Facebook Makes Good On Their Vow To Censor Political News They Dislike

by | Nov 6, 2018 | Headline News | 26 comments

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    Facebook is making good on their promise to censor political news they dislike before the midterm elections.  Just like they vowed, the social media giant has identified, flagged, and blocked dozens of accounts for not towing the correct political line.

    It appears that only the United States government is allowed to pander political propaganda, no one else. According to Fox News, on Monday night, Facebook said it identified about 30 accounts and 85 Instagram accounts flagged by law enforcement as having possible ties to foreign entities.

    What else can it be called but censorship, repression, and East German style Stassi tactics of suppression of conservative thought that would make Chinese Communists proud?  But this is America. Freedom of the press. Freedom of expression. Freedom of speech,  spoken or written.

    But not on Facebook. Not with the tech giants, whose bias against conservatives is out of control. The consequences don’t extend to just me, in spite of the fact that I am the one being censored. It extends to all of us. It censors all of us. –Community Digital News


    American politics has descended into a “civil war” by other means.  Everyone in the U.S. seems intent upon using their vote to force their will onto everyone else, while somehow managing to believe that makes them NOT an authoritarian tyrant and willing participant in the enslavement of millions. And Facebook is no different.


    Facebook is so far not even attempting to hide the fact that they fully intend to censor anyone who speaks out against the numerous aggressions of the government or their hired enforcers. The social media giant said in a statement that it became aware of accounts that may be “engaged in coordinated inauthentic behavior” aka; behavior Facebook declared” dissent from the government-approved behavior,” on Sunday evening. The accounts were blocked and a further investigation is underway.

    “Almost all the Facebook Pages associated with these accounts appear to be in the French or Russian languages, while the Instagram accounts seem to have mostly been in English — some were focused on celebrities, others political debate,” the statement read. Facebook then literally admitted that the censorship was done to affect some kind of outcome in the midterm elections. Facebook said its decision to release its preliminary findings stemmed from the fact that “we are only one day away from important elections in the U.S.” Who is meddling in the elections now?

    Democratic Senators called on Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg last week to address the apparent loopholes in the social media’s political ad buying, which reportedly allows anyone to purchase an advertisement under any name – including prominent Senators like Mitch McConnell and Chuck Schumer, according to reports from New York Times and Vice News.  The political ruling class seems very upset that people are now balking the entire system set up to enrich those who are voted into power and enslave the very people who voted for the tyrants.

    “It is increasingly clear that major gaps exist in Facebook’s efforts, potentially allowing adversaries to exploit your platform with continued disinformation efforts,” the senators wrote in a letter Zuckerberg, PC Magazine reported. “We’re exploring additional checks to help prevent abuse and will respond to requests from law enforcement and election officials now and in the future, if new requirements arise,” director of product management Rob Leathern said in a statement to the outlet.

    Facebook’s real concern seems to be those who dissent completely and reject government control of any kind.

    Facebook announced Thursday that it was deleting 559 pages and 251 accounts that it claims were breaking Facebook’s rules against spam and “inauthentic” behavior. The Free Thought Project was one of the demolished pages, along with another of Bassler’s efforts, Police the Police. Both pages that produced content—stories, memes, and videos—that focused on government behavior and were shared widely among fans, particularly libertarians. -Reason

    “I contributed to Facebook’s success and growth!” Jason Bassler said with some frustration that fateful morning, a day after the social media giant unpublished the page for a media site he founded, The Free Thought Project. “I decided to create content day after day. Now they piss on us.”

    Facebook is firmly in the grips of the government – the same government that desires complete control over 325 million people. The appeal to authority that Facebook and other social media websites insist on is actually fairly disgusting. Control is only possible if they can censor the right things and get people to believe that as slaves to the ruling class (the government officials the voters vote into power), they are somehow free. No one reading this right now is a free human being and voting in this election won’t change that, regardless of who is voted for.

    “It is dangerous to be right in matters on which the established authorities [voted in political sociopaths] are wrong.” –Voltaire, The Age of Louis XIV


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      1. So uhhhh, why do idiots continue to use facebook?

        • Because they’re idiots. Why do idiots vote for Democrats?

      2. Genius, good question. No social media for me, period. No mofo from anywhere tells we WTF to do, say, think, etc.

        • This blog, E mails of political news and a phone call is as far as I reach for communication. I don’t have an interest in others activities. The desire to bare ones soul and seek acceptance from peers is juvenile and touchy/feely. Its a “chick thing” even if biological males use it.

      3. Conservatives should stop using farcebook altogether. Only true sheeple use this.

        • Like many people, so called Conservatives are lazy and place a very high value on convenience. Thus they will continue to use Facebook; how else are they going to see the posting of kids and pets? They will continue to watch TV and go to the movies, even though the Entertainment media complex constantly attacks and mocks their values. Americans as a whole are unwilling to sacrifice and endure a small amount of unpleasantness for their conservative convictions.

          For my part, I have not gone to a movie in over three years. I don’t remember the last time I rented from Red Box. I don’t watch TV. I don’t miss any of it. Nor do I go on “social media”.

      4. They still use Facebook because they are not smart enough to realize the dangers of free speech censorship. School smart equals dumbed down. The overseers laugh their asses off at the widespread stupidity and cluelessness.

        • “If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear.”

          ~ George Orwell

      5. If crowd size and enthusiasm mean anything, and Trump is drawing tens of thousands of screaming supporters, while Obama’s last speech yesterday drew more media than actual supporters. Then this election should turn out to be a route for democrats.

        The media have been pushing and supporting a big win by Democrats. I expect if this happens, bewildered Democrats will likely become violent. They have been fed a constant diet of division and hate, plus an expectation to win.

        Watch your backs, expect riots and anarchy. Stay safe everyone.

        • @Plan twice, prep once

          I agree! This can’t last and we can’t hold them off forever. At some point, they will gain enough control. I would rather have it all hit the fan now, because we have American’s willing to stand up who remember how it was before and how much we stand to lose. If it drags out we will have an entire new generation who has been indoctrinated, who are of voting age. I am prepping and planning for what is to come.

      6. I have to use FB for my small business- But I now have to be careful about posts because they put me in “Time-Out” for over a year as they didn’t like what I was selling. I have an on-line store and retail store too. They knew I sold ammo in our retail store but punished the on-line store for that. Hopefully the news will catch wind of what they are doing TODAY because of the elections. I can’t say what it is, but it won’t surprise any of the “deplorables” out there. This is just a sampling of what’s to come. Get ready-There is only one way out of all of this and it won’t be pretty.

      7. People do not speak to each other in person as much as they used to because of crutches like Facebook.

        Write letters. Buy Christmas Cards or make some. Communication is important.


      8. I believe in nepotism and safespaces. Why aren’t we doingng that.

      9. Loss of liberty is inimical to all forms of literature… The fact is that certain themes cannot be celebrated in words, and tyranny is one of them. No one ever wrote a good book in praise of the Inquisition.

        ~ George Orwell

      10. While I agree with with the veracity of the article, this website censors posts AND simply refuses to post comments through an editorial process. That is the pot calling the kettle black.

        In your defense, you are running a website of articles, not a forum of infinite commentary.

        • Some comments are automatically cleared by the system. Some have to be manually cleared. Some are sent to spam by Discus.

          • can you identify what features Discus uses to label ‘spam’?

      11. This only matters to the retards who still use Facebook.

      12. Facebook as a platform is ok. It was sold to the people/ public. We own it. The man who created it sold all rights to and control over it at that time. We,the owners, must file lawsuits against these unauthorized attacks on public owned platform.

      13. I have heard that gab.com is allowing people to post what twitter will not. Is it a suitable alternate social media ?

        • I’ve heard that the USPS can do the same thing. They only monitor the addresses and not the content (not yet anyway).
          This too is an alt to Twatter, Fucbook, etc., but you don’t hear people using it (any more).

          Point is:
          Nothing is going to be totally safe, PC or Uncle free. There will always be someone or something (entity) that will screw the works for everyone.

          Welcome to the Matrix.

      14. Possibly, noone reading would feel guilty about blocking a persistent leftist, posting on their fb timeline. So, who are we to gripe about censorship. You have just censored the pinko. You expect them to censor you. Rolls off the tongue, easily. Censor. Say it with me.

        The barebones programming is something that any mediocre hobbyist could accomplish — with the same exact looks. You could effectively plagiarize it, but without their branding or phish.

        What if you ask your ‘friends’ to support your knockoff version. Do they?

        I think, globalism and nationalism are compatible, in respect to erasing everyone’s respective identity. Identity politics is a question of loyalty. Are they? Should we count it up?

        • compare-able

          I think, globalism and nationalism are compare-able , in respect to erasing everyone’s respective identity.

          Caught auto-correct, “fixing” this, at least twice.

      15. Mac if you are overloaded with comments, yet want site traffic due to comments, the natural mechanism is asking for balanced moderators and create a policy on allowable comments. No one can handle all comments themselves.

        I recall many more comments in the past than what you are now allowing.

        Lively debate creates site traffic. Bizarrely some violent comments that are totally unbalanced get published while benign helpful comments get suppressed.

        • Some are automatically approved by Disqus. Others are sent into “Pending” by the system. We have to manually go in to approve the ones that are sent to “Pending.” Sometimes there are nearly 100 comments to approve. We do not have staff manning the site 24/7. That is just not realistic.

          • Mac,
            Nobody expects every comment to be approved. Everybody needs help. It’s likely that some who visit daily might assist you.
            Several of the ladies are very well balanced ans tolerant for example.

            You can create a comment policy too like:
            1. So many per day.
            2. No commenting on week old articles.
            3. Set a comment length (see the film A River Runs Through It discussing brevity).

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