Farmers In America Are Killing Themselves In Record Numbers

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    Farmers in the United States are now dying of suicide at a higher rate than any other group.  Data shows that the suicide rate in the professional field of farming, fishing, and forestry is 84.5 per 100,000 people. That’s more than five times that of the population as a whole.

    Agriculture expert Chris Hurt, who is a professor of agricultural economics at Purdue University in Indiana, describes the plight facing U.S. farmers today as one of an unequal economic situation. “Think about trying to live today on the income you had 15 years ago,” Hurt said according to CBS News. Hurt believes that farmers are committing suicide because of the unequal economy that’s emerged over the past decade, combined with patchy access to health care in rural areas. These things both have had a severe impact on the people growing America’s food.

    Financial difficulties continue to be agreed upon topic of concern, although that explanation remains highly speculative, most Americans don’t want to admit that the root cause of the financial burden on farmers is their own government.  Since 2013, farm income has been dropping steadily, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. This year, the average farm’s income is projected to be 35 percent below its 2013 level, which is a lot considering the cost of living (or inflation, often described as a “hidden tax” because it devalues your spending money ) has risen higher. 

    *An important note about the data compiled by the Center for Disease Control: it appears to be incomplete. The CDC looked at workers in over 17 different states, but it left out some major agricultural states, like Iowa. And the occupational category that includes these workers includes small numbers of workers from related occupational groups, like fishing and forestry. (It is important to note that the agricultural workers make up the vast majority of the “farming, fishing and forestry” occupational group.)

    In the U.S., several longtime farm advocates say today’s crisis mirrors one that happened in the 1980s, when many U.S. farmers struggled economically, with an accompanying spike in farmer suicides. “The farm crisis was so bad, there was a terrible outbreak of suicide and depression,” said Jennifer Fahy, communications director with Farm Aid, a group founded in 1985 that advocates for farmers. Today, she said, “I think it’s actually worse.”

    “We’re hearing from farmers on our hotline that farmer stress is extremely high,” Fahy said. “Every time there’s more uncertainty around issues around the farm economy is another day of phones ringing off the hook.” –CBS News

    “The current incomes we’ve seen for the last three years … have been about like farm incomes from early in this century,” said Hurt centering the discussion around financial burdens. Since farmers are at the mercy of elements outside their direct control, from extreme weather events that threaten crops to commodity prices that offer less for farm goods than it costs to produce them.  But this is a part the government created by subsidizing some farms and regulating competition out of business or demanding farms destroy some crops to grow what the authorities demand. The added massive cost of complying with regulations is a financial burden on our farmers and most Americans simply cannot be bothered to discuss it.

    “We’ve spoken to dairy farmers who are losing money on every pound of milk they sell,” said Alana Knudson, co-director of the Walsh Center for Rural Health Analysis with the University of Chicago. And why can’t they then raise the cost of a “pound of milk?”  Because of price controls dictated by the government. This problem is easily pinpointed, but no one wants to admit that the solution would be to get the government out of the farmers’ way and let them have the freedom to produce food.

    And of course, the Trump administration’s trade war in the form of massive tariffs is only going to expand the problem. As America’s trading partners slap tariffs on U.S. crops, prices of food are set to be further undermined. Meanwhile, the Federal Reserve’s gradual raising of interest rates threatens the financing for many smaller farms. Unreliable finances are a major reason why three-quarters of farmers must rely on non-farm income, often from a second job.  “A lot of our farmers take out operating loans so they can buy seed, fertilizer, and spray. As we’re looking at increasing interest rates, this is going to exacerbate financial vulnerability,” Knudson said.

    “Farmer stress right now is extremely high, the farm economy is very precarious and not predicted to improve in the near future,” Fahy said. “When there are steps in place to address the root cause, which is usually financial and legal, the stress becomes manageable.

    The key takeaway here is that farmers appear to be killing themselves because of the financial hardships and burdensome regulations making it impossible and far too stressful to make money farming. If the government would ever decide to get out of the way, many of the root problems that cause financial distress and poverty, and therefore suicides because of it, would both be gone.

    While it’s simple to say farmers’ suicides are a result of financial hardships, it’s not so simple for most to admit that the problem is their own government and its inability to allow anyone the freedom to be a producer.

    **If you or someone you know is contemplating suicide, please seek help. Text CONNECT to 741741 or call 1-800-273-8255 to reach the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. 



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      1. My Grandfather was a dairy farmer all his life. Never went to the doctor, always paid cash and worked his butt off 7 days a week. Sold the farm in the early seventies when he had to go from milk cans delivered via his pickup to installing refrigeration holding tanks at the farm. I used to ride in the back of the truck delivering those milk cans to the co-op . Too heavy for me to lift onto the conveyors, but I’d take the steaming empty cans off and put them back in the bed of the truck once they were empty. Still remember the smell.
        Too the point… my Grandfather never complained once to my memory of the past. He worked his butt off and was grateful for the simple pleasures in life. If he ever read this article, he’d be absolutely dismayed at what this country has become. Not to mention buying bottled water!

        Died at the age of 82 from a heart attack, stacking wood. God bless Milton Scheible from upstate NY!

        • I’d say its all the Monsanto Threats to US Farmers that they use their GMO seeds or be sued. The US farmer is getting squeezed. The cost of machinery, fuel, labor, and unfair trade practices by the Big Arga, the normal Farmer has a tough row to hoe these days, literally.

          My 80 YO uncle who farmed most of his life told me that Farmers are the biggest gamblers on the planet. You got your entire year invested in your field and if the weather doesn’t cooperate you lose in crops measured in bushels of grain per acre.

          The other problem is the youth today, are lazy and would rather sit behind a cell phone that work the fields, or with animals, and the parents soon cannot handle the farm work them selves. The family farm is sold off to the new land developer planting subdivisions one after another out of the cities. Farming is the toughest job on the planet.

          This is one of my Fav’s below.

          • A real old fashioned class act, was Paul Harvey. Rest in peace old friend, not many around like you anymore.

      2. Is this site tied in with Free Republic? I just read about this over there. They post SHTF stuff all the time but they were time tagged ahead of on this. If you have any pull, get my ban removed so I can post there again. Same name.

        Back to the article posted, I think it is BS. You cannot stay in business if you are losing that much money. Anybody in the Farm business would at least be an S-corp. and would not have their personal assets at risk. Nobody risks their home and retirement on a risky thing like a small business as most businesses fail.

        • Not so fast bud,
          I know many who are sole proprietors, much easier to deal with

          • Nail,
            Agreed, but I’m a sole proprietor that is very paranoid.
            I barter my production for beef, they have insurance and can sell what we produce. I’m not a big enough of a producer to be able to afford farm insurance or fill out all the federal stuff.

            Most my family does S-corp. Cheap way to get around the system.
            Easy to be an S-corp when you are the only officer.

        • Talking points, in this country, are like the state approved haircuts, in NK. They allow about 20. These kinds-of forums are shadowbanning and blocking people, who go off-script.

          It’s probably, usually better to treat knowledge like a charity, that is reserved for deserving, appreciative people.

      3. Farmers are the hardest working folks that have the longest work hours hands down. They get screwed over with regularity by the government.

        • My mother left the farm in S. Dak. at a young age when ww2 broke out, got a job at Boeing in Seattle said she’d never marry a farmer, ended up marrying an engineer. During the 1930’s farmers had to sell cattle at a loss incl her father. Father in law sold the dairy farm in S. Wisc. in the ’60’s and went into electrical contracting. The younger farmers could quit, lease their land, and get retrained in the tech/trades. Older ones could sell their land and retire. Husband had to retrain at age 38 for HVAC tech., as the former job for twenty years became useless- obsolete.

      4. If anyone deserved a gaurenteed living it is the farmers. who else is going to feed us? We used to be self sufficient.

      5. One doesn’t even have to read between the lines of that article to see that Trump is screwing up a lot and here you all are praising him and spinning the narrative so his wrongs look right and his crazy looks normal.

        He has negatively impacted so many Americans but some of you here don’t care until the day it personally affects you. You know who you are. If you’re benefiting and not personally impacted now you don’t care about those who are.

        Let me remind you all of the following:

        First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out— Because I was not a Socialist.

        Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out— Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

        Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—because I was not a Jew.

        Then they came for me— and there was no one left to speak for me.

        • Fixing this fucked up mess your masters made won’t be easy or painless nor done overnight.

        • They can have the 3ews… good riddance. I don’t speak out, I cheer!! lol Sooner the cleansing of the Z-I-O-N-I-S-T-S out of the US, the better.

          • 1. Socialists

            2. Trade Unionists

            3. Jews

            4. Then they came for (TharSheBlows)

            No matter which one, throughout history, witchhunts *never stop at their intended scapegoat. They work their way up the social foodchain, until an empowered administrator is associated with one of the outliers.

      6. The government, which now means President Donald Trump, should have already acted on this instead of fighting with everyone he hates, tweeting up a daily storm and jet-setting halfway around the globe to make new deals that enrich himself and his family.

        Historically, the government treats Farmers like they are the enemy when they are the ones who feed us. Obviously, Donald Trump didn’t start this, it started many, many years ago. Obama did nothing (as usual) to correct it. But President Trump could fix it. Although seemingly chooses not to.

        As far as the rallies. An occasional rally is fine but over a hundred rallies since he took office is a time suck and also costs the taxpayers dearly (he doesn’t shell out a dime for them) all so he could hear the euphoric roar of the crowd under the guise of connecting with his people. The overkill rallies aren’t a wise use of his time or the taxpayers dime.

        Much like Obama ignored this growing problem and tragedy with his golfing addiction, it doesn’t look like Trump is going to address this either. We will all pay the price for that someday. Meet your new boss, same as your old boss. Same shit, different day.

        • HOW would you correct this?

          • CENT- I know what I wouldn’t do–be in bed with the likes of Monsanto, such as Trump is. And Big Pharma too. Even if you believe otherwise and think he isn’t, he still is.

            In a nutshell and for starters: I would also put an end to GMO’s, and CAFO’s as well. I would put Monsanto out of business even if that meant hiring mob friends (Trump is connected to some local mobsters from his AC Casino days & also through Guiliano) and get rid of this dangerous gang of thugs and tyrants controlling and destroying the dairy/food industry. The only way to stop them is to find them and take them out. Trump can but won’t do it. They are behind him and he is behind them. They have each others backs.

            I would also communicate and listen; talk to the Farmers and get a collective idea of what is wrong and what needs to be corrected, fixed and changed instead of trusting that to a gang of greedy, money-loving psychopaths with evil agendas who are currently overseeing this and who have enormous power over the dairy industry, and as well, agriculture/food industry. Trump isn’t going to do any of that. He is going to keep doing what doesn’t work, expecting different results. He is going to keep his Masters happy.

            The past year Trump has proven to me that he trusts psychopaths and greedy bastards, and that’s the problem I now have with him. So that’s the short of the long.

            I’ll leave you with this; “He who controls the oil controls a nation. He who controls the food supply controls the people.”

      7. I grew up in Kansas. Worked on many farms. Had a lot of friends who were farmers/ranchers. The key statement in the above article is this: “A lot of our farmers take out operating loans so they can buy seed, fertilizer, and spray.” It used to be loans were as it says there – basically investments to equip the farm and get the first crops in. But…. 1. those loans are now used for the day-to-day living expenses. Every part of the farmers life is part of the loan. From groceries, utility bills, truck/car payments, doctor/medical expenses… the whole thing. 2. seed. In the past, seed was owned by the farmer after the first year or two. Co-ops were formed for central storage. But with the big-ag corporations controlling things, both co-ops and the actual legality of owning seed are things of the past. 3. the entire system now revolves around the fertilizers, pest and ‘weed’ killers which are also almost entirely controlled by those same big-ag corporations. Land is not fallowed as it used to be. Every acre is being worked past its natural ability. Add in that the Ogalala reservoir and other underground water sources are being depleted and the expense of water is a rising threat to the entire machine of farming. The same is true of ranching – from cattle, pork, sheep, chicken, turkey; even, fish. All mechanized for maximum yield on minimum acreage. The threat to health alone from all the poisons used is incredible. Forget any idea of ‘Green Acres’ or some idealized guy and his wife sunburnt in straw hats and a pitchfork. Farmers are opting out of life because their world has changed and they are no longer husbands of their own land, crops and livestock. They’ve become just gears/cogs in that same machine.

        • And just wait for the coming Global Cooling.

          This cooling started around 12 years ago and this last winter was the first OBVIOUS effect for the average person. Did you notice the COLD and SNOW? How about the late Spring.

          It is still snowing in some parts. Especially in Canada.

          This coming Winter will start earlier and be brutal. This will be the one that wakes up enough stupid sleeping fools to ask: “What is happening”?

          Here are some links that can help you learn what is coming. In a few years it will be IMPOSSIBLE to live and farm in the northern US states. One can also forget about any farming in Canada.

          Spend an hour at each site and read what attracts your attention. Hell (Cold Hell) is coming.

          • I don’t know where you live, but up here in Maine we had NO snow for deer season. As a natter of fact we had no snow till after christmas. It was never cold enough to even wear a winter coat until january, so the cooling down bull crap is just nonsense.

      8. I live in Farm/Ranch country. They are all far wealthier than me. If they don’t get the required rain by April, they get gov’t insurance and they spend the rest of the year at their hill country “camp”. So sad.
        Granted the gov’t bureaucrats “help” them to death but financially it’s a great gig.
        The ones that kill themselves are probably distraught over how to fill out all the gov’t paperwork.

        • I live in ranch and timber country too. Granted many seem well of but they are often asset rich and cash poor. Really it is impossible to start in ranching today unless you inherit it. Even if you do inherit it many are gradually using up the assets aquired over several generations.

          The meat industry gets no subsidies like crop and dairy does. One reason for the push to eat less meat is that the ranchers are not under government control in this way.

          • CC,
            You pretty much nailed it!
            Asset rich and cash poor.
            That is the way to be rich.

        • “You boys spread this here gmo seed and spray this here poison and we’ll take good care of ya you betcha!” -Uncle Sam

      9. In the produce department of grocery stores it is increasingly more difficult to find items not grown in Mexico, Central and South America.

        Water costs more than wine.

        Kids in rural areas are targeted for illegal drugs.

        Pesticides like one called “Seven” kill bugs and also kill honey bees.

        GMO seeds led to an epidemic of farmer suicide in India.

        Promotion of a dairy-free diet reduces milk consumption.

        Fears about Fukushima contamination has reduced fish consumption.

        Anti-depressant drugs CAUSE severe depression.
        Anti-depressant drugs overstimulate serotonin and cause an eventual
        Drop in Serotonin resulting in high suicide rates.

        In my opinion, doctors who prescribe these drugs are committing manslaughter.
        And, the makers of these drugs should be held accountable. Hang them.
        At least, make them stop prescribing to new victims.
        Make them pay to safely withdraw users under supervised care, when most suicides occur.
        There are natural products that help withdrawal. Exercise and sunshine also helps.

        God help American farmers.

        Buy local. Support local farms.

        Shop the outside isles of grocery stores where meat, dairy, and produce are kept.
        Buy produce first. Eat a diet rich in fresh vegetables.


        • When Water costs more than wine?? Huh??

          You bust be drinking some pretty cheap ass wine there. Boonsfarm, ripple?

          • Well in some areas where water is scarce or polluted I’m sure it is. Think medieval Europe where people drank more wine and beer in some areas as the water was polluted.

      10. Well damn. I am making plans to start my own little farm/ranch and I get stone cold water thrown on my face! Granted,it would be something on the matter of 50 to 75 acres,provided I can get the money together,but I’m not worried about the work. It’s far better where I am working now,a prison.

        • GO FOR IT. !!!

      11. There are economies of scale in this industry. Size definitively matters.

      12. The bottom ground farmers in the Arkansas Delta are water pumping chemical sprayers. Raise billions of mosquitos and pollute the surface water. The also are depleting the Sparta Aquifer. They live a lavish lifestyle drive new vehicles and every piece of equiptment has air cond. If they buy morw debt than they can pay they get no sympathy from me. The Hill farmers are the same. Stinking chicken Grower houses. Spread the litter and pollute the rivers and streams. Also do everything from the cab of a air cond vehicle or vehicle. Any thing that requires manual labor they have the hired help do. They grow hormone meat. No matter if its chicken,pork or beef. Its hormone to make it mature quick and get fat. and fed with GMO feeds. Filled with vaccines to combat the diseases from the overcrowded feedlots. Again if they go broke no sympathy from me. Now if you want to find a low paid downtrodden overworked employee. Look no farther than the hired hand of a big agribusiness so called farmer. The hand gets minium wage all the dirt they can stand and free use of a nigger shack.

      13. What better way to reduce the population?
        Let the farmers commit suicide.
        Less food drives the price up.
        Poor people can’t afford it. More commit suicide.
        Win win for the globalists.

      14. Stand- by if not already
        WE Will have food written in chinese soon at our stores.

        Who is to blame ?

      15. If I recall correctly, corporate America owns most of America’s farmland, and that is too much power in the hands of a few individuals to determine how much food gets produced, what kind of food gets grown, and where it becomes distributed.

      16. The evil corporations are responsible for a poisoned food supply. Monsanto now Bayer and their big money maker glyphosate have paid for phony studies declaring their products safe when the evidence shows at least clear damage to the human gut. Like anyone in their right mind would trust either of these two companies past and long established track record back to WW2 and earlier. Now the stupid label setup about to be implemented with the letters ge inside a starburst with a smiley face to further confuse shoppers. This is government approved sickness being pushed, hey more money for nasty pills via big pharma. What a sick cabal of thieves. Homeowners in the city can’t even grow fruits and veggies in their front yards anymore without being told to get rid of it or be fined.

      17. If you can genetically manipulate seed to get a bigger crop, You can genetically manipulate seed to get a small crop? And force a farmer to sell his land ? And get it all?

      18. I live smack dab in the center of Idaho’s Southern area where Monsanto planted its ugly diseased ass into the farmers. Owned seeds, legal restrictions to farmers using the whore seeds, water distribution and financial increase, farmer substitutes galore, GMO relying on lies and ignorance, chemical fertilizer, pesticide, herbicide all ranking in toxic crap killing insects, destroying the soil and eliminating real nutrition in the food. Wonder why Americans eat a lot? There is NO more natural nutrition aka micro nutrition. I am starting a small 4 acre marketing produce, with rows, organic and no mass tilling. Simplified, intensive, and reasoning/math concept to the property to produce old fashion food my Grandparents grew and ate before it became Organic. The blog named Heartless is in what society has been lacking, its called reality. Completely right on. The fight starts from the root, the many and the willing.

        • …”Wonder why Americans eat a lot? There is NO more natural nutrition aka micro nutrition.”

          FALSE. That statement would only be a true comparison if people were stuffing their faces with plate-upon-plate of vegetables, fruits, and other cooked-from-scratch foods that now lacked natural/micro nutrition. But that is NOT what the majority of USAmericans are doing. They’re stuffing their faces with overly processed krappy food-like substances because they are too lazy to cook and only care that it’s fast and “tastes good”.

          • Both of you are correct. Today’s “food”, the “natural, organic” type is NOT the same as the real food of 500 years ago.

            It has all been modified, over the centuries to look good, taste good, last long on shelves, etc. and all these selective breeding techniques (Genetically Modified) has depleted the nutrition. To make fruits and vegetable taste better (sweeter) required increasing the Sugar content of the pulp and decreasing the Mineral (bitter) content of the peel.

            Thus what is organic and natural is not healthy nor correct. Thus even eating this you will have to eat more (more calories) to get the nutrition part. Add to this the depletion of the soil, etc and you can see why food today is not food.

            THEN, people eat the crap poison foods. Grains, Milk, Coffee, Sugar, and Alcohol. Even then, the un-natrual grains we eat are refined where all nutrition is taken out (bitter), with white sugar added, (sweeter) and we end up eating garbage that actually POISONS you, slowly.

            It is a sickening situation. One would think the FDA would notice 30% of Americans are OBESE and 70% are over-weight. Would not the FDA notice and not look into why? Isn’t the Food and Drub Administration to protect the people? Huh?

      19. The bottom ground farmers in the Arkansas Delta are water pumping chemical sprayers. Raise billions of mosquitos and pollute the surface water. The also are depleting the Sparta Aquifer. They live a lavish lifestyle drive new vehicles and every piece of equiptment has air cond. If they buy morw debt than they can pay they get no sympathy from me. The Hill farmers are the same. Stinking chicken Grower houses. Spread the litter and pollute the rivers and streams. Also do everything from the cab of a air cond vehicle or vehicle. Any thing that requires manual labor they have the hired help do. They grow hormone meat. No matter if its chicken,pork or beef. Its hormone to make it mature quick and get fat. and fed with GMO feeds. Filled with vaccines to combat the diseases from the overcrowded feedlots. Again if they go broke no sympathy from me. Now if you want to find a low paid downtrodden overworked employee. Look no farther than the hired hand of a big agribusiness so called farmer. The hand gets minium wage all the dirt they can stand and free use of a old shack.

      20. It starts when in order to be able to sell your product you must have a contract. Today most chicken ,turkey and pork are being raised by contract growers. If a individual not under contract grew a large quantiy of anything they would find it difficult to sell it. Ive know of rice and corn rotting in on farm grain bins because the farmer couldn’t find a buyer when it was first harvested. and it became infested with weevils. Cattle and sheep can still be sold thru a local or regional sale barn. A sale barn hog market where pigs sell for even the cost of production simply doesn’t exist. the same for fed out cattle. a fed out finished steer will not sell at a profit at a sale barn. Some small producers do find a nich market. and some do process their product all the way from field to table. But their production is a drop in the bucket. And the rules regulations and red tape is horrible. Today its illegal to sell raw milk for human consumption. You might want to check out a Guy on U tube Joel Saladin. He hates Monsanto and processes and markets his own products.

      21. In California, the trailer park is never supposed to be called that. Don’t even say it is a very nice trailer park. It’s named something royal, like ‘the plantation’.

        If you see an orchard of trees or row of crops, that is never to be called a plantation. Houses are in the same architectural styles, as 18th and 19th century plantations, and security around these properties looks just like the border crossing, nearby. We are apparently distracting from the penitential atmosphere.

        The latter is financed “creatively”.

        Some indigent laborer is allowed to park there, throughout the year. That’s all he gets, in exchange for his maintenance. Some vaguely-fruity-looking old guy, in the bad, Hawaiian shirt or golf clothes, with shaded goggles, which old people wear over their reading glasses is going to be paired, with some virile savage, alone together. Or, there are deformed people, some with wild eyes and conspicuous speech impediments.

        The grant dept subsidizes crisis housing, often with an element of forced labor, but, more-typically, the human wreckage is just allowed to park their hoopties. There is a garden hose.

        Wikipedia calls this, rural tenancy.

        A picking company (consisting of prison labor or braceros) pays you, to do your harvesting.

        Since the socalled ‘farmer’ does little actual work, anymore, this is a numbers game, in which assets and liabilities are balanced, in the same respect as a checkbook. The terminally-stressed people were those incapable of middle school math, yet allowed to leverage a few million dollars.

        Their rig is for sale, right now, if you want it. A turnkey, you buy, in the form of a business. You need to know long arithmetic. Or, very stressful.

        • “Hurt believes that farmers are committing suicide because of the unequal economy that’s emerged over the past decade…”

          (Coffee almost came out of my nose.)

          The model of all big business is to launder subsidies, using the bare minimum of manpower and matériel, needed to effect the appearances of useful activity.

          The physical environ is essentially a worthless stage prop, for said purposes, and strategic bankruptcy would be just as legitimate as cultivation, assuming an equal payoff.

          They are no more attached to it, emotionally, than one of those digital pets, which is fed pixels. It’s an exercise in abstract thinking, neither hot nor cold — like a math problem.

      22. How’s that roundup and gmo seed working out for ya? You dumb cucks don’t even save seed anymore.
        THat’s what you get when you value money more than substance. I can never figure out why anyone would want to produce so much food and feed someone who doesn’t deserve to eat. Feed yourself first, then sell the surplus.
        Everything is being set up for a famine. God’s horsemen are getting ready for the harvest.

      23. I’ve heard subsidized farmers not allowed to store crops and have to sell as soon as possible or must pay back the subsidy to gov.

      24. High rates of suicide among farmers is not just limited to the US, every continent around the world is experiencing this irregardless if it’s a first world country or not.

      25. We hobby farm. We grow all organic. What we do not grow, we buy local and then commercial non-GMO. It is very hard to grow organic but we do for health and we do it for our kids and ourselves. But, is hard work. Our soil is not polluted thanks to a ditch that absorbs the runoff. Americans chose to eat poison and they can choose otherwise. NO empathy. Most kids are fat or obese. My kids are normal and healthy and beautiful. Also, we do not vaccinate. We are a minority for how we raise our kids. I find it sad more americans have not woken up.

        • My rule is to eat all the real food you can, then exercise all you can, while you learn all you can. Kids and animals are big and strong and smart, when under my care. Animals live a very long time. (Off, to exericze.)

      26. Regulations are killing the small farmer. That, I have empathy. I would sell in farmers market surplus but need to have license so makes it unprofitable. An example…we have so much oregano, I dry it and so fresh but can not sell without a license. And, we call our country free?

      27. Editor’s note: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has notified CBS News that there are errors in the data used in its widely cited 2016 study on suicides and occupations. While a new analysis is not yet available, the CDC says the initial study over-stated the incidence of suicide in the “farming, fishing and forestry” occupational category and under-stated it in other categories. It’s not yet known how much.

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