Fed Clicks Print Button, Saves America (Again)

by | Nov 3, 2010 | Headline News | 60 comments

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    If you were concerned that food and energy prices were going to drop in coming months, don’t worry. If Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke has his way, then the price of commodities should continue to rise for months, and perhaps years, to come.

    The Federal Reserve launched a controversial new policy on Wednesday, committing to buy $600 billion more in government bonds by the middle of next year in an attempt to breathe new life into a struggling U.S. economy.

    The decision, which takes the Fed into largely uncharted waters, is aimed at further lowering borrowing costs for consumers and businesses still suffering in the aftermath of the worst recession since the Great Depression.

    The U.S. central bank said it would buy about $75 billion in longer-term Treasury bonds per month. It said it would regularly review the pace and size of the program and adjust it as needed depending on the path of the recovery.

    In its post-meeting statement, the Fed described the economy as “slow”, and said employers remained reluctant to add to payrolls. It said measures of inflation were “somewhat low.”

    source: CNBC

    Are we really in the “aftermath” of the recession? Or, has this so-called recovery been nothing but a statistical cover-up? The fact is, if the much touted recovery were real, we wouldn’t need more quantitative easing to keep stock markets, home prices and other assets from crashing.

    According to Karl Denninger, we’re in serious trouble:

    In English: To attempt to force prices higher, which already has and will continue to reflect into commodities and thus screw you, the common man, The Fed is now monetizing essentially the entire net issue of Treasury Debt for the next six months.

    This is an effective 20% devaluation of the currency beyond that which has already been done.

    I hope you like expensive gas, milk, bread, you know – everything you need to buy to live.

    According to the Fed’s statement, inflation measures are “somewhat low.” If this is “somewhat low”, we can’t wait to see what high inflation means:


    In an effort to “stabilize” home prices and stock markets, the Fed has already committed trillions of dollars in QE. The problem, of course, is that by “stabilizing” these prices at levels that would be unsustainable without intervention, they have caused a significant rise in commodities prices.

    What the Federal Reserve must know, but will not admit, is that there is no way to save the economy. It’s going to fall apart, one way or the other.

    They can either continue printing money ad infinitum, leading to hyperinflation and complete collapse of the US dollar through currency devaluation or debasement, or, they can stop the QE, which will lead to a collapse and total deflationary destruction in asset prices.

    If Ben Bernanke, student of the Great Depression, is to be believed, the Fed will attempt to avoid deflation at all costs, suggesting that inflation is the order of the day.

    Either way, we’re in serious trouble.

    If you want to hedge against the coming train wreck, be it hyperinflation or deflationary collapse, we recommend you head down to the local grocery store and invest some of that money you have sitting in your bank account into rice, pinto beans, salt, sugar and any other foods that have a shelf life of 5+ years if stored properly.


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      1. A continuation to the beginning of the end.  How stupid are the people of the world anyway?

      2. More like $1.2T

      3. Corn, silver & oil are the winners on commodities today.

      4. god bless bernanke and the wonderful american federal reserve banking system. it’s so wonderful to live in a such a powerful and rightous god-fearing  judeochristian country that can invest 75 billion dollars a month in in purchasing defaulted mortgages that were already insured at least once by credit default swaps. this 75 billion dollar per month fiat money investment by bernanke also demonstrates his interest in the long term welfare of our destitute unemployed middle class even after recently spending 3 trillion dollars in foreign military adventures that promise to eventually smash all the foreign raghead teenage infidels who singlehandedly desroyed the three world trade center buildings

        it’s absolutlely amazing that after one hundred years of renting all of us their money at low compound interest rates that the 1913 federal reserve  american dollar is now worth 3 cents.  this certainly demonstrates the fiduciary skills and political expertise of all those global banking interests who generously give advice to bernanke and our glorious president.

      5. I highly recommend that all will go to http://www.halfpasthuman.com and read the latest report (the others are worth the read as well – and cheap)

        I get nothing for saying this, I buy them like everyone else…

        But just sayin’

        mushroom – nice “opposite day” post…

      6. Mac perhaps you could implement the “block” function.  Mushy’s sarcasm was funny at first but with all of the great contributions made to your site by the well informed readers, reading the Mushy mess is like hitting a speed bump at 100 MPH.

      7. What are you talking about, Jeff?
        Try it this way, go back and re-read it, but imagine an uppity high pitched squeaky voice of a stereotypical really clueless girl when you read it, it’s quite funny that way, I think anyway. No offense to girls implied, btw.

        It’s a reminder of the many people who surround you who have yet to be clued in (if they ever can be) who take the, know-it-all approach using, The Fuzzy Logic Of Useful Idiots


      8. In a school walk crossing with a steam roller.

      9. Just bought another trunk fill of groceries today. My pantry (10’x12′) is getting full.  

      10. I guess I should thank Bernanke for helping to fulfill the tipping point prophecy.

        Mushy, I actually got you humor (a little) this time.  That was humor right? 🙂

        How in the hell can the rest of world NOT see whats going on here, and begin dumping the hell out of dollars. Hell I’m american, AND I DON’T EVEN WANT THEM!!!!!.
        got Gold?,, and silver, and food, and guns?
        If not, now would be a good time to start.


        November 3rd, 2010 at 6:22 pm
        Just bought another trunk fill of groceries today. My pantry (10′x12′) is getting full.  

        Would you care to share some things on your list so I can compare??


      12. Really just getting started.

        Wide variety of the following in sealed 5 gal (food) buckets
        Dried beans and peas.
        Dry Milk
        Dry Mashed potatoes
        Pancake Mix
        Cream of Wheat
        Sugar, brown sugar
        Corn Meal

        Coffee…lots of coffee
        Raw Honey…stays good forever
        Also Lot’s of canned veggies. I buy what we like and when it is on sale.

        10 cases of green beans
        10 cases sweet corn
        10 cases diced tomatoes, tomato sauce
        Sweet Peas and Vegall for soup
        Black beans and bake beans in can
        Tuna & Chicken in the can
        Lots of Soup (dry and canned)
        and yes….Beefaroni for the kids
        I also have canned fruit

        We have fig and pear tree’s in our yard and I have canned some of those this year. 

        I have also started purchasing some Freeze dried foods (Mountain House). Since this stuff is good for about 30 years I figuared that if things ever get (end of the world bad) that once all this other is gone we could start to eat the freeze dried stuff. I know some people say it’s not really good but if you are starving you’ll eat anything. If things do not get “that bad” and we don’t need to open I figuare we will eat it after we retire…..afterall we won’t be able to afford groceries and this stuff has to taste better then catfood…lol

        JEWS CONTROL AMERICA. This is because the Jews own the Federal Reserve Bank. It’s not “federal” at all. It’s privately owned. by Jews!
        The money that President George Bush borrows in the billions of $$$ at interest comes from the Jewish money lenders of the Federal Reserve Bank. They look so very professional & so legit don’t they? But don’t fall for it for they are bandits.
        For how does President George Bush pay for these loans at Jewish high interest hmm? By taxing American Gentiles up the gazoo!
        Presidential candidate Ron Paul says that we don’t have to borrow from the Federal Reserve Bank but can print our own $$$ at no interest. Ron Paul says that this is our Constitutional right. But Jews don’t care about our Constitutional rights. All that Jews care about is what serves their own interests.

      14. Above I just mentioned some of the food preps. Other stuff is needed kijw WATER, WATER, AND MORE WATER.

        I recently bought 5 oil lamps (you should have seen the looks I was getting from people in the checkout line) and several bottles of lamp oil. I’m actually having trouble finding the oil. Only one place here carries it (hardware store).

        Matches, Medical Supplies, Toilet Paper, Personal Care items, etc. Too many things to mention….the lists goes on and on.

      15. leave mushroom alone.  his comments are great. 

      16. Good news, Newt says were going to Disney World via airplane ride.  The bad news is we are going to crash into the Park.
        Nice Tina—more beans/rice.  Couple of bags of salt & canning lids.

      17. Hey Jeff! Appreciate your perspective about Mushroom, but free speech is better than blocked speech in my America!

        Tina: I like your grocery list! It looks like everything I picked up at WalMart today. Love that Great Value Coffee. They had the 16 oz plastic bottles today so I picked up a couple. Around 6 bucks and change for each. 

        I love those plastic instant coffee bottles. There is so much you can do with them. Use them for nuts, bolts, screws, and nails! Always nice to have an empty one handy. I dropped one of the large plastic honey bottles, and it broke! Couldn’t believe it!

        So I put the honey in some empty plastic coffee bottles instead.

      18. Durango….anything I missed or something else you would suggest in the line of food?

      19. if you are stockpiling food, you cannot forget oil – vegetable oil is used a ton in cooking especially with staple foods like you are stocking up on.  that is not something to forget.  just make sure to store it somewhere dark

      20. Jeff

        “the Mushy mess is like hitting a speed bump at 100 MPH.”  




        If we fix the voting system, then we can insure the DEMISE of liberals and extremists.



      22. Tina & Durango – thanks for the tips.  I will add the oil lamps, didn’t even think about them.  I, too went shopping today. My local grocery store had Ozarka gallons on sale for fifty cents. I bought a ton of water and food.  I want to thank everyone for their suggestions. I have read some really scary crap lately.  I know we must have  faith and I know that I am being blessed in my preps.  I’m a little late for storing up 7 years of plenty for what’s coming, but I’m grateful I have started 🙂
        Thanks everyone, even you Mushroom…you crack me up 🙂

      23. Sure Tina, I heartily recommend the macademia nut cookies from the Wal Mart bakery!

        Problem is, they only last about three days! lol

      24. The sky is falling, the sky is falling.  I mean the dollar is falling, the dollar is falling.  Silver @ 25.15 spot 0430 Zulu time.

      25. kindly allow me to digress momentarily..

        it seems that the democrat faction of the wall street  party smashed into a speed bump  again just  like my easily annoyed buddy jeff ( blog number 6, above)..                                                                         

        rest assured jeff and my fellow americans. the voting machines in palm beach county florida  are the most modern in the world. they probably have state of the art high speed internet connections to the quality control center in the new CFR building in washington d.c. in order to assure that the votes are counted accurately and only as many times as necessary..

        in any event the wonderful new governor of florida who ran the hca horpital corporation and made millions there closing hospitals in high poverty areas and discharging teen aged psychiatric patients when their insurance ran out. he was just elected after the vote was finally tallied in palm beach county -the county of the infamous spine-chilling hanging chads and the homes of none other than bernie madoff and the famous and illustrious ex-ceo of lehman brothers who was referred to in the back rooms of the palm beach country club as the “gorilla.”.  many of us were thrilled and heard the star spangled banner playing when we saw saw the newly elected governor of florida  exercising his constitutional rights taking the fifth amendment over seventy (70) times just like al capone.  jeeeeeeeze, maybe the new governor of florida will be arrested and dragged out of the state house in hand cuffs and chains. 

      26. @Mihail – You’re an idiot.  For the record, Bush has been out of power for 2 years.  Pull your head out of your ass already, douche.

        @ Jane – Only AOL users type in all caps.  Stop shouting already.  We get it, you’re extreme Republican, always yelling 🙂

        Ah to throw all the bums out (politicians AND the even worse bureaucrats behind the scenes).

      27. Hey Bo! Its your prep but I stock canola and olive oil. Olive oil in particular. Its ALOT healthier. I mean ALOT healthier. Just saying.

      28. In the near future, problems caused by quantitative easing (money printing) will be compounded by rising interest rates.
        The party ended for consumers when the housing bubble popped.  The party will end for the US government when the treasury bond bubble pops.  The economic collapse will occur when the US can no longer support both inflation and rising interest rates.

      29. Tina,
        I saw lamps and lamp oil at Target yesterday.  The lamps looked cheap, but I’m sure the oil is good.

        House seats are up for grab every two years.  Senate seats are up every six years, one-third at a time (every two years).  So there simply aren’t very many Senate seats up for grab each election (1/3 of 100 Senate seats vs. 435 House seats), which is why it is much harder to take the Senate.

        peewee’s mom,
        If your water jugs are the same type of plastic as milk jugs, they won’t last very long.  That type of plastic breaks down pretty fast.  (I learned this the hard way!)  For long-term storage, you need clear plastic like 2-liter bottles or the small 12-oz. bottles that we all use, or large containers that are food-grade (anything else will contain dangerous chemicals or pesticides).

        Durango Kidd,
        +1 on the macadamia nut cookies.  :) 
        I, too, need to stock up on cooking oil.  What stores the longest?  I wonder if Crisco lasts forever.  Seems like it would in the big cans.

        I always get great ideas for prepping here.  Hope my comments add to that. 

      30. Thoughts…
        1) If you have kids, don’t forget the “comfort foods” category- candy bars, snacks, pudding cups, etc…Make sure the shelf life is feasible, of course…
        2) I try to steer clear of can corn and anything containing corn for stockup (although I do have a little), as almost the entire US corn supply now is of the genetically engineered variety. God only knows how that crap is affecting us & our kids. 
        3) Seeds, seeds, and more seeds, all you can get your hands on…
        4) Other than that, nice list Tina
        5) I vote to keep Mushroom’s diatribes on here also. The more he (she?) talks, the more he “accidentally” spews the truth (as in the dollar’s 97% devaluation since 1913). Besides, we all need a good laugh in these times :)   

      31. Durango….I have Olive oil for daily use but not in my preps. It seems to go bad so quickly. I have a few gallons of Canola. Also…do not firget seasonings…bullion etc.

        As for the macademia nut cookies from the Wal Mart…they last 3 DAYS????LOL They are really good, aren’t they?

        PeeWee’s Mom…..If you decide to purchase a couple of oil lamps make sure that you also purchase the parts for them…like extra wicks. This stuff is getting hard to find around here. Everything is ornamental verses fuctional. I found mine at Hobby Lobby (in the candle section). but they only had a couple. Walmart has stopped selling the fuel for them. I had to order that from a local hardware store. 

        When I was a kid (quite a while ago) and my mom ran out of bread she would make pancakes and we used that for sandwiches (PB&J, tuna ….you name it) It tasted good but I hated when she did it because I knew it meant we were broke. Especially when I took it to school for lunch (never a free lunch here) now I realize how resourceful she was.   

      32. I also look forward to comments about what everyone has in their preps to balance against what I have. I’m afraid that I will miss the most basic items. You know “can’t see the forest for the tree’s” syndrome.   

        You can have all the food in the world but if you forget MATCHES…you are screwed.

      33. I also look forward to comments about what everyone has in their preps to balance against what I have. I’m afraid that I will miss the most basic items. You know “can’t see the forest for the tree’s” syndrome.   
        You can have all the food in the world but if you forget MATCHES…you are screwed.

      34. The fed persists in informing us that QE (printing trillions $ to purchase treasuries) is to “keep interest rates down & lower borrowing costs for consumers”.
        Baloney!, they are buying treasuries because not enough foreigners are, they are doing it to keep the social security checks from bouncing and the oil flowing into the US.
        This isn’t some little tactic to boost the economy, it is mandatory and an act of desperation that will further drive foreiners from buying our junk.

      35. How can you lower interest rates? They are already close to zero. Besides, nobody I know is borrowing money. 

        Wait until Black Friday (the day after Thanksgiving). This is supposed to be the busiest shopping day of the year. When this doesn’t pan out as expected things will fall further…..What will they cut (or print) then?

      36. Comments….. Olive Oil, used for years, never had spoil.  CANOLA oil is from RAPE.  CANOLA OIL creates cumulative effects of KILLING MASTER GLAND and creating BLINDNESS in CENTER OF EYES — which COCONUT OIL prevents and removes (blindness, Master Gland health requires IODINE daily, too!)  I learned this the hard way, but zero use of CANOLA and increased of COCONUT restored sight in a few months.

      37. I’m still getting credit card applications in the mail, so the free credit isn’t stopping anytime soon. This year’s holiday shopping won’t be much worse than last year’s, but won’t be any better either. Thank God for credit. We get to party on for at least a few more years.

        Btw, my take on the Fed buying US Treasuries is just official acknowledgement of that which they have already been doing since 2008 (in mass quantities that is), as the foreign buyers continue to dry up. The key is here:

        “It said it would regularly review the pace and size of the program and adjust it as necessary depending on the pace of the recovery.

        They now have carte blanche to purchase unlimited amounts. Hyperinflation is guaranteed. Where are all the deflationists these days?

      38. Tina,).
        Go to Lehman’s & purchase Aladdin lamps only, they are way more efficient (more light, more heat, much less fumes).  The flame can be adjusted to burn blue which means the oxygen/fuel ratio is at its peak.  Buy just one & compare.  They have the extra cone along with the wick that does the trick.  You can sell the lanterns that you previous bought or return.  The ones that have a large capacity of fuel & heavy glass base are the best.

        Bo, vegetable oil goes rancid and is REALLY bad for you.  Google coconut oil; (contrary to the media) its really good for you and stores forever….

      40. Silver & sugar are up 4.5% this morning.

      41. Tina,   get you a couple of CO detectors also with extra 9 volt batteries.

      42. Mike L, …. YOU ARE DEMENTED.
        If the letters are caps, which I & many other prefer, that bother you, good then DON’T READ IT. 

        Because of the color in the background and I used it for emphasis.  And because of so many trolls were spreading lies, I just reminded people what really happened, that’s all.

        I was not yelling and my postings WERE NOT INTENDED FOR TROLLS TO READ or use it to bully people. 

      43. Stop going around and provoking people in to a fight, IT’S MY RIGHT & I EXERCISE MY FREE SPEECH.

        You let little things bother you to the extreme even a cap letter & use it to provoke and insult others. And at the same time use it for your political advantage.

        These are also the signs of impairment of reasoning for Dementia.  What I posted was from reliable sources and most people recognize these facts.  I sometimes provide the analyst with things were/are happening.
        The truth is the impact of the message (truth) is what upset you so much. It is not about the style that I am using, is it.

      44. Tom….thanks for the heads up on the lamps also the CO2 detectors. I actually have one but it does not run on batteries…it’s a plug in and we all know that won’t do any good without electricity. 

        Also…..thanks for the coconut oil idea but I have to say I do not ever remember seeing that on the shelves. I guess I have never looked for it.  I have had olive oil go ransid. I do not know if I just had it too long or didn’t store it properly…I do not know. 

      45. And make sure everything you have is locked down and secure. My mobile home was broken into a few months ago, the scum kicked in the front door and it faces the road. So they are getting bolder, the worse the economy gets.

        And I had some things stolen from my car, I didn’t have it locked because it was in my yard and I was just over at my parents house, who live next door. I figure it was the meth heads who live across the street from me, watching my every move.

      46. Chuckles….sorry to hear that. I live in the (somewhat) country. My strret is over a mile long and there are only 4 houses down my road but that doesn’t stop people from joyriding and finding a quite place where they can plunder through your stuff. No traffic makes for easy pickins. Especially air conditioning units….they are a hot market right now.

      47. For one possible solution to the fats and oils category of food storage I suggest a visit to readymaderesources.com or pleasanthillgrain.com to purchase canned butter and canned cheese. These are super top quality products which have a nearly indefinite shelf life. The butter is better than any store bought brands out there, the only thing better would be fresh homemade. As for the QE dilemma most of you know the answer…….turn your dollars into tangibles while you can; there is absolutely no reason whatever to be a victim of a reckless and greedy government.

      48. “When does the ground war start…”

        Yeah, that societal violence.  That thin invisible line out there that separates what you see/perceive as ‘normal’, turn into a chaotic nightmare of day-to-day survival from loosely organized gangs of unemployed youth, roaming the streets in search of – whatever; Food, guns, your daughter, who knows.

        Will you flash them your Multicultural/Tolerance/Non-Judgemental/Hate-is-not-a-family-value badge and smiles all around on the way home…?

        Or will it be more like a ‘Wilding’ in Central Park…?

        Just make sure your Obama 2008 bumper sticker is clean & shiny.  Everything should be alright then –

      49. Tina, 1 goes in sleeping room, the other CO in room with lamp.  Cheap wick lamps can/do put out CO.  The Aladdin lamp puts out the least amount of CO making it the safest.

      50. Don’t look now but we are about to go beyond $1400 gold and $26 silver. But all the talking heads can talk about is the coast is clear for stocks and it should be full steam ahead. Who cares if sugar is up another 5% today! I don’t eat – do you?

      51. BREAKING NEWS:

        WASHINGTON — U.S. Park Police say an Arizona man has been arrested after guns and ammunition were found inside a truck hauling a camper parked along the National Mall.
        The truck was parked along the National Mall near the National Air and Space Museum Wednesday afternoon, when an officer noticed something suspicious inside. A bomb disposal unit was called in. Sgt. David Schlosser says no explosives were found, but a handgun and more than one rifle were found inside.
        Schlosser says the unidentified man would be charged with “unregistered ammunition” and firearms offenses.

        QUESTION: What is unregistered ammunition????

      52. Tina, you can make ghee from boiling unsalted butter and it has a long unrefrigerated shelf life.

      53. The feds aren’t stupid folks, they are doing exactly what they are limited to doing.
        Yes, the logical option would be to cut the federal government in half and bring all of our military home (and dump that expensive parasite known as Israel), but that simply won’t happen since there are tens of millions hooked on gubmint freebies.
        So, the feds are left with the only option, devaluing the currnecy to pay back debts with much cheaper currency.
        Those on SS and pensions will get their paycheck each month, but it may only pay for a few days of groceries.
        Same goes for federal pensions, state pensions, military, etc.
        Gold is 8 dollars shy of $1,400. as I type this, don’t think for a minute that it’s too expensive to get into now (especially those fortunate enough to have 401K’s).

      54. Tina: Even folks with gardens will want MEAT! I buy Great Value teriaki beef jerky. It comes in a plastic bag near the nuts section. It is vaccum packed and there is an oxygen absorber inside. Package says taste best if used within three years, but I expect it will last longer. If it is too hard, try steaming it. Buy the bags, stick them in a seasonal popcorn tin for storage.

        Also love those Great Value cashews! Again, vaccum packed and sealed in those great plastic containers!

        Right on about seasonings. When you open that can of Mountain House ground beef, its gonna need some flavor! And no, that wasn’t me, I am still in Arizona!

      55. Serenity Now: Yeah, two or three liter soda bottles are best for water storage. Sunlight exposure will kill any germs: SHTF Water Page at SHTF America.

        They are also predicting a “New America” within 12 years, six elections at SHTF Times Epitaph; which may be true, as they predicted a new perspective from the Iranians at SHTF America,
        two weeks before AP reported new talks.

        Maybe they know something.

      56. Those little white salt bags seasonings in beef jerky make it taste terrible!

      57. quote from ben  “will work its magic by lifting stock prices and cutting borrowing costs.”

        This means nothing to me, I have NO stock, I don’t want a loan.
        What these BS voodoo CPI numbers and 0 interest does is make me hunker down and conserve even more. As a retiree with now 2 years of no cost of living, and getting nothing on my savings I scraped together after years of living below my already low means all this crap is just more pilled on s**t.

      58. @Jane – No caps actually make it harder to read.  Most people are used to book/magazine print.  I don’t see books (other then children books) written in all caps.  There are plenty of other ways to get ones point across.  I think most people here also take the time to read most people’s posts to gleem as much info from them as possible.

        Besides mushroom and 1-2 others who’s names I couldn’t care to remember, we really don’t have trolls on these forums (yet/thankfully).  If you want to post facts then include links to the sources (for those of us that like to verify before accepting).  Just repeating it from things you’ve read does not make it true and for those of us with limited time we don’t want to search for what you’ve quoted/read.

        The great thing about this country is we don’t all have to agree.  I hate both parties.  Well its funny people in this country actually think there are two parties, there are not.

        As per the discussion we had a while back you said you don’t use gmail/hotmail/etc because they keep your emails.  All ISPs now do this as it is Federal law if you know it or not.  The only way to avoid this would be to rent a server and host a mail server on it.  But then again anyone sending you email or getting email from you will have them recorded by their respective ISPs.  So basically, email is a poor way to communicate safely if that is your concern.

        Also all the major search engines, Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc all record your searches in relation to the IP you are searching from.  Hence why I use anonymous programs to hide (use non-logging remote systems) myself from them.  It is a bit slower.

      59. Here’s a useful anonymous search link for anyone that wants one:
        http://s17-us2.ixquick.com . I don’t use it for all my searches, just when I want to be invisible.

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