FDA: Big Pharma Drugs Are Making People Kill Themselves While They Sleep

by | May 2, 2019 | Headline News | 13 comments

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    Sleeping drugs such as Ambien have been making people kill themselves in their sleep, says the Food and Drug Administration.  Drugs that supposedly help people sleep are linked to falls, burns, poisoning, limb loss, drowning, and even suicide.

    According to The New York Times, this could all be solved by adding warning labels to the bottles of the pills instead of people trying to get off Big Pharma’s drugs.

    Incidents related to sleeping pills have included “accidental overdoses, falls, burns, near drowning, exposure to extreme cold temperatures leading to loss of limb, carbon monoxide poisoning, drowning, hypothermia, motor vehicle collisions with the patient driving, and self-injuries such as gunshot wounds and apparent suicide attempts,” according to the FDA’s own research. But rather than tell people not to use such drugs, the FDA simply wants people to know they could kill themselves after taking the pills.

    The FDA announced Tuesday that a prominent warning would be required on all medication guides for Ambien, Lunesta, Sonata, and the generic version of Ambien, which is called zolpidem. The FDA also mandates a separate warning against prescribing the drugs to anyone with a history of sleepwalking. –Futurism.

    That’s a lovely side effect…

    “Patients usually did not remember these events,” the agency wrote, according to Futurism. Bizarre actions have been widely reported after using sleeping pills, and the FDA has warned about this in the past – 12 years ago, in fact. That means this isn’t exactly new information.  Big Pharma’s drugs have been problematic for quite some time now, but it is comforting to see others take note of just how disastrous some of these medications can be to humanity.

    Some have expressed their surprise at the FDA’s admission that these pills may not be all that safe for people to use. “I am surprised to see this warning come out now,” University of Pennsylvania physician Ilene Rosen told The NYT. “This is something I’ve been telling my patients for the last 15 years, and in the sleep community, this is well known. And I’d like to think we’ve done a good job putting the news out there, that these drugs have some risks.”

    But all drugs have risks and hopefully, people will begin to realize that medications simply treat the symptom not the underlying problem that caused the issue to begin with.  Western medicine is about management, not treatment. And it isn’t just Ambien and sleeping drugs humanity should be worried about; it’s all the drugs pushed on the public every single day.

    Ben Goldacre’s book Bad Pharma: How Drug Companies Mislead Doctors and Harm Patients is great at explaining the dilemma we as a society have found ourselves in. We like to imagine that regulators have some code of ethics and let only effective drugs onto the market, when in reality they approve useless drugs, with data on side effects casually withheld from doctors and patients. This book shows the true scale of this murderous disaster. Goldacre believes we should all be able to understand precisely how data manipulation works and how research misconduct in the medical industry affects us on a global scale.


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      1. drugs!!! I’ll admit to occasionally have a time falling to sleep at night. But the best cure is simple – ‘get off your butts and do a day’s work!!!’. It’s amazing how being a productive member of society can cause ….. being tired. Still can’t sleep? Okay, get up, work on whatever it is you’ve been putting off. That’ll probably do it.If not, you’ll at least have the satisfaction of ticking off one thing on your list of “someday, I’ll get around to it(s)”.

        • I maintain sleep is a learned thing. Young kids sleep anywhere, anyplace, then we teach them a routine, get up and go to school, as we age we get up and go to work. If you are fortunate enough to go in the military you have to learn how to sleep anywhere, any time, but ONLY when it is permissible to sleep. I spent over 5 years in the military. I can sleep anywhere, almost on command. I only used drugs, coffee and cigarettes to stay awake. I no longer use either of those drugs.
          Now that I’m retired with no particular schedule and can sleep whenever and where ever I wish, I live on what I guess is a “natural” rhythm. The fucking chickens wake me up and I fall asleep after eating a very late dinner. I take a nap when I want to. If for some reason I can’t sleep, I don’t worry about it.

      2. Some of these prescriptions are used for barter in the drug community.

        My feeling is that, if you have self-medicated irresponsibly, you should not blame science and the govt
        — at least, not for that.

      3. There are a lot of people who have obstructive sleep apnea where the tongue relaxes and closes the airway. The sleep medication would put them in a deeper sleep than normal. I wonder if the sleep medication wouldn’t increase the risk of dying in your sleep?

        • With all due respect, I believe it puts you in a lighter sleep than normal.

          Besides the fact that people are still partially-awake, chronic sleep deprivation makes people mentally-unstable, full time.

      4. CBD or THC never did this or anything near this.

        • When I was a kid…I experimented with marijuana. A couple of puffs and you will sleep like a baby. The side effects, well you won’t commit suicide. Burns me up that we have natural remedies available but are forced to use nasty drugs with nasty side effects. Being older now I have thought about using M to help me sleep. Being against Federal law kinda stops me at this point.

      5. STOP EATING LIKE A PIG, stop eating processed food, stop alcohol, stop smoking, stop taking all drugs.

        Get off your couch and sweat exercise 40 minutes non-stop daily.

        YOU ARE the reason big pharma is fucking YOU over.

        I feel and look great!

      6. I don’t blame science for abuse of trust by people in positions of authority within the pharmaceutical business starting with Rockefeller and his boss Rothschild.

        Rockefeller was a convicted rapist and a charleton who sold useless snakeoil remedies to gullible people during the Old West in the 1800’s.

        His son became wealthy by standardizing the quality of gasoline and created a monopoly as Standard Oil bought out every other company, until he was tried for running a monopoly by the Federal government. When you hear Rockefeller think Rothschild because Rothschild money is behind all big business and that includes Oil, petroleum, gas, electricity, and plastics which are petroleum based, as well as synthetic chemicals known as drugs which modern man has been brainwashed to believe they need; that drugs are effective and safe. Nothing could be further from the truth.

        The history of Western Style medicine goes back thousands of years to the time before Christ when people worshipped the Sun God Ra in Egypt. We have records of doctors performing brain surgery and treating Cancer long, long ago. But in the past, the use of herbs and food and other practices flourished alongside the practice of what now is called Western medicine or allopathic medicine or simply medicine. And medicine uses only chemicals that can be patented and sold under the general heading of medicine.

        Rockefeller bought the University system by making enormous financial contributions. The medical schools were and are Rothschild/Rockefeller controlled. And so it became possible to push the natural healing methods out of use and replace them with surgery and powerful often less safe synthetic often petroleum based and always patented money generating medicine.

        Doctors and pharmacists are helpless to control the ethical dilemma because they are educated by a system which hides from them the dangers of these medications and punishes them if they say or do anything that jeaprodizes the financial monster, Big Pharma, that feeds them.


        • Spot on?

      7. I refuse to take any pills pushed my way, no way no how. Aspirin, Ibuprofen and Tylenol are said to be dangerous for the human body. In the case of Glyphosate the existing system is currently fighting back and declaring it harmless to human health. Anything goes when it comes to poisoning the people.

      8. Won’t take any pills from big pharma, never will. Sure seen some people get addicted and all screwed up, health ruined taking them. No thank you. A cold beer or two after a hard days work is all I need.

      9. Drugs commonly used such as Metformin and invokana kill people everyday and this is being covered up and ignored/ Doctors are not looking for medication side effects and do not recognize them when they see them. FDA warnings are useless since half the time the black box warnings are not provided to the patient at all. Labels on the bottles warn of dizziness and beast feeding but dont tell you that side effects can include death like in the two drugs above. Fatal side effects are not rare what is rate is doctors recognizing them in time to save the patient. Big money rules Get off the two drugs above now i speak from experience

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