Facui Wants A Vaccine Mandate For All Air Travel Domestically

by | Sep 22, 2021 | Headline News | 16 comments

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    Head medical tyrant, Dr. Anthony Fauci, says that human beings should have to show their papers now that the fourth Reich has risen, before being able to board an airplane.  And the White House is looking at a “vaccine” mandate for domestic air travel.

    Fauci did say he still wants Sleepy Creepy Uncle Joe to be the one to make the mandate. He won’t be enforcing it, however. “I am not going to get ahead of the President,” Fauci said during an appearance on MSNBC. “I told others when they asked, and I will repeat it for you, that it is on the table and under consideration. There are going to be a lot of factors going into that. I have expressed that I would be in favor of that if the President decides to do that and if the individuals involved in advising him are in favor of doing that, I would be in favor of doing that.”

    He said the mandate could come as early as this fall or winter. “We haven’t taken options off the table, but I don’t have any updates to share with you at this point,” White press secretary Jen Psaki said on Thursday, according to a report by Newsweek.  “Our focus is on the implementation of the big steps we announced last week.”

    “It’s something we continue to look at,” White Chief of Staff Ron Klain said during a recent appearance on Pod Save America. “We want to kind of weigh the number of people that these requirements could vaccinate versus the burden on the vaccinated, having to show proof every time you go on to an airplane, having to wait on longer lines at TSA [Transportation Security Administration]. But I think it’s something we’ll look at as we continue to progress.”

    Already, those who choose to fly are required to wear face masks (ritualistic shame muzzles) until 2022. The fear-mongering will never end. The ruling is weighing how many people they can coerce into taking the vaccine if they make it mandatory for air travel.

    They have concluded that mandates will coerce more to into taking it if it’s for something “permanent” like employment.

    This is sinister at this point. Stay prepared and alert. This ends when enough of us say it does. Until then, keep preparing.


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      1. Do what you are told and you will be allowed to participate in all normal life activities.

        Don’t do it and you won’t.

        Simple enough to understand.

      2. A pentagon/Darpha document just released (DARPA PREEMPT program HR 001880017)
        Shows how they(Bill Gates, Fauci gain of research programs) planned to spray certain spike protein nano particles into bat caves for the bats to asorb it so they can transfer it to humans as SARS COV 19 as a bioweapon to use against the public.

        When will they arrest these criminals?

        • It will take a coup tp oust these scum from the offices of power they hold. Obama had 8 years to hand pick military leaders that are slanted to the lefts cause. it will take a miracle to clean them out!

          • That was tried on January 6th, and failed miserably.

            When you put everything on the line and lose, you lose everything.

      3. Thank you for being
        on our side. Read this somewhere and it pretty
        much sums up what this
        covid b.s. is really about:

        a gigantic hoax to strip everyone of their freedoms, collapse all small businesses, and create a global medical tyranny.?

      4. Can’t believe noone has stepped on that Falsie bug
        yet and squashed it once
        and for all.

      5. I see rat faced Fauci came
        out of his hole again

      6. The “Dr” is out…..of his mind.

      7. There was a line in a movie
        long ago and it reminded me
        of Fauci and all of his oh so
        wonderful recommendations
        and opinions on everything.
        I believe it went something
        When I want your opinion,
        I’ll beat it out of you!!!!!??

      8. Since I think all of us are tired of listening to the esteemed “Dr” , I just remembered another funny
        line(can’t remember if it was
        a movie or TV series)
        Think a cop pulls over a
        couple of guys and before
        they can even say anything,
        he lets them know he doesn’t
        want to hear anything from them. I think the line was:
        “If I want any shit from you,
        I’ll squeeze your head”??

      9. Fauci can eat shฯt, and take a long dirt nap

      10. Everyone should be given their own plastic head shield with oxygen supply. Flight attendants then need to make me happy if they want me to fly again after turning the whole experience into hell on earth. I will only fly if I have no choice, but never for pleasure.

        Getting frisked like a criminal because we need to let millions of angry ? Muslims live free among us, being tested at my expense like cattle readied for the slaughterhouse, getting endless vaccine boosters, and being threatened with pricy quarantine hotels, all I can say is no thanks.

        I can make Mexican food at home, whack off to exotic lovelies for free and won’t even catch a disease!

        As for the joys of travel – sweaty, hairy A-rabs hustling me to buy a carpet, sleazy Indian cab drivers, the sh#ts, scuzzy waiters trying to bang my wife, hotel rooms full of cockroaches and the sounds of Russian hookers banging clients all night long, black thieves and hustlers, gypsies trying to mug me at ATMs, and that stench of piss that permeates anything public in Paris, why leave home for that!

        When I was younger I could guarantee banging a flight attendant or two, or a frisky hotel maid, but these days I would not even hug the gorillas in high heels ? they hire to fly the friendly skies.

      11. Why all the angst about this?

        Y’all didn’t do shit when the fake terrorism on 9/11 created Homeland Security. Now you get groped just to fly. So they make you get a vaxx now to fly. Another right converted to a state privilege that no one will do anything about but cry online how wrong it is.

        Everyone accepted the TSA after false flag 9/11 with no backlash. Now you’ll accept this, too, or not fly. The time to do anything about it has long passed.

      12. True enough; the TSA should also be disbanded, or at least the searches made less intrusive.

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