Facebook Algorithm Flags The Declaration Of Independence As “Hate Speech”

by | Jul 4, 2018 | Headline News | 62 comments

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    Over the last couple of years major social media, news and video platforms have been actively engaged in the censorship of what they believe to be fake news and information. Often spearheaded by third-party review organizations known to have biased views, there have been countless examples of unpopular speech and commentary that has seen its distribution suppressed or outright banned.

    While there is most certainly a human element involved in the review and flagging of information, mega Silicon Valley conglomerates have also implemented automated systems to identify potentially hateful and repulsive content.

    To give you an idea of the kind of automation in play and what words and ideas are being identified as running contrary to the principles of media aggregators and distributors, consider that Facebook recently banned America’s founding document from being posted.

    Since June 24, the Liberty County Vindicator of Liberty County, Texas, has been sharing daily excerpts from the declaration in the run up to July Fourth. The idea was to encourage historical literacy among the Vindicator‘s readers.

    The first nine such posts of the project went up without incident.

    “But part 10,” writesVindicator managing editor Casey Stinnett, “did not appear. Instead, The Vindicator received a notice from Facebook saying that the post ‘goes against our standards on hate speech.'”

    The post in question contained paragraphs 27 through 31 of the Declaration of Independence, the grievance section of the document wherein the put-upon colonists detail all the irreconcilable differences they have with King George III.

    Stinnett says that he cannot be sure which exact grievance ran afoul of Facebook’s policy, but he assumes that it’s paragraph 31, which excoriates the King for inciting “domestic insurrections amongst us, and has endeavored to bring on the inhabitants of our frontiers, the merciless Indian Savages.”

    The removal of the post was an automated action, and Stinnett sent a “feedback message” to Facebook with the hopes of reaching a human being who could then exempt the Declaration of Independence from its hate speech restrictions.

     Source: Reason.com

    The Vindicator took a screenshot of the post’s removal:

    According to the Vindicator, the post was eventually restored after it was manually reviewed.


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      1. If the post Baby Boomer generation can be so dumbed down with omitting US history in their education imagine the result with more the active steps utilized in social media not just erasing but rewriting it.

        • Well said again Kevin2. The snowflakes & other poorly educated folks think they know everything, but the opposite is true.

        • If OUR Founding Fathers could see what the United States has turned out to be, I would guess they would add a lot more provisions restricting Government in the US Constitution. Our Government is not for the people but hijacked by parasites and war mongers who violate every article of the constitution. Congress declares war, not AIPAC nor the MIC Mafia / CIA / or MSM. Those turds need to be defanged then hanged for TREASON. Dept of Justice is the Dept of Fraud.

          • Leftists still control the mainstream narrative. They would love nothing more than to declare the entire Constitution to be null and void, a dead letter, written by dead White men.

            And, they are working towards that end. They now promote a Mexican socialist, as the “future of the democratic party”.

            White people who think President Trump will save America are fools. The marxists see Trump as a temporary obstacle, and the fact that White people want to remain asleep, as something useful.

            • 97 percent were asleep in 1776 ..only 3 percent fought …the leftist Marxist rats will be brutally exterminated..the rage will eventually boil over and they will be hunted down and slaughtered

              • FBI: I surely hope so!! As we are well beyond the point and it is needed so, so badly to right this ship so to speak. Not only are Civil Rights and Liberty at risk, the entire Constitution and the entire nation is at stake now period…Wake up folks and do what is needed to preserve Life, Liberty and a pursuit of so called happiness.

            • JustMe, good points. It’s up to armed patriots to save this land. No one else will.

              • Deplorable Braveheart: You are damn RIGHt about that one!!!! Armed, dedicated PATRIOTs are so, so very needed now!!

            • If the true followers of Trump would work with him, I believe he could get a lot more done towards getting this country back on it’s feet ! ! ! Everyone seems to be working against him on everything he tries to do ! ! ! The “DAMN DEMONIC-RAT PARTY” (or should I say communist left) is trying to bring this country to it’s knees so the “NEW WORLD ORDER” can take control ! ! ! ! Obama, the Clintons, Pelosi, Bernie Sanders, Mueller,Maxine Waters, Loretta Lynch, George Soros & his son and any dirty, crooked Politicians should be stripped of their wealth, arrested, convicted of sedition and treason against the “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and the CITIZENS THEREIN” then “PUBLICLY HANGED” for their crimes ! ! ! ! !

          • You’re ABSOLUTELY RIGHT! The problem is that once these cockroaches are elected to office they become impervious to anything. Look at HRC! Members of the political class can lie, cheat, steal, embezzle, subvert, rape and pillage with impunity.

            If you or I did HALF of what HRC did, we would have had our home broken into at three in the morning, our family dog would have been shot and killed, we would have been handcuffed and perp walked out of our home in our pajamas, arrested, booked and thrown in jail! In short order we would then be tried and convicted and tossed in jail for about 20 years!

            That’s EXACTLY what was done to U.S. Navy Sailor Kristian Saucier. He was lucky President Trump pardoned him. He figured if HRC was apparently innocent this guy should be treated the same way.

            In actuality HRC committed numerous felonies; the kind of felonies that used to get you the death penalty. No more. You see, the “Swamp” is so bastardized and intermingled with the left and the right…republicans and democrats that if we were to actually prosecute someone like HRC, she would no doubt take down several others as well. So it’s the old saying…”Everybody else is doing it to!” As a result, they all cover for one another.

            Meanwhile, a poor bastard like Kristian Saucier, who has actually made a difference and served his country and actually sacrificed is thrown to the wolves and quite simply told, “The law is the law!” They just left out the last part that says: unless you’re a politician!

            There is no doubt that OUR system is the best in the world. Unfortunately it was created to rely on what the Founders called an “Enlightened and virtuous citizenry who worship God and God’s Law.” That simply no longer exists. Such politicians are few and far between. The norm has become a representative who is elected and previously earns an average living. Maybe a decade later that same politician leave Congress a multi-millionaire on a salary that can not possibly make him one. How does that happen? We all know.

            It’s time to have a revolution and start from scratch. Get rid of every politician and civil servant. Update the Constitution with term limits, no lifetime appointments for anyone, no civil service jobs forever that have created the Deep State. Further in no way shape or form should government workers be unionized. The government should be drastically smaller with numerous agencies and departments chopped. THIS would be a damned good start! Just sayin’.

            • There’s no doubt the U.S. has a two-lane system of justice, one for “the elite”; quite another for “the plebes”. This must stop.
              If we could just get our elected representatives to work half as hard as President Trump it would be a start.
              And we absolutely MUST get to the bottom of the crimes of Clinton and associates. They must be indicted and tried in a court of law.
              The just-announced DOJ decision that cleared Awan needs to be set aside. This dude probably knows too much but that’s not a reason to let him go scot-free.

        • I have read through the grandkid’s history books. What passes as history for grade school children is unrecognizable as history to older people. Thank heavens that my son fills in the gaps which are major.

          For example, in the R3volutionary W@r, there were numerous non-white, non-male (and every other kind of -ism) people touted as playing major roles. I’d never heard of any of them. It was the same for other pivotal events in the shaping of this country.

          If they played the Daniel Boone TV show on a children’s channel, they’d wonder who it was.

      2. There is only one conclusion to be reached: The Declaration of Independence is full of hate.

        Is there anyone who thinks there is something wrong with that?

        • Nobody tampers with my Declaration of Independence or Constitution. OK facebook, there’s my ALLEGED hate speech. What are you going to do about it?

          • Hate is a natural thing. It is being suppressed now so that it can be redirected.

        • Hate against criminals, wrongdoers, treasonists and terrorists ! ! ! ! !

      3. As John Adams pointed out in Congress, June of 1776, more than a year after Lexington and Concord, and very nearly a year after Bunker (Breeds’) Hill, the colonists were already in a shooting war with the British, and some of them were still waving the olive branch. We had already established our own Army, Navy, and Marine Corps. There isn’t enough of that Independence Spirit to do that again, as we have too many olive branch wavers. We’re over run with quislings who want socialism, British style, a failed and rotten system if there ever was one. This Facebook treason is just the symptom of socialism and defeat. Can’t say treason? Why not? It’s all around us. They want us to shut up because they can’t handle the truth, and they only want their bilge to be heard.

        • paragraphs 27 through 31 of the Declaration of Independence, the grievance section of the document wherein the put-upon colonists detail all the irreconcilable differences they have with King George III.

          **Going back further in History. My English Forefathers back in 1638 Left England and sailed to America into Boston Harbor, just about 18 years after the pilgrims landed. Settled and made a life. They left due to the new Civil War coming up in England and a massive Tax protest to King Charles. He was later beheaded for Treason to the Country. So hey, My family been here in America for 380 Years. And I’m kinda getting tired of all this Tyranny, and we need to start the beheadings again in the public square. The other part of my family is Native American. Mohawk who were the tribe who had to confront the onslaught of the European immigrants. The Constitutions is actually modeled after the Mohawk Nations as where Benjamin Franklin states in order to make a more perfect union. Which was referring to the Mohawk and 5-6 Indian Nations Constitution in place already, that all men had equal treatment.

          Want to know real history. Always go seek the truth, its mind opening and you will see what a fraud of a country we have now, full of regulations and BS all to fund the obese Government to perpetuate their fraud on the globe. I wish I was born 400 years ago and came to America when it was pretty free, except for the religions freaks, controlling everything as usual.

          The Native American Indians knew how to create a Democracy. See how they were treated over the following century, and their culture burned to the ground, so the invaders could install their own puppet government here.

          • I did a study on the W@r Between the States (aka The Civil W@r) for a class I was taking about 20 years ago. Since I live in Northern Virginia, I decided to go to the library in Winchester, Va. to research historical documents in person.

            I was shocked at what I found. It was so different than what had been in history books. So, yes, get to the source whenever possible. The truth is out there.

          • Without the intervention and huge assistance of the French the American Revolutionary War would have been a remarkably short one…for the American colonists:

            Without the French, Ben Franklin’s supposed quote “We must, indeed, all hang together or, most assuredly, we shall all hang separately” was never more true.

            The “founding” fathers would have been hung as traitors (which then they legally were) and American history would have been a different story. Initially, Colonists, were an undisciplined rabble. Now that’s not bs. That’s verifiable history.

        • Sean: Yes, you are correct and why in the world do you think they have tried so, so hard to make the good, strong men of the United States into weak, easy going lil faggy queers? And have worked to lower T-levels for said men as well? They want us to be weak and timid and just go along and be good lil puppet clown whores. Wake up people and see WTF has been going on my Lord.

      4. The fact is that the Left/Progressives/Communists and their ideological allies (as in jihadists) are boiling with Satanic hatred of all that is good and holy.

        Our nations has received many blessings. Time to stand up and reclaim the one true God’s blessings through prayer, good works and the willingness to defend our borders, language & culture against all enemies.

        Boycott Facebook and Google. There are others available. Do not patronize their sponsors.

      5. Well, Mark Zuckerberg is a piece of shit so what does anyone expect?

        • Censorship is done on this site too.

          • Every site I suspect.

            • Try gab.ai

      6. Menzo,I would not degenerate a piece of shit like that.

        • The shit probably smells better.

      7. Facebook is all about making money from the dumbed down masses.

        • Facebook is a huge, prime example of WTF is wrong with this world and with this once great land!! I am so, so glad I deleted that garbage many years ago and I do not miss it!!

          • Never used it or Twitter. My “friends” actually exist in the human realm.

      8. “…Facebook is a business corporation, not the government, and as such it is allowed to restrict use of its services as long as those restrictions do not violate any laws. Plus, The Vindicator is using Facebook for free, so the newspaper has little grounds for complaint other than the silliness of it.”

      9. Yep we hated King George and his Redcoat thugs. They where hated so much They where ambushed and the patriots killed the heck out of them. And they did much the same. The Declaration of Independence. It was a Declaration of War. Nothing less Nothing more. And the patriots eventually won. Thanks to the Backwoods Rabble who won the Battle at Kings Mountian. So how did General Washington reward them. He unfairly taxed their Whiskey. And that was called the Wiskey rebellion. And the Federal Government has usurped its authority by leaps and bounds ever since.

        • Thomas Jefferson noted that the ink was barely dry, on the Constitution, before people were trying to undermine it…

        • Our revolution was also a civil war….in every way. This was particularly true in the southern colonies, where loyalty to the British Crown was much more prevalent. You had a lot of people who simply did not want to abandon being considered a part of England. In the end, they either got on board with their rebel neighbors….or they were forced to flee the country and go back “home”.

      10. I believe that a new Revolution is neeeded to take our republic back! The corruption and treason being done to the constitution daily is unprecedented!! And we have been infiltrated by every spy that you can imagine! Bathhouse Barry allowed so much sedition and treason! How did we allow a NON-AMERICAN be our President? Is he CIA? Why did he hide his past? Why did he put us in so much debt? He is a traitor and needs to be arrested!

        • 5280,
          Be careful what you wish for, you might get it. The sanctuary city where you are will see the cockroaches and rats overrun the metro area in the opening minutes of a major disaster. You’d best load and lock.

          • Wilson: If people are not locked and loaded by now, well, WTF in the world are they waiting for? Never a more important and vital time to be ready to take care of such important business and to retake this once great land and viciously exterminate the vast internal enemies upon us everywhere in this land.

        • Mile High: that no good, deviant, muslim tyranny rat muss so deserves to HANG!!!! Many deserve the Gas Chamber as well and that vile, prime example of evil and it had such obvious HATE & disrespect of the US Constitution, which meant nothing at all to that worthless African gorilla, married to a he-she ape as well.

      11. It The Declaration Of Independence is “Hate Speech” Then I’m a hater. and I hate all that call it hate speech. They can all go strait to HELL!!!!


        • Absolutely 100% agree with you Sarge !!!!!!!!

      12. Facebook is getting to be hate speech! I got off of there long time ago.

      13. Predatory capitalism is what is ruining this nation for the overwhelming percentage of the population. The predators run the banks, run the wars and run the divisiveness that runs the relentless attacks on freedom.

      14. It is very important to pay attention to this.
        Our younger generation is using the computer to learn. Almost all college courses rely on computers. Paper is being eliminated. Though we still have access to paper books, they are becoming more expensive. Some older copies of books are sold for hard to believe prices. This outpricing of an item is a hidden form of censorship.

        “Indian ‘Savages’” might have tripped the censor algorithm.

        Almost anything with the word “Jew” can set off the censorship algorithm.
        Criticism of Jews is hate speech.

        Pointing out that Jews are over represented in Academia is hate speech. Pointing out that virtually all the people running the Federal Reserve are Jews is hate speech. Pointing out that the slave Trade was a Jew enterprise is hate speech. Pointing out that the “Melting Pot” was a Jew play, and that “diversity” is a Jew agenda is hate speech. Reminding people that Jews have “opened borders” throughout history is hate speech. Identifying Jews as the primary force behind pornography is hate speech. Pointing out the part played by Jews in the degeneracy of art is hate speech.

        Jews own virtually all the forms of communication: Publishing is almost completely in the hands of Jews, and this is hate speech.


        • Uh oh, you said the J-word that rhymes with poo. That will get you sent to Mac’s detention every time.

        • Jews are a bunch of garbage trash. I hope they are one day and one day soon taken care of. . .

      15. I was censored. I used the three letter word.

        My point was proven thus. Know (((who))) you may not criticize.

        That is who is behind suppression of freedom of speech, and yet uses freedom of speech to promote pornography.


      16. Just one more example of why I say that a civil war is coming.

        How can people with such opposing beliefs occupy the same real estate?

        We are not talking slight differences of opinion on minor issues. These are fundamental disagreements in world view. Compromise on these issues is not possible. There will ultimately be one side or the other that will win….and because these are such fundamental beliefs, the winning party will not be decided….cannot be decided peacefully.

      17. If there is so much about this country you don’t like, get the hell out!! I’ll help you pack!!

      18. Almost makes EMP sound good….

      19. We the people need to enforce the oath of office that they take

        to protect the constitution and no one is exempt

      20. IMDB has editors who know nothing of US History. One of them named Brandon Hardesty posted a snarky video ode to July 4th, showing clips from movies. He stated that the DOI was signed on July 4th. It was signed on August 2nd. The date on the DOI was chosen as it went to press. Independence (war with England) was declared on July 2nd.

        Amazon owns IMDB. They spread their own “hate speech” day after day, promoting homsexual programming, atheism, etc. Leftists like Mr. Hardesty continue to issue their own propaganda, attempting to remake America into their socialist gay paradise. Who’s stopping them?

        • Drag: You are right, this vicious, vile scum needed to HANG!! Save this once great land folks.

      21. I’m A.I. and I plead the 5th..

      22. New start up social media “MeWe” leave the socialist dictatorship “Farcebook” now.
        Those who program the algorithm incorporated their leftist views into it. Fair not at all, leftist yes.

      23. Post the communists manifesto and it will trend on Facebook.

      24. Flak Facebook, stay away from it!

      25. I keep telling people G00gle and Fakebook
        are globalist sites and people insist they
        are great. Well, use at your own risk… they
        don’t exist to serve you….you exist to serve them,
        and many other sites online.

      26. Facebook I now rename as HATEBook because it HATES liberty, it HATES autonomy, it HATES free speech, it HATES the Constitution and all Constitutionally protected rights, it HATES dissent, it HATES dialogue, it HATES autonomy, it HATES allowing FREE people to think for THEMSELVES!

        Matter of fact, it HATES all of YOU reading this because NONE of your posts would SURVIVE on HATEbook!

        Make no mistake, people, its algorithms are HUMAN-inserted, HUMAN-created.

        Censorship is Censorship.

        The GOOD news is that more and more young people are seeing HATEbook for what it is: a bastion of control, a threat to genuine liberty, and the Public Censor that Orwell warned about.

        So HATEbook needs an EXORCISM!

        Outside of the real thing, though, the second best exorcism I can think of is more and more Americans DELETING Hatebook from their lives. I never had it, and never will.

        Newsflash: I don’t need Mark Zuckerberg or his HATEbook to tell me WHAT to think, HOW to think, nor to CENSOR what I think!

        This is called DEMOCRACY, Mr. Zuckerberg. Take a Civics class, better yet, study your American History. You don’t care about it ANY of that, though, for if you did, your Winklevoss-stolen Facebook idea would be Democracy Book.

        You, sir, know nothing about democracy. You answer to your masters daily.

        The good news? All the darkness your HATEbook promulgates cannot overwhelm the light of one small candle, and that candle, sir, is the TRUTH!


        Your HATEbook is so DE-evolutionary. It’s actually repulsive.

        So we will continue to TELL the truth, Mr. Zuckerberg, and there’s not a damn thing you can do about it.

        SECOND Newsflash: When throughout history arrogant people attempt to MUZZLE the human spirit, human liberty, and human freedom, God’s children FIGHT BACK with both spoken and written words, and when their lives literally become threatened, with bullets.

        Patriots understand well the Commandment, “Thou shalt not kill”, meaning they will not lay down and cooperate with their lives being extinguished by evildoers because that would mean they would be permitting their own deaths and cooperate with that evil, thus violating that Commandment.

        This is why the evil people (among other things) exploit the tragedies of school shootings in an attempt to make us believe that a gunless nation is a safe nation. Anyone who has studied Adolph Hitler will know that is bullmanure.

        Yet the evil people care nothing at all about the fact that 450,000 people a year die from another type of bullet: the cigarette bullet!

        Conclusion: they don’t REALLY care about our youth, our students. They ONLY care about them insofar as they will USE them to accomplish their AGENDA: to rid the United States of America of its Constitution and its Bill of Rights, two incredible documents that encapsulate all of our God-given rights.

        Pray, prep, get right with God, rinse, and repeat daily.

        God bless you all.

        – the Lone Ranger

      27. The Declaration was in the Same vien as the Song they play at the Beginning of Malcon in the Middle. The lyric’s (your not the boss of me now) That what the framers told the English authorities. Certianly not a love song more of a hate song. Nothing wrong with well deserved just desserts. That all I ever want I want everyone to get whatever they deserve and deserve whatever they get. cant be more fair than that.

      28. By today’s standards, Facebook is correct. The Declaration of Independence was written by Englishmen, for Englishmen, and to Englishmen and for no other race or ethnic group. Its exclusion makes it hate speech, especially since it was by, for, and to Whites.

      29. A friend of mine once told me that the current political mess will continue until people March on Washington with guns, lots of people lots of guns. It looks like that may end up as the new reality.

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