FBI Warns: Cyber Criminals Are Plotting WORLDWIDE Mass Hacking Of ATM Machines

by | Aug 15, 2018 | Headline News | 42 comments

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    The FBI is warning of a worldwide mass hacking plot that could see millions withdrawn from bank accounts. The major operation has forced the FBI to warn banks of an imminent “cashout” attack on cashpoints around the globe.

    Banks have now been warned that they could fall victim to an “unlimited operation” in which millions of dollars could be withdrawn from cash machines. According to The Independent, the “jackpotting” scheme would see hackers use malware to take control of ATMs. Smaller banks with less sophisticated security are said to be most vulnerable to this attack. The “cashout” will most likely take place over the course of a few hours on a weekend after most banks have closed.

    “The FBI has obtained unspecified reporting indicating cybercriminals are planning to conduct a global Automated Teller Machine (ATM) cash-out scheme in the coming days, likely associated with an unknown card issuer breach and commonly referred to as an ‘unlimited operation’,” states an FBI alert to banks that was obtained by cybersecurity expert Brian Krebs. “Virtually all ATM cashout operations are launched on weekends, often just after financial institutions begin closing for business on Saturday,” Krebs explained in a blog post.

    “Historic compromises have included small-to-medium size financial institutions, likely due to less robust implementation of cybersecurity controls, budgets, or third-party vendor vulnerabilities. The FBI expects the ubiquity of this activity to continue or possibly increase in the near future,” the alert also stated.

    The website Krebs On Security reported that criminals could create “fraudulent copies” of bank cards by installing their data on reusable magnetic strip cards.  The FBI warned that “at a pre-determined time, the co-conspirators withdraw account funds from ATMs using these cards.” In order to maximize the payouts during such cyber attacks, hackers will often remove the fraud controls such as withdrawal limits. This allows perpetrators to empty cash machines of all the money stored in them.

    The FBI advised banks to review their security measures, keep their software up to date, and implement stronger protections when possible.

    As of now, there is no clear way that one can protect themselves from this hack. Obviously, if you don’t have a bank account you won’t have to be concerned about this particular attack.


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      1. Which is why all the big banks, (Federal Reserve) have such an enormous balance sheet right now. A few years ago, some bright person suggested they be prepared to refill all those accounts after a cyber attack that cleaned them out was done, to create panic and mayhem. If anyone has been the victim of a hacker stealing your money, like me, you know the bank replaces it once you notify them of the breach, without liability for the account holder. They get this situation daily, and then they just ring the Treasury Dept. to print more money. Having a massive balance sheet ( 4.5 Trillion $) is what keeps them prepared to stave off a terrorist group trying the financial angle. On a weekend, if a huge hole developed, the banks probably already have a commercial for TV and radio in the can. They’ll reassure the public that their accounts are safe and monetized. They’ll be a little shakiness, come Monday, but things will quickly settle down. By the following Friday, it’ll be business as usual.

        • I have warned many here various times about this.

          1. Avoid this by taking all of your money out off all banks.
          2. Never ever do any banking on your cell phone period.
          3. Never use WiFi Period. Either at home or in a public WiFi place like a Starbucks. If you do, then you deserved to be hacked.
          4. More hacking going on at Gas Pumps. Never use a Debit card to buy gas out of any gas pump period.
          5. Get the F*ck off all social media BS sited like fraud book. Even after you log off they are still recording your every key stroke via Key Logger software embedded on your devices.
          6. Change all your passwords frequently and never use the same password for various accounts.
          7. Don’t use any CC or debit Card without a Chip embedded. Cut the un-chipped cards up and request a chip card to do banking.
          8. Only take money out of your own Bank’s ATM, do not use public ATM machines.
          9. Never use your debit card for anything period, except for taking money out of your own banks ATM machine.
          10. Never let your Credit Card or Any Card be out of your control. Another words, you go to a restaurant, and ready to pay, you hand your card over to the waiter, he goes into the back and snaps photos of the front of your card and the back with the 3 digit Sec code and you will get your acct hacked as he will be buying stuff off the internet before you wake up the next morning.

          If you fail to use these rules above to protect yourself, then you are a real special kind of Stupid.

          Be safe.

        • Years ago, a warning came out, that “events” would begin on a weekend, with some kind of staged “bank collapse”. This has the the marks of a scripted event…

          • Most all Bank hacking occurs on a long weekend like a Holiday 3 day weekend, where time is on the hacker side to rob the bank and get away before the regular Banking cyber crew shows back up the next business day after the long weekend. Its is fact that this is the usual operandi of cyber criminals.

            There have been cases where cyber hackers robbed actual banks via computers of $800K in deposit money. Without leaving a trace. And it was not via ATM machines.

            Bank collapses or Bank Holidays are also a threat to depositors, and then could seize all bank accounts and assets and issue you a new form of currency on the following Monday.. Greece did this to their citizens. by banning all currency larger than a $20 bill. Another great reason to stock up on precious metals like gold and silver which is really low right now.. Silver @ $14.46 And Gold @ $1168. Buy Low sell high is my Motto.

      2. Just anopther good reason to have cash in hand!!!

        Like I always say. “Not in hand you don’t have it at all”.


        • Funny how the Revenue Raiser COP said only carry cash. Reason? It makes it much easier for him to seal it with no trace or accountability. Fact: I got stopped in a traffic stop, had to empty my pockets. I took out about $140 that day, spent about $30, and after I got my items back, there was about $80 missing from my wad. Funny there was just enough to the dollar, to bail my self out the next day. I told my Atty about this, and got my traffic violation greatly reduced, and the crime was swept under the carpet.

          Never trust a revenue raiser thief. Not saying you are thief Sarge, but the facts dictate, most all cops are on the take and steal people stuff if they can get away with it. I was a victim of theft by COP. Plenty of horror stories about HWY 5 in Tennessee, stealing thousands from people, claiming it is drug money so they can keep it. And you have to prove where the money came from. Click on “Asset forfeiture by Cop on Hwy 5 in Tennessee”, and watch the screen light up with hits.

            • Correction Hwy 40 in TN. Hwy 5 is in CA.

              • ” Funny how the Revenue Raiser COP said only carry cash. ”


                • NEVER give up money or anything else you have to a cop, period. When I have to look at cops the same way I look at gangs, Black CRIMINAL Lives Matter, Antifa, etc. then you know something is seriously wrong in this nation. Law enforcement has lost all legitimacy. Their attitude toward the public has become totally unjustified.

          • ALL cops are corrupt. Including the idiot sarge.

      3. Cash in hand is fine. Just don’t travel the roads with any large amount. The costumed clowns are waiting to confiscate it cuz you can’t “prove” where you got it.

        What are you going to say? “Gee, Wally, I had it stashed in a can in the back yard cuz, like they sez, ‘Not in hand you don’t have it at all’.”

        Watch them take it as asset forfeiture for a “broken” turn signal. The real criminals are the King’s agents.

        • JRS
          With all do respect Sir.

          A bird in the hand is worth more than 2 birds in a bush.

          You comment is like saying that your AR is in the safe when you need it and not in your HANDS. Are you going to call Time out so you can go get it. If so you are a dead man!.

          Your Cash (for now isn’t useless) your Gold Your Silver isn’t yours unless you have it in hand, and not on some type of useless paper (cash in the future will be)

          I just don’t keep money in the bank just enough to pay monthly bills.

          I know that they can hack banks because mine has already been hacked. ATMS will be a piece of cake for them.


          • No, cash is good.

            Don’t travel road with large amount. Cops will take if you can’t prove where you got it.

            If you say it was in a can in your back yard, cops will take it any way.

            Cops are the King’s Agents.

            Got it?

            • Guys
              I only carry cash. Because I have it. Yes I do have a credit card I carry it because you need it some times. Nothing on it, but I still have it.


        • No, you show him your cash withdrawal from the bank. I always take out all my pay from the bank, I leave nothing but $4.00 and a few cents in my account.

      4. This threat to the public serves TPTB, insuring them against any and all would be revolutions. If a revolution begins, the first thing to go will be the bank balance. Credit cards will probably be maxed out or just rejected. Keep this in mind. It may be the planned false flag. Fake a revolution, then pull the rug out from under the masses, who will blame political dissidents. It’s a catch 22. It is really ingenious. You’ve got to give them credit. They’ve got us by the tennis balls.

        This is why being a “prepper” makes sense. We live in a digital age. Our rulers are not monarchs. They have much more power than any mere king.

        With a flip of the switch, they can put us into poverty, rob us of our life’s savings, and blame it all on others. No plantation owner had such complete control of his slaves as these bankers have control over us.


      5. Oh , here we go. Cash is bad, its all stolen….I se the logical progression on this, even though most will deny it. This is the Joo bankers doing away with worthless currency so they can drop the next version of “money” and illusion of freedom on the slaves.

        • Good point DNJ. Perfect cover to go ‘all digital’. And hey – who here really trusts the Fake Bullshit Idiots anyway? If some FBI agent told me it was sunny, I’d have to go out and look for myself (and expect it most likely to be raining cats and dogs).

      6. Well we can all put our prepping skills to work, and get to see who lives, and who dies.

        Let the games begin…… 🙂

      7. It’s generally considered an act of war, to sabotage a nation’s economy, because they need that, to eat, stay warm, and provide for their national defense.

        Not to make excuses for BRICS’ scummy, passive-aggressive trade practices, but Western tariffs are a plausible motive for the East’s state actors to engage in cyber warfare, in a sort of tit-for-tat.

        Conspiracy theorists believe that full lockdown occurs soon, after a bank holiday. Or, conversely, that a bank holiday is used to reinforce a lockdown, or the two ideas are conflated and intertwined.

        In third world countries, which have finally run out of other people’s money, and admit to that, finally, arbitrary brown-outs are also used to control the masses, who have to budget time, to use tap water and electricity.

        Keep in mind, that the infrastructure, whether virtual or literal, in desirable condition or not, would have been adequate to serve the needs of these people. There can not be a shortage of fiat, scrip, or chit currency.

        • BRICS wasn’t responsible for these Trade Practices.
          It was the scummy, dumbass Politicians that did it.
          You know, those dummy Politicians, get put into office, by dummy Voters.

          NAFTA/GATT ring a bell?

          BRICS had nothing to do with it.
          If any of those wanted to business in the world, they had to follow the script or be left behind.

          Direct the blame to those who were solely responsible.

          Do you vote?

          • I follow the campaign promises, political platforms, family histories, and witchy mannerisms of the candidates, who, so far as I can tell, had to follow a script.

      8. Yes, the smartest method is having some cash and coins on hand. I’ve recommended people have fireproof safes, which is a misnomer as they only can withstand fire for about an hour and based upon location. Have some pre1965 silver coins in there. The money is only useful for a final run to grab what you can when things are right on the cusp of SHTF. It’s money in hand when credit and debit cards fail.

        Such enforced savings at home must never be known by your children or family as it’s vital money in case of an emergency.

        Imagine you become aware that local soldiers families are stocking up or LEO’s family members. You arrive and have $2k to spend in cash. Suddenly the debit and credit card machines are not being accepted. But you and hopefully the strong guy with you grab what you can and get out in 15 minutes with a 3rd strong guy already in the driver’s seat. No one else would have cash for such a large purchase but you.

        This is why having $1,000-3,000 on hand as cash is a smart strategy but only for the first 24 hours after the SHTF.

        Your primary valueables should be some stored extra trade items that you suspect you can do without as cash later is worthless.

        Now regarding the article, it smells fishy, not because it’s inaccurate but the idea smells fishy as if a cover story.

        Realize that 99% of the currency supply is ELECTRONIC. That little factoid came out just prior to Y2K. This means that hackers can plausibly get into the electronic currency supply that exists as assets and then move it through other accounts or Bitcoin or similar, then redeposit it elsewhere in offshore accounts or Swiss accounts and thus steal VASTLY MORE.

        The small amounts that banks have or atms is but a drop in the bucket.

        Several years ago, due to extremely lax security, some robberies occurred of microprocessors and untold millions taken. I thought that was brilliant thinking versus the risk of a bank or jewelry heist.

      9. Must be nice to be able to print money out of thin air with no backing. I thought don’t keep money in a bank was the ongoing strategy to keep their sticky hands off of it. You know, a potential bail in or other such magic money trickery. Since many people are said to not have $400 to rub together in a emergency that won’t be a problem. End the Fed when hell freezes over. Direct deposited funds like Social Security, VA benefits. SS Disability can be cut. WHY? Because we need the money for more WMD’s. When does the insanity end? I do notice watching the judge-court shows on tv that many on SS Disability look like able bodied people with maybe a persistent hangnail. A nation that cares more about conquest than the health of its citizens blah blah blah.

      10. Looks like they are going to ” BANK HOLIDAY” soon…

      11. Won’t happen. None of these asinine reports from the FBI have any credibility. Just shut them down and let the US Marshals Service take over their function.

        • I strongly disabank with you Mr Bud. The FBI Cyber Division is one of the best in the world and they employ plenty of Master White Hat Hackers to help unravel cyber crimes. Luv to give you more details but I signed a non disclosure agreement with the FBI Because my Biz occupation is in Credit Card Processing / Merchant Services. Trust me this cyber threat is very real. I retired about 4 yrs ago and I am very privy to cyber attacks hacking and card scams. PCI compliance and data security in the cyber and bank card community. So what I tell you is very real and truthful. Lots of things I saw I did not like what the FBI does. Like the stingray cell phone hacking. I see that as Illegal as hell and violates the Constitution. But I just like to be honest and help other people from being scammed by anybody, Govnt or hackers.

          And what Sean said in the first comment posted is not even close to any reality. The Feds only have about $30 Billion in FDIC insurance to cover about $1.2 Trillion in actual bank deposits. Gee what could possibly go wrong there in a mass banking cyber theft???.

          • Just to follow up, what I learned in the last decade Re: Cyber security, identity theft, hacking, tracking, Govnt power to control the masses, ect. Is one of the main reasons why I moved out into the boonies, off the grid and away from technology as much as possible. I did, and so should you. So live more Free and get back to the simple life as much as possible. Technology is not your friend.

            • TharSheBlows, I agree with all you’ve said. I was into cybersecurity myself in a different area and I also cannot elaborate due to a non-disclosure agreement.

              I hope your boonies aren’t affected by the algae bloom that Fla is experiencing now. Really like you stories about seeing the deer and other things.

          • TSB, Thanks for the info and insights.

            You mentioned these kinds of cyber-attacks usually occur on a 3-day holiday weekend. It was said upthread that this is imminent when there is no 3-day coming up until Labor Day weekend in early September. Any thoughts or opinion on that? And why would we get a 2 week heads-up in advance? Thanks.

      12. Since identity theft is so prevalent, it’s wise to burn documents you have that you are going to throw away. It’s that or shredding them. And since everything in a garbage can can legally be taken and examined, only a FOOL neglects security.

        Preppers often are free and clear and so have excellent credit. Don’t be a target by scam artists going through your trash.

        Also be aware of these folks pretending to be officials and trying glean information on the telephone. They pose as internet providers and banking officials and poll takers…when in fact they are datamining to get useful details to steal your identity.

        • Burning thoroughly is better than shredding. If you opt to shred, be sure it’s a cross cut type. If not, it’s the same as putting a puzzle of you out on the street which is easily assembled and data on you taken.

          Some Gov agencies make a slurry out of their paper-essentially a huge pot of paper mâché. Some of their shredders make the shreds so small that it’s just add water and you have paper mâché.

          What should be shredded? Anything that’s personal to you including the trash mail such credit card offers which often have much info about you. Seeming innocent information about you can be pieced together to get a picture of what you do, like, etc. Don’t give info thieves a chance. Even your trash must go gray man.

          • Even your trash must go gray man.

            Good advice

      13. I would never believe anything the FBI said, they’re a governmental agency, therefore the enemy. If anyone hacks and steals the money, its probably our own government trying to make a case for going all digital for more control. TSHF is coming.

        • SHTF

      14. FBI warns? ROFLOL.

        Those idiots would be the last to find out and only then because they saw it on the evening news.

        If the FBI is involved, it is ONLY because they instigated it and set up the entrapment.

      15. Everyone knows it’s the FBI who is the king of all organized crime and false flags in the United States. They are likely facilitating this as part of the war on cash. This works in conjunction to move people towards electronic currency and also being subservient to social media for approval scores.

        Nothing here goes unplanned.

      16. This is just the FBI saying: “Hey, there’s going to be a terrorist attack on domestic soil, right here in the United States. But we’re too busy, you deal with it.”

        Tell me life wouldn’t be better, if the worthless politically biased, piece of crap (POC) FBI wasn’t so fixated upon taking down a duly-elected president of the United States because their hand-picked successor, Satin’s Spawn, Hillary Clinton couldn’t win even a rigged election.

      17. For those who turn a blind eye to the crime of Civil Asset Forfeiture that is allowed in every US state, President Trump did not put a stop to this abuse/corruption when AG Jeff Sessions was against banning the practice and wanted it to continue. Trump went right along with him. So much for being all for us and MAGA.

        In other words, Trump is NOT against CAF, regardless of the circumstances.

        He approved it last year when AG Sessions brought it up for discussion. He should have said it will be illegal and only allowed if it is known and proven beyond a doubt to be drug money. But Trump did nothing and wanted this crime to continue. Watch your back with Trump. He’s not who he seems. Watch what he does, not what he says.

        And next Trump Rally you attend, instead of applauding and hootin’ and hollerin’ like a bunch of cult brainwashed sheeple, ask him, yell out “What about banning and ending Civil Asset Forfeiture?” and see how he responds. He has the power to end it, but hasn’t done so. Why is that?

      18. blame-e, I think at this point EVERYONE knows she will NEVER be president, even if Trump is impeached, which I doubt will happen. But if he is impeached she will never take his place or his successors place. No sense obsessing over her. She’s gone. She’s not in any kind of power and is in fact a regular citizen. She’s still crazy and still has powerful connections along with her deranged corrupt husband. But she isn’t someone we have to be scared of right now. All eyes on Trump. Watch what he does, not what he says. Or pay the price later.

      19. “(FIB/CIA?) plotting WORLDWIDE Mass Hacking Of ATM Machines”?

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