FDA Now Burying Incriminating Documents Showing Moderna’s COVID “Vaccine” To Be Harmful

by | Feb 8, 2022 | Headline News | 10 comments

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    This article was originally published by Ethan Huff at Natural News. 

    A document used by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to approve Moderna’s Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) mRNA (messenger RNA) “vaccine” has been scrubbed from the internet without explanation.

    According to reports, the Summary Basis for Regulatory Action contained details about how regulators reached their approval decision. It also included references to an unpublished analysis which found that rates of post-injection heart inflammation are significantly higher than what is being reported.

    The document was obtained by The Epoch Times before it disappeared from the FDA’s website, and the media group sent questions to the agency about it. This was the response from an FDA spokesperson:

    “We are aware of the issue and hope to have the document reposted as soon as possible.”

    The Times reached out again by phone to ask for more details, only to be told that there was no further information available at this time. (Related: The FDA’s emergency use authorization of both Moderna and Pfizer’s injections were used to pump and dump both companies’ stock prices.)

    A Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request has since been submitted asking for the document and several unpublished analyses referenced in it, including the FDA’s meta-analysis.

    Barbara Loe Fisher, president of the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC), says, “The public has the right to review the evidence FDA is using to license new mRNA vaccines as safe and effective.”

    “Lack of transparency only fosters distrust in government agencies charged with protecting the public health. FDA should immediately release all information related to the incidence of myocarditis and other serious adverse events following mRNA COVID-19 vaccinations, whether that information has been provided to the agency by vaccine manufacturers or discovered through in-house analyses of additional data collected by federal officials,” she further wrote.

    The American government is lying about the dangers of Fauci Flu shots

    The FDA’s meta-analysis looked at data from four health care claims databases, estimating that rates of myocarditis among Moderna-injected males aged 18 to 25 was 148 per one million males vaccinated.

    This figure is substantially higher than other government estimates, including one by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which claims that only 10.7 cases of myocarditis per one million jabbed males is occurring with the first Moderna jab and 56 cases per one million with the second.

    Myocarditis, as we have been reporting, is a type of heart inflammation that is extremely common among those who get injected for the Fauci Flu, especially males.

    Despite the heart risks involved with Moderna’s shot, the FDA approved it on January 31 without a second thought. The CDC’s vaccine advisory committee was scheduled to review the data used by the FDA on February 4.

    British researchers found back in December that men under 40 are “much more likely” – females under 40 are just “more likely” – to suffer heart inflammation after the second Moderna injection than from “covid” itself.

    “You can’t trust anything they tell you,” wrote one reader at the Times about how the American government is not telling people the truth.

    “Remember, Big Pharma was released from ALL liability for any damage done to recipients of this ‘vaccine.’ We need to catch them falsifying the data, THEN we can make them responsible. But with the DOJ corrupted to the core, even that is uncertain.”

    Another wrote that clearly the FDA has something to hide, otherwise it would not have scrubbed the incriminating document for no stated reason.

    “These fake vaccines would never have been approved in a normal and sane time,” this person further wrote. “The FDA can’t be honest and objective. Perhaps they never were.”


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      1. I just can’t believe that a gubmint alphabet agency would do something like that. Say it ain’t so

      2. Something the opposite of harmful, broccoli sprouts! I’ve been eating them for the last few days and I do feel better. More energy, overall better feel, taste like radishes (love radishes). Highly anti-cancer and a lot of other things. Get a setup on ebay cheap. Gonna add beet sprouts when they get here too. Slap a pile on yer sandwich instead of worthless lettuce and it’s great. Use mason jar type sprouting or get an automatic unit. Broccoli sprouts have 100X more sulphophane than full grown plants. If you want links just reply.

      3. You know another reason why you can believe all this covid pandemic business is a hoax. If this was a genuine, obvious, and spontaneous pandemic, that the gov’t had no connection to, and no real control over, and it was actually taking out millions of people and causing authentic national havoc, there would be a news blackout about it, or at the very least the gov’t would be telling everyone there is little to worry about. Instead, we get an obviously manufactured hysteria and hype, and crafted gov’t “information”. In other words, this “pandemic” has all the elements of a false flag agenda being introduced on the people.
        The truth is the large majority of those who are sick, hospitalized, or unfortunately dying from covid are those who have been “vaccinated” or being treated for “covid” in hospitals. Which begs the question, what have the “vaxxed” been vaccinated with? Especially since it is officially acknowledged a fully vaccinated person still needs to social distance, still needs to self isolate as often as possible, still needs to wear a mask, and can still become ill and die from covid. When the real and massive damage from the vaccines are playing out on the population in the near future that’s when we’ll get the news blackout. And the “unvaxxed” will be blamed for it.

        • You can’t sing. Join the Navy.

      4. Fiendishly

      5. I thought they were good for ya an stuff! I thought they had vitamin C and stuff in them you fucking dolt! Take your computer program shit shot and inject the CEO a 1000 times to see if he lives! We will not comply!

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