False Flag? FBI Admits That They Did Not Follow Protocol When Given Tip About Alleged Florida Mass Shooter Nikolas Cruz

by | Feb 16, 2018 | Headline News | 73 comments

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    In a shocking admission by an agency that rarely admits mistakes, the Federal Bureau of Investigations has revealed that they received a tip about the alleged Florida mass shooter at least a month before the attack but somehow did not follow “protocol” after the information was received.

    In a statement posted on the agencies website, the FBI noted that it received a tip about the troubled teenager through its Public Access Line that detailed the teens gun ownership and erratic behavior.

    In other words, the FBI just publicly admitted that they ignored a key tip that, if followed up on, could have stopped Nikolas Cruz from killing 17 people and injuring over a dozen more!

    The statement reads:

    On January 5, 2018, a person close to Nikolas Cruz contacted the FBI’s Public Access Line (PAL) tipline to report concerns about him. The caller provided information about Cruz’s gun ownership, desire to kill people, erratic behavior, and disturbing social media posts, as well as the potential of him conducting a school shooting.

    Under established protocols, the information provided by the caller should have been assessed as a potential threat to life. The information then should have been forwarded to the FBI Miami Field Office, where appropriate investigative steps would have been taken.

    We have determined that these protocols were not followed for the information received by the PAL on January 5. The information was not provided to the Miami Field Office, and no further investigation was conducted at that time.

    How on earth could the FBI receive such a detailed tip from someone CLOSE to Cruz and then ignore it to the point that it wasn’t even sent to the field office in the area the alleged shooter lived in?!

    In response to the FBI’s shocking admission, Florida governor Rick Scott is calling for FBI Director Christopher Wray to resign as he was the head of the agency when the tip was ignored and is indirectly responsible for the attack even being allowed to happen in the first place.

    Scott released his own statement Friday that reads:

    “The FBI’s failure to take action against this killer is unacceptable. The FBI has admitted that they were contacted lasted month by a person who called them to inform of Cruz’s ‘desire to kill people’ and the ‘potential of him conducting a school shooting.”

    “We constantly promote ‘see something, say something,’ and a courageous person did just that to the FBI. And the FBI failed to act. ‘See something, say something’ is an incredibly important tool and people must have confidence in the follow through from law enforcement. The FBI Director needs to resign.”

    While most Americans are sure to believe that this was an honest accident by the FBI, one has to wonder if this tip was ignored on purpose, especially when you consider the agencies long history of using informants to entrap idiots in what amounts to the FBI staging fake terror attacks themselves.

    When you add in the fact that the entire establishment is now pushing even more gun control and you have all the hallmarks of a classic false flag.

    What do you think?

    Did the FBI “accidentally” ignore the tip that could have stopped the alleged Florida mass shooter or was this a purposeful act designed to allow a mass shooting to happen which could then be used to further erode Americans Second Amendment rights?


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      1. This was not a screw up. The young man was their patsy for this op.

        • The FBI has over and over proven itself to be so corrupt at the highest office levels. This ‘overlooking’ the obvious is in its own way – so damned obvious. It is long past time we get rid of all officials after a set time in their post or office. I’d say 4 years tops for any office – from the Presidency down to any and all Bureau chiefs. And no further public office, no lobbying; basically, get your ass back home and get a real job.

        • Watch the FBI ask for a Bigger Budget. All the Investigative Agencies on 911 had a $30 Billion Dollar annual budget, and they were deemed unfunctionable. Like how much money does it take to make a phone call? Ever been in an FBI Field Office? They are like maximum security and built like palaces. Marble floors inlayed with the big FBI seal. Huge $2500 doors. Like WTF?

          Guess what today’s FBI Budget is?

          US intelligence spending has doubled since 9/11, top secret budget reveals

          CIA takes biggest share of $52.6bn intelligence spending in secret ‘black budget’ that also details gaps in US knowledge

          Give me $52 Billion dollars I’ll show you how to Crack Summ Skulls.

          • Criminals prefer to hide behind well fortified walls from we the people.

            • FBI was too busy covering up Hillary’s crimes to even notice the obvious threats of this troubled kid.

        • Menzo, this is FBI incompetence not your conspiracy theory.

          The reporting party who called the tip into the FBI should have called local Law Enforcement not the FBI as there is no federal crime involved. If the RP had called the local sheriff’s department, they would have run the person’s name in their in house system (That the FBI does not have access, to unless they call a local cop) and discovered that they had over 30 prior radio calls at this freak’s house, and the alarm bells would have gone off due to his Youtube video saying that he was going to be school shooter. The FBI said they could not figure out who the guy was. The problem with that is he used his REAL NAME in his Youtube video!!! How hard would that be to figure out? At the very least, the FBI should have passed the tip on to the local cops where have a daily presence in the community that the FBI will never have.

          • Lots of conspiracy theories turn out to be conspiracy fact.

            • After 30 years in the business, having seen the belt inspectors in action, this is clearly incompetence. There are some good FBI agents. They are seldom promoted. In the FBI, politics is always more important than doing what is in the best interest of the victims and their families. If they screw up, they cover up. It is in their DNA.

              • I do agree it was one or the other. Purposeful manipulation of this guy and aid or blatant disregard for their duties. Their history is decidedly un-American. They have murdered and set up countless people. Burning alive the children in Waco and sniper murder on Ruby Ridge come to mind first.

                • We are surrounded by forest too. If those “good guys” come in through there not a one will be leaving breathing as arrangements have been made to ensure death.

          • Red Leader, you make some good points but the only problem is that law enforcement doesn’t care about the public. The federal and state supreme courts have ruled time and again that a cop’s primary job is raising revenue for whatever govt. they serve, NOT protecting citizens. Law enforcement doesn’t even care about the public. When we as individuals get into a life-threatening situation, we are all on our own and have to handle it ourselves. You have to become your own “first-responder”. As for me, I won’t be dialing 911. I’ll handle it my own way.

            • I have worked with some real hard chargers that would move heaven and earth to catch a bad guy that was victimizing their community. They are not in the majority, but they solve the majority of the crimes.

              It has been said many times that 90% of cops are report takers and 10% are investigators. I think the 10% is on the high side.

          • Red leader,
            There are reports the FBI got one good lead they ignored, but local law enforcement got at least twenty complaints about this guy that they totally ignored, and now on the news the head of local law enforcement comes out as totally anti second amendment, pro gun control police chief. He is an absolute commie pinko, anti constitution shill.

            Thus the attack in his town. And yes this attack was absolutely engineered. The deep state does their homework, not just on the puppet shooter they program, but local LEO’s and FBI and school leaders.

            This school was a 45 minute drive from Miralago, it’s no coincidence. Of course the local FBI office was too busy to look into the shooter, they were too busy spying on Trump!

            • PTPO, so they got over 30 calls for service to the suspect’s home for him being a loon on his own property. What crime did he commit? Answer, none. 5150 72 hour hold? Not in this day and age. Mental health will release them at the station.

              What I see is a very good Law Enforcement agency that documented every contact with the loon as they should.

              I once went to a DV call between a property manager and his wife. The male told me that he was afraid that his wife would track him through the snow when he was working on a rental unit and shoot him. I wrote a one paragraph incident report.

              Several years later when I was a Detective Sergeant, Patrol Officers served a restraining order on the wife kiking her out of the house. Four hours later the male was found dead with a gunshot wound to the head. No witnesses and no gun. My short one paragraph incident report was crucial to getting a conviction. It was like the victim was speaking from the grave, “I told you so”. Could anyone done something to prevent it, no.

              It looks to me that the Sheriff’s Department in this case did the same type of documentation, suspecting that there would be an incident in the future. If the tip had been turned into the Sheriff’s Department and not the FBI, it is very likely this incident may not have occurred.

              • You are missing one of my key points.

                These shootings are made to order, there are private contractors who take disturbed people and program them to commit these mass murders. There are people doing this for the deep state to support the globalist agenda. Look at the pressure they have brought to bear on the constitution.

                Trump is cleaning the swamp, there are people involved in the deep state conspiracy who are taking cianide rather than being arrested by Trump. Indictments are coming down. The truth is coming out.

                It is my belief that the mass killings will virtually end when Trump and the military take down the deep state. The FBI is full of deep state clowns as is the CIA.

                There is a civil war on right now, the Vegas shooting was no single nut job lone gunman. Both attacks on the republican congress were not accidents. The shooting at the ball field was another programmed actor. The attack on the train carrying Republican congress to a retreat was also not an accident. The Russian plane crash two weeks ago, was no accident, 70 were killed to silence one Russian witness central in uranium 1, and had ties to Chris Steele and the DNC. These children in Florida were intentional cannon fodder murdered by the globalist. The crash in the markets a week ago was triggered selling by globalist getting their money out of the US, to protect it from confiscation by the US gov, because their criminal activity is coming to light.

                • Bingo

                  • Got any facts or proof on that?

                    • Search the net for “Orion mind control” MKUltra was the test program for CIA mind control. Orion was the implication phase.

                      There was a book written in the 90’s that details the deep state role in overthrowing the US. It speaks directly to CIA/FBI finding troubled people and conditioning them to carry out school shootings with the dirrect goal of making Americans so sick of the killings they will willingly give up their guns. Disarming America is critical to controlling the people, weapons will still flow to criminals.

                      Of course the FBI knew about this kid, likely they referred his name to the clowns in the CIA that stage these shootings.

                      Don’t look now, but word is POTUS has ordered military intelligence to conduct an independent investigation into this school shooting. I believe they will find what many suspect, that these school shootings manufactured and are part of a larger conspiracy.

      2. Merge them in with US Marshals under the watchful eye of the Inspector General. A lot of this Bs would end.

      3. Florida has a lot of swamp and these guys just sit in it. Not doing their job so they should drain this swamp. They must go.

        • Ga.Peach – I have no words of my own that can equal those of an American who said it much better. Apply his words to what is going on – Barry Goldwater:

          “Those who seek absolute power, even though they seek it to do what they regard as good, are simply demanding the right to enforce their own version of heaven on earth. And let me remind you, they are the very ones who always create the most hellish tyrannies. Absolute power does corrupt, and those who seek it must be suspect and must be opposed. Their mistaken course stems from false notions of equality, ladies and gentlemen. Equality, rightly understood, as our founding fathers understood it, leads to liberty and to the emancipation of creative differences. Wrongly understood, as it has been so tragically in our time, it leads first to conformity and then to despotism. Fellow Republicans, it is the cause of Republicanism to resist concentrations of power, private or public, which enforce such conformity and inflict such despotism. It is the cause of Republicanism to ensure that power remains in the hands of the people. ”

      4. It was obummers FBI thats all we need to know, leftist love opportunities like this, they drool over the prospect of another reason to try and confiscate our assault rifles, the thing the leftist turds arent thinking about is the fact that most of us are willing to bring those arms to bear against their stupid asses

        • No doubt. I’m gonna make sure I use my evil AR-15s on the people that think they’re gonna take them. I’ve been saving the double steel core ammo just for them.

          • Then why has everyone allowed government to amass the huge arsenals they have to take the people’s comparatively meager collections of weapons away from the people? If self-defenders really expect their personally-limited arsenals to protect them (which they’ll apparently have to do) from collective government’s huge outsized arsenals, why are self-defenders too scared of government infiltration and “MRAPS showing up in their yards” to have not already formed at least the cadres of larger, mass resistance by being organized into cadres (however many will turn out) of voluntary, mass-commanded household squads, block platoons, street or road companies, city-wide battalions, county-wide regiments, and state-wide divisions of Militia to merely drill together (even unarmed–though prudently self-armored) in order to instill at least “muscle memory” of joint operational capability with each other? “We must, indeed, all hang together or, most assuredly, we shall all hang separately.” (quote attributed to Benjamin Franklin)

          • Menzo, same for me. My “evil” Taurus 9mm, Mossberg 590A1, Universal M1 Carbine, and my 22s are my liberty tools.

            • BH.. those tools you listed will be like a guy going to a whore house without his pecker.

          • Got a few ‘evil’ friends as well. AR ‘n AK, 1911’s, a plethora of 12ga and as one of my gun dealer friends and neighbors once told me, “if you know how many.. ‘ahem,… friends’ you’ve got, you ain’t got enough”. ’bout at that point around here.

        • Glad to see others see through this cheap charade. The one thing that ALL these school killings have in common is the fingerprints of the FBI all over them. Yet, they concoct “terrorist” threats and groom the subjects for years, bu cant catch a school killer even when pointed in the right direction?….. Riiiiight….

      5. Let’s review. TRUMP’s appointed top 3 guys at FBI.
        I think it was a simple screw up. You guys did watch the Senate testimony didn’t you. They get thousands of these tips and unless you want to up the FBI budget by 100 million a year there’s no way to check them all.
        Gun control. Most people are simply calling for better background checks, closing the loophole of private gun sales without background check. Both of these are sensible. Banning guns won’t work…
        No false flag. Every time anything happens tin foil nuts scream false flag. Maybe Trump getting elected was a false flag? Ya know to get everyone all going crazy.

      6. If it is a false flag, who is the innocent party it is being blamed on?

      7. “See something, say something”.

        I see criminals in the highest positions of power here and around the world creating fraudulent wars based on lies deceptions and false pretenses, killings of masses of people for the sake of money, land, and the power to enslave as many as possible, with plans that date back tens of thousands of years from the past, and continue for untold years into the future, if not eternity.

        That is what I see. I see dead people.


      8. The ban on civilian ownership of AR-15s expired in September 2004.

        In 2000, there were 63 school shootings.

        From 2010-until present (notice the “until present” part), there were 233 school shootings.

        Please note: The semi-automatic rifle and handgun have been the only weapon legally available to the U.S. Citizen since 1937.

        Why 1937? Because that was the year that the Thompson Sub-machine gun was banned from public sale. You use to be able to buy a Thompson Sub-machine gun in any Sears Catalog. Talk about Merry Christmas.

        Clearly, somebody doesn’t like the AR-15 in civilian hands. Even if it is only the semi-automatic version.

        Without a doubt, the FBI is definitely a holdover institution from the Obama presidency.

        The Florida, and all the other school shootings since the Bush presidency false flag, pansy set-ups?

        You decide.

        • I credit the FL’s Gov Scott for calling out the FBI in their lack of procedure and protocol and followup.

          Lets just ban the FBI, and arm every American to the teeth, and let us open carry daily, and let us take care of ourselves and our own problems ourselves. “As an armed population is a polite Population.”

          We will hold neighborhood court trials ourselves. Thieves will be hanged, liars will be lashed, and pedophiles will be put in the wood chipper. Any Questions? Now go enjoy life!!

        • Blame-e, I’ve always believed those incidents were set-up by the antigun lobby and certain elements of the govt. ONLY for the purpose of eventually disarming us.

      9. Of course they’re not going to interfere with their sister Deep State agencies’ (CIA’s?) massacres facilitated for the mainstream media to foment the mantra among the sheepish herd for even more “gun-control” to make them further vulnerable–but only of the last-remaining people’s ability, as their own self-commanded Militia, to resist–not gun-control of government’s massive arsenals of guns and other weapons of mass destruction that the Left and Establishment Right will use to disarm that last-remaining potential resistance to the Deep State’s overt world government takeover.

      10. Is it any wonder kids are killing each other? They are full of mercury from vaccinations and contaminated oceans. The majority are raised on a steady diet of depressing predictions about their future. They take drugs. They drink like hobo bums. They’re taught a false history where a Communist depraved sadist named Michael King (Dr. Martin Luther King) is put on a pedestal, and a great General is practically forgotten (General McArthur).


        • yep. and the shooter will be able to get a Bible in prison


          he was denied one in school

          • Hey grande. for kicks and giggles, Google “Christianity and Genocide.” And watch the screen light up with hits.. That’s what happens when you worship a jealous god.

            • really??? google???

              real Christ followers are defined by their actions

              REAL Christ followers

              let me repeat – REAL CHRISTians are defined by their actions

              lots of claims to christianity out there but their ACTIONS show them as devil followers

          • Grandee you nailed it.

      11. It is really bizarre. If you can see between the lines they are taking advantage of the crisis and using it as psychological warefare on the minds of a docile indoctrinated public.

        Between big pharma pushing their drugs on kids (especially boys) in public education and the feminists/cultural marxists training “teachers” to be mental health experts.

        Big pharma and the globalists/marxists have millions of people on SSRI drugs.

        It is completely obvious.

        That aside the fbi is a corrupt organization and is by and large a political weapon.A modern day secret police stasi is what the indoctrinated fools are asking for.

      12. I remember when I used to believe the news.

        • Me too. Blind we were.

        • I remember back when I believed the history textbook too. Then I woke up and opened my eyes and mind.

      13. Does it seem that somebody has been going into “gun friendly” states and causing all kinds of trouble (school shootings, mall shootings, theater shootings, work place shootings, cop killings, cop ambushes, acts of domestic terrorism, acts of terrorism by DHS fully-vetted Muslim terrorists, etc.)

        Colorado, then Texas, now Florida.

        Does that mean that New Hampshire, Missouri, Kansas, Alabama, Wyoming, Kentucky, Utah, Alaska, Vermont and Arizona are next for a large dose of gun frenzied chaos?

        • Blame-e,we already had a school shooting in Paducah,Ky roughly a month ago..

        • If there were more gun friendly states, you would have less crime. Check the facts,people, ..look at Maine, for example…they are listed as one of the most safest states to live in, yet they can conceal carry without a permit..but Im not going get into this debate, ..everytime there is some kind of shooting, the anti gun wacos come out of the woodwork are blame the guns…know this: Guns do not kill people, people do. Enough said.

      14. I am in the opinion that the majority of the mass shootings we have seen in he last 8-9 years were ALLOWED to happen by the government. The Sandy Hook, Texas Church, Las Vegas (lots of govt. ties here), Gabby Giffords, and both Florida shootings were all done by persons who were known mental cases and should have been locked up long ago. FAILURE OF THE GOVERNMENT to follow up on reports/lockup these persons BEFORE they committed these shootings is a GROSS DERILICTION of duty. It is the government agencies that have failed be it following up on reports from other citizens, the Air Force reporting a person for violent actions causing his discharge, or following up on social media threats or threats turned in by schools.
        What I also find strange is that all these shootings happen after the Obummer and his FBI are busted running guns to the Mexican drug cartels. I believe they shifted gears and have allowed these shootings to happen to Americans now hoping we will beg for more gun control. If they can get the guns out of the citizens hands, they will have complete control. Obummer is gone now, but the militants he has running the FBI, CIA, and other alphabet agencies are still carrying out his mission.

        Semper Paratas!

      15. Yeah, this is one of those damn things. I mean, if the little crudball did what they said he did, he should get his fair trial and then we as a society should collectively tear off his head and sh#t down his neck in the townsquare until he is dead. No sympathy from me for any sob stories he has to tell. The question is, what would the FBI have done if they hadn’t fumbled the ball as usual? What exactly is their protocol? Would they have arrested the kid? Would they have revoked his right to own firearms (like that would have mattered)? Did he commit a crime that would have warranted either other than make some vague threats through the ethernet? In that case, should we all go to jail if we posit out loud that libturds should all rot in hell? I have to admit, i don’t have a good answer. I’m a strong supporter of the Second Amendment. I have nothing but contempt for murderers. I think the FBI is an un-Constitutional, ineffective agency that should be abolished. I just don’t know. People have been killing each other with stones, clubs, arrows, swords and bullets throughout our history. Somebody once said something about the thin veneer of civilization. That only thing that will ultimately make these things stop happening is a miraculous development in mankind as a species that removes savagery from our hearts although that same savagery is part of our survival instinct. In the meantime, new gun laws or wishing that the FBI or some other government agency will save us from ourselves is not going to help.

      16. On the other hand, if this d head was a conservative….

      17. Between the local police and FBI this dirtball fell through the cracks. No law on the books would have stopped him. No new”feel good” law would prevent it also. So now the left blames Republicans and Trump for this? The left has lost its collective minds but surprised I’m not. Arm the teachers and have law enforcement through background checks find out if these clowns are having mental problems and on heavy meds. That may piss off a few but it does put some teeth into those forms one fills out when buying a gun. How are you going to deny a messed up mental case like this one?

        • There are laws on the books, see my post to Srg. above.

          We have lots of laws, but they must be applied.

          • Laws only apply to the law abiding. They do nothing to stop criminals.

      18. The FBI alert that this guy was a threat, was likely picked up by the deep state, and exploited for a false flag attack. Call me a skeptic, but I see this shooting as no coincidence.

        The deep state supports a globalist agenda that is absolutely dependent on the elimination of the second amendment. School shooting are the perfect false flag events to support an attack on the constitution. They also control the MSM narrative for weeks.

        The big question is, what happened in the world, that we weren’t supposed to notice, while all eyes were on Florida? Who died, who was suicided, who was arrested, who was indicted? Where was Obama, where was Soros?

        • I’m sure Hillary welcomed it as a temporary relief taking the spotlight off her crimes and scandals.

      19. I’d like know to the exact make of the AR platform, curious where this kid got the money to buy the rifle, since he was in near poverty. I don’t exactly buy he bought the rifle & ammo & just went shooting w/o some practice. Still a lot of questions. Here’s an idea, fry this guy on pay per view, could generate some funds.

        • Word is now Police found ten guns that he owned. Now several were pellet rifles and air soft guns. Even so, I have a really good pellet rifle that wasn’t cheap, it was in fact t as expensive as a low end rifle. But you are correct. This guy worked in a freaking minimum wage dollar store, how could he afford not one but several long guns and ammo and magazines.

          Someone was obviously helping…….

      20. The mass shootings, especially in schools, are a threat to gun ownership. It gives gun confiscation advocates the fuel they need to restrict/eliminate gun ownership. We have a major stake in the way the education system is set up. We basically handle the kids as though they are all the same when they are not. Some are unteachable but not as many as you think. For someone to come out of the school system prepared for life requires the active involvement of the parents.

      21. And the FBI is a credible source for anything?
        So like yeah , we can trust everything you say or do?

        Hey people
        They exist illegally in our country and government
        They are walking sedition

        Read your Bill of Rights
        Where in there do you see anything about even a police force
        Or FBI , or CIA etc?

        It’s not there
        But 1 thing is
        That’s us
        That’s us armed
        We need to take back our country
        We need to become involved
        Because our country is being taken over
        If you don’t like where it’s headed than get involved

        Read your Bill of Rights
        Carry it with you
        It is the Law of this Country
        From we the people to our government
        We need to get back to business when it comes to running the show

        • That’s right. I respect that agency about as much as the turd I just flushed down the toilet. It is unConstitutional.

        • Add to that, what gives them the right to carry full auto arms while prohibiting civilians from such possession? We the People are their only official authority, but we did not grant that permission to them. Therefore, they are committing tyranny against The People, and against The Constitution.

      22. I think that it is sadly ironic that the FBI goes on and on with their nothing burger investigation of Russian election interference all the while ignoring truly important information. Abolish the corrupt and inept FBI NOW!

      23. Those that post Gun Free Zone signs are responsible for protection of those that enter the space. Either control the school access points, or arm the teachers and staff.

      24. There was a drill set up to happen another day the day of the shooting before it happened. The shooter claims to have heard voices in his head. Another government controlled shooter like many in the past.

      25. I don’t believe anything the main stream media says or prints or any of what the so called “leaders” say– its all bullshit or thereabouts–

        We have been duped soooo much by them, it just doesn’t faze me anymore… they just want the money. Period.

      26. The FBI needs to be dismantled, everyone in it fired, I am sick of their clusterf*cks. Boston Marathon, and endless others. Illegal aliens deported, enter the U.S. again and again, and slaughter or rape American citizens. Trump, someone needs to scrutinize the FBI and take it down. Raze it to the ground. American citizens are not stupid, and taking notice of the FBI constant screw up s. Or, perhaps , it’s going to be one endless false flag events.

      27. Schools will have barbed wire, metal detection screens, bullet proof windows, steel doors, a student and parent ID to move around the school, attack dogs, cameras every 2 inches…Will It be enough, No, the FBI will get another shooting in…

      28. Many are upset, grieving, and praying for the victims of the Florida shooting. This has got to stop, immediately. Will it? Follow the money, who profits from the slaughter?

      29. B from CA….McArthur wasn’t a good guy . He let Patton charge the Bonus Veterans when he was told not to do so by the President .

      30. Fallen Below Integrity = FBI
        Far Beyond Inept = FBI
        Forgot Basic Investigation = FBI
        Foolish Banal Interests = FBI
        False Belief Instigators = FBI
        Fatal Brotherhood Insanity = FBI
        Far Better Inactive = FBI
        Feigned Benevolence Incorporated = FBI

      31. The organ grinders govt monkeys still on a Obama/Hillary control leash.At least the FBI ,the rinos/dems Drool for school shootings /turn their head to let it happen ,OR more likely = make them happen to destroy Pres Trump and America for a Communist
        style/South Africa Mandela genocide with dreamer-illegal alien foot solider agenda .
        Check your preps/food /water arms ,something could jump off at the drop of a Mao book.

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