Fed Can’t Save Stocks from Verge of Collapse: ‘Huge Disaster Waiting to Happen’

by | Aug 7, 2015 | Headline News | 105 comments

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    50 Shocking Statistics about the US Economy

    Yet another voice has warned that the world teeters dangerously close to a repeated and prolonged financial disaster.

    With everything so connected, trouble in China means contagion in the rest of the global market, according to David Stockman, a former U.S. Representative, Reagan’s Director of the Office of Management and Budget and an investor for several major Wall Street firms.

    CNBC reports:

    David Stockman has long warned that the stock market is on the verge of a massive collapse, and the recent price action has him even more convinced than ever that the bottom is about to fall out.

    Stockman… believes that the excessive monetary policy from central banks around the world has created a “debt supernova,” and all the signs point to “the end of the central bank enabled bubble,” which could cause a worldwide recession.

    “The larger picture has nothing to do with the jobs report [Friday] or even the September decision by the Fed,” said Stockman. “It has to do with the the fact that the world economy, including the U.S., is heading into what is clearly going to be an epochal deflation to the likes of what we have never experienced in modern time.”

    According to Stockman, the global economy since the 2008 collapse has hinged on China’s investment, but they are now in the midst of a massive collapse.

    Stockman joins the same chorus that numerous other experts have been warning about, that a stock market crash is perhaps imminent, and that the system is fatally flawed. Author Michael Snyder listed nine experts making these statements only days ago.

    A large part of the problem, as many financial gurus see it, is that the Federal Reserve has already driven the economy to the brink with major distortions of asset values and huge bubbles that appear to herald good news right before they explode into disaster:

    For Stockman, there’s no reversing the artificially inflated bubbles created by the Federal Reserve. “I think what we are seeing is the beginning evidence that the central bank-driven credit economy is over and we are in a new era,” said Stockman. “It’s a huge disaster waiting to happen.”

    Tens of millions of unemployed Americans, tens of millions of those dependent on welfare and the millions struggling to make ends meet with low paying and part time jobs are already feeling the crunch as things stand now.

    QE3 has been stretched to the max, and the only incentive keeping things going doesn’t know how to change course without capsizing the boat. Janet Yellen and co. have been debating for months now how to gently turn the knob.

    When the Fed’s free money and artificial stimulus turns off, or slows down, everyone is going to feel it in a major way.

    If these experts are right, we’re in for a bumpy ride.


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      1. Free health care at the closed hospital!

        • One of the best comments I’ve seen!

          • Obama will not finish his second term! Banned independent documentary
            reveals the truth. Current Events Linked to Ancient Biblical Propheciey.

      2. Perhaps this has been the plan all along, we shall see soon.

      3. What’s holding it up???)

        • The CommuNazis will do all they possibly can to stave it off until after November 2016 election.

          If they fail, will there even BE an election?

          • “C”
            Will there be an election?
            Does it matter because you know as well as I do that if blows up as bad as we think it is going to blow. There might not be any one running for office.

            Now if you are talking Martial Law? Then Obullshit would love that. Then the Commi-In-Chief could reign for as long as he wants to. MAYBE!!!!

            • Even if there is it is pretty meaningless. May as well cancel it and save some money.

          • Paper Stocks and 401K’s; If you can’t hold it in your hand you don’t own it. All paper is, is a promise to pay. All we are doing today is passing IOU’s to each other. From credit cards to money to stocks and 401K.

            “Paper..” Only in Kev Costner’s Water World Movie, does “Paper” have value. Guess what the pirate traded his paper for?

            • Just cashed out my 401k last week.. I Give it 4-8 weeks

          • AND MORE…
            (From King World news)

            Celente Predicts Global Stock Market Crash

            Eric, I’m now predicting that we are going to see a global stock market crash before the end of the year. It’s not only going to be the Dow, it’s going to be the DAX, the FTSE, the CAC, Shanghai, and the Nikkei. There’s going to be panic on the streets from Wall Street to Shanghai and from the UK down to Brazil. You are going to see one market after another begin to collapse.” ***Within hours KWN will be releasing the incredible audio interview with the top trends forecaster in the world, Gerald Celente, where he discusses

          • No there won’t

            • Crash UP. I’m calling it. There will continue to be a Crash “UP”. Dollar denominated. Yuan denominated. Etc. They will go UP in numeric terms (but down in Dow/Gold or other ratios). Massive Crash UP is the only possible outcome of the current economic policy. Middle-of-nowhere Timber Land which was valued at about $30,000 15 years ago jumped to $150,000 and, a years ago, to $218,000. Crash up.

              If you have hard assets, they will be worth more in numeric paper units. If you need hold paper wealth you will be slaughtered. Happening to me right now but assets seem too inflated already. Of course, the inflated value now will seem cheap in 10 years!!!!

        • Can someone please explain deflation?

          • deflation is what happens after you finish then roll over to go to sleep.

            • That’s the truest, most relevant post I’ve seen in a very long time, Jonathan. Thanks for the laugh. I’m beginning to think that a bit of humor now and then is the only thing that’s going to get us through this mess with even a thread of sanity.

            • LMAO.

            • Well, having seen the other replies, I guess I’ll have to ‘splain it.

              Deflation is a contraction of the supply of money. Now, what is money? It’s dollar bills, of course, but much much more of it is debt. A bank loans you $1000. You have $1000 in your hand, but the BANK has a $1000 asset on it’s books. Viola! $1000 has become $2000! Multiply that by a couple of zillion and you have the global money supply. Everybody has lots of money, they buy things, they run up the prices of stocks, they party like there’s no tomorrow. Until somebody realizes, Holy Sheet! There’s a billion dollars of loans we made and are calling assets (money) on our books that will never be paid back! We’re in deep doo-doo here! Our “asset” money just evaporated. Disappeared. Fell into a black hole. i.e the money supply just shrank by some amount. In the aggregate, people suddenly have no money to buy things, run up stock prices, or party at all. Demand shrinks, and prices fall. THIS is deflation. It scares the living sheet out of central bankers, because the speed with which the “debt money” disappears is such that they cannot counteract it. There’s already signs that it’s starting. Iron ore is down, coal, oil and natural gas are all down, copper is down, molybdenum is down, aluminum is down. (Gold is so grossly manipulated that it’s a special case – but it’s down anyway.)

              If the crash happens, count on banks to steal all your assets to cover their own, ah, assets. The best thing you can have is those $20 bills in #10 cans. With prices falling like a dropped rock, he who has cash in hand is a king.

              Hope that helps. It’s hard at first to get one’s mind around the concept that debt is money to both the borrower and the lender, but that’s how it works. Until it doesn’t

              • good one coach! i would like to add the definition of “stagflation”……. when the price of things you NEED goes UP, and the price of things you WANT goes DOWN.

                • Yes, good point, however, I’d like to re-phrase your comment: “Stagflation” is when everything you want to buy goes up in cost, and everything you own and want to sell goes down in cost.

                  • OC, correct for starters but wrong conclusions. Who are the bankers scared to sheet? Nobody. There are lots of MBA’s from top schools making hundreds of k and millions at huge banks. They don’t really give a long term sheet what happens at the bank and are just trying to get theirs ASAP. Their only concern is to keep their cash cow alive; but, they are not really thinking about assets. They are playing the game. Fact. Work in the undustry for years.

                    The game is to print more credit just as you say. Your $20 wouldn’t buy a burger in 10 years. Cheers.

                    The system is in very tight control. Those not able to protect their assets (401k’ers, ss’ers) will be raided; but, the overall system of print credit and spend fiat to buy real assets is super secure. Stock market is not the stock market of the past; its a figment of the system’s imagination also.

                    yup out.

            • My wife handles that deflation issue just fine with preventive measures and says seconds? really, she’s 15 yrs younger than me…:) cheers…

            • HILARIOUS!

          • Muddy
            I believe it is like this.
            You have an item for sale in 2010. (Cost $20.00)
            Now you get deflation in 2015. You just paid $20.00 for the item in 2010, now the item is only worth $15.00 and you want to sell it. So now you only get $15.00 not the $20.00 it cost when you first bought it.

            Or you have lots of money and items are worthless. Deflation

            You don’t have any money and everything is worth more that it should be. Inflation.

            I think this is how it goes?

            • Deflation happens when there’s a glut in supply (e.g. illegal workers), things cost less because of technology (e.g. computers), and/or demand goes down because everyone’s too broke to buy stuff (e.g. most of us on this site, I imagine.)

            • Yep, you got it. that is “deflation”. I say go ahead and deflate this whole dang country. It would do us some good. Maybe separate a few sheep from the goats. I do not buy anymore than I need at a time, cept for .223, .45, extra groceries, a little gasoline, and a few other essentials, so go ahead. Deflate away!

            • It’s not that items are worth more, it’s that the paper dollar is worth LESS, and it takes more of them buy anything.

          • In economics, deflation is a decrease in the general price level of goods and services. Deflation occurs when the inflation rate falls below 0% (a negative inflation rate).

            Deflation can be caused also by a decrease in government, personal or investment spending. The opposite of inflation, deflation has the side effect of increased unemployment since there is a lower level of demand in the economy, which can lead to an economic depression.

            • When you have Fractional Reserve Banking money is created in multiples of the value of deposits. When a significant number of people, institutions or other entities default on their loans money literally evaporates. Soon thereafter with a decline in purchasing power prices drop. Hence “Deflation”.

              Inflation= Too many dollars chasing too few goods.
              Deflation = Too few dollars chasing too many goods (relative to the money supply)

              The above is closely linked to M2 or velocity of money which has been in decline. The bottom line is a great number of people are tapped out. They lost their employment directly or indirectly through “Free Trade Agreements”, borrowed money to replace lost purchasing power and in the street vernacular of the North East, “Can’t pay the vig”.

              • Well put. I left out the amplifying effect of velocity in my vernacular description above. But it’s one of the factors that makes a deflationary spiral impossible to control. We do not need to take revenge on central bankers. They are consuming Rolaids and Sominex by the bushel. Every door they approach, they think, “Is this the one with the tiger behind it?”

                • hell coach, they are RIDIN’ the tiger….and DESPERATELY trying to dismount!

                  • An equally good analogy !

            • Changes in price levels are a consequence of changes in the money supply. They are not the thing itself.

              • OC
                Changes in the money supply aren’t the only driver for inflation/deflation. Let’s say you have one of the few remaining mom and pops stores. Your business model shows you need to mark up your goods by X% to keep the doors open. Along comes the recession. Your sales are 2/3 of the previous year. Your in the red and can’t keep the doors open unless you increase your margins/mark up.
                Ye olde supply and demand curve working it’s magic.


              • OC
                Changes in the money supply aren’t the only driver for inflation/deflation. Let’s say you have one of the few remaining mom and pops stores. Your business model shows you need to mark up your goods by X% to keep the doors open. Along comes the recession. Your sales are 2/3 of the previous year. Your in the red and can’t keep the doors open unless you increase your margins/mark up.
                Ye olde supply and demand curve working it’s magic.

                h ttp://www.economicshelp.org/blog/2656/inflation/different-types-of-inflation/

          • Inflation and deflation have to do with the buying power of the dollar. Inflation: goods and services cost more. The buying power of the dollar is less. Deflation: goods and services cost less. The buying power of the dollar is greater.
            The biggest danger of deflation, IMHO, is that the value of assets go down. So your house you bought for $200K is now worth $125. Now your upside down on your loan. Businesses can’t get loans to operate because they don’t have enough collateral. On and on…

          • Deflation is usually lead by falling pay checks.

            Acme anvil company sees business falling off, they make employees take a pay cut or they are out of business. Employees have less to spend. Stores are stuck with excess inventory no one wants, the prices on those goods are slashed, meanwhile necessities like food stay generally higher. The stores demand factories make cheaper goods, they do so. Y laying off more people, and requiring employees to make up the difference, i.e. Salaries are cut. Stores cut back, lay off people, factories that make non-necessities close and layoff everyone. Less people buy goods, prices drop, but wages drop too. People find the little money they do get barely feeds them. Loans are called by banks, people burn through savings, the economy shrinks. Banks have little to loan out, credit for business that has become risky dies up.

            Everything shrinks, money slows it flow, the economy goes into a death spiral. Bankruptcies destroy money, as do loan defaults, as do dropping stock and commodity prices, as do real estate. Once destroyed that money can’t easily be replaced, because the momentum of the economy (the velocity of money) is lost.

            Once started deflation is self perpetuating, and nearly impossible to stop. A good stock market crash can start the process by removing trillions of dollars from the economy. If the 1% gets wiped out, we are screwed because they are the only people spending right now. This will drastically slow the economy.

        • The Printing Press!

          • Folks just invest locally, meaning into your own quality of life at your own Castle. Had a least 25 to 30 Turkeys out my door this AM. And just saw the fawn and doe again. Fawn looks like Dad. Ha. Get out of the Cities people. No Stress out here. The 8 pt just walked in. Gotta go. ~WWTI

      4. I feel Stockman, Snyder, and all who are telling us this are correct. That said, what does the little guy do? Get out of debt as much as possible while having an emergency fund, food, etc comes to mind but if you have too much they brand you as a terrorist.
        I am really concerned and will do the best I can for an older guy. God Bless, James

        • James “but if you have too much they brand you as a terrorist.”

          There are no laws against canned goods storage , have as much as you want .
          If they call ya a terrorist throw a can of spam at em.
          Do what makes you feel safe , screw them all.

        • Turn all your cashola, soon to be wothless IOU Money into hard assets you hold in your hand. And for tools of all kinds. Wheel barrels to laptop to silver rounds, food etc. Stock pile salmon in the can, has a shelf life of 5+ yrs. Pour over a pot of steamed rice, olive oil and some spices. Yummm
          ~WWTI – Let er’ Rip!!

      5. Bumpy ride??? There’s already more potholes than road!

      6. “If these experts are right, we’re in for a bumpy ride.”

        I dont agree with that statement.

        Although the real doomers are saying its going to happen this september and/or october; i think it’s still at least a year off as things typically just kind of keep going on and maintaining much, much longer than you can imagine. Case in point, snyder’s economic collapse has been putting out doom scenarios and the us stock market is less than 5% of its all time highs and supposedly it’s going to crash within the next 8 weeks ? Not likely. more likely is that dow 18,300 was the top and we will spend the next year or two working our way down to a bottom.

        Now i do say it will look like a disaster because the drops in the market will be much faster and sharper than ever before because over 85% of stocks follow the market and buyers and sellers are more likely to follow suit together than ever before.

        But there’s still going to be periods of time where things settle for a month or two before the downtrend continues.

        • You stock market experts are shills working for the commies. Why don’t you tell how many hundreds of trillions of funny money “dollars” have been printed and/or entered as electronic “chits” for the commies use to ruin my country?

          Semper Fi

        • Yea, but…the stock market really has nothing to do with deflation in general. It is a bubble caused by malinvestment from no interest credit creation by central banking.

          Real deflation is in commodities and wages…you know…REAL things that people need to survive on in everyday life and industrial civilization depends on to operate.

          Things like hydrocarbons and mining metals are crashing in value because here is NO worldwide demand and no economic growth.

          No economic growth is the death knell for the monetary system. What follows is a financial collapse and a breakdown of trade that depends on credit and liquidity of the system to function. Starvation and chaos are next.

          Invest in gardening, animal husbandry, home brewing and distilling, pot cultivation and human trafficking and you will be fine.

          • All correct, especially that first paragraph.

            But I reiterate that the reason that demand is falling is that people are short of the money they need to buy stuff, OR they fear that they will soon be short of money to buy stuff. That fear is what makes it impossible for central bankers to stop a deflationary collapse.

          • Thinking about it overnight:

            When you deposit money in a bank, you have created money just as the bankers who makes loans do. YOU are the lender in this case. THEY are the borrower. YOU think you have the money, and the BANK thinks they have the money. Money supply went up.

            On their books, your deposit is a liability, not an asset. If one of their loans goes bad, they have to get rid of a liability to make their books balance. What simpler way than to simply erase your deposit? (This is now being called a “bail-in”, to keep the sheeple in the dark.)

            Suddenly YOU don’t have that money anymore. It shrank away to nothing. No $$ for grocery shopping, no gas for the car, no $$ to pay the cell-phone bill. THAT’s deflation, right at home for you to experience first-hand. THAT’s why you should keep as little $$ in banks as possible, And THAT’s why they want to ban cash.

          • Well said!
            I think there will be some breakdown. I think Americans are innovative. They will learn to trade in a non-fiat-credit-bubble currency. Well, that’ll kill the system; so, the system elites will do everything they can to keep the workers enslaved to the credit system, including outlawing other forms of currency, possibly making cash illegal, etc. When you see other forms of currency outlawed (butcoin?) and see cash made illegal, then you will know the credit-bubble system is thrashing and striking out.

        • Regardless, you know it’s coming, prepare accordingly. Better to be a year early than a day late.

      7. If the stock markets here and around the world collapse then yes we will be in for a bumpy ride. My thoughts are how does that effect the average Joe?
        Thinking this through right now. I have a 401K at work. I have insulated it as much as possible. It is in the safest possible investment. I have used as much as the government allows. The rest I am not counting on to be there when I retire. If the stock market drops 80 percent then it does not hurt me. Yes I will lose money but it is money I cannot use anyway.

        The fear would be large corporations I guess. The banks too. They are going to be the ones that hurt from these. The job losses will be massive. The banking system in my opinion crashed in 2008. This just may be that which crashes the whole system. Banks cannot do anything about it this time. I have as little as possible in the banks. I think everyone should put there cash at home. Maybe the crash causes trucking company’s and grocery stores to go bankrupt. Then we are back to what we all know. Food, bullets, band aids, and water. How bad can this get from a stock market crash? I guess it could be catastrophic in the worst case after thinking it through.
        I hope this post helps people. I hope it is enlightening. That is always my goal.
        Sorry you all had to get inside my brain for a minute. lol.
        If you did at least there was plenty of room for all to move around.
        My gut is still screaming at me. So please prep and spend an hour just trying to figure out if you missed anything. Think about your whole week. What all have you used or needed this week. Then go get extra of it.

        Time to go to work so everyone have the greatest Friday.

      8. If the stock markets here and around the world collapse then yes we will be in for a bumpy ride. My thoughts are how does that effect the average Joe?
        Thinking this through right now. I have a 401K at work. I have insulated it as much as possible. It is in the safest possible investment. I have used as much as the government allows. The rest I am not counting on to be there when I retire. If the stock market drops 80 percent then it does not hurt me. Yes I will lose money but it is money I cannot use anyway.

        The fear would be large corporations I guess. The banks too. They are going to be the ones that hurt from these. The job losses will be massive. The banking system in my opinion crashed in 2008. This just may be that which crashes the whole system. Banks cannot do anything about it this time. I have as little as possible in the banks. I think everyone should put there cash at home. Maybe the crash causes trucking company’s and grocery stores to go bankrupt. Then we are back to what we all know. Food, bullets, band aids, and water. How bad can this get from a stock market crash? I guess it could be catastrophic in the worst case after thinking it through.
        I hope this post helps people. I hope it is enlightening. That is always my goal.
        Sorry you all had to get inside my brain for a minute. lol.
        If you did at least there was plenty of room for all to move around.
        My gut is still screaming at me. So please prep and spend an hour just trying to figure out if you missed anything. Think about your whole week. What all have you used or needed this week. Then go get extra of it.

        Time to go to work so everyone have the greatest Friday.

      9. My comments came out of moderation and are back in it. I love this site. I love most on here. I hope I am helping. It is frustrating when the comments are in moderation but I will be here with you to the end.

      10. From seeing the numbers put up (so far) on Wall Street – even with companies purchasing their own stocks – it would appear we are witnessing a “controlled crash”. No real solid proof-it maybe a “correction” that is occurring-but the recent U6 and U3 numbers for employment, the “rumors” of a Fed inspired rate hike…
        As I pointed out above-this smells like a crash in the making-and it’s controlled. I’m afraid that those that have $$ tied up in certificate gold (and not the actual physical in their possession) as well as sums of cash in deposits- the Greek / Cyprus style “haircut” is coming.
        And if you haven’t got it out (with just enough to keep the account warm) of the bank inside of the next 60 to 90 days-you won’t see it again. Ever. EO’s signed by the HNIC in DC (or Mordor as we call it here in NoVa) pertaining to asset seizures will be in effect to assure that distribution of wealth is “equitable” for all.
        In short, BOHICA.

        • “CAT”
          The Equitable distribution of wealth.
          That is why the Pope is coming to the UN and to speak to Congress in Sept.?????

          • Give the Pope an EBT and Snap card and send him on home to Rome.

            • SS
              Damn straight.

          • DALE-
            Popes visit ?
            ht tp://www.blacklistednews.com/In_September_2015%2C_Agenda_21_Will_Be_Transformed_Into_The_2030_Agenda/45537/0/38/38/Y/M.html

          • Sgt., It would appear that the timings are right for this conflux of corporatism and governments (read that as facism with a capital “F”) to occur.
            The reference I made earlier to BOHICA – history shows in the months leading up to the Crash of 1929, it’s all there in the history books of economics. Von Mieses Institute is a good source for economic data mining on events up to present day.
            We know the labor stats are fake, we know the Fed is corrupt, the House and Senate are equally complicit in the efforts to subjugate and usurp the Constitution of These United States.
            Those few men and women in both houses that are attempting to stop this are silent and neutered in their shoes.
            So-what else is there for these “August” bodies of baboons (congress) left to do?
            Foment war. Like their forebears did in 1914, 1940. Korea – the book is still out on that one; Vietnam-false flag in the form of the Gulf of Tonkin promoted strongly by LBJ and other movers of the day. Why? MIC needs blood money for their products and goods. Butler had it right back in the 1920’s and he’s still relevant today: War Is A Racket. And the big banks and the financial families that control them profit equally from both sides.
            Follow the money.
            Be well, Sgt., keep your powder dry and your head on a swivel.

        • Mordor. Very good!

          The Halfrican Dictator is Saruman. The Black Riders are the bankers. So, just who plays the role of Sauron?

      11. In short – everyone gets downgraded to the standard of living of an illegal immigrant?

        Not gonna fly.

        This is what happens when you just open up your borders all willy-nilly. I’d have preferred killing Social Security and taking the haircut there (aka, never seeing the money I paid in ever again). I mean sure I’d LIKE to see it, but I’d take it any day over and “equitable distribution of wealth” where the majority of (illegal) people in this country are in abject poverty. And I mean they were pretty much imported to prop that thing up (among other reasons).

        That’s gonna be… I don’t think they can do it, man. I mean sure I think they can TRY to do it. I don’t think they can ACTUALLY do it. There aren’t enough soldiers in the entire universe.

      12. I don’t have any money in the market today. I closed everything out 15 years ago and bought land.

        If you want to gamble in the market go ahead, it’s your party. The market will crash and I believe fall to around 750 to 1000. I’m more than likely wrong, but we will see.

        Like a lot of the folks I’m close to they have all invested in P.M. You know Silver, Gold Copper, Brass, and Lead. I’M NOT TELL THE OLDER FOLKS HERE THIS. I’M

        Sept. and Oct. look very interesting, and I have heard this before and we get through Sept. and Oct. and nothing happens. Let us all pray that the new year comes and we are still setting in front of our computers Bitching about TPTB and the Fed.

        Keep prepping because we know some day we will need it.

        You All Have a Blessed Day.

        • 750 to 1000? Thats not even a market correction.
          I predict the crash will put the Dow Jones at 7,000.

          No industry will be affected, because we don’t have industry anymore!

          I am more afraid of the Chinese crash, they are the ones that produce everything.

          • He didn’t say the market would only drop that much. He said it would drop all the way down to that point, which is a huge crash. That would take out all the gains since the mid-1970s. I remember when the DOW broke 800. Now it might break it going the other way.

            • I’m in agreement with Sgt. Dale. Once the contraction sets in, there’ll be no stopping it until the Dow hits the level it was at when the Fed and Congress, (do NOT forget Congress), began inflating the currency.

              Time to tout this book again:

              “Hidden in Plain Sight” by Wallison.

              If you read only the introduction it will be worth the price.

        • I hate pigs.

          • Ribs, chops, Virginia hams….what’s to hate?

      13. What happened to all the predictions that the collapse was going to happen in July?

        • What happened to the “dire predictions” of doom/gloom.dissident roundup with JadeHelm15?

          • i also wondered what happened to JadeHelm. kinda disappeared over night.

        • JS we found a new calendar. Now it’s September.

      14. Thee collapse has already started. It started awhile ago when p/e went all crazy. This is just the momentum of free money and QE. Everything has been rigged and will be rigged until it cant. The economy is huge and something that huge takes awhile to fall.

      15. Is the stock market going to “self-correct”? (My definition=tank completely, will need to re-boot entirely, etc.) Perhaps. Will it correct so that paper wealth/savings accumulation will be wiped out allowing a massive “bail-in” from foolish depositors? Most likely.
        Is the Federal Reserve planning a massive re-deign of all US currency to defund narco/political/religious terrorism interests all over? Yes, they’ve been planning that for decades now, with the help of various intelligence agencies and the US State Department.(lots of open sources on that are available, you do your own research).
        Is the financial sky falling? In the Eurozone? Absolutely.
        In the PRC? Absolutely. In Russia? Absolutely. South and Central America? Yes. Southwest Asia area? Yes. Africa? Already did a long time ago.
        Will we see a US “re-set”? Depends on if it happens after the election or if our Organizer-in-Chief can manage to stay on “vacation” long enough to exit his last term. The latter is the most dangerous. Our current Organizer-in-Chief is beyond incompetent and is impotent without his puppeteers.

      16. When the Collapse happens, remember who the real enemy is.
        Remember who created this mess.
        Remember who is totally responsible.

        The “Bank for International Settlements (BIS), and ALL Central Banks”.

        The BIS is made up of 60 central banks, representing most of the world, making up about 95% of world GDP.

        They are the ones who will pull the trigger and cause the Collapse!

        When you have no job and they want to repossess (Steal) your home, Remember the BANKSTERS CAUSE IT!!!

        • No, the banksters are just minions of Governments. NOT the other way around. Governments dependent on getting votes to maintain power will always offer the voters Free Shit, and get their Treasury Departments to borrow money to pay for it. Banksters just take advantage of the situation.

        • Yes Johnson, the Banksters are responsible for all, every, war that the poor deluded Americans have engaged in but let’s name them! To say that an inanimate, lifeless, corporate entity is responsible for the madness of wars of the past centuries and now the 21st century falls short of the truth! It is the Rothschild family that is the majority owner of the Bank for International Settlements and every Central Bank on this accursed planet. Of course, this wicked family has their many, many whores in every country that do their bidding to advance their careers but it is they, the Rothschild family members, who must, in the end, be dealt with by Executive Action, much as they ordered against Kennedy, if freedom and liberty are to survive on this Earth.

      17. “When the Fed’s free money and artificial stimulus turns off, or slows down, everyone is going to feel it in a major way.”

        Why would the Federal Reserve change their tactics and not pour money into the system? The money is pure fiat, there is no problem getting more.

        Regarding the concentration of wealth that is a contributing factor. In the “good old days” the 1950s the top tax rate for income ver a million /yr was 90%. Want to avoid it? Invest in business and create American Jobs. What a novel idea.

        • K2- Create American jobs?
          OH NO !That would increase the standard of living and we cant have that , when BO,s bro still lives in a mud hut!
          We shouldnt stop destroying our economy until everyone in America lives in a mud hut .
          JEEZ, Its all so simple . Just IMAGINE .

      18. Another the sky is falling article. Zzzzzz.

        It was a good solar day yeaterday and today. Dont blame the sky or sun, for mans failure.
        I want to see Pres Trump fire half the Fed Gov. Now that would be impressive. Useless dirtbags.

        • Give them jobs where they have performance metrics. Require them to be at work all the hours they are supposed to. Require them to work over-time on weekends and nights for no pay. All the regular stuff which happens in the private industry. Most of them will probably quit in the first 6 months!

      19. Yet, David Stockman is the very man that set this collapse in motion over 30 years ago while working for Ronald Wilson Reagan. We had a half trillion debt when Reagan went in and over four trillion when he went out. Thank you David Stockman for being the most two faced lying son of a bitch in government during the 80’s. You haven’t changed either. Glad you are white so I can call you what you are without going to jail. PS: While I’m rolling here, did any of you see “The Hike” by M.D. Creekmore on one of the prepper sites today. He claims to be a distinguished writer, author, and survivalist consultant, but he couldn’t even plan a three day hike, get his gear together, and complete the trip without endangering the life of his daughter. Read the article please. If this doesn’t wake you up to the fact that most of these websites are here to sell stuff to you by people that have absolutely no outdoors experience then you are going down the first few hours of teotwawki. Get off you ass, get your own plan, and practice it to perfection. Or else! God bless.

        • Tax2poverty,
          Sorry, but you’re way offbase with your vitriol against David Stockman. You need to learn the facts before you spew inaccurate information. Stockman is a national hero!

        • Stockman had little or nothing to do with it, save that he didn’t have the horsepower behind him to deal with “Tip” O’Neill, then the Speaker of the House. (From my old home state of Massachusetts, too.) Remember that a President and his co-workers cannot authorize spending. ONLY Congress can do that. And boy, did they ever. O’Neill loved the Reagan military buildup;, because huge amounts of money went to defense contractors in Massachusetts. Raytheon and Sanders I still recall. I always thought it ironic that the most vehemently anti-war state in the Union also had the highest percentage of its’ economy in military work. The most anti-war TOWN after Cambridge was Concord. Home of a machine shop that made depleted uranium penetrators for anti-tank ammunition. I was there.

        • To be fair, M.D. Creekmore has never said that he plans to escape into nature a’la Davy Crockett. His plan is to live on his homestead in the country, growing and eating his own food, producing his own electricity, water etc.. He doesn’t seem to personally recommend sleeping in debris huts and snaring squirells–not in the columns I’ve read–other contributors may, be doesn’t. He provides a forum for others who are more learned to share with his readers. Ragging on him is like ragging on the publisher of encyclopedias because the publisher doesn’t know “everything”…

          • And, I went back to this post, and M.D. Creekmore didn’t write it, a contributor to his writing contest did.

      20. Click on that link guys, you gotta hear this one.

        Yes, my scientist friend is always right. Look what just got posted on allnewspipeline. Listen the audio and now we can see why preppers all being targetted all in a sudden, they want to scare preppers by arresting preppers. As the guest mentioned. The last thing that they want is for us to find out the people to find out so that they dont do a run on the grocery stores. Gee, its not a wonder how my friend arrived at the3-5,000,000 shtf suvivors.

        Hey agency azz clowns, your stupid usless comments wont work this time, it never did in the past, and this audio is a LITERALLY A 1000% BITCH SLAP INTO YOU LYING FACES.

        This is what is really coming. Nubiru will be the least of our worries. Click on the link my shtf-effers and learn what just happened recently.




        removing one agency azz clowns after another. By by agency azz clowns, you have lost this one. This link ends your BS permanently. USASECURITYGUARD, gotta hand it to you buddy, who ever you are. You were 100% correct in your timing and with this warning. After listening to this, you will be glad that you prepped.

        • HCKS,
          Good link , I think it’s time for you to come in from the “Cold” , I know you may be ” connected”
          And all the bad grammar etc is an act , ( i used to work in the same division , resigned last january got real lucky and called some favors in so i could get employment” ) we really want to know what is going on and what the real story is beyond all the ” disimformatzia ” going on , you can use an alternate ip so it cannot be traced . I am familiar with some of the phraseology used and know you may be high level coinintelpro . What you know could save lives , I know what we are facing is not just collapse , stock market failure or even nebaru , ( occom’s razor as a clue . )

          You science friend would not happen to work at GSFC solar dynamics div?
          This really should get out if you cannot confirm my suspicions maybe you can do it by proxi ?
          The guy that used to post here from Alaska and be informed had most of what they could reveal without endangering their family’s or their retirement . This is beyond Obama or anything we can purposely imagine.or stop ! nature is a crewl bitch .

          I recognized the voice on the video because I have delt with this company , he is very well known in the community , and I could guess the TV person involved .

          We soon will all have to think outside of the box , what is coming is not by my deduction going to be solved by moving to the sticks ( but it helps) just the basics discussed illustrate this .
          If I am right we may be facing a NELE that does not need aliens , rogue planets etc .
          It has happened in the past on this planet and maybe over due to happen again .
          Read about the proton level indication clues in ice cores from the antarctic and Greenland and what this can mean ESPECIALLY THE LAST 200000 years .

          Keep studing and preparing the “Human Domain Factor ” will cause most of the grief if I am correct .
          You may want to invest in a “Pulk” even if you live in a warm zone , read some of the survival stories of the expeditions of the arctic and Antarctic . Keep yourself in the best physical shape you possibably can.

          I predict Pemmican may be making a comeback as a menu item .

          Semper Fi .

      21. Houston, we have a problem! Take courage and be of good cheer my American republicans… Not by might nor by strength but by my spirit says the Lord. Believe friend.

        • anonymous ,
          That is the million dollar phrase , that’s what can change worlds .
          Every thing is possible ……

          Semper Fi

      22. You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink. That’s like all these money collapse pieces being written about the event. Will they stop it NO, will they, will they, you get the drift you can sing to choir only so long before the choir gets up and leaves and go home. The people that know and understand what its all about have taken care of their money, and those who have not TOUGH SHIT. The ball in in their court.

      23. anyone still in the obviously rigged stock market after 2008 deserves the ‘pump and dump’ that is coming.

        • Bruin,while I agree you have all your eggs in different baskets and have some play money,done right can still accumulate more money,then,spend on more goods that are solid.I recommend this only for folks with time to truly follow markets/patterns and have excess dollars(you know you forgot some preps!),hope all have a good weekend!

      24. I am gonna invest into the market with every dollar I can secure!!!

      25. When the Fed increases interest rates, what Sept? That will start sqeezing the weak, those in debt with variable interest rates credit cards and mortgages will push them over the edge into default. Thay will rip into the Middle working class, if the loose their jobs as Employeer Biz profits decrease. There is no magic bullet other than prepping and be fully out of debt, off the grid and armed to protect what you have left, from those 90% who will have nothing left. Stock up on propane tanks. Great barter item post SHTF for a half of hog, firewood, etc.

        • WWTI, Out of debt, the very concept, doesn’t exist in Zionist occupied America. We have a Zionist Central Bank as most other Zionist countries have and therefore, we have debt and only debt. The monetary system that the world suffers under, and I do mean UNDER, is credit, debt. Got a five dollar bill in your pocket? Then you have five dollars of debt that you owe your masters. Spend that five and you discharge your obligation to pay for whatever you’ve bought but is the item paid for?? No, because there is no money, only credit, debt! If you pay for an item with Wizards “money”, they will allow you to think that the item is really yours, but is it? No, how can you pay for something, some thing, with nothing, no thing? Can’t be done and hasn’t been done since 1933 when the Zionist Roosevelt and his Zionist masters in New York and London stole all the gold that belonged to the Americans. So, get out of debt, you say, well, it’s an impossibility in this fiat system! Do you need things to prepare for the times that are surely coming? Use, Use and I’ll say it again, Use your line of credit to get the things you’ll need for your family to survive. Let the great banks worry about the numbers, which is all that debt represents.


      27. I am going to spread some fabricated stories to go around the internet! I can tell you for a fact and can show how rumors were simply made up and placed on the Internet just to see how gullible people are and how far the stories would go! Mostly by people just having fun. Russians have been in contact with Niberu to set off an EMP over America, while an asteroid will hit the stock market. Then Chinese tanks cross the Mexican border to attack tea-partiers. UFO’s are in contact with the Bush family to steal the election who will allow the reptilians to confiscate the guns. Get it, people are being fed what they want to hear. The more ridiculous the more it is spread and believed. Millions have believed and repeated purely made up stuff.

        • What is the date for this? I heard the same thing from my sage.

        • Fred,
          It’s on the internet, it must be true”……..lol!

      28. Bumpy = Deadly
        Bumpy is just a nice word for DEADLY

      29. The Saudis have to borrow billions to keep their government going. Since the Saudis drove down the price of oil, they can’t raise enough money to pay for the day to day operations of their government. Why did they do this? To wipe out US frackers? To destroy Russia and Iran? Hell if I know.

      30. Buying extra supplies. Even work clothes. Qtips, toilet paper, dental floss. Night vision equipment. Currently, I only have Polish night vision, a flashlight.

      31. Mac, are there now politically correct standards which we must adhere to in order to post comments on your site? It’s your site, do as you wish, I have no problem with that and I’m aware that I am perceived as anti-Zionist and anti-Washington Whores, with very good reason so if these are the new standards, please inform me that you will no longer tolerate any negativity against the “Chosen Ones” that very apparently rule this planet! With no hard feelings and with full understanding, I will visit your site no longer.

      32. Mac, my apologies to you. You must have taken some time off, which you well deserve. Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

        • No worries! It was a hectic Saturday and couldn’t get to the comment areas until this morning. Thanks, all, for your patience!

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