Federal Reserve to Print New Bill – Will Usher in 21st Century American Paradigm

by | Apr 12, 2013 | Headline News | 119 comments

Do you LOVE America?


    For a little bit of humor on a serious subject, we present the latest Federal Reserve Note, made available by The Daily Sheeple Picture of the Day:

    The Obama Dollar(Click for larger image)

    In all seriousness, it should be clear that this is exactly where the US dollar is headed.

    The United States now owes nearly $17 Trillion in debt, in excess of $50,000 per person – and that’s if we count the ‘official’ numbers. Unofficially, our commitments exceed $200 Trillion over the next twenty years, a number so large that it’s difficult to wrap one’s head around.

    In the one hundred years since the creation of the Federal Reserve the country’s population has tripled, while our public debt and unfunded liabilites have risen from $2 billion to over $200 trillion, a ten million percent increase. (link)

    This year alone, we’ll take on an additional $4 Trillion of debt as a nation. FOUR TRILLION – IN A SINGLE YEAR.

    The paradigm of consumption and debt is coming to a close in America. Soon, only tangible assets will hold any value.

    Consider Sound Money as a way for you to diversify out of dollars are worth less on an almost daily basis, and that will soon be worthless altogether.

    You may not know it, but right now you and your family are losing money. You’re nominal amount may be the same, but your value is shrinking. You may go to the store or gas station and think prices are rising. But they are not, for the most part. What is happening is that the currency you are using to exchange for goods and services is falling.

    They are systematically destroying the world’s reserve currency. Don’t be a victim.


    It Took 22 Years to Get to This Point

    Gold has been the right asset with which to save your funds in this millennium that began 23 years ago.

    Free Exclusive Report
    The inevitable Breakout – The two w’s

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      1. Being a millionaire isn’t what it used to be.

        • Silver is cheap right now. Stock up. I wish Ammo was, too.

          • Who was that Masked Man who left this Silver Bullet behind?

            Sounds like we are going to need him, or at least some of his ammo. LOL

          • If you want a really scary thought; Maybe AMMO is cheap and available. Compared to what it’s going to be.

            • I went to see my dad yesterday and he had three old bricks of .22LR in his closet. I told him how much I saw some going for at the gun show and he thought I was messing with him. The price on one brick was $5.95…..


          • Bullets will be worth as much as gold or silver….so if you can find it, I seriously doubt it will be a bad investment…can always sell it for more because it probably isn’t going to get any better

            • I’ve got about a dozen bricks of .22LR, none with tags more than $13.95. Today it’s $75 for Fiocchi Match at the local gun shop, and he’s not gouging.

              Primers went up $5/thousand this week.

          • Most likely they will end up confiscating all the guns anyway so why invest alot in ammo when it will not be able to be used. After the first few hundred resisters are made examples of I expect we will see literaly mountains of firearms at the drop off collection points. That will be followed by trips to Summer camp for all those on the various lists.

            • You suspect wrong. Either you are civilian or a reservist. When they come for the guns they will get all the ammo first and all the spent brass they can sweep up next to my dead body. Some lead by example and some are made examples of, I will be the formar not the later. And the “collection point” is where it will all go down. Why wait until they stack on my front door. The best defense is a grest offense. Also don’t forget to stop by your local collaborators house and leave some spent brass as well.

              • If those FEMA camps are really Treblinka I prefer to die in my own home, surrounded by brass and dead tyrants. If enough people resist confiscation won’t get very far. Molon Labe.

            • just give them the bullets first they can keep the brass.

            • I could see the CORP having a easier time banning ammo than getting a hold of firearms, but whatever they ban the price will sky rocket as guns and ammo will be smuggled into this country just like drugs.

              • I agree but technically they can not ban ammo. The 2nd ammendment says that citizens have the right to bear arms and that this right shall not be infringed. So banning ammo is an infringement of bearing arms. A rifle without ammo is just a club. It is not a military armament. So remind your senators that they can not infringe on the right to bear arms so they can not ban ammo. ( I suspect that is why we see the huge purchases by the government. They are trying to make the ammo scarce and very expensive to dry up the supply without a Constitutional challenge.)

            • John W.: Your kind of thinking is the result of poor math skills. There are by all estimates 50+ million gun owners in over 1/3 of American households. You can subtract all those who haven’t ued a gun in years and would turn them in; eliminate those that are too old or feeble to shoot; eliminate all those who would rather live under tyranny than fight for their freedoms and that number could be whittled down by as much as 80% and you still have 10 million folks who won’t comply. Now we have around 3 million service members including guard and reserve components, and around 1 million law enforcment officers total at the federal, state, and local leveals. That’s around 4 million who could possibly work towards confiscation. Seeing how that most of these 4 million are not on special teams, or even in combat arms, that number dops quite a bit. Now add the number of folks in these groups who would also not comply with this kind of action and you could cut this number easily by half. So we’re down to the final figures: At a minimum, 10 million capable shooters who won’t give up their guns and a maximum of 2 million who would try and take them: the ratio is 5:1 in favor of the gun owners. Those odds don’t bode well for the “takers”. Now consider that any action taken to confiscate guns would quickly turn into asymmetrical warefare where the gun owners would often choose the time and place of engagement (ambushes), the outcome looks poor for those who chose to side with the tyrants. And each success for the gun owners means more firepower for them and fewer oppressors; it’s a win-win. Since the U. S. is the 5th largest country in both size and population, there aren’t enough drones and U.N. forces to cover it all, if that was your thought, so those options fail. What’s left, except eventual failure for TPTB. There are a number of other factors that would cause this whole confiscation scheme to fail but I’ll wait for your reply first before pointing them out.

            • John,

              I sincerely think that the thumbs down are from those who do not want to think about what is coming our way. I too, pray that you are wrong, however, there will be mass sellouts, you may be closer to the truth then most people realize!!

          • Yeah but gold and silver are cratering now so that means prices of everything are now going UP in gold and silver too right?

        • Bill should say 0$. No sense

        • Maybe not but it beats hell out of not being a millionaire.

      2. Yep. We live in a bizzaro world where the Fed prints but the dollar index goes up– versus even more worthless currencies.

        • As of June of 2009 there was 1.7 trillion American dollars in circulation world wide. For at least the last two years the Fed has been printing up 85 billion dollars per month. Between 6/09 and 3/2011 lets say they printed up only one trillion dollars. By my calculations that means 3 more trillion dollars have gone into the system since 6/09. If I am correct that means there is now 4.7 trillion dollars in circulation at this time. Three times as much as in 6/09. Isn’t that a 300 % increase.

          Would it not seem reasonable that by putting into the system every year a little over 1 trillion dollars that this should be included in the national debt?

          Now please explain to me why with a 300 % increase that there is not a 300 % depreciation of the purchasing power of the dollar? Is the dollar that strong or has everyone else’s currency become that weak? I know that a part of the answer is what is referred to as a currency war. China, Japan and the U.S. being the principals.

          I cannot see where this can have a very good ending considering the global economic world we live in. Only answer is be prepared for a one world currency administrated by the U.N. under the guise of the New World Order.


          • There are a lot of things to consider– the are multiple reasons for inflation and your question concerns only one of the causes of inflation– increase of monetary supply.

            I touched on this in the previous article but while our money supply has increased so has China’s and Japan’s. China pegs the yuan to the dollar and has to print enough to remain at the pegged to the dollar at a rate in which they have deemed will not hurt the price of their exports. They have also printed to stimulate their economy. Japan has been battling deflationary forces and is now printing aggressively because it has to since it wishes to maintain a certain unofficial “peg” to the dollar and due to policy changes because of leadership changes. I have not a chance to validate this theory but it is basically is that the rate of increase in money supply (devaluation) has somewhat been pegged to one another decreasing the amount of inflation felt.

            Additionally, the velocity of money comes into play– while the money supply is increasing, the velocity is low. A lot of the money being created is digital and goes immediately to plug whole’s in banks balance sheets. The FED has also decreased the velocity in which money circulates thru the economy via fractional reserve banking by paying banks interest on their excess reserves if lent back to the FED.

            In the real economy- deflationary forces are in play due to stagnating or lower income, high unemployment, etc.

            All of these things and many other including demand and scarcity of commodities, goods, etc. combine to make what make what the inflation rate is today.


            • Ha! Freudian slip?

              >>A lot of the money being created is digital and goes immediately to plug whole’s in banks balance sheets.

              Did you mean the WHOLE dang balance sheet needs to be plugged? HOLES in the balance sheet would, of course, imply there was some structure to hold the hole…

            • “”””There are a lot of things to consider– the are multiple reasons for inflation and your question concerns only one of the causes of inflation”””

              Wrong. There is only one thing that causes inflation.

              Central Banks granted a counterfeit monopoly by bankrupt and corrupt governments.

              Everything else is an effect.

              • Gods Creation-

                The Federal Reserve’s mandate of stable price is a farce since in order pay back the debt new money must be created thus there is always going to be monetary expansion. However there is inflation caused by demand-pull and cost-push.

            • Yes, I have thoughts. There is no hyper-inflation because the FRN’s being printed are going to the banks not to the consumer. They are going to the banks to mitigate their losses and maintain their capital requirements. These new dollars are only replacing destroyed dollars.

              The bank bailout continues UNABATED. So BigB the additional dollars printed while new dollars, are not additional dollars. At least not all of them. The extent of the “printing’; the replacement of bank capital, shows the extent of the losses for the banks.

              The FED does not need to, nor will it confiscate OUR deposits. It is not necessary for them to do so, because the mechanisms at the disposal of the FED are superior to the EU and allows them to keep the banks liquid by buying their bad loans, indefinitely.

              WE are in a period of de-flation and deflation will mitigate the effects of inflation. Double digit inflation is not hyper inflation.

              WE are in a period of de-flation because the Banks are de-leveraging US. This de-leveraging of the American middle class will continue for many years, until the residential real estate market clears or comes back. It is not coming back. The demographics for housing are over. De-leveraging destroys dollars.

              So does WAR but in a different way. War creates chaos. Chaos has unintended consequences.

            • The dollar is the least ugly girl at the dance.

          • The amount of actual currency in circulation is much smaller than you think. Most dollars are merely bits in a computer file somewhere.

          • The reason for this is because the billions, (and more) are being placed into mortgage backed securities which do not immediately enter the present day circulation of dollars. When they do, gold and silver will rise immensely.

            Seriously, they will. In every fiat currency crisis throughout history, they have risen, and preserved and even increased purchasing power.

            Don’t let today’s hit on gold/silver intimidate you. More paper market manipulation that will disappear when true fear and supply/demand mechanics take effect.

            • Huh…. Who would have guessed that such a simple question as to how inflation / deflation works would have so many causes, and effects. Appears there is a common thread which is it is all bull shit in the end. The Federal Reserve who are neither part of the Federal Government nor do they have any reserves in place are scamming the American people.

              But everything each of you has said makes sense and is going to help me as I study the process a little more. I am sure that next time this subject comes up I will be a little more informed. Who knows, maybe we are looking at the head of the snake that has our country in such a mess.

              Get rid of your bonds!!!!! That is the next bubble and it is about to go POP!


              • BigB, two things helped me decide to ditch my muni bond mutual fund. Your comments in earlier threads and Stockton. States, counties and cities are teetering on bankruptcy all over. Why doesn’t matter, various reasons. But the take away, poof = bonds worthless = I’m broke got me off the fence. Thank you.

      3. You know , we already know this baby is going to implode sooner rather than later . things are in place for the coming crash .DHS needs to get some more thing first for civil unrest control then down she comes !

        Get ready , it is a coming !

        • With Obama Bucks, I can now light my cigarettes
          with 100 dollar bills, just like Big-Shots in DC

          • Outwest, they already ARE lighting their cigars with YOUR money!!! (mine too)

      4. ….and on top of everything else Hanoi Jane is set to play the part of Nancy Reagan in an upcoming movie…it just keeps getting better!

        • I won’t be seeing it. I hope Roseanne Barr plays Jane when she passes away, it’d be fitting.

        • The left never stops does it?

          • John W.: At the risk of sounding ridiculous, they are like the BORG, they are relentless and they will never stop until we are all part of the hive mind (collective). The indivdual is the greatest threat to their plan of total contol. They believe their time is now: hence the full-court press which includes nationalized health care, gun control, the crushing of all business and private land use through environmental laws and regulations, and the state taking control of raising our children through indoctrination. Collectivism (communism) is a disease (of the mind) that can be beaten. Stay strong.

      5. Hilarious.

        So why am I not laughing?

        • @ US –

          You AREN’T laughing because there ISN’T anything really friendly or fun in what most of us fear is headed our way in the near future. This one is going to suck so bad that everyone will be able to hear this great big ‘whooshing’, sucking sound as it happens around us. No ‘joy-jell’ will be provided for the purpose of this rectal exam either.

          God Bless & good luck to all.

      6. It’s what I’ve been telling peoe. In the 70’s an ounce of gold would buy a colt ar-15, today an ounce of gold will still buy a colt ar-15. The price didn’t go up, the value of the dollar (if u can really claim it has value) went down.

        • Not peoe small keyboards ,people

          • Justleaveme. Small keyboards do make small words!We understand.Kinda like texting.WASP.

      7. H7N9 flu deaths up to 11

        vaccine to be ready in 7 months ?


        however researchers are saying this virus is mutating very quickly
        as compared to the regular flu


        so I’m wondering if the vaccine will even be effective 7 months from now ???

        keep a close on eye on this one…

        and if you haven’t already done so
        I would watch the movie CONTAGION
        it presents a pretty accurate picture of how
        a pandemic gets started and spreads
        the movie greatly minimizes the social breakdown
        that will occur,in my opinion

        • Satori,

          Your post reminded me of something I saw earlier today.

          This morning i was in Lexington and saw a van type truck stop in front of a hotel. Two men wearing gloves moved a large bright red container on wheels clearly marked, “Medical Waste” INTO the hotel. They rolled it right past the dining area and down the hall.

          I don’t understand WHY they would move such a container INTO a hotel.

          • Sounds like they found some biological waste. Today, everything is seen as a bio-hazard. It could be as simple as the maid found blood on the sheets or a towel. I worked as a maid in the 80’s and opened a room where some woman had a menstrual accident. I had to bad the sheets and blanket and spread as a bio-hazard. If your hotel was fairly expensive, I could see them calling in a specialist to do the removal. In some places it is mandatory.

            • Sorry, I HAD TO BAG THE SHEETS AND…

            • sixpack,

              Thank you for the response.

              I couldn’t think of a valid “reason” they should/would be doing that.

              We were not staying at an expensive motel – just one of a familiar motel that is found in many cities.

              Thanks again!
              KY Mom

              • Well, Ky Mom, that may not be what it was, but it IS a possibility. It all depends on how paranoid they are there, about the bio-scare we are having right now, with those nasty viruses on the loose. I wouldn’t touch someone else’s bodily fluids with a 10 foot pole right now, especially in a motel/hotel.

          • Joe and his friends were there the night before and Housekeeping had to call for backup.

      8. silver silver silver!

      9. Its so funny.
        I work at a nursery amd our prices have gone up and when people complain I always make sure to tell them that its not the prices rising but the value of their dollar falling.
        Most argue convinced that we are just raising prices.

      10. Gold and silver were forced down again today by the globalists. I see a buying opportunity.

      11. Sorry to go off topic, but have y’all heard of the Utah Data Center? This is set to go online soon, via the NSA, and can hold 5 zettabytes of data. 1 zettabyte is the equivalent of 62 billion iPhones, data wise. NSA will not comment on what sort of data will be stored. Can you say Totalitarian state, anyone?

        • Until an EMP happens??

          • I’m sure THEY are well protected as far a the tech of today can offer, it’s WE who will be taking a loss.

        • Shifty, don’t know about the Utah Data Center, but did see where they caught the Utah Mountain Man. Another Mountain Trekker bit the dust. Trekker Out.

        • Who would have ever guessed that the book 1984 was actually a how to guide.

        • The power lines.

        • Shifty: Phone and computer conversations to be sure. That’s why it’s important to have a few disposable phones with no contracts (no names) attached to them, along with lots of calling cards to reload them with. I wouldn’t be surprised if the government, under the guise of national security/war on terror limits, or even outlaws, these phones in the very near future, along with internet cafes. If they do take these steps, then we’ll know that the end game is coming soon.

        • Send them a pound of organic by-product of hound to celebrate their opening. Mmmmm good. Low calorie snack for statists.

      12. While working at a call center taking calls about peoples cable bills about 10 years ago I had a call from an old lady wanting to know why her cable bill went up. It was nothing new, we had a price increase, something like a few dollars and I had been taking calls all day explaining inflation to those that were concerned, mostly retirees on a fixed income. It got me thinking about what my cable bill might look like after I’m retired, so I did some math and was shocked to find that when I retire in around 2035 my cable bill will be around $400.

        This is without hyperinflation.

        So it got me calculating what I’d need to keep the same standard of living, around $2k/monthly as a minimum. As it turns out, I’ll need to have around 2 million saved up to retire comfortably, and that’s figuring in that Social Security will be dry and I’ll never see a dime of that money I was obligated to pay into for my entire career.
        Needless to say, those calculations stuck with me and I now have a higher paying job but my standard of living has not changed, and there’s still no magic nest egg in sight. Just another reason to prep, because if I can’t do it, I feel that nobody else can either. I will someday write my social security office, and formally request a .40 cal hollow point and wait my turn. LOL

        • opt for the .45
          i hear you will only need one

          {sarc off}

        • And now multiply that $70-$120 monthly cable bill X 12 months X ??? years.

          Just in 4 years, since Nov, 2008, by eliminating a $70 monthly bill, I have saved $3700 and it all went to prepping supplies and food.
          Just had to point this out.
          Unplug—stop feeding the beast!!!
          I just finished reading ‘One Second After’–there is no excuse for your family to starve because the govt is inept.

          • I hear you, my dad unplugged about the same time as you, now watches some basic free tv with his apps. I will not follow this path though. I have dropped cell phones and just have a magic jack for my wife and I. I use any disposable income for prepping or building up my inventory, increasing my online sales and bringing in more in the process. I have a line, I am not sacrificing all human pleasures to satisfy all of my future needs.

            There is a balance that everyone has to find on their own, a bearable pace of stacking vs. fullfilling the needs of the here and now. I was guilty at one point spending every last dime leftover like the world was going to end tomorrow, but that left me with a miserable wife who just needed some Red Lobster and a trip to Fl to see her inlaws. I missed out as well, had given up the things that I love like golfing, video games, trips out to see a movie every 2-3 months. Now we’re back to a status quo, I’m out more enjoying the here and now, but still stacking ergo, not as aggressively. The important part of the equation is to reach your personal goals.

            There will always be items on your list, just prioritize and once you have reached some milestones, 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, etc. REWARD YOURSELF!!!! I may be all alone here on this thinking, but I am a passionate type of personality, and I see this as a way of life, but not the only way of living. If you are thinking about prepping all day for days on end, find something you used to love and go do it.

            Read some fiction, see a movie, get your mind off of the future for a few days, take a stroll. Take a vacation from yourself. You are the few, the informed, the elite of the pack. You are the leaders of tomorrow, defying the logic of traditional paterns of human desire and fulfillment, putting off what you want today in return for what you need for tomorrow.

            I guarantee, you will not lose this trait, it is inherent, so why not exploit it and go get something for yourself, a $5-50 gift, take the spouse out for a nice dinner, do some things to keep the one thing that matters most in your preps fresh… Your Mind.

            • @chainsaw
              I agree with you.
              I am prepping for several possibilities while hoping they don’t occur. I think enjoying your reality is just as important. There may be a day I eat oatmeal, beans and rice everyday but it doesn’t have to be today. Simple pleasures make memories that will get me through the likely hard times ahead.

          • “I just finished reading ‘One Second After’–there is no excuse for your family to starve because the govt is inept.”

            Great book… fascinating and terrifying all at the same time. That will move anyone who reads it and is not brain dead to prep.

          • We haven’t paid a cable bill since 1988 and then it was only because it was included in our apt. rent. It has been off air or fresh air. Couldn’t say that we have missed much.

        • My neighbor is moving and gave me his old antenna and pole for the retreat communications center . I do not have a TV there, but was considering it until recently both FOX and CBS announced they might stop transmitting their signal for free.

          • You can hook the antenna up to your FM stereo receiver and get stations from hundreds of miles away. It’s neat to be able to get wall-to-wall stations from one end of the dial to the other.

        • And the President this week says an IRA with $3 million in it is too much.

          • “And the President this week says an IRA with $3 million in it is too much.”

            Yeah, as if he knows his ass from his elbow about money, business, economics, or what it will cost to live comfortably in the future.

            • He know that HE is president, and president’s get a huge check and armed security for life! So in that mindset, all we need to do is get to be president or a congressman to be financially set for life—sarcasm off—

        • “””and that’s figuring in that Social Security will be dry and I’ll never see a dime of that money I was obligated to pay into for my entire career.”””

          Correction, that YOU obligated YOURSELF to pay.

          Until you can understand that, you may as well forget about trying to figure anything else out.

        • Don’t waste the ammo. The guillotine will be free and they have THOUSANDS of them. No waiting. 🙂

      13. That photo of Barack smoking a cigarette is the nicest possible photo that could be published. A pic of Mussolini would be more appropriate. Or maybe Barry snorting Hopium.

        • Nicholas

          Obama servicing a sheep(le) would be apropos

          • If you could look down into that photo, you’d probably see just that, but we have laws against porn in public, when we should have laws against porn ON the public.

        • It takes an African village. Too funny.

      14. Anyone notice, gold down $75 and silver down $1.50 today. Can’t wait to get me some. Trekker Out.

        • Yes, Trekker and more and more states are making gold and silver legal tender. There may be a way out of this yet.

        • Yes, Trekker and more and more states are making gold and silver legal tender. There may be a way out of this yet. I’m looking at circulated 1 oz. silver rounds. The cheapest thing I can find. What do you all think?

          • I agree that it is a time to buy. Of course, for me it is always time to buy if I am able. The problem is going to be finding physical at these prices. Don’t think you are going to run out and find gold or silver just a little over spot today. Ebay seems to reflect price changes quickly, so that may be an option. Just deal with someone reputable. There are serious scammers there, and Chinese copies. If you aren’t sure what you are doing avoid the Bay.

            When prices dropped in 2008 dealers initially pulled their stock, or priced it high enough to avoid a loss. Eventually things became available at the new prices, but people thought metals were a losing proposition. That don’t grab a falling knife thing. Many sold to minimize “losses”. (You only take a loss if you sell on the dips.) Lots became available. Gold was $800/ounce. Nobody has a crystal ball, but if prices continue to drop and stay there a while it will be time for me to consider some serious purchases. Others need to make their own decisions.

            I have absolutely no faith in the US dollar. I have absolutely no confidence that the government will not tax or otherwise confiscate my savings. I have more confidence in a slot machine than in the heavily manipulated stock market. A double eagle in my pocket is mine, free and clear. They have no hold on it. It is the honest money of free men.

      15. IF the feds print up new higher denominations this will make the drug dealers and the crime syndicate real happy, as BO and Chicago go hand and hand. I think there is actually a higher probability of these types of casion type coins that can be tracked by GPS as the new currency on top of people using credit for everything else with some mark of the beast type ID system. If you look at how much has gone electronic since 2000, it is freaken frightening. The use of cash has dropped from at the end of the 1990’s of 40-60% to 25-30%. The use of that on-line paying of bills has skyrocketed, further conditioning people for the bridge to NOWHERE of credit here and credit there for EVERYTHING.

        It is a very dangerous horror coming way too fast, and is almost certain as more and more companies are making purchasing with money, money orders, and checks no longer an option. It is sick to see some company that won’t accept a money order and I have personally gone on and on to customer service how idiotic it is for someone NOT to accept money and forfeit a sale for their company. This of course just little good even if it is recorded, but I good way to blow off steam.

        For those not religious, the mark of the beast has some hideous consequences as every last thing you do, you are tracked. IF you choose not to purchase something like this you will not be able to get what you need. The government already prohibits use of any other money than U.S. dollars and coins for sales. This government could easily, as evil and rotten as they are, make it illegal to buy or sell anything not using some big brother credit system. That is the mark of the beast, when you take freedom away from two people from paying and selling something to each other the way they wish to.

        This is why it is so important even IF SHTF doesn’t happen to collapse everything, to be able to survive without being locked into the SYSTEM. To be able to produce at least part of what you need. To be able to find in nature what you need. To be able to sell and buy, yes EVEN ON THE BLACKMARKET using precious metals or just good old fashioned barter. Let’s face it, the government would not be having such an easy time of bridging the gap between cash money and credit type mark of the beast if most of the masses was not too stupid and lazy to not only accept it, but desire and ask for it.

        • They will not print higher denomination bills. As inflation drives costs higher, it will be harder to make purchases with cash. This will drive people into traceable credit cards and checks.

        • That would be the perfect way to completely control guns and ammo purchases and sales, wouldn’t it. No second amendment issues there, just monetary control which is one of the government enumerated powers…look out folks—the backdoor is OPEN.

      16. One thing they forgot on the bill was Oshitbird’s soon to be prison number (0U812).

        • That was on the Bill Clinton bill. I have one of those.

          • The above FRN is just as BOGUS as his birth certificate.

        • “One thing they forgot on the bill was Oshitbird’s soon to be prison number (0U812).”

          Maybe that should be “OU17T”?

      17. So that’s what a bitcoin look like.

        • Good one Rick.

      18. off subject, but just read that Japan decided it will dump radioactive waste in the Pacific ocean…its cheap way to deal with the Fukushima accident. Details are at collapsenet.com Guess this explains the recent death of all the sea lions, dolphins, or whatever which occurred recently in the Pacific ocean… tons of radio active waste into the ocean– ought to kill a big portion of life in the oceans, don’t you think? We humans are doing a great job, aren’t we?

        • You would think the “united nations” would stop that. The ocean doesn’t belong to japan. Destroying sea life will impact our food sources and livelihoods and we should be able to take them to the world court for damages.

          (sarcasm off)

          Now would be a good time for some positive PR for the NWO to step in and ‘save the planet’ — isn’t that what they claim is their goal? THE reason why they want to kill of 90% of us and move the rest of us into tiny urban plots—to save the planet? Carbon tax, global warming, etc, to save the planet from us?

          Yet NOW the stumble and stutter.

          This should be a clue that concern for the planet is not the issue with the NWO elite. Power and control. Nothing more.

        • I’d be on board with it 100 per cent if they were willing to dump it all into the drinking water supply of washington deeeee ceeeeee……….

      19. That ain’t money. That be toilet paper.
        I had a urinal target that looked exactly like that.
        Never over shot after that.

      20. It’s odd, I think in the 40s or 50s the US Treasury produced a US Reserve Note. It had a red stamp rather than green or blue (like the silver notes). I have a stack of about 40 of them of $5 bills. I always wondered how they came about and what their value is and why in the world we couldn’t just do that again, print US Reserve notes straight from the treasury.

        • yeah, that bill got JFK assassinated. Google is your friend. Since the Federal reserve took over the country in 1913, we have had to RENT our money at interest from them, not print it like the constitution says.

        • The States have not FORCED the fed corp to do so, because the people have not FORCED the states to FORCE the fed corp. to supply Lawful money.

          The states are funded with US credit sourced from the banksters, and that is the root of the problem. Why demand Lawful money be coined according to Law when they can get free credit which spends just as good and allows them to be free from the constraints of the pesky constitutions.

          • The people are a joke. Not a care or worry in the world.

        • Hi Plarvo, you mean the United States Note, right? Those were backed by Gold! Those $5.00 bills on eBay, are going for about $8 and up depending on year and condition! Some are selling from the year 1928 to approx 1963. That would explain why they have basically disappeared since JFK was assassinated! He did the same thing that President Lincoln tried to do for the civil war. He started printing “Greenbacks” that were by our own treasury and backed by Gold as well! The Federal Reserve was almost given a foothold back then, but defeated! That’s when they shot Lincoln as well. They finally got their way when President Woodrow Wilson signed the FED into existence, not knowing how it would turn out…and realized too late to change it! He made a public apology to the American People because of it!

        • Found this interesting tidbit for you….

          “Despite its age, 1963 $5 US Notes aren’t considered rare. As of 10/2010 auction prices are in the range of face value to $7 for a bill in circulated condition. A nice uncirculated one can bring $15 to $18, though.

          The bill’s red ink indicates that it’s a United States Note, a form of currency that was issued from 1862 to 1966. They served the same purpose as Federal Reserve Notes, so the Treasury opted to consolidate all paper money under the Federal Reserve as a cost-saving move.”

          Got to love the part about a “cost-saving move.” bunch of BS. They were POS back then too.

          • Shooit; I have some of these all the way up to $100.00 bill,i was always told that Kennedy was trying to break away from the fed reserve andthat was one of the reasons he was taking out? Any one else know anything about it ?

            • William Mckinley was murdered in 1901 for securing the passage of the Gold Standard Act in 1900. Mckinley and Kennedy were against the central bank. Some also think that Lincoln was killed because he would not renew the central bank charter.

      21. I don’t have any money to buy gold but at least I have a few boxes of microwave popcorn for when it all falls apart.

        • Microwave???

          • can be run off a generator..

      22. Snarkle funk crabbs snack says:Polly waddle doodle all day


        just keep stackin’ food , water , ammo and phyzz . ;0P


      24. A number divided by zero is an irrational number !!!!

      25. Gold took a big dip today because Cyprus sold their gold.

      26. Invest in brass and lead can’t shoot gold

        • Sure you can shoot gold. Silver too. Only problem is, those you shoot aren’t worth the cost of the ammo.

          Speaking of ammo… anyone else thinking that we have a BS situation with this supposed “shortage”? .22, AR, and AK ammo are made by the billions of rounds, yet our local WalMart can’t seem to get more than a few boxes a week? Much of the AK ammo is not made in the US, so any US problems with ammo supply should not be affecting that kind of ammo. This whole situation looks like the fix is in and that the Gov is discouraging ammo production / import to implement de facto gun control.

          • 41MagMan

            Good call on gov’t discouraging ammo production.

            They showed their cards when they no longer allowed

            spent military brass to be sold to the commercial

            reloading companies for public resale.

        • U can’t. I can.

      27. This is not my debt, I didn’t ask for it from the illegal FED. They can jam it, because I will not give them any of my hard earned fake fiat currency. I am unplugging from their matrix.

        • Look at contract law/maritime law, which is what the CORP is operating under. All contracts to be valid must be made in good faith. You could argue that you have been forced/tricked into their contracts i.e. SS, Birth Certificates, etc. I do believe you have cause.

      28. people won’t be sweating the conversion of their falling dollars to metals oother tangible items if food becomes scarce enough to cause riots in the streets.

        If the bottom really falls out and production / imports of manufactured goods literally cease….a good hammer or a good rifle scope might need to last for generations.

        Collapse is defined by John Michael Greer as the point where a society’s basic industrial infrastructure can no longer produce enough to maintain society’s urban, transtransport, commercial and production infrastructure. Right now America’s industries are practically gone….if we cannot afford to import from overseas because our economy has collapsed….how long will it be before entropy makes mainstreet U.S.A. look like a post-apocalyptic nightmare?

      29. If precious metals were legal tender I”d be in them 100%. I expect to be around another 30 years. Between now and when the collapse happens I need FRN to pay my bills. Neither my gas utility, not internet service provider, nor someone autonomous like my MD accept precious metals as money. So realistic people hafta have some of the folding fiat until the revolution. Since my net worth is my health insurance I can see myself telling Big Humongous Hospital when I need that expensive operation: “You have a choice. You can accept X ounces of gold that has had intrinsic value for ten thousand years. Or you can be unpaid. Your call.” Wanna do something radical? Ditch your plastic and spend only cash. And when you deal with someone with the authority to decide how they will be paid ask if they will accept PM for the transaction.

        • Don’t tell them about the gold. Bury the gold in the back yard.

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