FAA Issues 36 No-Fly Zones in 13 Days

by | Jun 20, 2011 | Headline News | 30 comments

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    In an effort to keep our readers informed of global goings on, we couldn’t ignore the latest report from our friends at The Intel Hub who have a large network of contributors around the country. When it hits the fan, it’s organizations like these that will get wind of it first (that’s why they’re on our daily priority reading list).

    As reported by radio host Shepard Ambellas:

    As you know I have been following the earth changes since the event that many believe place around June 6, 2011. I have documented the new norther sunrise and have received hundreds of reports from around the world.

    Local reports in and around the Fort Calhoun Nuclear Plant suggest that the waters are expected to rise at least 5 more feet.

    Suspicious military movements have been spotted within the Continental United States, including unmarked vehicles and soldiers.

    Here is a video regarding the nuclear plant in Nebraska:

    Not only has the FAA issued a temporary NO FLY ZONE near the Nebraska nuclear plant,they have issued over 36 in the last 13 days!

    …View the rest of this story at The Intel Hub…

    We’re not exactly sure if these are exercises, but it is clear that the nuclear plant issue is a high level priority, so the no-fly zone in that area makes sense. However, the report includes several other instances of military mobilizations, personal accounts, and government activity that suggests something is up.

    We urge our readers not to panic, but as always, remain vigilant. The world can change from one day to the next.


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      1. I hope i’ve got time to finish my preps!

        LOL wimper wimper (total sobbing breakdown).

        • Finish? How do you do that? If you get to a point that you are done prepping, please let us know. I have tried to imagine what that might be like. Right now I can’t. I’ve got my foot on the throttle.

          Just play’n with ya, keep it up.

        • ROTGLOL – love this post but the reality of its content is real and cuts to the bone.

      2. are these really just TFR’s? (Temporary Flight Restrictions)

        and not “No-Fly” Zones

        No-Fly Zones are a military term

        And, as a pilot , you are taught that all Nuke plants have a ring of no flight around them,(usually 3 mile ring and to a certain altitude above them not to be breached,..

      3. Sounds like preps may be useless if the world flips upside down literally speaking. We can’t prepare for that.

        • I know that the scientific community has recorded some polar north changes but I listened to and read the info from IntelHub about the “norther sunrise” and I am wondering if there are any scientists out there who can confirm any of this.
          I have lived in the same house for over 20 years and wake up at or before dawn every morning. I am a gardener so I am aware of the sun and it’s movement accross my yard and gardens and how to best take advantage of this. And I can tell you that during spring the sun “rises” more to the north every day till 6/21 (solstice) and then it starts “moving south” again till it is rising to the full east. This has happened every year for the past 22 yrs in this yard. I live in a northern state so we have longer days in the summer and it is very obvious. When I lived in the south it was not nearly as obvious but it still happened.
          So is there a professional scientist out there who can confirm any kind of polar activity?

      4. people that dont know , need to be a bit more careful of the terms they use..

        You cannot fly near Large hydro dams, or Nuke plants, and some large power plants and most government installations..these are not called No Fly zones, and they have been in place way before any of this governmental freedom grab..

        new additions due to natural desasters are TFR’s there is a difference, they are not No -Fly Zones

        Ok i went and looked..people, these are TFR’s..

        dont get me wrong there are flood issues that are huge..
        but dont feed into the fear BS of “No-Fly Zones” talk.

      5. Mac, sorry but thats a mis-leading Title..

      6. On top of ‘no fly zones’ I’m sure everyone would be very interested to know that there are now cops clocking speeders up in helicopters IF you live in one of 19 states (most likely with more to follow suite)


        I’ve kinda got a feeling things like both of the above are going to become more common as we progress through 2011. All that I’m hearing now is ‘police state this, police state that, World War III (possibly) right around the corner along with a stock market crash of epic proportions’…buckle up everyone, it’s gonna be one hell of a ride!

        • Nothing new here….we’ve been doing that for a few decades now….planes can be used also…..next conspiracy ?

          • I was about to say the same thing..My DE was a copter cop in ohio. And when they have our money to use aganst us..they use aircraft of any kind

      7. FAA Issues 36 TFR’s in 13 Days

        That I would buy

        Now on to the real threat, these flood waters ..you can thank our government for this too..and the Corps of Engineers. they have been daming up water for Hydro power and other uses and ignoring its need to flow when heavy rains and melting occur

        they should have been on top of this a long ass time ago.

        • I second what you have said concerning the TFRs, real threats and ‘should have been on top of this a long…time ago’. The gov’t has known of the potential of the flooding, they just don’t care. They need as many excuses or doors to stretch their involvement and authority over the American people. Like Anonymous Blogger has said ” buckle up everyone, it’s gonna be one hell of a ride!( which gave me quite a laugh).

        • this kind of shit should get him impeached immediately..where is he, oh yeah..probably on vacation somewhere not in this country i would venture to guess.

          if this is in fact true that this “black out” was ordered from his lips.
          people need to be demanding answers….NOW!

          • That would be nice, but then we get O’Biden. Dumb and dumber.

            • Yeah, True..
              Dumb and Dumber is exactly what we have right now, and it looks like that wont change when the so called Vote comes again..
              it seems to be just re arranging deck chairs on a sinking ship

      8. No-Fly-Zones are an absolute tactical absurdity. Do the math.

        With a 4 mile restriction zone ring, at a 250 MPH airspeed, it would take less than 60 seconds to dive into a target. It would take longer for radar specialist Sgt. Stooge at NORAD to stop picking his nose and pick up the damn phone to notify his superior of the violation.

      9. I drove through SE Nebraska into NW Missouri yesterday along hwy 136. Flooding has already closed part of I-29 in Iowa and this was the alternate route. When I crossed the Missouri river there were dozens of cars parked along the road and lots of people on the roadside with cameras. The water was just beginning to spill over several parts of the levee. No doubt the Missouri state side is gonna see major flooding over many thousands of acres of farmland. Can’t blame the onlookers since this probably is a once-in-a-lifetime level of flooding. But as I drove by I wondered to myself, ‘how many of these people have more than 3 days worth of food or drinkable water at home? Or fuel or flashlights or…?’ I hope my cynicism is misplaced and most of them have made some plans and stocked up a bit.

        • VRF, I am quite sure that the extra peanut better and canned goods is prioritized way below:

          1. Get a picture of *THAT*!!!
          2. Whats on TV tonight?
          3. When does the party start?

          If anything, you hope is misplaced.

          3%. Its seems to be a rule. Not that 3% are prepping but 3% have thought about it and will be OK. The other 97%? Well, I just hope the 3% have some extra. I know I do!

          • I would give most from Nebraska and that part of the country a better chance of having some level of stores in the pantry. They might be double that 3%. That’s still not a good average.

      10. Im more worried about how this is going to impact farming..long term..not good..food shortages, price hikes etc..

        not to mention the displaced people

        I have some friends that are down there in the thick of this, they were told they had a few weeks to pack up and split..than the time frame was shortened up buy more then a week, they had to hussle to get the hell out.

        im sure a lot of these people will never be back there.

        this can turn into a game changer, you can than the short sightedness of this government..I think it was planned

        • I’ve just lived through the floods in Queensland, Australia, which affected a whole state about as big as a fifth of the continent. You’re right about the food shortages and price hikes. The bigger concern initially was panic buying, mainly of normal prepping supplies, generators, sandbags, powdered milk, matches, toilet paper etc. Then after the stores were emptied, the trucks couldn’t get through the flood waters to refill anything. There were isolated communities that only had small ‘general stores’ which are generally more expensive than the chain supermarkets anyway, but inflated their prices as much as they could, before all their stock ran out. I’d heard of $40 for a pack of cigarettes, and they tried to charge $10 for a loaf of bread.

          That was just during the flood though. As the waters receded, people put their gumboots on and went to scrape mud out of total strangers houses, in their thousands. The trucks could get through again, but the main fruit and veg wholesale distributors had massive damage and didnt open for a while. It wouldn’tve mattered, because they would have had little to sell, with all the ruined crops. Queensland is the major producer of bananas in Australia, and even now bananas are still $13 a kg, (I guess about $6.50 a pound?)Works out to about $5 for 3 bananas.

          The worse problem for flooding and crops are the water borne seeds. Once the water goes down and the mud dries out, there will be a gazillion refugee weed seeds, debris and dead animals all through the farming land. Not to mention the snakes. Snakes sought refuge from the flood waters in peoples houses. Many people just put them in a pillowcase and let them out when the waters went down. People sympathised with all creatures! 😉

      11. the intel hub also said if i recall, that the U.S. was going to declare martial law near the gulf because of the oil spill last year,so i say nothing will happen and if it does oh well.

      12. I’ve read the hysterical reports before about military convoys, and OMG the end is near. Hmmmm summer time, seems like that is when many military National Guard units do their Annual Training (AT). Makes sense that there would be vihicle convoys on the Interstates. Eisenhower pushed for the Interstate system after seeing the military and civilian uses of the Autobahn in Germany. Convoys on I20, travel to and from Ft. Bliss and Ft. Hood, Texas perhaps. Other locations travel to and from Pinon Canyon manuver site in southeastern Colorado and activities connected to Ft. Carson. Should I continue? flooding relief/assistance by Guard Units, etc. and etc. Mac, I fear you’re going over the edge. Don’t lose your credibility. I looked at the Intel Hub site., the sky isn’t falling, the solar system is.

      13. My gut says something out of the blue will happen next and it will be a doozy.

      14. How anyone, after Fukushima, can trust MSM and .gov is beyond me.
        The tragedy is that most Americans actually BELIEVE in the media and their government. The worse tragedy is those who KNOW what is going on yet cannot escape it.

        “Whatever the State saith is a lie; whatever it hath is a theft.”
        ~ Nietzsche

        • time to row row row your boat to ICELAND!

      15. I live roughly 50 miles from Ft. Calhoun, and appreciate reading about this issue here. This website is one of the few I know about that is even bothering to cover it.

        Cover up? I’m of two minds about this.

        Scenario #1:
        This is not a cover up because the Obummer administration is filled with folks who would love nothing better than to shut down all nuclear power production in this country. If something was truly wrong the administration would be shouting about it on every mainstream network (except Fox). Ogabe would be giving interviews talking about how he wants to know “whose ass to kick”… in between rounds of golf, of course.

        Scenario #2:
        This is a cover up because, unlike the BP oil disaster, this disaster would be at the hands of a public utility, and therefore greater blame would lie at the doorstep of government instead of private enterprise.

        I haven’t decided which way I’m leaning. I have decided, though, to investigate buying a Geiger counter so I can check on my well water from time to time.

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