FBI, CIA, NYPD Officials Set To Drop The Hammer: Video Evidence Of “Bill Clinton and Six Government Officials Taking Part In Sexual Acts With Minors” To Be Released Before Election

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    The 2016 Presidential election about to get even crazier.

    Earlier this week Joe Joseph reported that recent Wikileaks point to the Clinton family having ties to a child porn abduction ring in Haiti. On top of that, emails appear to confirm that both Bill and Hillary Clinton previously joined convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein at his “sex slave island,” with Fox News having confirmed that Former President Bill Clinton flew with Epstein on his private jet at least 20 times. As Fox News notes, the plane was outfitted with a bed where travellers would often engage in group sex.

    The evidence of criminal activity identified via Anthony Wiener’s laptop is so damning that the NYPD was preparing arrest warrants for a number of Clinton campaign officials. A Brietbart report indicates  that the investigation was stifled earlier this week by the Justice Department after “huge pushback.”

    And while the Obama administration and liberal mainstream news sources are doing everything in their power to keep the thousands of Wikileak revelations at bay, according to a developing story from the Gatway Pundit, it will be impossible for them to contain the fallout from what comes next.

    As early as this weekend we could see the most explosive email, video and photographic evidence yet. According to members of the hacking collective Anonymous, 4Chan, and Hillary State Department target Kim Dotcom, a government insider has provided undeniable evidence that Bill Clinton and six other government officials engaged in sexual acts with minors.

    Kim Dotcom, apparently privvy to the evidence, posted a series of Tweets this as highlighted by The Daily Sheeple:

    With the last one coming Friday evening:

    It appears Dotcom’s Tweet was in reference to a 4Chan post archived at The Free Republic which indcates in no uncertain terms that a government official has the evidence that confirms Bill Clinton is indeed a sexual predator:


    Until this month, Wikileaks and Anonymous have worked together in building an efficient, detailed, comprehensive set of documents that would be responsible for the incarceration of Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, and 21 individuals ranging from the DNC, FBI, CIA, and Clinton foundation. These documents will show without a doubt, evidence of Treason, Obstruction of Justice, Election Fraud, Manipulation and Bribery.

    This was intended to be the October surprise. But before the release of these documents, we were contacted by a member of the FBI, as well as another from the CIA, and a week later by the NYPD. All with information retaining to something much darker than we ever imagined.

    Due to the nature of these leaks, we all worked together as efficiently as possible to ensure two objectives:

    1.) That all necessary information would be given to the public in an organized, searchable, manageable way.

    2.) Those  who provided us with this information would be able to find safety before these releases were made ( This concern wasn’t without warrant).

    The new leaks being released this week will provide documents in the form of emails, pictures, and videos. Within these will be evidence of Bill Clinton, as we as at least 6 other Government officials, taking part in sexual acts with minors. As well as evidence of Human trafficking that also include minors. 

    We believe these pictures and videos were taken for the purpose of political manipulation. In order to make sure all participants followed through on a previously agreed agenda.

    These documents were given to us by an American Government official when he had come to learn that this crime had been covered by Hillary and her staff through methods including bribery and blackmail. He also told us that due to the restricted access to these documents, they would soon know he was the one who released them to us.

    We tried to make arrangements for him to exit the country safely, but he was killed before those arrangements could be carried out. We are still not sure if this is because they became aware of the leak, or if they were scared that he may in the future. In either case, his identity will be made public in this next set of leaks so that he can be honored for the hero that he was.

    We will not only be releasing these documents, but we have multiple members of the FBI, CIA, and NYPD who will be publicly verifying their authenticity once their safety is assured.

    This hack has not come from Russia or anyone else they may try to blame this on. This is a leak from Americas own Government Officials who fear for their safety had the opposed them directly due to reasons that will be made clear soon.

    We thank you for your patience, as well as your determination and assistance in helping us expose the corruption that has infested our own government. Democracy will be restored to America.

    Remember remember the 5th of November.

    If true, then sometime this weekend we will see the end of the Clintons. While they can cover up tens of thousands of email chains and be protected from prosecution by the Justice Department for bribery or pay-for-play, no one will stand in the way if actual sex tapes come to light, especially if minors are involved.

    Perhaps this is why FBI Director Comey operated with such haste in recent weeks and publicly re-opened the Clinton investigation, because no one will want to be a friend to Bill or Hillary after this hits the internet.


    5 States Hillary Is Set to Steal from Trump 

    Not Just Assange… Hillary Wants to Drone Strike “All Dissidents and Whistleblowers”

    Internet Mogul Kim Dotcom: More Leaks Coming, “Clinton Is in Serious Trouble



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      1. With just 3.5 days until the election, what ever could they be waiting for?

        Unless they have nothing. Personally, I belive the story, but I will believe Anonymous, K.com and Wiki when they produce…

        • Agreed — I am sure there is video and audio evidence of wrongdoing. Show it to the world. That’s all we ask.

          • It seems some different law enforcement have the info.,just dump and let the chips fly.I am sure your pension will be covered by the public,I will donate the first ten dollars.

            • Mac, perhaps they’re having to go through and redact things to protect the identities of innocent people involved – such as minors and peripheral informants, etc.

              • they’re trying to figure out how to get paid. budgets don’t magically increase
                on their own.

          • I refuse to accept that the “valid terrorist threat” warning for New York for Monday is a mere coincidence considering New York is where Weiner & Clinton et al.are being investigated by one of the most widely respected prosecutors in the country, with lots of potential physical evidence against same. Reminds me of when the Pentagon was drilled with a missile (a/k/a jet) exactly in the area where ALL the records for the missing money were held…never to be investigated again.

            • +1 time for a storm

              • Hammer Time

                • this hammer is being dropped too late. moew assange hot air w/ no back up. POST election is too late

            • I’m really waiting for this shoe to drop.

              If this evidence is, as described, and comes out Sunday, Hillary is toast.

              Rumors are Wikileaks has had the data for a weeks, and is making it presentable for public display, so even a nuke in NY City wouldn’t stop it now.

              There is a caveat, if Hillary is actually elected “America’s second Pedophile President” she literally would need to be charged and convicted before being sworn in, and that won’t happen with Obama in charge. If Hillary is elected, insanity will rule.

              • A friend shared this… Well said. I agree.

                I was asked tonight how I could ever support Trump after the comments he made over 11 years ago about women and if I would still support him if he made those comments to my daughter?

                My response was this….If he had put our nation’s security at risk, I would not vote for him.

                If his organization received large donations from countries that kill innocent individuals, I would not vote for him.

                If he boasted 30 Years of government experience, but still could not discern if an e…mail was classified or not, without someone letting him know if it was or not, I would not vote for him.

                If he caused lives to be destroyed in Benghazi and then lied to the faces of the parents as they stood at their child’s casket, I would not vote for him.

                If people who came against him mysteriously turned up dead, I would not vote for him.

                If he suddenly developed a southern accent when he was in the South, campaigning, I would not vote for him.

                If he continually broke the law and that was ignored, I would not vote for him, but right now, the ONLY person who does ALL these things is Hillary.

                The fact that Donald made these remarks over 12 years ago, does not move me. I’m bigger than those remarks and we all (YES ALL OF US) have said stupid things throughout our lives.

                To me, the fact that Hillary lies continuously, is a much bigger problem. We can see the effects of her lies by the state of our poor country right now…

                Still voting for Trump.

                Feel free to Copy/Paste/share….I did.

                And remember EVERY vote counts!!!!!
                Be sure to cast your VOTE !!!!

            • Yes, all of those wonderful records totally destroyed, and yet not ONE PERSON was anywhere near that section of The Pentagon and wasn’t the jet engine they presented the wrong type engine for a jet? (Proving it was most likely shot from an attack jet wide open with after-burners fully engaged). At those speeds many cameras would never detect you or be able to film you clearly. (And the cams they keep atop buildings are made to be tough, not High Definition (and all of them were collected immediately after 9/11 happened …as if they were already prepared to go fetch all of the cameras plus they knew precisely where every CCTV camera was located.

              Agreed, in what you present there is no coincidence about it, and I surely don’t frigging like it when they make it so damned obvious (we are brainless remember)? Dumbed-down deplorables?

          • I seriously doubt the NYPD has any access to the laptop of Anthony Wiener. It has state secretes on it so the NYPD would not be included in it’s contents.

            That alone puts this article into question.

            • John, NYPD has access to the computer because they are the ones investigating the Wiener weenie as it is their jurisdiction. No one knew there were “state secrets” on it, as there shouldn’t have been. NYPD made copies of everything on the computer, then handed it over to the FBI.

              • NYPD was there first. Investigating Weiner’s connection to the 15 yr old girl in North Carolina. Finger’s crossed that the shit gets real and gets real soon.

                • nothing is going to happen to him he’s done this before a couple of times.

            • NYPD could well have been supplied, certain departments, with redacted or partial, related to their agendas as LEOs, information. As for them preparing papers, exactly who would need to file a complaint with proof in order to get a ball like that rolling?

              • They “called” it for Monday. Have patience, and don’t remotely expect to read anything except for what is leaked. (That’s all we have until attacked, which is quite likely …but on what scale? Everything? Cyber?

          • But how do they reveal it,won’t they get in trouble for posting child porn ?


              • Possible firearm involved…from my view..the individual was just less than 20 feet from the podium.

                • Thanks Talon.. I updated this report with that information.

                  • You’re welcome Mac!

          • But NOT after she has stolen the election…..

          • Stop the torturing of targeted citizens and others labeled mentally ill. These citizens are being victimized by mind control and directed energy weapons, and gang stalking. This needs to be exposed and all ethical humans need to do what they can to take their country back from the rogue NSA using these weapons on innocents citizens. Stop this holocaust and inhumane behavior.

        • Not sure I buy the whole thing. NYPD is state, DOJ is federal. NYPD can tell the Feds to stuff it and indicte.

          • Meant indict!

        • Obama-Hillary. Bracelets and Orange Jump Suites for them.
          Both are Threats to National Security and World Peace.

          Now this Sick Vile INSANITY.
          Satanic rituals? WTF.

          Did someone in FBI FINALLY find a conscience?
          Why is God’s name Did it take so long? Why?
          No one will stand up to the Obama-Hillary criminals.

          If the FBI does not do their job.
          Then the American People MUST.
          Light the torches. Prepare the pitch forks. Peasants wake up.

        • Well, I just talked to this guy who knows all the stuff we talk about on this website— He is awake… and he doesn’t even visit the websites I go to. Funny, when you come across strangers and you are so on the same page and you don’t even have the same resources. He was also talking about something big coming down soon on us citizens. He said that he thought there was going to be martial law after elections. Hopefully, he is wrong but I was thinking the same thing…

          • I think a lot more people are AWAKE than you would believe. When the main stream media starts mocking preppers, you know there are a LOT of them.

            I was watching Hawaii 5-O the other night and even they were mocking preppers.

            That alone says prepping is becoming a big reality for a lot of people.

            • JS

              Yeah, seen that on 5-O.

          • dec. be there to get there. no crossing state line.

          • If Hillary is elected, these figures will be MUCH higher, as Hillary already said she will INCREASE illegal immigration.

            Amnesty tax: $15,000 per household, $1.2 trillion
            “Amnesty for illegal immigrants like a program proposed by Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton would require an immediate tax hike of $1.2 trillion, a $15,000 hit on every household in America, according to a new analysis of immigration reform.”

            A Heritage Foundation analysis of the NAS study looked at just the impact amnesty would have and said that an immediate tax increase of $1.29 trillion would be needed to finance the infrastructure, school, welfare and other costs of illegals.

            “To cover the future cost, each U.S. household currently paying federal income tax would have to pay, on average, an immediate lump sum of over $15,000,” he added.

            From his analysis published on the Daily Signal:
            “Illegal immigrants currently receive routine government services such as roads, sewers, and police and fire protection. The children of illegal immigrants currently receive heavily subsidized public education at an average cost of $12,000 per child per year.

            Children of illegal immigrants born in the U.S. are eligible for the same welfare benefits (such as food stamps, Medicaid, Obamacare, and Temporary Assistance for Needy Families) as children born to U.S citizens.

            Because illegal immigrant families already receive many government benefits and services, they currently impose a fiscal cost on taxpayers. The benefits they receive exceed taxes paid.

            Amnesty or “earned citizenship” would provide current illegal immigrants access to an additional level of expensive government entitlements and benefits.”


        • Nothing will come of this and that bitch will become president through crookery and then all this will disappear

          • I agree, the demons backing Hillary will hire mercenaries and thugs to offer “deals they can’t refuse” to all the leaders in the FBI, NYPD and others to quash this completely. And it will go away…..just sit back and watch

        • the cia controled by bush,obama,soudis clintons

          • More likely the other way around

          • The CIA is controlled by (((ZOG))). Understand who the REAL puppet masters are.

        • It’s too late now for something like this to affect the outcome of this election. Too many ballots have already been cast, and can’t be changed now. Hiliary will win. The big question is whether she will be indicted before the inauguration and Obola will pardon her as his grand finale middle finger to America, or she will resign in disgrace after taking office.

          • No it’s not and if something like that came out I’m sure Hitlery would withdraw.

            • you don’t know the bitch like WE do!…..we, meaning U.S.

            • You’re confusing “Butch” Clinton with a normal human being. You can’t shame a sociopath. She’ll NEVER withdraw. I do think Brokeback Obama may not want to sully his legacy by pardoning a child molester, if that can be proved before he leaves office. I think his ego is too big to allow him to hurt his standing in the history books. Ultimately, Hillary is just another “cracka”…

              • o’bomber will do as he’s TOLD to do…..the powers that SHOULDN’T BE are in the drivers seat now, it appears….and so far, it’s been like shootin’ fish in a cracker-barrel.

          • It would take someone that is totally immoral to have the gall to try and pardon her if children are involved.

            • Well, you said it. Barack is the immoral man for the job.

            • Obola has no morals whatsoever.

          • hiLIARy can only win if it is rigged. the only evidence of this needed are videos of the Trump and Clinton rallies. there is ZERO enthusiasm for this witch…

            • Just heard about her rally with LeBron James. Only about 300 people reportedly showed up…

        • right there with you, bonefortoona..I put nothing past anybody.. but I want to see the evidence. I’ve got some noses that need rubbing in it.

        • All media, americans, politicians, government true americans need to expose the NSA using military technologies on good law abiding citizens. These weapons cannot be seen or traced. They make people appear delusional or crazy when they are not. The weapons are causing this by violating people minds and bodies with these technologies and subject them to torture remotely. They are human guinea pigs. These mind control, directed energy weapons, and gang stalking tactics need to be exposed. Pharma and psychiatry are covering this up. These technologies are behind this. The people are not delusional. This is inhumane and this holocaust needs to be exposed by all patriotic americans. Quit watching sports while your neighbors are being tortured demand justice.

        • This is all bullshit don’t fall for this crap!

      2. I am shocked that willy would behave in this manner, and his wife would just look the other way as she takes part in her satanic rituals.

        • She has to obey the satanic master.

        • David Brock
          Eli Sizemore
          Amanda Kleineman
          BIF SKIPMAN
          Dave Flintstone
          Tony Podesta
          James Alenfontis

          • Can you tell us more about elie Sizemore?

      3. Well,this day 1601 Guy Fawkes tried to blow up parliment.Anon,using Guy as a moniker,might choose today a few before election to do a major dump if authorities do not start taking action.

        A lot on net for days,till I see action am calling either bullshit or being stopped by other forces,comeon folks!I do not care if NYPD/FBI/Wiki/Anon,just get this fucking thing moving!

      4. Now it is all coming out about the evil vile genocidal psychopathic DEMON monsters from the inner bowels of the pits of hell, who have complete control of our government, so I am telling you right now we all need to pray as we never have before for the brave men and women taking on these psychopathic DEMON monsters and we need to pray for our country, because when these psychopath DEMONS from the pits of hell get backed into a corner- they are no ordinary caged animal, and God only knows what these monsters are capable of…God help us all.

        • The suspense is killing me. When will they arrest these scums? If they found butchered human corpses in Hillary’s home, they turn a blind eye.

          Just WHAT will it take?

          • Those corpses could be agents that tried to arrest them. Messing with Clintons can be fatal.

      5. Cant fix stupid,
        People still love the clintons and will defend their actions no matter how repulsive

        • Folks can love em,but,we start seeing even lower level arrests of clinton camp will fuck up her election I believe.They start arresting higher ups believe we may see a exit stage left of clintons,would piss me off but better them hiding in foreign country then in the whitehouse!

          • My feeling is the whole outcome will be contested and barry will be playin golf for some months to come, dont think anything significant will happen other than a giant sucking sound and holding pattern

            • Clinton’s moved money to the Caymans a few weeks back.

              As per comment here in some thread.

          • No matter how important you think you are. When you are caught, you will sequel on others to get out of trouble.

            That is what Weiner is doing.

            • Oh I love to be an Oscar Meyer Weiner.

            • Huma too, I hear…

        • Nailbanger, agreed. The Clintons are backed into a corner and are now at their most dangerous. I expect them to lash out at anytime. Expect the chimp-in-chief and others in the Beltway to help them because they’re all at risk of being brought down. None of them will go away quietly. It’s going to take civil war 2/revolution to save this country; nothing less. It won’t be pretty and the cost won’t be cheap.

          • Braveheart, I agree. We’re about to enter the shitstorm sweepstakes.

      6. Does this “sex slave island” have… what an invisibility cloak? Nuclear fucking weapons?? A Goddamned standing army???? Is it in another fucking dimension or something????

        How does this fucking exist, tell me that one…

        Because it can’t possibly.

        Better actually ANSWER that one and quickly because even if it DOES exist… what I just posted is what EVERYONE IS GOING TO THINK FOR THE NEXT THREE DAYS AT LEAST.

        • Because it is owned and run by the rulers of planet earth, the Rothchild’s Land, ISREAL.

          _. Say hello to the people who own us, slave.


          • –Salute (@ B/Ca)–

            -HIT- ..inside the 10 ring, dead center!

          • B from CA………..well if more folks thought like you do in California, I might not have left……California needs a lot more folks like you by the way……..signed a Bay Area native………

        • I was just in the US Virgin Islands a few months ago and witnessed first hand how Muslim Immigrants brought there by Obama had set up a protection scheme, and we’re running the taxi industry right in front of the main islands police station.

          Not one taxi moved without the OK of the old Muslim guy running it all. Native taxi drivers who had been driving for decades were visibly terrified.

          I had this huge Muslim guy in my face screaming I had to get in his taxi, and told him to screw himself. I wasn’t putting my family in a taxi with a nut job Muslim. I started to get into another taxi of an older Islander, and that’s when the SHTF. The old Muslim guy shows up and starts screaming. I go out and told him to get out of my face and leave. By now a few very nervous cops are watching, he backed down. For all I know that old taxi driver is dead already.

          If these police can’t investigate in your face obvious crime in front of the largest police station in the island chain, how do you expect them to investigate human trafficking on a tiny Island owned by a billionaire with private security. The children being mollested there likely end up shark chum or worse, dinner after a satanic ritual!

        • It IS in The U.S. Virgin Islands, and is entirely owned by that rich SOB. Don’t say it can’t exist as I’ve sailed past it twice (going/coming back to USA) when we lived aboard (106′ Herreschoff Schooner – 1906). You can take any Captain’s (or Pilot charts) and easily locate the place (which can barely land jets-pretty short runway.

          From a passing ship there is nothing to see and the water is too shallow to take the chance of running aground (or ‘hard’ aground) with an 11foot keel. Smaller craft or ships with retractable keels could get into whatever they have for docking facilities (we passed by it well over 15 years ago). haha… 🙂 But, somebody must have owned it, no matter how small, it IS owned when it comes to islands or even “spoils” (dots of land with one palm surrounded by sand). Spoils are often for sale. Storms destroy some, but the waters always form another “island” so you just move to it, or drop your anchor on it? What use would a tiny island be, they have huge price tags.

        • It’s not under US control, and whatever country claims control may be subject to bribery, or perhaps porking 16 year olds isn’t illegal in that country.

      7. Search BIF SKIPMAN

        Take out the space damn moderation

        https:// boards.4chan.org/pol/thread/95902800

      8. Cheesybay

      9. CGI and company are kidnapping raping torturing kids then melting the bodies with hydrochloric acid in blue buckets. I saw the pics. That shît hurts the soul to see

        I saw the drain hole where they dump the liquid remains. Also the bucket with organic matter still in it. Fùcking hand prints where they scraped it out. 577 Pakala Lane Kuaai Hawaii

        Dave Flintstone
        Eli Sizemore
        James Alentfontis
        Kevin Spacey

        Code words used in known pedophile rings and shît

      10. Cheese Pizza = Child Prostituon / Porn

        Pasta = boys
        Pizza = girls

        Dominoes is domination

        Weird they are all talking about eggs and beans on pizza what in the actual fùck ???

        YouTube Eli Sizemore. So sad

        My soul is crying

        • I dont think i will CAPN , dont wanna see that shit .
          But thanks for the proof anyway.
          These assbags need to be snuffed themselves , way too much evil in the world today .

      11. For years the Clinton have in one way or form managed escape justice. Perhaps the people in the media and congress who heartily defend them are co-participants or been paid off through the Clinton foundation or perhaps threats?
        I wonder if they’ve sold their souls to a higher power for power and wealth on this earth for the short time we are here. If so, their end will be most tragic.
        Life is but a vapor, then it is gone.
        Nevertheless, the country has suffered with this couple in positions of power.
        Somewhere, it has to end.

        My opinion on this.

      12. Isreal set up the Epstein Pedofile Island to entrap and or blackmail English and American leaders.

        Why doesn’t anyone see who the real perps are? It is ISREAL, the Rothschildland.

        They gave a billion dollars, worked through clothing manufacturers “Vicyoria’s Secret”, kidnapped and exploited children in order to get shit on English and American leaders so they enticed them to use the services then filmed them for blackmail.

        Never mind the fools, Clinton and Prince Andrew among them, the damn Israel bastards are responsible. When will people wake the heck up.


        • The children of satan are worshiping their satan in the synagogue of the satan.

          Don’t waste your positive energy ( from CA) since there are idiots posting on this site defending them as far as the SOB’s are the chosen people or they are nobel peace price winners and on and on … They are nothing but a bunch of baby killers, thieves and parasitic beings. Their cleansing is justified by God and the science.

          As far as I am concerned the chosen ones and their supporters will be asking for mercy soon but no mercy will be granted.

        • mmmm Yes, it is always the damn Jews…

          • john stiner, no mmmmm needed. Just check the ownership of the porn industry in CA. Plus, I think Epstein name speak for itself.

        • Huh?
          Israel is responsible for American and English leaders being Chomos?

          • Anonymous, yes they are, because they groom evil people to be leaders, use our money to get them into power, they capture and enslave minors to have sex, you are obviously a troll. what kind of question is that? They are the ones choosing our leaders so yes they are responsible, traitor or should I say how is tel aviv?

        • And the Lord said, I will bless those who bless Israel, and I will curse those who curse her”. Damn, dude, you’re walking on thin ice and when you go through, it will be hell for eternity. I pray for you and those who think as you do.

          • Doesn’t say that at all.

            Genesis 12New King James Version (NKJV)
            Promises to Abram

            12 Now the Lord had said to Abram:

            “Get out of your country,
            From your family
            And from your father’s house,
            To a land that I will show you.
            I will make you a great nation;
            I will bless you
            And make your name great;
            And you shall be a blessing.
            I will bless those who bless you,
            And I will curse him who curses you;
            And in you all the families of the earth shall be blessed.”

            A promise directed to Abraham specifically, pointing to Jesus, who had nothing nice to say about the Pharasees, todays ((())).

          • John Stiner & Stone Cold…The Zionists blended into Biblical Judaism in the 8th century. Israel is owned and controlled (Government…Military, Mossad)by the Zionists. Their goal is to take over the world, white genocide. They have been using the US military and OUR government since the end of WWII to promote chaos throughout the world. This is what is happening in Europe. The leaders are ALL part of the plot to destroy European WHITE civilization. Read Henry Ford’s book “The International Jew” from 1920.

          • Read Rev 2:9 and Rev 3:9…..wake up my friend!

          • Stone Cold:

            Religion is riddled with confusion. The devil, Lucifer, is a deceiver as well as a liar.

            Jesus Christ, and His followers are ISREAL. The people in Palestine are not. 92% are orientals, desended from Kazars. The other 8% descended from the evil ones who rejected Christ and sent Him to a brutal crucifixion. Mary, the mother of Christ Jesus, descended from David. Christ lives through Christians. Christians are ISREAL.

            Those imposters in Palestine are Luciferian. The State of Isreal was established by a man named Rothschild, who is an antiChrist. All these imposters are antiChrist. Just ask them. They will tell you. They hate Christ.

            Perhaps you don’t know. Every Counrty in Europe that “we” fought was Christian. The white farmers being massacred in Africa are Christian.
            American Christian values are under attack by these Luciferian people.

            Now take that quote and get your head around this. You are defending the devil. It is your soul that is in jeopardy because you are deceived or you are a deceiver yourself.

            Repent. Follow the teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ.

            __ for your information only
            __no reply is necessary

          • Stone Cold, you are nothing but a traitor. Only one people who matter to me and that is American. You can take your myths and shove them up your ass, traitor

      13. Best they arrest that do nothing chimp in the Oval Office too …. hope the FBI round every single one of these sick perverted dogs up!!! If even one gets a free pass, I hope the entire country erupts!!!

      14. The tapes would be child porn. I will not watch them.

        • Yup, not good,

          • It may do you good to take a peek at just what you can access in the way of disgusting sexually oriented (pedo or animal ‘smut) available with the only “safety” being a clickable choice of ‘safe for work mode or XXX – no censorship results.

            There is shit out there like pictures of little girls coughing. It took me some time before it dawned upon me those pics are photoshopped to make it appear to be a XXX oriented and taboo pic …and people sit around and create this sick shit? NOTHING better to do? Really?

            That’s just the edge of the iceberg. Seems Epstein and The Clintons are keeping the “rich and famous” sexually satisfied as “island traffic” is said to be “remarkable in frequency, and short in duration of visits.”

            If they have been there, which they have, then dispense with formalities and let us start a formal hearing-with judge, jury and executioner (just in case).

        • Old Guy,understand but I would watch/block out kids faces but leave the rapists faces in and dump on net.I would then have to say goodbye to sobriety for a day as would need a few shots of jack to get this done,but,would do whatever necc. to get this out in the public!I would also probably have a large target for a drone strike/snipers bullet on me.

          • Whether or not we like it Hitlery is going to be our next president UNLESS quick action is taken. If you want to download anything implicating the Clinton’s and download kidpornvids as proof go to a public computer and if those sites are blocked use the computer of a recently deceased person where the deceased family will def not be held responsible. Hell, my 94 yr old aunt has Alzheimer’s and if I could get to her home/computer I’d do it. She only used it occasionally for email, never google searches so it’s clean and so is she. She only has a year or so left to live, whose gonna lock her up with 94 yrs clean record for going on the site to download pn with all the people in and out of her home, can’t blame her. Plus she’s feisty and mean as hell and has gone through numerous private healthcare workers and damn near killed three of them who stayed with her the past few months so she wasn’t all alone. Hate to see what she’d do to officials if they showed up. What are they gonna do to a 94 yr old crazy lady at the end of life with no priors.

            Tryin to give some ideas here. Better think of a way to get vids or something (and don’t blockout kids faces) or we are looking at 4 yrs of Hitlery. You think its bad now, just wait. CC

            • When feds smash down your aunt’s door in the middle of the night she might very well have a heart attack. I’d make a new plan, Stan…

        • Old Guy, I agree but I’ll watch it. One day soon we’ll be facing these SOB’s and their paid security guards and it would help to remember the face of those innocents children as you squeeze the trigger into the face of satan.

          • Stolz—>

            Always remember that all “TRUTHS” pass thru three stages:

            1st.) …it is ridiculed & scorned.

            2nd.) …it is violently opposed.

            3rd.) …it is accepted as being self-evident.


            Stout heart, bro!!!! –salute–

            • Hunter,

              Again your voice of reason is encouraging for the truth tellers.

              Salute my friend. God bless you and yours.

        • Yea, that brings up a really good(bad?) point; if these so-called tapes show Clinton having sex with minors then it is “child porn”, right? So if that’s the case then if you watch it you are then guiltily of a crime in some fashion, right? Isn’t watching child porn a crime? So if you “needed” to prove it to yourself and you watched this stuff could you not also be charged with a crime?

          Now ain’t that a real kick in the head. So if you don’t want to be charged with child porn, you just have to keep taking these “leakers” word for it.

          Just asking.

          Mr. Charlie out.

          • Mr. Charlie,

            Prosecutors, watch or witness many inhumane acts. YES, It sis sickening to watch such demonic videos but we need to be the prosecutors and at some point the executioners and doing so will remove any shadow of the doubts when the time comes.

          • I never looked at it that way, but get your drift. Wow. That alone could be a lifetime of research for a lawyer, or so it seems.

            I think the law allows a Judge to view, and is “held harmless’. No doubt the Jury may either view, or read a description of every detail in “dry” English presentation.

            Only someone who has lived around it could tell you how it could be researched legally. “CP” is not anything I remotely can tolerate, and would love to nail the low-lifes who are predators in vans always seeking out their next victim to be sold. THAT is some “cold, sick and worthy of being shot, sick shit.”

            Yet again, it comprises over 70% of internet traffic in The USA. More or less. The MOST searched for word used to be PORN (on Google). May still be.

      15. Call LIAM NEESON!!!!!

      16. If true, then off to the gallows.

        • It’s true Boyo. Remove the space. Damn moderation

          https:// boards.4chan.org/pol/thread/95902800

        • boyo

          Hey, Bill and Hillary.

          I’m Playing, “Gallows Pole” By led Zepplin.

          On Album 3

          Don’t forget the “Immigrant Song” Rock On!

          • Don’t forget their song, a favorite of mine, “Your Time Is Gonna Come”

      17. Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy!

      18. Despite ALL the evidence above, even if absolutely 100% confirmed, the stupid, vile, lying, ignorant, lazy, hypocritical, puerile, fascist left will STILL vote for Hilary. I have a neighbor like that (used to work for a newspaper…. gee, go figure! Same person who now is on disability, but regularly goes out jogging 2 miles at a time).

        The whole thing is like some grotesque cult.

        And where are the Occupy Wall Street idiots marching against the Goldman Sucks candidate Hilary? Where are the anti-war people and Cyndi Sheehan marching against the war candidate, Hilary?????

        Frickin vile leftist are not only stupid, they are complete hypocrites.

        • TEST your right , the media will always support and protect them.
          Its really just as simple as protecting their paychecks and jobs.
          The MSM is complicit and just as guilty as perp Bill .

      19. Note to the fascist elites:








        • +1

      20. Where’s the beef. The only way to protect yourself is to release the info. They already know who you are. They say an nypd chief told former CEO Mr prince of backwater that he will release it. Well there are only 10 NYPD chiefs so it’s a short list. I am sure the powers that be know who he is. Dude your career is done anyway so release it….all of this stuff is conjecture until the release of the good. I think it’s true but it’s still only conjecture as of this point.

        • Could be the “terrorist” act the feds allegedly fear is a takedown of the net, so nothing can be leaked until after Hillary is inaugurated…

      21. Don’t click links to watch that stuff or you will end up on a felon list. Hell, don’t watch porn at all.

        • I absolutely believe that Weiner videos of children in sexually explicit images/videos are a trap, if Wikileaks releases any of them, stay clear.

          Look and you become a felon, and unlike the Clintons, you’ll do time, especially if you publicly attack/ discuss Hillary’s connection to them.

          If Hillary is elected, beware the new FBI, CIA, NSA, DHS etc.

          • It will be same old FBI CIA NSA DHS, traitors the lot of them

      22. OK, it’s noon on the West Coast, the 5th of November. Better release it soon, boys, or it won’t even make the Sunday papers.

        • Yep, we’re running out of Guy Fawkes Day

          • https:// boards.4chan.org/pol/thread/95902800

            Take out the space.

            Sorry in advance

      23. This type of evidence will never be revealed. Bet on that.

      24. not gonna happen

      25. If this is true, they should release the information as soon as possible. There is no way they should be elected President!

      26. All connected to and started by a dirty Weiner.

        • YouTube Eli Sizemore

          James Alefontis
          David Brock
          BIF SKIPMAN
          Dave Flintstone
          Amanda Kleinemen

      27. Alright! If the Democrats are not racial and not all the pobias they are calling republicans.

        Where’s the Black Guy?

      28. Does anyone read Matthew Bracken? The story of Epstein’s Rape Island sounds disturbingly similar to Bracken’s Castigo Cay. If you haven’t read it, check it out.

        • Wonder why Matt hasnt been on page for a while?

          • N-banger—>

            Go here (see below). Matt post’s quite often. He’s among brothers. Page is sparse, you’ll figure it out…..


            …remove space, of course.

            • Thanks,,, for some reason a different web page came up before, have a feeling i got rerouted to a dummy page,,, fedgov bs

        • Great Book! Highly Recommended

          Also noticed William Forstchen being quoted last night on 10 ways the earth could be destroyed or whatever they call that show.

          Noticed they referenced Preppers as well without casting them in a negative light.

        • I’m sure this is pure coincidence… Sarc/

        • Snopes says this is a fake website and that there is no such paper as the Denver Guardian.

      29. Just do it already.

      30. If this gets released and acted upon, once in the public domain, anyone who attempts to defend those accused, be it main stream media or celebrity, will be looked upon as co conspirators in the court of public opinion. There are few moral lines drawn in the sand remaining in western society but this is one of them. The reprisals are no ticket sales for celebrities and no votes for the politicians coming to the defense of those accused.

        The repercussions of this are huge.

        • https://boards.4chan.org/pol/thread/95902800
          Get it out

          YouTube Eli Sizemore

          Sorry in advance. It hurts the soul


          Share it to all the normal people you know Kevin2

          • What does it entail?

          • Whether or not we like it Hitlery is going to be our next president UNLESS quick action is taken. If you want to download anything implicating the Clinton’s and download kidpornvids as proof go to a public computer and if those sites are blocked use the computer of a recently deceased person where the deceased family will def not be held responsible. Hell, my 94 yr old aunt has Alzheimer’s and if I could get to her home/computer I’d do it. She only used it occasionally for email, never google searches so it’s clean and so is she. She only has a year or so left to live, whose gonna lock her up with 94 yrs clean record for going on the site to download pn with all the people in and out of her home, can’t blame her. Plus she’s feisty and mean as hell and has gone through numerous private healthcare workers and damn near killed three of them who stayed with her the past few months so she wasn’t all alone. Hate to see what she’d do to officials if they showed up. What are they gonna do to a 94 yr old crazy lady at the end of life with no priors.

            Tryin to give some ideas here. Better think of a way to get vids or something (and don’t blockout kids faces) or we are looking at 4 yrs of Hitlery. You think its bad now, just wait. CC

            • Unless you are working with a special organization of folks to stamp out child porn, the best thing to do is keep right away from all and anything to do with it. The Internet everyone uses is pretty “raw” when it comes to pedophiles, but the real sickos are found in the UnderNet (a million times larger than The Internet and accessible using TOR …you CAN get there using Windows but you’re machine would never be the same (hacked to death in minutes).

              Even though TOR does a great job of hiding you, there are danged few people that tolerate child porn, (called CP for the sites that try to discourage people from posting pics of such things). That means you WILL “pick up a follower” who will monitor all you view or download (and even know what directory you downloaded into on your PC or ‘whatever’.

              It appears that up until now that the world of child porn was enjoyed by the rich and famous of unHolyWood and our fearless leaders, be they gay, undecided, tri-sexual, or beastiality perverts, they are obviously “partaking in illegal and felonious sexual acts with children in places “set up” especially for that purpose.”

              Shouldn’t we assume this time that a great many “heads are going to roll?” (Especially now that may well have an astounding impact on the “skin trafficking” trade we stand to get some long lost children back to their parents).

              We Pray

      31. Still Rocking out

        “Eminence Front”

        By the, Who.

        It’s a Put On!

      32. Are those who said that if Trumps wins they would leave the country going to do it?. Big Nose Barbara S. said something like that.

        • Lets hope they are true to their word , dont count on it though !

      33. No Executive Privilege on this shit is there?

        “Can’t Touch This, Hammertime”

      34. On the serious side.

        We may have just cornered a wounded wild animal.
        You know what can happen.

      35. Well, Fawks was going to blow up parliament at the opening of the house of Lords, which happens at 330pm GMT, which was 830AM PST. The time for the release, by that accounting, has already passed. I wonder what the ideal release time would be today. Kim DotCom will have some explaining to do if he comes up short.

      36. Well, it’s the fifth @ 4:34 CT, nothing happened… Will it?

        • It’s happening right now in cyber space

          Army of Chaos is fighting right now

          Weaponized Autism at work

      37. Do they have Hilery doing a REVERSE COWBOY ????

      38. This would be the most shameful thing that Bill Clinton would have done, if it is true. Being accused of something like this stays with you even if it is not true. we should withhold judgement until we fing out all the facts. If it true, it would be the worst thing yet.

        • Brian, I am more than positive that when Bill was president that we were getting ‘intel’ from the inside sources (all flights are tracked – or let’s say they CAN be, and they were). Somebody is also holding the flight-data for those days for the stations that had radar or were monitoring and recording “all traffic” (and all traffic has been monitored since just after Nam …by about five or so years if memory serves).

          “Slick Willie” has his favorites there, or so goes the ‘scuttle-butt’, and I don’t wanna know what he does on the way there or while returning, since the entirety of it is for the purpose of unbridled sex at zero-risk (as they saw it).

          It is “a given” that these “sessions” were most definitely caught fully on HD HDTV (or perhaps far better), to be used at a later date.

          The question of did He and others do it is answerable with “Yes, all of them multiple times plus many more offenses on American soil when possible.” Let’s talk about real “deplorables” right?

          The unanswered and remaining question is, “Is anyone supposedly in charge going to do a damn thing about this, and in record time, like Monday Morning, or will The People feel pressured into revolting a bit against a government who believes they are above the laws and are openly flaunting themselves, only to be further exposed in ways they never saw coming at all.

          Hillary is no different than a wild animal with her back to a wall, yet no claws with which to protect herself with, as nobody any longer allows their name to be associate with The Clintons. GAME OVER HILLARY – (That doesn’t mean she won’t be voted in, but she’ll be imprisoned prior to ‘taking the pledge’, which will be lovely to see.

          As someone else said, we have no choice but to “rock this boat” until we lose all dead weight and politicians/lawyers. If you can read then The Constitution and Amendments are what need to be reinvoked as the law and ways of the land. One or two days or reading, or download a short course that takes a day, and you’ll be amazed at what you were never aware of (then the corruption becomes more than apparent).

      39. ZzzzzZZZZZzzzzz z

      40. So kid across the street just had one of those little tms stoves delivered today and was out burning it. I took a walk over there to check it out. Not gonna beat it for $60 in fact I think paying $100 for it would still be fair deal. We stuffed it full got it hot then closed all the dampers and it boiled water It works just fine. no it’s not comparable to a real wood stove but it does work sufficiently for a tent or even a garage if you took the time to get the pipes set up good.

        • Those little outfitter stoves are pretty nice, could come in pretty handy

        • Goodness, I hope you can boil water with it!

          Don’t run it with the damper shut too often, you’ll creosote your pipe and end up with a ‘chimney’ fire. Dry pallet wood should be good stuff.

          • Smokey; You have a good point on “creo” building up yet every morning, with both the big wood furnace and two free-standing, hand-welded DIY “restarts” my parents would allow them to just “scream” (to burn out all of the creosote to prevent a fire, and we never once had a fire – and it beats having to brush them out more than once per season (I hate it).

            The tighter you run that chimney vent, the more heat the stove will “throw” (chimney up to it will nearly glow at times), or ours will if used. (We are on an exterior wood-fired boiler that keeps us busy enough – year round even).

            I am not pleased with the lack of any news about anything, but who cares? IRC CHAT and the others are “humming along” though… SOMETHING pretty stupendous is about, or is intended to happen damned soon. Far too many variables have been set in to prevent even a “good guess” (for most).

            • Check out how to make a penny alcohol stove on YouTube.

              Two beer cans and a copper penny, you’ll need a drill to make it, fuel it with denatured alcohol from the big box home store.

              Zero smoke and odor, perfect for making hot water for tea, instant coffee, or rehydrating freeze dried foods.

              It’s the OPSEC cooking fuel, as long as the food you are heating doesn’t smell too much.

              If it’s cold, even sipping a cup of hot boiled water is warming to the core.

              You need to have built at least one “penny stove” to know how, and have fuel on hand. Four or five one gallon cans is a lot, you won’t run this stove to heat a room, just to warm food without making smoke or odors, it can take the chill off a tent, but only burn an ounce or two of alcohol for that purpose.

        • I’ve tried the newer (expensive) wood stoves and spent $500 alone just for a stainless double walled stack. They are horrible, smoky, consume huge amounts of wood and don’t heat well. This was in an insulated three car garage with enough drafts for good combustion.

          Ended up with propane, 400 gals fill capacity per tank and a 30k btu direct vent propane furnace for use with no AC and an 80k btu forced air furnace for the “good” days. They can even place the propane tanks underground. Mine are above for the time being because I’ve been afraid to ask how much it will cost to have them “sunk”.

          I used to have a pretty old wood stove long ago for home heat and it worked so well that I had to open a window here and there to cool the house down. But these days, it’s propane.

          • Harout, each 1,000 gallon tank ran $1,000 to have buried. Price of tank, permit to bury, hire a licensed lineman to hook it all up, and anything “odd” he will fix too.

            Oh, the tanks are 5 grand each, as once buried you own them.

            At Lowe’s Lumber, their stoves are running about a grand, are well-built and yet each of them have features you really do not want. Like a glass front or ‘sliding vents’ or a non-cast-iron door.

            For a grand I could weld up one helluva nice stove that would easily hold a fire overnight and into the next day, with a huge “ashpit” to haul-out as needed. I hate a woodstove that has no ashpit. You need SOME ashes for heat reflection, but not one foot of the damn stuff that fell into a 2 inch “catch drawer”!

      41. More violence against Trump Supporters. On Drudge.

      42. Military personnel and assets are moving All over the place in central kentucky and indiana this weekend. THERE IS ABSOLUTE TRUTH THAT OBAMA IS DEPLOYING MILITARY INTERNALLY… GET READY, THE OATHBREAKERS ARE MOVING!!!!

        • Fwiw, l am an oathKEEPER that lives in kentucky. It is criminal the levels of treason that is happening with the military supporting the criminal in chief and the DNC criminal cabal working with Hillary.

          The America you thought you knew and lived in, doesnt exist, and the America that really is will be step out with this alleged election. Money talks, the military personnel oaths these days are meaningless, they obey they pay and bennies.

          • Neal,visiting the oathkeepers site have seen nothing there about military deployment inside the US,wondering why if it is happening.

            • Because im not one of those fakers. I dont need to be in a club to be an oath keeper. But ignore whats going on to your own peril. Check your club house members in my area and ask them why they arent saying anything. These movements locally are hugely abnormal and not regular reservist training events. All the local police departments train on fort knox now. Check that too..the cicilian swats and bomb squads all take their equipment and marked cars on for training all the time. That can be verified if you doubt me.

              • I am not in a club house,nor any where the fuck near Kentucky.You put up I am a oathkeeper am going to think as any reasonable person would you meant the group most hear about.I see you spelled it with small and cap letters(oathKEEPER)and perhaps there is some secret squirrel meaning in spelling it that way but those of us without decoding ring will not know that.

                • A true oathkeeper dont need to be a label wearing club member of publicly need pictures or be recognized. No secret ring decoder needed. Loyal to the Constitution and no cylt of personality in an office or chair. I dont care if you live here or not because the military movements arent just here, but focused on those fema region hqs areas. Obamama is stting the stage for his false flag attack to suspend the election. Muzzie black sambo aint leaving the protective fold of all the USA gov assets that protect him…he cant afford to go peacefully. Mind your area, im minding mine.

          • NJ—>


            As recently related/spoken by a 3rd/sfg NCO in my presence:

            …”listen-up you militia type wanna-be’s, shit-can your rhetoric & stash your “stuff”, ‘cuz if I’m given the task to search / confiscate your shit…it ain’t gonna be fun for you. Stay under the radar & wait for adult supervision.

            …’cuz believe it or not, we’re on your side. Understand, that my 1st loyalty is to the troops under my command…that means…not you/yours!

            We have 3 hots & a cot, what have you to offer, that’s superior in a crisis? Who will assume leadership?

            …if you play ball, somehow I’ll give a heads-up, thru a back-channel….so you’ll know beforehand.
            But, I’m still gonna wreck your place somewhat, so the Captain/Lt. thinks we’re doing a good job.

            …again: “WAIT FOR ADULT SUPERVISION” ..it’ll take some time, but we’ll be there!!!!!!!!!!

            • Sound advice, methinks.

            • Fuck Him.
              Thanks for the heads up Hunter

              I am not waiting for adult supervision and that fucker is only thinking of himself. Three hots and a cot while we starve after he takes our shit. And I should not have to hide my shit if you are a Oathkeeper.
              You come to take my shit I will fuck you up.

              I’m old and don’t give a shit when you come to STEAL.

              • You’re welcome, anon.

                That said, I came away from the impromptu “safe-house gathering” amid good-European beer, dart games & lots-o-footlocker kicking….that “reality” has shifted into..

                ——serious-shit mode——

                yeah, the hour was late, per the speech and the civilians were few. The Airborne presence and 3rd groupers was/were dominate.
                Interestingly, there were several off-duty law enforcement badges attending….former MP’s methinks!
                Just a guess.


                Three hots & a cot, refers to the grunts under his command & their well-being. True martial leadership is defined by a “bond/sacrifice” that lessor men cannot comprehend.

                Some here…will understand.


                Never-the-less, that non-com held the audience enthralled.
                I’ve merely posted the minimal outline…

                But this happened/occurred & I was there.

                Methinks, (perhaps) you non-vets…should listen closely!

                Because its likely to “get real…real fucking fast”..!!

            • Hunter, that trooper said one the one hand that he would invade people’s homes to confiscate their weapons, food supplies, etc. if ordered to, but on the other hand claims to be on our side? He’s a 2-faced bastard if you ask me. “wait for adult supervision”? WTF! I’ve been at my BOL since Wed. making final preps for the upcoming festivities. Let that goon and his fellow goons come to my area and try that shit. Most of my family are vets and know how to deal with them. They’ll never see their homes again.

              • Hunter, once again, anyone who kicks in my door will die. I don’t care who they are or what uniform they’re wearing.

              • Brave—>

                READ BETWEEN THE LINES, pal. —(very important)–

                The hidden point that was being laid out(IMO), was directed @ / towards manifold “militia-type self aggrandizing/self-styled GENERALS/FIELD MARSHALS” or whatever rank etc…etc.

                Part of our so called “Patriot Resistance”, et al.

                …hence, its not so much “YOU personally” or Sarge, or DK, nor most anyone else here(***), per being a 1st tier target …as you/they—- don’t ascribe to a leadership role/position, threatening pro-active measures towards our existing control matrix….UNDERSTAND?????
                DO you get it, yet?


                ..again, read between the lines..then keep quiet & do what you deem necessary, per your individual circumstances. ‘Nuff said, yes?!?!?!?



                ..adult supervision meant/means milspec training/guidance after Rev. 2.0/CW-II initiates…whenever the balloon goes-up.


                Personally, the underlying premise that raises “MY” hackles & ratchets-up “MY” paranoia-index….is that active-duty guys at the squad/company level, are being forced to evaluate the scenarios we’re discussing right now!!!

                Think ’bout that for a moment or two!!!!



                >>>>> Mac, be careful sir…you’ve given us some freedoms, to voice opinions & discontent, here at your site.

                Know this, there are certain types in positions of power, who’re opposed to such liberties.

                …please, prepare accordingly. (ditto Daisy)!!!

        • If “they” are indeed moving, then they are headed to a point of convergence, which will be where they “stage” the remainder of whatever they have in mind.

          I wish them shit for luck and confused, head-on seas. Hey, there are a great many not so large or small but very serious grass-roots groups who have formed and intend to join together as everyone beelines for DC. They’ve no chance against 100,000,000 pissed off Americans, 99% of them armed to the teeth and trained how to use it.

          • That is why they will cut communication and logistics in the heart of winter before they commit to an offensive, this will wipe out 25-30% of those 100,000,000. The initial casualties will be tremendous. When you see a winter which brings record snow and cold nationwide prepare. They have built underground tunnels connecting wal marts, they will be able to move troop with the best interior lines imaginable…underground no vulnerability. These trains go at mach 1 maybe more. They long ago recognized the vulnerability of above ground logistics. That is what all the booms are, underground construction. They have been planning for this since 1913. They will pour at least 10-15,000,000 foreign troops into the fray well supplied and they wont act until the US military is destroyed as an organized fighting force.

      43. Wow, I just farted!
        And, without question, my ass
        gas has more depth and breadth
        of interest and significance than
        any of the bullshit belched ny these
        controlled opposition con-artists has
        to say.
        Moreover, you naive jackases and
        slaves deserve alk the crocodile
        tears of angst you are shedding right
        now, for stupidly continuing to believe
        in rainbows and Unicorns.
        The only “dump” of relevance that would
        begin to facilitate a semblance of justice
        is the bolt and firing pin, the rifle and pistol,
        the bullet, the noose, and the knife.
        Therein is the only “three days before election
        day” information and data dump that
        truly matters.

        • oh go take a long walk on a short pier…

      44. And how many people have been railroaded by, have charges against them or have had their children taken wrongly by CHILD PROTECTIVE SERVICES.

        • fu

          • Kiss off a##wipe.

          • Hey cigar blower,
            Read up about Doris Duke’s nephew. He was a billionaire who was so abusive one child is permanently damaged. Adults knew what was going on. Seems child protective services were called on more than one occasion but nothing came of it. This guy got away with extreme abuse due to his money. But CPS will go after low hanging fruit that have done far, far less and show no mercy. So blow that out of your ass.

            • Child Protective Services loves the suburbs where people have lots of money to give lawyers as they try to keep their children. And the courts and lawyers get rich, and they all get headlines.

              CPS hates the slums, they let the kids die, there’s no money in the slums.

              The very rich go free, they control politics and are left alone, even though they are the worst abusers.

      45. the clintons authorized the hit in reno

      46. I don’t get it – how can they still be in office I feel for Monica if she knew at that time who he really was I dought anyone I n their right mind with deal with Clintons what does chelae think?

      47. This had better frickin be true. If it is not, all this does is build substantial doubt in people’s minds to the dozens of things that ARE true.
        I’m sick and tired of conspiracy theories and phony stories. There is SO MUCH legitimate material against the Clintons that things like this do nothing more than serve as “evidence” to some, that everything else must also be false.
        If this is true, they had better produce the evidence they have like yesterday. Better yet, like last week. What on earth are they waiting for?There is no reason to rush these people off to safety. “IF” it is true, then they would have nothing to fear.

        • Yup, and November 5th has come and gone… crickets…

      48. Bullshit. More fake news from more “Anonymous” sources.

      49. Talk is cheap. The NYPD should show what they’ve got, or just stfu. The reason I say that is, it’s early Sunday morning, 2 days before election day, BUT about 40% of the country has already voted. The window for destroying her campaign is quickly vanishing.

        Once Hillary gets elected, if she gets elected, it’s all over. These investigations will go away very quickly. The time to drop the hammer was over the last few days, IMO. If they haven’t dropped the bomb on her by now, they probably chickened out.

      50. This is just pathetic clickbait news, totally without substance. Kim Dotcom is a lying scammer who is peddling BS to drive people to his Twitter page, where he sells t-shirts and other merchandise. He has absolutely no inside information and no “documents” or other material. Nor is he friends with anyone who does. He has repeatedly made promises that this material would be released and be the end of Hillary, and all of those promises were broken…BECAUSE HE IS FULL OF BS. I tweeted on his Twitter feed that unless he produces something tangible, he has lost all credibility. He promptly blocked me from his Twitter account.

        The same goes for all of these 4Chan douchebags who are in actual fact nothing more than spotty teenagers stirring things up from their mom’s basement. Absolutely anyone can log onto the internet and post whatever combinations of words they like. The sad thing is that so many people on the right have lost all sense of reason to the point where they can’t distinguish fact from BS and have no idea when they’re being played.

        Even Assange is a BS’er. Last week he promised that Hillary would be arrested this week due to bombshell revelations that he was releasing – those revelations never came and all we’ve had is a tepid stream of emails which, admittedly, point towards a horrible level of corruption within Hillary’s circle, but come nothing close to the kind of stuff which we were promised would see her in handcuffs before the election.

        At this point I’m tempted to think that all of these rumors have been a plot by the left to distract the right from the real issues, and to make them look like fools. It would be a perfect strategy. You can imagine them sweating over impending scandals resulting from these email leaks. They know the right is going to make a huge deal of it. How best to handle it? Well what about hitting 4Chan, posing as Anonymous, putting rumors out there that the NYPD have all sorts of sick pedo/child trafficking evidence from Weiner’s laptop and point to fictional “NYPD insiders” who have said that the NYPD are about to make an arrest, and promise drops of all the evidence on 4Chan. They would know that Trump fans would go absolutely ape over this stuff and obsess over it to the point of dementia, losing all sense of reason, confusing fact with fiction and generally making fools of themselves. They instantly lose interest in the more “vanilla” scandals (pay to play, media collusion, money laundering etc) as they pin all of their hopes and dreams on the “big one” which will bring the whole Democrat establishment down. And meanwhile the liberal media points at us going nuts and says “ha ha! Look at these idiots and their conspiracy theories. That’s the right all over for you!”

        We have been played folks. The right has to stop falling for clickbait scam nonsense like this and concentrate on the real issues.

        • What about Erik Prince who stated this all to be true? He was the former navy seal and CEO of backwater. Why put your honor and reputation on the line if it wasnt?

      51. Unless I missed something, it looks like this was a hoax. Nothing has come out.

        • Agreed. What the Hell happened?

          Where are the fireworks?

        • I’m not so sure you should relax just yet. The shit is supposed to hit the fan tomorrow. If not, no matter who wins on Tuesday the end result will be a tremendous uprising (and I believe that would be an ideal time for troops or ‘the like’ to deploy, as they would sort of “fit right in” to the beginning of a revolution…

          …if there are even any here as was reported (by them), and to Europe as well, who are also braced, for tomorrow.

          IF this IS real, then we should expect a rather shocking “first wave” (it would easily get everyone’s attention), and once started Obama would have all the reason he needs to delay virtually everything until “they clean up things” (which may translate to the removal of whites, Christians, transfers of little girls and boys to “trade shops” for skin trafficking, or just out and out getting most folks heads chopped off, to make room for The U.N. people, mostly Chinamen with big bellies, who want huge estates all to themselves, on our stolen land, which is why we simply must be disarmed. They do not wish to risk their life when we can simply be killed “en masses” and be done with it.

      52. we have been told for many years that DC was full of child molesters and pedophiles and no one has cared or done a fing thing about it, its all about some election horseshit, voting has always been a fraud and americans were to big of an idiot to even grasp that, now its too late your country has been flooded with the very people who are and will destroy your country and lives,

      53. Yet another false alarm brought on by info from “anonymous sources”.

      54. Nice fiction story. WHERE is it?
        WHERE is the release? I really would be happy to see it, he deserves to be caught and prosecuted.

        But unless it’s released, this is nothing more than bullsh!#.

        Conspiracy theory Click-bait, worthy of removing this site from my favorites.

      55. Still waiting.

      56. What the neck are they waiting for? Hillary is surging in the rigged polls again!

      57. If Hillary loses the election I bet she will suddenly require specialized medical treatment and a long rest in the sunshine in some country with NO extradition agreement. Bill will accompany her of course. Haiti will do nicely–

      58. aren’t you all kind of sick of this “Will release” crap? If anyone had the goods on Clinton, it would have been released a long time ago. Come on now. Stop with the fear porn stuff. Clinton is evil, we all know that. but to continuous say we have something on her and then nothing happens. I’m sick of it.

      59. Even if there is video CNN will say it was 30 year old Russian prostitutes working for Putin – by impersonating 14 year olds.

      60. So here we are half way through the day…. anything…at all….yeah okay well I just know if you had it you would release it, just like if Iran has a nuke you will know about ten minutes after they know they have it…..

      61. To me it reads that none of what is being released is immediately available, for many reasons we are not privy to know about or why, yet what is being supplied is being done so as fast as is safely possible, for them (which has been “covered and explained” in several major sources so it is likely based on hard facts, FOX, CNN, AP, Large radio stations like what 95.1 in MYC? (great talk shows with no bullshit hosts).

        America is about to change. She has too and ‘they’ appear fully intentional of forcing the issue, and so we will deal with it as it presents itself, and prolly hang them all in the end.

      62. This was a Psy-OP, courtesy of the NWO.

        Check out Steven Ben-Nun.

      63. The internet – is monitored – up the whazoo. If they had anything, it would be out there by now. There is nothing and nothing will come out before Tuesday. The web is monitored by agencies all around the world 24/7. Get used to Hillary 2.0. And World War Three.

        • I no longer will use the Internet without running TOR via their network along with putting it all through a private network (a VPN Virtual Private Network).

          Using TOR (inside of TAILS) enables you to surf leaving no trace of being there, coming or leaving. You are just a ghost and gibberish even to your ISP.

          Great stuff. I’m sure they can open it like a can but it’s fun to encrypt and make it hard.

          • The only thing you have to worry about Tor is that (((someone))) will use your computer to download child porn and that is what the FBI does to people it wants to suicide. I would use a VPN with a proxy. In my probing of google and the internet I found their weakness seems to be servers in 3rd world nations. They will break your encryption by severing connection so use 2 different browsers, one for loacal business and set up a firewall for the VPN allowing your political browser, say firefox to only use your VPN and you local to only to use the local network (never use the same browser to do political surfing and local business that will reveal who you are), that way if the connection is severed to reveal your location it wont send a ping. Let me know if you need help setting it up.

      64. Hey Frank; We’ll, there will surely be no getting used to Hillary 2.0 (as we already know it going to be a “anti-gun-heavy-pro-Hillary’s-America” extension of Obamaland. Yet again…

        It is well known Hillary has lost a lot of support, even lately, if not more so, and Trump is taking her over county by county in The Pro DEM states with hard to refuse straight-talk “at a strange time.”

        Why in hell all the talk of possible attacks, in three huge areas, from our Islamic friends if none of it was real (just false flagging us to keep everyone home …fear is a powerful weapon isn’t it?).

        The question may be, “Will Trump supporters go into a Revolution with intent to take down the federal government, because there sure are many, (the most ever in our history), a boatload of guns and tons of ammo as well. 100,000,000+ Americans are now “bearing arms” with an unknown number “Carrying Concealed” …classes for such are showing no signs of slowing down and the demand is increasing. One Instructor can only handle so many based upon their setups, prior experience and speaking skills. I will not exceed 20 students per class, and offer “one on one” instruction on as “as requested” basis (some folks just do not want anyone else knowing they will be armed is the most common reason for ‘single-teachings’).

        Hmm, it may not be as you have suggested. I think I’d rather fight this one out as long as the others are going to do the same, and actually take back our country …dammit all.

      65. FBI’s Comey just came out and said that they are not going to follow up on Clinton’s e mails. That was quick! He dissapoints again. Just on The Drudge Report.

        • My wife said yesterday she would bet anything he’d be overwhelmed in some manner and back out, probably to save “life and limb.”

          That isn’t all that much of a loss anyway, the intended damages have been inflicted very well, as more has come to the public’s attention (people ARE “waking up”, but not all).

          It is said Hillary will cheat her way into The WH and so all the crooks and corrupted found all around her. One big happy fucking family, covering each other’s asses and are thus totally immune from “the law of the land.”

          There’s a damn good chance Trump will win by a virtual landslide, and the nation is wise, or getting wise, to everything that our federal government truly is (and by learning of course they choose change).

          Otherwise we are told to be expecting something big (possible, as usual), on Monday in Texas, Virginia and New York (it did not specify NYC, so you can speculate). I believe it would be NYC, buy who could “stage” any type of invasion within NYC that would not been seen being staged (nothing goes unseen in NYC).

          I maintain the bottom line remains that there is a group of non-Christian people, many whom have already entered our Nation and would prefer more Islamic ways and even Sharia Law made applicable to US …Americans. Wow the nerve! They have also threatened to invade, a country named IRAN spoke to the world of an invasion of both The US and Europe with their best soldiers coming “soon”. Yet when you look around on that one it’s like crickets everywhere, and that’s spooky.

          I wonder what else may disintegrate by tomorrow evening?

      66. lol and nothing….shocker. Game over, the vote is in, Clinton will win.

        The corruption is right out in the open and nobody cares.

        This marks the end of the American political system’s last chance, however feeble, at redemption.

        Where we go from here is into the dark abyss of history.

      67. @ Captain Crunch – Checked out your link, it’s all gone. Nothing to view, except a fuzzy picture or two. Someone got to the site and took it all down. – I believe what you said / posted though. Nothing would surprise / shock me, not with that crowd.

      68. That shows there is enough power behind this election to “play puppet” with Comey’s Department, which is now obviously as lawless as is the rest of our national government. But we’ve all known these things and watched it all go down the toilet for years.

        Well, The Constitution gives us every lawful right to “take up our arms” and if necessary hang everyone in politics that can’t see it clear to step down respectfully. I’d like to see everything returned to as The Framers first intended every word to be, and all other laws to be deleted and dealt with in manners we can all work with. This is OUR America, and we may well have to fight with our lives for ‘her’. Without a Trump win, they’ll be no heat this winter and we’ll be on Putin’s hit-list, and him on ours, or so the news always says …overseas.

        • Equorial

          Actually the Constitution gives no such right but it is implied in the Declaration Of Independence which is a political statement but not codified law of the land.

          “I’d like to see everything returned to as The Framers first intended every word to be”
          No words are absolute to government. No Rights are really Rights in its view. One would think that, “”Shall Not Be Infringed” would be crystal clear but its far too vague. See the positing below.

          • Kevin2; lol…I’ve written too many posts for my tiny mind to figure out what the heck you mean by “gives no such right but is implied”. You see, I’ve got a Ph.D. regarding The Constitution and Amendments (and yeah I’m fully aware that the government, being lawyers, base everything upon interpretation, in the same manner that Hillary intends to change the interpretation of the word “is” to succeed in nullifying The 2nd Amendment and make it a crime for us to have firearms, ammunition and probably knives by the times she’s done…assuming she claws her way to The WH …Krauthammer gives her a 70% chance right now, and he’s usually very dependable, or a full 180-out. heheh…

            As you stated, I too wish everything to just be revoked and returned to as it was framed, dispensing with all other forms of what has been created (politically), and then dispense with that as well. We are a Republic, not a “division of two peoples” voting one side or the other (because no matter who is in office, they are puppets for those who put them there), who are one and the same people, thus of course the agenda is not going to change without (truly) a revolution-to-reset.

            I’m glad to not be an LEO in NYC today…

          • Kevin, madison made it clear the declaration is to be used in deciphering the constitution as it lays the groundwork for why we have a constitution.

      69. Off-Air

      70. So what happened?
        Poof, all over?

      71. I will say again,there was more on laptop why the hell will not folks just do a dump on net,nothing to lose as if there was truly dangerous info. on the laptop(s)then ny involved will have “accidents”.I would say if their truly was not anything,well,why the head fake?!

        I believe things are going to get much more interesting real soon.

        • It’s not that simple.

          Suppose they post an email that says X is a pedophile and is involved in that crime at a certain address.

          First possibility, X will see the email posting, clean up his crap, and blow town.

          Second possibility, Y will see the email posting, decide to “take care of the problem” by paying X a deadly visit. Then it turns out that there is no physical evidence against X other than the email. Y is convicted of murder, X’s accomplices get away, and the victims are not properly avenged.

          Many people seem to be implicated, and they all need to be properly captured, convicted, and punished (hung or shot).

          Also, the army of computer geeks on 4chan are going through Podesta’s emails very carefully. They are finding what seems to be coded talk about child trafficking, prostitution, and porn. They are finding addresses, names, businesses, etc. and working out the interconnections. All of this work product is making its way to the FBI as the geeks work things out. They are trying to work as fast as they can around the clock, but they have to be careful. Sometimes a “cheese pizza” might really be a cheese pizza instead of code for child prostitution or porn, even though these rich people seem awfully preoccupied with pizza with odd toppings.

          If these people are guilty, I want them nailed good. I want airtight cases that can’t be explained away by anyone.

          I want the investigators to take as much time as they need to do this right.

          • What are the chances of it going anywhere at all when they have completed Archivist? Looks like all of the ABC Agencies are now lawless and fully/permanently corrupted.

            Meaning: We will be having many problems with a “new” America founded upon hate and satanic ritualism.

      72. Extreme Carelessness is Gross Negligence

        (especially of wrongdoing) very obvious and unacceptable; blatant:
        synonyms: flagrant, blatant, glaring, obvious, overt, naked, barefaced, shameless, brazen, audacious, undisguised, unconcealed, patent, transparent, manifest, palpable, out and out, utter, complete

        failure to take proper care in doing something:

        reaching a high or the highest degree; very great:
        synonyms: utmost, very great, greatest, greatest possible, maximum, maximal, highest, supreme, great, acute, enormous, severe, high, exceptional, extraordinary

        not giving sufficient attention or thought to avoiding harm or errors:
        synonyms: inattentive, incautious, negligent, absentminded, remiss, heedless, irresponsible, impetuous, reckless, foolhardy, cavalier, supercilious, devil-may-care, shoddy, slapdash, slipshod, slovenly, negligent, lax, slack, disorganized, hasty, hurried, sloppy, slaphappy, thoughtless, insensitive, indiscreet, unguarded, incautious, inadvertent, heedless of, unconcerned with, indifferent to,

      73. Still waiting….its now sunday night?!

      74. clinton is like the T-X terminator relentless until destroyed

      75. bill clinton in the picture above is definitely demon possessed

      76. Expect New York to be nuked and blamed it on Isil/Iran- the only way the elite can cover their tracts for good and remain in power.I also think Hillary and Bill will also be taken out – if and when they are charged they might talk and implicate to many of the elite.

      77. Weiner will be the sacrificial lamb that is thrown to the wolves. NOBODY else will get touched by the alleged “sex island” scandal…
        The fix is in for CzarinaHillary. I wish it wasn’t, but, I believe that IS how it will be played out.
        Comey was a nocturnal emission, nothing more, nor will he ever be. They have leverage in him too, just like the leverage on John Roberts.
        No indictments, nobody is going to prison except for the Weiner.

      78. And…. there is nothing: Hillary shoots up in the polls and sails into the Whitehouse for Bill Clinton’s third term. If there was anything, it would already be out there. It is impossible to bribe and intimidate millions of people to stop it.

      79. “It is impossible to bribe and intimidate millions of people to stop it.”

        Bribery via de-facto corruption is what is backing Hillary. “Good will triumph over evil” isn’t happening this time.

      80. Barbra Streisand! This would of been dropped at the latest, Friday morning. I dont see FEDGOV or STATGOV doing this at all. IF the govt had this type of incriminating evidence dont you think Julian would have it and already of disseminated it? But it makes for interesting reading .

      81. RE: This article…..NOT

      82. Both are very poor candidates when it comes to integrity. I would have preferred Elizabeth Warren or even Jill Stein (though disagree with her policies on immigration).

        There is ample evidence to show why not to vote for Hillary. The pay-for-play, the setting up of a corrupt NGO that siphoned money from legitimate activities to the corrupted activities, taking money from Islamic extremists, a nasty personality, ill health, over influence of Bill and his creepy ways, etc.

        Unfortunately, there are a lot of obese lesbians and ethnic minorities happy to take the next grab of welfare payouts. They will turn out in droves to get her in there. And then it is game-on for World War Three.

      83. So to me it’s the Eric Prince question here is a guy who has made his mark as an operator and former CEO and creator of Blackwater. He put this NYPD thing on Briet Bart. Why risk your honor and reputation to say that if the FBI ain’t going to do it NYPD will release to wiki leaks. So right now he’s very quiet. This is a man with connections why would he bring the heat down if it wasn’t true?

      84. Okay, so Comey just let everybody off the hook. Just more fear porn? I mean, I was just waiting to see hitlery, et al. being lead away in handcuffs, and now this story and every one like it turns out to be bull$hit?
        I’m pissed that hitlery isn’t in jail, but I’m more pissed that I can’t seem to trust the alternative media anymore.

      85. If they have anything on the Clinton cabal it is high past time to release it, if it is not released today it will be too late. What are they waiting for, Wednesday?

      86. This is a complete joke.
        To me this website has now lost all credibility.

        Please at least do a response admitting your absolute failure in reporting and give us your insight as to why you think it did not happen.

        To pretend you never published this FAIL of a story and just keep posting articles…. I’ll never return to this website again if no response is posted.

        • “Condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance” – Albert Einstein

      87. updates?

      88. the MSM shills covering up for these pedophile insects need to be outed and dealt with

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