Feds Threaten Texas With No-Fly Zone Over Anti-TSA Legislation

by | May 25, 2011 | Headline News | 184 comments

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    The State of Texas is currently considering legislation that would make it illegal for any official, State or Federal, to perform intrusive searches of persons or personal property without probable cause.

    Under Texas Law, HB 1937 would punish, through criminal prosecution, those involved in “official oppression by the intrusive touching of persons seeking access to public buildings and transportation…

    In response, the Federal Government has threatened to essentially enact a no-fly zone over Texas by restricting flights out of the state due to security concerns.

    US Attorneys (Federal) object to the legislation and responded directly to the Texas Legislature on May 24, 2011:

    May 24, 2011

    [On U.S. Department of Justice, Western District of Texas, stationery. Addressed to Speaker Joe Straus, Dewhurst, the House Clerk and the Senate Secretary]

    Dear Leaders,

    I write with regard to HB 1937, which I understand will imminently be presented to the Texas Senate for a vote.

    This office, as well as the Southern, Northern, and Eastern District of Texas United States Attorneys, would like to advise you of the significant leagal and practical problems that will be created if the bill becomes law. As you are no doubt aware, the bill makes it a crime for a federal transportation official (“TSO”) to perform the security screening that he or she is authorized and required by federal law to perform. The proposed legislation would make it unlawful for a federal agent such as a TSO to perform certain specified searches for the purpose of granting access to a publicly accessible building or form of transportation. That provision would thus criminalize searches that are required under federal regulations in order to ensure the safety of the American public. The legislation also makes it a crime for a public servant, as defined by the bill, to deny or impede another person in the excercise or enjoyment of any right or privilege, knowing that the public servant’s conduct is unlawful. As a result, it appears the intent of the bill is to preclude a TSO from turning away from the secure area of an airport someone who otherwise would have been subjected to a pat down as a condition of entry.

    The effect of this bill, if enacted, would be to interfere directly with the Transportation Security Administration’s (“TSA”) responsibility for civil aviation security. 49 U.S.C. §114(d); 6 U.S.C. §202(1). Congress has directed the Administrator of TSA to take “necessary actions to improve domestic air transportation security,” 49 U.S.C. §44904(e), and directed him to “prescribe regulations to protect passengers and property on an aircraft … against an act of criminal violence or aircraft piracy.” ID. §44903(b). Congress has directed TSA to provide for “the screening of all passengers and property … before boarding,” in order to ensure that no passenger is unlawfully carrying a dangerous weapon, explosive, or other destructive substance. Id. §44901(a), §44901(a), §114(e). If the Administrator determines that “a particular threat cannot be addressed in a way adequate to ensure … the safety of passengers and crew of a particular flight, he “shall cancel the flight or series of flights.” Id. §44905(b). HB 1937 would conflict directly with federal law. The practical import of the bill is that it would threaten criminal prosecution of Transportation Security Administration personnel who carry out the security procedures required under federal statutes and TSA regulations passed to implement those statutes. Those officials cannot be put to the choice of risking criminal prosecution or carrying out their federal duties. Under the Supremacy Clause of the United States Constitution, Texas has no authority to regulate federal agents and employees in the performance of their federal duties or to pass a statute that conflicts with federal law.

    If HR [sic] 1937 were enacted, the federal government would likely seek an emergency stay of the statute. Unless or until such a stay were granted, TSA would likely be required to cancel any flight or series of flights for which it could not ensure the safety of passengers and crew.

    We urge that you consider the ramifications of this bill before casting your vote.

    Very truly yours,


    John E. Murphy
    United States Attorney

    According to the Tenth Amendment Center, several other states are considering similar legislation to prevent TSA’s gross violations of the 4th Amendment, which protects and guarantees the “right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures.”

    Battles over the tenth amendment, which gives States the rights to exercise their own sovereignty over issues not delegated to the Federal government by the Constitution,  are coming to a head across the country – and not just over TSA anti-groping legislation. In recent years 10th amendment arguments and attempts to nullify Federal legislation have included immigration concerns in Southern states, marijuana legalization, firearms freedom, food freedom, and the rejection of Federally mandated universal health care laws.

    Regardless of whether we agree with certain arguments made by States with respect to federal legislation or their own, we must wholeheartedly support the right of the people of those states to pass (or reject) legislation that they deem best for their states, even if it is contrary to the beliefs of the people of another state or the Federal government.

    References: Tenth Amendment Center,  Lone Star Report, Texas Legislature, Jeff Rense


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      1. What is this saying?  You can take the person out of TX but you get to be felt up.  No, that’s not it…….  You can’t take the TX out of a person if you don’t let them out of TX.  No, no, that’s not it. 

        • cute.

          you can take a government hammer to texas but they still won’t bow before the altar of the federal government.

          • Bullshit. The federal Department of Justice called the Texas legislature on this and Texas peed. If I ever hear someone say “don’t mess with Texas” I’ll laugh in their face. I’m not happy about it but it is what it is.

      2. Comments…..some Texas Representative must have been fondled by TSA. Let’s hear it for the Lone Star State!

        • Kick the Feds completly out of your state. You have that right under the Consititution.
          May God bless you and guide and protect you.

      3. Stop the WH traitor from shredding the Constitution. Glad to see some real leaders take on Barry and his communist administration. We will need to fight the pimp in the streets sooner or later. The abuses of the TSA are a mere beginning. Get the population used to following directions blindly. All great lies have a shred of truth in them. The TSA is an organization that should not exist. Unfortunately, back when the HSA was formed under President Bush, I did not think it was a good idea. It was ripe for abuse. I have been proved correct.  

        • TSA and the ironically named “Patriot Act” were Bush era gestapo legislation that Barry originally opposed (along w/ Iraq and Afghan wars). We live in a corporate-fascist state and there’s not a dimes worth of difference between the Dems and Republicans.
          Ron Paul 2012!

      4. No one said that going up against the federal government would be easy.  The system is designed to make it painful.  If my state was courageous enough to try and do this I would gladly accept the pain along with the Texans.  Texas, we need you to do this.  You are big enough so that other states will demand to do business with you and allow flights without federal permission.  The Stand must start somewhere.  Texas is just about as good of place as any.

        • I say to all Texans, call the Fed’s bluff. If they prevent you from flying, then fly anyway, and see if they shoot down civilians out of the sky. Texas can play hardball too: no oil goes out of the state. The Feds will soon realize to “not mess with Texas”. What’s next, confiscate their guns? Good luck with that as nearly every Texan has at least one gun. Getting close to the time to remove one of the stars from the US flag, as Texans will not put up with this much longer.

          • Way to go, Bryan! Excellent comments!

          • I moved to TX from MO over 30 years ago. The feds continue to SHOW ME what irreverance they have for the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and Citizens Desires.
            I was proud to hear of the proposed legislation and subsequently embarrassed at how quickly our reps backed down. The sponser of the bill deemed it necessary to withdraw the bill and resubmit it later. We will see.
            Meanwhile, I will refuse to fly it at all possible. Anyone stepping on a plane is accepting risk. I would prefer flying an airline that opted out of the TSA rather than potentially reducing risk by submitting to the TSA. Additionally, when TSA handles entry to busses, trains, public events, sporting events – I will avoid all those as well.
            Also, both House and Senate have now extended portions of the Patriot Act again limiting our constitutional rights. Which portions are extended? How do they effect us? Who voted for these so we can vote against them.

      5. So I understand John E. Murphy is dim?  Can’t find a bio on him.

      6. found this…its important to post this

        As i said before..If the law — the entire police establishment at all levels of government, the high priesthood of attorneys and the courts who are supposed to restrain them within the limits set by the Founders’ Constitution as well as the politicians who shape the legal battlefield — no longer protects us then it no longer protects them either.
        There is no advantage in being law abiding in an essentially lawless society where the rule of law has been supplanted by the rule of man, which is nothing more than the law of the jungle.
        For in the jungle, even the biggest predators can be killed without consequence. The only thing that matters then is the successful completion of the deed by the creature who refuses to be eaten without resistance.
        Are these black robed fools really stupid enough to think that the immutable, eternal Law of Unintended Consequences does not apply to THEM?
        I’m afraid were are going to see that theory tested in a very bloody manner, with murdered citizens, dead cops and assassinated judges littering their self-made jungle’s floor.

        • Ride on bra! That’s the best way to put it! And in my eyes you hit it on the head! I guaranptee you this! Out army will not turn on there own people, I know to many of them, they hate that ignorant sombitch running this joint,they call him a cowardly wast of breathe,,

          • Too bad Billy Jo never learned to spell or use proper English!

      7. God bless Texas. I’ve made two road trips this year that I otherwise would have flown due to these TSO troll goon squads feeling my wife and I up. Who can honestly respect these imbeciles? Patting down children?? Major airlines lost out on two seerate round trip fairs for two people because the Mrs. and I wont be subjected to a radiation box or an overweight, braindead goon groping us. HOOK EM HORNS!!

      8. TX needs to stick to thier guns on this. If the ged Gov is dumb enough to halt all air traffic to TX it will cause an uproar. It can end the TSA.

      9. maybe the federal government needs to be reminded of our civil war..although this time it could be extremely different, and have plenty of supporters north of the Mason Dixon line.

        lets face it..its still about slavery..now more then ever..because now we are ALL slaves

      10.  I may actually get myself on “The List” but I have to say this:

        An open letter to
        John E Murphy
        United States Attorney
        US Dept Of Justice
        Western District of Texas

        Dear Mr. Murphy,
        While you are correct in asserting that the implimentation of HB 1937 (Texas House of Representatives) would create an immediate conflict of obligations for TSA officials, specifically requiring them to either willfully disobey federal regulations and comply with Texas State law, or vice versa, you fail to acknowledge the obvious, and far greater point, of the legislation. In the specific areas addressed by the legislation, the duly elected or appointed officials of the state of Texas have two primary responsibilities to their citizens. One is to prohibit the sexual molestation of any person, citizen or not, while in the state of Texas. This, of course, includes prohibition of child molestation, a particularly heinous and despicable crime. The other is to assert and maintain the sovereignty of the State of Texas. State sovereignty is of paramount importance in maintaining the rights and liberties of all Texans. The purpose and intent of the proposed legislation is to fulfill both responsibilities.
        The Supremacy Clause of the US Constitution in no way grants blanket approval of any and all federal laws. I invite you to further study the clause, as well as the entire document more carefully. The Constitution LIMITS the powers of the federal government and acts as an inviolable shield to protect the states, and more specifically, the citizens of the United States, FROM abusive encroachments against liberty attempted BY the federal government. State governments, being more immediate and responsive to the citizens, has always had the Constitutions implied, and STATED, acknowledgement of greater and more numerous powers.
        Moreover, I find your threat of flight cancellations by the TSA to be insulting and bullying. Need I remind you that our friends in the great state of Texas do not take bullying lightly? And do I need to remind you that the TSA has no Constitutional authority to cancel any flight, anywhere, at any time, unlawful federal “regulations” notwithstanding? If we are to play a game of threats and tit for tat, perhaps Texas, and many other states, could simply refuse to collect and remit ANY federal tax monies to Washington. You, sir, are attempting to help push the state of Texas, and the entire nation, toward facist control of the citizenry. What you are actually pushing toward is REBELLION. Let’s be very clear: I make NO threats against you or anyone. But the states, in response to the demands of the people, will, at some point, begin to push back against the federal behemoth and its minions of enforcers. The egregious actions by the TSA, as well as the threats by you and other beaurocrats like you, are moving the states ever closer to that day. The pushback, when it happens, will be swift and hard, and could very well grow into an outright rebellion. I do not wish to ever see that in America, but I can not, and I will not, stay silent as our nation slips over the edge into total tyranny. I’m confident that scores of millions of Americans feel the same way. I urge you to rethink your opposition to HB 1937 .                                                       
                                                                     A Concerned Oklahoman

        • Did you send this to Mr. Murphy? He needs to read this AND all concerned about this issue should either copy (with your permission)this letter or draft a a similar one to send to their elected representative.

        • Okie you are the shit dude. I could not have articulated a better, more concise response to a blitheringly idiotic statement from the fed. The hubris and unmitigated gall of these people will bring about their downfall, unfortunately a lot of us will be caught in the crossfire.

        • Well the constitution does allow the feds to regulate interstate commerce. Airlines flying between the states are determined as interstate commerce and can therefore be federally regulated.

          Note: Travel in the state of Texas [intrastate], or any other domestic travel in any other state for that matter is not interstate commerce.

          The notion that being groped and prodded like cattle makes us safer however, is a question that needs to be answered. But is a question of morality, government waste and morality, not a legal one.

      11. A no fly zone only lasts for a couple of days, though, remember Libya? They started bombing them after only a couple of days.
        If they really would do that, prevent illegal searches, then i would have to move there, because I am a non-consentual test subject (microwave weapons), and daily home invasions are part of my life, as is vehicle sabotage. If they can keep the Feds out, that would mean no air stalking by the military, too?

      12. Nice read but you were always on the list.  Please submit DNA & slow down on my scales.

      13. It’s past time for the Civil War, part II!!!

      14. scales schmales. gimme a green light so I can get out of here! I got freight to deliver. Hurry, my ice cream is melting!

        plus, it was good for me to get all them big words out of my system. I have no idea what half of ’em mean!

        • Well Okie, Georgia is with you. We didn’t like the first George, couldn’t stand the second, saw through the third and we are down right sick of Barry!

      15. SmokinOkie
        Good enough for me.  Sign the letter in my name too.

      16. I have to say smokinokie has a way with words. Well said sir.

        Your neighbor in Texas

      17. First Arizona and now Texas, the south is rising and standing up for human rights and dignity and the constitutional rights of the citizens.

      18. Full support from me Okie!
        I’ll go one step further..if he thinks this is the way this country opperates, than its time for him to go..I hear Cuba might be looking for another candidate

      19. where are all these facist coming from?
        and how do we get rid of all of them in any seat of “power”?

        looks to me like they have started a war already..maybe We the people, when someone in power stands up and shows their true colors..should be removed from said power..immediately..

        you tread on me..(or a state) or any citizens rights or suggest it..we should view this as treason and have that person removed from that office and jailed and tried, and convicted to a term of life.

        maybe than they will take our freedoms , rights and lives serously.

        we need to be as swift and as direct as they are ….right back at  them

        this guy should already be cuffed and stuffed..trial by the citizens that he was going to affect with said policy ..tomorrow..life sentance to be completed no parol for treason

        • The American citizen can ALREADY have any bureaucrat that violates their rights removed from his/her job…most American citizens just don’t know how to do it.

          To learn more, visit http://teamlaw.org/ and search on “Quo Warranto.”

          Live Free!

      20. Damn, I was wondering where all of that smoke was coming from up wind!  Pull over and try some of my home made ice cream this weekend.

      21. Hey smokinokie I say we all send this article along with the letter you drafted out to all our buds and ask them to send this to Mr Murphy.
        I don’t know if people will have the balls to do it but hell its sure worth a try.

      22. R u trying to make Mac’s site crash!

      23. Perhaps all like minded Americans should also address a letter to Speaker Joe Strauss, Dewherst, House clerk and Senate secretary. And our letters should be in support of this idea that the TSA has gone way too far.

      24. Great letter SmokeOke……everyone should copy it and sign there name to it and send it in

      25. Mr. Rat, I have a writ here that says you are to stop eating Chen Lee’s cornmeal forthwith. Now, It’s a rat writ, writ for a rat, and this is lawful service of same! [to Mattie] See? He doesn’t pay any attention to me. You can’t serve papers on a rat, baby sister. You either feed him or let him be.

      26. Bold talk for a one eyed fat man (that writes pretty well).

      27. How’d you know I was one-eyed? I can’t turn left!

      28. That’s what I tell my girlfriend.

        May 25th, 2011 at 11:41 am
        It’s past time for the Civil War, part II!!!
        Wrong—this next one will be an entity of its own–no part II.
        We all have guns now.  Not just a few.

      30. Man, I wish there were more like us. A write-in campaign like Okie’s with a few million people behind it? Good or bad, we’d get some attention! Bring on the War. I’m tired of this half-living excuse for life anyway. “It’s better to burn out than fade awaaaaaaay!”

      31. Hey Cyber_Samurai, just a thought how many people do you have in your e-mail address book? I have already sent this subject out to my friends. Now if they will just send it to all the people in their address book then we could come up with a few million names. So what you need to ask yourself is are you willing to send it as well? And why stop there hell send it to all the news stations in your area, I already have. Just think reporters love this kinda thing. Before you know it , this could be all over the news and then the cats out of the bag 


      32. Many in FL willing to join in the “fight”. This would just go to show those that want to push will get push back. Gold, silver and lead. I will miss those peanuts in coach. Lucky Chucky

      33. I hope Texas has the political will to go through with this and that every other state eventually follows their example. The way the US economy is going, soon citizens won’t be able to afford flying anymore. International Criminal Elite Banksters are the real terrorists. The US Federal Government and the NSA are nothing but evil minions, harrassing the innocent.

      34. Allright Federales, if you stop all air traffice coming into and out of Texas, we will respond by closing the energy pipelines that exit our state borders. We will then sell this energy to other nations. Who will blink first, eh, OBUMA?

      35. What makes you so lucky Chucky?  We are filling out a profile on you.  Are you new?

      36. Man! News travels fast! Is that a black helicopter landing in the back 40?
        “Why, no, officer. I haven’t made any threats of any kind. All I said was tyranny will eventually meet resistance. What I implied, but didn’t specifically say was- you’re gettin’ damn close! By the way, you wanna show me a warrant? Don’t have one? Then get your chopper out of my wheat field!”
        “You see, I’m just a nameless, faceless little nobody. I don’t rile easy and I try to be patient and forgiving- it’s the Christian way. And if I was to go off half-cocked, all I’d be is a 1 minute blip on the evening news and then I’d be forgotten. I got better ways to spend my life than that. Besides, I honestly don’t want a quarrel with anybody. The point I was tryin’ to make is this: people will tolerate a whole lot of injustice, but a some point they resist. Not one or two at a time, so they can be made examples of, but all at once. I aint sayin’ blood in the streets tomorrow, next year or ever. I’m sayin’ when the masses reach their limit of oppression they will break. You think we have no limit. I think we’re under some heavy strain already. Who knows what or when? Just don’t forget this one thing, officer, there’s a couple hundred MILLION of us nobodies.”

      37. TEXAS., LEAD THE WAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It will take time, others will follow.

      38. I just sent one too.
        Mr. Speaker, I have recently become aware of the letter Mr. John Murphy sent your office regarding the passage of HB 1937.  While Mr. Murphy may be providing sound legal advice, I will argue he does not represent the people of the State of Texas like you do. 

        Texans like me have sat and watched our constitutional rights continually be trampled upon by the federal government.  Lately the states rights have become the target of federal aggression as well.  When I first heard about this bill I thought “Finally someone in Texas politics is willing to stand up for state and personal rights under the United States Constitution!”.

        We need leaders, now more than ever, who are willing to make tough choices, bold decisions and be willing to stand behind them. 

        I understand the federal government will try and limit flights out of of Texas.  This will have a negative impact on Texas businesses, but it will on other states as well.  Other states will follow suit if we are willing to be leaders and get the ball rolling. 

        If we do not make a stand here, then where, when?  Indiana just legalized lawful search of personal residences without a warrant!  Now you know Texans, such a law here would only end in bloodshed.  Why not send the federal government a message now that Texas will not allow itself and citizens to be bullied and threatened by a federal government acting outside any know interpretation of the constitution.

        Please continue to push for the passage of HB 1937  



      39. Texas Nationalist movement has more to say.
        Lone Star Watchdog

      40. Don’t look into the pen.

      41. Comments…..  sounds like a court battle coming for the definition of states’ rights.  Our fascist government has become expert at ignoring our constitution.  it’s time they be reminded.  I vote for a line in the sand.  let the TSA stop all flights into and out of texas.  When texans mount a march on Washington, watch the government give in.  Especially if other states join in.  This could be the issue that reins these brown shirt nazis in.  We all know it’s not a safety issue, but a control issue, plain and simple.   How many terrorist came from texas, or any other state?
               May I remind everyone—“not all  Muslims are terrorist, but all terrorist are Muslims”.  Go ahead and flame me, but the truth stands on it’s on.
              Time to profile the real suspects, and leave everyone else alone.  Do we really need to be sticking our hands down the pants of toddlers, to make it safe to fly?  If Americans would stop flying for a week, this isue would be over and done with.
             I vote for a line in the sand.

        • right on brother…. fuck the feds

      42. The gate is lowering, doors closing, curtain dropping…the window of opportunity is narrowing

      43. DPS,
        That’s a damn good idea! i don’t have a lot of people’s emails in my addy book, but i can send to the ones i have. I’m glad i have you guys here to come up with this stuff. As stupid as it makes me seem, i don’t think of things like this. I’m not one for forwarding emails. So, it doesn’t come second nature to me, but it’s a simple, good idea. Send the URL for this page. Add the instructions to read the comments section (to read Okie’s excellent letter). Pass it on to everyone you know. Perfect.

      44. Unfortunately the Texas senate caved on this issue.  As someone above said, bucking the federal gov’t ain’t gonna be easy, but it must be done.  I have written my state senator and encouraged him to go ahead with this, but I fear the initiative has been lost due to the fed’s goon style of legaleze.  Perhaps next time……

      45. LOL@smokin… yep I hate those black choppers, I made that list after down loading some army field manuals, since that day I have been put on the firearms hold list, It took 3 days for me to be able to pickup my new rifle and the same for my 9mm… To funny.. BTW I copyed your letter and sent it to some friends, Hell you might be ask to be on 60 minutes.. j/k I removed and tags that might come back to you.


        PS The line in the sand might be a hell of a idea

      46. Question the validity of the bill since I am sure that John Murphy must know how to correctly spell legal!!!!  It is spelled leagal in his document.

      47. opps copied

      48. Texas vs TSA, Arizona vs Immigration, South Carolina vs Light Bulbs.  States Rights vs Federal Wrongs… as the other guy said..Deja vu all over again.  Maybe this time we will win.

      49. It’s good to live in Texas. And, AFAIK, we are the only state with the legal right to secede from the Union.

        • Dan,

          EVERY state has the legal right to secede. But only Texas and Vermont have it in writing!

      50. Line in the sand..yep, its time

        isnt DC close to the water?..draw the line on this side, and start digging that trench

        I aint afraid of no black choppers i used to ride one

      51. Comments…..”All it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.” So, I am very supportive of this legislation.

      52. Why do you want to profile me? Or was that a joke?

      53. Comments…..Well now, that’s just dandy!! Where the hell were you ALL when they invented this nonsence? Do you remember the (un)Patriat Act? I’ll bet dollars to doughnuts that you were ALL onboard with that fine decision. So now you see the real ramifications of it. How about all those other abuses that take place in the fine name of the (un)Patriat Act? Did you actually have to get gropped and radiated before you could see the light? Remember, “those who would trade liberty for security have neither” John Adams.

      54. Yes sir Dan you hitt it on the nail. Lets get out the backhoes and start that trench, And I still ride my chopper its just not black..

      55. Yes.  Your avatar is betchycatchy.  Kinda reminds me of smokieokie.

      56. A few Basic Rules of Life (courtesy of my Uncle Skidmark):

        You shouldn’t plow in a hard rain. It’s bad for the soil and you oughta know to get in out of the rain anyway.
        Always get your work done first, then go fishin’. Unless it’s a really good day to fish.
        Nobody want’s to hear your medical problems. The doc only listens ’cause you pay him.
        Never, ever tell a lie. Unless you’re with the guys at the feed store.
        Don’t wait till the pigs are half grown to decide to castrate ’em. Same with other animals. If places were reversed they wouldn’t wait til you was 16.
        The govermint ain’t here to help you.
        You ain’t as smart, good lookin’ or important as you think you are.
        The homecoming queen probably won’t be valedictorian.
        Grease the tractor wheel bearings twice as often as John Deere says to. 
        A millionaires daughter don’t need to know how to cook.
        You ain’t gonna win the lottery.
        Marry a gal that can drive a stick shift. Someday she may need to.
        Talk all the trash you want to with the boys, but don’t ever, ever really cheat on your wife.
        If you shake hands on a deal, consider it written in stone.
        Don’t be intimidated by big city, fast talkin’ folks in fancy clothes. They aint as smart or important as they think they are either.
        Believe only 5% of what you hear on the radio, 4% of the tv, 3% of what the guys at the feed store say, 2% of the internet, and NONE of what comes out of Washington.
        When we die, we’ll all know for certain if the atheists was right. Meantime, go to church just in case.
        Life can still be quite an adventure, even for folks that wear overalls. 🙂

      57. Hey smokin glad to see you weathered the storms last night.

      58. The NWO would love a US civil war.  Forget that…get as many states as possible to back up Texas!  Down with TSA!

      59. Oh yeah, sure, they’ll shut down the airlines.  HA.  What we REALLY need is a passenger strike.  Tell’em you’re tired of the “beligerent” skies and you just won’t take it anymore. 

      60. This is just about as stupid as I have ever heard.
        Does this individual realize what country he is in this is the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA .DUMB ASS.
        Your main job since you don’t seem to know it, is to insure the protection of the citizens of this country,not to try to force search and seizure upon the population,and intimidate, coerce,manipulate, insinuate,upon said citizens to feel like the bad guys.
        by allowing these people whoever they are to  force the CITIZENS of this country to submit to being intimidated to allow these actions you are not doing your job.
        This is the country  that the rest of the world wants to be connected with inspite of our problems because WE have FREEDOM.
        NOW go do your damn job and stop trying for more rights to harrass the regular citizens,into feeeling like THEY are the problem.
        As far as a revolution is concerned THE AMAERICAN PEOPLE CAN HAVE A REVOLUTION EVERY FOUR YEARS  IT’S CALLED THE VOTE !!!!!!!!!!!
        This cycle of the revolution is 2012 VOTE THEM ALL OUT UNTIL SOMEONE STARTS LISTENING TO THE VOICE OF FREEDOM AND not the voice of  OPPRESSION.
        AND STOP pandering to the voices of oppression limiting the rightss of the people of this country or LOSE YOUR JOB WHEN ELECTION TIME COMES END OF STORY.

      61. Comments…..I used to blast them at Okinawa and Iwo,  I’m old but I haven’t lost my aim…………

      62. I’m sure the state guard can shoot down any federal aircraft that try to enforce such a no fly zone.

        While they are at it, they could also imprison all federal workers in the state.

      63. God Bless Texas!!!
        Remember The Alamo & Kick Their *ss!

      64. Thanks DPS. I missed the one in El Reno by about 10 miles. I have relatives all over Okla but they came thru ok. At one point we had myself, wife, 3 of the kids and 8 other kin in cellars in 4 different towns! Pretty hectic evening! Little or no damage for most of us. Sis had a couple windows broke in her mobile but she’s lucky. Many of her neighbors had their homes destroyed and I think one fatality (town of Chickasha) was in her trailer park. Whew!!

      65. I got a question…did the black suit guys really use that Military term?

        “NO-FLY ZONE”?

        thems war words people..is our own government threatening Texas?

      66. Way to go Texas.  I just sent the link to this article to DownsizeDC.   They just love beating up on the Feds.

      67. Comments…..Sic Semper Tyrannis!

      68. Im serious..I want an answer…is that the wording they really used?
        they can land a black chopper on my back lot and come talk to me man to man if thats the way they want it..this is complete bullshit people and if this doesnt get the entire citizenry of the entire USA up in arms, hell i dare say its on? or is it time to dismantle the establishment?
        Im not a Texan but i did stay at a holiday inn once..and i know you dont kick dirt on a Texans Boots and think you aint got a shit storm coming your way, and hard.
        A no-fly zone (or no-flight zone) is a territory over an area which aircraft are not permitted to fly. Such zones are usually set up in a military context, somewhat like a demilitarized zone in the sky, and usually prohibit military aircraft of a belligerent nation from operating in the region.

      69. Si Vis Pacem Parabellum

      70. Remember that it is legally The Republic of Texas. They have the legal right to withdraw from the union. It was granted when they agreed to join the union.

      71. I fully support the idea that America should be a no-groping zone, that we should as guaranteed by the 4th Amendment be free from searches without probable cause being established and sworn to before a judge of appropriate jurisdiction. Additionally, Eric Holder should join Janet Napolitano in Guantanamo Bay as terrorist threats to all American citizens.

      72. YAAAYY!!! Let’s see this legislation on EVERY state’s agenda! Let’s show those bullies at the Tyrannical Silly Agency we’re not going to take any more of their bull.

      73. FedupwithItAll is right.  We cheered for the Patriot act which was merely one layer of the onion.  They’re deeper into it and are now peeling it back layer by layer.  People only realize how draconian and un-American things like that are when it affects them personally.  By then it’s too late.



      75. Hooray!!! Finally Americans are fighting back. It made my heart soar to read this. I am not an American but have traveled to your beautiful country for business and pleasure (mainly pleasure) for years. I made the decision not to return to the US a while back as i would no longer tolerate being treated like a criminal by barely literate bastards abusing people because a politician says they could.  Don’t stop the fight to take your country back and i am off to book a flight to Texas while i still can. 😉

      76. Texas to USSA — we hereby withdraw from your criminal enterprise.

        Texas is now an independent nation.

        Up yours, USSA.

      77. Oh, and also, the USSA no longer has permission to fly commercial or military aircraft over the airspace of Texas.  Furthermore, no vehicles of any kind owned, leased or rented by any agency of the government of the USSA is permitted inside Texas without explicit written,  signed permission from the governor, congress and senate of Texas.

      78. These federal goons and thugs are blatant liars.  Look at what they say, and what they ignore.  They totally ignore the fact that ANY FEDERAL LAW IN VIOLATION OF THE CONSTITUTION IS NULL, VOID AND HAS NO VALIDITY.  It is IMPOSSIBLE for a law to take precidence over the constitution that THEY keep referring to.  Only a constitutional amendment can overturn a provision of the constitution or amendments to the constitution.  Therefore, the 2nd and 4th amendment completely and totally OVERRULE the entirety of TSA, and in fact require that Americans be allowed to carry loaded or unloaded guns on air flights unless the individual airlines so prohibit (given they own the airplanes, and have the rights of private property owners).

        #1: predators DBA government
        #2: predators DBA central banks
        #3: predators DBA large corporations

        That is the nature of the “power structure” of the USSA.  There IS no federal government, and there never was one.  All organizations are “fictitious entities”, so stated in fundamental law, which simply identifies the truth of the matter – that only individual living, breathing human beings exist, and all organizations are fictions (do not exist).  Which leaves exactly items #1, #2, #3… predators, pure and simple.

      79. The TSA doesn’t protect anyone but the TSA! They are a joke, I’d prefer to arm all my passengers. They took away my nail clippers because the blade was too long, what a bunch of idiots, 30 minutes later I’m in the cockpit flying the airplane. The system is designed to make us all sheep. And I agree, that they are goons and thugs. Just like the Gestapo was in Nazi Germany!

      80. Let’s hear it for Texas.  It is time a state demanded state’s rights given them under the U.S. Constitution.  When was the last time the feds did anything that gave use more rights.  All the feds do is take away our rights.

      81. near the end of the letter from the Federal Govt.: “Under the Supremacy Clause of the United States Constitution, Texas has no authority to regulate federal agents and employees in the performance of their federal duties or to pass a statute that conflicts with federal law.”
        Proper response:  Under the 10th Ammendment to the Constitution of the United States of America, the Federal Government has no authority to regulate the travel of law-abiding citizens, including attaching caveats, such as you may travel freely as long as you allow us to violate your privacy and your person with out cause or warrant.

      82. Texas has the right idea!

      83. Comments…..I’ll submit to having my balls fondled when I see Barack get his as he boards that copter on the WH lawn.

      84. Comments…..every day a freedom taken away,every day i see his socialist face in the paper.wake up citizens he is leading us over the cliff.

        • He isn’t leading… He’s pushing!

      85. Let up on the brakes, the rig is coming around!  I have to comment on your words…..  Ride’m cowboy.   Get along little doggies.  Stand by your man.
        Off disc w three set.  Fishin is always better all night to the morning unless you are noodlin.  Gettin old is the best way to get back.  A good truck with leather or the panty drawer for her is better than a tac store.  I like the other white meat.  Queen is over rated but never understood the “fat bottom girls” thing.  John always carries the parts.  No, but she better be a feak if she don’t know how to cook.  Never get married unless you have to.  You’ll never win if you don’t play a buck.  She knows what a stick is.  I take out the trash for her.  My word is my bond, a hand shake with a hard stare in the eyes.   Church is out at sea, especially during the storms.  HS on CUU’s in the sand box so long as the kittie cats don’t shet in it.  Is Oprah gaining weight?


        May 25th, 2011 at 4:51 pm
        I’m sure the state guard can shoot down any federal aircraft that try to enforce such a no fly zone.
        While they are at it, they could also imprison all federal workers in the state.

        (and seriously, the Sheriff of every county has the authority…check the books…and in Texas, they probably know it!!!)

      87. Texas should legitimately contemplate secession from the VOLUNTARY union of the United States of America.  Texas was once its own independent country, and can rightfully become one again.  This is the idea of Divided Sovereignty enshrined as the guiding principle behind the Constitution.  It is obvious this US Attorney knows neither his history nor the law very well.  I suggest he pick up the Federalist Papers and discover what James Madison wrote about federalism.  There were many times when states in New England threatened to secede from the Union, in protest to the trade embargo with Great Britain enacted by Jefferson, and all presidents recognizing the idea of States’ Rights knew they could never violently attack those states, as that notion would have never even entered their mind.  In other words, Texas has every right to nullify an oppressive federal law, and furthermore, if the feds insist on threats of violence in the form of a no-fly zone, then Texas has every right to secede from the Union.  I wonder what the great statesman Obama would do in that scenario . . .  Would he emulate his hero Lincoln?

        • So TEXANS, have you the cojones to take it all the way to closure? If we start legislation to seceed, the US government will be without jurisdiction or standing. The Constitution guarantess uninumerated rights be granted to the states and there is no law that says states can’t seceed. We are a voluntary participant in the Ponzi scheme the Fed is pulling to rob us all of our savings as well as all of the unconstitutional liberty robbing Federal statutes we suffer under. The frauds in DC will never have our best interests in mind. Let’s fix it. Texas will see an economic boom of epic proportion if we just get a stable currency, immigration controls and an end to the entitlement mentality the government has engendered. By the way, you know how everyone has been fearing the nationalization of 401K funds by the USG? They have figured out how to do it. QE1 and QE2. By creating huge ammounts of money they have robbed the 401K of it’s buying power and retirement benefits. They are raping seniors and fixed income folks. Welcome to the land of working until you die, courtesy of Obumma and his talking heads. The US government sucks. They have abrogated their charter. Let’s start over.

      88. Comments…..ooh i like the idea of a “passenger strike”…yeah, just quit flying..cost too damn much anyway. hell, everyone just stay home.

      89. I.S.

        (sorry you got such a long screen name)

        completely agree with your words, and if Texas Seceeds, Im going to take a bath on this real esate, and move there.

        I will be leaving a great piece of property, a cooler environment a great home that I designed and had built..and a Business that I am 1/2 owner of that has been feeding me for more then 2/3rds of my life, and Family 

        I will sacrifice, all this and more..to finally live someplace that could closely resemble what I was raised to believe what America stood for , and an American way of life, and be respected buy the people I, with my vote put into place to Represent Me.

        I really hope, that if this happens, Ya’ll will let me in.

        • If you want to live someplace like the America you describe here than up sticks and move to Chile, gorgeous country, lakes mountains, ocean ,vibrant citys cheap professional health care cheap land low taxes a government that treats business as valued not a cow to be milked.

      90. Texas should pass this law and call upon its 10th amendment right. If the feds pass a no-fly zone then so be it. Texas should secede once and for all. If Texas secede this will send shockwaves and I hope others join. Texas stand your ground and pass this law. The feds never give away rights they take em away.

        • Right on ! I see the tide of rebellion rising, I have waxed my surf board named freeman, put on my wetsuit of armor , and ready to ride the wave of freedom.

      91. NChillbilly,
        If we had a “real” government, that was truly concerned about the “safety and security” of the citizens of “this” country (USA) (remember !?!), they’d have all those security personnel across our southern borders.  Checking, poking & prodding everyone that comes north.  This Administration & DOJ  out to destroy this country and our spineless representives do nothing.  Look around. Arizona, Texas – Next ???   The U.S. Constitution – just another “old” piece of paper !  Pledge of allegiance to the U.S.A  …mean anything ?!?

      92. Guadalupe River & Padre have always been good to me.  King shrimp.

      93. These TSA clowns are disgusting and are a direct reflection of their leadership and that of a broken nation. I witness their crap constantly flying out of DFW. Huge waste of resources the way DPHS manages our un-security. Texas is getting tired of many things.

      94. Its amazing the federal government can’t enforce immigration law but it can attack its own citizens Whatb the ___________ has happened to our country

      95.   Many of us knew something ike this was coming as soon as the DHS was proposed. 

           Texas and any other state that wants to should seceed. What is obummer going to do? Carpet bomb Austin? THAT will help with the reelection bid.

           When federal tax remittances from these states are abruptly stopped, it will cripple the feds.

           Flights from Texas just suddenly become international flights. The hassle factor is not that much different from a domestic flight anymore.


      96. Greetings to the good citizens of Texas and of course the rest of the Republic of the United States of America.There is  no,no need for you to be speaking of blood shed.this would be a cowardly act and no way to win a battle, everyone lost.You peacefully impose your own no fly zone! Do not support the the air lines , no one flies period!What you will be doing is sending Washington a great message that we are fearless and will no longer accept their fear cards any longer,and they must expedite changes in policies immediately with very little time to even think about it. Our economy is already in shambles do you think they could afford to lose all travel? Don’t think so! We MUST RESPOND and take action enough is enough! We owe it to all those who fought for our freedoms which countless died.We owe it to all mothers,fathers,sisters,and brothers. We owe it to all the children in the future! ACT NOW!

      97. Sadly, according to the Texas Legislature’s website
        they did, indeed, cave in and did away with HB1937.

        Journal Page

        Motion withdrawn


        Motion to suspend regular order of business


        Not again placed on intent calendar


        Placed on intent calendar


        Committee report printed and distributed

        06:16 PM

      98. Don’t mess with Texas.
        Texas will win because the people are behind them. Hear that USA, Inc? THE PEOPLE ARE BEHIND THEM! You can only mess with us for so long. We’ll be nice. We’ll put up with it. Eventually, though, we won’t.
        Eventually its going to end up being a cleanout of our government of all you traitors that infest it.
        Back off USA, Inc. Your time is short and your days are numbered.

        • The Real People of Texas are Not!!!! behind these movements.We will be fighting and winning to remove every one in the State Government from the Governor on down.We have the voting numbers now to do it and will be doing it.KYSWA goodbye. No more will You and your out of control ideas and beliefs be tolerated.Rules are made for fools like you whom don’t know how to control themselves.De Oppresso Libor.Hasta La Victoria Siempre.

      99. Comments…..What has happened to our democracy? Everyone is assumed to be a terrorist until they have proven otherwise. This is not democracy; this is fascism. I do not want to fly anymore, because I object to being treated like a criminal.

      100. Wow! that did NOT turn out the way I planned…
        At any rate, it basically says they withdrew the motion, and, as of 5/25/2011, it was NOT placed back on the intent calendar.  That tells me, they caved.
        I truly hate that. I was born in Texas. I’ve lived most of my life elsewhere, but I believe there’s some Texas blood in me nonetheless. I’ve always thought that Texans stood for what’s best and right about this country.
        Unfortunately, lately, I’ve come to realize that this country isn’t a shadow of what it was supposed to be.
        So, I say, “Damn the torpedoes! Full Speed Ahead!”  If we can’t get a state like Texas to stand up, then protest however you can!  Refuse to fly.  Get everybody you know to join in.  Write your congressmen/congresswomen.  Tell them you are sick to your soul of the government’s unending erosion of our state’s and personal rights.  We gotta send them a message.  And NOT ONE STATE…ALL STATES!

      101. If the idea of States’ Rights and divided sovereignty are ever to become rightfully resurrected, while defeating the path to complete submission to serfdom, the only way left, seemingly, is to encourage, galvanize, and spearhead your own respective Country to secede from the voluntary union of the United Scoundrels of 
        Amerika.  Then the fascists, bureaucrats, idiocrats, minions, tyrants, communists, and totalitarians of D.C. might get the picture, instead of having that constantly revolting look of sated constipation on display on their holier-than-thou arrogant & corrupt politician ass faces.

      102. If the idea of States’ Rights and divided sovereignty are ever to become rightfully resurrected, while defeating the path to complete submission to serfdom, the only way left, seemingly, is to encourage, galvanize, and spearhead your own respective Country to secede from the voluntary union of the United Scoundrels of 
        Amerika.  Then the fascists, bureaucrats, idiocrats, minions, tyrants, communists, and totalitarians of D.C. might get the picture, instead of having that constantly revolting look of sated constipation on display on their holier-than-thou arrogant & corrupt politician ass faces.



      104. So, Texas legislators, are you going to bow and scrape to your federal masters, or stand up for your rights and the rights of your fellow Texans? The country is watching!

        They won’t be able to enforce a no-fly zone over Texas if they don’t have the people’s cooperation. Let them try!

      105. So if they enforce their threat like they do immigration laws, Defense of Marriage Act, election security (Black Panther threats). and other selective laws of the land, then Texas has nothing to worry about…..

      106. Comments…..How refreshing to see citizens who are aware of what is  happening to our country. and good ol Nevada’s ancient senator Harry Reid is still pushing the Patriot Act extension and Rand Paul has given up all but 4 attachments to same. Slowly our constitutional rights, and our retirement funds are being cancelled out by keeping the massess of slaves so busy to make a living or trying to keep their homes without a job and keeping us in the FEAR FACTOR STATE I swear the greed and politics in this country is sickening. It is interesting that our countrymen have not taken to the streets like in libya, egypt, spain and urguay. Hopefully, it is just a matter of time, when we will take up arms and hold the executive branch in treason. I guess I finally had something to say and some people who know the shadows of democracy have faded away. May God  continue to Bless the People of the united States and may our prayers go out to the people in the tornadic midwest.

      107.    Heard on Fox today that the house passed this but too many senatore chose to bow and scrape.

      108.  I would “hate” to be in the process of my groping and pass gas at the wrong moment. Chili gives me gas, but I love it (chili).

      109. I am not shocked that the federal government shook their “five good reasons” and Texas backed off. The reason Texas backed off is what I am most curious about – do they want to avoid leaving the union? are they afraid of the federal arm of the U.S. assaulting them? is there another or other reasons? I’m sure there are.

        On a related note: I was horrified when the Patriot Act came into being. Our country did similar things (such as the PA allows) during every war and then apologized for it afterward (check your history books folks, it is true). All the Bush administration did was make a law so they no longer need to aplologize and can operate openly.

        Also, I refuse to take any transportation that would require me to be groped, manhandled, invaded, scanned, or otherwise violate my person and privacy. I guess I just have this “thing” about strange people touching me…so I guess I’m going to keep following the Yellow Brick Road and hope that I make it to the Wizard. 😉

      110. Comments…..finaly some  one with goolys! Ijust hope ther not folding. Jou got my vote!All ther is needet moore joiner, and i dont mean talker!

      111. Congress may soon vote on a new declaration of worldwide war without end, and without clear enemies. A “sleeper provision” deep inside defense bills pending before Congress could become the single biggest hand-over of unchecked war authority from Congress to the executive branch in modern American history.

        The new Declaration of War, which is in Section 1034 of the Chairman’s mark for the National Defense Authorization Act (“NDAA”).

        The United States Congress is set to vote on legislation that authorizes the official start of World War 3.

        The legislation authorizes the President of the United States to take unilateral military action against all nations, organizations, and persons, both domestically and abroad, who are alleged to be currently or who have in the past supported or engaged in hostilities or who have provided aid in support of hostilities against the United States or any of its coalition allies.

        The legislation removes the requirement of congressional approval for the use of military force and instead gives the President totalitarian dictatorial authority to engage in any and all military actions for an indefinite period of time.

        It even gives the President the authority to launch attacks against American Citizens inside the United States with no congressional oversight whatsoever.

      112. The goobermint will take over the airlines anyway. Reagan de-controlled the airlines and the tower. Wow, crisp and clean. testing, nesting 4.

      113. @MustReadNow!–The provision you mentioned in the legislation is clearly unconstitutional. Technically, the constitution would have to be ammended to allow that. Of course, that pesky restriction against presidents starting wars on their own has never stopped them before. Seems we’ve had a gutless congress that won’t exercise their authority or do their duty since at least the korean “war.” And every prez since Truman has had their own military adventures. The sickening part is that the people in uniform who do the actual fighting and bleeding have nobody on their side to declare war (as provided by the constitution), execute the war to a fast sure victory, and then bring them home. The big difference I see in this new provision is that it may allow any prez to start a much larger conflict and not even bother with any sort of congressional approval. Curently they still have to at least go through the motions and appear to get the funding and approval from congress. (most of the time) It’s disgusting, and a little scary, that they would expand a presidential power that he never had in the first place.

        • It’s probably a CYA to retroactively approve the Libyan invasion and then to allow for rapid attack against any state indicating a desire to secede or aggressively assert their constitutional rights, such as TX. Perhaps the now withdrawn bill opened their eyes to the possibilities.

          It is interesting since they appear to have been asleep at the wheel for so long except to destroy freedoms and to insure that the good ole US of A continues to go down the path of self destruction. If this were not the case, there would have been some serious jobs creation activity going on several years ago.

        • SmokinOkie:
          Glad to run across another Patriot around my hometown of El Reno.
          Hope you and Yours make it through the F4 in good/reasonable fashion.
          (I had a little damage; I live in the country, outside of El Reno).

          Yeah,,,, obummers agendas r-e-a-l-l-y DO suck; after all, they come from a purely Socialistic / Anti-American mind. Big-Bro Gvmnt has gotten WAAY outta hand, and the USSA becomes more and more like 1933 Germany every month (with it’s/Our Gestapo).
          I figure that if he wins 2012, you could more than likely expect a repeat of 1860.
          He’s compared himself to Lincoln and Reagan, (maybe even the Pope), yet he’s done more to SPLIT-Apart this once-great-nation.

          Hope You’re OK, Okie

      114. ya’ll still don’t get it …

        the buck stops at the US Supreme Court and the Puppet Prez Office!

        And both are Aipac Israeli Jew CFR IMF Controlled Corrupt Paid Off!

        And Montana’s MAX BAUCUS is a NWO AIPAC WHORE bought and paid for!

        You are all Now IRS NWO Debt Slaves and you will never TRULY KNOW Freedom again except in Death!

        Get use to it!

        Welcome to the United Toxic Facist States of Amerika!

      115. Texas Caved?
        say it aint so…WTF has come of this country?

        someone pinch me…this cant be, im so disapointed

      116. Am I the only one that feels this is the start of something that will end with a real bad false flag on our air travel?

        remember people its about getting us to do what they want, out of fear.

      117. Oh yeah, big bad Fed? Try this one. If you do this, no airplane bound for or coming from Dulles or Reagan Nat’l will be allowed to fly into or out of our airports. Enforced by Texas National Guard air power. Not let’s see who will back down!

      118. This morning I got up early and much to my suprise all 3 Tv stations aired this story. Now take in mind I had to send it too them but this just goes to show that if we pass info along to the right channels it will seen by the public.. Just think if all the readers here did the same thing the word would travel like the wild fires that are burning up my area of Texas.


        P.S. Glad to hear your family is safe smokingokie.Houses can be replaced lives cannot

      119. Maybe he will just stay over there Okie and not come back. Last time he went South he started a new one in North Africa. I’ll bet the Queen thinks he needs a few (a lot of) social skills. Looks like the G8 today. He probably looks in the mirror and does the Bugs Bunny me, me, me thing. You’re up early.

      120. The problem with protesting by not flying is that is exactly what they want. They want to restrict the free movement of Americans.

      121. In the service it’s called a rally point. The place you all get together to get on with your mission. In this case the rally point is Texas, but in actual fact it should be DC. Henry David Thoreau got thrown in jail for not paying his taxes. A friend came to see him and asked why he was incarcerated. Henry asked his friend why he was on the outside of the cell looking in. It was Henrys’ view that taxes were illegal and he was merely taking a stand to defend his rights.

        When and where will freedom loving people know in their hearts that it is time to proceed to the rally point. We are fat, lazy and complacent while the government we elected robs us, grops us and operates with no clear mandate from the electorate. SHAME ON US! Even the Egyptians, the Syrians, and the French all know how to make their governments take notice. And yet we are so smug and look down on them. At least they have the courage to assemble. As long as we allow it we will be fleeced by the career politicians. It’s what they do. Until term limts, abolition of the Fed and adherence to strict Constitutional principles in our government is achieved, we will all continue to be sheeple. Born to be shorn so your lifes work can benefit a politician or an illegal.

        Texas Senate turned out to be a bunch of wimps. Sorry, aspiring career politicians. I have tar and feathers. I’ll rally anywhere. Come on Texans, don’t let them get away with that caca.

      122. I hear so many talking of how the government is leading them to serfdom. Nothing could be further from the truth.

        It is quite obvious that all so called Americans are already where the private money power wants them. they pay more for their slavery than any other slave race in history. In excess of 50% of their productivity is converted into the debt of others and taxed away, not to mention the ravages of inflation.

        The PTB are not trying to lead anyone anywhere. The people are already there. The sole purpose of ALL of their actions is to make escape harder in a failing effort to make it impossible.

        The longer you wait to disengage from the corporation the harder it will become. Right now, it is still possible to disappear from the corporate grid.

        Quit using its numbers and licenses as much as you can. Pay cash for everything. Abandon as much of technology as you can, especially traceable cell phones and brand new cars.

        Develop your capacity to generate electricity without the grid, bypassing what will be a confiscatory tax in the future.

        Take advantage of the internet to create an income for yourself while it is still free and easy. Odds are, they will not shut down the entire internet because of commercial interest.

        There is much you can do to better yourself and disappear from the corporations grid at the same time. It is pointless to use energy trying to avoid going where you already are.

      123. PROBLEM SOLVED:

        All the TSA has to do is get some SUPER HOT ladies to screen the guys and also some good looking guys to screen the women and nobody would complain about getting groped. It’s not rocket science guys.

      124. The Constitution leaves to the several States the right to enact their own laws. Federal interference with those border states, and prosecution of border patrol agents for simply doing their job of protecting us from drug smugglers, has undermined our rights even more than the alleged communists in our government would have ever dreamed of. It’s high time someone stood up for our rights against those usurpations.

      125. The federal govt is no longer abiding by the lease we signed and must needs be evicted….the employee(fedgov) has violated the terms of their employment with We The People Inc….call security(all patriotic Americans) and tell fedboy to clean out his desk…hes fired!

        They were given a job to do in our nations service…they got too big for their boots and took over total operational control of the business…top to bottom all depts,they abused their power and their betters..they have made a bid for a hostile takeover of our operations and must be met with force,because even though a majority of shareholders refused their bid and rebuked their arrogance and threats,they refuse to leave the grounds….Ill be putting in for a transfer to the dept of Texas,always liked working sanitation and we have a heck of a mess to clean up!

        They want to run this country like a corporation then by God lets run it like one and outsource their jobs and them!

        • And wile were at it , its time to do an Audit, and incarcerate those in violation

      126. You think the federal government is scared of a rebellion from the people, they are actually PLANNING on it. They WANT to find the rabble rousers and USE them as examples to either LOCK THEM AWAY “for encouraging rebellion”, or “creating an unsafe environment for flying”, or even to publically change their tune. Then they can scare the other, more timid, parts of the citizenry into total compliance….all in the name of “safety for the majority.”

        If you’re not with them, you’re against them. The bullying will only get worse. And when the people have had enough, they will make it hurt for pushing back.

      127. This debate comes down to one thing and one thing only, and if even half a dozen individuals in the entire country understand, then just call it a miracle:

        The United State of America (in the singular) vs. The United States of America (in the plural)

        Thank you, Murphy. Any questions?

      128. Please please people… they’re not civilians… they’re texans. We probably won’t hear a peep in the news other than how well the radar works in going after criminals and eliminating them. 🙂

        Texas is the country’s cess pool anyway so nothing will really truly be missed.

        • Your small pathetic opinion about Texas has been dually noted and ignored…

      129. Oh and one last thing for now, where does Texas get off thinking they are above the law or better in citizenry than the rest of the country. Last I checked the women were either strippers or former stippers hiding the fact that they were strippers and even the spokeswoman for the SPCA of TX has her own internet porno site….ooohhhhh shocking! Now you know why she likes the BIG dogs 😉 😉 nudge nudge.

        No, the tSA is correct in telling texas to go by the rules because if we didn’t have the TSA then we would have the KGB.

        • I realize you’re being facetious about your stripper comment…. But your comment regarding the KGB is quite Ill-informed… Look into the KGB, how it started and how they operated and you may be surprised to learn that the TSA in it’s current form is a precursor to the soviet secret police. With regards to your comment about Texas being ‘above the law’ it is quite clear that you are, once again, Ill-informed… The law is crystal clear on matters of state and federal legislation…simply look at the United States Constitution, amendments 10 and 4…. If you need an explanation, which is likely the case, then simply spend a few hours viewing the speeches of dr. Paul, the writings of ol Remus at http://www.woodpilereport.com, and the excellent resources available at http://www.lewrockwell.com . Get a clue.

        • What gender are you? Did your parents let you choose… You probably work for TSA, I am so sorry for you.

        • Mac has already handled this but I’ll add my two cents, just because I can. First, you’re obviously new here so I’ll clue you in on something. Sarcasm and biting comments are welcome but please THINK before making them. To assume that just because the whole country is temporarily tolerating the unconstitutional groping by TSA agents, that any one state should not rise up against that, is to assume that tyranny is ok as long as we all suffer equally. Texas has merely led the way in trying to stop it. They are to be applauded and supported for this, not denigrated.
          NO person or agency, of ANY kind, is correct in telling someone to “go by the rules” if the rules are unconstitutional and damaging to the God given and universally recognised rights and liberties of human beings. The one who is wrong here is not Texas, it is the agency that enforces the unjust “rules.”
          As for the stripper comment: just because you got fired from ‘Le Club Neuveaux’ when your own pole sliding techniques began to wane, is no reason to disparage the women of Texas. And who gives a (protected) rats ass about what the SPCA spokeswoman does?

        • Stop using the Karo Syrup. It’s slowing you down.

        • shut up …douche

      130. I wrote to my district’s Senator Dan Patrick… he championed the TSA Bill in the senate and withdrew it so it wouldn’t get killed just before the holiday. He said that Lt. Gov. Dewhurst actively made threats as he walked around with a pair of federal lobbyists and some lawyer in tow. Dewhurst’s would have been the only dissenting vote up until the BS campaign… and Dewhurst had the gall to tell everyone not to talk to anyone about his behavior on the senate floor. Dan Patrick took it to the news outlets.

        I wrote Dewhurst and told him what a cowardly minion of Obama he is and that he ought to be run out of town on a rail.

        I encouraged Dan Patrick to not only keep trying to get the anti-TSA bill passed, but to call the TSA on their bluff… several of the nation’s largest airlines are based here in Texas, and Texas is a major hub for traffic coming and going to Central and South America.
        I also asked Patrick to put forth a resolution to impeach Dewhurst for his behavior.

        This matter isn’t dead by a long shot. The federal govt has been trying to manipulate Texas by cutting funding. They don’t realize that we can not only use that 10th amendment against the TSA, but against NAFTA and GATT and Obamacare, and actually begin making people show their proof of citizenship before letting them get on welfare, food stamps or have access to medical care. We can lead the way by charging tariffs on foreign goods.

      131. Since when does the South have any industry or manufacturing capacity of any consequence? You cannot charge any tariffs, as you have no wherewithal to do so, except to threat your own political and economic disintergration. You may supply your cotton and other crops to the rest of the world as you see fit, but there is no way to escape our tariffs of Northern industry. If you should impoverish yourselves by buying our goods, it is no matter – merely increase your productivity, regardless of whether it breaks your back. There is no choice in the matter. All else is a smoke screen, don’t you understand?! Your rights be damned! What’s that, Doc? It’s not 1861 anymore but 2011. The South has its own manufacturing base? How could the flux capacitor have misfired by an entire 150 years? I better stay put in 1985, and keep this DeLorean in the garage . . .

      132. Interesting,

        We all saw what happened to AZ when all they wanted to do is enforce current law on illegal immigration, so this is not surprising federal gov. would do the same with Texas. Think about it, the federal gov. system is broken, never mind dead broke, and it is dragging down almost every state with it, so what choice is there other than to throw the feds out of each state, who needs this kind of help from the feds when it is all bad.
        Good for Texas, and good for every state that uses the 10th amendment as intended. JOIN-FREE.com

      133. “There is no Blue State or Red State, there is only THE United States of America!” Applause? Where’s the applause?! I am waiting for the applause! Damn Texans.

      134. Thanks Texas! I too hope you stick to your guns. It is fitting that a Texan (George Bush) started this TSA BS. Hopefully Texas will be the state willing to kick the TSA (Transacting Sexual Assaults) out of our lives. I just hope Alaska follows suit.

      135. I see no problem with a “no fly” zone as long as it also pertains to Fort Hood , Lackland , etc.
        I see no downside to the fact that a bunch of Texas boys won’t be sent to Obama’s war in Iraq , Afghanastan , Aw , the list is too long!

      136. What the hell is “moderation” and why is my comment “awaiting moderation” ??????????????

        • Thanks for your comments… The system automatically puts comments from news posters in the moderation queue (also posts with links from not yet ‘trusted’ users)…. If we didn’t then there would be a TON of spam hitting the comment areas…. Sorry for the inconvenience but we gotta do it…. Now that your comment has been approved, future comments should post with fewer issues , though the system sometimes throws even trusted comments into the moderation queue if it spots keywords ,etc. That it might think are spam…. The computers rule the world!

      137. Just some random thoughts to add to the discussion:

        As far as secession: Look on Wiki for the 1869 Supreme court case “Texas vs. White”. Read it carefully. The black robes of Lincoln’s age made it “unconstitutional” for any state to seceed. So a peaceful secession is out of the question.

        As far as the US Constitution?: I believe anyone who honestly looks at the history of “these United States” will have to come to the conclusion that the “fiction” of the US govt has only paid lipservice to that ideal for many generations now. My cynical skepticism and historical view tells me that the courts rule in favor of the constitution only when it serves their purposes, i.e. to keep the “people” believing that it has some value.

        As far as our voting franchise: The “system” (as some call it, the Powers That Be, PTB) survives on the people’s belief that they can “vote the bums out”. I’m sorry to be the one to shed doubt on that idea, but if you look at the history of both parties for the last 150 years, I believe you’ll be led to the conclusion that it makes little difference who is elected; every government failure or “perceived problem” leads to more government, and more violation of basic rights.

        As for the TSA, I must agree with some of the posters herein that are inferring the agency is an “agent provocateur”. Unfortunately the PTB, I am convinced, wants trouble, wants conflict, and wants a few people at a time to stand up and fight. Surely you have seen the comments by Gonzales and Napolitano about who the next terrorist threat to the US is, now that bin laden is “dead”? That’s right, it will be an american citizen who can “move freely around the US”, “without being questioned”. Take a look here:

        The solution? We are all thinking adults, and if we believe in the freedom we all say we do, then each one of us will have to choose wisely, and trust that the other person will also.

        Because of my “cynical views voiced above, I see a few choices that may be made, undoubtedly I am missing some, so feel free to add to the list.

        Choice #1: Continue to write your “member of congress”, both state and local. History has shown this to be unsuccessful, in most cases.

        Choice #2: Continue to voice your disapproval with every media available to you. Outcome? See #1 above.

        Choice #3: Accept where the US is heading, whatever scenario you believe is coming, and make the best of it for yourself and your family. Outcome? Could be very painful, if not for yourselves, then probably for your children and grandchildren.

        Choice #4: As some here have used the term “draw a line in the sand”. When they cross it, fight back. I understand “fight back” can mean a lot of things to a lot of people, and I’m certainly not going to think for you. It is helpful to remember that ALMOST all revolutions throughout history have not turned out well!

        IF you’re counting on a new American Revolution turning out as well as the first one, think about all the differences between 1775 and today, such as:
        quality of education, confidence in the media, strength
        and lack of independent thought in the military and police agencies today, readiness to go through the upheavals and “horrors” of another civil war; not to mention the people’s general reliance on government help.
        Not the most hopeful picture, is it?

        Choice #5, and this one is going to seem very strange, off-the-wall, and impractical to many readers, I know; but here goes. LEAVE! I know it will be hard for many to believe without doing their due diligence (I encourage you to look into it), but there are many countries that are, as of now, more freer (if “freer” is a word), than the good ol’ US of A. I know it sounds hard to believe, but a good starting place for your research may be internationalliving.com, and escapeartist.com.
        The US govt will not admit it officially, but there is a MASS EXODUS going on right now. Some of the best, smartest, and most productive citizens are now deciding to “get out of dodge”, because they see the handwriting on the wall.
        Of course, with all these choices, if you are a person of faith, never leave out asking for a miracle; we just may get it! (remember King Hezekiah and 186,000 dead Assyrian soldiers!)
        That’s my rant for the
        day, please take it for what it’s worth…….

      138. I do wish one thing! I wish I could see that ape like women’s face that is married to this Obama guy,pher eyes when she took her little ape like children thru the line and those uneducated ape like government workers started rubbing there little ape like parts,I bet this shit would change, couldn’t you see them eyes bug out and those lips start purchin, she would sound like a fuckin Howler Monkey!,,,, on crack! Being a true Texan! Hurrah! Texas!tell. Them to go fuck themselves

      139. So Journer. You speak the truth in my world. #5 for some people. The people with the means, the people that are ahead of the herd, the people that are determined, the people that have travelled extensively before, the people that have family or friends elsewhere, the people that have “lived” over seas. Not there yet myself but a man’s gotta know his limitations.

      140. Welcome to the wide world of Mac FEIGMO. What in the hell does FEIGMO mean?????????
        I just know you are going to be interesting. I can sense it and look fwd to it!
        Sperminator: Where am I? Little black girl in junk yard: Welcome, to planet Earth.

      141. Pack the truck…grab the kids ..load the guns ..were moving to TEXAS

      142. GOD created the people,The people created the states,the states created the federal goverment,So how can the fed be greater that their creators…The people……

      143. No fly zone over texas…good
        no chem trails

      144. “There is no Red State or Blue State or even Purple State, there is only THE United States of America.”

      145. Ten things the TSA could do in America
        1) Conduct house to house searches without warrants or justification of any kind (and arrest people who resist).

        2) Shut down your state’s highways, railroads and airports at any time, for any reason, without explanation or justification.

        3) Conduct body cavity searches at polling stations. This could literally mean TSA agents reaching into your anus to see if they can find any “hanging chads” in there.

        4) Search parking lots for cars with Ron Paul stickers, then impound the vehicles under suspicion of terrorism.

        5) Begin carrying firearms and using them to enforce its agenda. Right now, TSA goons don’t carry guns, but before long they could be sticking them in your face while planting cocaine in your carry-on luggage just to have you arrested and molested in the back room.

        6) Demand to install TSA representatives in local Sheriff’s offices and police departments. These would function as TSA spies who report on the activities of local law enforcement and keep them in line. It’s a classic Nazi tactic, also used throughout the KGB.

        7) Announce a TSA fee collection mandate from air travelers, then shut down any airport that refused to comply. This would basically be a for-profit racketeering operation. Pay up or lose your airport.

        8) Demand veto power over ALL state legislation involving security, then boycott states that refuse to comply. Yes, the TSA could start having a say in local politics and could even demand the power to veto local legislation it didn’t like (such as the recent attempt in Texas to criminalize the TSA’s obscene pat-downs).

        9) Set up official TSA naked inspection rooms at airports, where TSA officials take travelers into the back room and demand they disrobe as a “security measure.” The TSA would effectively operate as a gang of serial molesters.

        10) Visit local malls and sporting arenas and demand they pay TSA “protection fees” if they wish to keep their events safe from terrorists. This is classic mob behavior — a “protection racket” that extracts money from businesses if they don’t want to be bombed or burned down. The TSA has already started running bomb exercises in airports just to see how police might react (http://www.naturalnews.com/032458_T…).

        Don’t believe any of this can happen? Well go back in time a decade and ask yourself in 2001: Would you have believed that in 2011 the U.S. government would be reaching down your pants and feeling your genitals as a requirement for you to board an airplane?

        More importantly, for those who say this could never happen, I ask the crucial question: What would YOU do to stop it? Tyranny grows in power because people go along with it. Perhaps 90 percent of the sheeple in America would go right along with whatever outrageous and tyrannical schemes the TSA would come up with. The mainstream media would report it all as “business as usual,” too. Oh, the TSA is now molesting women in house-to-house searches? Well, it’s all to protect us from Al Qaeda, so it must be okay.

        The TSA is demanding cash fees from travelers at airport security checkpoints? Oh, it’s just another reasonable fee to protect us all from terrorists, people would reason. There seems to be nothing the TSA can do now that will awaken the sheeple of America who have been drugged, fluoridated and vaccinated into a state of near-total cognitive compliance.

        So share this list, friends: Let your friends and social networkers know what’s coming soon if the TSA is not stopped. This is a rogue government agency that lusts for power, and it absolutely will not stop until it is running the secret police infrastructure in America that molests and extorts individuals and businesses, all under the false cover of “fighting terrorism.”

        I will be discussing all this on the Alex Jones Show, the Friday, May 27, 2011 edition. You can tune in and hear more discussion on this at http://www.PrisonPlanet.com or catch this in the archives by subscribing as a member there.

        Please forward this list to others, and don’t be surprised if some of this comes true over the next two years as the TSA rises to power under the excuse of providing a little security.

      146. First the rights of the FREE citizen, then states rights,
        then and only then, the LIMITED powers of the Feds, according to the Constitution.
        I would love to see
        a) a national taxpayer revolt (don’t pay your income tax)
        b) a huge citizens army show up in front of the white house.
        c) a state like Texas (I love you folks!) actually begin
        secession proceedings.

      147. All of this just shows me the fact of the Lord Jesus Christ’s Second Coming…. Even so, Come Lord Jesus!!

        • Jesus don’t exist unless he’s some Mexican dude name.

      148. Hey, I’ve GOT the Solution for TX.. (I don’t think okla has the clout or cahoonies).

        Yes, they need to secede from this Warped&Corrupted ‘Union’.
        Then they should hire the Israeli Specialists to assist &teach the Proper Way to screen Airline Passengers.

        Result: Same as any other ‘International Flight’, only smoother, more secure, no more ‘Groping’, and no more Stealing Grannys Nail Clippers. (no more Gestapo either).

      149. Americans talk too much, your country is screwed beyond repair unless…. there’s a REVOLUTION.

      150. What is funny? is? The NO FLY ZONE. they are going to blow the fking plane out of the sky.

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