Federal Court Upholds the Herding of Demonstrators Into “Free Speech Zones”

by | Aug 8, 2012 | Headline News | 177 comments

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    There was once a group of men who established a fundamental law of the land that allowed the people of their new found country to peaceably assemble and petition their government for a redress of grievances. These founding fathers of that Great nation even went so far as to declare that the government itself could never make a law that would threaten to supplant these protections, which were reserved exclusively for the people. This concept of freedom of assembly and protest was so critical to protecting and preserving the liberty of the people that it was the very first law – the very first Amendment – proposed by the newly elected representatives of These United States of America and came into effect on December 15, 1791.

    It’s frightening what just a couple of hundred years of politicking, self serving greed and expediency can do to a nation. Apparently, somewhere along the way, politicians and judges who hold their personal views in higher regard than those laws upon which this nation was founded, have taken it upon themselves to decide what’s best for the American people and that, perhaps, we have a little too much liberty:

    A federal appeals court has upheld the creation of no demonstration zones, which prohibit free speech in certain public areas.

    The Second Circuit Court of Appeals released a ruling yesterday upholding a lower court’s decision that also declared such zones as being permissible. The opinion was penned by Judge Dennis Jacobs on behalf of a three judge panel that included Judges Pierre Leval and Debra Ann Livingston, two of whom are Republican judges appointed by George H.W. Bush.

    The case surrounded an arrest that took place in 2004 when Michael Marcavage of Repent America and Steve Lefemine of Columbia Christians for Life attended the Republican National Convention in Madison Square Garden to address the large number of pro-abortion speakers at the event, including Rudy Giuliani and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

    According to court records, the two were standing on the public sidewalk holding signs when they were approached by police. The police officer informed the men that they could not stand in their particular location because it had been marked by officials as being a “no demonstration” zone.

    When the men asked where they could go to engage in free speech activity, the officer directed them to a free speech zone located a block away from the entrance of Madison Square Garden. The area, which police had specifically erected for demonstrations, was the only location where expressive activity was allowed to take place during the event. Individuals of varying and opposite opinions were forced to stand together in one consolidated and caged area, which included a stage with a microphone.

    Marcavage and Lefemine complied by walking away from the area alongside the officers and toward the zone that the NYPD had established. As they walked and were questioning the police about the purpose and reasoning behind the zones, they were placed under arrest for not relocating to the area fast enough.

    “They took us to an abandoned warehouse where they funneled hundreds of people into cages that they had set up for this purpose,” Marcavage explained. “They treated us like cattle.


    Only those who agree with the message being delivered at a particular political or public event are now authorized to assemble in or around these areas. Anyone else is relegated to the cattle cages out of view of the public, the media and the officials at whom their protest or grievance is directed.

    These zones are the very antithesis of free speech.

    And it’s not just judges ruling by decree that are stripping us of our right to assemble and protest. In fact, the 1st Amendment itself has been, per recent Congressional action, overridden by a new law that was passed earlier this year. The Federal Restricted Buildings and Grounds Improvement Act now allows national and local authorities to declare any venue they so choose as an “event of national significance,” at which point anyone who is found to be demonstrating in those areas can be charged under Federal criminal statutes.

    Congress Criminalizes the Right to Free Assembly; Strips Basic Protections of First Amendment:

    The new legislation allows prosecutors to charge anyone who enters a building without permission or with the intent to disrupt a government function with a federal offense if Secret Service is on the scene.

    It’s not just the president who would be spared from protesters, either.

    Covered under the bill is any person protected by the Secret Service. Although such protection isn’t extended to just everybody, making it a federal offense to even accidently disrupt an event attended by a person with such status essentially crushes whatever currently remains of the right to assemble and peacefully protest.

    In the text of the act, the law is allowed to be used against anyone who knowingly enters or remains in a restricted building or grounds without lawful authority to do so…

    Under that verbiage, that means a peaceful protest outside a candidate’s concession speech would be a federal offense…

    With the definitions for “domestic terrorism” now taking on a broad scope and encompassing almost any activity deemed as such by the Department of Homeland Security and federal authorities, it is only a matter of time before peaceful demonstrators are not only detained for their criminal terroristic activities, but held indefinitely under US anti-terrorism laws like the National Defense Authorization Act.

    That members of our Congress and appointed Federal judges would first create, then uphold, such laws designed to explicitly enact regulations in direct and overt violation of the First Amendment of the Bill of Rights is nothing short of a treasonous action.

    It is, by all accounts, a betrayal of the people of this country and of the established laws of the land.


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        • (Barack-no-phobia) Meaning = The fear of Obama getting elected for a second term

          • “”In the text of the act, the law is allowed to be used against anyone who knowingly enters or remains in a restricted building or grounds without lawful authority to do so…””

            Men and Women are the only ones with Lawful authority to be anywhere. It’s the officers who are there by privilege. That privilege, and possibly the life of the men abusing it, needs to be taken away from officers who misuse it.

            “”it is only a matter of time before peaceful demonstrators are not only detained for their criminal terroristic activities, but held indefinitely under US anti-terrorism laws like the National Defense Authorization Act.””

            I suspect it is only a matter of time before the “demonstrators” bring their arms to defend their rights and silence the “officers” who threaten them.

            Protecting and defending the Constitution is the job of the People. Protecting and defending the corp criminals is the job of corp officers.

            Which side are you on?

            • If Americans actually showed up WITH their weapons, you would see the “cops” RUN like the pussies they are. When they realize their corrupt bosses cant protect their activities any longer, the uniforms will come off,and they will attempt to blend in. Unfortunately, we already KNOW who they are,and steps WILL be taken to eliminate the “problem”. Many in LE are already fleeing…Use your cellphone cameras and document the cowards faces for future wanted posters…

            • If “we the people” had had the guts to use our 2nd amendment rights when the liberty stripping first started, we wouldnt be in this mess now! We deserve what we have allowed to happen.

            • Direct link on Drudge Report…

              NYPD Debuts Super High-Tech ‘Domain Awareness’ Crime- And Terror-Fighting System…

              It is described as a “new way to track … potential terrorists.”

              “It melds cameras, computers and data bases capable of nabbing bad guys before they even know they’re under suspicion.”


          • Check how your elected officials voted on these laws. There are elections comming this november and the people of this nation need to vote OUT anyone who voted for these laws. Vote for ANYONE ELSE but send a clear message that the people are gearing up for a fight.
            Tell everyone that you meet. Get the word out.
            Do their homework for them and make list of officials in your are and what they voted for that is against the people and why that is true. You have to hand it to them and tell them WHY THEY are in danger.

        • The next person who gives me a stupid look and says” name just one freedom weve lost”, im gonna smack the shit out of.

          • I double dare ya….and we need video.

            • Oh Jeez Tina, get off your knees and spit that out you slack-jawwed moron.

        • The judges and the congressmen who voted for any of the many laws that now are in direct opposition to the Constitution, should all be tried for possible treason. They have sworn an oath to uphold the Constitution and yet have been taking it apart section by section. And this goes back several administrations but is concentrated in the Bush/Cheney and Obana/Biden years.
          Obama has said that he will just not enforce laws that he does not agree with.
          He has authorized money to be sent to known terrorist agencies against his own law that prevents aiding terrorists in any way.
          This is outlaw behavior and it is comming from the highest offices of the land!
          Hang the flag high and hang is upside down. We are in terrible trouble.
          God help us!

          • By the way Australia and New Zealand are having the same troubles in their lands. Australia has lost their right to bear arms. Their version of our Food Safety and Modernization Act ( which prevents anyone from saving seeds, growing their own foods, storeing more than 7days of food, shareing food with anyone outside your own home including church or food bank or extended family) I believe has been passed in Australia and is in process in New Zealand.
            All of this is not just happening here. It is worldwide.

            • I’d be interested in links to such news.

        • We should spirit these traitors of the constitution away in the night, strip them naked, tie them to a tree in a public square and hang a sign on them: “The Emperor has no clothes”. How’s that for petitioning the government for a redress of greivances?

      2. You know what this reminds me of, someone that is taking a hole puncher to the constitution. Chipping away one small piece at a time until it looks like swiss cheese. Rather than thrash it all at once, take it little by little so few people notice and most don’t care. This why that ANYTIME the constitution is violated it must be brought out to as many people as possible. Maybe if enough people see what is happening they can hold it together as long as possible.

        Again Mac, I am glad that sites like this keep us update about the sh^& going on against freedom.

        • So true BI, so true….

        • Won’t be long before a hole puncher will be used on them. Got alot of good hate building.

          • BTW, I hope whoever mines this comment, frames it.

          • Shortly our comments on this site will be considered unlawful because we are making less than favorable comments about the government, elected officials or judges and that is all now covered under NADAA.
            Remember when Obama first got into office and Pelosi started urgeing citizens to report anyone who spoke negatively against the Obama administration or Congressional decisions?
            They people did not allow that kind of talk then. So now it is a law.

        • Be informed,

          You are the voice of reason.

        • “””This why that ANYTIME the constitution is violated it must be brought out to as many people as possible”””

          Bringing it to the attention of a sleeping mass of sheep is not going to do any good.

          It MUST BE ACTED UPON by a few good Men. the problem today is that nobody is acting.

          As more people lose it all, it will devolve into the shooting of perpetrators who must be willing to sacrifice their lives in the process.

          The corp is simultaneously creating the will in the people to do that, while trying to protect themselves from those who engage them.

          It will all lead to the blood of tyrants and patriots just as soon as enough people realize that the tyrants are not the patriots they claim to be.

          • @ Gods Creation. There are still some good people out there that must understand why the constitution was put into place, to preserve freedom for all. Many times people from different sections of a viewpoint can totally disagree as both sides of the poles the other can think of the other as crazy. Even those that are thought of as crazy MUST be allowed to free speech. When ANYONE is censored or put into a cattle blockage because the majority disagrees with them is going against the very foundations of the constitution that was meant to recognize the rights of even one person to be able to express themselves without being bagged up and put away somewhere.

            Just like the thumbs up and thumbs down procedures of this site, those that have off the wall opinions are ostracized and given plenty of red thumbs down. I myself become very upset at anyone that would advocate any anti-self defense, as it empowers, encourages, and yes creates criminals and crime. I am glad that these idots are not censored though because it gives me a chance and others the opportunity to show how wrong they are to take away people’s freedoms of defending themselves. We become upset over those that would dare take away our self defense, but even those imbeciles have a right to express their opinions no matter how stupid and totally absurd they are.

            As other web sites cherry pick only those comments that make their site look rosy. SHTFplan gives even the idiots that chance to say what is on their mind, and the chance for others to dispute it, criticize it and show how wrong it is, and I say two thumbs up to Mac for this, a true believer in freedom of speech.

            This is what the masses, even a small portion of the masses must understand, that their opinion and their voice can be silenced at anytime just like some Syrian regrime has done when someone in power does not want what they are saying to influence others. Healthy debate just makes your opinion that much better to defend when you are in the right.

            I know what that character angry british man is saying about anti-self defense is totally wrong, but by doing some more thinking about it I was about to further strenghten the sound reasoning behind why everyone has the right to self defense. The more these anti self-defense morons shout off, the lesser they have anything to stand on because they cannot defend their positions agaisnt self defense. The more these self defense nuts talk, the weaker their positions become as transparency to what they stand becomes clearer and clearer that they ONLY help and create crime and more suffering.

            I think you are right about the majority of the population, but there is always a few that will listen that don’t want their voices to be silenced. This is what everyone should know, silent one and THEY will eventually silent all.

            • Informed,

              Thee are more of us who understand the Constitution than it would seem. Most are of the more intelligent variety and think critically. They have broken out of the indoctrination, which takes a degree of intelligence or a strong instinct to be free.

              We are aware that a single Man can not bring down the system, or even a small band of men. So we are forced to keep our mouth shut, and prepare for when the corp goes that one step too far and awakens what will be a critical mass of sheep. We can not protect the sheep from themselves, but we can protect ourselves from the wolves.

              Some of us live free as Men to the extent possible (no papers or corp job), others are still working for the “corp” pretending to be contented citizens in a world of despair and watching their productivity and wealth being stolen without apparent recourse.

              At some point, history shows that the peasants, or sheep as we call them, will revolt. But it also shows that they will suffer greatly before doing so.

              Today, we are the founding fathers of the New America. While we will not be mentioned by name as individuals in the Peoples History, we will be known as the ones who found the truth of freedom, of who was destroying us and why, and began to spread the word.

              You said

              “”We become upset over those that would dare take away our self defense, but even those imbeciles have a right to express their opinions no matter how stupid and totally absurd they are.””

              I have no problem with idiots expressing themselves. The problem is when they think I have some obligation to listen to it. Everybody has the right to free speech, but nobody has any obligation to listen or respond to what they may say.

              There’s enough of us to do what is needed. We just need to start protecting one another when someone asserts their rights. If you see a corp officer acting out of line, they must be quickly overwhelmed with people (witnesses) that can validate your actions of defense.

            • @ God Creation. That is true, I cannot stand when these idiots think they have a right to get into your face no matter what. Well said.

          • i think the reason that some people dont act is that the news media that is bought and paid for will make the person doing the act out to be a criminal or terror creator, i think alot of people will have to come together at some time as a group and kick ass, take names and string people up, the media will tell the same story as allways ,but not if they are strung up with the others. this nonesence will go on till its to late or ALL of us do something to stop it, and by that time it will be a civil war.

          • Yes, a few good men and women could definately make a difference. Despite my comment above I do believe we need to form groups that are willing to make citizen arrests of judges and other elected officials who are commiting treason by shredding the constitution. Remember that we are allowed to detain a person until authorities arrive to take over. Of course the police will be puzzled and refuse to do their job and let the court and prosecutors sort it out. No I am not naive enough to think justice will be done but by scaring the crap out of the traitors enough times in enough places my hope is they will wake up to who has the real power.

        • Be Informed,
          Off topic, but up your ally.
          What do you make of the 4.4 in California last night ?
          Will a larger one follow, and where to look for it ?

          • @ Slick. I am glad you brought that up about that earthquake that was a 4.6 and the USGS downgraded it again to not scare everyone too much. This one was like the 4.6 on or very near the San Andreas 5 miles away from Parkfield a copule of days ago. This earthquake was likely on a fault called the Chino Hills fault which is capable of a 6.8. This fault crosses a major freeway and can be viewed as one can see the the sediment that has been twisted around on the hillside, a reverse fault. They had a 5.8 a few years ago there and this fault is feeling the massive pressure from the San Andreas getting ready to finally move.

            There have been many earthquakes of 4.5-5.9 the past 6 days and is continuing. I made a prediction by August 10, 90% likely that a 6.7-7.3 would strike at a few selected places from where the energy seems to be focusing towards. That 5.1 deep in the Antarctica was the strongest in that region for decades, along with others towards the magnetic south pole. Movement south of 60 degrees south almost always means bigger earthquakes in the world. I said watch Alaska, New Zealand, Philippines, towards the equator of South America, Tonga area, but other areas could also get it towards Indonesia. If I am wrong about the time frame, I don’t think I am wrong about what is coming. There is a lot of energy being focused all over the plates right now, especially the Africa plate that influences all the plates more than people realize.

            I don’t think california is quite primed as the energy seems focused more towards the central part of the Pacific plate, the southern portion and the far western portion towards the equator. If you start to see a bunch of 4’s, even a bunch of 3’s on various different faults around southern california, then the San Andreas is getting ready within a likely 72 hour period of breaking. I could bet a lot that the San Andreas will break soon if you get a swarm of earthquakes on a dozen or so different faults. This is the final warm-up before the big one, like what you see on a dam ready to fail with all sorts of stress fractures developing. The San Andreas does not have to exhibit these signs however before it breaks, the earthquakes could be micro in size. There should be some sort of quivering days or hours before it breaks though.

            • Another earthquake in southern california just 45 minutes ago, same magnitude about. This could be the Elsinore fault that is connected to Chino Hills fault, this one is capable of a 7.2. Something could be going on there, I am going to have to look into this carefully.

            • Felt none of these in San Diego. Then again we are on a different plate headed toward the Aleutians arriving in thirty million years and seldom feel any of the quakes. If the san Andreas lets go then the Desert areas will feel it big time with Mexicali probably being leveled.

        • So very true. It’s like the Constitution has become a document full of asteriks.

          * Freedom of speech accept for when it interrupts a more important person talking
          * Freedom of speech until cops say you are being a disruption(definition of disruption up to the interpretation of any officer)
          * Freedom of speech on the corner of “Shut-the-hell-up Rd” and “Go Away Lane” on the second Tuesday of the month from 3 pm until 3:17 pm only.
          * Freedom of speech unless you say something the government disagrees with

          You get my point. The Supreme Court is allegedly supposed to interpret the Constitution. But our freedoms getting fewer and far between and the power of the federal govt is ever growing. If this keeps up, all of us will look back in a few years from now and say, “Remember when we could comment on that cool website: SHTFplan.com? Man, those were the days. Too bad that site was deemed unlawful.”

          • I agree with your observation except for one point; the Constitution was written in plain English for the common man. There is NO NEED for interpretation because it reads exactly how it is supposed read. The terms are as plain and obvious as possible as to avoid the horseshit we’re being sold now; the Supreme fucking assholes are supposed to interpret the Constitution. There is nothing to interpret. Read it through and through and the obviousness of the message is as plain as the nose on your face. Fuck sake we’ve been so conditioned.

            • @ JoeRupublic. Isn’t it amazing how something written so clearly can be loopholed to death like lawyers will do to give their side the advantage? I listened to this anti-self defense nut job go on and on about how the constitution was written in some archaic era that was barely out of the middle ages and has no validity for the 21st. century. It was sickening to watch. What a fool that is a paradox in itself that this character puts down exactly the right given to him to sputter utter garbage and not be censored. This idiot is saying to cut off his nose to spite his face. The constitution is something that timeless, true wisdom never becomes outdated.

            • Joe, the courts are not supposed to interpret the constitution, they are supposed to interpret the statutes and measure them against the constitution. Instead, they interpret what the banksters want and give it to them.

              I no longer use the Supreme Court cases to justify a position in Law. Or the Constitution. I rely solely on Natural Law for protections, rather than law used by the corp.

              Not all have been conditioned.

            • Actually one of the big problems with the Constitution it that it was written in the English of the time between people who understood the point being made. Today the meaning is vague especially for those with an agenda. The second amendment and the NBC part are two of the ones that have caused the most grief as had the 14th as to birthrite citizenship. The founders never envisioned a nation of such corrupt scumbags two hundred years in the future.

            • Absolutely. The courts were to look at the INTENT of the founders and base their decisions on that. What was the INTENT of the 1st amendment. Any law to the contrary is not standing. What was the INTENT of the 2nd amendment, any law to the contrary does not stand. These morons totally ignore the intent.

            • Must disagree Mark Are, getting into “intent” is exactly what the lawers want.
              F@ck intent, what does it say?

          • The Supreme Court of the U.S. is to interpret the applicability of laws against the Constitution (the “Constitutionality” of a law, bill or act). As the Supreme Court was created by Article 3 of said document, those standing in the court have no authority to interpret, change, or otherwise malign the supreme written law of the land.

            • Exactly, yet as we already know, this is overlooked and misrepresented to “we the people”.

      3. The Second Circuit Court of Appeals are hereby declared “enemies of the state”!

        Betrayal is a nice way of putting it! We are letting our once great nation fall deeper and deeper, each and every day, into hard tyranny.

        Soon, the tree of Liberty must be watered!

        • Anon, you’re on to something. The court systems (state,local and federal) are the domestic terrorists that homeland security is suppose to protect us from. But, it is ok, we have the constitution to protect us!
          (I say this with tongue in cheek, the constitution is only as good and powerful as long as we uphold it.)
          Especially the 2nd amendment which they’re trying to repeal.
          Get ready folks, this will be a very bumpy ride this fall.

      4. And they didn’t open fire on the police, because why? ANYONE trying to revoke your rights deserves a bullet, and a smile while doing it. So why did these people fail? Do they still think that their over lords are above reproach? They’re not, so lock and load.

        • IntelHarvest,

          Are you serious, open fire? With a smile on your face, is quite disturbing and pretty sick in my opinion. What do you think that will get you other than the death penalty or life in prison. That is not the way to change the direction that this country is going in. Get a grip on reality.

          • So olease tell us HOW we are supposed to protect our freedoms, the ballot box?? Not happening, these would be tyrants completely ignore the will of the people and continue to strip us of our GOD given rights. Remember these words…


            God help us all!

        • IntelHarvest,

          It is posts like yours that endanger this site. It is getting to the point where posting here is asking to be investigated. This is not the way to create change. Use your brain, you are a sitting duck with your mentality. It is easy to shoot your mouth off with false bravado, but seriously would you kill someone with a smile on your face because they told you not to congregate in a certain spot. That would get you your freedom? To create change, you must shed light on the roaches, a thousand lights.

          • Not that I believe Intel Harvest is correct in the action he has stated the men should’ve done. However I believe Intel Harvest is correct in saying what he wants, when he wants, where he wants. Fearing to speak your mind is only one of many ways the corp can claim victory over you. If you hold youre tounge now, hold it forever. Fear for just one second, and the corp has has won in just one second. Please make them work for it…

            • *tongue

            • peter, if you are saying; basically we shouldn’t retreat, then you’ve spoken correctly. I’m all in with you.
              Anon, well said. Truth be told, thank you.

            • peteropolis,

              Yes, speak your mind, I did, you did. However to encourage killing someone with a smile on your face is not speaking your mind, it is threatening and violent. That is not the answer but it is easy to be brazen and make absurd comments because you think you can get away with them. Someone may take it very seriously, so be prepared to deal with the consequences of your words. We could all pay for his statement in the long run.

          • Your second comment much better than the first. And, you’re right. But, I think ALL of us would be lying and deceiving all concerned if we did not say that as I stated earlier,
            “Soon, the tree of Liberty MUST be watered!” And for all the data-miners, DHS official idiots, or whomever else — I mean that with all sincerity. It is YOU who have broken the laws of the land. It is YOU who has brought tyranny upon this once great land. It is YOU who thinks that YOU are an all-powerful entity. And it is I, and many others here and within the entire USA, that are telling YOU —

            GO TO HELL! Your time is short IF you con’t to push us in a corner. Even a cornered animal will attack. Why do you expect any less from us?

            “Soon, the tree of Liberty MUST be watered!”

        • Opening fire isn’t what needs to be done….yet. What needs to happen is for people to turn up at these events in unmanageable numbers and demand their freedom to demonstrate.

          • AJ…that would require effort. Having to put down the Cheetos and remote control is probably asking too much.
            I recently lost a good friend and I was astounded how many people didn’t even bother to come to his funeral and, at least, pay their respects. People have become so apathetic that they can’t even be bothered to show at a funeral and pay their respects to a man who was known to have a lot of “friends”. Maybe American Idol was on or something, I don’t know, but expecting the lazy public to show up and demand their Rights in a country that rewards laziness and mediocrity would be a tall order. No..I think it is going to be placed on the shoulders of the few Patriots that are left in this country. We may not make it but we can stand proud in front of God and know that we did what we could for our fellow man. I have narrowed it down to this, and maybe others have noticed it too, there are only 2 types of people in this world, those with pride and those without. A lot of people just don’t give a shit about anything anymore. There are millions of people in this country not really living, but just waiting around to die. To ask those type to rally around a cause and get off their asses is just plain asking too much. We will have our day to stand, but I hope its a day when Dancing With the Stars isn’t going to be on or its gonna be a rout.(sarc)

        • Hold on a minute everyone!! Just look at this persons handle. Either a spoiler or cointel. There are millions of law-abiding gun owners in this country who would be pissed off reading that assinine comment as guns don’t make you a hero, whats in your heart does. I grew up with guns and to me, owning guns is like owning underwear, no big deal. Guns are in fact, no more than tools, tools that allow COWARDS to pull stunts like the Aurora and Sikh shootings without a physical fight. Guns allow cowardly gangbangers the luxury of drive-by shootings, guns allow cowards to bully and intimidate unarmed people.
          The sad truth is guns are on the way out because we have become a Nation of cowards. Back in the day, we solved our differences with our fists and you either won or lost and went on about your life. Now its just easier to shoot someone rather than risk getting your ass kicked.
          Real Americans, the real brave ones, know that guns are for self defense and more importantly, standing up to a tyrannical government, which we now have. I think most of the people who frequent this site would fit into the category of Real Americans. We own guns but we don’t think they make us Gods! I consider owning guns a great responsibility, most gun owners that I know do. Idiots that advocate gun violence are nothing more than COWARDS!! When I carry concealed, I am not itching for a fight. I am hoping I never have to use my weapon. I bet most of us think like that. The storm is brewing and unfortunatly, we will one day find out who the real Americans verses the cowards are. You can die for something or you can die for nothing! I bet God hates a coward.

          • Bada Bing! Very well thought out and stated! Great post BlackRifleWarrior!

          • Blackriflewarrior


          • Thanks blackrifle, it is always an honor to know their are people like yourself (myself and others here) that think and see things the same way.
            Take care and stay in His grace.

        • Go right ahead cupcake. When the police are doing their lawful jobs in a lawful manner it would be hard to justify such and attitude as you have stated. Are you a paid govt. shill trying to agitate violence?

          • Just doing their “lawful” jobs? Arresting people for speaking out of a barricaded area is a “lawful” job?

      5. I’m hoping a court that can take on citizens united and make it legal to speak our minds monetarily can reverse this?

      6. …and so our country slides deeper into the abyss.

        “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”
        — John F. Kennedy

        • This is exactly what is happening now!!

      7. Still think you live in a free country folks?

        You don’t.

        Free men don’t have to get permits to protest, and they don’t have to be herded in to “protest areas”.

        The politicians who enacted this legislation should be hung, drawn and quartered.

        • The politicians and the Second Circuit Court of Appeals are aware how close to protesting with other than our voices we are.
          They are aware how close they are to being strung up a tree on the end of a rope.
          But, will this law keep them safe??

          • JayJay says

            But, will this law keep them safe??

            It will keep them safe from the sheep, but that’s not who they are pissing of now. So no, they are hastening their own demise.

            We could start a new reality show to string em up live. Lets call it Fraud Factor and detail the participation in fraud of every bankster/puppet executed.

            Ron Paul would be a great host and could speak the truth of freedom to all who watch in glee, and give fair warning to those yet to appear that they will be next.

            Sounds like a great show. Season One could kick off with the leading of Obama and Bernanke to the guillotine. Talk about the ratings after a month of buildup advertisements!!!!

            There I go dreaming again….

          • @JayJay….

            No law ever kept anyone safe.

      8. Yeah but i bet those Westboro Baptist Church assholes can still yell whatever bs they want at our fallen soldiers funerals under the same rights they take away from legitimate protesters. It’s too late for this country… God be with all of us.

        • EXACTLY!!!! When “the law” only protects the rich and powerful, or their pseudo “protesting” puppets (Hello? OWS ring a bell?), then we NO LONGER HAVE ANY LAW.

          Which means that, like it or not, the only thing holding us to the so-called “elite” who have raped and bastardized the Constitution is fear of their physical reprisals against us. This situation is going to keep sliding downhill until even the most ignorant members of the population no longer buy into their bullshit. And that will spell the end E-N-D for TPTB: all dictatorships need the sheeple to buy into their bullshit justifications for what they do. When they stop believing, that’s when its game over

          Unfortunately, America may have been completely destroyed by then

          • When you see that trading is done, not by consent, but by compulsion – when you see that in order to produce, you need to obtain permission from men who produce nothing – when you see that money is flowing to those who deal, not in goods, but in favors – when you see that men get richer by graft and by pull than by work, and your laws don’t protect you against them, but protect them against you – when you see corruption being rewarded and honesty becoming a self-sacrifice – you may know that your society is doomed. Ayn Rand..in ‘Atlas Shrugged’

      9. Not that it matters to them, they won’t listen to the people (NDAA, Obamacare, Patriot Act, Internet regulations, etc).
        I just thought of something…. If they take over the airwaves (radio, TV, my cell phone, internet) and make us listen to their “emergency broadcast” again and it starts with “Let me be clear…” can we lock them up (especially the speaker) for not using the “Free Speach Zones” because thats the last person I want to hear talking. Just the sound of his voice is irritating.
        MOLON LABE

        • if that happens machinist mate 2nd class, its war game on in my book. i dont want to ever shoot or hurt our own kind and wish these damn lawmakers would be in public when all this happens. they will be safetly put away and god doesnt want us to kill anybody but people with evil intent and want to kill us must be dealt with with our goodness and use of force only if put into that situation. i hope it does never come to that but get these diane feinstein types out of here.

      10. Our forefathers would be PISSED

      11. Stop funding the beast

        • Patiences everyone: this is just another sign of the end. When empires begin to slide into the abyss, they try to maintain some sense of order by enacting more and more laws to restrict behavior in the mistaken belief that if they can get the people to “just behave” everything will eventually get back to normal. But what they don’t understand is that our “behavior” is a manifestation of everything that is wrong with society. The tighter their grip the harder we pull until something gives. TPTB are very frightened, they feel that they are losing control, and they are. We have been breaking up and in decline for some time only it’s been going so slow that few have noticed. Now things are accelerating and more and more people are realizing that we are in big trouble. The international house of financial cards is falling and we are all feeling it. People are speaking out loudly and it scares the ‘elite’ becasue they don’t know what to do about it other than using brut force to keep us quiet. Anymice quoted Kennedy by saying that those who make peaceful revolution impossible only make violent revolution inevitable-how true. There’s still time to get ready for the day when almost all government services dry up due to this financial disaster they have brought about. But don’t wait too long to finish your preps; it’s later than you think.

          • thats what i wanted to say exactly gregory8 but it never comes out that way when i write. but you are correct and know they will lose and the people will not listen to a bunch of cowards. we know the laws and the right thing to do. we must band together and even if it costs us our lives they must never get that chance to have global control.

            • They’re Back….

      12. Let’s see how honest posters to this aite are. You are quick to condemn Oboma, democrats and “liberals, a basically meaningless term. But this law was upheld by republicans who according to many comments on this site walk on water, raise the dead and change water to wine. So, let’s see the condemnations of republicans.

        • The two political party system is nuthin but neocon banker cia controlled fraud smoke and mirrors bullsheeit … THEY ALL GET PAID OFF BRIBED BY THE SAME neocon globalist fascist freemason ZIONIST JOOO PILLOW BITERS bankers … ITS ALL ONE BIG rigged VOTE FRAUD !!! doesn’t matter who you vote for they all work for the same cork suckers bankers in europe club 300 , bilderboybuggers illuminati and the brit german zionist freemason jooo banker family rothchilds !!!

          or they get killed dead or not re-elected !!!

          WAKE UP PEOPLE !!!




        • I hereby condemn the republicans for being every bit as craven and corrupt as the democrats.

          Now can we let go of the silly red/blue charade?

        • JNC: They all are crooks, one is no differt from the other one. The only difference is (they both want total power) just the way to get it. I have no love for any of them peroid.

        • Is there even a right and left any more? It seems the lines are blurred these days between the parties (and not in the favor of the people!). It looks like the new parties emerging from the ashes are the people and the politicians.

        • Even though your point is valid, you don’t have to be such an ass in pointing it out, do you?

          There have been MANY on this site that have said that the (R) or the (D) means absolutely nothing any longer. Where have you been? Before condemning, know the facts!

          It is ALL the RINOS and the DEMON-RATS fault. But as I wrote below, it goes deeper than that. Read my comment below.

          I received this from a friend and would like to share it. I think it’s good:

          The Origin of Left & Right…

          I have often wondered why it is that Conservatives are called the “right” and the Liberals/Progressives are called the “left.”

          But then I found this verse in the Bible:
          “A wise man’s heart directs him toward the right, but the foolish man’s heart directs him toward the left.”
          Ecclesiastes 10:2 (NASB)
          Thus saith the Lord, Amen.

          Can’t get any simpler than that.

          And now for a spelling lesson ——-

          The last four letters in American……….I Can
          The last four letters in Republican……..I Can
          The last four letters in Democrats………Rats

          End of lesson. Test to follow in November, 2012!

          Remember, November 2012 is to be set aside as rodent removal month.

          • well with “logic” like that
            I can say one thing for sure
            this country is doomed

            • Logic like what Satori? What the hell are you implying? Have you even taken the time to read my other 4 or 5 posts before being a snarky prude?

        • You’re right, “liberal” is a meaningless term. ObamaNazi is more like it; and its Kool Aid guzzling fools like you who make it possible. Yes, some GOP “leaders” voted for this horseshit, and they are NOT my brothers in arms, and I piss on them and their treason. But lets hear it joey, exactly how many DEMOCRATS stood up to this insanity? Any of them? Any? crickets chirping…..Still there joey?

          I voted for Ron Paul in the primaries and I will write in his name this November. Because I happen to believe that the Constitution means exactly what it says it means, not what some unelected tyrant in black robes “interprets” it to mean.

          But just what do YOU believe, eh joey? Just what have YOU done to stand up to this creeping tyranny? I believe that in the end all shit smells bad, whether its “liberal” ObamaNazis, treasonous fake “conservatives or clueless thumb sucking trolls like you. And as the proud son of a plumber, I say its high time ALL of you POS were flushed back into the sewers where you came from

          stand strong until freedom dawns

          • Appropriate message about parties dems and pubs: same chit, different smell.

        • Honestly, you have NEVER seen republicans criticized on this forum???? Really???!!! I doubt there is anyone who posts here that would not criticize ANYONE that attempts to limit or control our freedom and liberty, democrat, republican, or martian. You really need to go troll somewhere else…..

          • AMEN! Head in the sand syndrome, don’t ya know.

        • One of the reasons I can no longer support Michelle Bachmann is due to the fact she was one of the Congress Critters who pushed to have the Patriot Act extended. This is one of the worst pieces of legislation ever passed in the heat of the moment after 9/11. It needs to go away especially considering that while the WTC was still smoking our Idiot in Chief GW Bush proclaimed Islam a Religion of Peace. Bull shit it all is.

        • I condemn the corp and all of it’s members, right, left, republican, democrat, foreign, domestic, or any other idiotic title they wish to yield.

          I make Laws for me that compliment those I have been given by God.

          I also condemn trolls.

        • Two heads of the same beast
          you get what both parties want even if you dont vote or want either of them..we need to abolish the two party system of corruption and games.
          R3volution for a Freemans party or something like that

        • Joe,,,are you still thinking in terms of right/wrong..left/right…democrat/republican??
          They are all bought, yes, even rand paul, and it is an illusion that we even have a choice to keep us quiet until they are ready to ______________; you fill in the blank, because there are so many options.

      13. The “Master Plan” is being unveiled right before our eyes. It has been in the works for the past 100 years and the “Master” of it all, The “Grand Dragon”(Satan) has his followers in place to bring it all together.

        We can ignore it or say we don’t believe it, but it is as real as rain. Our Father is still in charge and allowing these things to happen because people won’t live by his laws. Yea, there are a few of us that try to, but the vast majority just want their “stuff”. Their “stuff” is more important to them than their eternal freedom.

        We the people, can start making a difference by voting out the liberals first. Then begin to pick off the “fake” conservatives one by one. I don’t see it happening but it is a good thought. Too many have been “brainwashed” and led by their ignorance. Most minorities and un-educated just want more of a handout and will vote accordingly. As long as their freebies keep coming they could care less about free speech and the constitution. The others are the somewhat educated but have a sense of entitlement because they grew up getting everything handed to them on a silver platter. Now that the silver platter has disappeared, they expect their government(taxpayers) to pick up the tab. They also will vote accordingly and shun God’s laws. They can’t, or shouldn’t even be referred to as “sheeple” any longer. They are more like “wild goats”.

        • Well said!

        • Yea, there are a few of us that try to, but the vast majority just want their “stuff”. Their “stuff” is more important to them than their eternal freedom.

          We the people, can start making a difference by voting out the liberals first.

          If the vast majority of people causing the problem then how in hell do you think voting will work? We are too far deep in the shit for that.

        • Dont tread says

          “””We the people, can start making a difference by voting out the liberals first.”””

          It appears that you yourself reject the laws of God in favor of voting for some man to make superior laws for you to follow.

          We the People have no say at the ballot box, unless we report there with guns and insist on PAPER BALLOTS that can be counted by impartial counters.

          You want a say, just collect a few thousand gun toting friends to show up at the State Capitol with instructions to leave the bullets in their pockets and a promise to the criminals that next time they will be in the gun.

        • ~~~Now that the silver platter has disappeared, they expect their government(taxpayers) to pick up the tab~~~

          The taxpayer was always picking up the tab, dont’t tread…always.
          Nothing was free.

          • @
            Harley and Gods Creation
            I don’t reject the laws of God for man’s law. The US Constituition and Bill of Rights was written by men that based them on God’s laws. No, it’s not perfect, but it is what we have. Our “Freedom” starts and stops with God’s Law. If you think freedom and happiness is a “warm gun” then you are badly mistaken and a fool. March right on up to the State Capitol with “a few thousand gun toting friends” and I’ll be the first to cheer you on. I’m not that big a fool to join you with a mere “few thousand” cause some of you will make headlines and most will make the later pages in the Obituaries.
            I know it seems that voting is a moot point; however, if we the people had been informed and started voting out the bums/wealthy elite/bankers/etc. about one hundred years ago, we wouldn’t be having these conversations. Voting is all we have left except for a full out revolution. If you recall, the last “civil war” didn’t turn out all that well. That is exactly what a revolution will turn in to. A major civil war, right against left and there would be much bloodshed. I’d rather not spend my last days trying to prove a point with a bullet.

            With the choices we have to vote for, it will all be over with soon enough anyway and God will do the “sorting” out.

      14. All to make us more sharia compliant.

      15. Mac

        now they’ve legally pigeon holed us to an obscure corner

        then still arrest us.

        how quaint it all is..

        just when are they going to create free? speechzones on the internet..?

        probably sooner than later


      16. “We have four boxes with which to defend our freedom: the soap box, the ballot box, the jury box, and the cartridge box”. Use in that order.
        I pray that common sense will overtake the nation and a new wave of conservative libertarians will vote these progressive/socialist/marxist/NWO scum bags out of office but I have little hope that they will. Too many are on the government take and will not do anything to end their free ride at our expense. “Why work when you can get everything for free from congressman/woman umpty squat”
        I know that I’m preaching to the choir but until they start preaching individual liberty, freedom, sel-reliance, charity, and a return to God, this country will not have a chance of survival as “the shining city on a hill”. It’s turned into a stinking turd on an antpile.

        • MM; I feel that only the last box is left to use. I am sorry to say that, I am truly sorry, but all the others have been tried over and over again. It will not change until the place has been cleaned from top to bottom. We will have to start all over again.

        • 1. The soap box.
          Too many people are still wrapped up in amerikan idol and other hollywood crap to ever hear you.

          2. The ballot box.
          Which do you want, blue team or red team. Pick carefully now.

          3. The jury box.
          The media does a fine job of contaminating any jury you could hope to get long before you will get to trial, at which point you will be tried by your peers. Get a good look at your peers lately? See point 1.

          That leaves one box left

        • Also, there are just so many people employed by the fed gov now, the number of $150k+ salaried gov employees has more than doubled under 0-moron. These people will NEVER vote to give up their livelihood with full insurance and retirement union positions. They will be more trouble to “re-educate” than the welfare gimme-girls.

        • That’s so easy in a fantasy world..but there is a problem with changing the CON gress, in that it will take generations, IF even doable; have you noticed it takes LOTS of money to even challenge an incumbent, and those with money are just same chit, different smell???

      17. When we only protect speech that we agree with Freedom has disappeared.

      18. The Constitution says that GOD gave us our Rights, not a bunch of sissy boy lawyers.

        Every American can say what they wish, pretty much when they wish to.

        They can worship God, when and how they want to, or don’t want to.

        They get to keep all that they own and have earned.

        They have a Right to their private homes where the police must have just cause to enter.

        They have the Right to own a firearm and ammo for it, protect their families, neighbors, and selves.

        These truths are self evident! All men are created equal!

        • Get the quote correct. All men are created equal in the eyes of the law. Anyone who is older than five knows that we are not all equal in our abilities, looks etc. However in court all men are supposed to be equal. Obviously that is not true either in real life to which I submit Fast and furious and Jon Corzine thief in chief of billions of dollars held in trust.

          • John W.

            Maybe he was referring to:
            “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

            And if that was the case, then he was right! Don’t ASS-U-ME.

        • (Blank space), I would simply ask that you not read into documents what you want to be there. The declaration of independence uses the phrase quoted by anon666 not the constitution and it clearly uses the term creator not god. This is wonderful as it allows some to think god was the creator and others to think otherwise.

      19. Why are people acting like this is new? Do you seriously not remember W Bush’s Free Speech Zones? Right there along with the Patriot Act that stripped us of our rights and our privacy. This isn’t new territory.

        • True, but now they’re “legislating” it. There is a difference. Hell, if they don’t “pass” it in the Congress eventually, they know that the ObiteMe in charge will simply enact it through proxy with his PD power!

        • Bush isn’t President anymore, why are you bringing him up? The past is the past.

      20. ok just a few items for those who quote God Jesus or the bible and then talk about hand outs. These are biblical quotes and are fromt eh word of god by his book not me. ( remember that when you red thumb it. )

        Galatians 6:2 Bear one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ.

        Deuteronomy 15:11

        For there will never cease to be poor in the land. Therefore I command you, ‘You shall open wide your hand to your brother, to the needy and to the poor, in your land.’

        Proverbs 14:31

        Whoever oppresses a poor man insults his Maker, but he who is generous to the needy honors him.

        Mark 10:21

        And Jesus, looking at him, loved him, and said to him, “You lack one thing: go, sell all that you have and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven; and come, follow me.”

        just a few 🙂

        • The Bible quotes you mention are true to my beliefs. However, none of them refer to the taking of one person’s labor(money) at the point of a gun(IRS) and giving it to whomever they decide it should go to( banks, corporations, or needy). Charity, as described in the Bible, is a free will offering.

          • “If anyone has material possessions and sees his brother in need but has no pity on him, how can the love of God be in him? Dear children, let us not love with words or tongue but with actions and in truth.” 1 John 3:17-18

            New Testament by the way.

            • I understand your point. But, once again, that passage is directed TO the church. TO the “brethren”, not the world (the lost).

              When interpreting the Bible, one must always know the who is being addressed, what time (dispensation) it is intended for, and what the main topic is and if the thought line changes. This is called hermeneutics and is truly the only way to understand the Bible in context.

            • anon666 . When interpeting the bible one must always remember that it is gods word not ours how you understand it may not be how he ment it, how I understand it may not be how he ment it. We may both be right we may both be wrong. I would rather go with the he wants everyone on earth to be this way,rather then just a few.

            • Legion,

              No. It was written (except for the mysteries and certain prophesies) for the common man. Read what Paul said about this, you’ll see. Just as in every aspect of life, there is a science to all things. And the ‘science’ of the studying of the Word is called hermeneutics. Even without it, if one will simply know the time and culture of whatever particular Scripture was written, who it is written to, and what the “topic of thought” is, then you WILL know the correct interpretation. Otherwise, tell me, how would we ever know the will of God? How would anyone ever get saved and redeemed? And how would one be able to ‘hide it’ within their hearts if it was so convoluted, difficult, and uninterpretable by the common man?

              God is love. His Word was given out of His love. Thereby His Word would have never been given to be anything other than understandable by those who have the Spirit of truth within them.

        • JRS is correct, and you are wise to list these legion.

          However, all of these were spoken to the “church” to come, or the church that Christ established. Why is that important? Because it is the Christian’s responsibility to do these things, NOT the public at large. It is the church’s obligation (as it was not even a century ago) to provide for the poor, the sick, the orphan, the widow, etc. It is ALL Christians who are at fault for what is going on, myself included. It is the CHURCH’S fault! Let me quote a wonderful evangelist from the mid to late 1800’s, Charles Finney:

          “Brethren, our preaching will bear its legitimate fruits. If immorality prevails in the land, the fault is ours in a great degree. If there is a decay of conscience, the pulpit is responsible for it. If the public press lacks moral discrimination, the pulpit is responsible for it. If the church is degenerate and worldly, the pulpit is responsible for it. If the world loses its interest in religion, the pulpit is responsible for it. If Satan rules in our halls of legislation, the pulpit is responsible for it. If our politics become so corrupt that the very foundations of our government are ready to fall away, the pulpit is responsible for it. Let us not ignore this fact, my dear brethren; but let us lay it to heart, and be thoroughly awake to our responsibility in respect to the morals of this nation.”

        • Each man will be judged separately in front of God. Your life’s accomplishments, your spirituality, your respect for Mother Nature and your fellow man, your thankfulness for the animals that he has so gracefully supplied the world with, your humanity and your true self. God sees all, knows all, and he will be the final judge of us all. We will not be judged as a group, we will not get credit for complying with a dictator who makes us forfeit money. Each man on his own.

          • Ohcumgache, Amen.
            As to my view, a christian sitting by and allowing evil to consume his labor and rewards while starving his children will not be rewarded by OUR FATHER; for He will judge you and say there is a time to turn the other cheek–why not did you learn the difference??

        • It seems too many folks forget that various quotes you wrote are OLD Testament which was the Prior covenant God made with the Whole 12 tribes of isreal…

          However, and I thibnk its in Galatians(?) and maybe elsewheres also in the NEW testament, that it, the NEW testament Replaced the Old one. Christ Fulfilled the LAW & the Prophets etc….

          Since aprox 2000yrs ago Christs death and shed blood Began the New Covenant/testament, and it states that is a more perfect and final covenant never again to be added to nor will we get any 3rd covenant etc….The current one IS what we are to obey. Laws/rules from Deut. or Leviticus etc are No longer valid. Our new covenant replaced that stuf.

          We since 2000yrs ago live under the State of Grace, and are Warned several times to NOT listen to those who try to convince us to go Back under the Old law(Those men are called Judiaziers trying to get us Back under old testement) which holds no mandates for christians, since the New covenant, the old covenant for us now is more for Historical proof of Christs Truths as well as proof olden prophets was correct even though most all was murdered by their Own who rejected their messages etc.

          We are supposed to Obey the New covenant Not the Old. Various good advice in the Old one is ok. But laws/rules etc which was based on the orig. Mosaic(Mosses) laws we aint to go by.

          We are also told those who fall for judiaziers and go back under the Old law etc will Lose our Under Grace Salvation!….And once lost by rejection of the new covenant laws etc, what is there left to be saved by since the Old laws is done and replaced as of 2000yrs ago.

          Disclaimer: That is all from memory as I dont have time now to get exact quotes and its close enough for any who read it.

          • The old testament is often cast aside but then again the ten commandments are old testament.

            • forgot this part in my reply, The book of mark is a book of the NEW testament. I quoted from the new testament too 🙂 and that quote is the one spoken by Jesus Himself.

          • Well, that’s a relief, cause women bearing girls can now attend the sanctuary instead of waiting 60 days–BTW, if she bore a boy, it was only 33 days wait before entering the sanctuary.
            We must not take the BIBLE literally and to heart sometimes or we are all sinning every minute of every day.

        • “For even when we were with you, this we commanded you, that if any would not work, neither should he eat” II Thessalonians 3:10

          I do agree that charity is great, I also believe those who accept charity shouldn’t sit on their ungrateful @ss with hands out for more like they are entitled to any gift god was gracious enough to provide for them to HELP THEMSELVES.

          • YMap,

            This is why Jesus said to NOT cast your pearls to the swine. The “command” mentioned is to His people, not the world. This was directed to the church of Thessalonica and therefore to the children of God (the saved). Charity is the church’s responsibility, NOT the governments. The church (God’s people) have failed. We must step up and step out on faith once again in this nation, or we are doomed as a society.

            II Chronicles 7:14

        • But Jesus would never want gov to take away the fruits of our labor at the point of a gun to distribute to people who do absolutely nothing to provide for themselves when they are physically capable.

        • II Thessalonians 3:10 For even when we were with you, this we commanded you, that if any would not work, neither should he eat.

          Left out the one pertaining to the moochers, Anon!

          • Yes. But I was referring directly to his point. That those accepting “charity” shouldn’t sit on their “ungrateful @ss”. Those he is talking about are on the government role unless I am misunderstanding his comment. That’s what I meant by my reply to him. That that type of “charity” is not the government’s job, it is the church’s, it is OUR job. If our neighbor is hurting, it is our job and responsibility as God’s children, to help them even when we don’t want to. And if that type of true charity was rampant today, we would not even be in the predicaments we’re in today.

            I hope that clears that up a little.

            • Oh, I forgot. And that passage was TO the church. Meaning it isn’t talking about the unbelievers. It’s talking to and about the believers. How can we expect unbelievers to be held to account to God’s Word if they are not His child? We can’t! That is why it is imperative we know WHO the passage we want to use as “proof” of our arguments were addressing.

            • @anon: perhaps the reason this type of charity is not so “rampant” as you prefer is that the average American family pays HALF their income to government at all levels. Its not just federal or state income tax either: its also taxes paid for Social Security, sales taxes on everything you buy, excise taxes on gasoline, “sin” taxes on booze and cigs (funny how “liberal” critters who always say how you can’t legislate morality do EXACTLY that with sin taxes) and all the various fees and surcharges that attach to every damned thing you do, whether its getting married, starting a business, getting a professional license for a trade, purchasing a car or boat etc etc etc.

              Interesting historical fact anon: when the income tax first came out, the top rate was 3 per cent. There were prophets of doom who warned that by golly, the top rate might go past ten per cent, the traditional “tithe” paid by church goers to support their faith. Needless to say, those extremist people were mocked and scorned as being alarmists and fear mongers

              The whole point of what the government does is to DESTROY us as citizens in an attempt to change us into subjects. The best way to do that is to rob us through overwhelming taxes, and then say that its “patriotic” to pay more and more money to the robber barons who live off the sweat of OUR brows. I have read estimates that the government has spent upwards of ten to twenty trillion dollars in the so called “war on poverty”, yet poverty is as bad now as ever. So maybe, just maybe, it wasn’t about helping the poor, it was about stealing from the middle class.

              So tell me anon, is this legalized theft and robbery by our so-called “representatives” REALLY Biblically inspired? Is it for this that Moses led his people through the desert for 40 years? Is this why the Maccabees fight against pagan tyranny? Is it really for this that Jesus died on the cross? Were people fed to lions so that 2000 years later a pack of good for nothing, tax fattened parasites should demand the skins off our backs after ripping off our shirts?

              Pardon me for being unBiblical, but I only have one word for that line of thinking: bullshit!

              stand strong until freedom dawns

            • SonofSam,

              What are you talking about?

              You are right about the “taxes” you mention, but that is OUR fault for allowing it to come to the point we are in today. It has nothing to do with Biblical anything, nor did I ever say it did.

              My points are on using the passages that have been listed CORRECTLY! The Bible was written for all. But ONLY the children of God will be held to account for what are within its covers. In the same manner, no unbeliever can, nor be expected to, abide by Biblical precepts. In that train of thought, the comments I made were in direct reference to WHO those verses were talking about or to, and WHO is at fault for not living up to them or doing the work of the Word.

              NOWHERE within any comment did I condone or call it Biblical that our … and I quote you…
              that “legalized theft and robbery by our so-called “representatives” REALLY Biblically inspired?”. I never implied that, never said that. So either you’re not reading what I wrote and understanding the overall meaning, or you’re reading between the lines somehow.

              Whatever the case, please understand that there are many, many reasons we are in the condition we are in today. But, IF true charity was being practiced by those who are commanded to do so, we would NOT be in this position. And yes, that includes ALL of His “supposed” people who claim salvation but haven’t a clue about it at all! Many will come and say Lord, Lord… and hear those dreaded words, “Depart from Me,” That is our true job… Matthew 28:19-20

        • Jesus never spoke to the corp, nor gave any blessing for a fiction of man to steal from His people to give to another.

          If it doesn’t come from your heart and hand, it is not freely given and becomes stolen property, stolen from God himself.

          The people here do not mind giving to help the poor, they mind being stolen from because buffoons like you believe the corp is god and the teachings of Christ amount to license for it to steal from those who may be Christians.

          You don’t know anything about the Bible, and Jesus knows nothing of you. Unless he is keeping a list of trolls.

          • May I ask who your comment was directed to? Just curious.

            • It was supposed to be for the troll AnonLegion


              AnonLegion says:
              August 8, 2012 at 8:11 am

              ok just a few items for those who quote God Jesus or the bible and then talk about hand outs. These are biblical quotes and are fromt eh word of god by his book not me. ( remember that when you red thumb it. )

              Galatians 6:2 Bear one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ.

              Deuteronomy 15:11

              For there will never cease to be poor in the land. Therefore I command you, ‘You shall open wide your hand to your brother, to the needy and to the poor, in your land.’

              Proverbs 14:31

              Whoever oppresses a poor man insults his Maker, but he who is generous to the needy honors him.

              Mark 10:21

              And Jesus, looking at him, loved him, and said to him, “You lack one thing: go, sell all that you have and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven; and come, follow me.”

              just a few 🙂



            • That’s what I thought, just making sure. Thanks!

              It’s been a long thread and it was getting a little discombobulated.

      21. I thought the whole %^&%$#*@! country was a free speech zone.

        I know that’s what my gr-gr-gr-gr-gr-gr-grandfathers fought, bled, and died for.

      22. Reminds you of the movie Red Dawn where the Russian cuts up the American Flag and gives a piece to each student.

        This is not the United States I was born in. This is not the United States I was raised in. This is no longer the United States I believe in. Is this the time for people of the same ilk to rise up and demand a return to the principles and moral standards we were brought up to expect?

        I think it is and regardless of what anyone says it is my right to say it. Enough is enough! My next post will probally be from some where deep underground with bars or bullet proof glass all around me or whatever they do now with disidents.

        • Spoken like a true Patriot!!! You sound like me. We were raised in a better time when people actually respected each other. People like us stand back and watch what this country has become and think; how in the Hell do these progressive idiots think they are improving this country? Todays society is lost and they think they are doing a fine job. People waddle around #100lbs over-weight…and blame the food! Some asshole shoots up a store and kills people…and they blame his parents! Me…I’ll cling to my God, guns and the United States Constitution, and I will go out that way!

          • 100 thumbs up BRW!!!

      23. TPTB own all parts of goverment, we FREE PEOPLE do not stand a chance. I feel all we can hope for is that when we go down we take as much of their resorces as possible with us. Make them pay dearly for OUR FREEDOM if they want it so bad. When they have total power I think they will find that few sheeple is left to do their beck and call, and then they will be at one anothers throats. They feel they are so smart, but in truth they are morons just plain stupid. Money and power are not everything like they think it is. When TPTB get right down to it who is going to be the leader, in their minds no one is better than they are. OH to be around for that power struggle, but we will be in a better place then. The world is ready to explode ANY DAY NOW. All we can do is prep and wait for the hammer to fall and it will very soon. So if you think that elections this fall is going to change things back to the way they were YOU MY FRIENDS ARE DEAD WRONG. There are to many FREE LOVING people out here for TPTB to have a cake walk to take it over. TPTB are saying “That’s bold talk for a one eyed fat man” and my answer is “FILL YOUR HANDS YOU SOB’S” Thats just my two cents. We have no goverment for the people any more it’s for the few!

        • posted this before, but you said the line that made me think of it again

          Listen to the Band Queen..”Hammer to Fall”

          seeing into the future must not have been to hard for Brian May to understand when he wrote the music and words to that song..
          (yes I know Eddy Mercury sang it, Brian wrote it)

      24. ****** my trigger finger is startin’ to itch .

        real bad !!!

        prepare prepper peeples … it will be darker soon , maybe for a few years of bloody free american revolutionary civil war … before we rekindle the light of liberty again – prepare !!!


      25. YOU CAN NOT SAVE A COUNTRY WHEN THE PEOPLE REFUSE TO ENFORCE ITS LAWS,these polital people only do what they want when the people allow it. READ THE DICK LAW OF 1902,then read the US CONSTUTITION,there guilty of treason,they know IT,DO YOU?????WHY do americans have to be mad before they consider enforcing the LAW,SOLDIERS NEVER GO INTO BATTLE PISSED OFF,its a job….protecting the laws of GOD and COUNTRY,are the PEOPLES JOB….IF your neighbors don’t want to help enforce the law “FINE” they don’t need to be allowed to live here either…..the people need to make up there mind,freedom or slavery its your choice……………..

        • Arizona: Have you noticed how many folks in tea partys and some libertarians keep always saying “We have NO leaders” or they state how proud they are to be “Leaderless”?

          Thats all we heard from various tea party groups who went on fox news or hannity etc…They Bragged of No leadership!

          I recall reading that, no leaders or “Leaderless Resistance” on a few other libertarian or freedom folks web sites lately too..

          Ok so WHEN has ANYBODY or group ever before won any battles or freedom wars/revolts withOUT a “leader”?

          I sure cant recall it happening…Our founders sure believed in Leadership! IE: General George Washington!

          WWII; Gen George Patton! etc etc. You can’t get far without leadership or command structures. If I try to picture Millions of freedom minded folks across the usa all at work with that leaderLESS mentality?….I see FAILURE Big Time, and an END to our freedoms and end of america as we know it to be.

          The “I got My lifejacket and am inside the Boat so lets get it moving and screw them others still in the water” type attitude it sure dont seem like the way I was raised from 60 yrs ago now.

          I think america Has probobly enough likeminded and Fed up persons to get the job done. But it wont work or succeed unless and untill a True Leadership type person is made known and begins to lead. I know I aint that qualified, but I am willing to follow a True Patriotic Leader.

          • People need to be lead in a military environment if it comes to that. But the only way to fight for individual freedom is as an individual.

            When enough individuals succeed, change will be easy enough.

        • I have to admit. Very interesting video.

        • That scared me. It should scare all of us. And it is coming

      26. How long will it be before there won’t be any public place for people to exercise free speech ?

        • Answer… hopefully, NEVER!

      27. “Individuals of varying and opposite opinions were forced to stand together in one consolidated and caged area, which included a stage with a microphone.”
        Perhaps these various groups will realise their enemy is not one another and that the people forcing them into cages are their enemy.

        • Ummmmm, didn’t Coco Puff or whoever just post that above?

          • Umm sorry. I work days and I didn’t have time to read every comment.

            God bless.

      28. Every square inch of the United States is a ” free speech zone” and anyone who says otherwise is a traitor.

        • Heretic….I wish I could give you a thousand thumbs-up for your statement!!


          • I thought you said you were a christian? and you take the Lords name in vain?

        • Amen brother

        • @heretic
          As much as I might disagree with the Occupy or homosexual protesters who will surely converge on Charlotte NC for the Democrat convention, I absolutely believe that they have a right to protest at the very gates leading into the arena, and not be herded like cattle in “protest cages”. The whole idea of “free speech zones” is repugnant to me in every way. However, I would like to point out to all the Bush haters out there, such “zones” did not begin with him; they began on college campuses over twenty five years ago, and were almost exclusively directed against conservatives, libertarians and patriots of all types. I know, because I ran afoul of them during the 80s: when I tried to promote right to life in the student union of the CATHOLIC college I attended, I was told that I was “not allowed to do that”; I was being too “controversial”. It could have been worse: a friend of mine at an Ivy League school, a bastion of “tolerance” was told he couldn’t live on campus after he tried promoting the NRA there. He moved off campus, and during our senior year, managed to get hold of a third floor apartment highly visible from the quad, and he hung a Gadsden flag the size of a Volkswagen from his balcony.

          Long story short: I would march shoulder to shoulder with anyone who genuinely believes in the first amendment, but my life long experience of “Occupy” types is that they wouldn’t cross the street to shake hands with me. I’m too conservative, I’m “anti choice” and I believe there’s an obvious reason that there are two genders, not one. Plus, they have an alarming tendency to become Barack Obama when they grow up

          stand strong until freedom dawns

      29. We are being systematically branded, berated, silenced and criminalized. This is Tyranny, I’m afraid we will not be able to stop this with only the ballot box.

        Once you have a rap sheet you have already lost most of your rights.

      30. Welcome to the United Socialist States of America, please stand in line for your government cheese……and make sure you display your papers, but not if you are an illegal alien, if you are we will pay for everything for you and give you a drivers license and you do not have to buy insurance of any kind for anything. And when you get a bill and decide not to pay, you can just go back to Mexico for a few years until the statute of limitations runs out and then can come right back….

      31. The fact that laws like this can be passed, let alone that there are traitors in our midst that enforce these draconian laws should be sounding an alarm to everybody!! How much longer do you think these sites are going to be allowed to operate? Sites like this are allowed to run so Google and all the other internet providers can give our names to the government. As soon as the government thinks they have enough on ALL of us who post here you can bet your ass this site and others like it will be shut down and those of us who have protested the governmental takeover of our entire lives will be rounded up or threatened and coerced into “NICE” behaviour, ie re-education camps. Wake up, did any of us EVER think we would see the day when free speech was so blantly crushed?

      32. In the meantime, Dirty Harry-the-Lieface-Reid gets to expound on Mitt Romney on the Senate Floor while Congress is in session, using our tax dollars to campaign for The Dark Lord by lying.

        Maybe our illustrious Representatives should legislate that the Senate and House floors are not to be used for campaigns and other ignorant demonstrations such as Reid’s little stunt.

      33. No sense in even bothering to take this to the Supreme Court. They have already demonstrated that the rule of the Constitution means absolutely nothing.

        That Bush appointed idiot Roberts would just side with the radical communists again.

        It’s over for poor America.

      34. Few months ago, Ruth Bader Ginsberg(small women with Ratfacehead) on us supremes, whos apointed by Klinton and is probobly worst liberal kommie there. She gave a speech to a collage adutorium of law students.

        When it was time for audience questions a girl asked Ruth if at times of difficult to determine us const. issues arise does She(ruth bader) or the other justices ever use any other nations laws or international laws etc, and that girl also asked about use of the Talmude(pharisee jews main holy book)?

        Ruth told the girl that Yes! They use alot of international laws and consider other nations constutions/laws and of Course she and a few others use the Talmude quite often!!

        Not long afterward, Conservative justice Scalia said same at His speech to another student body or a book tv type gathering!

        They are useing the Talmude to determine Our NON religious laws etc!…..What about that wall of seperation we hear of so often if its Christians issues?

        Every American should at least read some of various online talmude rantings which are now quite easy to find in english versions….Then it all makes perfect sense how such supossedly inteligent justices at all fed level courts can rule or decide such assinine ruleings.

        • If the body of Christianity gets much smaller, we may actually qualify to be a “minority”! 😉


      36. Good People…
        It is over…
        We are done…
        Where to go from here???

      37. communisim is not over night it is small chips of freesom taken over a loooong time. It is a very slow and painless process. When people realize that they are at a loss of freedom it is already to late and can not be undone. You can not unring a bell so to speak. Our liberty bell has been all rung out. It is a relic no longer standing for what it was meant to. We are on rhe edge now and not much else for tptb to go full throttle. we are done the constitution will be used as a teaching tool for the nwo to show our kids that a republic can not work and our kids*very young ones) will know no better.

      38. What is very interesting is that the Vietnam generation is in power and are the demographic that is supportive of this blind obedience to government authority. They along with the civil rights protestors of the 1960s cut their eye teeth on protests and now turn a blind eye to it’s suppression. It’s amazing what a few dollars in investments and a nice home will do to bribe one into conformity.

        “I saw a Dead Head sticker on a Cadillac”.

      39. K2: I am of the Viet Nam generation and a Viet Nam Vet. That era divided the population of that generation into three camps:

        1. Those who accepted their responsibilities of citizenship and served their country honorably. (Engaged)

        2. Those who refused to accept their responsibilities of citizenship and moved to Canada. (Copped out)

        3. Those who resisted the status quo; primarily the Left, and challenged the PTB. (Engaged)

        After Viet Nam, those in category One returned home like veterans after WWII and pursued their careers, education, and families.

        Many of those in category Two remained in Canada and developed their lives there. Some returned home after Carter erroneously granted Amnesty to the cowards that left the country.

        Those in category Three moved into government and politics and became part of a New Left Cadre seeking to establish socialism and redefine what it means to be American; pushing gay rights, perversion, alternate lifestyles, and alternate VALUES.

        They have infiltrated the government at every level CORRECTLY understanding that political office gives them legitimacy and the power to shape policy.

        To their credit, the one thing they did do was eliminate the DRAFT to stop the elite from using the poor as cannon fodder.

        Now the elite have turned to robots and drones to project military power to escape the refusal, dissension, and reluctance of the population to support their wars of phony, Crony Capitalism.

        Now the Elite use OUR tax dollars but resist the idea of a DRAFT understanding the firestorm of protest that will sweep the country when lives are at stake.

        Those in power or politics now, on the right and on the left, represent the division of these two groups since the Viet Nam ERA.

        The only thing they do agree on is using OUR money to advance their personal prosperity, ideology, and group agenda.

        The nation is divided into thirds: about one third are republican, about one third are democrats, and one third independent.

        To change the direction of America and return it to the Founding Principles, a NEW group pf Patriots must emerge from the independents, organize, communicate, volunteer, donate, and vote; drawing adherents from both the Right and The Left to preserve OUR heritage and OUR freedoms.


        • Only in a collapse will all the closet commies , neo socialists and leftists in general see for themselves that the government is not going to help them or protect them . Then and only then , will they rethink enough to vote for liberty ……..then it will be too late and a civil war will have already begun . Arm up ……arm up for protection of self and family to survive the chaos , arm up if you wish to join” Johnny Reb ” and try to set things right .

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