FEMA Director Urges Americans to Develop “a true culture of preparedness” But No One Is Listening

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    This article was originally published by Daisy Luther at The Organic Prepper


    It looks like preppers aren’t that crazy after all. FEMA’s new director, Brock Long, has repeatedly said that Americans do not have a “culture of preparedness,” something that is much-needed with the startling uptick in natural disasters. Long has only been the director of FEMA since June 20 of this year and already has had to deal with a historic number of disasters in this short period of time.

    It appears that Mr. Long has a mindset of self-reliance based on a couple of recent statements he has made to the media, but the MSM doesn’t seem too interested in his ideas about fostering a culture of preparedness, despite the practicality and essential nature of his suggestions.

    First, in an interview from Sept. 11 that I personally only heard about yesterday, Long spoke with journalists to discuss the response to Hurricane Irma. In the interview, he said some things that vindicate all of us who have spent time and money working toward being prepared.

    “I really think that we have a long way to go to create a true culture of preparedness within our citizenry in America. No American, no citizen, no visitor to this country is immune to disaster. And we have a long way to go to get people to understand the hazards based on where they dwell, where they work, and how to be prepared financially, how to be prepared through insurance, how to have continuity of operations plans for their businesses, so that we can avoid the suffering, the strife, and the loss of life. It’s truly disappointing that people won’t heed the warnings.

    Straight out of our favorite prepper handbooks, right?

    Of course, the reporter quickly shifted from the actual useful information to start asking about climate change, because for some reason she felt that was far more essential than the practical advice Mr. Long was offering. You can watch the interview below.

    Some of those numbers were shocking – FEMA is spending 200 million dollars a day in relief efforts and desperately-needed help has hardly even begun for Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands.

    In a more recent statement, Mr. Long re-emphasized the need to be prepared, and to start kids off young with this mindset.

    I think that the last 35 days or so have been a gut check for Americans that we do not have a true culture of preparedness in this country. And we’ve got a lot of work to do.

    Whether it’s in education and being ready, it’s not just saying, hey, have three days worth of supplies ready to go. It’s greater than that. It’s also people having the finances and the savings to be able to overcome simple emergencies.

    We have to hit the reset button and create a true culture of preparedness starting at a very young age and filtering all the way up.

    We in the preparedness community have been saying this for ages, Mr. Long, but thank you for attempting to put this front and center.

    One thing that is different about Long’s approach is the practicality. Many government officials seem to forget about the financial end of emergencies. They can’t seem to wrap their brains around the fact that while they have 200 million dollars a day, most folks do not. This is why financial preparedness is of such massive importance. If you had to live away from home without access to a kitchen, the expenses would rack up pretty quickly. As well, think about how thinly those millions are spread.

    FEMA is eventually going to run out of money.

    As well, think about how thinly those millions are spread. One person I know who lost her rental home will receive $4000. That has to replace everything she owns: furniture, clothing, personal items, food, cleaning products…you get the idea…plus pay first and last month’s rent for a new apartment. People without flood insurance who lost their homes will be eligible for a maximum of only $21,000. But if their property wasn’t paid for, they’ll still owe the mortgage payments on a place that is uninhabitable.

    Don’t forget that FEMA is also providing aid for those displaced by more than 2 million acres of wildfires throughout the Western US. (Although initially, they turned down requests for assistance, they reconsidered.)

    When you look at the true cost of disasters on this scale, it’s hard to imagine that FEMA will have enough money should these emergencies continue, or even enough to cover our current tab.

    There were reports that FEMA had run out of money shortly after Hurricane Harvey, but more appeared for Hurricane Irma.

    One article blithely suggested that FEMA can never run out of money because Congress will just vote to give them more when addressing concerns that FEMA was down to its last billion dollars.

     But the U.S. Congress quickly put such worries to rest on Sept. 8, 2017, by hastily passing legislation that gave the DRF an infusion of cash.

    “The emergency supplemental appropriation of $7.4 billion allows FEMA to continue to fully focus on the ongoing preparation, response, and recovery needs,” said an agency spokesperson via email.

    While legislators may have cut it a bit close, there was little chance that FEMA actually would run out of cash. According to a Congressional Research Service analysis, Congress made 14 supplemental appropriations to the fund between 2004 and 2013, for a total of $89.6 billion. In one year alone — 2005, the year that Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans and other areas in the Gulf Coast — legislators bolstered the fund with three extra appropriations amounting to $43 billion. (source)

    This, of course, naively assumes that there will always be more money to give to FEMA. Eventually, we’re going to run out.

    Is this the reason for the slow response to Puerto Rico?

    Personally, I keep wondering if a lack of money is the reason for our slow response to the desperate situation in Puerto Rico. Add to this the logistical problems, and you have a recipe for chaos.

    Another thing to keep in mind about Puerto Rico is that this is one of the rare situations in which stockpile preparedness may not have done any good. While some folks like to say that Puerto Ricans shouldn’t be out of food within 6 days after the disaster, what they aren’t considering is the totality of the destruction.

    A man reacts as he walks through a debris-covered road in Fajardo, Puerto Rico.

    photo credit

    What food people may have had stored was destroyed when homes were turned into piles of rubble. Other food spoiled soon after the power for the entire island was taken out. If you look at these photos, you will understand why few people have food.

    I imagine in such a situation, my own carefully preserved jars of food would have been smashed to bits and my freeze-dried food would have been soaked in flood waters. In most situations, your stockpile will see you through, but in a disaster of this magnitude, even the most well-prepared person could be left with nothing.

    Maybe money is why the director is urging a culture of preparedness.

    Perhaps this reality is why Mr. Long is so adamant that Americans need to get prepared to take care of themselves and that we need to raise our children to understand this too. That’s not the warm fuzzy thing that people who refuse to prepare want to hear, so the mainstream media gives his advice little attention.

    A culture of preparedness is indeed the answer, and preppers have known this for a very long time.

    The Pantry Primer

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      1. My wife sold me on the idea of preparedness back in the late 70s and have never stopped. Prepping is the biggest part of my life so I’ve always had a culture of preparedness. We preppers already have that as part of our lives and damn sure NEVER got the advice from any federal agency. FEMA has some nerve lecturing us about anything considering their track record. Katrina is the best example that comes to my mind. So I always disregard anything coming from any govt. agency. Also, I damn sure won’t be giving up any of my supplies for any ‘greater good’ or any of that socialist claptrap. Anyone who tries to take them will get lead poisoning.

        • I still do not trust FEMA as far as I can throw my truck.

          • Menzo, same here. If FEMA comes around my weapons will speak for me.

        • The Deplorable Braveheart

          “My wife sold me on the idea of preparedness back in the late 70s”

          Your wife is in the 1% of women. In the 25% they go along possibly with some grudging ok. The remainder its a fight of varying degrees.

          • Kevin2, agreed about today’s women. Sad but true. It’s so alarming how many people have been sold on the idea of depending on government for anything. That will be part of their downfall if not all of it.

          • Hmmm I must know the whole one percent

          • YUP YUP! @kevin….if only they had some food in 5 gallon buckets, it would have survived the floods/winds….and CANS of food with high water content is VERY IMPORTANT!….i will bet you can find some stuff in my food list that would have survived the hurricane.

            i’m going to list a few things I THINK are important to surviving when the time comes, and the premise will be that you will stay in place, fighting off a few desperadoes occasionally….but no serious “army” rolling over your place(it’s a real leap, i know)…so here’s what i want, to be able to survive…keep in mind SOME items have MANY uses, and you might not realize how important some of them are. pinto beans


            pinto beans
            canned fruit like peaches, fruit cocktail, pears, apricots

            peanut butter

            tomatoes and tomatoe sauce



            sugar, brown sugar

            tabasco sauce


            BBQ sauce

            popcorn and seasoning

            olives, black

            canned chilli

            canned soups…my favorite, cream of mushroom

            milk, dried, evaporated, and condensed

            cake mix, 7up or sprite, and canned fruit…to make cobbler, apple or cherry is MY faves(google that)

            canned veggies




            shortening/corn oil

            soy sauce…teriyake

            beef/chicken bullion

            baking soda, baking powder, yeast


            pepper, garlic salt, chilli powder, italian seasoning, cinnamon, ketchup, mustard mayo.

            instant coffee, tea..creamer

            hard candy, chocolate

            tuna, spam(don’t stack it very high)
            powdered eggs

            well, that’s enough for now….u guys add to it and i will see if i want to add anything to MY stores…remember, this list is like a thousand lawyers chained to eachother at the bottom of the ocean……a place to START….
            oh, and i wish eppe was here….don’t forget him

            • and don’t forget the “protection” list…keep in mind you won’t need anywhere NEAR this much ammo, as you’ll be DEAD before you expend more than a hundred rounds or so, with others SHOOTING BACK at you….especially if you don’t have bulletproof vest AND hard plates.

              well, it’s time for me to make another list of STUFF
              AR-15 and 2000 rounds of ammo
              870 wingmaster 12 guage with 500 rounds of ammo
              22LR semi-auto rifle with 10,000 rounds of ammo
              9mm pistol with 2000 rounds of ammo
              otis cleaning kit for all calibres
              gun oil(i use 5w40 synthetic motor oil)
              i also forgot
              GOOD flashlight
              night vision
              rod for clearing jams
              extra magazines for all weapons
              holster for pistol
              gun cleaning solvent
              gun disassembly mat
              manual for guns owned
              AR parts kit
              cleaning/shop rags
              bulletproof vest or at least plate carrier
              armorers wrench
              magazine reloading devices
              what did i forget?

              • and if you are leavin’ town, like evacuating/bugging out, you should have THIS stuff.
                clothes bag
                cookin oil
                peanut butter, cake mix, cherries or apples, seven-up, top ramen, soy sauce..
                other food. pepperoni. trail mix. dogs.
                marshmellows and sticks rice, fruits, granola bars
                mustard mayo ketchup bbq sauce creamer coffee sugar/splenda
                plates/ eating utensils…(mess kit)
                bivy cover/sleep syst………….. sleeping bag good for 0*…-30 degree
                military sleep systems can be had for around 75$
                fire starter
                mattress pad/cot/bed……..pillows
                coats/cold weather bag w/hats scarfs gloves longjohns, shemagh
                550 cord
                dutch oven
                firstaid book
                extra glasses
                hatchet axe
                bp vest
                weapon of choice/ gun ammo
                jumper cables and brillo pad(fire starter)
                sawyer mini filter
                magnifying glass
                maps…INCLUDING local, in DETAIL!
                tool bag
                digging bar
                tow strap and chain

        • The Deplorable Braveheart

          “My wife sold me on the idea of preparedness back in the late 70s”

          Your wife is in the 1% of women. In the 25% they go along possibly with some grudging ok. The remainder its a fight of varying degrees.

        • Braveheart,

          There are a lot of women who are concerned about and actively working to get and keep their family prepared. Most of them never post and just quietly continue.

          • KY Mom. I’ve always suspected there are more preppers out there than we’ll ever know about. They stay under the radar all they can and I know why they do. Can’t blame them. The people I worry about are the ones who believe govt. should provide for them and think they’re entitled to whatever anyone else has. If they come to me for anything I don’t like what I’ll have to do to protect my supplies. It’s all I can do to provide for me and my own. I don’t owe anything to any strangers. If they didn’t prep, that’s their own stupid fault. I’m still stacking for as long as possible.

          • You are so correct. I’ve acidently while a door was open in a home seen signs of preparedness of multiple new friends of mine, others I have gotten the hints from something they say in passing in conversations and just this last week meet with an all female group to learn about preparedness and came to find out most of us were not newbies. Mama bears have instincts and take action too.

          • Exactly. I have read this forum for years and only recently posted

          • my last wife, on the way out the door, was asked ” what did you THINK i was supposed to do?”….i think you should have “taken care of me”, was her reply, meaning she shouldn’t have had to work at her job. she always resented having to contribute, even though i had MUCH, and she had nothing, even after inheriting 400,000 dollars when her dad died, not 4 years prior to meeting me. never watched the news, never read anything, didn’t even HAVE an internet connection, yet she called ME crazy……you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it THINK. i have married my last liberal, so i know now i will never find another wife. it’s a sobering realization…..so far, so bad!

            • bcod,

              I am sorry you went through that.

              I pray you will meet a good woman who will support and love you.

              Don’t give up. There are good women out there.

        • My wife is one of those 1% who is totally with me on preparing.

          We once had a “cash flow problem,” and we were able to get by with very little spent at the grocery store, because we had food and other supplies on hand.

          She has seen first-hand how much preparing helps, especially in peace of mind. When we hear of a storm coming, we just smile, knowing that we already have everything covered.

          • You mean you are not one of those dumb folks who rush to the store and buy up all the Bread, Milk and Eggs plus a whole bunch more perishables when a storm is in the forecast? LOL

            It just shows you how “smart” these folks are, buying stuff that needs refrigeration..

            I always get a kick out of it..

            This one gets me too. Folks that have generators, but only have a few gallons of gas on hand ! My brother in law says he will go to the gas station and get more when he needs it ! LOL

        • Brave.
          I have one of those 1%er. She learned from me, but when she listened to what I said and understood why. She went in 100%. Food, Silver, Guns, Ammo, so on and so forth.

          Those good women are hard to find but in the last few years I’ve have worked with a BUNCH. They are learning and learning fast.

          I think 1% was the way it was up until Obullshit and the Libtards started messing everything up for the past 10+ years. Now I’m looking at around 20%. This is a good thing. Long live the wisdom of a women!!!!


      2. All they are doing in inspiring fear and insulting the millions who do prep and who are prepared. Most people/couples, like myself and my wife, who are prepared do not go around advertising it. Yes, most don’t prep and prepare and are no more than three days from starving. But they are also underestimating us. They like to inspire anxiety and fear and treat the rest like we/they are too stupid to know what’s best for themselves.

        Sadly, many adults today raising families live off credit cards and don’t have the money to prep. They just don’t have it. That’s mostly because the govt takes way too much in the form of taxes, fees and surcharges with their wasteful spending, fund mismanagement, greed, and other bs, and as a result we’re left with less than. The other reason is because wages and salaries haven’t gone up with the cost of living and inflation in general. Combine the three and it’s no wonder most people can’t prep and prepare. They live day-to-day. The truth is that they want us to be impoverished.

        • Anonymous, very good points. My prepping means more to me than having any loan or credit card bill to pay. That’s my biggest reason for avoiding credit. Most of my transactions are cash only. I’ve always got money to get prep items since I don’t mess with loans or credit cards. There’s a certain advantage to being debt-free. I take responsibility for my own well-being so I prepare for whatever curveballs life throws at me. It’s possible to live without a credit card or loan. I’m living proof of it.

      3. “Personally, I keep wondering if a lack of money is the reason for our slow response to the desperate situation in Puerto Rico.”

        No … the Feds can print up phony monies to keep this failed system (fema) going if it likes. This is nothing more than “Standard Operating Procedures”.

        Has FEMA ever responded in a timely fashion to a crisis?
        None that I have ever witnessed.

        • FTW, when you think of FEMA think of Katrina. That speaks for itself.

      4. The message is good but it comes from a source that is not trusted.

      5. the only institution that can respond quickly to a mass emergency is the military
        no civilian institution can do it

        • Bboopsiegirl, that’s true but I wouldn’t trust the military because of certain ‘terms’ they would try to impose.

          • People should pay more attention to the bill in committee that allows the military to imprison American citizens without trial. While there is time preppers need to step it up a notch and aspire to self sufficiency. If things go haywire I will be avoiding anything with a uniform.

        • North Carolina Disaster Relief is doing it right now in Texas. My neighbor just got back from there, being replaced by the next group. His group was feeding over 10,000 a day.

          ht tps://www.ncbaptist.org/index.php?id=2243

          They have mobile kitchens, mobile laundries, and other facilities. They also help in cleanup, repairs, and rebuilding.

        • I understand in Puerto Rico (PR) the Army Corp of Engineers has already been ordered to get the PR electric grid back up and running, then direct and assist in getting the distribution system running. The US Navy and ACOE have been tasked with getting the harbors and channels open. The Airforce is tasked with getting the airports fully operational, and to fly in tons of supply’s that are but a drop in the bucket. This disaster is for PR the EOTWAWKI.

          The US military is already on the Island in force, but the population of PR is over 3.5 million, even if we send 10,000 military and FEMA people that just a ratio 3.5 people per thousand victims! And now you have 10,000 more people to feed and house. The numbers are frightening, and the calculus have no solution. The drug addicts and alcoholics are likely at their most dangerous, right about now. Gangs are already going house to house to steal any food or supplies. PR is crumbling.

        • Boopsiegirl, I would have to disagree somewhat. When Katrina hit the Mississippi Gulf Coast, I got there six days later and spend three months working on the Coast with a MS state agency. The first groups there that I saw were the Southern Baptist Church Disaster group, WalMart Disaster Relief, and the Salvation Army. There were various MS Army National Guard MP units around, but they appeared to be mostly providing traffic control.

          • Note: this post didn’t list Red Cross.
            If you donate to the RC, you are a stupid sucker.

      6. FEMA tells you in their manual to keep 2 weeks of food on hand and then the govt. brands you a hoarder or terrorist for keeping that or more. Their departments are not on the same page with each other and will and can confiscate it if they want. I don’t depend on them to determine on how I will prepare. I will use my experience and of others to prepare for what might happen in my neck of the woods and will help those that make an effort to do the same, Everyone else…..you are on your own.

        • Jim, AMEN. We are all truly on our own. If FEMA or anyone else comes for what I have they’ll get lead poisoning. No govt. agency tells me what to do. I don’t listen to them under any circumstances. I don’t even care what they call me.

      7. Brock Long, has repeatedly said that Americans do not have a “culture of preparedness,”……

        They couldn’t STAND a true culture of preparedness (look for this guy out of his job soon)….the govt want folks dependent on the nanny state to fix every problem, large or small. They would freak out if the majority actually took this advice.

        I’m currently adding two 500 gallon diesel tanks and a goof 8kw Yanmar generator as a backup to my existing 11kw solar power system to recharge the battery bank….I figure about an hour of run time, one gallon of fuel, to get 1-2 days time out of the batteries if the sun doesn’t shine. 1000gal = 1000 days running….like many years of no-sun days.

        • boy scouts know how to survive with NO electricity…..i’m prepared as i WANT to be.

      8. 1. As far as I know, the executive order allowing the government to take everything you have is still in force.

        2. As far as I know DHS will still consider yu a potential terrorist if you have more than 7 days of food in the home.

        This implies the FEMA director wants you to be a prepper so his minions can walk in and steal everything, which they then dole out “fairly”. Think of prepping as an off-books government support program.

        • Garfield, if FEMA tries to take anyone’s supplies they’ll need to bring body bags FOR THEMSELVES because they’ll get killed by somebody.

          • Fair point, to a point. SWAT tactics are pretty effective though, and they will use them.

            The hypocrisy still gets me though. After YEARS of calling preppers wack jobs and worse, showing preppers on TV as terrorists, now they (or at least he) want a “culture of preparedness”. Isn’t that convenient.

            Off topic, but are there any reports what the DEA, ATF, and FBI were doing in Houston after Harvey? The guy who runs the Demolition Ranch Youtube channel went down to help (he had SeaDoos), and he was carting agents around on them. Not the people I expect to be usefule in search/rescue/recovery.

          • They should issue a body bag with the badge.

        • Good point

      9. That running generator will produce a hum that will carry for miles on a cold winter nite. It will be a calling card for every no good within 50 miles. we had a power outage due to a massive ice storm. Destroyed almost all of the local coops distribution lines. And since the phone lines run on 32 volts. the phone company placed generators at the larger jct boxes. And this thief went to playing Robin Hood Stealing them and giving them away. He was loading one up and had a heart attack and died. Another guy had his generator running in the garage with the door open. During the night someone came into the garage started his lawn mower and stole the generator.

        • Don’t run a generator at night. Go to bed when it gets dark. Use a chest freezer, and keep it full. Then you don’t have to run it at night. Also, use another chest freezer with the thermostat turned up as a chest refrigerator. It will keep food overnight without electricity. If the weather is hot, wrap the freezer and refrigerator with insulation and quilts at night.

          If you have proper food storage (freeze-dried, dehydrated, and canned), you don’t need a freezer anyway.

          • WE filled milk jugs up with water and lined the bottom of the chest freezer with them. So if power does go out, we have a back when the generator isn’t in use…….

        • Generator to be in a sound suppressed building, shouldn’t be able to hear it 100′ away…..and my nearest neighbor is thousands of feet away, and a prepper too.

      10. We don’t want the Tares to prep. We need them gone. That’s the faith thing. Don’t even try to get the Tares to prep. You are going against Gods will and plan.

      11. Maybe this guy is actually trying to give some sound advice to those willing to listen. It sounded like reasonable advice that actually called on people to be self reliant and responsible. I am always skeptical of FEMA and anything they do, but if the media is ignoring it maybe he is trying to do the right thing.

      12. “Historic number of disasters”? I don’t think so. For example, in 1955 my hometown got hit by two hurricanes in a row, Connie and Ione, and had a third one come near us, Diane. And there was no FEMA. And the Red Cross refused to help us out. So we were totally on our own, and would have really suffered if not for relatives who let us live with them for a while. And then, the year before, there was Hazel. 1954 was a really costly year.

        If you want to know about past disasters, go to your local library and look at microfilms of old newspapers. They are just as full of disasters and today’s newspapers. We just didn’t have the 24-hour news on TV back then.

      13. What the FEMA director is one of those cuckoo crazy pants preppers? Or what we call a person who thinks ahead and prepares for the worst case scenario within reason. This thinking is what should be taught in school along with the Constitution.
        It will make for an interesting and refreshing change of pace.

      14. Even non-preppers want preppers to stockpile. More to take when SHTF happens. When non-prepper relatives talk of coming to you when SHTF happens, THEY ARE SERIOUS! Keeping it quiet from everyone is the best policy. When SHTF occurs, someone in your neighborhood will talk about how wrong it is for “some people to have so much food, when the kids are starving.” Government will be condemning “hoarders”. What Government says in normal times is not be the same as in SHTf.

      15. Personal Responsibility…they don’t teach it any longer!!

      16. I am a 1%er?? Wow.
        That’s why since Gene’s return home 15 days ago from brain surgery, I haven’t had to go out for anything!!
        That’s why the money I stick back EVERY month from my SS paid the next 3 month of bills here.
        Because I’m a 1%er??

        Oh, thanks for explaining that.:-)

        IF you think your neighbors will be there for you, this is day 32 of brain surgery….neighbors?? I’m still laughing.

        MY fricking yard wasn’t mowed for almost 4 weeks!!!
        The bitch next door mows hers every 3/4 days and didn’t notice mine was a little high??

        I am totally disgusted with these selfish, self-gratiating assholes.

        I just sent a letter today asking for a ‘person’ from Arizona to please return the $500 I loaned her almost 2 years ago.

      17. My post is waiting for moderation–because I wrote a**hole.

      18. Here is one truth we can not get around.
        All our preparation will be in vain if a flood hits us.
        Our sea level is 660 in Ky.
        But there are fires and other disasters to consider.
        Food for thought here.
        Spread out your storage? How?? I don’t even have a neighbor to mow my yard??
        Why would I trust any of these subhumans with my stock??

        • So, instead of condemning our FEMA, get the true story of the lazy, government-dependent inhabitants of PR.
          And don’t become like them.

      19. I also must be one of the 1%. I have been actively prepping since 2010. Obama was a huge wake up call for me. I no longer felt secure. My family thought I had gone off the deep end, but they eventually got on board. My husband built me a large pantry and it is stocked. We also have a storage unit that has plenty of preps we could easily live off of our preps for a year.

      20. BC of Doom:
        Thanks for the shopping lists! Good tips.
        Your lists made me smile. They look much like the ones I made back in the 70’s-80’s ?
        I guess I was a “prepper” 40 years ago when we took many family vacations on camping trips for weeks at a time. We were always self sufficient and comfortable living in a big 10×12 cabin tent with cots and small “privacy wash room” (had 2 small kids). Lol…. happy times!!
        Made our own running water, warmed by the sun. Cooked healthy meals like meat, fresh clean water fish, and many “one pan” meals. Yumm!

      21. “…the reporter quickly shifted from the actual useful information to start asking about climate change, because for some reason she felt that was far more essential than the practical advice Mr. Long was offering.”
        WELL, OF COURSE! Because it MAKES NO DIFFERENCE HOW MUCH YOU PREPARE– things are going to get worse and worse and no amount of preparation will do a damn bit of good in the long run unless you address the real issue– which, of course, no one will do. The fossil fuel industry has every “leader” in their pocket and nothing will be done in time.

        What’s been happening is simply what scientists have been busting their balls trying to tell you people will happen if you don’t address the real issue

        Around 2010, we had 100 degree weather IN SPRING TIME!!! UP NORTH!!! FOR SEVERAL WEEKS!! My mom, who was in her 90’s said, “What in the world is going one?? I never seen anything like this in my life!!” 100 DEGREE WEATHER IN APRIL AND MAY– UP NORTH!!! DAY AFTER DAY!!


        Then Russia was on fire ALL SUMMER!! We read about how scared they were– running, running from the constant flames!! Everything was on fire. They didn’t believe in Global warming until that occurred. NOW THEY DO!!

        Then Hurricane Katrina occurred…HOTTER OCEANS= MORE VIOLENT STORMS/HURRICANES. This is a scientific fact.

        So, now everyone is concerned and confused– they don’t know what is happening to the earth. Yes, it is scary. But I read about it years ago in all the books about climate change. I read about all this in 2008, 2009. Scientists warned this would occur and its only the beginning… GET USED TO IT! IT WILL GET WORSE AND IT WILL BECOME MORE AND MORE COMMON.

      22. FUCK FEMA


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