Federal Snipers Train Guns on Family For Filming Cattle: “Outside the Bounds of Designated First Amendment Area”

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    Editor’s Note: This is what it has come to. Paul Joseph Watson of Infowars explains.

    (Pictured: Cliven Bundy walks by a first amendment area set up by the Bureau of Land Management near Bunkerville, Nev.)

    Federal snipers with the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) trained guns on members of a family yesterday after they dared to stop and take video footage of cattle outside the bounds of a designated “First Amendment Area,” before arresting one of the men for non-compliance.

    The cattle were being rounded up by BLM officers as part of a crackdown on Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy, who has refused to pay “grazing fees” demanded by the feds as a result of a re-classification of 600,000 acres of federal land in northeastern Clark County which Bundy claims has been in his family for generations.

    Some fear the dispute could turn into a Ruby Ridge-style violent standoff because Bundy has said he is prepared to become a martyr for what he perceives as a constitutional stance against tyranny.

    As we reported earlier, the feds have now started rounding up Bundy’s cattle in the name of protecting a supposedly endangered species, the desert tortoise, forbidding Bundy from interfering or even entering the vast area. The case is quickly turning into another iconic battle between big government and a besieged family.

    Fears that the confrontation may turn violent and concerns that Bundy is drawing increased support from liberty activists and the local community prompted the feds to tape off two ridiculous “First Amendment Areas,” outside of which free speech in support of Bundy is banned. A sign placed inside the area reads “Welcome to Amerika – Wake Up” alongside a hammer and sickle logo.

    When Bundy’s family members violated that rule yesterday in an attempt to peacefully document the cattle roundup, they were met with a barrage of loudspeaker warnings and four BLM snipers with their guns trained on the dissenters.

    “Several members of the family had gone out for a drive in several vehicles to try to monitor the ongoing federal action to remove their father’s cattle from the range,” reports the Moapa Valley Progress. “They were not travelling on recently restricted federal land, but were travelling along the state highway looking north across the valley for signs of cattle, Ryan Bundy said.”

    “He was doing nothing but standing there and filming the landscape,” Bundy said of his brother Dave. “We were on the state highway, not even off of the right-of-way. Even if they want to call [the area that we were filming] federal land; which it’s not; we weren’t even on it. We were on the road.”

    None of the family members were armed, but as soon as Dave Bundy began filming the cattle in the distance, 11 BLM vehicles each with two agents arrived and surrounded him.

    “They also had four snipers on the hill above us all trained on us. We were doing nothing besides filming the area,” said Ryan Bundy.

    The family were told to leave the area via loudspeaker because they had violated the crudely established “First Amendment Area”.

    “They said that we had no first amendment rights except for up by the bridge where they had established an area for that,” Bundy said.

    When Dave Bundy didn’t immediately heed the warning and return to his vehicle, a dog was set on him and he was subsequently arrested.

    “He was filming and talking on the phone, I don’t know to whom,” Ryan Bundy said. “It happened pretty fast. They came down on him hard and had a German Shepherd on him. And then they took him.”

    When Dave Bundy’s father Cliven attempted to contact emergency response in both Mesquite and for Metro in an attempt to discover the whereabouts of his son, he was told to, “get off the phone or he would be arrested,” according to Ryan Bundy.

    Should the Bundy case escalate any further, what has up to this point remained a largely local news story threatens to explode into a national controversy – re-igniting resentment over big government and a federal bureaucracy increasingly trampling on the rights of the American people to be left alone.

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      1. They needed their own spy drone….

        • If American’s weren’t such cowards today, this is where is would start.

          • your right and Im guilty as well. I’m not afraid but we can’t do it one by one.

            • No, no, no,

              Y’all got it wrong. The story has it all backwards!

              Nobody is taking this man’s cattle from him over a grazing dispute. They aren’t even taking them because of delinquent taxes.

              This is the Obama administration SAVING us from global warming, er, I mean, CLIMATE CHANGE, by beginning to regulate bovine flatulence. It was in an article last week, though I can’t remember where I saw it. The sniper’s just got confused and thought that they were aiming at gas-bloated cattle instead of smart phone and camera-toting people.

              Geez, relax!

              Sarcasm off. 😉

              • Anyone know the whereabouts of Lon Horiuchi?
                Remember Ruby Ridge, remember Waco.

                • Someone should go dog hunting, just for F’ing starters!

                  • Its not the dogs’ fault, its the asshole holding the leash that needs shooting!

                  • Too bad there wasn’t any snipers on the snipers…

                  • I don’t have any sympathy for Bundy. These guys lease the land, including national forests, for a few cents an acre and start to think they own it. Then they start shooting at hikers (National Forests, remember) and the BLM gets upset. I have been threatened by some of these thugs claiming to be ranchers while hiking in National Forests. In this case I think the BLM are the good guys.

                  • Bureau of Land Management (BLM) ?? WTF? Obama has succeeded in building up his “private army”.

                  • If the family owns the land why were they paying rent to BLM in the past? If they bought it from BLM they can show their title. If they owned it for generations they can show their title and have the BLM guys removed by the county sheriff.
                    They paid rent and then they stopped so they were evicted. Landlords will do that because they need to be paid to cover the costs of maintaining that property.

                    However the “First Amendment Zone ” sign is garbage and designed to provoke a negative response. Why?

                • Obviously Bundy knows nothing about the
                  questioning of the ‘Kings Authority’ on
                  matters of the ‘Kings Land’ in which the
                  ‘Kings Cattle’ were grazing on the ‘Kings
                  Grass’, while he was standing on the ‘Kings

                  Ignorance of the ‘Kings Law’ does not excuse
                  his sedition against the ‘Realm of the King’.
                  He shall be sent to the ‘Kings Fema Camp’ for
                  enhanced thought restructure until at which
                  time he is proven to be worthy of rejoining
                  his fellow subjects at the feet of their ‘King’.

                  • More like some big developer is looking at that real estate for a new field of cookie-cutter homes and bribed some manager at BLM to reclassify that land so he can buy it dirt-cheap next week.

                  • He’s using federal (public) lands to feed his privately owned cattle for free and making a private profit for himself. The government isn’t trying to prevent him from using the public land, they just want him to pay for the use like all the others who use public lands. This rancher has been getting a free ride at the taxpayers expense for 20 years. He’s no different than any other welfare recipient you all complain about. He said that his family owns this land yet hasn’t provided any evidence for this claim. He’s a welfare cheat dressed up like a rancher, nothing more.

                  • That sign of the “First Amendment Zone” tells a big story.

                    These idiots think they determine our rights, in which case we do not have any.

                    My rights come from God, and are NOT guided by a sign. At some point the first and second amendment will come together to resolve the issues these idiots have in OUR way.

                  • That’s how homeybama wants it. I say we just stop doing all the things keeping the govt afloat. Plant a huge garden, use alternative heat, buy only what you need and put the rest in guns and ammo. Give up all the fancy extras for just a few months and watch what happens to the economy then!

                • “Anyone know the whereabouts of Lon Horiuchi?
                  Remember Ruby Ridge, remember Waco.”

                  Hopefully he is six feet under.

                  • I thought I’d just report an IMPORTANT update…


                    Apparently, Mr. Bundy is fearing that he may have to die over this standoff with the BLM. This is undeclared martial law there in Nevada.

                    Where are those oathkeepers when we need them? They need NUMBERS out there to keep another WACO from happening. If ever there is a line in the sand, THIS should be it.

                • Lon couldn’t tell he was shooting a woman at 200 meters, even with a 10x scope. An honest mistake.

                  • Professor Higgins is absolutely right. This isn’t about individual liberty, states rights, or first amendment rights. This is about a business, a LARGE business BTW since we are talking about almost a thousand cows, using the taxpayer domain for private use and refusing to pay his user fees.

                    Theft by corporation, people, plain and simple. If you think this is about personal liberty then you are a fucking MORON!!! 🙂

                  • @Caveman…

                    Your statement is unadulterated bovine scat.

                    Do some research on what happened at Ruby Ridge…both the stand-off itself, and the events leading up to it.

                    It was a general consensus among the Feds that Vicki Weaver was the real moral force behind the family. She was targeted.

                    The Feds have no qualms about murdering women and children.

                    Remember Waco.

                  • Walt, Caveman’s comment was sarcasm….

              • Some of this mess started in New Mexico farmer’s domain regarding trees or such and the lady involved owned the land that was in her family for a couple hundred years.
                Farmers with rifles and shotguns lined up to meet the federal possees….end of story.

                • Maybe they want a Constitutional Convention – to get rid of those ‘constraints’…

                  Obama Complains He’s ‘Constrained’ By the Constitution

                  Obama rejects concerns new background checks might lead to gun confiscation: “I am constrained by a system our founders put in place.”

                  Fox News

                  • I remember something about an EU constitution that was universally rejected pretty much anywhere people could vote on whether to adopt it. Something like 900 pages. ANYTHING could be lurking inside. I’m sure TPTB saw the solution as just eliminating that pesky voting thing.

                  • This is DARPA crap. Don’t believe it.

                • If this is the same case I know about, it was actually part of Gila National Forest. She never owned any of it. She was just leasing it.

                • Professor Higgins, you bloody limey, go f#$% yourself!

                  • the renegade braveheart: Oh, now there’s a surprise reaction. Typical dimwitted response I’ve come to expect from a member of the ‘lower class’. Your limited vocabulary and complete lack of rhetorical prowess is evidence of your subpar intellect. But that’s alright my good fellow, someone has to work at those gasoline stations.

                  • Don’t give the “prof” the satisfaction of a response. People that proclaim to the world they are smarter are usually not, and more likely suffer from multiple inferiorities. No matter your response, the prof will hide behind his arrogance till the end.

                  • Oh, real classy response….

                  • I didn’t read his bloviating, but I’ll take your word for it. Anybody who makes it a point to tell you how brilliant they are is really just an arrogant jackass, and usually an educated fool who thinks sitting around in some “place of higher learning” is actually a real credential. I hear these jackasses spout off that they “have a degree in …” and it usually translates into “I’m an arrogant idiot without the sense to pour piss out of a boot”.

                  • I didn’t read his bloviating, but I’ll take your word for it. Anybody who makes it a point to tell you how brilliant they are is really just an arrogant jackass, and usually an educated fool who thinks sitting around in some “place of higher learning” is actually a real credential. I hear these jackasses spout off that they “have a degree in …” and it usually translates into “I’m an arrogant idiot without the sense to pour piss out of a boot”.

              • Anybody have any idea how many buffalo (bison) roamed that same land at some time? Those tortoises managed to survive them!

                • These idiot don’t know. They may destroy a perfect habitat. The cattle keep the grass short and digestible. This is a power grab not habitat preservation

              • Let’s get real people, this guy owes $300,000 in back fees for the use of US TAXPAYER land to raise his cattle. This is no different than GE or other multinational corporations paying NO taxes while the rest of US do.

                I for one do not want to subsidize this guy and his family anymore than I want to subsidize the useless eaters living on food stamps and subsidized housing.

                If this guy gets a free ride then I want a tax deduction for subsidizing him. Just saying. 🙂

                • It’s not US tax payer land, it’s Nevada State land.

                • He has already offered to pay. You should be happy to pay/subsidize, remember you want to share the wealth, get some skin in the game as long it is someone elses money and not yours. Your complaint is familiar. No worries that the constitution and our rights are being trampled on, correct Mr,Communist. That being said. The Federal government can do all this to an American citizen over a few head of cattle but can’t/wont do anything to protect our country and close the borders where the real crimes are happening. It is sad, and this is about the money whether it is Harry Reid and his son making a deal with the Chinese for the land or fracking contracts or whatever deals they have going behind the scene, if you believe this is about cattle you are stupid.

            • +1 Clint,
              If somebody said “were taking em on tomorrow at 0600 be there or stay on your knees”
              I would be moving rather than typing,
              You get these government trolls on these sights saying were idiots and that the government LEOs are “good folks” doin their job,
              Fuck them and their job and the suv they rode in
              This guy has been leasing this spot, they changed the rules and wouldnt let him out of the lease without paying a penalty, now they are screwin him again
              Is just bullshit,
              I wish i could drive there, id load the jeep and set up camp with them, strength in numbers and all, that first amendment zone is total horse shit.
              WTF we dont have the right to say whatever wherever?
              You fed assholes better watch your step, youll step on the wrong people and you will find your family missing when you get home.

              • Fight their fight and be killed. Going head to head would be a bad tactic. The desert tortoise is nonsense as the problem is a lung infection that is impacting them plus all the tract homes in the Vegas area. Not sure about the grazing fees or who actually controls what. The overwhelming force using snipers is BS and eventually bad things are going to happen. This sounds more like Agenda 21 than anything else.

                • Exactly what I said.

                  This is what Agenda 21 looks like on the local level…


                  • Bundy said there were 52 other ranchers around him several years back — the BLM ruined them all with their exorbitant fees. He’s refusing to comply. Falls right into the pattern of Agenda 21 to clear vast areas of land for future (non-public) use…


              • Damned straight post Kula!!!

                • Zionist Occupied Govnt aka ZOG..Welcome to The Junited Snakes of JewmeriKa

                  Research: www dot Maurice Pinay dot blogspot dot com

                  Read of soon coming Noahide laws, article contained within same website, look for article Links to it at Main page. aka “The REAL Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow”

                  A Rainbow symbol is used by the Ultra Orthodox Hassidic Rabbi’s for Their “Noahide Laws” Plans.

                  Same as Rainbow used by Jessie jackson’s “Rainbow PUSH Coalition” Hmmmm…Wonder Who Jessie is in a “Coalition” with eh….The Double Whammy Curse on USA= Negroes + Jews.

                  • sadist trolls are here again

                  • Seek help

                • I wonder what would happen if tomorrow, that plastic “1st amendment zone” was lined up several deep, with people with 2nd amendment backup.

                  • Bunkerville NV is close to Mesquite NV, east of Las Vegas off Highway 15.

              • Kula I’m with ya, Its to far for me to Travel at this point. I would hope the people closer by would get involved, as Biden would say this is big. And I love the Protester Corral, these people are Insane. They honestly think were as easily lead as them cows.

              • 4GW

                • Agreed, take out the leadership. Find out who they are and post their names and addresses for all to see. The government cannot remain anonymous forever.


                    because of course, they know so much better than we do

                    fucking ObamaNazi assholes

              • Kulafarmer 1,000,000 thumbs up!

                Are we the people that stupid? We out number these fucks 1,000 to 1 at least
                Think about our lives 5 years ago, look how they keep chipping & chipping. We
                Are so broke & beaten down, thanks to our government.

              • Kulafarmer, AMEN to your comments.

              • Anybody have any contact info for Clive? I’m looking- but so far coming up with nothing…

              • Hey Kulafarmer,I wonder how long it takes to put up a sigh that reads 2nd amendment zone.ha ha.

          • “If American’s weren’t such cowards today, this is where is would start.”

            I’d have to disagree, “IT” could have started long ago. Hundreds, thousands of volatile situations where “those being illegally confronted” backed down.

            This is exactly why “they” continue to expand their authority, unabated. No one, or at least no one that we are hearing about, is willing to die for the cause, to make a stand, enough to inspire a mass uprising. And on the internet all this talk about “molon labe” is just cheap bullshit. Everyone’s waiting, waiting for someone else to let their gun do the talking, i.e. to do the dirty work. There doesn’t seem to be enough collective willpower to break through the inertia, as we just sit back, still comfortable in our “safety zones”, watching, waiting. While they just keep getting stronger, with technology, economic control and manipulation, and PsyOps to keep the masses in Fear mode.

            I know there’s a lot of guns out there, but the fact that we’re not having, or hearing about “shoot-outs” with corrupt, militarized police SWAT teams, indicates to me how programmed we all are. Everyday I watch and hope that on the various news sources I’m going to hear that “an entire Fascist SWAT Team was taking out when they knocked down the door of another “wrong” home, and those inside said “bullshit, Eat this”. Of course, after the SWAT team was taken out, the house was leveled.” Anyway, I’m thinking “When’s it going to happen? Please, please, let it be today, while there is still time.

            Now I have a few guns, strictly for defensive measures, at least that’s my justification, and the only way I see myself going on the offensive is if a rebellion takes place, all hell breaks loose, and it’s either wait for them to come and get me at my home, or band together with others and go at ’em. But as TPTB move incrementally, methodically, ever so slowly, from a soft to a full blown hard Fascist Police State, this designed process allows them to gain the upper hand, while keeping the minds of the masses right where they want them.

            In many ways,though, we’ve seemed to have past the point of no return. What’s it going to take for you, for me, to say “This is it, this is No Drill, either now or never”? At what point do we make that decision?

            I’m beginning to have my doubts concerning whether there’s a willingness to make the proverbial stand, i.e. “give me liberty or give me death”. And I confess, being one of the first to go down in a hail of bullets (from a SWAT Team or a drone) isn’t exactly what I had in mind, quite yet.

            • You wouldn’t hear about it on LSM, the agendists control the news we are fed on tv, i net, radio, and papers. Look at the way WW2 was propigandized, vietnam protests, JFK assassination, David koresh, 9/11, ruby ridge, homeless camping illegally murdered for having a knife in hand, (yes, he had a small blade I saw in the vid posted by the young turks on YouTube), mom and kids barraged by gunfire c/o NM police – ALL the shit has come to a head, and STILL WE SIT TALKING ABOUT IT!……must be time for my meds, there I go again thinking in my outside voice…..

              • EA; One of the best posts I have read here in over 2 years. I wish I had an answer for you though.


            • Ruby Ridge?

            • Agreed. Each person not out doing something about this is just living in their own self-enforced first amendment zone.

            • Christopher Dorner stood up and everyone called him a nut-job. Funny how when there is an attempt to stand ground all these ‘strong like bull’ internet tough guys fail to show. Waco. Ruby Ridge. On and On and On and… nothing but talk.

            • European American; Don’t despair, there is no cowardice among the collective American population! Try to think only of the comforts we enjoy. We still have electricity, we still have running water, our grocery stores are still stocked to the max with more trucks on the way. Our LEO’s are for the most part, decent human beings and our trusted neighbors although this is changing. While Americans, even the unknowing Americans and surely you and I, are satisfied with our current status quo and why should we not be, no moves shall be made toward a revolution. It must come eventually, but not now. When a young man must look into the eyes of his starving daughter and know that he has no food to give her, when a young mother who cannot physically nurse her baby is told that the grocery store does not have baby formula or any thing else, then , you may lock and load for the Revolution will now begin! As Americans who never wanted this to happen, then shall we all realize that this violence that will be forthcoming will have been necessary in the destruction of this most damnable government that stands in absolute hatred of all humankind. God bless my Brothers and Sisters of America, God bless our beloved planet of Earth!

            • Maybe we could import some “Palestinians” who would be willing to blow themselves up on a sub-contract basis deal

              • Now that’s funny, I don’t care who you are!

            • Chris Hedges (?) wrote that the minute we organize, they will know it. Their surveillance system sees all…

              If a group of people did decide to organize, they would need to make darn sure they used methods the Stazi had no access.

          • Cowards???

            Start what exactly???

            They are the cowards..not us!

            When every psychological,every (supposed) legal,technological, and every military tactic known to mankind is implemented against you?

            I think not..

            Especially when these fucking “cowards” use your family as collateral..

            At least we now know ,full well, their strategies..

            Go ahead and engage a situation like this and you’ll have the full force of every damned local, county,state and federal leo on your sorry ass before you know it..and they know it!!!Never mind the full force of the so called “just us” system to back it all up once the body count piles up..

            The supposed thought of any engagement with these mf’s is foolhardy at best..

            These assholes are utilizing every game plan in the book to suppress us…and then some..

            We are way beyond the tipping point folks..

            Question is..what the f do we do about it?

            I for one have no answers..at this point in time.


            • Stop sending them money!

            • The answer is civil disobedience. Not just the family or the county but the whole state. You are right they are cowards, they are afraid of numbers because then the mass will see just what they are. So folks do your civic duty go out and peacefully demonstrate against government tyranny.

              • The’ll just throw us in prison, Walt, if we protest nowdays… they’ve made it a federal offense…yes, I know Obummer would never had the chance to become president of the United States without protestors… however, he forgot all that once he attained these heights got to… now, no more protesting anywhere a politician is around or you go to the pen.

                a lady was protesting outside a lab where they experiment on animals- mostly little beagles– and she got sent to fed prison for a year or two.

          • had the same thought

            • Over our dead bodies.

              Sic Semper Tyrannus!

              Audemus Jura Nostra Defendere!

              Dum Spiro Spero!

              Deo Vindice!

          • This. Charlie Mcgrath just posted a video that relates to Americans having their heads in the sand during this. I thought it was key that he said to prepare for the reality of what’s coming and not what we want it to be.

            He made a great point when he said that freedom loving individuals will not “rise up” and there will not be this patriotic regime change to restore the constitution because it would have happened by now. Instead we should focus on making it through this “crash” and preparing ourselves for life as it comes out to be on the other side.

            Something to think about indeed. Prepping for life under tyranny.

          • The cowards are in big government dude. The rest of us are waiting and watching. It took America a long time to join the fight in WWII but once we started the Japs and Germans learned they and messed with the wrong country. The Traitors in our government will soon find they has woke the sleeping giant.

          • “If Americans weren’t such cowards today, this is where it would start”

            Agreed. What the Fed’s have done here is a trap set up to demonstrate their “Full-Spectrum Dominance.”

            But we don’t have to play their game. Don’t take the bait. “Our mission is to turn the tables on the perpetrators….We play our own game, not the adversary’s game. We are not bowed down…with no energy left over to escape an inexorable slide back into feudal serfdom.” –New Ordnance “The Secret Weapon” (RockyMountainCorn dot com)

            “Resist and the spell is broken. Then, they are through your door. You are on the floor with a boot on your neck and the muzzle of an M-4 in your ear. What’s next? Better to have ambushed them in the stairwell Solzhenitsyn-style?….

            “You turn on the lights. Remember what it’s like to open the door to a dark room in New York City, flip the light switch and watch the cockroaches run to any dark crevice? That’s what we’re about here. “A little light if you please.”….

            “Take the name, rank and serial number of every commissar that ventures into your area of operation. That’s right. Make lists. You know the drill – red lists, blue lists, etc. Flip the tables on them. They have their lists, we have our lists.” –New Ordnance “Fried Frogs and Commissars” (RockyMountainCorn dot com)

            They’re running a psy-ops on us. Turn the tables. I don’t think we’re all cowards and I don’t think we’re all gonna die if we dare stand up to them. Stay smart.

          • The only thing is the media I going to make this family look like the bad guys. Right know most Americans if they see the story will says its government over reach. But if it comes down to a shoot out I think they will plant stuff and make them look like horrible people.

            • Absolutely right DC. Remember the huge cover-up attempt at Ruby Ridge? The FBI mailed subpoenad documents back to DC 3rd class mail, took over a month to get there. The unconstitutional rules of engagement almost got completely buried. The entrapment by the AFT was also almost buried.

            • DC, Half the people on here is Against him, vary sad..

          • Are you not an American? Are YOU a coward? Can you not start IT? If you have a plan, let’s hear it. We all sit around waiting for “them” to do something. YOU are the “them”. We all are. But there is no “them”, as in some fictitious Hollywood Knight In Shining Armor that’s going to ride in on a white stallion to save the day. That’s a fairy tail. It’s up to you. What will TOU do?

          • Exactly. The fact that we’ve become a nation of nanny state-dependent cowards who lost a sense for firearm use and self sufficiency skills, and who increasingly believe firearms belong in the hands of militant cops not private individuals plays into the states hand.

        • @ Ugly

          A seriously excellent suggestion!!!

          They could stream the video to the internet so that the evidence cannot be destroyed.

          If the snipers are on public property, why not reconnoiter their position with a UAV?

          Does anyone else recall what happened around Y2K when BLM last tried this tyranny?

          • JQP….
            As with Maxwell Smart, I am afraid we are all going to need to invest in spy technology. From our iPhones to our camera recording pens in our pockets to the little birdy in the air. It will be Spy v Spy. It will be Spacey’s Sprockets v Cogwell’s Cogs.

            • It would be interesting to know how far away from the family those snipers were.

            • Every hi tech gadget has a low tech counter. Americans are no different than they were right before the last revolution. Most were willing to tolerate the status quo back then.

          • Edwin Vieria: Has a New Great article at newswithviews site. His new xallant article Refutes this current massive push for a “State con con convetion”.

            And he also Questions why with so much support now for a con con event, are none, that is, ZERO of all those many con con pro websites, and self apointed leaders of a con con movement, NOT even at all addressing a Move or Push to get at Least one state to RE-initiate a Militia of the people of that State?

            Since as Edwin so greatly points out THE Constituitonal Solutions to Todays Many problems of crooks running fed govnt etc etc etc….Are addressed IN BOTH the 2nd ammendt, as well as the US Const. Militai Clause that specifies exactly What the Militias of the several States are supposed to be doing as well as How to be done.

            In Order to DO what the 2nd ammendt States..IE: A well regulated Militia …”Being NESESSARY To The SECURITY” of a FREE state….It is The Only place and Thing that the us const contains those words of “Nesessary + Security”.

            For without Security, there can be NO Liberty and Freedom. Just as without Liberty and Freedom, there can be NO security….Why so much work done to Push for a con con event? yet ZERO done to Re establish what the us const Declares as “NESASSARY”?! not to mention much faster, and far eaiser to do Militia reconstitution, than a 3/4ths states convention for final approval of any ammendments, right.(which can take Years to fully complete with zero guarentees of sucess nor of feds obedience etc).

            Fed govnt Can ignore amendts as history has proven. But a Well Armed States Peoples Militias, well thats a bit harder to ignore let alone fight against since the True usa govnt IS “WE the People” aka also the membership of said state Militias! Think on it a moment if its too hazzy still…

            An ALL 50 states Reconstituted Militais, done BY a Law Passed BY that States Reps and Senators, Signed into state Law BY states Govner. IS the ONLY Legit Proper method for a True us const Militia of the People of a state to be done.

            And a state reconstituted Militia Of the States Peoples Is the us constutional prescribed method for dealing with litterally EVERY Known Problem Americans face Today from corrupted BLM’s and DC feds, down to smallest local govnt county problems or corruptions etc.

            As a Great Leagle Xpert who has taken at least 27 Cases to the US supremes court, won over 1/2, has written several Large size Books on “Money Matters” to “Militias” and several more books of dealing with current problems usa is faceing Today…Edwin is a Far better person to Outline and describe in His own words way better than I am capable of recalling his articles here.

            So for folks Truely concerned and wondering what the hell is it avg folks like Us need to do? How to get it done? Whats Legit and whats Not?

            I Strongly suggest folks check his newswithviews articles, archived at that website, and Start with his latest New article of April 7th or 8th…Then follow up with his prior several Militia related articles at same website archives. You Will Learn More from Edwin in a couple hrs reading his stuff, then can possibly ever be learned at most any other websites or articles.

            Just…Do..It! Read His great articles you wont regret doing so I promice.

            • Them Guys; I read the article and thought it was well written and makes some very good points. First, I don’t think a Con Con is a good idea. I guess my concern with his point is that he states that we need to institute a well regulated State Militia… is that it would be regulated so much that it would be rendered useless.

              Yes, I understand that it is to be a militia of WE the People, but I can’t see how it would not be overly regulated and stifled. Any thing the state or fed touch is always for their benefit not ours.

              I always thought the statement “Well regulated militia” referred to the individual (the minute man). The individual was ensure that his/her firearms, etc was maintained and ready at all times (well regulated).

              Just my thoughts

        • so at what point do the people to go to this website finally say enough is enough and show up in droves to protest and the film. Imagine if three or four thousand nervous drove up cameras in hand then spread across that land on the highway and begin filming.it could be a watershed moment.PRAY, PLAN, PREP, FORMTEAMS.

          • Man on the inside, Have you looked into Operation American Spring. I’m Still looking for peoples opinions on it.

            • This morning I emailed every major news network asking them to do a story and asking why there hasn’t been a story on the OAS mentioned in above comment. I wonder if I should hold my breath.





        • I think most of you are missing the point. The day you agreed to take an artifical DIRK EASTERLY and SOC # you agreed to these suspensions. You are a fake person only recieving rights as a fake person. You are a corporation private at that. Without that you have no rights. With it you are subject to the Corportation. You are owned. Get used to it or fight. All your other panderings are just that.

          Just presenting the facts. The second amendment was written for the artifical person. Not the live breathing person you are. They can strip them as fast as it was written.. Do some history homework before sending a bunch of lead downfield. Unionizing is the only way out. A new coporation would need to be formed or the guberment would need to be dissovled.

        • “The story also brings back memories of New Hampshire couple Ed and Elaine Brown, who were involved in a nine month standoff with armed law enforcement and feds as a result of their refusal to pay income tax. The Browns were later convicted of “plotting to kill federal agents” because of their refusal to surrender and were both given de facto life sentences.” If they want you they will find a way or make one !

          • I totally support the Brown’s stance, but they did have set-guns and booby traps set all over their property. With today’s jack-booted thugs and lawyer run society, no one will ever get away with that. Not saying it’s right, but unless big changes happen, it’s the way it is.

          • If you fight on your opponent’s terms, you will lose.

        • Well I have a Designated Second Adm Area and it starts at about 350 Yards….

          Semper Fi

        • Our corporate state may not use this power today. But it will use it if it feels threatened by a population made restive by its corruption, ineptitude and mounting repression. The moment a popular movement arises—and one will arise—that truly confronts our corporate masters, our venal system of total surveillance will be thrust into overdrive.

          The most radical evil, as Hannah Arendt pointed out, is the political system that effectively crushes its marginalized and harassed opponents and, through fear and the obliteration of privacy, incapacitates everyone else. Our system of mass surveillance is the machine by which this radical evil will be activated. If we do not immediately dismantle the security and surveillance apparatus, there will be no investigative journalism or judicial oversight to address abuse of power. There will be no organized dissent. There will be no independent thought. Criticisms, however tepid, will be treated as acts of subversion. And the security apparatus will blanket the body politic like black mold until even the banal and ridiculous become concerns of national security.

          I saw evil of this kind as a reporter in the Stasi state of East Germany. I was followed by men, invariably with crew cuts and wearing leather jackets, whom I presumed to be agents of the Stasi—the Ministry for State Security, which the ruling Communist Party described as the “shield and sword” of the nation. People I interviewed were visited by Stasi agents soon after I left their homes. My phone was bugged. Some of those I worked with were pressured to become informants. Fear hung like icicles over every conversation.
          –Chris Hedges website

          • Excellent post, the problem is – we are already there!!!


        • OK, here are the entire facts on this Bundy case.

          Bundy has grazed cattle on public land since 1877, without paying any fees or obtaining any permits when they came into being around 1905 with the end of the free range era. He claims the land is his private property, but has never offered any evidence to support that assertion. He has been notified in writing three times since 1998 to remove his cattle from public land, and consistently refuses. It is illegal to graze livestock on public land without a permit outlining the places allowed for grazing, times of year, proximity to streams, number of head, etc., etc. Bundy has refused to make any concessions whatsoever. When asked what he would do when the agents came to seize the cattle and impound them, he said ‘whatever it takes.’

          So that’s what is going on. This article is a little bit shy on the complete story.

          If you want to get behind some decent Americans and support their actions against a tyrannical government denying them their livelihood, try the Central Valley farmers in California, they need water and the Feds are denying it to them.

          This rancher is not a poster boy for victim status and deserves his fate.

          • It is “Public Land.” That means owned by the people. Where does the govt get off telling taxpaying citizens what they can do? Show me anything in the constitution that says govt can control the land owned by the people. I don’t mean to call you out specifically, but it is this attitude – that Public Land is actually owned by the gov’t that really irks me. The govt has convinced most of the sheeple over the years that this is the truth, but it is not. I totally agree with you about the Cali farmers though!

            • The government doesn’t own the land, it manages it in trust for the people. Bundy doesn’t own it, either. Being a person does not equate to a right to appropriate public land for private purposes. Bundy has a 1/300,000,000th interest in the land his cattle are grazing on and is not paying the rest of us landowners for his use of our land. There are a bunch of ranchers around him, who have complained about Bundy running cattle on graze they have permits for. They are complying with the rules, why can’t Bundy?

              He is supposed to pay fair market value for grazing cattle, and comply with some restrictions on where they can graze, such as streams and wildlife habitats.

              I pay taxes, can I build a cabin in a public park? It’s public land, and I’m a public, right?

              It says in the Constitution that Congress shall make laws relating to the public lands. That’s the authorization to administer the lands.

              I’m not getting worked up over this weasel, he just doesn’t want to pay for his graze.

        • It looks to me the govt better back off. I am ready to head down to mesquite to help the Bundy family fight thes govt thugs. I also have training in the use of weaponry. I have fought for this country before on foreign land and I won’t hesitate for a second to come to the aide of another patriotic American. It is time we take our country back!!!

      2. Gee,

        I was under the impression that the whole country was a first amendment area.

        Oops, I forgot about that whole PC thing.

        Silly me.

        • It was, and then it became the United Soviet States of Amerika

          • Tyranny-coming soon to a city near you!

            Yet another in a long chain of indicators; the government is not only not your friend it is actively and manifestly your enemy.

            • It’s been Debated on here many times what the oath takers will do, will they turn their Weapons on us, from everything I have Witnessed or Watched in the last year alone..I am gona put the question to rest, buy the best Bulletproof vest you can find, learn how to dress a Wound and have Medical supples..

          • You mean “The Corporate States of America”.

        • EXACTLY! What the hell is a ‘First Amendment Area”???

          Where the hell is the ACLU? Oh I forgot, they’re too busy keeping Jesus out of the schools and the faggot agenda in.

          If you’re not allowed to talk about Jesus in school, then you shouldn’t be allowed to talk about homosexuals. If you’re going to talk about homo’s, then you should be allowed to talk about Jesus.

          Excuse my rant of the day (week).

          • The schools don’t mind Jesus Christ’s name being used in school…. As long as it is used as a curse or in vain. Yup then it can be used all you like, and the school boards and unions are hap, hap, happy!

          • Just where Is that ACLU: That ACLU is IN Bed, with the NAACP, which Is IN bed with, ADL. Which Is IN bed with most Every Fed usa politition, which are ALL Run, Funded and fully Controled by the Banhi’ Berith'(sp?) Zionists jewish membership Only, Massonic Lodge HQ which Is the Major controlers of the usa Goyims that We “Think” really are controling it all from DC etc…

            While They control all the Gentile Goyims and agencies etc that originate in DC and Fed Govnt apperatus’s…

            Their Zionist fellow travelers are controling All things NON gentile, aka, all jewish zio non goyims.

            Do You Get it…..Yet?

            • They are supporting the Turtle

            • Wow, forgot to take your medicine again ?

              • Booger:

                You one of those israeLIE paid “talkbackers”?

                • No but you are a withered anti-Semitic hag – only an evil imbecile thinks that everything is the Jews fault. Have a little more imagination.

                  • PuppyPrepper:

                    Same old story, same old “anti-semitic” song. Why don’t you try proving my posts are not true. You can’t so the only ammo you have is name calling. Go away you paid troll…..

                • No I am not paid. But I do stand up against ignorance and hatred. This is supposed to be a site for preppers not neo Nazis.

          • arco, the First Amendment Zone is the “Time out” area for the fogies that still believe that the authorities are still bound by our constitution.

          • Just like the Human Rights Commission and the Human Rights Tribunals up here, the ACLU isn’t there to protect the “privileged” White, English-speaking, nominally Christian, able-bodied straight folks, especially if they are male and/or productive members of society. In the eyes of these agencies, the demographics I mentioned aren’t “human” enough to warrant full Human Rights or civil liberties protections. Or we are deemed “over privileged” and therefore it is acceptable to infringe on our rights.

            And they are all about religion. They are on a crusade of their own to eradicate traditional beliefs of all sorts. Christianity is only the first in line, but once it has been pushed completely underground or limited to “approved” outlets, they will go after the others and do the same to them. The only one they might leave alone is Judaism.

            They seek to replace our belief systems with they own Church of Political Correctness, which will grant all sorts of benefits to the “minorities” and crush the “privileged ones”. And part of that will be the cult of egalitarianism which will reward mediocrity and seek to demonize excellence as being “selfish” and “attacks against others’ self-esteem” (except in approved fora, such as sports, reality TV, movies and their endorsed politicians).

            Make no mistake, political correctness is just fascism for pussies.

        • Stig, you’re right, the whole nation is a free speech zone. I still lay claim to everything in the Bill Of Rights. Our rights come from God, NOT from any govt. agency. And to hell with the PC thing. I don’t follow that, period! It’s time for some feds to lose their lives. MOLON LABE SIC SEMPER TYRANNIS braveheart

        • That damnable sign alone should be enough to ignite a revolution!

      3. This kind of crap is why we are on the fast road to the R word (Revolution).They will do something that will push us to take back our Country and all the pertinent Paper work..

        • I really want to agree with you but I can’t. This kind of thing is happening over and over in places scattered across the country and other than the local news doing a story on it, no one cares. Americans have their head in the sand while the alphabet agencies drive right on by. If it was going to happen, it would have by now.

          • Wow 3 days later it has happen!!!! I’m not a Prophet Just a observer…Keep on observing Americans in action!!!!

      4. Yet–you shoot a couple of these pieces of shit that are parasites to the American way of life and YOUR the bad guy–go figure–

        • …and you get “Chris Dornered”…

      5. I posted some time back that all its going to take is for them to mess with someone who’s not afraid to lose and have a community back them up. If its just a one off the LSM just classifies then as a nut job. But strike out against some one and then have a community back them up then I think TPTB will find they bit off more than they can chew.

        It seems like they are pushing us further and harder. Its only a matter of time until they light the fuse on the powder keg.

        • thats exactly right, it will have to take a whole neighborhood of people or a very large group.

          • ARCO: Like maybe some Well Loved Vietnam or Desert Storm US marine vet that is located in some small to medium sized community, where every single person of said location/town think that particular vet is the best thing to happen since sliced bread?

            And that same Marine Vet finds out he has barely 6 months left to Live due to Pentagon, DC/Fed govnts Illicit use of depleted Uranium Munitions he was forced to use, or he’s that Viet vet marine who Now is dying fast from AGENT Orange Cancer, that the much touted vetrans admin hosp’s have continued to supply said cancer victim Vet with nothing else But, a huge massive run around swindle knowing hes going to be Dead soon so screw That marine vet eh!

            And once its made known to said victim vet Marine he decides to do one more Hurrah moment of Glory, and plans to go down in history books as “That” guy who fired the Second Shot heard Round’ the World?

            Do you mean that type of a situtation perhaps?

            • Them guys,

              It is rather for us to be here dedicated to the great task remaining before us—that from these honored dead we take increased devotion to that cause for which they gave the last full measure of devotion—that we here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain—that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom—and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the Earth.


              Semper Fi 8541

              • FINALLY ! Something from an Illinois president thats not bullshit!

        • ARCO:
          I think the fuse is already lit. It is a slow burner but that is the way it has alway been. It want be to much longer before it hits the keg.
          The Revelutionary was did not really start in 1776 it was more like 1770.
          The war between the state did not start in 1861 it was more like 1856.
          This time my felling is that this war that is coming (call it what ever you like)started in 1990 and it has had a couple of slow downs. I think the fuse got wet but it did not go out. It might get wet again if there is another stagged attack on the U.S..
          My date might be off a little, but only by a year or two.
          S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.REB

      6. ok so now they are going to fire on people that go outside of the areas and not do what they want on their own property and have a dog attack and you cant fight back, if you pick up the dog for tearing your arm and body slam the dog with your elbow into the ground into its rib cage killing it or breaking its ribs, you are charged for doing damage to police propery etc. If that ever happens to me, I don’t ever want to injure a dog. it’s not their fault. It’s the police’s fault in my opinion for putting that dog in danger. Its a no win with these assholes. Everyday this just fires up millions of people and glad we are hearing whats going on in this country. It’s never been this bad ever. back in the day they used to work for you but the government is nothing more than a mafia if you dont listen to them. Nothing more. No respect for what this has become.

        • Clint, I don’t care what kind of restrictions are on self-defense or whatever circumstances come up. I will act in self-defense because it is my God-given right to do so and everyone else has that right also. Let a police dog attack me and that dog will have to die. YOU JUST DON’T SUBMIT TO ANYONE WHO APPROACHES YOU WITH EVIL INTENTIONS TOWARD YOU. I DON’T CARE WHO IT IS OR WHAT KIND OF UNIFORM THEY’RE WEARING, IF AT ALL. YOU RESIST WITH ALL OF YOUR ABILITY AND GET OUT OF THAT SITUATION ALIVE IF AT ALL POSSIBLE. I carry certain self-defense items in my truck with me everywhere I go since the Clinton era. I’m probably on lists going that far back, but I don’t care. FOLLOWING whatever anyone’s law says about self-defense has a price tag of its own, called GIVING UP YOUR LIFE. How many of you are prepared to pay that kind of price to stay on the so-called “right side of the law”? Technically speaking, I’m supposedly on the wrong side of an unconstitutional law, maybe several of them, but I don’t give a shit. It’s one reason I’m still alive. When it comes to my personal safety, NOBODY tells what I can or cannot do concerning that. MOLON LABE SIC SEMPER TYRANNIS braveheart

        • Clint,though will cause the dog a bit of sorrow/kill the dogs handler,problem solved.

          • I agree, I have no problem killing a dog if it comes down to that, what I was trying to say is the handler should pay exactly. The animal doesnt know any better, the mother fucker handler does and he would be fair game.

            • Braveheart: Screw all of those phony Fed “List’s”! It matters not a whit how many list’s they have or plan to create as most all folks that truly Matter in any way, shape or form are likly already on several if not every such List.

              There is ONE far greater, Far more supperior “List” I am on. That is the names Listing registered in the Lords Book of LIFE!! As seen in His final book of Rev!

              And when everything is All said and done, and the time has arived for Everyone to face Their final Judgement…I Predict that all of those assholes who now make those fed List’s, for their Lousy paychecks and benifit’s packages, are definatly going to be Profusely sweating those Proverbial Bullet’s….Once they finally come to terms of how badly They screwed Up, by doing as they all calls it “Just obeying Orders”

              Wait untill They realize it was Satans orders they were so obedient to!! Then it’s Next stop…Lake of Fire! to Join with satans Other well known children eh!

              Because in This life or the Next life or sometimes even in Both, those who mess with God’s children are Going to Pay! Way greater sums than they can ever afford.

              And if the Good Lord decides to Use some of This generations American Patriots, to Send Satans children or their acomplices to that final meeting with Christ?

              Then so be it, for who are we to Blow against the wind.

              • Them Guys, as I said earlier, I don’t even care what lists I’m on. I’m going to stand up and fight these evil bastards, period! Your point is well taken by me. thanks.

            • The problem is, the second you defend yourself from a K-9 attack it’s considered a hostile act on your part and the police will open fire. (See the New Mexico incident where they shot the camper after they sent a dog it.)

              I’m willing to bet that even if you maced an attacking dog you’d be put down.

      7. First amendment area!! What happened to America?? Is this for real?? If this crap ever happened around any of our farmers, they’d have to call in air support because these so called agents would be outnumbered 5 to 1 faster than they can arrest anyone..

        It’s bad enough we’re getting regulated out of existence, but I’m so sick of the way the wording (meaning) of everything is changed to suit the moment.
        molon labe

        • WIprepped, the whole nation is a free speech zone as far as I’m concerned, I don’t care what anyone says.

        • That’s what happened in New Mexico–the farmers with rifles and shotguns lined the roads to the lady’s farm and the feds backed off.

            • This happened in Owyhee County, Idaho, several years ago. The sheriff threatened arrest any BLM shits that trespassed on private property to access BLM land. The BLM is gang of thugs. Some computer savvy patriot needs to get the addresses of these guys so that we can remember them on some future July 4th.

          • The last time that thugs tried this tyranny in Nevada some of ’em were found at the bottom of mineshafts. The white gangstas were so fearful that they would only travel in large groups like the one that attacked Bundy’s family. Don’t count out the Nevada cattlemen yet.

      8. Well, they’ve already roped off certain areas as no 2nd amendment zones, why not follow with a no free speech zone as well? Ridiculous. Sounds like Nevada needs some revolution.

        • What do you expect from “Reid-vada”

      9. 100 mile TSA confiscation zone around the inland borders of the United States.

        No peaceful protesting except in ‘designated’ areas.

        And now this. How much more PRROF do people need that you are already living in an occupied police state?

        Now I have an idea how the Native American Indians felt.
        Like total dirt. It’s going to boil over very, very soon.

        • Proof, spoof hoof. Darn spelling!

        • I agree that it will boil over soon, but the majority of the people in the US have no clue that this is going on!!!!

          • Gotta go. Dancing with American idols is on. Got to see who gets voted off.

            • I want the girl with no feet to win,,, she deserves it, girls got some gumption.

              • If she don’t win then I guess she can’t kick.

            • It was a joke people. Read Thinkers post below. That’s the problem, the LSM thinks the biggest news story of the day is who got voted off the next biggest loser.

              IF they actually covered news, you know, actual investigated journalism not just repeat of sound bites from some shills press conference, things might be a little different. What would the country be like if they spent as much time reporting on politicians private lives or better yet actual happenings in DC, as they do celebrities private lives.

              A lot of posts about how the sheeple have been conditioned. How do you think they got conditioned? I think the big difference between now and two hundred years ago is that they HAD COMMUNITY. Nowadays, if you don’t know who got voted off some stupid show, you’re a weirdo. The most socializing most people do is on fakebook.

              You want to start something? Take out the TV signals, then watch how fast they rise up.

          • I don’t think it will boil over. I was talking to my niece the other day about the founding of the country and various patriot movements. Turns out that she is totally brain washed with the Liberal agenda. Learned entirely from her school.

            When I help my own 8th grade daughter with her History homework i have to go back and teach the “alternate” version of history at the same time.

            Alternate = actual history, not the revisionist history.

            Most Americans have no idea what rights are or what founding fathers believed government should be. They do know everything about the next American Idol or Dancing with the Stars.

            What i am saying is that the generation of youth and 20s and 30s adults are clueless as to how our government is out of control. Only the old folk understand what is happening, and they are a dying breed.

            • JS; The youth and young people are clueless because no one tells them anything different. Yes, some old folk know but are they telling anyone? I am 38 years old and I found out on my own. Talk about a wake up, holy shit!

              If my father had told me when I was a kid, or even 15 years ago, I would definitely be in a better position than I am now. My kids will know the truth, but it has to start with the parents.


        • Tell TSA what to do with that shit.

        • We will have Jeb and Hillary to choose from in 2016. Unless Obama runs again then he will win in a landslide. It is later than we think and I see no way to turn this around.

        • Would love to agree with you, but the fact is, in all of these crimes against the people, no-one has done anything. I don’t think they can turn up the burner anymore… I hope I’m wrong.

      10. I think it’s time some neighborly folks went to the ranch and had a camp out. Maybe even ask to have a range day. It’s looking more like the sheep dogs need to become wolf hounds…..

        • +1

      11. How much longer before the Gestapo comes to your house and says you have been blogging in a website that is not on the “free speech” list?

        • …or befriend you on a website, only to try to bring something illegal into your home, when you thought you were meeting a fellow patriot, you actually meet a fed?

          FEDs pose as ANYBODY to try to infiltrate you…watch for it, especially if you’re alone and/or vulnerable.

          • @ sixpack.Im not a fed and I dont have anything illegal. Sorry for being “old Fashioned” and friendly. Everyone up here that knows me, can count on me to help them when needed. As they have just helped me with my goat’s difficult kid birth. And now I am going to a barn raising. It is a shame you live in such a paranoid state of distrust. I asked you if you were restricted by law to own a lousy .22 bolt action rifle (with ser.# traced back to me) and if not, I would provide a bill of sale. That would be totally legal. you made me feel like shit with the above post.

            • you need to email me. this wasn’t aimed at anyone in particular…

              • Im sorry I assumed to was directed at me. I need to get away for a while. All this bull shit is making me paranoid. No news, shtf or blogs.

      12. And where is Sheriff Douglas C. Gillespie? Who is suppose to protect the citizens of Clark County from illegal taking of citizens property.

        • John : According to one of the Bundy’s the sheriff could have stopped this whole mess but he “conveniently retired” This is basically a land grab and they are using the desert tortoise to do it. Just look at all the time and money that was spent on the federally’s taking of this land i’m sure it was more than the back grazing fee’s that i was told Clive has been paying to Clark County.
          My son lives in Clark County and was telling me tonight about all the news on Facebook but how most just don’t see the big deal?? Like he said what bunch of sheep people have become!!

          • I vote we hunt down all the tortoises and extinct them from the land in question. Problem solved. No need to save the land for them if they aren’t there anymore!

          • The BLM has been using the desert tortoise to shut down huge areas of the southwest to all off-road recreation since the 1970’s. They have severely impacted the desert racing motorcycle races, shutting down almost all point-to-point races, leaving just a few races with short loops. They have arrested riders and shut down areas that were bulldozed and and developed a short time later. The BLM agents are the original jack-booted, arrogant thugs.

      13. More absolute proof that we are in the opening stages of a war. How these “heroes” go along with this blows my mind! I’d resign before I’d participate in setting up a “first amendment zone”. Let alone brutalizing a family like this. How much worse is it going to get? Much, much worse and quickly in my opinion. Only a complete fool would think our future is still bright. If it’s not this scenario, just choose another.
        Standing ready in Daytona

        • I agree. Whether or not you think he has a right to graze his cattle on this land or not is not the main issue here. It is the fact that an out of control federal agency thinks they have the authority to trample our god-given, constitutionally protected rights without due process.

          The snipers who aimed their rifles at this family should be arrested and prosecuted for criminal threatening. The agents who ordered it should be arrested and prosecuted for conspiracy. Anyone involved in planning or executing the “First Amendment” zone should be charged with civil rights violation. All should lose their jobs and face civil suits as well.

          If criminals like this were held accountable, we wouldn’t have to worry about situations like Waco & Ruby Ridge ever happening again.

      14. The Story of a Teacup

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        yourself.’ And I did.

        I said, ‘That’s not me; that couldn’t be me. It’s
        beautiful. I’m beautiful.”

        Quietly he spoke: “I want you to remember, then,’ he
        said, ‘I know it hurt to be rolled and pounded and
        patted, but had I just left you alone, you’d have
        dried up.

        I know it made you dizzy to spin around on the wheel,
        but if I had stopped, you would have crumbled.

        I know it hurt and it was hot and disagreeable in the
        oven, but if I hadn’t put you there, you would have

        I know the fumes were bad when I brushed and painted
        you all over, but if I hadn’t done that, you never
        would have hardened. You would not have had any color
        in your life. If I hadn’t put you back in that second
        oven, you wouldn’t have survived for long be cause the
        hardness would not have held.
        Now you are a finished product. Now you are what I had
        in mind when I first began with you.”

        The moral of this story is this:

        God knows what He’s doing [for each of us ]. He is the
        potter, and we are His clay. He will mold us and make us, and expose
        us to just enough pressures of just the
        right kinds that we may be made into a flawless piece
        of work to fulfill His good, pleasing and perfect will.

        So when life seems hard, and you are being pounded and
        patted and pushed almost beyond endurance; when your
        world seems to be spinning out of control; when you
        feel like you are in a fiery furnace of trials; when
        life seems to “stink”, try this…. Brew a cup of your
        favourite tea in your prettiest tea cup, sit down and
        think on this story and then, have a
        little talk with the Potter.

        • Oh my God, Eppe, I have been so depressed lately. I tried to stay away from here today, but thought what the heck. And right in the middle of all this even more depressing news and responses you inserted this ray of sunshine peeking thru the clouds! Thank you and I love you!

          • D2D;
            Glad to have made you smile, even it was for just a while, in this screwed up world, we all need to take time and reflect on how good we have it in comparison to some parts of the world.

      15. Might private snipers be watching the federal snipers and considering their own actions?

        • It’s time for some feds to get targeted.

      16. all these LEOs and military oath takers keep saying that nobody will be violating The Constitution and God forbid fire on innocent civilians ….

        and yet we have more Feds ready to kill ….

        • Yeah we keep hearing the exact same spew every time some “minority” group or another, does a Chimp-Out against an innocent White person or two eh.

          It is always “But there are many Good ones! it is Just a “few” bad apples in That group or that other group or That group over There”.

          Okay already so same as we hear of so many “Good Cops” and Good fed agents etc…Okay so where Are all these so called “Good” ones of all these various “Groups” we keep hearing this about every time an “Incident” occures?

          I will tell you…”IF” I were a “Good” member of ANY Police org or group or force, I would spend Much time finding other Good cops to work With Me on confronting all of them so called “Few bad apples” amoung My particular police group, and in NO uncertain terms alerting those few bad ones that either they Cease all of this crap actions, and all of these totally Un-const actions imeadiatly if not Sooner! OR ELSE!

          Because one would think anybody remotly smart enough to obtain any cop job or fed cop job in any such agency.

          Would have to by now Know that if things continue as have been lately, with constant Daily examples of Blatent Police abuse of the absolute Worst types against totally Innocent, FREE USA Citizens….Then it won’t take too much more nor much longer for the day that, just Wearing ANY type police uniform of ALL such agencys or groups, is going to be seen by said victim and violated usa citizens En Mass, as the largest full sized BULLSEYE TARGET one can find.

          And if with so Many “Good” cop members we keep hearing of, if they refuse to Heed such sound advice as this suggestion is….Then they ALL may as well just get bright Hunter Orange Spray Paint and paint huge round bullseye targets on said uniforms front And back!

          Because it don’t take a degree in rocket fuel science to understand that, Thats precicely what all those Tens of Millions of usa innocent citizens and citizen Victims are going to see everytime they see any style or type of uniforms, even if cops forego painting a bullseye target in hunter Orange upon their collective uniforms.

          Yes that sure would be a very unfortunate occurence…However the ball is in Their court now as nobody else but said cop members have such ability to conduct such an “Operation wake Up” to said “Bad apple cops” eh.

          PS: For, those very Slow minded cops out there…This may make things a bit eaiser to comprehend what I am saying here..

          Either You aka the Good cops WEED out Bad apple cops real soon….OR…If you leave that job to usa avg citizens to do….I predict it will be less like a weeding the garden job, and far More like Ten Million Power Mowers operated by said citizens doing that weeding out process job…

          In other words…To Us the avg usa citizens…

          YOU the cops and fed cops ALL look the same when in uniforms….aka Weeds to Us will all look same as Grass and that power Mower knows no difference when the lawn needs a close haircut.

          • There is no such thing as a “good cop”.

            Ever since the Whiskey Rebellion in my neck of the woods, government has been organized crime, backed by deadly force for the non compliant. They twist the wording of the Constitution to make “colored law”. None of it applies to our natural rights.

            Law enforcement knows that without the threat of your life being taken, they would simply be laughed at when they tried to enforce unjust laws.

            Where is the victim in this so-called filming crime? Without a victim, there can be no crime. Officers that try to enforce victimless “crimes” are simply assholes on a power trip “doing what they’re told” and loving the rush of andrenaline they get when taking down or killing the common man.

            There are no “good cops” simply because they ALL enforce victimless crime laws because they are “told to” by the corporate state. If there was a streak of morality in their bones, they would not be able to do this job.

            Prosecutorial lawyers are not much better.

            • Victimless crime laws exist for a few reasons, none of them good. Without a victim being required for testimony, they are very easy for the State to prosecute. They are for revenue collection and control over the populace. No other reasons.

      17. Are there no Reporters to cover a story where snipers trained their weapons on people just filming the countryside without weapons? No Congressman to help. No Statesman to speak up, even if he did not pay the Grazing taxes.

        • Get it through your head. The coup has happened. This is all just putting the pieces in place.

      18. Why isnt there fellow ranchers there to help him? Didnt he donate to Harry Reid? Maybe he donated to Harry’s opponant last election. 600000 acres is a whole lot of land. Something missing in this story.

        • It has to be leased land, they can’t take his property, just cancel the grazing permits.

      19. Why the hell does the taxpayer be forced to subsidize ranchers with cash and grazing rights,keep the damn cattle on your own land.I do disagree with arrest on public road of ranchers son though,in this case fuck the rancher and the govt. that stole money from taxpayers to subsidize(welfare) the ranchers.

        • W.D.S.
          First off do you know one of the reasons we are having so many wildfires? One reason is that BLM in all their infinite wisdom have cut back on grazing permits. When these places are grazed they keep the undergrowth from getting so bad, if not then you have a very bad fire hazard. But heaven forbid there is a pile of cow crap so we can‘t have a cow on it. If it wasn’t for the grazing permits that a lot of ranchers depend on (large and small) you wouldn’t be able to afford even a pound of hamburger. Because contrary to what you think a lot of ranchers don’t own 1000’s and 1000’s acres of land a lot of them use leased land. When you are lucky enough to have a permit you are responsible for fences and fence maintenance, and if there is no water you have to supply water. You have a set date you can get on and a set date to get off if you are not off by the set date you can lose the permit or be fined. And as far as being subsidized I know of no one who gets government aid. If you lose a cow for what ever reason be it natural or man made you are just out of luck. Yes a few of the bigger outfits have insurance but the government is no help the only thing they are is a hindrance.

          • Ranchers Wife…..

            My nephew runs cattle on what we have been brainwashed to call BLM land. Your post is spot on.

            Every poster should look up a map of what land the federal government claims. They have closed off a huge amount of America’s land to its citizens.

            Makes you wonder if rhe PTB is saving it for their use when they finally have their one world order.

            • You know they are saving it for themselves, and according to Agenda 21, they plan to take even more for themselves.

            • Well,saving it for themselves will not workout,but,let em have the illusion that it will.

            • Right on POG, I made the exact same points in a couple posts myself. It is Public Land, not govt land!

          • I do not depend on the ranchers for my subsidized with taxpayer money beef,those that do let em pay the full cost,not the taxpayer,not saying all take the subsidies but a huge amount of folks do.I suppose the wild horses and asses can eat the grasses.As for the free speech/arrest/and all the other nonsense,I see the fed as more of a hindrance,I see them as a e3nemy of the people.I hate also how they are raiding farms on privately owned properties for the supposed crimes of raw milk ect.RW,do not get me wrong,am no supporter of the fed,just also not a supporter of the taxpayer subsidizing business,hell,seel the ranchs parts of the land with caveats they are for ranching and pay off some of the debt,let the ranchers decide how the land use works best.I realize folks can live without this tortise(being used as a excuse for tyranny),I can live without beef or leather from cows(the leather part would hurt though!).

          • Rancher’s Wife: You don’t pay property taxes because you don’t own the land, instead you pay a fee to use the land. The result nearly the same except you can usually deduct that as a business expense on your taxes. As to the maintenance issues, fences and such, you’d have to do that if you owned the land, so what’s the difference. If you lose cattle you may, or may not, be able to deduct some of the loss depending on the way it/they were lost based on your accounting method. If its the cash method you’ve already received deduction for the raising of it/them. Cattle ranching, like nearly every other enterprise is fraught with risks, and losses are part of it. But then so are the rewards when times are good and I don’t hear ranchers complaining then, only the consumers. Besides, why are you complaining, you Americans are enamored with your ability to choose your own paths, this is just one of them. If you don’t like the outcome, or even the risks, then change your life’s path. No one forced you into cattle ranching Madam.

            • Professor Higgins:

              Apparently you are not an American from your “you Amwricans” statement.

              You are a left leaning libtard that has no concept how hard it is to maintain a ranchers way of life, given all the odds stacked against them. The one thing I have found is most of them stack up on the side of being freedom loving Americans who understand our feral government is bent on destroying people who have an anti-government mindset.

              Apparently you have never been a part of a family, who for generations have tried, through good and bad, to maintain their family and their lifestyle. Many of those landholder ranchers live on land their forefathers homesteaded that was worth nothing. Along comes inheritance taxes and land value appraisals and when grandpa or dad dies the family that is left have to sell their land because they are land rich and cash poor.

              You tell the ranchers wife to find another occupation if she is not content with what is happening. Ever try to find a reasonable paying job today, professor. Those ranchers are smarter than you will ever be as far as their ranching education goes professor; but most are not prepared to find ANOTHER JOB.

              Professor, your EDUKATION shows, your common sense is lacking. Why you come to shtf is a mystery to me……

              • Sorry, typo…Americans not Amwricans

                • Pissed Off Granny: People find themselves, for one reason or another, unable to continue in the life they began with, so they move onto something else. You sound as though you want some sort of -God Forbid- government guarantee that they will be able maintain their lifestyle, no matter what. Why, that sounds almost like a form of socialism, you know, the system you and others here so despise! You can’t have it both ways Granny; you either except all the consequences that life tosses your way, or you accept some sort of government backing. Sounds as though you’re leaning a little to the left yourself. Whether you realize it or not, America has been slowly sliding into a form of democratic socialism for 100 years and it seems there’s very little pushback, except perhaps from one of your fringe parties, the Libertarians. Even your Republicans have accepted social security, medicare, and all the other social programs. Even your “great” Ronald Regan was going to dismantle the newly formed Departments of Education and Energy. I remember his campaign speeches from 1980. Those two departments are bigger than ever! The fact is, 99.9% of you are enamored with the myths of your founders and the early frontiersmen, but the reality is that it’s only a fond wish and nothing more with all of you, otherwise, those crazies at the Libertarian Party would be winning elections.

                • Next thing and Prof. Higgins will be running down Eliza Doolitle for choosing her life of poverty.

                  Just you wait, Henry Higgins, JUST YOU WAIT!

              • Howdy, Granny. Higgins is a British troll that comes around on rare occasions. I’ll tell him the same thing I tell any other troll and I don’t care where they’re from.

                • I actually think the good Prof is actually a 27 year old still living in mommy’s basement in New Jersey.

            • He who can, does. He who cannot, teaches. George Bernard Shaw.
              You must be some special kind of do nothing, Professor.

            • You bloody limey, like I’ve said before, go f#$% yourself!

            • P.H.
              You obviously have missed the whole point of what I was trying to convey. # 1. when these lands are not grazed they become a very big fire hazard. # 2 that most ranchers are not subsidized even when we lose cattle, and it is not a free ride if you graze BLM land And # 3 the BLM has completely overstepped their bounds. Most of these lands have been grazed for hundreds of years long before BLM came along. And for the record most small ranches do not get reimbursed for their cattle losses. What in the world does this mean” If its the cash method you’ve already received deduction for the raising of it/them”
              Yes ranching is not with out risk in good and bad times, and we love this life even with all the hard work wouldn’t trade it for anything. And for the record we only have a small permit down in the canyon next to my In laws land that they have had for years we get 3 months it does help in the summer with grazing so we can get hay put up to use in the winter.

        • No subsidies, they have a grazing lease. The ranchers pay for that per head per month. It’s expensive.

          • Smokey,look up subsidies passed for cattle ranchers(along with milk producers/wheat growers/banks/financial institutions/auto companies ect.)welfare,for all of em,crony capitalism at it’s worst,not saying all ranchers take it but you cannot legitimately deny the subsidies do not exist

            • WDS,
              You are right the Dairy farmers do get subsidies that is why our milk is so cheap. Without the subsidies it would be twice as high. America has had cheap food for a very long time, the Farmer really makes no money off their crops that is one of the reasons so many people are getting out of farming and the young kids are not continuing on. Maybe if people had to pay the real price of what it cost to produce their food we wouldn’t have an obesity problem. Although with all the droughts and other problems people may wake up and realize that wally world doesn’t make the food magically appear on the shelves.

              • RF,a few years back there was a issue that the reintroduced wolves were killing cattle,ranchers(some anyhow)wanted to kill them.I wrote some cattle organization out there why not add a penny a pound predator tax and a dollar a leather coat,use monies to find ways to co-exist and just relocate to the very wild ones who see a easy(can you blame em) meal,all I got back was a letter saying I didn’t understand,I do under stand all agriculture gets subsidies and true cost not passed directly to consumers to let em decide whether worth cost or not,I realize 90% of these subsidies go to agi/cattle/poultry giants,not the little folk trying to make a living on the land and with the land as program was designed during depression to get folks back on the farm and working to help feed the country.In the end this is not about a turtle but just more govt. control over the food supplies and tilting favor towards the big business and their bought out politicians,as for the freedom of speech zone,well,in the spirit of free speech,”Fuck That Noise!”

                • Why are so many Ranchers and Farmers millionaires?

                  • Guerro,
                    There’s not any millionaire Farmer/Ranchers in my part of the country that I know of. The Farmers/Ranchers that are millionaires more then likely have had it in the family for generations and have worked their butts off to get there.

                  • Maybe millionaires on paper because of large land holdings, but that’s it.

              • This inspired me to read more about ranching and this was a great article, ht tp://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/1996/01/the-rancher-subsidy/306414/ ,delete space between the http,do it to avoid moderation wait times,talks about how some folks have found ways to keep the graze lands solid and how the subsidy thing killing smaller ranchers/farmers.

                • W.D.
                  Thanks for the link I am going to go check it out.

      20. Kill every desert tortoise you can find and hoist them up on polls along the road. Tyrannical actions harming men to save turtles will have consequences.

        • The Center for Biological Diversity is behind these lawsuits protecting “the environment,habitat, endangered species,etc.”

          Robert Mrowka is their Nevada spokesman. Go to their website to see how many lawsuits they have instituted in state after state. They are part of the opposition to any oil pipeline construction in America siteing concern for some endangered bug, suckerfish, etc.

          Their whole strategy in my opinion is to help make the American business man the endangered species.

          In this ranchers case the contract he had with the BLM to graze his cattle was arbitrarily changed by the BLM to protect the desert tortoise.

          I hope when the BLM and government bastards regulate the cattle ranchers out of business that they learn to like the taste of desert tortoise for their evening meal.

          These types of lawsuits will be coming to an area near you; land you hunt on or play on will be off limits to you. I remember when Frank Church, Senator from Idaho helped close thousands of acres of forest land helping to bankrupt hundreds of families involved in the timber industry.

          I know some of these cattle ranchers, they are as fed up with our governments abuse as all the rest of us. The feds are stirring up a hornets nest……those old guys are not Walmart zombies!

          • I have a solution–let those bastards BLMs and their employers making the rules ‘FOR’ the turtles eat turtles when the beef is non-existent.
            Fair is fair.

          • You beat me to it Granny….

            The Center for Biological Diversity is behind a great deal (if not most) of the nonsense that has been going on over the last 20 years in the western states regarding grazing rights and other uses of public lands.

            I won’t go into detail here…I just don’t have the time to lay it all out for you.

            But to sum up this organization, they use legalized extortion via the Endangered Species Act to accomplish their goals.

            What are their goals? To sum it up…..Agenda 21

            Here’s a link showing their staff. Take a few minutes and read their resumes……leftists one and all.


            I’ve been following this band of communists activities for the last 15 years or so when I first encountered their mischief in southern California.

            You will have to search hard to find a more despicable bunch of human excrement.

            On a side note….FOX News ran a special this past weekend called “Enemy of the State”,outlining how Federal alphabet agencies are going about depriving your fellow Americans of their rights.

            Go to Youtube and use the above info in a search and you can see for yourself. Ironically, one of the stories they relate involve another ranching family in Nevada. That particular family actually sued the government in Federal Court and won…but the government has refused to obey the decision of the court.

            Our government has become lawless…and as such, is illegitimate.

            Finally….some quotes to ponder….

            “When a legislature undertakes to proscribe the exercise of a citizen’s constitutional rights, it acts lawlessly, and the citizen can take matters into his own hands and proceed on the basis that such a law is no law at all.”

            Justice William O. Douglas

            “It is critical that lawmakers submit to the laws they enact, in order to create between [legislators and people] that communion of interests and sympathy of sentiments…..without which, every government degenerates into tyranny.”

            James Madison

            “A very few, as heroes, patriots, martyrs, reformers in the great sense, and men, serve the state with their consciences also, and so necessarily resist it for the most part; and they are commonly treated by it as enemies.”

            Henry David Thoreau

            “I think that we should be men first and subjects afterward. It is not desirable to cultivate a respect for the law, so much as for the right.”

            Henry David Thoreau

            “There are four characteristics which brand a country unmistakably as a dictatorship: One party rule– Executions without trial or with a mock trial. For political offenses, the nationalization or expropriation of private property– and censorship. A country guilty of these outrages forfeits any moral prerogatives, any claim to national rights or sovereignty, and becomes an outlaw.”

            Ayn Rand

            “Crime is contagious…..if the government becomes a lawbreaker, it breeds contempt for the law.”

            Louis Brandeis

            “If we are ready to violate the Constitution, will the people submit to our unauthorized acts? Sir, they ought not to submit; they would deserve the chains that our measures are forging for them, if they did not resist.”
            — Edward Livingston

            “Find out just what the people will submit to, and you will have found the exact amount of injustice and wrong which will be imposed upon them; and these will continue until they are resisted, with either words or blows, or both. The limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they oppress.”

            Frederick Douglas

            “My reading of history convinces me that most bad government results from too much government.”

            Thomas Jefferson

            “There’s no way to rule innocent men. The only power any government has is the power to crack down on criminals. Well, when there aren’t enough criminals one makes them. One declares so many things to be a crime that it becomes impossible for men to live without breaking laws” From Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand

            “It is the duty of the Patriot to protect his country from his government.”

            – Thomas Paine

            “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”

            –John F. Kennedy

            “If the representatives of the people betray their constituents, there is then no resource left but in the exertion of that original right of self-defense which is paramount to all positive forms of government, and which against the usurpations of the national rulers, may be exerted with infinitely better prospect of success than against those of the rulers of an individual state. In a single state, if the persons entrusted with supreme power become usurpers, the different parcels, subdivisions, or districts of which it consists, having no distinct government in each, can take no regular measures for defense. The citizens must rush tumultuously to arms, without concert, without system, without resource; except in their courage and despair.” –Alexander Hamilton—

            “When tyranny becomes law, resistance becomes duty.”

            Thomas Jefferson

            There comes a time when a moral man can’t obey a law which his conscience tells him is unjust.

            –Martin Luther King, Jr.–

            “There are more instances of the abridgment of the freedom of the people by the gradual and silent encroachment of those in power, than by violent and sudden usurpation.” –James Madison—

            “The king is as much bound by his oath not to infringe the legal rights of the people, as the people are bound to yield subjection to him. From whence it follows, that as soon as the prince sets himself above the law; he loses the king in the tyrant, he does to all intents and purposes unking himself, by acting out of, and beyond, that sphere in which the constitution allows him to move in. And in such cases, he has no more right to be obeyed, than any inferior officer who acts beyond his commission. The subject’s obligation to allegiance then ceases of course; and to resist him, is no more rebellion, than to resist any foreign invader.” –Protestant Minister Jonathan Mayhew 1750—

            “We are fast approaching the stage of the ultimate inversion: the stage where the government is free to do anything it pleases, while the citizens may act only by permission; which is the stage of the darkest periods of human history, the stage of rule by brute force.”
            -Ayn Rand

            “Whenever the legislators endeavor to take away and destroy the property of the people, or to reduce them to slavery under arbitrary power, they put themselves into a state of war with the people, who are thereupon absolved from any further obedience and are left to the common refuge, which God hath provided for all men, against force and violence.” ~ John Locke, 2nd Treatise on Government.

            “It is terrible to contemplate how few politicians are hanged.” G.K. Chesterton

            • +500 walt; that’s going on the fridge!

            • Walt:

              And according to an interview in the Huffington Post in 2012 with Kieran Suckling, the original founder of the center, he had “5 ways for Obama to salvage his environmental legacy” which included the following quotes:

              “Safeguard our public lands, wild places and the Arctic. There are nearly 650 MILLION acres of fed land in the US. Places like national parks, wildlife refuges and national forests.

              In the face of urban sprawl, habitat loss, population growth and the consumption driven economy, these publicly(?) owned lands are critical refuges for wild animals and plants and life sustaining resources for clean water and biodiversity. They are also a target for profit-driven companies that want to mine, GRAZE, log, bulldoze and drill them into oblivion.

              Those lands are owned in public trust (?) for future grnerations of Americans. We owe them, and to the countless species on these lands, protection and to safeguard our unique places.


              My comment:

              This “center” has up to 250 employees and claim over 320,000 members and online acivists. When you read Sucklings comments you understand why all good jobs are disappearing in America. Apparently this organization is not concerned about China’s environment, but are zeroed in on America. The PTB would never allow this organization, nor any other, to interfere with the rape of the resources and the slavery of people they are abusing in the third world countries. It is still my contention that the NWO is locking up America for their use when their dastardly plan finally comes to fruition and organizations like the above are guilty culprits helping their agenda along.

              God gave us America, along with all the land and its minerals, etc., so Americans could carve out a reasonable living. He did not give our feral government and lackeys like Sucklings (good name, huh?) the right to choke the economy of our country to death.

              Do we need supervision of our natural resources? Yes…but not by organizations like this. Like Walt said, he has followed this “communist organization and its Agenda 21” and I think the end result for Americans is the new world order.

              Wish I had time to follow each employee of this organization around. I am sure I would find them involved with other organizations bent on the takeover of America.

              You can see what a HURCULEAN effort it is going to take to get America back to what most posters here would like to see. We have been infiltrated by people bent on her destruction…..and most people refuse to even take notice of the truth.

              May God save us from what I see on the horizon…

              Thanks Walt for your posts. I look forward to them.

              • The Sierra Club and Greenpeace are nearly as bad, do some research and you will see they are watermelons – green on the outside, red (communist) inside. They have been trying to lock people out of recreating on public lands for decades.

          • We shouldn’t blame the turtles, they didn’t do anything wrong. It is the FEDs who are just USING turtles as today’s excuse…no turtles, no problem, they’ll just find another excuse.

            • Sixpack,

              You are right, in our area it is the sage grouse that they are trying to close bunch of land over. The funny thing about it is some of the land they are trying to close has never even had a sage grouse on it. BLM held hearings ( which they brought their own armed guards, guess they were scared of us lowly country folk.) but basically said it didn’t matter what the community had to say they were going to do what they wanted any way. We have a lot of BLM land here and I can tell you they think they are one step above God. Have no use for them.

              • Boo Hoo Your name ranchers wife says it all. the BLM land is not yours. It belongs to all of the US citizens. Maybe If your cattle are removed the habitat will rebound and Land that you claim never even had Sage Grouse will become habitable for them. Why not graze your own livestock on your own land. That’s what I do and if I can so can everyone else.

                • Old Guy:

                  Just curious. How many cows do you have? Two, three, or a herd. If a herd, how many and how many acres do you OWN? If you are not a true rancher, you have not walked in their shoes.

                  I hope you are enjoying all this government control. It wont be long until you will not be immune from it either.

                  • Since I decided to quit producing Im now down to 5 head. At my peak of production I owned 65 cows and two bulls. I owned bought and paid for 365 acres and rented another 200. And never took a dime in government money. I grew tired of giving 25% of my gross to the govt in taxes. So I simply quit. Deeded my land to the children and now draw $1058 per month from the social security Ponzi Scheme. I resent food stamps welfare farm subsidy payments ect. Bundy using the public domain to graze for free is just as wrong.

                • OLD GUY
                  You are correct BLM land is not just mine it belongs to everybody. The BLM is trying to make it where nobody can use the land. Our cattle are not on the land that is having the sage grouse issue. the BLM is trying to close public lands (the same lands that you just said belong to all the people) and are trying to tell private owners what they can and can not do with their own land. Some of these lands have NEVER had sage grouse on them. And as I have said above if these lands are not grazed they are an extreme fire hazard and with the drought things can get out of control very fast.
                  And from your attitude I am wondering if you are one of those want to be ranchers that really have no idea how things work.

                  • So Do you think Bundy should be able to graze the BLM Land for free? and if you do please explain Why? I think the grazing permits should be sold at public auction and sold to the highest bidder. Would you have a problem with that? In order to pay for my land I drove semi truck for many decades. I travled across much of the open range. The Fire hazard is still there with the grazing. The cattle don’t eat the scrub brush and sage grass. The way to control wild fires is through prescribed burning. Prescribed burning done at the proper time(when ground nesting birds & animals are not raising young and when the soil moisture content is high) removes undesirable litter dead wood and allows regeneration of new plants.

                • Interesting how many seem to forget “Ranchers” regularly drove their cattle through the crops of farmers seeking to make a life for themselves on their “Owned” land, because the roads around were too far. When confronted for such actions, they responded with armed posse groups to kill and intimidate said farmers for daring to stand in the way of their profits. The reason they were called cattle barons is they stole land and used other people’s land without permission to make profits. If that isn’t pissing on the Constitution, for the benefit of a corporate interest, then what is? I think the time for free rides to ranchers has passed as it has for all commercial interests. Giving land leases for grazing their cattle is no different than granting free land to railroads to lay track, or giving away mineral rights to industry for gold, silver, oil, copper etc. To bribe them to stay in the U.S. (ENRON ring a bell anyone?) I don’t get to build luxury cabins and rent them out on BLM protected lands, why should ranchers get to use such land for commercial gain for themselves? Like anybody wants to go see natural land tainted by underbrush- eating cattle, while stepping in cow shit?! Keep your commercial, money making ventures on your own privately held land!

                  Let’s not just pick on the U.S. ranchers’ assn., Let’s make a list of special interest groups whom the rules don’t apply:
                  1. Railroads
                  2. Oil / natural gas
                  3. Electrical power producers
                  4. Media corporatations
                  5. Automotive corporations
                  6. Banks
                  7. Construction corporations
                  9. Educational corporations
                  10. Religous entities (structured as corps. handed sweetheart tax exemption like big oil corp.)
                  11. Pharmaceutical corporations
                  12. Govt. Contractors
                  13. Health care corporations (Including insurance)
                  14. Coal mining and shale corporations
                  15. The Government

                  This is just a short list I pulled out of my hat, the list goes on and on…

                  Missing from the list is the most important and under-represented group. It is also the group to which the most people belong. Where is the We The People special interest? There is none, apart from one’s self. Great on paper, impossible to impliment when fighting any corporate interest…Hence the “Lack of freedom” dilema we find ourselves in…

        • Or everybody on this site start mailing mutilated plush tortoise toys to the governor or senators. Bombard their offices with them. Let them know we’re watching.

        • Screw that,the tortoises are innocent and you know it is not the reason blm and rest of alphabet soup agencies involved here,why not hang members of the alphabet soup instead?!

          • I’ve always believed in cutting out the middlemen and going straight to the source.

      21. Subject: Walter…

        Obama goes to a primary school to talk to the kids. After his talk he offers question time.

        One little boy puts up his hand, and Obama asks him his name.

        “Walter,” responds the little boy.

        “And what is your question, Walter?”

        “I have four questions:

        First, why did the USA bomb Libya without the support of the Congress?

        Second, why do you keep saying you fixed the economy when it’s actually gotten worse?

        Third, why did you say that Jeremiah Wright was your mentor, then said that you knew nothing about his preaching and beliefs?

        Fourth, why are we lending money to Brazil to drill for oil, but America is not allowed to drill for oil?”

        Just then, the bell rings for recess. Obama informs the kiddies that they will continue after recess.

        When they resume, Obama says, “OK, where were we? Oh, that’s right: question time. Who has a question?”

        Another little boy puts up his hand. Obama points him out and asks him
        his name.

        “Steve,” he responds.

        “And what is your question, Steve?”

        Actually, I have two questions:

        First, why did the recess bell ring 20 minutes early?

        Second, what the hell happened to Walter?”

      22. I don’t comment often, but read this blog about every day. This crap really pisses me off. I’m not ready to quit my job’s just yet, not till it starts, and then maybe I can fight but stay sort of in the system.
        I’ve thought a few times about Waco and that if about a thousand or so men with resolve and rifles showed up and confronted the feds with a “get the fuck out of here OR ELSE” and when the feds start screaming there control crap, they GET SHOT!
        I guess that would pretty much be IT.
        I wonder how many of us are getting pissed enough to start thinking about doing this, and NO I ain’t no agent provacure. Hell I can’t spell real good and it takes me forever to type this, but I can shoot.
        Just a pissed off rant but it keeps spinning in my head.
        Have a nice day. Stu OUT.

      23. BI: I cannot believe that Israel is too happy about Obama’s people giving the Syrian rebels Tow anti-tank missiles. They know all too well that they will be used against their tanks. On the river bank, thinking out loud.

        • The entire world should be so Lucky to have a bunch of Khazar fake jews whacked eh.

          Especially all them innocent Palestinians living under Rabid stolen state of israel’s Jewish only Aparthide regiem state eh.

          FOR: More Truth Info Read REV. 2:9…3:9 and also John 8:44 for starters.

          • Seek help

      24. Just remember, these federal goons will do anything for their paycheck and pension. Your rights mean nothing to them.

      25. Mac, Thanks for Bringing this to the table, I read this earlyer along with another Article about LEO taking down a 5th grader at gun point for building a tree house. I dont care who’s right or wrong here. These Alphabet soup agencies (brown shirts) are out of control, when they start Leveling Rifles(Sniper) on we the people over some grass, I personaly think the line has been crossed. This Militarization of the Police,ect. Is never gona go away, its here to stay under the dems or Rep, they have spent to much time and money on this contol plan..my question is how long are we gona let it go on. This is Exactly why they need to disarm us..Do not Give up your Guns..

        • From my cold dead hands!

      26. Where is Mario Savio on the Student Union steps of UC Berkeley in the early 1960s and his free speech demands? Oh wait! He was a leftist, so that was ok. Just like Bombs Away Billy Ayers violence. Non leftists are just supposed shut up and let the fascist left take over.

        Hint to the leftist fascists: We’re here, we’re NOT queer, and we’re never, ever, EVER going away. Get used to it.

      27. Even the most vile of the East German Stasi police are saying to themselves “this is wrong!” Who, exactly, do they get to DO this dirty work? Common Core (Common OrwellianCore) lemmings who have zero critical faculties left?

      28. Three kinds of Cops:
        1. Good Cops (GC). They are true peace officers and not a law-enforcement tool. GC’s are a treasure and should be actively supported. They support the 2nd Amendment and are out there trying to keep the peace. Sgt. Dale and other peace officer on this site are the best. Thank you for your service to the people.

        2. Rogue Cops (RC). These are beyond reason. A very high percentage of Federal Officers are RC’s. They are backed by tremendous resources, with a vast propaganda organization, and a hierarchy willing to usurp Liberty, they are getting away with everything they do, lawful or not.

        3. Intimidating Cops (IC). Most State and local cops are (IC). He lets the power go to his head and thinks he can do no wrong, HE IS ALWAYS RIGHT. He is nothing more than a BLUFFER, he is nervous because he knows little about the law only what he has been briefed on. What is his main fear; that he will be found out to be small, inferior and inconsequential. I think this what makes him very dangerous.

        So you see we are very fortunate to have GC like those here and the few that are out there, again to them THANK YOU and be very CAREFUL. BTP

        NOMI should we give!

      29. This farmer has just been put out of Business, not from drought, or crop failure, it is at the hand of the Gov along with many Many other farmers with their endless Regulations. And their bullst** save a Smelt or Turtle. You dont have to be a Scholar to see this is Deliberate, as another step to turn America into a 3rd world county. Everybody better start working on how to rise their own food..

        • PA farmer–like I posted above; let those damn idiots from BLM and the idiots from Agenda 21 eat turtle when the beef are non-existent.

        • The feds are taking my livelihood away,
          Food safety modernization act
          The FDA recently set the exemption that was supposed to be 250,000 at 28,000
          So now if i want to stay in business i can either grow barely enough to cover expenses and nothing left to eat
          Or i can jump through their hoops, mind you there is no certifying body in Hawaii so we need to bring in a rep and pay all their expenses, i can pay them to audit me yearly as well as try and conform to idiotic rules.
          Horse shit,
          Atlas is shrugging, let them eat MREs

      30. A date needs to be published for law enforcement and military to know they must pick sides. If the choose to support the illegal actions of most politicians today then they, and their families, become free range targets. If the support the Constitution they will be welcomed by the people.

      31. 600,000 cattle?? Did the dumbasses read about the cattle freezing in the northern states??
        Or the cattle dying from the droughts and lack of hay and feed?
        I guess their families get their beef at a different store; some of that pinkish synthetic crap.

        • 600,000 acres, most likely a couple hundred head of cows

          • Over the weekend, armed federal agents from the Bureau of Land Management stormed Bundy’s land, stealing over 500 of the rancher’s cattle.

            • “Seizure of the Bundy cattle began on Saturday, April 5. By the end of the first day, contract cowboys had removed 76 head of cattle from the area south of the Virgin Peak range, according to a BLM statement. Another 58 were removed on Sunday.”

              From a link in this article

              • Ok kula let try figure out what their Incentive is here, is it the land or the Turtle their really worried about. Could it be the cows, let’s do some math here. Ok we’ll call it a $1.00 per pound just to make the math easy, and we’ll say 1000lbs a cow some might weigh more some less, ok $1.00×1000=1000×500=$500,000. Na its about the Turtle.

                • Perhaps the gov is wanting to turn over grazing rights to the Chinese. Our dumbass politicans have squandered our nations wealth.

        • 600,000 ACRES, not cattle!!!! Read the article for once.

      32. I didn’t read this article; already read it on another site.
        But thanks for the correction–my bad.

        Nice to have such attentive readers here correcting us idiots.

      33. Of the re-classified 600,000 acres, how many other farmers and businesses were affected??

        • I dont think the whole 600,000 he leases was reclassified, just a portion, but how do you justify fencing off someone els’ land of scrub brush that will barely hold a few hundred head of cows even under ideal circumstances.

      34. From Network:
        I don’t have to tell you that things are bad…………
        I’m a human being god da….. My life has value.So I want all of you to get out of your chairs. I want you to get up right now and stick your head out and yell “I’m as mad as hell, and I,m not going to take this anymore!”

        • An awesome movie! Peter Finch lives forever in a small corner of my mind!
          Standing ready in Daytona

      35. the funny part of this…the players are getting used..
        in the end they will be removed also.

        • Looking forward to seeing them removed.

      36. Why don’t the people just tear down that stupid fence?
        That fence has been illegally put up.
        We have rights, no matter where we stand!

      37. Three items in this article.

        Reclassification of this man’s land so he has to pay taxes. Has he the right to claim Federal Land as his? Even if it has been in his family for years.

        First Amendment rights to take pictures and not be under threat of being shot by the Feds.

        The attachment of the animal lovers placing animal rights over human rights. We have the endangered Gopher tortoise. Yes you can have problems with you land here if he decides to take up residence on your property.

        My take on all this, is there is too much shit going on in the world. Our country is gone to hell and I truly can not express in words how I feel about it.
        Then there is too much shit to worry about. The only solution is, FIREPOWER! Good Cop, Bad Cop, I DON”T CARE.

      38. Some of the local”hog and prarie dog hunters” need to set up 300 yds in back of the Fed goon snipers. No law against hunting prairie dogs and if they get scared f888 em. Let them know their tactics are gonna be used against them. Post the names of the feds and any local agents and their home addresses in the local paper. Tell them its “for the children”. Two can play this game and better now than to pass the tyranny down to our kids to have to fix!

        • It’s not really sporting if it’s less than 1000 yards.

      39. clint says:

        your right and Im guilty as well. I’m not afraid but we can’t do it one by one.

        Until we start to restore the Marches in DC as it was done in 2008 and 2010 and multiply those numbers all we are doing is talking to the quire on the forums.

        We need these rallies to DC and the State Capitals so we can talk to America.

        • Im waiting to see what happens with the OAS march in May,
          100 heads is all i got to say about that, no harm shall befall our brothers and sisters least it be visited upon the minions of the perpetrators 100 fold

          • Roger that, K-Farmer

        • I dont like to be a Debbie downer, I think these marches are a waste,there dangerous for us, DC is a cluster fuc, and the Elite could care less. We need to form groups, Organize, get names addresses and show them for every Action there will be Counter action ten fold. And dont let off the gas till we get this coutry back from these, should be in jail, Socialist, Communist, pos.

          • I agree, marching and holding signs doesnt do anything.
            Large groups of people organizing and witholding taxes would get their attention, especially if you are real visible about it, not marching around holding signs visible but websites, informational rallies etc.. Combine that with a local militia movement,
            Everybody talks about infiltrators from the feds etc, best thing is not to show fear by lurking around in secret but just outright dont give a crap show our colors for all to see.
            We are still a free people but if we dont stand up soon we wont be.

            • +1…Exactly get em were it hurts start costing them money big time. The one thing these pos live for. Now is the best time there broke( or we are) if they think they will get it though carbon tax, go after anybody voting for it ect.. Time has pass too start tightening the Screws on them..

            • When conservatives and libertarians have 1 millions in a demonstration, the old-time legacy media reports it as a few thousand. When the leftists have a few thousand march, they report is as nearly a million. Gotta love Pravda in the US.

      40. I guess there is no illusion or speculation where the government stands and what they are willing to do.

      41. You would be surprised how many support the BLM in this matter. Just go to some MSM sites and read the posts.

      42. I got something for the snipers. A 250 grain Weatherby Accubond, in a 340 Weatherby Magnum load.

      43. You know I just do not post very often and being that I am a God fearing Christian does not make me a door mat or someone that will listen to a FEMA programed minister. When I watch these things going on in the country I originate from it makes my blood boil. It burns my ass. And I know there are groups of people out there in the truth movement saying don’t let them bait you into a fight it is what they want. Well the Feds are damn sure bringing the fight to the people. So we hold fast and not fight? What are the options? You are damn right they want to fight so we do the alternative and make a little noise and feel bad for our brothers in the fight. So when do we send a message and another shot heard around the world? They do not play by any rule book I am aware of why should we? I am sick of just waiting because I know damn well this mess will spill over into this country as well. I am tired of the federal thugs in both countries bullying people around. Believe me I have reached a point that if something similar happens in my area I will drop everything including my job which makes me a slave to the system and go join the fight. Strength in numbers make a stand, make a difference, stop talking lets give them their fight. Without sounding corney and I mean this as in the words of Rambo Live for nothing or Die for something. Time to wake up or shut up. Ive had it

        God Bless ya’ll keep your heads on a swivel and your powder dry


        • +1
          Mike, theres lots of us who have had it, seems like not a week goes by without some form of incursion into our lives,,

      44. This is so stupid. If the gobblement wants the land, just pay the dude. Gobblement spends trillions on crap; what’s a $300M payout for land they probably don’t really own in the first place?





      46. America, land of the free. The Constitution is EVERYWHERE, when these f’en a holes start to mince it around like this, the rights of the people are dying too rapidly for words.

        By the way two more oarfish have been observed alive in Baja California. As most people know these fish come out of the depths before very large earthquakes. They sense the future movement and try to get away from it. Most animals try to move away from future danger, these fish are no different.

        On top of the other two dead oarfish in California last year, this seems to suggest that a huge earthquake is going to occur along the San Andreas since the sightings have occurred from the split in the crust from Baja to California. Some geologists have thought for a long time that the San Andreas actually goes much further down into Baja, Mexico. I will link the site below for people to read after Mac approves it through moderation.

        @ kimintn. The 3.1 on the New Madrid is actually common and did not have a recent precursor quake on the area of the Mid Atlantic Ridge between 14 and 20 degrees north. It has been a few months since this area was active. Sometimes the New Madrid waits this long after this area has earthquakes, but not very often.

        • @BI…is there a timetable or an amount of time between the oarfish sightings and when a quake could occur?

          @everybody else…today the Dept. of Homeland Security with various other alphabet agencies are doing a security drill here at the PNC ballpark in Pittsburgh. They “say” it is because PNC park would like to have a world series here in the future and want to practice security measures for, you know, “suspicious packages”. They are block off most of our North Side area, and effectively, will cause grid-lock for travelers going to and from, well, basically anywhere you need to go in Pittsburgh. For anyone not familiar with my city…look at a map, and I don’t mean that sarcastically. It is very difficult to get to any points north, south or southwest without travelling through this area they are shutting down for their drill. I’m not saying impossible, just difficult because you can’t not get anywhere here without crossing a bridge or under a tunnel. My opinion? Pittsburgh would be the worst place for a world series. We are surrounded by three rivers and although the ball park is on the North Side, all roads are connected and there is too much congestion. There aren’t even enough hotels too keep all those people. I once read the Pittsburgh would be the perfect city to war game a martial law event. They could lock down the city by effectively using the Mongehela, Allegheny and Ohio rivers to imprison the whole city.

          Just wanted to let you all know. I won’t link but you can go to kdka dot com and wtae dot com. I can’t find any mention of it on wpxi dot com.

          • @ Npgh. There sure is a time frame on the oarfish, usually several months. It has in the past been from a low of a couple of months to as long as two years from what I remember reading before the earthquake occurs after the oarfish are sighted. As soon as Mac approves the link, you might find it kind of interesting to see these oarfish on video. Most of the time oarfish are seen in Japan and China. There are all sorts of folklore about the oarfish causing earthquakes in ancient Japanese writings. Of course the fish is just like any other animal that is reacting to danger that they feel. It is too bad they can’t capture one of these oarfish and put it into a tank down in Sea World in San Diego and watch how the fish behaves. I know that certain places in California have had coackroaches and watched their behavior to attempt to forecast long term quakes.

      47. So given that they were trained it is not a leap to say they had the intent to kill!

        Criminals all!

      48. Take a very long and hard look at the photograph above while you steel your resolve. If you stare at it long enough the snow fence changes to barb wire topped chainlink. And the writing on the sign changes to FEMA. We may be doomed to lament “we should have acted sooner”. I fear we are losing that window of opportunity one Bundy, pardon, one brick at a time. Can you relate to the cattle that the feds are rounding up? You had better. Now embrace that feeling welling up in your guts….good. Use the power it gives wisely.

      49. “FREE SPEECH ZONE”???? REALLY?? WTF????
        The Feds couldn’t come up with a better excuse than that? This guy will become the martyr

        • Sorry Be Informed:

          Regardless of what that article states it is not “the Chinese” who want to take over the world and the natural resources in it. I will buy that the Zionists that are controlling the Chinese agenda the same as the Zionists are controlling their American agenda want to take over all countries, take over the resources, and eliminate most of the population….especially Christians. They have succeeded with their scheme in most of the world, but the PRIZE they have yet to obtain is America; but they are very very close to that goal.

          Question any article that is put out there to keep you from digging further down the rabbit hole. Do that, and you will finally ferret out the truth.

        • Author of this site “operates out of his Israeli office”.

          Nuff said about the article…………

      50. FEMA needs the meat for the upcoming collapse.

      51. My second posting today…..

        THIS IS SO WRONG…………


        Trying to provoke a fight.

        Will try to do on 05.16.14 on the american spring?

      52. They let the dog out so if you have any type of weapon to protect yourself from it they will shoot you. Youtube “cops shoot homeless”

      53. I very proud to be an American UNTIL THE FED. GOV. dose something like this!!!!

        This all about trying to save some stupid F#$^ing turtle.
        They will kill this man and his family over this Blanking Turtle. WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        If I was him I would get all my dogs into the yard, All the kids into the yard, and if there is any mothers with babies there I would get the hell out.

        I don’t want to see a repeat of Ruby Ridge or WACO.

        I would get cameras running 24/7. You know that the Feds will say he fired the first shot.

        The feds are going in and taking his cattle out of the area then selling them. 100 years ago you would get hung for that. OH I forgot the Feds. are above the law. (What a corrupt bunch of bastards. I know they are from Shitcago.)

        YOU CAN SEE THAT THIS COUNTRY IS DEAD! I HATE TO SAY IT BUT IT IS TRUE! Free speck zones what the hell is that? When animals like a turtle is chosen over the life of a human being!


        If any of my LEO brothers are there looking down the scopes of their sniper rifle, and reading this? Remember these folks have families just like you. If you kill one of them over a F#$%ing Turtle. If I was them, I would hunt you down. Not a threat it would be a promise! Think about what your orders are. OVER A TURTLE?

        LEO’s and Snipers this you. What is next? You find you a 4 eyed poly snapper in your yard and because your kids run through your yard you, and your family have to leave, and you are not going to get any money or anything for your land. You refuse and they are placing snipers over looking you! DAMN IT THINK ABOUT IT YOU ARE AIMING AT MR BUNDY FOR. OVER AND DAMN TURTLE!!!!!!!

        Now for the free speech zones. WASHINGTON F##$$ YOU!!!!
        I will speak when ever and where I wont, I may not interrupt someone, I will be polite. Unless they are being really STUPID!

        Until you put me down by knocking me out or putting a bullet in my head I will say what I think and any where I want to. Screw you and your free speech zones.

        Let us all PRAY for Mr. Bundy, and his friends and family. They are going to need it. Let us Pray for the LEO’s that are there so that they my see the light and say no to this God awful mess.

        I heard yesterday that in Comifornia a bunch of students bust a cop in the face trying to break up a fight with a book bag full of booze bottles crack his skull, and hit another cop in the face with a brick. The only thing they used was rubber bullets and tear gas. Mr. Bundy could get killed over a stinking turtle! dose anyone else see something wrong with this picture.

        For me if I was in Mr. Bundy’s shoes. Let the Revolution start here with me.


        THIS RANT I’M NOT SORRY FOR. I’M PISSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Sarge,,
          Ya want to know the worst part,
          I believe the tortoise was re-introduced to this area, it was not a major species there ever because it is too cold, was a transplanted species to begin with and dwindled over the years.
          Its like the fucking wolf thing in Mt, Wy, Nd etc,,, they basicly said the ranchers had to let the wolves kill their herds, but nobody said anything, and the tree huggers villified the ranchers and hunters.
          Total bullshit.

          • KALU:
            You are shitting me right? I believe you. This is a Damn Shame. Fu#$ng turtle over humans. They are going to kill him over this. THIS IS NUTS.

        • “I don’t want to see a repeat of Ruby Ridge or WACO.

          I would get cameras running 24/7. You know that the Feds will say he fired the first shot. ”

          You know what? Nobody will care. Have you seen the FLIR video of the final raid on Waco by the feds? You can clearly see them firing incendiary devices into the compound, and firing full-auto at people trying to escape out of the back. They wanted everyone dead so there would be no witnesses. This video was widely released, but nobody cared. Koresh was a whacko, so the meida told us, so he deserved it.

      54. They want the public to pay the govt to use “their” land to graze cattle on. They used the tortoise as an excuse to claim the land.

      55. They used “protecting the tortoise” as an excuse to claim public land and charge grazing fees. This is the real reason the founders created the 2nd amendment. Now lets put it to good use.

      56. In California, solar plants are being built on Desert Tortoise habitat. Hypocrisy reigns supreme.

        • And even IF the man is freeloading, cattle vs. tortoise?
          I take the cattle–it can feed someone.

        • Along with huge military bases with tortoise habitat used for tank training and bombing ranges.

      57. This being authorized by the BLM, DOJ or Homeland security with or without the knowledge of the ass wagon in chief. I have to go without the knowledge as he only knows how to go to fund raisers, campaign for his BS healthcare and shill on TV. What is this country coming too? Every since ass wipe got into office it has changed for the worse…and it must stop!!

      58. These so called “free speech zones” keep the people away from political gasbags lying to the public. Then it stands to reason that the rest of America is open to free speech. Use it or lose it.

      59. Oh Yea! Free speech/ first amendment zones. Brought to you by the Republican George “Shub” Bush. I find it predictable that the BLM would intimidate citizens by menacing them with a rifle After all Boston PD Et Al got to do it while searching for the Boston bombing suspects. Why should the get all the fun.
        Wait! I just heard something. It was lady Liberty falling to her knees. Now do you patriotic duty and go buy something.

      60. The article is slanted. There is always two sides to every story. The fact is that the cattle are trespassing on federal land. The cattle men more often than not overstock and over graze the federal range. and they pay a pittance in rent or grazing fees. Its not the bundy familys land . That land is the property of all the US citizens. If the Bundy cattle graze on it the fees should be paid. Im confident Bundy was served papers and had his chance to seek legal remedy. The Quote that Bundy claims the land has been in his family for generations? So What? Unless he has a Deed or lifetime lease for the land. Its not his land. It don’t belong to him and he shouldn’t be allowed to graze it for free.

        • OLD GUY
          I’m going to have to respectfully disagree with you on this.
          #1 There have been free grazers for ever in this area. #2 The land belongs to the State of Nevada not to the Feds.
          #3 He has been there or his family has been there before Nevada became a state.
          #4 They just change the law in 1998 or 2003. (he should be grandfathered in)

          • Yes he has been or his family has been there before Nevada became a state? So What? The native Americans where in the same position. Free Grazers? nothing in life is free. Just because Bundy has been getting something for nothing in the past does not counstitute a legal entitlement to continue to do so. Unless You have a deed or a valid lease rental agreement your nothing but a squatter a thief lawbreaker lowlife. Back 50 years ago we had lots of neighbors who had the open range mentality. Even though there was a fence law their hogs & cattle where often allowed by them to roam at large. That was tolerated because that was the way it had always been. Then a newcomer came and took care of the problem. dead cows & hogs. The newcomer set out poison feed on his land . the BLM should just shoot the cattle.

            • Right, U arent anti-gov… I would say U are very PRO GOV.

              Reciprocate their (BLM) actions in kind, 10x. Semper Fi. III

          • especially when the government is allowing solar panels and wind farms to go up all over the place where it directly affects animals such as this turtle, eagles , bats etc..

            so their argument against a natural grazer on the land, that has been on this continent way before our stupid federal government and is simply idiotic and Fed-like

            • Natural Grazer? the only natural grazers where the bison deer & elk. cattle and horses and not native to north America. Im not anti government. A government is necessary to prevent the country from becoming a mob rule democracy. Of course the government does a lot of unpopular things. If not for the feds and the Us counstition holding them in check the just as if not more corrupt state & local goverments would trample all over the god given rights outlined in the counstition. Ive seen first hand the wildlife habitat destruction done by farmers. They clean or remove the fence rows and the quail population has suffered. My fence rows are overgrown. that makes nesting habitat and wind breaks and prevents soil erosion. There is more to the story than is presented here. One persons 1st admendment rights ends when it interfers with another persons rights. It seems to me the Bundy family is greedy to use the range for free. that same mindset led to the range wars in the 1800,s. If you graze livestock you should pay reasonable fees.The grazing permits should be put up at auction and sold to the highest bidder. No way should some squatting holdout be allowed to graze for free.

        • Hey Old Guy….

          You are an effing liar..and probably a government agent to boot.

          Why don’t you slink off and crawl back under your bridge.

        • “The fact is that the cattle are trespassing on federal land. ”

          How many times do I have to say it, there is no such thing as federal land!!! The govt is not authorized to own land, it is owned by We The People!!! They may have the authority to manage it, but not to shut people out from completely legal activities. You must work for the BLM!

          • The BLM does have the authority to shut people out from completely illegal activities, would you agree?

            Such as stealing graze and not paying for it?

      61. @ BJ, Kula, and Maddog. Had a disapointing experiance with. I deleted your email addresses and am signing off SHTF for good. I has been nice conversing with you guys. The distrust among fellow preppers, except those that are face to face,is going to be a great hurdle to overcome. Its a sad situation when you cannot trust anyone. I have been a welder/mechanic and plant operator all my life with tracable employment and have been accused of being the lowest common link in society. a fed…sure wish I had the income they have.

        • You get called a fed, and you leave? Sticks and stones, dude. All they have to do is call you name? Not much of a stomach for resistance. Imagine if they shot at you.

        • I don’t trust anyone and don’t care what anyone thinks, have had to grow a thick skin over the years and not take anything all that personal, good luck on your path, we all need a little luck sometimes.

        • Gun:
          Man If you were called what I have been called on this site. Well I wouldn’t wish this on any body.
          This is nothing compared to what is coming when the SHTF.
          Stick it out and stand tall. I know you are much stronger than that.

          • I was incorrect in thinking the FED comment was directed at me. The one I directed my comment on is a outstanding, and kind person. I really need to get away from all this gov doom and gloom. I am prepped more than most, so I really dont need anything else. Let the house of cards tumble down. There is nothing else for me to do.

            • Sorry for your bad experience. And yes the trust thing is hard. I cannot fully trust anyone that is or ever has been in what I call “the system.” But many here I do trust and would love to meet face to face to learn from.

      62. Why aren’t we shooting, yet?

      63. I wonder what the Feds would do if the Bundy family where laying behind their good old hunting rifle and pointing back at them.
        Look! They pointed their weapons at them first. Self defense is a right!!!!!!

        • “I wonder what the Feds would do if the Bundy family where laying behind their good old hunting rifle and pointing back at them”

          ask Randy Weaver..
          ’cause you cant ask Sammy or Vicki Weaver.
          same with a large number of Davidians

          • I know you understand Dale
            not ment as a dig to you

            • VRF:
              Sure no a problem.
              It is just not fair to them to be under the threat of snipers just because they are expressing their rights.
              Randy did end up with millions from the Feds for wrongful death. But you can replace your family. The whole thing is BULL SHIT!!!!

              • did you mean ‘can not’ replace?

        • “The object of war is not to die for your country but to make the other guy die for his.” — General George S. Patton

      64. this whole thing with this rancher is nothing but a set up.
        that simple

        • Set Up? its simple the Bundy refused to pay the grazing fees. So the government is rounding up his cattle. They will likely sell them and bill bundy for the cost and rent money he owes . The so called snipers where likely simply LEOS present to prevent the Bundy famly and others from disrupting the cattle roundup. The BLM has expierenced problems from opponets of the wild horse roundups in the past.

      65. Power mandates the ability to control. And Control requires a shit load of money! AND I MEAN A SHIT LOAD!!! (For example… It costs America $2.1 MILLION A YEAR PER SOLDIER IN AFGHANISTAN!)

        Wait patiently for Russia and China to eviscerate the US$ and the American economy, whose initial stages have just begun.

        Even moron government ‘drones’, in all sectors and at all levels, don’t work if they don’t get paid. Vendors don’t service or supply for free. The tyrants strength and ability is predicated on payment.

        Patiently allow Russia and China to do the heavy lifting and armed conflict will be relegated to mop up operations.

      66. supreme court ruling anyone can film and take picture of federal property as long as they are not a commercial company like a news agency…….soooo a nice lawsuit is in order

        • And can film police.

      67. Ok Ive rattled a few cages today. The real truth is that the UN NWO & Agenda 21 folks decided that the USA producing blue collar so called middle class had more than their fair share. So the laws where passed to allow ,enable & corcerce the US middle class producing jobs to be redistributed to other places. The Job loss was done on purpose. Now the hard fact is that the US blue collar producing middle class is no longer wanted or needed. They have been replaced by the brown skin hard working peons & serfs from south of the border. Its nothing new. Since the native americans did not make desirable slaves the elete & world bankers of the time imported the black men and systematically removedand eliminated the Native Americans.

        • Buffet is closing Fruit Of the Loom in Kentucky to move to Honduras.
          Hanes is also in Asia–so what now? Make your own?? 🙁

          • Until the cost of production is raised up in the other places where the USA middle class producing jobs have been redistributed or the cost of production in the USA drops significantly (to third world levels?). There will not be a recovery. We are in for a decline that might never end.

          • Go to wikipedia and search Undergarments. Get ideas from what people did in the past. Instead of supporting third world countries or commies, its time that we take a stand on some of these America-destroying actions.

            Heres one:LCheck out the garments for Mormons. Shorten the legs of the boxers and they should work. So would loincloth.

            • I do lots of things, like carpentry, but I do not sew.

          • Go without.

      68. Unless the guy owns the land or has a lease which he has paid for he is just a squatter using public lands for his own profit. This guy is playing the victim and he isn’t. He has been running cattle on public land for years and not paying. By his reasoning everyone here in Southern Nevada could go up there and run a few cows, or just go stick your name on one of the ones up there. If it was his land he’d have an argument, otherwise he’s just a guy with a story and a million dollar debt that he hasn’t paid for 20 years of very reasonable fees. BTW I’ve actually been to the area years ago and seen the cattle. Maybe some of you would like to see him graze cattle on your lawn, or maybe the park where the kids play soccer? Drop the patriotic flag waiving and see this guy for the con man he is. I agree the government has been way too heavy handed many times in the past, but this isn’t one of those times.

        • Bingo.

          This poor gentleman doesn’t have a leg to stand on. And it isn’t accurate to term this situation a “standoff.” It is no such thing.

          Nor is it a “set up.”

          It is a shame that Billy Boy, when he was President, approved the EPA’s reclassification of this land as designated territory for some turtle thingy, but, Billy Boy and Barry both have done quite a bit of that. That’s what you get when Communists are elected to the White House.

          This rancher gentleman simply had the misfortune to have been using this land for a very long time to produce meat for the U.S. market — a noble and honorable profession. But the rules were changed on him and he didn’t own the land, so he lost. His fight has been useless and some might say irrational. It’s best now that he gather up what dignity he has left and sit down with a good attorney to see if there is anything legally that he can do about the EPA designation. In the meantime, yes, he must remove his cattle from land that he doesn’t own and on which he hasn’t paid the required usage fees.

          And that’s that.

          • Ive seen the range cattle. they are often semi wild. they are hardly ever wormed, vaccinated or treated for parasites. heck they are very difficult to get close to let alone catch. left out in the elements in all kinds of inclement weather. It borders on inhumane treatment. The old way just because its been done that way for over a hundred years is still poor animal husbandry.

      69. Ok Ive studied on it for little time. They degisnated a area for the public. The goverment commonly does this. Go to Washington DC or Area51, Niagra Falls, Mt Rushmore and a large number of goverment places and just because its government land you cant tromp around willy nilly & take pictures.

        • Some old guy says, “That land is the property of all the US citizens.”

          [There’s laughter in the background.]

          Then some old guy contradicts himself and says, “just because its government land you cant tromp around willy nilly & take pictures.”

          Wait, “They degisnated a area for the public”?
          Who did, the owners? Of the property?

          Communist ownership of the land is tricky to understand.

          • Ok who owns old faithful. Go look at it. there is a designated area your not free to tromp around and do as you please. During the roundup the BLM designated an area for the public. they did that for the very same reason to keep the pubic out of harms way. You know and I know Those family members would have liked nothing better than to disrupt the contractor from doing his work. Do you really think that Bundy or anyone else should graze the public range for free? back in the 1800,s The English cattle barons build huge ranches. they ignored the federal law that created the homestead act. In fact they hired killers like Tom Horn to drive away the sheep men & homesteaders. Then they had straw men file on all the 160 acre parcels that had water. Thus they where the only ones able to graze the open range. What need,s to happen is the grazing rights sold at public auction every year.The winner of that auction would make shure the only livestock grazing there where his. I owned a 100 acre place a few miles from were I live. It was impossible for me to keep tresspassers from hunting on it. So I advertised and took bids on the hunting rights. A hunting club won the bid. And they have kept the tresspassers away.

            • Dickwad, just because the govt does it does not make it right!!!! Don’t you effin’ get that!!!!

      70. The real details are if Bundy does in fact have prior land rights to graze the land then the ” modifications’ that came about after should have been fought in court. However there is NO way Bundy would get a fair fight. The Feds would leverage the Judge and make them side with Feds. This is perhaps a matter of when the govt uses eminent domain to take from you what they want to give to someone else. In this case its taking State land and voiding a previous contract or grants.
        However Its status quo since they have done same ” modifications” to Veterans- they signed up and fulfilled their part of the deal and now the Gov starts backtracking on what they promised. These type “modifications” are only allowed by big corporations and govt. Try implementing a modification on any agreements you have with the Feds or big corp
        Its still a total waste of taxpayer money to assemble the BLM army and try to goad the Bundy’s and supporters into a shootout.
        I am not so sure that it would be limited to just Nevada. The Feds need to back down since they have stirred the pot enough that I am sure there will be no more Ruby Ridges and Wacos that won’t spike normal people into a Constitutional convention.
        Let’s pray that cooler heads prevail and our Constitutional rights and process are supported.
        I would like to see this go to a Jury trial and have the jury nullify this Fed overreach.

        • Unless Bundy got a grant of land from the King of Spain there is no way he can possibly have prior land rights.

          It’s not eminent domain, there is no state land involved, and there is no contract, since Bundy does not graze under a permit, which is a form of contract.

          No jury trial, these things go in front of an administrative land law judge’s panel.

          This guy is a weasel, not Horatio at the bridge.

          • I agree to me its as simple as black & white. You want to receive good,s or befifits you must pay for it. Those grazing permits should be sold at public auction on a yearly basis to the highest bidder. The way I understand it the Bundy don’t have a deed or hold valid title. Under the last sentence of the 5th admendment it states Private property shall not be taken for public use without payment of just compensation. No private property is being taken by demanding grazing fees. The roundup of the free roaming cattle is a separate issue than the demand for grazing fees. And the cattle are not being rounded up for public use. they are being rounded up because they are trespassing.

      71. To get a better view on this situation between the Bundy’s and the BLM… there is a great article by Dr. Michael Coffman, published in the Winter 2012 edition of http://www.rangemagazine.com titled: “Our Federal Landlords”. He divides his article into 3 headings…I.II, and III. You will get introduced to the history of the west and how federal control over the land came to be.. the III part covers the “Hage Saga”…a rancher, Wayne Hage’s battle for years with the BLM…(the late and great Derry Brownfield said that Wayne Hage was one of the smartest men he ever met..go to http://www.newswithviews.com and go to the left sidebar for Derry’s name and read his article: “Our Land: collateral for the national debt”..he refers to Wayne Hage. ) Wayne Hage, after his death, finally won in a court, the family was awarded millions…not sure if they got anything… You will be shocked at the treatment this family received from government. George Washington said: Freedom and private property are inseparable. Wayne Hage said: “Either you have the right to own property…..or…..You Are Property!” Here is the direct website to Dr. Hoffman’s article: http://www.rangemagazine.com/specialreports/range-wi12-our_federal_landlord.pdf To learn about Agenda 21, go to newswithviews, look up Michael Shaw and read his 13 part series on “Liberty or Sustainable Development” (aka Agenda 21, signed on by america by H.W. Bush and continues today) Look at the Wildlands Project map…the 7th part…Dr. Hoffman did the map of the U.S. so you could see where the wildlands are…to put at least 50% of America back to wildlands, with no humans… your “bug out” location may be in it…. this 13 part series is not lengthy…but you need to know what Agenda 21 is…and maybe, by reading about what Wayne Hage fought, you may understand more about where Cliven Bundy’s stand is.

        • My wife who is 1/4 native American is always telling me that I don’t own our paid for land. Se states that if I really actually owned it that I wouldnt have to pay rent (real property taxes) and someone else decides how much the rent should be. She has a valid point.

      72. Ruby Ridges & Wacos that wont spike normal people into a Counstitutional convention? If there is a counstitional convention any rights we now have would be gone in the new counstition. Only an Idiot or commie liberal sheeple want a convention. Admendments are the safest was to change our counstition.

      73. I hereby declare this a free speech zone.Who exactly in the BLM has the authority to proclaim free speech zones? This aint about cows or tortoises this is about control and superior fire power.If shit hits the fan down there, how does logistics work for our side? Who among you would be willing to sacrifice 100.00 for gas for those that would go?
        Guns? Sons? Food & Supplies? Where is the rally point?
        looking for some response here.

        • If bundy would have paid the grazing fees. instead of trying to get something for nothing he wouldn’t be in trouble.

          • Old Guy….you are just ignorant. You don’t have a clue what you are talking about.

            Here’s another case. This is the BLM’s M.O. and the pattern of how they are attacking ranchers in the western USA.


            • Your link is nothing more than Diane Aldens opinion. The article states Hage thought the water rights where a vested interest in part of his ranch. Well Guess what the Plains Indians who themselves stole the land from the Mandans & other thought everything out there was theirs too. Common law isn’t really anything but tradition it has no teeth. You guys are trying to defend a rancher getting something for nothing just because his family has been getting freebees for decades. You want to be mad be mad at the Obama Care. the Obama care forces me and everyone to engage in commerce. Since We did not sign up and haven’t purchased any health care . We are now criminals for doing nothing. And we will likely be fined without being charged or convicted. However (Common Law states a man cannot be forced to pay for goods & services that he personally order) but that don’t seen to matter with the Obama care. Those ranches out on the range are inefficient it takes too much land to support enough cattle to provide for one familys living. Just look at the loss ranchers suffered from a freak winter storm last fall. In inclement weather my livestock always had a barn and hay. trying to raise cattle by letting them fend for themselves exposed to the elements & predators is inhumane. Its cruel to let livestock have to withstand the cold rain snow ect. with no dry shelter and feed. Face the fact the days of the open range are over.

        • the video about the ladys company being harassed has nothing to do with the bundy ordeal. What the company should do is close down and go to someplace where the uS feds don’t have any control. That what almost everyone else does. After the supreme court upheld the Obama Care Law TaX? it was pretty much over anyway. The NU NWO and agenda 21 folks have won every battle so far. There will be no revolution. There isn’t any viable ballot box or political solution. So where does that leave us? I think it leaves us with a uneeded & unwanted former middle class of property owning citizens. The So called Middle Class has been replaced by the brown folks south of our border. We are now at the same place that the native americans where during the 1800,s.

          • Your posts provide a vivid illustration of how you just can’t fix stupid.

            • Stupid is expecting to graze land that don’t belong to you for free.

      74. Question: Dogs?

        Answer: Ground black pepper in your pants cuffs, or if no cuffs, sprinkle ground red pepper on your pants as tolerated.

      75. Back in the 1800,s many Greedy ranchers opposed the Homestead act. So they like bundy today simply decided to not recognize the Federal goverments authority. the hired thugs & killers to harass and drive the homesteaders & sheep men away. The most famous of these was a man Named Tom Horn. They also had their Straw Men file on the best 160 acre parcels mostly those that had water so nobody but them could graze the land. There where numerious range wars where So called cattlemens associations hired enforcers and accused homesteaders of rustling and lynched them without trials. My prediction is by the time this Is over Bundys cattle will not be grazing the range land for free. Bundy and some others will serve time in prison. The grazing rights need to be sold at public auction to the highest bidder on a yearly basis.As bad a we perceive the federal government to be. The fact is without the fed to keep them in check State & local goverments would be much worse. Look a all the Uncounstitional gun laws many states & citys enacted that where struck down by the supreme court. Granted the Supreme court got it wrong when they upheld the Obama Health Care. Part of the reason is the Justices Appointed where put in place by the liberal politicians that where elected. and they are elected because they keep their promise of bringing money from the public coffers back to those who voted for them. Our Republic Has turned into a Mob Rule Democracy.

      76. I few months ago I was looking around for a good camping spot to take my Grandson. Searching around Texas parks and such I came on BLM land. It took me off to several hours of research. My take away was that as long as you don’t build a foundation on top of it, a septic or sewer system under it or do some drug farming on it, your good to go. It’s ours to recreate, live on, shoot on and on and on. It is the peoples land to use. Free of charge for as long as we care to use it. It strikes me that a family free ranging their cattle on it since the 1800’s, before the BLM was thought has every right to continue. The idea that a couple thousand steers and turtles can’t get along on half a million acres is a little lame.

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