Fauci Hid Plans To Create A Mutant Monkeypox Virus That “Could’ve Started A Pandemic”

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    Dr. Anthony Fauci’s  National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) submitted plans to create a more transmissible and more lethal strain of Mpox in 2015 and hid it from other members of the ruling class. The created virus had “pandemic potential” according to Congress.

    The plans only received widespread attention in late 2022 amid concerns that Covid may have been borne out of similar experiments using US government grant money in China, according to a report by The Daily Mail. 

    While COVID looks more and more like a rebranding of the common cold, the mpox creation could have become a full-blown pandemic.

    The blueprint to create a mutant Mpox virus raised major concerns among experts and led to an investigation by the House Energy and Commerce Committee, which released the results from its year-and-a-half probe this week. The report said the HHS (Health and Human Services), NIAID, and NIH (National Institute of Health) repeatedly “obstructed and misled the committee” about whether the risky experiments had been approved and conducted, describing their cooperation with the probe as “unacceptable and potentially criminal.”

    Investigators added: “HHS and the NIH repeatedly told the Committee the… experiments had not been “formally proposed” or “planned,” had never been approved or conducted, and were not currently under consideration.”

    “[These] repeated assertions were false.”

    They also said NIAID, a branch of the NIH, should not be trusted to carry out this type of research: “The primary conclusion drawn at this point in the investigation is that NIAID cannot be trusted to oversee its own research of pathogens responsibly.”

    “It cannot be trusted to determine whether an experiment on a potential pandemic pathogen or enhanced potential pandemic pathogen poses unacceptable biosafety risk or a serious public health threat.” –The Daily Mail UK

    Right now, we are told that there are two types of mpox viruses.  Clade I viruses cause severe illness and have killed up to 11 percent of people in previous outbreaks, and Clade II viruses, the type that caused the global outbreak in 2022, are more transmissible but less severe and nearly 100 percent of people survive.


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