Federal Reserve Seeks Real-Time Monitoring of Social Networks, Bloggers, Forums, and “Influencers”

by | Sep 26, 2011 | Headline News | 148 comments

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    If you believe Ben Bernanke and his merry band of money printers don’t care about what you think, then consider the latest product development proposal from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. According to RFP (Request for Proposal) 6994, the Fed intends to build a real-time monitoring solution capable of mining and aggregating data across social networks like Facebook and Twitter, alternative news web sites and blogs, video sharing web sites, and mainstream media outlets.

    Not only do they care about what you think, they want to know exactly who you are, what language you speak, who you’re talking to, where you’re getting your information, who you are sharing it with, and what your sentiment and emotional state is in reference to that specific moment.

    According to portions of the RFP, the Fed intends to collect, aggregate and analyze data, as well as to us this information to direct their own actions and responses. By identifying “crisis” points with the new listening platform, the Fed will be able to specifically target information being put out by news web sites and even individual users (in forums or comments) and then respond to that information in kind by either contacting “key bloggers” and “influencers,” or simply ramping up their public relations machine to either discredit the message, or simply rewrite the message through the spread of news releases to major internet distribution channels and heavily trafficked social networks.

    The Federal Reserve’s Criteria for its Sentiment Analysis And Social Media Monitoring Solution are described, in part, below:

    Description: Federal Reserve Bank of New York (“FRBNY”) is extending to suppliers an invitation to participate in anSentiment Analysis And Social Media Monitoring Solution RFP bid process. The intent is to establish a fair andequitable partnership with a market leader who will who gather data from various social media outlets and news sources and provide applicable reporting to FRBNY. This Request for Proposal (“RFP”) was created in an effort tosupport FRBNY’s Social Media Listening Platforms initiative.

    I. Introduction

    Social media platforms are changing the way organizations are communicating to the public Conversations are happening all the time and everywhere.

    There is need for the Communications Group to be timely and proactively aware of the reactions and opinions expressed by the general public as it relates to the Federal Reserve and its actions on a variety of subjects.

    II. Social Listening Platforms

    Social media listening platforms are solutions that gather data from various social media outlets and news sources.  They monitor billions of conversations and generate text analytics based on predefined criteria.  They can also determine the sentiment of a speaker or writer with respect to some topic or document.

    The information gathered can guide the organizations public relations group in assessing the effectiveness of communication strategies.

    Here are some of the services it can offer:

    • Track reach and spread of your messages and press releases
    • Handle crisis situations
    • Continuously monitor conversations
    • Identify and reach out to key bloggers and influencers
    • Spot emerging trends, discussions themes and topics

    A. Geographic scope of social media sites

    The solution must support content coming from different countries and geographical regions. It should also support multiple languages.

    B. Content and Data Types

    The solution must be able to gather data from the primary social media platforms –Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, Forums and YouTube. It should also be able to aggregate data from various media outlets such as: CNN, WSJ, Factiva etc.

    C. Reports and Metrics

    The solution must provide real-time monitoring of relevant conversations.  It should provide sentiment analysis (positive, negative or neutral) around key conversational topics.

    It must be able to provide summaries or high level overviews of a specific set of topics. It should have a configurable dashboard that can easily be accessed by internal analysts or management.  The dashboard must support customization by user or group access.

    The solution should provide an alerting mechanism that automatically sends out reports or notifications based a predefined trigger.

    D. FRBNY Technology Integration

    The solution must be able to integrate with existing FRBNY technologies such as: Google Search appliance, Lotus notes suite and web trends.It must have support for single sign on or windows integrated authentication.

    Sourced Via Zero Hedge and Scribd

    What’s important to note is that the Federal Reserve Bank of New York does not intend to build a completely new platform. Their intention is to establish a relationship with an existing market leader – likely one of the information mining and gathering platforms already in existence, such as a large search engine – with whom they can then integrate their systems.

    The key point is that the technology for what the Federal Reserve is looking for already exists and it’s being used not just by private entities, but government as well, as we pointed out in Americans, Everything You Do Is Monitored. The National Security Agency (NSA), which at one time was responsible for foreign communications monitoring, is expanding its duties to domestic monitoring of all electronic communications in America and is in the process of building a one million squarefo


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      1. well are we supposed to be afraid to say what we feel? I bet the next thing will be a id number given to you to access the internet and then they have everything you have ever said. i bet thats what these POS politicians will be trying to do next. what a joke this has become. sounds like they are the internet police that are trying to bust you for anything to make money for some reason.

        • AIN’T SKEERED!

        • An internet access ID number that they can use to access every place you’ve been or posted, kinda like an IP address eric?

          Sounds like you as a potential “influencer” may need to go underground onto the onion net soon Mac 🙂


        • “an id number”…
          uh, yeah, it’s called a MAC address… And they can track you all over the net with that! Hey, Mac, I bet you didn’t know you were THAT famous. 🙂

      2. Julian assange should be a real hero and release all info on who the family owners are that own and run the fed and all the workers there to the public. Should release all their names, age, addresses and email addys and phone numbers.

        They are a enemy to mankind and should be treated as such

        • Sooon very sooon….. 🙁

          This has been going on for some time now since the ball was set into motion, P & Q’s everyone…..

          The spiders have their webs spun now its a matter of which fly lands first

          • You mean if I say take a suitcast nuke, shove it up Bernanke’s ass then shove the two of them up the Kenyan punk’s ass and throw it all in the whorehouse where Barney Frank, Franklin Raines, GWB, James Johnson and all of the other mendacious, thieving bastrds are and light the fuse (Allah, Allah, baby rapers Mohammad & Morgan Freeman) then the fed wants to know about it?

            (How is that for a run-on sentance?)

            Paging Chris Dodd…your gallows are ready…

            • sentence.

              Sometimes these people just piss me off.


            • You took the words right out of my mouth..

              and I respect them as much as you do…


              PS do not apologize

          • I don’t think they REALLY want to know what we think of them. They THINK they do, but they don’t really!

      3. But haven’t they been doing this since the extension of the Patriot Act? Not surprised…….

      4. Who in the fuck do they think they are, this is the USA not Russia, dam there trying to remove all our liberties. We the people need to stand and fight theses assholes , there ruining whats left of the once great USA.

        • marine4life our own gov’t has already said they plan on pulling the plug on the net…. they see what has happened in the middle east… and will do their best to stop our voice’s… sad very said… former marine johnny g

          • They have already pulled the plug. Consider that they have blocked internet and cell reception in the vicinity of the Occupy Wall Street protests.

            More of us are noticing important news that goes unreported here:

            riots in Europe
            targeted car firebombings in Germany
            Iceland’s issuing warrants for the arrest of banksters (who fled the country)
            riots in the US
            police [state] abuse, including murder

            The SS (Apocalypse 3:9) is doing their worst with psyops to keep their “footstools” comatose in their slavery.

            At this point, if there were a wide area internet or cell outage, many would view that as a trigger event equivalent to a police state representative visit looking for your 2nd Amendment items.

        • Why do you think the fed is doing it. Anything the government needs that is unconstitutional they let the fed handle. It’s a private entity so it can get away with anything.

        • I think Russia has more liberties that we do these days, we gave up our freedom for protection, The patroit Act.

          • I had noticed a tremendous push by the cable co.’s trying to sell people on land line phones, and wondered why. Recently I was reading in the May 23, 2011 New Yorker magazine, an article by oh! I can’t tell you now, the mag. has been handled so much pages are missing. Anyways it is about a supposed whistle blower named Drake,who is being prosecuted by the Obama admin. for leaking secrets.
            The article states that the NSA realized after the Cold War was over that it had not kept up with basic technology. “Moreover, its technology had failed to keep pace with the shift in communications to cellular phones, fiber optic cable, and the Internet.” “The agency reportedly has the capacity to intercept and download, every 6 hours, electronic communications equivalent to the contents of the Library of Congress. 3 times the size of the CIA.”
            Sorry, really don’t like to quote from sources w/o authors name and title of article. If you looked at my coffee table mess you could see how this could happen.
            I, too think we gave up our freedom with the Patriot Act during a period that can be explained by the “Shock Doctrine.”

        • Unfortunately, you are incorrect. We are already the Russian police state. But you are right about we need to fight these a$$holes and the pimp who is now disgracing the WH.

        • As I have said before; no matter your take on when and how the shtf, everything done (events,i.e. 911, stock market drops, money woes, even elections, etc..) are to distract us while the powers to be are removing our rights and constitution. The one document that seperates us from the rest of the world and slows down the NWO.
          Stay in grace and don’t get discouraged.

        • Ain’t nothing left of America and Her greatness already. We are here for the remaking after retaking (reference to Declaration of Independence). She is gone, for now. But it was all built on an idea of freedom…. And THAT is still alive and well. I believe that all peoples have a remnant 10-30% of sleeping warriors. When the People are not ready, the warriors work at regular jobs and raise families like everyone else; albeit frustrated and confused about where to put the passion. But when the time is right, that percentage of warriors rise up at the cry of their children and re-forge a sovereign nation…

      5. What makes you think that they don’t have this information already? It shows me that they are scared that people are waking up and realizing that we don’t need them and would be better off with out them. And the best part… They should be!

        RIP Fed,

        Secret of OZ – its a long documentary but well worth the information.

      6. Well, all I can say if I LOVE the Fed. They are the end all and be all of all that is all. I prep just in case my buddy Ben just happens to not have change to pay for his lunch ( it’s hard to break a trillion dollar note ).
        I for one, will rat anyone out that disses the Fed. Long live the Fed, Long live the Fed. Sig Heil Ben ! Sig Heil Ben !

        Oy Vey, Sorry.. that just slipped out..

        • oh yes, i totally agree! The fed is absolutely not out to eventually control every aspect of our lives and i totally think that it is not going to be the vehicle to usher in the NWO. I even think Uncle Ben thinks of nothing else than my best interests……gurgle, sorry just vomited in my mouth

      7. If I were running a counterfeiting operation, diluting the value of everyone’s hard earned money towards my own interests, I would want to silence the opposing voices as well.

        What the Federal Reserve is doing should be labeled criminal, and they know it.

      8. :”Smart money knows the stock market is finished. Get prepared” BBC interviews an inside trader.

        They’re flaunting it now.


      9. Big brother is watching us.

        Laugh a bit because it’s the only thing still not taxable:

        There are two friends who find each other after twenty years

        – Hi John, how’s the family? Your daughter?
        – My daughter, yes. She found a nice guy, they got engaged, they got married, we had a big celebration, but then she divorced him.
        – How sad John.
        – Yes indeed. But then she found a nice guy, they got engaged, they got married, we had a big celebration, but then she divorced him.
        – Again? This is very sad man.
        – Yes it is. But the she found another good guy, they got engaged, they got married, we had a big celebration, but then she divorced him. But enough with my stuff. How is your daughter?
        – My daughter is a hooker too but we don’t celebrate it.

        Be safe guys, i pray for us.

        • @ Manos…

          Thanks for the laugh.. Hope all is well in your neck of the woods. **CHEERS**

        • Hee Hee – Yes, indeed – some say that about marriages

          Be safe manos

        • Four rich guys on the golf course love bragging about their sons.

          1st up says his sin is doing great, owns 3 car dealerships and is so successful he gave away a free car last week just because.

          2nd up says his son is building homes like crazy and is making so much he gave away a free condo last month.

          3rd up says his son now practices cosmetic surgery but helps in many clinics. He said he often operates on people for free.

          4th up said his daughter became his son just recently. Someone gave him a free sex change operation, a new car and a cozy condo!

          • Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha 🙂

            Thanks Jim, calling my Dad to forward.

          • Mac: First principles, Okie. Simplicity. Read Marcus Aurelius. Of each particular thing ask: what is it in itself? What is its nature? What does it do, this government you seek?
            Okie: It goes to war…
            Mac: No. That is incidental. What is the first and principal thing they do? What needs does it serve by taxing?
            Okie: Anger, um, social acceptance, and, huh, sexual frustrations, sir…
            Mac: No! It covets. That is it’s nature. And how do they begin to covet, Okie? Do we seek out things to covet? Make an effort to answer now.
            Okie: No. We just…
            Mac: No. We begin by coveting what we see every day. Don’t you feel eyes moving over your check book, Okie? And don’t your eyes seek out the things you want?

            I’m having an old friend for dinner….. Now you let me know when the DOT are silent.

            I think you’re on the list for sure Mac. Okie two!

            What kind of new car?

            • Okie and I have been on the list for quite some time now…. And I suspect ‘anonymous’ might be too 🙂

            • Everybody is always suspecting me and using my name.

              • The nerve of some people!!

            • It rubs the lotion on it’s skin or else it gets the hose again! hahahahahahahahahahahahahahhaha

              Anonymous, man you kill me!

            • Mac: Good afternoon, gentlemen, the temperature is 110 degrees.
              Bloodyfellow: Holy shit, it’s Mac!
              Anonymous: Mac’s up here, great… oh shit…
              Okie: Great, he’s probably saying, “Holy shit, it’s Okie and Anonymous.”
              Anonymous: Yeah, I’m sure he’s saying that!

            • overheard in a tent somewhere, in a hot dry place…

              Okie: I got this one in Desert High Pressure System 1. (holding up pinky finger with small scar)
              Anonymous: What about that one? (points at Bronze Star on Okie’s chest)
              Okie: Got that one in Desert Tropical Depression 2. That was one hell of a fight!
              Anonymous: And that one? (points at purple heart)
              Okie: Oh that? I picked it up at a pawn shop in Toledo. Looks good on the uniform, though, don’t you think?
              Bloodyfellow: What about this one? (he nudges a huge cast on Okie’s foot)
              Okie: This was without a doubt, the toughest one. Got it on the second season of Dancing With The Stars. Me and Valerie Bertinelli, before she lost weight. Came in third.
              Mac: Alright, you slackers! Break’s over. Get your butts back in the APC! And don’t forget to bring the Steppenwold CD, it’s a long drive to Damascus….

            • Ok, maybe not “everybody”, only those that want to go deep in Mac’s World.

              It says in the manual if there’s butterflies everything is FINE.
              What does FINE stand for?

              Meet Mr Acherontia styx.
              Better known to his friends as the death’s-head moth.
              Where does it come from? – It’s strange. They only live in Oklahoma.
              Here they’d have to be raised from eggs imported by trucks.
              Somebody grew this guy. Fed him honey and nightshade, kept him warm. Somebody loved him.

            • I hope it’s not a KIA.

            • I want some 69 427 in cubed tri-power muscle love with the sticker on the window. Green is good!

          • So they were playing with their balls while walking thru the grass.

        • Bahawawawwawa hahha fuckin good one, thanks Manos

        • ROFL, ROFL,

          Thank you, I needed a laugh.

      10. See ya!

        Hope I woke someone up here, if not let me put it clearly before I go. “God” of Abraham, is wrong, E.T.’s are right.

        We are not the highest power, there is not one God, we have a long way to go before human morality finds it true place, and zombies of all types will be …… to futher the goal of universality.

        Thanks for all the fun, goodbye.

        • ???

          Sometimes I need help with translations – anyone?

          • You don’t need a translater, just a good bong.

        • Ummmmmm……huh?

          • Don’t bother Ladies.. Francis is indecipherable.. thankfully.

      11. Okay, since we’re all on a list of some kind anyhow, whether it be Sam’s purchases, a prepper forum, or another activist blog– heaven forbid–, wouldn’t it be Kewl if EVERY forum post, email, comment on blogs, we sneaked in ‘federal reserve’ words..

        There are many here, multiplied by 10 by alerting your friends, family, church members, etc,..and within 2 weeks, ‘whoever’ is doing the monitoring will need to hire more employees—HOW’S THAT FOR JOB CREATION/STIMULUS??!!??

        So, I started this already, but just in case that phrase was overlooked by the snoopers, I went to federal reserve today to buy more federal reserve to put in my federal reserve because my federal reserve was running low of federal reserve.

        I’m a Tennessee girl; violence ain’t my thing, but cutesy and being a ‘bitch’ is!!! And I’m really good at the latter.

        Happy federal reserve day!

        • JJ

          You need to modify your federal reserve comments –

          I’m not just a bitch, I’m THE Bitch and that’s Mz Bitch to you. 😀

          Greetings and salutations federal reserve – it has a ring to it.

          • Okay LadyHawk, no more money for you! I preent more money for U.S. but none for you!

            • But I have more preps to get – pretty please! “Big grin”

          • We know, sit down.

        • love it!

          • I have reservations about reserving the federal reserve.
            (look away from the telescreen….)

      12. Just ask the DNC, I’m sure they have all this info already. Obumbler uses it daily. I’m guessing they need an upgrade though since it clearly takes obumbles a few weeks to respond to anything.

      13. JJ,

        Ha ha ha, love the idea.
        I’ll find another twenty Greeks, ask them to post wherever they can, and one month later, Mr Bernanke will need to upgrade his degree in economics 🙂

        • If monitored be ‘it’, then we be the monitors!!!

      14. oh chit–I forgot…if monitored be ‘it’, then we be the monitors of FEDERAL RESERVE..gotta get that buzz word in there…

      15. sounds like someone with something to worry about..doesnt it?

        careful what you wish for fed’s

      16. so after the fed mines all this info they will sell it to the CIA/FBI and then the government will turn around and say we have a potential terrorist threat to the banking system and we need to impliment some new fangled fancy scanner or device to counter that “new threat” and raise taxes to pay for it.

        it’s just another scam. lol

        • Rachel: Why would you bother to sell info when you can print all the money you want?

          Just saying.

        • Maybe if we put every one of the FEDERAL RESERVE bankers through a full body scanner, like the ones at the air port, we’ll find some of the Congress members balls…

      17. no doubt they will have to monitor everything Ron Paul says because he want to do away with them. If he were eleected a lot of federal agencies would be gone not with congressional action but with executive orders.

        • Don’t say Ron Paul! Why saying Ron Paul could make the FEDERAL RESERVE think about awe dit.

        • They’ll pull a “Kennedy” on him before he does that…

      18. I agree! People need jobs! HAHAHAHAHAHA
        I be the queen bitch of the fed. I reserve that right!!!!!!!

      19. Perhaps the sentiments expressed in this report below, especially the one that expresses growing sentiment in the country that the government poses an immediate threat to individuals’ rights and freedoms, are what’s driving their acquisition of public opinion. Not there’s anything new here, especially for people that visit this and other sites devoted to survival and liberty, but to see it all spelled out in one report, by the highly respected Pew Research Center must be pretty devastating, especially if you think about the possible negative outcomes of further declines in these numbers.


      20. Spread the news on your newsfeed on Facebook about the Feds proposal.

        • Facebutt sold out a long time ago. Now how much was the dinner.

      21. Found this in the mail box today:

        Dear mr/ms okie,
        It has come to our attention that you are posting numerous comments/responses on the internet containing several key words/phrases which may indicate a trend toward subversive ideologies and/or an inclination to participate in unlawful/unhealthy activities. Please be advised that your activities are being monitored/recorded for further analysis and any increase/continuation of said activity may be deemed unlawful and may subject you to prosecution/imprisonment.
        Sincerely, XXXXXX Data Monitoring Systems, Inc on behalf of US Dept. of Justice/Homeland Security Admin/Fed Reserve

        I wrote back:

        Dear XXXXXX Data Monitoring Systems,
        It has come to my attention that you are delusional/insane in your belief/desire that you attain total enslavement of the American people/sovereign citizens. It is possible/probable that you will discover your inadequacies in this area to be quite disappointing/harmful/deadly to you. Please remember that Tyrants/Corps working on behalf of Tyrants will equally be considered enemies of the people when the time comes/shtf. Speaking for everyone in our country who values freedom/independence may I cordially invite you/your employers/puppet masters to pucker up and kiss our collective asses/backsides.
        okie, on behalf of freedom lovers in America/everywhere

        • SmokinOkie,

          You should have enclosed a 9mm hollow point, with the respond 🙂

          • Thanks manos! But, being on the list is one thing. It’s a whole ‘nother can of worms when those black helicopters start landing in my driveway. I am gonna get a spiked collar for the chihuahua, though, just to raise the intimidation factor when they get here!

            • Make a run for the border. Taco Bell.

            • It’s so unfortunate when governments are afraid this same nation who voted them.
              So unfortunate and sad.

              My best wishes.

            • It is good that warriors such as we meet in the struggle of life… or death.

            • Your are the grey rider, you did not make peace with the blue coats. You may go in peace.
              I reckon not.

        • Okie…that just got you honorable mention…truly!!!

        • I Second That, SmokinOkie, Kiss our collective asses/backsides. Freedom lovers in America will never give up our country without a hell of a fight.

          DON’T TREAD ON ME’

          • …it is my understanding that “text reading” software cannot differentiate text when included in graphics—sort of like finding a needle in a digital haystack. Perhaps we should all start creating “greeting cards” and posting them as photos with poly-numeric names that do not include the letter sequence “F-E-D-E-R-A-L-R-E-S-E-R-V-E”…

      22. I think this may be a bit blown out of proportion after having read the entire RFP – especially the scope of work in section 3. Read the whole thing, then go back through and replace FRBNY with an actual company (because really that’s what they are – they’re not a federal agency), so replace them with Home Depot just for an example. It would read as if HD is concerned about it’s online reputation and want’s to take advantage of social media to hear what people want and improve their service to them. Now we have what is essentially a bank doing the same thing, which is essentially setting a Google Alert with several key phrases.

        Now if this article had read: FRBNY teams with NSA in data mining operation, then OH HELLLLL NO.

        Just saying there’s a time for concern and a time to read too much in to something. IMO this is the latter.

      23. Read this Federal Reserve.

        Abolish the Fed! Yes, do away with the Monster from Jekyll Island.

      24. This reminds me of the age old question:

        Are you really paranoid if people really ARE watching you?

        And JJ – Federal Reserve to you too!!! 😀

        • Why, thank you, Daisy…and a great federal reserve day to you!!

        • People watch me all the time.. I’m not paranoid; just good looking.

      25. My husband and I are on the “list”. We consider it to be a badge of courage. I don’t want all my prepping and anticipation of FEMA trying to drag us away to be all for naught. Federal Reserve? Bernanke, there is a gulag waiting for you. Come and get me!

      26. Big Brother……..SUCKS !

      27. pretty bad when a bogus financial arm of the tyrants, seeks contol over the truth.

        if this doesnt wake up another 10,000 than they have failed again…as usual

      28. If the Gnagster Banksters are going to collect an enemies list, I guess I should change my “handle” to “Public Enemy No 1 🙂

        Bernanke must be the reincarnation of Tricky Dick Nixon!

      29. Ain’t skeert.

      30. That should work as well for the Fed as “Attack Watch” worked for Obama. People on the internet are better informed than the sheeple who watch network news. They won’t be fooled by attempts to influence their opinions.

      31. Hey FED, never mind using Nazi tactics! Can we have a complete list of ALL the corrupt Federal Officials working for you from Bernanke down, so both sides can meet in the street after the collapse and settle this once and for all. Corrupt bankers v.s. We the People…..Winner takes all! 😉

        • I like that!!! But lets take OUR country back first, indict the bastards, and then hang them high along the Washington Mall reflecting pool!!!

          One at a time! We can save the best for last. Know what I mean?

          I am sure that would eliminate the smirk on their face when they testify before the retards in Congress.

          • Oh, there’s quite a few in congress that need to use their body weight to test some rope as well.

      32. I’m a bit of a techie, but don’t know everything. Absent a warrant, and since the fed is not law enforcement, wouldn’t someone have to grant certain permissions to allow some of this to happen?

        • I suspect anything they want can fall under Patriot Act these days… With respect to the Fed’s data mining, they will essentially be pulling data publicly available on web sites, so a warrant is not needed. Who knows how far they will want to take this, though…

          • Mac: With the “dashboard” verbiage it sounds like the RFP is only perfunctory and that its either “google or facebook” and probably Facebook since everywhere you go on the Net, if you try to make a comment they want you to sign in with your facebook ID.

            I understand that facebook has some very intrusive cookies that pursue your other contacts once it has your permission to access your data.

            Easy to collect data that way, including all of your posts to develop a psychological profile.

            I dropped out of Facebook long ago for this reason.

            • Alternatively, I posted a link to this article and made my status, “Federal Reserve, Federal Reserve, Federal Reserve. Now that I have your attention….”

            • Daisy: I think you like being …”bad”! 🙂

            • “If you can’t be a good influence, you can at least serve as a terrible warning.” ~ Mae West

          • Of course – geez, it’s a matter of national security what we discuss on these threads. The unPatriot Act was written for this very reason!

            • As long as we don’t discuss the FEDERAL RESERVE we should be OK.

          • Speaking of that… why was your website down some much today ? Sure made me jumpy.. especially when readynation DOT com and Kitco was down at the same time.

            • Yes – I noticed that too, Sam – I tried to get on from work for about an hour.

              I figured either the folks monitoring keystrokes at work or the folks monitoring FEDERAL RESERVE comments in Washington had nailed me.

      33. When times were good, monitoring wasn’t a priority. Now, when times are desperate, the only way to keep control is to monitor everything. I wouldn’t worry too much until they put padlocks on the International departure gates at airports and shut down border crossings into Canada and Mexico.

      34. What makes anyone think all that info they collect won’t just go in a big box in a big storage closet? The only work these guys enjoy is spending our money. There is seldom any follow through on their stupid control-freak plans. It’s hard to get excited over stupid. They just sit at their desks gaining weight and losing all respect, even of their own children.

        Let them have a ‘last hoorah’ here and there. Their mission of controlled chaos is on the skids.

        • opps. just saw this posted above. my badness…

        • At some point a government looses it’s ability to govern.

          When people give up on voting they are basically throwing in the towel and saying my input does not matter. I think this would likely occur with distance. While people give up on the Federal government they will probably pay additional attention to state and local.

          • ^^^ Mr. 95 IQ up here has an opinion too!!! he says: “look at me mom!!!”

          • K2: A government loses its ability to govern when the masses fill the streets to overflowing, the public squares are covered in the blood of patriots, and the Internet resounds with the cries of the people:

            1. “Obummer must go!”
            2. “Kill the FED”
            3. “Bush was a traitor!”
            4. “FREE TRADE is not FAIR TRADE!”
            5. “China is a Mercantilist!” 🙂

            • The British lost the ability to govern India and the Eastern Block and USSR dissolved pretty much without violence. People collectively just don’t obey the law and move into an underground economy. The government is then deprived of funds. State and local governments replace the Federal Government as the provider of Justice, Common Defense and General Welfare. Basically the Federal Government dissolves.

              When a government feels it must spy to the degree this article says it’s well on it’s way to the above.

            • Uhhh…DK…I love you and all…but seriously, I’d rather see the public squares covered in the blood of traitors..it’s not like we’d have to put out an APB or anything…just go to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. and the congressional bldg….we could probably fill a few buses that way alone!!!just saying!!!

            • K2: British retreat from it colonies, from America to the Crimea to India was BLOODY. India was not a non violent affair.

              JJ: If there is the blood of patriots in the public square there will be the blood of tyrants too. Thats a given, but I appreciate your sentiment.

            • K2: In fact, although the collapse of the Soviet Union was primarily peaceful, there was sporadic violence in many places, not the least of which was Georgia and Aberijian where there was considerable violence.

              Aberbijan because it had 10,000 oil wells in the country.

              I was in Moscow during the coup-counter-coup in ’93. There was violence and bloodshed there as well; evidenced by the visible shelling of the Russian Parliament (their “White House”) and Russian soldiers two by two with machine guns patrolling the streets afterwards.

      35. Just curious as to why there is no stock market or gold articles today ???? Oh wait , I think I know why

        • Because I’m stupid and sam is a moron.

          • Why must you be so aggressively argumentative and offensive?

            What you say is completely lost in how you say it.

      36. The federal reserve IS NOT “federal” and has no reserves.
        Who gives a rats ass what the federal reserve wants? Throw this private banking cartel out of the USofA.

        • Joerocker: Not until they have served serious jail time for theft with “Bubba” and then get the full punishment for treason. Then We can ship the carcasses to their next of kin in whatever country these dual citizens really live.

          They certainly are not Americans at heart.

          • +100

      37. Oh, man….now I’m an ‘influencer’… I go to church, read my Bible, say my prayers each night, refrain from liquor, don’t watch t.v—-I just don’t know how this happened…it must have snuck up on me…
        Oh, man!!!

        • it’s hilarious that you think the fraction of a penny that the FRB takes in it’s currency origination scheme is horrible, but the 10% tithe scam that your church is running is A-OK.

          i bet you have a bruise on your forehead from constant palm strikes… DUH!!!

      38. you all are a bunch of booger eating retards. just use TOR if you’re so worried.

        • seriously, it’s like special ed in here with the infinitely repeated tea party tropes and the “this ain’t the country i grew up in” lame-ass whining.

          hokie simpletons, the lot of you.

        • Didn’t they recently catch some hackers who used TOR to publish some sensitive overseas emails?

      39. use TOR network, it encrypt everything in and out of your network. ISP, GOOGLE, FACEBOOK and so on cant verify who you are and it doesnt make your ISP in particular happy…
        i know because i got a letter regarding network activity as in “We need to know what the hell you are doing” it also prevents the google monster market to collect any data as well.

        use TOR network!

      40. This is just another indicator that things are falling apart. The more a government loses control the more it employs tactics like this. Though the fed is not part of the government and is private, it might as well be “governmental” since it is so tightly connected with the cult of criminal bastard thieves.

        The statement and the resulting chatter is the goal. Let them monitor what I do. I love it! They only see what I want them to see.

        Remember, its not the snake you see in the street that will bite you in the ass, its the one you don’t see that you can’t avoid.

        That principle works both ways. The statement they made is valuable in that the fed is getting desperate. The desperation will be expresses in the need to monitor and control. It always has and it always will.

        • yup, and screw them anyways, Im gathering information on them. And watching them claw their way along..they will self distruct thru their own ways and actions.
          They need us way more then I need them

        • But,,but,,but I just watched a 3 minute video telling me that the govt wasn’t in control…Goldman was..and the elite/rich/billionaires are sitting in their ivory towers praying for the worst of the worst to snap up the leavings of ‘us’ losers in this financial snafu…..and for ‘us’ losers to act like them and invest all we can for the future…and here I sit just leaving my .57 cents in the bank all this time and I coulda had it working for me….OH,CHIT!!! What a dumbass I am!!

          And a happy federal reserve day to you, too!!

      41. 1984

      42. I believe time has come for some good-old ultraviolence. Your droogs from FRB are over the line, and been there for quite some time now. This bolnoy federal government must get some bolshoy britva up their throatie… and all the babooshkas from the senate and congress should get the game of in-out played with them till they drop. that is applicable in all its extent to most (all) other governments. true freedom will come when we drop cutter sovsem.
        and just that we are all clear on the matter – freedom is the freedom to say that two plus two make four, – without the fear of being corrected 😉

      43. I used to day END THE FED..NOW IT WILL BE



      44. Hahaha, I clicked on the link for “RFP (Request for Proposal) 6994” and their server is hung up. I guess too many people are interested in reading it.

      45. Health premiums now more than a new car

        “Premiums for employer-provided health insurance jumped 8-9 percent in 2011, passing $15,000 for family coverage — which is more than the cost of a Ford Fiesta.”

        source: Politico

        • Ky Mom..but the premiums are worse than the car purchase if you don’t pay cash and finance it!!! WTH??

      46. never buy a new car, total waste of money.

        • Yes, but I like they way they stink with optional real leather!

      47. K///There are many here, multiplied by 10 by alerting your friends, family, church members, etc,..and within 2 weeks, ‘whoever’ is doing the monitoring will need to hire more employees—HOW’S THAT FOR JOB CREATION/STIMULUS??!!??

        So, I started this already, but just in case that phrase was overlooked by the snoopers, I went to federal reserve today to buy more federal reserve to put in my federal reserve because my federal reserve was running low of federal reserve.

        I’m a Tennessee girl; violence ain’t my thing, but cutesy and being a ‘bitch’ is!!! And I’m really good at the latter.

        Happy federal reserve day!There are many here, multiplied by 10 by alerting your friends, family, church members, etc,..and within 2 weeks, ‘whoever’ is doing the monitoring will need to hire more employees—HOW’S THAT FOR JOB CREATION/STIMULUS??!!??

        So, I started this already, but just in case that phrase was overlooked by the snoopers, I went to federal reserve today to buy more federal reserve to put in my federal reserve because my federal reserve was running low of federal reserve.

        I’m a Tennessee girl; violence ain’t my thing, but cutesy and being a ‘bitch’ is!!! And I’m really good at the latter.

        Happy federal reserve day!There are many here, multiplied by 10 by alerting your friends, family, church members, etc,..and within 2 weeks, ‘whoever’ is doing the monitoring will need to hire more employees—HOW’S THAT FOR JOB CREATION/STIMULUS??!!??

        So, I started this already, but just in case that phrase was overlooked by the snoopers, I went to federal reserve today to buy more federal reserve to put in my federal reserve because my federal reserve was running low of federal reserve.

        I’m a Tennessee girl; violence ain’t my thing, but cutesy and being a ‘bitch’ is!!! And I’m really good at the latter.

        Happy federal reserve day!There are many here, multiplied by 10 by alerting your friends, family, church members, etc,..and within 2 weeks, ‘whoever’ is doing the monitoring will need to hire more employees—HOW’S THAT FOR JOB CREATION/STIMULUS??!!??

        So, I started this already, but just in case that phrase was overlooked by the snoopers, I went to federal reserve today to buy more federal reserve to put in my federal reserve because my federal reserve was running low of federal reserve.

        I’m a Tennessee girl; violence ain’t my thing, but cutesy and being a ‘bitch’ is!!! And I’m really good at the latter.

        Happy federal reserve day!

        • Are you trying to get me at the top of the list??

          I like it!!! Since I’ve never been first at anything I can remember—why not the federal reserve complaint list.

      48. More proof that the FED must be ended!

      49. Just another year or so and I can get my very own ‘666’ tattoo. 🙂

      50. Story just not scary enough to illicit any concern or trigger any alarm.

      51. Hey Benny Boy…I can save you the trouble…everyone who knows anything about you and the fed would give a big stack of your reserve notes to crush you with a bulldozer….those who dont yet know soon will…you be screwed boy!

      52. As we get louder and louder, so too shall they

        The line in the sand was drawn a long time ago… we can just see it now.

      53. OMG!! It’s 1933 all over agian, except the Gestapo is here in the US.

      54. As interesting and definitely draconian as this is, I just always fail to be “scared” or “fearful” at statements of intent like these. I mean, fear of people seeing what you are saying publicly is kind of silly right? We’re already saying it publicly aren’t we? I already have arguments with conservative dudes on facebook, how will this “discrediting” be any different?

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