes aprox 6 to 8 HOURS to turn a Single Human Body to "Ashes"(like for a Funeral Home) that "somehow" them Nazis were able to, with WWII era 1940 technology, that is, a Fire Brick Lined "oven" useing Coal or firewood as Fuel were somehow able to totally turn a dead human body to asshes in. 1/2 hour?…Thats One Half of an Hour! Hmmmmm…Wheres the Beef, or should I say the "Ashes"? None were ever found!

          As the Log Burns so are the Days of Our Lives! Indeed!(old 70's tv soap opera),

          As the Massive LIES Continue… Bankrupting the usa.

          • So when my granddad arrived at one of these camps everything he saw was a lie. It took him years to get to a place where he could just sleep after what he saw. If you hate the Jews (and you do) just say so. But that is ok. Many people hate the Jews and more join every day, Just like the Lord said it would be…. oh let me guess you’re an atheist too…

            • Inside man: it is too bad your Grandpa did not study WWII and find out why those conditions in the camp existed…the truth is out there waiting for you if you can stand it because the matrix you now live in would be smashed if you and your Grandpa knew the entire truth. You could go to any 3rd world country and find similar conditions and there are no death camps or war…if you went to India you would be appalled. The matrix is created so you will believe the propaganda machine. Study that one aspect of the war and your eyes will be opened to many, many more lies. Do not think your self righteousness has a corner on the truth. The Pharisees thought the same thing…

              • I am world traveled. I have been to multiple third world countries. I loaded what was left of one of my best friends into my helicopter in Iraq… all 45 pounds of him. Do not tell me about being self righteous or of war. Been their done that. Where are all of the people that are not here now? I know too many people know in their 80’s that lost every one they knew in these camps. Where are they? This site is for discussing the fate of this great country and how to prepare for its doom if we don’t fix it … rapidly. It seems as of late it is just for Jew bashing. Let’s get back to saving our country.
                By the way… my uncle and grandpa were very smart men they knew what a prison camp was and what death was…

                • Man Inside: you may have been to Iraq but who put you there and how did you get there…I pray you have already figured that one out…the same people and same deceptions are behind both wars (Iraq and WWII). Start reading Veterans Today and try to understand the Zionist powers. Then and only then can you begin to understand WAR! Until you fully understand it you will be subject to the power of the matrix and will never get out. Self righteousness comes from false understanding and is a defensive posture against the Truth.

                  • I know who put me there but it did not change anything. Those folks over there have no concept of democracy so it was a bit of a waste of good men and woman. I know what you are saying but my point is let’s not waste time on that and spend time helping people get ready for the ensuing train wreck that is coming….

                  • Amen to that. Unless we understand how.why.who starts all the victimization. nothing will change, ever.

                • man on the inside

                  road runner is just another idiot and this site is full of idiots

                  Nina o and her/his many screen names is another one they all hate jews and everything about them
                  but in reality they really hate themselves that and there just sci fi idiots

                  hence the use of the term “the matrix” just more of this bullshit sci fi crap

                  this web site is going down the tubes fast

                  • Hey Troll gather the troops the enemy is at gates….yee ha; pssssst no he is inside the gate run for your life!

                  • quick quick call the CIA and Mossad and have them activate Abu Ghraib! Danger Danger

                • Inside Man: it is not about democracy, it is about a bunch a lying scumbags who used us as Gator Bait for their fuck#%^ wars and in the process have destroyed millions of families and lives. It is about the hundreds of thousands of our best men being damaged for the rest of their lives. It is about telling them to go to hell and we are not going to take it anymore. That is why they arming to teeth, they know millions of Americans are awakening out of the matrix. But, we cannot effect any change if men do not read and know the Truth of who has done this to the world. This is the real war, the war against spiritual wickedness in very high places. Men think there is a Satan and Devil but he really resides in flesh and blood men who deserve the fires of hell forever! They are shit! And they are proud of it!

              • Man On Inside: Your Grandpa Must have been RED army Soviets then? Because Aushwitz and many other of the Worst camps acording to jews etc. were Liberated BY Red Army Russian Kommie Soviets! and They Refused to allow ANY others Into them liberated camps. So the Red Commies could HIDE Facts from MSM and US army etc.

                Tell me ok: If Your grandpa like MY Father who was in Europe WWII also, saw Shaved Headed DEAD Bodies Piled all in huge Piles or in Ditches etc…How could they or anyone Tell who those dead naked bodies REALLY were?

                Did the dead have a Huge J stamped on asses or foreheads to ID as a Jew or what?…What IF Most were DEAD German citizens Killed BY USA and Englands Bomber planes when they both Pulverized DRESDEN and a few other German innocent civilians cities till all or most all were dead and burned beyond recognition?

                What If due to those usa and british Bomb runs they blew up Railway lines so NO food or meds could be taken to Camps for folks In them camps to eat etc? Thats WHAT DID occure Mr inside man during final 6 months of WWII.

                Or maybe Your grandpappy can tell you of how several Million German citizens and aprox 2 Million German soldiers were sent to an OPEN Air Grass field fenced in and Guarded BY USA troops for aprox 6-8 weeks till could be Starved to Death! That was ON PREZ Ezienhowers Personal Orders! Starved several MILLION germans AFTER WWII Ended Officially!

                OR: did he mention Gen George Pattons Diary, a Book on his diary was wrote in aprox 1977 or so…Patton says “WE Fought the WRONG Enemey! We should have Joined forces WITH germany to wipe Out them evil Kommie red Bolshevik Jewish bastards!……

                NOW MR Inside man: You wrote “If you hate the jews, THEN You add And YOU Do…You do NOT know nor ever Met me. Thats as asinine as me saying Ok if you say I hate jews That means YOU LOVE Jews…How would I know.

                I HATE LIES! Especially WWII LIES! especially Lies told By Jews! And am not fond of deluded americans such as You who so quickly believe them jews as if they can do NO wrongs(pastor told ya that didnt he!).

                You are Typical of brainwashed jewdeo christian foolsih juvinile bible thumpers who OBEY Phony Preachers false teachings on jews and israel, while YOU disregard ALL info such as I or Others here Post with links and documented proofs galore that show Your pastros are Liars or just Ignorant and should seek a different Job as pastor is UNqualified to teach.

                But YOU Ignore all such materials even when wrote BY jews as my last couple posts were!!…Are them jew writers also a jew hater or what?…One things certain YOU sir are either severaly delusional on jew issues, or too ignorant to learn truth even when its Handed to you on a silver platter!

                FINALLY:If You have read ANYthing I post you wont need ask am I an atheist…NO, I am a Christian. One who Knows the REAL Truths Christ Taught about Jews. Too Bad You still do not. Let me Know if I can assist YOU in Learning about Real Truthfull Christianity…Otherwise Piss off with your unquestioning defense of zionists and jewish commies. Fire your pastor at the Least!

                • Hey dummy my post never mentioned Auschwitz … and yes Americans liberated many of these camps… like your cremation statement your bullcrap just gets deeper. Move along … the rest of us adults will prepare for what is really coming and it will not have anything to do with the crap you spew… and if you are a Christian then no wonder people don’t what to be like you…. hateful… oh and I don’t hate anyone… hate takes too much work. I find evil (like our current crop of leaders) and work hard to counter it. Oh and I do know you or those like you…. most people are here to prep, encourage, share ideas, plan and help… and then we have you…. and correct your typos when your angry.. its Auschwitz not Aushwitz…..

                  • man on the inside

                    people like them guys are just so full of shit its not funny and there eyes are brown too boot.

                    what he calls the truth is just more made up lies that these whack jobs concoct for the weirdos on the internet
                    remember the old saying Pictures don’t lie but liars take pictures.

                • Inside Man: it is not about democracy, it is about a bunch a lying scumbags who used us as Gator Bait for their fuck#%^ wars and in the process have destroyed millions of families and lives. It is about the hundreds of thousands of our best men being damaged for the rest of their lives. It is about telling them to go to hell and we are not going to take it anymore. That is why they arming to teeth, they know millions of Americans are awakening out of the matrix. But, we cannot effect any change if men do not read and know the Truth of who has done this to the world. This is the real war, the war against spiritual wickedness in very high places. Men think there is a Satan and Devil but he really resides in flesh and blood men who deserve the fires of hell forever! They are shit! And they are proud of it!

                  • Road Runner: Inside man is a LIBERAL! He admits his city is Ove 60% Libs! yet “he claims” its still a “Conservative run city”!! Yeah sure it is. He knows as He votes dems libs! Proof is how he rejects all answers-facts-links etc as proof and refuses to Admit hes wrong or delusional.

                    He keeps harping on the cremation stuff I posted. Yet if He Reads it he shall SEE that I Posted what a JEW woman “Says” that it took only 1/2 hr PER dead body creamated to turn to complete ASHES!…I Refuted That Dis-info and Lie by saying “No it takes aprox 6-8 hrs time to turn dead body to ashes even With Todays Advanced Nat Gas fired way more high tech efficient furnaces designed for creamations for Funeral Homes etc!

                    THEN: This total lunatic fool Posts the SAME Fuckin info nearly! Inside mans info says it takes as LONG as 5hrs and sometimes even LONGER to turn body to ASHES!!!

                    Exactly almost as I said it! yet he somehow believs his same info refutes Mine? You cannot make up folks like Lib braindead Jewdeo christian zionists defender and supporter of americans worst ever Enemies!

                    Hard to believe it is now 2013, and we still see such foolish deluded souls as inside man. And so many More like him even amoung such Otherwise wide awake prepper patriots etc!….

                    Jesus Christ advised us to “Speak truth to our enemys and all who oppose us as that truth acts the same as if we took a Shovel full of HOT Coals from the oven and Dumped those Hot Coals right on Top of their heads!”

                    So so True! Truth really Does affect enemys-fools-delusional idoits-liberals who Never can admit when wrong-types all the exact same way! They get Hot headed as if Burning Coals of Truth were Dumped on top of Their stupid Heads!

                    PS: That Sanhedrin after going defunct and ended since aprox 400 AD era, has Recently, like a few yrs ago RE Grouped Officially re established in Israel!

                    Texas Pastor John Hagee held mass celebrations on TBN-TV and many churches in our nation to Praise-Honor-celebrate the renewal of the Most Vicious, most Deadly, False Religion Based Murder Crew to exist on Earth! The Modern Day Sanhedrin!….Waitig for Insideman type Jewdeo whacko christians to send enough Cash $$$$ to Telaviv israel “officials and Rabbis” to Rebuild a 3rd jew temple where that NEW san hedrin “court” of inquisition and Murder, state sanctified murders can once Again begin anew!

                    Wait til these False christian-Jewdeo christians figure out it is They who the new Sanhedrin Plan to Exterminate as fast as posible and as Soon as they can do so!

                    Worlds Worst Nightmare= A new revised Sanhedrin in Israel! and these Fool so called ‘christian” Dupes CHEER! Israel! Israel! jew jew jew!!! YEAH TEAM! You…Just….Cannot….Make..This…Stuff….UP!!

                  • Them Guys: they got their Miranda warning. Though you bray a fool with a pestle and a mortar yet will not his foolishness depart from him…

                    Some people just love to be dazzled with bullshit! Facts…Truth…be damned. I was born an asshole and I’ll die and asshole. That is the skinny.

                • Them Guys: you pulled no punches but forgot about Dresden and what that Bastard Churchill did to those poor civilians. War crime you bet your ass but no Nuremberg for him! The victors put on rose colored glasses and dumbed down the people and when you tell the people the truth they do not want to hear it. If we say Israel and AIPAC fuc#$%^ up our nation, these rocket scientist call it hate speech. I can only come to the conclusion they hate the Truth and would call Jesus Christ himself an antisemite and that is no bullshit and we know what the Sanhedrin does to antisemites. Jesus faced ZOG and they nailed him on a pole so all the world could see what they think of ‘antisemites’. ZOG ZOG ZOG ZOG!!!! ZOG=PTB and the Modern Sanhedrin. Truly nothing has change just the stage props and the scope of control. When other Jews clean up their filthy Talmud and stop the Zionist satanic hoard I will then change my opinion, until then I will resist their evil machinations. Especially I will resist those who give aid and comfort to the enemy and those who allow them ADL, JDL, etc to destroy Americas constitution and shit on our flag and our Godly forefathers whom they daily slander with their filthy Zionist press. Christian, and I use that term loosely, give comfort to these antichrists for filthy money! Those who do such and ‘suck up’ worship this beast because they obey HIM. They yield their heart, mind and soul to a lie.

                  • To all you holocaust whiners. The Zionist Jews fucked their own people who would have nothing to do with their forced repatriation to Israel. They had them arrested and interned then took out the lean and mean ones from the camps through the back door to Israel. They worked hand in glove with SS and Gestapo. Thousands of Jews served in Hitlers Army. The number of poor Jews that perished pales in comparison with the number of poor Germans and Poles who were ‘truly’ holocausted. The German Christian nation was singled out for destruction long before WWII. They were set up and Hitler was installed by the Jewish/British Oligarchy. There was to be no remaining monarch left but the British Jewish Monarchy…complete inbred idiots fathered by Lucifer. These are the fucking Jews who are not Jews and will murder, persecute and destroy all Christians nations on the face of the earth. Millions of Gentiles, Christian and non-Christians perished and you don’t give a flying fuck about them…all you hear about is these asshole Zionist Israel Fuckups. Both Jews and Christians who resist this monster are targeted for elimination. Here is the conundrum…Jews who refuse the truth and Christians who refuse the truth both suffer and have been drawn into the beast system. Thus you have Jews who support Zionism and Christian who support it…they worship it because they yield to the lies created by the demonic matrix they have accepted. Jews who buy into Zionism for ‘self preservation’ and Christians who buy into ‘British Israelism and the Scofield’ propaganda will both likewise perish UNLESS they wake up to the Truth of Jesus Christ.

          • They did not have the EPA or OSHA to contend with…

          • Q: How long does it take to cremate a body?

            A: On the surface, this is a simple question, but answering it requires an understanding of the factors that influence cremation time.

            First, let’s assume that by “cremation time,” we mean the time it takes to physically reduce the body and casket or container. In this assumption we are not including the pre-heating of the afterburner chamber, which can add anywhere from 20 minutes to 60 minutes to the total processing time, depending on the state environmental requirements.

            The factors that affect cremation time are the size of the body (weight), the percentage of body fat to lean tissue or muscle, the type of container or casket, the performance standards of the cremation equipment, and whether it is the first cremation of the day, the second, the third and so on. Some operators believe that the medical history of the deceased and type of treatment can also affect the time it takes to cremate.

            As a result, actual cremation times vary from 60 minutes to more than 5 hours. In the cremation profession, it is widely stated that it takes about 2 hours to cremate an average body of 150 pounds in a cardboard cremation container.

            So if you are going to sling Bullcrap… AKA a Lie get your facts straight

            • Man on Inside: Listen…READ that Post just above your post bashing me. NOTE: Sourced Newspapers etc that printed articles of that guys 6 day search with High Tech XRAY veriticle ground PENETRATION Devices that PROVED NO dead Jews NO ashes NO bones NO burned wood beams NO NADA ZILCH None evidence of any jew dead buried where jews claimed it is at!…READ That evidence. You think Any european newspapers in yr 2000 would DARE to Print such info unless They saw the evidence and tests done etc?

              Come on already admit it. You are dluded to point of NO vast amounts of any proof or evidence to the Contrary will convince You. Like a typical Liberal eh. “Do Not confuse Inside Man with Facts or Truth since His minds Is already Made Up!”…..READ My Post near top of THIS article “NORMAN FINKELSTIEN” NY Univ, His Book excerpts that HE a Jewish man Wrote DEBUNKING the jew HolyHOAX Claims etc! Is He too an antisemite? or Hater of jews?

              A Better question may be: Are You ever going to believe Any evidence at all? Or do You rather remain delusionaly Ignorant of Truth? Know the Truth and it shall set you Free! Jesus Christ CE year 31….Is That bad advice also MR Insider man(with a young Boys intelect still)?

          • So the more I think about this the madder I get. While helping folks at hurricane Sandy I was able to help a lady (whose home was damaged at rockaway beach), who survived one of these horrible places. I was able to inspect her home and get her some help. It was an honor. Her son was the one who told me what she had done and how she survived. She has written a book on her experience and how she got through losing her entire family. She showed me pictures of her murdered family. Did she lie to me….. You sir are full of CRAP. It happened, my grandfather saw it, my uncle saw it, many German soldiers who participated in it testified of it. Did they all lie? Do us all a favor and find another web site to spill your hate. You are the type that would put us in camps and take our liberties. You sir are the worst sort of vermin.. YOU ARE A COLABERATOR !!!!

            • Insider Man: I am sick of You attacking me Personally. I have Provided Proofs-Links-articles written BY Jews about jews and the holyhoax lies etc. Evidence Galore on False hoods of 6 million dead jews buried where NONE can be found!

              Yet not only do You reject it all…You then personally attack me and MY credibility while ALL You show as “proof” is Grandpas Tales he told you of WWII…And More jewish woman whinny storys of Oy Veh like I telt ya!

              Thats BUNK compared to actual solid proof documented evidence I provided. Therefore it is Obvious You are a liberal fool whos mind is warped by falshoods and Lies based on false preachers, grandpas tales and some jew women you met in a huricane event.

              I am finished trying to EDUCATE Your poor delusional mind. I refuse to aknowledge idiots who slander me as you do without every haveing met or know me personally.

              Believe all the LIES you are told if that floats yer boat big man. You aint the First Fool I’ve tried to awaken, and will not be the last of that I am certain, as the usa is Full of delusional jewdeo christo-zio whackjobs such as it appears You can claim title to being! Its Your Loss if You prefere Lies to Truth.

              PS: Of All people “IF” You really are an “Inside man” as You claim, then You should Know without any doubt that usa fed govnt is full to the Rim with zionist jews running america into the Dirt as fast as they can!

              You long ago should have figured out or researched such WWII lies and found the same exact proofs and evidence. Yet you Fail to notice these who Run the usa fed govnt banks society every form MSM and Hollywood and too many more to list here are Indeed Jews of the worst sort!

              I am Glad I am Not You sir. Perhaps it is YOU that is the Colaborator ‘insiderman”…Hmmmmm…Wait till They get done useing You! see then who the Vermin truly are and have been for 3000 yrs so far. A True sucker-fool!

              • You call me insane, delusional and many other things and yet you don’t like it when any one attacks you… move on troll… this site is better than you… your mom is calling, come up from the basement and get some hot pockets…

                • Inside Man: I have been around Veterans for 40 years. I have laughed and cried with them. Some I have led to Jesus Christ…but you sir don’t appear to have any of the fire in your belly they have. I believe I have discerned correctly and most of what you say bullshit.

            • Them Guys: well you are in good company now, Jesus Christ was also a collaborator because he told the Truth. They hated him before they hated you…

              WOW You sir are the worst sort of vermin.. YOU ARE A COLABERATOR !!!!

              I think you should use the spell check once and while. Be careful Inside Man your words may come back to bite you in the ass. I’m sure ‘Them Guys’ will not hold it against you…but should you ever become ‘educated’ and use your God given brain you will feel very stupid as many of us have in the past when we shook off the matrix. I thank you for your service to the country but at the same time ‘what did the Iraqi’s do to you that made you hate them enough to destroy their sovereign country. You were matrixed by the like of Cheney, Powell, Bush, Rice etc etc etc…why did they do the work of the ZOG Sanhedrin…figure it out then take a hard look at the word ‘collaborator’!

          • And why is it almost every post you submit is this crap. We could be talking about an inbound asteroid, corrupt politics, a great beer brew recipe, sex, God, the new mustang, Obama’s ass, how the FED will pump our dollar and country into non existence, the new Wolverine movie, or how to grow potatoes, and here you will come with “the Jews suck”. Justice has it right… as long as we entertain people like you with one single track with a small train… no one will take this seriously. At least there is “Survival Blog” with Mr. Rawles.

            • Inside Man: And why is it almost every post you submit is this crap?

              Because you and other are in complete denial of the Truth about Zionism and who the true enemies of freedom are. You have been matrixed and do not even realize it. That Inside Man is the true power of propaganda, deception and delusion. It is the same propaganda that the Jewish people believed taught to them by the scribes, pharisees and hypocrites who ruled Israel…it is the same matrix that destroyed their nation in 70 AD, murdered the prophets and wishes to place the world into this same bondage today. The nations are the people of Israel when Christ died and the Zionist are the Sanhedrin…the results will be the same for the world as it was for Israel because they have bought into the lies and propaganda of the Matrix Sanhedrin Propaganda Machine. Just look at what Israel went through in 70AD (Judgment), only now the world is going to experience it. It is the covering cast over the nations that Christ will destroy…Is there any issue that is more important than this…NO there is not! Your soul is at stake and there is a war on for your soul…

      17. All we know is that we’ve lost contact with the colony on LV-426, and that a Xenomorph may be involved…

        -Excuse me, Sir… a what?

        A Xenomorph…

        -It’s a bug hunt…

        • Heh, heh..

          “Look, I’m telling ya, there’s somethin’ movin’ and it ain’t us! Tracker’s off scale, man. They’re all around us, man. Jesus!”

          • Seventeen days? Hey man I don’t wanna rain on your parade but we ain’t gonna last seventeen hours…

        • Ha Ha

          ” Two weeks,…. I had Two weeks… “

      18. ITS time to wakeup now,YOUR BEING INVADED,the ammo,ITS BEING PUT IN CUSTOM MADE CARGO CONTAINERS,their easy to spot to,THERE ALWAYS PAINTED,CAMO GREEN or DESERT TAN,WHEN YOU SEE THEM,their always in pairs,side by side,8X8X8ft. square,ones full of ammo,ones full of weapons,this is for supply for the foreign nations NATO troops,IF you keep your eyes open their every where,wal-marts,gas stations,truck stops,police stations, most are near interstate hiways,SO BE LOOKING FOR THEM,and tell everyone about them,its you spare ammo supply from DHS(the russians)………….

        • Pictures please… or a link so we can go get some….

        • Arizona: I’m headed on I 10 in the morning near Crestview, Fla. to visit. I’ll watch for containers coming and going, and will report back to this website if I spot anything…serious stuff! Please give me an approximate time period before the invasion starts as I need to wrap up a few things selling a house and purchasing items, etc. This is very important, as I need to also move (borrow a truck) a camper to pc of land out of town. I will do some driving around town and check out some places you mentioned for these containers later this week. Others I know will check also.

      19. I’ve got an IGLOO container that has a brain, heart & soul that needs a priority to Wash DC.

        • One question: Is there a “body there” worth the trouble and/or WORHTY of the implant? In addition to a well regulated regimen of potent anti-rejection drugs, a ridiculously high level of ANTI-BUSINESS-AS-USUAL DRUGS would very likely KILL THE RECIPIENT.

          Ahhh yes, now I understand! Guard that “IGLOO” WITH YOUR LIFE.

        • ain’t gonna do much good unless it can be divided 535 ways…

      20. For me this all come down to Bill Coopers book Behold a Pale White Horse. In 1992 while hanging out in Boulder CO, someone handed me a piece of paper that urged me to read that book. The paper outlined 911, the changes in all our laws and the eventual communist American slave state….in 1992! Most of it has come to pass!

        Your Lifeline When Disaster Hits!

      21. They probably drop their load and get a uniform and orders…then ship out to ?????? in the U.S.

      22. Matthew 24:36 “But concerning that day and hour no one knows, not even the angels of heaven, nor the Son, but the Father only. 24:37 For as were the days of Noah, so will be the coming of the Son of Man. 24:38 For as in those days before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day when Noah entered the ark, 24:39 and they were unaware until the flood came and swept them all away, so will be the coming of the Son of Man. 24:40 Then two men will be in the field; one will be taken and one left. 24:41 Two women will be grinding at the mill; one will be taken and one left. 24:42 Therefore, stay awake, for you do not know on what day your Lord is coming. 24:43 But know this, that if the master of the house had known in what part of the night the thief was coming, he would have stayed awake and would not have let his house be broken into. 24:44 Therefore you also must be ready, for the Son of Man is coming at an hour you do not expect. (ESV)

      23. Fuck you Bernanke!

      24. One thing is for sure: Video or pictures would really help in bringing this out! Not vids of tanks on trains either….Quayle, Deagle, Moore and company are speaking of this often but no REAL proof….

        • Michael Moore? He’s a putz…


          A stupid or worthless person.

          Engage in inconsequential or unproductive activity: “too much putzing around”.

      25. Ah can it be any clearer ? Illuminati Jew banker Alien shape shifters abducting Kremlin grassy knoll resupply NWO operatives ? Wake up people!!! Time is running out stop drinking the bong water and head for the BOL. Come on MAC slow news week? Respect from my undisclosed location peaceful and green wish all the same. Be surviving now and beat the hordes my friends.

        • NinaO?

      26. Lets just suppose that certain cargo and it’s final destination need to be kept under raps. What would you do? Hire a foreigner to drive the truck and once it reaches it’s destination, pay him and put them on a plane home!

        Never seen again, paid well and from a country where no one will see them again.

        • Why bother, truckers don’t know what they carry or for whom. Have one deliver it to a neutral location and another pick it up and take it wherever. It’s done zillions of times everyday. Besides, the Gov ships stuff everywhere, all the time. Who would they be hiding from?

      27. This stuff could be planted to distract everyone and they’ll blindside everyone from another direction or just have us all chasing our tails.

      28. All the Russian and Polish troups here in America, you have to supply them somehow. (lots of Ammo, short on food)

      29. I think this story is a planted story to poison the well. It also serves to spread more anti-Russia propaganda on the heels of losing Syria. The story has no credibility and reads like a poorly written Hollywood movie. I suspect this story will fade for a while only to rear it’s ugly head again with even more ridiculous suggestions later. It’s right up there with the DHS hiding weapons in bridges.

        • I am not sure what is going on concerning the Russians as they relate to our country’s agenda. The movies lately are casting Russia as an ally that we have a working relationship with. Movies such as Red2, Diehard’s latest film, and Fast and Furious 6. (Don’t ask how I know.) But anyway, I find it interesting that Hollywood is making it appear that we are friends and work well with Russia right now.

        • you are a moron, russian troops are in hesperia and adelanto california as we speak and they are receiving weapons

          • Awesome… when the balloon goes up that is a great place to start the target practice. But has anyone got picture, video, or documented proof. All of us that are stating that this story is bogus just want some actual proof and it any of this is true, someone (in this cell phone camera crazy Google land) has real non photo shopped proof. Just a link will do and please make it a reputable link not to some crackpot just selling books.

        • You didn’t read the title. The truck drivers turned up missing.

        • I hate to point this out to you about those bridges, but when I worked on a bridge crew in 2004, I helped build a couple of bridges. Guess what? Every bridge body is made of several solid concrete cells about the size of the average bedroom, and there are often access ports built into the bulkheads. I personally framed in one of those access ports for the pour.

          The cells are about 8′ high, by 8’wide by 12′ long…more than ample storage area, hard to see the opening under the bridge and no windows to give away the contents. I’ve seen 1′ plate steel used for the door to the access port, with tamper-proof screws and hinges welded on permanently.

          Don’t dismiss the hiding place theory so easily. I’m a heavy construction worker by trade and I’ve seen it first hand.

      30. Complete CRAP. FEMA dose not handle shipments of this type. This story makes Alex Jones look reputable. Why would DHS or the military use foreign drivers via FEMA (who can barley handle what they have, and I know this cuz I have worked there), to deliver their weapons. Provide just on real pic or name to back this. Stop with stories and let’s get back to prepping, praying and voting. Change your community and then your state and then your country. We have more to fear from the NSA, Politian’s, and your military trained police force in your own community than “evil Ruskees”. It would take a million or two of these guys to “force their will” on us. Most of their soldiers are conscripted and would run at the first shot from one of our patriots. Prep, Pray, Plan, Vote….

        • your name should be man on the inside of an insane asylum, Voting are you Nuts?? THat makes them think they can get away with anything, Plus its rigged anyways, you are a joke, Voting ROTFLMAO

        • @Man on the Inside….”voting”….do you really believe that “voting” is going to change the trajectory of this country???
          I mean, yes to the prep, plan & pray, but “voting” won’t change jack!

          • It is in my small town. Our sherif will not grab 1 gun from us. Our sherif has the same veiw as the shoot the drone sherif in colorado does. Our town is solvent with a surplus. Our town locks up bad guys. Our town (though 60% democrat) is conservative…

          • It’s funny how everyone goes to the “voting”… Just one word yet 21 years in the military this was one of the rights I defended and it is one of the things we have decided is “rigged” and don’t do. No, it is not the end all beat all, but this is a battle for our country and it has to be fought on all possible fronts. We got here because too many people did not want to fight for it on all fronts. Do you like Common Core being taught to your kids? No…… then run for office and get on the school counsel. It is how my daughter in Texas helped stop it there. We can all just talk about the “war” that is coming but I have seen War… don’t be so hasty to start killing. If you have to and this is what is required I will be there but it is not something I hope for. Fight on all fronts folks,… mentor kids, VOTE, Run for office, PREP like crazy, Get to know your sheriff and neighbors, Go to every city council meeting, Learn needed skills, take an advanced first aid course, train others, get your HAM licenses, get your CCP, Grow a garden, Just fight on ALL Fronts. If it does not change things at least VOTING may slow the end game down and give us all more time to prep…. JUST SAYIN…. And yes my home can sometimes seem like the state insane asylum….

            • local voting is the only ones that probably isnt rigged.

            • Inside Man you need a reality check! Keep on preaching tripe. None of that shit is going to change anything now. But hey be optimistic like when the Bolshits killed millions then Mayo contributed; the good people were optimistic then, poor devils! Run for office, get involved…where the Fu#% have you been for the past 20 years. If you knew anything you would know this beast is not going to be stopped and only God’s grace will save our ass when this crap hits the fan. How the hell do you think we got into this position, evil men will stop at nothing to fulfill their agenda. God has determined wars and desolations until the END! The beast will tread down the world. If you get involved with their world your going to get shit all over you and you’ll compromise who you are because they are the masters of compromise in the gov’t system. It is called the dialectic.

      31. Sort of on-topic:

        Tanner gun show, Denver Colorado, this coming weekend.

      32. The day when the powers that be say I have to turn in my shotgun is the day many American will no comply and look to join a militia.

        Don’t worry folks….the average American knows the commies are running things and many have their ducks in a row for the big purge that might take place.


      33. It happens. It sounds very suspicious, but trucks do disappear. My stepson is a security director for a large national trucking firm and he spends a huge amount of time trying to track down missing loads. If they are chipped, they track down the chips and remnants of the load, but the goods, truck and driver are gone. A lot of the time the drivers get a big advance on the delivery to pay for gas, tolls ETC, but then turn around and sell the load a couple of days later and disappearing. They don’t carry hot commodities like guns and ammo, but I could see these drivers selling a truck load of ammo and disappearing. I could also see the Feds taking the load and then helping the driver to disappear.

        • Yeah, fancy that… ammo shortage, selling at a premium… some loads go missing… hmm can’t explain this one at all without space aliens…

      34. People may call all of this “fear porn” or “paranoia”..but everything keeps adding up. This is something we have never seen before, and in hind-sight, will be extremely obvious.
        I like to try to convince myself that the government is aware(using NSA) of a planned terrorist attack/invasion(which would explain the ammo too).. but in the back of my head, i know its for real citizens. the citizens who want freedom. im almost 25, i dont want to live the rest of my life being told what to do/eat/wear, be watched 24/7. live free or die, i guess..

        • Caliber— good for you

          The comments on this article damned near
          made me throw in the towel.
          I guess people are expecting an engraved
          announcement from Washington whenever they
          are going to stick it to us before they
          will believe it could happen for real.

          • OutWest-

            That’s what I have noticed. We are at a point where people are waking up in this country, some are trying to get information out there for the free world to see, because they don’t trust the government and people are so skeptical of everything that they won’t believe things until it’s too late.!
            Im at least convinced that the guy is telling what he believes to be true.
            In other words, my gut tells me there’s no deceit in his voice.
            For what it’s worth.

            • w69

              That’s my whole premise, Sir.
              We have a government with zero transparency.
              On a need to know basis, they believe we need
              to know nothing.
              All we have is speculation and innuendo. If we
              didn’t at least speak out, right or wrong, but
              stood mute instead, then we might as well just
              surrender now to the hammer of totalitarianism.

      35. The guy in the video sounds like an idiot. “Somewhere in the…uh…..Mohave Desert……uh…..it’s big I guess……ummmm….not sure exactly where that’s at….uhhhhhh…….”

      36. OutWest – And then they still wouldn’t believe it till it slapped them in the face several times.

        caliber – I’m glad you caught on early. We need more like you.

        • Five thumbs up, Wrong

      37. Where are all these FEMA trucks …………..???
        I have been driving for a full 34 yrs this month and have never seen a tanker w/FEMA markings on it………
        I see the usual military loads (Humvees, gensets Ect,Ect)everyday on Int. 81, going one way or the other… BUT Never A FEMA Truck…I run 81 everyday from upstate NY to down in PA, 5 days a week, a lot of times twice a day… I grew up in a truck, and have allways paid a lot of attention to what goes on out there on the road.
        There ain’t a driver out there who runs that road any amount who doesn’t know “Farmer”

        Nothing but a Lot OF BULLSHIT from a Wanna-Be Truck driver, with nothing else to do, but sit around in some truck stop and make up stories

      38. Anybody ever go camping in the Mojave desert? They’re probably dropping tents. Those mil gen sets will power up 4 ac’s/tents.

        • Steve quale sees Invisible Dead space cadet alien Reptilians with Huge black Oval shoped eyes, greenish-blackish slipery scaley skin. Kinda like EEL leather when wet. Not only in the Mojove desert! hes also seen em at Big Boys eating a double decker hamburger. They eat there because Big Boy is very short like them aliens reptiles are at only 3 ft tall. But dont kid yourself! They can zip and zoom thru outerspace at gazillions of megga miles per hr when necessary. They go golfing with Eric Holder I hear. My Neighbor seen them Up close live. Peyeote Buttons are theirs and steves Favorite food!

          • Them Guys: I could not even give a number for the times Quayle cried WOLF and it was bullshit. It was some sick kitten in an alleyway that he saw while on buttons. Guess what he is still doing it! Only now he as friends in the hood to help (aka Haggman). Just when you think he has gone away, some other hoodie pops up to keep him from being squished. All of them are of the same Zionist ilk and live in flying saucers. Oh you didn’t know that? They love Israel and think Obama hates Israel…what a show!

      39. sounds like bull shit to ne

      40. No matter how strange something looks remember that since 9-11 everything has gone to shit with our country. Banksters running amok and a government that doesn’t care what we think about legislation. So that leaves open the possibility that anything, no matter how horrible, could be planned for us. I find it scary that Obama doesn’t seem too concerned about all of us buying guns and ammo. What does he know that makes him still smile and seem unconcerned? Could it be the fact that it wont matter how many guns we have? Remember Revelations. Could it be chapter 1?

        • It really DOESN’T matter ow many guns we have unless the .gov collapses and you’re using them to fight off the local gang bangers.

          I can see a definite use for them in that scenario. That scares me lots.

          But… you’ve got to be kidding me for anything more… aggressive than that.

          • You don’t see the fact that in many fights the gun is not used. Just it present causes calmness in a thug I have noticed. Especially when I point it at his face and he can read the words on the end of my glock barrel.

            Infidel I agree something is up.

            Our gov is stupid but at 9 11 they did seem to go bat shit crazy.

            And 99% of the elected join them as soon as they get in office.

            What are they learning once seated in office.

        • @ Infidels-r-us

          Ya know, I’ve thought the exact same thing about Obama’s lackluster attitude regarding the armed populace.

          Does Obama and his handlers know something, or is he really that much of a narcissistic sociopath that he thinks he can survive no matter what happens to the country?

          I’m not much of a Jesse Ventura fan, but he made the statement that “all wars start with a false-flag event”. Remembering the story about “missing nukes” makes me wonder sometimes what game is afoot.

          • @California Resident

            Exactly. An Ar-15 against a nuke is not a fair fight.


            So, do you not believe the government is capable of anything? History isn’t wrong. They are completely capable of mass murder if it suits their agenda.

      41. OBSERVATION TO REPORT: I was in the “carry on” trailer manufacturing facility located at Winnemucca NV a few weeks ago applying for a job. There was a brand new big ass semi and trailer out front from Chicago, he was loaded up with CArry On trailers double parked. When I went into the office to get the application; the driver much to my surprise was at the receptionist window…on his cell phone speaking Polish…I am familiar with commercial drivers, and military, and Polish….he was careless, in an East E manner not knowing I could understand him as I was right behind him listening to him speak on the cell phone, who would guess that someone would understand Polish anywhere especially in Winnemucca NV….this guy was definitely military..no doubt…and the words about emplacements, and meet ups were in the conversation….folks they are breaking the loads up and moving them via small trailers.

        These guys are very electronic wise…..and can disable an rfid with a small carbon fiber sack…no problem…if FEMA didnt already provide it for them.

        It was odd then…and now I read this…it’s just an observation….

      42. Sears optical. Give me a Klondike bar and a bottle of Ensure w $15/hr. Too many affirmative action commercials.

        • Have’nt the fish ate your carcus yet?

      43. Crock, first, why on earth use a guillotine of all things? There are far better ways to kill people without taking off their heads. Second, look at the Joe Biden pic, bad photoshop job. To be honest with you, this kind of story doesn’t lend much credence to this entire website…I prefer real information, verifiable information and investigative reporting to such tripe.

      44. Russian soldiers are not so hot about fighting for their own country much less trying to take-over another. Conscripts have not been showing up for military duty for two decades now. If real Russians soldiers come over here, they’ll be no one to fight to save Russia should China to take the opportunity to attack Russia’s open Eastern front.

        • That’s why I say plan with hospitality in mind. You might be surprised how well you might make friends with Russians. Unilike LIV, they understand the world and how it works and where the road we are on might lead.

      45. Oh ffs!

        The ptb are prepping for their own private protection.

        The drivers deliver to the ptb safe havens (or whatever you choose to call them and are then redeployed) back to their own lands before they can tell any US citizens the locations of these elitist sanctuaries. Noone with the funds and any comprehension of OPSEC would employ a local for sensitive deliveries.

        The ptb planned this whole sorry collapse, of course they’ve made arrangements for the survival of their own families. This is not news.

      46. I seriously wish this website would take some efforts to be far less fear mongering and bullshit headlines / articles that are OBVIOUSLY merely posted for click grabbing.

        It’s the crap like this that make you look like just another screaming freak like Alex Jones bent on lining their own pockets at the expense of US.

        Get legit will you?

      47. As someone that used to deliver to some very security sensitive locations, from the 90s thru 2004 [ such as Mc. Clean & Langley Va. & military bases] and delivering haz-mat. I can tell you all that these shipments do have location devices and often escorts, as well as most trucks have QUALCOMM, or some other gps/ location device, so if the load and or the drivers are disappearing it is at the request of the shipper and or consignee [in this case fema/dhs/govt are one or the other or both] also to haul sensitive govt. loads you must have a background check and security clearance, unless it is a black op then they sometimes hire owner operators for cash, [but still have escorts, sometimes visible sometimes not] that are unaware of what they are getting into that they can disappear and make look like a jacking gone wrong if the poo poo hits the fan. There are a lot of foreign drivers in the US and Canada, most middle eastern, and old Soviet block people, they can get cdl via visa programs just like cab drivers.

      48. I don’t fight people. I take up arms (The Word – The Sword of the Spirit) against powers and principalities. So many people are armed to the hilt, flailing at the lice and flaking skin of the enemy. I look straight into the eyes of those who most here consider the enemy and speak boldly of truth and love and a direct message to ‘sin no more.’ -Not condemnation, just the offer of the most valuable gift available.

        “My people perish for a lack of knowledge” says the Lord of lords and King of kings.

        For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. Ephesians 6:12 (KJV)

      49. God gives all a ‘measure of faith’. Jesus meets us exactly where we are. I am not a prepper but have no doubts that there are mature disciples who are. My preparations are to tell others to Seek Him First… NOW, and to acknowledge Him in All my ways. I am readying myself to serve Him alone in the days to come and that my last words glorify God no matter the circumstance. I believe that preppers also are called to put their reliance upon God (Jesus) that they may walk circumspectly for every situation.

        More on the subject of ultimate justice and preparedness in Truth and Spirit is seen here. http://durablefaith.com/2010/03/10/so-he-told-us-what-was-coming-and-this-is-our-strategyreally/

        Peace ( the Kingdom is within )

        • The last thing we need are people to fall down in the fetal position & mumble chants (prayers) to beings that exist only in their heads.

      50. I call BS on this one. Militaries don’t use 3rd party contractors for anything involving ammunition, destructive devices or prohibited weapons.

        They have their own drivers for that.

        • This is not the military the article is talking about. They are talking about DHS and FEMA and yes militaries use contractors. If you need a low profile don’t ship trucks with tons of escorts and tanks. You ship quietly in a regular truck so as not to attract attention.

          Besides if do you really think they will move large amounts of potential war material inside the US with large military convoys?

      51. i dont know why this bullshit vid” that scott and robert faked is getting so much attention ITS old news people done to get people to join roberts room

      52. “Confidential DHS insider”?
        Why do guys bother posting this crap?

      53. From the comments I read I think some people are interpreting this wrong. They are thinking the loads were stolen and the drivers have gone missing because they were killed in some type of robbery.

        Could it be the driver’s were disappeared to shut them up as what they delivered and where? I am sure DHS did not loose the shipments. They simply disappeared the drivers who knows what they may have seen and that needed to be kept quiet.

        Anything is possible and I do not necessarily discount the story as bogus.

      54. most if not all of those types of loads are gps tracked. and some are even bird dogged by security if they are sensitive and or extra dangerous. i drive all 48 and havent heard a peep about missing trucks full of weapons or explosives.not saying that story is wrong just wondering if someone didnt embellish it a bit

      55. sounds like a wild rumor to me….

      56. “If voting mattered they wouldn’t let us do it” Mark Twain

      57. What if FEMA is Arming a force to control the public during a collapse? Who better than a group of russians? If SHTF our military personnel would think twice about killing americans that are starving and in need. Hell, they would probably side with the people. An outside group of russians armed by FEMA would not think twice about squeezing the trigger… Just something to think about.

      58. what the article is implying is the conspiracy theory that foreign troops are already secretly here and large quantities of ammo are purposefully being diverted to them under the guise of mass ammo purchase/logistics/confusion/delivery. your completely missing the point ! lmao

      59. The time to stand and fight isnalmost upon us, the dominos are falling into place, heed my warning and prepare, when it’s time, the new American revolution will begin, and we will take back our land from these tyrants

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