Eyewitness: ‘I Was There When Seth Rich Was Shot, They Walked Him Past Me, He Didn’t Even Know He Was Shot, No Pain’

by | Jun 12, 2017 | Headline News | 37 comments

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    This report was originally published by Shepard Ambellas at Intellihub.com

    seth-rich-corner1The Washington D.C. corner Seth Rich was shot on (Via Google Street View)

    A man claiming to be Mark Mueller, Seth Rich’s neighbor, who may also be going by the alias Scott Roberts, was at the scene when Rich was shot on July 10, 2016, and was listed in the police report.

    Interestingly enough, the eyewitness made a few shocking statements at a vigil for the late Democratic National Committee staffer where Debbie Wasserman Schultz was also in attendance, which were captured on video.

    “I was there when he [Seth Rich] got shot and uh they walked him past me so that I could see him and identify him because I knew him in the neighborhood — and the police officer said: ‘he didn’t even know he was shot’,” the eyewitness said.

    The eyewitnesses testimony begins at 6:29 into the video.

    Mark Mueller, a.k.a. Scott Roberts (Screencapture NBC Washington 4)

    A timeline of Seth Rich related tweets and retweets by Twitter user “@ScottRobertsDC” starting the day Rich was shot as follows:

    Intellihub has reached out to the witness for his comment on the matter.

    Via Intellihub

    Shepard Ambellas is an opinion journalist, analyst, and the founder and editor-in-chief of Intellihub News & Politics (Intellihub.com). Shepard is also known for producing Shade: The Motion Picture (2013) and appearing on Travel Channel’s America Declassified (2013). Shepard is a regular contributor to Infowars. Read more from Shep’s World. Get the Podcast. Follow Shep on Facebook and Twitter.


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      1. Yet another person the Crooked Clinton machine had MURDERED!!! Those waste of life deserve to HANG for all to witness.

        • I hope this guy realizes his days are most likely numbered.

          • That’s what I’m thinking.

            • I don’t think so. This is probably part of the bigger plan to shift attention away from the real culprits. If this guy is on the original police report, he’d have been disappeared by now. His body language leads me to believe that he’s part of their plan. He was too matter of fact and was speaking informatively to an audience, much like a coach does to his team. He didn’t seem heartfelt or sad either. This is my observation, I could be wrong but I don’t believe for one minute that this guy is in any danger. I think he was sent out there and did exactly as he was told, exactly as planned.
              Stay quiet Be smart

              • I agree with you on everything you said. Body language not right and too matter of fact in his speech like it was rehearsed. Does not seem to be afraid because he’s putting himself right out there in public view. He’s a plant. Waiting

              • Exactly..he is DNC operative to muddy the waters and poison the well.

              • you almost got it right. he’s in on it, but seth rich is a hoax, a distraction. lies in the media, truth in music and movies.

          • daaaam! did you guys hear the news? Mark Mueller DIED tomorrow!

        • CC, I agree they all should be ‘drawn and quartered’. All bullshet aside the man was murdered for what he knew and for what he told.

        • Who is “they” ??? How about a description, Mike/Scott ??? 🙂

        • Seth Rich death hoax. That’s why he walked by with no pain. The neighbour in the pic can’t stop laughing. You are being deceived and distracted big time. All of this is a distraction, including Trump vs the deep state. all for your amusement.

      2. And just why would the hitmen want to make sure a stranger could identify the victim?
        I bet this guy turns out to be a mental defective.

      3. Notice in the NBC 4 pic the neighbor has three different names!!! Mike Mueller, Mark Mueller, and Scott Roberts. Is it just me or does that seem strange? I wonder what his real name is??? Seth Rich was killed because… The people that hold high offices in the US government have the authority to classify people, organizations, and materials etc… As threats to national security. This gives them extraordinary power over legislative/judicial, executive, and physical. They have total authority to do whatever is necessary to remove and eliminate any threat to national security. The people in power of the United States will not hesitate to use the power and authority of the office they hold. This authority is sometimes used by corrupt politicians to remain in positions of power and authority. The questions​ to ask is…
        1 Did anyone benefit from the death of Seth Rich?
        2 Did Seth Rich have any enemies or anyone angry with him?
        3 Did Seth Rich have information that could get him killed?
        4 Did Seth Rich know or associate with anyone with the means to kill or have someone killed?
        5 Was Seth Rich involved in any activity that would make him a target of murder or death?
        Answer those questions and you have your answer!

        • This is the Seth rich death hoax distraction psy-op. Contracts, you’ve reached level 2 of the duality rabbit hole, where left fights right, as the puppet masters desire. All about fear and division.

      4. “A man claiming to be Mark Mueller, Seth Rich’s neighbor ……..

        Claiming to be?

        He either is or isn’t and it is easily verifiable either way.

        “Claiming” indicates someone has run a story without investigating it even a little bit to verify the basic foundation of the story or is reporting it in a manner intended to cast doubt on it.

        So which is it, is he or isn’t he Mark Mueller?

        • Journalists do that to immediately discredit the story.

          ‘President Trump signed an Executive Order today.’

          ‘A man claiming to be President Trump signed what appeared to be an Executive Order today.”

          Which one do you give credence to?

      5. A free press deserves free credentials.


      6. Have they blamed Trump, yet? Putin, yet? Global warming?

        • you forgot, BUSH

      7. WARNING!

        There has been lots of false flag attacks in recent years(Sandy Hook, Fort Lauderdale, Manchester Areana, London Bridge etc) and there will certainly be more.

        Question everything the Zionist media telly you – it’s all lies.

        Wake up and do your own research. Don’t be taken for fools by those that really run our countries.

        God bless

        • If Sandy Hook was a false flag, who did it and why?

          Same for the others.

          • Anon

            It was your fine government to create fear and for submission. They’ll take away guns, demonize people that don’t believe or question aspects of ‘official’ accounts and they will use it to clampdown on other freedoms. We are sleepwalking towards a police state where we are all fully subservient to those in charge.

            Read about Agenda 21, you’ll be packed into a Megacity, living in a ‘smartpad’ and you’ll be living on slave wages with no prospect of getting out of your crappy life. The Jews are the real bosses.

            Please, educate yourself. Not by watching Alex Jones and other shill channels. I like Truth Virus, Spudgy Pang and William Tyndale…….to name a few accounts.

          • Look at all the evidence presented by Wolfgang halbig and James fetzer. There is a crime scene set up with no windows shot out. It was done for gun control and money.

            • yup!….boy, that one was EASY!

          • K, just because you don’t understand a problem at a gentle glance, does not make it unsolvable. I find this argument laughable. To understand the deception takes a lot of research. You’ve spent 0 and expect instant answers on a discussion board? LOL Seth Rich and the rest are psy-ops. You don’t have to like it. Don’t believe me? I don’t care. waste your time looking in the wrong direction and playing your role as a blind sheep.

        • Its like an ice berg 10% above the water line and 90% below. We might get 10% of the truth and the rest is hidden amid lies and such.

          Make an effort to read between the lines and know that the MSM and our government is only giving us the “tip of the ice berg”

          • But facts are facts.

            And facts are verifiable.

            Claiming there are facts without both stating and proving (verifying) them is just another way of lying to deceive the gullible and naive.

          • So true, Arby5.

            Don’t be put off by the shills, trolls and derision from the sheeple. They are blind and have no hope.

            The most important thing is for you (and others reading this) is to self-educate.

      8. The remark that the emergency room doctor who operated on Rich who said that Rich’s wounds were not fatal has vanished, I can’t find it anywhere after reading it before. All bases covered and loose ends tied. The truth will never surface.

      9. Another notch in Clinton’s belt…….

      10. Surprised she didn’t put a hit out on Markie Post after she licked her pork chops.

      11. Where is the cuck spooge slurpin nukem? Or as we like to call him and libtards ” cuckold” cuz they such Bitch es

      12. I hate n a g’s. They be apes like miochelle obozo

      13. Donald Trump signed off on affirmative action?.

        It’s the beginning of the end for discrimination against whitey.

        White males are not going to be discriminated against in grants in Puerto Rico.

        Are you confused ?? Welcome to the club !!!


      14. The first indication that this “eyewitness” is designed to ,ess up the credibility of any stories that will reveal the truth about Seth Rich’s death, is that the guy has multiple names, is UNVERIFIED to live next door, unverified that eyewitness spoke to Police EVER…..and on and on ad nauseum…

        The whole eyewitness idea that he his still alive and can shed any contradiction to the official story is a sure thing that he is a poison the well agent. He showed up out of nowhere, has not been intensively interviewed by the media (being ignored rather) and that the DNC has assigned him a PR guy yet and Debbie Wasserman Schultz was at the memorial thing and silent and IGNORED also by the media….Its pure DNC operation designed to pollute the whole I investigation and make ANYONE who digs deeper to be a kook and “conspiracy theorist”…..

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