Facebook Fires Whistleblower for Leaking “Vaccine Hesitancy” Censorship Documents

by | May 31, 2021 | Headline News | 5 comments

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    This article was originally published by B.N. Frank at Activist Post. 

    As of late, Facebook has been coming under a great deal of scrutiny for its plans to launch an Instagram page for kids under 13, secretly tracking people through their iPhones, blocking posts from people of color, and much more.

    A recently fired employee has also leaked documents that prove Facebook has been censoring comments about COVID “Vaccine Hesitancy”.  Yikes!

    From Fox News:

    Facebook whistleblower fired after leaking ‘vaccine hesitancy’ censorship documents to Project Veritas

    Morgan Kahmann exposed Facebook’s efforts to suppress user comments opposing COVID vaccines

    Morgan Kahmann, the Facebook whistleblower who was suspended after leaking internal documents exposing a “vaccine hesitancy” censorship campaign, was officially fired by the tech giant.

    In a video shared on Friday, Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe is seen crashing a virtual meeting Kahmann was having with his employer, who had informed him that the company would be “terminating” him “effective immediately.”

    “I have to ask you why are you taking action against Morgan for publicizing these vaccine documents?” O’Keefe asked.


    “This is a private conversation between the company and our employee and we’re going to end the call,” an official responded before ending the virtual meeting.

    Kahmann has since launched a GiveSendGo campaign which has raised over $300,000.

    On Monday, Project Veritas released internal documents explaining “Vaccine Hesitancy Comment Demotion” which shows the “goal” is to “drastically reduce user exposure to vaccine hesitancy.”

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    “Vaccine Hesitancy” pre-dates COVID-19.  Vaccine side effects, injuries, deaths have been reported in adults and children for decades (see 123).  They continue to be reported about all COVID vaccines as well, including by celebrity recipients (see 12).  Nevertheless, every day there is no shortage of marketing both on and off social media to convince people worldwide to “roll up their sleeves” (see 123).


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      1. Sarcastic Tone

        Once again, Facebook? demonstrates why they are the undisputed champions (along with YouTube) of defending everyone’s right of freedom of speech.? sar.

      2. hmm...

        Recent Headline:
        OF GENETIC

      3. Bill

        Big tech is comprised by the State. Big tech has been de facto incorporated into the State’s domestic (and foreign) intelligence apparatus to gather up personal information and intelligence, about and against civilians and citizens. Big tech would not have access to official intelligence, but official intelligence would have access to anything and everything big tech accumulates.
        My guess is all the data collected by BT is not primarily used against individuals, but analyzed by “specialists” to see trends, popular beliefs, popular sentiments, and so much more, so as to further the State’s (and BT) ability to control what people believe, how they think, how to better manipulate society, etc. Few can imagine just how insidious it all really is.
        I respond accordingly; be anonymous as you can, use a good VPN, keep personal informative off the internet, never create social media accounts, and discourage your friends and loved ones to do the same so that you aren’t included in their postings.
        Unfortunately, it’s not only big tech that collides with the State. Banks, employers, credit card companies, local gov’t, you name it, all are legally compromised to work against your privacy and sovereignty if the State wants to know something. It has been discovered the State has even sought to compromise churches for information.
        You don’t need to worry about dangerous foreign enemies or foreign entities. Those who spy on you, wish to control you, undermine you, want to strip away your individual rights and freedoms away, threaten and punish you, deny your privacy, propagandize you and lie to you, are domestic. And frankly, want you dead.

      4. Exactly!!!

        Read this recently:
        “If your jab protects you,
        then why do I need one?”

        “If it doesn’t protect you,then
        how would it protect me?”?

      5. Darth Skippy

        We were either attracted or revulsed, as a matter of gut instinct. Everyone made up their minds, permanently, point blank, and used scientism as an afterthought.

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