Facebook Is Giving Your Shadow Content To Advertisers

by | Sep 27, 2018 | Headline News | 13 comments

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    Facebook is giving your shadow content to advertisers in a very inconspicuous and unobvious way.  The social media giant is using a hidden layer of details they have stored about you.  Gizmodo has come to call this: “shadow contact information.”

    You might assume that you could go to your Facebook profile and look at your “contact and basic info” page to see what email addresses and phone numbers are associated with your account, and thus what advertisers can use to target you. But as is so often the case with this highly efficient data-miner posing as a way to keep in contact with your friends, it’s going about it in a less transparent and more invasive way.

    Facebook is not content to use the contact information you willingly put into your Facebook profile for advertising. It is also using contact information you handed over for security purposes and contact information you didn’t hand over at all, but that was collected from other people’s contact books, a hidden layer of details Facebook has about you that I’ve come to call “shadow contact information.” I managed to place an ad in front of Alan Mislove by targeting his shadow profile. This means that the junk email address that you hand over for discounts or for shady online shopping is likely associated with your account and being used to target you with ads. -Gizmodo

    One of the most obvious ways that Facebook ads in your newsfeed is the social networking giant allows an advertiser to upload a list of phone numbers or email addresses it has on file.  It will then put an ad in front of accounts associated with that contact information.  But according to the report by Gizmodo, this is just an obvious way and one of the many Facebook continues to violate your privacy rights. The social media giant is essentially spying on you every second of every day.

    Researchers discovered that when a user gives Facebook a phone number for two-factor authentication or in order to receive alerts about new log-ins to a user’s account, that phone number became targetable by an advertiser within a couple of weeks, according to the report by Gizmodo. That means that those users who want their accounts to be more secure are forced to make a privacy trade-off and allow advertisers to more easily find them on the social network.

    Facebook stopped making a phone number mandatory for two-factor authentication four months ago, but not many may know about this new change.

    For more detailed information on how Facebook is using your private information, aka, “shadow contact information,” click here to read the entire in-depth report by Gizmodo



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      1. Why does anybody with any degree of normal intelligence and common sense find it necessary to be on Facebook at all?

        Any product or service on the internet that is free is not the product or service, you are.

        • What gets me is many of the sites any of them, like Alex, prepper sites, Adam’s, all use facebook. Why?
          It is getting harder to log into somewhere without a facebook account.
          Everybody seems to have to have one.
          To me,that’s forcing people to have one. I don’t like it. And I do know they watch you. They asked me for my military ID once. I don’t have one.
          And I didn’t say anything bad. No secrets, just one observation.
          I don’t get any “special reports”.
          I just observe things more I guess.
          He’s a chip off the old block.

      2. If I had to write a book about self help, success, or highly-effective people, there would be stern reminder about procrastinators, timewasters, and chiselers. Feckless FB ‘friends’ are practically non-existent, in the real world, and should generally be removed from your list of priorities, in life, like the lukewarm, a louse, or an intestinal parasite.

      3. Who in their right mind uses farcebook? No reason is good enough knowing what they are.

        • Anyone that knows anything about computers should know anything you say will be out there forever.There is no erasing it. Period.

      4. If you use social media, you get what you deserve.

      5. 8 years of rolling over and surrender to Obamas minions and then the past two years of pansy antics to the domestic terrorism of the Left, the Congressional Repugincans again demonstrate they are nutless spineless useless cucks. thoroughly and to the core SICK AND TIRED of these FAUX SELLOUT “CONSERVATIVES”. America is not being gutted by the Liberals and Leftists, but by these weak corrupted pieces of sh* that call themselves Republicans. They have been hiding behind ranks of patriots that made real sacrifices for their country in the FALSE BELIEF that their interests were being served by In Name Only republican f*tards who were always burying the treasonous knife in their backs. Sickening and Disgusting that you playacted to the Americans who trusted you in 2016, and this is how you repay them for their support in the voting booth. You fully deserve the wrath of these scum now. Kowtowing freaking cowardly cucks. Its not bad enough Lady Liberty has been gang raped by the Left, but you sorry a*holes PIMPED HER OUT TO THEM. 40 days Republicans…40 days until the reckoning comes for your cowardice. We will hand the nation over to the corrupt leftist scum at the polls, and it will all rest on your bloody hands for your betrayal. better warm up your Twitter appeals to be included in the fraudulent Pound MeeToo movement.
        If you vote Republican this November, you are part of the problem of why this country is so f*ked up.

        • Truth be told, the Republican ruling elite -not the rank and file they rule over- don’t want to be the majority party.

          They would far prefer to sit back and let the Democrats rule so they can pretend to oppose their policies and put the blame for their failures on them.

          Something could have been done about that back during the Clinton administration when it got started, but it is probably too late to do anything now (as witnessed by Republican opposition to Trump and his conservative principles).

          IMO, of course, others may have a different but equally valid take on it.

      6. 1. People use it mainly for friends and family…get over yourselves and stop acting so pompous.
        2.Any information TPTB want on you they can readily get at any time anywhere unless you are totally off the grid. Even I woke to that fact several years ago.

        • Pssst,…hey Zuckerberg. Hillary lost the election, dude. Sorry to be the best me to tell you ?

      7. FarceBook is banned from my computer.
        value or usefulness to any online source.

        About the Kavenaugh case….
        I don’t believe Christine Ford for a minute.
        She is a psychologist and is a good actress…
        or in other words she is a “psychopath” just
        watch her mannerisms.
        What woman gets attacked by 2 men….then
        leaves the house with an UNKNOWN PERSON
        WHO SUPPOSEDLY DRIVES HER 1 1/2 miles to
        her home. Where was this witness when she was
        getting attacked? She had no cell phone, and she was only 15.
        I would remember WHO I GOT INTO A CAR WITH!!!!
        She wants no withesses to testify. Those who were said
        they either were not there or deny knowing her.

        When you are traumatized you usually remember
        She is being coached by the O. J. lawyer (s).
        This is an old….old…..smear tactic that LIBERALS
        HAVE NEARLY PERFECTED. They pull this every
        election like clockwork.

        • And she left her best friend in the house, the only female in the house, with the young men who had just tried to rape her, apparently without saying anything to her about it before she left.

      8. I talk, platonically, over FB messenger, with a woman from another country. She has a family. I’m not physically attracted.

        In the next window, Youtube shows me dating adverts, for women, from this same (obscure) country (not generally mentioned around an American watercooler).

        I watch benign, Christian subject matter, not really going into Westboro or white power kind-of stuff. Video is deleted, in the middle of the presentation.

        Within the last hour.

        One possible reason, to use as much security as possible, is not to be an edgy, macho outlaw, but because really-boring, normal behaviors have been vilified, or are under surveillance.

        Heterophobic, christophobic comments have been heard, openly, when I was walking a dog, buying bargain seeds, and helping an elderly person — imho, when I was being just generically, effortlessly wholesome. Human. Not especially going out of my way to make a strong values statement. You can get into trouble over this Norman Rockwell, classic daytime tv kind of stuff, that doesn’t seem to be a “thing”.

        I’ve had friends in low places. I know some secular, Aesop’s fables kind of vices, and have practiced a few of them, myself. Noone told me when to stop, then.


        I don’t feel that all behaviors or all beliefs are always equal, for all times and purposes.

        We err on the side of demoralization and infighting.

        In the Bible, there were foreign enemies, who defeated themselves. It was called a curse.

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