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Fauci: The Scamdemic is “Uncontrolled” Due To The Un”vaccinated”

Mac Slavo
October 14th, 2021
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Because human beings are still getting colds and the flu during the season they normally do, Dr. Anthony Fauci says that the hoax scamdemic is “uncontrolled.” He’s also, unsurprisingly, blaming the un”vaccinated.”

What is truly telling, is how the mainstream media is choosing to report on this. According to a report by Fox News:

With the U.S. averaging nearly 90,000 new COVID-19 infections each day and some 66 million Americans remaining unvaccinated, Dr. Anthony Fauci, President Biden’s chief medical adviser, said the country needs to gain control to approach normalcy. –Fox News

Gain control? Not over the common cold, but over people. Did they just flat out admit it?

“Much of the world, and in some respects including ourselves, are still in the pandemic phase,” Fauci told a virtual White House briefing Wednesday, later adding, “We’re looking for a level of control of the virus that would allow us to be able to essentially approach the kind of normal that we are all craving for and that we all talk about.” That kind of control only comes once they have convinced the public to be controlled and to have an injection.

Fauci said a threshold for adequate control would involve fewer than 10,000 daily new cases of the common cold.  Not only is that unrealistic considering there are over 300 million people in the United States, but it’s also an attempt to coerce people into taking the shot. We know they need a lot more people injected with this stuff to make their agenda work, or it wouldn’t be being pushed so hard. A 24/7 propaganda campaign to get people to take a shot has never been tried, but luckily, it’s failing so far.

“We can get to control without a doubt, it is within our power and within our capability,” Fauci said, after citing a fivefold reduction in risk of infection among fully vaccinated individuals compared to those yet to receive shots, as well as an over tenfold drop in hospitalization and death risk, respectively. But we all know that’s not the case because the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is telling us they are being disingenuous about how they count “vaccinated” and un”vaccinated” hospitalizations.

This is about control. They need people to take these shots and suspend their critical thinking and blindly obey their masters. We are getting closer to figuring out why, but we still aren’t quite there yet.

Stay alert and aware. Understand what’s going on and the level of inhumanity some are sinking to in order to try to coerce others into taking a “vaccine” that’s not a vaccine. None of this has ever been about health, it’s always been about control; and not control over a virus, but control over people.

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    Author: Mac Slavo
    Date: October 14th, 2021

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    1. Hmm... says:

      Remember folks
      when it comes to
      the “vaccine”
      choose your poison?

    2. What???? says:

      Hey Fauci!!!

      The vaccinated need to be protected from the unvaccinated by forcing the unvaccinated to be vaccinated with the vaccine that doesn’t protect the vaccinated.🤔

    3. Hmm... says:

      In this ongoing sinister, satanic “vaccine”
      experiment – we the
      American people are part
      of the control group as in
      the group they seek
      to control🤔

    4. Flush says:

      Does the distinguished “Dr”
      remind anyone else of that
      annoying piece of turd that
      just refuses to go down
      and keeps popping back up?

    5. toony loons says:

      coming soon


    6. True says:

      Everytime Tony Fraudchi
      opens his mouth,
      lies fall out.

    7. Reprint says:

      Guys like Fauci – he doesn’t know anything really about anything and I’d say that to his face. Nothing. The man thinks you can stick a blood sample into an electron microscope and if it’s got a virus in there you’ll know it. He doesn’t understand electron microscopy, he doesn’t understand medicine, and he should not be in a position like he’s in.”

      -Kary Mullis

    8. It’s interesting how they’re
      placing the blame of the
      vaxxed becoming sick on
      us unjabbed folks and yet
      none of us are sick or dying.
      Go figure. I was under the
      impression that you had to have a contagious sickness in the first place to be able to make anyone else sick but
      I forgot that the rules don’t
      apply to “covid”🙄

    9. Like I said yesterday this guy gets more irrational by the day. How can the unvaccinated be blamed for failure to control the pandemic when fully vaccinated people are still getting sick in ever greater numbers?
      It’s like saying people who never touch alcohol are responsible for alcoholism.

      • Bill says:

        AF – Totally agree, irrational in a nutshell. Why get a vaccine if the vaccine does not protect you against the unvaccinated. Isn’t that the purpose behind vaccines? If not so, then what would be the reason? It is absurd that anyone is surprised so many are not getting the covid vaccine. By the way, I believe the number of people actually being vaccinated is highly overstated. The sad truth is it doesn’t matter what he says is irrational, millions of people don’t think about his statements, they just do as they’re told.

      • Agreed says:

        @Arthur, exactly!!!!!
        right you are.
        Unfortunately, we are dealing with a bunch of psychos who twist everything around to their
        benefit. If you call them
        on it – they make you out to
        be the bad guy. We are
        definitely living in upside down bizarro world.

      • Menzoberranzan says:

        I’d be pleased to see Fauci’s head on a pike in front of the burned down CDC

    10. Andrea.Iravani. says:

      SCAMDEMIC! Dark Comedy of Errors Horror Story!

      The Movers, the Shakers, and the Decision Makers are pretty pissed that the goons that they enlisted to perpetrate their heist and treasury raiding in a plot to transfer Mandatory Spending payments of Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid over to Discretionary Spending payments for Defense, Government, and Corporations, after yet another economic collapse as a result of high stakes gambling,  systemic corruption, and systemic incompetency, were too mentally incompetent to do it without absolute irrefutable proof of fraud and mass murder through Munchausen Syndrome!

      These feeble minded nincompoops devolve into circus freak show acts as they attempt to maintain legitimacy.

      The movers, the shakers, and the decision makers enlistees in the medical mafia and government organized crime ring that conspired to commit mass murder through the mythological virus covid-19 and lethal weapons injections that they claim are vaccines are outraged when they are asked to be injected with the final solution that their smiling happy faces planned on forcing on the entire population, and have given to hundreds of millions of people, Now their smiling, happy, murdering faces turn to sheer terror and horror as they are expected to receive the final solution themselves! Funny, that they didn’t seem to be that dangerous according to the majority of them when they were injecting millions of others with them! Certainly not dangerous enough to start suing the government in order to protect their patients or state or local residents over it! Now, it is worth suing over for them, but just so that they can keep their jobs and get paid as murderers with Munchausen Syndrome! They are not suing to ban the final solution outright, like they should have done! They are not suing to end the testing that does not and cannot work! RT-PCR tests reverse transcribe RNA into DNA, and all coronaviruses are RNA viruses and do not contain any DNA at all, and since RT-PCR all tests have all been contaminated with N1, N2, and N3, which are sub-types of the prevalent enzyme neuraminidase and is also in strains of flu, specified as H1N1, H1N2, H1N3, and are not primers which they claimed, but contaminants which could result in distilled water yielding positive test results, and since not all types of immunity produce antibodies, making even antibody negative tests questionable. The funny thing is that I figured these things out just by reading what CNN, Sputnik, and Washington Post, and reported on the tests but they failed to realize that those things which they wrote meant that the RT-PCR test design itself is as scientifically incapable of determining any RNA virus or any virus as drawing straws to determine whether someone has a virus would be. It was Dr. Derek Knauss that reported that the CDC did not have the genetic sequence to the virus and Global Research removed the article from their website, which I later found on

      They are not suing to end the masks that cause cavities, and oral and respiratory bacterial infections. They are not suing over the 14th amendment rights violations of the lockdowns, distancing, contact tracing, masking, and medical tyranny of it all, forced injections or no forced injections, because they want it to continue, but not to the point of endangering their source of income. 

      Will the enlistees find the courage to come forward and admit the truth about it – that covid-19 does not exist, and for the guilty parties to be charged for the mass murder and theft that they conspired over? 

      I have been blowing the whistle on this whole thing since the onset of it, and knew that it was to cover-up for yet another round of financial fraud!

      But, ridding the world of evil, mass murdering, thieves can’t be a bad thing.

      I keep on reading articles that make me mad as hell on Global Research that assert that the medical mafia, scientists, and university nazi eugencists that run concentration camps that dispense blatant lies did not have the critical thinking skills required to figure out what I have figured out, or that they obey all authority figures 
      (except when it would harm themselves , but are willing to blindly and obediently obey authority figures in order to harm others, as long as they can financially benefit from the obedience, which is my assertion and not Global Research’s in these parenthesis) and now are trying to paint the Frankensteins as Supermen!  Global Research, as I have asserted, has been riding both sides of the Gravy Train in a totally ludicrous facade of pacifism for those that intentionally destroyed the world and the lives of unknown numbers. This was all pre-meditated, cold-blooded mass murder through Munchausen Syndrome in a CYA operation. If the individuals in those institutions lack the critical thinking skills required for science and medicine, they are unquestionably unqualified to be in the positions that they are in. If they blindly obey authority figures when they are instructed to harm others for their own financial gain, they are again unqualified to be in those positions. What is the point of having laws if they are not enforced? You merely believe that you are above the law! You do not want laws to be eliminated for others! Just for youselves! You are too  mentally incompetent to compete on a level playing field! It is the only way that you manage to survive! Laws for everyone except for yourselves! Not to mention that you have “coincidentally” profiteered through all of this, not that that was any motivating factor! Must be strictly coincidental, right?! Bullshit! You are frauds! You are just shifting blame for your own behavior onto someone else! And then of course the presidents shift blame onto the so called experts! I refuse to fall for your crap! You are mentally incompetent low life scumbags cheating your way through life be any means necessary! You agreed to be part of an evil conspiracy and you deserve to be held accountable for it! Deny it until you are blue in the face, but it is obvious that that is exactly what it is! A conspiracy to commit mass murder and mass treasury raiding, and personal property theft! Of course forgiving you would result in more conspiracies of the same nature! Rewarding evil behavior creates more evil behavior! 

      They are also suffering from Superman Complex. They created the crisis, and now they are claiming to have the solution! They are the problem! It makes me furious to read such bullshit on Global Research! 

      Who in the hell do they think they are?! 

      How long is this bullshit going to continue with the media pretending that covid-19 and its variants are not mytholigical viruses attributed to anything and everything? 

      The Goebbells propagandists,  medical mafia, government insurgents that have revolted against the civil authority of the United States Constitution, and the nazi eugenic concentration camp university mad scientists have all publicly indicted themselves in a conspiracy mass murder through Munchausen’s Syndrome.

      Take responsibility for your actions and face the consequences, like responsible adults are expected to do.

      I am damn sick and tired of this uncivilized lawless banana bureaucracy. Why in the hell would anyone want anything to do with a society as dysfunctional, corrupt, evil, and as dangerous as this?! 

      I am so glad that I did not have children that would have to try to live with all of these uncivilized, savage, serial criminal psychopaths on the loose! 

      Peter McCullough MD claims that the methods for research and reporting being used for the covid lethal bioweapon injections is different than it normally is, and he is dead wrong! It is the norm, regardless of what anyone in the medical mafia attempts to claim. Of course, anyone in the medical mafia has a very good reason to claim that the covid bioweapons are out of the norm. The one difference was the speed with which they were pushed through. Peter McCullough is a complete fraud, because covid-19 is a mythological virus that does not exist, and Peter McCullough claims to be the world’s leading authority on covid-19. Well, I guess that would also make Coast to Coast the world’s 
      leading authority on lizard people.

      The entire medical and scientific community should have been screaming foul when it was reported that the bioweapons had to be stored at minus 94 degrees and minus 70 degrees for the m-RNA shots made by Pfizer BioNTech and Moderna. It should have sounded alarms when it was reported that those shots contain 
      polyethylene glycol, which is the active ingredient in anti-freeze, but the media did not point out the anti-freeze part.

      The Astra-Zeneca shots use adeno virus vectors. Adeno viruses are DNA viruses and all corona viruses are RNA viruses that do not contain any DNA what so ever. That is not to say that these are harmless. Myocarditis and pericarditis have been reported to have taken place when recipients are injected. The m-RNA shots have had the same problem with inflamation of the lining of the heart and blood clotting. 

      The History of Sadistic, Reckless Behavior by The Medical Mafia and Nazi Eugenic University Concentration Camps

      The entire research community, pharmaceutical industry, medical
      community, and universities have been using scientific fraud, data fudging and manipulation, ad hoc conclusions, charlatanism, malfeasance, incompetency, gross negligence, profiteering, and racketeering, and Munchausen Syndrome for their entire history on a mass scale.

      Some recent prominent examples that have led to equally tragic outcomes for individuals that were victims of their malfeasance are the Oxycontin claim that they created non-addictive opioids, and that opioids could be prescribed for chronic pain without resulting in drug addiction. Then they developed Suboxone used to treat those addicts, which was even more addictive than Oxycontin. Methadone was a similar drug that was supposed to be a miracle cure for heroin addiction that was also more addictive than heroin. 

      The myth that psychotropic drugs improve mental well being and that their black box warning side effects are rare, and that it is medically and legally acceptable to force people to take psychotropic drugs through court order on people that have never committed any crime, including ADHD drugs for children, has destroyed many lives as well.

      Those are just a few examples of similar behavior by those industries. That behavior is the norm for everyone in those industries. Now, the medical community is outraged that they are expected to be treated the same way that they have all treated their patients.

      In the past, forced sterilizations were performed on people, starting in the early 1900’s. Germany is the founding state of the field of eugenics. Germany is also the founding state of the field of psychology, which attempted to use the discoveries of psychology and its cousins, psychiatry, social work, and sociology to control behavior of individuals and society and have forced their dark, hidden agendas on individuals and societies. Germany is also the founding state of public education. The main problem is that this elitist meritocracy developed by Germans has always been run by people that do not have any merit what so ever. They are the ones who are claiming that they have the self-appointed authority to decide who has merit and who does not, despite the fact that the have always had a history of being dead wrong about a very large number of highly significant and important things and critical issues. The public is being forced to pay for public “education” that is usually wrong, abusive, wasteful, inefficient, counter-productive, and even destructive. It does not benefit society to have to finance that at all. It is more about social engineering, domination, inducing learned helplessness, and indoctrination than it is about education. 

      These narcissistic, authoritarian psychopaths egoes are so overblown with their senses of self-perceieved entitlement and their self-perceived senses of having merit and authority that they truly believe that they and they alone should be above reproach and above accountability for their behavior, in which they dish out life sentences and destinies of failure to many that they instruct, treat, and preside over. I really do not give a damn if you WANT to be forgiven or not, because what you NEED is to be in prison so that the rest of society can function. Now they demand tolerance! Now they demand compassion! Now they demand forgiveness! They have never acted with compassion, tolerance, and forgiveness! They have acted with heavy handed authoritarianism throughout their lives and careers! Live by the sword, die by the sword! You are psychopaths! It must be a genetic mutation of bad blood that has resulted in psychopathy! You are predators! You are monsters! 

      Forced hospitalizations and institutionalizations of law abiding citizens have happened throughout history, and have continued to the present day, and the state has had a history of forcefully removing children from law abiding parents and turning them into wards of the state and that has still continued to the present day. 

      The medical mafia and nazi eugenic university concentration camps have also performed radiation experimients on people without their informed consent during the cold war. Many of their victims were pregnant women and newborns. Ironically and tragically, this occurred after The Nuremberg Trials. The United States never even bothered signing onto the Nuremberg Code which they forced Geramy to sign onto.

      The medical mafia and nazi eugenic university concentration camps have also performed the Bad Blood Experiment, also known as the Tuskegee Experiment, deliberately infecting blacks and whites with syphilis because they hypothesized that syphilis affected blacks physically and whites mentally. The physicians told their patients that the syphilis symptoms that they suffered from after deliberately infecting them were as a result of bad blood. Of course this can result in sterility for men, and infertility for women that have syphilis, and blindness and mental retardation in babies if the mother carries syphilis while pregnant. Not to mention that they intentionally created an STD outbreak in America! Sound familiar? The expert blood testers and biologic testers claim to say the same thing with the covid-19 tests. They force testing on people for participating in society, and they know damn well that the testing is complete fraud. They can eliminate anyone from society that they choose to this way. No symptoms, no problem, positive test means that they pose a threat to society, even if the tests are complete fraud, and it is a racket for the medical mafia also. Why should we trust that the swabs or needles are not contaminated with something? 

      The medical mafia and nazi eugenic university concentration camps have also performed the MKULTRA Mind Control Experiments using LSD and sadistic psychological experimentation on people including forced isolation, sensory deprivation, and sleep deprivation.

      The medical mafia and nazi eugenic university concentration camps have also performed other sadistic psychological experimients on animals and people strictly for their love of perforiming sadistic experiments on animals and people.

      The medical mafia and nazi eugenic university concentration camps have also performed experiments using mind reading technology and brain implants on people without informed consent, which of course nobody would ever be willing to consent to! 

      If left to their own devices, there is no limit to their monstrosities. Nothing is off the table as far as they are concerned. They should have no limits, no boundaries, and no accountability as far as they are concerned, which is the typical mindset of narcissistic serial criminal psychopaths that should be in prison since they pose grave dangers to the society at large.

      It is not their love for medicine or science that drives them to commit these crimes, it is their love for themselves, and their love for watching people suffer since it is a mob filled with sadistic monsters, and their love of controlling other people that leads them to commit these evil monstrosities. 

      They are gas-lighting everyone! The purpose of gas-lighting is to rip people off. The term was named after the movie, Gas-light, when gas-lights were dimmed from the attic by a psychopathic husband trying to drive his wife insane, and he also frequently moved things around, removed them, and would sometimes later replace them to try to make her think that she was losing her mind so that he could steal the family jewels.

      Yucky Moral Flexibility from everyone in the media, government, medical mafia, and academia that refuses to admit that covid-19 is a mythological virus!


      Nanny nanny boo boo! Stick your head in do do!

      You are flaunting that you are Morally, Spiritually, and Mentally Challenged!

      Since you refuse to act like responsible adults, and take responsibility for your actions, it is pointless to try to communicate with you on an adult level!

      Andrea Iravani

      Instead of hacking my writing, do everyone a favor and hack off your hands and head, but use an axe or a sickle! Try using the ones that probably you stole from my garage! Put them to good use by killing yourself with them! It would be better than your other job of decapitating rabbits heads and throwing them in my yard! Psycho! 

      What is it like to be such a useless, worthless, insignificant waste that hacking my writing and my electronically operated things is even a goal of yours?! 

    11. Mind Boggling says:

      The programming
      How sick & insane is this:

    12. Andrea.Iravani. says:

      The Yellow Bellied Liberal Mindset of Trump Supporters and Republicans for Refusing to Hold People Accountable for Their Crimes Against Humanity:

      If They Are Part of the Republican Elitist Meritocracy or Medical Mafia, Goebbells Media, Academia, or Government Employees, They Can’t Be Held Responsible for Their Own Actions, Because the Devil Made them Do It

      Liberty to Commit Mal Practice and Mass Murder Through Munchausen Syndrome Policies Adopted by Trump Supporters

      Here are some exerpts from Trump discussing the lethal bioweapons shots, in a Washington Post article from September, 1st, 2021 by Eugene Scott entitled ” ‘The vaccines do work:’ Trump says he’s proud of the coronavirus vaccines but rejects any mandates”

      “The vaccines do work,” he said on the “John Fredericks Show,” a conservative talk radio program. “And they are effective. So here’s my thing: I think I saved millions and millions of lives around the world. We would have had another Spanish flu.”
      “And now countries are using our vaccines, and it’s tremendous,” Trump added. “It’s tremendously successful.” – source Washington Post

      Regarding vaccines Trump claims that he has saved millions of lives with them, saying:

      ““I’m very proud of it. I saved millions of lives — but people have to have their freedoms,” he said.” – source- Washington Post

      Trump is also upset that he has not been given credit for the lethal bioweapon shots. 

      Why are former Trump supporters not demanding his imprisonment over this? Why is anyone still supporting and defending Trump and not demanding charges being brought against him over this? Do they work for Pfizer, Moderna, or Astra Zeneca or do their family members work for those companies? Or do they just support mal-practice and mass murder through Munchausen Syndrome in general as long as people are giving consent, whether they are able to determine if the shots are safe or not, and if they have the information required to give informed consent or not?

      Yucky Moral Flexibility from everyone in the media, government, medical mafia, and academia that refuses to admit that covid-19 is a mythological virus!


      Nanny nanny boo boo! Stick your head in do do!

      You are flaunting that you are Morally, Spiritually, and Mentally Challenged!

      Since you refuse to act like responsible adults, and take responsibility for your actions, it is pointless to try to communicate with you on an adult level!

      Andrea Iravani

    13. Between Three Centuries says:

      Whether Fauci is successful or not, one side or the other is going to kill him.

    14. I’ve been taking that there horse de-wormer for six months now.

      Last night I dreamed I won the Kentucky Derby AND the Preakness. This stuff really works.

    15. Just because ‘they’ call it a vaccine, does not mean it is a vaccine. It is a genocidal, torture weapon, that is pure Evil and Satanic. Made by monsters who LIE, LIE, LIE and will LIE forever. Even when we know they are lying they still will never admit they lie, like all psychopaths. They just want to control and own us like slaves. To make us obey and accept every evil, sick, perverted, disgusting, demonic thing they want to do to us. They are monsters. They are lunatics and this is all illegal. They are psychopaths running the world as if all the world were their submissive slaves. They are using their “crudentials” to control and hol;d over our heads some rediculous Authority they have to force us using ‘science’ and ‘medicine’ to do insane and demented injury and murder it everyone. They are laughing at all of us for being so stupid to fall for this scam. Blaming us for being so stupid and gullible. Blaming their victims as psychopaths always do. We are Free and we don’t need or want to be controlled by insane psychopaths who belong in institutions for the crimminally insane, not running the world as the “elite” superior overlord masters of the universe. F them and F all the money that makes them think they are superior beings when they are just repulsive and wicked future demons in Hell for all eternity for all their twisted, perverted, psychotic, evil and demented crimes against Humanity.

    16. Andrea.Iravani. says:

      The Media Grinch that is Murdering Children and Stealing Christmas From Them Because of Supply Chain Bottlenecks from False Positive Mythological Covid-19 Tests and Bioweapon Injection Mandates

      This statement that I made is obviously wrong, and it appears either that buy backs will continue, or prices will be sluggish compared to what they have been.

      Now they are doing share dilution though, since they expect profits to surge by 27.6% but PEs to increase by 21.5%. 

      It was a stupid mistake. I wasn’t thinking properly. It is the other way around.  When are you going to admit your stupid mistake of claiming that covid -19 exists?  You pretend that covid-19 exists and it does not! If it has been going on for this long, it was obviously not a mistake, but a deliberate attempt to deceive! Which is an even bigger mistake of a lapse in morality for almost two years! That would be a really refreshing change of pace  if you were to do that! It seems that I am the only one able to admit when I make a mistake, maybe I am the only one smart enough to know that denying a mistake does not make me right or solve the problem.

      The medical tyranny will not end until the media admits that covid-19 does not exist! Maybe the media is getting paid by the government to pretend that covid-19 exists. Now, the grinch will visit the kids for Christmas, because everyone is pretending that covid-19 exists, and that the tests are not completely fraudulent! Why would you care when you are killing them and making them wear masks that deprive them of oxygen and increase oral and respiratory bacterial infections?! 

      Andrea Iravani

    17. Jocko says:

      How can you take a government that tells you to get vaccinated as serious when at the same time they are leaving hundreds of thousands of illegals into the country with no mandate they be vaccinated before entering?
      Most note even being tested for covid!

      • Anonymous says:

        You take them seriously when they put a bayonet to your back to insure you do.

        And don’t think they won’t, or that you’ll somehow be able to keep them from doing it to you.

        • terry says:

          NO, I will take them seriously when they corner me and I have no other choice. At that point in time I will try to kill every single one of them and never stop until they are all gone. BUT WE DON’T WANT TO GO THERE DO WE?

    18. (Fauci) “We’re looking for a level of control of the virus that would allow us to be able to essentially approach the kind of normal that we are all craving for and that we all talk about.”

      (in other words) “We’re looking for a level of control of the population that would allow us to be able to essentially approach the kind of normal that we demigod bureaucrats are all craving for and for which we all scheme.”

      Thats how I read it.

    19. Jocko says:

      If the pandemic is “uncontrolled, then the vaccines can’t be doing much.

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