Fake Science: CDC Publishes Totally False Data on Gun Injuries, but the Left-Wing Media Eats It up Without Any Supporting Evidence

by | Oct 18, 2018 | Headline News | 19 comments

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    This report was originally published by Ethan Huff at NaturalNews.com

    Though they’ve slightly faded from the spotlight ever since the Judge Brett Kavanaugh confirmation circus, the “March For Our Lives” gun-grabbers are still busy behind the scenes trying to eliminate your Second Amendment rights – and they’re doing it using fake gun injury data being published by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

    A recent investigation by FiveThirtyEight and The Trace found that the CDC is publishing gun injury data that the agency itself admits is “unstable and potentially unreliable,” though the mainstream media seems to have no problem with citing it is “factual.”

    While various other agencies, organizations, and entities that track such data have procured data showing that gun violence is down in recent years, only the CDC is reporting that it’s somehow increasing. This is what’s known as an outlier, and for scientific purposes it’s typically thrown out as erroneous. But since it matches the leftists’ anti-gun narrative, it’s often peddled in the fake news as “science.”

    “… the CDC’s report of a steady increase in nonfatal gun injuries is out of step with a downward trend we found using data from multiple independent public health and criminal justice databases,” reports FiveThirtyEight. “That casts doubt on the CDC’s figures and the narrative suggested by the way those numbers have changed over time.”

    More than a dozen public health researchers agree: CDC gun injury statistics are fake news

    Responding to an analysis memo indicating major problems with the CDC’s gun injury data, an agency spokesperson reportedly responded to FiveThirtyEight and The Trace with claims that the CDC is “confident that the sampling and estimation methods are appropriate,” even though they’re antithetical to every other gun injury dataset out there.

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    The CDC claims that it merely used data from the Consumer Product Safety Commission that showed a massive increase between 2015 and 2016 of 31,000 gun injuries.

    “Although visually, the [CDC] estimates for firearm-related assaults appear to be increasing from 2015 to 2016, there is not a statistically significant difference between the estimates,” this same spokesperson added in the agency’s official response.

    But The Trace and FiveThirtyEight had their analysis looked over by more than a dozen public health researchers, all of whom validated that there are serious problems with the CDC’s data that skew an accurate understanding of firearm-associated injuries.

    “No one should trust the CDC’s nonfatal firearm injury point estimates,” says David Hemenway, director of the Harvard Injury Control Research Center.

    More than 50 “academic” papers have cited bunk CDC gun data since 2010

    Even so, more than 50 published “academic” articles have cited the CDC’s fake gun injury data since 2010, including a paper published last year in the American Journal of Epidemiology that claimed there exists a “hidden epidemic of firearm injury.”

    “For those of us who are doing this kind of research, it’s disconcerting,” Priscilla Hunt, a researcher at the non-profit RAND Corporation, is quoted as saying about the great disservice that the CDC is doing to public consciousness as it pertains to guns and the Second Amendment. “With the CDC, there’s this general assumption that they are reliable and have good data.”

    According to FiveThirtyEight, there are more academic experts, scientists, and researchers than you probably think who are coming to the shocking-to-them conclusion that the CDC can’t actually be trusted, despite having a reputation as being “official” and “unbiased.”

    “I don’t know when the last time was when someone took a look at the methodology,” stated the Linda DeGutis, a former director of the CDC’s National Center for Injury Prevention and Control. “A federal agency should be able to compare the data sets that are available to say, ‘Wait a minute, why are we seeing these discrepancies?’”

    Be sure to read the full FiveThirtyEight report on the CDC’s fake gun safety data at this link.

    For more news about guns, check out Guns.news.

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      1. The cdc is just a part of the unelected unaccountable unconstitutional 4th branch rogue government apparatus erected by nwo elites and communists that are really just a 5th column weapon being used against the republic and the gullible and indoctrinated.

        • Ann,
          I agree.
          CDC can perform as a important coordination function,
          but it certainly should not be publishing
          political policy.

        • Ann McDougal, welcome aboard. I like your style.

        • Ann McDougall, all of the alphabet agencies today were created by the bureaucracy that feeds on itself to grow via your tax dollars and of course the unions that make sure they grow ever larger. None of the agencies were created by a valid voting process ! This also explains precisely why our supposed education system is out of control and totally dysfunctional. Again the unions make sure these entities grow even larger and are seriously politicized and corrupted just like all the supposed agencies !

          None of it functions correctly, fairly or justly and that includes the entire judicial branch. Any wonder USA is whacked today ?

          All of us know the entire system is a sham today. But amazingly it took DJT to show us all just how bad it really is ? When all is said and done the unions are a huge part of the massive corruption, because you cannot fire anybody for anything ? So of course it all continues. A sort of built in safety net for the criminals and lazy asses who willingly use the system as their own security blanket and piggy bank !

          Now of course it is so incredibly politicized we see many people within the system leaking all manner of supposed secure information to harm whoever they choose. Not only at DOJ and FBI, but IRS and many other agencies. At least 50% of the people working for the gov should be fired, maybe more ? And until we do such, not much can change. Some of them must also be prosecuted for their actions and we are just beginning to see that take place.

          5 years ago, a very short time frame over a life time, most people here had no idea how seriously broken and corrupted our government is. And the truth is none of us would know what we know today had Hillary won ! Let that sink in, especially any democrats still claiming to be democrats ?

      2. The left doesn’t need “evidence” – of anything. Their depraved ideology is their bible. The fakestream media is their voice. Propaganda is their education. And they eat lies for breakfast.

      3. If the government states something then it must be true! Deep state again….

      4. If the government states something then it must be true! Deep state again….

      5. We have said of mutually-opposing, religious views, that both sides can’t be right. What of mutually-opposing political views, under the force of arms.

        Guns were held by antifa protestors and were used to detain ‘Proud Boys’. Good-natured people would be disarmed, at gunpoint. Holder armed drug runners in the Fast/Furious debacle, and Hillary claims to have armed the Islamists (probably, as proxies against the Russians.)

        I don’t really mind, if you want to take your aggressions out on old junk cars. But, there are probably countless people, who can’t credibly be afforded a natural right. Libertarianism doesn’t name names.

        • Beaumont, please verify where and when Antifa twits used guns to detain PBs ? I call BS and am not aware of any such event and I am well up to speed with PBs, 3pers and Oath Keepers.

          I suppose I could have missed it but I seriously doubt it ! My point is making false or misleading comments is the end game of the left extremist, not the groups I mentioned. A link or ? please to verify your comment.

      6. I don’t consider myself liberal or conservative, just someone who supports the Bill of Rights as originally written. Both sides work against these self evident common sense truths. They want your self defense and your freedom of speech shut down across party lines. Subservient hapless peons is the current established neverending goal.

        • aljamo, no doubt a uni-party has existed here in USA and has grown over time. Thus the RINOs and various extreme factions of the DEMs. I consider my self a conservatarian who will uphold the Constitution as written and the Bill of Rights for one simple reason. Both were intended to protect all of us from a tyrranical government going rogue and we are there in spades ! I see no choices but to stand for the original concepts or lose all of our liberties and any resemblance of freedom left in this country. The DEMs clearly are the worse of the two existing parties, for many obvious reasons exposed by the Obama failed experience and experiment of stupidity ! By putting the deep state on steroids and corrupting it beyond reason, they almost succeeded in over throwing this nation and society. We still have a chance and that is all that matters !

      7. Main stream media and hemorrhoids have some things in common. Both are a pain in the ass and produce bloody sh*t!

      8. I wonder if reading a history book is reading 90% lies and believing them? The father of. Lies has been in charge, so it seems maybe the opposite of what we’ve been told is the truth? And as Alexander Solshnitzen said , The reason the Holomodor is little known ,is because the perpetrators control the media..And what group controls the media? Carl Marx ,real name ,Moses Mordicia Levy, Trotskies ,real name Lev Bronstien , Stalins real name translated,guess? Nikita Kruschef, real name ,Solomon Pearlmutter, FDRs family changed its name from Rosenfeld, George Marshall,passed over for Eisenhower who’s year book nick name was , The terrible Swedish Jew, Sometimes I wonder if Napoleon was there first major attempt, but they couldn’t get Russia, But in 1917 they did but lost it in the 90s and are trying to get it back now? And Poland and Hungary? Elya Eranberg, and the why we fight army films , convinced American soldiers to help the communists rape and enslave half of Europe, and now the final blow to Germany,Sweden,France !Italy, And why? The children of satan do their fathers will ? Revelation 2:9 ?

        • Not only Marshall but 29 other Senior Officers were passed over. When WWII ended Patton began releasing his German POWs. He told them to go home and rebuild your country. Eisenhauer ordered him to stop. Patton ignored him. Eisenhauer starved to death many German POWs. He had a deep hatred for them.

        • Traitor Hator, I have pointed out thousands of times and in many ways, how and why we all live under many illusions created for us ! Most people were and are so comfortable with the illusions or lies they do not want to face many if any truths ? Ponder that because it is completely valid and the reason governments and other control freaks gain more power. There are many such simple truths. This explains most of this phenom


          • Read about the, Tambov Rebellion

      9. The ‘march for our lives’ crowd will end up RUNNING for their lives when they encounter resistance from 100,000,000 gun owners who aren’t giving up squat.

      10. The Deplorable Renegade, those same 100,000,000 have already given up far too much and have done ZERO about it except talk junk ? Do you really think you are free and have not lost many liberties already ? get real.

        This is precisely why we must do whatever we can to turn this ship around and make a stand ! Just the guns alone don’t mean much at all. I get weary of hearing this junk when I see most of those gun owners could not fight their way out of a wet paper bag, and I see this often if not daily !

        I am well versed in firearms, likely more so than most here. Only a handful here have actually been is fire fight many times or even lived in a situation where they faced death 24/7 and fired hundreds of thousands of rounds. But I also realize there is much more to all of what we face than simply owning some guns ? Our mindset and capabilities are the real underlying issues and those things involve serious mental and physical attributes as well ! Just saying or relying on any number of guns is no answer to much of anything.

      11. I agree DTE. Who will you use your guns against? That is not the answer. Socrates said a man reaches his peak intelligence around 50. I’m 52 and Awake. I see the World in a completely different way.

        There are very few people that I can discuss this with other than a very few websites. You have to seek the Truth. I wonder why they call it the World Wide WEB? That thought just came to me while responding. I learn new things everyday.

        Symbolism will be their downfall.

        I Hope everyone has a Great Weekend. Enjoy what we have.

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