FBI, Secret Service, and Police Swarm Marine’s Home After Facebook Comments Flagged as “Terrorist Threats”

by | Aug 19, 2012 | Headline News | 343 comments

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    FBI, Secret Service and county police swarmed the home of Marine Brandon Raub after he posted numerous comments to his Facebook wall that were, apparently, flagged by police state Fusion centers as highly suspect and threatening.

    At least a dozen local and federal law enforcement personnel raided his home and arrested him:

    According to Raub’s mother, he is being held by police and will be evaluated by a State psychiatrist to ensure he is not a threat to himself or society:

    Via The Daily Sheeple:

    He has not been drugged for those of you asking. They are holding him until  Monday when he is to appear before a Judge whom will make a ruling based on the Dr’s (Of their choosing) evaluation of his ability to function in society. Should the Judge deem him a terrorist threat and unstable he will continue to be detained for a greater length of time of which is undetermined.

    I am looking into him being evaluated by an outside Dr. of our choosing. I was told that this was not possible. We are seeking legal counsel on this. We do not trust their choice of Dr.’s. He is being held for 72 hours until Monday’s hearing.

    He has NOT been accused or booked for any crime. Yet, he was handcuffed, not read his rights and taken away in a police car to be placed into a Psychiatric hospital. Oh yeah, he is an AMERICAN CITIZEN.

    What some do not seem to understand or “get” is this, it is not about what someone says or how they said it, or even if I agree with it. This is about the government, OUR government telling us that if you take a stand and speak out against them you can be “taken away”. This is a direct violation of our Constitutional Rights aka “Freedom of Speech”. READ IT, it is clear.

    Among some of the statements made on his page, Raub often posted historical quotes, personal opinions, and outbound links to evidentiary material surrounding events like 9/11 and other “conspiracies.”

    “Do you know why the American people will win the civil war that is coming? Because we are Americans.”

    “And Because we will not stand for oppression. The American people when awakened will become a terrible force to be reckoned with.”

    “veni vidi vici”

    “Death is nothing, but to live defeated and inglorious is to die daily.

    The specific comments that may have alerted pre-crime web surveillance systems that Raub was a potential threat likely included comments posted on August 12 and 13, in which he made mention of a coming revolution:

    “Dear men and women in positions in power within our government, corrupt bureaucrats, corrupt judges and police, Nazis in the Marine Corps, Barack Obama and your Communist Cabinet” (linked out to John Cena’s My Time Is Now)

    You deserve to kow the truth. There has been an overwhelming amount of evil enacted and planned against you, your children, and your countrymen. It is great in scope. Your government [is] evil. It is as simple as that.
    And the calvary is coming.”

    “Sharpen up my axe; I’m here to sever heads.”

    “The Revolution will come for me. Men will be at my door soon to pick me up to lead it.”

    Additionally, Raub posted a Facebook post on August 11 that may have had something to do with raising the ire of the government and powers that be:


    Your leaders betrayed you.

    You elected an aristocracy.  They are beholden to special interests.  They were brainwashed through the Council on Foreign Relations.  Your leaders are planning to merge the United States into a one world banking system.  They want to put computer chips in you.

    These men have evil hearts.  They have tricked you into supporting corporate facism.  We gave them the keys to our country.  We were not vigilant with our republic.


    Read full post via The Daily Sheeple

    As Brandon Smith of Alt Market notes, Raub is, or should have been in a country that prides itself on the rule of law, protected under the First Amendment, despite how unpopular his views may be for some to digest. The fact that multiple alphabet agencies raided his home for the aforementioned comments is a testament to how restrictive our country has become under the watchful eye of Big Brother.

    Slowly, but surely they are eroding our ability to exercise unpopular or controversial speech, to freely assemble in peaceful protest, and to petition the government for a redress of our grievances.

    Former Marine Arrested For Patriotic Posts On Facebook
    by Brandon Smith

    First the establishment started going after current serving military men for their outspoken political views on Facebook and other web venues, men like Marine Sergeant Gary Stein.  Now, it seems the government is going after veterans as well.  This is the classic pattern of a burgeoning totalitarian state; attack a small group first (outspoken serving military) which the public ignores because it affects them little personally, then slowly expand out to eventually include everyone else.  To all those insipid bottom feeders out there who refused to defend Gary Stein’s right to free speech, here is what you have wrought.  Because of your ignorance, the government has been able to set a social precedent which they now plan to apply to a whole new group of people, starting with former Marine Brandon Raub.  The common statist slave will give the typical coward’s response, which would sound a little something like this:

    “…When are people going to learn that Facebook isn’t private?  You would have to be stupid to express such views where everyone can see…”

    “They didn’t arrest him, they just ‘detained’ him…”

    “He’s former military and should be ‘ashamed’ of his comments against the government., blah blah blah, etc…”

    The bottom line is, the 1st Amendment is NOT conditional.  ALL speech must be protected, no matter who you are, or where you happen to be speaking.  Just because our current criminal government decides 1st Amendment protections do not apply to Facebook does not mean they have the authority to make such distinctions.  In fact, the Constitution explicitly outlines how they are restricted from making such distinctions.  If a government entity, ANY government entity, attempts to violate Constitutional restrictions, it must be removed by any means necessary.

    Take note that the FBI used the accusation of “terrorist threats” by Brandon Raub as an excuse for the arrest even though there is no indication that any actual threats were present on his Facebook page…

    (Brandon’s comments included observations that 9-11 was done by the government (even going to such length, and an interestingly detailed thesis, of providing evidence to augment this), the War on Terror is a lie, Americans are killing innocent people in the ME, the current federal banking system is corrupt and unfeasible to Americans, and that the George Bush’s family rapes little children)


    I would say that all of these claims have enough circumstantial evidence behind them to warrant a serious independent investigation, and even if they didn’t, there is no law against “conspiracy theory”, at least not yet…

    The police and FBI also failed to read Raub his Miranda Rights. Could this be one of the first public instances of the enforcement of NDAA detainment provisions against a U.S. citizen as a so called “domestic terrorist”?  You know, those detainment provisions that Neo-Cons and Neo-Libs alike claim “don’t exist”?

    My question for the statist slaves is, how soon will it be before they get to you?  Do you really believe your complacency and apathy will save you?  Has that kind of philosophy saved any slave under any other tyranny of the past?  This is NOT a free country anymore, and if we do not act to defend each individual who suffers under the weight of bureaucratic oppression, then everyone will lose everything.  It is time to pick a side.

    This video was produced by The Josh Tolley Show

    Via: Alt Market

    Under the Patriot Act pushed through Congress and renewed by both republicans and democrats, any activity that threatens to undermine the US government – even speech on your personal Facebook account – can and is now considered an act of domestic terrorism.

    As outlined by a recent Department of Justice press release, qualifying as a domestic terrorist in the United States is very broad in scope, allowing the State to pick and choose at will:

    Attempts to undermine the legitimate currency of this country are simply a unique form of domestic terrorism, U.S. Attorney Tompkins said in announcing the verdict. While these forms of anti-government activities do not involve violence, they are every bit as insidious and represent a clear and present danger to the economic stability of this country, she added. We are determined to meet these threats through infiltration, disruption, and dismantling of organizations which seek to challenge the legitimacy of our democratic form of government.

    Once you’ve been chosen by the State to be  made an example of, all Constitutional protections fall by the wayside and are replaced with arrest without charge and indefinite detainment without trial, and even forced expatriation.

    This is the new face of the America:

    First they came for the communists,
    and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a communist.

    Then they came for the trade unionists,
    and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a trade unionist.

    Then they came for the Jews,
    and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a Jew.

    Then they came for me,
    and there was no one left to speak out for me.

    Pastor Martin Niemöller 


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      1. Welcome to the USSA.

        • welcome to nazi germany you mean

          • It appears they are still in the stage of attacking the defenseless individual to see if they can get away with it.

            The discouraging thing is that there are “people” willing to perpetrate such crimes against the People, and no one to stand up against them. Where are his fellow Marines? Where was the Sheriff during this Unlawful kidnapping? His sworn duty is to protect people from such things.

            This is conclusive PROOF that there is no more Law in America. In fact, it is now “illegal” to speak of the Law or for the people to even suggest enforcing it.

            Imagine the difference it could have made if these kidnappers had been “forced” to shoot him and his mother. Kidnappers working for the government are hard enough to explain. Murderers would be almost impossible, and send a much louder message to the People that they are under attack.

            I suppose the message to us is that we should stop speaking freely on sites like this one, even though the statements were on the CIAs Facebook.

            We can’t stop speaking. Regardless of the risks, we must continue to awaken the sleeping masses to this. Yes, the hero’s may end up taking one for the team like this guy has had to do.

            Odds are, this guy will be buried soon. Here’s why. They are going to get an attorney to represent them. That means that every single person in that court room will be a paid agent of the state except for him. He will be the ONLY man there, and the only one without a voice.

            NO MATTER WHAT, always speak for yourself. Refuse any assistance offered. DEMAND the agents produce a Principal for you to cross examine. They can not, and will not. It may be a pointless exercise in freedom, but go down fighting and remove any justification and jurisdiction they can conjure up in their challenged little minds.

            I am not a terrorist, unless that term defines a Man who seeks peace and freedom and safety for himself and his family. Unless that term defines a Man who respects and honors the letter of the Law and speaks out against those who deny it. I pose no threat to anyone who leaves me be, which is all I ask of the corp. and it’s criminals.

            It is a sad day for freedom and Law. It is a happy day for the psychopaths who perpetrated this crime against Free Speech guaranteed in the Law.

            I can do nothing, but God will not be so easy on them…

            • GC

              Where were his fellow Marines and where was the Sheriff?

              Its all about the paycheck. Don’t ruffle the feathers and definitely don’t stand up for a fellow citizen.

            • This man should not have been detained because he has the right to free speech, however he is a bit out there in my opinion. I think some of the things that he wrote are despicable and he is not a hero by any means.

            • “Sharpen up my axe; I’m here to sever heads.”

              “The Revolution will come for me. Men will be at my door soon to pick me up to lead it.”

              I believe he is delusional and not a hero.

            • Ohcumgache,
              Marine Brandon Raub’s words may be questionable by some but the phrases that you chose to highlight could easily be contained inside a verse of poetry to highlight the drama of a person’s inner struggle.

              Look again at what Raub wrote:
              “Sharpen up my axe; I’m here to sever heads.”

              “The Revolution will come for me. Men will be at my door soon to pick me up to lead it.”

              Of all people here, I am very surprised at your remarks because you so very often contribute pertinent verse of others.

              This time I give verse to you:

              Do not go gentle into that good night,
              Old age should burn and rave at close of day;
              Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

              Though wise men at their end know dark is right,
              Because their words had forked no lightning they
              Do not go gentle into that good night.

              Good men, the last wave by, crying how bright
              Their frail deeds might have danced in a green bay,
              Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

              Wild men who caught and sang the sun in flight,
              And learn, too late, they grieved it on its way,
              Do not go gentle into that good night.

              Grave men, near death, who see with blinding sight
              Blind eyes could blaze like meteors and be gay,
              Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

              And you, my father, there on the sad height,
              Curse, bless, me now with your fierce tears, I pray.
              Do not go gentle into that good night.
              Rage, rage against the dying of the light.
              ~Dylan Thomas~

            • Ochum

              His words do not really matter, it was all a figure of speech.

              Regardless of whether you like his word choice, he has done nothing wrong until he picks up that axe and tries to use it. That’s what Freedom of Speech is. You can say stupid thing you want to and IT IS NOT A CRIME. Besides, I would bet he doesn’t even own an axe.

              There is no place for thought police in America. No officer can Lawfully use force until an injury occurs and the target of that force has been implicated by probable cause. The officers involved were acting outside of any known Lawful authority and in the absence of injury and probable cause. That is the problem.

              I don’t care what he said. He has a right to say it. Is he a hero? All of the early victims of these crimes are hero’s. He spoke out against criminals, and they retaliated with cowardly force under color of law.

              The outrage of such events will eventually lead to an awakening that could very well save our country and millions of innocent people who want nothing more than a return to the rule of Law.

            • Zoltanne,

              I thank you for your verse, it is quite amazing. I have been judgmental in my reaction, I apologize if I offended anyone. I will simply state that I do not agree with everything that he wrote, however he does have the right to say these things and that right, I would fight for. Much of what he says is true. Thank you for your sincerity. It has been a trying day.

            • Gods Creation,

              I agree with your thoughts completely, however I find it hard to accept some of his accusations. I would certainly fight for his right to this speech. Thank you for taking the time to write such a thoughtful post.

            • Ohcumgache, I would not write as he did, nor do I care for the “style”, but we do need to remember one of our prized rights is our right of free speech.

              Please, no need to apologize — you DO understand. There’s nothing wrong with being judgmental and when words reach into our emotions, we easily react. We are human.

            • These things will escalate due to things like the Ft. Hood and recent theater shootings in Colorado. They all said things like “If we would had said something when we saw the warning signs this might not have happened” Our lives are now like a twisted version of the “Minority Report” movie, say the wrong thing and a little ball/flagged printout will appear and you will be taken away for everybodys saftey.

            • This event is a prime example why PATRIOTS must organize politically. 90 million gun owners hold the future of America in their hands.

              I haven’t seen a SWAT team go after the new leader of the Black Panther Party for publically calling for war on the white community.

              Wheres DHS when you need them?

            • I wonder why they did not just send a drone over to just wipe him off the face of the earth

            • Yet groups like the New Black Panthers can post “what ever they want” in videos and no one does … anything.

              “New Black Panthers plan to create inner city militaries that would go into nurseries and kill white babies and murder white people in the street.”


            • It is interesting that someone can stalk another and threaten them harm but until the act of violence is committed against the victim, the police can do nothing because it is just words. But this man is picked up for his words, not against a person but in frustration about the violation of this nations people and the constitution and somehow that is more of a threat and more actionable?!
              Reminds me of the early Obama administration and Polosi was calling for people to report their neighbors to the FBI if they spoke against the proposed ObamaCare. And that was when it was SAPOSED to be in the discussion stage.

            • Take a look at the marine above. Who does he kind of look like? Hint you have seen his face recently connected to violence and the government.
              The accused Batman shooter.

              Is it just coincicence or is it better for their case if he looks like an accused crazy killer?

              FYI: in many states they can place someone,against their will, in a mental hospital for evaluation for 72hrs. Then they must be committed with a hearing in front of a judge or set free. This man was not charged, not read his rights but was taken to a mental facility and told he will see a judge.
              Sounds like FBI are testing the waters of this new power to “arrest” without arresting citizens.

            • The sheriff was right in there with the feds. Those of us counting on local LEOs to side with the people are in for a huge disappointment.

          • bearclaw,

            Spare the “nazi” bit, the people who are in control are devout marxists, who can trace thier lineage to the SDS, the Weathermen, and various other very communist orginizations. You will wish these people were only nazis. You are now in the USSA.

            The “Disappearings” really began about 20 years ago. This will only escalate. Expect more of your ideas, and behaviors to be pathologized, and catagorized. Expect your worst nightmares to begin. All the “paperwork” is in place. We are one signature away from GRAY STATE.

            • Here is a tangentally related short vid, from NRA, some of the comments made by people in the vid are far more volitile than what Brandon Raub said.


            • White, Christian, libertarian, gun owners are a key demographic to obama’s re election right now. The more his govt can infuriate them, mock them, and demean them the better his chances with the masses.

          • dipshit worrying about semantics.

          • They are taking a black marking pen and blackening out line by line of the constitution just like they blacken out any type of document that they don’t want the public to see. Remember the ammunition purchases that had all sorts of dark black lines through it.

            There are many people on this site that could be viewed the same as this marine, but why hasn’t this happened here? Quite simply it is because he was on a network that has many individuals that could somehow be influneced in someway. This site is already regarded as those that only freedom type of people with free thinking minds visit, the wise minority. In other words the government feels that shtfplan.com is just another one of those conspiracy sites that the sheeple won’t visit anyway.

            It is all about numbers. When someone becomes too widespread to way too many individuals, they become a threat. IF shtfplan.com had the type of audience that facebook had, it would be shutdown. Rense and Stan Deyo have already been hacked because they have become a little too big and have crossed that threshold of influencing too many people with too many articles that just might open up too many minds.

            Mac, no disrespect here, this site is widely popular, but has YET to cross that threshold of having too many people visiting that might be changing their mind about things. I am just glad that sites like this are on the net where people can express themselves and get ready for what is coming. A sad day will be when the government shuts down ALL sites that don’t conform to their set of conditions. Enjoy it while we can and prepare and then prepare some more, it is coming.

            • I might point out that a lot of what appears on this site makes its way to Facebook.

            • @ Nehweh Gahnin. There is a difference between something being posted on Facebook directly and something kind of backdooring it on there. I equate this to something being on the front page on a newspaper and something being sandwiched somewhere in the back pages. With the government it is volume and how many people are being swayed the wrong way when they act, when they attack freedom of speech and urinate on the constitution.

            • I was thinking about “why him?” myself. I could see perhaps how someone that was a marine might be considered particularly threatening if he were indeed to gather people up, teach and lead them. I also considered that the fact that he was an ex soldier made him someone they might make a point of making an example of.

          • No. I said what I meant; and meant what I said.

          • Get off this deceitful, dishonest, and deliberately false misdirection campaign about blaming the ‘Nazis’ for everything that is going wrong with America, pal. You sound like you’ve either been drinking the Alex Jones disinfo kool-aid, or else you’re a member of the tribe who pays Jones his salary in exchange for his efforts to help cover their hind parts and shift the blame for the tyranny we see rising in America away from them and onto non-existent and long dead Nazi Germans who’ve been dead for over 60 years.

            The engineers and architects of every bit of this agenda to recreate the Soviet Union Police state here in North America can be traced to the very same ethnic tribe who’s ancestors seized Russia by the hair of it’s head in 1917.

            Lieberman. Lautenberg. Schumer. Feinstein. Levin. Chertoff. Blooomberg. Specter, along we finally did get rid of that rat. I could go on and on.

            But, those names all have one thing in common and it is NOT that they are Germans or Nazis.

            • Does it really Matter if its the Nazi”s or the Stasi ? we are be ruled by Communist and Marxist..This Marines arrest should be A wake up call, to all Patroits and Preppers! People its near time to Take off the Gloves!
              Semper Fi

            • Anti semite Jew hater …. May God forgive you.

            • realifemechanic – jew hater huh?

              Are you part of the Hagee Christian Zionist ministry or you another deluded Shabbos Goy who protects the chosen ones?

              Anytime sometimes points out who the real enemy is, the Kosher mafia, the Anti-Semite comments come out.

              Most of us aren’t buying that anymore. The kosher mafia has a huge role in the destruction of this country.

          • No, the USSA stands for the United Secured States of America…. I think this fits

        • OK–LET’s SEE your PAPERS!!You Will Answer FOR YOUR CRIMES!!SIG-HEIL!!!

          • No say shalom, this is what the jews who run the USA want.
            Do you think it is nazis who run the FED ?
            WAKE UP !

            • All the Jews I know, in this town, are much more poor than I am. None of them have any connection to the Fed’s crimes. You can’t implicate an entire race. It could be your race that’s implicated next time.

            • Rob: You and John Q. keep saying that there’s this jewish kabal running the country, great give me the names of these puppetmasters if you can and show a direct link with photos and independently verifiable investigative work that they’re directly influencing the the government of America. I’m not interested conspiracy theories, supposition, or conjecture based on some deep, dark fears or prejudice, but facts please. Do that and I’ll shut the hell up. But don’t do what John Q. does by quoting some hairball on a lunatic fringe website or blog that hasn’t an ounce of proof and call this evidence because it’s not. Read the rules of evidence as required in logic or in debate and then present your “facts”. If not, the you can shut the hell up about this nonsense and talk about real problems, not imaginary ones. I’m sorry if I offended anyone here but I’m sick and tires of reading unsubtantiated rants that have little or no bearing with our current situation.

            • Gregory – the tribe have admitted in many newspapers, news articles and TV shows that they run the media, the US government and the military. They have all the bases covered.

              If you want stats and facts, I couldn’t possibly put them here. They’re too numerous and too massive to mention.

              Almost all of the federal reserve banks are owned by Jews.

              The majority of film studios are owned by Jews.

              Go to incogman net, theuglytruth com, etc. There are tons of sites who have documented facts.

            • Annie Oakly: O.K. who’s in this “Tribe” you’re talking about? Do you have some names that we can look at to discover if ‘they’ are part of some group trying to subjugate us and the rest of the world? What I want is hard evidence, not some loony-tunes web sites like the ones you quoted. Any clown can get on the computer, set up a site and load it with a lot of conjecture and ineundo that doesn’t provide one solid, independently verifiable fact, and that’s what all of these head-cases have done. Yet you, and others, act as though these sites are run by serious journalist who triple check their facts with other sources before publication but they’re just rants based on the owners own feelings and point of view, devoid of any verifiable facts. When I took logic in college there were rules for evidence when presenting a case and you and the others here have not met that burden. It doesn’t matter what you believe, or wish to be true, it’s what you can prove. In a word-you’ve all failed. I know I’ll get alot of ‘thumbs-down’ from the angry children here because I’ve challenged the existance of their little fantasy world of boogiemen and conspiracies. Provide real proof and I’ll shut the hell up, otherwise grow up and try and act like an adult for once in your lives.

        • They didn’t arrest him? Just detained him? LMFAO! They have him in custody against his will. That’s an arrest, or kidnapping! either action is illegal.

          I hope he REFUSES to speak to any shrink.

          Hopefully he will get an attorney who believes in the US Constitution. There are links to attorneys who believe in justice on the SHTF America homepage under “American Legal”.

          Hope someone gets him those links! And he then SUES the SHIT out of those bastards for involuntary detention (kidnapping) and false arrest!

          Where is the ACLU when an American needs them?

          • “Where is the ACLU when an American needs them?” — They are busy worrying about how many court houses have verses from the bible on the walls of the halls, and whether having a manger in the town square is appropriate.

            They don’t have the time or resources to defend any ONE person — ask them, they’ll tell you so.

            • 6pack, my exact thoughts about the (sic)ACLU. After reading this article yesterday, It angered me enough where i had to walk away before I commented. I was hoping to see this article was only a dream I had or was retracted this morning. Wrong.
              No other phrase or word applies except “enough”. Wish I was his neighbor.

          • Unfortunately I think they are detaining him under mental health regulations. This occurs when someone is mentally ill and a threat to himself or others. They are then evaluated for involuntary commitment. This is completely separate from arrest, which requires a crime having been committed.

            I have seen patients who are seriously ill and having voices tell them to harm someone they know. These people are taken to a mental health care facility for evaluation by a psychiatrist. I have never heard of them being read their rights because it is not an arrest. Within a certain amount of time, they must go before a judge and that judge will determine whether they are a danger to others.

            If the judge determines that the person is a threat, they will be committed to the hospital for treatment for a certain period of time. The length of time depends on the laws in the area where he lives. However, this commitment must be reviewed every few days to weeks to determine if continued hospitalization is needed.

            If the judge determines he is not a threat, he will be released.

            I have occasionally had a patient that had to be committed, usually due to being delusional and a serious danger. Sometimes due to advanced Alzheimer’s and self neglect. It has always been very hard to get a commitment, even in the most extreme cases.

            There are two things exceptionally concerning about this. The first is that the government agencies may be trying to get him listed as mentally ill in order to make it illegal for him to own firearms. I think they may be starting to take actions like this against people who speak out about government activity. One way of forceably disarming the opposition.

            The second is that mental health issues can allow for detention for long periods of time without a formal arrest. This is how the Soviet Union and other countries have handled dissent for a long time. It looks like the US is joining the group.

            • So help me out with this.
              He is detained for exercising his 1st amendment rights because the alphabet patrol does not like what he has to say. This detainment is for mental health concerns. Now that he has a federal mental health record (not likely that he will be cleared because they detained him in the first place)he will loose his 2nd amendment rights. If he is found “guilty” of what ever it is he is NOT being accused of yet he will loose his right to vote as well. If I have this wrong sorry but it sure sounds like the opposition has its ducks in a row. Here we are in the last few minutes of the game and are getting our collective asses handed to us.

        • …they have forgotten that this is our America..
          ,,,,,,,,This Is Our House,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

          BURN HALO – OUR HOUSE LYRICS(2009)

          Don’t cross that line if you don’t wanna find what it feels like
          ‘Cause I know you’ll be running with your tail between your legs like a dog
          You better bring all your guns, get ’em loaded ’cause it’s almost game time
          It’s gonna be old time, shoot ’em up, knock down, drag ’em out
          We’ve got our pride
          so choose your side
          This is our house, this is our house
          Tell ’em what they get when they come inside
          Say it loud
          this is our house

          You crossed that line,
          now it’s time for you to know what it feels like
          Gonna put you in your place, don’t think you want no more
          You’ve got your face in the ground,
          stay down if you wanna leave tonight
          It was a motherfucking shoot ’em up, knock down, drag ’em out
          We’ve got our pride
          so choose your side
          This is our house,
          this is our house
          Tell ’em what they get when they come inside
          Say it loud this is our house

          This is our house, this is our house
          Tell ’em what they get when they come inside
          Say it loud
          Tell ’em what they get when they come inside
          Say it loud this is our house,
          this is our house
          This is our house, this is our house

          • *GASP!* You, you, conspiracy theorist, you!

        • Damn, that is exactly how I feel. They will be arresting millions of us if that’s a crime. Our Government is one of the most corrupt in the World. I and many others feels there is a need to fight back before it is too late.

      2. My momma said .. If you don’t have anything nice to say..just Say nothing at all…

        That is the problem in this country.. To many chiefs and not enough Indians!

        Stay kool.. Stay quiet.. Vote for change.. Just Don’t sit and wait for it..

        • dont vote for a lesser of two evils for you are still voting for evil, make the change within yourself and encourage others to do the same

          • i fully understand that the 1% now controls 99% of the vote.. i rather fix the problem 1 vote at a time.. not by 1 body at a time using violence..

            any-who.. the sky is falling.. hold your arms up!!

          • Realist says “vote for change”… The last time that happened Obama was spawned….

            • We all understand Now that the election was bought by bussing common folk that never intended to vote..

              If revolution is occur.. All I am saying is that it would spill the blood of the innocent and covent the souls of the 1% that are better prepared than us all.

              Sorry to pee in everyone kool-aid today.. I am with you.. Not against.

            • Good one!

        • The last time I checked, the ballot box was broken with no quick fix in sight. All we have left are the soap box, the moving box, and the ammo box.

          • the soap box will get you put in a camp or mental home, we see that with the story above, the moving box is done too

            • bearclaw…we are running out of options quickly…….

          • Wrong, he was arrested for using the soap box, the ballot box hasn’t worked for decades because of hi-jinks and hacking, the jury box IS bought or threatened; now, what’s left??

            • He spoke out about the FED, the scam of it all.
              You have jews running the FED, jews running homeland security, and jews run your wars.
              Their country and their only country is ISRAEL, they want to see the USA die, and by the looks of it they seem to do just that, kill the USA that is.

          • I agree, voting is in vain. Also smart folks/patriots stay off face book and other social sites, which serve no purpose but idle gossip. Several patriot radio hosts have warned folks to stay off those sites as they are monitored years ago. Stick with a small group of trusted friends to band together when the time comes. Hunker down low key now. Stay away from tea party, etc groups/political protests, activities which serve no purpose in an NDAA fascist controlled gov. Voting is useless as this point..nothing productive ever gets done; all candidates are working towards world gov. yada yada..

            • Laura M., I like your advice. At the present I think stealth, camouflage, and invisibility make an excellent defense for patriotic Americans. If we are in fact witnessing the next phase of American socio-political evolution where the government is instigating a cold war/arms race against the American People, then silent preparations become absolutely paramount. Invisibility is the ultimate goal. The game is rigged, and the winners and losers have already been chosen.

            • Laura M. and YH: Sound advice. The government has been monitoring all communcations for a while now, looking for threads that might lead to some internal action that could signal real chaos. So long as people let off steam on sites they consider “fringe” TPTB don’t feel too threatend. They know somethings coming and they want advanced warning so they call get the hell out of dodge, that’s why they are listening and reading everything. What really scares the crap out of them is when someone, like that Marine, goes from a site/blog like this, or similar ones, and goes mainstream on Facebook or Twitter. They have to act lest others begin to feel no fear and start doing the same. Time is getting short and TPTB know it, they just want to stall it a long as possible, so they can’t let it get too public that things are falling apart. A smart person keeps his/her mouth shut, stays off of these major social sites, and doesn’t challenge the cops, even when the cops are in the wrong. The last place anyone needs to be is in jail or a mental institution WTSHTF. Be invisable. Anyone suggesting otherwise is an idiot with a martyr complex-or just another mall ninja.

        • The last time I checked the ballot box was irreparably broken with no fix in sight. All we have left are the soap box, the moving box, and the ammo box!

        • Great answer just keep quiet until the world implodes. Genius!

          • Its not about keeping quiet until implosion, its about tactical planning away from the all-seeing eye, Clandestine strategy works to our advantage, people we are dealing with a consortium that controls the physical world and they do have a specific agenda. This group, hear and see all, they employ a myriad of minions, they have unlimited resources,they are RUTHLESS and the only way to stop them is by us laying low , implementing tactical sub maneuvers. Great job at strategizing Laura M. Now lets all work together. With Goodspeed, prep, stay alert ,

        • If voting made any difference they wouldnt let us do it….Mark Twain…..And they have outsourced the counting of the votes to a company, SCYTL, in Spain, part of George Soros’s holdings…We are so screwed…

      3. well well well

        Another test case..indeed.

        A true patriot speaks out against the machine that he was once part of..

        Swat arrives and whisks him away..

        he made threatening statements as severing heads..or questioning the state

        and revealing how corrupt it all is..
        TPTB are here..

        he will be but one of many to disappear into the night
        sorry to say

        NDAA has come full circle..

        get ready folks..


        • HEY!!—-I Made a comment to $CoCoPUFF Crackhead$ about watching your 6 ,the other day and haven’t heard from him since!!! What happened!!???

          • cookoo for cocoa puffs is probably having a big bowl of captain crunch right now

            watching one flew over the co coo’s nest


            preparing for that nuclear false flag over d.c.

            as he predicted

        • The FBI, Police and SS must not have read the transcripts of the Hutaree trial. They made similar statements, but Federal Judge Roberts dismissed the charges because there was no plan to engage in violence. Therefore, ruled the judge, it is protected speech. You’d think these neo-nazis would at least keep track of of court ruling that effect them. Nah. To many moving parts. And anyway, whats a little unconstitutional action by the Feds if they can grab a headline?

          • Yup, Im thinking this is all about fear, put fear into those of us who are waking up the others, if they scare us enough or take a few of us as examples, they hope to shut us the hell up.

        • Possee: more will disappear over time. If most churches weren’t run by gelding “preachers” maybe things would change if enough people became aware..but most Americans are stuck in stupid anyway as history shows down thru the ages when nations fell. Yet with modern communications and the info age, stupidity marches on in the masses. Community leaders and local/state politicians are on the take, like phony 501c3 church leaders, who refuse to speak out. Does anyone know why the outspoken talk show hosts haven’t been hauled off by now? Me and others Q this alot.

          • They are probing along what they consider the fringes, hoping it will have the desired effect without enraging too many at once.

      4. Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.

        — C. S. Lewis

        I thought it was worth sharing again, as it is timeless and speaks to this story.

        • Is that from “The Abolition of Man”? It is a good read either way. C.S. was prophetic in many ways on anything from environmentalism to the control of food. He wrote it more than 50 years ago when they were first beginning to deal with Progressives. He also said to be very careful with Progressives as to what they are progressing toward.

          • It was God in the Dock.
            But it could have found its way into some other works of his.
            He new these progressives for what they are and had defined them well.

      5. Sadly it appears this young man is a NDAA test subject, taking him to a mental facility is the first step in destroying his character.

        Hang on a sec someone at the door, I’ll be right back to finish my thoughts……………………………………………………………………………………………..

      6. AmeriKa – What a truly Oligarchy FOREIGN Globalist Banker secret society Shadow Government NWO CIA FBI NSA Communist – Fascist Freemason – Zionist Jooo run – Carbon Credit Tax Debt Slave goyim gentile Plantation Sheeithole …

        … And there’s no where else to run too !!!

        We’re All Properly Pucked by the NWO Globalists … they’ve “Got you All by your Big Hairy Ballz in a U.N. NWO INTERNATIONAL OCCUPATION PEACE-KEEPER FORCE VICE !!!








          Globalist NWO UN Weaponized Rape coming soon to U.N. Occupied Amerika under U.N. MARTIAL LAW … history shows where there is martial occupation war conflict … there is murder abuse rape by the occupying forces .


          How did rape become a weapon of war? This is not new … during each and every World War Rape is utilized by boths sides of the conflicts as a weapon of war ! During WW2 occupation of Germany both the OCCUPYING USA AMERIKAN TROOPS AND RUSSIAN TROOPS brutally TERRORIZED THE GERMAN POPULATION (black african-amerikan troops were ordered by amerikan military officers encouraged to rape german national women to punish demoralize the germans) WITH RAPE GANGS AND FORCED SEX SLAVERY OF THE GERMAN POPULATION .

          This is not new it happens in every part of the world during foreign war occupation AND IT WILL HAPPEN HERE IN AMERIKA AS WELL DURING FOREIGN TROOP OCCUPIED NWO U.N. MARTIAL LAW !!!

          The U.N. has accused the AMERIKAN CIA backed Janjaweed militia in Sudan of using mass rape ( THE UN FAILS TO MENTION HOW ITS OWN SOLDIERS ARE INVOLVED IN THE SEX SLAVERY TRADE , WHITE SLAVERY TRADE , AND EVEN TRANSPORTED INTERNATIONALLY ON UN AIRCRAFT SEX SLAVES (AMERIKAN MERCENARIES HALLIBURTON , BLACK WATER and others are also involved in the sex trades and arms trades) ) !!! WTF ???

          Women’s and Children’s bodies have become part of the terrain of conflict, according to a new report by Amnesty International.

          Rape and sexual abuse are not just a by-product of war but are used as a deliberate military strategy, it says.

          The opportunistic rape and pillage of previous centuries has been replaced in modern conflict by rape used as an orchestrated combat tool.

          And while Amnesty cites ongoing conflicts with high reports of rapes abuse murders of the innocent in Syria, Palestine, Libya, Yemen, Congo, South Africa, Colombia, Iraq, Sudan, Chechnya, Nepal, Mexico and Afghanistan, the use of rape as a weapon of war goes back much further.

          These are all territories where the AmeriKan CIA is Actively training operating financing Al-CIA-Duh terrorists , globalist criminal insurgents and CIA Drug Lords / CIA Drug and Arms Traffickers !!!





          Can you hear me now ???

          None of You are Free !!! YOU ONLY THINK YOU ARE !!!


          • You are a freaking loon and asshole. Take your hate America crap somewhere else. Hard to believe that so many on this site encourage you, probably the same dumb asses that secretly voted for Obama in 2008 and will do so again.

            • @jw … ;0) it’s okay if your scared of the very REAL truth . attack me all you want out of your own blind fear of your false knowledge images of the world around you crumbling before your very eyes into COMMUNIST MARXIST FASCIST ZIONIST SLAVERY and YOUR shear lazy MENTAL ignorance of the real truth .

              it’s okay … just let it out man … that’s why i’m here . ;0)

              ;0P pssszzt


            • Gary Allen, CFR quote:
              After the insiders have established the United Socialist States of America (in fact if not in name), the next step is the Great Merger of all nations of the world into a dictatorial world government. … The Insider’s code word for the world superstate is NWO “new world order,” a phrase often used by Richard Nixon , the George Bush’s , Bill Clinton , Hilary Clinton and Henry Kissinger . The Council on Foreign Relations states in its Study No. 7: “The U.S. must strive to: A. BUILD A NEW INTERNATIONAL ORDER.” … A world government has always been the object of the Communists.

            • “There does exist, and has existed for a generation, an international Anglophile network which operates, to some extent in the way the radical Right believes the Communist act. In fact, this network, which we may identify as the Round Table Groups [comparable to the CFR in the USA], has no aversion to cooperating with the Communists, or any other groups, and frequently does so. I know of the operation of this network because I…was permitted for two years, in the early 1960s, to examine its papers and secret records.” [Professor Carroll Quigley, Tragedy and Hope, p.950]

              “At the end of the war of 1914, it became clear that the organization of this system had to be greatly extended… the tasks was entrusted to Lionel Curtis who established, in England and each dominion, a front organization to the existing local Round Table Group. This front organization called the Royal Institute of International Affairs, had as its nucleus in each area the existing submerged Round Table Group. In New York it was known as the Council on Foreign Relations, and was a front for J. P. Morgan and Company…. In fact, the original plans for the Royal Institute of International Affairsand the Council on Foreign Relations were drawn up at Paris.” [5-Carroll Quigley, pp.951-952]

              “The powers of financial capitalism has another far reaching aim, nothing less than to create a world system of financial control in private hands able to dominate the political system of each country and the economy of the world as a whole.” [Quigley, pp.324]

              The “wise” Insiders who have been guiding the CFR toward global control include familiar names such as David Rockefeller, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Henry Kissinger, George Shultz, Bill Clinton, Brent Scowcroft…. These men have led and instructed our presidents’ cabinets again and again. They and countless others work silently behind the scenes to accomplish their goal of a socialist/communitarian world government. They may call themselves Republican or Democrats; it doesn’t really matter. They control the financial resources needed to manipulate the economy and accomplish their goals.

              Their tyrannical form of “capitalism” destroys the personal incentive, moral guidelines and free enterprise that made America great.

        • Zbigniew Brzezinski co-founder of The Trilateral Commission :

          The technetronic era involves the gradual appearance of a more controlled society. Such a society would be dominated by an elite, unrestrained by traditional values. Soon it will be possible to assert almost continuous surveillance over every citizen and maintain up-to-date complete files containing even the most personal information about the citizen. These files will be subject to instantaneous retrieval by the authorities.’

          – Zbigniew Brzezinski, Between Two Ages: America’s Role in the Technetronic Era, 1970

      7. There is more to this…first off the Marine has had himself in a few jams before….his lack of any good conduct medal on recent photos, shows…..

        Lets not jump the gun…so to speak… Sounds like media hype

        • You don’t get a good conduct medal on one enlistment. If he was only in for four years who would not receive one.

          • I know times change, but I was a Marine and got a good conduct medal after 3 years. We use to joke about it being awarded for 3 years of undetected crime.

            • Correct Swift……..got one after 3 years, first tour myself…

      8. The following statement may not contribute anything constructive, perhaps this is even a little emotional, and while I’m still free to say it, I will.

        “This is seriously fvcked!”

      9. Lets see what develops…. With all the alf assed patsy stuff lately…this rings of someone saying one thing, but deeper things below…. This guy could be doing more, only surface things any “witness” knows is he made facebook posts….

        Ive seen some pages claim this guy is retired….huh? And again, no good cookie medal….let alone a PH, which would be apparent i would think to warrant a medical retirment….

        • Sideshow. I can somewhat agree with you as we have all just been informed of the reasons for his detainment. We don’t know the whole story yet and I am sure the cops will spin it out to make it look like they caught a looney before he cracked. In the following days, the truth will come out, only in alternative media, and we will know if he was a loose cannon or he has become the first victim of NDAA. Just because he was a Marine, doesn’t make him an angel. I have many ex-military friends and they are not all squared away upstairs. I have a good friend of mine who was a Navy Seal, and he is currently in a psych ward. Me and all my friends that know him, know he is crazy, and we are pretty sure he is harmless but nonetheless, the cops took his guns and I was sort of relieved when they did. I hang out in the VFW down the street and we had a guy, who was ex-Marine, come in one night, sit down, order a beer like nothing was wrong, and proceed to pull out a pistol and fire a bullet into his mouth. Seeing things like that will keep you awake at night. Lets all wait to see what comes out in the wash before we jump to conclusions.

      10. Greetings Everyone(that includes those wonderful folks at the “data centers”)
        So free speech is no longer allowed when it comes to TPTB.No surprise there.”a terrorist act”though?Free speech(however outlandish) is a terrorist act?All this time we have had American Nazi’s with their “fuzzyness”,mexican illegals shouting for their “rights” while breaking the law,Muslim demanding their rights to sharia law(their religion teaches them it’s an act of faith to hate Christians,but to lie and deny this to non-muslims)and then there’s the “street people” who are a little “touched” speaking “openly and freely”.The “taking an Ax to someone” WAS a poor choice of words.BUT not a criminal act,UNLESS we have finally truly lost our Republic to something worse.Personally,I think what they’re doing is training for when the banks and markets achieve “failure mode” and “appropriate” everyone’s money under the guise of being closed.THEN there will be unrest in this country that even “up-gunned” cops,drones and the military won’t be able to cope with.The Sheeple will go NUTS!Just staying alive and aware of what’s going on around me will be a top priority for yours truly when things go truly FUBAR.Of course if the Feds themselves go flat BROKE even the “data center” folks will be a bit too busy to stay at their post,with the chaos that will follow…..

        Best to All Here(and a nod to the “data center” folks as well.)

          • Alexi, enjoyed the site.

        • So this is making me sick, are you americans BLIND.
          Is it nazis who run your banks, is it nazis who run your goverment ?
          Look at your buddy Israel who drag you into war after war.

          • And where do you live Rob? America? The term Nazi has become a slang word more or less, describing people who do despicable things to innocent people-but if were American, you would know that.
            I don’t think America has ever been dragged into anything-but right now, Americans are been dragged through the mud by our govt. and they’re monitoring every minute of it.

        • SCREW the folks at the “data centers”. They are nothing but Mark Potok clones, with the morality of a Grant Street hooker. (Grant Street is in Pittsburgh.)

          • You know a lot of us have said a lot worse on here than the marine said, he must of had something in his past or someone turned him in to the police worried this guy might snap. Probably a friend of a friend saw these posts and gossip in his town was said, and then someone called the police saying this guy might do this or that. so they arrest him to make sure he won’t kill people since tensions are high right now with attacks. I think that is the reason he was detained and not charged with anything. Simple as that.

            • The word “preemptive” does not belong in any “justice” system.

            • The sheep will hail them as heros for catching him “before he did something”, and preemptive action will be accepted.

        • yep, because what he wrote is MUCH worse than what the new black kitties and fairy-khan have put on video…..yep.

      11. In listening to the video from The Josh Tolley Show, I learned that this guy resides in Virginia. Not only is this action in direct violation of his Constititutional rights as an American, but the Commonwealth of Virginia has passed legislation that nullifies the NDAA.

        Beyond disgusted.

      12. We will not be defeated they are beginning to toe the line!

      13. These are the signs neigh-say’ers and wait and see’iers,They will not be any more clear than this.They are not going to announce on the six o clock news “Well now we can report that TSHTF at 2pm today.” Those of you that are waiting for some big one time event to know that TSHTF and you need to start enacting your well thought out survival plans.

        I am afraid you will only finally see it when you are awakened at 3am with a bright light in the sky, followed by a big boom or a swat team in your bedroom.

        From here on out you need to stay frosty.

      14. But what do we do to help right now as a collective group? Who do we contact?

        • If you can find them…..THE A TEAM!

          • The Outlaw Joesy Wales .
            Stars and Bars !

      15. Hadn’t been here (posting anyway) for a while. Added WNC to beginning of title to distinguish myself from another mountainboy who goes off on racist rants…

        The scariest part of this whole thing is how accomodating the local leo’s were to the Feds. A lot of you here feel that the local leo’s won’t turn on us. You’re very wrong. They have been turned into lapdog whores through federal grant money. They will do what they’re told and get their paychecks.

        • Everyone in a law enforcement type of job will do whatever it takes to save their hide, whether it is right or wrong, I personally don’t trust LEO

        • wnc,

          What part of WNC. Looking for others in the area to talk about prepping. Do not advertise my prepping efforts. Just wondering if you know of a wnc group to discuss with

        • That is true to a point I believe. But I still believe he was seen posting crap online and a friend of a friend same some of the things he said and he was at the bar talking about his plans so someone turned him in to local police and then to FBI for terrorist charges since tensions are high right now, so they arrrest him to find out what he knows or is planning to do. If he just says was joking and was a poem might get off and watched but if he gets in the interogator and resists and acts stupid and says go screw you guys etc. they probably will put him in treatment and have him watched. that is what I think is happening with this person.,

      16. This is outrageous! Our right to free speech is being taken away. Aren’t we supposed to be able to say whatever we want? While I personally i am careful about what I post on Facebook, it is my RIGHT to say what I want. I don’t air dirty laundry, and I don’t let people know I prep. Our privacy has also been taken and I am sick and tired of it.

        • You cannot say whatever you want if it includes incitement to violence(unless you are a member of the New black Panthers)then it is OK to call for skinning whites alive. In addition any hints at violence toward the president sorry as he may be and the violent overthrow of the govt. are taken seriously. I have not seen what this guy posted but considering some of the stuff that is posted here and on other sites with no one being arrested yet he must have said some pretty stupid stuff. Just my read on the situation. Anyone have a copy of what he actually put of his facebook site?

          • John W – If you click on the links to the Daily Sheeple in the article, the entire post is there.

            I read his post and it was really not that extreme, in my opinion – nothing worse than many of us have said. Just a cry for freedom and a condemnation of the system.

            ~ D

            • That’s what should have folks worried. If he did not post anything very bad then anyone can be taken in just for an innocent comment. It appears the rules are being changed, they must be either getting worried or so smug that they cannot be resisted that even the illusion of fair play is being discarded. I will check out what he posted.

            • Daisy,
              I went and read it and nowhere was there anything threatening violence of any kind. It was just a commentary of how things are from his perspective. If this is going to be the new standard for declaring someone dangerous then everyone better be worried. Make everyone guilty of something that way they can be controlled easily that is how the Chekists did it for Lenin and stalin. Hard to believe we have come to this while those who actually are a threat are ignored. The second Obama term will be quite interesting.

          • Is there any way, other than violently, to overthrow a government?

      17. An active duty marine should have had more sense than to post something like this, unless he has some sort of martyr complex, which I find in a lot of self-professed patriots.

        • Jnc you are a tard enough said

        • Joe in NC

          Do me a favour….shut up.

          Take care

      18. The comment he made about the Bush family. I think thats what did it that got him in trouble. Old jugs ears must have took offense to that.

        • What comment about the Bush family? I must have missed that. Nothing as bad as what the Democrats said about him.

          • In the section with the second video. Right above the salem news link. He called Bush’s family child rapists.

        • Bush is a criminal from a family of criminals who should be arrested and tried by a jury of Americans for TREASON!

        • I saw the same thing in an excerpt from a book written by an ex0CIA agent who saved an MKULTRA victim from a timed death…can’t remember the names though — must’ve had too much aluminum in my diet lately…

      19. The more I read, the more convinced so-called patriots want to exchange percieved communism for religious fascism. You people truly are delusional and have no idea what you are advocating. Revolutions rarely go the way rovolutionairies plan and usually take decades to recover from at a horrific human cost. I keep hearing people say they are less free than when Obama took office. However, I have the same exact freedoms now as I had then as do all my acquaintances, and I am what you would call middle class. You sheeple have just fallen for right wing propoganda that would make Joseph Goebells proud. The PTB that you are so quick to blame for the country’s problems must truly be ecstatic when they hear and see your revolutionary utterings since such talk increases the polarity of the country and can only lead to clashes between those not in the 1% which will only beneift the 1%.

        • Hey, what’s up, Joe the Troll, (giving Joe the finger)

        • Since 2008, the people that I know out in california have had their freedoms taken away little by little each day. The gun laws out there they say have become much more restrictive, especially ammo buys. Stupid little pin head laws to needle someone to death for extra revenue for the state are rampant. It has been decades since I even visited this state, but those that I know that still live there say it is horrible. I know 2 families that want to leave just because of the suffocating laws, not to mention the crime rate and the pollution.

          I think many other states are heading the way of california. These are of course state laws that are sucking away freedoms, but freedoms are still being lost. I know someone that has NEVER had one gun accident ever, and worked for law enforcement for many years but is no longer. This person cannot even practice safe gun use at a shooting range with a lot of ammunition because of restrictions in california.

          For anyone to say that freedoms are still the same as 2008 has not visited some of the areas around the country. The freedoms everyone enjoys can be instantly taken away given the wrong circumstances. Executive orders can turn freedom into pure control of everything someone does. A catastrophe bad enough can easily be used for this excuse to turn the country into a dictatorship. A super volcano, solar EMP, 8+ earthquake on a major populated area of nation importance, magnetic shift, asteroid or comet impact, plague, to list a few natural disasters. Manmade; widespread terrorism, war, invasion, economic collapse, cyber attack that shuts down much of the country, false flag, breakdown of communications, manmade EMP, rioting, inner country race war, etc. All of these are hardly out of the realm of possiblity and some are not only likely, they are destine to happen soon enough.

          Too many people (the vast majority of the populace) that ho hum freedom are exactly the ones that will allow it to slip right through their fingertips without even noticing that it was leaving. Every single time there is a breach of freedom of speech, freedom of the rights to bear arms, whatever, liberty gets another nail in the coffin.

          People need to care about freedom and stop taking it for granted because it won’t be there if the current trend continues. The more violations of freedom there are that go under the radar or are allowed by the masses, the easier it will be to one day for those that hate it to destroy it completely.

          • calif. is no longer a part of the United States. The lid is being kept on because certain groups wish to keep receiving their transfer payments. When those paymets stop it will be SHTF time. I hope I am out of here by then however the demographic situation here is spreading to every state so is there really any place safe to go?

            • @ John W. I hope you and ALL preppers are out of california before this happens, it will be a nightmare trying to escape it after SHTF. The Rocky Mountain states are still the last safest places to go and the last places to fall. Gun ownership is not just a privilege here, it is expected.

        • Probably the worst govt. paid troll I’ve come across in a while. So obvious. You’d think they’d train ’em better!

      20. Get used to this folks….. I had a friend shoot a turkey recently on his property a couple days early of the season. The picture and a few words were sent in a text message. A couple of weeks later, 3 DFG agents showed up at his home….. big Brother watches and IF you get out of line, someone will be calling on you…..

        • @Stan522,,,,,”Someone will be calling on you,,,”. Ma Bell?

          • “one ringy-dingy, two ringy-dingy”

        • Good post about reminding people not to break any laws like flying down the highway at 100 with a camera and posting that. I think in no way do they have the right to ticket you after the cause. This is nuts anymore and they will go after anyone they can clearly have evidence on. While illegals clearly are in school illegally and they just leave them alone. But if someone shoots a turkey early they get fined and whatever to them,. Our government is falling apart. We gotta do something here rather quickly and don’t know what we can do but one thing and that can’t happen unless we all unite somehow together.

        • Two guys I worked with,one active duty Navy and the other DOD civilian had a deer season mishap that just got worse when they volunteered information to one of the game wardens which resulted in the wardens going to the guys house and seizing another deer he had taken the week before. This was over a year ago and they have finally gotten their guns back and the matter resolved. Moral of the story don’t volunteer information to law enforcement even when you are simply trying to be honest. They will use it against you.

      21. *Off topic prepping question* For those of you who heat solely with wood, can you give me a general idea how many cords of wood it would take for a winter to heat a medium sized house with a high efficiency woodstove? I know there are a lot of variables, like windows and such – just trying to get an approximation. It’s in a northern climate.

        Thanks in advance!

        ~ D

        • Well Daisy….what I want to know is….. what everyone is doing about storing family photos. Everything nowdays is archived digitally so the question is what is one to do in a post SHTF era (other than print out everything)?

          I know in the scheme of things this may not be of any importance to most but my plan is to try to hold onto every piece of normalacy I can in the future and make it as pleasurable as possible for my family.

          • I scrapbook, Tina, so I print most of my photos off as well as storing them digitally. 🙂 But great point!

          • And that’s the great debate. There are all kinds of articles and opinions on how far down the toilet our society will fall. What we find important will be dependent upon how far down the crapper our way of life sinks. The reminds me of college and the study of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maslow%27s_hierarchy_of_needs ).

            What we find important will be dependent upon where we reside on his diagram. I hoping we don’t fall too far and family photo’s and other now important items will still be valued and appreciated.

          • @tina – suggestion … buy a used laptop pc , tablet pc or two and load em’ with both windows XP 32 bit and UBuNTu 32 bit linux OPS systems . plus triple back up all your info on 3 separate spare usb stor sticks and buy a solar charger for laptops . I recently did all this and it cost me only $200.

            I wrapped one of my extra laptop tablets an usb info storage sticks in tin foil an then a space blanket with a extra hand crank radio , hand crank flashlight and solar recharger w/ extra batteries aa aaa .

            and its all in my bug out rucksack now !!!

            ;0) I plan to be chilling in my “Dug-Out Cabin ” in the woods come Martial Law Day watching the Juggies jumping on trampolines re-runs on my tablet pc . ;0P pssszzt

            you can store all your info , prepper libraries and back it up easily for under $200. buying used light-weight old pc tablets .


          • Anyone who puts anything of a personal sensitive nature on facebook including photos of friends and family is a moron. There are a lot of creeps on facebook and the official ones with all kinds of neat snooping tools that are only legal for them to use can Peek where you never expected them to go. Be warned, some things are not for sharing with a bunch of people you barely know let alone total strangers..

        • Daisy: We have a large house (six kids) which is pretty tight and well-insulated. We are in northern Ohio which is only moderately cold compared to North Dakota, Maine, etc., but we cut about eleven cords of wood which supplies us and our oldest (married) daughter who has a much smaller, although relatively well-insulated, house. The best guess of both my husband and myself is that we go through six cords of wood a year. We have a Vermont Castings Defiant, plus hot water resevoir, and it’s very efficient. Last year was a fluke in that it wasn’t that cold, and we used four cords, leaving two cords for a starter wood-pile. We burn oak and hickory and you should allow for a larger woodpile if you burn soft woods. This is pretty vague, but I hope it helps a little.

          • Thank you, Juliette – it helps a LOT!!!! 🙂

        • Daisy
          I’ll need to get back with you on the average. I have used for just the house, I also have a 1000SF shop I occationally heat with wood so the figure would be off if I gave you the total.
          I have a 14 year old Hi-eff wood unit in the home, the SF is around 1800SF, also in the north.
          Good Insulation is key, good cured hard woods also.
          Its a lot of work, chain saws, blades, fuel 2stroke oil, log spitter, pick up truck and trailer and a dam good back and a dam good source of already dead standing hardwoods is the key, cutting and drying green or live trees takes too long, is too much work.

          Also another factor to take in, length of cold spells, high winds, last year I had a very mild winter by usual standards so I conserved wood and used the natural gas forced air furnace more ( my purpose was to save wood for the “bad” times)

          My fire bax fully stacked runs for about 8 hours( the home one..my shops unit is much much larger), before it needs a refill
          I will do the math for you tomorrow and give you a feel for my worst winter, I think I still have the records someplace, just need to dig thru my shop for them.

          I have a figure that keeps coming to my mind as I type this, but I want to make sure, I dont want to steer you wrong.

          I will come back to this post to tell you what I found.

          Take Care

          • Thanks VRF – just a property I am looking into – wood is the main heat source and I’m trying to figure out if it’s feasible. 🙂 I knew there’d be someone here who’d be able to give me a general idea! 🙂

            ~ D

            • You are welcome Ms. Daisy.
              well Im one of those get it done NOW kinda guys, so I went out and found it.

              worst winter I had with out feeding the shop unit came to about 6 full Cords for the home, of mixed hard woods, Ash, Oak, some Elm.( A full cord to me is 4’x4’x8′ of stacked seasoned hard wood)
              The unit is a fire box type lined with refractory bricks, with a blower for the heat exchanger to force it thru the existing forced air duct work.

              Note if its a smaller home then 1200 or 1700 sf, this usage will not be that high, but if you have drafts or single pane windows, you should prepare to have a minimum of this wood cured stacked and ready, plus a few more cords for emergency. I also have planted a close row of pine trees around my home and mostly to my west as that is the direction most of my winds come from, not real close to the home but close enough to provide a wind break

              I also forgot to say I have a trailer, and a small 4×4 tractor I use to pull the logs/trees out of the woods, and all my pick up trucks are 4×4’s I do work with another good friend of mine to get his and my wood taken care of, because it is so much work, and Im in dam good shape for my age. years ago when I was younger I did it all by myself, Im glad to have the additional help as we all age, annd age and health will be a big factor in how long you can keep this up. never stop getting wood, even if your already set for 2 years or more, because one year you might not be able to get the trees out, weather, wetness equipment issues, or health issues, prep forward for years to come.
              keep your wood off the ground, I use hard wood pallets and build a cage or pallet box for mine. 14′ x 14′ each by the height of a pallet on its end approx 4′

              also, learn how to clean your own flue, and how to build a hot fast fire..that way your flue heats up quicker , drafts sooner, and reduces any build up of creosote..(never burn any pine, or treated wood)
              Good luck, and stay safe, tree work can be dangerous.

              hope this helps

            • VRF ~ That is an amazing amount of information. I do have a 4×4 truck, lucky for me! I was thinking to purchase enough for one year and then get busy working towards the next year. I’ve a couple of places that I’m looking but it seems to be time to get out of the city and get somewhere that we can be more sustainable.

              If I can ask one more question, bare minimum, what equipment would I need to get started?

            • Daisy to be honest if you have to buy the wood, its not very cost effective..but if you have no choice to get started than you do what you have to.

              I would say as a min. for equipment, get a decent trailer capable of at least 4000#, (mine holds 10,000# and my hauling truck is capablle of pulling that and its bed full but thats tuff to do starting out)

              a good chain saw and at least 2 bars and 3 to 4 chains for each bar.
              an axe, a maul..a wedge, nice rope. personal protective gear, gloves,pants and a good carhartt coat, safety glasses, and Good work boots(treat you feet right, they will thank you later)
              a gas powered log splitter is a definet plus at least a 20 ton unit, because you aint going to axe split 6 full cords, not if you have a life and other shit to do.

              a few gas cans you can take in with you with your mix 2 stroke fuel for your saws, and a gallon or so of bar/chain oil..dont forget to fill your lube up and check it each time you fuel up your saw. and make sure its sending lube to your bar and chain.

              first aid kit for the field.

              im sure im missing some things, but this should get you started..lift with your legs, save your back


            • and a file – search youtube to see how to file your chainsaw. you will do it much more often than you’d think. having spare chains you can swith out helps;then you can sharpen during downtime, but still…

            • Even at 300 a cord (see it around here often for 150.00) that is still only about 1800.00 a year and I bet you spend more than that now on fuel. And the heat is so much nicer.Is there anything better than coming inside in the winter and standing next to a wood stove to warm up? It is always the most popular place in the house in the winter.Even the pets will congregate… guaranteed.

          • I dont want to disagree or be argumentative with you VRF,BlueH20 and others that say NEVER burn pine or even soft maple for that matter, because it will cause a chimney fire from all the creosote it produces ,even if fully seasoned, as that was what I was told for years also,

            So If anyone here is from Alaska,Canada or west coast that burn pine, please chime in and help debunk this Old theory Because You have very few other choices but to burn pine and spruce and Alder which is a soft maple.

            Any wood burned green or only partially seasoned will produce creosote,pine included. But When truly seasoned, pine will burn just as creosote free as any other wood.Especially in the new airtight stoves.

            The only difference between any wood is the amount of btu’s that it produces per pound or cord. Pine is a soft wood so naturally wont produce as many btu’ per cord as say hickory, but…

            If you could take one pound of seasoned pine and one pound of seasoned hickory at the same 18 % moisture content and burn them, you would find out that they will produce close to the same amount of heat and produce no more creosote than the other.

            Black Cherry is a very sappy wood too, but if well seasoned, will burn just as well and creosote free as any other wood.

            If pine was/is so dangerous to burn and all, then How do they burn it safely without creosote buildup in their chimneys out west and up in Canada and Alaska, where they dont have any of our hardwoods?

        • Depends on a lot of factors like square footage and insulation being the big ones. area of the country? Big difference between northern west coast and midwest.No real Hardwood out west and much milder. I have heated with wood
          for 5 years in our new 1800sf house(my whole life in others) and we use 6.5 cords of good seasoned hard wood in a typical winter with a little poplar in the shoulder season.Last winter was mild and we used 4.5. What kind of wood can you get? Big difference between hickory/oak and pine/poplar. I would say 8-12 cords of pine at least in my area SW Michigan.

          Any wood you get needs to be seasoned for about a year to burn well, that goes for wood you buy pre cut and split.I rarely see bought firewood that is truly seasoned enough.You will pay a premium for real seasoned wood. And don’t just take the guys word for it,until you can tell by look and feel, buy a moisture meter from harbor freight to check it.18%-22% is good.The lower the better to a point.Kiln dried will burn too hot at 6-10%. Log length or rounds are NOT seasoned firewood even if they have been cut down for a year or two unless they are 3 inches or smaller.

          Logs are just the raw material you make firewood out of.No different than calling a log a table.You need to split and stack wood for a minimum of 6 months for soft wood in a good sunny place to make seasoned firewood.Oak takes 2 years to be well seasoned.Most others a year will do.

          Getting and making firewood is hard work.That’s why people give away storm damage and tree tops for free, but charge you 150-300 a cord after made into firewood. The cost of firewood is in the processing, not the wood.

          Remember this, burning unseasoned green wood builds up creosote in your chimney, not to mention wastes your wood.(takes a lot of energy to heat all the water in the wood)Creosote is what causes chimney fires so be careful and keep your chimney clean, good luck and you will love it once you learn the ins and outs. Saves us 3600 bucks a year over propane kept at 68 and we keep our house at 72 or higher all winter.

          • Glacial Hills – It would be about 100-200 miles or so North of your latitude. I would have access to maple, oak, birch and beech. Do you have a recommendation among those choices?

            Also, do you split all of your wood instead of purchasing it then?

            Thank you for all of that information – I’m actually saving your response and VRF’s!

            • Oak and birch are great, I dont have any beech so I cant comment on the beech
              there are BTU ratings or averages for each hardwood out there,(check on internet) and I also agree with what Glacial-Hills has posted for you

            • All of those are good hard wood,well seasoned oak is beautiful and keeps all night.Sugar maple is very good and coals nice,red maple not as much but still classified a hard wood,(soft maple, go figure) Beech is awesome and would be my first choice. Birch is nice and looks pretty but needs to be processed fast as it will rot quickly once dead and on the ground make sure you stack the wood you get on rails off the ground or it will wick moisture out of the ground and rot the bottom rows.Dont try and season wood in your basement as it will raise the humidity too high and will mold(been there)well split and seasoned wood will not rot outside and will have few bugs when you bring it inside(bark holds the bugs)

              I have 10 acres of hardwoods so yes I cut and split all my own. But even if you have to buy cut and split it will save you money over other fuels. and the heat is constant and much warmer than a gas furnace.I know heat is heat but after you feel it you will understand.

              Beware the wood guy that sells you a cord of wood and shows up with a pickup with it.even stacked you can only fit about 1/3 a cord in a pickup bed.Unless he is making multiple trips, that is not a cord. Oh another trick they will cut the splits short and say that 3 stacks 8 ft. long is a cord. only id those splits are 16″. They should always be a little over not under. Some wood guys are honest as the day is long but some are well you need to keep an eye on.

            • Glacial – that is great to know about the wood sellers! Thank you very much for all you’ve shared!

            • You are welcome. I am sure others that are reading these comments are wanting to get into burning are also finding these responses you are getting from me all the others helpful.

            • Can’t have too many chains or chain files,D. Look for gas cans other than CARB compliant. They are a PITA and cause all the problems they are supposed to resolve (fuel spillage, etc). In tough times, 2 cycle oil for mixing may be hard to come by.

        • My 2000+ sq. ft house, 1 1/2 stories, wet cellar under one large room at 44N +/- takes 4 2/3 full cords (14 face cords) split, fully seasoned dry hardwood in a normal winter, 3 (9 face) full cords in a mild winter and 5 1/3 (16 face)in a severe winter. Bad winter is 3-4 weeks of -30F. Mild winter starts in December/ends in March. Good masonry chimney and old downdraft woodstove. No ductwork, so we supplement w/2 propane, forced air wall furnaces and an occasional ceramic heater or propane heater in places that stay cold or are only in use part of the time. We shut off one room and a 3-season porch Nov-March. 2 rooms in use upstairs heat by convection. We need to heat the cellar if it gets to -18F to keep the pipes from freezing. Otherwise, the waste heat from a propane water heater is enough. We keep the place at 68-69 most of the time. Wear layers, appropriate thermal longjohns (they are rated for temperature), lined jeans and sheepskin slippers. We keep an enameled cast iron pot of water on the stove for humidity.

          Old time rule of thumb: stack your firewood in face cords (4’x4’x8′). The area covered should be roughly the same as the first floor of your home for one winter. Keep a tarp over the woodpile to prevent the stacked wood from freezing into a solid mass when the sun melts the snow and then refreezes at night.

          Clean out the stove pipe (plumber’s torch and wire brush; wear welder’s gloves) and openings into the chimney and stove once a week to avoid chimney fires. Clean chimney itself at start of the season.

          We have heated mainly with wood for nearly 40 years. We usually have 2 years worth stacked, 16 face cords fully dried and another 16 half dried, but capable of being burned, if necessary.

          • Thank you – what fantastic advice!!!! I would never have known a lot of this stuff!

            • Be really careful w/maple. Hard maple is ok, if it is fully seasoned. Soft maple will smell delicious and you will want to burn it just for that reason, but try not to. It creosotes something fierce and can cause a chimney fire if you don’t religiously burn out the stovepipe weekly. It happened to us with going two weeks w/o the cleaning.

          • “Clean out the stove pipe (plumber’s torch and wire brush; wear welder’s gloves) and openings into the chimney and stove once a week to avoid chimney fires.You sure know what the heck you are doing.”yep been there,done that for years. The new stoves and furnaces burn so much more efficient than the old “smoke dragon’s” do. I had an old franklin growing up and we were constantly having to chip the black shiny stuff off. The new stoves burn seasoned wood so well that they dont need to be cleaned only once or twice the entire season.And No creosote.NONE!! Its so nice to have that peace of mind. Dont know what your finances are but it sure saves wood and Labor to get a new airtight one.I would at least check into one.The county fairs always have a few dealers with good discounts. Check em out.You will kick yourself for not getting one sooner.Will cut your wood usage by 1/4 also I betcha.

            • GH:

              Any recommendations as to brand/size and cost? I have been looking, but we need to downsize (getting just to be too much dang work)and since we will be moving, have decided to stick it out w/what we have until we are in a new, smaller place.

              Good to know about cutting wood use. Thanx. Don’t cut any longer, as I am just too old for it. We get container loads of hardwood mill scrap, some of it is 2′ square chunks or larger and some is black locust, which is excellent for overnight and burns with a blue flame. That will a consideration, because w/the beetle problem, you now have to purchase or cut wood within your _township_, here. Paid $375 for 12 face, last year (I can still stack it myself). I will stay rural, for a lot of reasons.

        • Daisy….I heat exclusively with wood and getting a woodburner was a great decision. My gas bill went from $160-180 a month to $65. I actually had the gas company call and ask if they could come out and check my meter as they thought something was wrong with it. We had a warm winter last year and I ended up using about 5 cords of wood total. It also depends on what type of wood you are burning. Oak is the king and burns the hottest. I used elm from dead trees on my property so all my wood was free. My home is only about 1600 Sq.ft. and my woodburner is an insert that fit into my fireplace. It is 83% efficient and it definitly will roast you out when its running full blast. I just cut and split about 4 cords of elm last week. Having a woodburner is more physical work but I can’t stand sending the check to the gas company, so its worth every penny. By the way, my unit is a Quadra-fire 1700i and was about 3g installed.

          • The exercise of cutting, splitting and stacking wood is actually good for you. For fun I used to scoop out hot coals, put them into a heavy metal bucket and put them over seasoned meat wrapped in heavy foil.

            • Heck Kevin…for fun me and my drunk friends scoop out the hot coals, put them in a bucket and see who can squat in them the longest..sorry, just havin fun! I love the whole process of taking down a tree and cutting, splitting and stacking. I have been a carpenter for 31 years and its the only time I get to cut wood and not have to use a tape measure!

          • BRW ~ Yes, my goal is to NOT be sending very much of my money to the utility companies in the future!

            • I can keep my house at 80 degrees all winter with wood were when we were on gas, we would keep the thermostat around 70. I figure it will take about 3 years to save back what I spent but knowing the gas company isn’t getting my cash is the best part. Its one of the best investments I ever made as I have an older home with crappy windows and my funace used to run constantly. Now I don’t freak out when one of the kids leaves the door open!

        • @Daisey,,,,We live near Lake Erie and winters are brutal. Can’t say how many cord, but we burn 17 pick-up loads per winter. Of course, we have a two story house, but excellent windows and insulation.

          • Swift – Hey – I’m just on the other side of the lake from ya!!! 🙂


          • hey, guess what? a pickup load is between 1/3 and 1/2 cord depends how high you heap it. That comes out to be about 7-8 cords. Sounds about normal to me.

        • 5 easy, up to 10…we have 1200 sq.ft. log handcraft cabin with good insulation and windows. New stove bought for shtf insurance…live in the Redoubt.

          More is better. Gets to hot, open a window. In fact cracking a window at the other end of the home will help with heat flow…ceiling fans are good also.

        • God save the queen.

        • I used to heat 6-room cabin, no insulation, old windows, in Pacific Northwest cold, wet winters, on about 3 cords of dry Red Alder, some Fir/Hemlock, in a big Fisher stove, which I wish I still had. Would literally have to open a door to cool the end of the house. That was using the stove evening, nights, and weekends/holidays, when I was at work no fire. I got two cords of cedar shake bolt scrap at a shake mill and cut that up for kindling, and gathered old cedar bolts here and there, just cut them up to size and put the wet kindling under the stove for a few days, it’s dry in no time.

          Get a stove with a large top surface you can cook on, heat water, like that. Don’t need an oven, just bake in your kitchen oven.

        • Daisy, same situation here…..I would look at 5-6 cords if your using wood exclusively…make sure it was split AT LEAST 3 months before burning season.

        • You should also consider using Filbert nut shells for heat. They are widely used in Oregon partly because there are a whole bunch of Filbert farms in the state.

        • Daisy: in northern lower mich I used wood entirely for last 16 yrs. I use ONLY Oak or oak&maple mix. One yr used Ashwood. Ash burns Hot but dont last as long as Oak. Oak is best!…Burns swell and for long time.

          I buy 10 or 20 FULL cords. 3-face cords(16in long x 4ft tall x 8 ft wide stack=ONE face cord. 3 face cords equals One Full cord. Full cord= 8ft long logs by 4ft wide and 4ft tall. If you can cut own wood to proper lenghts buy bulk like I do as it costs 1/2 aprox. opposed to face cords prices.

          My windows are storm and house window type, not so great, older crib, a few air leaks etc. I use aprox 8 full cord per year and thats aprox 8 -9 months long to heat crib.

          I switched to propane last yr and it costs at least double as does wood and wood is number one best heat I ever had bar none!…Wood heat warms everything..Walls-furniture-everything can hold heat is heated and gives off heat a long while. IT warms your bones!

          Up here current prices for 10 to 20 FULL cord load delivered and stacked at site(Not stacked ready to burn lenghts! Just stacked so You can cut and split it later! ps Get a good gas powered splitter! Pays itself off in couple yrs as does the sthil chain saw! Get ONLY good saw like a Sthil! get what ya pays for I rekon.

          Anyways current prices is $75 Per full 8ft long logs cord. That is= 3 face cords. I only get aprox 2 1/2 face cords as I cut firewood longer than 16in(my stove takes 31 in max lenghts. 2 ft long is Heavey to handle when stove is roaring hot and need hold logs by Ends! 2ft long is plenty to handle on inside home type ovens.

          So figure it costs me at least $600+ depending on temps etc…Couple winters I needed All 10 full cords and even some more!..Usally 8 full cords will do it. Hope this helps you out….Wood heat is good heat but very time consumeing and hard to do. Worth effort if you can do it.

          • Thank you, Angelo! I looked at two places – one is really big and old and they told me they used 21 cords last year (gulp) – so I ruled that out because it’s just too much work for me! The other place is literally 1/3 of the sq footage and they stated the average use as 6-9 cords, much more doable.

            My kiddo is too young to help out with the splitting so I think I’ll have to go with the place with a more manageable workload. It doesn’t have as much farm space as the big house but if I can’t keep up with the work, it won’t do me any good to have that much space, I figure.

            I think the coming year is going to bring a very steep learning curve but I’m determined to get out of the city and bring my little one up in a better place! I’m very lucky to have you all to ask these questions to!

            • Daisy,

              Get em started early,helping to stack,My youngest boys love to help,It is great bonding time with them.

              My Teen age boy and girls not so much anymore.

              My 7 year old is a wood stacking pro and could out stack many adults.And my three year old is not far behind,one split at a time.So cute.

              Wood burning is a lifestyle,when you get your kids involved they can appreciate what it takes to heat your home and they are always saying “hey, I remember stacking that twisted piece,” and we all laugh and reminisce about that day. Good times.

        • @ Satori. We are right now in a down cycle of earthquakes as the 6.3 in Indonesia and the 6.2 in New Guinea indicate. The 5.5 was almost directly on the main fault, Cascadia, but I have seen this in the past and it shows stress build up but not immediate failure. The ONLY areas I have seen as real hot spots are on the Caribbean fault because of the all the activity on the Mid Atlantic Ridge. When you have swarms of earthquakes at different locations in the 4.5-5.8 range, something is coming, especially when some of those earthquakes are south of 60 degrees south and north of 70 degrees north.

          The Cascadia fault will break I feel when something like the San Andreas pushes it from the south, or something northwest of it gives away and allows it to move into the open area. Remember to look at this on a globe, not a flat map that become more distorted the more area covered. Flat maps are wonderful for small distances and for finding places, terrible to get the right perspective on a regional or global view.

          I am really watching the planet because a severe catastrophic Earth event will throw the countries faster than most manmade events into utter chaos. Just like the second after with an EMP from the sun, or a sudden 9+ minutes long shaker in the wrong place, people are absolutely tiny next to what the planet and sun can do. This is where the government is in the same boat as everyone else, totally helpless and defenseless against Mother Nature. We should all keep in tune with what is going on under our feet and over our heads. The animals sure are, and they are sensing something BIG!

      22. Daisy

        What is the size of a cord? We work in tractor trailer loads over here.

        Take care

        • I think (and someone correct me if I am wrong) that a cord is 4×8

          • Daisy…i think it also depends on what type of wood you burn. Some burn better then others. Oak is good and burns HOT, Pine is sappy and although it burns hot because there is a lot of sap in it it burn quickly.

            • Tina

              Something spits like hell but I can’t remember which one…been a long time since I had the pleasure of a wood stove


              Thanks for that

              Take are

            • Never burn pine, makes too much creosote

            • Stick with hardwoods, oak, hickory are the most common, hickory burns the hottest, a rick is 4×8, a chord is 4×4

            • Just don’t use Cedar. It puts out lots of black smoke and pops and spits like crazy. Nice for bon fires where there is nothing around to catch fire like at the beach.

            • No offense Machinist73,That is a wives tale.What do you think the folks in Alaska and the west coast burn? They don’t have any hardwood in AK, best they have is Birch and that goes for 400 a cord.They seem to do all right burning pine and spruce and its colder there than here in the lower 48. Pine will burn without creosote if seasoned well just like all other woods. Some stoves burn the wood better than others, but pine is a soft wood with a lot lower BTU’s than our hardwoods and will burn up much faster and will not coal. I still dont know how they keep a fire overnight with it.Be a lot less fun if you have to start a fire from scratch every morning. Also makes a bunch of fluffy ash that is a pain to deal with. We call it gopher wood.


              Cause you will have to go for more in a little while…yuk yuk.

              We are very spoiled here with all of our hardwoods to burn.But I would be using pine all day long if that’s all there was and still be a happy camper.

            • Don’t forget that some areas have wood burning bans during the Winter. I was surprised that Seattle is one of those areas. They actually have inspectors that cruise areas looking for offenders. Central valley of calif. is also that way.

          • Close…I’m pretty sure a cord is 4x4x8

            • That is correct, my dad is a lumber Jack.

            • Sorry, forgot my x8

          • 4’ high by 4’ wide by 8’ long (4X4X8).

          • Daisy: Just a thought but you might want to consider wind turbines and solar where you are at rather than buying hardwood cords.

            In a true SHTF scenario wood prices would pop every year.

            If you are spending 300 to 400 dollars per cord now and you need eight cords a year, you just bought a wind turbine retail, maybe two.

            Check locally with a college or tech school or just a local “green” association where you might find a bright student who can build them for cheap, or a DIY class where you learn to build them.

            Also, have your landlord check on solar.

            There is a company who will install solar without any up front costs with a long term lease to pay for it. It may be time for the landlord to up grade.

            Its worth an inquiry. Just saying. Check SHTF Energy, Alt Energy links for some info.

            • Thanks DK! I will definitely look at that!

            • @ Durango Kidd

              Links please, btw excellent info as usual. Thanx.

            • Alexi: Go to SHTF Energy AKA SHTF America, and scroll down to Alt Energy for many links or google:

              Southwestwindpower.com for wind turbines. They are located in Flagstaff Arizona.

            • Alexi: I gave you the wrong address for SW Wind Power. Here is the link.


        • 4 feet by 4 feet by 8 feet is a standard cord. Most so called cords are smaller.

          • Elm is the wood that ends up looking like shredded wheat, A little even with a splitter,better if you split it green though. If seasoned properly, any wood will burn fine and leave little creosote, even pine.I love pine when In the fall or spring I only want to take the chill out of the house then it is out.No coals like hickory or oak. Any Green or only partially seasoned wood, watch out.Keep an eye on the inside of the chimney till you know what it is doing inside.Fuzzy brown is good and normal, Black shiny,dripping…BBBAAAAD.

            • glacialhills…I clean my chimney every 2 months during heating season and I burn mostly elm. The crystals of creosote I get from cleaning, I save and use for starting fires. It burns like crazy! You’re right though, it should be fuzzy brown, if it isn’t then your wood is too wet.

            • I have a Vaporfire wood gassifier furnace in the basement that uses my ductwork. The best purchase I have ever made.Computer controlled and dont really even have to clean my chimney(I do once a year though) after cleaning I get about 2-3 cups of fuzzy brown stuff-ash. I dealt with other stoves and furnaces over the years others have had, my fathers “Franklin stove” growing up was challenging and even with seasoned wood we got the black shiny stuff.I got to see all the others before I chose mine I was lucky.You got a nice stove also, black rifle.

            • glacialhills…I have been looking into getting a wood gasifier for running my genset in a power outage. lots of plans to build one on-line, but I am not set up for that type of work. I have a ranch home and my unit heats it no problem but the basement is always cold so I bought a ceramic heater for when I am down there watching the tube or cleaning guns. Nice thing about wood heat is its dry and I don’t worry too much about my guns getting rust.

            • I have a wood and coal furnace in the basement hooked to my ductwork.I also will burn some pine with my oak and locust(love that locust) mixed in.I built my own brick chimney when I moved here.What I found after burning wood for 35 years is that eventually the clay liners will crack. So what I did was line my chimney with heavy gauge smooth stainless liner.While I used to have to clean my chimney twice a year now I don’t have to climb the ladder and brush it out anymore. The creosote just flakes off it and falls to the bottom where I can scoop it out of the cleanout.I do use a mirror to look up and check the chimney out when I am cleaning the furnace before heating season and tap the liner with a hammer to knock down any stray flakes.I use about 3 cords and 1 1/2 tons of coal a year. Not that much with the warm winters we’ve been having lately.

            • I think the Jotul’s looked good.I would think Harmans,Lopi’s or the Quadrafire like blackrifle uses are all good choices.Price installed would be 2-3 grand or so for a small free standing stove, if you have the hearth and chimney already it would be much less mostly just the stove cost.All really depends on your square footage and climate and well you get it.The dealers should be able to help you more on specifics. I think at 125 a cord you are doing great for your wood, you wont find locust/hardwood much cheaper.They mill it green though, so you need to season it for at least a summer before you burn it. New stoves dont much like green wood. Treat that wood guy right, he is a keeper.

            • Been Burning all the dead elm when it falls over in a storm back in my woods.Like preseasoned, if its standing dead for a few years except the lower half.That oozes water even after years when I run the splitter into a round.And no bark to deal with.I leave them up for the red headed and Pileated(sp) woodpeckers till then. A lot safer than dropping them too.

              Best tip I ever got was from a logger last year when cutting downed timber logs that is suspended above the ground a foot or more on their branches or hill…Start your cut from the top,go one bar deep,then pull out and then do a plunge cut about a inch or two directly below that cut(leaving a 1 inch hinge), and then cut all the way down through the log. it will drop down(and on big logs, scare the hell out of you the first few times)but will open up instead of closing on your bar but not fall all the way, then you upcut the rest of the log through. You will Never stick or pinch your bar again!I dont even need to bring a wedge with me anymore.

              I have found that a lot of people that have burned for many years, dont know when their wood is truly seasoned.Or never season it long enough before they burn it(My dad being one of them).Creosote will not form from truly dry wood in a airtight stove.(older stoves are a different story). The wood should not hiss when you burn it.If it is hissing that is the water boiling out of the wood. You can light truly seasoned wood with about 3 sheets of crumpled up newspaper and no kindling.

              Once you burn some really well seasoned wood you will realize just how wet the wood you were using for years was.Seasoned wood is so much easier to light and burn. And you use a lot less too.And yes, Oak really does take 2 or more years to be really seasoned.

              Last year I brought up a pile of Red oak that I had cut and split all the way back in 1991. It was in a very hard spot to get to so I just kept leaving it there. When I finally burned it it was some of the best burning wood I ever used. I thought it would have been punky after that long, but as long as you keep it off the ground and it can dry after rain it will last,well over 20 years at least I found out.

        • @Burt the Brit,,,,four feet high, four feet wide, eight feet long. If you have any Buffalo, you could substitute buffalo chips, if you had any chips.

        • A true cord is 128 cubic feet, 4 x 4 x 8 feet, stacked. A face cord is half that, 2 x 4 x 8, and usually the wood is cut into say 16″ lengths, you really get 3 deep for a cord, 1 deep for a face cord. In the south you get a rick, not certain what measures out to.

          • You are 100% correct Smokey,I think a rick is just one stack 4x8x length 16″-18″.

            That’s the trouble,No hard and fast rules/measurements of the amount you are getting.I see all the time “a pickup load for x amout of money” I bet it is his measurement of a pickup load and not mine, cause you better believe I would fit a cord in there piled to the top of the cab somehow!LOL

            I would not trust a new firewood guy to buy anything but a full cord from, and until I had bought from a new guy and stacked it to see if it was in fact a full cord, would I then buy more from them.Trust is earned. Or as Ronaldus Magnus said, Trust but verify.

            Too many times I have seen guys ripped off and only get a half or 3/4 cord represented as a full cord from a firewood dealer that I know knows what a full cord is,times six or eight so called cords and well you do the math of how much money they paid for air spaces or drying the dealer will claim is why the stack wasn’t a full cord.

            And NEVER think that the wood is properly seasoned when you get it, even if that is claimed, unless you get a moisture meter and check it on a piece of the newly delivered wood that you test, freshly split by yourself(outside is always dryer).Any dealer that balks at your diligence,find someone else.

            Better yet,save your “seasoned” wood premium they will charge,Buy your green wood a year in advance of burning(two years for oak..yes really),stack it in a sunny spot and let mother nature make sure for you.

            When you are talking
            close to 2000.00 at 150.00 a cord or more for a winter’s worth of wood, and if you only get half the amount you thought you got, and estimated what you needed for the winter, that is a real concern.

            If you are new(I know you arrn’t Smokey) and don’t know what a full cord should look like stacked,buy (6)- five or six foot t posts, and pound in three on one end of your sunny wood stacking spot, 24″ apart, and then measure eight foot away and
            pound in the other three.lay 2 eight foot boards or saplings parallel between each post about 12″ apart to stack on to keep the bottom dry, and get stacking,tightly, four foot high between the posts. when You get all three filled, that is a cord.

            Bet you say “wow, that is a lot of wood!”

            Now go get 5 or 6 more…

            • OOPS, rick is I think 4x4x16″…there, see what I mean by no good rules for measurement!

      23. Looks like the PTB are ramping eforts to jam us(goyim) into their evil NWO.

      24. There’s a whole lot of us vets that have a problem with our government and I’m one of them. I was stopped at an airport and questioned by the TSA, DHS, FBI and I have never done anything wrong in my adult life to warrant this type of treatment. I was told I was on a terrorist watch list which angered and embarrassed me. I asked them why was I a disabled veteran on a Terrorist Watch List and they wouldn’t give me a reason at all. What do they expect us to think or do? I refuse to let them treat me as they done the US Marine in your article. If the government is reading this…I am sorry about that but it will be different if you come and try this with me. I’m not a nut case and I won’t be disrespected like that. I performed and completed my duty in the USN faithfully and honorably and I won’t be treated like a common criminal. It almost sounds to me like someone didn’t like this Marine on Face Book and decided to call DHS “See something, Say something” bullshit to get him arrested.

        • Thank You, for your service Gator

        • GN


          Move to the head of the class.
          You’ve hammered it on the head.

        • GN:
          I have friends who are former Special Forces. One is a hot head and service-connected disabled from a chopper crash. Once, when he was still in, he got into some local trouble while on leave. When the Army lawyer came to get him out, he told the local LEO this guy was “the property of the US Military and a ‘weapon of war’.” This vet knows he is on the *red* list.

          Another is a VNV who holds a valid FFL and is a medical clinician. Not a hot head at all, but a well known shootist. He is likely also on the *red* list.

          Just being friends with people like this will put someone on the *blue* list, assuming they do not have former service. Getting concealed carry will bump them on the red list with associations such as described.

          This is common knowledge on the .mil forums. Red list is to be rounded up immediately in case of CWII; blue list to be watched closely and yellow list is for the non-combatants.

          I stopped flying in 2008. Been stopped for firewood checks while traveling in the Upper Midwest, but never take public transport and have so far missed the other VIPR checkpoint. However, last week, I spotted local LEO parked at a corner w/a laptop taking down license numbers on a country road on a Thursday at 3 in the afternoon. My guess is they are establishing who is *normally* in a given area.

          I am resigned to being watched due to associations and possibly forum postings. So should we all.

          • @ Bluewater

            But what the f**k. Right?
            Do your best to be expensive. You’ve nothing else to lose when the balloon goes up and they’re banging at the door.

            FYI, if yer blue-flagged, expect a hardcore re-education camp stint, only if you’re lucky and possess a critical skill set. Otherwise, you’re gone in round #2.
            The yellow ones are, eaters of grass. Herd animals aka, those infected with ostrich syndrome and who’re acutely in denial.
            See amateur trolls found here, for details.

            They’ll be overlooked until population reduction begins in earnest. A small, dim-witted and easily controlled gene pool, is the ultimate goal.

            Soon people. Very soon. Prepare for the inevitable!

      25. all I can say is what is done in the darkness shall be seen in the light, all things will be seen as they really are it can not be hid forever.

      26. I think the comment he made about the Bush family is what made the feds grab him. How dare he talk about old jug ears like that!

      27. It has started. It is called Gods judgement. We have elected evil men to represent us and God will use them to judge us as a nation. If you don’t believe me read the old testiment in Gods book the bible. He did not spair his chosen people the Jews from judgement, what makes you think that He will spare us. I am not a religious fanatic just read the writing on the wall,read Daniel the fifth chapter.

      28. I suppose I ought to feel angry, but I don’t. For some reason, I just feel sad.

      29. When will WE THE PEOPLE stand up and put a stop to all this crap?
        I say we need to put all politicians/ under citizens arrest for treason. We then need to put them all in the FEMA camps we paid to build. This way we get are money’s worth out of these camps.
        Then we need to round up the bankers and put them in the next FEMA CAMP ready.
        We need to know where these people are and what they are doing, by keeping them in camp we can.
        We need to use NDAA on them Section 1021.
        Also for all people that would follow the orders of the corupt, your next. We will get to you too.
        And for all military and police that would obey orders agianst the constitution and round up citizens I have these questions.
        Who will protect your family’s liberty while you take ours?
        What will you do when you round up all the protesters and your mother/father/brother/sister is in this group?
        Will you protect our constitution or the cabal?
        Who will you go home to at night when your loved ones have been rounded up by another agency?
        Who will you be able to talk your mind with without fear of being rounded up?
        And if they win and we are in FEMA camps then what will the cabal do with you?
        You are a man with a gun and are no different than our vets. You will have to be delt with which means the last FEMA camp is for YOU.

        • If those who replace tptb are willing to use “laws” like the ndaa then what has changed? The face of the tyrant? The hand that holds you down? Obviously not the willingness to subvert the constitution, if you are going to claim to be the good guy you are going to have to act like it. If you simply want to change the tyrant then you are no different than what we have now.

      30. Off topic, but saw it posted a few threads back to look for un monitors to leave Syria. Their leaving (CBS evening news)

      31. Posted by yours truly at 7:50 Am this morning on the previous thread. wasnt sure if anyone was paying attention or not.

      32. What a bullshit country this has become. How about the FBI arresting the New Black Panthers who are calling for violent hate against whites?

        • @rodster … i hate to break it too you but ;0)






          DIVIDE AND CONQUER !!!


      33. Daisy,
        Central CT, 1500sqft ranch built in the ’60s, wood boiler/w hot water system. Using nothing but wood, 5 to 6 chords hardwood a year. Using a tank of oil per season drops it back to 4. Chord is 4x4x8

      34. Cord is 4x4x8, 4 high 4 wide 8 long

      35. Along with what wnc mountainboy said, I believe the vast majority of all US military will of course obey orders. I’ve been in for nearly 19 yrs and I cannot see but one or two breaking ranks — only to be culled back by our own. Freedom of speech is neither free nor unlimited. I wish it was and am deeply concerned for the future of our country and what we are handing over to our children. We really have to watch what we say anymore. I pray this Marine be released — however, if perhaps he suffers from PTSD, I want him to get the help he may need. The active duty & veteran suicide rate is sky-high and there is a possibility that the decision to snatch him may actually have served to save him — as ugly as the incident appears.
        Societies change and nations rise and fall, but I guess I’m dismayed that we are all witnessing such a massive change in our nation and world. I was hoping for the normalcy bias to hold true deep into my children’s old age. The uncertainty of it all is incredibly unnerving and I’d love to head for the hills permanently, but alas, I’m stuck in a major Texas city honored to serve my country for a few more years. (Though we do have somewhere to run “to” and we’ve been stocking up to prepare for a potential “emergency”.) To fellow posters, thank you for all the great advice & tips over the last couple years — they’re NOT falling on deaf ears. 🙂

        • Aim High..Thanks for your reassuring post! I have always worried that we Patriots would have to fight our military someday. I have a lot of ex-miltary friends but mostly from the Nam era. I don’t get a chance to pick a current soldiers brain very often. I ride for the Patriot Guard and attend many soldiers funerals and they always have a military honor guard and I always try to speak with the soldiers on active duty to see where their minds are at. I have never met an active duty soldier who wasn’t a complete gentleman so I find it hard to accept that our military would ever turn on us. I don’t think the gov has a chance of squashing the Patriot movement without the military and your post has given me some relief. Thank you for serving our country proudly! I envy you as my military service was cut short due to a training injury. I always wished I could salute at a soldiers funeral instead of placing my hand over my heart. Nonetheless, we have your six if you have ours!

          • @ blackriflewarrior, thank you for serving in the Patriot Guard — from time to time a fallen American transits from our base for local funeral and we line the route to pay our respects. I am always humbled by the Patriot Guard’s motorcade escort and support of the service member’s family. Somehow dust seems to always get in my eyes during the procession… I have enjoyed reading your posts! Take care and thank you for your service as well.

      36. One day in the future an event like this might trigger an uprising. Today it is just another example of a gang of thugs coming after an individual and nobody really understanding what is going on until after he has been captured and carted off.

        No crime, no threat, just a man expressing his thoughts about this government and since they don’t like the thoughts there he goes. And I wouldn’t be surprised if there is also an intent to intimidate others who might express similar thoughts.

      37. Well, you can be involuntarily committed by anyone that thinks you are a danger to yourself or anyone else.There is no arrest involved in cases like this. I don’t know why they may have handcuffed him…perhaps they didn’t have a straitjacket or he put up some resistance.I certainly am not condoning the LEO actions but this is a corp gov statute.This can be done to anyone.You really have no recourse with actions like this.They will either find him mentally OK or they may trump up a diagnosis. I wouldn’t put that past them. Like I posted in yesterday’s comments this is the type of thing they did in the 60’s. Some protesters spent years in prison, some are still in, some were outright assassinated in phony gun or drug raids. These tactics are nothing new for our fascist gov. It used to be called Cointellpro and many Vietnam veterans were also targets.They are afraid of the people.

      38. I’d like to know if anyone reading, posting has figured out this??
        An enemy could gain access to what he needs–I’m not sophisticated to know how–and post things like the above.
        You can be disappeared in a New York minute to not be heard from again…if I read the NDAA right.
        All intentional by an enemy–this is some scary chit, people.
        Am I wrong??

        • NO, your not wrong. they will get some of us but not all.when the ones who come and get us start getting rounded up,then I suppose thing will change. LOL

        • Jay jay

          No, i don’t think you’re wrong.

          Take care

      39. Meanwhile, a black muslim gang leader can announce on national tv that he wants to “kill some crackers and they babies” and he is not arrested or quarantined like the marine in this article. WTF.

        • White Genocide is part of the program.

        • Holder stated a long time ago that he would not prosecute “HIS”people. Being that he looks almost half white what people is he refering to?

          • He looks 1/2 white?! More like 1/2 Chimp! In the old testement it calls their tribes of various “Cannanites” et al, Beast tribes! and also Beast like peoples!

            After 43 yrs in Detroit…I 100% Agree!… It is almost an insult to Real Apes/monkys/chimps to call em as such!

            What do you suppose MSM/Polititions/and many more “orgs/groups” would say or Do if black panther types said xact same thing…..About Zionist/Jews?!

            Does anybody here actually believe all conserned would’nt say or do anything about That?!!

            Look at how so many Rock Stars types and other so called democracy now orgs/groups are condemning Russians for a Two yr sentence for them vile bitches “Pussy Riot” rock band wannabees….For Law violations and degrading Orthodox Christians churches and chain sawing down a Wooden Crucifix which was a memorial to all the innocent dead due to Lennin and his marxizim crap!

            But…What if some heavey metal type Neonazi rocker group did Xact same, only to a Jewish Sinogog or holohox memorials etc?!….You wouldn’t hear One Peep in their defence from any so called freedom or democracy promotor orgs or rock star types. MSM would cricify them, but defends them kommie bitches who defile “Christian” stuf.

            Anyone who still crys “Nazi” for all thats wrong in america and Every other white nation needs desperatly to self-educate and get Real factual truth of whos behind all this stuf.

            For bible readers and quoters try reading what Jesus Himself said about them at REV. ch. 2 vs 3–Rev ch.3 vs9-and be certain to read JOHN chapter 8 verse 44!!!…Then see if its really any so called “nazis”!!!!

            Rev 2 vs 9= Jesus says…They who call selves jews but are IMPOSTERS and OF the Synagog of SATAN! go read the other verses!….Dont remain stuck in old testement cause its been christians whos got a New Covenant the last aprox 2000 yrs now…aka= the “Elect” is whats happening. Not so called Prior chozen! and certainly Not self apointed chozens!

            Disclaimer: Facts are NOT racist and Truth is NOT antisematic….Truth needs Only facts to stand. Lies needs alot more lies or propagandas to try and stand.

            • OOPPS! I meant Rev ch 2 Verse NINE! Not vs 3…Ch 2 vs 9 and rev ch 3 vs 9…Sorry for the error.

      40. Evening all.

        Off topic but I said I would update you on my gun club application. For those that don’t know it is the easiest way to get a gun licence in this country.

        My application has been denied, due apparently to my political affiliation. I have explained that I vote for mainstream candidates but it is obvious this is not what they meant. I have asked for an explanation in writing giving full reasons why I am not considered suitable as I have been licenced before in a different part of the country.

        I have no criminal convictions for any type of crime.
        I am fully enhanced record checked due to my job
        The supporting signature on my application is a detective inspector in the county police force.

        Tonight, an article on the Lizzie blog vanished, all that was left was the title and the labels at the bottom, nothing in between. The missing article was CHEMICAL WEAPONS. Are these things connected ? I have no idea.

        Is blogging considered a political affiliation? I have no idea about that either.

        Just in case I have taken the liberty of not only putting the article back up, but adding more info to it. Let’s see what happens now.

        Take care

        Is blogging

        • sorry man, glad you posted that so we can see the truth and all the BS governments do. I hope that you can find a way to protect yourself if things get bad. Just try not to be known or a loud mouth act weak and frail and when your attacker comes you jump out of that wheelchair with brass knucles and whoop his butt, then take his goods. Just kidding but sorry about what happened. Can you try again or resubmit for acceptence?

          • Just so you know clint, Burt’s a woman.

            • I didnt know that. sorry about that. I just caught on to your posts about 6 months ago. my mistake burt the brit.

            • Clint

              No worries



              Take care

          • I still suspect she could whoop someone’s butt, though AZ! 🙂

            I keep wondering if her posts here are what got her “identified”.

      41. I have said it before and I’ll keep saying it; The Federal government it it’s employee’s would be well advised to take into consideration the fact most folks know WHO they are, WHERE they live and they will have to come home at some point-I don’t advocate any ill towards them mind you but they MUST understand that their compliance in/with the so-called New World order will have consequences. It will be very interesting to see just how many will show up for duty when their Gov issued pay checks can’t be cashed .

        • They will have the RFID chip by then.

      42. on a different note, i read in todays paper from asheville n.c. that a 87 year old lady ran off home invaders/robbers with her pistol. yea for the gun owners

        • I love reading The Armed Citizen on the NRA website. I just wonder how come the Lamestream media never reports when an armed person successfully defends themselves…huh?

          • That’s against the narative.

            • @JustMe,,,,,,How true. Have you noticed how the MSM is losing viewers, readers and money? Still, they will not budge from their left wing narative. Got to wonder who is watching the cash register?

      43. Anyone know how to tell if corn is ready to harvest?(what to look for)
        and how to tell what is good for live stock feed corn ,and what is good for human consumption?

        thanks in advance

        • Sweet corn is ready when the kernals are all filled out and plump. Field corn has to “fire” which basically means that the plant dies and the ear of corn turns toward the ground and dries. Field corn will get a dent in the top of the kernal when it is dry enough to pick. Farmers usually wait as long as they can to make sure the moisture content is low enough( weather dependant) to store. Field corn is edible inthe early summer if you pick it young and soak the ears in sugar water over night before you boil it. Here in Illinois, I saw cornfields today that are completely brown and dead. Our corn crop is toast and the farmers are scrambling for hay to feed the cattle already. I read a story about a farmer in kentucky that is feeding his cattle storebought candy!

          • Thanks BRW, I will be walking the field tomorrow after work, its getting close from what you have said
            I dont have a huge field of it, I had to suppliment its water because of our lack of rainfall, Im really glad I built my water reclamation system last year, it helped me get some yealds out of my garden that i would never have if it wasnt for the stored mothernature.

        • @VRF,,,If you are talking sweet corn,the silk ends will have turned brown. But the best way is to peel the husk off an ear and see if the kernels are developed. Field Corn kernels will be dimpled and dry. Way too early for harvesting them.

          • yup its turning brown on my row of sweet corn, im going to peel a husk or two tomorrow, thanks for the heads up

            the row i want for feed/ or field corn is about maybe 1/2 brown, or in BRW’s lingo “fire”

            so Im thinking my sweet corn is ready..I cant wait to have at it, and save some for canning

            thanks ya’ll this is my first year planting any corn so im still learning

            • VRF…Heck, the cattle don’t care if it’s dry or not. If you fell into the feed trough along with that corn, they would eat you too! Your lucky to have corn at all after the drought we had. I have lived in corn country all my life and I haven’t seen crops this bad, ever. I had to water the heck out of my garden to get it to grow and the heat still affected the plants. I don’t grow corn only because it takes up too much space for the return. But there is nothing like the satisfaction of eating what you have grown. Sweet corn has a window of harvest, field corn, whenever its hard and dry.

        • The silk will “tassel” on the top and start to turn brown. You may have to sample one by pulling the silk back and expose the kernels, the kernels should be filled out and squirt when you poke one. Here in the south where it is hot you only have a few days to harvest otherwise it dries out.

          • Thanks Tina
            im above the 41st parallel so its cooling down a bit, but it was dam hot a week or so back, and dam dry, i kept it watered with stored water hoping to save it, and it worked

            I felt it was time to pick it, just wanted to be sure

      44. well we can see what he meant by
        hope you dont post some thing that will get you arrested.
        change the way you think or get arrested.

        change the Constitution.
        and bill of rights.

      45. “Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil…

        Who put darkness for light, and light for darkness;

        Woe to those who are wise in their own eyes..” Isaiah 5:20-21

      46. The way I see everything that is going down, to me it boils down to this. I wore a uniform and in doing so I took an oath to defend this country and the constitution from enemies foreign and domestic. The goverment that is in power now is a domestic enemy to my thinking. Now I have the most respect for our men and women in the military and/or LE. Having said that if anyone that obeys an unlawful order to fight, shoot or what ever on the american people, then they are NO MORE defending the american people and the contitution that they took an oath to do. They are now mercenaries for TPTB and in doing so have opened themselves up to the wrath of the american people, what ever that maybe. I truely would have trouble firing on men and women in the line of duty carring out a lawful order, but I have no trouble firing on TPTB mercenaries. I pray to the LORD that they see what patsies TPTB are ordering them to be. And that is what is happening to their families by someone like them, and will realize this and just go home.If they continue to follow the orders from TPTB, then they should be taken out of the gene pool quickly. It’s going to be a very long, hard, struggle.
        More and more people that I have talk to are saying to a point that something is very wrong and are gettin ready. The time has come, it my take 1 day, 1 week, 1 month, 1 year or more to happen, but it will. I beieve no more than 60 days will tell alot of when the SHTF will be, if not before the 60 days are up. Finish up on everthing you can quickly, and do not second guess yourself. Each and everyone will have to provide for themselves. If you are in a group good luck, on it holding together. For me and mine it’s us and only us, If we die so be it, we do not know when or how we are suppose to go, the only one that knows is GOD ALMIGHTY. Put your trust and faith in the LORD and your family and no one else.
        Will see you on the other side
        copperhead out

        • I share most of Copperhead’s concerns and analysis of the current situation. However, I am not nearly as confident as he is about today’s US Military not following orders from the criminals who rule us to fire upon their fellow Americans.

          There has been a barely mentioned and seldom acknowledged low intensity (until recently, anyway) war that has been raging inside America and it’s been raging for well over 70 or more years. Some have rather vaguely dubbed it the ‘Culture War’, as a likely means of trying to avoid the uncomfortable task of naming the identities and common ethnicity’s of its main perpetrators.

          However, for those of us who have done our homework and spent time doing our research – we understand this ‘Culture War’ was planned and hatched from the bowels of The Frankfurt School of Cultural Marxism. Cultural Marxism and the Frankfurt School was a jewish invention and the stated objective of Cultural Marxism was to destroy White Western Civilization. This would be done by attacking and demonizing Whites and every aspect of traditional, White Western culture and targeting White males in particular – since they were correctly viewed as being the architects of Western Civilization.

          Thus, the Culture War and the endless efforts by the Cultural Marxist indoctrinated left to attack and dispossess the White male from every influential niche in our society and replace him with resentful and hostile minorities who have Obama-sized chips on their shoulders – along with massive historical grudges against the white majority – is simply an extension of what clearly amounts to a race war against the natural birthright of White European men to remain the masters of their own native homelands.

          After all, nobody is trying to flood non-European nations with millions of aliens of other racial groups and then trying to persuade the dominant and historical inhabitants that they must surrender their dominance and mastery over their native homelands to their ethnic competitors, right? Only White European nations are being assaulted in this fashion.

          While doing my research on this poisonous ideology known as Cultural Marxism, I discovered from reading William Lind’s work that our U.S. Military academies have been brainwashing their cadets with this anti-White Cultural Marxist garbage and it’s been going on for the last several decades. At the enlisted level, every branch of our military have been forcing mandatory ‘diversity training’ (Cultural Marxist anti-white, white guilt-tripping ideologies) down the throats of our soldiers, sailors, and airmen – and when several generations of white military people have been taught that Western Civilization is evil and oppressive and ‘racist’, what you wind up with are soldiers, sailors and airmen who begin to believe that helping to destroy Western civilization would be considered a noble and heroic act. A mercy killing, if I might use that phrase to describe this potential danger.

          Incidentally, any ‘resistance’ or ‘opposition’ to this genocidal war being waged by virulently anti-white Cultural Marxists is defined by the left as ‘racism’, or ‘bigotry’, or ‘xenophobia’, or ‘hate speech’. In other words, the enemy seeks to criminalize White European resistance to their own displacement and genocide inside their own native homelands, lands that were bequeathed directly to them by their 100 percent White European Founding Fathers. By merely lifting a finger to defend or promote the perfectly legitimate, perfectly justified, perfectly reasonable and completely moral ethnic specific interests of White European people – just as every other race and ethnic group do without being scorned or ridiculed, our enemy tries to label us as ‘White Supremacists’ or ‘Nazis’. Need an example? Let me refer you to this recent article from the Washington Post (owned by the jewish Graham family) by Susan Brooks Thistlethwaite:


          Posted at 07:07 PM ET, 08/07/2012
          White supremacy: The real ‘homegrown’ terrorism

          These despicably evil Cultural Marxists are trying to label the entire White European American population of the USA as ‘homeground terrorists’, simply for being born White and for being concerned with their legitimate ethnic interests. See how evil this enemy is?

          Remember: When Stalin wanted to slaughter the Kulaks, who he saw as an obstacle to his Communist, totalitarian agenda – he first began an organized, deliberate, government sponsored and media supported campaign to demonize the Kulaks in the minds of the general public. To cast the Kulaks in the role of villians, and to convince the Russian people that all of their woes were the fault of those awful Kulaks. Once this demonization campaign went on long enough, and when Stalin decided that the Russian peole were properly conditioned, he began to round up and slaughter the Kulaks and the Russian people cheered.

          Well, the Cultural Marxists are Communists and they are using the same tactics that Stalin used and this time, White European people are the new Kulaks. That is why we see endless efforts by the media and by own enemy controlled government to demonize White males and White females who have a healthy sense of racial pride.

          So, when this diabolically evil ingredient of Cultural Marxist induced self-hatred and white guilt indoctrination is added into the recipe that our criminal ruling elites have been preparing for America, there is no guarantee that our military will not only follow orders to kill their fellow Americans, but they might even be happy over being ordered to do so.

          After all, they’ve been programmed to hate their own heritage and to view the greatest civilization to ever exist as being evil and in need of destruction, folks. This is pure Cultural Marxism poison and it shows you the power of enemy propaganda – especially, when young and impressionable men and women of military age are hearing this garbage flowing of the mouths of their military academy instructors and from the pages of textbooks that were written by Cultural Marxist indoctrinated authors.

          • Great post. What I want to know is why we have allowed ourselves to be bullied and demonized like this with no pushback. We were warned when the PC crap first came out that it would be used to stifle free speech and that it would eventually evolve into thought crimes. Always thought the book 1984 was a warning for us not a how to manual for our masters.

          • Steve! Xallant!!!…And to add this info…It took aprox 5yrs to get russia recognized internationaly as the New “Soviet State” aka the USSR…The revolt began in 1918 after Jacob Shiff( J.P. Morgan banksterjew) gave Leon Trotsky $20 Million in Gold bullion!

            Trotsky(real name Lev Bronstien-jew) recruited aprox 300 More New York fellow Radical jews to accompainy him and the $20 million in Gold Back to Russia to begin the revolution.

            It took aprox. 5yrs and Tens of Million innocents deaths(Virtually ALL whites/christians) and by 1923 USSR-Soviet was a done deal.

            The Very first law Lennin made was to Ban all forms of “antisemitisim”…What began as Monetary fines(like traffic tickets) quickly was “up-graded” to Fines$$$ AND Prison for Min of 5yrs!…

            Soon afterwards, laws were again “Up-graded” and now anybody so much as “Suspected” of Antisemite activitys- or- “Hate Speech” type statements etc. Simply being called a Suspect got you the “Bullet to Back of Skull” treatment!..Antisemitisim became a Capitol Offence!

            And NOBODY got a Day in court nor a “jury of peers” etc!

            If anybody in govnt(checka secret police) or even a regular Citizen said You was a suspect?…Bullet to back of Head as Fast as police(checka which is a word which in hebrew means Animal Slaughterer!….Get it?…Goyim aka all who are gentiles/non-jews is a Goyim! Goyim in hebrew= Cattle/animals!…Hense Cheka=Animal slaughter! Cheka also=Secret police! who does that bullet to back of your head job! (and All of cheka was jews no others need apply)

            The Cheka cops went thru the Phone book listings to search out who had Money/wealth, cause back then a Phone was very costly and whoever had a phone was TOO wealthy to keep alive!…Kommies makes all people Equal! Specially equally POOR!

            They sent a goon squad to label/& Murder the “suspected antisemite” (usally Dad or eldest brother/males) then just decided to Murder the Entire family(of Whites) and since nobody be home there no more…Call HQ and move in a New Family to be new owners!(new family=Jews ONLY!).

            Now since we today 2012 usa has an xact same type problem and xact same Marxist Kommie group running it all from Top to Bottom nationwide…..You can see how all the so called “Hate Speech” laws demanded by the same kommie marxists is being done to soon make the usa same as 1918-1923 Russia!

            Only a few minor changes to the plans had to be done now…#1= 1918 russia had alot of “Peasants class folks”…America didnt have no peasants…Okay no problem substitute Blacks after nearly 100 yrs now of total propaganda/brainwashing to Hate all whiteys and Bingo!

            Ok so blacks can be usa’s “peasant class” #2 Bolsheviks got the “Unionized Workerclass” to assist them Peasants!

            Along with aprox 1/2 of russian Military and you got a ready made Revoloutinary group to begin massivly “Culling” the Herd=White/christians!

            WWI was mainly to give them Russian Bolsheviks Cover! and to scam England into a fight with Germany the brits cant win!…Then…Get england and usa jews/rabi’s etc to gareentee them brits(After germans offered several times a peace treaty with NO/Zero demands from the brits!) that if the brits will do the “Balfour” declaration(a promice/gareentte to hand over isreal to Zionist jews) then jews in usa(who totally controlled us prez same as now)would gareentte american army etc will enter the war!

            Prez Wilson Promiced(his main re-election method) to NOT enter the War rageing across europe!…Less than One year after re-elected..USA soldires went to War in WWI!…Cause the Eternal revolution/War starter class(jews) scammed it all for jews bennifits!

            WWII was similar!…Economic war was declared ON Germany! in 1936!! WAY prior to any single jew or others being harmed or any such thing!

            If you aint fihured out yet Who declared economic War on Germany?…New York and London Jewery did it!..aka-wall street and high ranking Rabi types did it.

            Why declare economic war on germany?…Cause Hitler kicked Out jew banksters(same as todays fed reserve here) and had zero german gold(stolen after wwi) so he began to Print german Marks(dollars) based Soley on value of Labor performed and all products made by all labor.

            No matter what type work done by anyone it has a value per se. As does all products manufactured or homes built etc etc…No other nations would accept german mark cash…So germans Bartered/Traded stuf made for stuf needed from other nations!(sound familier? Hillery today against Iran perhaps?)

            Needless to state, that royally pissed off ALL worlds jew banksters!….Hitler also refused to charge ANY “Usuary/Interst” on ANY money loans!(which IS the Mainstay method of jews wealth gains and how jews litterally gain control of entire nations-govnt’s-and Peoples! By chargeing “intrest” and alots of it too!)

            Germany went from “Weimer Bankruptcy-republic” of the 1920-30’s era to in LESS than 5yrs time frame Back to TOP dog country in ALL of europe!…Germany went from 36% Unemployment to a low of LESS than 2% unemployed in less than 5 yrs!….Plus new homes-schools-factorys-etc was built by the new IntrestFREE system created!

            Best of all…First time in 2000 yrs anybody ever got Rid of the Jew Yoke of Usury-monetary-Slavery!

            One of Our greatest generals of all time was Gen George Patton!!!!!….His diary tells of His grand awakening by WWII wars end….He said “I now realize..We(america) Fought the WRONG Enemy!!”…He desperatly tried to get us prez esignhower(swedish jew) to allow Patton to train/Arm-up German folks to go and Fight/Stop/Killoff the REAL Menace to ALL peoples worlwide…That being the Russian Bolshevik Kommie Jews. aka= “Marxists”(Karl Mark was also a jew and did the usual name change fake out like trotsky et al).

            America and specially White Americans better hurry up and awaken fast cause as Steves post xplained America is next/Last on marxist hit list!….Read all you can and get wise on how kommies/marxists really operate once true armed revolt begins!

            We are dealing with truely Godless-Merciless-zero tolerance for others type Phycopathic Murderes minded ilk who will stop at Nothing to achieve their utopian ideal of a NWO(actually a JWO as jews will own/ run/manage it all).

            Today its simply One us marine vet whisked away! Soon it will be MILLIONS and TENS of MILLIONS(Mostly Whiteys) who aint taken anywheres but simply get a Bullet to Back of Head treatment same as Bolshevik jew russia was done!

            If you disagree? or Refuse to Search out Factual Truth on all this stuf?…Thats fine! Keep praiseing John Hagge jews as best thing since sliced bread!….Keep believing Lies like Haggees, based on Flawed Old testement wrong interpretations etc and see what they do to YOU and YOURS!

            Today=usfull idiots!—Tomorrow= Usless Eater class! Please Dont be a useless eater and dead from bullet to back og head….READ and Self-educate cause you wont get wised up any other way.

            Sorry for such a long post..But Kommie Marxists really make my White American blood Boil! Especially since I got kommiejew wized!…This is how they thank us after we americans did more for Them than ANY others in all of History!!!…..Thanks whitey americans! Keep being Fooled by Haggee and his “Scofield Bible translations”!(scofield bible was Payed for and Printed by a Senior Rothchild bankster…Think its acurate translattions?)

            DISCLAIMER: All Naysayers and Refuseniks who will call me an antisemite etc and Demand tons of Proof etc?…YOU go do the reasearch and Reading to self educate!…If your an adult?…You Know how to find and read the massive volumes of 100% Proof documented at many websites etc.

        • Copperhead: What about some of our fed reps and senate etc and all other “advisors” or “Experts” apointed etc who actually say and believe in a prayer called the “Kol Nider”?….FYI+ that is a prayer said at new years time and states that who recites the kol nider prayer is NO LONGER subject to, NOR accountable to, ALL/ANY Oaths-Promices etc said in the Upcomming year!

          Oh almost forgot..That prayer is said at the local Synogogs on one of their jewsish holy days. Cant recall now which holy day it is?….Dont matter though as what does matter is They say and Believe in that as total absolution of ALL oaths or promices taken or made period.

          And they believe their “Talmude” is the Main number One Highest laws/rules in the entire Universe! Bar None!

          Higher “law” than us constitution or rules of court when sworn in to testify etc!….Now you know why and how so many esteemed polititions(like Schumer-Finestien-Boxer-Lieberman-Leven-et al) Always Dis-obey the very oath to protect and defend constitution. Cause they recite the Kol Nider prayer and Bingo! its all swell and good!

          And if You/We dont like that?…You/we are an “antisemite” or a “Naziwhowantstokillsixmillionmorejewshitlerlover”!

          Gee…I wonder if the Black Caucas of us reps etc also now says the same jew prayer so’s can disobey like their “Masters-string-pullers”?

          Folks Here outta start their own synagog/non-profit and get a bunch of “Domestic Homeland defence CASH” to Beef up security like that 97% of fiscal yr DHS Grant cash of aprox $200 Million the “tribe” got for year 2011.

          Picture how secure Your bugout local can be with Tax paid steel doors and beefy secure bulletproofed windows and outer perimiter security stuf!…$200 Million buys Alot of that stuf I rekon!

          Still cannot find any info source on any such security cash paid out to ANY “Other” religious non profits orgs or churches etc eh?

          When if comes to Victims or Potential victims…ONLY One group seems to count…And its NOT whites nor christians nor patriots groups!….Reminds me of the dead count for WWII…”Lets only count dead jews cause others simply do Not count!”….Thats Shoa-Bizness folks!

      47. Our houses are protected by the good Lord and a gun
        And you might meet ’em both if you show up here not welcome son
        Our necks are burnt, our roads are dirt and our trucks ain’t clean
        The dogs run lose, we smoke, we chew and fry everything
        Out here, way out here

        We won’t take a dime if we ain’t earned it
        When it comes to weight brother we pull our own
        If it’s our backwoods way of livin’ you’re concerned with
        You can leave us alone
        We’re about John Wayne, Johnny Cash and John Deere
        Way out here

        We got a fightin’ side a mile wide but we pray for peace
        ‘Cause it’s mostly us that end up servin’ overseas
        If it was up to me I’d love to see this country run
        Like it used to be, oughta be, just like it’s done
        Out here, way out here

        Our houses are protected by the good Lord and a gun
        And you might meet ’em both if you show up here not welcome son

      48. He said this:

        “Sharpen up my axe; I’m here to sever heads.”

        What else would you expect the government to do?

        • Sorry but that’s not a direct threat to anyone. I’ve seen and heard worse from other places on the net. I have seen direct threats to our Constitution from our President and Congress so where the article of them being arrested?

        • And The New Black Panther Party, said to kill white babies, and skin white people alive, but the government isn’t interested, gee I wonder why

        • BC: That is a quote from a song by an artist that I didn’t know so didn’t bother to remember. ATS has an entire thread on this guy with plenty of links. I hotlinked some of the information on yesterdays articles on this site. If that quote was so incendiary why not arrest the members of the band that wrote the song as well?
          They have also linked the police shooting in LA to the sovereign movement also linked on yesterdays article toward the bottom.
          What I see happening is the beginning stages of making everyone that has a different opinion a villian. Next they will be asking for “good citizens” to turn those types of people in to authorities.
          What scares me is that I believe this is only the beginning of what is to come.

        • Barn cat: So What?…My neighbors said they are placeing CAT TRAPS in their BARNS!!….Cause we got a massive stikin ferral barncats problems up north mich!

          Should fed gov “agents” kidnap my neighbors also?

      49. Another reason NOT to have FB or any other .

        • Christ sake really?

          “I have a project at work and I’m going to beat it into submission”

          “I have a test to take in college and I’m gonna kill the effing thing”

          Come on, even from context it’s pretty goddamned obvious this was just hyperbole. And if not, THAT is when you arrest the guy.

          I mean I’ve been in situations where actual, REAL threats were made against ME, specifically… “I’m gonna come back here later tonight and break in and kill you”, etc. Cops always said “well, he hasn’t done anything yet so we can’t do anything”.


          He hasn’t done anything yet so then… what? You guys were shining me on so you could go and get donuts?

          Oh there was a blogger recently that said she wanted to castrate all men, and made actual threats that she was going to fuck up some 16 year old kid’s life that was trying to talk her down, complete with “I know where you live”.

          Guess what happened to her?


          So are we cherry picking or what the fuck is this shit? Be consistent. If they haven’t done anything yet you can’t punish “pre-crime”.

      50. http://news.yahoo.com/20-years-ruby-ridge-theres-forgiveness-200635491.html

        I’ll just post this, and let you take away from it what you see or read, I will not sway your thoughts in any way

        the last sentance really says more than the entire article..and the comments show what our government fears, and what they have done to this country with thier own acts.

        There is a time when money doesnt pay back whats been taken from a man/or woman
        I donot support “pay backs” and I do not support vengence..punishment? maybe. there are people walking this earth that are, were, and never will be punished for what they have done to this counties “freedom”, “beliefs” and “backbone”

        I will let God take care of that for me,

        I have a family to take care of, provide for, and protect. and I will do all of those things with the best of my intentions, training, and convictions of what I believe this country is about, If that scares the shit out of this pussy administration, than they better look deep into ther own mothers eyes and find out what the hell happened to make them such cowards, and get right with the lord because i cant help them with that.

        • The story is nothing but “nwo cia fbi hugs-n-love” CIA MK-ULTRA propaganda bullsheeit … cause so many “Freedom Lovin FreeMen” still raise the call “TO REMEMBER RUBY RIDGE” !!!

          That story first ran in the Flathead Beacon news rag paper Kalispell Montana which is a nwo neo-con bullsheeit propaganda news rag !!! Every week they print bullsheeit fedgov false-truths and lies in it to pacify brain wash the moronic red neck montana masses peeples into blind drooling following of the montana fascist oligarchy ivy league FREEMASONS neo-cons running montana straight in communist fascist zionist state wide slavery .


          MONTANA IS NOT FREE !!!


      51. Sorry, but in world where mad men walk around shooting people in movie theatres. Any moron who puts post like that on his facebook staus is going to be looked into.

        “Sharpen up my axe; I’m here to sever heads” Sorry, that is a threat. It makes him look like a madman.

        If my neighbor starts making posts like that, no matter how patriotic he is, I hope someone looks at him.









        • @ Anon

          A threat to who? Chickens? He doesn’t name any names therefore it’s not a direct threat to anyone. Sounds to me like you’re afraid of your own shadow! Now that’s chicken shit!

          • People like the Anonymous poster above are the one’s everyone who own firearms needs to beware of especially if you’re a veteran with firearms. I can’t stand assholes or neighbors who blow shit way out of proportion just like he uses the the Colorado theater incident. That’s exactly what the government wants is people to nit pick everything like paranoid sons of bitches and turn in your neighbor for anything. “See something Say something” People like that piss me off! Asshole cowards right on this comment section ready to do just as the government wants us to do.

            • GatorNavy: Wait till feds do as in soviet russia. 1st destroy all wealth etc…Then after all whoes still alive, offer xtra rations of Meat or Butter per month to all who Rat out another citizen!

              Wont matter if they really guilty of anything…Just rat em out anyways to get free shit!….Thats untill some fool Rats out Mr. Annonamouse! He then be cryin Paallleeezzzeee HELP ME!!!!….Wont somebody help Me?!!

        • @ Anon

          You were a KGB-NKVD informant in your previous life, weren’t you?
          Your posts reek of the blood of others, past-tense…and the death stench of your future victims as well.

          People like you, should be forbidden to breed!

      52. Vell, zey did za same thing in Germany

        Can’t wait for the new book
        My Battle a book by Nazi leader Obama

      53. Used to be said that I may disagree with what youre sayin but Id fight to the death to protect your right to say it…Ive seen violent speech,Ive spoken violent anti-govicorp speech myself…no plans to shut up,its too late for that anyhow…Hey you speech pigs,whether you like it or not the fact is there are two paths for Americas future…yours and the freemans…yours leads to hell,ours leads to a restored republic…we plan on seeing you fail,REGARDLESS of the cost!
        Youve made it nigh to impossible to fix it using the system and that leaves whats comming…a war, a war that splits the nation into your part and our part…freemen are going to just accept that they lost and you cheated your way into power,we will rebel and we will win,dead or alive we will not live under your tyranny,so understand its gonna get split into piecescause its better to live in a small free area than to live dead on our feet in your hell…you call that a threat?…stupid imbred donut suckers…any retard can see from history and common sense that this is the only natural outcome available,get over yorselves and admit it , you suck at logic and planning and you have already lost this fight…freemen will beat you or die trying,but fight they will and try as you may you cannot bully all of them into silence…Im just a quiet farmer who would have liked nothing more than to live my life,raise my family and critters/crops and been left be to die in peace,but no, you retards wanna play games,well games on pussys and we will just have to wait and see how this story ends! “Live free or die tryin:or just live free and make the sorry puke that tries to stop you turn greay at room temp!….there I said it,do your damnest!

        • correction “freemen are NOT going to just accept that they lost….”

      54. I’ve been an active reader of this website for about 2 years now. This is my 1st time posting.

        This Marine who has been imprisoned just might end up a martyr. May we never forget his name. Write it down, memorize it, etc.

        To keep the story short…..keep your eyes and ears open, and most of all, keep a low profile.

      55. don’t bother…dump all social media, it’s just being used by the government for surveilance anyway.

      56. test cases… always test cases first, next wait for any reaction then when situation suits their purposes, the real deal begins without resistance – but for how long..?

      57. when the music stops, will you find a chair?

      58. To everyone: Sorry, I was out of town over the weekend and have just finished reading this article. When will everyone learn that facebook and all the other social network sites ARE NOT PRIVATE? Now it appears these fusion centers are on a witchhunt for anyone who speaks out against the system, etc. My wife’s father was murdered by one of Castro’s firing squads in 1967 for what they called “counterrevolutionary activity”; he spoke out against Castro and what he was doing to Cuba. After that, there was nothing left for my wife in Cuba so she made the toughest decision of her life to leave and come to the US. The day of reckoning is coming, everyone. You’ve got to take a stand NOW if you haven’t already. You’re either on the side of freedom or tyranny. I’m on the side of freedom. I’m ready. May God help us all. Take care and keep prepping.

        • When will everyone learn that facebook and all the other social network sites ARE NOT PRIVATE?

          This is what people should learn.
          Even your posts on forums will pop up on a search–I’ve found my comments lots of times or comments I just read on Prepared Society or American Preppers.

      59. “The liberties of a people never were, nor ever will be, secure, when the transactions of their rulers may be concealed from them”…. Patrick Henry

        “Occasionally the tree of Liberty must be watered with the blood of Patriots and Tyrants.” …Thomas Jefferson

        Two quotes that are very relevant today.

      60. Hello, Appman…

        I’m in northern henderson county between asheville and hendersonville. Don’t know of any organization but i do know that there are a lot of preppers/patriots throughout wnc. I don’t want to be that connected, just puts a target on your back. i live in a crackerbox giant subdivision that’s full of sheeple.

        The Feds have a large distrust of us here ever since the Eric Rudolf situation. Alot of us hold to the old mountain ways but we’ve been watered down by yank libs and snowbird retirees from FL.

        Should make for interesting living with the excrement hits.

        • I visited the Raleigh/Durham area a few months ago. North Carolina has more illegal aliens than calif. all working everywhere. You people can’t hire your own first?

          • It’s the same in the mountains…had a huge hailstorm a couple of months ago and every roof in the area was covered in mexicans replacing shingles.
            So much for the notion of “they’ll do jobs Americans won’t”. I know a bunch of gold ole boys dying for work to feed and clothe their families would have been more than happy to lay shingle.

            The latinos here have absolutely no interest in becoming Americans…they simply want our money so every Friday they can run down to the Western Union and send most of it out of the country.

            As for NC…the middle of the state is a cesspool of lefty corruption. There is a secessionist movement here in the mtns; create our own state…maybe the collapse with hasten the State of West Carolina.

            Still trying to find more info on the Brandon Raub situation…I’m sure Alex Jones will bring it up today.

            • not “gold” ole boys…meant good ole boys.

              It would be nice to have a couple to melt down into bullion though!

        • I live in East Tn about 20 miles from Hot Springs NC. Stayed in a B&B in Hendersonville. Pretty area and they mad several big movies in local mountains. We are living full time in bug out location. Very remote and love it. The Black Mountain area is nice … spent time with youth groups at a retreat site there. West NC and East Tn have some great bug out areas.

          • Roughly 5 million acres of wilderness, most of it rugged as hell. Fresh water everywhere and a fairly good source of forage foods if you know what to look for.

            The weakness of my families current home is that we are right up against Interstate 26. If something goes down and thousands try to flee Asheville there will be zombies all over the place. I’ve already warned my wife of a long-term stay in a tent way up in Pisgah Natl. Forest.

      61. I hope to God that there were comments made that we are not seeing for things to go this far. Such as specific threats.

        From what I see, this is way over the line. And if we are seeing the “whole story” then it just might be over for our freedom.

        Interesting to note, no major media is covering this at all. Not Drudge, not the Blaze, not Fox. Crickets are chirping.

        • TR: is obamas muslim sympthay why at a recent obammy high level fun raiser put on by a Multi-millionaire jew honcho of NY told all his guests/cash funders fellow tribe members they need re-elect obammy cause hes done MORE for Isreal & Jews than ALL other presidents combined?!!

          That fund raiser was aprox couple weeks after obammy gave press release stateing how Obammys handing over ANOTHER $70 BILLION usa cash! so isreali jews can add to already american funded “Iron Dome” missle defense etc. Thats ON TOP of the normal &15 Billion per yr since 1948 we been giving jews/isreal!….

          Seen a website poster article recently said a guy did the math and the money(usa taxpayers!) hand over to isreali jewery works out to aprox. $35,000.00 Per year Per Jew in isreal!…Thats per each individual man/woman/child whos a jew! $35 Thousand dollars Per each!

          I aint saying individual folks gets that cash…But it ammounts to That much per jew per jew!

          So..What does america get back in reyrun for such support since 1948?….Besides usa jew banksters/warmongers/total hyjacked both dems and neocons repubs? And are destroying white america?……And you think obammys a muslim boy wonder?!!!!..Hes a full blown Trained since probly age 4yrs old Kommie Marxist!…ps karl marx based kommie marxizim on his Jew talmude ubbringing by Karls dad/grandad/great granddad etc.(they all was Rabi’s)

      62. Serious comment – holy $#!^…

        Joking comment – Just another reason not to have a Facebook account…

      63. “Tyranny is defined as that which is legal for the government but illegal for the citizenry.” Thomas Jefferson

        I suppose if we were alive today he would be arrested – I mean detained and questioned

      64. Fuck Obama. Fuck Bush. Fuck all of em.

        Yes, I served. My oath to the people didn’t end.


      65. I don’t agree with what you said but ill DIE FOR YOUR RIGHT TO SAY IT! PERIOD!

      66. To everyone:

        When they take this and other sites down, how will we communicate with each other? I hope someone has some ideas.

        • G-4-E

          Best alternative would be a Ham Radio set, as most comm technologies will be jammed or shut down.
          If anyone has an alternative tech approach, I’m interested.

          • Couple of old stewed tomato tin cans (work much better than pork and beans) with genyouwine cotton string stretched between them. I like an old four hole shirt button as the anchor.

            To quote the Talking Heads “…transmit the message to the receiver, hope for an answer someday.”

        • They cannot take down the net…
          THEY need it too bad.
          (The Mark of Credit and Loyalty will require the internet…)

          They can drop out web sites.
          Old fashioned comm;
          mail list

          Unbreakable crypto;

          This is unconscionable…

      67. Did you ever notice that the feds always go after soft targets?

      68. If you really support the Marines, Navy, Army & Air force share this Story with your family and friends.

        There is no excuse for this blatant over reach of government which we see today, weather it be state or federal government. The American people must refuse to except this situation, and see it for what it is. Or the freedoms which we think we have are already lost! “The Massive Government Storm” that is spending and eroding away our freedom must be stopped! Or we will soon be schooled in the brutal reality of histories past, where incredible hardships are suffered by those barley able to endure.

        Yet, if we are still truly a free people then let our voices and actions be the storm. If our government dose not fear this storm, we will know that we are no longer truly free! (“and they do fear it!”) We must come to terms with reality by absorbing it. We must cut ourselves free from the womb of the “television & main stream media”. We must regain balance, toward our freedom as our forefathers did. We must stand with Ron Paul and carry on his message. If I can not vote Ron Paul I will be voting for Gary Johnson.


      69. Hey I found out yesterday that black helicopters really do exist….not a crazy conspiracy joke anymore. There was one with no markings what so ever circling the track the entire Nascar race in Michigan yesterday….I am imagining DHS?

        • Put in three hoophouses full of tomatoes recently…noticed a black chopper with lots of antennas and things come in close and hover(this was the second time in a couple days)….I could see the bassturds in the thing looking at me, I walked out into the open by the coops and gave them a full double bird salute if you get my drift,they rocked it back and forth in the air and then took off (Im not one to do that sort of thing but they just seemed so deserving,jerks!)….so ya,they are for real and they are snooping into everything 🙁

      70. If you have anyone serving in the military, forward this on to them. It is awful that our government thinks they can censor everyone. BJ, I think you had one too may beers, buddy. Conspiracy theories don’t get proven at NASCAR races.

      71. So now the govt has thought police? I thought we got rid of that when we defeated the Nazis and Japanese Empire. I guess not.

      72. Wouldn’t it be great to have a panic button? One that you could press if attacks as this were due to occur. Have a network of like minded individuals to respond within minutes?

        Well, our forefathers did. Events unfolded differently as you know.

        Prepping involves more than just storing a few canned goods.

        I love my country. The most powerful and respected in the world. We provide FREEDOM where sharp minds can stimulate develop and produce the most cutting edge technologies in existence. I hate to see it plundered by a hand full of greedy bankers.

        I read all of your comments and think to myself, what a wonderful nation we have.

        Only the very best,


      73. DEATH TO TYRANTS !

      74. I got pics dipshit!

      75. Oh and I don’t drink at the race track out in the sun

      76. Today at approx 10:30, FOX News covered this story. Brandon Raub was NOT arrested and is not arrested at this time. Raub is being detained in a mental facility.

        The story by Martha McCallum says that this action is based on a psychiatric evaluation that Raub is either a harm to himself or to others and a Judge acted upon this “evaluation”.

        The question by an attorney on the show was about the timeline and the video we have all seen. There was no psychiatrist at the scene when Raub was handcuffed or apprehended. He was not arrested, nor read any rights. He was forcibly removed and is being held at the mental facility AGAINST HIS WILL.

        The attorney has said that the FBI and Secret Service were present and that it was through the local police that Raub was taken away, but he was not arrested. Once he was forcibly removed from his residence, there was a court order filed. So the attorney claims that the timeline for such an act is suspect.

        Another guest, a former Federal Prosecutor believes his rights are not being violated and he used the excuse of some recent events that led to tragedies (the Sikh murders and the theater murders). And then he also stated that “Everyone knows you don’t yell ‘fire'”. How weak is this argument??

        Raub is being held for 30 days or more and there are several organizations working on his behalf. Evidently FBI and SS do not want to try the NDAA ruling in the Commonwealth of Virginia so their stance is based on a little-known, old law about mental illness declarations via court-ordered hospital commitments.

        • So the FBI and Secret Service are called in for psych referrals now? I suggest they start with the White House and Capitol Hill, a veritable treasure trove of aberrant behavior of all types.

        • Does anyone recall how for huricane katrine when cops of all types went there to assist citizens and victims etc?

          I recall reading acounts by actual cops who were shocked to find out before they can assist in anything at all at katrina events, them cops had to First get aprox 10hrs of “Diversity” type training at some classroom type center.

          Fast fwd to today. Aprox at least one year ago Homeland security,DHS, got more funding so they can officially Hire SPLC!(southern poverty law center) Morse deese and the lovable Mark Potok!!…

          SPLC is Now an officially funded part of DHS feds!…SPLC already was funded $200+ Million per yr(most is taxpayer paid) now they are officially FEDS!

          Why is it important to know this fact?…Because SPLC is a Kommie Front! With aprox 99% Bolshevik leftist jewsih owners/directors etc. AND their new job at DHS is to go to Fussion centers AND other fed(fbi-atf-epa-irs etc etc) places to TEACH…”Diversity” type stuf!

          But what diversity actually means is Anti-White-anti us const-anti christian type training.

          SPLC has been Paid by feds and made official fed memberships to BRAINWASH Most if not All cops at local-state-fed levels nationwide!

          Anyone whos seen Mark Potok on TV(talmudevision) knows what a true piece of crap antigun-promonky panthers asshat he truely is. Hes alwys first “xpert” on tv news after any/all shootings etc. Moris deese is more often in background since Potok begaun a few yrs ago.

          Entire SPLC consists of RABID Leftist Marxists! Now trainig all cops in usa!….This cant be good.

          Some info to consider for them who desperatly want to trust “most” cops when SHTF time happens!…Not if cops head/brain been turned to Kommie Mush! By Mark Potok and pals……And You pay for this!!!!!

          • Dang it, Angelo – I hit the wrong button – I meant to give you a thumbs up for that outstanding information! Sorry!

            ~ D

          • A friend of mine who runs a small college online that I work with/for from time to time…. told me that he got a inquiry from a reporter at “Rolling Stone”magazine wanting to know why the college was pointed out by this commie splc retard as a threat and a racist org…..for teaching people how to garden/read and understand the Constitution and founders/music electronics/ and a bunch of other neat stuff…splc and their ilk are the threat to liberty and they are the racists…unbelievable,but hey he got free advertising out of it 🙂

      77. Gentlemen, and any ladies present:
        We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. – That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, – That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.

        Is our Declaration of Independence a subversive document, hmmm, I guess it is.

      78. There were almost 3,000 signatures on the Change.org petition to free Brandon J. Raub yesterday; the target was 10,000 signatures. Today, there are 13 with a target of 100. Anyone have an idea what happened? Has it reached the point where they are erasing support for American patriots now?

        • Voltaire’s Kidney, there are 2 petitions. Do a search on his name and you’ll get both of them. The numbers are about the same you mention.

      79. Amazing, A decorated Marine speaks his mind Lawfuly on Zukerfucks face book and up shows the FBI. It is getting harder and harder to go to work… When I made comments about the FEMA Surge team I had one person tell me I was full of it. Well…… We better band together and start standing up for guys like this or those camps are going to fill quick… This is just crap and from ALL angles we need to take this kind of crap head on… no more sidelines….

      80. Its all just a figure of speech until he really does chop someones head off…and we have mass killings like in CO a few weeks ago. If someone posts “time to sever heads”the govt should go and detain that person for psychological testing.

      81. While I’m appalled that this man’s freedom of speech right has been violated by the government, he is obviously a nut case and needs professional help.

      82. First they came for the communists,
        and they let those bastards alone.

        Then they came for the trade unionists,
        but the trade unionists were communists too.

        Then they came for the Jews,
        but the Jews were the biggest communists of all.

        Then they came for me,
        and I shot the fuckers between the eyes.

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